The show has been sold out for weeks, and the rabid Ohio crowd has packed the First Star Centre in Cincinatti, Ohio to capacity! The show opened with a promo. Footage of last weeks Brawl,where Jericho joined the MAO. Then we see promo's in black and white of Dallas Storm and Fox Korchev. As they are on a collosion corse for Retribution. Finally, we go to the arena, where fireworks explode, and the usual top-of-the-show story.

We cut to the backstage area where a old, gothic looking car pulls up. It's black and has an eiire presence to it. The crowd is in astonishment inside and the announers don't know what to do. They are all speculating to who it could be when out of the back door steps .. the CWF Unified Champion Instinct! He has the Unified Title draped of his left shoulder as he enters the building. The announcers talk about how the Unified Champ is here and is ready for his Unified Title defense later on in the night.

After that, the announcers talked about what we could expect tonight. The main event - Maniac vs. Dallas Storm - was hyped. They talked about how this is the second straight week that Dallas Storm has been put to the test. Last week he wast tested against a Legend in Triple-X and now this week he must face another legend in Maniac! They talk about how Mark X is supposed to be on hand tonight and that he has something to say!

It was The Bottom Dwellers vs Jimmy Luciano, in the first bout in a Handi-Caped mactch

This match was full of action. The Italian Stallion was making his first return match to the CWF since quitting a few months back after winning the CWF National Title. The announcers plugged him heavily as the man who could possibly end Dallas Storms World Title reign. Jimmy dazzled the crowd with power moves, submission and a little bit of high risk throughout this match. It wasn't a long match but it got the crowd hyped up for the rest of the night. Luciano finally got the win after he hit a move similar to the Blockbuster and slapped on the Figure Four and 1/2 of the Bottom Dwellers tapped out.

Winner: Jimmy Luciano


Up next was Axe taking on Chris Kelly! Chris Kelly dominated this one from the opening bell and you could really tell he is on a rampage in the CWF! Kelly took the action outside a few times and even used a Steel Chair to beat Axe into the ground. The ref repeaditly warned the one nicknamed The Rollercoaster but he still got a good pop from the fans. Axe got one offensive attack going and looked like he may win the match until from the crowd ... came .. PATBOSKIE!!!! The Ladies Man hit the ring and distracted the referee while Kelly hit a low blow and The Magnum for the 1,2,3! After the Match Patboskie and Kelly revealed that they are now a team with Patboskie managing the newcomer!!

Winner: Chris Kelly via pinfall

Next was the Unified Title match. But before it was time for that we see in the backstage area Keel getting a sip of water at a backstage water fountain! Then from behind him comes Instinct! The Unified Champion nails Keel and bashes him all over the hallway! Instinct quickly leaves before reinforcments can arrive.

The next match was the Unified Title Match between the champion Instinct vs Tommy Wilson vs. Chad Dixson. And this match was incredible, from the beginning to the end. It started off as a good old fashioned fist fight. Then the three realy started going at it tooth and nail. When Dixson was whipped to the ropes, the ref inadvertantly got knocked out. Wilson went out and grabbed the ring bell, and just as he was winding up to smash Dixson in the head with it, Instinct came to and grabbed the bell from Tommy's hands, and smashed him in the face with it. Instinct looked like he had the match won as he went for the cover but Dixson got up in time and caused the match to go on. Dixson then powerbombed Instinct and the Unified Champ looked in trouble and rolled to the outside. Dixson turned back around only to be hit with a low blow and a vicious DDT. Dixson went for the cover but the ClassicTron kicked in and on it was Patboskie having sex with ... OH MY GOD ... it's Tommy Wilson's mother!! Patboskie and his mother were doing the nasty ... Wilson had a look of shock on his face and it stunned him momentarily ... long enough for Instinct to crawl into the ring and roll up Tommy from behind for the one, two, three.

Winner: And still Unified Champion, Instinct via pinfall

Just as we were getting ready to go to commercial, the jumbo tron lit up again. Instinct who looked like he was walking back after his win, is suddenly brutally attacked by member of MAO. Dallas, Eric, Keel, and Jericho do a number on Instinct and leave him in the hallway unconcious as the CWF fades to a commercial.


