[We fade in to a sold out Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The arena is set up for a spectacular show. The ring features a dark grey canvas and red ropes, the Sunday Night Brawl logo splashed across the apron. As we are treated to a brilliant overhead shot of the inside of the arena, the Sunday Night Brawl logo appears on the screen.]

[As the logo shatters into thousands of tiny pieces and blows away in a wind-like effect, fireworks explode at the entrance ramp and the crowd erupts. We cut to our commentators for the evening, Teddy Turnbuckle and, as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.]

TT: Welcome everyone to another exciting edition of the CWF’s Sunday Night Brawl! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle alongside my broadcast colleague, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, and we are live from a sold out Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio!

BC: These fans are electric tonight! What is it, one dollar beer night?

TT: We have a hell of a show lined up for you this week…tonight not one, but two championships will be decided! Dan Lynch squares off against Lu Yen for the Mid-Atlantic title, and you’ve got to wonder what kind of condition Lu Yen is in after that heinous attack by Jeff Jericho last week…

BC: It doesn’t matter, Teddy! It comes down to three things…sex, love, and money! Dan Lynch has this title in the bag! Ha!

TT: Well we’ll find out tonight…and also, one of the most prestigious championships in all of wrestling, the CWF National title will be decided in a four way dance between Rage, Paul Blair, Jimmy Sartyr, and Ricky Chambers!

BC: And this is most definitely not fair to Blair, Teddy!

TT: How do you figure that?...

BC: He deserves to be in the semi finals tonight! Hell, he should have had a free pass to the finals! But Eric Dane screwed him over last week, it’s not fair! Not fair at all!

TT: Well that could be seen as a valid point, Dane did play a major role in Blair’s demise last week…but nonetheless, our two final matches of the evening are really going to be interesting, folks! Tyrone Walker versus Johnny Keel, and how about this one…Eric Dane goes head to head with Mike Sloan, and the winners of these two matches will headline Summer Smash for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

BC: Well Eric Dane, as great as he is, better have eyes in the back of his head tonight because you can bet Paul Blair will be gunning for him…

TT: Indeed. This and more, all here tonight on Brawl!

BC: Wait a second here, Teddy…I’m getting something in my earpiece….something is going on backstage with the boss! Ahh!

The Ruler Sends a Message…

[The cameras cut to the back where Maniac and Mark Xamin are busy looking over some CWF paperwork. Suddenly Maniac falls to the ground and Xamin gets out of the way. Paul Blair has a baseball bat in his hands and seems to be the reason for Maniac's fall. Blair looks down at him.]

PAUL BLAIR: So, the mighty Maniac is ready for Summer Smash is he? Do you think you still have what it takes to make it on the big time? Last week I made sure the ref paid for what he had done in my match against Tyrone Walker. I have reason to believe that you and Xamin helped motivate that ref and Eric Dane to work against me. And for that, you have been knocked on your backside.

[Blair spits at Maniac and then points the bat at Mark Xamin.]

PAUL BLAIR: Xamin, in three weeks at Summer Smash, you are going to get yours. Maniac has paid tonight, but I'm going to make you think about the pain and suffering that you have coming. Can you feel the excitement? Hell in a Cell. Is that really the type of match you want to be in there with me? You feel ok, placing yourself inside a cage where I have no one there to stop me from doing damage to you for all those years that you have screwed me over...

[Blair walks over Maniac is laying there watching what Blair does next. Blair keeps the bat pointed at Mark Xamin and puts the end of it near Xamin's throat - who is now backed up against a wall.]

PAUL BLAIR: Think about it. I'm going to take your head through those bars for each time you screwed me out a match. Then I'm going to think about each one of those times where I should have earned a shot at the Main Event push, yet I was passed up. I was passed up for the likes of Triple X, Z-Pac, Jeff Jericho, Freeze, Steve Dart. They took my spots because you decided that giving them a shot would be better. You let the likes of Dean Warren, Mike Van Pro, Bain, Dallas Storm, and Fox Korchev get near the title picture when it should have been ME! I should have been a multiple time World Champion there Mark. But you didn't allow it. I should have been on the cover of the CWF magazine on a monthly basis, but I wasn't. Who chooses the covers Mark? It is YOU!

You choose the main eventers, and you chose other people. You decided to advertise others instead of me. You decided to promote other big name wrestlers to the top of your card and sign in new talent...and not me. You had me in your camp all along, I was always one of those guys that came back. Mark Xamin was a big name, he asked you to join CWF again because the doors are opening - I jumped at it. Mark you let me down because you never gave me the chance to succeed.

[Blair now has a glazed look in his eyes as he seems to be snapping a little more every second. He starts swinging the bat at Xamin, who is dodging the swings.]

PAUL BLAIR: Now I know what people will say. Why did you need him to help you succeed? Oh I didn't NEED you to succeed, did I Mark? No I didn't. I'm a big name in the CWF. People know me from miles around, but they don't know me because of YOU. I worked my butt off to be the big name player I am today. I'm a multiple time Unified Champ because of ME. I've held every major CWF title - because of ME. All I would have needed was one litte nudge from you, just give me ONE lousy shot and my name would be known galaxy-wide. I would be a CWF Hall of Famer right now, the fans would cheer me and big name companies would pay me to hawk their merchandise. But you just couldn't do that, could you Mark? You couldn't drop my name to anyone when it came down to it? You had to say, oh that guy, he's the Ruler. But you know who you should talk to? I have this guy named Jericho who is a true superstar. I have this guy named Z-Pac who is a dark spirit and you would love him. They will endorse your product, they will accept your checks. What about me Mark? What about good old, reliable, dependable, loyal to the last drop Paul Blair? Did you ever stop to think about how talented Paul Blair is in the ring? Did you ever for even one lousy second stop to think about how the fans would react to eating Ruler O's. The Breakfast of Champions is now the Breakfast of the Ruler. It's genius. But they wouldn't take my phone calls....and you wouldn't drop my name.

[It's at this point that Blair starts swing the bat wildly, just barely missing Xamin who takes off towards his office with Maniac close behind. Blair then goes to the computer that Xamin was on before and bashes it in with his bat. We cut back to the ring with Blair screaming.]

TT: Paul Blair is livid, and apparently he’s directing his anger at Mark Xamin and Maniac!

BC: The thing to remember though, is that none of this is fair to Blair…

TT: What?!

BC: He’s Paul Blair, damnit…he should be able to snap and get a title shot! He’s right, the CWF has held him down for far too long…

TT: Oh for crying out loud, you’ve got to be kidding…let’s just get to the ring for our first match. The winner of this one earns the right to face the Mid-Atlantic Champion, whether it be Dan Lynch or Lu Yen, at Summer Smash…


TT: And next up we have a newcomer to the wrestling game, fans!

BC: Yes, another bellyflop in the CWF record book you jerks at home have come to live...I mean love... and respect!

TT: You are a hopeless and ignorant man, Crane. This man has just as much of a chance at stardom as Maniac or Steve Dart! Give 'em a break!

BC: Sure, pick a bone, any bone! Tact-less will make this guy fizzle in a New York manizzle! Top that, you Mark X. pocket dweller.

[The arena goes dark as . "They All Fall Down" by Grits thumps the air and the lights stabilize as Chiron Cross emerges onto the stage. He snaps is arms to the rhythm of white pyro shooting into the air and gives the "I Love You" sign.]

Announcer: From the Streets of The City, Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, ladies and gentlemen, Chiron CROSS!

[He walks with intensity down the ramp. Climbing the steps and onto the apron, Chiron leaps over the top rope into the ring and removes his black leather trench coat and mirrored shades.]
Announcer: And in this corner, hailing from Manhatten New York, weighing in at 252 pounds, Larryyyyy TACT!

[Larry Tact swaggers down to the ring without a bell or whistle wearing his black tights and boots with blue laces. He climbs into the ring. He looks at Chiron once and turns away as if he's of little consequence as he grooms himself. Then he turns to face his opponent.]


[They lock up tight, with Tact having the physical advantage. He shoves Chiron to the mat with authority. Chiron springs to his feet and charges. Tact makes for a huge right hand but Chiron feigns and A HARD KICK TO THE RIGHT KNEE! Tact is down on the mat holding in pain. Chiron locks the ankle...Tact reaches for the ropes...the ref breaks the hold...Chiron picks up Tact and a gets a low blow for his efforts! Tact with kicks to the head and rakes his boot over Chiron's face, who is writhing. Tact picking Chiron off the mat, bringing him to the ropes...and up he goes with a huge suplex to the floor!]

BC: This an absolute circus. Where did Mark find these guys? Wait, Teddy, I don't want to know. Dopes, all of them, and ten bucks says they knock each other out.
TT: Not only are you ignorant, but you're a tightwad! Someone come over here and knock THIS guy out! I'll give you my trust fund! The ref is counting now...

[1...2...3...4... Chiron struggling and in severe pain, he slides back into the ring and onto his feet. Tact is all over him with vicious right hands...Irish Whip to the ropes...Tact makes for a clothesline but Chiron ducks...rebound off the ropes and YAKUZA KICK TO TACT'S HEAD! Tact is STILL STANDING, but staggering badly. Chiron with an onslaught of hard punches to the ribs and a roundhouse right...Tact falls against the ropes. CHIRON COMES OFF THE ROPES AND NAILS TACT WITH A FLYING BODY PRESS that sends both men to the outside! Tact is running on adrenaline now as both men pummel each other with hard rights...TACT GOUGES THE EYES AND LOCKS ON TRAPPING HEADBUTTS! He's slaughtering Chiron as the audience counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7. Tact himself is dazed from the maneuver. The ref is at the 8 count and Tact slided Chiron back in. Both men in the ring now.]

