[Clips of last week’s show.]

[Jeff Jericho announcing that CWF is dead, and firing Teddy Turnbuckle, replacing him with ex-CWF announcer, Larry Robinson.]

[Paul Blair appreciation night – clips of Blair’s greatest CWF moments.]

[Blair’s CWF Hall of Fame induction…interrupted by a furious Tyrone Walker. Walker promises that at Fall Fever, he will have his revenge in a World title rematch.]

[Fade out.]

[The Sunday Night Brawl logo fades into the screen slowly.]

[The logo shatters into thousands of pieces and blows away like dust in the wind. We fade into a sold out Pepsi Center in Albany, New York.]

[The crowd is electric, as always, and they only get louder as a dazzling pyrotechnics display explodes at the entrance ramp. We cut to the ring, where Lu Yen is already standing with a microphone waiting for the obligatory introduction to the show ends. Larry Robinson and, as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, welcome us to the show.]

LR: Welcome everyone to Albany, New York! It’s another explosive edition of GPW Sunday Night Brawl! I’m Larry Robinson, the greatest play-by-play man of all time, and sitting next to me is my partner in crime, the most decorated color man in the history of broadcasting, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

BC: Thanks, Larry! What a show we have tonight! GPW never disappoints, we’ve said it before…and standing in the ring right now is GPW’s own, Lu Yen!

LR: I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Turning Japanese

[Cameras pan to the center of the ring where Lu Yen has been waiting patiently for quite some time to speak. The fans chant "You sold out!" to Lu which pisses him off. ]

Lu Yen: I sold out?!?! Wrong! I made the right business choice. You see, I left the doomed Titanic which is the CWF and headed to the iceberg which is going to sink it in GPW. And it happened didn't it people? GPW buried the CWF, the CWF is dead so deal with it. And now that I'm in the most elite group ever assembled, Lu Yen's time to shine is coming. No longer will I be the curtain jerker, the door mat for the CWF. My star is going to rise to the top of this industry with the help of Paul Blair, Triple X and of course, my mentor Jeff Jericho!

You could say that I've come home again. In the IOA I was Jeff Jericho's body guard and enjoyed the greatest success of my career. I also was witness to the most spectacular event of all time, the rebirth of God. I was there to watch first hand as Jeff Jericho transformed into our lord and savior. I was there to spread the word of Jericho to all those sinners around the world. I witnessed his power, his splendor and his wraith.

But thanks to Jeff's family, his true identity was suppressed through medication. But now Jeff Jericho is returning to his true destiny. Soon he shall once again become the lord, you'll see. You think I'm joking, you think this is some elaborate hoax? Well you'll all be sorry when it happens because Jeff Jericho will strike you down.

And who will be there you carry out the word of Jeff Jericho, ME! And who will be the men to carry out his wishes? Why, the superstars of GPW that’s who.

And now it is time to kick off GPW Brawl the right way. Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce to you the GPW World champion Triple X, CWF World champion Paul Blair and the owner of GPW, “God” Jeff Jericho!!

[“Play the Game” by Motorhead begins to play as the fans rise to their feet chanting CWF over and over again. Fireworks, pyros explode all over the entrance ramp as Triple X and Paul Blair, dressed in fine suits, begin to walk to the ring. Behind them walks Jeff Jericho who is wearing nothing but a white cloak with black sun glasses. Blair and XXX enter the ring and undo their jackets to reveal their World titles. They shake hands with Lu Yen who goes to hold the ropes for Jericho. Triple X takes the microphone. ]

Triple X: What's up GPW? Last week we saw the death of the CWF and the birth of GPW on national TV. We've witnessed the legacy of the CWF protected from that evil cancer Mark Xamin and Maniac as both men's careers were ended in an instant. With both those men gone forever, the CWF was ripe for the pickings and in one week was totally dismantled and torn down. But one shouldn't shed a tear for the now departed CWF, you should be happy. The CWF's history and legacy are in tact and its legend shall live on forever. Mark Xamin did not have one more opportunity to rape it in front of the world. Why, we here at GPW are heroes! We are CWF patriots who did the right thing. And now all that is left is GPW, the greatest company ever assembled, with the most legendary talent ever assembled. Because Jericho, Blair and yours truly are without a shadow of a doubt the greatest world champions ever on the face of this planet. Not to mention the greatest CWF World champions ever, hell, the three of us were the CWF! And now we lead GPW forward to rule the wrestling industry.

But you see, there is one problem remaining and that is what to do with all the remnants of the CWF still lurking around. We've got a lot of talent left over from that place. So just as we did last week we're going to extend an offer. Any member of the CWF who wants to become a wrestling god like us, who wants to make all the money, rule the world and be a legend...then come on over and officially join the GPW revolution. Because for those who don't and want to keep fighting a battle that is already over, you'll live to regret it because we will bury you!

[Triple X hands the microphone over to Paul Blair.]

Paul Blair: Exactly! Just ask Tyrone Walker what happens when somebody tries to step in the way of what GPW wants. Because his career was simply and utterly buried by us! Ask Mark Xamin or Maniac what happens when you try and stop us. You're finished! So there you have it, an open invitation to join GPW and join greatness. Lu Yen made the right choice and soon he will be molded into a World champion. Chemical X made the right choice and look at him, he is National champion. When you join GPW you become elite and an impact player, it is that simple peons! So who's got the guts, who has the balls to make the jump to the most elite company in the world, GPW? And now, on with GPW Sunday Brawl!

[Jericho rips the microphone away from Blair's hand!]

BC: Ahh! Be fair to Blair!

'Golden One' Jeff Jericho: Hold on a damn minute because I have something to say. This is my show, this is my company, hell, this is my world! Nobody starts my show, nobody does anything without the OK from the 22-time World champion.

Paul Blair: Jeff, I was only...

'Golden One' Jeff Jericho: Shut it, you can refer to me as God! Now I've heard a lot of talk about Blair, Jericho, Triple X being the three greatest world champions of all time. Well that is just not so. You see, I already know that I'm the greatest world champion of all time because for decades I've proven it time and time again. I've stood the test of time and proven not just to be the God of Professional Wrestling but God himself. That is how damn great I am. Now as for you two, I'm not so convinced. Which is why I'm going to do what I'm about to do.

Triple X: What the hell is wrong with you?! Seriously, you truly are insane…

'Golden One' Jeff Jericho: Maybe I am Triple X but tonight you and Blair will prove yourselves to be great champions when you are involved in a tag team match against the newest members of GPW. And both your titles are up for grabs in this match.


[Blair and Triple X begin to flip out as Lu Yen looks on with a shocked look on his face.]

'Golden One' Jeff Jericho: The CWF never knew how to put on a Main Event but here in GPW we sure as hell do. Tonight it will be Paul Blair and Triple X, CWF and GPW titles on the line against THE NEW PAINKILLERS....MIKE VAN PRO AND Z-PAAAAAC!!!!!

LR: OH MY GOD! Jeff Jericho has promised the return of Z-Pac and MVP right here tonight!

BC: Not the freak! Ahhhhh!

[Jericho leaves the ring as Blair and Triple X go insane inside the ring.] LR: This is huge! What a way to kick off GPW Sunday Night Brawl! And speaking of GPW…it looks like the National champion has arrived!

BC: Woooo!

Chemical X Arrives

[Chemical X’s Black 2005 Ford F-150 Crewcab 4x4 Pickup truck speeds into the arena and stops inches before the camera. The camera sweeps around to the driver’s side and X climbs out of the truck. He is wearing pair of blue jeans and a green Mechanics Style Button Down shirt with the nametag “Pedro” on it and a GPW badge on the opposite side.]

Chemical X: Hey, do me a favor and find the fucking Black Jesus and tell him if he wants his match he better get to the damn ring, RIGHT NOW!

Camera Man: Do you have the power to do that?...

Chemical X: I have to power to do what ever the fuck I please. [X reaches into the truck and takes out his National Title.] And this is why. I want that mother fucker in the ring right now.

LR: See, that’s GPW power working for you…

BC: Chemical X. the self proclaimed “real champion” is demanding that Tyrone Walker make his way to the ring now… that match isn’t scheduled until later tonight!

LR: We’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere folks!


LR: Welcome back, GPW fans…and we are apparently expecting Chemical X vs Tyrone Walker right now…that was a match that was supposed to happen much later tonight!

BC: Chemical X is impatient, he wants to do this right now!

A Real Attack

[Kill the lights.] [The dramatic beginnings howl like the wind.]

[The drum beats roll in like thunder.]

[AFI's "Miseria Cantare" storms into the arena. Signaling the arrival of one man.]

#Love, your hate; Your, faith lost; You, are now, one, of us!
#Love, your hate; Your, faith lost; You, are now, one, of us!
#Love, your hate; Your, faith lost; You, are now, one, of us!

[Smoke billows out into the aisle from the entrance way.]

#Nothing, from nowhere, I am no one at all
#Radiate, recognize, one silent call
#As we all form one dark flame)

[Tyrone Walker beings to make his way down the entrance ramp.]

LR: Well it looks like Tyrone Walker has answered Chemical X’s challenge!

BC: You had to know he would!

Whispering Voice: Behind you!

[Suddenly Chemical X’s 2005 Ford F-150 smashes through the stage onto the entrance ramp and begins to fly down the ramp chasing Walker. He locks up the brakes and hits Tyrone walker just before he can get into the ring, pinning Walker between the wrestling ring and the front of his truck. Chemical X pops out of the sunroof of his pickup truck and looks at Walker who his trying to get himself out.]

Chemical X: You know, I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. It’s kind of an experiment. What do you think will actually kill you first…the truck or the ring?

BC: Ha! This is great!

LR: Tyrone Walker is in a bad way here, he got set up by Chemical X!

[X climbs back into his truck and climbs out through the driver side door.]

Chemical X: You know I once saw a man in a similar position, [Chemical X slams the door.] Except that was an accident. The driver tried to let him out... fortunately whenever you put a truck in reverse it always tends to roll forward a little bit, crushed the poor bastard’s lungs, died instantly.

[X walks up to Walker and smiles in his face.]

Chemical X: See, your problem is... you fucked with the wrong team. You attacked with a chair, I came back with a truck. You tried to send Blair to the hospital, I’m prepared to send you to the morgue. I think I’ll make an example of you, show what happens when you get in the way of what’s good in this sport. Show the world that GPW ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

["Exploder" Hits the PA, and the strobes at the ramp flash and suddenly Angus begins to rush down the ramp!]

Chemical X: Shit!

LR: ANGUS! Angus has come for Chemical X, but X is out of here!

BC: Get out of there, X!

[Chemical X rushes into the driver seat of the truck, throws the truck in reverse and screeches up the ramp towards Angus. Angus jumps up and into the bed of the truck. Angus jumps out of the bed as Chemical X continues to back up. Angus continues to run towards Tyrone who is breathing heavy against the ring. X puts the truck in drive and speeds down the ramp at both Angus and Tyrone. He stops at the center of the ramp and climbs out of the truck.]

Chemical X: You both fucked with the wrong crew. Walker, I’ll see your ass in the ring, and as far as Angus... next week... I’m coming after you.

LR: Chemical X has sent a message to all who stand in his way…don’t mess with GPW!

BC: Anyone with even half a brain would steer clear of this guy…but Tyrone Walker and Angus came looking for him…they must be complete idiots! Ha!

[Walker and Angus storm to the backstage area.]

LR: Well could have been real ugly for Walker if Angus didn’t show up, but nonetheless, later tonight, Tyrone Walker will go one on one with Chemical X!

BC: That’s right, but it’s time to get the action in the ring started!

Sam Banx vs Vinny “Las Vegas” Williams

LR: Here comes our first match tonight on GPW Sunday Night Brawl!

BC: A couple of real snoozers. Unless, of course, they join our big happy family. Then they might have some potential.

LR: Right indeed, but we must stick with reality here. Xamin never ceases to bring in day old goods. Let's go to the ring.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

[“Shout 2000” by Disturbed drives into the arena. Vinny “Las Vegas” Williams walks out of the entry, stopping at the stage to roar and flex. He walks intensely down the ramp, walks up the steel steps and into the ring.]

Announcer: Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. Weighing in at 275 lbs., VINNY “LAS VEGAS” WILLLIAAAMS!!!

[He goes to each ring post, raising his arms to the crowd with a stone cold gaze.]

Announcer: And his opponent...Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Weighing in at 248 lbs., here is SAAAAAAAM BAAAAANX!!!

[“Reckoning Day” by Megadeth screams into the arena. A white shower of sparks form an arch over the entry. Sam Banx emerges with a mischeivous grin on his face as he eyes his opponent on his way to the ring. He stops to shake a fan's hand but flicks him in the nose and runs the rest of the way to the ring.]


