[As the opening fireworks and introduction of CWF's Sunday Night Brawl conclude, the camera pans around the entire arena. There are numerous signs being held up by fans that are showing their support for their favorite wrestler. They range from "TSC 4 Life" to "Dart is my hero" and "Gen NeXt: Taking Us To New Levels". The camera then fades onto the CWF's announcers, Bobby Crane & Teddy Turnbuckle. They are both talking away, as the camera's sound picks up on them.]

TT: Hello and welcome to another addition of CWF's Sunday Night BRAWL!! Live from the --- in ---,--. I am here with my partner for the night, everyone's favorite color commentator, Bobby Crane.

BC: Yeah, yeah, all's well and good, but tonight is jam packed with action featuring almost all of the CWF. It should be one hot card.

TT: Damn straight. We range from a Fatal Fourway match, to a Tag Team Title match...

BC: But the diamond of the night is out Main Event. Featuring Nemeis challanging the man that took the National Title away from him, Scott Kearns. Kearns won the National Title in his first match here in the CWF, and in only less than a week. He is on fire in....

[Just then, "Testify" by Rage Against The Machine, begins to thud through the speakers, and the arena lights go dark. The fans rise to their feet, and go bezerk, as green spotlights roam throughout the crowd. Each an everone of them knows that the newest and most powerful force in the CWF is coming, Generation NeXt. Then, without warning, as the opening guitar rift ends, and "NOW TESTIFY" is screamed over the speakers, green pyro goes off on the stage. The fans get even louder, if that is possible, as Taylor Bilyar and Dallas Storm make their way out onto the ramp. Taylor is wearing an Rams jersey, and black jeans. While Dallas is still sporting the CWF Unified Title, with a Generation NeXt t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a black Cardinals hat. They pause on the stage, each on different signs, and signal for the National Champ to come out. He quickly abliges. Scott Kearns is wearing a dark blue/tan Aéropostale shirt, a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans, and holding the CWF National Title in his left hand. He raises the title high in the air, as more pyro goes off. The three men make their way down to the ring, slapping hands with their fans on the way down. Once they reach the bottom of the ramp, the three pound fists. As Bilyar goes left, Storm goes right, and Kearns goes up the center. Taylor and Dallas each roll into the ring, Taylor gives the Gen NeXt sign, and Dallas goes onto the ropes, and begins to furiously bounce up and down. Finally, Kearns makes his way into the ring, lifting his leg over the top rope, and positioning himself in the center of the ring. The three maks there way to the ropes, and lean on them. Taylor Bilyar has the mic, and begins to talk.] Bilyar: Generation NeXt is in 'da house!!!!! Now lets ask all of the fans out there a simple question...who did ya come to see here in St.Louis?

[In unicin the fans all scream "Generation NeXt". The three men all nod and play to the crowd some more. Bilyar takes the mic again.]

Bilyar: Now that we got that outta the way, lets get down to the bizness of the night. I might be side-lined, but G-X is still runnin' wild!!

[Taylor hands the mic to Dallas Storm. He attempts to speak, but is drowned out by the cheers from the crowd. He starts again.]

Storm: Let's make this short and sweet, Luciano, Jones...you two are in for the ride of your lives. You think that you have seen what Generation NeXt can do already, boys, we ain't even scratched the surface yet. Get ready, good luck, you are gonna need it!! Take it big man. Dallas tosses the mic to Kearns, who then drapes his title over the top rope, and begins to talk

. Kearns: There really ain't much to be said, that my amigos aready haven't. Lets just put it this way, Nemesis, your wrinkled ass is going down, and fast. You and your geezer buddies can't hang with us inside the ring, that is a proven fact. And now that I have stepped up on the scene, you ain't the best big man the CWF has anymore. That title belongs to me, just like this one. **smirks as he looks at the National Championship** But you got your shot again tonight, lets see what you got. They call this show BRAWL, well, that is exactly what they are gonna get tonight when we meet up in the ring. You still think that you are big and bad old man?? Lets see exactly how tough you are. Duarte, make this one a No Holds Barred Match, and if you don't do it, we will have to relive this past Wednesday. Nemesis, there ain't gonna be any holding back like there was last time. St. Louis, get ready, cause Generation NeXt is takin' over!!

[Kearns drops the mic, as the crowd goes nuts again, and "Testify" begins to blare through the speakers. Gen NeXt slowly leave the ring, leaving everyone amazed.]

TT: What in the hell does G-X have up their sleeve tonight?

BC: I love it! 'The innovators of cool' are calling the shots!!

