::::The camera zooms in on the outside of Palace Of Auburn Hills in Michigan. The camera then cuts t a shot of the ring area, a sellout crowd is screaming at the top of their lungs for CWF's return show! Fans hold up signs reading things such as: "SILVER WAS SCREWED!", "BRING BACK JACK VEGAS!', "VEGA IS MY HERO!", "THANK GOD THAT JEFF JERICHO IS GONE!", "WHERE IS KYLE ADAMS?!". The camera then scrolls to the announce table. Two new faces are sitting in the chairs.::::

Todd: "Hello everyone and welcome to the return edition of CWF's Sunday Night Brawl! I'm Todd , and sitting next to my is my colleague Scott, we'll be filling in for Teddy and Bobby who are on vacation this week."

Scott: "Yeah, and if we do good enough on tonight's show, they may be on a vacation permanently! HA!"

Todd: "Shut up Scott! That was supposed to be between you and me. Nobody knows that we're gonna steal Bobby's and Teddy's jobs….. oops, I forgot that we were on the air. Well folks, we've got one hell of a show tonight, so let's get to it! First off we have………"

[Suddenly, "No Chance In Hell" comes over the PA. A man steps out from behind the curtain. He is about 6'6" 265 pounds, and is a young looking man. He has short black hair and is clean-shaven. The man is none other than CWF's new Vice President, Lou C. He is dressed in an expensive black suit, and is smoking a cigar with his left hand, while he carries a mic in his right, and makes his way to the ring. He is followed by a man dress in all black, wearing a black ski mask. The man is his bodyguard, Agent Orange.]

Todd: "Well, it looks like Lou C, CWF's new VP is here and he's got something to say."

Scott: "Heh, heh, Lucy……"

Todd: "Damnit Scott, don't let him hear you say that. Don't forget that this man gave us our jobs for tonight."

Scott: "Sorry Todd, I get out of hand sometimes."

Todd: "No kidding. Anyway, it looks as if our VP is ready to speak so why don't we go to the ring and listen."

[Lou C stands in the ring, ready to speak.]

Lou C: "Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to CWF's return edition of Sunday Night Brawl! In case you've been under a rock for the past few days, I'm Louis C, CWF's new vice president. Things in CWF are going to be a bit different tonight. You see, Mark X. isn't here tonight. He's taking care of some business. That left me in control, so I took the liberty of booking this show. First off, we have Tommy Wu squaring off against Fatal. Then, we have 'Super Sexy' Rob Martin, against the "Innovator of Violence" Joey Adams. This match will be for the Classic Wrestling Federation Hardcore Title, and will include weapons throughout the ring and barbwire ropes! Did I mention that the title will be suspended in the air, and can only be reached using a ladder! You see, for my first act as VP, I've stripped G-Dawg of the Hardcore Title and put it on the line in a hardcore ladder match! Then, it's Metallus Diablo against Brian Adams! Next is Lethal against Tyker Douglas! Then we have Jack Vegas against a mystery opponent. If Jack Vegas wins, he will get into the main event at Valentines Day Bash on February 13th! Who is his Mystery Opponent? I have no clue myself! One of the inept bookers backstage chose him. You also will see Pledge against T-Money in a non-title match as our Main Event! It's going to be one hell of a show, you have my promise!"

Todd: "Well, there you have it folks! Your new VP has spoken!"

[Lou C. heads to the back, followed by Agent Orange.]

Todd: "Well, there we have it. First words from our new VP."

Scott: "Who cares. What a anal retentive lame ass that guy is."

Todd: "Yeah, whatever Scott. Don't forget who's paying you. If it wasn't for that guy, who'd still be on the streets selling Base.

Scott: "Hey! Lighten up man. Anyway, let's get back to the show. Our first match features Tommy Wu and Fatal."

Tommy Wu vs. Fatal

["RPM" comes over the PA as green light fills the arena and Tommy Wu makes his way to the ring, followed by Miku. Tommy slides into the ring, then climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms up in the air. Tommy then jumps down into the ring.]