TT: This is starting to get vicious! Two capable competitors are fighting hard for that Mid-Atlantic title shot at Summer Smash! What an event that's going to be, Bobby.

BC: Yaaaaawwwnnnn!!! Let's talk about something else!!! I know something you don't know! I know Paul Blair's secret partner! HAHAHA! And I'm not telling!

TT: What!? How did you...? Ah, never mind. That's something I don't want to know! What depths you had to plumb for that juicy tidbit is something the fansdo not need to hear!

[Chiron is facedown on the mat...Tact goes for the pin...1.......2.......thr- kickout! Tact is up again...approaches Chiron who counters with a kick to the midsection. Chiron to his feet...they lock up again...Chiron with a knee smash to the midsection....Chiron from behind with a beautiful tiger spin! Chiron capitalizes with a boston crab...the ref is asking Tact if he gives...Tact yells NO!...Chiron lets go and gives Tact a big stomp to the head...Chiron picks Tact off the canvas...A MARTIAL ARTS ONSLAUGHT TO TACTS ENTIRE BODY! TACT IS SENSELESS! Chiron whips him to the turnbuckle...running kick to the face as Tact stumbles forward...Tact is not giving in to the pain...Chiron ascends to the top turnbuckle...he nails Tact with a diving karate kick to the chest sending Tact to the mat. Another adrenaline rush for Tact! He pounds the mat with anger! Up to his feet like nothing happened! He locks up with Chiron attempting to give him a bodyslam...Chiron slides over his shoulder and from behind Chiron whips Tact around for a big boot to the stomach! Chiron heaves him onto his shoulder...he's signalling for the HammerFall but took too long. Tact pulled back and POWER BOMB BY TACT!!! He goes for the pin...1......2...........thr-kickout again!]

BC: Would someone please run interference on this match!? Is it too much to ask for X to slip Rage a twenty to come out and total these yahoos!? I could have had this match won already!

TT: What is it that makes Tact keep on ticking? He's superhuman! Chiron Cross has been pulling off some incredible moves but nothing's finishing the job, and has pulled off some fine recoveries! I can only imagine that this is but a taste of what we can expect at Summer Smash this year!

[Chiron gets up staggering...the two are out of breath...a lock up...Tact with an Irish Whip...he makes for a back drop but Chiron counters with a big knee to the head...Tact falls to the mat...a cover...1....2....kickout! Chiron peels tact off the mat and sends him into the corner! Chiron smashes Tact's head onto the turnbuckle...that fans count along...1..2..3..4..5...Chiron turns Tact around to face him and sets him on the top turnbuckle.]

TT: This could be it, Bobby!

BC: Oh my lucky stars...one buffoon gets it! And...WHAT!? Chiron is up to the top turnbuckle with Tact over a shoulder!

TT: Oh my word! He's signalling for the HammerFall!!! This is it folks!!!

[Chiron takes the leap and FIRE THUNDER FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! CHIRON HAS BURIED TACT!!! He drags him to the center of the ring and covers...1.........2.........3!!! "They All Fall Down" by Grits bounces through the arena as the ref raised Chiron's arm in victory.]

Announcer: Here is your winner......CHIRON CROSS!!!

TT: What an impressive win from this newcomer! From his first match he goes on to contend for the Mid-Atlantic Championship at Summer Smash!!! Folks, stay with us, we’ll be right back!


TT: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen…moments ago, Chiron Cross earned himself a Mid-Atlantic title shot, and up next we’re going to find out who he’ll be challenging for that very title. Dan Lynch and Lu Yen are about to square off to decide the first CWF championship title of this new generation!

BC: After this one, Lynch is going to have to redo his entire moniker! It’s gonna be sex, love, money…and championships! Ha! This guy is a hit with the ladies, have you hung out with him yet?

TT: No, can’t say I have, but I’m a happily married man, Bobby…I don’t need his help with the ladies…

BC: Oh come on! You’re missing out, man…I spent five minutes with Dan Lynch and I had women willing to do anything, and I do mean anything for me if I’d get them his autograph…I’m telling you, he’s a sex, love and money machine! He has his fun with the lady of his choice and then takes off like a thief in the night without any guilt or anything! He’s the best!

TT: Sounds like slime to me, but nonetheless he’s a terrific performer in the ring, so let’s get this one started and crowd a new CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion!


[We cut to the ring for the introduction of our next two combatants.]

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship!

[The crowd erupts at the announcement.]

Announcer: Introducing first…from Nagasaki, Japan…weighing in at 232 pounds….LU YEN!

[The fans get on their feet as “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors hits, and Lu Yen steps out from the back in a mask, covering his damaged face. About half way down the aisle, he stops and motions to the back for someone to come out.]

BC: What is this insane son of a bitch asking for now?!

TT: Lu Yen has to cover his face up after that vicious assault that landed Jeff Jericho in jail last week, and who are these two!?

[Out from the back step two men wearing identical masks as Lu Yen. They both walk down the aisle and stand next to Lu Yen…they all bow to each other in traditional Japanese style, and Yen slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. The two men take their place in Lu Yen’s corner.]

BC: This isn’t fair! They’re not allowed at ringside!

TT: Well I’m being told that one of those men goes by the name of Klein. I don’t know who this other man is though…

BC: Wait a minute…Klein?! That’s my bookie! That son of a bitch has a vested interest in Summer Smash, believe me…he’s gonna rob me of my damn loot!

TT: You mean you’ve been gambling on the CWF? You do realize this could get you fired…

BC: Who? Me? What? No…of course not…

TT: Uh huh…

Announcer: And his opponent…from Tampa Bay, Florida…weighing in at 240 pounds…. “SEX, LOVE AND MONEY” DAN LYNCH!

BC: Wooo!

[The crowd erupts into a smattering of boos as “Sex, Love & Money” by Mos Def hits and Dan Lynch struts out from the back wearing black shorts with “Sex” down one leg, “Love” on the seat, and “Money” on the other leg in gold. He has a black fur coat on, as well as a pair of sunglasses.]

BC: Man this guy has style…look at him! That’s a man with good taste, Teddy…

TT: Yeah, thank god for those sunglasses…it’s so damn sunny in here…

BC: Oh shut up, what do you know, you geek? See, Dan Lynch is the type of man who would come home at 3:00 in the morning with lipstick on his collar, smelling of another woman's perfume, and then slap his wife on the ass and say, “you're next.”

TT: For God’s sake…

[Lynch pulls off his fur coat and wraps it around an attractive female fan in the front row. He then runs his finger softly down her cheek. She blushes and he grins arrogantly, then turns around, tosses his sunglasses off and enters the ring.]


TT: Well it’s about damn time Dan Lynch decided to get in the ring…

BC: Shut up, you moron! I bet after this match is over, he’ll be walking out of here with the Mid-Atlantic title, that woman and three of her closest friends…

[Lu Yen turns and faces his two corner men, and bows at them once more. As he turns his back, Lynch jumps him from behind and slams his forearm into Yen’s neck. Yen whiplashes into the corner and Lynch stays on him, repeatedly pounding his forearm into Yen’s upper back. Lynch secures Yen around the waist and sends him flying with a release German suplex. Yen lands on his head and flips backwards, folded up like an accordion.]

BC: Ha! Take out the trash, Dan!

TT: For crying out loud, Bobby…he jumped Yen from behind while he was in the middle of his pre match ritual!

BC: What? I didn’t see that…

[Lynch poses for the crowd, winking at the woman in the front row. This gives Yen all the time he needs. He gets to his feet and when Lynch turns around, Yen unleashes a vicious high kick right to his temple! Lynch falls flat on his face, as Yen adjusts his mask and then goes back to work on Lynch. He pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…Lynch ducks a clothesline on the rebound and comes back looking to connect with a clothesline of his own, but this time Yen ducks…Lynch on the rebound once again, Yen looking for a back body drop, but he went down a little too early and Lynch instead catches him with a swinging neckbreaker!]

TT: Lynch with a good counter there…and perhaps Yen is having some difficulty adjusting to life with that mask on his face…

BC: It’s about time that ugly bastard put a mask over his face! A mask, a paper bag, anything would have done just fine…let’s just be grateful we don’t have to look at him any more…

TT: Tell us how you really feel, you jackass…

BC: Hmm…right now? I feel a little hungry. Hey, you! Go get me a hotdog…

[Lynch pulls Yen up and delivers a ferocious European uppercut, sending Yen stumbling back into the corner. Yen mounts the turnbuckles and drives his fist into Yen’s forehead, the crowd counting along with each landed blow.]


[Lynch goes to step down but then has second thoughts…instead, he starts biting Yen on the face!]

TT: Stop it! Stop that! Yen’s face took enough abuse at the hands of Jeff Jericho last week!

[The referee pulls Lynch off, and Yen walks across the ring, using the ropes to support himself as he favours his face. Lynch smirks at him, smelling blood. He charges in at Yen, but Yen pulls the top rope down and Lynch goes flying to the outside! Yen distracts the referee as Klein and the other masked man assault Lynch on the outside, driving his lower back into the ring apron, whipping him into the guardrail, and then stomping him viciously before rolling him back into the ring.]

BC: Hey! Disqualify Yen! Lynch is the champion! This isn’t fair!

