CWF: Sunday Night Brawl - 07-17-05 [We open to footage of the CWF’s greatest moments. Various shots of Triple X, Jeff Jericho, Paul Blair, Steve Dart, Bain, and other CWF greats are shown doing what they do best – putting on a wrestling clinic. Clips of the infamous Maniac vs Jimmy Blast match at Season’s Beatings ’98, Triple X vs Dean Warren at Summer Smash ’99, Jeff Jericho vs Paul Blair on a special edition of Sunday Night Brawl, Pledge Allegiance winning the CWF World Championship at Last Man Standing 2000. Slowly, the footage fades out as more and more clips are shown, until finally the screen is covered in blackness.]

[Then, to the sound of a heavy bass, the CWF logo fades into the screen, reading “A New Generation,” followed by “New dreams, new memories.” Slowly, the logo begins to wither away like dust in the wind, and is replaced by the Sunday Night Brawl logo.]

[Fade into the Kiel Centre in St. Louis, Missouri – the site of the Classic Wrestling Federation’s return. The arena is set for action, the ring set up with black ropes, a grey canvas, and “CWF: A New Generation” plastered on the apron. The crowd is electric, the atmosphere couldn’t be better, and Teddy Turnbuckle and as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane are ready to call the action.]

TT: Welcome everyone, to the return of the place we’ve called home for 9 amazing years! Welcome to the sold out Kiel Centre in St. Louis! But more importantly, welcome to the CWF’s Sunday Night Brawl! Hello, everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle alongside my broadcast colleague, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, and…Bobby, what in God’s name are you doing?

BC: …huh? Oh, sorry…are we on? I’m trying to figure out if I’m still eligible to cash in on a few unemployment checks…

TT: Haven’t changed a bit. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a great lineup for you tonight, including…

BC: …including the new crop of so-called “superstars” that the CWF is so proud to be billing as the “new generation”…well let me tell you, a CWF without Jeff Jericho just wouldn’t be the same…

TT: Well that’s your opinion, Bobby…but nonetheless, rumours are abound that Jeff Jericho is in negotiations and may be here tonight!

BC: What?! Well now I’m ready for this return to action then, let’s get this party started already…

TT: ….as I was saying. The CWF has hit the jackpot, fans…Mark Xamin has been hard at work ever since he announced the return of this incredible company, negotiating with the top free agents from around the globe, and look at who he’s signed so far!

BC: I could hardly believe my eyes when I was handed a list of superstars that have signed on the dotted line to compete right here in the CWF! I mean…Rage! Skorp! Two of the most sadistic, twisted, dark, violent…amazing wrestlers in this industry! Think of the classic moments these two are gonna provide while the CWF runs its course!

TT: Classic, sadistic; I guess it depends on how you look at it. But that’s not all… “The Only Star” Eric Dane and “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker of NeWA and WfWA fame!

BC: Oh man, these two are gonna be a treat to watch for what will hopefully be a long time. I mean, look at the resume on these guys! They’ve done it all outside the CWF, they’ve become legendary…but can they do it inside the CWF? Time will tell.

TT: Indeed it will, and those are just to name a few…you can go up and down the list, and the CWF is stacked from top to bottom! I mean Indigo Phoenix, the man is absolutely huge and there is no doubt in my mind, he will be knocking on the door for a World title birth…

BC: And my favourite of all, Ricky Chambers! This guy has what it takes to be the man!

TT: CWF legend, Paul Blair is back…and we all know what we’re gonna get with this guy, Bobby….

BC: Educated! That’s what! This man is Grandpa CWF compared to the new blood around here…I expect Blair to take them all over his knee and spank some sense into these little kids running around here…

TT: Oh for God’s sake, Bobby, would you stop it already?

BC: I’m just telling it how it is, you little geek…that’s why they pay me the big bucks…

TT: Well you can’t forget Ryan Chase, this guy reminds you of someone, doesn’t he?

BC: He sure does, Teddy…Ryan Chase reminds me of Maniac just before he hit his prime, and believe me, that’s some high praise…

TT: Jatt Starr…have you seen this guy?

BC: The ruler of Jattlantis! But don’t let his charisma fool you, when he gets in the ring this guy is flat out scary. He’s going to be a contender, I can almost guarantee it. And speaking of scary…have you seen “The Modern Day Messiah” Scott Adams?

TT: Well you know what they say…people fear the unknown, and not much is known about this guy other than he is an absolute wrecking machine in that ring…I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the title hunt either!

BC: I went to introduce myself backstage and I think he coughed up a moth…

TT: {sighing} You can’t go five minutes without some smart ass remark, can you? Anyway, on top of all those guys, the CWF announced the signing of Lu Yen earlier this week…

BC: Ah, yes…the obligatory American hating Japanese man. And let’s not forget Maniac, this guy is championship material no matter where he goes!

TT: Not to mention “Daydreamer” Chris Osbourne, making his return to the CWF! And we know exactly what he brings to the table…

BC: Oh man! This guy has been living in the shadow of his older brother, “Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, all his career! But now that Rob’s not around, this guy has a chance to prove once and for all that he can be the big ticket, just like his brother!

TT: Jimmy Sartyr…the blue chipper who Mark Xamin personally scouted out and signed to a contract…this kid has a bright future and he’ll be in action later tonight!

BC: But can he compete with the big boys? This isn’t some small-time promotion, this is the CWF! The jury is still out on Jimmy Sartyr…

TT: Well it’s certainly going to be an interesting few weeks to find out how things are going to pan out, but…

The Gold Rush Begins...

[Teddy is interrupted by “Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana, and the crowd erupts as CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin, steps out from behind the curtain. Decked out in a navy blue Armani suit, he walks down the aisle with a powerful swagger in his step.]

TT: Well it looks like we could get some answers right away!

BC: The boss is here! Hide the women and children!

[Xamin pulls a mic out of his inside jacket pocket, and scans the crowd, nodding in approval as they chant “C-W-F! C-W-F!”.]

MARK XAMIN: Well, well, well…it looks like the son of a bitch is back!

[The crowd erupts in anticipation of the “welcome back” speech and the ground breaking announcements that usually follow.]

MARK XAMIN: One year ago, the CWF was stolen right out from under my nose by Jeff Jericho. The impending destruction was flat out painful to watch, as Jason Rothchild later took this place over and turned it into his own personal guinea pig! Well let me fill you in on something right off the bat…Jason Rothchild never owned the CWF. As a matter of fact, Pete Ebdon never owned this place either. See, Jeff Jericho and I came to an agreement when he took the CWF away from me. He may be a manipulative evil genius out to satisfy his own ego, but at the end of the day, that bastard wants the CWF to thrive. Mostly because we’re his damn meal ticket, but also because he knows what’s best for this industry. And as such, we agreed to certain terms when he bought the CWF, not the least of which was, if at any time he relinquished control of the company, the CWF would be mine once again. So technically speaking, as soon as Pete Ebdon took over, and subsequently Jason Rothchild…the CWF ceased to exist! And therefore, as far as I’m concerned…none of it ever happened

TT: Oh my! You can bet your ass that’s gonna ruffle more than a few feathers!

MARK XAMIN: But this is a new generation, with new stars, with new dreams and new aspirations. Yes, the CWF was huge in its prime, yes, it’s probably the best damn thing that ever happened to professional wrestling…and nothing could ever change that. But this time around…well, this time…we’re gonna be bigger than you could ever imagine. I mean look at the stars I’ve signed already! Every single man on that roster can beat any other man on that roster on any given day! Now that’s some heavy competition…and managing that many egos is no easy task. So in the interest of fair competition, I have an announcement to make…one that will impact every single CWF superstar, so listen up, and listen good!

[The crowd buzzes as they await the announcement.]

MARK XAMIN: Starting right here next week! Every single man in the CWF will be entered into a tournament. The two finalists of the tournament will go one on one at Summer Smash 2005 for the CWF Heavyweight Championship!

BC: What!?

TT: Oh this is huge!

MARK XAMIN: And a little message to the “new blood” we’ve injected into the CWF…you take a look at that CWF Hall of Fame. Up and down the list, from Jeff Jericho, to Triple X, to myself, to Steve Dart….we all bled for this company. We laid it all on the line, we stepped up our game when the chips were down and we did what it took to win no matter what, both inside and outside of the ring. If you want to win this tournament and become the first CWF Champion of the new generation…you damn well better be prepared to do the same…because if you’re not, you’re gonna get eaten alive…you hear me? Eaten…alive.

[The crowd roars as Mark Xamin drops the mic and steps through the ropes, walking up the ramp once again to the sounds of “Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana.]

TT: Well the owner of the company just made quite an impact!

BC: I tried to warn you! I told you to put the women and children to bed!

TT: Would you calm the hell down?

BC: Think of the sacrifices these men are going to have to make to get through this tournament! I mean…every single night they step in this ring for the next few weeks, everything is at stake! Everything!

TT: You’re absolutely right, and it looks like we’re gonna separate the men from the boys right from the get go…

BC: This is sure as hell gonna be interesting…and think of the main event at Summer Smash! That could very well turn out to be the most important night of these competitors’ lives!

TT: Absolutely! And it looks like we’re about ready to get underway for the very first match of this new generation…let’s send it down to ringside!

Jimmy Sartyr vs "The Modern Day Messiah" Scott Adams

[The camera cuts to the ring announcer to introduce the competitors for the first match of the CWF’s new generation.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

[The fans roar in anticipation of the first CWF match in ages.]

Announcer: Introducing first, from Tonbridge, England….weighing in at 210 pounds….JIMMY SARTYR!

[“Crashing Around You” by Machinehead sounds throughout the arena, and Jimmy Sartyr steps out from behind the curtain wearing black and red tights. On the back is a red silhouette of a swan. He walks to the slapping hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring.]

TT: This kid is thought very highly of by CWF scouts, Bobby…we could have a blue chipper on our hands…

BC: Right, right…that doesn’t mean a damn thing until he proves himself, Teddy. You call him a blue chipper…I call him an inexperienced rookie who’s about to be taught a lesson by the Modern Day Messiah!

Announcer: And his opponent….from the City of Angels….weighing in at 235 pounds… “THE MODERN DAY MESSIAH” SCOTT ADAMS!

[The crowd hushes as the lights dim and “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson blasts through the arena. Scott Adams walks out from behind the curtain slowly, as if calculating each step. His face is painted an eerie white. His entire body is covered in tattoos, adding to his mysterious aura. He wears black tights with red crosses on them, his long hair tied into dreadlocks. Slowly, he steps through the ropes and enters the ring.]


TT: And we’ve all longed to hear it! The CWF is officially back!

