Voice Over: 30 men...one squared circle...one dream...

[Footage rolls of the controversial ending of last year’s Last Man Standing match with Crow and Magnus Thunder both announced as the winners.]

Voice Over: Last year’s ending was extra-ordinary, with two men coming out on top. Will history repeat itself? The wait is over...the CWF presents...Last Man Standing ‘00!

[Scene opens on the outside of the O-rena in Orlando, FL. Scalper tickets are being sold by the second. Suddenly a jet black limousine comes into view. The camera makes out the letters "MAO" on the license plate. The limo comes to a halt in the parking lot. The driver of the limo gets out and walks to the back of the limo. He opens the car door and out steps four beautiful ladies. After the ladies step out, so does Scotty Everett and Bryan Dillion. Everett and Dillion each grab two ladies in each arm, and walk into the area. The fans look on in amazement.]

:::Scene shifts to inside of the sold out O-rena! Crazed CWF fans are packed into this building for a very special night. The camera make out a few signs such as “I have the biggest ballz in the biz”, “I’m a peon”, “We’ll miss you Rage”, and “Mass Rulz!”. “Replica” by Fear Factory begins to blare through the arena, and the whole arena lights up in a HUGE array of fireworks! The fans are going absolutely crazy! The lights come back on, and now we see the ring set up. The canvas is gray, and has the Last Man Standing logo in the center. The turnbuckles are black, and have “LMS ‘00” on them in green lettering. The apron is black and says “Last Man Standing” on it in silver. The ropes are red. On the outside, the pads are blue:::

:::The scene shifts to the commentators booth, Teddy Turnbuckle is wearing a black CWF T-shirt, and blue jeans....and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane is wearing a gold robe with silver sparkles on it:::

TT: Welcome to Last Man Standing, welcome to Orlando, Florida, and welcome to the O-rena! It feels good to be here in Mickey Mouse land! The Last Man Standing event gives one man a chance at the World Heavyweight Title. Last year history was made, and I can guaran-damn-tee that tonight will be another history making event! Plus a little earlier on we saw MAO enter the building, I wonder what they have planned for tonight...

BC: Shut up Teddy! Tonight will be awful! Jeff Jericho and the Dig-ster have to compete against each other...

TT: Speaking of Jeff Jericho and Diggity, those two along with four others will compete in a special 6 pack challenge main event! That will be one hell of a match.

BC: Damn Duarte! He can go join IWA for all I care...

TT: Anyways, Bobby, the CWF’s own Doc McMartin is backstage with none other than new CWF Commissioner...Terrell Burt!

[Scene cuts to Terrell Burt’s office backstage. The carpet is beige, the walls are painted white, and Terrell himself is sitting behind a large oak desk. Terrell is wearing a black Armani suit. Doc sits beside Terrell with a mic in his hand. Doc has his hair gelled back and is wearing a nice tux.]

Doc: It’s a pleasure Mr. Burt.

Terrell Burt: Thanks Doc.

Doc: We’ve had Commissioners in the past that did a wonderful job. Do you plan on doing an even better job than those men?

Terrell Burt: It’s not about doing a better job, it’s all about doing a good job. Maniac and Andrew Coin were great, and there’s no doubt about it. But I will be different. I’m not here to screw people over, or to put people in matches they don’t wanna’ compete in. I’m here to restore some true power back in the CWF.

Doc: That’s what I like to hear. CWF, have no fear because Mr. Burt is a man with heart. Back to you Teddy...oh yeah and Bobby...

[Scene shifts back to the announcers booth.]

BC: That’s “Beautiful Bobby” to you.

TT: Shut up Bobby...just shut up.

BC: Get a life Teddy...just get a life.

TT: I have a life thank you very much!

BC: Yeah right. Do you call watching old wrestling tapes on your free time a life?

TT: I enjoy wrestling...

BC: I know, I can tell.

TT: Well anyways, now is the time you’ve all been waiting for folks. It’s time for the long awaited Last Man Standing match up!

BC: Yahoo! Let’s get to the ring...

[Scene shifts to Doc, who is standing in the center of the ring.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen...WELCOME TO LAST MAN STANDING!!!!

[The fans erupt.]

Doc: Let’s get this party started eh? Here’s the man that drew the unlucky #1...

[The sea of fans look on...Metallus Diablo walks to the ring. He slides in under the bottom rope and awaits his opponent.]

Doc: And his opponent...

[Nemesis runs down the ramp and slides in the ring under the bottom rope.]


TT: And we’re off...Metallus and Nemesis are duking it out! Right, left, right, left!

BC: Nemesis with a knee to Metallus’ midsection, and Nemesis has the edge.

