[ "My Way" by Limp Bizkit begins playing and clips from last weeks Blair, Jericho Wrestling Hour begin to play. A clip of Z-Pac retaining his title are shown, a clip of Wildcard throwing away the National title and then the imfamous "Jericho Rumble" is shown. Clips of all the participants are shown, Sexy SK from IWF, former CWF World champion Jimmy Blast, CWF Grand Slam winner Nemesis, the return of Jimmy Luciano and the return of Rob Osbourne is shown. Then finally, clips of Evil Andu getting eliminated, Adams and Daniels working together on Rob Osbourne only to have Daniels turn on Adams and eliminate him, a furious Adams runs back into the ring and dumps Daniels out of the rumble leaving Rob Osbounrne the winner of the Jericho rumble! Finally after that intro is finished, camera cuts to the arena where it is pitch black and fireworks, lasers, pyro's are exploding all over the place. The crowd rises to their feet and is going crazy. But there cheers soon turn to boo's as "Play the Game" by Motorhead begins to play and out walks CWF legends "Golden One" Jeff Jericho and Paul Blair. They make there way to the announce table and take their seats near ringside. Camera focuses on the announce booth where both CWF legends welcome us to the show. ]

Paul Blair: Welcome ladies and germs to the Blair, Jericho Wrestling Hour!!! What a night this will be as the aftermath of the Jericho Rumble, held last week will all come to a head here tonight. Evil Andu will challenge Mid Atlantic champion Crazz here tonight, Rob Osbourne, who won the Jericho rumble lasting over anf hour will face our World champion Z-Pac and Brian Adams will challenge Blood for the Unified title. Also here tonight we will have a non-title match between National champion T-Money and Chris Reinhardt. Keith Daniels was unable to compete here tonight due to the injuries he sustained on Brawl, so when he is healthy again he will get his National title shot. And in our final match, we have Chasey Duarte-Jericho the former VP of the CWF against the first lady of the CWF Miss Money! What a night this will be, I can hear the rating going through the roff as I speak.

Jeff Jericho: And that Miss Money versus Chasey Duarte-Jericho match has been changed...by ME! It is now a strip your opponent NUDE MATCH! Yeah that is right, we are going to see a naked body tonight! God Ihope that slut Chasey gets stripped down, there is nothing more than I would love to do than embarrass that bitch after what she did to my brother. That bitch is going to...what the hell!

[Dance mix interupts Jeff Jericho and Paul Blair. The crowd goes crazy. Out walks Sarah, the President's Personal Assistant. She is wearing a very short black mini skirt. The crowd is loving it. She walks to the ring and grabs a mic]

Sarah: Thank you to all the great fans out there tonight. Now I want to say that last Sunday's Main Event was great. It was a fabulous performance by all involved. In fact, tonight the President was hoping to be here to watch Z-Pac defend the World Title in person. But unfortunately he had a board meeting at the last moment and couldn't make it. But he had some statements, he wanted to be made here tonight. So let me get straight to that.

[Sarah pulls out a letter that she had in her other hand, and begins to read it.]

Sarah: To all the great fans out there. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. But something came up. I would just like to thank all the wrestlers in the back for sticking in there and putting on a fabulous show. However there are two people who are not doing their jobs and will be dealt with at different times. Tonight we start with the main villian here. Paul Blair, you may have gotten out of Sunday without anything going wrong. But you will screw up. This I know more than anything else. And when you do, I'll be there to watch you fall and to fire your ass. Jeff Jericho, we will deal with you at a different time. Now I would like to announce the Main Event of Summer Splash 2001. Z-Pac will be defending his World Title and it will be a barnburner of a match. On that evening he will face...

[Suddenly Steve Dart's music starts up and the fans go nuts as the Fucking Show walks to the ring. The camera pans back to Blair and Jericho who look angry that Dart is here, after all they have banned him from the show. Dart walks to the ring with a purpose in a step. He has a mic in his hand and walks right up to Sarah, nose to nose, he begins to speak. ]

"Fucking Show" Steve Dart: Sorry to interrupt your little speech here Sarah but I was sitting in the back listening to this BS and I came to tell you to shut the hell up!! [crowd cheers] You know you walk out here like your a little princess or something, your acting like you run the show around here? And well I take offense to that because as everybody knows I am the Fucking Show here in the CWF! I mean do you think that just because you give President Bruce a blow job every night and because he sends you to do his dirty work for him on TV because he isn't man enough to come here and do it himself, that your somebody special? Well let me tell you something you little whore, you are not. Your just another bimbo screwing a CWF front office man, which means your a nobody! And one more thing you pretentious little slut, I want you to rememeber my name very well and I want your dumb ass boss/pimp to remember my name as well, because you going to see a lot more of me in the up coming weeks that I can promise! And to show you that I mean business let me leave you with this...

[ And with that Steve Dart kicks Sarah right in the gut and gives her a Studray stunner. She is out cold and the crowd is loving it. Jericho gets up from the announce booth in a huge rage and runs into the ring after Dart, but by the time he makes it into the ring Dart has fled through the crowd. Jeff stands over Sarah's fallen body and then picks up her mic smirking, he then begins to speak to her and the crowd. ]

"Golden One" Jeff Jericho: Somebody get security and have them track down that country hick! He is banned from The Blair, Jericho Wrestling Hour and is tresspassing. I want his ass in jail! And as for you you little whore, for once I applaud with Steve Dart! You got exactly what you deserved this is the second time you and your boss have interrupted Paul's and my show and that is simply unexceptable! What you and your toupee wearing boss fail to realize that no CWF Front Office person has any power in this show. Not even a CWF commissioner has any power on our show. Paul and myself are in complete control of everything that goes on here, we can do what we when we want to and there is nothing that ANYBODY can do about it. So basically, so what I'm trying to say to you is get the hell off my show! Security! Take her away! And you tell your boss that if he sets foot on our show, that Paul and I will cripple his ass and it will be all legal! Now get the hell out of here you bimbo!