[Sartyr and Adams circle each other. Sartyr holds out his hand and challenges Adams to lock horns…Adams hesitates for a moment but after more prodding from Adams, he leans in to lock up, only to knee Sartyr in the gut and then drive the point of his elbow into the back of Sartyr’s head. Sartyr falls to one knee and Adams boots him right in the face, as if to add insult to injury. Sartyr falls to his back and rolls into the corner while the referee orders Adams to stay back and give him room.]

TT: Well Adams is showing no respect for the rookie here…

BC: Good! He hasn’t earned any respect! Treat him like a dog! Ha!

TT: I’d like to think there’s a mutual respect between all of the men on our roster, thank you very much, Bobby…it’s called sportsmanship!

BC: And you’re called “naive.”

[Adams charges into the corner at Sartyr, wasting no time…but Sartyr leaps over him and scoops him into an inside cradle! The ref makes the count!]

Adams kicks out!

TT: Sartyr tried to end it early right there, but no such luck tonight…

BC: When it’s your first time in a CWF ring, you’ll take the win any way you can!

[Both men get to their feet at the same time and lock up again…this time Adams grabs Sartyr by the head and locks him in with a headlock…Sartyr has nowhere to go, so he does the only thing he can and pushes Adams off into the ropes. Adams swings at him on the rebound with a clothesline, but Sartyr ducks and twists up onto Adams’ shoulders, looking to drop him back for another surprise pin, but Adams wisely drops back with a Samoan drop and Sartyr reels in pain, favouring his lower back. Adams quickly gets to his feet and pulls Sartyr up, landing a series of European uppercuts which send Sartyr staggering back into the corner. Adams lays the boots to him, stomping him until Sartyr is sitting in the corner slumped over. Adams then retreats to the opposite corner and charges at Sartyr, looking to take his head off with a spear! But Adams desperately rolls to the outside, and Adams’ shoulder goes flying into the ring post!]

TT: Oh my! Adams may have gone for the big move a little too early, and Jimmy Sartyr makes him pay! A veteran-like move by the rookie!

BC: Veteran-like? That little punk nearly had his head decapitated…there’s nothing veteran-like about that!

[Sartyr slides back under the ropes and into the ring, Adams still hanging through the turnbuckles reeling in pain and clutching his shoulder. Sartyr pulls him out and shoves him down to the canvas, and then heads to the top rope. The crowd stands on their feet in anticipation of a high-risk move, and thousands of camera flashes go off as Sartyr sails through the air looking to connect with a frog splash! But Adams gets his knees up and Sartyr flips from the impact, squirming around the ring grabbing his abdomen.]

BC: He doesn’t look so veteran-like now, does he? Haha!

TT: Would you stop already! This kid is showing a lot of guts!

BC: Scott Adams is showing us Sartyr’s guts too! Ha!

[Adams stammers over to Sartyr, still favouring his should, and pulls him up by his hair. Sartyr is clearly still winded from the knee to the gut, and Adams takes advantage, connecting with the Devil’s Breaker, a modified swinging neckbreaker!]

TT: And there it is, the Devil’s Breaker! This one could be over…Adams with a cover!

Three, no! Foot on the ropes!

TT: And Sartyr escapes the clutches of defeat with a foot on the bottom rope!

BC: C’mon ref, count faster!

[Adams argues the call, insisting that it was a slow count. Finally, he gets back to work, pulling Sartyr up and looking to plant him with a DDT in the center of the ring. But Sartyr shoves him off, backing Adams into the ropes, and on the rebound Sartyr catches him with a back body drop, sending Adams high into the air only to come crashing down to the mat! The momentum seems to have shifted as Sartyr shakes the cobwebs loose and whips Adams to the turnbuckles…he charges in at him and walks vertically up Adams’ body, flipping backwards and then driving his shoulder into Adam’s gut with his shoulder in an impressive display of athleticism! He lifts Adams up onto the top rope and looks to connect with a top rope superplex, but Adams fights his way out of it and Sartyr stumbles back down to the mat…but he persists, charging right back up and looking to hook in the superplex again! This time, Adams hooks his leg onto the second turnbuckle and Sartyr can’t lift him up…Adams then plants him face first into the mat with a reverse superplex!]

BC: What a counter! This guy really is the Modern Day Messiah!

TT: But can Adams capitalize? This could be the turning point of the match up if he can!

[Adams seems winded and takes a moment to catch his breath…this allows Sartyr time to start stirring, so Adams hops down and pulls him back over into the corner. He again sits on the top turnbuckle, and this time lifts Sartyr up looking to nail him with Last Rites, a top rope powerbomb! He gets him up, but on the way down, Sartyr counters it with an impressive top rope frankensteiner! The crowd cheers this tenacious effort by the rookie, and he feeds off their energy, hopping back to his feet and jumping onto the top rope. He looks to the crowd and they cheer him on…and he flies off the top turnbuckle, twisting two hundred and seventy degrees in the air, adopting a tuck position and releasing it just as he splashes on top of Scott Adams.]

TT: TUCK ‘N COVER! He nailed it and that has to be it!


TT: He did it! Jimmy Sartyr did it!

BC: No, damn it, no! Beginner’s luck! That’s all it was, beginner’s luck!


Announcer: Here is your winner….JIMMY SARTYR!

[The crowd erupts as Sartyr has his hand raised in victory. Scott Adams sits up and looks on in disbelief, the make up starting to peel off his face. Clearly upset with himself, Adams rolls out of the ring and bangs his fist on the apron in frustration.]

TT: Well a gutsy effort by both men, there’s nothing to be ashamed of there, that one could have gone either way…but tonight was Jimmy Sartyr’s night…

BC: Oh please, these peons in the crowd gave Sartyr an unfair advantage…

TT: Would you give credit where credit is due for once in your life? My God, Bobby…Jimmy Sartyr, the rookie sensation, looked light years beyond his experience tonight! He could be a definite wild card in the tournament!

Arriving in Style…

[The camera cuts to the parking lot, where a stretch limo pulls into the VIP parking area and stops directly in front of us. We zoom in on the licence plate which reads “DAYDRMR.”]

TT: I wonder what this is all about?

BC: That license plate can only mean one thing, Teddy! Chris Osbourne is here!

[Apparantly Bobby Crane is correct, as the chauffeur opens the back door and out steps none other than “The Daydreamer” Chris Osbourne. Clad in a white suit with a blue tie, he dangles a $100 bill in front of the chauffeur’s hands, and snaps it back as he reaches to take it, snickering at him mockingly and walking away, leaving the poor man without a tip. The chauffeur slams the door in disgust as the camera pans off of him and follows Chris Osbourne through the halls.]

BC: I’m tellin’ you, Teddy…this guy is an absolute monster in that ring…his arrival in the CWF could mean an early exit for the unfortunate soul who draws him in round one of the World title tournament!

TT: No denying that, he’s a force to be reckoned with and he always has been, but the question is, can he finally become more than Rob Osbourne’s little brother?

BC: The Daydreamer has always been the more talented Osbourne! Come on, Teddy…Rob Osbourne couldn’t control this beast in the ring! Look at the size of him!

[Osbourne stops at the snack table and grabs a cup of coffee, threatening to smack one of the CWF officials with the back of his fist, sending said official stumbling backwards into a pile of empty cartons, spilling coffee all over himself. Osbourne laughs and walks around the corner and out of sight.]

TT: Well he may be a hell of an athlete, but I can’t say much about the man as a person…

BC: He’s the Daydreamer! He can do whatever the hell he wants to, Teddy…are you gonna stop him? What’s that? Huh? No? That’s right, you’re not, so shut up and leave the poor man alone, he’s just trying to find his way like everyone else…

TT: …..

BC: That’s what I thought.

TT: {sighing} We’ll be right back….


The King of Grapple From the Big Apple. . .

[We return from commercial with an outside shot of the Kiel Centre. A light rain falls and the citizens of St. Louis walk past the camera with umbrellas and wet newspapers covering their heads. Back inside the arena, the fans in attendance await the next match in CWF’s big return show. Suddenly, the house lights dim and yellow lights begin to flash as “Whisper” by Evanescence blares across the arena. Emerging from the curtain wearing a pair of jeans, brown Timberland boots, and a black baseball jersey with silver lettering that reads “Jatt Starr” on the front and “The Ruler of Jattlantis” on the back. As the crowd cheers the newest edition of the CWF roster, Starr makes his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring. Starr grabs a microphone from the ring announcer as the music fades and the house lights come back up.]

TT: Well it looks like Jatt Starr has decided to make his first appearance in the CWF here tonight! This guy is gonna be great…

BC: {scoffing} I can’t stand this guy, he’s a pretty boy…

TT: This coming from you, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane?

BC: Shhhh shush, I’m trying to listen…

JATT STARR: It is great to be back here in St. Louis!

[The crowd cheers.]

JATT STARR: Some of you might know me, some of you might not, but rather than read off my resume of accomplishments all I have to say is that the King of Grapple from the Big Apple is here in the CWF!

[More cheers.]

BC: Is this guy a poet or a wrestler?

TT: Would you put a sock in it? This crowd loves him!

JATT STARR: And it’s quite fitting that the Ruler of Jattlantis is here in the Classic Wrestling Federation. When you look at what people consider “classics” they usually refer to something special. Be it a car, a song, a work of art, literature, or even a moment in time. A moment such as Mark McGwire breaking Roger Maris’s single season of home runs!

[The crowd erupts.]

BC: {coughing} Kiss ass… {endofcough}

TT: What was that?

BC: Huh? Oh nothing, just clearing my throat…

TT: …uh huh, sure.

JATT STARR: It was something special. Definitely. A once in a lifetime opportunity regardless of what the injured ‘Roid boy in San Francisco accomplished. It was a classic moment perpetrated by a man that gave his heart to the fans that adored him here in St. Louis! Unlike Barry Bonds who seems to enjoy jogging for balls over his head. That doesn’t show heart, that shows complacency compared to Mark McGwire! Did Barry Bonds ever appear on “The Simpsons”? I don’t think so! And it’s moments like that that we all cherish.

Much like tonight. Tonight every one of you here in the Kiel Arena are witnessing something special. The rebirth of the CWF! But what makes it even more special is the fact that the Charisma King himself, Jatt Starr has signed on to be a part of it! It’s no secret that I believe myself to be the best wrestler in this industry today. And while others do it for their own glorification of their own self-worth, for the money, for the women, or whatever their selfish reasons they may be….we all know the truth….it’s because of you, the fans!

[The crowd cheers for Starr who is smiling in the ring.]