TT: Nemesis with an irish whip on Diablo...clothesline by Nemesis! Nemesis picks Metallus up from the mat by his hair...european uppercut by Nemesis!

BC: I like to use “american” uppercut, not european...

TT: Who cares Bobby? Metallus is now on Nemesis’ shoulder...running powersla...NO! Metallus reversed it into a reverse DDT!

BC: Metallus now on the top ropes...Metallus with a big splas...NO! Nemesis got his knees up in just the right time! Nemesis is finally trying to eliminate Metallus...

TT: Here comes another participant...and it’s Sin!

***Sin enters the rumble***

BC: Sin is teaming up with Nemesis and together the two are trying to eliminate Metallus. Sin backs away...he charges towards Metallus...dropkick by Sin! That losers Metallus is history...

TT: Now it’s back down to two men...Sin with a chop to Nemesis’ back...boot to back of Nemesis by Sin! Sin is stomping away at Nemesis’ back area. Sin picks up Nemesis...irish whip to the ropes by Sin...BACK BREAKER ON NEMESIS! Now that has to be all she wrote for Nemesis...

BC: Uh oh, I know that music when I hear it...it’s Pledge Alligence’s theme! And that spells trouble for Sin....Pledge is now running down the aisle!

***Pledge Alligence enters the rumble***

TT: Pledge Alligence is now doing a number on Sin! Pledge has been waiting for this moment for quite some time. Pledge whips Sin to the ropes...SPEAR BY PLEDGE AND IT SENDS SIN OVER THE TOP ROPE! These fans are going crazy!

BC: That was a good showing by Sin, but now he is out. Pledge kneels next to Nemesis and is checking on his fellow Horseman...

TT: Nemesis is favoring his lower back area. Nemesis chance for a World Title shot at Supercard III can all come to an end...what the heck? Jimmy Luciano is now running out here! He’s not suppose to be out here yet...

***Jimmy Luciano enters the rumble***

BC: Luciano is now pounding on Pledge! Luciano is a very smart man. Not only did he catch Pledge and an injured Nemesis off guard, but he’s not going to sit around and watch Pledge comfort Nemesis. BIG ROUNDHOUSE BY LUCIANO! Luciano drops an elbow on the back of a still downed Nemesis! Haha, I love it!

TT: Well I don't! It's just sick! Luciano has just busted Nemesis open!

BC: Awwwww, poor baby. Wait a sec...Pledge is back up and is standing back and doing his little taunt for the spear! Whatever you do Luciano, do not turn around!

TT: Luciano's hands are covered with Nemesis' blood. Now Luciano is done with Nemesis...Luciano turns around...PLEDGE JUST SPEARED THE HELL OUT OF JIMMY LUCIANO! This crowd is going wild! Nemesis is back up now...

BC: Pledge whips Luciano to the ropes...now Nemesis steps into place...BIG BOOT BY NEMESIS! Luciano is out cold! These fans are loving every bit of this.

TT: G-Dawg is running down the aisle and he slides in the ring!

***G-Dawg enters the rumble***

BC: G-Dawg looks hyped but his silly ass is sitting in the corner!

TT: He's not silly, he's smart. He's thinking of a plan. G-Dawg out of the corner, and walks over to the Horsemen. They all huddle...now the huddle is broken and they're laughing. Nemesis picks up a groggy Jimmy Luciano and whips him into G-Dawg...

BC: BACK BODY DROP BY G-DAWG! Damn that G-Dawg, he didn't have to eliminate Luciano like that. I hope the Horsemen kick his ass!

TT: Do you have to use ass in every sentence Bobby? There are young children watching this program. The three are just staring at each other...Nemesis just punched Pledge! And now the two fellow Horsemen are duking it out. G-Dawg kicks Nemesis in the knees and that gets the Big Man off his feet.

BC: Somebody take Nemesis out, he's been in here since the beginning! Pledge just walks over to the corner and watches G-Dawg as he opens Nemesis up even more.

TT: This would be my time to say how Pledge needs to help Nemesis, but in royal rumbles there are no friends. G-Dawg with an irish whip on Nemesis...Pledge pulls down the ropes...NEMESIS IS GONE! NEMESIS IS GONE!

BC: Hahaha! Pledge is the greatest...well next to me of course. Pledge and G-Dawg are brawling now.

TT: Jason Cairo is walking down the aisle, and he's in no rush...

***Jason Cairo enters the rumble***

BC: He's in no rush alright, no rush to get his ass kicked.

TT: Very funny Bobby. Jason Cairo charges towards the onslaught between G-Dawg and Pledge...double clothesline by Cairo! Cairo picks G-Dawg up in a gorilla press slam position...but instead tosses G-Dawg out!

