"This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide"
"You don't know the chances. What if I should die?"
"A place inside my brain, another kind of pain"
"You don't know the chances. I'm so blind..."
[The sounds of Blind? by KoRn begins to play as the entrance to Brawl begins with a flashback, showing Dallas Storm, Triple X, Eric Covenant and Keel embracing in a hug as MaO is formed. But the interruption, and a full-fledged shot at the newest CWF superstar Fox Korchev is seen, behind his face fading through are other images of Brawl such as: Freeze winning the National championship, Z-Pac and Blair Dante embracing, Tommy Wilson and Z-Pac battling, and so much more from the week before.]

VOICE: And you thought that was good... wait and see... a little more... of the revolution...


[The camera's cut to the show, the Market Squared Arena is PUMPED and CRAZED for this show as the signs pop in the air at the fireworks pumping into the air. The crowd looks around as the spotlights focus on the tunnel, as the Brawl set hits more fireworks as "F*ck Off" by Kid Rock begins to blast through the air. As the gigantic Classic-Tron screen begins to play MAO's entrance video, flashing images of the members of the group and various logos. The lights flicker back on as Dallas Storm, Triple X and Eric Covenant step through the stage curtain. The women in the arena go skitzo when they notice that the three MAO members are nude from the waist up, Indiana Pacers jerseys draped around their waists like towels. Mature Adults Only make pace toward ringside, flipping a bunch of fans off and making "jack off" gestures to various women while they walk down the ramp. A close-up camera angle of the jerseys the members are wearing shows that they look filthy and dirty, as if someone just had an orgy on a bed with the jersey as bed sheets. The three continue to the ring, making sure their jerseys don't fall off, and stand in the center of the ring. They request microphones as their gleeful expressions are replaced by serious looks. The three peer down at the mat with their hands clasped in front of them and wait until the fans quiet down, then Eric Covenant speaks.]

ERIC COVENANT: Ladies and gentlemen, would all you please rise for the singing of the American national anthem "Stars Spangled Banner", in celebration of the three amazingly talented men from across the border, whom we will be matching skills with tonight...*crowd is silent*...Puke-eh-wanna *crowd explodes with booes*.

[The crowd watches as the three surrond the ring holding one arm up they then begin..]

MATURE ADULTS ONLY: Oh..God...why is it be...that the Pacers suck that baaaad? They can't defeat the GAY-tors..and I rather see Johnny Keel in the riiiiinng. 'Cause I'd bomb them to the skiiiii... *pause*

DALLAS STORM: F*CK THIS SH*T let's get it on!

[MAO rip off their jerseys and stand in attention with their hands covering their "areas"]

Bobby Crane: Their for surely standing in attention!

[The three degenerate members of MAO proceed to lay down flat on the Indiana Pacers jersey and start humping them...buck naked! The ranting and raving of the members of MAO is interrupted by the sound of "Double Talkin' Jive" by Guns n' Roses. The members of MAO all stand there in the ring with a look of both surprise and astonishment that someone would dare interrupt their moment. Fox Korchev walks out from behind the curtain wearing all black ... black sweat pants, black boots, black muscle shirt and a bottle of water. With microphone in hand, Korchev stands at the top of the entrance ramp and receives a mixture of cheers and boos (more cheers than boos, please). The reaction of the crowd hardly phases him. He takes a swig from his bottled water and then brings the microphone to his lips as his music fades hard. ]

FOX KORCHEV: Well, from the looks of things, it would appear that you cats have everything in check. But I wouldn't count on that just yet, fellas. I've been saying it all week, that I'm gonna take what should be mine ... and that would be that World Heavyweight Title

[ Korchev begins to pace the top of the ramp as the fans begin to get a bit more pumped. ]

FOX KORCHEV: Now, this little group of twits you have assembled looks all good on paper, Storm, but the truth to that matter is ... well, you all really suck! *major cheers* Without getting too much into detail about the biggest title in the biz, let me say this ... I'm not a hired gun of Maniacs. I'm not here to bring order to the CWF ... granted, it could use some ... I'm here for one thing and one thing only. That's to beat your ass, Storm, and take away from you what you clearly do not deserve..

[ Fans get off on this, as just then, 'Turn the Page' by Metallica blasts the speakers of the arena as CWF President, Maniac steps through the curtain drop and onto the entrance ramp. He is followed by Jeff Jericho, as the 2 men look at Korchev, smile at him, and then focus all their attention to the members of MAO in the ring. ]

MANIAC: Blah..blah...f*ckin' blah! I've never seen such losers in the ring standing buck naked since I walked in on Storm's mom and his dog. *cheers* Shut the f*ck up *crowd quiets* Starting with you, Dallas, tonite your going to be fighting *laughs* NO, not us, your going to be fighting TRIPLE X! Here tonite, you two better fight for your world belt Storm. Second of all, Covenant...*Eric watches hand over his assets still* you and Fox Korchev will be fighting with JEFF JERICHO as referree...

