[ The shows opens up outside the United Center parkinglot in Chicago. A white limo pulls up and out steps two men wearing suites shades. They are none other than Senior VP Jon G and VP Mark Miller. They go through the doors and head towards the back.]

[The camera suddenly pans backstage of the arena, to a door that reads CEO. The cameraman opens the door and takes a step into the office of the CEO of the Classic Wrestling Federation Steven Duarte. Steven welcomes him in and clears his throat ready to make some kind of announcement]

CEO Steven Duarte: As you all know by now Silver is on very bad terms here in the CWF. And for all his fans I regret to inform you that...

[Suddenly some laughter can be heard from outside of Duarte's office]

CEO Steven Duarte: Whats going on here?

[From our of no where Hugh G. Rekshun and The Rectal Rooter burst into Steven Duarte's office]

Hugh G. Rekshun: How ya doin there Mr. CEO?

CEO Steven Duarte: What in the hell are you two doing here?

The Rectal Rooter: We just thought we would pay you a visit to see exactly how this company's head did things.

[Hugh and Rectal both take a seat. Hugh plops his feet on Duarte's desk and grabs an apple from a trey and begins eating it.]

Hugh G. Rekshun: Hey you got some nice fruit here. I think I might just start callin' you Fruit Basket. Duarte the real reason we are here is because see we are in a bit of a dilema. See we have never gotten the chance that we deserve in the CWF. Ya know?

CEO Steven Duarte: What are you getting at?

The Rectal Rooter: What Hugh is trying to say is that we haven't gotten our rightful shot at the tag team titles. Sure you put us into some four way match. But that was just to much fun for us. We want a one on one title match here tonight! Forget those wild stallions. We are your Millennium Team so since you skipped out on us with our Christmas Bonus give us a shot!

CEO Steven Duarte: Hell no your not getting a shot tonight, but boys i do have a surprise for you if you interfere in that title match later on... Security please escort these men out of my office.

[Security rushes in and takes both wrestlers by the arms and drags them out of the office. With them goes the camera shot, and the announcement about Silver doesn't get made]

TT: And what away to kick off Brawl!! Duarte says he has a huge announcement regarding Silver!

BC: Yeah and Silver must fight Dallas Storm here tonight!

TT: What a night it's going to be. Let's get to our first match! And here comes Turbo!

[The lights in the arena fade to black, for about 10 seconds, as the camera faces to the big screen.]


["More Human, Than Human", by, the band "White Zombie", plays over the arenas P.A. system, as on the big screen it says TURBO, POWER, and CHARGED!. As the wrestler by the name of TURBO walks out to the ring by wearing black FuBu jeans, and a FuBu tee-shirt, along with some Timberland boots.]

["Bitch Please" by Xzibit plays and out comes Justin Jackson. He goes to the ring a starts brawling with Turbo]

['It's my time' by TSC plays and out comes Chad Dixson wearing a TSC t-shirt and green tights. Before he gets to the ring he is attacked by Diggity and Kevin Jones. Diggity sets him up and Jones hits his 'Showstoppa' sending Dixson sprawling. Diggity rips offs Chad's shirt and then spits on him saying 'You're fired!'.]

TT: And Dixson needs medical attention as TSC has fired Chad Dixson after beating the hell out of him!

BC: And in the ring Justin Jackson is kicking Turbo's ass!

TT: Jackson now with a Running Bulldog!! Turbo back up and Jackson witha Rocker Dropper!! The cover 1..........2....KICK OUT by Turbo!! Jackson back on the attack with a GERMAN SUPLEX! And another. One more! Shades of Chris Benoit! Turbo off the ropes but caught by Jackson--Gorilla Press Slam!! What raw power by 'The Baddest Man Alive'. Jackson goes to the top rope Flying Head Butt!! He hit it!

BC: This one is over!!

TT: The cover 1.......2....Turbo kicked out! But Jackson with a Ghetto Blaster!! The cover 1.......2........3 !! Justin Jackson has won this one but wait a minute Rage is in with chair and he just sent Jackson packing.

BC: Hey it's not Rage anymore it's Casey Adams but you can call him Carnage!

TT: Well whatever. All I know is that the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion has busted Justin Jackson the other 'JJ' if you will in the head with that steel chair! And that car wreck that Rage got into has really turned him into a lunatic. He just nailed the ref! Security is out here and Rage goes to the back.

BC: He needs to go wherever 'The Ruler' Paul Blair went to get his head straight!

