[We opens to clips from last week. The announcement of the CWF World Heavyweight title tournament; the arrival of Chris Osbourne; the promo cut by Jatt Starr; the announcement of Jeff Jericho as CWF commissioner, and the speech by Jericho that followed; and finally, the Team Danger assault to close the show.]

[Finally, the clip fades out and is replaced by the Sunday Night Brawl logo.]

[We fade into a sold out United Center in Chicago, Illinois. A dazzling display of pyrotechnics shoot off at the entrance ramp and above the ring, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The atmosphere is electric for the fallout of the CWF’s first show in over a year, and Teddy Turnbuckle and as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, are set to call the action.]

TT: Welcome everyone to Chicago, Illinois! Welcome to Sunday Night Brawl! Tonight the road to Summer Smash officially begins, and we separate the men from the boys with the World title tournament!

BC: That’s right, Teddy! We’re gonna find out who’s the real deal and who the legends of tomorrow are going to be! But more importantly, the Golden Rule begins tonight! Jeff Jericho is our commissioner!

TT: And that is guaranteed to keep every CWF superstar on their toes…wherever that man goes, controversy follows....

BC: Maybe, but he has the power to make Paul Blair vs Mark Xamin at Summer Smash official! I can’t wait!

The Boss Plays His Cards. . .

[The crowd explodes to life with a very loud mixed reaction as "Verse Chorus Verse" by Nirvana suddenly hits and stepping out from the back is none other than CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin, followed closely by wrestling legend, Maniac. Xamin is clad in an expensive brown Armani suit, complete with a tan colored dress shirt and dark brown tie. Maniac wears a leather jacket and blue jeans, as well as a pair of sunglasses. They walk to the ring with a purpose, Xamin appearing so focused that he hardly even blinks as he walks down the aisle. They step through the ropes, and Xamin pulls a mic out of his jacket pocket.]

TT: Well it looks like we won’t have to wait long to here from the CWF Owner...and Mr. Xamin looks upset about something.

BC: Head for the hills, the boss is here!

MARK XAMIN: Last week, Jeff Jericho came out here and ran his mouth about the CWF. He rambled on and on and on, as always never knowing when to shut up, and he tried to lecture me about this company. You've got some balls to do that, Jeff. But there are some big holes in your argument, little man. You wanna talk shit about what you've done for this company? You think you were the heart and soul of the CWF? You were my "go to" guy? Is that right...because the way I remember it, Jeff. You were one of the main turncoats when Steve Duarte left this company back in December of 1998. You were one of the founding fathers of the Rebel Wrestling Federation, were you not? The same company that tried to destroy the CWF?

[The crowd reacts to that, again with a very loud mixed reaction.]

MARK XAMIN: Were you not the same son of a bitch that dragged my good name through the mud during that time? And hell, we don't even have to go that far back, Jeff. How about one year ago? You ran this place like a god damn amateur. What the hell makes you so different from every other Jim, Bob and Tony that tried to recreate the CWF's past glory? What makes you so much more god damn special than Pete Ebdon or Jason Rothchild? Huh? Because the way I see it, I gave you an opportunity to be a part of the wrestling business in a different way.I gave you a chance to thrive on the business end of things, to be able to still be involved and do what you love without having to endure the wear and tear of every day competition. And what did you do with that opportunity? You soiled the CWF's name! You tarnished its history! You were an absolute disgrace to this company, and finally, you ran it into the ground and desperately gave Pete Ebdon the reigns. It was you, Jeff, who is the root cause of last year's drama. It was you who came to me and said you were unhappy with the direction the CWF had taken under Rothchild's regime. It was you who told me it was a mistake to bring the CWF back without my overseeing it. And now you're gonna pass the buck off to me? You're dumping this in my lap? I don't think so, asshole.

[The crowd pops loudly after Xamin's tirade.]

TT: Oh my!

BC: He can't…can he say that?!

TT: He's the owner of the company, Bobby! What are you gonna do, fire him?

MARK XAMIN: You were five times a CWF World Champion, weren't you, huh? That's real great, old timer…but the fact of the matter is, not one of your title reigns lasted longer than a damn month, and three of them were for just over a week. Some champion you were…yet you think you were my "go to" guy? Let me tell you something, bitch! Triple X was ten times the champion you'll ever be!

[The crowd absolutely erupts at the mention of Triple X.]

TT: Oh my God, I can't believe he just said that!

BC: Ahhh! This is not good...not good!

MARK XAMIN: But as long as you're taking credit for the CWF's success, why don't we bring you back down to earth on another level? You see this man standing next to me? {pointing to Maniac} Remember him, Jeff? He's got something to say, Mr. "Commissioner."

[The crowd marks out as Maniac accepts the mic from Mark Xamin.]

MANIAC: Well, well, well….Jeff Jericho. You know, I heard you come out here last week and run your mouth about how great you are, I heard you flap your gums about what you've meant to the CWF over the years…you know what you sound like to me, Jeff? You sound like yet another CWF Hall of Famer who forgot where he came from.

TT: Uh oh, I don't like where this is going.

MANIAC: See, Jericho…before you were Mr. CWF, before you were winning titles and headlining main events…you had just broken into the big leagues, the MWWF. You remember that, don't ya, Jeff? You were stuck fighting for mid-card titles and mid-card accolades. I was fighting the Jimmy Blast's, the Tornado Warrior's, the Striker's, the Rob Osbourne's, and I was dominating the company with one hand tied behind my back. And then X-Rated was formed…yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday, Jericho. I took you under my wing, I pushed you to become a better performer, I taught you how to make it in this world and leave your mark, to make an impact that no one who ever forget…and thanks to me, Jeff.you made that impact here in the CWF. But you made it in a forum that Mark Xamin created…and the way I see it, you owe him.

BC: He's gonna piss Jericho off! This is bad, Teddy.real bad!

TT: Well it sure as hell is gonna get interesting, that's for damn sure!

MANIAC: That's right, Jericho…so if he asks you to jump, you better ask how high! If he wants you to get on all fours and bark like a dog, you better damn well change your name to Fido and be the best god damn dog you can be! And if Mark Xamin is disgusted at having to name you commissioner…you damn well better assume he has a good reason for it and resign!

[The crowd gets louder as Mark Xamin takes the mic back.]

MARK XAMIN: You see, Jeff...it's like this. You may be a genius inside this ring. You may be an evil mastermind, you may have run some of the greatest scams in CWF history...but you did it all as a CWF wrestler. Outside of this ring, you're like a fish out of water...you just don't belong. You ran the CWF into its darkest days last year...you're to blame for that, it was your fault, I just cleaned up your mess like I always have! Why in the hell should I believe you'll do any better a job as commissioner? You're holding this company down, Jeff…it's that simple. And by God, I'll be damned if I sit idly by and watch you destroy this company which has become so important to this industry!

BC: What's he getting at?

MARK XAMIN: So in order to keep you under control…well, there's only one thing I can do. That contract you shoved in my face last week is binding, I can't fire you, that's very true, Jeff. But what I can do is name a new co-commissioner!

TT: What?! Oh my God!

BC: But..who?!

MARK XAMIN: And that's why just before Brawl went on the air tonight, the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed…ladies and gentlemen, your new CWF co-commissioner..MANIAC!

[The crowd erupts as the camera zooms in on Maniac's face. He is wearing a smug grin as Xamin continues.]

MARK XAMIN: That's right, Jeff...Maniac is here to keep your ego in check, and by God, if you get out of line he will smack you down like the bitch that you are!

TT: Oh my God! That has got to bring Jericho out here!

[He's right. "Play the Game" by Motorhead hits and the crowd goes into a frenzy at the chaos that is surely about to ensue. "Golden One" Jeff Jericho steps out from behind the curtain and paces around on the stage with a pissed off look on his face. He has a mic in hand, and stops in the center of the stage, pointing at Xamin emphatically as he speaks.]

JEFF JERICHO: Wow that was some story Mark, too bad it was all fiction. It is clear to me that you missed the point of my words to you last week. Never, not once did I say that I made the CWF. Take a look at the tape because I never said it. What I did say Mark, and allow me to refresh your memory, was that I was LOYAL to the CWF through thick and thin. Does that ring a bell, Mark? Do you also recall me saying that even through all the crap we've pulled on one another that I respected you? Yeah, I said that as well but you so conveniently forgot that. And that is the point of everything going on today, Mark! You betrayed me! You are the one that cast me aside. You are the one who declared war on ME, not the other way around. This is not about my ego; this is about you forgetting the friendship we forged and the mutual respect we once showed one another.

[Jericho loosens his tie.]

JEFF JERICHO: So now you have shown your true colors, Mark…and that is all well and good. I'm over it and well, I see you for who you really are. So let me be the first to say that last week I made a mistake when I talked about your contribution to the CWF. Yes Mark, I'm man enough to admit it; I misspoke and let me be the first to publicly apologize for not giving the full facts.

[A smile comes over Mark's face hearing the apology.]

JEFF JERICHO: The true fact of the matter is this, Mark, in the history of the CWF you have NEVER contributed a damn thing to this company!

BC: Ahhh!

[Mark attempts to run up the ramp after Jericho but Maniac holds him back.]

JEFF JERICHO: Oh come on, stop the charade you overbearing asshole!

