[ Camera's open in a jam packed Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This place is jacked, people are going out of their minds cheering and chanting for the show to begin. Suddenly the light's in the arena go out and "My way or the Highway" by Limp Bizkit begins to play of the arena speakers on the titantron clips of Jeff Jericho's 5 CWF World title winning matches are shown on the screen, followed by Paul Blair's World title and National title matches. Clips of classic Blair and Jericho matches then appear, followed by some clips of the best matches from both their long, historic, epic career's flash across the screen. After about 2 minutes of video clips the screen goes blank and a man's voice can be heard over the arena speakers. ]

Narrator: Two wrestling legends, two former CWF World champions, two epic performers with one thing in common...a mutual hatred for each other. We have witnessed their historic feud for three years now and have witnessed the hate that runs through their veins for one another. But tonight, both men will try to keep their emotions under control and fight for ONE common goal...ratings and to become the CWF's flagship show. And now BlairVision and Golden Productions in association with CWF Entertainment proudly brings to you...THE PAUL BLAIR, JEFF JERICHO HOUR!!!!!!!

[ Fireworks, Lasers, Pyro's begins to explode all over the arena as the fans erupt one more time with cheers. The camera pans around the crowd showing signs that say "Z-Pac the CWF's Greatest World Champion", "Paul Blair is my Hero", "Jeff Jericho is the God of Wrestling", "MVP is the Man", "T-Money is a punk" and other various signs. The camera then shows the new ring made Especially for this show, it has a red canvas with white ropes and blue turnbuckles. The entrance ramp is made entirely of gold and is an impressive sight, the titantron is about two times the size of the one on Brawl and next to the titantron on the left is a huge banner of "Golden One" Jeff Jericho and on the right is a banner of "The Ruler" Paul Blair. "My way or the Highway" begins to fade away and is soon replaced by "Play the Game" by Motorhead over the speakers and the lights dim and start flickering. The fans cheers soon turn to a mixed reaction as "Golden One" Jeff Jericho steps out from behind the curtain and stands a top of the entrance ramp. He has a big smile on his face as he surveys the crowd and begins his slow decent to the ring. Jeff is wearing a black Armani suit, black Oakley sunglasses and expensive Italian leather shoes. He steps into the ring to many fireworks and laser filling the arena. He climbs to the second rope of each turnbuckle and begins to taunt the crowd. He then picks up a microphone from off the canvas and begins to cut his promo. ]

"Golden One" Jeff Jericho: I would like to thank you all for that warm, heart filled welcome. It is great to be back in my home town and what a great way to start off my new CWF show but right here in Toronto. [crowd erupts with cheers] Even though I don't live here anymore, even though I don't even live in the country anymore and even though your Toronto Blue Jays, Maple Leafs and Raptors sport teams suck as bad as a Paul Blair promo, it is still great to be here in Toronto. [Crowd boo's] Now I know all you people paid your hard earned money to come here tonight and see titles up for grabs, career's ended and new star born but well, that just isn't going to happen tonight! Tonight's show, will consist of me giving you all the ground rules of what to expect each week on my show! You see there is a lot of confusion on just who is in control of this show. Who writes the cards, who produces it and who calls the shots. Well let me make it clear to all you peons out there, I am in control of this show from top to bottom. I have complete creative control of what happens on this show week in and week out, nobody else. CWF CEO Steven Duarte has no power here, CWF owner Mark X has no power, Vice-President Travis Bruce has no power what so ever on this show...I carry all the stroke around here. Once any of those high-ranking CWF officials step foot on my show, they are nothing more than a common fan...because they are in my house, this is my show! Now I know the name of this show is called the Paul Blair, Jeff Jericho Hour but let me clear that up right now for all you morons in the crowd and in TV land right now. Paul Blair is not hear tonight, Paul Blair has skipped tonight's debut show. I got here at 10 in the morning to have a meeting with him to discuss tonight's layout and he never showed up, he never called and nobody has seen or heard from him in many days...Paul Blair has chickened out humanoids! The pressure of starting and running a new show was too much for that schizophrenic, Prozac addicted peace of human waste Paul Blair. Some Legend he is, some epic performer Paul Blair is...Paul Blair is exactly what he was when he faced me all those times in the ring, A LOSER! Paul Blair just couldn't hack starting a new show, Paul Blair didn't have the smarts, the money to run a show...but guess what slap nuts I have exactly what it takes to run this show and I will make it the #1 show the CWF has to offer. Sunday Brawl is old, tired and not what the CWF needs to take it back to the top. The Jeff Jericho Hour is exactly what the CWF needs and I personally promise you all the MY SHOW will be better than Brawl and will become the flagship show of the CWF, trust me!