TT: Please. We'll be back folks!

Commerical Break

TT: Folks we're back and Pyscho Youth's in the ring awaiting X-Rated's ASSASSIN!!

('Shattered Dreams' followed by "X-Rated" by Eric Clapton blares over the P.A. system as out comes "Canadian Icon" Assassin. He's wearing black jeans, a white sweater, and a black trench coat. As he enters the ring fire blasts from the ring posts followed by fireworks in the background. The Announcer hands Assassin the mic.)

Assassin: Hold up Pysycho Youth. I'll get to you in a minute. But first, Jeff Jericho. You think it was pretty funny to have X-Rated put in jail huh? Pretty hilarious actually to you isn't it? Seems like it was the only way to protect yourself from X-Rated. But you know what? The part that really killed me, was when Triple X came out and proved to the world that he was the one that 'saved' you from us. Ha! Jericho, if you think Triple X is gonna stop us, you're dead wrong!! X-Rated is just too powerful to be messed with and you both know that. The fact is, Jericho, after I get through with this guy here tonight, you know that you're next and the World Title too. So, get ready for the fight of your life Jericho, I'm not backing down from you or Triple X. So, my question is, who you goin' hire next? Master Bator? Maybe Magnus Thunder? It doesn't matter Jericho, 'cause unlike you, I still got time. But sooner or later, what are you goin' do? Hide behind everyone? It's goin' to end sooner or later, and when it does, I'll be ready man, I'll be so ready.

Assassin: Take a look at this federation Jericho, and tell me how many people have been in this federation, and this federation ONLY, for three years, still vieing for the WORLD TITLE? There's one man Jericho, it's me, and I'm about to capture that title soon enough Jeff, and when I do capture it from you, it's gonna be all the sweeter. Why? Well, even though we're enemies, you are an ICON, I'll give you that, and that's why, winning the World Championship off of you will be all the sweeter, because I beat an ICON for it. Jericho, no more hiding, it's over soon, it's over soon. Remember that!! Now it's time to beat this idiot!!

TT: Assassin drops the mic and leaves his coat on....he attacks Pyscho Youth from behind.....Assassin grabs Youth and whips him to the ropes.....knee to the mid-section...AX HANDLE SMASH across the back of Youth!! Assassin goes to the top....Youth turns around...MISSLE DROPKICK!! Assassin not finished yet!

BC: This match is over.

TT: Not yet!

BC: It will be, trust me...

TT: Meanwhile.....Assassin taking more control now...sends Youth into the corner...Assassin stomping away at him in the corner....Youth to the mat.....Assassin turns him over and...........STRECHER!!!!!


TT: And Assassin's talking into the camera....

Assassin: That's you next Jericho.

TT: Jericho better watch his back. Assassin ain't affraid of Triple X or Jericho anymore!!

BC: As they go to the back look who's coming out!! It's Brian Adams.

Brian Adams: Well CWF, I just had to come out here and tell you all that I signed a contract with WoW so SCREW YOU ALL!!

TT: AHH!! And "The F--king Show" Steve Dart behind him....Brian Adams turns around...Dart with a kick to the mid-section..STUDRAY STUNNER!! And Adams' is out cold thanks to Dart!! Dart heads to the ring....Brian Adams coming to and heading to the back.....*cut off*

("The Kids Aren't Alright" by The Offspring blares over the P.A. System as POWERS AT WILL walk out to a rousing courase of boos.)

Jon G.: Yes, we know you love us. (More Boos.) Well now, Steve Dart's in quite the predictament. He had a signed match, but his opponent left us for the WoW.

Mark Miller: Doesn't WoW stand for Women of Wrestling?

Jon G.: Yeah, your point?

Mark Miller: Nothing, just proves all along that Brian Adams really was nothing more than a no-talented WOMAN!

Jon G.: HAHA!! Well now, Dart, WE got YOU a little present. Say hello to your new opponent for the Hell In A Cell, Metallbus Diablo!!

TT: POWERS AT WILL are doing whatever they want!!

BC: I know, hehe, it's GREAT!!

TT: Will you quit freakin' sucking up to every God D-mn C-ck Sucker you idiot?!!

BC: *quietly* Two weeks in a row Teddy's lost it. Gotta talk to his pyschatrist *clears throat, normal voice* Right Teddy!!

TT: Alright.