Teddy Turnbuckle: My GOD! My GOD! The tables are turned! MAO will not be alive walking out of this arena.

BC: Well Maniac and Jericho are leaving and...*pause* I...I can't believe how PACKED this crowd is on a Sunday night to see me!

TT: There's no doubt in my mind, Bobby, they are NOT cheering for you.

BC: Of course they are!

TT: Ehh....okay...anyways ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sunday Night Brawl, we got ao many titles on the line here tonite, I can't count 'em, but the headliner for the NATIONAL title it is Fox Fednel, who actually won the belt last week, held it for 10 minutes and the newest CWF star, FREEZE the champion now...

BC: The bottom line is both of these guys are fighting, in a major lack-luster main event, I'd rather be in a storm.

TT: Well...*Blind? by KoRn once again plays as spotlights begin to point upwards as a steel cage begins dropping very slowly to the ring* After this commercial break gentlemen, we are...we're going to see that hell in a cell match!


[The scene opens back showing TRIPLE X and DALLAS STORM they are chatting as Dallas has pants on now and Triple X with shorts, Dallas straps the belt over his shoulder and goes to shake Triple X's hand, but X-X-X shoves Dallas back with one hand as Dallas shakes his head and then gets in X-X-X's face, both men begin shoving and Storm drops his belt and grabs X-X-X by his hair and tries to throw him in the wall, but is blocked as Storm is thrown back. Eric Covenant steps out of a public bathroom and runs in through the circle of crowd which are watching this and pulls them apart as Dallas and Triple X leave opposite ways as the camera's go to the ring]


DOC: Ladies and gentlemen introducing first, he is a former world champion, former unified champion and a for sure legend of Classic Wrestling Federation...ladies and gentlemen: Jimmy Blast!

[Jimmy Blast makes his way to the ring and steps through the door as he then stretches in his corner as the lights go out and 'Heaven and Hell' by Black Sabbath begins to play and the lights go out, a voice is heard over the arena]

TOMMY WILSON Don't laugh, he is truly that old...*the crowd goes nuts as Tommy steps through the curtains* Yes it is it, the Deadly One showing up not one...not two...but three people here tonite on my way to winning the Unified title, the exact next week...*grabs the fencing on the cell* Hard steel baby, now that's deadly. *Tommy throws the microphone and goes into the ring...*

DOC: And their opponent, the 7-foot tall machine, they call him....AXE!

[Axe makes his way into the ring, as he lifts his arm, and wrapping his finger tips on the top of the cell. The announcer: Doc, then announces the other opponent. Rookie..'Rollar Coaster' Chris Kelly!]

BC: These four guys are surronded by a cage, reminds me of your mom in the zoo..Teddy...

TT: What a amazing bash at me, Bobby.

BC: That's my goal: Anyways, all four men are pairing up as Tommy goes at Axe, but Axe simply throws Tommy all the way across the ring!

TT: Meanwhile, Blast and Keely are matching up with fists, lefts, rights, lefts, rights, lefts, rights...my god I'm dizzy! Blast throws Kelly into the ropes and nails a short-arm stiff clothesline! Blast throws Kelly into the corner as Blast runs in with a elbow in the chest of Kelly! Blast now sets Kelly onto the top turnbuckle and...WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Blast grabs Kelly by the hair and smashes his head into the cage! Kelly is bleeding from above his eye already my god! First thing on Brawl here tonite!

BC: Wait..Axe from behind CHOKESLAM on Blast! Jimmy Blast is out-cold in the middle of the ring holding the back of his neck. Tommy Wilson is up and pulls Axe around, punch...Axe stumbles...that damn boat!

TT: That damn boat isn't going down! The fourth punch by Wilson, and now Tommy runs into the opposite ropes, jumps...forearm! Axe doesn't fall, he's stumbled into the corner. Kelly turns Wilson around and elbows him in the face...Tommy falls onto Axe in the corner, Kelly runs in..flip...moonsault splash! Both Axe and Tommy Wilson fall onto the ring. Blast is up and turns Kelly as both men begin to brawl in the middle of the ring, Blast slings Kelly into the ropes and lifts him in the air with a eletric chair manuever! Jimmy Blast on his feet as Axe grabs him and tosses Blast ALL the way across the ring and into the cage!

BC: Axe...this guy reminds me of my C*BEEP*K big and fat...