And now that I have assumed complete control of the show. I want to make it perfectly clear that Steve Dart is banned from this show. There is no way I will allow that country hick on my show in any shape or form. Dart is finished and that is all I have to say about him! I want to turn my attention to the forgotten man of the CWF, the CWF outcast, the CWF bad boy Brian Adams!! Here is a guy who I like a great deal, he sort of reminds me of a younger version of myself! This man has what it takes to become the CWF World champion some day, but the poor young lad has had his problems with CWF management recently. He got into a huge verbal war with that jackass Steven Q Duarte has and been suspended from the CWF for over a year! Well I am here to tell Brian Adams that he can wrestle on my show anytime he wants to! Steven Duarte doesn't run the show on Thursday, only I do and I want to make it publicly known that the CWF wide ban of Brian Adams in over on the Jeff Jericho Hour! So Mr. Adams, next week you can make your glorious return to the CWF, free from bias, free from the front office politics and you can continue your quest for the CWF World title right here on MY SHOW! What do you think about that Mr. Adams?

Brian Adams Promo

[ Jeff points to the titantron to show the face of Brian Adams who is somewhere in the arena. He has a HUGE smile on his face and begins to speak. ]

Brian Adams: Hah, how ya like that! Back in the CWF I am, and back in the CWF I will stay! Ya like that Trojan swerve I did? Every since Monday people have been asking me am I in cahoots with Z-Pac, am I Z-Pacís friend, why in the hell did I help my arch-rival Z-Pac? Why would I do that? Truthfully. Makes ya wonder doesn't it? Why would I do something with such effect to make Z-Pac a four time heavyweight champion. Could it be that I want to be friends? If you think that, you are crazier then I am.

Z-Pac, I ask of you for one thing, and one thing only. Another title shot. Why I helped you you will find out later. I could care less about the pain killers, or the Omega, or even "duh" generation.(brian laughs at his last remark) Anyways, Z-Pac, I challenge you for your heavyweight championship, at the next Pay per-view, which I'm thinking is red alert, to a two out of three falls match. You pick one type of match, and I pick one type of match, and then we'll both agree to some type of creative match.

Ah, big d, did I hurt your feelings? DEAL WITH IT!!! As for next Sunday, I have a challenge...to Wild Card. Yes that is right Wild Card, I'm calling you out. I don't care, title or no title, I want a shot at you. Hope you agree man, I'll be awaiting your answer. Now I'm gone!

"Golden One" Jeff Jericho: Well put Mr. Adams, and I look forward to seeing you on MY SHOW next week! And lets talk about next weeks show shall we? Next week this is what is going to happen. Z-Pac is once again the World champion of the CWF, and I hear the ratings falling right now, but anyway I think it is high time that we find a worthy opponent for Mr. Pac and here is how we will do that. Next week on the Jeff Jericho Wrestling Hour we are going to have a 30 man over the top royal rum....no no no a 30 man Jericho Rumble. What is a Jericho Rumble well is means that two men in the ring first, and every minute and a half after that a new wrestler will enter the fray. HOWEVER, tables/ladders/chairs/barbed wire 4x4's/Sledgehammers/Garbage Cans/Kindo Sticks/Road Signs and my personal favorite, crowbars will all be scattered in the ring and the wrestlers will be allowed to use these items in this match. The last man standing with face Z-Pac the following week on MY SHOW! The second last person will fight the National champion the following week, the third last will fight the Unified champion and the fourth last will fight the Mid-Atlantic champion. Because I'm a carrying person and because I sort of like the guy...Brian Adams will automatically have the 30th spot in the Jericho Rumble! And Z-Pac will be at ringside doing commentary with me, I want him to witness this spectacular event, destructive event first hand! So next week, I want every wrestler in the CWF to be prepared to wrestler and fight for your life. You could leave the ring a star or you could be leaving for the hospital. And now let us move on to...<./font>