Next, 'Golden One' Jeff Jericho and Fox Korchev went at it in what can be described as a showstopping match. The two battle non stop for nearly 20 minutes with move after move after move. The crowd was really into this one and they both teased with endings. Like when jericho locked on the JEricho Submission only for Korchev to get to the ropes. The Korchev hit Jericho with his own move, but Jericho was too clsoe to the ropes! Jerich ousd brass knucks towards the end of the match and led us all to believe the match was over after Jericho got the 1, 2, 3 after the illegal move. BUT from the back ran Instinct, still battered up from the assualt earlier in the night and he asked the ref to watch the replay. Jericho who was now at the top of the rampway ... was ordered to come back into the ring and fight after the referee watched the replay. Jericho refused and was counted it. Thus Fox winning via countout. Jericho was extremly pissed off and came down and fired the official from the CWF and a brawl between MAO and Fox, Instinct, Maniac ensued.

Winner: Fox Korchev via Countout

Next, Fox Fendel defended the National Title against Eric Covenant in a spectacular match! This was insane! Back and forth non-stop. Almost every move was countered. Eric Covenant used every cheap shot and every dirty play int he book to try and beat Fox but he couldn't keep Fox down. Finally, Covenant hit the Hangover on the National Champion. Only to make a cover and look up and see that the referee was distraced by the only one to stop the MAO so far ... Instinct!! Covenant got up, pushed the ref aside and knocked Instinct off the apron. This gave Triple-X who was ringside the oppurtunity to get in the ring ... deliver the SUPERKICK to the jaw of Fox Fendel. Luckily for the champion, the ref saw ... and with the arrival of Instinct, Triple-X ... the ref threw this match out the door. Jeff Jericho being part owner of the CWF came out with the rest of the Mature Adults Only and got on the microphone and said ... that due to Insinct's ... behavior that he was ordering him to defend the Unified Title at Retribution AND he was ordering Fox Fendel and Eric Coveant to go at it AGAIN at Retribution!

Winner: No Contest


When we came back from commerical break it was Z-Pac, Blair Dante and Pencross taking on Surge/Sam/Exodus in a vicious 6 Man Tag Team war! The match was even throughout the entire bout. Both teams scoring near falls. Surge and Z-Pac looked like they really had it out for each other in this match and even though it wasn't scheduled to be Hardcore, the referee allowed it to get a little out of hand. The end came when Dante and Pencross were battling Surge and Exodus outside the ring and inside ... Z-Pac hit Sam with the Mid-Atlantic Title and then followed up with a ZDT for the win.

Winner: Z-Pac/Blair Dante/Chris Penncross

In the MAIN EVENT it was .. Maniac taking on World Champ, Dallas Storm with the belt on the line.

Maniac throws Storm into the turnbuckle and goes running into prematurely and Storm moves out of the way. Storm now KNIFE EGDE CHOPS to the chest of Maniac and his chest is beat red now! Storm relentless in the attack on Maniac. Storm taunts the crowd and a huge mistake because Maniac with a poke to the eyes! Maniac kicks Dallas in the stomach and a DDT! Maniac covers Dallas Storm 1....2... kickout by The World Champion. Maniac picks up Storm and throws him into the ropes…BACK BODY DROP out of the ring! Maniac now bouncing off the ropes….SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA! Good lord what acrobatics by the most unpredictable SOB! Storm was leveled but that took a lot out of Maniac as well. Maniac is recovering first and he picks Storm up and throws him into the guard rail…reversed by Storm ... Maniac goes back first into the railing!! Storm now moves the steps and picks them up ... SLAMMING THEM DOWN on Maniac's back with force!

