[We open with scenes from last week’s edition of Sunday Night Brawl. Dan Lynch’s victory to capture the CWF Mid-Atlantic championship. Maniac costing Paul Blair the CWF National championship, the ensuing brawl to the back, and Jimmy Sartyr’s subsequent celebration with his newly won title. Blood destroying Mark Xamin’s office. Chiron Cross challenging Blood to a match at Fall Fever. Erik Olson once again screwing Johnny Keel, and Tyrone Walker’s advancement into the main event at Summer Smash. Eric Dane nailing Mike Sloan to the ring, Sloan finding the guts to rip his hand out of the mat to kickout, but Dane’s eventual victory in one of the most brutal matches we’ve ever witnessed. The hummer smashing into Mark Xamin’s limousine with Mark Xamin in Maniac helplessly inside. Finally, a scene from two weeks ago, in which a mysterious man promises to have Paul Blair’s funeral here tonight.]

[Cut. Fade into the Sunday Night Brawl logo.]

[The logo shatters into thousands of pieces and blows away like dust in the wind.]

[We cut to the inside of a sold out Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The lights are down, and fireworks explode on the stage, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The lights remain faded at the end of the pyrotechnics display, and an eerie feeling overcomes the arena to open the show. We zoom in on our announce team, Teddy Turnbuckle, and as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.]

TT: Welcome everyone to Greensboro, North Carolina…I’m Teddy Turnbuckle alongside my broadcast colleague, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, and is there some kind of power failure going on in the arena?

BC: I’m afraid not, Teddy. I think that crazy bastard that’s been promising to have Paul Blair’s funeral tonight has something to do with this!

TT: Well this is certainly an interesting way to open the show…

BC: Shut up, you idiot! This isn’t a joke, this is serious!

TT: Well nonetheless ladies and gentlemen, we have a great line up for you tonight! Two new CWF superstars will make their debuts tonight, as Foster Macellus Gates and Tony Floyd go one on one!

BC: Yeah but the one I’m looking forward to most is Dan Lynch putting a hurting on Lu Yen for the second week in a row!

TT: That’s going to be an interesting match to say the least…they went at it last week for the Mid-Atlantic title with Dan Lynch coming out on top, but this week it’s no disqualification, falls count anywhere! That definitely gives Lu Yen a decided advantage with his two associates that will undoubtedly be with him…

BC: But Dan has three associates, Teddy!

TT: …huh?

BC: Sex, love, and money! Ha!

TT: Well be that as it may, the National champion, Jimmy Sartyr, will square off against Johnny Keel in a non-title affair, but here’s where it gets interesting…the special enforcer will be none other than Erik Olson!

BC: And to the naked eye that looks like a huge advantage for Jimmy Sartyr, but have you been backstage lately, Teddy? Jimmy Sartyr and Erik Olson definitely don’t like each other, so this could be good…

TT: And of course our main event for the evening, which has definite possibilities…Team Danger, Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker, the two men headlining Summer Smash for the CWF World Heavyweight championship, will be taking on the team of Paul Blair and “The Dark Horse” Mike Sloan! Now both Blair and Sloan want to tear Eric Dane apart, and don’t forget Tyrone Walker was the man that eliminated Blair from the World title tournament, so Blair will be out for revenge on him as well. But perhaps more interesting than that…can Team Danger coincide with the World title match at Summer Smash just two weeks away? The pressure has to be mounting on them both…

BC: Tension has to be at an all time high within the ranks of Team Danger, but…ahhh! Here we go, Teddy!

TT: It looks like the funeral of Paul Blair is about to take place!

A Message From the Grave . . .

[We shift to a view of a freshly dug grave. The camera is zoomed in on the Ruler’s tombstone. The camera begins to zoom out and we realize that the grave has been dug just off to the side of the top of the entrance ramp.]

TT: What the hell is that?

BC: looks like a grave to me.

TT: Why is on our stage?!

VOICE: Did you think I wasn’t coming? Did you forget my promise?

[On the CWF-tron a close up of the man in black appears. He is wearing a black winter hat, black sunglasses and a bandana over his face.]

MAN IN BLACK: Blair, I told you… tonight is the night the RULER dies! It’s been four years in the making for this...your funeral is tonight!

[There is a loud clap of thunder as the screen turns to static and we cut back to the ring.]

BC: {sobbing} It’s not fair to Blair! He’s never done anything wrong to anyone, he doesn’t deserve to die!

TT: Get a hold of yourself, would ya?

BC: He’s too young to die!


TT: Well the show must go on, and coming up with have Foster Marcellus Gates going head to head with Tony Floyd…both of these guys are looking to make a name for themselves in CWF…

BC: Well they have a long way to go, because I’ve never heard of either of em…

TT: Come on…

BC: The truth hurts…

[Suddenly “Twist” by Korn hits to a reaction that consists mostly of boos, and a few random cheers, yet not many… then Foster Marcellus Gates slowly walks out from behind the curtain with his hands to the side… He jumps into the air once or twice, pumping himself up as he slowly begins walking down the ring, ignoring the fans boos…]

TT: Gates slowly makes his way to the ring. He seems not only physically prepared but mentally also…

[Gates slides into the ring, continuing his small jumps into the air… Then “Open Your Eyes” by Alter Bridge begins to blaze over the PA system, and is met with much a better reaction then Foster was… Tony Floyd make his way out from the backstage wearing his ring attire consisting mostly of a pair of jeans, black boots, and a pair of weight lifting gloves… ]

BC: And his opponent Tony Floyd…


[Floyd quickly makes his way to the ring, never taking his eyes off Gates… He slides into the ring, and the match quickly begins with Floyd making his way to his feet, and Gates hitting Floyd with a devastating right hand that knocks him back down to the ground. Floyd rolls backwards, and is quickly back to his feet. Tony goes to deliver a right of his own, but Tony ducks, and delivers another vile right that catches Floyd’s right ear.]

TT: Gates seems to have control over this match…

BC: That would be an understatement…

[Tony goes down clutching the right side of his head, and his ear. Gates takes this opportunity to begin stomping Tony Floyd into the mat. Gates delivers 4 or 5 good shots to the chest, and then begins picking Tony back up… Gates then irish whips Floyd into the ropes, and as he hits the ropes, and bounces back, Gates winds up, and goes to deliver a punch, but it’s ducked by Floyd. He hits the other ropes, and runs back at Gates. Foster realizes this and delivers a superkick echoes throughout the arena…]

BC: Jesus… Did you see that?!

TT: Hard to miss…

[The crowd reacts in unison with an “Ohh”. Floyd crumbles to the ground, and seems to be out cold… Gates begin posing for the crowd, and taunting them as he points down at Floyd…]

BC: Gates is definitely enjoying every second of this slaughter…

TT: I wouldn’t call it a “slaughter,” Tony Floyd is giving it his all…

BC: The only way he could be giving it his all is if he has narcolepsy, because he’s spending most of this match flat on his back…

[Tony Floyd then begins rolling around, and slowly gets to his feet as Gates continues to taunt him… Foster then begins winding up for his uppercut…]

TT: If he hits this it’s all over…

[Tony reaches his feet, and Gates goes to deliver his uppercut, but Tony jerks his head to the side, making Foster miss his mark… Floyd then kicks Gates in the chest, puts his head in between his right arm, somewhat hoists Gates into the air, and drops him, spiking his head into the ground… ]

BC: Ouch…

TT: Seems like Tony could turn this match around…

BC: Lets see what he’s got to offer…

[Tony quickly gets to his feet, and begins stomping away at Foster, delivering shot after shot to Gates chest, and even lands a few that connect with his head. Tony backs off, and waits for Gates to get back to his feet, and as he does, he stalks him, waiting to deliver another move. Gates gets to his feet, and with a head of steam, Floyd charges at him, and delivers a closeline that almost takes Gates out of his boots…]

TT:The power of Tony Floyd showing through there…

[Gates goes down hard, landing on the back of his head, and almost folding backwards… Tony now signals to the crowd that it’s time to finish him off…]

BC: Looks like Tony’s going to go for his finisher…

[Gates gets to his feet, and Floyd delivers a boot to it, tucks his head in between his legs, and hoists him into the air and delivers the first powerbomb. Foster’s head bounces off the mat, as Floyd lifts him back into the air delivering another one, followed by another one, and one more for good luck, but this time, pushes his legs forward, and pins him… The ref begins his count… ]




TT: Tony Floyd did it! He nailed the Bomb From Hell and he has won his CWF debut!

BC: Well pin a rose on his nose…can we move on, please?

TT: Tony Floyd certainly looks to have a bright future ahead of him in the CWF, and I can’t wait to watch this guy take off once he gets accustomed to the CWF culture…

BC: Hang on a minute, Teddy…I’ve just been given word that…yes, Paul Blair has entered the building! Oh, glorious day!

TT: Well Paul Blair has been warned that his funeral is happening tonight! Let’s go back and see if we can confirm his arrival…

The Ruler Has Arrived . . .

[A limo arrives at the arena with Ruler1 on the license plate. It pulls up to the arena and out steps Paul Blair. CWF cameras catch him and listen in to what he has to say as he is getting off of his cell phone.]

PAUL BLAIR: Yeah, no problem man. Xamin has no clue, who you are. But at Summer Smash, he's in for the surprise of his life. Yeah, well I just got here at the arena. I'll call you after it's done and let you know when we'll make the move. Alright, peace.

[Blair hangs up the phone and enters the arena as we go back to the ring.]

TT: Well Blair is apparently unaware of the grave on our stage that’s labeled with a tombstone with his name on it! But that sounded like a conversation with his corner man at Summer Smash!

BC: I know! I can’t wait to find out who it is!

TT: We’re going to take a quick commercial break, stay with us, fans!


Jericho’s GPW Solution . . .

TT: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, and joining us now is the Co-Commissioner of the CWF, "Golden One" Jeff Jericho.

BC: Yes, the God of Professional Wrestling is here! Hi Jeff!

[Jericho appears on the CWFtron with a cocky smile on his face. The crowd erupts with boos.]

TT: Thank you for joining us. Jeff, last week the world witnessed your heinous plot to not just injure CWF owner Mark X and wrestling legend Maniac, but dare I say kill them? Jeff, I've got to ask you, what has come over you the last few weeks?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Ha! What has come over me? You people are hilarious. I try and walk the straight and narrow, stand up for what is right and be an all around good guy only to hear the people bitch and moan that Jeff Jericho has gone soft, that I am not the same person. And now, standing right before you is the real Jeff Jericho, Mr. CWF, and you people continue to say, what is wrong with me? Well like I said two weeks ago, screw you people!

[The crowd boos.]

