[[Scene opens to highlights of Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes. Maniac and Jeff Jericho holding up the Tag Team Titles. Z-Pac lying outside the boiler room with the Mid-Atlantic Title draped over his shoulder, and then Blood stealing the title. Jericho Cane and Z-Pac falling from the top of the cell and falling through three tables, into barbed-wire and landmines. Instinct handing the National Title to T-Money. Johnny Keel walking into an explosion inside the maze. Z- Pac and Jericho Cane lying in a trap floor. Triple X emerging from a corner of the maze, super kicking Jericho Cane and costing him the title. Dallas Storm with the CWF World Title around his waist.]]

[[Fade into a sold out Kiel Centre in St Louis, Missouri. Red and blue lasers fly around the ceiling. An amazing display of pyrotechnics go off at the entrance ramp and in the ring. The fans are jacked up and ready for the return of Sunday Night Brawl.]]

TT: Welcome everyone to this special edition of Sunday Night Brawl....from St. Louis, Missouri, its And Justice For Brawl! Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes was a classic event, its going to be talked about for years to come, and tonight we have the fallout from that event! And...wait it looks like we're starting early apparantly....

[["F*ck Off" by Kid Rock blares over the loudspeakers in the arena as the gigantic Turbo-Tron screen begins to play Dallas Storm video with a picture of him winning the world belt, the lights flicker as strobe lights surrund the arena and the camera's slowly pan around looking for Dallas, as through the entrance a ladder comes flying and sliding down the ramp as the world champion steps out with a black leather jacket over a black shirt and black dress pants and the trademark silver Oakley's. Dallas carries the ladder to the ring throwing it in the ring and then bounces off the ropes and asks for the microphone, pratically demanding it as he then struts around the ring to cheers from the crowd, screams from the ladies and absolute explosion from the kids. Dallas: the real role-model, it may not be the scene you think, but he truley is a fan favorite. Storm leans on the ropes with the microphone, pauses at the cheers from the crowd and then slowly...and surely...begins.]]

DALLAS STORM: St. Louis, get on your f*cking feet and bow to your, greatest world champion ever! (cheers as the music continues to blare) Shut the music off...(music shuts off and Dallas mumbles..) damn fools (Dallas continues..) You know, everybody wanted to see the womens delight here tonite, with a mission, a game face, a person ready to go at it and fight. Your determined champion right? Sorry...if you want the old, the past, then go buy a god-damn CWF history video and watch a Triple X long boring interview, long boring reign and a definte long boring career! [half cheers] The crowd is here to simply see a title defense, not a title change from the man of the pinnacle of athleticism, the paragon of charisma, the summit of intelligence and the epitome of greatness. Johnny Keel, you don't have anything except the tattered rags you call clothes, the gap in your gingivitis-ridden teeth, and the ring around your sphincter courtesy of Mango! And what, did you expect any different? I know it's eating away at you that I spent a wild night with a dozen UVA cheerleaders while you spent a wild night with a dozen issues of National Geographic and a jar of Vaseline; I realize pisses you off that I've shown the world how you recycle the same shit time and time again, and that the best rebuttle you can formulate in that pea brain of yours is "uh, you recycle your interviews", when you're all too aware that not only am I the innovator, the originator, the multi-jobber eradicator and have NEVER reused anything EVER, but that you'll be back on later to spout off the exact same whack ass crap again! Damn, that's GOTTA hurt, huh?

[All of the sudden, Dallas is cut off by "Role Model" by Eminem. The crowd rises to it's feet and explodes into cheers as from behind the black curtain steps Eric Covenant. Eric has on his street clothes still. He has on a pair of baggy blue jeans, and white Nike shoes. His top half is covered by a white wife beater and he has the mic in hand and begins to talk after the crowd has finally settled down.]

ERIC COVENANT: St Louis ... make some noise for the IMF! [fans cheer] That's what I thought. Now to this cha ... chump in the ring before me. Dallas Storm, where in the hell do you get off thinking your the best damn CWF Champion ever? I mean for Christ sake, look at the CWF! Are there any Bains? Triple-X's? SPN's? HELL NO! And plus, how'd you get that strap again? In case you forgot, Triple-X and myself won the damn thing for you. And now you come out here runnin' your mouth about how X is fossilized and boring? Look bitch ... you ain't seen boring yet ... and you ain't seen the Insane Mutha Fucka in action yet. But ya know what [by this time Eric is in the ring and Dallas and he are circling each other] your about to find out you piece of...

[[Eric takes the microphone and hits Dallas in the top of the head with it. Eric picks up Dallas and throws him into the ropes, Dallas ducks a clothesline and spears down Eric. Eric gets right back up and the two start throwing stiff fists back and forth.]]

TT: It's pure chaos between these two talented athletes!!

BC: Hey Turnbuckle ... look at the entrance ramp!

TT: That's Jericho Cane!

BC: And from behind him comes Johnny Keel and that's...that's...Darren Keel! That's Johnny Keel's younger brother coming to ringside with him! And they've hit the ring and now Covenant and Storm being forced to team up against the three of them!

TT: And the Young Guns doing a superb job ... and wait ...