BC: Someone get me a bucket, I think I’m gonna puke…

TT: Would you stop…

JATT STARR: Now, I’ve done some mild research on the so-called talent that the CWF has to offer and I’m not impressed. First and foremost we have Eric Dane, the man who calls himself “The Only Star.” I think we all know the truth there. He refers to himself by the nickname for the sole purpose of covering up the fact that he has a teeny weenie. It’s not even his real name! My name is REALLY Starr. I didn’t make it up like that dinkus did! Let’s face it, he’s a fraud! He should change his name from “The Only Star” to something more appropriate like….”The PHONY Star”!

Then there’s “The Modern Day Messiah” and “Black Jesus.” What can I say about these two other than the fact that they’re going to hell for blasphemy. I’m not religious but I’m not stupid either!

Next, I believe he calls himself “The Daydreamer” Chris Osbourne. And I thought Barry Bonds was a ‘roid monkey! This guy must take steroids like they were Flintstone vitamins. And what the heck is he daydreaming about anyway? The day that he manages to get a woman drunk enough to kiss that grotesque face of his without it being a “Fear Factor” task? He might as well keep dreaming because Louie Anderson has a better shot of doing twenty sit ups without sweating than Osbourne does of making an impact in the CWF!

BC: Hey! He can’t say that!

JATT STARR: Then there’s Skorp…with a “K”. This guy makes Forrest Gump look like Albert Freaking Einstein! At least Forrest could spell his name right!

TT: {trying to restrain himself from laughing} I kinda like this guy…

BC: He’s not funny! Shut up!

JATT STARR: And finally, the last person that I can even remember…Ryan Chambers. Talk about an insult to Canada! Talk about an insult to “Rickys” everywhere! Man, even Desi Arnaz is spinning in his grave, probably thinking to himself “Ricky Chambers? More like Ricky Retardo! HAAAAH! HAAAAAH! HAAAAH!” I really hated that laugh of his! The bottomline for Ricky is this….some people are insecure. Some people question whether of not they have what it takes to make an impact. And what I see when I look at you….I see fear. Fear of failure. When all is said done, Ricky, I will be remembered…and you? Well, you will be forgotten. Your insecurities will lead you where so many have gone before you….obscurity.

BC: This guy has just managed to call out just about everyone on the damn roster! Is he out of his tree?!

TT: I don’t know, but the fans are loving every minute of it…

JATT STARR: The fact is, here in the CWF, I will be the Ratings Juggernaut that ushers this company into a new era of glory. And I won’t do it alone….because I will have each and every one of you….

[Starr points out to the crowd.]

JATT STARR: ….My Starr-Gazers behind! And that, my friends, is a Jattastic Fact!

[“Whisper” once again blares across the arena as Starr drops the microphone while the crowd cheers.]

BC: Well if that wasn’t the most sickening display of sucking up to these peons I’ve ever seen, my name isn’t Willy Wonka…

TT: Um…your name isn’t Willy Wonka.

BC: Huh?

TT: I said your name isn’t Willy Wonka.

BC: Oh…right. My name is Bobby.

TT: …yes, very good. Anyway folks, as Jatt Star exits the ring area, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you all that Summer Smash 2005 comes your way on pay-per-view, live from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California on August 28th!

BC: Oh man, I can’t wait! Summer Smash is my favorite event of the year, Teddy! Beaches, bikinis…and, oh yeah…wrestling!

TT: We found out earlier tonight that the main event of this summer’s hottest pay-per-view will feature to two finalists of the World title tournament, battling it out to determine the first CWF World Heavyweight champion of the new generation! Who’s it gonna be, Bobby?

BC: I don’t know, but the real question is, will whoever makes it that far have any gas left in the tank?

TT: Well this year’s edition of Summer Smash is certainly looking to be a big one, to say the least!

“The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker vs Ryan Chase

[Cut back to ringside for our next matchup.]

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first….from Orange County, California…weight in at 279 pounds….RYAN CHASE!

[“Won’t Back Down” by Fuel comes on, and the crowd boos as Ryan Chase steps out onto the ramp. He smirks at the crowd arrogantly, drawing even more boos. He walks to the ring wearing black trunks and black boots…he climbs the ringsteps and steps through the ropes, raising his fists in the air and being greeted with more boos, to which he mockingly acts hurt about.]

BC: Look at the size of that ham hock!

TT: Ryan Chase is a big man, no doubt about it, but the man he’s up against may argue that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…it’s the dog that knows how to cheat better! Both Chase and Walker are renowned for bending the rules, so it should be interesting to see how these two match up against one another…

Announcer: And his opponent…from Detroit, Michigan….weight in at 230 pounds… “THE BLACK JESUS” TYRONE WALKER!

[“Believe” by Breaking Benjamin roars through the arena and Tyrone Walker struts out from the back, his afro swaying to and fro as he walks down the aisle. He wears knee length pleather shorts with “Danger” written on the seat, and he has a fair amount of scars running up his arms, as well as a particularly large one on the back of his neck, apparently the result of neck surgery a few years past. He steps through the ropes and looks into the crowd, unimpressed.]


TT: Here we go…this one may be bigger than we realize right now, as these two figure to be big time players in the CWF!

BC: I don’t even know who to route for…both of these guys are so damn cool…

[Walker is busy taunting the crowd, and Chase takes advantage, jumping him from behind and driving his forearm into Walker’s back. Walker backs into the corner and is on the receiving end of a flurry of solid right hands to the jaw. Chase whips him to the opposite corner and follows up with a running clothesline into the corner which looks like it moved the ring a few feet. Chase grabs him by the afro and throws him over the top rope, wiping his hands dramatically as if he just took out the trash.]

TT: Tyrone Walker better get his head in the game here…

BC: It looks like he put his head in a time machine! Look at this guy’s hair, damn!

[Walker pays little attention to Chase, taking the time to jaw with some fans in the front row. Finally he gets back up onto the apron…then he gets distracted by the fans again, turning his back to Chase…Chase charges at him and shoulder blocks him off the apron, sending Walker flying off the ring and his chest crushes against the steel guardrail. Chase goes out after him against the referees pleads not to. He grabs Walker by the Afro and smashes his head into the ring post! The referee gets in Chase’s face, insisting that he take it back into the ring. Chase shoves him aside and throws Walker back inside the ring.]

TT: Looks like the referee has regained some control here….

[Chase whips him to the ropes, and plants him with a spinebuster on the rebound! Walker bounces about a foot off the mat after the impact, and arches his back in pain. As Chase mocks the crowd, the camera zooms in on Walker’s face, and it looks as though a lightbulb has gone off in his head and his eyes turn ice cold.]

BC: Uh oh, Walker looks like he’s not screwing around any more!

[Chase pulls him up by the hair and tries to lift him up for a sidewalk slam, but Walker drives his elbow viciously into Chase’s temple, causing Chase to groan out loud and fall to one knee. Walker then stands over him and repeatedly smashes his fist into the back of Chase’s head! The referee pulls him off and Walker gets in the ref’s face! The referee points to his chest and reminds him that he’ll be disqualified if he lays a finger on him. Walker takes the high road and turns around to face Chase…Chase pulls himself up with the ropes and leans back as Walker comes at him, hitting him in the face with a big boot. Walker’s momentum is stopped in its tracks and Chase smothers him, choking him on the canvas until the count of four, breaking the hold only at the last second before being disqualified. After the count is broken he again chokes Walker, this time with his feet on the second rope for extra leverage. Again he breaks the hold at four and Walker gasps for air. He pulls him up, whipping Walker to the ropes…Walker ducks another big boot, and then ducks a clothesline on the rebound…and he flies back at Chase with flying headscissors!]

TT: Ryan Chase has dominated Walker thus far, but it seems the momentum has shifted here!

BC: I think Walker may have underestimated Chase, Teddy! But now he means business, look at him!

[Walker pulls Chase to his knees and knees him in the face. Chase tries to fall to the canvas but Walker holds him up by his hair and drives another knee into his face. Chase is reeling and Walker runs to the ropes, and with Chase still on his knees, grabs him by the head and dives across the ring, driving his face into the canvas! He backs into the ropes and sits down on Ryan’s head with a legdrop! A cover!] 1

TT: And Chase kicks out! But it looks like Walker may have bloodied his nose with one of those knees to the face….and…yes, Ryan Chase is bleeding from the nose here…

BC: Wow, it’s like Walker flipped a switch in his head and he went from not giving a damn to kicking ass in a matter of minutes!

[Walker savagely drives Chase’s face into the mat repeatedly, leaving bloodstains on the canvas. The ref pulls him off and Chase crawls to the ropes, trying to pull himself up. Walker comes up beside him, hauls off and boots him in the ribs, sending Chase about two feet off the mat, and he lands clutching his abdomen. Walker then pulls him up, whips him to the ropes and gets caught with his head down…Chase executes a text book swinging neckbreaker, and both men are down.]

TT: These are obviously two very evenly matched individuals here…

BC: Come on Ryan! Come on Tyrone! Get up and fight!

[The referee gets to seven before they both get to their feet at the same time. Walker takes a wild swing at him, but Chase ducks, picks him up and drops him with an atomic drop. Walker goes flying into the corner face first, knocking his head on the turnbuckles and then bouncing back out to Chase, who clotheslines him to the mat. Chase looks to the crowd and is greeted with a chorus of boos, but he climbs to the top rope anyway. As Walker gets to his feet, Chase leaps off the top rope looking to connect with a double axe-handle smash, but Walker pulls the referee in front of him and he absorbs the impact. The referee is knocked out, and Walker goes flying under the bottom rope. Chase is dazed but still aware of his surroundings nonetheless. Walker seems to be searching under the ring for something….Chase slides out the opposite side of the ring and grabs the ringbell! Walker springs back up with brassknuckles in his hand! The two climb back into the ring and ready their weapons…]

BC: This is gonna come down to who hits who with what first!

[Chase swings at him with the ring bell, but Walker ducks and spins around, nailing Chase right in the mouth with brass knuckles! He disposes of the evidence and tries to revive the ref….and he hooks the leg and grabs the tights! The ref can’t see it, and he counts!]



Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE BLACK JESUS” TYRONE WALKER!

TT: Oh what a match! It’s a damn shame it had to end that way but my God want a contest!

BC: That was a street fight from start to finish…I have a feeling these two are both gonna be tough beats to tame in this World title tournament! I’d love to see them go at it one more time!

TT: We need to go to commercials, but don’t go anywhere folks, we’re just getting warmed up!


The Golden Rule…

[As we return from the commercial break, “Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana unexpectedly plays throughout the arena, and stepping out from the curtain once again is CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin…this time with a dejected look on his face. In his hands he holds a sheet of paper, his body language would suggest he is not at all happy about what he is about to announce. He steps through the ropes and is handed a mic.]

MARK XAMIN: It is my unfortunate duty to come out here and announce to you all that there was yet another clause in the transaction made with Jeff Jericho one year ago. A clause I dearly hope he wouldn’t exercise, and when I walked into the arena early this morning, I was glad to find out that Jeff Jericho was nowhere to be found…

[The crowd begins to buzz, speculating on what is coming next.]