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: You see Teddy, I don't owe you or anybody else any explanations because I am Jeff Jericho. I have and always will do whatever I want, whenever I want to. You don't have to try and analyze it or figure out if there is a method to my madness, just accept it. Jeff Jericho is bigger than the sport of professional wrestling, I am 22-times the World champion, CWF Hall of Famer and without a shadow of a doubt the God of Professional Wrestling, which means I can write my own damn ticket each and every week.

BC: You tell'em Jeff.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: And you Bobby, I want to personally thank you.

BC: Me?!

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: It was your words that drove me to stop playing the nice guy and just be myself, the career killer! I tossed away the Prozac my family put me on designed to keep The Golden One in check, and now I'm flying free and clear being myself once more.

BC: You’re more than welcome. You know I'm a huge fan of yours and I only wanted the man we all know and love to turn the CWF upside down.

TT: Jeff, how do you explain your vicious attack of Mark Xamin and Maniac? The world wants answers.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: You are such a simpleton, Teddy. Mark Xamin declared war on me from the first episode of Brawl. Maniac and Mark wanted to try and play games with ME! Jeff Jericho! I don't think so. I am the master of mind games and I always have the last laugh. They have put themselves into a situation they cannot possibly win because they underestimate how far I'll go to win this war.


“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO:: YES! You pencil neck geek!

TT: You'll go to jail, is that what you want? Your legacy destroyed?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: I won't go to jail, I am Jeff Jericho. I'm the Commissioner of the CWF. Hell Teddy, I am fucking GOD!

TT: Did you just call yourself God?!

[Jericho sports an evil grin.]

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Oh yes Teddy, I am God! You all know it.

BC: Well it’s true! I worship you.

TT: Wow, Jeff, you need to go back on the meds.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Turnbuckle, with the snap of my fingers I could end you just like that. Don't you talk back to me again or I'll do it. Ask your questions and keep the personal commentary to yourself! Understand?

TT: Yes, I do. Jeff, who was the man who drove the hummer?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: A friend. A close supporter of mine who will in time reveal his identity to the world but only when the timing is right.

TT: What is your relationship with Blood? Are you and he aligned to destroy Mark Xamin?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Blood is a long time friend and I support his cause against Mark X. Are we currently aligned in our similar cause? [Jericho smirks] I'll leave that to be a surprise for you all. Ha Ha Ha!

TT: Is he the driver of the hummer?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO:: [smirks] Teddy, it’s going to be a surprise. You like surprises don't you? Of course you do. When the timing is right all will be revealed. Until that time, I'm, rather we, are going to continue to have our fun.

TT: So Jeff, this is what it has come down to between you and Mark Xamin?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Don't blame me, blame Mark because he is the one who started this whole thing between us, along with Maniac adding fuel to the fire. I tried to be a nice guy but the media, the fans are brainwashed to support Mark Xamin.

TT: I don't think that’s true...

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Shut your mouth, you’re the worst one. You can't see the cancer that Mark Xamin is, all the destruction and embarrassment he has caused the CWF over the years. You are all puppets. You all act with shock and horror to what I am doing but in time you shall all see me as the hero I am. I will destroy, literally destroy Mark Xamin anyway I can. I will bury him alive six feet under if I have to. I will not allow him to destroy the CWF one more time and ruin its legacy, that is why I will destroy the CWF myself, to protect it from Mark. Boo me all you want but what I am doing is right and in time you will see me for the CWF patriot that I am. A statue dedicated to me will be built for the sacrifices I am about to make in the name of the CWF.

TT: Is this where GPW comes in?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: GPW...Golden Productions Wrestling is the answer. A new company designed for a soul purpose of putting the CWF and Mark Xamin out of business. Wrestler's from the CWF's past, current CWF names and the future of this business will over the weeks ahead band together and destroy Mark Xamin!

TT: Dear god! Have you lost your mind?!

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Haha! Maybe I am Teddy, perhaps I'm losing my sanity to this cause, this war. But truly, I don't give a damn because when the CWF is buried and its legacy is protected, I can rest easy in the sanitarium I'll check myself into. Spending the rest of my years in a rubber padded room and knowing that I saved the CWF from Mark Xamin. And knowing that I ended the career of Maniac.

TT: What? Did you say Maniac?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Oh yes, Maniac was given a chance to redeem himself two weeks ago when I tried to talk some sense into him but he has chosen his path. He remains the lackey of Mark Xamin, so now, Maniac must be destroyed just like the CWF. To protect Maniac, his legacy, he must be destroyed before he further embarrasses himself by remaining with Mark Xamin.

TT: You have lost your mind.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Maniac says that I became famous when I was in X-Rated. He is wrong. I cemented my legendary status in this business when I KILLED X-RATED! X-Rated was headed down the wrong path under Steve Dart’s rule and I ended it. For years afterwards X-Rated is still looked upon as one of the greatest stables of all time, I did that. And once I defeat Maniac, his legacy will be protected and I truly will be not just the God of Professional Wrestling, BUT GOD HIMSELF!

BC: I love it!

TT: On that note, I think its time to say good bye. Jeff, please, get some help.

BC: Don't you talk to him that way! I'll smack you! Jeff, it was an honor to speak with you and thank you for gracing us with your presence.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Any time Bobby, any time. Ha Ha Ha!

[Jericho disappears off of the CWF-tron, and we zoom in on the commentator booth.]

TT: What’s the matter with you, Bobby?! Don’t encourage that psycho…

BC: Shut up, Teddy! Jericho is doing this for our own good!

TT: We don’t even know if Mark Xamin and Maniac are alive after that car wreck last week!

BC: If they’re dead, mission accomplished and we can all move on! Ha!

TT: You’re a sick man, Bobby…almost as sick as Jeff Jericho himself. He thinks he’s God? I say he’s the devil!

Hobbling In . . .

[We cut to the backstage area where we are situation in a long corridor. The silhouette of one man in crutches and one in a wheelchair is seen making its way toward us.]

BC: Ahhhh! No it can’t be!

TT: Is it? Did they survive?

[As the get closer, we can clearly see that the man in the wheelchair is none other than Mark Xamin, and close behind with the crutches is Maniac, with his head heavily bandaged. Xamin’s arm is in a sling and he struggles to wheel around with one hand.]

TT: They’re alive! And they’re here!

BC: Ahhhhhh! Dead men walking!

TT: I can’t believe they survived!

[We cut back to ringside.]

TT: Well business is about to pick up, the owner is here and the co-commissioner is with him! And you can bet they’ve got revenge on their minds…

BC: They can’t be medically cleared to be here! Get them out! Out, I say! Out!

TT: Will you calm down…


TT: And now we have another match with two promising young athletes, Chiron Cross, and Ricky Chambers…

BC: Seems like Ricky hasn’t been doing all to well either…

TT: Everyone has their droughts…

BC: Not if you’re good…

[“They All Fall Down” by Grits hits over the PA system to the cheers of fans… they seem to be very excited about the presence of the new comer… Chiron is no where to be found though. The camera pans around for him, and finally there is a man seen in the crowd pushing his way to get into the ring… this is Chiron Cross. The fans erupt as he continues his way down into the ring… He finally reaches the barricade, and jumps over it…]

BC: Kid just gets here, and listen to the fans…

TT: Do I sense a bit of jealousy?

BC: Shut up…

TT: Don’t cry on me now…

[Chiron slides into the ring, and patiently stands in the middle of the ring, awaiting his opponent, Ricky Chambers…“Your Stories, My Alibies” by Matchbook Romance hits on the PA system to a mixed reaction by the fans… ]

TT: Here comes Chambers…

[Chambers then makes his appearance, by stepping out onto the ramp way leading to the ring… He slowly begins walking down the ramp way, but quickly brakes into a run, and slides into the ring… ]


BC: Seems like Chambers isn’t into waiting…

[Chambers slides into the ring, but neither man take the first shot to officially get the match under way… They both stand off for a few moments, and Chambers begins to trash talk Chiron… Cross keeps his cool, and out of no where, Chambers goes to deliver the first shot, but it’s ducked by Cross. Chiron comes back up, and delivers a right hand of his own, that sends Chambers head jerking backwards. Chambers retaliates with a punch of his own, and both men continue battling…]

TT: Neither man is giving anything to the other one…

[Finally Chiron delivers a shot that knocks Chambers off his feet, and sends him to the ground… Chambers quickly gets back up though, but is quickly knocked back down with a right hand from Cross, but as Cross goes to deliver another shot to Chambers as he reaches his feet, Chambers blocks it, kicks him in the gut and delivers a quick DDT… Chiron stays down as Chambers is back to his feet…]

BC: Chambers getting the upper hand quickly…

TT: Smart move by Chambers to get back to his feet, and continue the assault…

[Chambers begins stomping away at Chiron, and even delivers a standing elbow drop to his lower back… Chamber is quick to his feet to deliver another one… Chiron is in a lot of pain, as he clutched his lower back… Chambers is then back to his feet, and runs at the ropes, bouncing off them. He then jumps into the air, and delivers another elbow drop to Chiron’s lower back…]

BC: Looks like Ricky has found a soft spot…

[Ricky then picks Chiron back up, and irish whips him into the ropes… As Cross bounces off, and rushes back towards Ricky, he goes for a clothesline, but Cross ducks, and hits the other ropes… As Ricky turns around, Cross jumps into the air, and delivers a flying clothesline that take Ricky clean off his feet. Chiron is back to his feet, and is waiting for Ricky to do the same… Chambers gets back up, but is met with a stiff right hand from Chiron, that sends him back to the ground…]

TT: Chiron Cross looks to be trying to take care of Chambers…

BC: That’s kinda the point…

TT: You know what I mean…

BC: Do I?

TT: Focus on the match…

[Chiron waits for Ricky to get back to his feet… Ricky finally does, but is met with a sweeping karate kick from Chiron, that trips Chambers up, and send him crashing to the ground again… Ricky looks up at Chiron who hasn’t even seem to have broken a sweat, Chambers begins to get very aggravated…]

BC: Looks like Chambers is about to snap…

TT: He does seem very aggravated…

[Ricky gets back to his feet, as Chiron goes for another sweep kick, Ricky jumps into the air. He is then quickly met with a stiff martial arts kick to the side of the head… Chambers tumbles backwards, and bounces off the ropes… Chiron then hits the ropes, and hits Chambers with a spinning heel kick that finds it mark right on Chambers chin… Chambers falls back to the ground…]

BC: Dominating performance by Chiron Cross…he seems to be impressing a lot of people…but not me! Ha!

[The fans begin cheering as Chiron signals for one of the signature moves, and it’s also used as a set up move… He grabs Chambers a lifts him into the air, but slides him down the back of himself so that both of there backs are touching… Chiron then hooks his neck, jumps into the air, and hits the Backflow…]

TT: Chiron just hit his set up move; let’s see if he can put it away…

[Chiron then sets Chambers up for his finisher, and locks the submission in… ]

BC: Refining Fire, I believe he calls it…

[Chiron pulls back the submission applying more force… Chambers looks around for the ropes, but can’t find them… After a few moments of suffering, he taps out…]

TT: That’s it!


