::::: The shows opens to fireworks in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. The camera pans around to all the different kinds of fans in the arena. A young child in the front row wears a 'MAO' t-shirt while a old traditionist wears a 'I Pledge Alligence' sweatshirt that is selling out in arenas all across the world. Suddenly 'MAO's' music blares and out comes Scotty Everett and CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion Bryan Dillion:::::

[Mama Didn't Raise No Fool by Primus plays over the PA at a house show and out steps Mid-Atlantic Champion, Bryan Dillion and behind him comes the man named Scotty Everett. Together they are the MAO! Dillion has the Mid Atlantic Title around his waist as they stroll to the ring and the fans boo them out of their tights . Figure of speech folks. Bryan gets into the ring and grabs a mic.]

Bryan Dillion~ Shut the hell up, trailer trash, and respect your future Tag Team Champions of the World!  You know, I heard that disrespectful idiotic moron T-Money come out earlier and run his fat mouth off like only T-Money could do.  You think YOUR the headliner there T-Money?!  Come on.  We both know that MAO is the headliners around here, and tomorrow night at Brawl, me and Everett here are gonna show you that.  Ain't that right, Everett?

EVERETT = That's right big man. T-Money is well T-Funny, the man's been jobbed so many times in so many federations, I can't tell the difference between him and Adam Mazur, that CWF's Biggest Jobber. T-Funny, you were X-Rated? You're now Rated-X. Well you can put X in the front or in the back. Either way your still a bunch of pansy ass bitches who are going get their teethes knocked down your throats on Brawl. Headliner? When have you ever headlined anything but a House Show.

Bryan Dillion~ Damn straight.  Then we have this wannabe in our match for OUR tag team titles, who goes by the name, Diggity.  What the hell kind of name is that?!?!  Sounds like something I might name my dog.  Wait, it all makes since now.  I'd call a my female dog "Diggity".  Why, you ask?  Simple because tomorrow night, Diggity is going to be my....  wait for it....  wait for it.....  BIATCH!

EVERETT = You look at XR, they ain't nothing. Now we've got the Tag Champs themselves, TSC. Diggity and Blair. I'm gonna speak on Blair first. Paul you are really losing it aren't you. I can see you now, laughing it up with the old timers. Hell you and Terry Funk probably started together. Blair have you gotten altzhemiers now? My partners name is Bryan Dillion no Dixon. You idiot. You are an old, senile, senior citizen. Paul, I'll bring the wheel chair on Sunday, because that's the only way your leaving the arena. You may have fought some tough matches in your career, but none like the one you are going to have on Sunday. Sunday you will face the Mature Adults. We don't play games, or make jokes. We simply come out, kick ass, and get the ladies. Why? Because we can deliver the goods without Viagra like your old wrinkled ass.

Bryan Dillion~  Yeah, so go do a damn "Ener X" commercial with Bob Dole, because we don't want to hear about it.  It's that damn simple.  This is wrestlin' son.  No bullshit.  Do you see MAO standing here with a "Taco Selling Guy"?  Hell no you don't.  The only reason you have them two nerds next to you, is because it makes you feel young again.  When in fact, Blair, your nothing but the wrestling industry's Mr. Whipple.  You know, the guy from Charmen.  And tonight, your going to be MAO's Whipple boy!

EVERETT = I look out in the crowd and I see TSC shirts, and XR shirts. And I see MAO shirts. I want each and one of you empty minded piss ants in the crowd to take off our shirts RIGHT NOW. You people don't deserve to wear the MAO name on your shirt. You people wouldn't know the meaning of Mature and Adults if it smacked you square in the face! So take them off....NOW! What? You want me to come in the crowd and snatch them? I'll do it. Don't test me fat boy...this is my show, this is my arena ... this is my time! MAO have the Mid-Atlantic Titles, Sunday we will have the Tag Team Title and there is only two things you people can do about it. One, nothing. And two, like it!  I've already spoken on Blair, and Bryan spoke on Diggity. RX has been taken care of. What else is left Big Man?

Bryan Dillion~ I don't know, you got something to say to Diggity?