BC: Okay. And the Cell comes down from the ceiling as Diablo enters the ring....and Dart goes right after....lefts rights lefts rights.....clothesline!! Dart whailing away on Diablo in the center of the ring....Dart picks up Diablo and whips him to the ropes....kick to the mid-section...STUDRAY....NO!!! Diablo pushes Dart into the ropes...IRISH WHIP!! Diablo with Dart now in the center of the ring....SUPLEX!! Dart to his feet again.....BODYSLAMMED by Diablo!! Metallbus Diablo taking control now over Dart.....Dart to his feet...ducks a clothesline....grabs Diablo from behind.....BACK BODY DROP!! Dart gets up and stomps away on the fallen Diablo.....Dart picks him up and throws him to the outside...

TT: Dart to the outside now...grabs Diablo by the head....SMASH head first into the cell!! AGAIN!! Dart picks up Diable and....SMACK!! Throws him into the Cell!! Dart getting violent now!! DIABLO BLEEDING FROM THE FOREHEAD!! Diablo slowing going out....Dart stomps away at him....Dart goes under the ring....what's he doing? AHH!! Dart's come out with a FIRE EXTENGUISHER!! Dart's goin' to use it on Diablo! Diablo with a low blow!! Takes the weapon from Dart and...CRACK!! Right over Dart's head!! Diablo goes under the ring....LADDER!! He's got a ladder!! There's a Ladder in this match now!!! AHHH!!!!! Dart to his feet....DIABLO just smack Dart with the ladder......Diable grabs the ladder and goes back in the ring....Dart's bleeding from the head now too!! Diablo sets up the ladder in the ring....Dart slowly to his feet now....Dart getting back in the ring....Diablo grabs Dart and...SUPLEXES him back into the ring.

BC: Diablo starts to climb the ladder. Why?

TT: Head Butt off the ladder!! Shades of Chris Benoit!! Dart slowly getting up a big boot to the stomach and Studray Stunner , no blocked and JACK HAMMER onto the ladder! Good god that nearly broke Dart in half. Diablo goes to the top rope--MOONSAULT!!! Both men are down and wait a minute entering the ring is Brian Adams!! 'Prime Timer'on Dart!! And now one for Diablo. Adams grabs the ladder and puts Dart face on one end and Diablo on the other..SEASAW!! Both men are down and out and the ref is throwing this match out--we'll be back!


[As the show comes back live, all the pyrotechnics go off, the crowd is in a huge uproar. The fireworks display is over and the show has officially begun. But not more than 10 seconds of just hearing the crowd cheer, the lights all shut off. Is it Jeff Jericho? Is it Silver? Or could it be Shadow Warrior?? Everyone's questions are soon answered, and then again, are not. From the rafters high above the ring, shots of fireworks go off and towards the top of each side of the entrance ramp like scud missiles. On the top of the large CWF banners, dropped from each side, the sparks hit and the banners fall. In their place are new banners. The one on the right reads from top to bottom "NEW GAME", and on the left it reads from top to bottom "NEW RULES". A third shot fires from the rafters high above the ring and hits the top of the center beam that holds the official CWF Brawl banner. Once it hits, that banner too, falls to the ground and is replaced with a new one that reads "THE RULES HAVE CHANGED". Then, the sounds of hard and heavy machinery blast the arena's speakers along with red marker lights flashing all throughout the arena.]

BC: What the hell was that?

[As he just ends...BAM! We hear the sounds..."it's not like I'm trying to fight, it's not like I'm saying I'm might" as that goes the lights dim and then "My Era" by New Soundz plays over the arena and from the tunnel walks DALLAS STORM!]

BC: Yes! It is...Dallas!

[He continues walking down the ramp and stops at the bottom looking around, his shirt on the front says "My Era" and on the back saying "Step in line". His black jeans draping over his normal black loafers. As he continues walking up the steps he looksa round and in shock as he sees the previous happenings, laughing he steps through the ropes and then grabs a mic...]

BC: Here we go...

[Pacing in a circle he lifts the microphone to his mouth...]

Dallas Storm: "From zero's to hero's in a matter of 10 seconds. I guess thats what they say about losers like Shadow Warrior. It seems like the everyday story...we come, we work our asses off, and yet, we still lose in ratings. [stops and looks around] BUT NOT ANYMORE. First off since nobody gives two shits in a bag hole about main event 2. I'm talking about my little buddy Scottie Kearns who wussied his way out of CWF. I'm placing Taylor Bilyar, still the damn manager taking his place. [confused] he's still injured to. Go figure.