The lights in the arena go out. Fatal's music come over the PA. An explosion goes off, then the lights come back on. Pyro goes off down the aisle as Fatal slowly makes his way to the ring. Fatal slides under the bottom rope and runs straight at Wu.]

Todd: "Fatal charging at Wu, and he plows Wu over with a clothesline! Fatal picks up Wu, and scoop slams him down. Wu is rolling on the ground holding his back."

Scott: "Fatal is really kicking ass man."

Todd: "Damnit Scott, stop acting like such a pot head, don't swear so much we're on national TV! Fatal picks Wu back up, sets him up between his legs, and drops him down with a hard power bomb. Wu is really hurting. Fatal sets up Wu, and suplexes him! Fatal is really taking it to Tommy Wu right here on Sunday Night Brawl!"

Scott: "Right Todd! Tommy Wu is back to his feet now. He goes for a punch, but Fatal blocks it. Wu tries a kick now, and Fatal grabs Wu's foot. Wu flips and nails Fatal in the temple with an insiguri! Fatal sinks down to the mat!"

Todd: "Wow Scott, you actually called a move! Was that really that hard?"

Scott: "Shut up Todd! Wu now is up on the top turnbuckle, and he lands a praying moonsault on Fatal, what a move dude! Wu lifts up Fatal now, and scoop slams him down to the mat. Wu then sends Fatal off the ropes, and gives him a back body drop."

Todd: "Tommy Wu is in control now. He sends Fatal into the ropes once again and goes for another back body drop. Fatal stops short, grabs Wu's head, and falls to the ground, slamming Wu's face into the mat. Wu is rolling around on the ground clutching his face! Fatal lifts Wu back to his feet. Fatal going for a suplex…….but Wu blocks it and counters with a snap suplex of his own! Wu now waiting for Fatal to get back to his feet. Fatal is up, and Wu drills him with a devastating crescent kick, which knocks Fatal down on his rear."

Scott: "Just say ass dude. Anyway, Wu off the ropes, and he hits Fatal with a baseball slide drop kick. Tommy Wu is back in control here. Wu lifts up Fatal, and gives him a swinging neck breaker! Wu once again picking up Fatal, and dropping him with a DDT."

Todd: "Wu is stomping on Fatal now. He's really putting the boots to him. Fatal grabs Wu's foot, and pulls Wu down to the ground as well. Both men are struggling to get back up now. Wait a second, somebody's music has just come over the PA!"

Scott: "Dude! It's Super Sexy!"

Todd: "Super Sexy Rob Martin is in the aisle, and he's dancing for the fans!"

Scott: "I'm sexier. I'm dead sexy baby"

[Scott begins rubbing his nipple with his fingers.]

Todd: "Stop it Scott! You're making me sick."

Scott: "I'm a better dancer too."

Rob continues dancing in the aisle as Sexual Thing plays throughout the arena. He then begins running towards the ring. Rob grabs a bat from under the ring. He slides in the ring.]

Todd: "Look at this! Rob Martin is now beating on Fatal and Tommy Wu with the bat. Rob Martin is really taking it to both men! Both Wu and Fatal roll out of the ring. Don't forget that these three will face at Valentine's Day Bash on the 13th of February! Super Sexy continues to dance in the ring. Someone's running out from the back, it's Agent Orange! Orange grabs Martin, and throws him out of the ring and up the aisle. Orange exits through the crowd and Martin begins walking up the ramp."

Scott: "Wait dude! Rated-X is here! RX is beating on Martin now, they've come to save Tommy Wu! T-Money has handcuffs, and he just handcuffed Super Sexy! That's what SS gets for thinking he's a better dancer than me."

Todd: "Shut up Scott. You can't dance, I remember that party we went to last week. Anyway, Rated-X heads towards the back, leaving SS handcuffed with his hands behind is back in the aisle."

[Scott gets out of his chair and heads towards the ring. He climbs into the ring and begins dancing.]