BC: Now it's back down to two men...russian leg sweep by Cairo. Cairo now picks Pledge up...BRAIN BUSTER ON PLEDGE! Pledge is out cold. Cairo walks over to a corner, and is now taking the top turnbuckle off...

TT: Uh oh. Cairo picks Pledge up...CAIRO JUST WHIPPED PLEDGE INTO EXPOSED STEEL HEAD FIRST! These fans are going crazy! This Cairo uses good tactics...

***"Mama Didn't Raise No Fool" by Primus blasts over the PA System***

BC: That's Scott Everett's theme! But where's Scott Everett?

TT: Even Cairo looks confused. Maybe it was a mistake, yeah maybe.

BC: Now I know this theme anywhere! In a few seconds a TSC member will walk down that aisle.....here comes Diggity! All hell is sure to break lose now!

***The Diggity enters the rumble***

TT: Diggity taps Cairo on the shoulder...CRADLE DDT BY DIGGITY! Diggity picks Pledge up in a suplex position...but Pledge gets out of it! Diggity turns around...PLEDGE SPEARS DIGGITY! These already crazed fans have just gotten crazier! What the hell? What's this?

BC: Holy shit! Half of the CWF roster is running down the aisle!

***Jimmy Blast, Tyker Douglas, Paul Blair, Jack Vegas, Grave Digger, Shadow Warrior, Pharoah, Assassin, Brian Adams, Patriot, Mass, Justin Jackson, and Kevin Jones have all entered the rumble***

TT: ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE! Patriot and Mass are going at it, Justin Jackson is out cold, and Kevin Jones has just gotten speared! It's hard to keep up with everything! Pledge is pounding the living daylights out of Kevin Jones. Diggity helps his fellow TSC member by giving Pledge a boot in the back of the head!

BC: Tyker Douglas and Brian Adams are going at it tooth and nail! And so are Patriot and Mass! Brian has Tyker in the corner and is beating the hell out of him! Patriot is has Mass in a sleeper hold, but Mass just mule kicked him! WAIT A MINUTE! BRYAN DILLON AND SCOTTY EVERETT ARE RUNNING THROUGH THE CROWD WITH BASEBALL BATS!

TT: Dillon's running from the west side, and Everett is running from the east side! The two MAO members just hoped the guardrail and they've slid into the ring! Talk about hell breaking loose! MAO HAS JUST ELIMINATED BLAIR AND JONES WITH THEIR BATS!

BC: But they aren't done! Now they are just going postal on Diggity and Brian Adams! DIGGITY AND ADAMS HAVE JUST BEEN ELIMINATED! Thanks to MAO and their bats. MAO has exited the ring, and now they're watching the action. So that means that they are still llegaly in this thing.

TT: It looks like MAO has gotten what they've come for...

***The lights shut off, and the letters "RX" appear on the Duarte-Tron in red lettering. The lights turn back on and RX members T-Money and Bigfoot are standing in the ring with everyone looking up at the Duarte-Tron. T-Money and Bigfoot enters the rumble***

BC: Patriot turns around, but Bigfoot immediately tosses him out! Now everyone in the ring is aware of T-Money and Bigfoot's presence. T-Money goes straight for Jimmy Blast! These two have a past. T-Money with the Money Maker on Blast! Bigfoot picks Blast up by the hair, spits in his face and then tosses him out!

TT: Mass and Patriot are still going at it...Mass with a piledriver on Patriot. Cairo walks over, picks up Patriot and eliminates him! Now Mass elbows Cairo in the back of the head, and that sends Cairo over the top rope! Mass now walks over to Pharoah, and the two are duking it out


TT: It's Dart! Dart is out here!

***Steve Dart enters the rumble***

TT: STUDRAY STUNNER ON DOUGLAS! Dart tosses Douglas out! STUDRAY STUNNER ON GRAVE DIGGER! Dart tosses Grave Digger out! These fans are going nuts! Dart is a house on fire! Justin Jackson walks over to Dart and nails him with a few rights! The punches don't have any affect on Dart!

BC: No, Dart's just too drunk to feel anything! Dart lifts Jackson over his head and tosses him out!

TT: What an excellent showing by Dart! Here comes Dallas Storm!

***Dallas Storm enters the rumble***

BC: I like this Dallas Storm character. Storm immediately goes for Dart! These two are brawling like they're no tomorrow! Meanwhile in the other corner, Rated-X and X-Rated are battling! T-Money whips Pharoah into the ropes, and Bigfoot follows up with a big boot that sends Pharoah out!