TT: Fans we have just got word that due to illness the CWF will not allow Rick 'Bad Ass' Bane to wrestle here tonight. So the Turbo vs. Bane match will not happen--Wait here comes TURBO!!!

[The lights in the arena fade to black, for about 10 seconds, as the camera faces to the big screen.]


["More Human, Than Human", by, the band "White Zombie", plays over the arenas P.A. system, as on the big screen it says TURBO, POWER, and CHARGED!. As the wrestler by the name of TURBO walks out to the ring by wearing black FuBu jeans, and a FuBu tee-shirt, along with some Timberland boots.]

Turbo - Welcome to Y2Turbo!

TT - Y2Turbo?!

BC - Yep, Y2Turbo is here to save the day!

Turbo - I'm here to the CWF, for destiny, and I'm ready, after a screw job in the JJP, thanks to Jerry James! I'm here to claim something here in the CWF, and I'm here to teach all of you hooligans a listen, and thats for me to claim the CWF World Heavyweight Title!

TT- A rookie and already looking for a World title shot!

Turbo - But lemme set the facts straight, I'm not here for a title shot I'm here to set new heights and goals, and ratings to the CWF and to make itself better! Because, after a screw-job in the JJP, I though about leaving this sport, but I said I'm gonna make another run at it, and this time in the CWF!!

[Crowd cheers!!]

Turbo - My first order of bussience here in the CWF, is I'll challenge or take on anyone, anytime, anywhere, and if you think you have the brass to kick my ass, please answer me, next Sunday on Brawl!

[The lights fade out and go to black for five seconds, as then the lights come back on, and Turbo Leaves]

TT: What a fool. Is he joking?

BC: No he's Y2Turbo!! Come on Teddy get with the times.

TT: Anyways the Cell has been lowered and Jack Vegas and Tyker Douglas are about to go to war in hell!!

BC: Vegas is climbing one side of the cell and Douglas is climbing the other!

TT: These two are going to the top of the cell. Douglas is there first and he's telling Vegas to come get himself some!! Vegas is now up and now Douglas runs towards him--BIG BACK BODY DROP by Vegas that dented the cell and these people are eating this up! Vegas now lifts Douglas up by his hair--DVD on top of the Cell!! Vegas now with a RUNNING LEG DROP!! That nearly sent Douglas though the roof of this cell. Vegas now is up and LOW BLOW by Douglas that found it's mark and Vegas goes down. Douglas pulls himself up and delivers a ELBOW DROP!! Douglas now a CHOKE SLAM and my god that busted Vegas open!! Vegas tries to get up Douglas with a DDT and MY GOD!! Both men just went thru the cell!!!

BC: Vegas landed head first and both men are laying it on the line tonight.

TT: That DDT must of killed Vegas I mean it sounded worst that a damn car wreck. Douglas rolls over for the pin 1........2......KICK OUT!!! How the hell did Vegas kick out? Would somebody please answer me! And Douglas can't believe it. Douglas now climbs the Top Rope--Vegas is up TORNADO DDT face first onto the broken cell that landed on the mat! Vegas is a bloody mess..Douglas with the cover 1..........2........Another kick out!! I can't believe this. What guts, what heart and Jack Vegas is the toughest son of a bitch I have ever seen!

BC: How did Vegas kick out? Doesn't that idiot know he hurts.

TT: These people are on their feet chanting 'Vegas'!! And Douglas now going outside the ring and grabbing a steel chair and going back into the cell. Vegas is stumbling up and CHAIR SHOT!! CHAIR SHOT!! But still Vegas stands!!

BC: That crazy idiot is smiling!?

TT: And now he's fighting back!! Vegas with a piston like rights and lethal lefts and FIST OF FURY!! Vegas is kickin' ass here on Brawl and these people are witnessing an increbible match!! Vegas now off the ropes with a RUSSIAN SICKLE that sent Douglas and his chair wheeling!! Douglas is up and Vegas with a DDT on the chair!! Now Douglas has been busted open. Vegas now picks up the chair and THE VAN DAMINATOR!! Shades of RVD!! Vegas with the cover 1.......2...

BC: And now Douglas kicked out!!

TT: Vegas is in shock! He thought that was it for sure. Vegas now with a SIDE WALK SLAM. He goes to the outside and it looks like he is getting a table. He brings the table and sets it in the middle of the ring. He's going outside the ring and looking for something under the ring. He has something and now he goes back in the cell and Douglas is up and DDT by Vegas!! Vegas now is going over to whatever he took from under the ring and it looks like---GAS!!!