[["Divine" by Korn hits the arena and Maniac comes running down and he joins Cane, Keel, and Keel and they clear the ring. Maniac has the Tag Title in hand and nails Covenant in the face with it. As they clear the ring Storm and Covenant walk back, eyeing each other as the scene fades to a commercial]]


TT: Welcome back everybody, and we have already got chaos going down tonight! Johnny Keel's younger brother has shown up...Dallas Storm and Eric Covenant were forced to work as a team for a few seconds....Maniac and Jericho Cane are in the building! Anything can happen tonight!

BC: Tonight is going to be insane! I mean, look at this card....a Titan Tron Match between Instinct and Reno Pike!

TT: Thats going to be a first! But our main event tonight is going to be a classic confrontation! "Mr Aggressive" Dallas Storm defends the CWF World Title against his hated enemy, Johnny Keel in a ladder match!

BC: Well lets get to the damn ring, Teddy!

[[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin in the ring]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest is scheduled for one fall, with Triple Threat rules! Introducing first....the biggest man in sports entertainment....AXE!!

[[The fans stand in awe as the 7 foot monster known as Axe walks out from the back, makes his way down the aisle, and steps over the top rope. He raises an enormous hand into the air and lets out an intense scream.]]

Doc: Second....about to make his way down the aisle....BLAIR DANTE!!

[[The fans show a loud mixed reaction as Blair Dante struts out from the back. He walks to the ring, not taking his eyes off of Axe, and slides under the bottom rope. The ref quickly separates Axe and Dante.]]

Doc: And last.....from Bakersfield, California....EXODUS!!

[[The fans erupt as Exodus storms out of the back with a purpose. He runs down the aisle, slides under the bottom rope, and the three immediately break out into an all out brawl.]]


TT: And here we go! Axe drills Exodus with a double axe-handle to the lower back, and that sends Exodus down! Dante from behind! He clips Axe's knee! Exodus up and he and Dante are brawling! These two have wanted a piece of each other recently!

BC: Yeah, Exodus wants a piece of Z-Pac too! The so-called Mid-Atlantic Champ that has nothing to show for it! Ha!

TT: So-called? He won't the belt fair and square, Blood stole it! Axe to his feet....and SUPER KICK! That was a super kick straight from hell that nearly took Dante's head off!

BC: Thats a 300 pound leg!

TT: Exodus jumps on Axe's back....Axe just flips him over his head....and CHOKESLAM!! He caught him! Axe with a cover! 1...........2.............Dante with the save! Axe and Dante exhanging blows now....Dante with a low blow! And a European Uppercut! Exodus struggling to get to his feet after that chokeslam.....Axe whips Dante to the ropes.......oh! The ref got nailed!

BC: Ahhhhh! Look!


BC: Its the sicko!

TT: ZDT ON EXODUS!!!!! And he clotheslines Axe over the ropes! Dante covers Exodus, the ref is back up! A cover! 1.........................2...............................3!!!!


Doc: Here is your winner........BLAIR DANTE!!

TT: Blair Dante gets the win with an assist from Z-Pac! And wait! SURGE!!! He nails Z- Pac from behind with a chair! Dante up....FACESLAM ON SURGE!!! Z-Pac back up, and he and Dante clear the ring! Dante and Z-Pac working together, and neither Surge nor Exodus look happy about it!

BC: And hey, Eric Covenant is backstage!

[[We cut backstage to see Eric Covenant in his locker room. He is sitting in a chair with his foot propped up. He has a slight cut above his left eye where Maniac hit him with the Tag Team Title. Eric speaks]]

ERIC COVENANT: Let's get a few things clear .. right NOW! Number one, Dallas Storm thinks he's the Flag Bearer of the CWF? More like the Fag Bearer of the CWF. He thinks because I handed him that World Title on a fuckin' silver platter he's some god? Hell, it took the guy how long to win the CWF World Title ... thought so. He proclaimed to be some god in the last era but never got the title and it took a CWF legend to HAND it to him this era ... but he's the best right? Dallas, we may have had to team up to take on Jericho Cane, Johnny and Darren Keel, and Maniac but make no mistake about it ... next time we meet in the ring .. this [points to his foot, and camera pans down to show his foot and pans back to his face.] will be permanently inserted into your ass!

[[Fade back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane]]

TT: So I guess that whole working together thing was only temporary.....

BC: Good observation, numb nuts.

TT: And what the hell is this?!

VOICE: "Rejoice, 'O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the Earth and in the sea, for the Devil has come down in great anger, and he knows he has little time. Revelations 12:12."

[[With that, lightning bolts strike down on both sides of the entranceway and "Break Stuff" starts blaring over the speakers. As the beat picks up, smoke fill the entrance, and a cold, eerie blue light illuminates it as a large silhouette appears in the curtain. The figure emerges, and just as the man is about to show himself, the entire arena once again turns black. A large laser image of a skull appears in the center of the ring, then a monumental smoke cloud begins to fill the sight. The lights blast on with audio of gunshots blaring and 'Too Deadly' Tommy Wilson appears, standing tall in the center of the ring. The crowd screams crazily as they wave their signs of "WELCOME BACK" and "DEADLY CITY LOUIS!". Tommy slowly silences the crowd as he grabs as mic from ringside and begins to speak.]]