TT: Bigfoot kicks Assassin in the midsection...POWERBOMB BY BIGFOOT! T-Money picks Assassin up by the hair and tosses him over the top rope!

BC: Hey idiots, there is still another X-Rated member in there, toss him out too!

TT: Bobby, I doubt they can hear you. Mass, Jack Vegas, and Pledge Alligence are really taking it to each other! These men have been in here for quite a while now. They came with the swarm of superstars. Dallas Storm walk over to the two...steps back...and charges at them...Mass moves out the way and only Veags and Pledge go over the top rope!

BC: T-Money and Bigfoot are now double teaming a busted open Shadow Warrior. They whip him to the ropes...DOUBLE BACK BODY DROP ON SHADOW WARRIOR THAT SENDS HIM OUT! Nice team work between the two idiots.

TT: Wait a sec! Oh no, don't tell me it's...

BC: Yes it's Jeff Jericho! He's running down the aisle here! I'm so excited!

***Jeff Jericho enters the rumble***

TT: Jeff Jericho slides in the ring, but T-Money and Bigfoot begins to pound on him! These two are really doing a number on Jericho! Jericho kicks Bigfoot in the knee cap...GOLDEN STUNNER ON BIGFOOT! Jericho begins to nail T-Money with rights and lefts, but T-Money tries to fire back with rights and lefts of his own.

BC: Get him Jeff, show T-Money who's the real Paragon of Greatness! Dart walks over to Jeff and T-Money...Dart kicks Jeff in the midsection...STUDRAY STUNNER! Dart just saved T-Money? What the hell?

TT: Now there's only one more guy left to enter, and I wonder who it'll be?

BC: Well now is the time to find out...'Tasty' Tommy Wu is running out here...

***Tommy Wu is the final man to enter the rumble***

TT: All Rated-X members are in here! Tommy picks Jeff Jericho up from the mat...WUPLEX ON JERICHO! Tommy picks Jerico up from the mat again and sends him over the top rope!

BC: Noooooo...damn you Tommy! Damn you!

TT: Now we're down to 6 men, and they are Bigfoot, T-Money, Steve Dart, Tommy Wu, Mass, and Dallas Storm. One of these 6 men will go on to Super Card III and will face whoever the Champion is by that time...

BC: What the hell is Dart doing? He gives them all the finger and eliminates himself. How much alchohol did Dart have before he came out here?

TT: I don't think he's drunk, maybe he doesn't want a title shot, maybe he came out here to seek revenge.

BC: Yeah, and maybe Duarte doesn't wear a tupee...

TT: Tommy Wu, Bigfoot, and T-Money are going over a gameplan...what the hell? T-Money just clotheslined Bigfoot over the top rope! Well now it's down to 4 men...

BC: Rated X is in one corner, Mass is in one corner, and Storm is in one corner. Tommy and T-Money are going over a gameplan...look at Mass he's creeping up on the two...Tommy and T-Money turn around and Mass dropkicks T-Money over the top rope!

TT: Now we're down to 3 men...Mass and Tommy are going at it tooth and nail and Storm walks over to the two...he picks them both up by the legs and dumps them over the top rope! STORM WON! STORM WON! STORM WON!

BC: That's right folks, Storm will go on to Supercard III and get his ass kicked by my man Jeff Jericho....

TT: Wait a minute, someone in a mask just hoped the guardrail and slid into the ring...

BC: MAO is on the outside congradulating Storm on a job well done. The man in the mask charges towards Storm and knocks him over the top rope! What the hell is this all about? The man in the mask takes off his mask...OH MY GOD...NO...IT CAN'T BE!


["RPM" by Sugar Ray blares over the PA and Rated-X jets down the aisle. The three slide in the ring and begin to pound on Maniac.]

TT: This is sickening! RX is attacking the Last Man Standing winner Maniac...

[Teddy is cut off as "X-Rated" by Eric Clapton begins to play over the PA System and X-Rated runs down the aisle and they clear the ring of Rated-X members.]

BC: The ring is cleared of Rated-X filth...Dart helps up Maniac and the two stare at each other...

TT: DART JUST GAVE MANIAC THE FINGER! WHAT A WAY TO START OFF A PPV! And wait a minute here comes the Power at Will!

::::: Out comes Jon G and Mark Miller to a chorus of boos. They both have mics and Mark begins to speak::::

Mark Miller: Hold on..hold on. [The fans boo] Listen Mr. Legend I know it was Duarte who gave you your contract, 'cause we sure didn't hire your ass! You see Duarte thinks he out smarted the Powers at Will but have I got a surprise for all of you! You see sure Mr. Tradition, you will be in the Main Event at Super Card 3 for the CWF World Title but so will the man we have hand pick to show you that tradition really does suck. That man? Kyle 'The Main Event' Adams!!