EVERETT = Now that you mention it.  That guy that called is Males Apply Only? Well look at who he runs around with. Look he's got a guy who's had so many plastic surgery's it's not funny, Jeff Jericho. And his other stable mate "Illusive" Kevin Jones is taking Illusive to another level. He never shows! And look at this tag team partner, Paul " Someone stole my cane" Blair! Diggity, you are surrounded by immature morons. You wanna rag on our name? Well look at TSC. It stands for The Superstarz Corporation or so I'm told. Well where are your superstars? How can you be called TSC when you have absolutely no superstars. Secondly, do you even have anyone who is Corporate in your stable? NO! See, look in a matter of seconds I dissected your little stable and showed it for the immature, simple minded, kindergartners that you all are. You wanna play some more Diggity? You aren't mature enough to handle this.... anyone... you want some?

Bryan Dillion~ We have the dike who goes by the name of Maniac.  The guy walks into the ring at Last Man Standing, attacks one of the CWF's greatest wrestler's in Dallas Storm, from behind of course, and then gets his shot at the World Title.  You know, the same one that WE should own?  Pledge Alligence as the champion?!  PAPER CHAMPION!  The only reason he has it greasy hands on our title is because he has his nose stuck in the crack of the book we know as Steve Duarte!  Plain and fucking' simple!

EVERETT = Damn straight. You think you are anything Pledge? You fight idiots like Brian Adams who can't even spell his own name right much less wrestle a match. Pledge you couldn't tie your shoe without Steven Duarte holding your hand and helping you. You think the MAO have any regard for anything or anyone? Steven Duarte, just because he is CEO? He thinks he can scare us with that power? Maniac, you are some legend? You haven't done a damn thing to impress us, at least not here. Maybe is some defunct MWWF, but not the CWF. It's 2000, not the 1800's when you were half way good, stop living in the past. We are the present, and we are the future. The CWF is not a challenge to us, we will have this place turned upside down in a matter of weeks. It's already begun. Bryan has the MA Title, and soon we'll have the Tag Team Championships.

Bryan Dillion~ As far as MAO are concerned, the CWF is FULL of paper champions.  Except for one man.  Except for the CWF's own Mid-Atlantic champion.  We told you we would restore discipline and pride back into the CWF.  And me beating the hell out of Tommy Wu and winning this title, was the very first step.  The first phase, and tonight on Brawl, phase two begins, as MAO wins the CWF Tag Team titles.  Everett, go ahead and wrap this bitch up....

EVERETT = We always deliver the goods, just ask your mom and your kid sister.... the MA Champ and the future Tag Team Champions are outta here.

[Mama Didn't Raise No Fool by Primus plays over the PA and the MAO walk out. Once again to boos]

TT: What a way to start off Brawl!

BC: MAO bad mouthed everybody in the building! Haha..I love it!

TT: Yeah MAO is your speed. Personally I think they are a bunch of assholes! Anyways our first match has already started in the ring! As MPH of The Kay is beating the hell out of the Grave Digger! MPH with a Boot to the stomach of Digger and now a Double Arm Lock DDT!!

BC: Nice move my Miles per Hour!

TT: It's Miso Hemto Pathe...

BC: Easy for you to say.

TT: MPH now with a LEG DROP across the throat of Digger!! MPH helps Digger up, SLING SHOT SUPLEX!! Shades of Tully Blanchard!! The cover 1.......2....KICK OUT by GRAVE DIGGER!

BC: I hope he dug his own grave 'cause MPH looks like he is gonna' bury GRAVE DIGGER tonight!

TT: MPH back on the offensive with a DVD!! Now he goes to the top rope and G-Dawg is down here setting up a table! MPH puts GRAVE DIGGER on his shoulders and the CWF Hardcore Champion is outta' here and it's all up to MPH!! DVD!!! My god a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER OFF THE TOP ROPES AND THROUGH THE TABLE. 1........2.......3!!! MPH has picked up the victory but wait a minute it's MANIAC!!

MANIAC: I've been around for a grand total of two shows since I returned, and already I've made more impact than half this roster has in their entire CWF careers! Assassin, this Wednesday, its you and me, one on one. Win, lose, or draw, I'm becoming an American citizen after this match. Hell, I've already moved into my new home in Boston, MA. But I have a little surprise for you, Assassin! I went to the CWF Head Office the other day, and I added a little stipulation to the match! We're gonna have a guest referee in this match, punk...and that man is Steve Dart!

[The crowd goes insane!]

MANIAC: Dallas Storm! You have a great match at Millenium Meltdown, pal. Because should you lose, I'm gonna give you the opportunity to go to Super Card III in March! I will take you on in a steel cage at the Valentines Bash, the winner moves on to face the champ! That is, of course, if you lose at the PPV on the 30th...