T-Money Promo

[Jeff Jericho is interrupted because on the titantron a shot of inside of T-Money's locker room appears, where T-Money himself is about to be interviewed by the CWF's own, Doc McMartin. T-Money has a black and white bandana tied around his head, a diamond stud in each ear, a nice, thick diamond chain around his neck, with a medium-sized diamond $ charm, a diamond bracelet on his right wrist, and a very expensive diamond Rolex on his left wrist. He's wearing a black and white Reebok T-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and a pair of black and white Reebok tennis shoes to match his outfit. Doc McMartin is wearing a black tuxedo.]

DOC MCMARTIN: Hello T-Money, how have you been lately?

T-MONEY: Oh, I've been fine. How about yourself?

DOC MCMARTIN: I've been fine as well. Now, how do you feel about your very big win over Caleb Marlowe this past Monday at Memorial Day Massacre 2001: Thunderstorm?

T-MONEY: I feel good about the win, because the victory could elevate me to new heights. Caleb Marlowe put up a great fight, and he proved to me and to the entire CWF that he has what it takes and he's not afraid to go up against anybody.

DOC MCMARTIN: What new heights would you like to experience?

T-MONEY: I would love to have another shot at the National Title and of course, at the World Title. I think that I should be up there with guys like Z-Pac, MVP, and Magnus Thunder...

DOC MCMARTIN: That's wonderful. Well I'm Doc McMartin reporting from the locker room of CWF superstar, T-Money.

[With that, Doc shakes T-Money's hand, but all of a sudden, Baby D and Big Kap burst through the locker room door and brutally attack T-Money with a chain and a bat. Doc McMartin runs out of the locker room to get help. Big Kap picks up the fallen T-Money and leaves the locker room as Baby D trashes it. Baby D spray paints "Bloods + Crips=Very Dangerous on the wall and then scurries away. Cee-Lo and Miss Money enter the trashed locker room astonished. Miss Money begins to cry, as Cee-Lo comforts her with an angry look on his face. Titantron fades to black and the camera's point back to Jeff Jericho]

"Golden One" Jeff Jericho: What the fuck! Who the hell is running the titantron, how dare you cut me off just as I start making matches for next weeks show!! I'm Jeff Jericho!! I'm the boss of this show!! Nobody cuts me off mid-way through my promo, and certainly on the debut night of my show! And how dare you cut to a T-Money promo, good lord how low can you go? But it would appear as if justice was served because T-Money just got his ass whipped backstage, Ha Ha Ha Ha I love it! It looks like T-Money's faction has fallen a part. Anyway, back to next weeks card, I was about to make a match for Z-Pac before I was so rudely interrupted. Z-Pac, you stupid peace of human waste, I'm going to make a duzzy match for you next week!

[ Suddenly "Hail to the Chief" begins to play on the speakers and out walks "The Ruler" Paul Blair! The crowd erupts as Jericho looks as if he has seen a ghost. Blair walks to the ring in a nice suit and has an angry look on his face. Elmo and Earl fallow him closely to the ring and hand him a microphone. Blair goes nose to nose with Jericho and speaks. ]

Paul Blair Nice try dim wit! I like how you took it upon yourself to take over the show as I was detained outside the arena. It seems somebody told security that I had threatened to bring a bomb into the arena. So I was strip-searched, questioned and not allowed to enter the arena until just now. You wouldn't know anything about who called the cops now would you Jeff?

"Golden One" Jeff Jericho: Ummmmmmm no Paul I wouldn't. But it doesn't surprise me that you would try and bring a bomb into the arena, we all know youíre a raving psycho. I'm just glad you were stopped before you hurt the poor innocent people who paid to watch my show tonight.