TT: Well apparently the referee didn’t see it, and this match continues with Lu Yen having a decided advantage now after those two masked men beat down Dan Lynch!

[Yen quickly makes a cover on the clearly dazed Dan Lynch!]

Shoulder up!

BC: Ha! Atta boy Dan!

TT: Dan Lynch, despite his arrogant nature, certainly has a lot of guts to be able to kick out after a beating like that on the outside…

[Yen looks at the referee in disbelief…or we’re left to assume disbelief, anyway, since his mask covers the emotion on his face. Yen implores the ref to count faster, but goes back to work on Lynch nonetheless. He pulls him up and backs him into the corner, and then slaps him in the chest with a knife edged chop! The smack echos throughout the arena, and Lynch yelps in pain as a bright red handprint develops on his chest. Yen leaps up, grabs Lynch around the neck, plants his feet in Lynch’s abdomen and rolls backwards, sending Lynch sprawling across the ring with a monkey flip! Yen then leaps onto the top rope and wasting no time, flips backwards and says through the air with a moonsault…The H Bomb!]

BC: Ahhhh!

TT: Yen just nailed the H Bomb and he makes the cover!

Foot in the ropes!

BC: Yes! He did it! Lynch broke the count with a foot in the ropes!

TT: Yen is going to town on Dan Lynch but he can’t seem to put him away thus far!

[Yen doesn’t bother arguing with the referee this time, and pulls Lynch back to his feet. He whips him to the ropes and swings wildly at Lynch looking to connect with a clothesline, but Lynch ducks…on the rebound, Yen jumps up onto Lynch’s shoulders and tries to bring him down with a frankensteiner, but Lynch holds on and turns it into a powerbomb! Yen arches his back in pain, and both men are down.]

TT: Both men are down, but the momentum may have shifted Lynch’s way after that powerbomb!

BC: Time to teach this foreigner a lesson! Come on, Dan!

TT: Could you for once in your life be impartial?

BC: Sorry, no.

TT: {sighs}

[The referee’s count gets to 8 before Lynch pulls himself to his feet. As he goes over to get Yen, Yen rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside. The referee orders Lynch to stay in the ring, and as his back is turned, Klein gets in the ring in place of Yen!]

BC: Hey! That’s not Lu Yen!

TT: The ref can’t tell them apart, they’re wearing the same mask! It’s 3 against 1 here on Dan Lynch, and the referee has no clue! Klein is in the ring as fresh as a daisy and the referee things it’s Lu Yen!

[Lynch doesn’t seem to notice either, and locks up with Klein. Klein knees him in the gut and drops him with a DDT! Lynch is in trouble as the fresh Klein appears to have a wrestling background. Klein sits on Lynch’s back and singes up with a one legged Boston crab. Lynch pulls his own hair in agony, screaming out in pain but refusing to give up. Meanwhile, Lu Yen is on the outside of the ring and is taunting Lynch! Lynch sees that it’s him and then looks back at the man on his back and screams at Yen.]

TT: And Lynch has figured it out but the referee has no idea that Lu Yen isn’t even in the ring!

BC: Kick his ass, Dan! Cheaters never prosper!

TT: …says the Paul Blair fan.

BC: Shut up!

[Lynch twists around and breaks the hold, and with a sudden surge of adrenaline, he flies at Klein with a flying forearm that sends Klein through the ropes and to the outside! Lynch looks down at Yen and runs to the ropes…and sails over the top rope, landing on Yen and the masked man with a suicide dive!]

BC: Ha!

TT: Dan Lynch is on a rampage!

[Lynch grabs the masked man and throws him into the ring steps! Yen is on all fours scurrying around the ring. Lynch runs around after him, but as he turns the corner, Klein comes out of nowhere and plants him with a vicious clothesline on the floor! Lynch bounces off the concrete…Yen and Klein bow to each other once again.]

BC: Come on, ref! What is this crap?! Disqualify him!

TT: Apparently the ref is letting this one fly! The title is on the line, after all!

[The referee rushes to the outside and yells at Klein to get back in Yen’s corner and stay out of the match. Klein puts his hands in the air as if he didn’t do anything. Yen rolls Lynch back into the ring and heads to the top rope. He jumps off looking for a flying leg drop!]

BC: Ahhh!

TT: IN LU OF THINGS! But no! Lynch rolled out of the way, perhaps out of desperation!

BC: There is no quit in this man! That was pure instinct!

[Yen reels in pain on the canvas as Lynch slowly gets to his feet. The ref has finally restored some order and the match seems to be back under his control. Lynch climbs to the second turnbuckle and leaps off, driving his elbow into Yen’s chest. Yen rolls around the ring clutching his throat, as if Lynch missed his target and instead got him in the throat…]

TT: Yen is gasping for air here…it looked like Lynch got him in the chest, though it was hard to tell from this angle…ah, here’s the replay, let’s take a look.

[Another angle of the elbow drop clearly shows Lynch’s elbow striking Yen in the throat.]

BC: Ha! Perfectly executed by the Sex, Love, and Money machine!

TT: Well that certainly changes the complexion of this match…Yen has had his oxygen taken away from him and it could be academic from here…

[Lynch goes for a cover!]


BC: Count faster, ref!

TT: Give it a rest, Bobby! He’s been consistent the entire match…Yen managed to kickout and this match continues!

[Lynch pulls Yen up by his hair and knees him in the gut. He plants Yen into the canvas with a body slam, and then runs to the ropes, leaping up onto the second rope and bouncing back with a moonsault! It connects, and Yen starts rolling around the ring gasping for air again.]

BC: What’s with this nut?

TT: Ever been elbow dropped in the throat, Bobby? Geez, have some damn compassion! Yen is wearing a mask to cover his injured face, he’s probably having trouble breathing through it as it is, let alone after having an elbow smashed into his throat and then the wind knocked out of him after that moonsault!

BC: Boy, Lynch really knows what he’s doing then, taking away Yen’s oxygen! What a brilliant strategist!

TT: Stop kissing his ass already!

[Lynch walks over to Yen and goes to pull him up…but Yen throws salt in his eyes! Lynch staggers back, blinded…]

BC: Hey! This damn Lu Yen has too many tricks up his sleeve!

TT: And it looks like Klein handed him that salt from the outside…and the referee is throwing him out of here!

[The referee orders Klein to go to the back. As he’s arguing this, The other masked man gets up onto the apron with a steel chair…Yen whips Lynch to the ropes, looking to send him flying into the chair…but Lynch reverses…and Yen gets the chair in the face by accident!]

BC: Ha!

TT: Poor Lu Yen! His face just keeps taking more and more punishment! But that could be the turning point of the match right there!

[Lynch superkicks the masked man off the apron, and he goes crashing into the guardrail on the outside! Klein is swarmed by CWF officials and is being hauled off to the back…Lynch pulls Yen up, and he pulls Yen’s head between his legs…he lifts him up and runs into the center of the ring…running sit down powerbomb – the D Bomb!]


TT: Lynch with a cover!




Announcer: Here is your winner…and NEW CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion…. DAN LYNCH!

TT: Lynch did it! Lynch wins the belt and Yen can’t believe it!

[Lynch is ecstatic as the referee hands him the CWF Mid-Atlantic title. He looks down at it and an arrogant grin crosses his face. Looking over at the woman in the front row again, he starts to fasten the title around his waist, when suddenly…]

BC: What?! Hey!

TT: Jeff Jericho! What the hell is Jeff Jericho doing!?

[Jericho lays out Dan Lynch with a vicious chair shot to the head! Lynch slumps to the mat, unconscious.]

BC: WHAT?! Why the hell is Jericho doing Yen any favours?! They hate each other!

TT: I have no idea, but Yen is looking up at Jericho, clearly confused…

[Jericho looks down at Yen coldly, and we can read his lips as he says “you owe me one.” He then walks back up the ramp, expressionless, as Yen watches him leave. Klein and the masked man manage to get Yen’s attention, and they point at the fallen Dan Lynch with his newly won Mid-Atlantic title sprawled across his chest.]

TT: Well apparently Jeff Jericho figures Lu Yen owes him one, but Yen is looking down at Lynch and I don’t like the looks of this!

BC: Get security out here!

[Klein exits the ring and starts searching under the apron for something. The other masked man tosses a steel chair into the ring. Yen hasn’t taken his eyes off of Dan Lynch.]

TT: What are they doing?

[Suddenly, Klein pulls a cinder block out from under the ring and barely manages to get it under the bottom rope. Obviously a very heavy block of cement, both Klein and the masked man lug it over to where Lynch is, and Yen nods his head at them.]

BC: What the hell…not there!

[They drop the cinder block on Lynch’s crotch! Lynch sits up almost immediately, screaming out in pain and coughing. Yen starts slamming the steel chair into the cinder block! Lynch is helplessly trying to defend himself but to no avail…finally, Yen seems to have had his fun and drops the chair. He spits on Lynch and then leaves the ring.]

TT: My God what an assault! Dan Lynch is no longer sex, love and money…now he’s just love and money!

BC: Hey! Take that back!

[Yen starts heading back up the ramp, but stops abruptly. He looks over at the woman in the front row, and slowly stalks over to her. She looks understandably frightened. Yen looks her up and down, almost disgusted…then he grabs her and kisses her flush on the lips!]

BC: Stop it! That’s Dan Lynch’s one night stand!