Announcer: Here is your winner…CHIRON CROSS!

[The ref calls for the bell as Chiron lets go of the submission, Chambers then rolls out of the ring with a pissed off look on his face. He begins walking up the ramp way, and kicks the barricade as some of the fans in front of him making fun of him as he continues up the ramp way…suddenly a man slides into the ring with a lead pipe in his hands… Cross is un aware of this man… ]

BC: Is that Blood? It is Blood!

[Chiron turns around and is met with a lead pipe to the side of the skull… Chiron crumbles to the ground… The man known as Blood delivers another shot with the pipe to his head… he then begins hitting Cross with vicious stomps…]

TT: This is an assault! Somebody stop this!

[Blood continues beating Cross with the pipe, and then sets him up in a cobra clutch position, using the lead pipe as leverage… Chiron has been busted wide open, blood if freely flowing from a gash on his forehead… Chiron is gasping for air, but Blood hasn’t let up, and continues applying pressure… Blood then begins yelling something…]

BLOOD: Fall Fever?! You got your match…let’s hope for your sake this isn’t how it ends up...

[Blood releases Chiron from the hold, but Cross is already out cold…he is left lying in a pool of his own blood in the middle of the ring…]

TT: Dear God! Blood has answered Chiron Cross’s challenge in the worst way!

BC: He had it coming, Teddy! Speak English, Chriron! Not hip hop!

TT: For God’s sake, no one deserves to be jumped and assaulted like that!

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall . . .

[Mark Xamin is in his office looking out the window. A knock is heard at the door. Maniac hobbles over on his crutches to open the door and in the doorway is a box with Xamin's name on it. Maniac picks up and gives it to Xamin.]

MARK XAMIN: What in the hell is that?

MANIAC: Beats me. Let’s open it up…

[Maniac opens it up for Xamin and inside is found a mirror. On the mirror has been written “7 days”....they open the card and inside it has the following quote: “In 7 days The Ruler and his Corner Man will get you.” Xamin reads it and then throws it on the ground in disgust. Maniac throws the mirror across the room. As they are yelling, Paul Blair walks in.]

PAUL BLAIR: How's it going there, guys? You look a little upset. What’s the matter?

[Blair looks around at the broken mirror and the glass all over the floor.]

PAUL BLAIR: Tsk, tsk...boys. You know breaking a mirror is bad luck. I'd say, 7...DAYS of bad luck.

[Blair laughs as he heads out of the office. Maniac slams the door behind him.]

MARK XAMIN: {gritting his teeth in anger} That son of a bitch is going to pay at Summer Smash…in fact…I’m gonna hit him where it hurts the most…

MANIAC: What do you mean?

MARK XAMIN: Follow me…

[The leave the room and head down the hall, Xamin struggling to wheel himself around with one hand, and Maniac hobbling around on his crutches.]

TT: Where are they going?! We’ll be right back, folks!


Man In Black . . .

TT: Welcome back, fans…and we have something going on here…

[A Black 2005 Ford F150 Quad-Cab 4X4 Pick-up truck pulls into the arena. On the hood of the truck is a large decal of the label of a Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Bottle. In the bed is a large black casket. The driver side door opens and the man in black steps out. He is at least 6’5 and of a strong build. He is wearing Black pants, Black boots, and a black leather bomber jacket. On his head he wears a black winter hat, dark black sunglasses and the black bandana over his face.]

BC: He’s here…

TT: And I’m sure Blair knows he’s here too.

[The man locks the truck with the keyless remote and begins to make his way inside the arena.]

BC: This is not fair to Blair!

[Cut back to ringside.]

TT: What a wild and chaotic night this has been, and we’re just getting started, folks!

BC: And things are about to get worse…here comes the boss! Ahhh! Head for higher ground!

Xamin Raises the Stakes . . .

[The crowd erupts as “Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana hits, and out from the curtain, being wheeled to the ring by a CWF official, is Mark Xamin. Closely behind him is Maniac, slowly making his way down the ramp on his crutches.]

TT: Well it looks like the boss has something to address here…I can only imagine what it is…

BC: I don’t know, but I don’t like it, Teddy!

[The CWF official and one of the ring attendants lift Xamin, wheelchair and all, into the ring. Maniac is able to carefully slide under the bottom rope and into the ring, before struggling to lift himself back up with his crutches. Xamin sits in his wheelchair in the center of the ring with a microphone, Maniac standing behind him.]

MARK XAMIN: Last week, things went entirely too far! Maniac and I were crushed inside our luxury stretch limousine by some lunatic in a hummer! Now I’ve watched the footage, and it made me physically nauseous…I can’t even look at it again. But Jericho! I know you were behind this…you weren’t behind the wheel but you may as well have been, and damnit, your ass will pay for it…you can take that to the bank!

[The crowd applauds this statement.]

MARK XAMIN: But I’m out here to address my opponent at Summer Smash…Paul Blair. I know you’re listening, Blair…I know your ears are perked up and you’re just dieing to know what I’m about to say. Well, it’s like this…I don’t quite think the stakes are high enough at Summer Smash, Paul!

BC: What?!

TT: I don’t think the stakes could be higher! Xamin’s livelihood is on the line at Summer Smash in two weeks!

MARK XAMIN: The way I see it, I’ve got everything to lose and nothing to gain, so here’s how it’s gonna be. I know your little “son” being in the Hall of Fame means everything to you…but unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know damn well what I think about…you know who I mean…that…that freak! Z-Pac!

[The crowd erupts at the mention of the Hall of Famer’s name.]

MARK XAMIN: The fact is, I didn’t induct that no good son of a bitch into the Hall of Fame…Jeff Jericho did! And I’ll be damned in Jeff Jericho leaves a stamp that significant on this organization…and I’ll be damned if anyone with any ties to you, Paul Blair, is in MY Hall of Fame! So at Summer Smash, here’s another stipulation to throw on the pile! If you win, Blair…if you win, I will make your wildest dreams come true and I will induct you into the CWF Hall of Fame!

BC: Yes! Yes this is great!

TT: Uh, I don’t think he’s done, Bobby…

MARK XAMIN: But there’s more to it than that, Paul. Oh yes, because you see when I win at Summer Smash…Z-Pac will be removed from the Hall of Fame and his sorry excuse of a career will vanish without a trace! He’ll be an afterthought, a footnote in the storied history of the magnificent organization that I built from the ground up! He’ll forever be remember as some bottom feeding, cock sucking, dime a dozen, hardcore wannabe curtain jerker! The World title reigns he had will be obsolete, and his days as Mid-Atlantic champion? They’ll be no more significant than…I don’t know, Crazz or Jack Vegas…

BC: Who?!

TT: …I think that’s his point, you idiot.

MARK XAMIN: So Blair…you bring your little corner man to Jacksonville, Florida for Summer Smash. You say you’re not gonna hold back? Good! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You bring whatever you have left in that rusty, worn out tank of yours, old timer…but I’m gonna bring the one thing I have over every single man in the back, and every single person in this entire industry. It’s the one thing that turned me into the world renowned genius that created this empire! At Summer Smash, Paul Blair…I’m bringing my brain, and it’s packing some serious heat! In two weeks, this little game is over…and after you’re out of the way, the CWF will finally be able to flourish! No more old fossils like you and Jeff Jericho holding it down…this is a new generation, and god damnit, it will thrive without you!

[“Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana hits, and Xamin and Maniac make their way back up the ramp.]

TT: Well the stakes sure as hell just got a lot higher! Z-Pac’s Hall of Fame spot is on the line, and Blair has a chance to earn a spot as well!

BC: Paul Blair, Hall of Famer…has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

[As Maniac and Xamin reach the top of the stage, the lights go out.]

TT: Wait a minute…what’s this?

[When the lights restore power, Xamin is still on the stage, but Maniac is…gone?]

BC: What the…

TT: Maniac has disappeared! What the hell just happened?!

[A look of fear and panic crosses Mark Xamin’s face. He looks around desperately for help. Finally, he is surrounded by security guards, who wheel him to the back amid his pleas to find Maniac.]

TT: What the hell us could happen tonight?! This is absolutely wild….where did Maniac go?

BC: I don’t know, but the boss is a marked man!

TT: And now we’ve got something going on in Lu Yen’s dressing room? Am I hearing that correctly?...

Anarchy Rules . . .

[The camera immediately cuts to the CWF locker room where Klein and “Da Man” Satajiri Taknowa and Lu Yen all sit in Chairs looking impatient.]

KLEIN: Ok, let’s get to the brass tacks here, Jericho. We have a match coming up very soon and I noticed that it is a no holds barred, special referee match. So here is my idea. If you are man enough, for the first time ever in CWF history, how about we add yet another stipulation to the match? A no holds barred, special referee, Hell in the Cell, TLC Match. That's right. Tables, ladders, chairs, unforgiving steel and a referee that hates you. Which means you could bring anything into the ring. A shot gun. A chainsaw, a hammer, you name it! It all goes. How about we make this the BE ALL END ALL OF PUNISHMENT?! Only 2 men enter and only one walks away. Tear the roof off if you will. We call the match a Summer Smash Anarchy Rules match!

[Suddenly the light's in Lu's dressing room go out and quickly come back on. Standing behind Klein, Taknowa and Yen is "Golden One" Jeff Jericho. He taps Klein on the back.]

KLEIN: How in the hell did you do that?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: That doesn't concern you Klein, but Lu knows how. Don't you Lu? Come on, don't be dumb, you of all people know how I could achieve such an impossible act. You just think about that for a while.

KLEIN: Enough of your ramblings, what is your decision Jericho?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Anarchy Rules eh?

KLEIN: You’re damn right! You got the guts?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Pffft, please...Klein, at Summer Smash I accept the challenge with open arms. I also guarantee that Summer Smash will be the worst night of YOUR life.

KLEIN: Jericho, you are crazy, I'm not the one you'll be facing, you have to be worried about Lu Yen!

[Jericho turns to Lu and puts his hand on his shoulder.]

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Lu, they say I'm going crazy. They say that since I'm off my meds, The Golden One is headed down a road that will only end with a padded cell and straight jacket. But Lu, you and I both know what is happening don't we? You above all else know what I am capable of and you know what I am becoming, don't you? You've seen it before with your own eyes in IOA and you've been apart of its majesty, haven't you? It was, after all, the greatest time of your career. Well Lu, its happening again.

[Jericho puts his other hand on Lu's opposite shoulder and is now nose to nose with him.]

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: You, Lu Yen, are the reason it’s happening. You have brought the “Golden One” Jeff Jericho back from retirement and you have stirred up all these emotions again.