Maniac didn't like that at all! Wait a minute Dart just attacked Jon G!! Studray Stunner off the stage onto a table!! MY GOD WHAT CARNAGE!! Jon G is not moving as Miller just nearly pissed his pants and look at him run as Dart chases him to the back! But we have found out that Kyle Adams will also be in the Main Event at Super Card 3! And can you believe that Maniac is back in the CWF!? And now he will face whoever the World Champion is at Super Card 3!! And what's this all about? Here comes the Powers at Will again! What do they want now!? We've got a damn show to do.

[Out comes Mark Miller with a cocky grin on his face. His suite seems to be a little damp but non the less he still speaks on the mic.]

Mark Miller: You people are in for a real treat. [The fans boo] You see last week on Brawl the CWF crowned a new Unified Champion. [Fans cheer] Yeah bravo. [Rolls his eyes] But there is only one problem. Brian Adams signed the contract to wrestle 'Role Model' Diggity's under an alas..Engima I believe it was so there for we, The Powers at Will are stripping Adams the belt and declaring Diggity as your new, well not new but 4-Time Unified Champion! Why? 'Cause while that idiot CEO of ours licks his wounds after getting his ass kicked by 'Golden One' Jeff Jericho, WE'VE GOT THE POWER! [The fans boo as Miller leaves. The fans start throwing things at them as they exit]

TT: What in the hell? Diggity is the new CWF Unified Champion?

BC: Yeah it's great. Don't you just love it!? HAHA..TSC strikes again.

TT: The damn Powers at Will are the ones that keep striking. I thought I never say this but I can't wait until Duarte comes back. This is getting out of control.

BC: Now who's the ass kisser?

TT: Would you shut up. Now it's time for our CWF Tag Team Title Match! Here comes the challengers!

['Pretty in pink' blares over the PA and out skips GwO both with their hair in pig tails. They go to the ring and skip around in circles]

BC: Here's the CWF's answer to Cindy Brady.

TT: Here come the champs!!

['It's our time' by Tsc plays and out comes 'Role Model' Diggity and 'The Ruler' Paul Blair. Diggity is wearing his CWF Unified Title and has his CWF Tag Team Title over his right shoulder. Blair wears his half of the tag straps. They got to the ring and the match begins]

TT: Diggity is starting off against Rectal Rooter. Diggity with a boot to the mid-section of Rooter followed by a Swinging Neck Breaker! Nice move by the man with the Biggest Ballz in the business! Diggity now with a Knee Drop and now another. Diggity helps Rooter up and throws him into the corner..Stinger Splash! And now a Mafia Kick! Diggity with a tag to Blair who comes in with a DDT on Rooter. Rooter is in serious trouble!

BC: In more ways that one..I mean look at him. He's queer for christ sakes.

TT: That has yet to be proven. Blair now with a Leg Drop that found it's mark!

BC: Proven? Anybody with half a brain can see these two are flamers.

TT: That remains to be seen. Blair now with a Full Nelson but Rooter with a Mule Kick to the groin of Blair.

BC: Groin? You mean Ballz don't you?

TT: At any rate Rooter is over and tags in Hugh G. Rekshun. Hugh in with a Drop Kick! Now off the ropes..FROG SPLASH!! Hugh now goes to the top rope..MOONSAULT!!! The cover..WE HAVE NEW CHAMPIONS..1........2..KICK OUT by Blair!

BC: Wow that was close. We almost had fags for Tag Team Champs.

TT: Would you stop? Hugh now lifts Blair up by the hair and JUVI DRIVER!! Hugh should go for the cover but instead he's dancing for the fans.

BC: Come on Teddy. How many GwO fans can there be?

TT: None the less Hugh is still dancing and Blair is back up..Hugh turns around, BLAIR KICK!!!! Diggity is going to the top rope and Blair makes the tag and THE KILLA'!!! Diggity with the cover 1.......2.......3 and TSC retains their tag titles here at Last Man Standing!

BC: Phew! What would we have done if those Fudge Packers won? The CWF would have been a laughing stock to the wrestling world.

TT: No, actually the IWA has that honor. It would be hard to top them for that title. And now it's time for our next match which will take place inside a Cathedral for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title! Let's go live to that match via satellite!

[ Battling inside the broken down church is Jack Vegas and Mass when the camera cuts to the outside where a helicopter with the letters 'TSC' lands and out steps 'The Ruler' Paul Blair. The pilot who happens to be Diggity gives Blair the thumbs up and flys off as Paul rushes inside the church and nails Vegas with a Clothesline.]