LR: Looks like we have a conniver here in the ring! Sam Banx holds out his hand to Williams, who must have some kind of brain in his head, because he ain't buyin' this one!

[Vegas is motioning for Banx to come at him as he crouches down some. Banx walks toward Williams as if he's going to give him a hug but blasts him in the face with a huge knee.]

BC: BOOM! Williams falls against the ropes as Banx Irish Whips him to the other side! And a big clothesline that Williams takes every bit of!!! Williams pounding away now on Banx! A vicious chop from Vegas and a MILITARY PRESS SLAM!!! Banx to the mat and Williams heaving him up like a potato sack and hits the BULLDOG!!! Banx is in trouble here already fans! Williams makes the cover!










kickout by Banx!

[Banx is picked off the mat and Irish Whipped into the ropes, ducking a big clothesline but comes back with a drop kick knocking Williams to the mat. Banx back on his feet and locks up with Williams. Russian Uppercut by Banx and a headlock. Williams pulls off an Atomic Drop, who then bounces off the ropes and delivers a hard shoulder tackle.]

LR: Williams isn't going for the cover. He pulls Banx to his feet delivering some rock-solid jabs...Banx back with rights of his own! He locks up Vegas and smashes a knees to the midsection! Vegas doubled over...DIAMOND CUTTER BY BANX! Banx off the ropes with a big elbow smash! He goes for the cover!










kickout by Williams!

LR: Banx complains of a slow count now and picks Williams off the mat for a chop and two more! Banx rakes the eyes...Irish Whip to the turnbuckle and RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!! Williams staggering forward and right into another Irish Whip but reverses it! Here he comes with a HUGE CLOTHESLINE OF HIS OWN! It's an onslaught in the corner! Fist flying from both men!!! Banx is fighting for his life!

[Williams heaves Banx onto the top turnbuckle. Banx fires back with forearm strikes trying to knock Williams down. Williams fights his way into Banx with a SUPER FALLAWAY SLAM!!! The cover!]











thr...kickout!!! Banx kicks out!

BC: Banx picked off the mat by Williams...the two lock up with Banx fighting Williams to the ropes. The ref calls for a break. BANX SLAPS WILLIAMS! Williams tears after Banx but he slips out of the ring. Williams is waiting inside, roaring and stomping in a rage. The ref backs Williams away as he counts. Banx slips in and charges the big man! Arm drag takedown by Banx! Williams rolls out of it and attempts a clothesline but misses...Irish Whip by Banx...CHAIN-REACTION!!! Williams hits the mat! Banx is flaunting himself to the crowd instead of the cover! What a complete moron!!! I love it!!! Williams is up! INVERTED SIDE HEADLOCK SWINGING!!! IT'S BANX'S TURN!

[Williams with a diving headbutt. Williams goes to the top turnbuckle as Banx slowly gets to his feet. Banx stands and Williams flies at him with a diving shoulder block but hits the ref instead!]

LR: Now the game really begins! Banx unloads on Williams with every rule-breaker I can think of! LOW BLOW TO WILLIAMS!!! Williams falls to the mat. Banx drives an elbow into his face! He's putting on the pressure!!! The ref is starting to wake up! Banx heaves Williams off the mat...fist to the midsection by Williams and POWER BOMB!!! Williams goes to the ref to wake him up! BANX WITH ANOTHER LOW BLOW! He rolls Williams into a pin....HIS FEET ARE ON THE ROPES! BANX HAS HIS FEET...the cover!!!












Announcer: Here is your winner..SAAAAAAAM BAAAAANX!!!

[“Reckoning Day” by Megadeth streams out as Banx staggers out of the ring with his big bad self.]

BC: A close match! But may the dirtiest man win tonight!

LR: Not a bad debut at all for either man, but I’m not sure they’re GPW material…

BC: They have a lot to prove before they take that leap!

LR: We’ve got something going on backstage…let’s get a camera back there!

Seven Years in the Making

[Scene shows "Golden One" Jeff Jericho sitting on the floor in his dressing room meditating. The lights in the room are out except for the light of two smoking candles. Jericho breathes this smoke into him. Suddenly the lights come on and in walks Lu Yen. ]

Lu Yen: Oh, I'm sorry Jeff.

Jeff Jericho: It is all right my son.

Lu Yen: How do you feel?

Jeff Jericho: Change is beginning my young friend, I can feel it.

Lu Yen: How much longer until your powers have returned?

Jeff Jericho: Fall Fever is when my power shall return and I shall reclaim my destiny.

Lu Yen: Why Fall Fever?

Jeff Jericho: Because at Fall Fever I'm going to take the soul of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time....Maniac!



Jeff Jericho: Whether I have to drag him from his hospital bed or he can make it there under his own power makes no difference to me. I told him that I was going to destroy him just like the CWF. Only to protect him from the shell he has become. Maniac was once a great man, a legend but has since fallen down the wrong path, the path of Mark Xamin. His legacy is being tarnished every moment I allow him to live. So, at Fall Fever the memory of Maniac will live on and the shell that walks amongst us will be destroyed. And once I destroy Maniac, his soul will belong to me and I truly will be GOD HIMSELF!

Lu Yen: I can hardly wait my lord.

[Suddenly the door bursts open and in sprints Maniac with a chair!]


LR: What the hell!

BC: He’s supposed to be in a hospital bed! Ahhh!

[Maniac clubs Lu Yen over the head and flattens him to the floor. He swings at Jericho and crushes the chair over his head but it has no effect! Maniac looks shocked and loads for another smack but suddenly the light's go out and when they come back on Jericho is gone and GPW security is in the room. Maniac starts fighting with them and is soon overcome by the many policemen. A voice can be heard booming down from, well, we don't know…]

Jeff Jericho's Voice: ARESST HIM NOOOOOOOW!!!!! TAKE HIM AWAY!!!!

Maniac: Jericho I'm going to get you, the CWF won't die, I'm going to make your life a living hell!

[Maniac is soon dragged away as the fans at ringside start chanting CWF! CWF! CWF! CWF!]

LR: My God! Maniac has returned and at Fall Fever, it’s the dream match of the decade! Maniac vs Jeff Jericho! I don’t believe this!

BC: It can’t be! Maniac should be holed up in the hospital with Mark Xamin, but he’s here tonight! Surely Jericho will finish him once and for all at Fall Fever!

LR: Of course he will, he’s God!

BC: Of course!

LR: Stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back!


LR: Welcome back fans, and up next we have…hey, wait a minute…

The Gospel According to Larry Tact

[“Karma Slave” by Splashdown hits, and the fans erupt into boos as Larry Tact steps out from the back.]

BC: It’s Larry Tact! And he has a mic!

LR: I can’t imagine what this is about…there’s nothing on the format about this!

[Tact strides to the ring and steps through the ropes. The fans shower him with boos as he leans against the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring and speaks.]

LARRY TACT: The last time I came out here to talk to all of you was on the first edition of Brawl. One in which many things were still to be seen. For instance, the level of the wrestlers in this promotion. Also...the life span of one Teddy Turnbuckle's career in this new era of CWF, though I thought it came to a good conclusion last edition of Brawl because, if there's one thing GPW has brought around, it's a pretty good commentator in Larry Robinson, a man after my own name!

[Crowd boos as Tact briefly applauds Robinson.]

LR: Hey, I kinda like this guy...

BC: He’s pretty smart!

LR: You might say he has “tact”...

BC: Oh, absolutely.

LARRY TACT: But I'm not here to speak about Larry Robinson, or the GPW. I stand here again, in this ring, in front of all you unworthy people, because unlike most of the people who come out here... I have something worthwhile to say.

[He pauses. The crowd throws some insults his way.]

LARRY TACT: In the past couple months, I've had a shock to my system, so to speak. Joining the CWF has brought about new challenges and new opposition. It's also brought about some really unappreciative observers sitting out there in the stands, or watching at home... but what can you do when half the viewing population is DRUNK, another quarter too OBESE to do much else than breath and suck every bit they can out of welfare, because they're so worthless!

[Crowd boos more intensely.]

LARRY TACT: And the remaining quarter is BOTH!

BC: Ha!

[People begin throwing empty beer bottles at Tact, who dodges one and drops his mic to catch another. He picks the mic back up, holding up the beer bottle.]

LARRY TACT: See? Proving my point right here!

[He throws the beer bottle back into the crowd.]

LARRY TACT: I don't need to jaw back and forth at you people. It's amusing, but I don't have all night to educate you all. I select who I will give my brand of 'teaching' to, and last week it was the now presumably dead, Black. You pissants in the truck... roll the footage!

[CUT TO: Big screen. Clips play of Tact's match last week against Black, a Parking Lot Brawl. Both men nail each other with various equipment, Tact even being put through a couple car windows. Finally a clip plays of Tact nailing Black with the car jumpers several times, before Ginsu attacks Black. Then cut to Tact with Black on the top of a car, pinning him.]

[CUT TO: Tact in the ring, pushing off the corner and walking to center ring.]

LARRY TACT: Despite whatever Ginsu wanted with him, I had Black finished. And yeah, I COULD have done career damage to him... but he isn't worth it. I don't need to do that to make my point. See, whereas some of you might find it necessary to threaten people with mortal wounds you probably wouldn't inflict... or talk about how many dummies you can tear in half... I really CAN do serious damage. So I choose my spots. But I do what has to be done. I may not be perfect, but I don't need to, because none of us are. I only need to be better than my opposition, and for the most part, I am!

[He pauses again. The crowd more fervently insults him, though he brushes it off and continues.]

LARRY TACT: Tonight, I have a ladder match with four other opponents, and tonight I will be better than those four. Angus, Jason Collins, Lu Yen, and Tony Floyd... you will all be educated tonight. We're all trying to take the next step in CWF. We all want to make it to the top of that ladder, because we won't just be climbing the rungs of a piece of metal... we'll literally be climbing to an instant reward! That prize at the top of the ladder will aid one of us in taking the next step... if we use it right. Problem is, you need to be prepared to take that next step, and rise above the others in that match to claim the prize... and tonight, you four aren't at that level. You aren't at my level. I don't have to prove it to you, because you'll witness it first hand, and realize.... you don't step into MY realm and give a half-ass effort and expect to make it out. Not without paying a price! And the price to pay, tonight... is being beaten off that ladder, falling down to the mat... and falling short of that next step. And when you four fall, it will be my cue... to rise up!

[He moves towards the ropes and leans forward on them. The crowd's boos only seem to egg him on further as he looks around, smirking.]

LARRY TACT: And after this match, regardless of what that prize is.... I have a separate challenge to make. This challenge is for next week! It seems a lot of my opponents become tongue tied when they are scheduled to face me. They'll have plenty to say the week before, or the week after, but during that week leading up to when they face me, it seems they become MUTE. So my challenge is for any wrestler in CWF or GPW, because honestly I don't give a damn... ANY wrestler who thinks they won't become MUTE... and thinks they won't get beaten to a pulp when they face me. And that's not arrogance talking, it's just that I ran half a gauntlet before someone realized they'd have to throw a fireball in my face to pin me... and then I beat his ass the following week! So if you think you can handle it, come step into the ring with me for a match! A real match! I don't care if you're a Champion, aren't a Champion, or are just like these people and their capital... worthless!

[Crowd throws more bottles at Tact in the ring. His smirk widens.]

LARRY TACT: Yeah, that's right. DEAL with the truth about this place, since you won't get off your fat asses and do anything about it! For God's sake, you have the government offices right in your city, and you still can't improve this place!

[Big HEAT!]

LARRY TACT: So if any CWF or GPW wrestler answers my challenge, I'll face you. I've laid the challenge down, it's as simple as that! Let's see if anyone's really got a set back there, or if you're all just full of [BLEEP]!

['Karma Slave' by Splashdown cues up. The booing continues as Tact throws the microphone into the crowd and steps out of the ring, jaw jacking with a couple fans as he goes up the ramp, heading backstage.]

LR: Well Larry Tact has laid down the challenge and I guess next week we’ll find out who answers it!

BC: That man has potential coming out of his ears, Larry! I wish he’d sign with GPW, he could be the future of wrestling!

LR: Well it’s time to get back to the ring for our next contest!

Paul Nycz vs “The Canadian Icon” Kris Lewis

BC: Two new CWF recruits will debut right here in what can only be described as a GPW audition! Ha!

LR: Well put!

[We cut to the ring.]

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

["Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynard Skynard blasts in the arena as Paul Nynz steps out to the entrance area. The lights in the arena turn blue as white pyro blasts off, pulsating on both sides of him.]

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Birmingham, Alabama! He weighs in at two hundred fifty five pounds! He is PAUL NYCZ!

[Nycz continues his walk to the ring with mixed reactions from the crowd. He slides under the bottom rope and raises his arms high in to the air for the crowd as his music fades out.]