[The crowd gives a mixed reaction]

TT: Jeff Jericho is treading the line here, folks…we apologize for the language…

JEFF JERICHO: The wrestling world has known this for years but I have defended your honor, until now, that is. Do the names Steven Duarte, Mike Hewlin, Travis Bruce, Todd Kephart, Terrell Burt mean anything to you? They should, because when you were too stressed after running one fucking show to continue you passed all your duties to them to run the CWF. For months they ran the CWF and kept it going while you were god knows where. Then once the CWF would start to become the hottest place on earth you'd return to take all the credit. Don't deny it because the only thing that you've ever contributed to this company is picking out the three letters, C..W..F!!!

TT: Oh my lord, Jericho has crossed the line!

BC: I'd have to agree...I never expected this!

JEFF JERICHO: The CWF was built on the creative minds and hard work of Kephart, Duarte, Bruce, Hewlin, Burt and so many others behind the scenes trying so hard to keep the CWF afloat while you were off pissing the company’s money away on your transvestite hookers! It wasn't just me in the ring but it was Magnus Thunder, Hollywood Huckster, Shadow Maxx, Paul Blair, Jimmy Blast, Nemesis, Triple X, Kevin Merrix, Z-Pac, Wraith, T-Money, Chris Reinhardt, MVP and so many others that bled, sweat and paid the price every night in that ring to make the CWF what it is today. It was our sacrifice, our hard work, our dedication that made the CWF a household name. Where were you? What did you do? Not a damn thing! You didn't make the CWF and you sure as hell didn't make any of us into the stars we are today. We paid the price to become the best, not just in the CWF but around the world! Nobody made us, we made ourselves and we made each other what we are! You cannot and never will be able to take credit for that.

[Jericho takes off his jacket and begins to pace back and fourth. The crowd is now chanting Jericho! Jericho! Jericho!]

JEFF JERICHO: So you want to come out here and actually try to poke fun at my 5 CWF World title reigns huh? Well, I've got one question for you Mark. Have you ever wrestled for 60 minutes, bled all over the ring and almost gone into shock, dislocated your shoulder but kept on wrestling, wrestled 300 days of the year? No! You haven't! You were never there! You don't know what it means to be a wrestler; you don't know what it means to be a champion or hell, even the best at something! You have never sacrificed to be the best in this sport and to spend decades at the top.

[Jericho's face is beat red and his eyes full of venom.]

JEFF JERICHO: I've been 22-times the World champion and I am without a shadow of a doubt the God of Professional wrestling. I've done it all this sport and that is why I'm in the hall of fame, because I was the best!! I've paid the price for everything I've ever earned in this sport and that is something nobody can take away from me. So you can make your jokes and you can try to mock the name of "Golden One" Jeff Jericho but the legacy I have created and that I have earned will last forever and stand the test of time. Trust me!

[The crowd cheers as Jericho nods his head to the crowd.]

JEFF JERICHO: But above all of that there is something more important than legacy, awards and championships. It is what the fans think. Now I've never been one to agree with the fans but damn it, they aren't stupid. And for over 20 years these fans have seen me wrestle and they know the sacrifices I've made for the CWF and for this sport in general. And that is why they respect me and that is worth more than any of the accolades I've earned! And it’s because of the fans support, the fans respect that the name Jeff Jericho will stand the test of time!

[The crowd erupts with cheers!]

JEFF JERICHO: Now earlier, I heard the ramblings of a old, confused legend. Maniac!

[The crowd cheers out of respect for Maniac]

JEFF JERICHO: Mr. 90 time World champion himself. On behalf of the wrestling world let me be the first person to say this to you because I know many have wanted to say this to you for years. Ninety World championships in ten years...BULL SHIT!

[Maniac is stopped by Mark X from charging at Jericho.]

BC: Now Jericho has gone too far…this isn’t the Jericho of old, I don’t like this new attitude!

TT: Well the records do add up, folks…Maniac has indeed won over ninety World championships in organizations all over the globe…

JEFF JERICHO: Yeah Maniac, we believe you. Ha Ha Ha! I forgot to mention, I'm the 200 time World champion. No no, make that 500 time World champion. Pathetic! 150 title in 10 years eh Maniac? BULL SHIT! Something tells me somebody is compensating for a little something, eh Maniac?

TT: Oh my lord!

JEFF JERICHO: But in all seriousness, despite the fabrications and we all know they are, damn it man you used to be quite something. But it seems that for the last 6 years you've become a shell of your former self. You used to be the franchise man but now you've become Mark Xamin's lackey. Don't deny it because look back in CWF history and we'll always see Mark Xamin telling you what to do. You've become nothing more than his bag carrier my friend! You are a champion, you are a hall of famer and now today's generation is going to see you not as the legend you should be but as Mark Xamin's sidekick! So I appeal to you, on behalf of all the fans who have loved and supported you for decades, drop the pencil neck geek Mark X and be the real Maniac again!

[The crowd cheers.]

TT: Well I can’t disagree with that…that would be great to see…

JEFF JERICHO: Be the hero once more, finally, join the CWF and compete! Stop being a follower and lead the pack. Stop taking orders and give them. Stop being a pawn in Mark Xamin's game and start setting all the rules once more. Damn it man, for too long you've been a shell of your former self, but if your experience in the NWF showed you, when you’re away from Mark Xamin you can be the real Maniac again. You have it in you to do it, but until that time comes, you are nothing more than a coward and a pathetic excuse for a legend!

[The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Maniac gives a blank stare at Jericho and Mark Xamin looks fearfully at Maniac.]

JEFF JERICHO: Oh and Mark, the match with Blair at Summer Smash, IT'S ON!!!

[The crowd erupts!]

TT: Oh my God! That’s huge!

BC: You mean…the boss is gonna get in the ring!? Ahhh!

JEFF JERICHO: I've signed the contract and it's a done deal. And get this, it's going to take place in a HELL IN A CELL!!!!!! Have a wonderful night.

[Jericho starts to leave but Maniac pipes up and stops him.]

MANIAC: Hold your horses there, hot shot…you think you can fool me? You think you can fool these people? Great body language there, little man…loosen that tie, throw off that jacket, reaaaallllyyy try and make us believe this bullshit! You know what? I don’t buy it. Not for one second. For God’s sake, from the sounds of it, you’ve been watching too much Spike TV on Monday nights!

[The crowd “ohhhs” and then starts to buzz.]

MANIAC: As for your little power trip…you’re forgetting one thing, asshole…I’ve got just as much power as you do now. The match between Blair and Mr. Xamin? Oh, it’s gonna happen alright, but only because Mark Xamin wants it to happen, and only because of this little stipulation that I’m about to throw in. On August 28th at Summer Smash…I will be in Mark Xamin’s corner!

[The crowd goes wild as Jericho turns red.]

BC: Oh this is getting good!

TT: My God what an announcement!

MANIAC: So, Jeff…as we used to say back in the day when X-Rated was turning you into a star…suck on it, bitch!

BC: Ha!

[The BlairVision theme interrupts the three men. Blair comes down to the ramp and stops at the top of it, standing on the opposite side as Jericho. He has a mic and begins to speak.]

PAUL BLAIR: So let me get this straight. You three are now in agreement that Paul Blair and Mark Xamin are going to go one on one at Summer Smash? Am I correct? Well it's about time that the rest of the world caught up with what Paul Blair said last week right here on Sunday Night Blair!

[Blair starts pacing on the ramp and then stops before he continues]

PAUL BLAIR: But the catch is that Xamin wants monkey crap #2 over there, Maniac, to be in his corner. That's not a problem by me.

[Mark Xamin claps his hands as he has gotten what he wanted.]

PAUL BLAIR: But if you’re going to have someone in your corner…then so is Paul Blair! In fact, I just got off the phone with my corner man, and he wanted me to tell both you Xamin and Maniac that he can't wait to finally get back in a CWF ring. And he can't think of a better way to get his start than by kicking your tail...AGAIN. So gentlemen...it's on at Summer Smash, and Xamin, your days are numbered. Can you hear that? Tick...tock. Tick...tock. That sound ends at Summer Smash and so do YOU.

[ Blair heads to the back with the crowd yelling in approval at the first match announced for Summer Smash ]

TT: Dear God almighty! This is absolutely monumental!

MARK XAMIN: I’m not afraid of you, Blair! I’ll see you in the cell, and you bring your little bitch with you, whoever he is…

[“Turning Japanese” by the Vapors begins to blare across the loud speaker. Lu Yen steps through the curtains and immediately heads to the ramp way. He has a microphone in hand and begins to speak.]

BC: What the hell does this bumbling idiot want?!

LU YEN: Well, well, well. Look who it is...it's Jeff Jericho. Oh my God in Heaven, I thought you had lost my phone number. You do remember me? Right Jeff? I was your right hand man about 2 years ago in this very ring. But…when I got bigger than the man himself, you turned on me. And as I recall, I beat you within an inch of your life when it was all said and done.

[Lu begins to pace back and forth on the stage.]

LU YEN: By the way, I like the suit. New commissioner, huh? I heard through the grapevine that Mark Xamin was challenged by none other than the greatest performer in the world, Mr. Paul Blair. Now at Summer Smash that is one hell of a match up. But, y’know I was thinking to make Summer Smash that much bigger, what if we added the name Yen and Jericho to the mix? I know you’re not in the shape you were in 2 years ago, so I thought I would give you a few seconds to process this and then we can talk.