TT: We just saw Blair defended his Tag Title and now he's battling these two for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title! Mass quickly with a DDT on Blair. Mass goes over and pics up a bible and he nails the champ Vegas!

BC: I have never seen a bible that big.

TT: Mass now lifts Vegas up and DVD onto the church seats! My god that might of broken Vegas in half! Blair is back up and he nails Mass with a Double Axe Handle to the back of the neck and that sent Mass flying to the ground. Blair now with a Tombstone Pile Driver and Mass may be out. The cover 1.....2....NO Vegas with the save.

BC: Vegas has to be careful here if he wants to retain that title.

TT: Vegas now pounding on Blair with lefts and rights and Blair goes down. Vegas now picks up the Preachers podium and he busted it over Blair's head. 'The Ruler' has been baptized!! Vegas with the cover 1........2.......SAVE by Mass!!

BC: Quick thinking by Mass. I like this guy.

TT: Mass now with a Bull Dog on Blair. And he turns around and Spears Vegas! Mass is holding mass here at Last Man Standing! Mass now goes over to a hanging cross. Mass picks it up and nails Blair! Blair has been busted wide open. Mass with the cover 1.....2....but Vegas with another save.

BC: These guys are keeping it 'holy'..HAHA!

TT: Vegas now with a DDT no blocked by Mass and a LOW BLOW! Vegas is in trouble as Mass delivers a Pedigree! The cover 1.........2.....BLAIR now with the save!

BC: What a match!

TT: Blair is fighting back and he is a bloody mess! Blair with a GHETTO BLASTER on Mass. Vegas is getting up and BLAIR KICK!! This one is over.

BC: Somebody just broke through one of the stain glass windows! It's Kyle 'The Main Event' Adams!!

TT: My god what is he doing here. Kyle now with a boot to Blair and a ROCK BOTTOM!! He puts Vegas on Blair and nails Mass with a Running Forearm as he trys to make the save! The cover 1..........2.......3 and Jack Vegas is still the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion!!

BC: That was a classic match and you can bet we haven't heard the last from Mass.

TT: Next we have Dallas Storm versus Jimmy Luciano and this match will be a classic. The National Title is on the line. BC: You have admitt that Jack Vegas is the man. He impresses me more and more.

[['My Era' by Newsounz hits as Dallas Storm walks out with the National Title over his shoulder. He takes his time, and as he climbs the stairs into the ring.]]

TT: Look at the intensity on Storm. This is going to be one hell of a match.

BC: That's perspiration. He's sweating it. I wouldn't want to fight that Bronx Bad Ass either.

[["Banned from TV" by Noreaga hits and out comes The Italian Stallion. Dallas Storm runs after and nails him with the National Title]]

BC: That'll leave a mark!

TT: The match hasn't even started yet, and Dallas has went right to work. Luciano is down!

[[Dallas is dragging him by the feet to the ring. The Referee rings the bell and the match officially has started!]]

BC: Dallas has the right idea He could end Luciano's short career here! Go for it!

TT: Cheap Shot after Cheap Shot, I want to see some wrestling!

[[Dallas Storm in control as he rolls Luciano in the ring. He continues to stomp him.]]

TT: Luciano has no fight in him!

[[Dallas Storm sets him up as he goes to the second turnbuckle. Luciano is in the center of the ring. Dallas with an elbow drop. He misses!]]

BC: Luciano played dead! What a genius, he's smarter than he looks!

TT: Both men rising to their feet, Luciano with a right ,Dallas with a left. Blow after blow, They are giving it all they got. Dallas Storm with a low blow!

BC: Luciano won't have anymore kids!

[[Dallas Storm sets Luciano up for a Suplex! Luciano blocks but Storm is just too powerful as he hits it. The Match is picking the pace up. Storm throws him to the ropes and clotheslines him over the top rope. Luciano is down. Storm on the canvas, HE JUMPS! Suicidal Dive!]]

TT: Dallas Storm has never done that before, he wants this belt more than Luciano does.

[[Both men on there feet exchanging blows, this time Luciano hits a low blow!]]

BC: Paybacks a bitch!

[[Luciano throws him inside the ring. Luciano with a Fisherman's suplex, and he hits it. Picks him up again and whips to the ropes! DDT!]]

TT: He's in Total Control, What's he doing now?

[[He drags him to the corner, and sets him up for a Bronco Buster. He runs back…Storm puts his leg up. Luciano sees it as he jumps away. But, Storm escapes as he is out of the ring. Luciano follows, Dallas Storm runs back inside as Luciano pursues. Luciano attempts to enter. Dallas Storm with a Top rope neckbreaker! Storm grabs him]]

BC: Who the hell is that?