MANIAC: Now if you'll excuse me...I have..."business" to take care of.

[And with that, Maniac walks to the back with purpose when he is hit with a chair!]

TT: And as Maniac leaves he is blasted with a chair!! The cell above the ring is coming down for our next match but Maniac has been layed out by LETHAL!! LETHAL leaves through the crowd but the damage is done as Mike Hunt walks past Maniac and goes inside the cell! The EMT's are out here and they are bringing Maniac to the back--and HERE COMES THE PATRIOT!

BC: Oh joy. [Rolls his eyes]

['The Star Spangled Banner' plays and out comes Patriot waving the American flag. Patriot climbs the cell and places the flag in a stand on top of the cell. Partriot climbs down then enters the cell.]

TT: Patriot is in and all hell as broken loose in the cell!! Patriot with some heavy rights and lethal lefts!! Patriot with a REVERSE NECKBREAKER and Hunt is in serious trouble.

BC: You mean Mike Hunt? HAha

TT: Yeah that's who I'm talking about, who else?

BC: Say Mike Hunt real fast.

TT: My Cunt!

BC: Hey this is live TV you can't say that!

TT: Say what? All I said was Mike Hunt. Patriot now with climbing the cell--PATRIOT DEATHDROP off the top of the CELL!! My god that sounded like a car wreck! Patriot is not done yet as he lifts Hunt up by his hair and PATRIOT MISSLE!!! He hit it and Hunt is busted wide open as his face hit the cell after the MISSLE!! The Patriot goes for the cover but the CEO has wheeled out from the back. Here comes Pharaoh!! 1.......2........3 PATRIOT wins but Pharaoh has entered the cell! CHOKE SLAM for PATRIOT!! Now one for HUNT!! And the CEO has a mic!

Steven Duarte: [The fans boo] Thank you. You are so kind. I guess what they say is true isn't it? Texas does have a whore house in it and from the looks of some of the less desirable women here in Houston, it's right here in the ASTRO DOME!! [The fans chant Fuck You]

What you see in that cell is just an example of what happens if you cross the boss! Ask Silver, I fired his ass in front of the world!! Ask Luciano I sent him packing like the little bitch that he is! Who's next you ask? How about your beloved Shadow Warrior?! [The fans cheer]

You see next week in that cell it will be Shadow Warrior versus a wrestler of my choice and if Warrior wins and ONLY then will he recieve a World Title Shot. But if should happen to lose, well, [He grins as Pharaoh TOMBSTONES Hunt and then Patriot] then his ass is FIRED!!!!! Good luck Warrior--you'll need it!! TT: Wow did you hear that? If Shadow Warrior doesn't win at the PPV he is fired!! And Duarte means it to!

BC: Good, let that moron Warrior join his buddies Silver and LuciWHATEVER his name is! Haha..

TT: Very funny. You ought to take your act to VEGAS.

BC: That would be alot better than the dump we are in now.

TT: And earlier this week the CWF went on location to get this interview from Metallus Diablo!

BC: Roll it!

(Scene opens in southern Egypt, inside an old pyramid ruin. The light is very dim inside, and the pyramid is very cold. The cameraman, shaking from the temperature of the room, as well as fear from knowing that he is in a place where the Egyptian priests, as well as other leaders were buried. And the myth said that as mummy's, they can be awaken from their deep sleep. The cameraman was sent to interview Metallus Diablo, a man that as of late, has been interefering with some of the CWF's biggest superstars. And the cameraman knew that he wasn't going to be in a good mood, after losing in the Last Man Standing match the night before. But, the Powers At Will promised him safety, as they said they had control over him. So, the cameraman reluctantly agreed to do the interview. He pulls out a lighter and lights up a torch, which is in a stand to the left of him. Now, as he looks around he notices two tables, with a sarcophagus on each table. The cameraman didn't know what to expect. Suddenly, heard heard laughter, not just any laughter, but that of an evil nature. As if to warn him to leave. But, for some reason, he had an urge to stay. No matter how scared he was, he was going to stay. He looked at an entryway, leading to the room he was in, and noticed that Metallus Diablo was coming towards him. At first, he was frightened, but then he felt releaf to actually see Metallus. He even grinned at Metallus, but not for long. Metallus was holding a goblet. And the cameraman did not know why. The cameraman decided that he was going to stand closer to Metallus, for he was unsure of what was in the sarcophagus's. He hoped it was just a couple of dead Egyptian's, but he wasn't going to take his chances. He turned the camera to Metallus, and prepared for the unexpected. Metallus, just giving an evil smirk, moves in front of one of the tables. He takes the cup, and pours out a red liquid, which looks like blood, down each sarcophagus. He then places the goblet between the two tables and begins to speak.)