BC: Nycz is one of our new hires here. Time to see just what he's made of.

Announcer: And his opponent...

["Violence Fetish" by Disturbed erupts in the arena as a Canadian flag appears on the CWF-Tron. The lights quickly turn red as Kris Lewis walks out to the entrance area. He raises his arms in the air to the sold out crowd's boos as red, white, and blue flares pop from all around him.]

Announcer: Making his way from Calgary, Alberta! He weighs in at two hundred fourty pounds, "THE CANADIAN ICON" KRIS LEWIS!

[The flares stop, and Lewis continues his walk to the ring as the crowd continues their boos. He climbs up the steps and enters the ring. He climbs up the turnbuckle and looks around at the crowd. He hops back down as his music dies out, and the lights return to normal. Before the bell even rings, Nycz runs at Lewis with a cheap shot.]

BC: Nycz takes quick control with a cheap shot on Lewis. Nycz continues with forearm shots to the head, and he has Lewis backed up to the ropes. Nycz with an irish whip.


LR: Well Nycz has started this match off with a bang! Lewis rebounds off the rope and floors Nycz with a clothesline! Lewis puts Nycz in a rear chin lock.

BC: Both of these men are debuting tonight! It's a make it or break it match. They get an impressive win, they're looking at a great opportunity in the CWF. They wind up with a loss, and it may be the end of their CWF career!

LR: Well, Bobby...the Canadian Icon is doing the right thing here. He has slowed down this match by keeping Nycz grounded.

[Nycz slowly gets to his feet, and Lewis is forced to switch to a side headlock. Nycz lifts Lewis in to the air and drops him to the mat with a back body drop. Nycz gets back to his feet and stomps at Lewis.]

LR: It looks like Nycz wasn't too happy with that rear chin lock! He's stomping the hell out of Lewis, and the referee is forced to pull him away!

BC: He picks the Canadian Icon up and pitches him in to the ropes. Dropkick by Nycz, and Lewis is down!

LR: Nycz quickly makes the cover!



















No! Lewis kicks out!

LR: Nycz went for the win early, but Lewis was able to kick out!

BC: Nycz picks Lewis back up and whips him in to the corner. He follows in, and Lewis catches him with a boot to the face!

[Nycz stumbles backwards, and quickly rushes back in at Lewis. Lewis hops up and flips over Nycz. Rather than holding the sunset flip, he quickly locks in a sharpshooter.]

LR: Lewis has him in the sharpshooter! Nycz is screaming in pain, and quickly grabs the bottom rope! The ref is calling for the break, but Lewis isn't listening!

BC: The ref is starting his count, and Lewis finally let's go of the sharpshooter as the ref reaches four! Lewis lifts Nycz back to his feet and nails him with a shortarm clothesline!

LR: Lewis is pounding the hell out of Nycz's face!

BC: Lewis is being ruthless here, which is what he needs to be!

[Lewis picks Nycz up off of the mat and backs him in to the corner. He hits Nycz with several hard body shots, then whips him to the opposite corner. Lewis follows in with a massive clothesline, then throws Nycz to the mat. He makes the cover.]

BC: Lewis with the cover!



















And Nycz kicks out!

LR: It'll take a little bit more than that to put Nycz away for the three count! Lewis picks Nycz up and slams him back to the mat with a scoop slam.

BC: It looks like Lewis is going to the top!

[Lewis climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Nycz starts to get up. Lewis hops down from the top rope and nails Nycz with a right hand. He back Nycz in to the ropes and swings again, but Nycz ducks it and dumps Lewis over the top rope.]

BC: Lewis crashes to the floor, and Nycz is able to get a small breather.

LR: Nothing better than seeing two men make their debut and watching them beat the hell out of each other!

BC: Lewis is getting up outside, and Nycz hits the far ropes. WHAT A PLANCHA!

LR: That was beautiful, Bobby!

[Nycz gets back to his feet on the outside and picks Lewis up. He whips him in to the steel steps. Lewis holds his lower back as he bounces off of the steps. Nycz rolls Lewis' body partway in to the ring. Lewis' upper body still lays outside of the ring as Nycz climbs to the apron. He springboards to the top rope and executes a unique moonsault landing on Lewis' upper body.]

LR: MY GOD! What the hell was that?! Bobby, I think Lewis is done after that move!

BC: Well Nycz is rolling Lewis' body all the way in to the ring, and he quickly makes the cover!



















NO! Lewis got his foot on the bottom rope!

BC: The only thing that saved Lewis there was his ring awareness. If Nycz would have kept him away from the ropes, he would have had him there!

LR: No doubt about that, Bobby. That was just an amazing move!

BC: Nycz picks Lewis back up, but is met with a thumb to the eye!

[Lewis quickly drills Nycz with a DDT. After a small breather on the mat, Lewis gets to his feet and again mounts the top turnbuckle. He leaps off and connects with a frog splash for the cover.]

BC: Did you see the height that the Canadian Icon had?! That was astounding!



















Nycz gets his right shoulder up!

LR: I'm not sure how, but Nycz was able to get his shoulder up there!

BC: Lewis picks Nycz back up, and sets his torso across the middle rope. Lewis hits the opposite ropes...NO! Nycz moved out of the way and Lewis is in pain after that one!

[As Lewis steps out from the ropes, Nycz nails him with a running clothesline. Nycz grabs hold of the top rope and springboards. He leaps off the top rope for a leg drop, but Lewis quickly rolls out of the ring. Nycz leans back in to the ropes and is met with a dropkick to the back of the head by Lewis. Lewis quickly slides back in to the ring and begins pounding away at Nycz.]

LR: Nycz took a chance, and he's paying for it now!

BC: Lewis pulls Nycz forward and applies a front face lock.

LR: Nycz is fighting back as he lays lefts and rights in to Lewis' midsection area! Lewis finally is forced to release the hold, and it looks like Nycz has a second wind!

[Nycz gets back to his feet and pounds Lewis back to the corner with lefts and rights. He grabs Lewis with a front face lock and hops up to the second turnbuckle. He leaps off and nails Lewis with a tornado DDT.]

LR: Nycz with a tornado DDT! What a move!

BC: He has a cover!



















No! Lewis kicks out!

BC: I thought it was over!

LR: Nycz isn't waisting time here as he picks Lewis back up. Boot to the gut! He's trying to lift Lewis in to the air, possibly for the Brain Buster! NO!

BC: Lewis reverses the move in to an inside cradle, and he has a handful of tights!



















And Nycz kicks out!

LR: He almost had the cheap victory, Bobby!

BC: Nycz is back to his feet and quickly approaches Lewis...but he's met with another thumb to the eye!

LR: Lewis whips Nycz in to the ropes. Nycz rebounds...sunset flip! NO! Lewis has him by the legs!

BC: Nycz went for a sunset flip, but Lewis flowed through and was able to grab Nycz by the legs, and it looks like he's going for the sharpshooter again!

LR: This isn't good for Nycz!

[After struggling, Lewis is finally able to hook in the sharpshooter. Nycz screams in pain as he tries to drag himself to the ropes.]

LR: Nycz has no where to go, Bobby! The Canadian Icon is going to win this one!

BC: Nycz is struggling! He's trying to drag himself to those ropes, but Lewis isn't allowing him to! Lewis leans back for more pressure now, and Nycz has his hand in the air, ready to tap I believe!

[Nycz holds his hand in the air as his face turns red. He squeezes his hand in to a fist and once again tries dragging himself to the bottom rope. He inches closer and closer. He reaches out for the rope, but Lewis drags him back to the center of the ring. Lewis cranks back applying more pressure, and Nynz' arm goes in to the air once again.]

LR: Look at him! He has to tap, Bobby! He doesn't have a choice!

BC: It sure looks like he's about to.

[Nycz keeps his arm in the air as his eyes start to get a far away look to them, his head slowly lowers, as does his arm. His body goes limp, and the referee instantly grabs raises his arm in the air to see if he's still in the match.]

BC: It looks like Nycz might have passed out from the pain!

LR: Well, the referee is checking right now...and it seems like that is what happened! The ref's calling for the bell!

BC: I can't believe he didn't tap!

Announcer: Here is your winner by knockout, "THE CANADIAN ICON" KRIS LEWIS!

LR: I'll give them both credit, that was an amazing match!

BC: Well the Canadian Icon is definitely going to be someone to watch out for, but so is Paul Nycz!

LR: Nycz has more heart than any man I have seen in the CWF! That was an impressive showing from both of them!

BC: I’m getting word that there’s some kind of disturbance backstage…

LR: Let’s get back there and find out what’s going on!

GPW Attacks

[We cut backstage to Tyrone Walker’s locker room. A security team has swarmed the room, but they don’t appear to be breaking up whatever scuffle is going on inside. With a closer look, however, we can see that it isn’t CWF security – it’s GPW security, and they are in fact helping with the assault!]

LR: Well GPW is in Tyrone Walker’s locker room, and someone is being assaulted…I’m assuming it’s Walker but we can’t be sure…

BC: Oh yeah, it’s Walker, look at this!

[We finally manage to squeeze into the melee, revealing that it is indeed Tyrone Walker being mugged. The attacker is none other than the CWF World Heavyweight champion, Paul Blair! GPW security helps him with the beat down, beating him with nightsticks. While Blair shoves the World title in Walker’s face.]

PAUL BLAIR: Is this what you’re after?! This is what you want, huh big man?!

[He smashes the title into Walker’s face!]

LR: Ohh!

PAUL BLAIR: This is as close as you’re gonna get to this title, you hear me?! You won’t make it to Fall Fever!

BC: Ha! This is so fair to Blair, I think I may have just cried a little bit inside…

LR: Happy tears?

BC: Of course!

[Blair calls off the security team. Walker moans in pain as Blair looks down at him and snickers. He shoves the title into one of the security guards’ chest, and pulls Walker up aggressively.]

LR: Uh oh! Tyrone Walker has a long history of career threatening neck injuries, and it looks like Blair is going to exploit it!

BC: Snap his neck in half, ha!

[Blair lifts him up and drops him to the floor with a huge piledriver, jumping off the floor for extra impact! The sound of Walker’s head smacking the floor is sickening.]

LR: MY GOD! Blair may have just destroyed Tyrone Walker! Walker may not even make it out of Albany tonight, let alone make it to Fall Fever in two weeks!

[CWF security rushes in and a brawl between CWF and GPW security ensues. Blair slips out the door and out of harms way. We zoom in on Tyrone Walker, who lies motionless on the floor, his neck clearly damaged.]

[Cut back to ringside.]

LR: What an attack by Blair!

BC: Tyrone Walker has been exposed! If he has one Achilles heel so to speak, one weakness…it’s his neck! And Blair has done his research and taken advantage! Walker is in big trouble…

LR: He surely is, and let’s not forget, he still has to climb inside the ring with Chemical X later tonight! And you have to believe Chemical X’s goal tonight is to take Walker out…a job just made much easier, thanks to Paul Blair.

BC: No doubt about it…Chemical X’s newly won National title won’t be on the line tonight, so he won’t give a damn whether he wins or loses!

Ginsu vs Black

LR: Well we’re about set for our next match…and this one has some heat to it. Ginsu takes on Black!

BC: That’s right…it was last week that Ginsu attacked Black during Black’s parking lot brawl with Larry Tact! Black went on to lose that match, thanks in part to Ginsu…and this Black guy scares the hell out of me, Larry…I wouldn’t want to be in Ginsu’s shoes tonight!

[We cut to the ring.]

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

[“Darkside” strains over the PA. The lights go out. From the entry a stream of purple light shines forth. Out walks Black, with Gabrielle.]

Announcer: Hailing from part unknown. Weighing in at 283 lbs. BLACK!!!

[Black removes his rimmed hat and black leather trench, handing both to Gabriel who exits the ring as “Huka Blues” by Harry Slash and The Slashtones jazzes into the air.]

Announcer: His opponent, hailing from Bombay, India! Weighing in at 245 lbs....GIIIIINNNNSUUUU!!!!

[Ginsu walks steadily from the back, greetings some fans as he approaches the ring. He slides in and attacks Black immediately, who blocks the strike and hits back with his own.]


LR: Black with a hanging chokehold opening the match! Ginsu is kicking Black hard in the chest for an escape! Black drops him...Ginsu fast off the ropes with an ENZUILARIATO! Black hits the mat! Ginsu goes to the top rope...MISSILE DROP KICK! BLACK IS UNFAZED! HE JUST SAT UP! Black on his feet and stalks over to Ginsu with a menacing Irish Whip! BIG BOOT TO GINSU! Ginsu slowly rises and Black throws him across the ring! What power!!!