Paul Blair: Now you were about to make a match involving my baby boy, Z-Pac.

[Crowd stands on their feet as they hear the World Champís name]

Paul Blair: You will not be handpicking his opponent. Only I can do that. And later I will reveal to you what match heís going to be in next week. But first letís get to another manís match. Wildcard, you are a marked man and as long as Iím in charge here, you are a man who will be put through the ringer. You see, I remember about 5 weeks ago or so, we had a match. You may remember it? Best out of 5 falls match for my National Title. Ring a bell? Because I remember it. Isnít it funny how times have changed? So I guess itís my turn to pay you back. So right here next week in this ring you will defend that National Title against Evil Andu. This man has impressed the Ruler enough that I think he deserves a shot at your title. Now I know you like stipulation matches Wildcard. So here goes. There is no pin falls, no submissions, no dqís and no count outs. So how do you win, you ask? Simple. Each man will have a manager in his corner, and the match only ends when that personís manager throws in the towel.

[Huge reaction from the crowd who are eagerly awaiting this one already]

Paul Blair: Now who are those managers? Well Evil Andu will be managed by Mike Van Pro!! Now Wildcard, I thought about being your manager. But guess what? I have a show to run. So letís try your last opponent Jake Douglas! You remember him, the one you tricked by bringing Wildcard after Wildcard out there until you had him tired out from all those fake Wildcards. Hmm, wonder if he will have anything to say about that. Should make for an interesting match, donít you think? I know I canít wait to see you fall, oh I mean wrestle.

Jericho I hate your guts. You know this, I know this and all those Ruler Rooters out here in Toronto know this.

[Ruler Rooters are standing on their feet chanting for Blair]

But right here I think we should come to an agreement. You see, you and I together make one hell of a ratings team, regardless of how we feel personally. We could rule this place. Think about it, every match you want to see on a Thursday Night could happen. You want to see Brian Adams get a title shot. We sign the contract and itís done. We want to see a Loser Leaves Town match to get rid of some annoying wrestler. Itís done. But what we need to do is work together during this show. And we can take this place by storm. Think about it Jeff. The Blair-Jericho Hour could be the new cornerstone of the CWF. The two biggest names ever to grace the CWF rings together at last to gain the Highest Ratings the CWF has ever seen. Itís a done deal. But we need to agree right now to work as a team.

[Jericho is looking out into the crowd of supporters and finally gets back on the mic]

ĒGolden OneĒ Jeff Jericho: Blair, I hate you. But you make perfect sense. So for the good of the show, for the good of the ratings and for the good of our careers, you have a deal. Now our first order of business has to be Steve Dart. I want to make sure heís gone. What do you say right here, right now we fire him here in Toronto?

Paul Blair: Done. Steve Dart is no longer a part of the CWF. In fact, not only is he fired. But he is hereby banned from the Blair-Jericho Hour forever.

[Blair and Jericho stare at each other in disgust but finally shake hands on their deal. Blair continues to speak]

Now about ďLittle ZĒ. I have now decided his opponent for next week. He will be going up against none other thanÖ

Pledge Allegiance Interview

[ Jeff Jericho and Paul Blair are interrupted by "Iron Man" from Black Sabboth as it blares over the loud speaker and the fans in the arena jump to their feet. Pledge Alligence appears at the top of the ramp and red, white, and blue fireworks explode throughout the arena. As Pledge makes his way down the ramp, red, white, and blue flares erupt from the top of the stage. He does not look happy. He makes his way over to the timekeeper table, grabs a mike and hops up on the ring apron and steps over the top rope. He waves as if to signal for his music to be stopped playing. ]

Pledge Alligence: Jericho and Blair, what I want is for both of you to just go over there and stand in the corner for a moment, because I have something to say. The first thing I want to say here tonight is I want all of fans, every last one of you to please, shut the Hell up!

[ The crowd becomes immediately silenced. ]

For the better part of five years I have given my all to each and every one of you. I have been beaten down, bloodied, damn near killed night in and night out just to give you a good show. I have busted my ass out here trying to win some titles and to get your approval. I have tried to be your role model, someone you can look up to. My free time is spent going to hospitals and spending time with sick kids.

