:::: As fireworks go off in the Omni in Atlanta the fans urupt into a frenzy! PoP is now on the air! The camera focuses to the middle of the ring were sitting in a wheelchair with a neckbrace on, with a mic in hand and a distuged look on his face is CEO Steven Duarte. Standing behind him is his bodyguard Pharoah. The fans boo as soon as the CEO begins to speak. ::::

Steven Duarte: Thanks for the warm reception, it's good to be back! [He smirks] I can't say I am as happy to see you as you are to see me however. [The fans boo louder] But none the less I grace your presence for the first time in along time to show you all in good faith that yes the CEO is still in charge! Finally I have reason to gloat. You see this may be a little confusing to some of you, I can see it on your face. [He smirks again] Not worry. This will clear things up! Ladies and gentlemen I give you my hand picked champion! I give you the man that reminds me alot of myself, I give you MR. TRADITION!! I give you the CWF WORLD CHAMPION--PLLLLEDGGGGGGE ALLLIGEEEENCE!!!!!

::: 'Kurt Angles Theme' blares over the PA and out comes Pledge Alligence wearing his CWF World Title with his manager Don Russo. He goes to the ring and shakes Duarte's hand and then stands behind him next to Pharoah :::

Steven Duarte: I told you all I would find my champion and now you will all pay for ever doubting the 'most powerful and vindictive' man in the sports enterainment indusrty. Let the games begin! Power at Will, BITE ME!!

::: 'I've got the Power!' plays and Duarte gets wheeled off by Pharoah. Pledge and Russo leave as well as the camera fades to Teddy Turnbuckle and new PoP Announcer Roy Dale!:::

TT: The CEO is back and large and in charge! He was the driving force behind Pledge all along.

RD: We all saw him send Pharoah down to the ring and take out Pledge and Shadow Warrior, who'd you think it was Bill Gates?

TT: I can see you are just as witty as Crane. This is gonna' be fun. Let's go to our first match!

::: 'Drag the waters' by Pantera plays and out comes Lethal. He goes to ring and waits for Cairo:::

::: 'Bitch Please' by xzbit plays and out comes Jason 'The Creeper' Cairo. He goes to the ring and quickly gets attacked by Lethal:::

TT: Lethal with a INVERTED DDT into a pin! 1 but Cairo quickly kicked out! Lethal now Irish Whip, off the ropes Shoulder Block!! Lethal with a Face Buster!! What a move by the 'Lethalist SOB in the CWF'!! Lethal with a cover 1.........2...KICK OUT by Cairo wh still has some fight in him! Cairo now with a LOW BLOW!

RD: Followed by a Face First Bull Dog! Nice move!

TT: Cairo with the cover 1.........2...KICK OUT by Lethal! Lethal with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!! LETHAL INJECTION!!!! The cover 1........2.......3 and LETHAL is your winner but wait a minute in comes MANIAC!! HEAD HUNTER for CAIRO and now one for LETHAL!! What the hell is going on?

MANIAC: Well since I wasn't given any mic time tonight, I figured I'd make time. At Last Man Standing this past Sunday, I made my return to the Classic Wrestling Federation, and what an impact I had on my first night back! I mean, not many guys could pull that off. Super Card III, I'm headlining the main event along with Pledge Allegince and Kyle Adams! The two of you can bet your asses, you're both in for one hell of a fight! Pledge, you and I go way back...back to the MWWF days were I stomped a mud hole in your ass and walked it dry. Kyle Adams...well I've never heard of you, and quite frankly I don't think its very fitting to have a rookie headlining the biggest event in professional wrestling, but hey, thats my opinion.

[Maniac leans on the ropes]

MANIAC: But Super Card III is two months from now, and there are other things I need to take care of before that day comes. Rated X! You pieces of donkey shit wanna jump me from behind? Uh uh, it don't work like that! See, you may have come up with your name first, but everyone knows that X-Rated was bigger and better than Rated X ever was when I was leading it.

[The fans go crazy as Steve Dart walks out from behind the curtain with a mic]

STEVE DART: Hold up, Maniac...you see, although it took two of us to start X-Rated, and it took two of us to make it the most dominant force wrestling has ever seen...it only took one of us to raise hell each and every week, and that one person was yours truly...KNOW THAT!

MANIAC: Get to the point, Dart...what were you doing at Last Man Standing? Why in God's name did you save my ass?

STEVE DART: Well me being the Fuckin' Show, and you being the Legend...and the two of us together being an unstoppable force, just like we were last time...lets just say there's a spot open for you in X-Rated!