[Lu pauses for a moment, tapping his foot at looking at his watch.]

BC: Lu Yen wants a piece of Jeff Jericho? This guy is nuttier than squirrel sh…

TT: Oh for God’s sake, watch your mouth, Bobby…do I really need to remind you of that after all these years?! This would be another huge match for this summer’s hottest pay-per-view!

LU YEN: Now, Jeff…let me speak slowly because I know you’re a little slow and I want to make sure you understand me. If you say no, I am going to make your road to Summer Smash a long and painful one. And if you accept, I will make your road to Summer Smash a pleasent one. Let’s face it, You love media time and an international superstar such as Lu Yen can give that to you.

[Lu walks over goes face to face with Jericho.]

TT: Oh this is intense…

LU YEN: Now, Mr. Jericho...what’s your answer? Are you going to be a good little commissioner and give me my match, or am I going to have to bring you out of retirement tonight in front of all these people?

[Jericho looks amused as he takes the microphone away from Yen. But before he can speak Yen slaps Jericho! Jericho's face turns red with anger.]

TT: My God! My God! Lu Yen just slapped the taste out of Jeff Jericho’s mouth and the Golden One is fuming!

BC: Mark Xamin and Maniac are loving this!

JEFF JERICHO: Who the hell do you think you are? Who is Lu Yen? A nobody, that’s who! You don't have the right to call out Jeff Jericho!

[Yen slaps Jericho again!]

BC: This crazy bastard has lost his damn mind!

JEFF JERICHO: You son of a bitch, don't you know, I'm retired damn it! I have a metal rod in my spine, I can't wrestle!

LU YEN: I don't give a damn if you are retired! After what you did to me in IOA two years ago, I'll fight you any place, any time!

JEFF JERICHO: I'm retired, you dumb son of a bitch! And that’s the end of it!

LU YEN: No, I want you in the ring at Summer Smash!

JEFF JERICHO: As much as I'd love to embarrass you one more time just for shits and giggles, I am not medically clear to wrestle you dumb piece of trash!

[Maniac interrupts.]

MANIAC: Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone there, tough guy!

[Jericho’s eyes widen as he slowly and nervously looks at Maniac.]

MANIAC: Now it’s my understanding, and Mark, correct me if I’m wrong…but you’re under a CWF contract! A contract that you, Jeff Jericho, signed, sealed and delivered yourself! That means you’re medically cleared to be here, and therefore medically cleared to step inside this ring. And as we both know, Jeff…if the commissioner makes a match, and you don’t show up…your ass is fired!

[Jericho desperately yells at Maniac from the top of the ramp, trying to reason with him, but Maniac puts his hand up.]

MANIAC: Talk to the hand, bitch! At Summer Smash…Lu Yen, you’ll get your wish! It’s gonna be Lu Yen….versus “The Golden One” Jeff Jericho!

[The crowd erupts!]

MANIAC: And oh yeah…there’s one other little thing I forgot to mention…it’s gonna be a street fight!

BC: What?!

TT: Oh my God, Jericho is being forced out of retirement by the new co-commissioner!

[Jericho starts to protest, but Lu Yen blindsides him with a superkick to the side of the head. Jericho falls back on the steel ramp and immediately clutches his neck.]

TT: Dear God! Lu Yen may have reaggravated the very injury Jeff Jericho was just talking about! Jericho is down and hurt! We need to get him some medical attention for God’s sake!

BC: Well maybe it knocked some sense into him, this isn’t the Jeff Jericho I knew and grew to love!

TT: Here come the paramedics…and folks, we need to take a quick commercial break, but stay tuned, the World title tournament begins next!


Lu Yen vs Ricky Chambers

[We return to the United Center in Chicago, where both Lu Yen and Ricky Chambers are already in the ring and set to begin the match.]


TT: Welcome back everyone…we’re all set to start round one of this World title tournament, with Ricky Chambers taking on Lu Yen…

BC: And during the break, Jeff Jericho was taken out of here on a stretcher! Lu Yen really made an impact here tonight!

TT: Well there’s nothing funny about a neck injury…we wish him a speedy recovery. But the focus is now on these two men…and we’re set to go here!

[Yen and Chambers circle one another in the ring with Yen jawing at him and proceeding to spit in his direction. Chambers returns the favor only nails Yen right in the face which enrages him. Yen charges at Chambers who calmly tosses him out of the ring. Yen throws a hissy fit on the outside and charges back into the ring at Chambers who once again tosses him out of the ring. Yen grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring out of anger. Chambers invites him into the ring but Yen flips him off leading to Chambers chasing Yen around the ring. Yen rolls into the ring and Chambers follows, allowing Yen to drop a couple of elbows on to Chambers to slow him. Yen picks him up and slams him to the mat and then starts laying the boots to him and then falls to the mat to allow him to choke and claw at Chambers. Yen is biting Chambers now!]

TT: Yen is a man possessed…I've never seen him this angry before!

BC: He's got Jeff Jericho on his mind and wants to make an example out of Ricky Chambers here tonight! But at the same time, Chambers is still trying to impress Mark Xamin!

[Yen with a snap suplex followed by a sliding drop kick to the face of Chambers. Yen now plays to the crowd leading to a loud chorus of boo's. Yen opens up with some closed fisted punches to the face of Chambers and now levels him with a clothesline. Yen climbs to the top rope and delivers a devastating elbow to the heart of Chambers. Yen with a cover 1...2....kick out by Chambers. Yen with a bulldog to Chambers and now starts to rub his face into the mat to add insult to injury. Yen now slaps on a figure four and is trying to break the legs of Chambers; he is even using the ropes for leverage. The referee breaks the hold and Yen shoves the referee to the ground.]

TT: Yen might get himself DQ'ed here if he cannot keep his emotions under control…

BC: This is a new Lu Yen we’re seeing here!

[Yen goes to the outside and grabs a chair, he is coming at Chambers but the referee gets in the way and tries to take the chair away from Yen. Chambers with a spear to Yen and the referee. Everyone is down! Chambers staggers to his feet and picks up the chair and cracks it over the head of Yen. Chambers with a cover 1.....2......kick out by Yen. The referee is still very dazed at this point. Chambers grabs the chair again and goes to hit Lu one more time but Lu hits him with a low blow! He takes the chair away from Chambers and smacks him over the head with it. Yen with a cover now 1.....2......kick out by Chambers! Both men are busted open. Yen is grabbing the referee and is thrashing him around out of anger. Chambers with a neck breaker to Yen and he is starting to put the boots to Yen with the crowd going wild.]

TT: Chambers is in control of this match and is unloading on Yen who has broken every rule to this point in the match.

BC: Come on Lu fight back!

[Chambers tosses Yen off of the ropes and delivers a spine buster. Chambers gets to his feet and starts pounding his chest, he is pumped up, Yen staggers to his feet and is met with a devastating powerslam. Yen wisely rolls out of the ring but Chambers is right out there after him and tosses him right into the ring post. Yen is trying to crawl away from Chambers who has become a monster; he is just out of control. Chambers tosses him back first into the steel guardrail. Yen continues to beg off but Chambers won't allow him to rest, a drop kick finds the mark. Chambers starts ripping up the padding and is signaling for a powerbomb on the concrete! Chambers lifts Yen but Yen reverses it and back body drops Chambers on the concrete!]

TT: That did it, Chambers was on fire but that might the beginning of the end. Wait a minute; Jeff Jericho just grabbed Yen from the crowd! The two are throwing lefts and rights at each other. The referee is out to try and break up the commotion!

BC: Damn that Jeff Jericho! He was never hurt!

TT: Jericho just grabbed somebody’s beer and smacked the beer bottle across Yen's face! CHAMBERS WITH A DDT ON THE CONCRETE!!!

BC: Dear god no!

[Chambers rolls a motionless Yen into the ring and covers him 1.....2.....3!!!]

Announcer: Here is your winner…and advancing to round two of the CWF World title tournament…RICKY CHAMBERS!

TT: Chambers did it! Chambers beat the veteran Lu Yen, what an upset!

BC: And look at Jericho smile at the fallen Yen, that is terrible! I used to respect Jericho!


[We cut backstage to Mark Xamin’s office, where Xamin and Maniac are watching Chambers celebrate in the ring on a TV monitor.]

MARK XAMIN: Not bad…not bad at all…

MANIAC: Maybe I was wrong about this Ricky Chambers kid…that’s a big win right here. But hey…we have bigger fish to fry. Who’s Blair’s partner gonna be? Damnit man, we better get on top of this…

MARK XAMIN: I don’t know…it could be anyone. Hell, maybe he convinced Justin Tyler or Johnny Molson to come over…

MANIAC: {grinning} I hope to God he did…the last time I saw Molson, I left him lying in a puddle of his own blood in front of the world! And Justin Tyler…I beat his ass too. If that’s the best he’s got we have nothing to worry about…

MARK XAMIN: But he did say this man was looking forward to stepping inside a CWF ring again. You don’t think it could be…

MANIAC: No! No….don’t even say his name, Mark…it’s not him. It’s not that ungrateful son of a bitch….it can’t be.

[Xamin nods, unsure of that reasoning. We cut back to ringside.]