[ Security guards come to the ring and carry Sarah out of the ring and backstage. She is still knocked out. Camera pans out to show Steve Dart fleeing from the security guards outside. Dart runs to a waiting car, hops into the passenger side and the car speeds away. Dart has escaped. Camera's pan back to the announce booth where Jericho has returned beside Paul Blair. ]

Paul Blair: Well said Jeff, that bitch has it coming. When are these idiots going to learn that you and I call the shots around here and there is nothing they can do about it?

Jeff Jericho: I know Paul but we are just going to have to keep beating it into these stupid front office idiots until they get it. Mark X has given us total control and creative control so we will do what we want, when we want to. Hey wait, I hear that there is something going on backstage.

[ Camera cuts to see Crazz and a bunch of cops standing around in the parking lot area...]

Crazz: All right guys here's the plan, I know my belt is here tonight I can feel it deep in my bone's. So we already have the search warrent cleared so we can begin to search each and every locker room in this entire building. And I mean every room to, I don't care who's room it is, weather it be the bathroom stall's, if someone's in there we'll question them, I'm going to find my dam belt! You guys got that!

Cops: Yes Sir!

Crazz: All right then, and another thing....try not to look obvious ok guys, I don't want the bastard to get away here tonight.

Cops: Uhhh..Ok..

Crazz: Ok then, lets move out....

[ Crazz and the cops turn and walk towards the locker room area...]

Jeff Jericho: So Crazz has brought police with him here tonight and a search warrant to try and find his missing title belt! I don't blame him because that is his personal property. The person who stole that should pay dearly for that!

Paul Blair: I agree, you just don't steal somebodies title belt that is just wrong. I mean we never did that did we Jeff...ha ha ha ha! Excuse me! And now lets go to our first match up and what a match up it will be!

Jeff Jericho: And what a match, somebody is going to get stripped down to NOTHING! God I'm a smart man! The only way one of these women can win is by stripping their opponent totally nude, not braw and panties, nothing but bare skin!

Miss Money vs. Chasey Duarte-Jericho

Strip Your Opponent Nude Match

[ The fans blow the roof off the place as "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, & Pink comes on, and out walks former CWF's manager of the year, Miss Money along with T-Money. She has her long hair in a ponytail, and she's wearing a white sports bra with a gold $ emblem over the chest area, white spandex shorts, white knee pads, white and gold shin guards, and a pair of white and gold Nike tennis shoes. T-Money is wearing a sleevesless white T-shirt, white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, and shiny black boots. Miss Money and T-Money walk to the ring slapping hands with the fans. They walk up the ring steps, step through the ropes, and pose to an extremely loud pop. ]

[ "I have the Power" begins to play and out walks Chasey Duarte-Jericho and her father Steven Q Daurte. They slowly walk to the ring and Chasey looks very concerned about this match. Her father is upset and yelling sware words at Jeff Jericho who just laughs it off. Chasey slowly climbs into the ring. T-Money and Steven Q. Duarte both leave the ringside area. ]

Paul Blair: The bell rings and this one is ready to go. Miss Money, a raing veteran circles Chasey who still appears distraut and frightened. Wow, Chasey just speared Miss Money and is now smashing her head against the mat. Good move by Chasey, she is going to have to pull out all the tricks to survive in this one.

Jeff Jericho: And look! Chasey has just ripped Miss Money's pants off, I love it! Miss Money is wearing black underwear, I guess she and T-Money are going to be having a little fun after the match. Now Miss Money is up and delivers a big drop kick to Chasey, she grabs Chasey by the hair and whips her into the ropes, clothesline delivered by Miss Money. Money is now climbing to the top rope, she is just waiting for Chasey, Chasey is up and WHAM! High cross body by Miss Money and look she is trying for a cover, but the ref will not count. There are no pin falls are submissions in this match, the only way you can win is by ripping your opponents clothes off.

Paul Blair: Money picks up Chasey and grabs her by her long blond hair, oh my god, Miss Money is now spinning Chasey around and around by her hair. Gosh, we can here Chasey screaming out in pain. I hope she has strong roots. Money lets go of Chasey and she goes flying into the corner. She is dazed and confused.

Jeff Jericho: So basically she is fine and just being herself. Ha Ha Ha! Miss Money charges the corner and squashed Chasey. And now Miss Money rips off Chasey's pants, revealing pink underwear! Yes Yes I love it! And Now Miss Money just ripped Chasey's T-Shirt off her body! Chasey is down to her braw and panties, take those off to! Come on! Do it!

Paul Blair: Easy there tiger! Chasey just shoved Miss Money away from her, she regains her senses and then walks up to Miss Money who is already on her feet! Chasey smacks her across the fae with a hard slap, Miss Money fires back with a slap of her own, both ladies are now going back and fourth slapping each other. Now they are pulling each others hair! OH, they just gave each other face busters! Both women are down.

Jeff Jericho: Yeah like that was a smart move, eh ladies? This is why women don't wrestle as much becayse they aren't that bright!

Paul Blair: I agree Jeff, women should be in the kitchen not the ring.

Jeff Jericho: I'm sure the women rights leader will be calling us right now for those comments but I don't give a damn. Christ, these women don't know how to wrestle, it is like wathing another boring Paul Blair match. Which is why I threw in that extra stipulation to make this match for interesting. Miss Money is back to her feet, scoop slam by Money on Chasey. She picks Chasey up and dilvers another outstanding drop kick to her. Chasey is realing from all this offense Miss Money is handing out. Chasey tries to run from the ring but is caught by Money, who tosses her back into the ring.

Paul Blair: Some things never change eh Jeff? A Jericho getting their ass handed to them in the ring. They all take after you. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Chasey just clotheslined Money to the ground and OFF with her top! PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES! Minss Money jugs are exposed! The crowd is loving it!

Jeff Jericho: And what a pair of jugs they are! Woo Hoo! Miss Money is up and she is mad, she just explodes on Chasey with lefts and rights, whips her up side down in the corner followed by a running knee to the face. Supplex by Miss Money, and another, and another, and another. Wow 4 supplex's in a row, that was impressive. Chasey struggles to her feet and WHAM! A double arm DDT on Chasey, she is out now.

Paul Blair: And now Miss Money is procceding to rip Chasey's braw and panties off! YES YES YES! We have full nudity here! Chasey Duarte-Jericho has been stripped down to nothing! Miss Money wins the match!! And now Chasey is to her feet, she is crying, embarrassed and trying to cover her body up!