MARK XAMIN: But about fifteen minutes ago…[pausing, hesitant to utter his next words]…about fifteen minutes ago…Jeff Jericho walked into this arena with his lawyer and shoved this contract in my face!

[The crowd erupts knowing that Jericho is in the building!]

TT: Oh my! So the rumours are true! Jeff Jericho is here in St. Louis!

BC: Ha! This is gonna be electric!

MARK XAMIN: So it is my unfortunate duty to have to come out here and introduce to you all…the new commissioner of the Classic Wrestling Federation…

[The fans stand on their feet and watch the entrance ramp in anticipation.]

MARK XAMIN: CWF Hall of Famer… “The Golden One”…. Jeff….Jericho!

[The crowd explodes as “Play the Game” by Motorhead blasts through the arena and Jeff Jericho steps out onto the ramp in an expensive looking, golden, silk Italian suit. He has an arrogant grin on his face as he walks the aisle and heads to the ring. The camera zooms in on Mark Xamin’s face, showing clearly that he is clenching his jaw in anger. Jericho steps through the ropes, and Xamin shoves the mic into his chest, which Jericho grabs in mock disappointment that Xamin is so upset. Xamin leaves the ring and walks up the ramp in obvious disdain. The crowd is in a frenzy at the sight of the CWF Hall of Famer and umpteen time World Champion. He leans on the top rope and speaks to the masses.]

JEFF JERICHO: You get your sorry ass out of my ring because the God of Professional Wrestling is back in the CWF and wants to address his public!!

[The crowd cheers.]

JEFF JERICHO: Mark Xamin, you have the nerve to walk out in front of a live audience and actually act disappointed that Jeff Jericho is the commissioner of the CWF? You actually have the gall to show disdain for the name of Jericho?! You spineless, selfish, peace of human waste, after all I have done for you! Who has always been your go to guy in every reincarnation of the CWF? Triple X, Steve Dart, Dean Warren, Z-Pac, Magnus F'in Thunder?!?!?! No, it has been me!! All these other so called CWF greats have come and gone as they saw fit, they milked the CWF for everything it was worth and showed no loyalty to it in its darkest days except for ME! I have made you billions through the years, I have always been here for the CWF and I have been loyal soldier through thick and thin. Hell, I have put up with your backstage politics and have remained loyal to the CWF despite your irrational actions through the years. Mark, who was the one guy who stepped up and tried to save the CWF from its grave, a grave that you put it in! It was me Mark, I tried to resurrect the CWF last year and damn it, I did a damn good job. All the wrestling greats were here, the CWF was riding high once again but then I was swindled out of power by Pete Ebdon. But forget all of that, the fact remains that I stepped up, I put my own money down to rebuild the CWF from oblivion, the oblivion that you put it in, and I tried to make it something great again. Where were you? Fuck Mark, I even showed you respect and allowed you to appear on our first show to address the crowd. I allowed you to show up at any CWF event you wanted, now that is respect, Mark. I know this is your baby, but damn it, I am MR. CWF and this is my baby too. I have shed my blood, broken limbs and sold my soul for this company time and time again. JESUS CHRIST, MY CAREER WAS ENDED IN A CWF RING!!!!!! MY SPINE WAS CRUSHED IN A CWF RING GOD DAMN IT! I've been 5-times the CWF World champion, I am a CWF hall of famer damn it all. That is fucking commitment and passion for this place!

[Crowd cheers]

TT: Jericho is livid!

JEFF JERICHO: I don't give a crap if you like me or you hate my guts, the fact remains that I have given the CWF everything I have time and time again because I love this god damn place to death. The names Mark Xamin and Jeff Jericho will forever be linked to the CWF and nobody can deny that.

TT: Well he’s right about that, but I’m sure Mark Xamin is going to have a thing or two to say about the rest of Jericho’s speech!

BC: Shut up and listen!

JEFF JERICHO: So now Mark, you have the nerve to show me disrespect?! Mark, when the CWF was buried, because you had buried it, who was the guy who gave you a call and befriended you? It was me! Who made you his manager and wanted you on his side? It was me! Despite our differences in the past, I respected you. It was out of respect that I asked you to be my manager, that I tried to rebuild the CWF and make it great again, RESPECT MARK! And now you deem it necessary to just cut all ties with me, you used me to stay in the wrestling business and now that you've got your CWF back you cast me aside. Well so be it Mark, that is call, you want to go to war with me then fine we will go to war. I am the commissioner of the CWF, like it or not, you cannot fire me! And I am back in the CWF not for titles, not for fame or glory, I am here to ensure the CWF's survival to save the CWF from its own worse enemy…you, Mark!

TT: Ohh, now Jericho has crossed the line….

BC: Crossed the line?! Jericho is the damn line, he can say what he wants!

JEFF JERICHO: You have allowed your ego, time and time again, to be the cancer that drives the CWF out of business. We have all witnessed it through the years and the CWF has paid that price three times!!! Three times Mark you have closed this place down, three times! I don't want to see it happen again and as commissioner of the CWF, I will be the person who keeps you in line! Now that may mean doing some things that are unpopular, but I don't give a damn if the fans cheer me or not. Hell, I don't give a damn if the entire CWF roster hates my guts, I'm going to ensure the CWF's survival and do whatever it takes to achieve that.

So Mark, you want to go to war with me, then get ready for the ride of your life because "Golden One" Jeff Jericho is back and ready to be the master of mind games one more time! Trust me!

BC: He’s baaaaaaccckkkkk…..

TT: Wait just a minute here…look who it is!

[Jericho is suddenly interrupted by the familiar tune of the BlairVision theme. The fans begin booing as the curtains slowly open from the back and out steps the least favorite person in the building, Paul Blair. Blair slowly makes his way out to the ring, with an arrogant grin on his face. He finally arrives ringside and goes to one of the fans sitting ringside and takes his coke and spits in it. Then he grabs the popcorn from his hands and takes a couple of bites and then pours the remainder of it over the poor man's head. The fans front row are now all mouthing off to him. Blair just walks up the stairs to the ring laughing at what he has done. Blair has a mic with him and stands across the ring from Jeff Jericho.]

PAUL BLAIR: Well, well, well. If isn't the biggest dirtbag of all, Jeff Jeri-slo. How are you doing there buddy?

[Blair moves closer to the center of the ring, staring down Jericho. The fans are not sure what to expect, but figure these two are about to go at it. They start chanting “Blair sucks!”]

PAUL BLAIR: Shut up you half-wits. You damn rollie pollies, shut it and keep it that way. Now back to the CWF, Jeri-slo, if you will pardon me for coming out here, I'd like to discuss who I am going to face at Summer Smash 2005. Being a legend in these parts, I can do that - I can handpick my opponents. And I have come up with my opponent, and I'd like to share that with all of you twits.

TT: What’s he talking about?

BC: Shut up, your ruler is speaking…show some respect…

PAUL BLAIR: I'm going to face a man who can only be described as an evil, greedy, tyrant. I'm going to face a man who is so low down, he'd sell his mother's soul to make one more dollar.

[Blair pauses to let this all sink in and then continues]

PAUL BLAIR: I'm going to face a man who is a CWF Hall of Famer.

[Jericho looks over at Blair, knowing he's referring to him. Some of the fans start chanting for Jericho.]

TT: Blair and Jericho at Summer Smash? Oh that would be huge!

PAUL BLAIR: No. It isn't Jericho. I've been there, done that, brought back the t-shirt and a receipt and will probably return it because it sucked.

[Blair grins at Jericho.]

TT: Ok I guess not then…

BC: Keep your mouth shut, you imbecile!

PAUL BLAIR: No, it's not Jericho. I know all of you were thinking that though. And I know you are all thinking now that it must be this man.

[Blair looks up at the CWF-tron where it shows a picture of CWF Hall of Famer Triple X beating Blair's brains in. Blair doesn't seem to like the picture but continues.]

PAUL BLAIR: But it's not Triple X either. Let's see who does that leave. Well it's not a beer swuggling, loud mouth known as "Studly" Steve Dart either, although that would be another good one. And it's not "Little Z."

[Cameras pan to the CWF-tron which shows pictures of Blair in battles with both Steve Dart and Z-Pac. Jericho seems confused by who he means and the fans seem baffled. Suddenly it dons on Jericho and a grin comes over his face.]

PAUL BLAIR: No. At Summer Smash, I'm going to beat the crap out of the man responsible for every single one of these names being mentioned before Paul Blair in the history books of the CWF. When you think CWF, Paul Blair should be the first name that comes to your mind - NOT Jericho. NOT Triple X. NOT Z-Pac. And surely NOT Steve Dart. It didn't have to be that way BUT my opponent at Summer Smash made it that way. So in case you still don't know...right here and right now I’m challenging…NO I'm demanding a match with Mark Xamin at Summer Smash!


BC: Ha!

[The fans cheer at the name of Mark Xamin. Blair can't stand their cheers and stares into the stands.]

PAUL BLAIR: Look at this, look at what he's done. He has brainwashed every one of you into thinking he's a good guy. He is NOT a good man. He's a jerk - no, he's an ass, and he's going to get hurt at Summer Smash.

[Fans begin chanting for Mark Xamin.]

TT: Who is Blair kidding?! Mark Xamin is the reason there even is a CWF!

BC: Shut up, you geek! Let the ruler finish!

PAUL BLAIR: Xamin, you have held me down in my previous stays here in the CWF. But you will not hold me back this time. No this time, Xamin - you and the rest of the half-wits here are going to be forced to finally give me the respect that I have previously EARNED. And you will give me that respect even if I have to beat it out of you!

TT: Wait a minute…what’s this?

[Suddenly Blair is interrupted and up on the CWF-tron appears a man. He’s tall and dressed in all black.Black pants, black boots, a black button down shirt and a black leather jacket. He has a bandana over his face and a pair of sunglasses, and a black winter hat on his head. He is staring at the camera with a shovel in his left hand. It’s dark with the exception of the ambient light of the moon and the fog lights of a truck parked in the background. The man stands next to a grave on its left side.]

MAN: Paul Blair! {he looks at the grave} This is the future of the “Ruler.”

[The man takes out a flashlight from inside his jacket he shines it on the grave stone. It reads: “Here lies the Ruler” Died: August 14, 2005.]

MAN: Blair, that’s about three weeks! I’ve been waiting four years for this and now it’s time to put the ruler away. You don’t know who I am, not yet, but don’t worry, in three weeks time you’ll know who I am.

[The man turns off the flashlight.]