TT: That's Metallus Diablo! What's he doing here!

[[Diablo is at ringside as his agenda is uncertain. Dallas Storm continues to wail on Luciano. Both men are inside the ring. Luciano is out after a Pile Driver!]]

TT: The Referees distracted. What's he doing here?

BC: I guess he didn't get enough from Last Man Standing. Its over for Luciano and Storm.

TT: Storm is leaving Luciano! He's caught attention to Diablo! They exchange words, OH God! Its Newcomer 'Tasty' Tommy Wu! He just clocked Diablo with a singapore cane. Hes busted open. Wu working on him more. Tommy and Dallas exchange words!

BC: God, You idiot! Worry about Luciano!

TT: The referee is trying to enforce the match! Oh No! Not again! Someone is emerging from the crowd!

BC: Its T-Money. This is interesting!

TT: T-Money taps Storms shoulder. Rock Bottom! Storm is stunned! The ref is still distracted! Luciano is getting it back slowly back together! T-Money is going to the Top! He hits a Moonsault!

BC: Money Spender!

TT: Wu heads back to the back as the EMT's are checking on Diablo! T-Money is out of the picture! Storm is in for it now. Luciano looks confused, but with no hesistation he locks him up! Figure Four!

BC: He blew it!

TT: Diablo is fighting the EMT's, but The Ref is back into the match as Luciano has him in the middle of the ring!

BC: He ain't answering! We have a New National Champion!

TT: I can't believe it, What's next the World Belt? Luciano with an upset!

BC: And Dallas keeps getting screwed here tonight! And Luciano might pull out the upset to become World Champion. Who knows?

TT: And here we go folks! This is for all the marbels! And you won't get a better Main Event for the World Title anywhere! And here they come!

['The biggest ballz in the biz' blares over the PA and out comes Diggity. Also coming down with him is 'The Ruler' Paul Blair with a bandage of his forehead. They go to the ring and mock the fans]

['Kurt Angles Theme' blares over the PA and out comes Pledge Alligence to a huge POP. His manager Don Russo is by his side as he goes to the ring and waits]

['Switchback' by Biohazard plays and the lights go out. Red smoke fills the ring and then the lights come back on and in the ring is Shadow Warrior and Jimmy Luciano.]

['X-rated' by Eric Clapton plays and out comes Assassin who is immedately attacked by Bryan Dillion and Scotty Everett! Dillion nails Assassin with a chair when Pharoah comes out and he and Everett battle tooth and nail to the back. Meanwhile Dillion brings Assassin over to where the catering was done before the event and Pile Drives him through a table! Dillion leaves as EMT's rush to take care of Assassin.]

['It's my time!' by HHH blares over the PA and the fans surprisingly cheer as out comes 'Golden One' Jeff Jericho wearing his CWF World Title. He goes to the ring and he and Jimmy Luciano start off}

TT: And this one is for the gold! Assassin is being carted off to the back on a stretcher and I hope that young man is alright.

BC: He finally gets to see how a 'Stretcher' feels..HAHA!!

TT: What ever Crane you heartless asshole. Jericho and Luciano are trying to feel each other out so to speak in this all important match! Jericho now with a kick to the knee of Luciano. Luciano has to be dead tired after not only being in THE LAST MAN STANDING match but winning the CWF National Title in a classic match. Jericho with a Side Russian Leg Sweep and Jericho now is whaling on Luciano. Jericho has a real mean streak and right now he is showing it! Jericho all over Luciano with those heavy right hands! Jericho with a DDT and Luciano is in trouble! Jericho goes for the pin 1...........2....KICK OUT by Luciano!!

BC: So let's see here..We've got the CWF World, National, and Unified/Tag Champions all in this match! If Diggity wins he'll have 3 belts!

TT: Wouldn't that be something? Luciano with a rake to the eyes of Jericho and now he tags in Shadow Warrior. Warrior in with a Side Walk Slam into a Powerbomb! Warrior now off the ropes with a Flying Mare!! Great move by this youngster from the Shadow of Realm! Warrior again off the rope-NO he's tripped up by Diggity.

BC: It looks as if Luciano and Warrior are working as a team as is Jericho and Diggity.

TT: But remember this is every man for himself. And Jericho quickly on the attack and you can't leave an opening for the 5-Time World Champion or you will find yourself on the losing end of the win column, as he just nailed Warrior with a German Suplex! Jericho goes over and tags in Diggity. Diggity in and Drop Kick to the face of Warrior who is in trouble big time here--Diggity with a Digasser!! The cover 1..........2.....KICK OUT by Warrior! Now Warrior is back on his feet! He's fighting back! Piston like right hands!! Lethal lefts and these people are on their feet and Warrior is gett'em himself some!!