Jeff Jericho: I love it, this bitch has it coming to her, she is getting what she deserves! And now here comes her father with a towel and he covers her up and carries her backstage much to the displeasure of the crowd. Miss Money is still in the ring and SHE IS STRIPPING PAUL! Miss Money has taken off all her clothes and is dancing around the ring!

Paul Blair: Somebody bring her a medal pole she can use to dance with! Wow I love it, the crowd loves it. Miss Money felt left out in not being naked, so she just stripped down. Here comes T-Money to come and cover her up! They both celebrate and head backstage! What a match! That was certainly a CWF first, two women fully nude live on our show! Woo Hoo!

Jeff Jericho: I say if you've got it, flaunt it and boy Miss Money can flaunt her stuff around that ring! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

[ The scene shifts to the back and we see Z-Pac, the CWF World Champion in the Pain-Killers dressing room. Chris Reinhardt and Evil Andu are by there lockers while Z-Pac sits on a bench with the CWF World Title infront of him. He begins to speak...]

Z-PAC: Tonight, a man who proclaims to be the "nightmare" attempts to acheave his dream... You could almost call it a contradiction of terms so to speak... Rob Osbourne, everyone has nightmares, even the nightmare itself... And tonight... your nightmares... They become reality... As I have seen to it, that this match, is now fought under Hardcore rules... And tonight, its time for the nightmare to survive his own... Welcome Rob Osbourne... to reality...

[ The scene fades and then the camera then cuts to another part of the locker room area where the camera is close behind Crazz and the group of cops as they walk down the hall way to a locker room. Crazz steps back and kick's in the door as the cops storm in right after....Crazz walks in.....IT"S BLOOD!! Crazz is in Blood's Locker room....The Unified Champion is sitting on a bench lacing up his boots getting ready for his match as he looks to be undisturbed by this abrut entrance into his locker room ]

Crazz: All right sit down shut up and listen I know who you are, or who you think you are....but I have a search warrent for this entire building , and that includes everything in it so these boys in blue here are going to search this entire locker room for my Mid-Atlantic Championship belt ok! You got a problem with that....

[ Crazz getting right in the face of Blood here. The camera cuts to outside the door of the locker room as Crazz....come flying out and slams up against the wall. The cops hurry out of the locker room as the door slams behind them. ]

Crazz: I guess that approch didn't work to well. Anyways did you find anything?

Cop: No nothing...

Crazz: Dam, well lets keep looking..

[ Crazz and the cops turn and continue down the hallway.....to finally reaching another door.....Crazz once again steps back and kick's in the door......Its the janitor's closet...he turns and looks at the cops...]

Crazz: Search it!

Cop: But...

Crazz: I said search it!

The cops slowly enter the janitors closet, and begin to search through the shelves...quickly Crazz slams the door shut behind them and jam's the door shut with a nearby chair....

Crazz: Useless...I guess I got to do this by myself...

[ Scene fades back to the arena as Crazz walks off down the hall. ]

Brian Adams vs. Blood [Champion]

Unified Title Match

Paul Blair: And now our next match is the Blood versus Brian Adams match for the Unified title. These poor guys have the horrible fate of following the Miss Money versus Chasey match, nothing can top that one!

Jeff Jericho: They came, they fought, they stripped, they were naked! It was a beautiful match! And now here comes Brian Adams and Blood! They are fighting to the ring here, they are going to wait for the bell. Blood tosses Adams up against a barrier and then runs him over into the other barrier. Adams is on the ground and Blood is now trying to choke the life out of him with one of our TV cables! The match hasn't even started yet!

Paul Blair: And now Blood picks up Adams and slams his back on the cold, hard metal rampway. Adams is realing from all this offense by Blood. Blood picks Adams up again and nails a supplex right there on the ramp. Blood then gives Adams a knee smash which sends him falling backward down the ramp all the way to the edge of the ring. Blood follows Adams down to the edge of the ring, the ref is yelling at them to enter the ring but they don't seem to care. Blood begins lifiting up the padding, exposing the concrete floor.

Jeff Jericho: This blood is one sick basterd, I love it! He picks up Brian Adams and appears as if he is going to power bomb him right on the concrete, he lifts Adams up but Brian uses that momentum to flip over the top of Blood and land behind him. Blood turns around and runs at Adams only to be met with a back body drop on the padded floor, it stuns him for a moment but he gets to his feet. By this time, Brian Adams has a chair and proceeds to whack Blood over the head with it, sending him to the floor in a heap. Adams picks up Blood and throws him into the ring, finally this match begins.

Paul Blair: Blood is to his feet and they lock up.....Adams takes him down with a hip toss...Blood to his feet, and Adams charges in with a clothesline....Blood ducks, and knee’s Adams in the gut! Blood traps Adams in the corner...and he whips him to the opposite corner and charges....Adams jumps over Blood just before he hits the turnbuckle, and grabs Blood from behind....release northern lights suplex!

Jeff Jericho: Adams allows Blood to get to his feet, and they lock up....Blood with a European Uppercut, and these fans are going wild as Blood takes control of the match! Blood whips Adams in to the ropes....drop kick to the knee’s! Adams is down.....Blood pulls him up.....vertical suplex.....and he holds him up there....1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10! What power on the part of Blood! Adams is in some trouble....Blood locks on an armbar submission....Adams wailing in pain, but he won’t quit! They’re right in the middle of the ring....no where to go! Adams is fighting to get to the ropes...and he made it! The fans are really into this one!

Paul Blair: Both men to their feet...and another lock up....Adams knee’s him in the mid-section...and a DDT! Adams just drilled Blast’s head through the mat! Adams picks up Blood and whips him to the ropes....back body drop, and Adams immediately locks on a sleeper hold, wasting absolutely no time! Blood elbows his way out, and whips Adams to the ropes....and a clothesline over the top! Blood goes out with him, and now both men are going at it tooth and nail on the outside! Adams whips him into the guardrail....no, Blood reverses it, and Adams goes crashing into the steel guardrail!