TT: Well we all know who he means…

BC: There’s no way the freak could ever set foot in the CWF again! He’s banned! He shouldn’t even be in the Hall of Fame, Jericho inducted him there after all…

TT: Well nonetheless, this whole scenario is sure to cause a lot of speculation…it could be absolutely anyone, from Z-Pac to Steve Dart to Triple X to…I don’t know, Bobby…you!

BC: I would never cross the boss, Teddy!

Larry Tact vs Ryan Chase

TT: And now we’ve come to what looks like it could shape up into a well fought match…

BC: Right… Ryan Chase going up against Larry Tact… Real show stopper…

TT: Show some respect… I’d like to see you get in there…

[Suddenly “Won’t Back Down” by Fuel hits over the PA system as the CWF fans filling up the arena go into a booing frenzy as Ryan Chase slowly steps out from behind the curtain. He slowly looks out over the crowd shaking his head and somewhat smiling as he slowly makes his way down to the ring… He finally reaches the ring after a few moments of walking down the ramp way. Chase then stealthy slides into the ring, and gets into the center of the ring posing, only to be showered with more boos. ]

TT: Ryan Chase looks ready to go here!

[The fans continues to boo as “Karma” by Diffuser hits on the PA system…]

BC: Looks like the fans really don’t like either one of ‘em…

[Larry Tact then steps out from behind the curtain only to receive the same welcoming as Ryan Chase did before him… Larry wastes no time though as he quickly makes his way to the ring, and slides in the ring only to be met by stiff rights and lefts from Ryan Chase… ]

TT: And we’re off…

[Chase begins the match by delivering some stiff right hands that almost knock Larry off his feet. Tact’s head jerks backwards as Chase delivers shot after shot to Tact’s head. Chase then delivers a stiff blow that knocks Tact clean off his feet, and to the ground where the assault is continued. Chase begins delivering stiff boots to the chest, knocking most of the wind out of Tact as he does. Tact lucky manages to catch one of Chase’s legs. He then quickly brings both his legs up into the air, and wraps it around Ryan’s leg, tripping him off his feet and on to the ground. Tact then synchs in a very impressive ankle lock. Chase begins to thrash around looking for the nearest rope, but has no luck as he is stuck in the center of the ring… Chase begins to rise in pain, and lets out a few screams of agony.]

TT: Beautiful ankle lock by Larry Tact…

BC: If Chase doesn’t get out of this then rack a win up for Tact, because he isn’t letting go…

[The intensity of Larry Tact begins to show through as he continues to apply pressure to Chase’s leg… Chase then begins trying to shift his weight, so that he will be able to roll over, and somewhat create an opening for him to get out of this situation. Chase begins trying to roll over, but is met with stiff resistance from Tact. Chase then begins to kick at Tact with his free leg. Finally the kicks begin landing, as Tact’s head snaps back from the force. Tact finally lets go as Chase delivers a very stiff blow. Ryan crawls over to one of the ropes to pull himself up, and does so. Tact is also quick to his feet, and begins to approach Chase. Tact goes to deliver a right hand, but Ryan ducks, and begins running towards the ropes. He then bounces off them, and as he runs back at Tact throws his right arm forward with all his might almost decapitating Tact with a vile running clothesline… ]

TT: Oh my lord! Did you see the impact of that clothesline?!

BC: Obviously must have been a damn good one, looks like Tact is knocked out cold…

[Ryan Chase is the first to his feet, not a very big surprise… Larry is still down, but begins to roll over, and slowly get to his feet, but his lip is cut open badly… ]

BC: Bloodshed!

TT: Be quiet…

BC: Please… You couldn’t do this show without me…

TT: Please give me the chance…

[Both men are now up, Tact is still bleeding badly. Chase is the first one to approach, and delivers a stiff right to Tact. Larry fights back delivering his own shot to Chase’s skull… They continue delivering rights, and lefts to each other… They begin to make their ways towards the ring ropes. Tact then delivers a knee to Ryan’s stomach, and grabbing a hand full of hair, tosses him over the top ropes, sending him crashing to the floor… His head bounces off the mat as he crashes to the ground… ]

BC: Ouch… nothing like hitting the old noggin…

[Tact quickly follows as he jumps out of the ring, meeting Chase. Tact then slowly begins picking Chase up. He then delivers a cheap yakuza kick that meets Chase right in the side of the head. He then falls to the ground, but while all this is going on the referee has begun the ten count… ]





[ Neither men has realized this, as Chase begins to get to his feet/ Tact the goes for another type kick but his leg is caught by Chase. Ryan then lifts Larry’s leg into the air, and kicks him right in the thigh. He then throws him into the guardrail, and without a moments hesitation charges him, and delivers a clothesline that send both men over to rail, and into the fans…]

TT: The count is continuing, and it doesn’t look like either one of these stars are going to make it back into the ring in time…

BC: Looks like they could both care less…




[ Both men continues punching each other on the ground… Chase even picks up a folding chair, and raps it over Larry’s spine, but the ref doesn’t call for the DQ only continues the count knowing neither of the men are going to make it back… ]





Announcer: Ladies and gentlmen…this match is ruled a draw by double countout!

TT: Well looks like both men have been counted out…

BC: Congratulations… You aren’t blind!

TT: I’m not even going to waste my time… Anyway, I wonder what is going to be done about this. Common sense would say at least one of them needs to advance in the tournament… This could throw things way out of whack…

A Ruling is Made. . .

[“Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana hits, and Mark Xamin steps out from behind the curtain with a mic.]

MARK XAMIN: {shaking his head in disappointment} You know, I was expecting more out of those two…Ryan Chase and Larry Tact, you’ve both passed up the opportunity of a life time. But the question now is, who will take the round two slot vacated by those two? Well based on his laying out of Jeff Jericho last week, and his stellar performance in the ring earlier tonight only to have it ruined by our so-called “fair” commissioner…Lu Yen, you’ve earned yourself a second chance! Next week, you’re in round two!

[The crowd erupts into boos as Xamin drops the mic and disappears behind the curtain.]

TT: What?! I don’t know if that’s entirely fair, Bobby! Yen was eliminated by Ricky Chambers earlier tonight, fair and square!

BC: Well it’s obviously a benefit of taking out Jeff Jericho…you get on the bosses good side! Hell that’s incentive for me to attack him, ha!

TT: {sarcasm} Yeah, I’m sure you’d get real far…

BC: Of course I would!

TT: Anyway….we have to take a quick commercial break, we’ll be right back with more round one action, stay tuned!


Dan Lynch vs Mike Sloan vs "Daydreamer" Chris Osbourne

[We fade back into the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, where all three competitors are already in the ring and ready for battle.]

TT: Well here we go again…it’s triple threat action here in round one of the World title tournament! All three of these guys are making their in ring debuts in the CWF’s new era, so let’s see what they have to show us here…

BC: Dan Lynch is great, Teddy! This guy is all about the sex, love and money! Ha!


TT: And this one is underway…

[Sloan double clotheslines both men to the mat. Sloan grabs Osbourne and tosses him from the ring. Sloan tosses Lynch into the ropes and nails a high cross body. He delivers a few head butts and then executes a spectacular standing drop kick to send Lynch into the corner. Osbourne returns and nails Sloan out of the ring with a knee to the back. Lynch charges from the ring post and spears Osbourne to the ground. He picks him up and executes a perfect powerbomb in the center of the ring and a cover! 1.....2....Sloan runs in to make the save! Sloan and Lynch start trading blows in the center of the ring with Sloan getting the upper hand. He tosses Lynch into the ropes but is greeted with a spear. Lynch is up and clotheslines Osbourne from the ring. Sloan gets up quickly and hammers Lynch into the corner, he sets him up on the top rope and climbs up himself, and he is trying for a superplex. Lynch shoves him down to the mat and nails a Swanton bomb onto Sloan who convulses after being hit. Lynch goes for a cover 1..2....Osbourne pulled Lynch out of the ring and greets him with an upper cut. Osbourne runs Lynch into the ring post and climbs into the ring.]

TT: Wow, this match has been utter chaos thus far!

BC: Three great talents in the ring putting on a great show. I love it!

[Osbourne starts putting the boots to Sloan and nails a chop block on to him. Osbourne goes for a figure four by Sloan turns it into a small package 1....2....kick out by Osbourne. Sloan tosses Osbourne off the ropes and hits a spinebuster. Lynch comes in and picks up Osbourne and hits a jackhammer suplex. Osbourne rolls out of the ring for cover as Sloan and Lynch are in a stare down. Both start to exchange blows once again with Lynch getting the upper hand. Lynch tosses Sloan into the corner and hits a stinger splash. Sloan is then hit with a DDT. Osbourne rolls into the ring dazed and one more is nailed with a spear by Lynch!!! A cover 1....2...Sloan breaks up the count!]

TT: Lynch had it right there by Sloan broke up the count just in time!

BC: Wow, that was close!

[Lynch and Sloan trade blows when a low kick to the mid-section by Sloan stuns Lynch. Sloan grabs Osbourne and tosses Chris into Lynch causing Lynch to fall to the outside. Osbourne is dazed and Sloan grabs Osbourne and rolls him up 1...2..Sloan has the tights..3!!!! Sloan wins as Lynch tried to make it back into the ring but was just to late!]

BC: What a brilliant move by Sloan!