Brutal match! Storm throws Maniac back in to break the 10 count of the ref. Storm follows in and stomps on the back of Maniac. Storm slaps on a modified Boston Crab. Maniac is just to strong and powers his way to the ropes. Storm gets up and starts to choke out a lifeless Maniac. The ref stops Storm but Storm continues. The ref intervenes and Storm backs off. DUMB REF! Maniac is up and he LOW BLOWS Storm! Ref warns Maniac but he goes straight for the leg of Storm. Maniac just kicks it from out of Storm! Maniac slpas on the FIGURE FOUR!!! He is in the middle of the ring and Storm isn't giving up and we have a stale mate! Storm inching and inching towards the ropes and now he trying to turn it....almost there....he got it! Storm turned it over and quickly Maniac releases the hold. Maniac picks Jericho up for a Suplex, Storm reverses it into a Suplex of his own and now Storm is celebrating a little to early.....PILEDRIVER!! Oh my lord, that...oh god that was horrific to watch! Storm is on the top rope chanting to the fans. Not a smart move... Maniac has time to recover and runs at Storm but Dallas ducks and kicks Maniac in the gut and goes for a STUNNER! NO! Maniac shoved it off and HEADHUNTER!!! Maniac nailed Storm with it and we are going to have a new World Champ! Cover 1..........2..........KICK OUT!! GOOD GOD!

Now Maniac-X is astonished after that and now just kicks the crap out of Storm. Maniac goes to the top rope…..FLYING ELBOW DROP!! Cover 1…………………………….2…………………..KICKOUT! AGAIN? WHAT! Maniac can't believe it and he is in the face of the referee complaining now. Storm is up, truns Maniac around and Maniac is hit with a DDT!! And now .. Dallas to the top rope ... FATALITY!! THAT'S HIS MOVE!!! Cover 1.............2.............KICKOUT BY MANIAC! Storm now is in shock and he calls to the back for reinforcement! Covenant runs down with a steel chair and Jericho is out as well. Jericho is talking to the referee ... Storm holding Maniac .... Covenant swings the chair ... Maniac ducks and Covenant accidently took out Dallas Storm. Covenant is in shock ... Maniac covers Storm and the ref turns around ONE, TWO, THREE!! NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!

We think we have a new World Champion but ... Jeff Jericho being co-owner gets on the microphone and says since Eric Covenant hit Dallas Storm, Maniac is DQ'ed and Storm retains the World Title!!!

Winner: Dallas Storm via DQ

After the match ...

Jeff Jericho: Maniac, old timer, it's been a long tim ein the making you and I! It dates back to the MWWF, it dates back to when I ruled the CWF and you and managment kept me down by doing jobs to pathetic rookies like Nemesis and Paul Blair. It's been a long time coming old man ... but this time ... I AM IN CHARGE...

Maniac: You forget I own half the company too Goldy ..

Jeff Jericho: That's what I am getting to ... Maniac, this Sunday at Retribution Jeff Jericho vs. Manaic ... with no gold on the line at all. All that's on the line is Complete control of the CWF! If I win, I get your 50%, if you win you get my 50% ..

Maniac: You beat me? Haha, remember Jeff I made ... and I will break you!

[suddenly from the crowd comes MARK X!! He is dressed almost like a bum and he looks like he hasnt slept in weeks. He grabs a mic.]

Mark X: This is the begining ... and I am going to be the special referee for that match .... at Retribution.

[As Jericho and Storm celebrate in the ring, Fox Korchev is seen by fans and the announcers. Neither man in the ring sees this, as Jericho has one of Dallas Storm's arms raised in the air, while Storm's other arm is raised high with the World Title. With their backs turned, Korchev comes down from the side of the entrance ramp and then slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He charges Dallas Storm and nails him with a Double Axehandle to the upper back, knocking Storm off his balance and falling down. Korchev begins to kick stomp Storm as Jericho then goes for Korchev ... but Korchev moves quickly and drops and slides back out of the ring. He stands next to the announcer's table and grabs a microphone. Jericho tends to Storm and then starts yelling at Korchev ... as Fox then begins to speak]

KORCHEV: (breathing a little heavy) "Now, now ... lets all calm down now girls."

[Storm and Jericho both threaten to exit the ring and come after Korchev. Korchev holds his hand up and says...

KORCHEV: "Hey now ... let's hold it up there girls. I've got something for ya. A proposal. An idea ... (a short laugh and a smirk) call it a "Master Plan," if you will."

[The crowd starts to go a bit crazy.]