Jeff Jericho: Blood pounding away at Adams face....and these two are brawling up the aisle! The ref doesn’t wanna throw this one out! Adams slams him on the concrete floor....these fans are loving every minute of this! Adams pulls Blood up.....and throws him back into the ring....Adams to the top....Blast pushes the ref into the ropes, and Adams is stradling the top turnbuckle! Blood meets Maniac at the top.....SUPERPLEX!!!!! And a cover! 1..................2...............KICKOUT!!!!! Adams and Blood both want this match under their belts.....Blood pulls him up....and a short clothesline! Blood to the top rope....look at the camera’s flash in the crowd! SPLASH!!! He nailed him with it perfectly! These fans are standing on their feet, and the camera’s went wild! 1...........2.........................KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Blair: Blood can’t believe it! He picks Adams up....backbreaker! Blood locks on a Camel Clutch, look at Adams back bend, but Adams won’t quit! The ref doesn’t wanna stop this match, look at the strength on Brian Adams part! He powers his way out, Blood on his back and Adams runs backwards into the turnbuckles! Blood jumps back on with a sleeper hold! Adams backs into the turnbuckle again! Blood on the top, and he jumps on Adams again.....another sleeper hold! Adams runs as fast as he can into the turnbuckle, and Blood hits his head on the top turnbuckle! Adams smashed his head on the bottom turnbuckle, and both men are out! Okay, this is turning out to be a very good match here Jeff.

Jeff Jericho: Both of these men hate each other, we all know the entire federation hates Brian Adams but both men are obsessed with becoming World champion. Whoever wins this match might just go on to face Z-Pac for the world title, this is an important match. As you can see both of these mean realize this and are pulling out all the stops. Both men down and out, and the ref’s count is up to 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! Adams gets to his feet, breaks the count, and then drops flat on his face! Blood slowly to his feet...inching his way towards Brian Adams and he gets an arm on him! 1.............2..........thr, SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!! Blood can not believe it....he pulls Adamsup....he whips Brian to the ropes....Brian ducks a clothesline....Blood turns around.....kick to the gut, pedigree!!!!!!! Its all over! 1....................2.................................KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!! THE FANS ARE GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Paul Blair: Blood is laid out, trying to get up, but his neck has just been injured courtesy of that pedigree! Adams and Blood both are extremely fatigued.....Adams up.....and he’s taking Blood to the top.....wait, Blood poked him in the eye.....rock bottom from the top rope by Blood! 1..........2................................SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!! My God, this is amazing! Neither man can get up.....Blood rolls out of the ring....Adams out of it in the middle of the ring, the fans are on their feet! Blood remarkably to his feet....and he grabs the ring bell!! He’s in the ring....and he pulls a dazed Adams up....

Jeff Jericho: NO! Adams just kicked the bell out of his hands. Blood with a body slam.....and he runs to the ropes....big legdrop! 1...........2..............KICKOUT!!!! This is an amazing match! Blood staggers to his feet, he is obviously fatigued....and Adams gets to his feet on his own somehow! These men are using their last ounce of energy! They have been battling for over 30 minutes, giving it everything they have! Adams staggers to his feet and takes a run at Blood, Blood ctahces him with a kick to the mid-section and then followed by a POWERBOMB! And what a powerbomb it was, Blood nearly drove Adams through the mat. Blood picks Adams up again and BAM! Nails him with another powerbomb and a cover 1............2...................3!!!! Blood retains his title! What a match!

Paul Blair: The crowd is giving these two a standing ovation, what a match this was, what a hard faught battle. These two pushed each other to the limit and put on a hell of a show. Take nothing away from Adams who almost ended Blood's title reign, give these men credit. And I'm told there is something happening backstage.

[ Again the camera cuts back to the locker room area where Crazz is standing outside a locker room door with Z-Pac written on it. Crazz shrugs his shoulder's and knock's on his door....waits...nothing...knock's again....nothing...finally Crazz step's back again and kick's the door in....Crazz walks in and see's the Champ resting in a chair, no doubt preparing for his match tonight....]

Crazz: Just shut up and listen, I know who you are and you proablly think that I'm so crazzed fan, but I'm a champion too and I've been screwed over by some jackass who stole my championship belt! And now I have a search warrent here that says that I can search this entire arena for my belt here tonight....and that include's even your locker room!

Z-Pac: Ok...Take what you want, but you cannot find what one does not have...

[ Crazz look's puzzled....he takes a quick look around the room and turns and walks out, still looking puzzled. He stops outside the locker room and pulls out a small notepad that has the entire roster written on it. He cross's off Z-Pac's name which makes the entire roster crossed off......]

Crazz: Dammit! FUCk!! Where the fuck in my belt.....

[ Crazz turns and storm off down the hall way towards the ring....]

T-Money vs. Chris Reinhardt

National Title not on the line

[ The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money along with Miss Money. He has a white and gold bandana tied around his head, and he's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, white knee pads, shiny black boots, and a black leather jacket with a big, gold $ emblem on the back. Miss Money is wearing a white sports bra with a gold $ emblem over the chest area, white spandex shorts, and a pair of white and gold Nike tennis shoes. T-Money and Miss Money walk to the ring slapping hands with the fans. They walk up the ring steps, and step through the ropes. They pose to an extremely loud pop, then T-Money hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official on the outside of the ring. ]

[ Chris Reinhardt comes out to no music and just runs to the ring. He slides into the ring and just glares at T-Money with complete and utter hate. This guy means business. ]

Paul Blair: Man, both these guys look ready! T-Money has been on a big role as of late, he is starting to build a pretty damn good legacy here in the CWF! Money and Reinhardt lock up...no, Money boots him in the mid-section, and he throws heavy rights, and now heavy lefts.....and he’s going for a big right hand....he winds up, but Reinhardt blocks it, and he comes back with rights and lefts of his own! Money to the ropes....he ducks a clothesline....Reinhardt has his head down....sunset flip by Money! But Reinhardt doesn’t go down....he drops a fist on Money, but T-Money moves, and comes back with a victory roll! 1..................2...........kickout!

Jeff Jericho: Reinhardt to his feet, Money backing off.....Reinhardt just clotheslined him over the top! Miss Money is over to check on T-Money....he appears to be fine. Reinhardt to the ropes.....baseball slide, but he nailed Miss Money! Ah! Not our naked goddess!!!