TT: Lu Yen has stolen Dan Lynch’s…well, manhood…and now he’s stolen his woman! But Dan Lynch is leaving this arena the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion, and that is quite an honour! And he will face Chiron Cross at Summer Smash for his new title!

BC: That crazy Japanese bastard! I hope Jeff Jericho ends his career at Summer Smash!

TT: I’m getting word that something is going on backstage…do we have a camera back there? We do…let’s find out what’s up…

Blood Runs Cold. . . Again

[We cut backstage to a hall outside Mark Xamin’s office. Xamin and Maniac are walking briskly towards the office door, Maniac with an ice pack on his head where Blair hit him with the baseball bat earlier.]

MARK XAMIN: Damnit, no one threatens me! No one! And no one attacks Maniac!

MANIAC: Fucking right…we’re gonna get back at Blair, and we’re gonna do it tonight!

MARK XAMIN: That’s the spirit, and…what the…?!

[As Xamin swings open the door, we see his office completely trashed. His desk is overturned, there is spilled coffee everywhere, one of the walls has a huge hole in it, and the carpet is shredded up.]

MANIAC: Who the hell did this?! God damnit…

[Trembling, Mark Xamin points at something out of our view.]

MANIAC: Son of a fucking bitch…let’s get out of here.

[They leave, quickly retreating down the hall looking for a safe haven. We enter the office and spin around, revealing what Xamin was so afraid of. Spray painted on the wall in blood red letters are the words “Blood Runs Cold.”]

BC: Blood! Blood did it!

TT: Blood is playing mind games with the boss!

[Suddenly, the bathroom door in the office swings open…and out steps Blood himself!]

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Blood was in Xamin’s office, lying in wait!

[He steps over to Xamin’s overturned desk, and searches it for something. Finally, he pulls up a sheet of paper and grins at it slyly. We cut back to ringside.]

BC: What the hell was that?!

TT: I have no idea, but I’m thinking Mark Xamin has a few problems to deal with…hey, could Blood be Paul Blair’s corner man at Summer Smash?

BC: Who knows! This is getting out of control!

TT: We need to take a quick commercial break, folks…we’ll be back to crown a new CWF National Champion, next!


[We fade back in to a close up shot of the commentators booth.]

TT: Welcome back, fans…we’ve already crowned the new CWF Mid-Atlantic champion in Dan Lynch…

BC: Sex, love, and money, baby!

TT: …yeah. And we’ve also determined his opponent for Summer Smash. Chiron Cross will have a chance to take the gold away from Dan Lynch in three weeks in Jacksonville, Florida…

BC: It’ll never happen! Never!

TT: Well I guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Regardless, the Mid-Atlantic title came to fruition in the CWF as a title for the organization’s rising stars. Over the years it certainly gained a lot of prestige, and perhaps Z-Pac deserves a lot of credit for that, but all kinds of CWF legends held that title…Sammy Salerno, Freeze, Nemesis…Triple X! And a host of others…so Dan Lynch has really established himself here in the CWF with that victory tonight…and it was a hell of a match.

BC: Absolutely! Dan Lynch is on his way to doing big things here!

TT: But the match we have up next is for the CWF National championship. This is a title that undoubtedly is the second most prestigious title in this industry, second only to the CWF World Heavyweight title. Look at the names on the title history for the National title…Jeff Jericho, Triple X, Patriot, Bain, Freeze, Jimmy Blast, Mike Stewart, T-Money, and one of the men in this match tonight, Paul Blair! This is a prestigious award, and the winner of this one will really etch his name in CWF history!

BC: Blair will do it! I can feel it!

TT: Blair certainly has to be seen as the favourite in this one. He’s held the title before, he knows what’s on the line and we know he can handle the pressure. But three CWF newcomers are in this as well, and we’re going to find out a lot about them based on their performance here tonight. All three of them have to be viewed as wild cards…let’s head to the ring and get this one underway!


[We cut to the ring.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF National championship!

[The crowd erupts.]

Announcer: Introducing first…from Kingston, New York…weighing in at 220 pounds….RAGE!

[The lights dim and “Love Dump” by Static X hits. But Rage doesn’t appear. His music eventually stops and the lights restore power. He’s still nowhere to be found.]

TT: What’s going on…where’s Rage?

BC: I don’t know, but this smells fishy, Teddy! This is the biggest match of his CWF career, he wouldn’t just not show up…

TT: Apparently there’s a situation backstage…let’s get our cameras back there if we can…yes here we go…

[We cut backstage where our camera man is running down a hallway to get to our scene. We stop as a large crowd of security and CWF officials are trying to pull someone off his victim…the crowd parts and it’s Rage lying on the floor in a puddle of blood, a badly dented lead pipe lies next to him.]

TT: Rage is hurt! Oh man…oh man that looks bad…that is just grotesque to look at, blood is everywhere…we need an ambulance, damnit!

BC: Wow…that’s just….I can’t even look. Who the hell did this to him?!

[Pushing his way out of the crowd is none other than Blood! He is covered in…well, blood. He has a sadistic grin on his face as he comes right up to the camera, grabs it and pulls it in close to his face.]

BLOOD: Hey Mark! Welcome to part two! The mind games have just begun. But why don't we travel down memory lane.

[Suddenly, a clip of “Got Blood?” from August 27th, 1998 begins to play, as if this was planned.]


LR: Blood setting Mazur up....and he’s going to the top......SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! A cover! One...two....Mark X pulls Blood off of Mazur!

BC: What the....

TT: And X is screaming at him!

LR: I heard very faintly, ‘Punish him first’!

TT: Blood pulls Mazur up....and he’s driving Mazur’s head into the turnbuckle non-stop....Mazur’s eyes are rolling into the back of his head....Blood whips him to the opposite corner, and charges.....and he nails him with a frankensteiner!

LR: Blood sits on Mazur, and he’s unloading heavy fists on Mazur’s face....Mazur is busted wide open! Mark X is pissing himself laughing on the outside...

BC: Hahaha!

TT: Blood picks Mazur up....LOW BLOW!!!!

LR: The ref is about to disqualify Blood, but Mark X again gets involved....he grabs the hammer from the time keeper....and tells the ref to continue with the match! Blood with the R.O.E. DRIVER!!!!!! And Mazur is motionless!

TT: Blood locks on the BLOOD LOCK!!!!! And Mazur taps out!


Announcer: Here is your winner......BLOOD!!!

LR: Wait just a minute....not again! Mark has a mic!

Mark X: Yo, Blood! I just gave you a golden opportunity to showcase your skills, but instead, you were too worried about getting home to please your mom....

LR: WHOA!! Blood just attacked Mark with all he has! He’s beating him like a child beating a pinata! What the hell?! Bobby Crane just got up....and he grabs a steel chair. WHAM! He just nailed Blood from behind!

TT: Blood is still moving....*THWACK!* I stand corrected...

LR: And Bobby Crane helps Mark X up, who takes a few cheap shots at Blood....and Crane is back with us, and Mark leaves dragging Adam Mazur behind him! Here comes CWF medical staff to help Blood...what was that all about, Bobby?!

BC: Hey, Mark’s the one that pay’s me...

[The video fades out as Blood begins to smirk.]


Blood: Do you remember that, Mark? See, I remember that night. I remember that beating the living hell out of Mazur wasn't enough for you. And I remember one other thing...

[Blood shoves the camera away and storms down the hall, making a few turns, and finally walking through the curtain and into the arena. The crowd boos at the sight of him.]

TT: And Blood is making his way to the ring here...I don’t even know what to say about this. This is just a heinous attack on Rage and I don’t know what business he has out here. He’s already destroyed Xamin’s office...he’s already put Rage out of commission for this match...

BC: I don’t like this one bit, Teddy...we need to get security out here...

[Blood walks over to the commentator booth and quickly grabs the back of Crane's head, and slams him face first in to the announce table.]

TT: Blood is out here picking on Bobby Crane...what the hell?! He’s out for revenge for something that happened seven bloody years ago!

[Blood looks Bobby Crane in the eyes with a vengeance. Crane looks like he’s about to wet himself.]

BLOOD: Next week, Mark. Next week is part three! And remember Mark, you asked for this. See you next week!

[Blood throws the microphone down and walks out through the crowd.]

BC: Someone better set that whiny little bitch up before I do…

TT: {sarcasm} Yeah, it sure looked like you had that all under control. Let’s get this thing started already…

[We cut back to the ring.]

Announcer: Let’s try this again…introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta…weighing in at 230 pounds…RICKY CHAMBERS!

[The fans boo as “Your Stories, My Alibies” by Matchbook Romance hits and…once again, no one appears at the entrance ramp. The announcer throws his arms up in confusion. The fans begin to get restless.]

TT: What’s going on now?! Can we get this match started already?

BC: Hold on, Teddy…apparently Chambers is still in his dressing room…

[We cut backstage once again, this time to Ricky Chambers’ dressing room, where he is pacing around with a cell phone pressed to his ear.]

RICKY CHAMBERS: You’re serious?...no, I would never doubt you, Mr. Xamin…

TT: The boss is on the phone with Ricky Chambers?

RICKY CHAMBERS: No, I understand…if you think I should ditch this match and go get your car washed, that’s what I’ll do.


BC: Shhhh shush! He’s running errands for the boss, there’s nothing wrong with that…

TT: Instead of wrestling in the biggest match of his career?!

RICKY CHAMBERS: Yes sir, I’ll make sure it’s polished up real nice so I can see my reflection in it. Ok…thank you, Mr. Xamin. And tell Maniac I said…


RICKY CHAMBERS: Hello?....hello?