KORCHEV: "But before I even get to that, let me ask you something ... How did that just feel? I mean, how did it feel to have your little victory party crashed? You know ... what you girls have been doing since the day you all decided it would be a really cool idea to become assholes? How did that feel?"

[Again, Storm and Jericho threaten to come after him as the fans cheer.]

KORCHEV: "Now just pipe the fuck down!"

[The crowd goes crazy.]

KORCHEV: "I've got a microphone and I'm gonna use the damn thing. Now ... back to this "Master Plan" ... you like that Jeffrey? ... Let's be honest with each other here. Dallas ... you're the CWF World Champion."

[Heavy set of boos comes from the crowd, with few cheering.]

KORCHEV: "But you see ... people don't like that, Dal. People want to see a real champion."

[The crowd begins to switch modes and begin to cheer.]

KORCHEV: "The people want to see Fox Korchev as their champion and have been wanting that since the moment I stepped foot in this Goddamn federation!"

[The crowd ignites and a chant of "Fox, Fox, Fox" begins. Korchev milks the moment for a second, but then begins to speak again.]

KORCHEV: "Now Jeffrey ... I've already moved on from you. You're a nobody ... a has been who's become a corporate suit. You says you sign my paychecks, well that's all good ...'cause you're gonna keep signing them, as painful as it might be, whether you like it or not. I heard about you trying to legally find some way to NOT sign them, but your hired scum sucking lawyers couldn't find a thing. So keep your chin up Jeffrey, sign the checks like a good law abiding citizen and step out from protecting you little girl Dal."

[The crowd is totally into this and begin to cheer as Korchev begins to make his ways towards the entrance ramp.]

KORCHEV: "Now, the real meat of the plan is this. Dallas Storm ... you and I are gonna meet at Retribution ... not for tea and crumpets ... no ... to fight for that belt you think you deserve ... the CWF World Championship!"

[The crowd ignites again and a chant of "Holy Shit, Holy Shit" begins to fill the air.]

KORCHEV: " Yep ... Like I said, the people want to see Fox Korchev as their champion. And right here, right now ... officially, I'm challenging your ass to a title match at Retribution, Dal."

[The fans go crazy. Jericho grabs a microphone and raise it to his lips]

JERICHO: "You want a match, Peon? Well ..."

[The crowd cuts him off with a heavy chant of "Asshole." Jericho looks enraged, but waits for the chanting to stop. When it dies down, he begins to speak again]

JERICHO: I'll give ya a god damn match and ya' know what you Jeff Jericho wanna be ... I'll even bar MAO from ringside damnit ... that's how much faith I have in the World Champion, Dallas Storm!! So there ya' go Korchev ... you've got your damn shot ... now after you fuckin' lose are ya' gonna take your punk ass elsewhere?

KORCHEV: Oh don't you wish Jericho ... but AFTER I win the World Title at Retribution ...

[crowd is livid at this point]

KORCHEV: Your ass ... is MINE!

[Korchev goes to step backwards onto the bottom of the entrance ramp. From behind, Eric Covanent runs down the ramp and nails Korchev on the top of the head with a steel chair. Korchev goes down like a sack of dimes as security rushes out to help. Covanent starts stomping on Korchev and then security breaks him off. Covanent walks away and slides into the ring and is congratulated be his fellow MAO members. Security tries to help Korchev up,but he refuses. Once the heard of security men spread out and away from Korchev, Fox stands and it is clear to see that Korchev has been busted open at the top of his head. He stands up, wobbling, and starts to walk backwards to the top of the entrance ramp and leave. As MAO are laughing at Korchev in the ring, it's someone else who gets the last laugh as fromthe crowd comes Jimmy Luciano! with a bat! He chases the members of the MAO out of the ring as the show fades to black with this scene ...

is Dallas Storms furious eyes and Fox Korchev's half glazed eyes of anger starring back at him.

SORRY FOR THE FUCKED UP RESULTS ... I HAD CPU PROBLEMS AND LOST ALL THE SHIT! Todd Kephart was there and helped write this little summary. Even though it is not what you guys are used to ... it sets up the PPV nicely and I think it's better than nothing. Thanks agan to Todd.