TOMMY WILSON: "Good 'ol St.Louis, it's about damn time I returned to the scene of the crime! *crowds roars in support* But tonight ain't about a welcome back party...it's a celebration of accomplishment. It's a celebration for makin' it through 14 F*CKIN' YEARS and STILL comin' out ON TOP! *the crowd adores Wilson and applauds him, hooting and hollering in response to his every word, despite the way he retired yet 6 months ago* In a few weeks, the Deadly-Addicts will be celebratin' again when I bring another damned world title home! But first things first...Tonight, they'll witness the rebirth of a warrior who many believed was gone! Tonight...they'll be the victims of DEADLY DESTRUCTION!"

[[The crowd works into a wild frenzy in support of the hero. Some children are shown in the crowd embracing their parents out of fear of the impending uproar. Wilson begins pacing around the ring as he continues.]]

TOMMY WILSON: "I ain't gonna play their role and make excuses why I ain't gonna win. I'm livin' up to the hype. For weeks, the masses have called me the favorite. For weeks, the fans have let their voices be heard and told the head offices that they wanted "The Fighter"......NOW...the time has come! It's time to climax this 'lil show and all who bear witness the dawning of a NEW era...an era which has been 14 years in the makin'! An era which will be littered with the bodies of my victims and be focused on my enemies! This will be an age of greatness...this will be...THE AGE OF TOMMY..get on your feet you stupid chinks...WILSON!"

[[He begins to strut around the ring and stops..]]

TOMMY WILSON: "I spent hours...and hours...training in Saint-city, but tonite your witnessing another world-wide return live on CWF's...whatever the damned Sunday show name is. I've heard about these greats like Z-z-z-Pac...this ain't now nigger-choir signing..Z-Pac. I can see you run now...*smirks* away from me. You might try to tuck your tail 'n run, but kid, you ain't hidin' from this bloodhound *Tommy points at his chest*. You might as well tell mommy and daddy that their 'lil boy ain't never gonna' be a man, 'cause tonight marks the end of that 'lil Z-Pac, tired ol' shit! *Wilson drops the mic to his side and listens to the crowd applauding, gives a grim smirk, and continues* Z-Pac, don't think for one split second that your curtain yankin' ass is off the hook neither! You can come on TV and bitch and moan all you want, but tonight you're facin' a man of such immense proportions that you won't know what hit ya' when you get smacked, slapped, spanked, then LEVELED with the DEADLY DESTRUCTION! *He takes a breather* I ain't blowin' smoke up your ass, son. I'm lettin' you know that when I come for blood, the fiery pits of hell or the pearly gates of heaven ain't far enough away! Consider this the moment of clearance...you will be CLEARED off ALL bookin' sheets for ALL TIME! *Wilson admires the crowd* I'm marchin' into this ring later on, spittin' a few taunts, throwin' a few punches, then tossin' out some trash! So go back into your locker, grab yourself a 'lil coat and ear muffs...'cause tonight you and and all your little bu-bu-bu-boyfriends are gonna' feel a 'lil COLD.....*long pause*...HEARTED DESTRUCTION!"

[[Tommy lives it up as the crowds stand in approval and chant his name wildly. In support of their hometown hero, the music blares again as Wilson goes from corner to corner, working the crowd and tossing the microphone into the crowd. CWF ring announcer Doc McMartin is not happy that his mic has been thrown away, but CWF officials rush him a new one. Wilson, meanwhile, finally steps over the top rope and ambles out aggressively to the delight of his hometown crowd.]]

TT: Tommy Wilson is in the CWF!

BC: Oh.....my......God....

TT: And it looks like Z-Pac may have a problem on his hands! We have to go to commercial, stay with us!


TT: Welcome back to And Justice For Brawl everyone! We've hardly even started yet and its already pure chaos!

BC: And this next match is gonna be insane! The sicko himself, Z-Pac, the beltless Mid- Atlantic Champ defends against Surge!

TT: These two do not like each other, and they collided just moments ago during the Triple Threat match! Look at the situation surrounding this match.....will Blood get involved? He has the Mid-Atlantic Title...he stole it from Z-Pac! Will Blair Dante or Exodus get involved in this? Its gonna be extremely interesting! And the cage is being lowered, lets ring the bell!

[[Scene fades to Doc McMartin]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special steel cage match, and is for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship! Introducing first, the challenger....about to make his way down the aisle....SURGE!!

[[The fans show an extremely loud mixed reaction as Surge walks out from the back with an intense look in his eyes. He walks through the door of the cage, and pulls on the cage walls to test their sturdiness. Then he awaits the arrival of the champion.]]

Doc: And his opponent...the reigning CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion.....Z- PAC!!

[[The fans erupt as the hardcore legend and Mid-Atlantic Champion emerges from the back. He walks slowly and menacingly to the ring, and climbs to the top of the cage. He stares down at Surge, who tries to provoke him to come down. Z-Pac plays to the crowd, then quickly climbs down the cage and jumps at Surge; the match begins.]]


TT: Z-Pac all over Surge! A whip to the ropes.....back body drop! Surge back to his feet....Z-Pac sends him back down with a clothesline! Surge up again....Z-Pac throws him face first into the cage! And Surge bounces back.....POWERSLAM BY Z-PAC!!

BC: Ahhh! Come on Surge! Put him out of his misery!

TT: Z-Pac pulls him up....Surge with a LOW BLOW! And that slows Z-Pac down! Surge picks him up over his head.....GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Look at the strength of Surge!

BC: Surge....isn't that a soda.....