MAN: For almost four years you’ve been doing the same shit, over and over again. It’s tired, it’s old, it’s boring. The ruler was dead long before I ever met him, however, his rotting corpse is stinking up the industry. This is it’s final resting place. The Ruler dies, August 14, 2005.

[CWF-tron goes blank again and the camera pans to Blair in the center of the ring who has a blank look on his face. He doesn't say another word, and just stares at the CWF-tron until we go to commercial.]

TT: Well I don’t know what that was all about, but Paul Blair looks like he’s seen a ghost, and…

BC: Hey! Look out, Jericho!

[A man runs through the crowd wielding a steel chair, though we can’t get a clear view of his face and therefore can not identify him. He hops the guardrail and sneaks into the ring behind Jeff Jericho and wraps the steel chair around the back of his head. Jericho slumps to the mat, unconscious. Blair is still distracted by his own thoughts on what was just seen on the CWF-tron, and doesn’t notice anything wrong. Finally he turns around, only to be greeted by a chair shot to the head, sending him to the mat unconscious. The unidentified man turns to face the camera…]

BC: Oh my God, no! No damnit! It can’t be! That’s….that’s…

TT: It’s Johnny Keel! So the rumors are true! Xamin has signed Johnny Keel and already he’s paid dividends, taking both Jericho and Blair out in one foul swoop!

[The fans erupts as Keel holds the now dented steel chair above his head. He quickly leaves the ring and escapes through the crowd as security rushes the ring. Jericho slowly comes to, sitting up and cursing under his breath as the back of his head is wet with blood. Blair crawls over to the corner and sits against the turnbuckles holding his head.]

BC: Damnit, that man should be fined and suspended…no, banned from the CWF!

TT: Oh give it a damn rest, Bobby…Jericho and Blair are notorious for pulling far more vicious stunts than that one! The real significance of this is, what kind of condition is Paul Blair going to be in tonight? He’s in the main event against Lu Yen later this evening!

BC: Blair always has a trick up his sleeve, Teddy! He’ll be fine!

Don’t Cross the Boss. . .

[We cut backstage to Mark Xamin’s office, where Mark Xamin sits with his arms crossed, his feet kicked up on his desk, and a smile a mile wide. He looks across the room and speaks to an unknown guest.]

MARK XAMIN: You see that? Jericho and Blair think they can call me out? Money talks…haha! Johnny Keel, they didn’t see that one coming…hey, what’s the matter with you? Cheer up!

[The camera pans around to reveal Xamin’s mystery guest….none other than wrestling legend, Maniac! Maniac lies on a leather couch across the room, tossing a tennis ball in the air and catching it as he speaks.]

MANIAC: I don’t know, Mark…sure, that was great, but the fact remains, Jericho is the damn commissioner and that means he has the power to make important decisions. Hell, if he wants to, he can make that Summer Smash match between you and Blair official, you know…

MARK XAMIN: Do I look nervous? No, I know the score…I didn’t become the most successful man on the business end of the wrestling industry by not expecting the unexpected, you know.

MANIAC: I know that, but come on man…you’re not a wrestler, you’re a businessman…if you get in the ring with Paul Blair, he’ll tear you limb from limb…

MARK XAMIN: That’s why I’ve got you here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Hell I may need you to go out and slap the taste out of Jeff Jericho’s mouth after I tear him a new asshole next week…that idiot makes it sound like he made me! Who was Jeff Jericho before the CWF? He was nobody! Not until you took him under your wing with X-Rated…

MANIAC: Yeah, you know that little speech he just gave sounded a lot like another Hall of Famer, if you know who I mean…

MARK XAMIN: {a look of disgust crosses his face} It’s a damn shame…but I’ll straighten that son of a bitch out next week when I….

[Xamin is interrupted by a knock at the door. Maniac jumps up and grabs a baseball bat, cautiously opening the door just a crack and peeking out.]

MANIAC: What do you want?

[He lets the door open to reveal…Ricky Chambers! Chambers wipes his boots before entering the room and thanking Maniac for letting him in. He walks over to Mark Xamin and reaches across his desk to shake his hand. Xamin leaves him hanging.]

MARK XAMIN: Can I….help you? You know the men’s room is down the hall, did you make a wrong turn?

RICKY CHAMBERS: No, no…actually, I was just stopping by to tell you what a big fan of yours I am…I mean, look at this place! This is all you!

MARK XAMIN: …uh, yeah…what are you trying to get out of me?

RICKY CHAMBERS: …and Maniac! I mean damn, I could go on forever about everything you’ve done…I’m honoured just to be in the same company!

MANIAC: Get to the point, kid.

RICKY CHAMBERS: Well there’s no point, really…I just, y’know, wanted to introduce myself and thank you for the opportunity to be in the CWF. And if there’s anything I can do for you, you just let me know and I’ll…

MANIAC: So you’re a kiss ass? Look kid, there are no free rides around here, you best be….

MARK XAMIN: …Hold on just a minute. You know, Ricky…you could come in handy…hell I’ve got enough people trying to knock me down, a little extra protection couldn’t hurt…

RICKY CHAMBERS: What ever you want, I’ll make sure no one hurts a hair on your head, Mr. Xamin!

MANIAC: Hey man, you better not get ahead of yourself…I’m in charge of Mark’s protection…you’re just the third wheel, got it?

MARK XAMIN: Now, now, lighten up, Maniac…afterall, you’re not competing full time, and we could use a….shall we say, representative….in the ring on a full time basis. Tell you what, kid….you’ve got a big match coming up after the break. Why don’t you go show us what you’ve got…

[Ricky Chambers’ eyes light up.]

RICKY CHAMBERS: Yes sir, you won’t regret this!

[Chambers turns around quickly and almost bumps heads with Maniac. Chambers tries to go around him, but Maniac blocks his way. He tries the other side but Maniac apparently had the same idea and they nearly bump into each other again. Finally, Maniac shakes his head in disgust and tells Chambers to go ahead. The crowd’s muffled laughs can be heard coming from the arena as Chambers rushes out of the room nervously.]

MANIAC: So on top of protecting you, now I have to baby sit this putz?

MARK XAMIN: Give him a chance…let’s see what he’s made of tonight.

[Maniac buries his face in his hands in obvious disdain as we shift back to ringside.]

Indigo Phoenix vs Ricky Chambers vs Rage

TT: This next match should be a grueling affair for all involved…

BC: Shut up Teddy and let "Beautiful" Bobby Crane let you know who will win.

TT: Well. We're waiting...

BC: Just watch the match. Here comes the first man.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Salem, Indiana....weighing in at 321 pounds, here is Indigo Phoenix!!

["Boulevard of Broken Songs" by Party Ben starts up as Indigo Phoenix walks down the aisle. He is followed by Kiato Myrotiko his trainer, JMC, and Caladbolg Scarnet. Indigo Phoenix enters the ring and the others remain outside.]

TT: This man looks impressive. Look at those eyes, they look silver.

BC: What is so impressive? Give a guy muscles and suddenly he's impressive to you. Here comes my pick to win this match.

Announcer: and the second man in this match is from Kingston, NY...weighing in at 220 is Rage!!!

[Love Dump by Static X starts up and out steps Rage. He is wearing a long black, leather trench coat with chains spanning both sides of the coat. The chains also hang from the coat, and drag on the ground. He is wearing black sunglasses, and black baggy pants. His jet black hair is spiked up, and his eyes are both white. He also has a fair share of scars. .]

BC: This guy is awesome! I've seen tapes of him. But what in the world has gotten into the CWF. First we have Indigo Phoenix with silver eyes and now Rage has white eyes. What's next Ricky Chambers comes down here with rainbow color eyes?

TT: I don't know about that, but I do know "The Real Deal" Ricky Chambers is excited to be here tonight, and by the looks of things he’s trying to impress Mark Xamin!

Announcer: And finally from Calgary, Alberta...weighing in at 230 pounds....He is the "Real Deal" Ricky Chambers!!

["Your Stories, My Alibies by Matchbook Romance starts up and out comes Ricky Chambers. Chambers is wearing a black Ricky C t-shirt with black elbow pads and white wrist tape. He's wearing black and red baggy pants with Chambers down each leg and black boots. He jumps in the ring and all three men start going at it.]


[Chambers immediately jumps in and attacks Phoenix who was busy speaking with his trainer. Chambers tosses Phoenix off the ropes and nails him with a lariat that sends him on the mat. He covers him.


Rage breaks it up and picks up Chambers up by the neck. Rage immediately goes after Phoenix and dumps him to the outside, near his trainer. Rage climbs to the top rope and waits for Chambers to get up, when he does he comes off the top with a flying shoulderblock. Indigo Phoenix is back in though and grabs Rage by the leg, pulling him off Chambers before a count can be made. Indigo Phoenix picks up Rage and slams him to the mat with ease. Then he picks up Chambers and whips him in the corner and starts pouncing on him with one fist after another. Chambers looks to be temporarily out of it as Indigo Phoenix goes for a Stinger splash, but Chambers just does get out of the way, and rolls to the outside. He points to his brains showing he's too smart to fall for that. The fans near ringside are applauding him. ]

BC: What is that jackass doing? Oh Mr. Smarty pants, he cowardly escapes the ring before he gets splashed by Indigo Phoenix and this is something to be proud about? This makes me sick. I hope one of them fans takes a sharp object to Chamber's head and takes him out for me.

TT: Bobby, would you call the match for once in your life. This has been a grueling exchange so far from all three men and you are out there trying to provoke the fans into hitting one of our wrestlers.

[ Rage is back up and he is now exchanging lefts and rights with Indigo Phoenix in the center of the ring. Phoenix catches him with an uppercut to the jaw that sends him reeling backwards. Then Phoenix hits him with a big boot to the head and takes Rage to the top rope and has him in a supplex position but turns it into a stalling front Brainbuster from the top rope.]

BC: He calls that move Indigo Inferno.

TT: Way to do your research Bobby. I'm impressed…

BC: Yeah, he might call it that. But I call it crap.

[Crane can be heard laughing at himself]

TT: I should have known you only did that research to make fun of the guy. You’re horrible…

[ Phoenix goes for the cover.

Chambers in quickly to break up the count.]

BC: Where did he come from? I thought he was still out there showing the fans where his head was.

TT: He was just waiting for the right moment, and he pounced on him.

[ Phoenix goes after Chambers but the "Real Deal" hits him with a clothesline first. It doesn't budge Phoenix though. Chambers with another one and again Phoenix does not move..finally he goes down when Rage hits him with a superkick to the back of his head.]

BC: Oh damn! I love that Rage. He just took Phoenix's head off.

TT: Yeah that was impressive. But what about Phoenix being able to take all that Chambers could give him?