Todd: "Wait! What the hell is he doing?!"

Scott gets a huge pop for his dance moves. The crowd begins chanting Scott.]

Todd: "This is crazy! They're cheering for him! We'll be back after this commercial break!"

[A commercial for the new Dallas Storm T-shirt airs, then CWF returns to action.]

Todd: "We're back here on Sunday Night Brawl!"

Scott: "They liked me! They really liked me!"

Hardcore Title Match! - Super Sexy Rob Martin vs. Joey Adams

Todd: "Yeah, right. Anyway, we're ready for a hardcore title match! The ropes have been replaced with barbwire and the weapons and ladder are set up in the ring. Super Sexy has managed to crawl back to the ring, and he's awaiting the arrival of Joey Adams. Keep in mind that thanks to RX, Martin is still in handcuffs."

[Joey Adams' music hits the PA, as Adams makes his way to the ring, wearing a purple trench coat and carrying his bat, The Peacemaker. Adams slides into the ring and runs a Martin.]

Todd: "Here we go! Adams nearly takes Martin's head off with The Peacemaker! Martin is down and in pain! Adams grabs a chair now, and sends it smashing into the head of a kneeling Rob Martin. Martin can't really defend himself! Adams climbs to the top turnbuckle and raises The Peacemaker in the air! Adams jumps down and continues to show off to the crowd."

Scott: "Meanwhile, Martin is back up. Adams turns around, and Super Sexy drills him with a superkick! Adams is down! Martin is somehow climbing the ladder. He's halfway up."

Todd: "Wait a second! Here comes Tommy Wu! Wu is marching towards the ring. Super Sexy is at the top of the ladder! He's reaching for the belt."

Scott: "Wait! The ladders tipping! Wu pushed the ladder! Martin's face comes crashing down into the barbwire ropes! His eyes were just raked against the barbwire! Holy sh-t!!

Todd: "My God! Wu picks back up the ladder. Wu now picks up Adams and is trying to help him up the ladder."

Scott: "We're gonna have a new champ. Wait! Here comes Steve Dart! Dart is in the ring and he's beating on Wu! Dart and Wu trading blows. They're fighting their way into the crowd!"

Todd: "Meanwhile, Adams is at the top of the ladder, and he grabs the belt! Joey Adams is the winner and new Classic Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champ! Adams is celebrating in the ring."

[A man steps out from behind the curtain with a mic.]

Man: "Hold up, hold up, hold up!"

Todd: "That's Dick "The Wonder" Johnson!"

Dick "The Wonder" Johnson: "Joey Adams, you truly suck! You're a disgrace to the Adams name. You're a disgrace to the hardcore division! You never even earned that title."

Todd: "Someone is sneaking up behind Joey Adams, the man has an angry look on his face."

Scott: "It's The Main Event! The King of Sting has returned!"

Todd: "Kyle Adams is back! He sends Joey Adams to the ground with a right hand! Kyle Adams now grabs a bag of thumbtacks. He pours the bag out all over a chair. The Main Event now sets up a table over the chair. He hooks Joey Adams and…… It's The Spotlight! Goddamn! The Spotlight through a table, onto a tack covered chair. Joey Adams is out, and his face is covered with blood! The Main Event is heading to the back along with Dick Johnson. The crowd is going wild! What a night so far, what else could possibly happen here tonight?!"

[No Chance in Hell hits the PA and Lou C. steps out from behind the curtain, with a mic in his hand.]

Lou C: "Mr. Joey Adams. I have no choice but to agree with Mr. Johnson. You never did earn that title, it was given to you. So now, I have a surprise for you. Meet your opponent, the man that will challenge you for the Hardcore Title, in a Generation X match at Valentines Day Bash on February 13th."

The lights in the arena go out. A voice is heard saying: "Gameover". Green light fills the arena, as a large man, about 7 feet tall, wearing baggy black jeans and a black tank top reading: "Gameover" makes his way to the ring. The man steps over the top rope into the ring.]