I have tried to lead by example, I have tried to always do the right thing. But you know what? I am tired of doing the right thing! For me to always do the right thing and to be someone who can be looked up to, I always end up getting screwed in the end, just like what happened at Memorial Day Massacre. There I was fighting the good fight, well on my way to successfully defending my Unified Title when all of a sudden I am covered in red paint and the god damned referee doesn't have the sense to realize that it's not blood? Come on! Look what doing the right thing has done for me. Look what it has given me, NOTHING!

What Z-Pac did to me at the PPV was open up a whole other can of worms. I am not going to come out here and cry about how he ruined my dream, because he didn't. All he did was rob me of a title that I was just using to keep me occupied until I could one day be CWF World Champ again. What's worse, The CWF turns around and gives Blood the first crack at Z-Pac on the 10th? What is up with that? I deserve a shot at Z-Pac so much more than Blood does. My track record speaks for itself. I know it, all you idiots in the stands know it, but more importantly, The CWF office knows it. They will do anything to protect their champion even if it means allowing him to compete solely in his kinds of matches or by lining up weak opponents. That's why Pledge Alligence didn't get the first crack at Z-Pac and that's why they allowed the referee's bogus decision at MDM to stand. They know I am The Man, and they know I have what it takes to unseat their precious champion and in the meantime they are wetting themselves trying to find new ways to keep that belt around Z-Pac's waist.

So from this day on, things are going to change. I am going to do things MY way. I will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of The CWF one more time. If starting out on June 10th at Brawl I have to start with the jobbers of The CWF and work my way up through each division to get a shot at Z-Pac, so help me, that's what I'll do. I don't need the fans of The CWF behind me, I don't need the front office behind me either. By any means necessary I Pledge Alligence to once again soon become CWF World Champion again! You heard it here first folks.

[ Pledge drops the mike and leaves the ring area to a chorus of boos. Jericho and Blair look angry that they were interrupted yet again. ]

Paul Blair: Now Pledge, you want to interrupt my promos. Oh I donít think so. But you want your match. Ok, next week you want Z-Pac? You got him.

[Huge reaction from the fans after they hear Z-Pacís next opponent]

Paul Blair: Oh, but Pledge. I forgot one thing. Next you will wrestle Z-Pac right here for the World Title, but it will be in a Hardcore Rules Match. Now scurry along because you have a lot of preparation.. Now thatís a line-up for next week. We will add another match later in the week.

Keith Daniels Promo

[Suddenly Blair is interrupted yet again. This time by Keith Daniels who appears on the titantron. Blair and Jericho are beside themselves]

[We fade in to see Keith Daniels sitting with Bobby Crane. Bobby Crane is looking through a stack of papers, as usual, as Keith Daniels relaxes. He wears a KD T-shirt (On sale now, for $18.99). As in the model, on the front, it says, "I PRAY FOR YOU..." And on the back, it says, "UNDER THIS COMMISH!" Crane looks up at Daniels at last.]

Crane: Welcome to our Thursday Show, Commissioner Daniels...

Daniels: No, no, no... Don't refer to me as commissioner, I'm Keith Daniels, Commissioner is only an office, not a title.

Crane: Ok, my mistake, Keith. So, starting at the top, how are you feeling? You went into Sunday night hungry, but you lost your Tag Gold, any thoughts?

Daniels: You know, Crane, Adams and I weren't even supposed to be a team in the first place, but it happened, and there we were. CWF Tag Team Champions of the World, my first gold in the big leagues. Adams spoke with me recently, after our loss, and said that he was probably headed to a different league, moving on from CWF, he said his point was proved. Hardly, but things shall go that way sometimes.

Crane: Yes.

Daniels: Before you go any further, I also realize I came here tonight alone, representing Omega as possibly their tallest member, and commissioner. You would think, Crane, I'd use the commish power for myself and for Omega, no no no... What I will use this for, is as punishment for the unjust, and recommendation for ratings. I would like to put in a few recommendations now.