Metallus Diablo: The time has come for me to show the world what I have the power to do. Evil never dies, and neither will I. I am here until I decide otherwise. And no one will stop me. Not even CEO Steven Duarte. Not Mark Miller. Not Jon G. Not Terrel Burt. None of them. They all will see my wrath spread through the CWF. And there won't be anyone to stop me. Starting at Millenium Meltdown, there will be a new revolution in the CWF, a revolution full of evil. An unstoppable revolution, leading in to the years to come. World title, it doesn't matter to me. National title, it doesn't matter to me. Unified title, it doesn't matter to me. Mid-Atlantic title, it doesn't matter to me. Hardcore title, it doesn't matter to me. Tag team titles, they don't matter to me. All that matters to me at this point, is causing pain and suffering to whoever I can. You can throw whoever you please at me. But it will be like throwing them in the lion's den. They won't last long. If you don't believe me, well, then test me. You'll see that I mean what I say, I mean business. You can throw Steve Dart in it, you can throw Jeff Jericho in it. You can throw Diggity in it. You can throw Blair in it. Hell, you can throw Steven Duarte in it. It doesn't matter, they all will have the same fate. Jimmy Little was an example. He was a showing of what I meant, but it's time that I turn the heat up. I may not be the most respected wrestler around here, but does it really look like I care? I don't care. They can say that I am just another rookie trying to get his due early in life. But, I can also say, that you don't stay a rookie for two years. I am far from a rookie. Metallus will show you all. And that will start at Millenium Meltdown 2000, when I beat the hell out of whoever I damn well please.

Now, let's talk about Maniac. The one who finally decided to come back to the CWF. Usually, I would congradulate you on winning the Last Man Standing match. But, you don't deserve it. Why? Because, yeah you won. But you were also the last man in the ring. And the other man in the ring thought that he had already won the match. He was unaware that there was another person left. To add to that, rather than actually fighting him, you knock him out while his back is still turned, still not knowing that you were in the match. That really shows how great you are. You pull off a victory in a battle royle, which no one knew you were even in. You walk through the crowd to sneak up on him. Plus, you celebrate a victory of eliminating one person. Come Supercard 3, you'll have tough competition. You won't be able to just sneak up behind someone and knock them out of the ring to win the title. You'll have to fight for it. You won't have any of this so called skills of eliminating people in battle royles to back you up. You'll have to take all you have, and more to win the title this time. And, even though I had respect for you, you won't see me in your corner at Supercard 3. In fact, you might be a victim in the weeks to come. A victim of my revolution. You have to remember, if it wasn't for me, Jeff Jericho would probably still be the champion. But instead, Pledge Alligence the champion, thanks to me getting Jeff Jericho, "The Golden One" counted out. And you better not look past Pledge. Because if you do, you are in a world of pain at Supercard 3. But, in that same context, you better not forget about me. You won't know when I am coming, you don't know what I will do, and you don't know which hospital bed you'll be watching the CWF from after I take your @ss out. It might happen at Millenium Meltdown, it might happen at Valentine Bash, or it might even be right at Supercard 3 itself. But, when it happens, rest assured, you won't be having fun.

Well, I notice I have a match this coming Sunday at Brawl against Dallas Storm. Dallas, you as well better watch out. I'm not going to just beat you for the win. I am going to torture you on Brawl. I am going to show you what pain really is. Yeah, sure you're a former CWF National Champion, but look at me. I am a former CWF Assault Champion. I have brought Steve Dart to a draw. I have costed Jeff Jericho the CWF Heavyweight Title. I have even taken out Shadow Maxx in my rookie year. I have done way more in the CWF then you have. And I will show you why I am a former Assault Champion. You see, I haven't really got any opportunities in the CWF. I recieved one opportunity, and that was to kick Steve Dart's ass. Other than that, I, a former CWF champion, a man who defeated some of the best, a man who was with the CWF right around day one, has to yet again, probably for the fifth time in the CWF, start at the bottom of the latter, and work my way back up. And chances are, I'll take just a few steps before I get screwed over yet again. I wouldn't put it past them. I was fired before I could have my shot at the World Title. I was told throughout the last two years that Blood was old, and that they needed a new gimmick from me. Those gimmicks included Apocalypse, who jobbed every match he was in, and Wolf, who supposively was killed in his third match after a reverse death valley driver from his own partner. If anyone has been screwed Dallas, it has been me. No one else has been put through as much hell as I have. And now, it's turn to put you through hell. Come this Sunday, you'll feel true pain.