Two weeks ago I damaged and scarred your face forever…well Lu, what one might think was done out of malice was actually done out of kindness. These two fools at your side have poisoned your mind and are using you for their own personal gain. They don't care about you, but I do, which is why I damaged your face with such brutality. Lu, it was done to remind you of the past and the utter power of Jeff Jericho. You've forgotten all that was taught to you, but at Summer Smash, you will be reminded of the good old IOA days after our match, when I further damage your face and beat the sense back into you. After the smoke clears, you will remove the bandages and your face will be fixed.

Just wait Lu, you'll see. And when you do, I know you'll make the right choice.

KLEIN: Choice? You really are insane.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Silence, you little peon. Your time is coming. I will show Yen the light at Summer Smash and it will prove to be the worst night of your life. Trust me!

[The light's go out again and quickly come back on only to reveal that Jericho has disappeared.]

TT: Wow, Jeff Jericho seems to be getting more deranged as this episode of Brawl goes along…

Blood Run Cold . . .Really Cold . . .

[The lights suddenly go out in the arena. A purple glow illuminates in the arena, as a bell begins to toll.]

BC: What the hell is going on here?!

[As the bell keeps tolling, two druids walk out carrying torches. They are followed by a third druid, who is pushing a casket towards the ring.]

TT: This doesn't look good Bobby! I have a funny feeling about this.

BC: I'm just taking a guess that we know who's behind this.

[The druids reach the ringside area, as Blood makes his way to the ring. He has a microphone in hand, as he walks over to the casket.]

TT: It’s Blood!

BC: I knew it!

TT: Is this part three?!

BLOOD: You were warned, Mark! And now, you suffer the consequences! Tell me, Mark, who's going to be there to protect you? Maniac perhaps...

[Blood lifts the lid to the casket. Inside is the lifeless body of Maniac. Blood smirks as he looks down at his accomplishment.]

BC: You've got to be kidding me!

TT: Blood has abducted and beaten Maniac to the point of unconsciousness, and I guess that explains why Maniac disappeared a few moments ago!

BLOOD: It looks like your protection has been eliminated, Mark. But I want you to take a good look. Look into this casket! This is your future, Mark! I told you that I'd give you part three, and I delivered! So Mark, I'll see you next week!

TT: I don’t even know what to say…this is just absolutely heinous…Blood has crossed the line every single week since his reappearance in the CWF! Someone has to stop him, and fast!

BC: Well as much as I can’t stand Maniac…if Blood keeps barking up this tree, Maniac is going to destroy him…

TT: We’ll be right back, folks…good God this is sickening…


Non-Title Match

TT: Welcome back fans, and now we’ve come to one of the most anticipated matches of the night… Lu Yen clashes with Dan Lynch…

BC: These two have put out promo after promo after promo, trying to get the final word in, and get across the simple point that they are both ready to take each others heads off…

TT: Both of these athletes are ready to tear each others heads off…

BC: Which of course make for damn good TV…

TT: And a competitive match…

BC: Yeah, but most importantly it pits two men in a small space, with the intentions of beating each other silly…

[ “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors hits on the PA system and Lu Yen, makes his way out from the backstage area… Except there is something different about him tonight… His ring attire is the same, but he is wearing a mask this time around… The crowd seems a little hesitant, but he gets his share of cheers as he walks down to the ring… ]

BC: Lu Yen is wearing a mask tonight?

TT: Maybe it’s for focus reasons…

BC: Good one…

[ Lu Yen slides into the ring, and is quickly back to his feet… “Sex, Love & Money” by Mos Def hits on the PA system to an array or booing CWF fans… ]

BC: That can only mean one thing…

[Dan Lynch steps out from behind the curtain, clad in a black fur, and a pair of sunglasses… The fans continue booing him as he looks over the crowd, mouth spread into a wide smile… Lynch begins to yell “Come on… Lemme have it…” Egging on the fans to boo him more… He finally begins yelling “Up yours…” while he continues smiling, and begins walking down to the ring…]

TT: Seems like he enjoys egging the fans on…

BC: It’s kinda funny…

[Lynch finally reaches the ring, and slides in… He then removes his coat, and glasses… He begins to stare down Lu Yen despite the black mask…]

BC: The intensity is obvious, and damn hard to ignore…


[Lynch takes the first shot, but it’s blocked by Lu, and is quickly followed up with a right hand from Lu that sends Lynch to the mat… He looks up at Lu in amazement…]

BC: Looks like Lu has really prepared for this one…

[Lynch gets to his feet, and squares off again with Lu. Both men tie up, with Lynch getting the upper hand. He delivers a quick boot to Lu’s chest; he then puts him in the powerbomb position, and lifts him high into the air…]

TT:Lynch is setting up for a nice powerbomb…

[Lynch then drives Lu deep into the mat, as he bounces off of it… Yen lies on the mat motionless…]

BC: Nice move by Lynch… I enjoyed it…

TT:What are you talking about, “enjoyed it”?

BC: And back to the match…

TT: Right…

[Lynch then picks up Lu, and puts him back in the same powerbomb position, and picks him back into the air, but this time Lu wiggles free, and lands back on his feet behind Lynch, but this time he goes for a powerbomb of his own, and surprisingly he hits it…]

TT: Lu must be really prepared for this…

BC: Definitely…

[Lu looks down at Lynch as he rolls around the mat, and begins clutching at his lower back… Lu then begins stomping away at Lynch, without letting up. He delivers about 10 straight stomps to Lynch… Lu then picks Lynch up, and irish whips him into the ropes, and as he bounces back Lu Yen hits Dan with a huge spinning heel kick…]

TT: Beautiful move…

BC: Lu’s starting to show his vicious side…

[Yen picks up Lynch, and delivers a stiff right, and goes to deliver a boot, but it’s caught by Lynch who spins Yen around, and delivers a boot of his own, this time Lynch goes for another powerbomb, but this time Yen fights back, and begins delivering right hands like a mad man.]

BC: Yen definitely doesn’t want to go for another ride like he did before…

[Dan stumbles backwards, and then twists, switching position. Lynch begins to walk towards the ring ropes, and with all his might, throws Lu Yen over the top rope, powerbombing him all the way to the floor on the outside!]

TT: Oh my god! He’s broken in half…

[Yen crashes to the ground, landing on the back of his neck, making him fold in half… Dan falls backwards and begins to catch his breath… The crowd reacts with a loud “Ohhhh” As Yen crashed to the ground…]

BC: Lu Yen is totally motionless…

TT: And Dan Lynch looks like he’s ready to pass out too…

[Yen is laying on the ground motionless… Lynch then slowly makes his way towards the ropes, slides out, and rolls a lifeless Lu Yen back into the ring… Dan goes for a cover, and the ref begins his count…]




BC: Yen kicked out?!

TT: Seems like it…

[Dan is shocked by this, and slowly gets to his feet, and begins thinking about what he should do… Dan begins pondering his options, and finally comes up with something as he begins to walk towards Yen. He goes to pick Lu up, but he quickly rolls forward, putting Lynch In a small package, and with one hand Lu Yen grabs one of the ropes for leverage… the ref doesn’t see this and begins counting…]





TT: Lu Yen almost stole that one…

BC: But he’s obviously a bad cheater…

[Both men lie on the ground catching there breath, Yen fooling with his mask, pulling it downwards more then it was…]

TT: Which man will be the first to his feet?

BC: The better man…

TT: That’s not true, both of these men have put on a classic match, they should both be proud…

BC: Yeah, this will make it even better to watch one of them have to swallow defeat…

TT: You’re a bastard…

[Finally it’s Lynch who is the first to his feet, but still seems a little dazed from the earlier events in the match… Lynch pick up Yen and scoop slams him… Dan then slowly starts scaling the turnbuckles…]

TT: Looks like Dan Lynch is going to try to end with a high risk maneuver…

[Lynch is up at the top rope, and looks down at Lu Yen who is still motionless… Lynch points at all the fans in the arena, and then points down at Yen… Dan then jumps into the air, pulling all his wait backwards, and hits a picture perfect Shooting Star Press… ]

BC: Amazing move…

TT: Let’s see if he can finish this up with a pin…

[ Lynch quickly follows it up with a pin, and the ref is quick on the count… ]




[Lynch rolls off Yen exhausted, and pissed off… Lynch pounds at the mat. Dan then is back on his feet and walks back over to Lu Yen, and picks him up… Suddenly Lu delivers a kick, and picks Dan up and delivers a Michinoku driver!]

TT:The Lu driver!

[ Lu holds Lynch down for the ref to count… ]





[Lu rolls off to the slide by the ropes… ]

BC: Wow… This match actually has me on the edge of my seat!

TT:Me too, Bobby…

[Lu is the first to his feet… He then begins to slowly stumble towards Lynch, and goes to lift him up, but suddenly Lynch lands a good punch to the gut, and puts Lu’s head in between his legs, setting him up for The D Bomb…]

TT: This is it…

[Then suddenly the cameras cut away from the ring, and show two men rushing through the crowd for fans… One man is carrying something metallic, but it is unclear to what it is, or who the two men are for that matter… Meanwhile back in the ring Lynch hits the running powerbomb, and follows up with a pin, but two men jump into the ring as the ref starts his count…]





Announcer: Here is your winner, the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion, DAN LYNCH!

[The celebration is short lived as, one of the men comes in with a tire iron, and hits Dan Lynch right in the back of the head with it…]

TT: Who are those two?

BC: Wait a minute… the guy with the tire iron… that’s Lu Yen?

TT:No it can’t be! He’s in the ring…

BC: No that’s him alright, and the guy with him is “Da Man” Satajiri Taknowa! He was one of the mystery men in Lu Yen’s corner last week!

[Lynch is knocked unconscious by the tire iron shot to the head…suddenly the REAL Lu Yen walks over to the man wearing the mask, and pulls him to his feet…]

TT:So who’s in the mask?

BC: We’re about to find out…

[Lu Yen takes off the mask to reveal the man to be a somewhat smiling Mr. Klein… Lu pulls a cigar out of the pocket of his pants, and a lighter… He gives Klein the cigar, and then lights the lighter, and puts it in front of the cigar, igniting it… Klein takes a few puffs of it, and then begins to walk over to Dan Lynch, and without a second thought, puts it out on his back… Lynch is somewhat pulled from his unconscious state, only to send a scream that echoed throughout the arena into the air…]

TT: Now that wasn’t necessary…

[Lu Yen then tosses Klein a microphone, he puts it up to his mouth, and begins…]

KLEIN: Now that I’ve got your attention, Danny....wake up, Danny. I warned you, son. You wanted to call my sexuality into play. You wanted to make fun of Da Man and called him my “Man Bitch” as you so graciously put it. No no no, you have it all wrong, Danny…

[Klein pauses, and says the following with a sarcastic smile on his face…]

KLEIN: I'm his man bitch. I’m just the spokesman for this organization. There is no place for hate here in the CWF unless it is against another man’s actions. So you don't like me because I’m supposedly gay? You don't like Lu cause he is Japanese? Let me give you an action that can give you a REAL reason to hate me.