TT: Surge whips him to the ropes......Z-Pac ducks a clothesline.....SPEAR! Z-Pac drilled him with a spear! The Hardcore Legend to this feet.....he pulls Surge up....and BACKBREAKER! Z-Pac climbing the cage! Surge slowly crawling over to stop him....Z- Pac is on top of the cage and he's got this thing won....wait a minute.....BLOOD!!!!

BC: Hahaha!

TT: Blood climbing the cage and he meets Z-Pac at the top....HE NAILS Z-PAC WITH THE TITLE! He nailed Z-Pac right in the head with his own Mid-Atlantic Title! And Z- Pac falls off the top of the cage and....OH! He's stradling the top rope!

BC: Hahaha! No mini-sicko's in CWF's future!


BC: Ahhhhhhhhh!

TT: Dante from behind Blood....FACESLAM ON THE FLOOR!! And Blood is out! Dante grabs the Mid-Atlantic Title and Surge is climbing up the cage, Z-Pac is hurt.....Dante meets him up there....AND HE NAILS HIM WITH THE TITLE! Dante returned the favor for Z-Pac! And look! EXODUS!!!!

BC: Ha! Its not over yet!

TT: Exodus enters the cage through the door! Dante climbs down and he and Exodus going at it tooth and nail! Z-Pac slowly beginning to climb the cage....Surge climbing as well! They're both at the top and their exchanging blows! Z-Pac with a.....ZDT!! ZDT OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!!!!

BC: OH MY GOD!!!!!

TT: Surge is out! Dante and Exodus are tearing each other apart! Z-Pac grabs the Mid- Atlantic Title off the mat! And he crawls to the door! HE'S OUT!!


Doc: Here is your winner.....and STILL CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion....Z-PAC!!

TT: Z-Pac wins the match and he got his title back! But he's getting back in the cage with a chair and he and Dante are doing a number on Exodus! WHAM! Z-Pac smashed the chair into Exodus' head! And Z-Pac and Dante embrace!

BC: Okay don't we have a commercial to go to or something.....

TT: No! And we have something going on backstage!

[[The scene cuts to the back. Darren Keel and Johnny Keel are seen in the back talking, obviously confidential as they are whispering some stuff. Johnny then walks back and gets a drink of water as Darren sits on the bench and then tells Johnny something like: "we can do this, this will have no problems what-so-ever." Johnny nods and takes a drink as he does, we see a black blur and then see Johnny fall. It's Dallas Storm with a baseball bat! He cracked Johnny in the back of the head! He takes off his Oakley's and begins yelling "You wait until tonite, main event, ladder match, you vaseline rubbing ass is gonna fall one last time". The camera's then show Darren leaving the locker room?!? As Dallas hits him multiple times with the bat as the officials hold him back...]]


BC: Yeah! Hahaha!

TT: Dallas Storm could have ended Keel's career and Keel's brother just walked out on him!

BC: I know! Great isn't it?!

TT: Its dispicable!

BC: I know! I love it!

TT: Well this next match is gonna be good! "IMF" Eric Covenant takes on Tyker Douglas! Both men making their in-ring debuts! Lets hit the ring!

[[Scene cuts to Doc McMartin]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first.....making his CWF debut....TYKER DOUGLAS!!

[[The fans show a mixed reaction as Tyker Douglas walks out from the back. He walks to the ring with a purpose, and hops over the top rope.]]

Doc: And his opponent....about to make his way down the aisle......"IMF" ERIC COVENANT!!

[["Role Model" by Eminem kicks in and on the Xamin-Tron we can see some footage of Eric beating down some people on streets, and from Supercard III, and clips of his promos earlier in the week and tonight. Clips of him are just shown and flashed across with the letters IMF fading in and out. The fans pop huge as Eric walks out from behind the curtain. He has on black tights with "IMF" in gold down both pant legs. He has no shirt on, and black boots with gold strings and gold bottoms. He steps through the ropes and as he does Tyker immediately begins to pound him]]


TT: Douglas wasting no time! He whips Covenant to the ropes....Covenant ducks a clothesline....HIGH CROSS BODY! IMF pulls him up.....and throws him over the top rope ONTO THE RING STEPS!

BC: Hey that was a good amateur move!

TT: That was uncalled for! IMF to the top rope...MOONSAULT ONTO THE FLOOR!

BC: We may have found someone sicker than Z-Pac! This man is insane!

TT: Covenant pulls him up....and whips him into the guardrail! He charges at him....Douglas moves! Covenant goes flying over the guardrail and into the crowd! Douglas pulls him back over and smashes his head into the ring post!

BC: Disqualify him!

TT: Douglas rolls him back into the ring....and wait a minute....DALLAS STORM! The CWF World Champion is walking down the aisle....and it looks like he's coming over here!

BC: Get a headset for the flag-bearer!

Storm: What the hell is this? Who booked this crap? You're boring everyone to death!

TT: What are you doing out here?!

Storm: Shut the hell up, you little geek! I want a better look at this Eric Covenant putz.....

TT: Douglas off the top....SUNSET FLIP! No! Covenant got him in mid- air....POWERBOMB! Holy hell, Tyker Douglas is gonna have to be scraped off the mat! A cover! 1.................2...........KICKOUT!

BC: What?!

Storm: If that was Dallas Storm in the ring. Douglas would have been finished off a long time ago....