BC: VEGAS is lighting the table on fire!!!

TT: The table is on fire!! My god Vegas is picking Douglas and no--don't do it Jack!- POWERBOMB thru the table and Douglas is on fire!! Good god somebody get in there TYKER is on fire!!

BC: I hope the CWF has fire insurance on this 'Franchise'!!

TT: Douglas rolls and he looks to not be on fire and Vegas now goes back to the outside and he's going under the ring again this time now grabbing a duffle bag of some sort. He goes back into the cell and pulls out a bottle!!! That bag is filled with bottles!! Douglas is up and Vegas busted that bottle over Douglas's head no DUCK by Douglas. Douglas spins Vegas around GERMAN SUPLEX onto that duffel bag of bottles!! And now Douglas is emptying the bag and broken glass is all over the ring!! Douglas now with a DDT onto that glass!!! Vegas is a bloody mess!! Douglas rolls over for the count 1........2.....3!!!! Tyker Douglas has won this match but these two have given you their all tonight! And these people are on their feet and are giving these two new superstars a standing ovation!! Both men are bloody and are being helped out by EMT's but I have never seen two men wh just would not quit..Wow what a match.

BC: It would have been better if Vegas would have won but you are right what a match. And how can the CWF top that!?

TT: I don't know if we can but we'll give it our best shot. This next match is for the CWF Tag Team Titles!! Here comes the three teams!!

['Shattered Dreams' blares over the PA followed by 'X-Rated' by Eric Clapton and out comes Assassin and Pharoah. As they go to the ring fire blasts out of the ring post.]

TT: X-Rated is in the house!!!

BC: You mean 'Over-Rated' don't you? Come on Teddy these guys are pathetic if you ask me.

TT: You're just mad you weren't invited to join. And here comes the CWF Tag Team Champions!

[ 'I am Bullgod' by Kid Rock blares over the PA and out comes Mike Hunt and Jimmy Little better known as The Wild Stallions wearing their CWF Tag Team straps. They go to the ring and X-Rated and TWS quicky start battling it out!]

TT: X-Rated and TWS!!! X-Rated and TWS!!

['It's my time!' by TSC plays and out comes 'The Ruler' Paul Blair without Kevin Jones. Blair goes to the ring and and gets in the middle of the fighting!]

TT: Blair is in but where the hell is Kevin Jones? Only one member of TSC is out here--Blair is fighting alone!! The ref has cleared the ring and now it's Paul Blair and Assassin locking it up! Blair now with a Arm Bar into a Half Chicken wing. Blair with a REVERSE DEATH DROP!!! Blair now taunting the fans and a Rolling Neck Breaker on 'Canada's Biggest Icon' and 'The Ruler' is a one man wrecking crew right now. Blair with a Body Slam but Assassin blocked it and a PEREFECT PLEX!!! Assassin rolls over and makes the tag to Pharaoh. 'The man with the haunted past' is in now with a GRAVE STONE PILEDRIVER!! Blair is out! The cover 1.......2....---Pharoah just got pulled outside the ring by Jimmy Luciano!! Luciano and Pharaoh are fighting to the back and Assassin is helping his X-Rated teammate out and the ref has just counted X-Rated out!! It's now between TSC and TWS.

BC: You mean Blair versus two men!

TT: Jimmy Little is in now with a Double axle Handle to the back of Blair. Little sets him and tags in Mike Hunt!! Hunt is in a he goes over to Blair--38 SPECIAL!! Hunt's version of the Rock Bottom but he's not going for the tag. Instead he tags Jimmy Little who is going to the top rope--He's going for his finisher the corkscrew but wait a minute that's DIGGITY with a chair!! He just hit Little in the back and Little is going down and Blair caught him with a Blair Kick. Diggity knocks Hunt off the apron and Blair with the cover..1..........2...........3!!! TSC has done it again and Paul Blair and The Diggity have weasled the Wild Stallions out of the CWF Tag Team Titles!!

BC: Who's your Daddy now X-Rated!? Haha!!

TT: And I've been told G-X has struck in the back!!

[ Lying in a pool of blood face down is Nemesis. He is being attended to by Jimmy Blast and Pledge Alligence. The letters GX are spray painted on the wall]

TT: Do those guys ever quit? Good god.

BC: This next match is to decide who's gonna' fight the CWF National Champion at Last Man Standing! Here comes GX!!

[ Out comes Dallas Storm with no music and by himself. Instead of going into the ring he goes to the announcers table and grabs a headset!]