TT: My God! Tommy ran into Axe, but Axe caught him by the throat and lifted him through the cage! Tommy Wilson is over these three competitors as Blast ducks a clothesline by Kelly and Axe grabs him with a piledriver! One....two...THREE! Kelly is gone! Axe and Blast exchange punches as Blast then jumps with a jab knocking Axe to the ground. Jimmy Blast stumbles to the ropes and bounces off running in with a leg-drop! MY GOD! I can't belive this match!

BC: Tommy Wilson is lying on the cage, he is out!

TT: Blast now wraps his legs around Axe and puts on a figure four...wait...Wilson is pulling some wire from the cage roof that is broken..he's wrapping it around his hand...my god..what is he going to do...HE JUMPED THROUGH THE HOLE WITH A PUNCH IN AXE'S FACE! Axe is cut open, the referree just called for the bell and Axe is gone!

BC: Wilson is leaving the cage roof again, he's on the floor...as Blast gets to his feet...Tommy is throwing chairs....bars....cookie plates...my god that's your mom Teddy!

TT: HaHa...this match is getting hardcore to tha bone! Blast is on his feet as Wilson has a chair and WHAM! Blast is nailed with a chair! He's getting back up...he's bleeding above his eye..

BC: That's old red stuff baby!

TT: Blast..WHAM! He's not going down, he continues to crawl up, he has Wilson's shoulder pulling himself up...WHAM! Not again! Blast isn't going down, he's up he has Wilson's head...Blast has Wilson, and tries to lift Wilson into the air...but nothing! Absolutely no power, Wilson gets back on his feet and...JUVI DRIVER onto a chair! Tommy Wilson crawls to the corner and grabs a table by his hands, he sets it up and picks up a knocked out Blast, hooks him body-to-body, but wait...MY GOD! Blast reverses it and sends Tommy Wilson head first through the table!

BC: My god their both busted wide open...Tommy Wilson has blood pouring onto his chest, I can't see his face, as Blast has a nose bleed but welts on his back. Or are those warts?

TT: Tommy is up and Blast meets him with two punches to the jaw and then lifts him over his shoulder and piledriver onto a chair! Tommy Wilson is outcold, Blast lifts him and throws him into the ropes Blast lifts him but Wilson grabs the hole of the cage, Blast is kicked in the face and stumbles back as Wilson nails a frankenstiener..MY GOD! ONE! MY GOD! TWO! MY GOD! THRRREEEEEEEE!

DOC: Your winner, and neeww number one contendar for the CLassic Wrestling Federation's Unified Title..Too Deadly Tommmmyyy Willlsssonn!

TT: I can't believe the youngster did it! I can't believe..from my wildest dreams...Tommy Wilson defeats Jimmy Blast! And tonite...Triple X vs Dallas Storm..Eric Covenant vs Fox Korchev with a special twis...

[The cameras cut to the back locker room area. The Doc walks up to a dressing room door that is marked with the name "FOX KORCHEV". The Doc knocks on the door. There is no response. The Doc knocks on the door again. After a 3rd knock, The Doc looks into the camera, shrugs his shoulders and then turns to walk away from the door. As he turns, he walks right into Fox Korchev. Korchev is looking ready for his match, wearing black spandex pants with silver trim and no shirt.]

FOX KORCHEV: KORCHEV: "Lookin' for me Doc? What do you want?"

DOC: "Just a few words with you Fox, about your return to the ring, in like ... almost a year."

FOX KORCHEV:: "What do you wanna hear from me Doc? That I'm nervous? That I'm scared? I don't even understand the meaning of either of those words as it applies to me. For Covenant, it's expected, but people know that it's not in my game to be either of them."

DOC: "Do you have any clue as to who you are facing tonight?"

[ Korchev takes offense to this and grabs the microphone from Doc hand. Doc stands there looking very scared. Korchev then looks at him, raises his arm back in an attempt to hit The Doc. He doesn't and only causes Doc to flinch. Doc steps aside as Korchev occupies the entire camera.]

FOX KORCHEV: "Let me make myself perfectly clear people ... and I know your watchin' ... and I know you're listenin' Storm. Tonight is only a small step. This little man named Covenant, is a pebble in my road to what WILL be mine. Make no mistake about it Storm, I'm gonna be all over you like dirty skanks in a "Sweet" Pete North movie. You represent the wrong in this business. I represent the whole fucking game. I AM the mark."

[ Korchev looks extremely pissed off as the camera goes back to the announcer's table and then cuts to a commercial. ]


[The scene opens once again in the back showing DALLAS STORM in his locker room rubbing his belt with one hand, he doesn't look to happy as Eric Covenant comes in and begins to talk to him, like a peace maker but Dallas leaves and Z-PAC bumps into the camera...Z-Pac begins yelling and grabs him by the throat as just then TOMMY WILSON with blood all over himself comes looking at Z-Pac]

TOMMY WILSON: Z-Pac...ya you chump...did you see that *pushes Z-Pac* can you imagine what I just did...it's not fake...it's not FAKE like YOU bitch!