Paul Blair: Money pulls Reinhardt outside the ring....and a brawl is ensueing up the aisle! Money is in total rage over what Reinhardt did to Miss Money, who is finally getting to her feet. Reinhardt and Money are exchanging blows.....Money seemingly in control....and he whips Reinhardt into the steel guardrail! No! Reinhardt reverses it....Money off the rebound....power slam on the CONCRETE, and Money is hurt!

Jeff Jericho: Reinhardt pulls him up, and throws him back into the ring....Reinhardt goes to the top....he’s going for the flying drop kick! Money slowly to his feet....Reinhardt nailed him! But Money flew right back out of the ring! Miss Money over to help him again....Reinhardt flys over the top....no, Miss Money pushed T-Money out of the way, and the Reinhardt went sternom first into the guardrail, from over the top rope! And look at T-Money distract the official while Miss Money gets in a few cheap shots! Haha! Get him, Money girl!

Paul Blair: Miss Money has a steel chair....oh my god! T-Money over, and he holds Reinhardt back.....Miss Money swings....ha! CRACK! See nailed T-Money and he falls to the ground! And now Reinhardt begins to stalk Miss Money who is walking away from him. My God, Reinhardt attacking Miss Money! T-Money is out cold...he can’t do anything about it! Reinhardt tosses a knocked out Miss Money to the floor and then walks over to T-Money, who is unconcious, and throws him back into the ring! And a cover! 1...........2.............thr, NO! Money got a shoulder up just in time! What a match!

Jeff Jericho: Miss Money needs some medical attention here. Reinhardt is still hurting from that mishap with the guardrail....T-Money has to be hurting after Miss Money dented that steel chair over his head! Reinhardt up.....Money slowly up....and we have a slug fest! They’re going at it tooth and nail....Reinhardt wants the wants to make a huge statement here that he is a big time player in the CWF. T-Money just won the National title on Sunday, and wants to keep his big winning streak going! Reinhardt gets the upper hand, and whips T-Money to the ropes.....Money ducks a clothesline....and we have a criss-cross here.....DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, and both men are out!

Paul Blair: T-Money is inching his way over....inch by inch....and he has an arm draped over the Reinhardt! 1.........2..........KICK OUT!!!!! By God, how did he do it?! Reinhardt to his feet and picks up T-Money, he then proceeds to whip him face first into the turnbuckle, T-Money stumbles out of the corner and is nailed with a bull dog by Reinhardt. Reinhardt picks up Money and then whips him bak into the corner, sandwiching the ref in the process...and now he’s headed to the top.....Money is up....High cross body and Reinhardt has got Money all rolled up for the pin. Reinhardt has got Money beat! Wait a second.....Miss Money in....and she NAILS Reinhardt with the steel chair! And she wakes T-Money up, and Miss Money is out of the ring!

Jeff Jericho:: T-Money pulls Reinhardt up....and Miss Money tells the ref to wake up! T-Money has him up....and there it is! THE Cha Ching!!! He nailed Reinhardt with it! And a cover 1..........2........................3!!!!!!! NO! Reinhardt kick out, I can't believe it! Miss Money is up to argue with the ref over a slow count, Reinhardt picks up the chair and drills T-Money over the head with it not one, not twice but three times, Money is busted open! Reinhardt with a cover 1.......2...........3!!!! Reinhardt wins the match and what a HUGE win for this youngster, over the National champion no less. Miss Money really cost T-Money dearly in this match, but how impressive was Reinhardt, pretty damn impressive if you ask me. CWF better watch out for this guy, what a force. But now as T-Money is carried from the ring by CWF officials it looks as if we are ready for our Mid-Atlantic title match now because here come Evil Andu to the ring. He looks focused and ready to go.

Crazz {Champion] vs. Evil Andu

Mid-Atlantic title match

[ As Evl Andu waits in the ring, "Eye of the Tiger" Screams out over the loud speakers as the crowd seems to go into a frenzy as they await for their favourtie superstar to walk out from behind the curtain.....BOOM! BANG! BOOM! three explosions of fireworks go off as Crazz runs out from behind the curtain carrying a case off beer...with Mid-Atlantic Champion written on all side's. He stops 10 feet out and looks around with an smirk across his face.....then slowly walks the rest of the way to the ring. He climbs into the ring and walks around to each corner and taps each top turn buckle then walks to the middle of the ring, and turns to face out towards the crowd on his left...he raises his hand and bows his head.....and explosion of white pyrotechnics erupts from each ring post starting with the corner Crazz touched first.....He then turns to the ring announcer and hands him the case off beer as if it's the Title Belt. ]

Jeff Jericho: What the hell is Crazz doing? Is the guy nuts? He can't find his Mid-Atlantic title so he brings a case of beer to the ring instead? What the heck?

Paul Blair: Well it is safe to say that Crazz is a few beers short of a 6 pack that is for sure. And what do we have now? Look Jeff, from the ceiling a replica of our announce desk is being lowered to the center of the ring. What is going on here?

Jeff Jericho: I have no idea, but I think Crazz is behind it because he is grinning ear to ear as the announce booth is now in the ring. And look at Evil Andu, he isn't falling pray to Crazz's games and he spears Crazz to the ground. Andu is just smacking Crazz around with left's and right's and then picks him up. Oh damn, he just slammed Crazz's head into the announce booth and again, Crazz is down. I can now see why this announce booth is in the ring, Crazz wants to use it as a weapon against Andu...maybe take some of his frustrations out on Andu but so far things are back firing. Andu tosses Crazz onto the announce booth and climbs up himself, he is going to try and piledrive him through the announce but Crazz back body drops Andu off the announce table and over the top rope to the floor. Andu hit the floor hard. Now Crazz is climbing the top rope, Andu staggers to his feet, Crazz leaps and a flying clothesline hits its mark. Crazz drags Andu over to the guardrail and sets his neck right on top of it! Crazz climbs into the ring and again climbs the top rope, he is going to try and crush Andu's wind pipe. Crazz leaps ad YES he nailed him. Andu is rolling on the floor holding his neck, he is hurt bad.