[We cut back to ringside.]

TT: That is absolutely ridiculous. This four way dance is down to two men!

Announcer: For the third time….introducing first, from Tonbridge, England…weighing in at 210 pounds….JIMMY SARTYR!

[The crowd erupts as “Crashing Around You” by Machinehead hits, and the rookie sensation, Jimmy Sartyr, steps out from behind the curtain.]

TT: Hey look! Someone showed up for this match!

BC: Yeah but look who it is…Blair is going to teach this rookie a lesson!

[Sartyr slaps the fans hands on the way down the aisle, and leaps over the top rope and into the ring.]

Announcer: And his opponent…from River Falls, Wisconsin…weighing in at 275 pounds….PAUL BLAIR!

BC: Wooooo!

[The crowd erupts into a loud chorus of relentless boos as the BlairVision theme plays, and Paul Blair steps out from the back in his ring attire. He walks down to the ring taunting the crowd. Once at ring side, he grabs a fan’s coke in the front row, sticks his tongue in it, and hands it back to the fan. The poor fan looks at his beverage in disgust as Blair laughs his way up the ring steps and through the ropes.]

TT: Blair is disgusting…

BC: Shut up, he was thirsty!

*DING DING DING* TT: Finally, here we go…one on one for the National title, Sartyr and Blair!

BC: This is definitely fair to Blair! Ha!

[They lock up…no, Blair decided to stick his thumb in Sartyr’s eye instead. Sartyr stumbles backwards and looks at the referee with one eye, as if to say “what the hell was that?” Blair goes right after him, chopping him into the corner and then whipping him to the opposite end of the ring and charging immediately behind Sartyr…but Sartyr leaps up and Blair goes underneath him…he spins around and Sartyr drops him with a hip toss!]

BC: Ahhh!

[Blair gets up slowly and eyes Sartyr angrily. He charges in and Sartyr side steps him, throwing him into the turnbuckle. Blair bounces back and Sartyr grabs a hold of him and sends him flying with a twisting belly-to-belly suplex! Blair clutches his lower back after the impact, and Sartyr keeps on him, dictating the pace. He whips Blair to the ropes and flies at him with a high cross body that connects! Blair barely has time to absorb the blow before Sartyr is on him again, whipping him to the ropes once more and this time connecting with a drop kick! Blair wisely slides under the bottom rope, collects his thoughts, and breaks Sartyr’s momentum.]

BC: That’s it, Blair…take a breather, catch your breath…

TT: Sartyr has an excellent game plan here, he’s dictating the pace of this match and he’s going with speed!

BC: Yeah but Blair…ahhh!

[Sartyr sails over the top rope and lands on Blair with a suicide dive! Blair hits the floor and then flips backwards into the guardrail. The crowd is going absolutely insane as Sartyr shakes off the landing and throws Blair back into the ring quickly. Blair is visibly surprised by this onslaught by the rookie, and he crawls to the other side of the ring before Sartyr can get a hold of him again. Sartyr grins as the crowd cheers him on. Blair backs himself into the corner and begs off as Sartyr stalks in after him. Sartyr looks to the crowd, but as he does this, Blair again sticks his thumb in Sartyr’s eye! He gets right on him, locking on a sleeper hold and slowing the pace back down…]

TT: Smart move by Blair here…this gives him a chance to catch his breath, and it wears Sartyr down in the process…

BC: He’s the smartest man in the world, Teddy!

TT: ….

[Sartyr is fading slowly. The referee raises his arm once…and it drops. A second time…and it drops. A third time…and he just hangs on! The crowd gets behind Sartyr as he attempts to elbow his way out of the hold, but Blair won’t let go. Sartyr instead pushes him off and to the ropes…Blair comes back at him with a flying forearm! And Sartyr goes down…Blair is on his knees trying to catch his breath, still reeling from Sartyr’s aggressive early attack. He wastes minimal time though, and pulls Sartyr back up. He scoops him up and slams him back down with a hard body slam, and immediately follows with a leg drop…and another, and another! Right across Sartyr’s face…and Sartyr looks like he has had a little bit of life sucked out of him. Blair with a cover!]


TT: Sartyr may be a rookie, but I don’t think he’s going down that easily, Bobby…

BC: Maybe not, but Blair is just trying to wear him down and keep him grounded…if Jimmy Sartyr is allowed to dictate the pace of this match, Blair could be in trouble, as much as it pains me to say it. But is Blair gonna let that happen? Hell no! Go Blair!

[Blair pulls him up by his hair and goes to whip him to the ropes…but instead of following through with the toss, he knees him in the gut, causing Sartyr to flip over and crash to the mat on his side, favoring his abdomen. Blair then grabs his leg and twists it around his own leg, dropping back to the mat hard and bending Sartyr’s leg in a heinous position in the process. Sartyr screams out in pain, and Blair gets up and does it again, and again, and again! Blair then stomps the same leg several times to point an exclamation mark on his point, and pulls Sartyr back up. Sartyr is hobbling…Blair goes for the Blair Kick! But Sartyr grabs his foot at the last second and blocks the kick…he spins Blair around and flattens him with a devastating clothesline!]

TT: What a great match…this one is just as much mental as it is physical…

[Sartyr hobbles to his feet and limps over to Blair…he pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…and slams him down hard with a powerslam! Blair looks to be in trouble here as Sartyr heads to the top rope and looks to connect with the Tuck ‘N Cover!]

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Here it comes! He hits this and it could be all over!

[He flips off the top rope, tucks his head in between his legs and releases on the splash, but all he gets is knees, and Blair desperately counters the move! Sartyr starts to convulse, clutching his abdomen in severe pain and coughing up blood.]

TT: And that may have done some serious internal damage…that could be a big turning point right there…

BC: Ha!

[Blair crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up. Sartyr is fighting to get to his feet as well but is having a tough time doing so. Blair is setting up for the Blair Kick…Sartyr gets to his feet…and he connects! Blair Kick!]

TT: BLAIR KICK! It’s got to be over now!

BC: YES! YES! YES! This is fair to Blair! This is definitely fair to Blair!

[Blair crawls over and covers him!]

The ref is pulled out of the ring!

BC: Ahhhh! Come on! No!

TT: IT’S MANIAC! He just pulled the referee out of the ring and screwed Blair out of the National title!

[The referee looks at Maniac and screams at him to leave ringside. Maniac grabs him and throws him into the ring steps! The crowd is on their feet as Blair looks on in disbelief! Maniac slides into the ring and attacks Blair…he whips him to the ropes and drives him into the canvas with an earth shattering spine buster! Blair cries out in pain, and Maniac pulls him up…and hoists him on his shoulders…HEADHUNTER!]

BC: Ahhhhh! Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!


[Maniac pulls Sartyr on top of Blair and leaves the ring…another referee comes sprinting down the ramp, unaware that Maniac just laid out Blair. He makes a cover!]



BC: No damnit! Nooooo! Blair got screwed! This is not fair to Blair!

Announcer: Here is your winner….and NEW CWF National Champion….JIMMY SARTYR!

[The crowd erupts as Sartyr, still unconscious from the Blair Kick, is announced as the winner. Maniac looks in at Blair and laughs…then climbs back into the ring! Blair begins to stir and looks up at Maniac furiously…and he darts at him, tackling him through the ropes!]

TT: Maniac and Blair! Maniac and Blair!

BC: Get him, Blair! Make him pay!

[Maniac and Blair brawl up the ramp, CWF officials and security trying desperately to break them apart. They disappear behind the curtain with the crowd going bananas.]

[Meanwhile, back in the ring, Jimmy Sartyr is awake, and he sees the National title draped across his chest. He looks to the crowd for answers, and they give him an ovation. He looks down at the title and smiles wearily, unaware of how he won it and not really caring – he just caught a major break in the CWF after all, and is well on his way to making a big name for himself.]

TT: Jimmy Sartyr gave it his all! And even though he didn’t win without controversy, you’ve got to feel good for this kid, winning the gold in only the third CWF match of his career! This guy is going places…

BC: Damn right he is, he’s going straight to hell! Cheaters never prosper, Teddy!

[Sartyr walks up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain, but not before saluting the fans and raising the title above his head once more.]

Cross Has His Say . . .

TT: Well a big accomplishment for Jimmy Sartyr, and up next we have…wait a minute, what’s this?!

[“They All Fall Down” by Grits bounces through the arena. The lights go dim as pyro shoots up into the air like the fourth of July. Out onto the ramp strides an energized Chiron Cross, wearing a black leather trench coat over his hip-hop pants and black silver shoes underneath. He stops halfway to the arena and works the crowd and then continues to the ring. He politely asks for a mic and takes it to the center.]

TT: Apparantly Chiron Cross, the new number one contender for the Mid-Atlantic title, has something to say here…

BC: Chris Cross?

TT: Chiron Cross, you idiot…

CHIRON CROSS: Sizzlin'! Top that, Bloody Mary. You just a sucka anyway. Gotta sneak up on a guy to get your fool's victory. So muster what you got left in that crumby little head of yours and remember this: You be a marked man. And the hunter, who happens to be my Brotha M that pulled me outta the whole back in the NY is gonna see you down like the weak you prey on all da time. Not feelin' so good about ya'self now, ain'tcha? Dang man, I can feel the ground a quakin' with yo' fool schizzle a-shakin'! You do the crime, you ain't just gonna do the time, you gonna feel the time! So right now I'm callin' you out on a challenge my friend at Fall Fever! This is gonna be your last chance. There's a higher callin' on your soul. You either face me, or face my Brotha M. I'll give you a tip: I'll be easy on you. I gotta cut out now. The boy's at the table be tellin' me ta scram. You don't go to sleep tonight without thinkin' 'bout my proposition. See you later sucka!