[ Both of them begin to brawl as ref's split them up at the camera's go to the ringside area...the crowd is going frantic by this time as the mess in the cage just was cleaned and the crowd is LIVE-IT, Bobby Crane and Tedd Turnbuckle and re-fixing their headsets. The crowd watches as Doc steps into the ring once again with the patenant microphone, he is holding his back from Fox Korchev's little vitnette. ]


DOC: Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF Unified Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, you may not be able to trust him and he is the best athlete in CWF's era number 5 history. Ladies and gentlemen...Instinnnct!

["Instinct's Theme" blasts through the Market Square Arena, the lights dim in the arena and red spotlights point towards the entrance as glitter falls from the sky as Instinct steps through the entrance. He walks down the ramp and looks around the arena as the crowd are hushed in amazement, he climbs the steps and goes between the ropes as he then bends by the corner awaiting the champion.]

DOC: Ladies and gentlemen your Unified champion, and wrestling legend...Johnny Keeellll!

[The crowd goes nuts as Johnny Keel walks out with his right arm in the air with a six-pack and a left arm with the Unified title high in the air. He drops the beer and the belt on the ramp and walks to the ring, stepping in and getting ready.]

BC: This is for the Unified title *cheap accent* it can't get much betta than this *back to normal* baby!

TT: Both men lock up, Instinct twists his arm and nails it down, Johnny falls on his face as Instinct now wraps his arm and...crippler crossface already!

BC: Cripple cross face! He's ripping Keel's head off, god damn it! Turn his head the other way, the light is shining in my eyes!

TT: *light chuckle* Damn I feel the pain to! Instinct picks up Keel and throws him in the ropes, and samoan drop! Keel is on the ground hurting as Instinct now walks around the ring and drops a elbow on his chest, Keel is slowly getting up, he runs in and tries a clothesline...ducked by Instinct as he pulls Johnny around and...HUGE reverse DDT!

BC: Keel's neck looks broken!

TT: Instinct sets Keel's head on the bottom buckle and now is laying fists into his face..over..and over..and over...Keel's eye is swelling, Instinct now drags him into the center and puts on a sharpshooter...but wait, Keel PULLS HIS LEG! KEEL REVERSED THE SHARPSHOOTER!

[ Just then CHAD DIXSON runs into the ring with a wooden chair in his hands. He steps by the ring and watches as Keel sits there, the ref checking Instinct without looking, as Dixson turns and SMASHES the wooden chair over the head of Keel, as the chair is destroyed Keel falls to the mat as Dixson leaves the ring..]

TT: MY GOD! CHAD DIXSON! DIXSON JUST CAUSED KEEL THE MATCH! Instinct crawls over Keel...one..two..THREE!

[ Instinct takes the belt and slowly stumbles over the ring as Dixson then crawls into the ring and turns Instinct around and clotheslines him onto the ground. Just then, TOMMY WILSON runs to the ring and turns Dixson around rocking him with a punch helping Instinct! ]

TT: WHAT?!? Tommy WIlson helped his opponent for next week?...


[ The scene opens in the locker room as Surge and Sam with Exodus are in the locker room area talking over a few things as Surge then grabs a water bottle and walks towards the entrance. They reach the curtains and step onto the top of the ramp, all three of them then walk down the ramp, as they reach the aisle and talk together tapping each others fists as Surge then pulls out 5-tables and places them into the ring before stepping through the ropes and grabs the microphone in the corner of the ring... ]

SURGE: BLAIR DANTE, get your ass-friend Z-PAC and both of you get to the ring, and let's get this table-shit on!

+-+ Tables Match +-+

[ Z-Pac and Blair Dante walk through the curtains as they go down the ramp they stop and Blair pulls out a crow bar as Z-Pac pulls out barbwire, they proceed to wrap the crow-bar with barbwire and they run to the ring.. ]

TT: Z-Pac and Sam are battling in the corner, Z-Pac clotheslines him over the top rope and onto the floor! My God what a move! Z-Pac turns and begins battling with Exodus, they have a explosive death match later tonite, Exodus grabs Z-Pac and throws him ito the corner but WAIT..WHAM! My god! Blair Dante just wrapped that crow-bar wrapped in barbwire across Exodus's back! Surge from behind with a bulldog! Surge turns Dante around and then sends a fist into his head! Surge now, climbs up and grabs a table...Surge...he's setting it against the turnbuckle!...He has Blair Dante..

BC: He's gonna...