Next, on to T-Money. You know, I have seen you become the Unified Champion many times, and you deserve your dues, but I only have one question. I see people in the CWF that have busted their @sses in here, and yet, you come back making a grand return, and right away, recieve a title shot. Where people like Jimmy Blast, Nemisis, and as much as I hate to say this, Jeff Jericho have fought hard to get a title shot, but did they? No. Instead, for some reason you got the shot at the National Title, without even wrestling a single match in the CWF since your return. I mean, look at me for instance. I don't deserve the National Title shot, but yet I have already wrestled Steve Dart to a draw, and beat Johnny Little. I don't feel I deserve a shot, but you did even less than I did. But, nevertheless you have the shot. So, in a few words, watch your back. I don't take to kindly to those that slip they way up to opportunities that are undeserved. Sure, you're a former CWF champion. And sure, you have beaten some of the best. And sure, you've even beaten me. But know this, I always get my revenge. I might get screwed out of title shots all the time, but I always get my revenge. And revenge is what I will get from you. National title or not, you'll see what true pain is at the hands of Metallus Diablo. Don't feel privilaged either, because it won't be the greatest time you ever had. It'll portray that of a life of a person living through pure hell.

Next, Steve Dart. Last time we fought, we ended up having to settle for a draw. Well, I'm not satisfied. What am I talking about? Well, I listened to Blair, and it sounded to me like he wanted to wrestle a real tag team. So, me being the man that I am, have decided, if he wants a real tag team, that he will get one. So, what I thought was that at Millenium Meltdown 2000 TSC, that is Diggity and Blair, put their tag team titles on the line. Their opponents, if you accept Dart, would be me and you. That's right Dart, I want you to be my partner at Millenium Meltdown 2000 against The Diggity and Paul Blair. We both are great wrestlers, and could easily win the tag team titles, and show the world that we both mean business. Whether it be by taking out The Superstars Corperation, or by beating the hell out of any man who walks in our way. We could prove to the whole world who the true players are in the CWF. And, I would show to those, such as Jeff Jericho and T-Money, what I am all about. With you as my partner Dart, I can be sure that I won't be screwed by TSC. Now, I noticed that the Powers At Will don't like you too much. But, it don't matter because if they get in our way, they will face the same fate as Jon G. A Studray Stunner for the new guy, and a Demonic Hell Drop for Miller. For the evil one is sick of living under rules, rules were meant to be broken, and I will break them if need be. In fact, in that idea, the whole staff better watch their @sses in the CWF. If they do something I don't like, then they'll feel something they won't like, pure pain from that of an evil soul. True pain from Metallus Diablo.

Now, what about one half of the CWF World Tag Team Champions, Paul Blair. He calls himself The Ruler. Now, he has made it somewhat big, as he is half of the tag team champions. But it wasn't too long ago when he was just a lowly pizza boy, trying to make a second living, as he wrestled here in the CWF. What does that prove. Well, if he needed that money, then he isn't as good at wrestling as he thinks he is. But, it doesn't really matter, because he did get the tag titles. But he won't have them for long. Because at Millenium Meltdown, I'll either take those tag titles with my partner Steve Dart, or I'll take the tag titles with my other partner Tug Boat Joe. Either way, Paul Blair is going down to a real tag team. As you know from our illustrious history Blair, I have never really liked you. From the minute that I first saw you, I felt a passion to kick your @ss. The same passion that I have towards Jeff Jericho. You never have "entertained" me. And personally, I don't really think you've ever really entertained the fans either. They seem to still think that you are the same as you were, a lowly pizza boy trying to wrestle in the top federation in all of professional wrestling, as well as the leader in sports entertainment today. Yeah, you might be a former National Champion, but you didn't deserve the title. You seem to think that you're the best thing to hit the CWF, but, we all know the truth about that one. The people only are entertained by you, when they see you get your @ss kicked. So, come Millenium Meltdown, they will be entertained. And they will see the new tag team champions.