[“They All Fall Down” by Grits thumps in the air as Chiron makes his way back to the locker room.

TT: Chiron Cross makes an open challenge to Blood for Fall Fever! Wow, we haven’t even been through Summer Smash yet and we’ve already got a challenge laid down for our next pay-per-view!

BC: He’s gonna take out Blood? Maybe he’s not so bad after all…

TT: And he issued a warning…fight him, or fight his brother “M”…who the hell is “M”?

BC: I don’t know, but I have a feeling Blood doesn’t want to find out!

Fashionably Late . . .

[We cut to the parking lot, where a golden limo pulls into the arena. The license plate reads “G P W.”]

TT: GPW…isn’t that what Jeff Jericho was ranting about last week? This is what’s going to destroy the CWF, according to him…I don’t get it.

BC: Jericho has a plan, Teddy! You should know by now there’s always a method to his madness!

[No one steps out of the limo. It just sits in the parking lot. Apparently whoever is inside, seemingly Jeff Jericho, is biding his time. We cut back to the arena.]

TT: Well we’re assuming Jeff Jericho has arrived at the Gund Arena, folks…but who knows any more? It could be a ploy for all we know…

BC: I bet we’ll find out soon enough! Come on, you geek…let’s get this next match going!


TT: Well it’s about time to find out what our Summer Smash main event is going to be!

BC: This is gonna be wild!

TT: The first semi-final we have is Tyrone Walker taking on Johnny Keel, and man oh man, there are so many different scenarios that could take place…

BC: What if Tyrone Walker and Eric Dane, both members of Team Danger, make it to the finals and have to fight each other? That would cause a rift for sure!

TT: Johnny Keel feels the CWF owes him the title after all he’s been through, dating back to Super Card 3 and the Craze in the Maze! He had the title within his grasp that night and when you can taste the gold, you’ll go that extra mile to attain it…Johnny Keel may well do that tonight.

BC: Alright, alright…enough speculation…to the ring!

[We cut to the ring for the next match.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following semi-final match is scheduled for one fall, with the winner moving on to the main event at Summer Smash to compete for the CWF World Heavyweight championship!

[The crowd erupts at this announcement.]

Announcer: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan…weighing in at 230 pounds… “THE BLACK JESUS” TYRONE WALKER!

[“Believe” by Breaking Benjamin hits. The crowd immediately starts booing and throwing garbage at the entrance ramp as Tyrone Walker steps out from the back sporting his trademark afro. He slowly and calmly walks to the ring, his confidence – or arrogance, depending on how you look at it – almost oozes right through the camera. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms for the crowd, acting mockingly surprised when all he is greeted with is louder boos.]

TT: He’s an arrogant, violent, and heartless bastard, but he is one tough son of a bitch and you better believe it’s gonna be a long night in the office for Johnny Keel tonight…

BC: This is for all the marbles, baby! Walker has had a great deal of success in organizations all over the world, but tonight we’re gonna find out if he can do it in the CWF, where the lights are just a little brighter, the crash of the mat sounds just a little sweeter, and where the stakes are much, much higher…

Announcer: And his opponent…from St. Louis, Missouri…weighing in at 259 pounds….JOHNNY KEEL!

[The crowd erupts as “Cold” by Static X hits, and Johnny Keel steps out from the back. He raises his arms at the top of the ramp and receives a huge pop. He stares at Walker in the ring and puts on his game face. Finally, he runs to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, and immediately attacks Walker, signalling the beginning of the match!]


TT: Johnny Keel knows what’s at stake here and he’s wasting no time getting into it!

BC: This should be a war, Teddy…both of these guys are top notch brawlers!

[Keel opens up with a barrage of right hands, followed by left hands, and then more right hands. Walker does the only thing he can, and intentionally falls through the ropes and to the outside. Keel tries to go out after him but the referee holds him back and Walker quickly walks around to the other side of the ring in retreat.]

TT: Keel has come out guns blazing here, and Walker wants no part of it…

BC: Walker is doing the smart thing, Teddy! He’s giving Keel a chance to cool his jets…

[Keel beckons for Walker to get back in the ring, but Walker shakes his head and continues to pace around the outside. The referee starts counting him out, but he pays no attention to it and takes his time. Finally, he gets up onto the apron and demands Keel give him space…cautiously, he steps back into the ring.]

TT: Keel is chomping at the bit to get this one going, but Walker seems content to take his time here…

[Keel comes charging in at Walker, but Walker quickly slides back under the bottom rope. He’s showered with boos as he points to his head, indicating his intelligence. Keel reaches through the ropes and grabs him by the afro! The referee tries to pull him off, but Walker wisely grabs Keel’s arm and pulls himself back…he grabs Keel by the head and takes a running start, planting him into the concrete floor with a running neckbreaker, sending Keel from the ring all the way to the outside!]

BC: Ouch!

TT: Well Johnny Keel got impatient and played right into Tyrone Walker’s hands there, and that strategy seems to have worked out for the Black Jesus…

BC: These Team Danger guys always have a plan, Teddy!

[Walker looks down at Keel, who is on all fours trying to regain his composure. Walker shakes his head at him in disgust, and then hauls off and boots him in the ribs, sending a resounding thud echoing throughout the arena, and causing Keel to come up off the ground from the impact and land chest first on the steel guardrail! Keel slumps over the rail as the referee tries to convince Walker to take it back inside the ring. Walker shoves him aside and peels Keel off the guardrail, and then throws him into the ring post! There is a distinct “gong” as Keel’s head bounces off the post, and he drops like a sack of potatoes onto the floor.]

BC: Man, this is a flat out mugging! Ha!

TT: Tyrone Walker better be careful that he doesn’t get carried away and get himself disqualified here…Keel is in a world of hurt right now!

BC: If this keeps up, Keel won’t be our bloodstained hero any more…he’ll just be a bloodstained jackass!

TT: Oh shut up…for God’s sake, just shut up…

[Walker rolls into the ring to break the count, but immediately rolls back out, much to the chagrin of the referee. He walks over to Keel, sits on his back and starts slamming his head repeatedly into the concrete floor! Keel is already busted open over his left eye, and Walker relentlessly continues to bash his head into the floor until the referee is forced to physically pull him off and threatens to disqualify him. Finally, Walker rolls Keel back into the ring and immediately makes a cover!]


TT: Johnny Keel kicks out! He’s been absolutely assaulted, he’s busted open, but he knows what’s on the line and he finds it in him to kick out!

[Walker cusses under his breath, and then pulls Keel back to his feet and watches him try to stand up under his own power for a moment. He grins, satisfied, as Keel struggles to keep his balance. Then, as if he’s had enough fun, Walker bounces off the ropes and absolutely flattens Keel with a clothesline that nearly takes Keel’s head off. Keel’s legs end up over his head from the impact, and Walker counts down 3, 2, 1 with his fingers…as he gets to 1, Keel’s legs drop back down to the mat and Walker mockingly poses for the crowd. They boo him loudly.]

BC: Ha! He knows exactly what he’s doing…Walker is wiping the floor with him!

TT: Well he’s in control now, but he’d be wise to not get too cocky, Bobby…Johnny Keel is as tough as nails…

[Walker arrogantly steps over to Keel, stands over him, leans down and slaps him across the face. He does it again, and again, and again, spitting insults at him as he does. Finally, he steps away and laughs at the crowd, mocking their hero. The slaps seem to have woken Keel up, though, and he starts to stir on the mat. Walker sees this and immediately starts laying the boots to him, kicking him in the head and opening Keel’s cut even more. Keel is wearing a crimson mask in the early going. Walker pulls him up and shoves him into the corner sternum first. He walks up behind Keel and prepares to drive his shoulders into the small of Keel’s back, but the referee gets between them. Keel mule kicks Walker in the groin and the ref didn’t see it!]

TT: Keel got him right in the pills and Walker is down! The referee has no idea what just happened!

BC: Keel cheated, that’s what happened!

TT: A desperation manoeuvre but it pays off!

[Walker slumps to his knees at buries his face in the mat, kicking his feet and holding his groin…Keel remains slumped over the top turnbuckle in the corner, taking the opportunity to catch a breather. The referee is confused as to what happened. Our camera pans around to a front shot of Keel, who appears to be attempting to pulls off the padding on the top turnbuckle!]

TT: Keel is looking to turn the tables here, he’s tearing that padding off the turnbuckle and if Walker gets hit by that thing, Keel may be back in this thing!

BC: What’s with all the cheating tonight, Teddy?! First Lu Yen, now Johnny Keel!

TT: I suppose the ring post, guardrail, and concrete floor are all perfectly acceptable weapons, huh Bobby? Walker took some liberties in the early going and now it looks like Keel is going to do the same…

[Keel gets the padding off and turns around. Walker is trying to pull himself up with the ropes, and Keel goes right over to him and starts pounding. He backs him into the corner and unleashes with a flurry of lefts and rights, Walker being sent right off the mat with each landed blow. Keel then rears back for one final, mighty blow, and connects! Walker spits something into the air…possibly a tooth…and lands on his ass in the corner. Keel then begins to stomp him in the chest, the crowd getting wild as Walker takes his licks. Finally, the referee pulls Keel off, but Keel walks back through him and pulls Walker up…and whips him to the opposite corner into the exposed steel turnbuckle! Walker immediately drops.]