[Klein puts his hand out towards Lu Yen, and without missing a beat Lu Yen tosses him a pair of scissors…]

KLEIN: Let’s finish this bitch off…

[Klein lifts Lynch’s lifeless head off the ground, and begins taking chunks out of his hair, and eventually continued until Lynch has no more hair left at all… Lu Yen then takes out a bottle form his pants, and tosses it in front of Klein…]

BC: What is that?

[Klein begins pouring the fluid all over Lynch’s hair…]

TT: I think it’s lighter fluid…

KLEIN: Say goodbye to it Danny boy…

[Klein then slowly puts the lit lighter to the hair, making it erupt into flames… Lu Yen then dives towards Lynch’s now shaven head, and begins mumbling to him about something…]

LU YEN: You think for one second I was going to let this slide? I have now beaten you mentally 2 times. Give it up. You cannot win.

[Klein then lifts Lynch’s lifeless head up again, and sarcastically gives him a kiss, and then slaps him across the face… Klein points down towards the lifeless body of Lynch, as if telling the other two to attack, but before they could do that Ricky Chambers runs down to the ring, sending all three men scattering like a cockroaches when light comes on…]

BC: It’s Ricky Chambers! From what I understand both Ricky and Dan go back a long way…

TT: Luckily for Dan Lynch, Ricky Chambers decided he had enough…

[Chambers crouches down next to Lynch and calls for the EMTs. They come racing out from the back and swarm the scene.]

TT: Well Dan Lynch had his damn hair set on fire at the hands of Klein and Lu Yen, and that is just beyond wicked…

BC: Hey! Something’s up with Paul Blair backstage!

A Deal With the Devil . . .

[We cut to Paul Blair in his dressing room pacing back and fourth like a caged animal. The door to his room flies open and he looks ready for a fight as "Golden One" Jeff Jericho is revealed. ]

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Evening, Mr. Blair.

PAUL BLAIR: What in the hell do you want?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Calm down, Blair…I'm not here to fight with you. Our history is well documented and one of these days it will get settled, but today is not that day. It seems to me for the first time in 3 years we actually have a common goal.

PAUL BLAIR: Is that so?

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: Yes, and his name is Mark Xamin.


“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: We both want Mark Xamin destroyed and we both want him gone from the CWF forever.

PAUL BLAIR: Yeah, and I'm going to personally take care of that at Summer Smash.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: I know you will and to make sure, I've booked myself as the special guest referee. Maniac isn't the only one who can stack the deck.

PAUL BLAIR: Jericho, what if I told you that I don't trust you one damn bit?...

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: I'd say you have every right to but think about it, what purpose does it serve me to screw you over, it means Mark would win and I do not want that. Trust me Paul, our time will come in the middle of the ring but that time is not now. We have a common goal and we can help each other.

PAUL BLAIR: You might be on to something. All right Jericho, we'll leave our history in the past for now but one of these days, we will finish this thing between us.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: I wouldn't have it any other way.

PAUL BLAIR: You truly are one crazy SOB.

“GOLDEN ONE” JEFF JERICHO: No crazier than you, Paul.

PAUL BLAIR: Oh my, I like it. Hahaha!


[The two shake hands as the scene fades to black.]

TT: Dear god, Blair and Jericho on the same page! Has hell frozen over?

BC: Clearly it has, and Mark Xamin is in trouble at Summer Smash!

TT: With those two nuts involved, the boss has a big hill to climb…

BC: Not just Xamin, though, Teddy! Jericho is the commissioner, and Blair is on a mission to capture the CWF World Heavyweight title, his problems with Xamin aside…and Jericho has the power to make it happen for Blair! I love it!

TT: Well nonetheless folks, we’re ready for an interesting bout right here…the new CWF National Champion, Jimmy Sartyr, goes one on one in a non-title affair with Johnny Keel, but here’s the catch…Erik Olson is the special enforcer!

BC: And as I mentioned earlier, even though Olson and Keel hate each other with a passion, if you’ve been paying attention to the backstage scene here in the CWF, you know Olson doesn’t like Sartyr, and believe me, the feeling is more than mutual – Sartyr can’t stand Olson either! This should be good…

Non-Title Match
Special Enforcer: Erik Olson

[Both Keel and Sartyr stand in the ring as the lights dim through out the entire arena and Erik Olson, the Special Enforcer comes forth.]

[The sound of a piano begins playing over the speaker system and then the loud voice of Mannie Fresh can be heard shouting.]


[Over the speaker system "The Greatest" by T.I. feat. Mannie Fresh begins to play as the lights are restored and walking out from the entrance tunnel comes Erik Olson. Making his way down towards the ring, Olson looks down at both Sartyr and Keel. Smirking and then continuing his way down the aisle, Erik Olson walks up to the ring apron and stands nearby.]

[The scene then cuts from Erik Olson to inside of the ring.]

[The bell rings.]


[Both Keel and Sartyr walk into the center of the ring, staring each other down. Johnny Keel steps right up to Sartyr without any hesitation and immediately slaps the taste from Jimmy's mouth. The smack is so loud it echo's through out the entire arena. Jimmy Sartyr holds his jaw, rubbing it a bit, and brings arm back to strike Keel.]

BC: Man, that was a bitch slap!

[As Sartyr strikes out with a right hand shot, Johnny Keel catches that hand, shoves it aside and holds onto it. Looking straight into the eyes of Jimmy Sartyr, Keel begins to taunt him and then without warning, comes straight across his face with another open handed slap. This time Sartyr drops to one knee from the impact of Keel's slap.]

TT: Oh man, that had to hurt!

[Suddenly Jimmy Sartyr hops back up to his feet and shoves Johnny Keel backwards into the ropes. Keel comes back towards Sartyr, whom goes for a clothesline, but swiftly Keel ducks underneath. Putting on the breaks, Keel stops and turns around, looking at Jimmy, whom slowly turns around and... CRACK!!!]


BC: D-d-d-damn!

[A frustrated and angered Sartyr then kicks Johnny Keel in the stomach, which drops him to his knees. Jimmy walks over to Keel, grabbing him by the bottom of his face and begins to shout in his face. After a few verbal exchanges, Keel spits in the face of Sartyr, whom then immediately strikes down Johnny Keel with a slap to the face of his own.]

BC: Oh man, now Keel is getting slapped like a bitch!

[Keel's eyes light up with rage as he suddenly spear tackles Sartyr and takes him down to the canvas. While on top of Sartyr, Johnny Keel begins to pound away with lefts and rights, taking him apart bit by bit. The referee gets into the scuffle and breaks Keel off of Sartyr whom slowly rises to his feet. Johnny Keel then stomps over to Jimmy Sartyr, knees him in the mid section and whips him to the ropes.]

[As Sartyr comes running back towards Keel, he lifts Jimmy up into the air with a big lift and then slams him straight down to the canvas with a hard spine buster. The ring shakes from the huge impact of Jimmy Sartyr's body connecting with the canvas. The crowd erupts as Johnny Keel gets a crazed look in his eye, looking all around the arena as the fans cheer loudly.]

BC: Keel looks like he is ready to finish Sartyr off!

[Keel walks over to Jimmy and begins to lift him up from the canvas, but Sartyr catches him off guard and rolls him up in a small package pin attempt.]




[Johnny Keel barely kicks out of the small package. Both superstars rise to their feet, but Sartyr gets the advantage with a huge thrusting kick to the face of Keel. Sartyr then waits as Keel comes back up to his feet and then takes him right back down with a big clothesline.]

[Gaining some momentum, Jimmy Sartyr then heads over towards the turnbuckle and climbs up onto the second rope. Watching Keel as he rises up to his feet, Sartyr then leaps off the rope and hits Johnny Keel on top of the head with a double axe handle smash.]

TT: That really had to knock Keel senseless.

[Johnny Keel falls back to the canvas, holding his head in pain, as Jimmy Sartyr capitalizes on the condition of Keel. He reaches down, lifting Keel back up to his feet and hits him in the face with a hard right fist, and then continues to punch away at the face of Johnny Keel, backing him into the corner of the ring.]

[As Keel gets pressed into the corner by Sartyr, Jimmy then takes Keel and whips him across the ring. Keel goes running with a head full of steam straight into the turnbuckle and suddenly flips over the top rope. Crashing down onto the hard concrete floor, the body of Johnny Keel lies in front of the feet of Erik Olson. Looking down upon Keel, Olson grins with a deranged look in his eyes.]

BC: Oh god, Keel is lying before Olson, he's in some trouble.

TT: GET UP KEEL! Get the hell away from Olson!

[Keel rolls over onto his stomach and slowly begins to push himself up onto his knees, where he suddenly looks up. Locking eye to eye with Erik Olson, Keel gets a stunned look on his face. Out of know where, Jimmy Sartyr flies through the air with a suicide dive and takes out both Johnny Keel and Erik Olson.]


TT: Neither Olson nor Keel saw that one coming!

[Sartyr gets up onto his feet and lifts Keel up with him. He rolls Johnny back into the ring and tries to climb back up on the apron, but is suddenly stopped. Erik Olson grabs a hold of Jimmy Sartyr by the shoulder and turns him around. Looking straight into the eyes of Sartyr, Olson begins to talk to him and puts his index finger right into Jimmy's chest. Sartyr exchanges a few words with Olson and then shoves him away before sliding back into the ring.]

[The camera zooms in on Erik Olson whom is standing outside of the ring fuming with anger.]

[Back inside of the ring, Johnny Keel is standing up as Jimmy Sartyr rolls under the bottom rope. Keel quickly runs over to Jimmy and begins to stomp away at him, wearing him down with some big boots to the chest, driving the air out of his opponent. After a few more well-placed stomps, Keel then lifts his opponent back up to his feet, presses him up against the ropes, takes a step back and nails him right across the chest with a huge knife edge chop.]


BC: You could hear that from miles away!

[Sartyr holds his chest in pain as Keel winds back once again and delivers another knife edge chop. Then quickly, Johnny Keel nails Sartyr in the face with an elbow and then whips him across the ring. Keel bounces himself off the ropes and comes charging towards Jimmy Sartyr and then leaps up into the air. Catching Sartyr, Keel takes him down with a thesz press and begins to pound away at Jimmy's face with a few right hand shots.]

[Getting back up to his feet, Keel backs away from Jimmy Sartyr whom pushes himself back up to his feet, looking a bit groggy. Running towards Sartyr, Keel goes for an attack, but suddenly Jimmy Sartyr back drops Johnny Keel right over the top rope. Keel goes flying through the air and lands out on the floor area.]

BC: Ouch! That had to be an unpleasant flight!

TT: Keel is gonna feel that tomorrow, for sure.

BC: Keel is feeling that right now, no doubt about it.