[Ginsu rolls with it and runs at Black with a flurry of hard rights that make Black stagger. Ginsu off the ropes with a Flying Body Press. Ginsu rolls off of Black, executing a two-foot stomp on his face. Ginsu picks off Black and throws him to the ropes with an Irish Whip for another drop kick, but Black just pushes him away. Ginsu up and running at Black with a flying forearm tackle, and another. Black stalks over to Ginsu and catches him with a body slam. He picks off Ginsu and Irish Whip's him to the ropes for big power slam and a cover.]










kickout by Ginsu!

BC: Black with a leg drop on Ginsu! Black picks off Ginsu and pounds him with three roundhouse rights and a left hook! Ginsu tries to lock up with the big man but Black shoves him away like a paper weight! Black drags Ginsu to the center of the ring...he picks off Ginsu...IRON MAN BEARHUG! Ginsu slamming rapid elbows into Black's head. Ginsu wraps an arm around Black's head and powers his way down to the mat...DDT! Ginsu to the rope...BIG SPASH AND A COVER!











kickout by Black!

LR: A great match tonight! Black Irish Whips Ginsu but yanks him in for clothesline!!! Ginsu picked off and another CLOTHESLINE! Black lets go another leg drop and covers him!











Ginsu kicks out again!

[Black picks off Ginsu for an Irish Whip to the turnbuckle. Black runs in for a splash but Ginsu ducks out. Black is now reeling as Ginsu goes off the top turnbuckle for rana! Ginsu goes to the top again with a 450 splash! Ginsu picks off Black and hits him with a Shining Wizard. Ginsu again picks off Black and Irish Whips Black to the turnbuckle. Ginsu runs across the ring full bore and nails Black with a superkick followed by a Bulldog. Black amazingly sits up out of it.]

BC: I'm scared now! Really scared! Black is on his feet where most guys would be on soft foods! Black charges Ginsu and both men are fighting tooth and nail! Ginsu begins to falter...Black is gonna kill him! He picks Ginsu over his shoulder...ALABAMA SLAM!!! Black picks off Ginsu! He wants this man to suffer! Black with an Irish Whip and Ginsu ducks a boot! He comes back off the ropes but Gabriel trips him up! GOOD GIRL!

LR: Black runs off the ropes at Ginsu. GINSU PULLS THE ROPE! BLACK GOES OVER THE ROPE AND HITS GABRIEL! OH MY GOODNESS! Two-hundred ninety-eight pounds of beast onto that cute little thing outside the ring! The ref goes outside to check on the two of them

[Ginsu slides out of the ring on the opposite side. He reaches under the apron and pulls out a chair and brings it into the ring! He goes out to where Black is and throws him back into the ring. Ginsu swings at Black with the chair as hard as he can. Black goes down to the mat. Ginsu goes to the top rope.]
















Announcer: Here is your winner...GINSUUUUUU!!!!!

LR: And Ginsu picks up the victory in his CWF debut, but for the third week in a row, Black has an impressive showing and just comes up short. You have to believe it’s only a matter of time before he breaks out and goes on a win streak.

BC: Well he doesn’t look too pleased with Gabriel right now!

[Black sits up and stares at Gabriel furiously. She hesitantly climbs into the ring, and he starts berating her.]

LR: Black is apparently blaming Gabriel for this loss!

BC: I don’t blame him, what the hell was she doing letting Ginsu hit him with that chair?!

[Black shouts at her so loudly that you can hear him above the crowd.]

BLACK: Get out of my face…I never want to see you again!

BC: Ohhh, and there’s a damsel in distress…I repeat, damsel in distress! Ha!

LR: Well Gabriel is obviously very distraught…Black has seemingly just fired his manager!

BC: Maybe that’ll light a fire under his ass, Larry!

[Gabriel, clearly upset, takes the long walk of shame up the ramp. Black kicks the ropes in frustration.]

LR: Well that was an unfortunate situation, but we have to take a quick break…stay with us, folks…the five man ladder match is next, and you won’t wanna miss it!


"All That" Jason Collins vs Larry Tact vs Tony Floyd vs Angus vs Lu Yen

Five man ladder match; surprise reward hanging above the ring.

LR:Welcome back, GPW fans…this next match has serious potential to steal the show tonight. A five man ladder match with a surprise reward hanging above the ring. Who knows what it could be?

BC: It could be anything! It could be a World title shot, it could be a bag of dog crap…who knows! And these five men are about to beat the snot out of each other to find out!

LR: Let’s head to the ring!

Announcer: The following contest is a five man ladder match! The person who retrieves the briefcase above the ring will be the winner! Introducing first!

["Survival Of The Sickest" by Saliva blasts throughout the arena as most of the fans rise to their feet. Jason Collins and Sienna step out from the curtain and onto the stage. The pair stand side by side and look around at this capacity crowd. JC smiles then he drops down on one knee and raises both arms in the air, flexing his muscles whilst Sienna is stood behind him with her arms also raised into the air. Pyro then goes off to left and right of both parties.]

Announcer: Making his way to the ring! From Beverly Hills, California! He weighs in at two hundred fourty five pounds! He is "ALL THAT" JASON COLLINS!

[Several seconds later, Collins gets up off his knees, and he and Sienna head down the aisle towards the ring. Collins stops at the ladder sitting outside the ring and inspects it. They continue walking, arriving at the steel steps. Sienna stays outside the ring and leans on the apron as Collins turns left and faces the cameraman. He looks in to the camera and checks to see if his hair is okay. He then climbs up the steps and enters the ring. In the ring he moves over to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it, raising both arms into the air once again. He flexes his muscles and then kisses his left bicep before climbing down and leaning up against the turnbuckle. Sienna stands on the outside applauding.]

LR: This is going to be one hell of a match, Bobby! Five up and coming CWF stars battling in a ladder match!

BC: Correction! Four CWF stars and GPW's very own Lu Yen!

LR: Right you are, I stand corrected.

["Karma Slave" by Splashdown blasts throughout the arena. Green and blue spotlights shine onto the crowd, forming the word "TACT" as Larry Tact walks out onto the entryway, looking around and observing the crowd. He wears thigh length blue trunks with a jagged black stripe down each side, and black boots with blue laces.]

Announcer: On his way to the ring, from Manhattan, New York! He weighs in at two hundred fifty two pounds, LARRY TACT!

[Tact focuses on the ring, steadily walking towards it as the spotlights strobe around it. He does a couple of stretches at ringside before climbing onto the apron and entering the ring.]

BC: Tact had an impressive showing last week as he defeated Black, but he looked a little bit aggravated with Ginsu's interference.

LR: Well, he already had the advantage. He didn't really need help from Ginsu!

["Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge chugs into the air to a huge pop. Stage pyro shoots into the air like the fourth of July.]

Announcer: Approaching the ring, from Hell, New Mexico! He weighs in at three hundred forty six pounds, TONY FLOYD!

[Tony Floyd makes no hesitation in greeting as many fans on his way to the ring. Floyd steps over the top rope into the ring, raising his arms to the crowd's cheers.]

LR: Floyd had a great showing last week as we was able to defeat Angus in a tremendous match!

["Exploder" by Audioslave rockets through the PA. The audience let's go a good ear splitter as Abby Grace emerges from the entry followed by Angus. Pyro blasts off all around the couple as a smile comes to Angus' face.]

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Abby Grace! Hailing from Cut and Shoot, Texas! He weighs in at two hundred fifty eight pounds, ANGUS!

[Abby and Angus continue their stride down the ramp. Angus steps in to the ring as Abby takes her place on the outside.]

BC: I don't know that I really like Angus, but that girl that walks to the ring with him, she definitely has potential!

["Turning Japanese" by the Vapors begins to blare throughout the arena. Mr. Klein and his henchmen step through the curtains followed by Lu Yen who is wearing what appears to be a steel mask. Yen's bald head is covered in what appears to be ashes. As he drops to his knees, the pyro explodes and the fans erupt at this strange man.]

Announcer: Hailing from Nagasaki, Japan! He weighs in at two hundred thirty two pounds, THE JAPANESE FREAK, LU YEN!

[Mr. Klein and his henchmen lead Lu Yen down the ramp towards the ring. Mr. Klein walks up the steps and enters the ring. Yen rolls under the ropes and immediatly climbs the ropes in the corner. He tilts his head left to right as if trying to understand why the fans are cheering him. Klein stands in the center of the ring pointing his hands towards Yen. Yen hops off the ropes and begins to warm up for the match.]

LR: This should be a great match, Bobby! Tact has been impressive since his start here in the CWF. Angus has made a good showing.

BC: Don't forget about Collins' and Yen's match last week. I think it was probably the best match last week!


BC: Yen starts things off by attacking Collins!

[Yen and Collins throw rights at each other as Angus instantly begins attacking Tact. Floyd stands in the corner watching as the brawls break out.]

LR: It looks like Floyd is going to sit back and watch these four men beat the hell out of each other! Yen is finally starting to mount an offense against Collins as he whips him into the corner!

BC: Yen follows in, but he's met with a boot to the face! And Collins follows through with a clothesline knocking Yen to the mat!

LR: It looks like Tact is finally mounting an offense against Angus as he hits him with continuous rights. Tact with an irish whip attempt, but Angus reverses it! Spear! Angus with a spear on Tact!

[Angus quickly mounts Tact and slams his head repetatively in to the mat. Collins changes his focus over to Floyd as the two men start to brawl. Yen gets back to his feet and slides out of the ring.]

LR: What is Yen doing?

BC: Well, judging from him looking underneath the ring, I would guess that he's looking for weapons!

LR: And it looks like he found one, Bobby! Yen slides a garbage can in to the ring, but he isn't stopping with just that!

[Yen continues looking underneith the ring as the other four men continue to fight in the ring. Floyd forces Collins back in to the corner and drives continuous shoulders in to Collins' midsection.]

LR: It looks like Angus is trying to choke Tact out, Bobby!

BC: You can't blame him after that attack on Abby before this match!

LR: The ring is slowly filling with weapons as Yen has thrown in a steel chair as well now!

BC: We have a garbage can, a kendo stick, steel steps, two steel chairs, and the timekeeper's bell all in the ring right now!

[Yen slides back in to the ring with a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. He walks over to Floyd and nails him in the back with the hammer.]

LR: Yen with an evil shot to Floyd's back! Floyd falls to the ground, and Collins quickly boots Yen in the gut!

BC: Smart thinking by Collins! If he wouldn't have done that, Yen probably would have hit him with the hammer as well!

LR: It looks like Tact is finally getting back in to things after a brutal low kick on Angus!

BC: Tact has Angus by the head, and throws him over the top rope!

[Tact grabs the garbage can, and waits for Lu Yen to get to his feet. As soon as Yen gets to his feet, Tact throws the garbage can at him. Yen catches it, but Tact hits a dropkick to the garbage can knocking Yen back to the ground. Collins and Floyd both run at Tact and hit him with a double clothesline. Floyd picks up a chair and hits Tact in the midsection with it.]

LR: This match is turning brutal!

BC: Floyd has Yen back on his feet and drop toe holds him face first on to those steel steps! Floyd steps over the top rope, and it looks like he's going for a high risk move here!

LR: I can't even begin to imagine what the hell he is thinking here!

[Floyd leaps off the top turnbuckle for a diving headbutt, but Yen moves out of the way. Floyd rolls on the mat holding his face after the contact with the steel steps. Floyd Collins drops the chair to the mat and picks Tact back up. Tact pokes him in the eyes and plants him with a DDT on to the chair.]

BC: Tact with a desperation move, and Collins is down!

LR: What is Angus doing?!

[Angus grabs the ladder and folds it in half. He places the top part of the ladder on to the top rope from the outside. Yen picks up Floyd and pushes him back towards the ropes.]

LR: Lu Yen with an irish whip...MY LORD! DID YOU SEE THAT, BOBBY!

BC: That was amazing! Angus at six foot nine inches just ran up that ladder and dove in to the ring hitting Floyd with a devastating spear! That was just sick!

LR: And Yen is now stomping away at Floyd as the other three men lay on the ground!

BC: Well, it looks like Tact is finally beginning to get up.

[Tact grabs the kendo stick and lifts Collins in to a camel clutch position, choking him with the kendo stick. Angus slowly gets back to his feet, and catches Yen with a huge big boot. Angus grabs the timekeeper's bell and smacks Tact in the back of the head with it. As Floyd rolls on the ground it becomes apparent that his face is bleeding.]

BC: Floyd is bleeding, Teddy! I think it was from that missed diving headbutt!

LR: Angus has Tact back to his feet now, and he drills him with a hard shot to the face with that bell! Lu Yen and Floyd are both starting to get back to their feet as Collins still is on the mat after being choked by Tact!

BC: Yen with a wild swing, and Floyd ducks it! He drops Yen throat first on the top rope! Yen stumbles after the rebound, and Floyd boots him in the gut!