[Daniels pulls out a slip of paper. He looks very carefully over it.]

Daniels: For number one contendership at the Mid-Atlantic Title, Evil Andu, against... Hmm... How about Caleb Marlowe? Sounds good to me. In a losers leaves town match, one month no matches, "Ice Man" Steve Johnson, Suicide, Myst. They seem to have gone tone-def. One more. Mid Atlantic Title Match: Ravager, Frostbyte, Crazz, Edge of Hell match. There is one ring, correct? In this match, there is a red ring, 10 feet up from the original. The first to put both opponents on the bottom of that ring will be declared champion. These are not definite, but are still under consideration by the staff and myself.

Crane: How about Omega.

Daniels I didn't forget, don't worry, I couldn't forget about them. Blood, our new leader, and I'm completely fine with that. Blood himself is a natural born leader. He may not fit Magnus's shoes, seeing Magnus was 7-5, and little Blood, only 6-4. Joke, but Blood can fill Magnus's shoes, he's just got to have the heart I know he holds deep inside. Z-Pac vs. Blood :World Title Match, I couldn't think of a better match. Finally Z-Pac gets to actually taste competition. Alter boys, Z-Pac? I mean really? If I was an alter boy, I'd be the one you would fear, because one day, Z-Pac, one day we'll face. It won't be me down for the three count, trust me.

Crane: Anyone else you feel the need to address?

Daniels: One more. More of a challenge. MVP, hey boy, what you got in ya? You are now FORMER CWF World Champion. Congratulations Mikey boy! Now what you gonna do? Go after the uh, say... National Title? Well, you know where I am headed? Ironic you should guess, the National Title Hunt. MVP, I wish to face you sometime soon, because, we have some unfinished business, you and I. You left Blood and myself to fight each other for a shot, AGAIN! You could have at least showed up for half an effort. MVP, I challenge you to any match, and you better accept, or you'll be sought thoroughly, and dismantled.

Crane: That all?

Daniels: Yes that's... My coffee!

[Daniels gets up and takes off down the hall, out of sight. Crane stands and exits.]

[Blair and Jericho both seem angered by what they have just seen on the titantron. Blair grabs his mic and starts to speak]

Paul Blair: Now first of all, who was in charge of bringing in that interview. Bobby Crane is not an official part of the Blair-Jericho Hour. So everything that was said in the process will be passed by and forgotten. It never happened. Mr. Daniels you think that you can come in here and just steal our thunder? Oh no. Maybe you need a refresher on what show this is that you are on. This is the Blair-Jericho Hour. Nowhere on there does it say Daniels. So Mr. Daniels, you think that your little Commissionership means a thing to either of us. Iím a former World Champ, a former National Champ, heck Iíve held them all. And this man at my side, heís done it all as well. But you, youíve done nothing. Youíve been here about a week or so compared to us. You want to try and call the shots and get your guys matches. You get nothing. Denied. Nada.

ĒGolden One Jeff JerichoĒ: I think what Paul is trying to say is you are a loser and not worthy of being on this debut show. So send yourself back to the Omega because you are nothing. In fact Daniels, you remind me a lot of another man that has no business being on this show. His name is Steve Dart.

[Crowd goes nuts when Jerichoís mentions Dart. Jericho and Blair both look angered by the reaction that heís getting]

Blair: Now letís make one thing perfectly clear. There will be Steve Dart on tonightís show! Heís gone, finished, done. Steve Dart truly is a man without a show. So you can cheer all you want but this is the Blair-Jericho Hour not the Steve Dart Show. And speaking of Steve Dart, did you hear about how he was picked up the other day for public intoxication? Is this the kind of guy you would truly want as part of the Blair-Jericho Hour? I donít and so he will not be a part of it.