TT: You've got to give him credit with that one, a very intelligent move to grab the win. They don’t call him the Dark Horse for nothing!

BC: Look at this, Lynch from behind!

TT: Lynch only moments before came with in inches of winning! Lynch tosses Sloan out of the ring and delivers a spinebuster to a dazed Chris Osbourne! Something tells me we haven't seen the last of Sloan and Lynch in the ring together! These two match up great, either one of them could have one that one…but tonight was Mike Sloan’s night!

[As the combatants head back to the showers, the camera zooms in on the announcers booth, with Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.]

TT: Well it has been a hell of a night so far, folks…and it’s only going to get better. The first round continues…up next we have another triple threat match, this one involving Team Danger’s “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker, blue chipper Jimmy Sartyr, and “The Modern Day Messiah” Scott Adams. This one could be very interesting…

BC: Jimmy Sartyr is a wildcard, for sure…hell, I don’t like him much, he’s too much of a prima donna for my taste…

TT: …oh for God’s sake…

BC: …but you have to be impressed with his in ring ability…damn this kid can bring it! And Tyrone Walker better be prepared for this one, because Sartyr is gonna give him a run for his money. I don’t think Scott Adams is gonna be much of a factor, Teddy…Sartyr beat him last week and he’s been sulking ever since…

TT: Well let’s find out, it looks like we’re ready to begin!

Tyrone Walker vs Scott Adams vs Jimmy Sartyr

[Suddenly “Crashing Around You” by Motorhead hits on the PA system and the fans erupt as it does… Loud thundering cheers fill the arena as Jimmy Sartyr steps out from behind the curtain. He’s wearing his signature ring attire, black and red tights with the slight silhouette of a swan on the back. The fans continue cheering as he gets himself pumped up at the top of the stage, jumping into the air, and crouching downwards towards the ground… ]

TT: Jimmy looks ready for this one… He is one of the most promising superstars in this company…

[Jimmy begins to make his way down to the ring, slapping the hands of fans who stick their arms out… Finally he slides into the ring, only to receive more and more cheers from the sea of fans…]

BC: Overrated…

[Then “Believe” by Breaking Benjamin hits, to be met by a mixed reaction of cheers, and some boos… Then “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker makes his way out from behind the curtain… He doesn’t seem to care what the fans are thinking, because he pays no attention to them on his way down to the ring… He then slides in, and makes eye contact with Sartyr… Both men square off as if ready to do battle…]

TT: The intensity is already starting to show through here…

BC: Looks like they’re about ready to rip each other to pieces just to advance in the tournament…

[Suddenly “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Mason hits over the PA system cutting through that atmosphere like a warm knife through butter… The fans begin booing as “The Modern Day Messiah” Scott Adams steps out from behind the dark curtain. His facial makeup resembling a skull, and his black tights, clad with red crosses on them… Scott begins making his way towards the ring, but before he can Walker blindsides Sartyr with a huge right hand that knocks him into the ropes…]

TT: So it begins!

[Sartyr bounces off the ropes as Walker goes for a closeline. Jimmy ducks it, and as Walker turns around, he hits him with a spinning heel kick, that finds its mark, right on Walker’s chin…]

BC: Awesome move by Sartyr…

TT: Most effective way to take out an opponent… A kick right on the chin!

[Adams finally slides into the ring, and goes for a big boot on Sartyr, but he ducks it, and sweeps out Adams legs from under him. Adams falls to the mat, and Sartyr quickly delivers a standing moonsault, and comes crashing down across Adams’s chest. Walker is then back on his feet, but Jimmy doesn’t realize it… Walker then picks up Jimmy as if about to deliver a suplex, but instead throws Jimmy so that he is side ways in the air, and sends him crashing right down on Walker’s knee!]

TT: OUCH… Very innovative backbreaker…

BC: Innovative is right…

[Jimmy rolls out to the side of the ropes, and stays under them clutching his back, and catching his breathe. Adams is back to his feet, and delivers a stiff blow to the back of Walker’s head. Walker falls to one knee, but quickly recovers. He then gets back to his feet, and kicks Adams in the chest… He then sets him up in the powerbomb position, and hoists him high into the air. He then drives him down to the mat with a powerbomb, sending him to the mat hard on the back of his head, but Walker doesn’t release him. He then hoists Adams into the air again, and drops him on the back of his head another time…]

TT: The power of Walker being displayed on front of us…

[He then hoists him up a final time, but this time Jimmy Sartyr is waiting, perched on the top rope. He then jumps off, and delivers a missile drops kick that catches Walker right in the mouth… Tyron Walker goes down hard, landing on his back, with Scott Adams falling on top of him. Adams has the frame of mind though to hook Walker’s leg, and go for a pin. The referee then begins the count…



The pin is broken up by Sartyr…]

BC: Nice move, but he almost cost himself the match!

[Jimmy is quick to his feet, as Scott Adams falls over from the exhaustion, and pain of being powerbombed so many times… Jimmy then quickly goes to the top ropes; he is cut off by Walker though who is quick to his feet. Walker jumps up there with him, and delivers a few stiff blows to the chest. Walker then, with great balance, picks Jimmy up in the fall away slam position…]

TT: No he’s not going to is he?

BC: It kinda looks that way from where I’m sitting…

[Walker then jumps off the top ropes, spins Jimmy around, sending him crashing to the ground hitting one of Walker’s signature moves Twisting in the Wind… Walker quickly goes for a cover, and the referee is quick to get into position and begin the count that could send Walker to the next round…]





Walker stares down at Sartyr in disbelief as the crowd gasps at the same time as Jimmy kicks out… This is all then followed by cheers…]

BC: I can’t believe he kicked out of that!

TT: Me either… I thought that was it for Sartyr for the night…

BC: Hell I thought it was the end of Sartyr for a LONG time…

[Adams is back to his feet… He quickly realizes what’s going on, and attempts to take advantage of the situation… He quickly delivers a stiff superkick that catches Walker right in the temple… Walker goes down and Adams goes for the cover…




Walker is quick to kick out of the pin… ]

TT: Scott Adams trying to capitalize…

BC: Smart kid…

[Jimmy manages to stumble to his feet though, and delivers a kick to Adams’s chest, and hits a DDT, spiking his head into the ground…]

TT: Nice move by Jimmy… Looks like if he pulls something out here, he could take it, no one else is in his way… Walker is out on the side…

BC: Maybe a TUCK N’ COVER…

[Jimmy then begins scaling the ropes as quickly as his beaten body will allow him to… He then jumps off into the air, delivering a TUCK N’ COVER!]

TT: It’s over is he can just make a cover!

[Jimmy rolls off Adams clutching his ribs, suddenly Tyron Walker crawls over and lays on top of Scott Adams, hooking his leg… The referee then begins counting…




TT: Damn it! Tyrone Walker just stole a win from Jimmy Sartyr…

[Sartyr looks on in shock and disbelief as Tyrone Walker rolls off of Scott, and out of the ring…]

TT: Still Jimmy Sartyr has no reason to be ashamed for losing the match…

BC: Agreed… He has such a bright future here, he’ll end up getting that title belt sometime in the near future, I can feel it…

TT: And wait just a second…here comes the boss again!

BC: What now?! Good Christ, that poor man has talked so damn much tonight, he’s not gonna have a voice left!

A Second Chance. . .

[“Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana hits, and once again stepping from behind the curtain is Mark Xamin, with a mic in his hand. He stops at the top of the ramp and stares at the drained competitors in the ring.]

MARK XAMIN: Now that’s more like it!

[The fans roar in approval.]

MARK XAMIN: Jimmy Sartyr…I signed you a little over a week ago hoping you would mold yourself into the CWF’s next big superstar…and for the second week in a row, you’ve proven me right…damn I’m a bloody genius!

[The crowd shows a loud mixed reaction…partially cheers for Sartyr, but mostly boos for Xamin’s blatant arrogance.]

MARK XAMIN: Earlier tonight, I announced that Lu Yen would have a second crack at this tournament…well by God, after a performance like that, you’ve earned one too, Mr. Sartyr! So here’s the deal…next week, you’re back in the tournament! But here’s the catch…because this is a second chance, things are gonna be twice as hard. You and Lu Yen will start all over again from round one…and the winner of that match between you two next week will go on to face either Jatt Starr or Johnny Keel in round two!

TT: Oh my…well Sartyr and Yen both deserve it, but I dare say that may be a little more than either one of them can handle…

BC: Two matches in one night?! I’ll tell you what…if either one of them makes it past round two I’ll be extremely impressed!

[Xamin starts to head to the back, but then stops abruptly, turns around and continues.]

MARK XAMIN: And one other thing. Because the CWF is the land of opportunity, here’s a little announcement…two weeks from now, the round one losers will all compete in two separate matches. Four of them will fight in a Fatal Fourway match, and the other four will do the same later that night. The following week…the two winners of those matches will square off, right here on Brawl, to decide who will win the CWF Mid-Atlantic title!

[The crowd roars!]

TT: Oh my! That’s huge news!

MARK XAMIN: But that’s not all…see, the round two losers will all compete the very same night that the Mid-Atlantic title is won…and they will compete in a four man cage match for the CWF National title! The first man out of the cage wins it all…

[The crowd again cheers at this announcement.]

TT: We’re going to crown a few champions before Summer Smash after all! This is great!