[Floyd lifts Yen up and drops him with a powerbomb. He pulls Yen back up, and drops him for a second. He then hits Yen with a third. He lifts Yen back up one last time, but hesitates.]

LR: I thought we were seeing The Bomb From Hell, but it doesn't look like he's dropping Yen with that fourth powerbomb!

[Floyd turns around, then falls backwards, slamming Yen face first in to the ladder still resting on the top rope. Yen bounces back from the impact and blood instantly covers his face.]

BC: That, that was sadistic! Yen has to be hurt after that shot!

LR: Well, Collins is finally back to his feet as Angus has pretty much destroyed Larry Tact! He had to have hit Tact with that bell in the face at least five times!

BC: Well Angus sees that Collins is back to his feet, and he swings that bell at him! Collins ducks...REALITY CHECK ON THE STEPS!

LR: This has become nothing but a hardcore brawl tonight! Collins picks up Tact, low blow! Tact with a low blow!

[Floyd runs at Tact for a clothesline, but Tact is able to move out of the way. Floyd rebounds off the ropes, but Tact gets him in an abdominal stretch.]

LR: Tact with the StretchPlex! Tact is the only one left standing!

BC: He's looking at the carnage in the ring, and quickly goes for that ladder!

[Tact pulls the ladder in to the ring and sets it up. Tact begins to climb to the top as Collins uses the ropes to pull himself up. He begins to climb up the other side of the ladder as Tact reaches for the briefcase. Yen begins to pull himself up using the ropes.]

LR: Tact has the briefcase! He just needs to unlatch it!

BC: Collins is at the top of the ladder with Tact. He swings at Tact and nails him with a hard right! Looks like Collins is going for the briefcase too!

[Collins and Tact both have a hand on the briefcase. Tact swings his other hand and nails Collins in the ribs with a hard right, forcing Collins to let go of the briefcase. Tact swings one more time, but Collins ducks underneath it, and lifts Tact on to his shoulders.]

LR: You've got to be kidding me?! Collins wouldn't!

BC: Collins has Tact in position for the Reality Check, Teddy!


[The ladder tips over sending Collins to the outside with Tact still on his shoulders. They both crash hard to the floor and both instantly become motionless.]

BC: That was sick! I don't think I've ever seen a Death Valley Driver performed from the top of a ladder to the outside of the ring! Tact and Collins both look to be hurt after that one! We may need some EMTs out here!

LR: Well, Angus and Floyd are both back up, as is Yen. Angus with a knife edge chop on Floyd, sending him back in to the ropes.

BC: To be honest with you, Teddy, I think this match has just become a triple threat ladder match! I can't see Larry Tact or Jason Collins coming back in to this match!

LR: You may be right, Bobby. It looks like Yen is back in this match as he nails Angus with a hard clothesline sending him to the floor! Floyd swings at Yen, NO!

BC: Yen with the Lu Driver! Yen has an amazing opportunity here, Larry!

[Yen grabs a steel chair and lays it overtop of Floyd's body. He sets the ladder back up and begins climbing. Just before he reaches the top of the ladder, he looks back down at the motionless Floyd. He gets to the very top of the ladder and dives off backwards.]


BC: He must have a brilliant plan, Larry! He had the match won, all he had to do was reach up and grab the briefcase!

LR: Angus is back to the apron, hotshot on Yen! Agnus steps over the top rope, and instantly whips Yen in to the corner! Angus follows in and nails Yen with a massive shoulder thrust! Yen is stumbling out of the corner, MIGRAIN!

BC: Angus has the opportunity to win this one, Larry!

[Angus slides out of the ring and grabs a table from under the apron. He slides back in to the ring with the table, and sets it up near the turnbuckle. He folds up the ladder and places it on top of the table. He grabs Yen and slams him back first on to the ladder. Angus steps out to the apron and climbs to the top rope. He dives off the top with a leg drop on to the near end of the ladder, slingshotting Yen over the corner turnbuckle and face first in to the steel post, leaving Yen to fall to the outside.]

LR: That was one of the most unique moves I have ever seen! Yen may be out of this match as well now!

BC: Well, I just got word from Jericho that the EMTs are going to let Collins and Tact continue in this match! As you can see, both of them are covered in blood, but they're still getting back to their feet!

LR: Well Angus is wasting time here as he admires his work he just did to Lu Yen!

BC: Larry! Do you see that?! Floyd has brought another ladder in to the ring, and he is climbing to the top!

[Floyd reaches the top of the ladder, and grabs on to the briefcase. Angus turns his attention to Floyd as the crowd erupts into cheers. Angus knocks the ladder over, forcing Floyd to hang from the briefcase.]

BC: Floyd is still hanging on! Angus reaches up, and he is able to grab Floyd's leg! He's pulling at him!


[Tact gets back to his on the outside and pulls a table out from underneith the ring. He sets it up as Collins gets to his feet. Tact and Collins exchange shots on the outside, as Angus picks Floyd back up on the inside of the ring.]

LR: Tact with a clothesline...NO! Collins ducked, and he has Tact back up on his shoulders!

BC: Oh no! This doesn't look good for Floyd! Angus has him up...NO! Angus with a massive powerbomb over the top rope, and Floyd crashes hard through the table!

LR: DAMN! Tact was just dropped again with the Reality Check!

BC: Well, Angus is setting up the ladder again in the center of the ring!

[Collins slides in to the ring as Angus starts to climb the ladder. Collins grabs a chair in the ring and smashes Angus in the back with it. The big man falls to the mat, but starts getting back up immediately. Collins swings the chair at Angus, but Angus catches it. Collins tries pulling the chair away, but Angus pulls him forward and lifts him high in to the air.]


LR: Collins is in trouble here!

[Collins swings the chair down and smashes it in to the top of Angus' skull. Angus drops Collins back to the mat after the hit, and Collins instantly delivers a boot to the gut.]

LR: JC CUTTER! Collins has a golden shot here!

BC: Collins is setting up the ladder, and it looks like he's going to go for that briefcase!

LR: Well, he better hurry! That was definately a devastating move that JC hit Angus with, but Angus is a big man, and he's already getting back to his feet!

BC: Collins has his hands on that briefcase, but Angus is quickly making his way up the other side of the ladder!

[Angus reaches the top of the ladder, and he too grasps the briefcase. Floyd tries using the apron to pull himself up, but quickly falls back to the ground. On the other side of the ring, EMTs are checking out a huge gash on Lu Yen's forehead.]

LR: It looks like the end is near, Bobby! Will it be Angus, or will it be Collins!

BC: It looks like they unlatched the briefcase, but the referee can't call the match because both men have a hold of the briefcase!

LR: Look outside, Bobby! Tact is back to his feet, and he just grabbed the chair that our timekeeper was sitting on!

BC: I think the best bet for him would to be to get in the ring and stop Angus and Collins!

[Tact climbs up to the apron with the steel chair still in hand. He stumbles on the apron, but quickly regains his composure.]

LR: What the hell is Tact thinking here?!

[Tact springboards to the top rope, dives off the top rope throwing the chair in front of him, and dropkicks it in to Collins and Angus. The two men fall, dropping the briefcase. Tact lands on the mat, and the briefcase falls on top of him as the other two men crash to the mat.]

BC: What the hell?! The ref is calling for the bell!

LR: I...I think Tact won this match!


Announcer: Here is your winner, LARRY TACT!

BC: Unbelievable! I don't think I've ever seen a ladder match end quite like this!

LR: Look at those looks on Angus' and Collins' faces! They can't believe what just happened!

BC: But what was the reward, Larry?! Tact doesn’t even know what he’s won!

[Suddenly, “Turn the Page” by Metallica hits, and the crowd erupts as Maniac appears on the big screen in what was obviously a previously recorded segment. He appears to be in a limo, clad in his trademark leather jacket and sunglasses.]

MANIAC: So, you must be wondering what you’ve just won? Why don’t you crack that briefcase open...the code is 0626.

[Tact hesitantly opens the briefcase, as if he’s concerned about what might be inside. The briefcase pops open, and out falls...]


[Tact looks down at the title, only half believing he’s won it. Then, his doubts are erased and his victory confirmed.]

MANIAC: Congratulations, you’re the new CWF Unified champion!

BC: What!

LR: Tact can’t believe it! There’s a new Unified Champion in town and his name is Larry Tact!

[The other competitors look on with disappointment as Larry Tact falls to his knees, clasping the title in both hands and looking down at it. The crowd, despite their obvious hatred for the man, is giving Tact and each competitor in the ring a standing ovation for one of the best matches in recent memory.]

LR: What a huge victory for Larry Tact, he wins his first ever CWF title, and I hope to god he brings it to GPW!

BC: Me too! What a match!

LR: I’m getting word that something is going on backstage...let’s get a camera back there!

Encouraging Words

[Scene shows Chemical X in his dressing room getting ready for his match. He turns around to see Jeff Jericho standing behind him. X is startled.]

Chemical X: How the hell...

Jeff Jericho: I apologize for startling you but I had to see everyone's favorite National champion.

Chemical X: What can I do for you, Jeff?

Jeff Jericho: You know, everyone likes to talk about Paul Blair and Triple X with regards to GPW, but what they should be doing is talking about you.

Chemical X: Go on...

Jeff Jericho: I've watched you for many years. I saw the path of destruction you left in the IOA, the carnage, the blood, the broken bones of opponents who had crossed you and I liked it. You my friend have got the edge that GPW needs to be successful. Which is why I wanted you in GPW from the very beginning. Some call Z-Pac the King of Hardcore, but truly, that honor is yours. I see massive things for you Chemical X and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you reach your potential.

[Suddenly the light's go out and Jericho is gone. Chemical X looks confused. ]

Chemical X: Damn,that dude is crazy…but I like it.

[Cut back to ringside.]

LR: Well the boss thinks quite highly of Chemical X!

BC: Can you blame him? That man is a wrecking machine!

LR: Absolutely, he is a force to be reckoned with, and with Jericho as his guide, who knows how far he could go!

Blood/Dan Lynch vs Chiron Cross/Ricky Chambers

LR: This next match could get real ugly, folks…Blood and Dan Lynch team up to take on Chiron Cross and Ricky Chambers, and I don’t know that the ring can contain the hatred between these men.

BC: Absolutely not, this one is going to be wild, and I think the heat between these four men speaks for itself…nothing we say could do it justice!

LR: Well let’s head to the ring and get this one started!

[We cut to the ring.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…from Tampa Bay, Florida…weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion….DAN LYNCH!

[The lights go out and the fans rise to their feet. Suddenly a video package of Dan Lynch at a club dancing comes up as “Sex, Love & Money” by Mos Def hits and the crowd begins to boo loudly.]

#Sex love and money, fun

Brooklyn,. Sex love and money, get up, come

#You are now rockin with the best
Black darts exclusive, fire in the dark
Fire in the dark, ghetto let this spark!#

[After those lyrics, Dan walks out in his normal black shades and wearing a white fur coat with black pants. The lights come back on and Dan poses as a huge pyrotechnics display bangs off and Dan enters the ring smirking.]

BC: Sex, Love, and Money, baby! I wish this guy would come over to GPW already! He’d have it made!

Announcer: And his tag team partner…from Charlotte, North Carolina!

["When All Is Said And Done" by Trapt erupts in the arena as the lights go out. A red tint flows through the arena, as Blood walks out to the entrance area. He stands below the videotron, head ducked down. He slowly raises his head and his arms as flames blast off from both sides of him.]

Announcer: He stands six foot four inches tall, and weighs in at two hundred fourty five pounds! He is the self proclaimed future of the CWF, BLOOD!

[The flames die off, and Blood continues his walk down the ramp. The crowd boos as he steps up on to the apron, and enters the ring. He walks over to the corner, and climbs to the middle turnbuckle. He looks around at the crowd for a minute, then climbs back down. His music fades out as the lights return to normal.]

Announcer: And their opponents…

[“Welcome To The Ricky Chambers' Show” says a voice from nowhere in particular. “Your Stories, My Alibies” by Matchbook Romance begins to play throughout the arena as red and white pyro shoot off three times and Ricky Chambers steps out onto the entrance ramp wearing his black, white and red baggy tights with a big “C” on them and no shirt as the crowd shows a mixed reaction.]

Announcer: First, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada…weighing in at 230 pounds, “THE REAL DEAL” RICKY CHAMBERS!

[Ricky pats his chest and kisses his two fingers on each hand. He points them both up in the air and pats his chest once again. He begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring. He begins to jog down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He climbs all four turnbuckles and pats his chest, then kisses his two fingers on each hand, points to the sky and pats his chest each time. He jumps down from the last turnbuckle and stares across the ring at Dan Lynch. Lynch steps forward to start the fight early, but the referee immediately gets between them and orders them back into their respective corners.]