TT: He just slingshotted Dante through the table! Blair Dante are out cold in the corner as Surge now crawls under the ropes and grabs a chair! Surge has a chair...this mean problems! Blair is slowly on his feet as...Surge...he sets the chair up on the floor. Wait...wait..BLAIR DANTE JUST NAILED A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT ONTO SURGE ONTO THE CHAIR BENDING IT DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Blair Dante...my god! That was amazing!

BC: That was a chair...not a Table..

TT: Dante is on his feet...I can't believe it...he's got the steps...he's on the top step...backflip splash on to Surge! I've never seen Blair Dante this fired up in my life! Dante now grabs a table from the ring and pulls it out. He sets it up...he's gonna even this shit up!

BC: Surge..get up! Get up!

TT: Surge is out..it appears he is out-cold! Dante boots Surge in the head, Surge is picked up....Surge is bleeding from his mouth! Blair Dante picks up Surge and tosses him into the steps as Surge clips right over them! Dante sets the table up now...he tosses Surge into the ring, he hooks his arms on the ropes...just above the table...wait...what the hell is next?


BC: Surge just went neck first through the table! I can't believe it!

TT: Dante nailed a clothesline sending Surge through the table! Dante lifts Surge to his feet, now, Dante throws him inot the gaurd rails and 1..2..3..4...quick jabs by Dante! Surge looks like he lost a tooth as Dante now hooks him for a suplex....INTO THE CROWD! There in the crowd!

BC: Look it's your mom!

TT: Where...

BC: Over there with the beer!

TT: Why I never... jesus, anyways, Dante follows Surge into the crowd and they are battling there way up the stairs, Surge tumbles on the last step as Dante now climbs over his legs...what....what...SLINGSHOT! SLINGSHOT! ALL THE WAY INTO THE GAURD RAILS!

BC: My god! Surge flew through the air!

TT: Dante...Dante...runs...leaps...splash on Surge from the top step! Both men tumble over the safety rails! Meanwhile, Z-Pac and Exodus are battling on the ringside area...Exodus boots Z-Pac in the gut and..powerbomb onto the steel ramp! Wait, Dante is on the table with Surge, both men are punching, but wait! Dante with a boot to the gut and has Surge in the piledriver position..

BC: He's going to piledriver Surge through the table...

TT: No...wait...Sam, Sam, Sam!


TT: Sam just pulled Surges feet onto the table as Surge hit a piledriver...I don't even know if Surge knew he hit a powerbomb! But Surge is the winner! My God! Surge wins!

[Z-Pac arrives to his feet and begins battling with Exodus some more, before throwing Exodus over the safety rails and stumbles to the ring, as Z-pac then nails the ZDT on him. Z-Pac then goes into the ring and begins battlin with Surge, as Sam comes from behind with that crow bar NAILING Z-Pac in the FACE cutting him open! Z-Pac won't go down as he then clotheslines Sam over the ropes as Blair Dante gets up and POWERBOMBS onto that crow bar as the camera's fade]


+-+ Triple X vs Dallas Storm +-+

[The scene opens in the back with TOMMY WILSON, he is sitting in his locker room, watching the moniter of up front, as he does we see TRIPLE X with a towel wrapped around his neck and and the normal tights he has on with the X's. The crowd watches with cheers on the titan-tron as he makes his way to the entrance, and grabs a bottle water, taking a drink of it, he throws the bottle down just as "Don't Thread on Me" by Metallica begins to play over the Market Square Arena.]

TT: Here he comes! 6 time world heavyweight champion, a chance to do it again, and defeat stable-partner Dallas Storm!

[Once X-X-X makes the ring the crowd hushes as "F*ck Off" by Kid Rock begins to play and glitter works go off by the entrance Dallas Storm comes trotting out with one arm pointing to Triple X and stops to flex the muscles. He then whips a towel from his neck and throws it down as he walks down the ramp and towards the ring. He takes off his Oakley's half way and then his belt, setting them on the ground. He then walks to the ring stepping in and goes into the face of Triple X]

TT: Here we go an..

[ Just then the crowd watches as MANIAC AND JEFF JERICHO trot to the ring, Maniac comes in with a chair and stands by Triple X as Jericho grabs one as well...the crowd watches as Dallas is surronded by three CWF classics, just then, Jeff Jericho NAILS MANIAC! Triple X, Dallas and Jericho begin pounding on Maniac in the corner, as they then begin giving him fists to the face, as Maniac's lip is busted WIDE open! Just then Eric Covenant runs to the ring with a tazer and begins shocking Maniac as this attack goes on the camera's fade]


[The scene shows officials setting up c4 bombs in the corner and some wrapping barbwire around the ropes, what is to be the most hardcore match ever in the history of CWF...]

TT: My god..I'm staying away from that ring.

BC: Teddy, those explosives aren't even close the the explosion I made with you mom last night.

TT: Rrriiight...