[Gasping for air and trying to gain his composure, Jimmy Sartyr walks over towards the ropes and looks down at Johnny Keel. He then steps through the ropes and stands on the ring apron, looking down upon Johnny Keel. Still lying on the ground, looking pretty hurt, Johnny Keel just moans in pain. Sartyr then jumps off the apron and comes down across the chest and abdomen of his opponent with a frog splash.]

TT: Ooh, Sartyr just flattened Keel with that splash from the apron!

BC: I think we're gonna have to peel Johnny Keel off the floor.

[Getting back up to his feet, Sartyr then lifts Keel back up and whips him right into the ring post, knocking Keel back down to the ground, leaving him on the ground motionless. Looking proud of his actions, Sartyr raises his hands high into the air, looking out into the fans as they cheer him on. From behind Sartyr, Erik Olson walks up, turns him around and points for him to go back into the ring.]

BC: It looks like Olson and Sartyr are exchanging words again.

TT: Sartyr doesn't look to pleased.

BC: But neither does Erik Olson, he's trying to make sure this match stays in the ring.

[The two continue to bicker amongst one another when suddenly Jimmy Sartyr spits in the face of Erik Olson. A stunned Olson wipes away the spit and he just stares at Jimmy Sartyr with his eyes wide open. Sartyr just smirks arrogantly at Olson and shrugs his shoulders, turning his back on him and walking back over towards Keel. Taking Johnny Keel, Jimmy Sartyr rolls him back into the ring.]

[Sartyr tries to slide under the bottom rope, but Olson grabs him by the leg, drags him out from under the bottom rope and turns him around. Erik Olson begins to shout at Jimmy Sartyr and reprimand him for his actions. Shoving Olson back Sartyr tries to go back into the ring, but is stopped once again. Erik Olson spins him back around, shaking his hand and pointing his finger into the face of Jimmy Sartyr.]

TT: Dammit Olson! Leave Sartyr alone already.

[Jimmy goes to swing at Olson, but he ducks the attack. Then quickly Olson rams his shoulder into the stomach and drives Jimmy Sartyr's back into the ring apron. Taking Jimmy Sartyr by the tights, Olson then rolls him back into the ring.]

[Getting back to his feet, Johnny Keel walks ove towards Jimmy Sartyr and goes for the cover.]




[Jimmy Sartyr barely gets his shoulder up from the canvas. Johnny Keel looks a bit stunned, but refuses to quit. Lifting Sartyr back up, Keel grabs a hold of his head and plants Jimmy down into the canvas with a big DDT. Rolling Sartyr back over, Johnny goes for another pin attempt.]




[Sartyr kicks out again.]


BC: The match could have ended for Jimmy Sartyr, but he refuses to lose!

[Sitting up, looking down at Sartyr, Keel then stands back up and lifts Jimmy Sartyr to his feet. He lifts him up into the air and bodyslams him down to the canvas. Running over towards the ropes, Keel comes back towards Sartyr and drops his elbow down, right into the heart of Jimmy Sartyr. The body of Sartyr convulses in pain, as Keel then drapes his arm over his chest.]




[Getting back up onto his feet, Johnny Keel looks a bit more frustrated and angry. He watches and waits as Jimmy Sartyr gets back up onto his feet. Keel charges towards his opponent and attacks with a clothesline, but Sartyr ducks. Keel goes across the ring, bounces off the ropes and comes running back at Jimmy Sartyr. Leap frogging over Keel, Sartyr then turns around as Keel then comes running back towards him and takes him down with a hip toss. Keel flies through the air and smacks down on the canvas with a thud.]

[Rolling back onto his feet, Keel charges at Jimmy Sartyr, but Sartyr side steps and takes Keel down with a drop toe hold. Keeping a hold of the legs of Johnny Keel, Jimmy Sartyr puts his opponent into a leg lock submission hold. Struggling to break free, Johnny Keel kicks his leg free and begins to crawl away from Sartyr.]

TT: Keel is fighting for his life here!

[Keel gets up onto his knees as Sartyr approaches him. Jimmy swings at Keel, but he ducks. Once more, Jimmy Sartyr attacks Johnny Keel, but once again it's a miss. Keel then pushes forward and busts Sartyr in the stomach with his head, sending him stumbling backwards. Getting back to his feet, Johnny Keel then goes after Jimmy Sartyr. Keel goes to whip Sartyr into the ropes, but Jimmy reverses it. Keel goes flying into the ropes as Sartyr goes for a super kick, but Keel ducks. The super kick from Sartyr continues to move along and suddenly catches the unsuspecting referee.]



[Keel turns around, kicks Sartyr in the stomach and... SITDOWN POWERBOMB!!! Keel goes for the cover.]




[The referee is still lying on the canvas unconcious.]

TT: Keel could have won the match, but there is nobody around to make the count!

BC: Wait a minute, look!

[Sliding into the ring comes Erik Olson, the special enforcer of the match. Keel still has the cover on Jimmy Sartyr as Olson administers the pinfall count.]




[The fans go absolutely berserk.]



[Jimmy Sartyr sits up as Johnny Keel walks over to Olson and begins to complain about the count. Sliding out of the ring, Jimmy Sartyr grabs a steel chair from under the ring and tosses it into the ring. Sliding back into the ring, Jimmy picks up the chair and raises it up over his head, he swings the chair at Keel from behind, but Erik Olson shoves Keel out of the way and.... SARTYR HITS ERIK OLSON WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!!]



[Johnny Keel then snatches the chair out of Sartyr's hand, jabs him in the stomach with it and... SLAMS THE STEEL INTO THE BACK OF SARTYR! The chair shot echo's loudly as Sartyr drops to his knees in pain, while holding his back. Then taking a hold of his opponent, Johnny Keel takes Jimmy Sartyr and whips him into the turnbuckle. Keel then walks over to Sartyr and sets him up... FINAL DREAM!!! JOHNNY KEEL HITS THE FINAL DREAM ON JIMMY SARTYR!!!]



[Johnny Keel goes for the cover on Jimmy Sartyr. Slowly Erik Olson rolls over, looking at Keel making the pin attempt and begins to make the pin count.]








[The arena shakes from the loudness of the fans whom are all on their feet as Jimmy Sartyr kicks out again. Johnny Keel rolls off of Sartyr, putting his hands over his face and almost exploding with anger. The look on Olson's face is completely stunned knowing that Sartyr just kicked out of Keel's finishing move.]



[Moving back to his feet, Johnny Keel takes Jimmy Sartyr and lifts him back up. SARTYR SUPRISES KEEL WITH A SMALL PACKAGE PIN ATTEMPT!!! Olson makes the count.]




[Johnny Keel kicks out of the small package and quickly gets to his feet. Jimmy Sartyr follows and both superstars stand nose to nose, looking at each other. Keel nails Sartyr in the face with a left, Sartyr nails Keel in the face with a right. Both superstars break out with fists of fury, pounding away at one another.]

[A groggy looking Erik Olson then looks at both Keel and Sartyr. He lifts up the steel chair and... OLSON CONNECTS WITH THE BACK OF JOHNNY KEEL'S HEAD!!! JOHNNY KEEL HAS BEEN BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! The fans begin to boo Olson like crazy and he seems stunned. Looking out into the crowd, Erik Olson gets frustrated and then suddenly... ERIK OLSON NAILS JIMMY SARTYR WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!!]



[Both Johnny Keel and Jimmy Sartyr lie motionless in the center of the ring as Erik Olson stands over them looking pretty proud at the chaos he just created. The fans go completely insane, booing and throwing objects into the ring at Olson.Walking over towards the ropes, Olson steps out of the ring and hops down onto the ring floor.]

[A few moments later, the CWF official inside of the ring that was once incompacitated suddenly begins to move around a bit and eventually rises to his feet. Looking around the ring and then at both Keel and Sartyr whom are motionless inside of the ring, the referee begins to make a double knock-out count.]

One... Two... Three... Four...

TT: Man, This cannot end likes this.

BC: Olson lays both men out and then leaves them to get KO counted out.

Five... Six... Seven...

TT: Someone needs to get up!

[Both superstars still lie motionless in the ring.]

BC: This is unbelieveable.

Eight... Nine...

[The referee checks both superstars once more, both do nothing, as he continues to finish the count.]


[[The bell rings.]

TT: What the hell?!

BC: It's a double knock out? Nobody wins this match.

TT: Damn that Erik Olson!

[Erik Olson walks over towards the ring announcer position as chaos continues to ensue out in the fans. Taking a hold of a microphone, Olson then slides the ring, and stands over the bodies of Jimmy Sartyr and Johnny Keel. Olson kicks Sartyr off of Keel and then shoves Johnny Keel out of the ring. Looking down at the body of Johnny Keel, Erik Olson speaks.]

ERIK OLSON: That is two matches I've cost you, Keel. But to be honest with you, I'm starting to get a little bored with all of this. Heck, you're no challenge what so ever and I am craving a challenge.

[Olson then walks away from the ropes and heads over to Jimmy Sartyr's unconcious body which lies face first on the mat.]

ERIK OLSON: Now this brings me to you, Jimmy Sartyr. I told Keel I'm finished with him, he's recieved his pardon, but you on the other hand, you're a different story. I noticed that you've got an open contract at Summer Smash for the CWF National Championship. Well Jimmy, I think you just found yourself an opponent for Summer Smash.

[Dropping the microphone to the canvas, Erik Olson walks over to Jimmy Sartyr, standing over his body and raising both arms high into the air as "The Greatest" by T.I. begins to play. But it seems Olson isn't finished in the ring and goes down and puts Jimmy Sartyr in the Calcium Clutch. The music is cut as Olson takes Sartyr and begins to pull back hard with this submission manuever. A motionless Jimmy Sartyr can do nothing but feel the pain of Erik Olson's attack.]

[Several CWF officials come running down the aisle and slide into the ring and break Olson off of Jimmy Sartyr. Pushing Olson back into the corner, he just laughs to himself and raises his arms once more as "The Greatest" by T.I. begins to play. Stepping out of the ring, Erik Olson then walks up the ramp, turning around and looking at Jimmy Sartyr's motionless body being attended to. Raising his arms back high up into the air, Olson gets booed loudly by the fans in attendance.]

[As Olson turns around he continues to move backstage where the scene cuts back down to ringside where Johnny Keel is seen lying on the floor, in pain. Pushing himself back up to his feet, he stairs up towards the entrance area where Olson went back to.]

[Suddenly a fan wearing a black hooded sweatshirt jumps out of the crowd wielding a wooden bat. Before Keel can respond he is cracked in the back of the legs with the bat by the man.]

BC: What the hell?!

[Keel’s knees buckle and he drops to his knees in pain. The fan then kicks Keel hard in the back of the head knocking him out. Security begins to rush out but before they can get to the fan all the lights in the arena go out. When the lights come on, the man and Johnny Keel are gone]

TT: Clearly he was not a fan.