Paul Blair: Crazz is in a horrible mood because somebody has appeared to have stolen his Mid-Atlantic title, he is taking his rage out on Andu. Now Crazz has grabbed his case of beer, which he is pretending is his title belt and he just drilled Andu in the head with it. And now he throws the hurt Andu into the ring. Crazz drops a few elbows to the stomach of Andu and now picks him up. Crazz whips him into the ropes and delivers a power slam to Andu and a cover 1.......2......kick out by Evil Andu. This guy is as tough as they come and your going to have to do a lot more to put him away. Crazz with a drop kick to Andu, picks him and nails him with a supplex but Crazz is still holding on, he delivers a second supplex but Crazz won't let go of the hold, he nails a third supplex on Andu and a fourth and a fifth my god! What strength shown by Crazz here in this match. He is just punishing Andu. Now he rams his head into the announce booth and Andu falls to the ground, Crazz covers 1......2......kick out by Andu!

Jeff Jericho: Crazz now pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, turns his back to the ref and put them on! I do not think the ref see's the bras knuckles. Andu staggers to his feet and WHAM...Crazz just leveled him with a right hand with those bras knuckles. He picks up Crazz and levels him again with the brass knukles, Andu is busted open. Crazz then starts pounding away at Andu's ribs to cripple him further. And now Crazz is show boating to the crowd.

Paul Blair: Wait a minute, Evil Andu is up! Crazz turns around and gets drilled with a super kick right to the mouth. Andu takes the brass knuckles away from Crazz and puts them on his hand. The ref still doesn't see them, what an idiot, he is really letting this thing go. Crazz is up and Andu levels him with the brass knuckles, and now the ref see's the bras knuckles and rips them off of Andu's hand and throws them into the crowd.

Jeff Jericho: Oh that is a smart move, now one of these moron's here in Las Vegas have a weapon, that can only mean good things. And Andu nails Crazz with a powerbomb, picks him up and drills him with a belly to belly supplex. A cover 1.........2.......kick out by Crazz. Andu picks him up and goes to suplex him but Crazz leaps over Andu's head and lands behind him, a standing drop kick by Crazz sends Andu flying on to the announce table! Crazz follows him up there and sets him up for a piledriver, good lord this will end his career! I love it! Carnage! Do it!!!

Paul Blair: YES! Crazz delivered a piledriver to Eil Andu right on that announce booth, and it collaspes underneath them. Andu is out cold and not moving, Crazz is even hurt a little bit by this but manages to roll over and make the cover 1.......2.........kick out by Andu! How the hell did he do that?

Jeff Jericho: Andu is staggering to his feet and Crazz is upset that he couldn't put Andu away. He clothesline Andu over the top rope to the floor, Andu is stunned and still reeling from the piledriver through the announce table. Crazz follows him to the outside and proceeds to pick up a steel chair. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! He just drilled Evil Andu 10 times over the head with a steel chair and Andu is out cold. Crazz struggles to lift him insdie the ring but manages to at the count of 9. He leaps on to Andu for the cover 1...........2..........kick out by Andu! Good god! The man isn't human, how can you beat him? Crazz can't believe it the crowd is going nuts! Crazz throws Andu outside again and follows him outside. He rolls back the padding to reveal the concrete floor, he picks Andu up....POWERBOMB on the conrete! He is dead! Crazz stuggles to get Andu into the ring but finally does and here is a cover 1............2..........3!!!! Crazz Wins Finally!

Paul Blair: Give Andu credit, he took so much punishment but wouldn't give in to Crazz, he has earned my respect! Crazz has got his beer case, I mean the Mid-Atlantic title and is celebrating to the crowd. Wait a minute, Andu is up! How the fuck is this man standing, but somehow he is. This man is battered, bruised and bloodied and he is staning some how. And he just attacked Crazz from behind, super kick to the face of Crazz. Andu picks up the beer case and just levels Crazz in the head with it, and again, and again, and again, and agin with the beer case to the head. Crazz is bleeding and knocked out, Andu collaspes to the ground. He eventually stuggles to his feet and opens the beer case. He takes a beer, opens it and then poors it over Crazz and crawls from the ring to the backstage area! What a match! The war between these two is just beginning!

[ The scene cuts to the back room where a CWF Interviewer is standing with two men. The first wears a black kimono, and is very old and gray. He has a long white beard made into a point with beads around it. The other man wears all black, with a black face mask on the only thing we can see are two red eyeballs through the slit. The man has a shirt cut off at the shoulders and stands behind the old man. Around the man's waist are ancient Japanese symbols. The man looks more like a ninja than a professional wrestler (i.e. Hayabusa). His arms are crossed as he looks straight ahead never ever turning his head towards the camera or towards the interviewer. The CWF Official Interviewer raises his microphone and says........]

CWF Interviewer: Here I am back here with the newest edition to the Classic Wrestling Federation a man by the name of Shinto Tokugawa. He's fought his way from Japan to the United States taking many bumbs and bruises along the way. Excuse Shinto... Shinto....

[ The old man steps in front of the Interviewer as Shinto Tokugawa continues to look straight in front of him never straying. He looks as trained as a Teracata Warrior of Shihan.....]

Old Man: I speak for this man, I teach him and I train him. He is mine. Shinto has been all around the world from Japan to Italy fighting in all sorts of leagues along the way. Now we come here to the Classic Wrestling Federation with one goal in mind. One goal, to be the future CWF World Champion, and he shall receive it through a sacrifice of blood and bones.....

[ The Interviewer looks puzzled, and still Shinto stares straight ahead unwilling to look anywhere else. His blood red eyes look as if someone has taken your worse nightmare and put it right in that socket. The old man stands ready and willing to answer more questions.....]

CWF Interviewer: The Classic Wrestling Federation Championship? Come now do you really think this man from no-where's ville Japan can ever win the greatest championship the world has to offer?

[ The old man appears to be confused......]

Old Man: Excuse me, my english is not that good.....

CWF Interviewer: I said No.... Jap... Will.... Ever... Get... The World..... Championship....

[ The old man moves like lightning and strike the man in the ribs with an extremely quick jab. As the Interviewer stumbles back the old man jumps in the air and lands with his knee on the man's chest. He follows that up by pinching the throat of the Interviewer until he passes out. All this happens and the man known as Shinto Tokugawa still stares straight ahead unaware of everything which has happened in that very short time. The old man takes Shinto by the arm as the camera fades out with the Interviewer's body laying on the floor.......]