Todd: "Well there's some large man in the ring, and he's attacking Joey Adams. Judging by the voice and the shirt, I'd say this man's name is Gameover. This guy is huge! He whips Joey Adams into the barbwire, Adams holds his back and stumbles towards Gameover lifts Joey over his head with a Gorilla Press, and he power slams Joey Adams!"

[Gameover steps over the top rope and exits through the crowd, leaving Adams an even bloodier mess than he once was.]

Lou C: "For those of you who may not know, a Generation X match takes place in an enclosed steel cage. In each of the four corners is a bomb. Scattered throughout the ring are four pairs of handcuffs, a steel chair, and various other weapons. There are no pin falls, there are no submissions. To win, you have to handcuff both of your opponent's hands to the cage, then proceed to smash them over the head with the steel chair. Sounds like fun eh? We'll see at the Pay Per View."

[Lou C turns around and heads towards the back.]

Todd: "What an announcement! Now it appears that we're ready for our next match, it's Metallus Diablo against Brian Adams."

Metallus Diablo vs. Brian Adams

[Brian Adams' music hits the PA as Brian Adams stumbles out from behind the curtain. Adams begins staggering to the ring.]

Scott: "What the hell happened? It looks like Adams has had the sh-t beat out of him."

Todd: "You're right Scott, it looks like somebody has gotten to Adams before Diablo."

[Adams finally staggers into the ring, then goes into the corner and sits down. Then, Metallus Diablo's music comes over the PA as Metallus slowly makes his way towards the ring to a good pop. Metallus climbs in the ring and waits in the corner. The bell rings and the match is underway.]

Todd: "Brian is up and he runs at Diablo, and Metallus power slams him! Diablo lifts Adams up now, and drops him with a jawbreaker!"

Scott: "Looks like this match is going to be all Diablo."

Todd: "Maybe it will be Scott. I knew that Metallus had this match won as soon as the match was announced. Metallus waiting for Brian Adams to get back up. Adams is up, and he tries a right hand, but Metallus blocks it and counters with a kick to the gut, Metallus sets up Brian Adams, and drops him with a piledriver. Adams isn't even giving Metallus a fight. Metallus waves his arms in the air like he doesn't care anymore. He lifts up Brian Adams, sets him up, and drops him with a Fisherman's Brainbuster!

Scott: "Diablo with the cover, 1……..2…….3! Metallus Diablo has beaten Brian Adams! Adams rolls out of the ring and crawls towards the back as Diablo stands in the ring celebrating. What a joke, Adams didn't even put up a fight."

Todd: "Yeah, it's clear that Metallus Diablo is the better man. Well, it's time for Lethal vs. Tyker Douglas!"

Tyker Douglas vs. Lethal

[Tyker Douglas' music hits the PA as Tyker makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans who reach over the security rail. Tyker climbs the apron, and steps between the ropes into the ring.]

Todd: "Tyker Douglas is in the ring now, as he awaits the arrival of Lethal."

[An image reading: "Lethal Injection" comes over the CWF-TRON. Lethal makes his way down the aisle. Lethal slides into the ring. The two stand in the corners waiting for the bell.]

Todd: "Here we go, Lethal set to face Tyker Douglas here on Sunday Night Brawl!"

[Suddenly, an image reading: "The Great One" comes on the CWF-TRON as "The Great One" Thomas Steinway's music plays over the PA. The Great One steps out from behind the curtain with a mic. He stops at the beginning of the aisle.]

"The Great One" Thomas Steinway: "The Great One has returned to Michigan! See, The Great One was thinking how he could make an impact in his CWF on air debut. He figured that he should beat both your lame, loser asses though this arena!"

Todd: "Steinway is in the ring now, and he DDTs both Lethal and Douglas at the same time! All three men are brawling here. Now, the refs are in the ring trying to calm the situation. They've separated the three, and they're taking them to the back."

Scott: "Damnit! Let em' fight! Damn CWF referees!"

Todd: "Well, I have a feeling we haven't seen the end of this feud."

