Don't Bother Knockin'...

[The lights dim and a red haze comes over the arena. “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge comes over the PA. The song hits a beat and there is a explosion at the entrance way and you see Wrec Hannibal walk out from behind the curtain wearing a black trench coat, no shirt, black tight with the red bone lettering spelling out Hannibal.

I've been defeated and brought down
Dropped to my knees when hope ran out
The time has come to change my ways

[Wrec takes a couple steps forward, looks out at the crowd with a cocky look while Tiffany Chaos walks from behind the curtain wearing a tight black leather tank top and black leather pants.]

On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we'll leave it all, leave it all behind

[Wrec begins to walk down to the ring with the same cocky look on his face as Tiffany walks down two steps behind him.[

I'll never long for what might have been
Regret won't waste my life again
I won't look back
I'll fight to remain:

**Wrec slides into the ring and walks over to the turnbuckle as Tiffany walks around the outside of the ring cheer on Wrec.**

On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we'll leave it all, leave it all behind

** Wrec stretches out his arms into a underhook flex, then points both of his thumbs towards himself in a cocky manner in spite of the crowd booing him. Wrec pulls out a microphone from his trench coat.**

Wrec: Well, Well, Well, This is the CWF huh? Looks to me like this federation could use some talent and I know exactly where to get it.

**Wrec and Tiffany chuckle**

Wrec: Here I thought this federation was going to have some talent so I could get a challenge but obviously I was wrong. Doesn't matter much to me since I will be able to ball through some of the competition here and take a title or two. Now that I got that out of the way, let me introduce myself to all you no talent wrestlers and poor excuse for fans. My name is the "Icon Killer" Wrec Hannibal and this beautiful woman next to me in my manager Tiffany Chaos.

**Crowd begins to boo**

Wrec: Yeah that's right boo Tiffany and myself since you don't know what talent or a beautiful lady look like. I bet most of you guys had to ask your mothers or sisters to your prom since you are losers. Boo all you want though because it doesn't bother Tiffany nor me.

**Tiffany grabs the microphone**

Tiffany: Why don't you all just take a look at me and realize this, You will never have anything as good looking as me.

**Tiffany hands the microphone back to Wrec Hannibal**

Wrec: Now to business, I am not here to just shoot my mouth off so know this, I will be getting some action tonight not only from Tiffany.

**Wrec Pauses**

Wrec: But also in that very ring, where in your case you will go home, crawl into bed alone and cry yourselves to sleep or crawl next to your ugly women. Now lets look at some of the talent here. Kris Lewis. A man who thinks he is already champion but probably couldn't get into a ring and hurt a fly. You think that Paul Blair will you give you a chance at his title? Kid you have another thing coming. You’re still a little wet behind the ears. If you don't like what I am saying then why don't you come out here and stop me.

**Wrec pauses and waits for a response**

Wrec: See that is what I thought. Kris Lewis, you are nothing but a no talent wrestler who thinks he is bigger than the CWF and guess what I am here to prove that your not. Now onto Paul Blair, Your heavyweight champion. I want you to look at that title, get a good look at it because once I get you into the ring. That title will be mine. Like I said Blair, I am not here to mess around and once I get a title, I plan on keeping it for a while. Yes, you do have some talent but not enough talent to take somebody as good as me down. Once I am finished with you I will take your little title, polish it up and hold onto it because you won't be able to touch it. But first I will have to make a name for myself here since all you fans and wrestlers don't know who I am. Maybe I will start with..... Nah, Now why would I give you a look into my plans? You guys don't deserve that. Hell you don't even deserve the pleasure of watching me wrestle but I guess I will have to make an exception.

**Tiffany takes the microphone from Wrec's hand and the crowd begins to Boo again**

Tiffany: All your fans are nothing but a bunch of rejects from your mothers wound. (Pauses) Why don't you quiet down? A talented wrestler still wants to speak.

**Wrec takes the microphone back**

Wrec: I don't know where you get off booing me as much as you do but keep it up. Its gives me more reason to hurt some of the wrestlers here and show you what true talents looks like. As for your other champions like Chemical X and Ricky Chambers, they will also have something coming to them in the future but until then, I have some advise for you wrestlers here. Watch your back because you never know who is going to hit you with a chair. Be prepared for the Onslaught of Violence will consume you all and change you. So it has been written, so it shall come to pass.