Jeff Jericho: Who the hell is that? And what does he have in store for the CWF? Only time will tell I guess. But next we have the big World title match between Z-Pac and Rob Osbourne. Of course we all know that Rob Osbourne won the Jericho rumble last week lasting over an hour to win the right to face Z-Pac here tonight. Should be an amazing match because this is the Paul Blair, Jeff Jericho Wrstling Hour where we only bring you nothing but the best action! Hey is that Jimmy Blast seated at ringside?

Paul Blair: Yes I think it is? What is he doing here? We all know he was in the Jericho rumble last week, but I thought it was a one time thing, isn't he supposed to be retired?Anyway, tonight little Z is going to have to pull out all the stops against Rob who says tonight will mark a new ERA in the CWF as he will become champion. That remains to be seen...

[ Paul is interrupted as the camera's flip to the Titantron where a clip begins to play. The scene opens at a funeral parlor somewhere in the United States of America. We see many caskets lying around in a show room and many different types of tombstone as well. We see two people in the room, one is obiously the owner of the funeral parlor because he is wearing a low class suit and has an ID card on his belt. The other man is a very dark and mysterious person. He is dressed in a tuxedo, has a dark black top hat and dark cloak (cape) on. He has a rose pinned to his tuxedo and is carrying a gold cain with him. More cruious is he is wearing a white mask (ala Phantom of the Opera) that covers a little more than half of his face. The camera zooms in on the two men so that we can capture their conversation. ]

Salesperson: So what type of casket are you looking for Mr. ahhhh? What did you say your name was sir?

Man: I didn't say! And yes, I am looking for your most expensive, state of the arch, spacious casket available.

Salesperson: Ah, you would want the T-400 model, it is the latest casket around. It is garunteed to last for over 50 years and could fit 5 corpses in it. It is a white casket and has black leather interior. It is very nice indeed.

Man: I will take it! How much?

Saleperson: $10,000 dollars sir. Will you be paying by check or charge?

Man: Neither! I will pay cash. I'm also looking for a tombstone. Can you people make marble statues as tombstones?

Saleperson: Yes we can but that is very expensive, it would cost 50, 000 dollars to have that done.

Man: Done! I'll pay cash for that as well.

Salesperson: Ohhhhh All right sir, that would be fine. What would you like to be said on the tombstone and who should we sculpt for you, do you have a picture we could use?

Man: Are you firmilar with Z-Pac, from the CWF? He is a wrestler and World champion of the CWF! Do you know him?

Salesperson: Do I know him, he is my favorite wrestler of all time, I watch him on TV all the time. But why would you be buying a casket and tombstone for Z-Pac, he isn't dead.

Man: Not yet anyway.

Salesperson: What is that supposed to mean?

Man: It means that Z-Pac has yet to come face to face with me, but he will very soon. And when he does, I will take his life, his soul and barry him 6 feet under, FORVER!

Saleperson: That is just sick! Who are you?

Man: My name is not important! What is important is that you take my money and do what I have requested.

Salesperson: No, I will not have any part of this.

Man: Oh really?

[ The man sticks out his arm and the Salespersons ties explodes into flames! The man cries out in pain and takes his tie off and stomps out the flames. ]

Man: Now will you do what I have requested?

Salesperson: Yes...Yes...god YES! Please don't hurt me! I'll have everything ready for you by Sunday afteroon, I promise! Just please don't hurt me.

Man: I have no desire to hurt you boy, the only person I want is Z-Pac...but that will happen soon enough. I will be back Sunday afternoon my good man, do not disappoint me.


Jeff Jericho: My god, who the hell was that Paul?

Paul Blair: I have no idea, some sick basterd is buying a casket and tombstone for my little boy. He is promising to take his soul and barry him 6 feet under! What a twisted freak, who is he, when will he come face to face with my little boy?

Jeff Jericho: Get a hold of yourself Paul, we have a show to do. And here comes the main event we have been all been waiting for...Z-Pac versus Rob Osbounre and here we go!

Z-Pac [Champion] vs. Rob Osbourne

World Title Match (Hard-Core Rules)

[ "Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig suddenly hits the PA and crowd goes crazy as Z-Pac, the King of Hardcore, and CWF World Champion appears at the entrance way! The CWF World Title is around his waist and he stops at the top of the ramp to make a crucifix pose to the arena to a huge reaction! The Pain Killers accompany him to the ring as he continues down the ramp and stops at ringside. He tosses several chairs into the ring and then goes under the mat and pulls out some tables. He climbs to the apron and unslings his title and raises his arms in a crucifix once again to the crowd. He then climbs into the ring and waits for Osbourne... ]

[ "My Way" by Limp Bizkit begins to play and the crowd boo's as Rob Osbourne and the entire Russo Family wait to the top of the entrance ramp. Osbourne stops about halfway to the ring and pulls out a microphone, he speaks....]

Rob Osbourne: Z-Pac..first of all, I have to ask, what in God's name does that mean? It bewilders me to say the least. Now, I may be new to your little CWF, but I am no stranger as to how stables such as your little PK operates. I come down there and hand you your ass, and then they pull some shit and the ref calls the match a dq, and if we make it no dq, then they just gang bang me after you slither your punk ass out of the ring-eh,eh,eh-it ain't going down like that home-skillet. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I say we have one of two options here, those punk mother fuckers down there hit the bricks and start steppin [Nitemare points to the PK members around the ring] or these big bad mother fuckers right here (Nitemare points to Degradation and Pledge) come down there and "escort" those punk mother fuckers down there (Nitemare again points to PK) to the back? What's it gonna be bitch? Hey bitch, I'm talking to you...bitch....Z-Bitch...answer me, what's it gonna be? My way, or the highway?

Jeff Jericho: And look at this Z-Pac and the Pain Killers charge Osbourne and the Russo Family and they are all brawling! What the hell, stop this, this isn't supposed to happen. Damn it, they are ruining everything! It is supposed to be Z-Pac versus Osbourne for the World title, not a gang war!

Paul Blair: I'll put a stop to this, give me a microphone! HEY YOU PEONS!!!!!!!!! LISTEN UP!!!!!!!