Scott: "Right man. Dude! It's time for are first main event match!"

Todd: "Wait, I've received word that Super Sexy Rob Martin is out of handcuffs, and he wants an interview. I'm gonna get a word from Martin."

Interview with Super Sexy Rob Martin

[Todd gets up from the announce table, and heads to the ring.]

[Sexual Thing begins playing over the PA system as the lights go out and laser and strobe lights begin flashing throughout the arena. Pyro begins exploding all across the stage, then with one final huge explosion the lights come back on and Super Sexy Rob Martin is standing alongside the beautiful Sheree' at the top of the stage. They casually stroll to the ring. Rob slides underneath the ropes into the ring, and Sheree' climbs in between the second and third ropes.]

Scott: "This guy thinks he's a better dance than me? Ha! I'm dead sexy! I'm a sexy bitch baby!"

Todd: "Well Rob Martin, the mic is yours, go ahead.

SS Rob Martin: "FINALLY, THE ladies fantasy come to life, and EVERY woman's dream come true, Super Sexy Rob Martin has arrived for the female viewing pleasure, and if you are at home DO NOT adjust your screen because I DO look this good. Now as you can tell, I am a little pissed, no I'm a LOT PISSED that you Tommy Wu, and the rest of your RX cronies cost me the Hardcore Title. You see not only did you cost me my first title reign, but you embarrassed me in front of MY fans. You think any of these people come out to see you Tommy, or you T-Money, or Bigfoot, or anybody else for that matter, not no, but HELL NO. All these fans, and especially the LADIES came here to see ME not you. Your washed up, and so is RX, nothing but a bunch of has beens, no I take that back, your nothing but a bunch of never wases. I am THE MAN here in the CWF, I am THE CHOSEN ONE, the man picked by the gods to rule over all of wrestling. So remember this and NEVER forget, "Valentines Bash", me, you, and that wanna be Fatal, for the Mid Atlantic Tile, I will not just kick his ass, but I will stomp a mudhole in yours BOY, and you know thats right, because I AM the ladies fantasy come
to life and………."

The ladies in the crowd scream "EVERY WOMANS DREAM COME TRUE"]

[Sexual Thing plays once again as Rob Martin and Sheree make their way to the back.]

Scott: "That guy truly sucks. The only reason he gets any air time is because of Sheree, damn look at the size of those………………."

[Todd returns to the announce table.]

Todd: "You okay Scott?"

Scott: "Wow……………………… Uh, yeah Todd!"

Todd: "Right. Anyway, it's time for the first part of our double main event."

Jack Vegas vs. Mystery Opponent

[Jack Vegas' music hits the PA as Vegas makes his way to the ring, wearing a shirt reading: "Jack Vegas: The One and Only True Talent". He slaps hands with the fans who reach over the railing. Vegas climbs on the apron and raises his arms in the air, then steps between the ropes into the ring.]

Todd: "Now, it's time for Vegas' mystery opponent."

Dick "The Wonder" Johnson steps out from behind the curtain holding a mic. He is wearing an expensive black suit and smoking a cigar.]

Dick "The Wonder" Johnson: "Jack Vegas. When you took this match, you had no clue what you were getting into. You had no idea who you were going to fight. Now Jack Vegas, I want you to meet that man."

[The crowd begins chanting "Adams"]

Dick "The Wonder" Johnson: "Ladies and gentleman, transvestites, transexuals, bisexuals, and kids."

[The fans begin cheering even louder than before.]

Dick "The Wonder" Johnson: "Dick Johnson's Wonder Productions, in association with the Classic Wrestling Federation, proudly present to you. The King of Sting, The REAL Big Daddy, The New Blonde Bombshell, The Topp Dogg, The Realness, The Infamous…… Kyle "The Main Event" Adams!"

[The fans erupt in applause as the cheer louder than ever.]

Todd: "It's The Main Event! Kyle Adams is back!"