+-+ Explosive Death Match +-+

DOC: Ladies and gentlemen this match is a explosive death match, the first man not to respond to the ten-count will lose this match, set in each corner are c4 bombs along with barbwire ropes and for the CWF Mid-Atlantic championship! Introducing first, along with partner Surge he is Exodduusss!

[The fans watch as Surge and Exodus step out of the entrance, as they do Z-Pac and Dante once again attack! Dante throws Surge into the back-stage and follows leaving this match one-on-one!]

TT: Z-Pac and Exodus are battling there way to the ring! Z-Pac has Exodus and throws him under the barbwire strands and in as Z-Pac follows! Z-Pac immediately charges Exodus, but Exodus nails him with a chop to the chest. Exodus then takes him down with a drop toe hold. Exodus lifts Z-Pac to his feet, and attempts to run him into the turnbuckle, but Z-Pac drops down on the mat. He then nails Exodus with a low blow, causing Exodus to lean forward. Z-Pac grabs him by his hair and pulls him OVER to the barbwire ropes, he then rubs his face against the barbwire MY GOD!. Exodus reacts, by nailing Z-Pac with an elbow to the groin. Exodus is busted above his head, as blood begins to pour out. Exodus puts Z-Pac's head onto the barbwire, and is choking him out!

BC: My god! That's barbwire Teddy!

TT: I know! Exodus now executes a back suplex, droping Z-pac onto the mat. Exodus lifts Z-Pac up and whips him into the barbwire, Z-Pac crashes against it back-first. Exodus then rips off a strand of barbwire, he walks over to Z-pac and MY GOD! HE IS scraping his face with it. Z-Pac is gasping in pain as he tries to get away. As Draven approaches him again, Wild Thing kicks him in the groin and grabs his hair. He then pushes him forward. Exodus connects with the second turnbuckle, causing an explosion to go off, right in his face.

BC: Oh my god! I can feel the heat here at the announce table!

TT: My god it's hot! Z-Pac islooking on in dis-belief from what he's done. Z-Pac exists the ring to grab a steel chair, he then re-enters and approaches Exodus. Z-Pac places the chair on his knee, and proceeds to drive his knee into Exodus's head. Z-Pac then lifts Exodus to his feet. He grabs him in a headlock and then attempts a running bulldog, but Exodus counters MY GOD!


TT: Z-pac crashes into the corner! Z-Pac immediately tries to cover himself up, as smoke is filling the ring!

BC: My god I can't see a damnest thing!

TT: I can't.....the camera's...what the hell is going on in that ring?


BC: I think somebody just got another taste of explosion Teddy!

TT: Get the fumers on! We gotta see what's going on, this is NOT scripted ladies and gentlemen. We're getting some vision here...OH MY GOD! THE OPPONENTS ARE ON TOP OF EACH OTHER! SURGE AND EXODUS ARE SIDE BY SIDE AS Z-PAC AND BLAIR DANTE TROT AROUND THEM WITH CHAIRS...WRAPPED IN BARBWIRE!

BC: This..is..

TT: Wait! TOMMY WILSON! Tommy is charing the ring, he turns Z-Pac around and Killer drop! Killer drop! Z-Pac is out! Dante clotheslines Tommy over the barwbire! Tommy's back just scraped over it...Tommy is on the ground and...


TT: Exodus just CRUSHED Dante with the cahir that Z-Pac dropped! Exodus is in control now, wait..Sam...Sam slides in a C4 explosive, Exodus picks up Z-Pac and is going to suplex him on it...wait! Reversed! REVERSED! ZDT ONTO THE EXPLOSIVE!

BC: That's Z-Pac's finisher onto that bomb! Exodus is out, the carnage! 5 men are out cold by the ring and Sam stands in shock! Sam is a innocent by-stander!

TT: Z-Pac is getting up, Exodus as well...Exodus swings at Z-Pac, Z-Pac ducks and the punsh NAILS SAM to the ground! Z-Pac then boots Exodus in the stomach and ZDT ONTO THE BARBWIRE CHAIR! That has to be it! This has to be done!

BC: Z-Pac is picking up Exodus....


BC: you guessed it..

TT: ZDT ONTO THE CHAIR.. the ref is pulling Z-Pac away..1...2..3..4..5...6..7......8.....9....TEN! Z-Pac has sucesfully defended his belt...this carnage....

[Dante hands Z-Pac the belt as the camera's zoom on his bloody self holding up the Mid-Atlantic title as he does Surge hits him with the barbwrire chair and Z-Pac drops, Sruge begins to wail on him as Dante is out-cold from a shot..CHRIS PENNCROSS, with the IWA tag belts runs to the ring and nails Surge with a belt knocking him out as the camera's go to a commercial]


+-+ Fox Korchev vs Eric Covenant +-+

VOICE: *laughing* Let's get this on baybay!