[Dallas then leans on the ropes...]

BC: A injured Bilyar stepping through the ropes tonite!

[Dallas then continues...]

Dallas Storm: Why the fuck do we lose ratings? Well, I got one reason and thats the fact that we are confused off the matches JIMMY BLAST is fighting, defending his belt not NEMESIS. Well, I figured it out, when idiots like Triple X, Jeff Jericho and Silver wlak through the arena thinkin' they own the damn place. And don't worry Jericho, [points into camera] your gonna get yours...you see now I'm the last man to step through the ropes for Last Man Standing, I must be just that damn good. Don't worry about that Jericho.

[Stops and looks in camera]

BC: I think it's coming... Dallas Storm: And at the end of the night remebar...the lies...[pause]..is never the truth...[pause] god damnit I never get it right, you know what I'm saying!

[Dallas throws the microphone down and walks towards the tunnel laughing, as he is then met by STEVE DART! Dart looks at him, and then Dallas smirks, Dart, obviously pissed off attacks Dallas from behind...]

BC: What the fuc...

[Dallas then turns around and begins pounding on Dart, Dart then nailing a thesz press...the refs try to get him off as Dallas kicks up and then gives the finger to Steve. Steve grabs the microphone...]

Steve Dart: You think your great? You think your gonna just step through my ropes and get what you want? taylor is NOT fighting the National title match...YOU ARE! Let's see you win two matches...

[Dallas looks at Dart in shock. He grabs a table and flips it over, a bunch of technical stuff fall...causing the screen to fade out....]

TT: Storm has to fight 2 matches tonight! And wait a minute Storm has been attacked by Diggity! Diggity with a lead pipe!! Diggity's taking his Unified Title back!! Storm has been knocked out and Blast has been attacked!!

[Laying face down is Jimmy Blast and Pledge Alligence inside the Horsemen lockeroom. Lying next to both of them covered in blood is a red, white and blue bat covered in barbwire.]

TT: The Patriot has struck again! And the tag team title match has started as it is 'The Ruler of The World' Paul Blair with a Running Bulldog on Jimmy Little of The Wild Stallions!! Blair now with a knee to the head of Little followed by a Texas Neck Breaker!! Blair now with a tag and in comes Kevin Jones who is subing for Diggity who has another match here tonight. Jones is in with a Side Russian Leg Sweep FACE FIRST!! Jones now with a Rake to the eyes of Little and Jones now with a Belly to Belly Jones Plex!! The cover 1........2 KICK OUT by Little. Little back up and wait a minute on the ramp way is the GwO!! Jones is now destracted--Little with a 38 Special!! The cover 1........2.....2 and a half!! Jones back up and Little runs at him and ShowStoppa'!!! The cover 1.........2........3 AND TSC Retains their titles but RAGE is in with a 2x4!! He nailed Blair!! Blair is out!! Rage has done it again!

BC: Crazy bastard!

TT: Crazy's not the word. We'll be right back folks.

::::::: Commerical Break ::::::

[Back in Steven Duarte's office he is about to make the Silver announcment]

CEO Steven Duarte: Silver, you really fucked up and for it your...

[Once again outside the office noises are heard. And gWo comes barging into Stevens office again]

Hugh G. Rekshun: What the hell was that for?

CEO Steven Duarte: I told you two that if you interfered in that match you would be surprised.

The Rectal Rooter: Well for one we never interfered, we were just scouting out two of CWF's hottest teams thats all. And second what the hell kinda surprise was that?

CEO Steven Duarte: You got what you two pansies deserved!

The Rectal Rooter: Pansies? That is no way to talk to your most loyal team!

Hugh G. Rekshun: We demand a tag title shot at the ppv! We will prove just how loyal and skilled we are.

CEO Steven Duarte: You want a title shot? Ha... You got it... Security...

[Once again security charges into the room and takes the gwo out]

[Scene goes back outside to a limo that has the license plate 'Horsemen'. Out of nowhere a Monster truck comes and drives over the limo crushing it to pieces. The side of the truck reads 'Regulators'. The truck drives off into the darkness]

TT: Let's get to this highly anticipated Unified title match, for once again, Diggity defends against "The Flawless One" Brian Adams.

BC: Diggity will win just like he did last time.

TT: I wouldn't be too sure, Brian did have him beat. BC: you're full of it.

Ring announcer: First coming to the ring, Brian Adams!!!