[Bawitdaba hits the PA as the lights go out. An image reading: "The Main Event" comes on the CWF-TRON. Explosions go off down he entrance aisle, then one large explosion goes off and the lights come on. Kyle Adams is seen standing at the beginning of the entrance aisle with his arms raised in the air, and his back turned to the crowd. Pyro begins going off and The Main Event turns around and begins wakign to the ring, followed by Krystal, Sign Dude, Dick "The Wonder" Johnson, and Chyna Bass. The Main Event slaps the hands of the fans who reach out over the railing. He stops in front of the apron and has Dick Johnson pass him the mic.]

Kyle "The Main Event" Adams: "Fear not fans! Your hero and savior, The King of Sting, The greatest thing to happen to wrestling since the breast implant, Kyle The Main Event Adams has returned to his home state of Michigan! What better way to make a comeback, than for The New Blonde Bombshell to show up in his home state and beat Jack Vegas' inept pansy ass up and down every aisle of this arena, past and and every single beer guzzling Kyle Adams fan? Now Jack Vegas. You truly are stupid! You had everything going for you. Thanks to The Main Event, you were CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion. Thanks to The Main Event, you were in TNG, the greatest group to ever grace the CWF! Then, you give it all away by quitting. You abandon The Main Event, the man who made you who and what you are. So now, The Main Event plans to teach you a lesson that you will never ever forget! Jack Vegas, it's your turn in…………. The Spotlight!"

[Adams runs into the ring, the bell ring and the match starts.]

Todd: "Here we go! Vegas tries a right hand, but The Main Event blocks it and counters with a right hand of his own, sending Vegas to the mat. Vegas is up, and The King of Sting hits him with a dropkick! Kyle whips Vegas into the ropes, then power slams him! Kyle signaling for Vegas to get up, Vegas is up, and Kyle knocks him down with a clothesline! The Main Event lifts up Vegas and DDTs him. He pick him up again, and drops him with a diving power bomb!"

Scott: "Holy sh-t! This match is all The Main Event!"

Todd: "The King of Sting grabs Vegas from behind, and drops him with a diving reverse DDT! The Main Event grabs Vegas from behind once again, lifts him up and drops down with a fireman's neckbreaker! Kyle lifts up Vegas, and drops him with a swinging neckbreaker! Both men are up now, Vegas is dizzy, and Adams gets him in a side double under hook!"

Scott: "The crowd is going wild dude! Here it comes!"

Todd: "The Main Event looking around at the crowd. He moves his head up, then lifts Vegas up and………….. drops him with The Spotlight!"

Scott: "Adams with the cover, 1……….2………..3! The Main Event wins!"

Todd: "Kyle The Main Event Adams celebrates in the ring with TNG as he has just absolutely destroyed Jack Vegas!"

[Sudddenly, No Chance In Hell comes over the PA and Lou C. steps out from behind the curtain with a mic. He stops at the beginning of the aisle.]

Lou C.: "Mr Adams. I'm terribly sorry, however this just isn't going to work. You see, you think you can just run off, cause trouble during MY SHOW, and then come here and wrestle, after you had QUIT the CWF. I think not! Not only did you beat up my hardcore champion, Joey Adams, but I have no doubt in my mind that you beat up Brian Adams as well. Kyle Adams, TNG, you're fired! You see, that makes Jack Vegas the winner, but Mr. Vegas. Your shot will not be at the Pay Per View, but at the POP after instead. You have your shot Jackie, what you do with it is up to you."

Todd: "Holy sh-t! No way! The Main Event has just been fired."

Kyle "The Main Event" Adams: "Well Lucy. You want to fire The King of Sting? You want to dismiss the greatest thing to happen to professional wrestling since the breast implant? You want to get rid of one of your top stars? Well that's just fine with The Main Event! Lucy, you have no clue what you've just done. The Main Event was CWF's biggest shot at a rise to the top. You just killed that chance Lucy! Farewell CWF fans, your hero........ has just been fired!"