MARK XAMIN: But that’s not all…the two semi finalists who don’t advance to the finals to compete for the CWF World Heavyweight championship at Summer Smash? They’ll be squaring off against each other at Summer Smash in a number one contenders match! That’s right…there’s more on the line in this tournament than the World title, boys…this is about making your mark. You all have a chance to make a name for yourselves right off the damn bat…so seize that opportunity! Prove to the CWF that you’re an impact player…because if you don’t, like I said last week…you will plain and simply be eaten alive…

[With that, Xamin drops the mic and heads to the back.]

BC: That’s big news, Teddy!

TT: It certainly is! Business is starting to pick up here in the CWF! Folks, we need to go to commercials…we’ll be right back!


“The Only Star” Eric Dane vs Indigo Phoenix

[We cut back to the ring for our next contest.]

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with the winner advancing to the second round of the CWF World Heavyweight championship tournament! Introducing first, from Salem, Indiana…weighing in at 321 pounds…being led to the ring by Caladbolg Scarnet….INDIGO PHOENIX!

[“Boulevard of Broken Songs” by Party Ben hits, and Indigo Phoenix steps out from behind the curtain followed closely by Caladbolg Scarnet. Phoenix wears a pair of black shorts with a semi tribal design of a phoenix on the back. He strides to the ring, and steps through the ropes. Scarnet gives him a pep talk and then takes his position in Phoenix’s corner.]

Announcer: And his opponent….from New Orleans, Louisiana…weighing in at 245 pounds…. “THE ONLY STAR” ERIC DANE!

[The sound of “The One You Love to Hate” by Rob Halford fills the arena, and the fans erupt into a chorus of boos as “The Only Star” Eric Dane steps out from behind the curtain in a pair of dark red tights with a single silver star on the seat. His long, honey-blonde hair hangs down over his face, dripping wet, probably a result of the obligatory water bottle dumped over the head routine. He struts to the ring arrogantly, almost as if to taunt the fans who are beginning to throw garbage at him. He grins self-assuredly, and steps through the ropes and into the ring.]

TT: Well it should be interesting here to see if Dane can hold his own against a much larger opponent…Indigo Phoenix outweighs him by about eight pounds…

BC: That’s no problem for the Only Star, Teddy! I’ve been following this match up closely, and Indigo Phoenix hasn’t even spent a second of his time preparing for this one…Dane has this in the bag!


[Phoenix wastes no time and carelessly walks in to lock up with Dane…Dane simply thumbs him in the eye and starts going to work on him. He unloads a flurry of punches, knife-edged chops, kicks, more punches, followed by more kicks, more chops and once again more punches. Phoenix is down in the corner of the ring trying to protect himself as the referee pulls Dane away. The camera zooms in on Caladbolg Scarnet outside the ring, who has his face buried in his hands in disgust.]

TT: Well Scarnet doesn’t seem too impressed by Indigo’s performance in the early going here…

BC: Like I said, Teddy…I don’t think he even knew he had a match until he arrived at the arena tonight! He’s unprepared, and Dane is gonna make him pay the price…

[As Phoenix tries to pull himself to his feet, Dane charges in and knees him square in the face. Phoenix falls back and Dane mounts him, pounding him with heavy fists of fury, Phoenix’s head bouncing off the mat with each landed blow. This time Dane gets off of him before the ref can pull him off, and pulls Phoenix to his feet, throwing him back into the corner and climbing to the second turnbuckle. The crowd counts the punches as they land.]

Crowd: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9…….10!

[Phoenix stumbles out of the corner and falls flat on his face. Dane climbs to the top rope and leaps off, connecting perfectly with a flying elbow drop. He pulls Phoenix up and tosses him through the ropes and to the outside. Scarnet walks over to Phoenix to help him up…as he gets to his feet, Dane comes flying through the ropes and connects with a flying headbutt on Phoenix, knocking him back into the steel guardrail. Scarnet pleads with Dane to stop…but Dane grabs him and throws him into the ring steps, knocking him out.]

TT: Scarnet is down and out! And Indigo Phoenix looks like a fish out of water here…

BC: How on earth can you come unprepared for a match as important as this?! I mean he has an opportunity to become the CWF World Heavyweight champion! What kind of an idiot passes that up?!

TT: Alright, settle down, Bobby…I’m sure he has his reasons, though I don’t know what they could possibly be…

[Dane whips Phoenix into the ring post, splitting him open and sending him straight to the concrete floor like a ton of bricks. Dane stomps him in the head a few times before rolling back into the ring to break the count, and then rolling right back out. He lifts up Phoenix’s leg and drives his knee right into the concrete floor. Phoenix screams out in pain, and Dane grins, satisfied at the agony he’s putting him through. He pulls him up and rolls him back into the ring. The referee warns him to keep it inside from now on…Dane shrugs him off and goes back to work, whipping Phoenix to ropes…Phoenix can hardly stand, limping back towards Dane on the rebound…Dane unleashes with a superkick that could easily have knocked Phoenix’s head clear off his shoulders. Phoenix is out like a light, but Dane doesn’t let up. He pulls him up again, showing incredible strength by supporting all of Phoenix’s weight even though he’s unconscious…he lifts him up in a suplex position and holds him in the air, letting the blood rush to his head. Just as Phoenix seems to be waking up, Dane drops him straight on his head with a stalling brainbuster DDT, knocking him back out.]

TT: STAR DRIVER! And it’s gotta be over…

BC: Indigo Phoenix has yet to mount any offence at all! This is really quite pathetic…

TT: And wait a minute…Dane isn’t going for a cover!

BC: Yeah! Make him suffer, Eric! Teach this punk a lesson!

TT: For God’s sake, Phoenix is out cold, he can’t defend himself! Someone stop this thing!

[Dane lifts him up once again, and drops him with yet another Star Driver. Then he pulls him up…and delivers yet another! Phoenix is knocked out about three times over.]

TT: Indigo Phoenix is hurt, someone stop the damn match!

[Right on cue, the referee signals for the bell.]


Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE ONLY STAR” ERIC DANE!

[The crowd boos loudly as Dane mockingly wipes the sweat off his brow and flings it onto the motionless body of Indigo Phoenix.]

BC: Ha! That’s funny because I don’t think Dane even broke a sweat!

TT: Well Indigo Phoenix is hurt badly here, but I think the damage done to his career as a result of this embarrassment may hurt more than any injury he may have sustained…

BC: An absolute disgraceful performance by that big oversized idiot! He outweighs Dane by that much weight and he absolutely got his ass kicked on national television!

TT: Well we need to kill some time here as Indigo Phoenix gets some medical attention, so we’ll take this time to remind you that Summer Smash comes your way, live from an already sold out AllTel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida! 76, 877 seats have been sold to capacity, and for the first time, Summer Smash will be held outdoors where it probably belongs!

BC: Oh man, that has got to be a CWF record attendance…history is going to be made on August 28th at Summer Smash!

[The camera scans the crowd as the EMT’s load Indigo Phoenix onto a stretcher and wheel him to the back, with Scarnet at his side. Finally, the ring area is cleared for the next contest.]

Rage vs The Poltergeist

TT: This next match should be interesting to say the least.

BC: Are you kidding me. This is getting the Bobby Crane guarantee. Rage is not going to lose this one and you have my word on it. If he does lose, then Teddy you are the "golden announcer" of the CWF.

TT: Oh man, big talk from a man that calls himself "Beautiful". Let's just get to the introductions.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall. First coming down the aisle weighing in at a crisp 246 pounds, from New Hampshire....here is The Poltergeist!

["The Man Who Sold the World" by Nirvana starts and out comes The Poltergeist. He has pail white skin with blue eyes, blonde flat top, ghostly blue robe, and brown boots.]

Announcer:and his opponent is from Kingston, NY...weighing in at 220 pounds...here is Rage!!!

[Love Dump by Static X starts up and out steps Rage. He is wearing a long black, leather trench coat with chains spanning both sides of the coat. The chains also hang from the coat, and drag on the ground. He is wearing black sunglasses, and black baggy pants. His jet black hair is spiked up, and his eyes are both white. He also has a fair share of scars. .]

TT: Poltergeist jumps Rage as soon as the bell sounds and stomps him in the stomach. Whips Rage off the ropes and oh no!

[ Rage kicks Poltergeist in the head as he had put his head down to a back body drop him. Poltergeist is on his back quickly. Rage covers him.
kickout by Poltergeist.]

BC: I'm surprised they still teach that move. I don't think I've ever seen it work in all my years of wrestling.

[ Rage throws Poltergeist in the corner and comes charging in with a lariat. Poltergeist quickly looks out of it. He sinks down in the corner as Rage continues stomping away. The ref counts to three before Rage breaks away from the corner to allow Poltergeist to get up. After a few seconds though, he goes back in and tosses Poltergeist off the ropes and hits a superkick. Poltergeist is now looking out of it.]

TT: That superkick tore his head off. Your hero Blair couldn't have done it better.

BC: You might be right there.

[ Rage goes for the cover again.

Rage lifts Poltergeist up himself to dish out more punishment.

Rage then picks up Poltergeist for a chokeslam, which he turns into a backbreaker. Again, he covers him.

Rage lifts Poltergeist up again.]

TT: He is just toying with him here. I think this is going to be a mistake he regrets.

BC: No way. Are you kidding me? Rage can pin him at anytime. Like right now for instance.