Announcer: And his tag team partner…

[The lights flash rapidly. "They All Fall Down" by Grits thumps the air and the lights stabilize as Chiron Cross emerges onto the stage. He snaps is arms to the rhythm of white pyro shooting into the air and gives the "I Love You" sign.]

Announcer: From the Streets of The City, Weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds, CHIRON CROSS!

[He walks with intensity down the ramp. Climbing the steps and onto the apron, Chiron leaps over the top rope and removes his black leather trench coat and mirrored shades.]


LR: Now this is the type of match I like to see…four CWF superstars who hate each other looking to tear each other’s heads off!

BC: Ha!

[The referee reads both teams the riot act, obviously realizing the intensity of the match and the circumstances surrounding it. Chiron Cross pats Ricky Chambers on the back and steps out into his corner.]

LR: Looks like Ricky Chambers will start this one for his team…

[Lynch and Blood discuss things for a moment. Lynch whispers something into Blood’s ear…Blood nods and prepares to start the match, while Lynch takes his place in his corner. Chambers beckons for Lynch to get in the ring, but Lynch just smirks at him.]

LR: And Blood will start things out for his team…so Blood squaring off against Ricky Chambers here, and clearly these are mind games being played by Dan Lynch. Chambers wants him in the ring, and he needs to keep his full attention on Blood unless he wants to get his ass handed to him right off the bat.

BC: A beautiful plan by Dan Lynch…Chambers is obviously distracted by him…

[Chambers and Lynch get into a heated shouting match from across the ring. Chambers steps forward and looks as though he’s about to charge at Lynch, by Blood blindsides him and knocks him down to the mat! Blood tosses pulls him up and tosses him into the corner, unleashing on him with a flurry of punches. Chambers reverses and tosses Blood into the corner, unleashing with a series of punches of his own! He whips Blood to the opposite corner and charges after him, but Blood kicks his legs up and Chambers runs right through him and hits the turnbuckles chest first. Blood grabs him from behind on the rebound and drops him back to the mat with a release German suplex!]

LR: And the plan paid dividends there, distracting Chambers and allowing Blood to get the first strike in. Blood now whips Chambers into his corner…dangerous territory for Chambers here.

BC: Come on, Blood! Beat some sense into this Mark Xamin ass kisser!

[Blood mounts the second turnbuckle and begins pounding Chambers in the forehead. Eventually, he gets bored and begins to bite Chambers on the bridge of his nose, and backing off before the referee can count to five. The referee scolds Blood…while his back is turned, Lynch takes the corner rope and chokes Chambers! Chambers kicks desperately to get out of it, but to no avail…Blood does a good job of distracting the ref. Finally, Chiron Cross steps into the ring to come to Chambers’ aid, but the referee objects and forces him back to his corner. With the ref’s back again turned, Blood and Lynch double team Chambers in their corner; Lynch chokes him with the rope, while Blood drills him in the head repeatedly with stiff shots. With the damage done, the ref turns around to see Dan Lynch standing in his corner like a perfect angel. Blood tags him in and Lynch licks his lips as he looks down at a weakened Ricky Chambers.]

LR: Lynch did well to have Blood wear him down first before getting in the ring with him…now he can do some real damage to Chambers!

BC: Sex, love, money, and brains! Ha! This guy is so great.

[Lynch stomps him in the corner, and forces his boot into Ricky Chambers’ throat. Chambers leans back with his head between the ropes, and Lynch’s foot follows him, still choking him with the boot. The ref quickly pulls Lynch off, but Lynch ignores his scolding and pulls Chambers back up by the hair. He whips him to the ropes…and puts him down with a scoop powerslam!]

BC: Chambers can’t catch a break here, this is beautiful!

LR: Lynch taunting Chiron Cross now…Cross tries to get in the ring and that prompts the official to order him back out. With the referee distracted, Blood enters the ring and grabs Chambers…and….ouch! He throws him shoulder first into the ring post and Chambers is in big time trouble now!

[Chambers sprawls through the second rope, slumped over the turnbuckle a mangled heap, his shoulder damaged from the post. Lynch pulls him out of the ropes and disrespectfully shoves him down to the mat like a sack of potatoes and makes a cover!]

























BC: Stay down, you ninny!

LR: Chambers must be some kind of idiot to kick out after being dominated by this team of Dan Lynch and Blood, which has a surprisingly good chemistry so far.

[Lynch, frustrated, tags in Blood. Lynch whips Chambers to the ropes and he and Blood flatter Chambers with a double clothesline! The referee forces Lynch out of the ring and Blood goes to work. He drops a few knees on Chambers’ head. Then, he pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…Chambers ducks a clothesline and explodes back at Blood on the rebound with a flying forearm! Blood sails across the ring and crashes to the mat from the incredible force that Chambers put into that desperation move, and Chambers begins the long, drawn out crawl to his corner and Cross extends his arm over the top rope to shorten the distance a little bit.]

LR: Chambers put a little extra mustard on that forearm, and Blood better shake the cobwebs out before Chambers makes a tag here! Chambers is inching, clawing, scratching his way to Chiron…Blood to his feet and he rushes over to stop him…Chambers makes the tag!

BC: Ahhhh!

[Chiron enters the ring a house of fire, and unloads on Blood with a flurry of right hands! Blood stumbles into the ropes and Chiron clotheslines him over the top! Lynch enters the ring and Chiron fights him off too, tossing him over the top and Lynch lands on Blood! The crowd is on their feet for Cross! Blood and Lynch regroup on the outside…wait, Chambers off the ropes…and he sails to the outside with a suicide dive and connects with Lynch! Chambers goes wild on Lynch, exploding with an array of high damage moves…he drives his lower back into the apron, smashes his head into the ring post, whips him into the guardrail and then slams him into the ringsteps in what seems like one fluid motion! Lynch is hurt, and Blood goes to help him, but Chambers catches him with a European uppercut that sends him staggering back…in the ring, Chiron leaps up onto the top rope and flies off, connecting with a moonsault to the outside on Blood!]

LR: The referee has lost control of this one!

BC: There is so much hatred between these men, it’s unbelievable!

[Chambers walks back over to Lynch and starts pounding on him…but Lynch somehow fights back, even after the bevy of damage he took during the onslaught moments ago! The fight spills into the crowd and security rushes to the scene to keep the fans away from the brawl. They go at it all the way to the back, throwing wild punches at each other the entire step of the way!]

LR: And for the second week in a row, Dan Lynch and Ricky Chambers have brawled into the crowd and out of sight! Back at ringside now, Chiron has Blood back in the ring and the crowd is on their feet in anticipation of this Fall Fever preview! What a bunch of morons!

[Blood, from his seat, backs into a corner and begs off Chiron…Chiron grins at him and goes to make his move, but Blood sticks his thumb in his eye and Chiron is blinded. Blood runs at him from behind and drills him into the mat with a bulldog! He goes for the cover!]

























LR: Chiron won’t go down that easily, and Blood goes back on the offensive…he pulls Chiron up and whips him to the ropes…and NAILS him with a vicious spinebuster that shook the arena to its very core!

BC: Chiron is in big time trouble now, Larry! If Blood locks on that Bloodlock, with his back in the shape it’s in, Chiron would have no choice but to tap or pass out!

[Blood goes to do just that…he gets the Bloodlock locked on halfway, but Chiron desperately kicks him away powerfully, sending Blood flying through the ropes and to the outside! Clearly frustrated, Blood searches under the ring for something. Chiron, running on adrenaline, climbs to the top rope and leaps off at Blood with a double axe handle…but Blood has found a crowbar and he nails Chiron in the throat with it! The ref saw it and calls for the bell!]


Announcer: The winners of this match, as a result of a disqualification….RICKY CHAMBERS AND CHIRON CROSS!

BC: Finish the job, Blood! Take this poser out!

LR: Blood is savagely attacking Chiron Cross with that crowbar! It’s quite an entertaining piece of action if you ask me…

BC: Agreed.

[Blood relentlessly assaults him with the crowbar, focusing on no body part in particular, just smashing him wherever he can connect. Chiron is in a defenceless state, and security swarms the area and pulls Blood away. The crowd boos loudly as Blood lifts the now bent out of shape crowbar above his head for all to see.]

BC: These idiot fans are so unappreciative.

LR: I’ll say…but I guess that’s to be expected, we’re in the state of New York, after all.

BC: Touché.

[We cut to the parking lot, where Ricky Chambers and Dan Lynch are still brawling!]

LR: And this brawl has carried on all the way to the parking lot! Man oh man is this rivalry ever heated!

BC: With the history these two have, it’s no wonder! Come on, Dan! Get him!

[Lynch throws Chambers into a pile of lead pipes, knocking them off their shelf and sending piercing clanks throughout the backstage area. They tumble down on top of Chambers, who covers himself up with his arms and legs. Lynch reaches in to pull him out, but Chambers somehow fights back, driving a lead pipe into his gut and backing Lynch up. Chambers pulls himself out of the wreckage and comes at Lynch with the pipe. Lynch ducks though and comes back at him with right hands. Chambers drops the lead pipe and the two start brawling once again throughout the parking lot.]

BC: This is out of control!

LR: It certainly is, and hey! Wait a minute! Who’s that?!

[Suddenly, from around the corner, a blur of a man nails Lynch in the head with a steel chair. We only see the man as a silhouette, backed by a bright light from hall leading to the parking lot. Chambers looks at him and grins. The man drapes a flag over the fallen Dan Lynch, and we are able to make it out…]

BC: That’s a Canadian flag!

LR: And that’s “The Canadian Icon” Kris Lewis! Kris Lewis laid out Dan Lynch and he and Chambers are embracing! What is this all about?!

BC: I don’t know, but Kris Lewis just messed with sex, love, and money…and that was stupid, foolish, and not funny!

LR: We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors!

A Golden Assault

LR: Welcome back, fans…and during the break….well, shocking events transpired! Take a look at this!

BC: This was so great!

[Cut to footage that went down during the break. Chiron Cross is being treated by EMTs due to the brutal attack by Blood at the end of the tag team match moments ago. Resting on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance, Cross has a fire in his eyes, wanting badly to get up and find Blood and make him pay.]

LR: Here we see Chiron Cross getting medical treatment…and then, watch this!

[Suddenly, GPW security swarms Cross, beating him with nightsticks and zapping him with tasers! Cross convulses, his body shaking uncontrollably as the electricity runs through his system. Once he’s unconscious, the security team slams the ambulance door shut, locking Chiron Cross inside! Two of the security guards climb into the front of the ambulance and speed off out of our sight.]

[Cut back to ringside.]

LR: We don’t know what that was all about, but it looks like GPW is taking out the trash again tonight, this time targeting Chiron Cross!

BC: GPW is crushing CWF stars one by one, that has to be it! I love it!

Chemical X (c) vs “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker

Non-Title Match

LR: Well regardless…it’s time for a match that could have some serious implications…

BC: The National Champion, Chemical X, goes one on one with the number one contender to the CWF World Heavyweight title, “The Black Jesus” Tyrone Walker. Hopefully, Chemical X can soften Walker up for Paul Blair before Fall Fever…that would be fair to Blair!

LR: It sure would, and you have to wonder is Tyrone Walker can even make it to the ring after that perfectly timed attack by the GPW on the Black Jesus earlier tonight! Tyrone Walker has a history of neck injuries and that attack was clearly an attempt to re-injure him…absolutely brilliant move by GPW.

BC: For sure, you don’t mess with Blair, don’t you dare! Ha!

[We cut to the ring.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan…weighing in at 230 pounds… “THE BLACK JESUS” TYRONE WALKER!

[Kill the lights.] [The dramatic beginnings howl like the wind.]

[The drum beats roll in like thunder.]

[AFI's "Miseria Cantare" storms into the arena. Signaling the arrival of one man.]

#Love, your hate; Your, faith lost; You, are now, one, of us!
#Love, your hate; Your, faith lost; You, are now, one, of us!
#Love, your hate; Your, faith lost; You, are now, one, of us!

[Smoke billows out into the aisle from the entrance way.]

#Nothing, from nowhere, I am no one at all
#Radiate, recognize, one silent call
#As we all form one dark flame

(Tyrone Walker steps out from the back to a huge ovation. His afro waggles to and fro as he walks down the aisle. He slides under the ropes and into the ring, raising his arms for the crowd. They give him a huge pop, and he nods, mouthing the words “Damn right.”]

BC: These people are morons!

LR: I guess he appeals to this crowd, Bobby…

BC: In what way?

LR: We’re in New York, it’s full of white suburban gangster wannabes…

BC: Very good point, that explains it.

Announcer: And his opponent…

BC: Here comes the National champ, wooo!