**“Metalingus” by Alter Bridge comes over the PA, Wrec drops the microphone, Tiffany and Wrec Hannibal make there way out of the ring. Wrec holds the bottom rope down so that Tiffany and get out of the ring. Wrec then drops down to his back and slides out of the ring. They walk up the entrance way and then stop at the beginning. Wrec holds up his arms and then points to himself.**

Bjay Williams vs. Spyke Frost

In his debut match, Bjay Williams proved to be the dominant force inside the ring against newcomer Spyke Frost. He quickly gained the upper hand over the physically impressive Frost with a distinct speed and technical advantage to which Spyke had only momentary reprieve with a short series of hard strikes. Bjay made swift comeback with a slight flourish in the end using all three of his signature moves to show his superiority, hitting the Ghetto Rock for the three-count. His cousin Dan Lynch was very proud.

Deadly Chemicals...

[The scene opens up in the parking lot. The Black GPW Security Armored "Brinks" Truck begins rolling into the arena]

BC: This could be him.

[The truck stops and Chemical X steps out of the driver seat of the truck. He is wearing woodland camoflauge pants and a bullet proof vest. He walks tp the back and opens the doors. Four GPW Security Guards in swat team uniforms step out followed by Chemical X's Brother Matthew Scarletti, in a business suit.]

Chemical X: Let go

TT: X does not look happy at all, and he is wearing a bullet proof vest out.

[Chemical X and his enterage begin to make there way into the arena.]

BC: Are they coming out to the ring.

[They begin to mach threw the back stage and make there way towards the enterance way]

TT: We're about to find out!



["Soul Survivor" by Young Jeeze and Akon begins to Play and Chemical X walks out to the apron surrounded by GPW Security and his little brother. X grabs a microphone and climbs into the ring]

Chemical X: Last week SOMEBODY had me arrested for kidnapping. An arrest that I found out was fake, they staged an arrest. That arrest led to my Security being foced off the premises leaving the house that I sleep in vulnerable. THEN SOMEBODY called all of my enemies and they sent a hitsquad to my house!

[The crowd cheered and X paused]

Chemical X: The came to MY HOUSE! They attacked My HOME! And they are all DEAD! But that's History! I come outhere because I know who that somebody was

[Matthew walked upto Chemical X and whispered something in his ear. X then nodded and shoved his brother off]

Chemical X: See, no one in the crime world is dumb enough to attack a Scarletti at their home, that is cause for war. My enemies they will be dealt with but there is only one person who could have organized an attack like this. One person who has been away for so long his actions could not have been watched! ONE PERSON who promised that the GPW would be dealt with.

[The crowd begins to scream as they realize who X is talking about]

Chemical X: There is only one person still standing who pledged war against the GPW and the person is ANGUS!

[The crowd screams knowing that Angus is somewhere in the building]

Chemical X: Angus, I know you're here and I know your hearing this and I want you to know that you made a personal attack on my family and my friends, and when you did that, when you made an attempt on my life you put yourself at the top of my hit list.

Chemical X: Angus, this thing will only end in blood now. You've made it so. Somebody messes with me Angus, im gonna mess with them but Angus, im better at it then you so just know that, think about that when as you sit in this arena BECAUSE ive got a present for you. And it aint gonna be pretty!

[the crowd begins to chant ANGUS! ANGUS! ANGUS! ANGUS]

Chemical X: So Angus, im going to tell you what I tell everyone. DON'T BE SCARED. BE PREPARED!

["Soul Survivor" by Akon and Young Jeezy begins to play again and Chemical X makes his way out of the ring]

Vinny “Las Vegas” Williams vs. Apocalypticus

Vinny Williams was in over his head this week when he dangerously underestimated his opponent, newcomer Apocalypticus in his debut match. The man they call “Las Vegas” charged in with his usual intensity but was constantly out-maneuvered by the wily and disciplined Apoc. The match was not all wine and roses as Apoc had a difficult time wearing down his fiery opponent brick-walled opponent, but Apoc dug in deep to pull off a stunning display of ring maneuvering to tire out Williams and plummeting down onto Williams with the Cataclysm for a solid triple from the ref.

Canadian Made vs. Dan Lynch and Paul Nycz – Capture the Flag Ladder Match

The house was officially brought down when the oil-and-gears team of Canadian Made clashed against the more undisciplined team of Dan Lynch and Paul Nycz. Lynch played no games with Chambers, keeping him grounded for most of the match. Nycz was no match for Kris Lewis' in-ring machinations and got a Jolly Roger flag laid across the back of his head. Lewis and Chambers double-teamed Lynch, subduing him long enough for Kris Lewis to climb the blood-streaked ladder to gain the victory.


[The scene opens up inside Angus's Dressing room. Angus isn't there but Abby Grace is. She sitting at a table looking threw some papers... Just then Chemical X walks in softly and creeps up to her]

Chemical X: Abby!