And as for Diggity, the other half of the tag team champions. You come out here with that slut Yolanda, and act like you're a pimp. Very impressive. You actually got a girl to reach in your pants, and this time it wasn't your mom. Although, I can't imagine how much money she recieved that night. I mean, you didn't even pay your mom that much. If you really think you impress all of the CWF superstars, that you have learned the tecniques of picking up a corner whore, you probably are wrong. I don't know anyone, besides TSC, that thinks that you are impressive. And the only reason that TSC thinks your impressive, is because they want a piece of Yolanda's skanky fat @ss. But, don't worry, I do have someone that will make sure Yolanda doesn't get involved. So, Millenium Meltdown is coming up, and in case you didn't know, I have demanded a match against you and Paul Blair for the CWF World Tag Team Titles. But, we can't have this be any old match. It's supposed to be a Millenium Meltdown. So, let's take the CWF to new heights as we fight in the first ever tag team casket match. In this match will be four caskets. The rules are, if the lid is shut to the casket with you inside, you are out of the match, and barred from ringside. The way to win is to defeat both opponents. Another rule, anything goes. Anything can be used and anything can happen. If you want to use a blow torch, it's totally legal. And the match doesn't end until a winner is crowned.

On to Brian Adams. You never accepted my match. Title or no title, I still want a match with you. I came here to wrestle, and what did you go and do, you interefered in a match I was about to win. I had Steve Dart where I wanted him, but instead, you had to come out and knock both me and Steve Dart out. But that wasn't all you did. You damn near broke my nose. And that right there wasn't acceptable. If you feel that you can screw me out of my matches like the former CWF president felt like he could do, you're wrong. You're dead wrong. I won't let it go down like that. So get your bitch @ss in the ring with me, or I will be forced to hunt you down. And I won't stop at just hunting you down. I will put you through so much pain. I don't appreciate people trying to hurt me. And because of that, I might run in to you in the near future. I won't be announced. It will be when you least expect it. It will be when everyone least expects in. And, you won't have a way around it. It's time for your destuction, and it will be total destruction. You will fall at my feet, begging for mercy, and hell if I'll give it to you. Mercy isn't an option, there is only one option, elimination. And that is exactly what will happen, total elimination. No one will stop me, no one will try and take me out, everyone will see Brian Adams taste his own end, and when you do, you won't like it at all. So, until we fight, I'll see you. And after we fight, I will see you in hell.

(Scene fades to black as Metallus continues laughing. The cameraman, unbelievably starts to laugh with Metallus. The screen fades to black.)

TT: And back here live on Brawl Dallas Storm is all over Metallus Diablo with a series of rights and lefts that are wearing Diablo down. Storm now with Side Russian Leg Sweep followed by a Rocker Dropper!! Storm will face whoever the World Champ is next week at MM '2000 and he is showing no mercy here on Brawl! Storm with a Swinging Neck Breaker into a Perfect Plex! The pin 1........2....KICK OUT by DIABLO!!

BC: He barely kicked out!

TT: Storm now goes to the top rope but Diablo is up and Storm jumps!! Caught in mid air by Diablo! POWER SLAM!! Diablo now with an Egyptian Jaw Jacker!! Now a Gorilla Press Slam!! Storm gets up and Diablo with a Spinning Wheel Kick that found it's mark! Diablo with an INVERTED DDT!! This one is over 1........2.......Thr--

BC: Storm kicked out! 'Mr. Agressive' kicked out!! Diablo with a Superkick no duck by Storm and Super Kick!!

TT: The pin 1.........2....MANIAC is in and the ref stops the count. MANIAC shoves Diablo down and the ref says ring the bell. He has DQ'ed Storm!! Maniac spins Storm around HEAD HUNTER!! Diablo is up and one for him!! And Maniac looks to have shaken his attack off that he suffered from Lethal earlier!

BC: The shows not over yet, Maniac will get Lethal before the night is over!

TT: You only 'hope'. Lethal is the man. Maniac has screwed Storm outta' this match and Dallas doesn't look happy as he goes to the back.

BC: Happy? Why the hell would he be happy?

TT: 'Cause he's headlining the Main Event in our next PPV that's why!