[ The camera's show the MATURE ADULTS ONLY, Eric Covenant, Triple X, Dallas Storm and Jeff Jericho walking towards the curtains, as "F*ck Off" begins to play the fans go nuts, Covenant steps out with MAO black tights on and water dripping down his face, he has a towel around his neck, next the other three: Dallas Storm is holding the world title in his hand above his head with the leather jacket and black jeans while Triple X is wearing the same gear as before and Jericho is wearing a long glittery robe, and a white striped shirt with black pants under it. They all walk and slide into the ring as the camera's point to the entrance... ]

DOC: And introducing next..ladies and gentlemen: Fox korchev!

TT: This is impossible odds for Fox, there's no way in gods name, Fox Korchev will ever get out of this match alive..

[ Fox Korchev steps out, and beside him is Maniac as the crowd goes NUTS cheering, Maniac has his gear on and Fox has his as they rush towards the ring.. ]

BC: Here we go! It's all fair! 4 on 2!

TT: Maniac is fighting off Triple X and Covenant now, Covenant is being punched and flips back over the ropes as Triple X follows by a Maniac clothesline! Maniac now runs in and clotheslines Storm, Maniac is on storm with punches to his face! Maniac now begins booting him as Fox and Jericho are fighting in the corner..

BC: What.. Triple X is throwing in chairs?

TT: HE IS! Jericho stumbles and grabs one..WHAM! He just knocked Fox Korchev out with a chair shot! Jericho now nails Maniac from behind, WHAM! Triple X and Eric are in and are beating the shit out of Maniac!

BC: This is nuts!


TT: What the...

[ Just then a Harley Davidson comes down the ramp full speed, it does a tail spin stop and the driver with a helmet takes it off....'ICE' DJ KAUFMAN! Is the driver, he drops the helment and slides into the ring, Triple X and Jeff Jericho run for cover as he then grabs Covenant and throws him through the middle ropes and onto the floor. Dallas Storm is left in the middle as Fox Maniac and Kaufman surrond him.]

BC: Get out Storm! Leave...leave!

TT: Their punding on him, MAO grab his ankle and pull him out, Storm is being helped out as Fox, DJ and Maniac stand by the ring yelling slurs....we'll be right back...ice match...is next!


[ The scene opens showing MARK XAMIN! He is sitting in the crowd with black shirt, black pants and black hair, with black glasses. Apearing to be trying to not be noticed. He looks at the Classic-Tron and sees his face, he then turns and runs at the camera, grabbing it and smashing it, another view is seen as he then kicks the cameraman, several security gaurds grab him but Xamin takes one guys' mace and begins spraying unrelantlesly on him. Mark then grabs one and throws him down as more come in strapping him in a straight jacket and hauling him out...]


Fox Fednel vs Freeze

*NOTICE* To add another small effect onto this match, the announcers are taken away from it, to make it more realistic as it is in another arena, think of it as WWF's Boiler Room Brawl!