[ As the two men have been talking, Rage lifts Poltergeist up in the torture rack position, and spins him in the air. As he dropping him, he spikes him in the ground with a spike piledriver.]

BC: I told you it was over. That's 13 Shades of Grey. And for Poltergeist, it's 13 Shades of a loss!

[ Rage rolls him in the middle of the ring and covers him


BC: He could have counted until Tuesday and Poltergeist wasn't getting up.

Announcer: Here is your winner.....Rage!!!

TT: Impressive showing by Rage here tonight.

BC: I believe one of us predicted this would happen. Hmm, now who was that? Oh yeah, it was me. Looks like you are still not the Golden Announcer of the CWF.

TT: If you say so, Bobby. Well folks, we have to take one final commercial break, but don’t go anywhere because there are sure to be fireworks in our final two matches of the evening!


Paul Blair vs. Nick Wadden vs. Profit

[We cut back to the arena, where Nick Wadden and Profit are already in the ring awaiting the arrival of the third man in the match, Paul Blair.]

TT: Welcome back, fans…we’re just waiting on Paul Blair here to get this one started…

BC: These are mind games, Teddy! Blair knows what he’s doing…he knows Wadden and Profit are nervous about making their CWF debuts…he’s just making them sweat it out a little longer…

TT: You may well be right, Blair is a master of mind games, he’s proven that time and time again over the years. And wait a minute…look out!

[The crowd erupts into boos as Paul Blair runs through the crowd, hops the guardrail and sneaks into the ring. Profit and Wadden have no idea that he’s there, and he has a lead pipe in his hand!]

TT: Wait just a damn minute! Through the crowd comes Paul Blair with a lead pipe; he is in the ring and just laid out Profit and Wadden! Dear god!

BC: Father time just outsmarted everyone!

TT: Blair continues his assault on both men and this match has yet to even start!

BC: Look at Blair, he is ordering this match to begin! Ha! I love it!


[The referee rings the bell and Blair covers Wadden 1.....2....3!!!]

BC: Ha! Blair just shocked the world! This is great!

Announcer: Here is your winner…PAUL BLAIR!

[The crowd showers Blair with boos as he points to his brain, rubbing it in.]

TT: For God’s sake, Paul Blair just robbed these two men of a shot at the CWF title! This is a damn crime!

BC: And the best part is, Blair didn’t even break a sweat! He’s gonna be fresh as a daisy next week in round two!

TT: That’s a very good point…Blair has a huge advantage next week! And he may need it, he’s up against Tyrone Walker!

BC: Blair doesn’t need it, but he’ll take it! This is very fair to Blair!

TT: Well in any event, folks…up next is our main event…Jatt Starr squaring off against a CWF veteran, Johnny Keel. And Keel made one hell of an impact last week, laying out both Paul Blair and Lu Yen!

BC: Yeah but now let’s see if he can get it done against the ruler of Jattlantis, baby! Jatt Starr is known worldwide as a superstar, he’s a favorite to make it to the finals based on his name alone!

TT: Well on paper he may be a favorite, but matches aren’t fought on paper, they’re fought in the ring…so let’s get it started and find out who will advance to round two!

Jatt Starr vs Johnny Keel

[Cut back to the ring.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our main event is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, New York…weighing in at 235 pounds….JATT STARR!

[The crowd erupts as “Whisper” by Evanescence hits, and Jatt Starr struts out from the back and poses for the fans. Clad in cargo pants, sneakers, and one of his custom baseball jerseys, he walks to the ring and poses once more on the apron. The crowd is really into him, and the charismatic star steps through the ropes and awaits his opponent.]

Announcer: And his opponent…from St. Louis, Missouri…weighing in at 259 pounds…. “YOUR BLOODSTAINED HERO” JOHNNY KEEL!

TT: And here he comes!

[The crowd erupts as “Cold” by Static X hits and Johnny Keel storms out from the back, runs down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope. He wastes no time and immediately goes after Jatt Starr.]

TT: Johnny Keel is a house of fire!

BC: Do you realize how long that man has waited for another opportunity at the CWF World championship? I mean this dates all the way back to Super Card 3 in the year 2000!

TT: That was the night Johnny Keel’s brother cost him the title in the infamous Craze in the Maze! I never thought of that, that has to have been eating away at him for years! But he’s back and he has a chance to make it right again!

[Keel unloads on Starr with a flurry of punches so intense that Keel’s fists look like a blur. Starr can’t seem to defend against it, so he is backed into the corner, where Keel stomps him down until Starr is sitting helplessly in the corner. Keel then delivers one more stomp for good measure and looks to the crowd…and they roar in approval. Keel pulls him up and whips him to the opposite corner, following up with a clothesline that sends Starr bouncing out of the corner from the impact, and stumbling into the center of the ring. Keel charges up behind him and drives his head into the canvas with a flying bulldog!]

TT: It’s all Johnny Keel here in the early going!

BC: Well the winner of this one has a huge advantage in round two, because he’ll be up against either Jimmy Sartyr or Lu Yen, who will both have competed earlier in the night!

TT: Very true, so a lot is at stake here…the winner has a very good chance to go at least to the semi finals and regardless of what happens from there, he’ll be in the World title picture because the loser of the semi finals at least gets a number one contenders match!

[Keel rolls him over and goes for an early cover.

1. . . . . . . .

2. . . . . . . . . .

Kickout by Starr!

Keel pulls him up and delivers a wicked knife edged chop…Starr keels over in pain and the red mark becomes very visable on his chest. Keel whips him to the ropes and connects with a shattering spine buster on the rebound! Starr arches his pain in pain, and Keel again looks at the crowd, which again roars in approval. Keel goes to the second turnbuckle and leaps off, driving his elbow right into Starr’s chest.]

TT: Keel looks to be driving the wind out of Jatt Starr early on here…

BC: I definitely heard the wind come out of him after that elbow drop….from both ends! Ha!

TT: {sighing} Just call the damn match, would you?

[Keel goes to pull him up but Starr quickly pulls him in for an inside cradle and a quick cover, which catches Keel by surprise!

1. . . . . .

2. . . . . . . . . .

3!!! No! Keel escapes just in the nick of time!]

TT: My God that was close, and I bet if you’re a Johnny Keel fan your heart just skipped a beat!

[Keel gets up and wastes no time pouncing back on Starr, clearly enraged at the surprise inside cradle…he pounds on Starr’s head until the referee pulls him off. Starr tries to get to his feet and Keel pulls him up by his hair and whips him to the ropes. Keel runs over towards Starr and goes for a clothesline, but Starr swiftly dodges the attack and rolls to the left. With a charging attack, Keel stumbles into the referee and levels him with the clothesline intended for Jatt.]


BC: This is not good at all!

[Suddenly the lights dim through out the entire arena and the sound of piano keys begin playing. Then the loud booming voice over the speaker system speaking.]


[Then picking up over the speaker system is "The Greatest" by T.I. feat. Mannie Fresh as the lights are restored through out the entire arena. Walking out from the entrance tunnel comes newly signed CWF superstar, Erik Olson.]

TT: What the hell?!

BC: It's Erik Olson! Oh my God!

[At ringside, Johnny Keel and Jatt Starr look towards Olson who makes his way out onto the ramp towards the ring. Pausing for a moment from his walking, he looks down towards the ring at both Keel and Starr.]

BC: What plans does Olson have with Keel or Starr?

TT: Let's watch these events unfold here...

[After a moment of looking at the two superstars, Olson then continues his way down the aisle and then makes his way towards the ring. Johnny and Jatt back away from the ropes as Olson slides under the bottom rope. Both superstars look at one another and then back at Olson whom just smirks arrogantly.]

[As Erik Olson's music dies down, he slowly approaches the two superstars standing before him. Suddenly Olson blindsides Johnny Keel with a hard right to the face and continues to beat down on Keel with right after right, wearing him down to the canvas.]


[Once Keel is down lying flat on the canvas, Erik begins to stomp away at his chest with some well placed boots. Jatt Starr watches as Olson dismantles Johnny Keel in the center of the ring. Starr then walks over towards the chaos that is going on. Backing away from Keel, Erik Olson nods at Jatt Starr whom lifts Keel up to his feet.]

BC: Do Olson and Starr have some kind of hidden agenda with one another?

TT: It seems like it!

[Starr shoves Keel towards Olson whom quickly kicks Keel in the stomach, stunning him and then out of know where, Erik Olson hits one of his stunning signature manuevers, GOT MILK?! This manuever is a modified version of a sitdown powerbomb, where Olson lifts up Keel and plants him down straight into the canvas, taking him completely out of the match.]


[Starr walks over towards Olson and pats him on the shoulder, but suddenly he glares into the eyes of Starr and brushes his hand aside. Erik Olson grins at Jatt Starr and then whips him into the ropes. As Jatt comes running back towards Olson, he grabs a hold of him, lifting him high up into the air and then slams Starr down with a HUGE spinebuster.]



[With both Keel and Starr lying in the center of the ring, Olson raises both of his arms high up into the air as the crowd erupts with cheers. Then walking over towards the ropes, Olson steps out of the ring and makes his way back towards the entrance tunnel laughing to himself.]

[The ring is left filled with carnage from Olson's attack, as the official slowly rises to his feet to find both Starr and Keel lying on the canvas. The referee then begins to make the KO count.]