[Now Rage and Chambers are both staring each other down in the center of the ring. They just start at one another, each of them landing punches on the another for several seconds, with each man taking turns grabbing the advantage - only to be stopped by the other's right hook. Finally they have busted each other open.]

BC: I love this kind of stuff! Look at this, both men are sending spatters of blood off their own body and onto the other guy's. Oh this is sweet!

TT: This has turned into a brawl...

BC: It's fitting, since this is Sunday Night Brawl!

TT: Oh brother, you haven't gotten any better over the years, have you?

[Rage gets the upper hand and whips Chambers to the ropes...Phoenix pulls the rope down sending Chambers to the outside. Then Phoenix runs at Rage in a desperate "all or nothing" type approach...unfortunately for him, he gets "nothing." Rage picks up Indigo Phoenix in a torture rack position, spins him into the air, and spikes him down into the ground with a spike piledriver...]

TT: 13 Shades of Grey! This one is over

BC: I told you he was going to win. I told you! Damn I’m good…

[ Rage covers Phoenix near the ropes.



Chambers runs in and goes to break up the count.


Chambers is able to break it up but it's a split second too late as the ref has already called for the bell.]

Announcer: Here is your winner....Rage!

[Chambers falls to his knees and buries his bloody face in his hands in frustration.]

BC: Oh boo-hoo! The smart guy wasn't smart enough to stop a simple 3 count. This guy smart? What a joke…

TT: Stop it Bobby. Ricky Chambers proved to everyone here tonight that he's indeed the "Real Deal" here in the CWF and you have to feel bad for him as he had that count broken up but he did it just a second too late. But that doesn't take away the effort he put in there tonight, or for that matter it doesn't take away from Indigo Phoenix's. If he had hit that desparation move he might be walking out of here with his hand raised instead of Rage.

BC: Yeah but who is walking out of here with his hand raised? Do you give up? It's the guy I said at the beginning would win - Rage!

TT: Nonetheless, I’m sure Chambers made quite a statement to Mark Xamin who you can bet was watching that one with great interest! We’ll be right back, folks…don’t go away!


Showing Some Tact. . .

TT: Welcome back, fans….it’s been an eventful night here in St. Louis for the CWF’s return, but things are far from over! We’ve got two excellent match ups remaining, and…

[Teddy Turnbuckle is cut off as"Karma" by Diffuser hits the speakers. After a few seconds, Larry Tact makes his way out onto the entrance ramp. He wears black leather pants, boots, and fingerless gloves, along with a royal blue t-shirt with "Simply Tactilizing" written in gold cursive across the front. Tact looks around the arena, observing the crowd with hands on his hips. He then approaches the ring.]

BC: You know who that is, don’t you?

TT: This must be another free agent signing!

BC: Oh you bet it is…this is Larry Tact! This guy is great!

[After circling the ring, a smug look crossing his face, Tact pulls himself onto the apron using the ropes. He strides down the apron and then dips between the ropes, entering the ring. Tact calls for a mic, snatching it from the ring attendant who brings it over, and parks himself against a corner turnbuckle, casually observing the crowd again.]

TT: Well it looks like he’s come out here to introduce himself, but this isn’t on the format….

BC: Larry Tact speaks, and you listen! He comes out when he damn well feels like it…now shut and pay attention, you might learn something…

TT: Oh for God’s sake…

LARRY TACT: Well... this is an interesting situation. What would have seemed highly improbable two years, or even one year ago, is now reality. I, Larry Tact, have decided it's time to test the waters of another circuit in this industry. This place certainly wasn't in my original, ideal plans... but recently I've found myself with some extra time on my hands, between my other wrestling, business, and leisure commitments. So here I am, in the CWF... the Classic Wrestling Federation. A place with YEARS upon years of history. A place Mark Xamin has built and rebuilt, from the ground up, battling the adversity of greedy hands trying to share in the pot of success. Above all?

A place I'm NOT particularly impressed by.

TT: What?!

[Tact is cutoff by boos from the fans. He pauses, a perplexed look striking his face. Tact pushes off the corner, walking around and shaking his head. He stops center ring, looking around.]

LARRY TACT: I see, I see... the truth isn't something people like hearing around here, is it?

[More boos from the crowd. Tact scoffs, turning and walking back to a corner, perching on top of it this time.]

LARRY TACT: You know what? TOO BAD! I'm not here to pamper anyone -- wrestlers, fans, owners. NOBODY! I'm here because I want more in my career. I want an added challenge, more competition, and the CWF thinks it can provide that for me? Well they're going to need to PROVE that to me. I'm not going to make big claims, bold statements about where the CWF is going, or what I will do for it. Hell... it's the CWF that should be ready to do something for me. Provide more active competition, new challenges. Until then... you get nothing from me.

TT: Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me…

[Larry Tact drops the mic and leaves the ring to a smattering of boos from the crowd. He shakes his head in disgust at the fans as he walks back up the aisle and disappears behind the curtain. The camera shifts to the commentators booth.]

BC: Great, isn’t he?

TT: Are you kidding me?! This guy is given the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the greatest wrestling promotion of all time, and he thinks the CWF owes him something?

BC: Oh shut up, Teddy…you’re just an ungrateful little geek.

TT: I’m ungrateful?! This guy shows up and acts like the CWF has to prove something to him…he’s the one who has something to prove!

BC: Ah, what the hell do you know…

“The Only Star” Eric Dane vs Skorp

[The scene shifts back to ringside for the introduction of our next two combatants.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from parts unknown…weighing in at 235 pounds….SKORP!

[“Sin & Sacrifice” by Devildriver blasts through the arena as the lights dim and smoke fills the entrance ramp. Red and green strobe lights pulsate throughout the Kiel Centre, and Skorp appears from behind the curtains, covered in a long black drench coat which flows in a soft breeze as he strides to the ring menacingly. The fans shower him with boos on his way down the aisle. He climbs the steps and climbs through the ropes, removing his trench coat once inside the ring, revealing his ring attire for the evening - jet black pants, jet black boots, and jet black open finger fighting gloves. His eyes are as cold as stone; almost emotionless and vacant, glowing green, yet mysteriously pale.]

Announcer: And his opponent….from New Orleans, Louisiana….weighing in at 245 pounds…. “THE ONLY STAR” ERIC DANE!

[The sound of “The One You Love to Hate” by Rob Halford fills the arena, and the fans erupt into a chorus of boos as “The Only Star” Eric Dane steps out from behind the curtain in a pair of dark red tights with a single silver star on the seat. His long, honey-blonde hair hangs down over his face, dripping wet, probably a result of the obligatory water bottle dumped over the head routine. He struts to the ring arrogantly, almost as if to taunt the fans who are beginning to throw garbage at him. He grins self-assuredly, and steps through the ropes and into the ring. Skorp stands in his corner across the ring, staring blankly at him, clearly unimpressed and certainly not amused by Dane’s seemingly overconfident approach to his opponent. Dane waves at Skorp and mockingly acts as if he is intimidated by his mysterious foe.]


TT: And this match is underway…this is a matchup that we may look back at months from now and marvel at the epic hype it would generate with a little bit more on the line, although Mark Xamin has promised more is at stake here tonight than meets the eye!

BC: And when Mark Xamin makes a promise, he damn sure sticks to it, so these two better put on a show! And I have to say, if these two can bring to the CWF what they’ve brought to other promotions throughout their careers, they are both major league contenders to make it to the main event at Summer Smash!

[Skorp walks slowly into the center of the ring, his eyes never leaving Eric Dane. Dane sizes him up and shrugs his shoulders, circling the ring as Skorp’s gaze follows him. They lock up…Skorp twists his arm, sending Dane to one knee. Skorp then drives the point of his elbow into Dane’s tricep, causing Dane to groan out loud. Dane, quickly realizing he better get out of this before Skorp does any substantial damage, flips over, pulls Skorp in towards him and clotheslines him down to the canvas. Skorp quickly gets to his feet as Dane runs a hand through his hair as if to rub in the fact that he was able to counter Skorp’s first attempt at mounting an offence.]

TT: These are just mind games being played right here by Eric Dane…

BC: Yeah well I don’t think Skorp is taking to kindly to all this showboating! If I were Eric Dane I wouldn’t be playing mind games with this guy…just looking at Skorp is enough to mess with your head….

[Skorp is clearly not phased by Dane’s taunts, and they lean into each other once more with a collar and elbow tie up. This time Dane flips him over with a hip toss…Skorp quickly gets to his feet and charges at Dane once more, only to be greeted with yet another hip toss. Skorp looks up at Dane, and Dane again runs a hand through his hair mockingly. Skorp gets to his feet and they go to lock up again, but this time Skorp knees him in the gut. As Dane keels over, Skorp drives his fist into his forehead repeatedly, sending Dane to the mat. Skorp pulls him up by his hair and whips him to the ropes, spearing him on the rebound and sending Dane crashing through the ropes and to the outside.]

TT: Skorp got the better of him on that exchange!

BC: But a look just crossed Eric Dane’s face as if play time is over…this guy knows what he’s doing, Teddy! He’s been around long enough to have learned a few tricks…

TT: Absolutely he has, Bobby…I don’t doubt that, but he came out here without taking Skorp seriously and his mind set better have changed if he plans on walking out of here with a victory tonight…

BC: Eric Dane means business, you’ll see…

[Dane looks up at Skorp from the outside. Skorp just glares back at him with vacant eyes. Dane curses under his breath, then climbs up onto the apron and dares Skorp to come get him. Skorp complies, and as he leans forward to grab Dane, Dane hops off the apron, grabs Skorp’s feet and pulls his legs out from under him, sliding him under the bottom rope and slapping his chest with a vicious knife-edged chop.]

Crowd: Woooo!

[Skorp staggers backwards, and Dane charges at him looking to plant him on the concrete floor with a clothesline, but Skorp uses Dane’s momentum against him, tripping him up with a drop toe hold which sends Dane sprawling into the steel steps. The referee pleads with them to get back in the ring, but Skorp brushes him off, grabbing Dane and sending him flying into the steel guardrail. Dane reels in pain and Skorp delivers a knife-edged chop of his own.]

Crowd: Woooo!

[Dane slumps over, favoring his chest, and Skorp picks him up in a bear hug like position, driving the small of his back into the ring apron. Dane drops to his knees as his legs give out. Skorp drives his fist into Dane’s face, then pulls him up by his hair and rolls him back into the ring.]

TT: Well it looks like order has been restored and they’ve taken this back into the ring…

BC: But the damage has been done!

[Once inside, Skorp immediately goes to work on Dane’s lower back, meticulously driving his knee into said area. Dane curses out loud with each delivered knee. Skorp then pulls him up by his hair and slams him to the canvas with a bodyslam. He runs to the ropes, leaping onto the middle rope and diving back at Dane with a twisting moonsault, which dazzles the crowd! Skorp goes for a cover!]