TT: Wait a minute Diggity attacked adams from behind. They're brawling in the outside. This match hasn't started due to this match being an inferno match. Diggity throws adams into the ring. The fire IS IGNITED!!!!

BC: and diggity is stomping away at adams's mid-section. He picks him up, BRian with a inverted automic drop and franken steiner. Brian runs. bounces off the turn buckle, MOONSAULT!

TT: Brian picks diggity up, snap suplex brian drags diggity over to the fire and trys to burn him, but diggity refuses to go. Diggity with a low blow and DDT! DIggity is going for the Diggity death drop and brian is screaming in pain. Diggity lets go and hits a neckbreaker. Diggity throws him to the ropes and power slam.

BC: Damn this is good. Diggity hits a face buster. He says it's time to light the torch. He trys to burn Brian but brian hits Diggity in the guy with an elbow and then hits him with a face buster. Brian hits a leg drop and calls for his new move, "The Flawless Finish" which is a Modified boston crab. He applys the move and diggity is in agony.Brian releases the hold.

TT: Brian Backs up a bit. Diggity gets up, Brian charges and attempts a cross body block, but diggity blocks and Brian goes straight over the top to the outside. Brian gets up but IS DOWNED WITH DIGGITY DOING A SUICIDE DIVE!!!

BC: Good move dig-ster. Diggity slams Brian's head onto the safety guard and brian is busted wide open. HERE COMES RAGE! He clothes line DIGGITY! rage has a cheer and nails diggity and Brian Follows up with a drop kick in to THE FIRE!!! DIGGITY IS ON FIRE!!!!!

TT: and he is on the loser's column tonight. Brian has successfully won the unified title with help. Wait here come the GWO. They're pounding on Diggity and brian. Brian Nails rage with a chair and nails both the GWO. He then looks at Diggity, shrugs his shoulders and nails him to. He takes the unified title and leaves. He spray Paints the words GXT on the BELT!!!! How rude!!! BC: Well, brian did prove he could beat diggity. We need to take a break to show a Last Man standing Promo.

------------------------------------------(Commercial break)----------------------------------------

BC: the next match, we have to send our camera crew to east street in chicago in a beat up church for this hardcore title match. G-dawg and Pharaoh are found fighting on the church balcony. Gdawg nails Pharaoh with a wooden chair that breaks in half. He is choking him with the chair leg. he picks Pharaoh up and DDT. G-Dawg takes him through the door into the hall of the church. Pharaoh throws G-Dawg into a bulletin board and G-Dawg is dazy and Pharaoh clotheslines him over the stair railing and G-Dawg is tumbling down the stair well. Pharaoh walks down the steps and finds g-dawg laying limp on the ground. Pharaoh picks him up and power bomb. he goes for the cover: 1....2...kick out! G-Dawg with a lowblow and face buster. He finds a candle snuffer(a acolyte uses it to burn out a candle or light it) and clams into Pharaoh's mid-section and nails a ddt! Pharaoh hits a super kicks and takes him in a sanutary. Pharaoh takes him up to the altar and tries to slam his head onto it, but G-Dawg counters when he throws holy water into pharaoh's eyes. G-dawg does an implant ddt and cover: 1..2...KICK OUT!! G-Dawg now with a CROSS BURNER DDT!! The cover 1.......2.......3 WE HAVE A NEW ERA IN HARDCORE WRESTLING!! G-DAWG is your new champ.

TT: And when we come back it will be Silver versus Dallas Storm here live!!

::::::: COMMERICAL BREAK :::::::

TT: We are back and these people are on their feet as 'True Icon' and former CWF World Champion Silver is getting ready to lock up with 'Mr. Agressive'!! Here we go--

['I've got the power' plays and out comes CEO Steven Duarte wearing an armani suite and a mic in his hand]

Steven Duarte: I know most of you came to see this match but let me tell you that it is not going to happen! [The fans boo] You see I've finally had it! I've been waiting to do this for a long time. Silver SCREW YOU, YOU'RE FIRED!!!

TT: My god the CEO has just fired Silver here live on Brawl!! Silver has a puzzled look on his face as here comes Security to usher him off. I heard Silver just say 'this isn't over yet Steve, not by a long shot'--and you can bet your ass he means it to. I can't believe Steve. What an asshole!

BC: You better hope the CEO didn't hear that or you'll be looking for a job tomorrow morning Ted.

TT: I don't give a damn! We'll be right back folks!