1... 2... 3...

[Neither Keel nor Starr move a muscle.]



4... 5...

[Starr moves around a bit as does Johnny Keel. Both superstars still remain lying on the ground, looking completely dazed.]

6... 7...

TT: Good God almighty, somebody break the damn count, it can’t end this way, it just can’t!

[As the referee gets to 9, Starr is able to groggily roll out of the ring, breaking the count and starting a new one.]

TT: And thank God! Thank God, Jatt Starr broke the count and this match will continue!

[Starr slowly gets to his feet and then jolts up, remember Keel is still unconscious in the middle of the ring. He quickly climbs back into the ring with a sudden burst of energy, and makes a cover!

1. . . . . .

2. . . . .. . . .


No! Keel got his shoulder up at the very last second!]

TT: Holy hell! The referee’s hand was less than an inch away from hitting the mat for the three count, but somehow, some way, Keel managed to get a shoulder up and survive!

BC: Your Bloodstained Hero? How about the Cardiac Kid?!

[Starr flops to the mat in disbelief, as Keel slowly begins to stir. Starr quickly jumps on him, pulls him up and whips him to the ropes, but Keel reverses it and sends him into the corner. Keel begins to climb to the top turnbuckle, and drops Starr with a top rope DDT!]

TT: THE FINAL DREAM! He nailed it and this has to be it!

[Keel can’t seem to capitalize…he very slowly crawls over and lays an arm on Starr, but was too much time wasted?

1. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



TT: He did it! Johnny Keel advances to round two!

Announcer: Here is your winner….JOHNNY KEEL!

[Johnny Keel has his arm raised while still lying on the mat…clearly drained and surprised by the arrival of Erik Olson, he doesn’t bother trying to get up.]

TT: Well Keel with a well deserved victory…and wait just a damn minute! No! Not again!

[Magnesium explodes and a string of pyrotechnic bliss explodes over the entrance ramp. The Classic-tron hums to life and the letters TD brighten up the screen.]

TT: Not Team Danger! God damnit!

BC: Ha! They’ve come to take out the trash!

[Team Danger – “The Only Star” Eric Dane and “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker, walk down the ramp menacingly. Johnny Keel looks up from the mat helplessly, unable to get to his feet, as Dane and Walker slide into the ring and mockingly pose for the fans.]

TT: Team Danger has invaded the main event once again! What the hell is their agenda this time?!

BC: They don’t need an agenda, they’re Team Danger, they do what they want!

[Walker grabs Johnny Keel and chucks him over the top rope. Keel crashes to the concrete floor and appears to land awkwardly, sending him rolling around on the ground clutching his knee. Dane grabs Jatt Star, while Walker heads to the top rope. Dane lifts him up above his head, and Walker spikes Starr into the mat for a spike Star Driver.]

TT: For God’s sake, for the second week in a row, they’ve spike Star Drivered a defenceless man through the damn canvas….

[Dane grabs a mic, but just as he opens his mouth…]

TT: Oh my! I’d say someone is here for revenge!

[Suddenly Team Danger is interrupted by the BlairVision theme which comes over the arena. Out steps the cocky, arrogant Paul Blair who stops and looks out into the crowd. The arena is full of boos as the veteran continues walking.]

BC: Here comes the Ruler! Alright, now something is about to take place worth talking about!

[Blair walks past the CWF announcer's table and high fives Crane. Then he goes over and grabs one of their headphones]

PAUL BLAIR: How in the heck are the two of you tonight? {looking at Teddy Turnbuckle in disgust} I take that back, how's my favorite announcer doing tonight, Mr. Crane?

BC: I'm doing good now. Thanks for coming out here, Paul!

[Team Danger is looking impatient in the ring as they don't like being interrupted. Blair notices this and wraps up his conversation.]

PAUL BLAIR: Bobby, I'd love to sit here and chat. But I have to go make this dull segment a little bit more entertaining. So I must go….

[Blair walks down the rest of the way to the ring and grabs a mic from ringside. Then he looks into the crowd. Everyone is protecting their popcorn and cokes. Blair happens to find some water from the timekeeper's table. He grabs the bottle and drinks some of it. Then he pours the rest into the stands at the woman sitting in the front row. She looks disgusted by this and Blair hops in the ring happy with himself. He then looks into the crowd which is filled with hatred for him, and then back at Team Danger who do not look happy with him either. He begins to speak.]

PAUL BLAIR: I don't mean to interrupt your attempt at putting these peons to sleep. By the way, you are mighty good at boring the socks off a man with no feet. But I came out here because it occurred to me that last week, while we were out here in the ring, I didn't get a chance to really meet you two. So how's it going Team Danger?

[Dane and Walker look on, clearly not amused at Blair's words.]

PAUL BLAIR: Now if you will, allow me to introduce you Eric Dane ,and you Tyrone Walker, to Mr. Ratings. Allow me to introduce you Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker to Mr. Money Maker. Allow me to introduce you Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker to Mr. C - W - F! Allow me to introduce you Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker to the man who needs no introduction when it comes to anything involving the Classic Wrestling Federation, but I always feel the need to introduce him anyways. Allow me to introduce you Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker to "The Real Deal" in the CWF, the "Ruler" Paul Blair.

[The crowd boos Blair as he continues.]

PAUL BLAIR:Now you might not take kindly to my amusements, but let me tell you a secret. I don't give a flying crap what you think anyways. So finally I am in the ring with the men who are, how have you put it? Let me think back. I believe it went something like "two of the three most angry, violent, and successful men in the industry". So the CWF is lucky, Paul Blair is lucky, did I get that right? I'm lucky that the third little chicken shit didn't join the CWF or I would not know what hit me.

[Dane is having to be restrained by Walker now.]

PAUL BLAIR: Let me think about that. Well where is the third little chicken shit, because I'm sitting here looking at the other two of that little equation, and all I see is twiddle dee and twiddle dum. My only concern is which one of you is twiddle dee and which one of you is twiddle dum?

[Both men now want a piece of Blair but are trying to keep their cool.]

PAUL BLAIR: Calm down boys. This is MY time. This is Sunday Night Blair, the show named after me, and I'll be calling the shots here. Now you boys certainly do like to jump people. You like to attack people from behind. It must be a painful shot to the two of you to know that the only way you can get the Main Event slot is to come out here and attack the real top guys of the federation. Does that hurt there? I mean you claim to be "The Only Star" Eric Dane and "Black Jesus" Tyrone Walker. What kind of hillbilly names are those anyways? First off, "Black Jesus"? Walker, I have a better name for you…how about "Buckwheat" Walker? Does that work for you? And Eric Dane? "The Only Star"? Well that doesn't quite sound right to me. Especially since you flat out aren't a star. How about the "Punk ass rollie pollie" Eric Dane. I think that sounds better.

[Blair pauses for a second and then continues.]

PAUL BLAIR: Am I supposed to be impressed with you two? Because I'm not. Why should I be impressed with two do-nothings who come out here flapping their gums like they have Paul Blair talent, when they don't even have much talent at all. I came out here for two things. The first was to tell you twopeons, that you can get over yourselves already. The closest either of you will get to the CWF World Title, is by being in the ring with the next World Champion, and that's ME. Walker, next week if you are lucky enough to make it to my ring, I'll kick your teeth right down your throat. And regardless of who the CWF puts in the ring with me: one thing is very clear. I'm walking into Summer Smash as one half of the Main Event. So that means Eric Dane that you have a shot. You have a shot at going into Summer Smash as my opponent for the World Title. But if you are lucky enough, I'll make sure that after Summer Smash, you will be remembered as "The Only Loser in the Summer Smash Main Event" Eric Dane. Now what was the second reason I came out here?

[Blair stops to think about the second reason. Then he remembers.]

PAUL BLAIR: Oh yeah…

[Dane and Walker have heard too much already though and attack Blair. Both men kick Blair to the ground and jump on him with lefts and rights. Then they pick him up and toss him off the ropes, but Blair ducks and greets Dane with a Blairkick that leaves him laying on the mat. Then he turns around and sees Walker about to hit him from behind, but he instantly nails another Blairkick. Then he stands over top of Walker and speaks.]

TT: My God! Paul Blair has just laid out Team Danger!

PAUL BLAIR: That's right. The second thing was to tell you that payback's a Blair! Walker, you call yourself the "Black Jesus" but next week you won't be anything but my "black and blue bitch."

BC: Ahhhh!

[Blair throws the mic down and raises his hand in triumph. Some fans can be heard cheering - probably because they don't like Team Danger. But boos definitely outnumber the cheers. Regardless, Blair heads out of the ring and to the back, happy for what he has done. He looks back at Team Danger laying on their backs when he’s about half way up the ramp. ]

TT: Good God! Paul Blair just showed up Team Danger! And next week it’s Blair vs Walker! Oh this is gonna be explosive!

BC: Ahhh! Blair! ......ahhhhh!!! He just pissed off Team Danger, that’s not gonna sit well with them!

TT: We’re out of time folks, see you next week for round two!

[The camera zooms in on Blair’s face. He’s wearing a wide grin…in the background, we can see in the CWF-tron that Dane and Walker are on their knees, leaning on the middle rope and staring furiously at Blair, nearly foaming at the mouth in anger.]

[Scene fades to black.]