Once inside the rink, Freeze immediately attacked Fox Fednel, hitting him in the back with the hockey stick. Fox defended himself by spinning the table in a forward position and using it as a battering ram, knocking Freeze backwards. With nothing behind him to break his fall, Freeze slipped on his namesake and hit his head. Fox slammed the folded table over Freeze head and then dropped it. Being careful not to slip on the ice surface, Fox went over to one of the garbage cans and picked it up. He slid toward Freeze with it and tried to crack him over the head with it, but Freeze grabbed the can while it was over his head and nailed Fox with a low blow, doubling the big man over. Freeze slid toward the wall of the rink and pushed off to get momentum and then blasted Fox with a kneelift, knocking the monster off his feet. Fox was not one to stay down for long, however, and he clipped freeze's knee upon getting back to his knees. Freeze was taken down off guard and gripped his knee tightly. Fox didn't take any time to go after Freeze again. He picked up the chair he had thrown into the ring earlier and hit Freeze over the head with it. Picking the bloodied Freeze up off the ice surface, he placed the steel chair around his head. Without waiting to see the fans' response, Fox Irish whipped Freeze into the Zamboni machine. Upon impact, the chair was crunched around Freeze's skull and it fell off from the high-intensity. Freeze collasped on the ice (no pun intended) and Fox went for the pinfall. One, two, thr....kick-up by Freeze. Unfortunately for Freeze, the kicking up from the cover took valuable energy away from him. Fox picked Freeze up by the hair and lifted him up into a gorilla press. After lifting Freeze, Fox threw him onto the folded table laying on the ice. Freeze wrenched his body in pain and started to stand up. Fox didn't want Freeze to get his vertical base back and ran at him madly and when he got close enough, went for a big boot to the face. Freeze ducked the boot and surprisingly lifted the big man up and over his head, backdropping him onto the ice and into the corner at a strange angle. Fox was now caught in the corner of the rink and Freeze used it to his advantage, stomping a mudhole in his opponent. Freeze dragged Fox to his feet and whipped him into the Zamboni. After sufficiently injuring Fox , Freeze dragged him onto the hood of the ice cleaning machine and piledrove him onto it, then shoved Fox off the hood and back onto the ice. With amazing agility, Freeze jumped off the Zamboni with a shooting star press and hit it on Fox , using the fender of the Zamboni for leverage. The referee skated over and counted, but Freeze only got a 2 1/2 count as Fox kicked out and knocked him into the front grid of the machine. Freeze lunged at Fox but this time it was his turn to be backdropped by the big man. Fox lifted him up and backdropped him, but Freeze caught Fox 's back on the way down and pulled him into a rolling cradle, smashing Fox 's head against the ice and cracking it. Fox was busted wide open from the back of his head and the color red seemed to ignite fury inside of Freeze as he suddenly became more violent. He walked over to one of the garbage cans, reached in, and pulled out another hockey stick. Aiming carefully, he swung the equipment and shattered the handle over Fox 's back. Fox was knocked to the "floor" and Freeze hopped up and down excitedly. Freeze grabbed Fox by the waist and...set up for the Freeze-Bomb!! He tried to pick Fox up once....couldn't lift him. Tried again....Fox locked legs and blocked it. After the third attempt at picking Fox up, Freeze was exhausted. Fox grabbed Freeze's arm and pulled him in with a standing shoulderbreaker and with an incredible surge of strength, Fox waistlock suplexed Freeze into the windshield of the Zamboni. Freeze was cut up as he was flung into the windshield and as he rolled into the driver's seat of the machine. Fox climbed up the hand holders on the side of the machine and climbed inside with Freeze, slamming his face into the dashboard. Freeze shoved Fox out of desperation, but the move most commonly done in 3rd grade had a more graphic effect than expected. Fox was knocked backwards and landed half a foot on the hand holder. He slipped and fell out of the Zamboni, hitting the ice with all his weight on the way down. Freeze, still on the inside of the Zamboni, was shocked at what he did but decided not to let up because of his homicidal urge. He ripped the steering wheel right out of the dashboard and climbed out of the vehicle. He smashed it over Fox 's bruised face, knocking him down once again. Freeze continued his assault on Fox as he grabbed the table Fox had brought into the ring and set it up. With a surge of energy, Freeze lifted Fox and hit the cradle DDT through the table. Freeze collasped after the move, being too exhausted after lifting Fox so high in the air. Sensing the match was his, Freeze reached over and put an arm over Fox chest. The referee started to count and before he could get to two, Fox grabbed a large wood splint that popped out from the table when it broke and stabbed Freeze in the arm with it. Freeze screamed in pain and pulled the wooden spike out of his arm. As he was grabbing his bleeding arm desperately, Fox clotheslined him, knocking Freeze into the hockey boards. Freeze let go of his arm and tried to clothesline Fox with his good one, but Fox grabbed the good arm, spun Freeze around, and slammed an elbow onto the open wound on his arm. Freeze doubled over gripping his arm and Fox ran in with a kneelift, smashing Freeze violently against the boards again. Freeze laid on the floor grabbing his gushing arm trying to stop the bleeding. Fox grabbed Freeze and shoved him between his legs, then held up an arm in the air and pumped it up and down twice. Fox lifted Freeze onto his shoulders in a powerbomb, which surely would've killed the man if done on ice in this condition, but then shocked the fans in the arena.....he turned around with his back to the boards and standing slingshotted Freeze into the board and through it!! The glass landed all over the ring apron and ringside area as fans covered their heads, glass flying everywhere. Fox Fednel screamed in victory as Freeze lay motionless outside the ring.

The camera's cut to the Market Squared Arena where the crowd are chanting "Fed-Nel" on the Classic-Tron it shows the referre COUNTING TO TEN, and then holding the arm of a bloody, tired and neeww National Champion Fox Fednel's arm into the air. Just then Big Pimpin' by Jay-Z and UGK hit over the P.A. All of a sudden the lights black out and as they turn back on.......

BC: Who is that? It can't be...I thought he was in the SWF?

TT: Hes back...Hes back. The Italian Stallion is back!!!

BC: What the hell is he doing here? At Last Man Standing, he walked out on the company.

TT: That was back in the Steve Duarte era!! Oh my god, all hell is about to break loose.

BC: Damn, We are out of time!! Whats next?

TT: See you next week!!!!!!!!!

[Scene fades to black signaling the end of Brawl]