[She jumps up in fear and looks at X]

Chemical X: Where is he?

[Abby stares at X scared for her life]

Chemical X: Calm down Miss Grace, im not going to hurt you. I have rules against hurtin' dames. So just answer the question.

Abby: He's not here.

Chemical X: See, that wasn't so hard was it? [X cocks his hand back like he was going to hit her but then puts it down] Come on, I just told you I can physically harm girls.

[Chemical X walks out of the dressing room and closed the door behind him.]

[Just as he does suddenly three chainsaws cutting through the wall behind her. They begin to make a giant hole as she screams and backs up against the other wall. BOOM! The wall falls down and standing behind where the wall once was is three women. They are X's friends. Angel, Sierra and Sumiko. They are all wearing woodland camo tight pants and white tank tops. They put down their chainsaws and grab Abby, and then Matthew Scarletti walks threw the gate]

Matthew: Miss Grace? You don't know me but my name is Matthew Scarletti. [The women begin tying her up.] This is Team A*S*S! You're the first person in the company to meat Team A*S*S but you wont be the last.

[Abby beings to scream at the top of her lungs. Matthew takes out a bandana and shoves it in her mouth]

Matthew: Shhhh, your too loud, we've been asked not to hurt you so were not going to as long as you do what we say and remain calm. We are going to take you to the GPW truck and we're going to go for a ride, that's all. Nod if you understand!

Angel [Has a southern accent]: OK shes good to go honey

Matthew: Good, bring her to the truck. [Abby begins to struggle] You know your lucky I volunteered to do this because X is pissed off at your friend and would have probably had them kill you.

The house was officially brought down as the two teams clashed without manner or scruple to gain a victory for their respective country. Ricky Chambers and Kris Lewis were all oil and gears as they unleashed their Canadian brand of savagery to the more undisciplined team of Lynch and Nycz. Lewis and Chambers did not completely own this match as Lynch had a good bead drawn on Chambers, keeping him grounded for most of the match. Nycz was no match for Lewis' in-ring machinations having been struck across the back of the head with a Jolly Roger flag and was otherwise kept at bay by the conniving Canadian, allowing for several double-team efforts upon to take down Chambers' nemesis Lynch, keeping him subdued long enough for Lewis to climb the blood-streaked ladder for an astonishing win.

Chemical X vs. Mr. Kool – National Title Match

Feeding of his rage after his arrest, Chemical X was hungry for a body to break. X wasted no time attacking the speedy Mr. Kool, but was kept in check by the sheer speed of Mr. Kool's agile frame. Kool brought X to the mat several times for a cover but was thrown off each time. X finally managed to shred Kool's tires with a head-spinning right-hook. X didn't end it there. He threw Kool to the corner three more right hooks in a brutal display of mafioso power. The Three-Piece is made known again, and X slams Mr. Kool to the mat with overkill and asks the ref for a nice slow three-count.

[Chemical X grabs a Mic just as Mr. Kool starts walking out of the ring]

Chemical X: Hold up there Kool!

[Mr. Kool turns around with his fists up]

Chemical X: You put up a hell of a fight kid. a hell of a fight!

BC: What the hell. IS X showing compassion?

[X extends his hand to shake Mr. Kool's. Kool is hesitant but puts his hand out. X shakes is and Kools Music begins to Play. Mr. Kool walks towards the ropes again. X cocks back and before Kool gets out of the ring he Sidekicks Mr. Kool in the back of the head knocking him into the ropes and then bouncing off the ropes onto the ground. X drops down to one knee and looks at Mr. Kool]

BC: Theres the X we know!

Chemical X: But if you ever speak of my familia again. I will kill you!

[X stands up and looks around at the booing crowd]

Chemical X: Now that the little fish have been handled I have one very large PAIN IN THE ASS to deal with. ANGUS! Angus, I told you I had a surprise for your ass tonight and I plan on delivering it.But before you plan on attacking me or whatever, you might want to take a look at the live GPW feed

[X points to the GPW tron and smiles. The scene opens up in a graveyard.. Mathew Scarletti, along with team ass are working under the lights of the GPW Armormed Truck moving a castet close to a hole.]

Chemical X: Have you ever seen kill bill? Well it gave me an idea,why dig a new hole when theres always so many homes already dug.

TT: This is alittle rough even for me.

[Matthew Scarletti opens the casket and shows a sleeping Abby Grave in a wedding dress laying in the casket]

Chemical X: We gave her a sedative so she can breath easier but it will wear off in about an hour, by then the hole will be covered. Now heres the game kid. You find the right hole and undig your friend or you don't and she suffocates before the sun comes up.