[The crowd cheers]

MANIAC: Whoa, whoa, whoa...as much as I want that to happen...as much as I want things to be back to the way they were...there's only two conditions that you would have to agree to for me to do that. One, I would have to be the leader. I have never been a follower, Dart. Only a leader. And second...that no good son of a bitch that calls himself the "Canadian Icon", Assassin, gets the boot!

[Assassin storms out from the back]

ASSASSIN: Hey Maniac! Why don't you just STICK IT! Tell the truth, everyone knows you're jealous of me!

[We zoom in on Maniac who is laughing at that last comment]

MANIAC: Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, punk! You and me, next Wednesday, right here on PoP! If I win, you're out of X-Rated, and I'm in. If you win...and thats a BIG if...I will denounce my Canadian citizenship with a smile on my face, because...well quite frankly, CANADA SUCKS!

[The fans go crazy!]

MANIAC: I've done nothing but support that god damned third world country for the past 5 and a half years, but for God's sake, there's only so much a guy can take. And if you're the "Canadian Icon", then that explains why you're so shitty. In all honesty, if you're the Icon of my country, I'm ashamed to be Canadian...and hell, win, lose or draw, I'm denouncing my citizenship anyway!

ASSASSIN: You're a disgrace! Canada is the greatest country in the world! Americans are...

MANIAC: Yeah, yeah, yeah...the American's bit...been there, done that. Sign the contract, punk...I'll see you next week!

ASSASSIN: You got it!

[The crowd goes nuts as Assassin walks to the back, leaving Dart standing there in a stare down with Maniac. Both men eventually walk off seperately.]

TT: Maniac vs. Assassin next week on Brawl!!

RD: What is this turn back the clock week?

TT: And now it's time for our next match! And Justin Jackson is out here waiting for Assassin but we've been told that Assassin has left the building! The ref has counted Assassin out and Justin Jackson is your winner!

RD: What the hell happen to Assassin? Maniac must of really got to him.

TT: And now it's time for our Hardcore Title Match!

:::: 'Dirty' by Korn plays and out comes G-Dawg wearing the CWF Hardcore Title. He goes to the ring and waits for Pharaoh :::::

~*The arena lights suddenly diminish, and "Falling Away From Me" by KoRn beings to play. As the music hits the fast part, a huge explosion hits the ramp. The Pharaoh emerges from the back and stands on the ramp with a mic*~

Pharaoh~~"Ok Ok, settle down G-Dawg. I know you really want to get this match started, and you probably want to tear me limb from limb, but I just want to give you one last chance to think about it. I don't think you really understand what's going on here. I honestly don't think your prepared for what is about to happen!!

TT- The Pharaoh just pointed to the ring, and out come his henchmen known as the Sandclan. They are swarming the ring. Oh my god, there are even more of them coming. Pharaoh just walked backstage. Where is he going?

RD- I'm not sure, but he's back already, and he's dragging MHP. What happened to MHP? But Sanclan is beating the hell out of G-Dawg and the ref has thrown this one out and G-Dawg retains his title but he has been left in a pool of blood.

Pharaoh~~"Now, maybe some of the morons in the back are going to start paying a little attention to yours truly. Maybe you won't be so confident when it comes to taking on myself, as well as X-Rated. Be prepared, because we all know that little G-Dawg wasn't. Will you be? I doubt it."

TT: And Pharaoh means business folks! And this next match is for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title! Jack Vegas has left the CWF vacating the belt. And here come the two men who will be battling for this title!

:::: 'RPM' by SugarRay plays and out comes 'Tasty' Tommy Wu with Miku::::

::::'MAO' plays and out comes Bryan Dillion. Dillion goes to the ring and Tommy hits a Belly to Belly Suplex::::

TT: Tommy Wu with a Belly to Belly. Now a High Cross Suplex! Nice move by Tommy Wu! Wu now with a German Suplex but Dillion with a boot to Wu's face! Dillion is just too big. Dillion now with a Side Walk Slam! Dillion off the ropes Leg Drop!

RD: Great move by Dillion!!


Guys I hate to do this but I have to do a bogus summary for the rest of the matches. I promise I'll make up for it on Brawl. Plus I'll get some help. My Ex just dropped of my step son sicker than a dog. I need to take him to Kiaser and if you have it you know how long they take. Sorry guys. But it was this or post it WAY late tonight.. Dillion beat Tommy Wu to become the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion. Bigfoot and Scott Everett wrestled to a DOUBLE DQ. Kyle 'The Main Event' beat T-Money to become the CWF National Champion. CEO Steven Duarte took Shadow Warrior out of the match.