TT: Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're back here on Sunday Night BRAWL!! Jimmy Blast is in the ring for his National Title Match against Scott Kearns.

BC: Wait, isn't he out of the CWF?

TT: Well, here comes Senior VP Jon G. and VP Mark Miller...I guess we're about to find out!!

Senior VP Jon G.: Hello CWF and let me introduce to you, myself, and VP Mark Miller. From here on in we will be known as POWERS AT WILL!! Why? Well hell, 'cause we can!! Why are we here? Mark?

VP Mark Miller: Well, it's simple. See, CWF's CEO Steven Duarte is all for TRADITION. But you know what? We're her in the 21st Century, so, Jon and myself say SCREW TRADITION!! Out with the old and in the with the new!! We represent the NEW ERA here in the CWF. We oppose CEO Steven Duarte since no one else will. And that's why we are POWERS AT WILL!!

Jon G.: That's right folks, we're the NEW AGE of the CWF, so get used to it. Oh, and by the way, Scott Kearns is no longer in the CWF right? Well fine, we got you an opponent 'Blaster'. Ladies and gentlemen, a man for a NEW AGE....DALLAS STORM!!

TT: Holy Sh-t!! Dallas Storm storms to the ring to take on Jimmy Blast for the NATIONAL TITLE!!

BC: Blast catches Storm with fist sending him to the mat....Storm to his feet...Blast clotheslines him.....Storm back up...and Blast throws him over the top rope to the outside.....Blast grabs the ropes and over!! SPLASH!! Caught Storm on the outside....Storm getting a mudhole stompped in him by Blast...Jimmy Blast picks up Storm by the hair...SMACK!! Right against the steel steps head first...Blast getting a little violent.....Blast goes back up on the apron....Storm to his feet....Blast runs and jumps off the apron....Storm hits him the mid-section...Blast to his knees on the outside....STORM WITH A FIELDGOAL KICK!! Storm picks up Blast by the hair and sets him up for something...

TT: SUPLEX on the outside.....Storm slides in and out of the ring to break the count. Dallas Storm picks up Blast and throws him in the ring...Storm over the top ropes...LEGDROP!! Pin.....1...........2.......KICKOUT!! Storm drags Blast to the middle of the ring.....SLEEPER HOLD in the middle of the ring applied by Storm and Blast's in trouble!! He's got no way to get to the ropes.

BC: He's gonna have to crawl his way to the ropes...

TT: Blast trying to snap out of it but he's going down fast....Blast's out.....the ref checks his hand.....1............2.............FIGHTING!! Blast getting motivation.....Blast fighting to his knees....now his feet....Storm gets the hold on him tighter and now has a head lock on him...BLast picks up Storm and...BACK BODY DROP!! Both men are out!! Blast first to his feet......Now Storm!! Blast with a right...Storm fires back with a right of his own....back and forth.....back and forth!! Storm gets the upper hand...Storm grabs Blast and whips him to the ropes....IRISH WHIP!! Storm grabs Blast from behind and....REVERSE DDT!! Pin by Storm slow.......1..................2...........SHOULDER UP!! Storm looks frusterated! Storm stomps to his feet...Blast up and Storm on the second ropes....CLOTHESLINE!! Blast back out on the mat.....Storm kicks him over and puts his boot on top of Blast for the pin......1...............2......... LOWBLOW!! OH!!! That had to hurt...

BC: Storm to his knees and now Blast to his knees....they're fighting each other off on their knees......Blast fighting to his feet....Blast pounding away on Storm who's still on his knees wobblely.... Blast with a final shot to the head...he picks up Storm and....SUPLEX!! Blast up and over pin.......1............2...........KICKOUT!!

TT: A Classic Match at the least. A Deffinate candidate for MATCH OF THE YEAR!!

BC: Deffinately.....And now Blast grabs Storm from behind....going for a GERMAN SUPLEX.....NO!! Storm kicks back like a mule and gets Blast in the package......Dallas Storm turns around and.....POWERBOMB!! Pin.......1.............2................SHOULDER UP!! HOLY SH-T!! Dallas Storm to the top.....Blast to his feet.....NECKBREAKER!! Pin by Storm......1.............2....................3!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW NATIONAL CHAMP NEW NATIONAL CHAMP!!


TT: But wait a minute Jimmy Luciano is in with a chair!! CHAIR SHOT and we are out of time! See you on PoP

[As the show fades Luciano has the Figure-Four locked on Dallas Storm] 1