Announcer: Representing Golden Productions Wrestling…

[The fans boo loudly.]

Announcer: From Brooklyn, New York…


BC: They’re booing their own kind!

LR: No no, this is Albany…it’s a jealousy thing, they automatically assume anyone from the big city must be an ass.

BC: Typical of Albany.

LR: Indeed.

Announcer: …weighing in at 279 pounds….he is the CWF National Champion….CHEMICAL X!

[The lights dim and fade to red as "Soul Survivor" By Young Jeezy feat. Akon begins and a huge shower of red sparks rain out over the stage. Out into the sparks is driven a Black '05 Ford F-150. It rumbles down the ramp and stops just ten feet from the ring. Chemical X hops out of the cab, a sly look crossing his gaze as he struts to the metal steps and climbs the top turnbuckle, raising his hands into the air, holding the National title, which now has “GPW” spray painted across it, above his head to a loud chorus of boos.]

LR: These people wouldn’t know what real talent is if it reached out and slapped them in the face!

BC: Clearly!


LR: Here we go, let’s see if Chemical X can finish off Tyrone Walker tonight…maybe he won’t make it to Fall Fever!

BC: He’ll get the job done!

[They lock up…Walker immediately screams in pain as pressure is put on his neck during the collar and elbow lock up. Chemical X knees him in the gut and drives his elbow into the back of Walker’s neck. Walker drops to his knees and X sits on his back, driving his forearm repeatedly into the back of his neck. Walker is in serious pain…the ref asks him if he wants to call off the match, but he screams “NO!” to a huge pop!]

BC: Tyrone Walker has more guts than brains!

LR: Chemical X is going to end his career right here tonight!

BC: Let’s hope so!

LR: Chemical X pulls him up…swinging neckbreaker! And X is really working over Walker’s neck, which is already in bad shape for that attack earlier tonight!

BC: Break it! Snap him in half!

[Chemical X locks in a reverse dragon sleeper! The torque on Walker’s neck looks sickening. He screams in pain as Chemical X laughs and rears back on it more. Walker flails his arms as the crowd gets behind him, stomping their feet and clapping in unison. Walker feeds off their energy and arches his back…he swings his feet up and brings Chemical X down with a headscissors takedown, an amazing counter move!]

BC: Ahhh!

LR: I don’t know where that came from, but Tyrone Walker got out of that reverse dragon sleeper!

BC: But the damage is done, Larry! Look! Walker can barely stand, his neck is seriously damaged!

[Chemical X looks insulted that Walker would even attempt to fight back, and explodes to his feet, nearly knocking Walker’s head off his shoulders with a vicious clothesline! Walker’s head snaps back and he again screams out as his neck takes more damage. X mockingly shoves Walker’s face with his boot each time Walker tries to get up. Walker becomes infuriated and grabs X by the foot and pulls him down, catching him in an ankle lock!]

BC: Ahhh! Where did that come from?!

LR: I don’t know, but X better get to the ropes…ah ha! There we go…

[Walker releases the hold and drops to his knees clutching his neck.]

LR: Walker can’t fight back, his neck is horribly damaged…he can’t even hold onto an ankle lock submission hold! And the referee has a tough choice to make here…

[The referee signals for the bell, despite Tyrone Walker’s protest, calling the match and allowing Walker to live to fight another day. Walker’s eyes are pure fury, prompting the referee to exit the ring with great haste.]


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has opted to use his own discretion and has ordered that this match stop!

[The crowd boos.]

Announcer: The winner of the match by the referee’s decision…CHEMICAL X!

[The crowd loudly boos the decision, and begins to throw garbage in the ring.]

BC: Stupid referee! Now Chemical X can’t toy with Walker any more!

LR: On the contrary! Chemical X is going to town on him right now!

[Chemical X begins stomping on the back of Walker’s neck relentlessly. He yells at the timekeeper to throw him a steel chair. The timekeeper hesitates, so Chemical X goes out and shoves him off his chair and brings it into the ring.]

BC: Haha, this is so great! Finish him, X! Punk him out!

LR: He’s gonna piledrive him on the chair! This will surely end his career if he connects with this!

[X tucks Walker’s head between his legs and pulls him up for a piledriver. He holds him upside for a moment, taunting the crowd…just as he’s about to drop, Walker shifts his weight and Chemical X loses his balance slightly…Walker is able to drop to his knees and low blow him out of desperation! The crowd goes wild!]


LR: Walker fighting desperately to save himself here, and he’d be wise to run his little legs back up the ramp and go back to whatever ghetto he came from!

BC: But he’s not wise, he’s stupid! Look at this!

[Walker grabs the chair and wraps it over Chemical X’s head! X drops, and Walker rolls out of the ring with the crowd going wild!]

LR: Walker just nailed him with the chair! And he’s searching under the ring for something here…oh no! No! No damnit! Stop him!

[Walker pulls out a steel cable from under the ring. The crowd erupts as he rolls into the ring with it and fastens it around Chemical X’s throat!]

BC: Stop! Someone get out here!

[Walker tightens the noose and looks to the crowd. They cheer him on as he tosses Chemical X over the top rope! X’s feet hit the floor and Walker goes to lift him off and hang him, but suddenly emerging from behind the curtain is Paul Blair and Jeff Jericho! They stand at the top of the ramp and shake their heads desperately to get him to stop.]

BC: Come on, Walker! Use your head, don’t do this! GPW is the future of wrestling! Don’t fight it, embrace it!

[Walker grins widely at Blair and Jericho from the ring. He looks down at Chemical X and his grin suddenly turns to a snarl. He synchs back and pulls on the cable, lifting X’s feet slightly off the ground! X struggles as his feet dangle off the ground…but Walker can’t hold on for long as his neck gives out again. Blair and Jericho rush to the ring, but Walker wisely slides to the outside and exits stage left up the ramp. Jericho and Blair race over to Chemical X and untie him. X coughs, his face a deep shade of purple.]

LR: That was sickening!

BC: A pathetic display of savagery by that low life thug, Tyrone Walker!

LR: Cut this damn thing off…go to commercial or something! Damnit!


LR: Welcome back, GPW fans…it seems our cameras have caught up to the run away ambulance with Chiron Cross in tow, and it has apparently come to a stop at a local graveyard. I don’t know what that means for Chiron Cross, but if I were a betting man I’d say GPW is about to teach him a lesson.

BC: I can’t wait to see this!

Blood of Gold

[We cut to the darkness of the outdoors. The wind howls and the leaves rustle as the breeze blows them violently. The sign on the black, steel fence reads “Holy Cross Cemetary.”]

[We pan through the graveyard and spot the ambulance. We see the silhouettes of two men digging a grave, and a third man illuminated in the light resonating from the back of the open ambulance. We zoom in and see that the two gravediggers are, in fact, the GPW security guards that drove off with Chiron Cross. The man staring coldly into the back of the ambulance is…]

LR: That’s Blood! Blood has kidnapped Chiron Cross with the help of GPW! He must be the newest member of Golden Productions Wrestling!

BC: What a huge signing by GPW! I’ve never liked the guy but there’s no denying he’s a force!

[Those assumptions are indeed confirmed, as Blood appears to be wearing a golden GPW t-shirt over top his ring attire. He is covered in dirty, presumably a result of the messy nature of digging a grave. He has Chiron Cross strapped helplessly to the stretcher, and tilted upright so he can stare right at him.]

BLOOD: Chiron…you see, I’ve heard rumours about the stipulation you want to add to our Fall Fever match. I heard it’s some street rules crap. Well after I get through with you…no no, excuse me…after we get through with you tonight, I think you’re gonna change your mind. That is, if you live to change your mind. Because in case you haven’t noticed yet, I am the newest member of GPW! And tonight, just like GPW is gonna bury the CWF…we’re gonna bury your sorry ass alive!


LR: Oh my God!

[Cross clenches his teeth and begins to breathe heavy, partly out of anger, but mostly, one would suspect, out of fear. One of the security guards walks over to Blood.]


[Blood nods. He looks at Chiron and smirks. Chiron’s eyes tell the story – he is utterly helpless. He’s going to be buried alive, and no one can save him. Blood slaps him across the face and shoves the stretcher over to its side with Chiron still in it. Blood and both security guards begin to stomp on a defenceless Chiron Cross, rendering him unconscious.]

BC: Haha, this is so symbolic! I love it! One less hip hop poser in this world is just fine by me!

LR: The CWF is about to lose another superstar, or so we suspect!

[The security guards release Chiron from the stretcher and rolls him into a nearby casket. Blood stares at the unconscious Cross lying helplessly inside the casket.]

BLOOD: You should’ve known better than to screw with me, you poor little bitch. {looking at him disgusted} What a waste.

[He slams the casket shut and locks it. Chiron apparently comes back into consciousness, and begins screaming and kicking from inside the casket! His screams are muffled, though, and Blood and the security guards laugh. They lift up the casket and toss it recklessly into the six foot grave they have dug, Chiron undoubtedly taking a tremendous amount of damage in the fall, as he goes silent. Blood and the security team begin to shovel dirt into the grave, burying Chiron Cross alive!]

LR: My God! This is insane! Blood is the newest member of GPW, but has he gone too far?! He’s burying Chiron Cross alive!

BC: Looks like Fall Fever is the last thing on Chiron’s mind now! Ha!

[We cut back to the arena. A hush has come over the crowd after watching that incident.]

LR: Wow…I don’t know what to say. Even these loud mouth New Yorkers are speechless!

BC: What a great night! Tyrone Walker gets hurt, Jeff Jericho is fighting Maniac at Fall Fever, Chiron Cross gets buried alive! There’s only one thing left on the agenda tonight…Paul Blair and Triple X are about to take on the returning Z-Pac and Mike Van Pro…I can’t wait for this!

LR: I can’t believe we’re about to see Z-Pac and MVP on television again after all the politics those two morons have been playing backstage lately, but nonetheless, Jeff Jericho has made a promise and God never lies!

BC: Exactly! And in order to make room for this match, Jeff Jericho has cancelled the previously scheduled match between Paul Blair and Onyx! That match will happen right here on Brawl next week!

LR: Let’s head to the ring for our main event!

Paul Blair/Triple X vs Z-Pac/Mike Van Pro

["BlairVision" begins to play and out walks the CWF World champion Paul Blair along with GPW World champion Triple X. Both men are in their wrestling gear and are accompanied to the ring by Lu Yen and Chemical X. Both look pissed off with having to defend their world titles. ] ["Play the Game' by Motorhead begins to play and out walks Jeff Jericho still dressed in his white cloak. He has a microphone.]

Jeff Jericho: Triple X, Blair, tonight we are going to see if you are worthy of being called two of the greatest world champions of all time. Tonight you will prove that to me or you'll lose your damn titles if you fail. And now its time for the Main Event of GPW Sunday Brawl. The biggest main event in the history of this sport. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the challengers for the CWF and GPW World titles, THE NEEEEEW PAINKILLERS....MVP, Mike Van Pro and Z-Paaaaaaaac!!!

[The crowd pops as from behind the curtain walks Z-Pac and MVP.]

LR: There they are, the new painkillers, Z-Pac and MVP! What a moment this is!

BC: Ummmmmm MVP is throwing up on the stage, Larry.

LR: Is that whiskey he has? What the...

BC: Z-Pac looks like he hasn't showered in weeks, he just stole some kids sandwich from the crowd and is eating it.

LR: That isn't Z-Pac, that’s just some homeless man!...

BC: And that isn’t MVP, that’s some drunk!

LR: What the….we've been duped!

BC: Hahaha, classic!

[Jericho laughs his ass off as he, the fake Z-Pac and the fake MVP get into the ring. He embraces Blair, XXX and raises their hands in victory. GPW is celebrating in the ring. ]

Jeff Jericho: What’s the matter, MVP? Retirement not sitting to well with you, have you turned to the bottle to solve your problems? Ha Ha Ha! What is wrong Z, times tough living in the gutter? Ha Ha Ha!

[The crowd starts booing and throwing things into the ring.]

Jeff Jericho: I'm sorry I had to resort to such an over used, over done, lame little bit like this to prove my point. This little charade was done in honor of you Z-Pac, you sorry sack of shit. But why you ask? Two weeks ago Mike Van Pro and Z-Pac were supposed to join GPW. However, at the last minute Z-Pac backed out citing he didn't want to be apart of rehashed gimmicks, old feuds and yadda yadda yadda so he took his ball and went home leaving me high and dry. Along the way he stroked MVP's ego and MVP thought he was bigger than the business so he took his ball and went home too. Now I'm not going to fault MVP to much because I know he is just Z-Pac's little puppet and he does whatever he tells him to do. MVP has always been a pawn of Z-Pac's so he is already a lost cause. But this is the type of guy Z-Pac truly is, this is the real Z-Pac. He only cares about himself and nobody else. He doesn't give a damn about the wrestling business and is all about protecting his little character.