TT: And Walker nailed that exposed steel, and Johnny Keel may have just given himself a fighting chance!

BC: Come on, ref! What are you, blind?!

[Keel, his surge of energy suddenly leaving him, also drops to the mat. Blood loss is undoubtedly starting to factor in, and Keel appears to be running out of time. The referee begins the count.]

Referee: 1. . . . . .

2. . . . . .

3. . . . . .

4. . . . . .

5. . . . . .

6. . . . . .

7. . . . . . .

8. . . . . .

9. . . . . .

[Keel barely gets to his feet, just as the referee was about to count 10. He stumbles over to Walker who is also beginning to stir, and pulls him to his feet. He whips him to the ropes…on the rebound, Walker ducks a clothesline, but on the second rebound Keel leaps at him with a thesz press and starts pounding on him! He gets up off of him and looks to the crowd, clearly pumped and rejuvenated. Walker gets to his feet as Keel turns around and Keel backs him into the corner with another flurry of punches. He mounts the second turnbuckle and drives his fist into Walker’s forehead, busting Walker open! Desperately, Walker lifts him up for a powerbomb out of the corner, but Keel, equally as desperate, turns it into a frankensteiner! Walker is sent sprawling to the center of the ring, and Keel makes a quick cover!]


TT: Keel is desperately trying to end this one before the blood loss spells his demise, but Walker won’t stay down! Walker is now busted open as well so this one could be a matter of who wants it the most…

BC: Come on, Tyrone! Kick his ass!

[Keel looks up to the sky, as if to plead with God to help him pull this off. He pulls Walker up and quickly whips him into the ropes and then charges the corner, slamming him across the chest with a hard clothesline. Walker holds his chest in pain, gasping for air and struggling to stand. Looking out into the crowd, Keel signals for the Final Dream and sets up Tyrone.]

TT: This looks like the end for Tyrone Walker!

BC: If he hits this it’s over and Keel will advance to the Summer Smash main event!

[Suddenly the lights dim through out the entire arena as the sound of a piano begins playing over the speaker system.]



[Then the loud voice of Mannie Fresh can be heard shouting.]


[Over the speaker system "The Greatest" by T.I. feat. Mannie Fresh begins to play as the lights are restored and walking out from the entrance tunnel comes Erik Olson. Keel shoves aside Walker and walks over towards the ropes as Olson comes towards the ring.]

TT: What the hell is Olson doing out here?

BC: Keel needs to take the victory here!

[Keel then steps out of the ring and walks over into the face of Olson and begins running off at the mouth. Throwing middle fingers into the air and just jacking his jaw, Keel really gets into it with Erik Olson. The two superstars begin to shove one another, seeing who will get the upper hand. Keel then blasts Olson with a hard knee to the midsection and rolls him into the ring.]

BC: Keel throws Olson into the ring?!

[Johnny goes in after Olson and gets on top of him, punching him in the face with hard right hand shots. Suddenly from behind Keel, Tyrone Walker comes with a hard knee to the face, sending him off of Olson.]

TT: Oh man, Keel was just blindsided by Walker!

BC: Ha!

[Walker than whips Keel across the ring towards the ropes. As Johnny comes running back, he suddenly makes impact with the CWF official, knocking him down for a moment. Olson seeing this advantage gets up to his feet quickly and heads over towards Keel.]

[Lifting Johnny Keel up to his feet, Olson kicks him hard in the midsection and then as fast as he lifted Keel up, takes him right back down to the canvas with a huge DDT. Tyrone Walker then lifts Keel back up to his feet and sets him up... BROKEN ARROW!!!]

BC: Oh man! It's over for Johnny Keel!

[Olson walks to Walker, telling him to hold off for a minute. Lifting Johnny to his feet, Erik then takes a hold of him and sets him up for his own version of a powerbomb, Got Milk? Keel's back and neck go down crashing hard into the canvas as Erik Olson rolls out of the ring. A motionless Johnny Keel lies in the center of the ring as Tyrone Walker goes for the pin.]



[The referee slowly crawls over towards Keel and Walker, making the pinfall count..]







[Tyrone Walker stands up and celebrates as "Believe" by Breaking Benjamin begins to play over the speaker system. With a look of satisfaction on his face, Olson begins to walk back up towards the entrance area as Walker continues to celebrate his victory.]

TT: Tyrone Walker walks away with victoy over Johnny Keel!

BC: Erik Olson played a major part in the downfall of Keel…I love it!

TT: What kind of response will Johnny Keel have for Erik Olson next week?!

BC: God help Erik Olson.

TT: And hold on a minute....something is going on in the back…

A Golden Touch. . .

[We cut to a backstage area, seemingly a vacant dressing room, where Maniac and Mark Xamin have found refuge from the attackers that have been after them all night. Xamin is pacing around the room nervously, while Maniac calmly sits on a steel chair in the center of the room, watching Brawl on a television monitor.]

MARK XAMIN: This is ludicrous! I’m a hostage in my own damn arena!

MANIAC: Relax man, no one knows we’re in here, and that door is padlocked shut, no one’s getting in here.

MARK XAMIN: I know, I know…but damnit, what the hell is the matter with these people? I’m the genius that created the CWF and these idiots are bitching and moaning that I never gave them enough opportunities! They’re bitching and moaning in the same forum that they’re bitching and moaning about! Paul Blair, Blood…Jeff Jericho is here and last week he said he’s going to kill the CWF…what the hell does he mean by that?!

MANIAC: {laughing} Yeah you’re not having a good night, are you?

MARK XAMIN: Oh this is funny to you? Damnit, I’m three weeks away from getting in a Hell in a Cell with Paul Blair! That’s enough to worry about, but on top of that now I have to worry about who’s gonna be in his corner, and more than that, I have to make it to Summer Smash first!

MANIAC: Relax, man…relax. It doesn’t matter who his corner man is…I’m your corner man! Blair can’t top me! Look at what I did to him tonight already, I cost him the National title!

MARK XAMIN: {defeated} Yeah, I guess you’re right…but what about…

[Xamin is cut off by a huge crash at the door. Maniac darts up and pulls Xamin behind him. There is another crash, and the door nearly comes off its hinges!]

BC: What the hell is it?!

[Finally, with one more crash, the door completely rips off it’s hinges and is bashed in. Standing on the other side of the door is none other than…]


BC: Ahhh!

[Jericho stands in the doorway clutching a golden crowbar. Xamin and Maniac try to reason with him, desperately.]

MANIAC: Now now, Jeff…don’t do anything you’re gonna regret…

MARK XAMIN: Come on Jeff…let’s not be hasty…you don’t wanna do this…

[A look of amusement crosses Jericho’s face.]

JEFF JERICHO: I don’t wanna do this?! I spent the better half of last week in a fucking jail cell! On Monday morning I took a piss in front of hundreds of inmates! You’re telling me I don’t want to bash your god damn head in with this crowbar?!

[Xamin gulps loudly.]

MARK XAMIN: But…but…you attacked a police officer, you…you…{finally he lets it slip} you complete idiot! What did you expect to happen?! Did you think they were going to give you a medal of honor for beating up an officer of the law?!

MANIAC: Jeff…think about this. If you assault the owner and the co-commissioner, that’s grounds for a lengthy suspension, regardless of your contract...

[Jericho pauses for a moment, “thinking” about it.]

JEFF JERICHO: Ok, thought about it…still wanna beat your fucking brains out!

[Maniac lunges at Jericho and ducks a crowbar shot…he tackles Jericho into the shattered door as Mark Xamin takes off down the hall. But he quickly halts as he sees Blood’s twisted grin at the other end of the corridor. He races back the other way, desperately…Maniac runs out of the dressing room and the two run side by side to the parking lot, Jeff Jericho in hot pursuit!]

BC: Run Forest, run!

TT: For God’s sake, this blood rivalry between Jericho and Xamin is going too far! Jericho is right on their tail with a crowbar!

[Maniac and Xamin turn the corner. As Jericho follows, Maniac comes out of nowhere and levels Jericho with a steel chair, flattening him and allowing them to get away.]

TT: Maniac just knocked Jericho’s head clean off his shoulders and it looks like they’re going to get away!

BC: Thank God! If Xamin gets hurt, there’s no one to write our checks!

TT: We have to take one final commercial break, but we’ll be back with our main event, so don’t go anywhere!



TT: Welcome back folks, and we’re about ready to get our main event underway! Let’s head to the ring!

[We cut back to ringside.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…from Mobile, Alabama…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE DARK HORSE” MIKE SLOAN!

[The crowd erupts as “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth blares through the arena, and Mike Sloan steps out from the back. He looks to the crowd and nods in approval as he walks confidently to the ring and steps through the ropes.]

r: Laes and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! [The lights drop.]

[We didn’t need any lights for this anyway.]

[The crowd is going absolutely nuts. They don’t like Sloan, and only a handful of hardcore Team Danger fans like Dane, but they know this one is going to be good.]

[Lamb of God’s “Ruin” rapes its way through the sound system, sonically assaulting the ears of everyone in attendance.]

TT: This can only mean one person!

BC: I’m telling you right now, nothing good can come of these two having a match!

#The knowledge that seeking the favor of another
#Means the murder of self.
#This is the resolution
#The end of all progress
#The death of evolution
#It bleeds all life away.