[Lou C. turns and walks to the back. The Main Event stands in the ring and looks around at the crowd. He raises an arm in the air and the crowd goes wild as they bid farewell to The Main Event. Kyle Adams gets out of the ring and begins heading to the back, followed by the rest of TNG. TNG goes to the back and Adams stands at the beginning of the ramp and holds his arm up once again, before heading to the back himself.]

Todd: "What a turn of event we have just witnessed here on Sunday Night Brawl."

Scott: "Unbeliveable. How could that lame ass fire The Main Event. Damn Lucy! I hate that ass rai......"

Todd: "That enough Scott, that's enough. Ladies and gentleman, it's now time for the second half of our main event. T-Money squares off against the Classic Wrestling Federation World Champion, Pledge Allegiance in a non-title match."

[TNG, minus Kyle Adams is seen exiting the building and getting into a limo which drives away.]

T-Money vs. Pledge Alligence

["It's All About The Benjamins" hits the PA as "The Headliner" makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Rated-X. T-Money struts to the ring, and then slides under the bottom rope as the rest of Rated-X watches from outside the ring. T-Money climbs to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air. T-Money gets a good pop from the fans.]

Todd: "Well, The Headliner is set for action here on Sunday Night Brawl as he awaits the arrival of the CWF World Champion."

[Kurt Angle's theme hits the PA, and the crowd goes wild as Pledge Alligence steps out from behind the curatin wearing the CWF World Title. He is accompanied by Don Russo. Pledge slaps hand with the fans as he slowly struts to the ring with his arms now in the air. Pledge steps into the ring, followed by Russo. Pledge walks to the center of the ring and holds his arms high in the air as Don Russo removes the CWF World Title. Russo steps outside of the ring as Pledge stands in the corner and checks his boots. The bell rings]

Todd: "The bell has rung and this match is underway! Pledge and T-Money meet in the center of the ring, they lock up, and Pledge send T-Money to the mat with a fireman's carry. T-Money quickly back to his feet. Money and Pledge trading blows now. Pledge attempts a right hand, it's blocked by T-Money who counters with a right of his own. Pledge is stumbling back, and T-Money runs at him, knocking him down with a forearm."

Scott: "Boring."

Todd: "Just shut up and call the damn match Scott."

Scott: "T-Money lifts up Pledge, and scoop slams him to the mat. T-Money now drops an elbow onto Pledge. T-Money laying the boots down to Pledge, as his Rated-X buddies on the outside cheer him on. T-money picking up Pledge once again, he attempts a suplex, but Pledge blocked it. Pledge now counters with a snap suplex. Pledge now lifts up T-Money and hits him with a european uppercut. Pledge now DDTs T-Money. T-Money is on the ground as Pledge showboats for the crowd. Money is up, and Pledge knocks him back down with a roundhouse right hand! Pledge lifting up T-Money, he whips him towards the turnbuckle........"

Todd: "Oh! T-Money just smacked into the ref, and the ref is out cold! T-Money stumbles back into Pledge, and Pledge hits him with the Pledge Hammer!! Pledge with the cover, but there's no ref to count! Wait, here comes Maniac, with a ref shirt on! Maniac slides into the ring and makes a count, 1.........2.........3! Pledge wins, Pledge wins! Maniac has just cost T-Money the match! Now Rated-X is in the ring! Rated-X attacking Maniac and Pledge! But wait, here comes Steve Dart! Dart is in the ring, and he's taking on all of RX. Here comes Super Sexy! Now Dallas Storm is in the ring! The man who will face Pledge at Valentines Day Bash has stormed the ring! Now it's The Main Event! Adams has been fired, but he's still here, and he's fighting his way through the ring! Adams now is on he other side of the ring, and he's out. What's he doing? He's got the CWF World Title. Now he's walking back up the aisle with the title held in the air! Adams is stealing the title. I can't believe it! He's just walking out with it admist all the confusion! We're out of time folks, see you later!"

[The screen fades to black, then a clip of CWF's Valentines Day Bash comes on. After the clip, the screen fades to black.] 1