BC: That cheater.

TT: Warrior with an Atomic Drop!! Now a Hangmans Suplex into a pin 1........2...2 and a half and Diggity was almost out of this match! Warrior now with a tag and in is Pledge Alligence! Pledge now with an Arm Drag Take Down into a Ankle Lock but Diggity got to the ropes and Pledge with a clean break. Pledge with a DIAMOND CUTTER out of nowhere!! The cover 1.........2..........3 and Diggity is gone and he's pissed! Pledge with a great move but Jericho quickly in with a knee to the back Pledge who just went flying outside the ring!

BC: Diggity held that top rope down and that sent Pledge onto the cement floor!

TT: Diggity now with a Death Drop!! My god Pledge's head hit that concrete floor hard! Diggity rolls Pledge back into the ring where he is greeted with a Jericho knee. Jericho with the cover 1........2 PLEDGE KICKED OUT! How did he do that? Jericho looks a little frusterated. Pledge with another DIAMOND CUTTER out of nowhere! He covers Jericho..He hooked the tights! 1........2......3 NO JERICHO KICKED OUT!! That's why he is a 5 TIME WORLD CHAMPION!!

BC: Wow that was too close. Pledge is cheating!

TT: What is good for rooster is damn sure good for the hen. Jericho with a LOW BLOW and now he's going to tag but wait a minute Metallus Diablo is out here and he is jawing at Jericho. Jericho turns his back on Pledge and Pledge with a Running Clothesline that sent Jericho over the top rope and to the outside. Diablo and Jericho are now brawling neither budging an inch! The ref is counting and he's at 7. Jericho is not gonna' get back in time! The ref has counted Jeff Jericho out!! Diablo has just costed Jericho his World Title!!! He and Diablo battle to the back! Meanwhile Luciano is in with a Bull Dog on Pledge. Now he's trying to apply his Figure-Four and he locks it on Pledge and Pledge is trying to get to the ropes. These fans are on their feet cheering Pledge Alligence on!!

BC: Forget these morons I can't believe Jericho got counted out!

TT: Pledge is trying--he's trying--YES HE GOT TO THE ROPES!! The ref steps in and breaks the hold. Pledge rolls and makes a quick tag to Shadow Warrior! The team work is out the window now!! This is for the prize!! Warrior with a Power Slam that sent Luciano into orbit! The cover 1......2...KICK OUT by Luciano but Shadow Warrior scoops him up and Pile Driver!! Warrior goes to the outside and grabs a table!

BC: What is he doing?

TT: Warrior brings the table into the ring and sets it up. Warrior scoops Luciano back up and now he's going to the TOP ROPE!! THE FINAL JUDGEMENT!!!! That Top Rope Piledriver just broke Luciano in half. Warrior with the cover 1.........2......3 and then there was two!! Luciano is gone and now it's Shadow Warrior versus Pledge winner takes it all and the loser takes the fall. Pledge runs in with a SPEAR!! Pledge with a JACKHAMMER on Warrior! The cover 1.......2....KICK OUT by Shadow Warrior! Pledge now Hot Shots Warrior onto the ropes neck first! Pledge goes to the outside and grabs a table of his own! Pledge brings it into the ring and POWER BOMB!! Warrior is out! That table was destroyed and so was Shadow Warrior! The cover 1.......2...WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION NO KICK OUT BY SHADOW WARRIOR! He kicked the hell out! Pledge doesn't know what to think and wait a minute here comes Pharoah! It looks like he was just talking to the CEO!! I just saw Duarte out here in a wheel chair! Pharoah hits the ring a CHOKESLAMS Pledge! Shadow Warrior gets up but Pharoah with a Tombstone!! Pharoah steps over the top rope and leaves! Both men are down!! The ref begins to count!

BC: And what happens if neither get up at the count of 10?!

TT: I never thought of that! The ref is at 5 and if one guy gets up and the other doesn't before the count of 10 we'll have a winner of and NEW WORLD CHAMPION..THE REF is at 7 and Pledge is trying to get up..These people are on their feet!! 8..9 and PLEDGE ALLIGENCE IS UP!!! Shadow Warrior is still down and we have a new ERA in the CWF!!

Doc [Ring announcer]: Here is your winner and neeeeeeeew CWF WORLD CHAMPION PLEDGE ALLIGENCE!!

TT: What a night! See you on POP!

[As the scene fades Don Russo is strapping the CWF World Title around the waist Pledge Alligence who is nearly in tears of joy as he helps Shadow Warrior up and the two shake hands] 1