Dallas Storm: Good golly Miss Molly! Did you miss me Ted-O? (Turnbuckle tries to reply but he is cut off) It doesn't matter if you want 'Mr. Agressive' out here or not! You see the way I look at it is why the hell should I even be in this jabaroni match? (Teddy tries to reply again) Shut the hell up--who asked you anyways.

TT: You did--

DS: Don't get pushy with me or you will find yourself on the back end of a bitch slap fatso. Just sit there and think about all that greasy fried chicken you are gonna' be shovin' down that fat face of yours and leave the play by play to me!

BC: Haha!! I love it Dallas.

DS: No need to kiss my ass Bobby I don't write your checks you faggot. Oh big wow--here comes big bad Brian Adams. Isn't he a rock star? Or didn't he used to play some big dumb hawian named Crush? I mean come on guys is the DOA gonna' ride down here on there little scooters like in the WWF? Give me a fucking break these guys make me sick.

['N-2gether Now' by Limp Bizkit and out comes Brian Adams wearing a GXT t-shirt. He is suddenly hit with a chair!]

TT: Dart has struck again!! Steve Dart just nailed Adams with a chair! And now a Studray Stunner!! Dart is jawing at Adams and now he's dragging him to the ring. He looks at Dallas and what the hell? He just threw Dart a beer. And now Dart is emptying his Steveweiser all over Adams! These people are on there feet!

DS: I may hate that Texas hick but even I know better to talk shit about 'The Fuckin' Show' all week. Especially when that 'rip-off' Brian Adams can't even back it up. Now look at him.

['Banned from TV' by Noreaga plays and out comes Jimmy Luciano. Dart glares and him and gives Luciano the 'Suck on this sign' forming a X with his arms and bringing it to his crotch. Luciano glares at Dart then goes to the ring and looks down on his fallen opponent. He then slaps on the Figure Four and the ref checks Adam's arm. The ref says ring the bell.]

TT: No ref stop..And Adams is out and couldn't answer..Adams has been screwed out of his right to fight for the CWF National Title!

DS: Screwed? Get off of the sauce for 5 minutes and you'll see that Adams shouldn't even be in the same ring with me or anybody else. You can bet the farm that Dallas Storm will win Last Man Standing. I GuaranX it!! Now if you'll excuse me I've got some business to take care of. The pleasure's been all yours!

TT: Finally Storm is leaving.

BC: Oh no who's gonna' do the play by play now?

TT: Would you stop. And now it's time for our CWF Mid-Atlantic Title match and 'Smooth' Decosta is on his way down. But it's The HorseMen!! Jimmy Blast and Don Russo are all over Decosta!! Pledge Alligence comes out ['Kurt Angles' theme plays] comes out with a cowbar!! He passes it to Blast who nails 'The Smoothest Man in the CWF'! Pledge Russo and Blast drag Decosta into the ring and the pin 1.......2.....3 and 'Smooth' is out of this fatal fourway before the two other guys have even came to th ring. Now The Horsemen are beating the hell out of Decosta. But wait a minute G-Dawg and Rage have hit the ring! G-Dawg with a Clothesline and Blast flies over the top rope and onto the concrete. Rage with a Flying Four Arm and Russo is gone. Pledge now with a quick LOW BLOW on G-Dawg! And now one for Rage! Pledge now with a Inverted Suplex on G-Dawg!! Rage back up with a Full Nelson Suplex into a pin on Pledge!! 1.....2..Kick out by Pledge! G-Dawg up and Spinning Wheel Kick and Pledge goes down. Rage makes the cover 1......2.save by G-Dawg!! A boot to the face and now a Pile Driver that sends Rage into orbit!! Pledge back up with a High Cross Body Bock--hooked the leg..1....2...Kick out by G-Dawg. Pledge now with a Sunset Flip 1.......2....save by Rage! This match is back and fourth and these three are kickin' each other's ass!!

BC: Pledge has the edge. He's the champ, G-Dawg and Rage have to beat him he doesn't have to beat them.

TT: Rage now with a DDT on G-Dawg and Pledge is going to the top rope!! Pledge is up and--wait a minute Patriot is out here with an American Flag--he just nailed Pledge!!! Pledge has fallen from the top rope and landed on that security railing made of steel!! The Patriot now with a DDT and he draped the flag over Pledge and he is gone! The ref is counting Pledge out and then there was 2!!! Rage now with a Modifed DDT on G-Dawg! Rage goes over to the Top Rope and grabs G-Dawg..GERMaN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE INTO A PIN..1..........2......3!! Rage is the new CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion on the best move I have ever seen!! G-Dawg is up and he is shaking hands with Rage!! He's helping him strap on his new title and these people are on their feet and what sportsmamanship, what class, and if you think tradition has left wrestling just look in that ring right now!! Class act all the way around.