[From behind the curtain steps a former multiple-time World Champion, and the crowd erupts in heat for him. His hair is pristine, his gear is on, and he’s ready to go.]

[The Only Star.]

[Eric Dane.]

#Silence speeds the path to the streams of solace that run so few and narrow.
#Brooks that babble the sounds of torture.
#You will one day rise
#To flood the banks of the chosen.
#This is the art of ruin.


BC: And you can better believe he’s ready for war!

[He stalks toward the ring, ignoring the crowd, face focused on the man waiting for him inside.]

This is the resolution
The end of all progress
The death of evolution
It bleeds all life away

[Once he comes to the ring, Eric walks around, rather than slides in. Fans slap his back and shoulders as he makes his way around to the timekeepers table and grabs a microphone.]

I will show you all that I have mastered
Fear. Pain. Hatred. Power.
This is the art of ruin.

[The music finishes, and Eric climbs the ringsteps, but does not enter the ring.]

TT: It looks like Dane’s got something to say!

BC: He usually does!

[Dane motions for Sloan to back off. He does, but not much.]

ERIC DANE: Alright fucko, here we go. You’ve been waiting for this since the day you signed that goddamned contract haven’t you!

[Sloan nods, a sickening grin widening on his face.]

ERIC DANE: Yeah, that’s what I thought. In that case, why don’t we do it right, and make this No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere!

[The crowd goes nuts at this idea. Sloan just nods in acceptance.]

ERIC DANE: Good. Ring the fucking bell.


TT: And here we go! We’ve got us a fight on our hands!

BC: Dane steps through the ropes and Sloan lunges into him!

[Dane falls back through the ropes and Sloan is out directly after him.]

TT: And we’re not going to have to wait long!

BC: These two guys HATE eachother Teddy, I’m surprised one of them’s not bleeding already!

TT: Give it time, Bobby, Give it time.

[The Dark Horse is on the attack, stomping and kicking at Eric Dane who’s doing his best to keep covered up. Sloan helps him up and sends him at the near guardrail with an Irish Whip]


TT: And Sloan Rocked Dane with that one!

[Sloan shoves the ring announcer out of his chair and grabs the chair. He runs at Dane, swings the chair wildly and is met with a boot from Dane into the chair and into his head.]

BC: Dane now with the advantage, he’s got the chair!



BC: Oh man, this is getting GOOD!

[Dane stomps at Sloan for a moment before tossing the chair away and going under the ring for plunder. He pulls out a table and the crowd goes apefuck. Eric yanks the guardrail closer to the ring and begins setting the table up, bridged between the ring and the rail.]

TT: Oh no, Dane’s going to try to end it early!

BC: No, he’s going to try to KILL Mike Sloan!

TT: Yeah, that too.

BC: This is GREAT!

[Dane grabs Sloan and gives him a few right hands for good measure before throwing him into the ring. The referee follows and watches on with nothing better to do, what with the lack of rules. Eric lifts Sloan up to the top turnbuckle and lays into him with another right hand before climbing up with him.]

TT: Oh My!

BC: It’s about to go from bad to WORSE!

[Dane moves into position and sets up for a Superplex but Sloan blocks it. Dane steps up to the top turnbuckle with his back to the table and pulls Sloan up with him. After a shot to the ribs for good measure he lifts Sloan up.]



[Sloan reversed and uses the momentum to slide down Eric’s back and flip, sending The Only Star down and through the table with a Sunset Piledriver.]



TT: I think they’re BOTH dead!

[Sloan manages to land on top of Dane, and the referee slides out of the ring to administer the count.]






TT: HOW did he DO that?

BC: I’ve got no idea, but the man has just KICKED OUT!

[Sloan is up first and he pulls the limp body of Eric Dane up. Dane’s head is cut from going face-first through the table and to the floor, and the blood is pouring freely.]

TT: And Dane is busted pretty badly now!

BC: Jesus Christ, that guy bleeds like a stuck pig!

[Seeing the blood run fires Sloan up and he headbutts Dane twice, opening the cut. Sloan steps back and Superkicks Dane up and over the guardrail, into the first row.]

TT: Sloan kicked him out of his shoes!

BC: It’s TAKE HOME A WRESTLER night here in the CWF!

[Sloan rolls under the bottom rope into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. He raises his arms and leaps out at Dane, who’s just barely gotten to his feet, and nails him with a Cross Body Block sending both wrestlers sprawling further into the crowd. A fierce “CWF! CWF!” chant fills the arena as the two grapplers struggle to make it to their feet.]

TT: Wow, these guys REALLY are trying to kill eachother!

BC: Good, then we’d be done with the both of them!

TT: Somehow, some way, Dane is up first!


TT: And he doesn’t look happy about it, either!

BC: And now he’s grabbed a chair from some unlucky fan!

[Sloan gets to one knee and Dane charges, steps off of Sloan’s knee and sends his own knee directly into the chair and Sloan’s head, Shining Wizard Style!]


BC: Dane goes for the pin!





BC: And he’s busted open too!

[Dane shoots up and into the referee’s face. He starts screaming for a faster count and the crowd is on him too. This goes on long enough for Sloan to come to, stand up behind Dane, and drop him with an Inverted DDT.]


BC: On the concrete, at that!







[Frustrated The Dark Horse grabs The Only Star by the hair and leads him around to the other guardrail and throws him across, sending Dane sprawling down on the entrance ramp. Sloan leaps up onto the guardrail and comes off with a springboard legdrop before picking Dane back up.]

TT: And it looks like they’re heading back toward the ring!

BC: Wow, that’s odd.

[Sloan rolls Dane under the bottom rope and follows quickly, maintaining the attack with a few vicious stomps before picking up the limp body of The Only Star.]

TT: He’s measuring him up!


[As planned, the kick sends Dane sprawling back into the corner.]

TT: Here it comes! Sloan is setting up for the Scorned!

BC: It’s all but over now!

[Sloan lifts Dane up to the turnbuckle, turns him, and hefts his frame across his shoulders back first. Sloan walks toward the center of the ring and signals to the crowd.]



[The Only Star slides out of position and spins Sloan around.]


[Kick to the gut.]




BC: Wait a minute, Dane’s not going for the cover! What gives?

[Eric rolls out of the ring and starts looking under the apron again.]

TT: He’s going for more plunder!

BC: Jesus, is that a hammer?

[It is.]

TT: Are those nails?

[They are.]


[Eric rolls into the ring with a hammer and two long nails. He holds them up for all to see before putting a boot into the bleeding head of Mike Sloan. He bends down and sets the nail right over the palm of Sloan’s hand.]



[Sloan screams in agony as the first nail is driven through his hand.]



TT: This is a NEW LOW for the CWF!

[Another scream as the second nail goes through flesh and blood.]

BC: I can’t believe what I’m looking at! Eric Dane has just NAILED Mike Sloan to the ring!

[Eric goes for a very cocky one handed cover.]






[Sloan managed to rip his hand up, unnail himself to the mat, and raise a shoulder. Dane is livid, and there is now a hole in Mike Sloan’s right hand.]

TT: This is just down right sickening!

BC: And look, Dane is going to rip the other one out!

[Indeed he does, Sloan screams again as his other hand is ripped from the nail in the ring. Dane constantly barrages his face with punches.]

TT: And now he’s picking Sloan back up!

[Kick to the gut.]

BC: Here we go again!


TT: It’s all academic from here…

BC: Somebody call the hospital, reserve Sloan a room…





TT: Dane wins!

BC: I think I’m going to be sick.

TT: That is one of the most gruesome things you will ever see, and I apologize for the graphic nature of our last match, fans!

BC: But you know what this means, Teddy? Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker will go to war in the main event at Summer Smash! Team Danger! Ahhh! How are they going to coincide until then?!

TT: That’s a very good point, things are certainly starting to get interesting around here!

BC: Hold on a second, Teddy…something is going on in the parking lot!

A Golden Production . . .

[We cut back to the parking lot where Mark Xamin and Maniac are still hiding from Jericho, unsure of whether or not they should make a b-line for their limo. They are ducked behind a stack of crates.]

MANIAC: Come on, let’s just go for it…we can make it…

MARK XAMIN: Fine…are you sure?...ah hell, let’s go, we can’t stand here forever…

[They race towards Mark Xamin’s limo and make it inside, safe and sound. We hear the “click” of the doors locking, and the engine starts.]

TT: Well it looks like they’re going to make it out of here safely, so folks we’ll see you next week!

BC: Wait a second, Teddy! Hold on…look! Ahhh!

[Suddenly, a hummer with the license plate “G P W” comes roaring towards the limo. Xamin’s muffled scream can be heard from inside the limo as the hummer smashes into the side of it, absolutely totaling the vehicle! Glass is smashed, the side of the limo is complete crushed in, surely crushing both passengers in the process.]


BC: Ahhhhh! This is way too far! WAY to far! This is vehicular homicide!

TT: That’s EXACTLY what it is! And look! Jericho is watching from the other end of the parking lot!

[We zoom in on Jeff Jericho’s face. He is standing clear on the other side of the parking lot with a sadistic grin on his face.]

TT: Wait a damn minute! If Jeff Jericho is there, then…

BC: Who’s driving the hummer?!

TT: Damnit, we’re out of time! I pray to God Xamin and Maniac are alright! Maybe we’ll get some answers next week! See you next week, fans!

[We remain zoomed in on Jericho’s sadistic grin. The siren of an ambulance can be heard screeching through the parking lot.]

[Fade to black.]