BC: How’d he make the lights go out?

TT: More importantly, why did he attack Keel?

Retaliation . . .

[We cut to a backstage area – apparently a snack room, where a long table of vegetables, junk food and coffee is the prominent feature of the room. Chiron Cross is drinking a cup of coffee, when suddenly his attention is drawn to the hallway outside the room. He puts his coffee down and races out the doorway.]

TT: Well Chiron Cross has apparently just seen something and he’s in hot pursuit of whatever it is…oh! It’s Blood!

BC: Ahhh!

[Blood walks head on into an assault by Chiron Cross! Cross throws wild punches and backs Blood into a garage door, the crash alerting CWF officials of the melee. They swarm the scene and attempt to break the two up.]

TT: These two want at each other in the worst way! But we have to wait another month until Fall Fever to see it!

BC: Cross better worry about Dan Lynch! He’s in a Mid-Atlantic title match with the Sex, Love and Money machine at Summer Smash!

TT: But Blood has drawn the ire of Chiron Cross, the young rookie sensation who is promising that his mentor, known only as “M,” will be setting Blood straight if he continues his rampage!

[Finally, they are pulled apart, and we cut back to ringside.]

TT: Wow…things are getting pretty heated around here…

BC: And we still have the main event to go! Team Danger versus Paul Blair and Mike Sloan! Holy hell this has potential!

TT: Indeed it does! Let’s head to the ring and get this underway!


[We cut to the ring for our main event.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Mobile, Alabama…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE DARK HORSE” MIKE SLOAN!

This is because of what you did to me....

[The airy, hollow voice penetrates the p.a.system.]

This is what I become.....

[The voice is close to being recognizable, but at the same time it is unknown to us.]

My pain will become yours.....

[ A dark figure is produced on the screen. Bright white lights flash behind him, illuminating his figure. And the first bass and acoustic riff begins to sound out.]

#You take a mortal man, #

[His blond hair on top is only a fraction of an inch long. You can see the places where he has been scared from multiple battles in his life.}

#And put him in control #

[His head begins to lift, so slightly that the only thing that is produced in the time is the top of a spike that comes from his eyebrow.]

#Watch him become a god,#

[A scar runs from his forehead lateral to his left ear. It is so slight, because of the time and money that was spent to reduce the size.]

#Watch peoples heads a'roll #

[The first thing that is recognizable, the blue eyes. They hold more emotion than the face itself. They were once caring, but something has taken all that away. They are full of disdain and contempt now.


[The spot lights area towards the entrance ramp. The crowd jumps to its feet to see him again. The chorus hits the pa system and about that time a stray light catches a glimpse of the man we once knew far away from the ring, in the crowd. Standing like a monster, scared of nothing, he makes his movements to the ring. ]

#Just like the Pied Piper

Led rats through the streets

We dance like marionettes,

Swaying to the Symphony...

Of Destruction #

[His attire features two new things. He has donned a black shirt that states, in red lettering, Respect is not earned; It's Taken. The second item is a pair of thigh length, spandex shorts. Across the back it states, T D H. Down his left thigh the word that is stated is Scorned. Down his right thigh is the word, Disrespected;. A black towel covers his head so that no one can know who this is, if the piercing and the eyes didn't tell you who it was then you will have to wait.]

#Acting like a robot, #

[He makes his way to the ring side area, he places one foot on the step and reaches out his hand and grabs the ring post.]

#Its metal brain corrodes. #

[He pauses for the fans and then makes his way up the steps.]

#You try to take its pulse, #

[He walks the outer edge of the ring and places his back against the ropes and waits.]

#Before the head explodes. #

[As soon as this line hits his head launches back and the covering it tossed off. Revealing to the world that this man is Mike Sloan. ]

#Explodes... #

[The chorus hits again as he makes his way into the ring.]

#Just like the Pied Piper

Led rats through the streets

We dance like marionettes,

Swaying to the Symphony...

Of Destruction #

[He leans over and picks up his towel and hangs it on the far right turnbuckle.]

#The earth starts to rumble #

[The red insignia, TDH, is embroider into it also.]

#World powers fall#

[He pulls his torso out of the shirt and tosses it to the floor.]

#A'warring for the heavens, #

[He places his back against the corner and stretches his back over the ropes, popping every vertebrate there.]

#A peaceful man stands tall #

[He stands a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain from this point on.]

Announcer: And his tag team partner…from River Falls, Wisconsin…weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RULER” PAUL BLAIR!

BC: Woooo! Here comes the man, Teddy!

TT: Alright, settle down…don’t even start…

[The crowd erupts into a loud chorus of relentless boos as the BlairVision theme plays, and Paul Blair steps out from the back in his ring attire. He walks down to the ring taunting the crowd. Once at ring side, he grabs a fan’s hot dog in the front row, bites off the end of it, and hands it back to the fan. The poor fan looks at his food in disgust as Blair laughs his way up the ring steps and through the ropes.]

TT: Every week that disrespectful jackass does something like that to a fan…doesn’t he know who writes his checks? It’s the fans!

BC: That’s not true…Jeff Jericho does now, ha!

Announcer: And their opponents…at a total combined weight of 475 pounds…the team of “THE ONLY STAR” ERIC DANE and “THE BLACK JESUS” TYRONE WALKER…TEAM DANGER!

[Lamb of God’s “Ruin” rapes its way through the sound system, sonically assaulting the ears of everyone in attendance.]

#The knowledge that seeking the favor of another
#Means the murder of self.
#This is the resolution
#The end of all progress
#The death of evolution
#It bleeds all life away.

[From behind the curtain steps a former multiple-time World Champion, and the crowd erupts in heat for him. His hair is pristine, his gear is on, and he’s ready to go.]

[The Only Star.]

[Eric Dane.]

#Silence speeds the path to the streams of solace that run so few and narrow.
#Brooks that babble the sounds of torture.
#You will one day rise
#To flood the banks of the chosen.
#This is the art of ruin.

[He stalks toward the ring, ignoring the crowd, face focused on the men waiting for him inside.]

This is the resolution
The end of all progress
The death of evolution
It bleeds all life away

[Once he comes to the ring, Eric walks around, rather than slides in. Fans slap his back and shoulders as he makes his way around to the timekeepers table and sizes up his two opponents from the outside.]

I will show you all that I have mastered
Fear. Pain. Hatred. Power.
This is the art of ruin.

[The music finishes, and Eric climbs the ringsteps and steps through the ropes.]

TT: Well there’s Eric Dane, but where’s Tyrone Walker? Apparently they’re coming out separately tonight…

[Death to the Lights]

[Darkness Comes]

[The super screen comes to life, becoming a whirling vortex of seizure inducing color and flashes as the technotronic beat begins pulsing as the entrance way illuminates in a bright multi-colored light show as smoke billows out from behind the entrance]




[The roar, shredding the techno beat, giving way to the heavy, fast riffing of Breaking Benjamin's "Believe" and a series of loud, violent explosions blasting off to either side of the entrance. The infamous letters "TD" appear, immediately drawing the ire of the crowd. They shatter and get sucked into the vortex being replaced by the words "THE BLACK JESUS" which only serves to build up the disdain that rumbles throughout the crowd. Being met a by a raucous sea of hate as he steps out through the haze of smoke and on to the stage. Standing at the foot of the entrance, Walker takes in wave after wave of hate, grinning evilly. He wears black Adidas Tryint II wrestling shoes with white trim, his legs covered with kickpads-black on the left, white on the right that meet with a pair of matching knee pads that end where his black and white boardshorts begin that have contrasting striping designs on each leg. His upper torso is bare save for the white Team Danger jersey with black stitching.]

#Don't tread the water
#Just stay still
#I'll not be bothered
#By you until
#I'm picking sides
#And pulling the strings

[The Black Jesus ... Tyrone Walker]

#I'm living lies
#And shedding the skin
#I'm open wide
#And letting you in
#I'm wronging rights

[Walker stands waiting, staring into the ring where Paul Blair and Mike Sloan are. Walker raises one arm in the air taking in the now fever pitched intensity that rains down upon them from the live crowd.]

#I don't care what you want
#I just want mine
#Shut up
#Smart little bitch
#I don't need lies
#I don't care what you want
#I just want mine
#Get up
#Force it to fit
#Confined inside

[Having begun his way down the ramp, Walker's eyes never leave those of his opponents.]

TT: I can't believe it folks, it is DEAFENING in here tonight, these people absolutely hate Team Danger!

BC: They just have no taste for true wrestling greatness!

[As he reaches the ring, he looks across at Eric Dane, and nods slightly. Dane steps through the ropes and takes his position in their corner.]

TT: And we’re about to get under way here…it looks like Tyrone Walker and Mike Sloan will be starting things off…


[Blair takes his position in his team’s corner, and Sloan and Walker circle each other.]

TT: Well you have to wonder what kind of condition Mike Sloan is in after having his hands nailed to the mat last week at the hands of Eric Dane…that had to be the most grotesque and graphic incident the CWF has ever seen…

BC: It’s right up there with some of Jeff Jericho’s antics, that’s for sure…

[Walker leans in to lock up, but Sloan side steps him and locks him in for a release German suplex, sending Walker’s head bouncing off the canvas. Walker gets to his knees and grits his teeth, and slowly gets to his feet. Sloan taunts Dane…Dane goes to get in the ring but the referee holds him back…as Dane argues with the referee, Blair runs across the apron, grabs Walker by the afro, and hotshots him across the top rope, Blair jumping all the way down to the arena floor! Walker flings backwards, lands on his back, and flips from the impact. The referee turns around, oblivious to what just happened.]

TT: Well it looks like Blair and Sloan are on the same page here…

BC: What? Sloan? That was all Blair! Ha!

[Sloan pulls Walker up and irish whips him to the ropes…on the rebound he connects with a powerslam! He makes a cover!]

















[Sloan pulls him back up and sets him up for a bulldog…but Walker overpowers him and as Sloan leaves the air to deliver the bulldog, Walker is able to hold him in the air and he sets him down hard on the top rope! Sloan straddles the rope, and Dane begins to shake it from the outside. The referee again warns Dane, and Sloan slumps back into the ring holding his groin. Walker takes a moment to regroup, and then pulls Sloan up, backing him into Team Danger’s corner and tagging out to Eric Dane.]

TT: And in comes Eric Dane here, and it seems as if Team Danger is working together just fine, despite the fact that in just two week’s time, they’ll be tearing each other apart for the CWF World Heavyweight championship!

BC: Well I’m sure they’ve come to an understanding…at Summer Smash they’ll go to war, but until then they’re on the same team.