TT: Skorp trying to end things early here, but no dice!

BC: Come on, it’s gonna take way more than that to stop Eric Dane!

[Skorp pulls him up and whips him to the ropes, leaping up onto Dane’s shoulders on the rebound to attempt a modified frankensteiner…but Dane sees it coming and wisely drops Skorp with a sit-down powerbomb! Dane rolls away from him to catch a breather and Skorp slowly pulls himself up, using the ropes as aid. Dane quickly pounces on him, whipping him into the turnbuckles and coming in right after him with a body splash! Skorp staggers out of the corner but Dane whips him to the opposite end of the ring, this time following up with a monkey flip, which sends Skorp slamming back into the center of the ring. Dane quickly hops onto the second turnbuckle and drives an elbow into Skorp’s chest and makes a cover!]


TT: And Dane has mounted an offence here, but apparently not enough as Skorp kicks out!

BC: These two are just getting warmed up…this one is about to get nasty, I can feel it…

[Dane mounts Skorp and begins to pound his fist relentlessly into his skull. Skorp, in desperation, rolls to his side, causing Dane to lose his balance slightly…this is all the time Skorp needs, and he quickly gets to his feet. Dane lunges at him and wraps his arms around his waist, setting Skorp up for a German suplex…but Skorp elbows his way out of it, sending Dane stumbling back into the ropes. Skorp leaps up and this time connects with a frankensteiner! He wastes no time and immediately pulls Dane back up, whipping him to the ropes and this time flying towards him as if to land a cross body block, but instead spins around Dane’s shoulders and plants him with a spinning DDT! Skorp relentless continues to create terrific pressure on Dane, whipping him to the ropes once more and this time driving him into the canvas with a spinebuster!]

TT: And Skorp is dictating the pace here, Bobby…

BC: You have to be impressed by his resiliency…he can beat you with speed, and he can beat you with power! Eric Dane has his work cut out for him tonight, Teddy!

TT: It would appear so, but this one has been back and forth from the get go!

[Dane tries desperately to pick himself up, but his body won’t allow it. Skorp mounts him and returns the favour Dane paid him moments ago, driving his fist into Dane’s forehead mercilessly, until the referee pulls him off. Dane appears to be busted open! He covers his face and checks for blood, and when he sees the crimson liquid on his hands, his eyes are filled with fury. Skorp quickly gets back on him, pulling him up and backing him into a corner. He backs an elbow into Dane’s head, and then whips him to the opposite corner…but Dane reverses and Skorp is sent flying into the turnbuckles. On the rebound, Dane sails through the air and connects with a flying fist, sending Skorp crashing down to the mat!]

TT: And the momentum seems to have shifted in Dane’s favour here!

BC: He had to reach deep down to come up with that offence, Teddy! Skorp literally smelled blood and if Dane didn’t act fast, it could have been the beginning of the end!

[Both men are down as the referee begins to count them out. When he gets to five, both men slowly begin to stir. As Dane struggles to get to his feet, the camera zooms in on his face which is now a crimson mask. The referee stops the count at nine as both men get to their feet at the same time. Skorp comes at Dane looking to connect with a wicked clothesline, but Dane ducks out of the way at the last second and comes back at him with a superkick that connects right under his chin!]

BC: Starstruck! It’s all over now!

TT: Dane struggling to make the cover, can he capitalize here?

Three, no! Shoulder up at the last second!

TT: And Dane took just a little too long to make the cover, and frustration is starting to set in here…

[Dane wearily gets to his feet, the blood loss undoubtedly taking its toll. He pulls Skorp up and leans him into the corner. The referee breaks it up with a one, two, three, four count, and Dane backs off just before he gets to five. As Dane backs away, Skorp pounces on him with a thesz press and again pounds his fist into Dane’s head, opening up his wound a little bit more. The blood begins to flow more freely from Dane, and Skorp smiles eerily at the sight of it.]

BC: This could spell the beginning of the end for Eric Dane….

[Skorp pulls Dane up and bodyslams him to the mat once more, setting him up in the corner. Skorp heads to the top rope and looks down at Dane, seemingly a sitting duck. He flips off the top rope in an impressive display of athleticism, and the crowd ooohs and awes at Skorp’s shooting star press into a guillotine leg drop! But at the last second, Dane rolls out of the way and Skorp lands on the mat awkwardly. He rolls around gingerly, favoring his right hip.]

TT: And Skorp went for the Overflow but Dane had one last surge of energy and got out of the way!

BC: That was pure desperation right there! If Skorp hit that move it was all over but the cryin’!

[Dane battles back to his feet, his knees starting to buckle as the blood pours down his face. He quickly pulls Skorp up and lifts him up for a suplex, desperately milking this final surge of energy. But instead of dropping him with a suplex, he nails him with a stalling brain buster DDT! Skorp is out cold, motionless.]

TT: STAR DRIVER! And that has to be it!

[Dane, unable to crawl over to Skorp, flops his arm on top of Skorp’s chest for the cover.]



BC: Dane did it!

TT: Unbelievable!

Announcer: Here is your winner…. “THE ONLY STAR” ERIC DANE!

[The crowd erupts into a smattering of boos, though clearly they wouldn’t have been happy with either man having his arms raised in victory. Dane lies there, drained, but victorious…Skorp remains unconscious for a time, but begins to stir at the same time that Dane decides to roll out of the ring. Skorp gets to his feet and stares blankly at Dane on the outside, emotionless and cold. Dane looks up at him with a crimson mask and a slight grin as the referee raises his arm in victory.]

TT: Well that one could have gone either way, but there’s no shame in losing to Eric Dane, regardless of his attitude…

BC: What’s wrong with his attitude, Teddy? At least he backs it up!

TT: Well he certainly did just that tonight, but you have to be impressed with Skorp as well, he took Dane to the limit!

BC: I hope these two cross paths again in the tournament…but come on, both of these two have to be favorites to make it all the way to Summer Smash with a performance like that!

TT: Absolutely, and the result may very well be different the next time these two collide! We have one final commercial break, ladies and gentlemen…don’t go anywhere, the main event is next!


Coffee Break. . .

TT: And we’re back, ladies and gentlemen…and it’s about time for the main event, Paul Blair meeting Lu Yen! What a way to close out the CWF’s return!

BC: You can’t ask for a better main to be in the main event than Paul Blair!

TT: Hold on…I’m getting word that there’s something going on backstage…do we have a camera back there? Ah, here we go…

[We cut to the backstage area, just outside Mark Xamin’s office. The door swings open and Maniac steps out, apparently looking for a cup of coffee. As he turns the corner, he suddenly stops dead in his tracks. He starts to size someone up, though we can’t see who as the wall is in the way. Maniac backs up and the unknown party steps into view.]

TT: Wait just a minute…that’s Chris Osbourne! The Daydreamer is face to face with his brother’s blood nemesis, Maniac!

BC: Oh this could be explosive…

[The two just stare each other down, until finally Maniac speaks up.]

MANIAC: Well, well, well…if it isn’t Rob’s little brother. {snickering} I guess the “Nitemare” didn’t wanna come out of retirement and get his ass whipped by yours truly one more time…so what, he sent little old you to try and intimidate me?

CHRIS OSBOURNE: I’d watch my mouth if I were you, old man…I’m here on my own terms, not Rob’s…and I’m about to kick your ass on my own terms, now that you mention it…

TT: Oh! Here we go!

[Osbourne throws a vicious right hand that connects, but Maniac swings back and then smothers Osbourne, shoving him into the concrete wall. Osbourne’s back can be heard smacking the wall and he whails in pain as Maniac relentlessly beats him down with fists of fury.]

TT: Well it looks like Maniac is teaching Osbourne a lesson in respect!

BC: Someone break this up already, this is uncalled for!

TT: Oh shut up, Bobby…you kept your mouth shut when Osbourne picked this fight, didn’t you?

[Maniac drags Osbourne through the halls and they brawl into the snack room. Osbourne tries to fight back but Maniac pokes him in the eye, rendering Osbourne blind. Maniac then delivers a few more shots before snapmering him through the coffee table! Muffins and hot coffee go flying everywhere…the latter of which – the hot coffee, Maniac forgot to consider before sending Osbourne through the table, and it splashes up and sprays him in the face. Maniac rolls on the floor, desperately trying to get the coffee out of his eyes…Osbourne gets to his feet and grabs hold of Maniac, and Badd Dreams him on the floor! Maniac lies face down on the floor, motionless. Osbourne staggers out of the room as security rushes in. Cut back to ringside.]

TT: Well the Daydreamer may have caught a lucky break there…

BC: Lucky nothing, Teddy! He knew what he was doing…

TT: Oh give it a rest, already…you’re giving him far too much credit! He got lucky, but he sent a message nonetheless! No one is safe when Chris Osbourne is in the building!

Paul Blair vs Lu Yen

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our main event for the evening is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Nagasaki, Japan…weighing in at 232 pounds….LU YEN!

[The crowd cheers as “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors comes on, and Lu Yen steps out from behind the curtain in baggy black ninja pants. He hops over the top turnbuckle and awaits his opponent.]

Announcer:And his opponent….from Riverfalls, Wisconsin….weighing in at 275 pounds….PAUL BLAIR!

[The crowd erupts into boos as the BlairVision theme plays and Paul Blair struts out from the back with a robe that says "BlairVision" on the back. He mocks the fans on his way to the ring; they all hide their popcorn and beverages this time. He removes his robe when he gets in the ring, and the bell sounds to start the match.]


TT: And our main event is underway!

BC: Come on, Blair! Shut these people up! Send this fool back to Japan!

TT: Just call the damn match…geez.

[Blair and Yen circle one another, these two are no strangers to each other, they have a storied past. They lock up in the center of the ring and Yen tosses Blair on to his back showing some great power. Yen starts jawing at Blair who quickly gets up and locks up with Yen again. Lu quickly takes Blair down with an arm drag, Blair to his feet and is met with another arm drag causing Blair to roll out of the ring. Yen starts playing to the crowd and spits at Blair as he rolls back into the ring. Blair and Yen go to lock up once again, no, Blair with a thumb to the eye and greets Yen with some vicious knife edge chops. Blair backs Yen into the corner and pokes him in his other eye completely blinding Yen who staggers around the ring. Blair rakes the back of Yen and then chop blocks him to the mat. Blair grabs Yen's legs and drops a couple of knee's to the very low mid section of Yen. Blair now slaps on a figure four. Yen screams in pain but is able to reach the ropes to break the hold.]

TT: Classic Paul Blair, using all the tricks to gain the upper hand…

BC: That’s why he’s the Ruler, Teddy!