TT: Wait a minute, Covenant just saw Storm sitting here! Douglas from behind.....DDT! And Covenant goes down! Wait a minute! Douglas just flipped off Storm! And Storm is on the apron exchanging words with Douglas! The ref distracted by Storm.....Covenant from behind......there it is! THE HANGOVER!! He nailed Douglas with it! The ref turns around! 1...................2.......................3!!!!!


Doc: Here is your winner......"IMF" ERIC COVENANT!!

TT: Dallas Storm inadvertantly gave Eric Covenant the victory! And Storm grabs his World Title and leaves...Covenant and Storm staring each other down!

BC: Hold on, something's happening in the back again!

[[Cut to the backstage area.]]

VOICE: F*cking b*tch...

[[The sounds of a voice, maybe previously heard has been said. We then hear a loud CRASH a door comes flying at you, appearing to about to come through your screen but it doesn't. In fact standing there with a crow bar is none other them Tommy Wilson. He then begins storming throughout the halls.]]

TT: Tommy Wilson is on a rampage! We'll be right back!


TT: Well ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for hour two of this special edition of Sunday Night Brawl! The first hour was crazy, and the second hour looks to be that much crazier...

BC: The titan tron match! Someone's gonna get killed and you're watching it live! Ha!

TT: Wait a minute.....

[[The camera suddenly cuts backstage again, and we again see Wilson, still wielding the crowbar, but this time it's soaked in blood. Tommy can be overheard screaming obscenities at stage hands. Tommy then notices one particular stage member enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the Brawl action on a small monitor in one of the arena's many backstage lounges. Tommy walks up behind him, never allowing the stage hand to see who he is, and initiates a conversation.]]

TOMMY WILSON: "Good action huh?"

[[The crew member nods, never taking his eyes off the set.]]

TOMMY WILSON: "Who's your favorite wrestler?"

[[The crew member ansewars again focusing on the television]]

CREW MEMBER: "Maybe..um...Dallas Storm?"

TOMMY WILSON: "And second..."

CREW MEMBER: "Maybe...umm....Z- Pac...he's a funny guy"

TOMMY WILSON: "What about the new guy? Tommy Wilson?"

CREW MEMBER: "Maybe 10 years ago in Japan! He came into the world wrestling scene and bombed..."


[[Tommy suddenly levels him with a monstrous backhand, which sends the crew member reeling. The stage hand collides with the table the monitor is on, breaking it and shattering the screen. The man falls to the floor and tries to scamper away, but Wilson grabs him by the ankle and drags him back. A shot of the crew member's face shows him crying and scratching to crawl ahead, but to no avail. Tommy reels him in like a trout and then hits him with successive knees to the spine, almost crippling the man. Tommy then lifts the scrawny stage hand and DDTs him onto the monitor, slamming his face into the top of the machine. Tommy mercilessly lifts the stage hand again and powerslams him through the remains of the coffee table, then brushes off assisting stage hands with a few backhands and kicks. Wilson spits on the stage hand and take a cup of coffee off a nearby utility box, taking a sip. He then comments on it.]]

TOMMY WILSON: "Mmm, needs more sugar..and it's a 'lil hot for my taste."

[[Wilson slowly spills the hot coffee onto the fallen crew member and laughs as he walks off back into the hollows of the arena. Meanwhile, the camera cuts back to ringside for the next match.]]

TT: Tommy Wilson is a madman.....someone needs to stop that guy before he seriously hurts somebody!

BC: Yeah well I'm not gonna try and stop him, what about you?

TT: Hell no, I'm sitting right here! Lets get to the....um.....titan tron for the next match!

[[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special titan tron match! In order to win, you must throw your opponent off the titan tron, and through three tables set up below! Introducing first......one half of Anarchy Enterprises.....RENO PIKE!!

[[The fans cheer as Reno Pike walks out from the back and climbs to the top of the titan tron. As he gets to the top, you can see the look of concern on his face. Knowing that he has a choice...either throw his opponent off...or have his opponent throw him off.]]

Doc: And his opponent....making his CWF in-ring debut......INSTINCT!!

[[The fans erupt as the lights go out and a spotlight hits the rafters. There stands Instinct, with a vulture on his shoulder. For a moment, he just stands there, and stares at Reno Pike. He puts the vulture down, and descends from the rafters on a cord. He lands on the titan tron.]]


TT: Here we go, the first ever titan tron match! These guys have to be careful they don't trip up there! Pike starts delivering huge right hands! Instinct fires back! Pike has a lead pipe! And WHAM! Right into Instincts left knee!

BC: Jump! Jump! Jump!

TT: Will you stop it? Pike again driving that lead pipe into the knee of Instinct! He pulls him up....PILEDRIVER! My God they're lucky they didn't fall off right there! Pike stomping on Instinct like a madman! Pike pulls him up....and Instinct fights back with shots to the mid-section! The crowd getting behind their painted hero....

BC: Their painted hero? Okay that gimmick is only 5 years old....

TT: Instinct with a REVERSE DDT! And Reno Pike's head bounced off the titan tron! Instinct pulls him up....he's gonna throw him off! No....he's gonna powerbomb him off! Oh my God!




Doc: Here is your winner............INSTINCT!!

TT: Instinct gets the win, but the bigger story is, Reno just fell off the titan tron! Is he alright?!