[Dane and Walker double team Sloan in the corner, beating him down until he is sitting helplessly in Team Danger’s corner. Blair argues with the referee about the double team, allowing Dane and Walker to do a little more damage behind the ref’s back, until finally Walker gets out of the ring. Dane looks at Sloan’s hands, still wounded from last week’s match, and grins sadistically. He pulls Sloan up, drops him with a body slam, and then flattens his hand out, palm up on the mat. Sloan looks up with wide eyes, as if pleading silently for Dane not to do it, but he does anyway…Dane stomps Sloan’s wounded hand and Sloan yelps out in pain. He does it again, and again, and again…Sloan appears to be bleeding slightly from the hand already, and the referee backs Dane off of him. Sloan writhes in pain and crawls slowly towards his corner with his elbows, trying not to put any pressure on his hands. Dane quickly grabs him by the hair and pulls him back to his feet, chopping him hard across the chest and backing him into the ropes. Dane whips him to the corner and charges in at him, but Sloan gets a boot up in desperation and Dane stumbles backwards…but he persists and charges in at Sloan again…and again, Sloan gets a boot up. Determined to connect, Dane once more charges in at Sloan, only this time Sloan surges out of the corner and flattens Dane with a hard clothesline!]

TT: Sloan has to make a tag here!

BC: Blair wants to get his hands on Eric Dane almost as badly as he wants to destroy Mark Xamin! If he gets tagged in, this is going to get ugly!

[Sloan crawls towards Blair, his hand bleeding a little more freely now…Blair leans over the ropes to get closer to him…and Sloan reaches up with his non-bloody hand and makes the tag! Blair enters the ring with wide eyes and an excited grin as he stares across at Eric Dane, who has just gotten back to his feet. Dane grins back and the two immediately begin exchanging blows! Lefts, rights, jabs, hooks, uppercuts…fists are flying and most are connecting!]

BC: Go Blair!

TT: These two absolutely hate each other and they are going at it full tilt here!

[Blair gets the upper hand and knees Dane in the gut, and then drives his elbow into the back of Dane’s head. Dane goes down to one knee, Blair bounces off the ropes and drop kicks Dane cleanly in the face, sending Dane reeling on the canvas. Blair licks his lips at the sight of the man who cost him his spot on the World title tournament lying on the mat…Dane gets to all fours and Blair helps him back to his feet and snapmeres him back down. He locks Dane in sleeperhold, looking to wear him down early. Dane fights to his feet as Blair tightens his grip. Dane breaks the hold with a jawbreaker, sending Blair bouncing up into the air after the initial impact, and then dropping back down to the mat with a crash! Dane gets to his feet and quickly tags out to Tyrone Walker, deciding to stay fresh rather than wear himself out in the early going.]

TT: And the Black Jesus gets back in the ring…

BC: Blair versus Dane just has to happen sooner or later, Teddy! That was wild!

[Blair gets to his feet just as Walker gets back on him and backs him into the corner…he drives his shoulder into Blair’s abdomen, taking Blair’s oxygen away from him. He does it again, and again…Blair can’t get out of the corner, and Walker sets him up on the top rope! Walker looks like he’s trying to set him up for a superplex…but Mike Sloan makes the save and from the apron shoves Walker off the top rope! The referee gets very animated and sends Sloan back to his own corner. Walker struggles to his feet after being sent to the mat from the top rope…but as he gets up, Blair leaps off at him and connects with a double axe-handle off the top! Walker goes down and Blair quickly gets over and tags out to Mike Sloan, who now has blood trickling up his forearm.]

TT: And Sloan is back in but it may be short lived to give Blair a breather here…with those wounded hands, Blair is going to have to do the brunt of the work here if they’re going to experience and degree of success tonight…

BC: That’s ok, Blair is used to people riding his coat tails…Mike Sloan will be no different!

TT: Oh give it a rest, you’re giving Blair far too much credit…

[Sloan wastes no time and pulls Walker to his feet, kneeing him in the gut and whipping him to the ropes…Walker leapfrogs over him on the rebound…Walker bounces back again and Sloan lays on the mat, we have criss cross action here…Walker on the rebound once more, and the both have the same idea and the both fall to the mat after colliding with a double clothesline! Both Blair and Dane are reaching over the ropes, desperately trying to reach their partner…both men are down though, and the referee’s count gets to six before Walker begins to stir…he crawls towards Dane slowly. Sloan also begins to stir and very slowly drags himself towards Blair. Walker makes the tag! Dane gets in the ring as quickly as he can, but it’s too late! Sloan tags out to Blair and we have another brawl on our hands!]

BC: Here we go again! Ahhh!

TT: Blair and Dane are absolutely laying into each other and they are going at it tooth and nail here!

[This time Dane gets the upper hand, but it is short lived as Sloan clips his knee from behind! Walker gets back into the ring and starts brawling with Sloan as Blair tries to capitalize on Dane. Blair pulls him and and delivers a European uppercut, but Dane fires back, and the two again begin to throw a flurry of punches at each other! All four men are brawling in the ring! The referee tries desperately to regain control but to no avail…Walker has Sloan backed up against the ropes and the ref gets between them…but as he turns around, Blair ducks a clothesline from Dane and the ref gets nailed instead!]

TT: And the referee is down! Good God almighty this is chaos!

[The fight spills out to the floor, with Walker and Sloan battling it out by the commentators booth! Back in the ring, Blair has Dane in a side headlock…Dane shoves him off and sends him to the ropes, and superkicks him on the rebound!]

TT: STARSTRUCK! He nailed it but there’s no referee to make the cover!

BC: Ahhh!

[Dane looks around in disbelief and remembers that the official is out like a light. Meanwhile on the outside, Walker rams Sloan into the ringpost! He looks into the ring and see’s Dane trying to revive the official…Walker grabs a steel chair from the outside and slides it into the ring. Dane grabs it and motions for Walker to help him. Tyrone re-enters the ring and pulls Blair up, holding him in place for a chair shot.]

BC: This is not fair to Blair!

TT: Team Danger could end things right here!

[Dane swings the chair at Blair, but Blair ducks and Dane instead hits Tyrone Walker!]

BC: Ahhhhhh!

TT: That backfired and now Blair has an opening!

[Dane looks down at an unconscious and busted open Tyrone Walker in panic… he drops the chair, and spins around…Blair connects with a Blair Kick and sends Dane flying over the top rope!]

BC: Yes!

TT: Blair sent Dane to the outside with a Blair Kick but can he capitalize?!

[Blair flops on top of Tyrone Walker and Mike Sloan jumps on Eric Dane on the outside! The referee comes to and makes a very slow, weary count!]


















BC: Blair did it! Blair won the match!

Announcer: Here are your winners…the team of PAUL BLAIR AND “THE DARK HORSE” MIKE SLOAN!

TT: Blair covers Walker for the win after Dane inadvertently laid out Walker with a steel chair!

[Sloan rolls back into the ring and has his arm raised in victory alongside Blair. Walker wakes up and shakes the cobwebs out of his head as he lies on the mat. Dane gets back into the ring to help Walker. He helps Walker get to his feet and goes to pat him on the back as if to say “we’ll get them next time,” but Walker shoves Dane!]

TT: Oh my! The tension may be getting to Team Danger here!

[Dane spreads his arms out and we can read his lips as he says “what are you doing?” Walker starts yelling at him and the two begin barking at each other back and forth as Blair and Sloan watch on with great satisfaction. Cooler heads prevail though, and they calm down and leave the ring together after seemingly clearing the air.]

TT: Well it looks like they worked it out, but that could have been explosive!

BC: I thought they were gonna go at it right there!

TT: And wait a minute…what’s this?!

The Ruler’s Funeral . . .

[SCREEEEEEEECH! The Black 2005 Ford F150 owned by the man in black speeds out backwards onto the top of the entrance ramp and stops.]

TT: Oh my god!

BC: This is it. It can’t be it! Run, Paul, run! Run for your life!

[The man in black slowly rolls down the entrance ramp as Blair stares at the truck. Team danger gets back into the ring staring at Blair with huge grins. The truck stops at the end of the entrance ramp and the Man in Black steps out. He begins to climb into the ring. Blair backs up towards the far end of the ropes. Theman in black takes off his sunglasses.]

TT: Look at his eyes…

BC: I think I know who that is….

[Eric Dane and Tyrone Walker step up to the man in black on either side. The man signals for a mic and a stage hand tosses the man in black a microphone.]

MAN IN BLACK: Blair, tonight is the night the Ruler dies! Someone open the casket.

[The man begins to untie the bandana. And the stage hand climbs into the bed of the truck. He opens the casket. There is already a man inside. Duct taped at the hands, feet and over the mouth it’s Johnny Keel knocked out in the casket! The man in Black takes off the bandana. The man is black with a goatee. He smiles at Blair.]

BC: That’s Chemical X!

TT: Oh my God! Chemical X is back in the CWF!

[Blair smiles at Chemical X, and he smiles back at Blair.]


[Suddenly Chemical X throws an elbow back at Tyrone Walker, who is on his right, hitting him in the nose. He then comes back at Eric Dane hitting him with a right hook, microphone still in hand. Blair attacks Walker and Chemical X attacks Dane. X kicks dane in the face knocking him out of the ring!] CHEMICAL X: For those of you who may not remember, the name is Chemical X!

TT: Wait a damn minute! Blair had us fooled the whole bloody time! He’s in cahoots with the man in black, Chemical X!

BC: Ha! Blair is a genius! Not even I, the great Bobby Crane, saw that one coming!

[He tosses the Microphone and goes to attack Dane while Blair goes to work on Walker inside the ring. X drags Dane to the bed of his truck and slams him in the casket on top of Johnny Keel.]

TT: They’re stacking up!

[Blair drags over Walker and they throw him in the casket on top of Keel and Dane. Chemical X then closes the lid on the casket and locks it down.]

BC: What the hell is going on here!

TT: Blair and X are on the same page!

[X gets in the driver seat of his pickup and begins to drive back up the ramp. He reaches the top of the ramp and back the truck over to the grave. X then climbs out of the truck and into the bed. He pushes on the casket and drops it into the grave. He grabs a microphone.]

CHEMICAL X: Things just got a little more interesting!

[ As Chemical X goes to the back, Blair is in the center of the ring with a mic in his hand.]

PAUL BLAIR: Where's big bad Team Danger now? Mr. Dane, I don't want to say I told you so but once again it looks like I told you the truth a few days ago. Remember I said, you wouldn't be walking out of here on your own, and it doesn't look like you did!

[ Blair begins to laugh as the fans boo him.]

PAUL BLAIR: One down...next up is Maniac and Xamin. Boys, you might survive for another week. But I'm coming for both of you next. See you in 7 days!

TT: My God! Blair has fooled the world and he and Chemical X have sent a huge message Mark Xamin and Maniac! This is unbelievable! How is Team Danger going to react to this attack!? What will Xamin and Maniac do next?! Tune in next week, folks…we’re out of time!

BC: Hahaha!

[Cameras fade with Blair in the center of the ring and Chemical X near the ramp.]

[Until next time…]