BC: Chemical X has lost his mind

TT: Why would he do this

Chemical X: See you screwed up and tried to have me killed, your started a war against GPW AND to top it off you dare come after my title! Well Angus, what happens to your friend is your fault now. It could be any graveyard around here but im going to let you in on a little scret. theres only one. And as a token of my gratitude. it's the one with your parents tombstones on it. Now go fetch your friend before she dies.

[Chemical X takes out his cellphone and dial a number. Matthew Scarletti picks up his]

Matthew: Hello.

Chemical X: Put her in, fill the hole and get out of there, you have 20 minutes until he finds the grave site and by that time you better be gone.

[Chemical X tosses the microphone and puts his cellphone away]

Chemical X: ANGUS. I'll see you at Halloween Extreme!

[The scene closes as Chemical X laughs walking away]

The Escape

[The scene shows Chemical X walking out of the arena to the parking lot. Just as he does a Camera Man and CWF Interviewer Glenn walks upto Chemical X]

Glenn: Chemical X! Chemical X! can I have a moment

Chemical X: No!

[X continues walking]

Glenn: Gary, maybe you don't understand that Abby Grace could very well die tonight by your hand.

Chemical X: So could you, whats your point. and don't ever call me Gary Again or you will not wake up the following morning.

[X turns around towards Glenn as Matthew Scarletti and Team Ass pulls up in the GPW Armored Truck]

Glenn: Sorry sir, I just anded your thoughts on if she dies.

Chemical X: To quote Ivan Drago in Rocky. [deepens his voice] If she dies. SHE DIES!

[Chemical X climbs into the armored truck and the truck speeds away]

Paul Blair vs. Tony Floyd – Non-Title Match

A backstage attack by Blair and Jericho cut Floyd in half before Wrec Hannibal made the save for his friend. Floyd was hurting in the ring, but fought through the pain to give Blair quite a beating that made marks out of the audience and nearly got the victory, unleashing the Ring of Fire and. Blair, however, made an impressive offensive against the big man after Robin Cradle jumped to the apron and grabbed Floyd's shirt collar long enough for Blair to unleash a well-placed Blair Kick on Floyd's jaw, sending over the ropes for a count-out. Blair then made it clear that he was truly superior to all and proclaimed Jericho God over all, to which Magnus appeared and verbally dressed him down in front of the crowd.

Halloween Extreme Preview Match: Blood vs. Larry Tact vs. Jason Collins vs. Magnus Thunder – Fatal Four-Way

All out chaos and marked-out fans ensued as four CWF Titans waged an epic war devoid of rules and regulation. Magnus and Blood were two freight-train forces who let out their blood-hatred of each other early on. Tact and Collins battled for superiority in a slug fest for the ages. Tact briefly kept Collins at bay by throwing him out of the ring long enough to reluctantly ally himself with Blood to take down Magnus. The two were successful until Collins returned and Blood insidiously turned on Larry with a shot to the throat. Magnus rose again and decimated Blood with a Thunderstorm, but was knocked out of a pin by Collins. Tact then came from behind and smacked Collins around the ring as Magnus was struck in the eyes by Blood. Then, as if the walls of self-restraint came off the men, the four of them converged into a super-brawl that spanned all the way to the stage area and back. Double-teams and double-crosses were laden over the match, even seeing Blood and Magnus unintentionally uniting to destroy their opponents. Tact shoulder-tackled Magnus at the back of the knees, taking him down and putting him in the Tactful surrender, only to be powered off and sent to the ropes. Collins took after Blood with abandon, bloodying him with brutal hits but was ultimately overcome. Magnus and Tact slugged it out, looking as though Tact would secure the win but was interrupted as Blood ignored a cover opportunity and attacked Magnus as if Tact were nothing else. Magnus wore a crimson mask and crawled toward the ropes. Tact took after Blood took after Collins in a titanic struggle that marked out fans with it's extreme teeter-tottering momentum shifts. As Tact was about to put Blood into The Humbling with Collins coming in to break it, Magnus bull-rushed all three men in desperation, knocking them all to the floor. Magnus unleashed a leg drop on Blood, keeping him down long enough to go after Tact and Collins. The three briefly battled, but an exhaustion-riddled Magnus gained the upper hand and threw Tact into Collins, both of whom who brutally tussled as Magnus obliterated Blood with a second Thunderstorm. Magnus and double-clotheslined Tact and Collins and took the cover, with Tact and Collins arriving just a split-hair second too late.