BC: Doesn't look like it....

TT: Reno Pike is broken in half! And here come the EMT's! Reno Pike is being taken away on a stretcher, and he's trying to get off the damn stretcher! Pike wants to walk out on his own two feet, but the EMT's are smart about it and hold the man down! And what the hell is going on backstage now?!

[[The camera's cut to the back as Tommy Wilson just sets the crow bar down. Suddenly, Z-Pac comes running through the door of the office, his hands wrapped with brass knuckles, and a battle ensues. Z-Pac spins Wilson around so that they're facing each other and yells.]]


[[Z-Pac smokes Wilson across the jaw with a loaded right hand and the two begin to brawl. The fight ends up in dead heat, with neither man taking any advantage. Suddenly Z- Pac remembers that Tommy's legs are his weak point, as he's had three surgeries on his knees, and he hammers the right knee with the knuckles. Wilson falls on the ground as Z- Pac nails the Z-D-T on Wilson. Officials swarm the scene as we fade back to ringside.]]

TT: Z-Pac just got himself a piece of Tommy Wilson! And you can bet your ass that one is far from over!

BC: That man needs to be taken away in a strait-jacket! He's sick I tell you, sick!

TT: Well lets get to the ring for the National Title match!

[[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF National Title! Introducing first the challenger.....making his CWF debut.....FOX FEDNEL!!

[[The fans show a very loud mixed reaction as Fox Fednel walks out from the back. He walks to the ring and steps through the ropes, striking a pose for the crowd, who get even louder.]]

Doc: And his opponent....the reigning CWF National Champion......T- MONEY!!

[[The fans erupt as T-Money makes his way out the back with the CWF National Title on his shoulder. He strides arrogantly to the ring, and stands on the second turnbuckle, showing off the title. The ref takes the belt from him, and hands it to Doc McMartin outside the ring.]]


TT: And here we go....they lock up....Money backs him into the corner....clean break....no! Money with a reverse knife edge chop! And another! He whips Fednel to the opposite corner and charges....Fednel gets his boot up! Fednel to the second turnbuckle....DDT! And Money goes down!

BC: I think he hand Money by the hair....

TT: Give it a rest! Fednel laying the boot leather to Money now! Swift kicks to the face, and he pulls Money up.......and whips him to the ropes......SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Fednel with a cover! 1......................2..................KICKOUT! Fednel locking on a figure four now!

BC: Come on! Break it off, ref!

TT: Money isn't even in the ropes, you idiot! Money fighting it! He's gonna quit, he has to or his legs are gonna break! Look at this! Money using all his strength and he's reversing it! Can he do it? Yes! Money reversed it and Fednel scrambles to the ropes!

BC: Damnit! I think Fednel quit....

TT: He did not! Both men to their feet now...Money with a big right hand....a whip to the ropes.....SAMOAN DROP! Money to the top rope! No! Fednel caught him...and a POWERSLAM OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

BC: Ahhhhhh!

TT: Fednel to the top now! FLYING ELBOW DROP! And a cover! 1.............................2................................wait Money's, foot is on the ropes!...........3!!!!


Doc: Here is your winner......and NEW CWF National Champion.....FOX FEDNEL!!

TT: The ref never saw Money's foot on the ropes, and T-Money has been screwed! Money arguing with the ref, but he won't buy it! Money is leaving and he is pissed off beyond belief! Wait a minute, whats this?!

[[The lights go out, and the arena is filled with a blue mist. A countdown begins on the Xamin-Tron. The fans count down from ten. When the clock hits zero, fake snow shoots out at the entrance ramp and falls from the ceiling. From the back walks Freeze! He walks to the ring with a mic, and stares at Fox Fednel.]]

FREEZE: Hold up there, big man! Now that win right there has just elevated you from a talentless hack working dark matches, to an actual contendor...a champion. You hold the National Title....a title I once wore with pride. And seeing you with that title....well....IT MAKES ME SICK! You and me, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, the National Title on the line!

TT: Whooooaaa!! Freeze wants Fednel right here, right now! Fednel has just been in a fight with T-Money! Is he gonna except?

[[Fox Fednel looks to the crowd, who stand on their feet urging him to accept. Fednel grabs the mic from Freeze.]]


[[The fans go crazy!]]


TT: Whoa! Freeze vs Fox Fednel right now for the National Title! Fednel whips him to the ropes.....Freeze ducks a clothesline....FACESLAM! And keep in mind, Fednel is already worn out from the match he just finished with T-Money! Freeze to the ropes....FREEZE-SAULT! And he pulls Fednel up....

BC: Haha!

TT: FREEZER!! He nailed him! 1.........................2..............................3!!!!!!!!

BC: Ha!!!


Doc: Here is your winner......and NEW CWF National Champion......FREEZE!!

TT: He did it! He's been back for a mere two minutes and Freeze is already the National Champion! And here comes T-Money, he's irrate! Money from behind Freeze.......MONEY MAKER!! Money sets up Fednel......MONEY SPENDER!!! And he holds up the National Title! Oh come on! He just threw it at Freeze and spat on it!

BC: Money should still be the champ!

TT: Folks, we are told that someone has just arrived...

BC: Yes, we've just been notified, the 5 Time CWF World Champion, Triple-X himself arrived in the building a few short minutes ago and he is standing by backstage with Roy Dale!