BC: It's pretty stupid if you ask me. Shaking hands--what kinda' crap is that!

TT: It's Classic crap Bobby and if you don't like it I've got TWO WORDS FOR YOU..FUCK YOU [He starts clapping] oops, sorry mama' I guess I got a little carried away but my god if I ever saw Horsemen material Rage and G-Dawg are the real deal! Jimmy better sign one of these guys for that fourth spot.

BC: Take them both they'd fit right in with those losers.

TT: And heren comes 'The Fuckin' Show'!! It's SHOWTIME folks!!

['Back in Black' by Ac/Dc blares over the PA and out struts Steve Dart wearing the CWF World Title and a shirt that says 'X-rated' on the front and 'Rated X' on the back. He goes to the ring and grabs a mic.]

Steve Dart: I know alot of you Busch beer drinkers wanna' know who the piece of crap is that has been stalking Steve Dart is so if you want him to come out here to get his ass kicked give me a KNOW THAT!! [Crowd yells Know That!!] You're damn write bring that sorry son of a bitch out here!!

[ Smoke fills the ring and the lights go out. A sudden chill is felt has lighting strikes the Brawl logo by the entrance. The lights come back on and Steve Dart is laid out with the mask man making the pin]

TT: The lights are back on and Dart is down!! Dart said if he lost this match he would give the title to whoever it is!! The Masked Man has done it--1......2.....3!! The Mask Man gets the CWF World Title that belongs to Jeff Jericho who was kidnapped by X-Rated. And who is this masked man? He has the CWF World Title but Dart is back up!! Dart now with a LEZ PRESS!! Fist of fury!! Dart is gettin' himself some and Studray Stunner!! The Masked Man is out. Dart's taking off his mask--it's--it's--who the hell is it? Jericho? No it's--Silver!? It's Silver!! What the hell? Dart and Silver are laughing!! We have been had by X-Rated, those son of a bitches! Dart straps the title around Silver's waste this is sickening. That belt belongs to Jericho!

BC: Oh it's sick when X-Rated pulls one over on us--there's you traditon..Haha!!

TT: Tradition my ass!! What a bunch of assholes!!

BC: Hey what it. I'll tell Mr. Duarte. He's X-Rated you know.

TT: Give me a break. And now it's Main Event time and here comes 'Da' Big Man'!!

['Horsemen' by Metallica blares over the PA and out comes Jimmy Blast and no sign of Nemesis. Jimmy goes to the ring and begins to speak.]

Jimmy Blast: No more nice guy. I'm sick and tired of all you young punks trying to ruin 'The Legends' of this sport. G-X, Storm. What you did to Nemesis will never be forgotten. In fact Kearns you nectar you, get your ass out here now!

['Trust?' plays and out comes G-X. Blast has a huge smile on his face when out of nowhere Bilyar is struck down by Pledge Alligence. Then as Dallas Storm goes to help he is Drop Kicked out of nowhere by Pyscho Youth. Kearns goes down when Brian Adams blasts him with a chair. Adams drags Scott Kearns to the ring a then leaves and helps Youth spray paint GXT on Storm's Stolen CWF Unified Title.]

TT: Blast with the cover..The ref says ring the bell this one is over!! We have a new CWF National Champion!! Blast has the belt and he is celeberating. But wait the ref takes the belt from Blast!! What the hell?

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the match due to disqualification, and still the CWF National Champion Scott Kearns!!

TT: What in the hell? DQ?

BC: Hey there was all kinds of interference. And look at GX celebrate!!

[ 'I've got the Power' blares over the PA and out comes CEO Steven Duarte with a mic in his hand.]

CEO Steven Duarte: I hate to break up such a wonderful celeberation, I mean you guys really seem to be enjoying yourself. [GX mocks the Prez] Well enjoy this, for once you have insterted your foot in your damn mouth! You three are lucky I didn't fire your asses for what you did to me last week. But I have other things in mind for you. For starters you Scott Kearns if I'm not mistaken made this a NO DQ, Anything goes, No holds Barred Match so I give you the new CWF National Champion Jimmy Blast! [The crowd goes crazy]. And before we go one more thing--next week on Brawl Blast versus Kearns Hell in the Cell! Good day GX!

[The show closes to The Horsemen partying in the ring] 1