That little peace of trash actually had the nerve to say to me that feuding with me wasn't good enough to return to wrestling. The great and mighty Z-Pac wasn't going to take part in something that happened in the past. Not good enough? I'm Jeff Jericho and I am the reason Z-Pac is a house hold name today. Forget the CWF, forget Mark X, it was me who made Z-Pac. For 6 years I feuded with the man and it was because of that feud that Z became the king of hard-core. Hell people, in my last EVER match, I was man enough to actually lay down and put Z-Pac over to pass the torch. I swallowed my price, I put my ego in check and I put the man over. I did what was right for the business and I paid homage to Z-Pac letting him know that I respected him. I put him in the bloody CWF Hall of Fame for Christ sakes. I made Z-Pac and he has the nerve to disrespect me like that, to act like I was nothing. Well fuck you Z-Pac, you selfish prick!

I used to think that you were a good guy, yeah we never saw eye to eye but under the surface I thought you were a true legend of this sport. But now I know the truth, you don't get your way, you don't get what you want, you quit. You are no XXX, Paul Blair or Jeff Jericho...three guys who have given back to the wrestling community time and time again...three guys who were willing to work and put over anyone at anytime to help business...you are not a legend, you are a fraud.

So you sit at home and you try and play the victim but now the wrestling world knows exactly what kind of guy you truly are. A selfish, arrogant, egotistical little snake who actually, truly believes his character. And a man who has corrupted his friend MVP into making a complete and utter jackass of himself, tarnishing his once great image. Enjoy retirement because you'll never wrestle again! Your done, your buried.

[A snare drum pop is heard as "Born" by Nevermore hits the PA. The words "The River Dragon" flashes on the big screen. A video package of Reinhardt's career is shown and the crowd erupts. Reinhardt walks out from the back, clean shaven, hair slicked back, wearing his trademark leather jacket and black jeans. The GPW look shocked in the ring as the crowd goes wild for the return of Chris Reinhardt. Reinhardt walks casually to the ring. Lu Yen, Chemical X, and Jericho start clapping. Reinhardt doesn't even acknowledge their accolades. He walks over to the ring announcer, grabs a mic and lets people know where he stands.]

Chris Reinhardt: ......

[Crowd goes wild.]

Chris Reinhardt: 8 years now. 8 years and this is my send off. This was supposed to be it for me. My final run. My last horrah in the wrestling industry. I came back here a few weeks ago with the intension of myself and a friend of mine coming in not for titles, or money, or fame. We've had that. I came back to retire. I wanted to have a proper send off and in the end, thank the people who made me. Unfortunately, it was all done in vain. I thought maybe if I took a while off that things would change. Things would be better if people didn't have to deal with me. I've made a lot of friends since being here...but I've made even more enemies. I thought time would heal those wounds. I thought wrong. Right now I want to talk about a few of my enemies. To all of you out there, I've hated you just as much as you have hated me. But I still respected you. I respected everything that each one of you stood for, which was everything I didn't. Thats respectable because it takes a rather large set of balls to go against me. I thought the feeling was mutual...once again, I was wrong. Right now I have to go on a tangent, so brace yourselves. I am a former CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion. A 3 time IoA World Champion. I was voted the greatest Champion of all time there. I'm a former CWF World Champion. But there is one person in this business who didn't believe in me. One enemy of mine who didn't care that I bled and sacrificed time and time again so his company could prosper. I'm talking about MARK X. Mark X, what are you so afraid of? All I wanted was to ride off into the sunset with nothing but fond memories of a business I used to love so much. Leave the fans with memories that last a lifetime. You just couldn't let that happen could you. You caught wind of my plan and decided that it was just too good to let me have. You'd rather rehash some bullshit that you just couldn't let go. Well let me tell you something. YOU SUCK! You started the CWF, but it was guys like me who made it what it is. The Darts, Blairs, Z-Pacs, Nemesises, G2Bads, Jerichos, xXx's, Pledge Alligences, Osbournes, and so forth. Your bullshit plans and your bullshit grudges were lame, outdated, and were just done to make you look better than what you really are. You cunt. Z-Pac doesn't think about you, he doesn't call you on the phone. He doesn't reply to your e-mails. Just let it go. He won. It's over. But you made a cardinal sin my friend. In your arrogant quest for vengeance on a man that has long forgotten his gripe with you, you stepped on my toes. You erased my legacy. You took from me my pride, my joy, and my last ride off into the sunset. All my plans denied. I walked out on you because why should I let you prosper off my pain? I robbed people of their hard earned money to see my return match. A year and a half since I was CWF World Champion. My first match back...and thats it? I will never work for you again Mark. I never had a problem with you. But you. You've always had it in for the "Boston Kliq". I never did a thing wrong to you, except maybe destroying Maniac in the IoA, hahahaha...

Jeff Jericho: Ahahahahaha!

Chris Reinhardt: You shut you're mouth, I'll get to you

[Crowd erupts!]

Chris Reinhardt: As I was saying, Mark, I never did anything to hurt you. I always respected you. Even after you ERASED MY ERA OF THE CWF. I look at the books, I look on the sites, I look all over...and nowhere to be found is my reign as CWF World Champion. The documents were shredded. My nameplate removed and welded....probably serving as a urinal flusher for all I know. Mark...you just thought you could get away with it. You thought you'd seen the last of me. Well you're wrong, now it's time to pay. Mark X, I will not rest until you rest. I will get my vengeance on you. I will make you pay. And in the end, it will be ME who takes your legacy from you. I will strike you from the records and steal every moment of joy you ever had until all you are left with is memories of me pissing on your great legacy. And then I will ride off into the sunset. One more win for us Boston Boys.

[Crowd chants "Reinhardt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt"]

Chris Reinhardt: Which brings me to you Goldy. Through the years we have teamed up. You managed me through my reign of terror in the IoA. Yoiu guided me and formed into into a killing machine. You were always on my side...but..we've never gone against eachother though. Have we? You know why that is. You always wanted to be on my side because you always knew what I can do. You know all too well the rage and anger I have inside me. You knew that I'm really a sick man when I'm in this ring. I can beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. And you always knew it. You always wanted to be on my side because of it. You never, ever wanted to go against me. Thats why, in this business, you have always been my only true friend. And that is why now, you're looking at the newest wrestler for GPW. The contract is signed, and I'm forever indebted to you, my friend.

[Jericho and Reinhardt smile and shake hands. Then they shrug and hug and pat eachother on the back. Lu Yen and Chemical X start laughing and the 4 men raise their arms in the air.]


BC: Wow!

[The celebration is cut short. The crowd absolutely explodes as “Turn the Page” by Metallica hits, and Maniac emerges from behind the curtain in his trademark leather jacket, sunglasses, blue jeans, and a black CWF t-shirt. He stands at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand.]

Maniac: Well now, isn’t this a pretty picture. {he laughs} You know Chris, you’ll have to forgive me if I need to see some I.D. to make sure it’s really you, because the last time I saw you was at Summer Smash when you were lying in a puddle of your own vomit.

[The crowd cheers.]

Maniac: You come out here all clean shaven, dressed to impress, with a winning smile on your face...you expect us all to believe you’ve overcome alcoholism in two short weeks? Give me a break.

But do you feel better now that you’ve spewed all that bullshit off your chest for the last five minutes? Because you see, Chris...you and I, we’re not so different...

Oh, who am I kidding? We’re nothing alike! I’m a legend, I’m an icon, I’m everything you wish you could be. 4 times I was the MWWF Champion. Over 120 titles to my name, 90 of them World titles. I’ve beaten all the greats, from Jimmy Blast to Rob Osbourne. At Fall Fever, you can bet your ass I’ll be adding Jeff Jericho to that list. And you? You were the World Champion in your bed time buddy’s fed, the IOA. Woopty doo. You were the CWF World Champion in a CWF that was so poorly run that it barely lasted two months before being illegitimately sold to some assclown named Jason Rothchild. Congratulations, real big accomplishment. The fact is, you and Z-Pac are both the same. You share a brain, you think you’re King Shit when really you’re just Shit.

[The crowd cheers.]

Maniac: You wanna talk about kicking my ass in IOA? Well you see, Chris...unlike your kind...you know, the “Boston Kliq” as you call it...I do what’s right for this business. I laid down for you and put you over, just like I laid down for the Jimmy Blast’s and Rob Osbourne’s of the world, and just like they laid down for me at some point or another. But you? You and Z-Pac and Mike Van Pro are all alike. You think you’re entitled to everything, yet you have earned nothing! You come out here and bitch and complain about how you’re never used properly, about how Mark Xamin never believed in you. Have you considered the distinct possibility that you suck?

[The crowd erupts.]

Maniac: See, there was a time when I had to earn my stripes. I struggled, but I made it. There was a time when Steve Dart, Triple X, Z-Pac, and yes, Chris...even Jeff Jericho, were struggling in the mid-card scene unable to catch a break. Jeff Jericho lived in my shadow in the MWWF and he couldn’t break out of it to save his life. But when he was given an opportunity, he took it and made the most of it. You were given an opportunity by Jeff Jericho when he pitifully ran the CWF...he made you his World champion. And did you make the most of it? No! Look at you, you jackass! You turned into a miserable, holier than thou, pathetic drunk who can’t think for himself! You’ve got Z-Pac’s hand shoved so far up your ass, I don’t know where you end and he begins! You’re just as much his puppet as Mike Van Pro is. And now because it’s Jericho’s hand up your ass instead of Z-Pac’s, you think you’re gonna come here and make some kind of an impact? Please.

The fact of the matter is this. You’re a mid-card talent on a good day. You’re not unique, you’re not special, you’re a dime a dozen and with the snap of my fingers I could replace you like that. No one missed you while you were gone. In fact, the CWF was a better place without you. But now you’re GPW...big deal. Are we supposed to be afraid? What’re you gonna do, be a little bitch and develop all kinds of hype for your big match, and then the night of the event, what, are you gonna pass out in your own vomit again so you don’t have to risk, god forbid, a...a...{gasping} loss?! Oh dear God!

[The crowd laughs.]

Maniac: It’s real simple. You make your own damn breaks. You want to be a star? Fine. Earn it. Don’t go hiding behind Z-Pac or licking Jeff Jericho’s ass clean. Step up and earn it, bitch! Because until you do, you will forever be a mid-card reject who could never hack it when it matters most. And putting on some rinky dink golden GPW t-shirt doesn’t change the person inside of it. You’re still a pathetic drunk. But enough about you, you’ll find out the hard way.

Jeff Jericho...leave it to you to pull a stunt like this and resign a tool like Chris Reinhardt. You know what? Looks good on you, you just signed the third biggest cancer in wrestling, right behind the two idiots you were mocking just a moment ago, Z-Pac and MVP. Reinhardt is going to chew through GPW and destroy it from the inside, and it’s idiotic mistakes like this that caused your downfall when you attempted to run the CWF.

[The crowd cheers.]

Maniac: But it’s like this...you want me at Fall Fever? Figures, I’m injured and nowhere near 100%. But you know what? Fine. I’ll climb inside that ring with you and take you to school, just like in the old days of X-Rated. This is teacher meets student, and class is in session right now!

Because at Fall Fever…your little friend there, the CWF World Heavyweight champion…oh yeah, I didn’t forget you, Blair…it was you who put me and Mark Xamin in the hospital at Summer Smash. And it was you who screwed Tyrone Walker out of the title that same night. And it will be you who goes one on one with Tyrone Walker in a rematch for the CWF World Heavyweight title at Fall Fever! It’s official!

[The crowd erupts!]

BC: Ahhhh! That’s not fair to Blair!

Maniac: There’s just one other thing.

[Maniac whistles and a CWF security team swarms out from the back.]

BC: Oh God…get out of there, Jericho! Head for the hills, Blair! Ahhh!


[Maniac slides into the ring a house of fire and goes right after Jeff Jericho! They brawl for a few seconds and Maniac eventually gets the upper hand, prompting Jericho to slip out of the ring and escape his grasp. Reinhardt nails Maniac from behind…Maniac turns around, unphased, and smirks at Reinhardt. Maniac swings at him, but Jericho grabs Reinhardt by the ankles and pulls him under the bottom rope to safety! CWF security clears the ring of Blair and Triple X…GPW is retreating up the ramp!]

BC: No! No! No! Damnit!

LR: We better get the hell out of here, Bobby! See you next week, fans!

[Bobby Crane and Larry Robinson drop their head sets and scurry up the ramp with the rest of GPW as Maniac beckons them from the ring. The crowd is going absolutely wild!]

[We zoom in on Jeff Jericho’s face. His teeth are clenched and his face is bright red in anger.]

[Fade to black.]