TT: And we'll be back with our Tag Team Title Match right after these messages!!


TT: We are back and our tag match has started. T-Money of Rated-X is starting off against Scotty Everett of MAO! Everett with a Wristlock into a Arm Drag Takedown followed by a STF!! And Money quickly to the ropes. Clean break and now Everett charges Money and 'The Headliner' with a Drop Kick!! 'Da' Money Master' now with a SIDE WALK SLAM and this place is going wild as Money goes to the top rope. Everett is up and Missle Drop by Money. The cover 1.......2......

BC: Scotty kicked out!

TT: Near fall and now Everett with a tag and in comes Bryan Dillion! Money with a tag and in comes Bigfoot! The two big men are going at it toe to toe. Exchanging lefts, rights and these two are trying to hurt each other and theses people in the Astrodome are on there feet and you can cut the excitement with a knife. Dillion with a CHOKESLAM!! But Bigfoot pops right back up!!

BC: I can't believe that!!

TT: Bigfoot with a CHOKESLAM of his own!! ANOTHER!! ONE MORE!! Bigfoot is kickin' ass here on Brawl but Dillion with a LOW BLOW and POWER BOMB!!! Dillion tryin' to shake the cobwebs and he makes the tag to Diggity of TSC! Diggity in with a LEG DROP on Bigfoot! Now he stomps away on the big man. Diggity with a KNEE to Mid-section of Bigfoot and DIGGITY DEATH DROP!! The cover 1........2.....Money with the save but Maniac is out here! He just Head Hunted T-Money out of the ring!

BC: Diggity makes the tag! Blair goes to the Top Rope!

TT: Blair Kick!!! The cover 1.......2........3!!! 'The Ruler and 'The Role Model' have retain their title here on Brawl!!

BC: TSC wins again!!

TT: What a match. Folks we have some bad news. 'Golden One' Jeff Jericho has not shown up and we have been informed that he has retired from wrestling!! So Jimmy Blast has won by default and his career continues here in the CWF!

BC: What? JJ has retired? He can't do that!

TT: Well he did and here comes Mass!! Diggity is already in the ring and he's testing the ladder as he climbs it and touches his CWF Unified Title.

BC: Maybe for the last time!

TT: That remains to be seen. MASS slides in and takes out the ladder!! My god Diggity fell off the ladder, over the top rope and through the Chinese announcers table!!

BC: I guess since Tommy Wu has joined we need a chinese announce crew huh?

TT: Would you stop?! MASS is trying to climb the ladder, he's almost there, we have a new, NO!! DIGGITY back in and he pushes the ladder down and MASS goes flying off!! Diggity who has been busted open sets up the ladder, NO he nailed MASS with the ladder and now he's climbing the top rope!! MOON SAULT onto the ladder and MASS!!

BC: I guess he really does have the 'Biggest Ballz in the biz'!!

TT: Diggity sets the ladder back up and now he climbs, Mass back up and now he too climbs, both men are battling on the ladder and GOOD GOD!!! MASS just DDT'ed DIGGITY off the ladder!!! DIGGITY is a bloody mess as MASS climbs to the top. He's almost there but DIGGITY just kicked the ladder from underneath!! MASS landed head first onto the cement!! Diggity climbs the ladder--he's gonna' retain his title--he has the Unified Title but NO the ladder just gave way!!! MASS goes to the Top Rope and TORNANDO DDT and Diggity landed on the broken ladder!! MASS goes to the outside and brings in another ladder!! Mass is climbing--MASS reaches up and grabs the Unified Title!! We have a new CWF Unified Champion!!!

BC: What a match that was. And now we get to see Brian Adams win the CWF World Title!! And as Brian waits in the ring here comes Pledge!!

[As Pledge comes out all hell breaks loose. Kyle Adams nails Pledge with THE SPOTLIGHT before he can enter the ring. In the ring Dallas Storm sneaks up behind Brian Adams and nails him with the Aggresive!! Jumping out of the crowd is Maniac!! He and Storm begin to fist fight. Joey Adams sneaks up behind Kyle Adams and tries a German Suplex but instead gets a SPOT LIGHT for his time by Kyle Adams. Maniac is about to Head Hunt Storm when Lethal jumps in with a chair!!]

TT: All hell has broken loose and this one has been thown out! Total chaos! We are out of time! See you on POP! 1