[ The brawling stops and they all turn aroundna look a Blair who is mad as hell. ]

We booked a one on one match here, not a gang war so what I want for the Pain Killers and Russo Family to do is hit he road. You are all banned from ringside and if any of you get involved, you will be fired right on the spot. Just try me, this is our show, we have full control of everything and we can fire all your asses if we want to. So hit the road. Z-Pac and Osbourne get the hell in the ring and give us what we want, a classic match and ratings through the roof. Lets get this match going! Ring the bloody bell!

Jeff Jericho: And both factions are leaving the ringside area just as Mr. Blair requested they do. And this match is a go, Z-Pac is pounding away on Osbourne and throws him into the ring. Z-Pac delivers a chair shot to the head of Rob Osbourne knocking him over. Remember, all World title matches are under hard-core rules. Z-Pac picks up a trash can and smashes it over the head of Rob Osbourne who falls to the mat again all dazed and confused. Z-Pac picks up two trash can lids and waits for Osbourne to stagger to his feet. WHAM! Trash can shots to either side of Osbourne's head have him down and out. Z-Pac covers 1..........2....kick out by Osbourne. Z-Pac picks up him and nails him with a DDT, picks him up, spinebuster!!! Z-Pac is on fire here in the early going, he is dominating the veteran Osbourne as Jimmy Blast looks on.

Paul Blair: Z-Pac picks up Osbourne and nails him with a running bull dog. Now Z-Pac climbc to the outside of the ring, Osbournse staggers to his feet as Z-Pac leaps! Osbourne catches him in mid-air and in one motion delivers a devistating power slam! Both men are down and recovering. Z-Pac is up first and kicks Z-Pac in the gut, he goes for a stunner but Osbourne pushes him into the ropes, Z-Pac bounces off the ropes and ducks underneath a clothesline from Osbourne, bounces off the ropes and ducks underneath another clothesline, bounces off the ropes and drills Osbourne with a flying forearm. Z-Pac is now setting up a table, but Osbourne is up and picks up a kindo stick, he just drilled Z-Pac is the head with the stick and is now proceeding to beat him senseless with the kindo stick!

Jeff Jericho: Osbourne sets Z-Pac on top of the table and climbs up there with him, POWER BOMB by Osbourne driving ZPac through the table. And a cover by Osbourne 1.........2......kick out by the freak! Osbourne picks up a chair and nails Z-Pac in the back a couple of times with it, and now drills him with a stop sign....yeah, like that hurt. Wait a minute, who is that coming down the aisle?

Paul Blair: It is that newcomer Shinto Tokugawa, what the hell is he doing here? The nerve of this rookie just interrupting the World title match, who does he think he is?

Jeff Jericho: He obviously has a reason for being here but the question is what? And now Z-Pac is up and just clotheslined Osbourne over and now starts to stomp away at Osbourne. Z-Pac picks up a ladder and rams Osbourne out of the ring with it, he lands right in front of Shinto who doesn't even flintch, he just stairs at Osbourne but doesn't lay a hand on him. Z-Pac does a twisting dive off the top rope and lands right on Osbourne on the floor, Shinto still doesn't move an inch. Maybe he is just watching the match for fun?

Paul Blair: I doubt that Jeff. What business does this rookie have being here at ringside, he is obviously up to no good. Z-Pac with a couple of head butts to Osbourne who counters with a low blow. Osbourne then picks up the ladder and places it over Z-Pac's head, Rob picks up a chair and just starts drilling the ladder with the chair....crushing Z-Pac's head. Osbourne then makes a cover 1..........2.........kick out by Z-Pac. Osbourne picks up Z-Pac and goes for a scoop slam but Z-Pac jumps over his head and counter with a neckbreaker. Both men are down! Z-Pac stuggles to his feet and picks up a garbage can and belts Rob over the head with it again. Wait a minute what does Shinto have in his hands?

Jeff Jericho: That is a Katana Blade (sword) and he just slashed the top and midle rope with it, he just cut them in half. Z-Pac tries to bounce off the ropes, not noticing what Shinto has just done and tumbles to the outside of the ring. Z-Pac appears to have dislocated his shoulder because of the fall, Shinto just put the blade back in its holder at his side and just stairs at Z-Pac. This guy is a pyscho! He is a mad man! A very dangerous human begin! Rob Osbourne fallows Z-Pac outside the ring and notices Jimmy Blast sitting at ringside, these two have a history. WOW, Osbourne just spit on Blast and now throws Z-Pac into the ring. Blast is upset! BADD DREAM! Rob Osbourne just nailed Z-Pac with the Badd Dream and a cover 1..........2.........kick out by Z-Pac how did he do that? Osbourne cannot believe it! Z-Pac is to his feet and picks up a kindo stick, Osbourne does the same and the two start enchanging blows to the head with the kindo stick. What a match! you can see the hate these two have for each other.

Paul Blair: Wait a minute, here comes Jimmy Blast into the ring, he just double clotheslined both men to the ground. The ref is calling for the bell and it looks like we are going to have a DRAW here! Blast is stomping away on both men but then starts to pound away on Osbourne, as Z-Pac holds his shoulder in pain and stares at Shinto...who is now leaving the ringside area as calmly as he came down! Shinto has set his sights on Z-Pac and what does he have in store for him in the future? The guys is a mad man, he can only mean grave trouble for Z-Pac. And speaking of grave, there is a man buying Z-Pac's casket and tomstone promising to take his soul and barry him 6 feet under. Z-Pac is a wanted man, a hunted man, what will happen next how will Z-Pac survive these new challenges in his career. Tune into Sunday Brawl to find out. We are out of time, for The Golde One I am Paul Blair and I thank you for watching another action packed hour! Good night!

[ Screen fades showing Shinto walking up the ramp and Z-Pac, clutching his shoulder staring at him with hate. Screen also shows Jimmy Blast assaulting Rob Osbourne and CWF officials trying to seperate Blast from Osbourne. Blast has just screwed Osbourne out of his "dream" oppritunity. How will Osbourne respond on Sunday, and how will he reclaim his dream? Who is this Dark Figure after Z-Pac? SCREEN FADES! ] 1