[Fans boo as Blair finishes his statement. Jericho looks into the crowd and begins to speak]

ĒGolden One Jeff JerichoĒ: And speaking of Steve Dart, he--

[ Jericho and Blair are once again interrupted by the playing of music of the speakers in the arena, this time my "Steve Austin" by Disturbed as the fans rise to their feet. "The Fucking Show" walks out to the top of the entrance ramp much to the surprise Paul Blair and Jeff Jericho who have fired him and banned him from the arena. Dart makes his way to the ring, much to the joy of the fans who give him a huge pop, Dart enters the ring and rips the microphone out of Jeff Jericho's hand. Blair and Jericho look really mad and look ready to explode. Paul Blair begins to speak. ]

Paul Blair: Who the hell do you think you are! Your fired from this show! How dare you ruin our debut show! Leave now before Jeff and I throw you out ourselves!

The Fucking Show: Shut up you pathetic little wimp! And Jericho don't you even think about opening your big mouth because if you do, I'll ram this boot right in your mouth to shut you up and I'll then proceed to beat the living piss out of you Paul! I'm going to make this short and sweet. You two have had a lot of fun at my expense tonight, you fired me from this pathetic show, you made fun of me and you banned me from the arena. Well that is all well and good but the fact of the matter remains that Vice-President Bruce appointed me to this show! And I don't give a damn what you two want or care about...come hell or high water I'm going to be on this show weather you two goofs like it or not. So you can have me arrested, ban me from arena's and gang up on me all you like...the fact of the matter is each week I'm going to do my best to be on this show weather you like it or not! You can't keep the Fucking Show down and eventually I will be a part of this show in some capacity...just like I was promised by VP Bruce. And that is all I've got to say about that, so boys let the games begin!

[ And with that Steve Dart smacks Paul Blair in the face with the microphone and stunner Jeff Jericho! He then proceeds to beat the living hell out of them. The battle is on as Dart takes on Blair and Jericho, the creative heads of this show. ]

Z-Pac Promo

[ As chaos erupts in the ring with Blair, Dart and Jericho on the titantron a scene appears by a lake with many of trees surrounding it. This peaceful scene comes almost seemed to be disturbed by nothing. Picture like places like these are almost never found these days as most have fallen to shit and whatnot. The camera comes to the lake and scans down to the water. The water is almost crystal clear and a blue shade you could only dream of these days. Suddenly, the water begins to ripple and the reflection of a distorted face comes into view. The ripples stop and we see that it is the face of Z-Pac, The King of Hardcore. The camera pans back and we see Z-Pac turn away from the lake with the CWF World Title over his shoulder. He begins to walk around the lake as the camera follows him from the side and the CWF World Champion, the Legend himself, begins to speak... ]

Z-Pac, The King of Hardcore: The Title "CWF World Champion"... A title that I never thought would be associated with me years ago. Now here we are, years later and I have had my name attached to this title four times now. They thought that this title, like this place right here, would never be associated with, or in some peopleís eyes, tarnished with me in its association. All the years I spent, trying to prove the people wrong, and now I've done it, I've achieved the ultimate prize one more time, and they still mock me, they still look down at me... Well, I stand corrected, for them to look down on me they have to look up. For I am at the top of the mountain, staring down at the Bloods, the Jake Douglas' the Kefkas, the Caleb Marlow's, all of them are below me looking up at the man they dub the freak... And they think they are so better... But thatís why, I'm up here and they are all down there...

I have reunified the Pain-Killers once more made up with members that belong to be in it. G-Pac, one of my most trusted allies... Who I "hated" so much right? Mike Van Pro, who I did hate, but now I have enough respect for to be part of the group that he helped create, the group that he help make known as the Pain-Killers. And Evil Andu, an old friend who is finally getting the attention he deserves. This group I have put together, is not lead by anyone man, it is a family, and we are all equal in this family... And this family, isn't about to be broken up by any Omega or any "New Generation", for the Pain-Killers are what is the pinnacle, and the rest of you, are just looking up at us from your already dug graves... But fear not...

[ Z-Pac stops and the camera zooms in on his face. ]

For the The Pain-Killers feel your pain... And nothing is more important to us than helping you forget about your pain... Don't worry Omega, don't worry New Generation... For your pain... Will set you free...

"...You Have Your Fears...They Could Become Reality...One of Them is Z-Pac...Which is Reality..."

[ The scene fades to black...SHOW IS OVER! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! ] 1