[[Scene cuts to the back outside of Triple-X's locker room. On the door it reads X X X in red letters with a black background. Roy Dale is outside with a microphone and the door swings open and out steps the 5 Time CWF Champ, Triple-X. He is wearing black shorts with three lines down each side and no shirt on. He has black lowtop boots on and black oakley sunglasses. He snatches the microphone and speaks.]]

TRIPLE X: Here I am again on Brawl. Never thought I'd say that again but since the IWA has closed it looks like you might have to deal with the single greatest CWF wrestler ever. The 5 Time World Champion ... and the biggest mark in the biz.

ROY DALE: So your saying your returning to the C..

TRIPLE X: Look Ray Dole, do me a favor...

ROY DALE: It's Roy .. and uh ... sure...

TRIPLE X: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Now, like I was saying, CWF you may have to prove that to be the mark, you've got to beat the mark .. a little cliche' but it fits. The IWA has closed, and yes I won their coveted title, so I've basically accomplished everything in the wrestling world. So is it time to hang up the tights and boots? Well you'll all find out soon enough. Because it's snot nosed peons who run their mouth about damn icons and hero's around here that get under my skin. Dallas Storm .... it's gone to your head ... Eric Covenant it's starting to go to your head. All you young guns think that you can slap on the Icon moniker and automatically you win every god damn match? It doesn't work like that ... because while you half- witted piss ants claim to be Icons ... I don't claim to be anything. No, no, no ... I am called a Legend. Not by myself, but by the entire wrestling world. And if you youngsters wanna earn some fame by challenging me ... don't try it because you'll only look like a complete and utter ass when it's over with.

ROY DALE: So what's your comment on Dallas Storm and Eric Covenant. They seem to be enemies but it looks like a double cross?

TRIPLE X: Look Ray ... Roy .. who cares ... do me another favor will ya'? Of course you will. Take the X's glasses and shut the hell up.

[[XXX takes his glasses off and puts them on Roy. XXX's eyes are as fired up as ever.]]

TRIPLE X: Dallas? Eric? A Team? Enemies? All I can say is .... only the mature survive ...

[[Scene cuts back to Teddy and Bobby]]

TT: Only the mature survive? What is Triple-X talking about?

BC: He always has a plan ... that's why he's the greatest ever ...

TT: We have to take our final commercial break! Stay with us, the main event is next!


TT: Welcome back, and its time for the main event! Lets hit the ring!

[[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin.]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event! It is a special ladder match, and is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger! He is the current CWF Unified Champion....and the number one contendor for the CWF World Title....JOHNNY KEEL!!

[[The fans erupt as Johnny Keel storms out of the back with a bandage on his head from Dallas Storm's attack earlier tonight. He steps through the ropes, stands on the second turnbuckle, and raises his arms to a huge pop.]]

Doc: And his opponent.....the reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion....the self- proclaimed "Flag Bearer" of the CWF....."MR AGGRESSIVE" DALLAS STORM!!

[[Keel is in the ring awaiting his opponent as the lights flicker and "F*ck Off!" by Kid Rock begins to play and from the tunnel steps Dallas Storm, he has a bandanna covering the top and tied in the back, black leather with the words "Aggressive" on the front, he has a t-shirt with Dallas Storm's face on the front and on the back saying "Infallable...Indespnseable...Incredible...and simply..Irresistable" he also is wearing his trademark black tights with his face and some lightening effects on the sides. Storm steps to the ladder and then slings it over his shoulder and sets it in the ring, Keel runs in trying a baseball slide, but Storm ducks and the ladder crashes to the outside as Storm laughs and then pulls THREE ladders out from under the ring tossing them in the ring, and then takes the other setting it diagnally against the steel steps. Dallas then looks at his title hung above, and blows a kiss at it as Keel then comes to the outside and they begin brawling...]]


TT: Keel jumps Storm unexpectedly! Storm and Keel going at it tooth and nail! Keel whips him into the guardrail! And now into the ring apron! Keel on the offensive here, and piston like right hands into the face of Dallas Storm!

BC: Storm fighting back now! Ha!

TT: Storm boots him in the gut.....REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Storm looking for a weapon now, remember this is a ladder match, no DQ! The champion, looking under the ring...and he pulls out a fire extinguisher! Keel back to his feet and he's running at Storm....Storm sprays the fire extinguisher into Keel's face! Keel blinded....Storm with a gutwrench suplex!

BC: Yeah! Storm has a steel chair now, and he's looking to hurt Johnny Keel! WHAM! Right into Keel's back!

TT: Storm stomping on Keel like there's no tomorrow! Storm throws Keel into the ring......and he's trying to climb the ladder early! Keel crawls over....and pushes the ladder over! Oh! Storm stradling the top rope! And Keel is shaking the ropes! Storm better not be planning on having kids!

BC: Hey! Come on ref! Keel whips him to the ropes.....THESZ PRESS! And Keel is unloading on the CWF's Flag-Bearer!

TT: Keel picks up the ladder.....and DRIVES it into Dallas Storm's back! Keel now climbing the ladder and he has the World Title on his mind here tonight! Keel inching his way up....Storm goes up on the other side! And they are brawling on top of the ladder! Oh! The ladder toppled over! And both go crashing to the mat!