[Blair drops a knee to the head of Yen and follows it up with a couple of elbows to the stomach. Blair grabs Yen by the head and then starts biting Yen in the forehead. Blair is trying to draw blood but the referee stops him. Yen rolls out of the ring to try and regroup. Blair quickly follows him and runs him head first into the ring post. With Yen on the ground Blair grabs a TV cable and starts to strangle Yen with it. The referee comes out to stop Blair, who rolls into the ring with Yen in his possession. The referee slips and falls outside the ring. Paul Blair with a low blow to Yen! The referee is back in and Blair goes for a cover 1.........2........kick out by Yen. Blair with a mighty suplex to Yen and is now calling for the Blair Kick. Blair sets up Yen and charges but Yen catches his foot and nails Blair with a spinning heel kick.]

TT: And for the first time in this match Blair is in trouble…and Yen has fought to swing the momentum his way after a cheap shot by Paul Blair!

BC: Hey! It’s not against the rules unless the ref sees it!

[Yen slaps Blair across the face and shoulder blocks him down to the mat. Yen picks Blair up and tosses him off the ropes, back body drop finds the mark as Blair rolls out of the ring. Yen runs and leaps over the ropes on to Blair as both crash to the ground. What a move! Yen is up quickly and tosses Blair into the steel guard rail and then back into the ring. Back body drop has Blair reeling while Yen continues the assault with a devastating DDT. A cover by Yen 1........2......kick out by Blair. Paul Blair attempts to crawl out of the ring but Yen with a baseball slide drop kick stops that from happening. Yen tosses Blair into the far corner and Paul stumbles out, Yen then tosses him to the other side and repeats the process. He is running Blair back and fourth and then delivers a powerslam to Blair. Yen climbs to the top rope and nails a flying elbow into the heart of Blair. A cover by Yen 1.........2......kick out by Blair.]

TT: Paul Blair is being totally dominated at this point. How much more can he take?

BC: This isn’t fair to Blair! This isn’t fair to Blair, damnit!

TT: I thought you were supposed to be impartial!

[Yen with a clothesline to a dazed Blair. Yen hits a sit-down powerbomb and goes for the cover 1......2......kick out by Blair. Yen grabs the referee and starts yelling at him. Blair from behind with a knee causing Yen to crash into the ref knocking him down. Blair then hits another low blow to knock Yen down. Suddenly, from the back emerges somebody running down to the ring with a chair…]

TT: Who is this coming to the ring?!


TT: Oh my god, you’re right! He’s already attacked Maniac earlier tonight, who is he hunting for now?!

[Osbourne hits the ring and totally levels Blair with the chair! Yen gets to his feet and smiles at Osbourne, Chris smiles back at him and with that shatters the chair over Yen's head! The crimson begins to flow down Yen's face. Osborne quickly flea's the scene as CWF security runs to the ring to chase him away.]

TT: Chris Osbourne has just laid out both men!

BC: What the hell was that?! This is not fair to Blair, I tell you! This is definitely not fair to Blair!

TT: I don't know what Osbourne's intentions were but he obviously made a huge impact here tonight! He’s taken out 3 CWF veterans in one night!

[Yen staggers to his feet completely dazed, Blair to his feet and greets Yen with some chops and stiff right hands to the face. Blair tosses Yen into the corner and charges but is met with a big foot to the face. Yen with a bulldog to Blair. The referee is now back up and functioning. Yen with a few legdrops to Blair and then quickly covers 1........2........kick out by Blair. Yen with a head butt to Blair which staggers him as well. Blair fights back with some chops and fists to the face, Blair with a text book drop kick sending Yen crashing into the ropes, Blair is up quickly and hits him with a clothesline. Blair stomps on Yen who crawls to the corner. Blair picks Yen up and lifts him to the top rope, Blair starts to climb up but Yen shoves him down, Yen with a splash and cover! 1.........2......kick out by Blair! Yen screams in frustration and picks Blair up, hoisting him up in the corner again. Yen and Blair are on the top rope and Yen delivers a superplex from the top rope and goes for the cover! 1.........2.........kick out by Blair! Yen wipes the blood from his face and then punts Blair, kicking him in the stomach. Suddenly, Yen falls to the ground out of the blue, he must still be feeling the effects of that mega chair shot from Chris Osbourne! Blair chops Yen and knees him in the gut, Blair tosses Yen into the ropes but it’s reversed, Yen goes for a Blair Kick but Blair ducks underneath, Yen turns around and BLAIR KICK!!! A cover 1..........2..............3!!!!!]

BC: Blair wins! Blair wins! Hahaha!

TT: What a valiant effort by Lu Yen! He just couldn’t figure out the Ruler tonight, and Chris Osbourne obviously played a hand in that one…Yen seemed to get the worst of those chair shots!

Team Danger Takes the Stage. . .

[Paul Blair grabs a mic and is showered with boos.]

TT: And it looks like Blair is gonna rub it in a little bit here…

PAUL BLAIR: And THAT is why I’m the REAL DEAL-

[“The Ruler” loses his live mic, but continues his ratn not knowing that no one else can here him.]

BC: What’s going on? Who cut off The Ruler?

TT: That’s a good ques-

[Teddy Turnbuckle is interrupted when the house lights drop.]

BC: I bet it’s that no good Johnny Keel coming back to get a piece of Blair!

TT: The way tonight’s been, it could be ANYONE!

[Magnesium explodes and a string of pyrotechnic bliss explodes over the entrance ramp. The Classic-tron hums to life and the letters TD brighten up the screen.]

BC: Not these two!

#Uh-throw your hands in the air!#

[The intro to Drain STH’s “Simon Says!” rumbles through the public address system, bringing the anticipation level of the already hot crowd to a fever pitch. Just as the sound of the vocals hit the PA, the curtains part.]

TT: These are two of the most dominant men to ever set foot in a wrestling ring!

BC: And now WHO KNOWS what kind of trouble they’re about to start?

[Another explosive blast of pyrotechnics accompany the entrance of two-thirds of the most controversial stable in the history of the business. Eric Dane steps through first clad in a beaten up leather jacket, a Team Danger t-shirt, and his wrestling tights with silver and red stars running up the legs. Flecks of dried blood are still pasted to his forehead from his confrontation with Skorp a mere half-hour ago.]


[Milliseconds behind him comes the specimen of man known as “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker. He is immediately recognizable by the giant afro swaying to and fro in his swagger. He wears a Team Danger basketball jersey and a pair of Sean John black jeans.]

[Around both of their waists are gold title belts with the Team Danger logo carved across the front plate.]

BC: What belts are those?

TT: Who knows, but I know they’re not the CWF World Tag Team Titles!

[The two of them take in the reaction of the crowd, feeding off of the hatred just like it were adoration. A mock salute sends the duo sauntering toward the ring, where Lu Yen has the wherewithal to roll out of the ring, leaving Paul Blair in the ring to face the scourge that is Team Danger.]

[Dane and Walker unsnap their title belts almost simultaneously and toss them over the top rope and into the ring at Blair’s feet. They slide in and immediately take to the turnbuckles to again salute the crowd. As a tandem, they jump down and face Blair, who to his credit hasn’t given up an inch of his ground.]

BC: It’s about to get ugly…

TT: Maybe they’re here to recruit the ruler?

[Don’t bet on it.]

[Dane taunts Blair as Walker laughs at the impersonation, and Blair explodes all over The Black Jesus, unleashing a flurry of rights and left, backing him into the corner.]


[Blair takes the upper hand until the numbers game applies and he is blindsided by Eric Dane. Dane grabs the hair of The Ruler and pulls him out of the corner, allowing Walker to kick him in the gut twice before Dane spins him around and hits him with a DDT.]

TT: The Former CWF World Champion is taking a beating here at the hands of Team Danger, and after a grueling match to boot! This has got to stop!

[Dane pulls the nearly unconscious Blair to his feet by the hair, and signals for the Black Jesus to go up top. Walker obliges and Dane locks a front facelock onto Blair and lifts him up into a vertical suplex stall.]


[Walker leaps off of the second turnbuckle and grabs the feet of Blair and pushes him downward head first.]



[From inside of his jacket, The Only Star produces a microphone and hands it over to his partner in crime, Ty Walker.]

TYRONE WALKER: Ahoy, assholes and dickbags! Welcome to the REAL show, the Team Danger Show!

TT: Oh geez, I hope the seven second delay was working!

BC: Dickbags {snicker}.

[Jeers. Walker strides over, stepping on "The Ruler" as he goes. Bending down, he grabs both of the title belts, holding one high, then tossing it back to his amigo, Eric Dane. He continues.]

TYRONE WALKER: You must be wondering, what these little babies are?

[He paces about.]

TYRONE WALKER: Are they the CWF Tag Team titles? No, obviously not... Are they the Drunk and Disorderly Tag Team titles? Close, but no... Are they the Team Danger Tag Team titles?



TT: Team Danger tag team titles? What?!

BC: Clearly the greatest titles in wrestling history, it is Team Danger afterall!

[Walker holds his up high and then proceeds.]

TYRONE WALKER: Oy, you may be wondering again, why are Team Danger carrying around their own titles? Well, really, it's because CWF are cheap, slave driving motherfuckers!

[He stares into the camera, flips off the entire nation and laughs.]

TYRONE WALKER: Ha...they expect us, US, Team Danger of all people to work for a title? What the...are you kidding me? The way it works is quite standard. You give us a contract, we sign it, then you GIVE us a title, because we make it happen. 'Cause let’s be honest, if we wanted to work for it, we could surely find a better place, more worthy of our full attention than Classic Wrestling.

[In a near fit of laughter, the Black Jesus hands off the microphone to Dane, who shoulders his half of the title belts before speaking.]

ERIC DANE: Pay attention.

[The crowd shows their disdain.]

ERIC DANE: I’m only going to say this once.

[Dane clearly commands respect.]

TT: {sarcasm} This ought to be good.

BC: Quiet!

ERIC DANE: First of all, I want it to be known that I’m not even sure what this poor schmuck laying on the ground’s name is. Frankly I could give a shit less to tell the honest truth.


ERIC DANE: I’m here tonight to prove a point, and that point is that nobody is above a Team Danger ass-whipping, and as of right NOW I’m staking my claim to the CWF World Heavyweight Title.

[Behind him Walker nods in agreement.]

ERIC DANE: Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they’re going to stand in our way. It only gets worse from here boys… and I’m not one to fuck around. Think about it, Ryan Chase is dead, Skorp is dead, and now this piece of trash below me is dead.

Really, who else is going to have the balls to try and stop us?

TT: Eric Dane has issued a warning to the CWF! My God next week is going to be chaotic! We’re out of time, see you next Sunday!

[With that, he drops the mic and the feed is lost.]

[Fade to black.]