BC: Come on, Dallas!

TT: Storm to his feet first....and he pulls Keel up.....DDT ONTO THE LADDER! My God Keel is busted open! Storm setting up the ladder....and he climbs half way up....FROG SPLASH OFF THE LADDER! But it looks like Storm landed on his knee awkwardly there!

BC: Nope, Storm is a fighter and he's getting to his feet!

TT: Storm is limping though.....

BC: Storm now, in control as he throws Keel in the ropes, Storm runs at him and drops with a drop toe hold sending Keel neck first on the top rope!

TT: Keel is straddled on that top rope! Storm runs in and spears the legs of Keel! Keel drops to the mat as Dallas is outside of the ring!

BC: Dallas pulls out a..a..a

TT: A STACK OF TABLES! Dallas rolls in the ring and throws Keel to the ropes, Dallas then back drops Keel on the non-set up stack of 15 tables! Keel is out cold!

BC: Come on, Dallas! Here's your chance! Climb, baby, climb!

TT: No look! Storm did twist his knee earlier, and he can't climb the ladder! Storm using the ropes for leverage.....he gets to his feet! Keel slowly to his feet....Storm inching his way up the ladder! Keel quickly in and pushes the ladder....SENDING STORM TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!

BC: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

TT: Keel is picking up Storm and hooks him to suplex him on the floor!

BC: Keel goes for it!

TT: BLOCKED BY STORM, Dallas then reverses it suplexing Keel into the crowd! Dallas slowly walks over the safety rails and then...


TT: Keel's head must be stuck!

BC: Ha! Mr Aggressive is kicking ass!

TT: Storm throws him back over the guardrail! Storm climbs back over and whips Keel into the ring steps....no! Keel reverses! And he's re-entering the ring and climbing the ladder!

BC: Keel is climbing the ladder, he is almost there! Half-way..wait..wait! DARREN KEEL! DARREN KEEL!

TT: Darren Keel is in the ring, he grabs a near-by chair and...HE JUST TRADED ON HIS BROTHER! He just crushed Johnny Keel with the chair as Johnny slumps off the ladder! Darren has officialy traded on his own brotehr in his CWF debut!

BC: Dallas is getting up and climbing...but Johnny is up, he's not going to stay down, this is what he always wanted and KEEL BUSTER! Darren is out as Keel climbs the opposite side of the ladder and he and Dallas...punch, punch, punch there brawling and Keel PUSHES OFF DALLAS! Johnny is going to win tonight!

[[Eric Covenant is shown running from the tunnel, he has a chair in his hands and then slides into the ring rocking Keel with anotehr shot, he then sets the chair down and DDT's Keel onto the chair!]]

TT: Keel has been screwed again! Dallas...NO! No! Get a ref! this can't be happening! No!

BC: DALLAS IS STILL CHAMPION! DALLAS IS STILL CHAMPION! He is tired, leaning over the ladder as wait...

[[From the back "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica plays and Triple X comes out to a thunderous pop. One of the loudest of the night. He comes out with his attire on from earlier except he has a black plastic trash bag in his hand. He gets in the ring and looks at Darren, Dallas, and Eric. The crowd waits in anticipation walks over and hugs the four guys and they all slap hands as the crowd is still in shock. Triple X asks for a mic.]]

TRIPLE X: Before the Master of the Highlight Reel says anything ... I always wanted to do this ... HERE IS YOUR WINNER ... AND STILLLLLLL CWF WORLD CHAMPION, DAAAALAAAAASS STOOOOOOOOOOORM!!!!!

[[XXX laughs and tosses the microphone to Dallas.]]

DALLAS STORM: (breathing heavily) To be holding this belt, is a definite pride, as I show CWF how incredible I truly am...(pauses)...to work with Triple X, the legend is simply amazing, 5 god-damn CWF awards is alot and your simply f*cked up if you say he sucks. Covenant and I are simply rookies, but we truly are the future, and Darren...unlike his..unlucky brother Darren you (points at him) are on my side. So the ride, begins on the wild-side.

[[Triple X then pulls out four t-shirts, he throws them to the boys as they put them on revealing a black t-shirt with dark navy lining on the center is the MAO logo and on the back says Mature Adults Only!]]


BC: Yes! The best group has re-formed!

TT: Reformed these guys aren't..

BC: These guys are much better an...

[[As the celebration in the ring continues, out from behind the entrance curtain, CWF President, Maniac steps out. He has a small smirk on his face. The others in the ring take notice and now all eyes are Maniac]]

TT: Its Maniac! What's he doing out here? He has a smile on his face and he seems amused by this!

[[Maniac just stands there, with his arms folded across his chest. He looks at the men in the ring and then back over his shoulder a bit. out from behind Maniac walks ...FOX KORCHEV!]]

[[Korchev strolls out from behind the curtain, wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt with black boots. He has a strong look on his face, as he stands right beside Maniac. Maniac looks at Korchev now standing on his right side, but Korchev does not return the look. The smirk is now even bigger on Maniac's face, as he slowly turns his head to the men in the ring. Korchev holds his right fist into his left hand ... as the crowd is going completely nuts.]]

TT: OH MY GOD, FOX KORCHEV IS HERE?!? KORCHEV AND MANIAC....TOGETHER?!?! We're out of time, see ya next week!

[[Scene fades to black.]] 1