[Camera pans around the crowd from Seattle that has come to see Sunday Night Brawl. Many signs are be[Camera ing waved in the air. The fans are on their feet as Teddy Turnbuckle and Beautiful Bobby Crane are in their usual spots at the Sunday Night Brawl booth.]

BB: Welcome CWF fans to tonightís big Sunday Night Brawl. We have 5 big matches lined up for you including the National and World Titles on the line tonight.

[Suddenly the cameras go to the back of the CWF arena and we see Paul Blair arriving at Sunday Night Brawl. The fans in attendance give him a mix reaction, with the majority booing him. Also back there is a new CWF reporter, Louie Whittier]

LW: Paul, could you hold on one second. Tonight your son and one of your friends tangle for the World Title. What are your thoughts on this situation?

PB: Who are you? Wait, donít tell me. I donít care. Tonight, the baddest SOB, Son of Blair is going to take on Blood. While I donít want to see either man lose, I will definitely be watching that one very closely.

LW: Is there someone you would rather see win in this one?

PB: I will not be rooting for either man but rather cheering for both. Iím a CWF Legend son, and you better learn to treat stars like me with more respect. This interview is over.

[Camera goes back to the ring where we see Teddy and Bobby ready for action]

BC: Well the Ruler was certainly upset over the line of questioning.

TT: And with good reasoning. Didnít you think the questions were a little one sided there?

BC: WHAT?? He asked who the man was pulling for. Thatís not a tough question or even out of line.

TT: Oh, yeah. I guess. If you think that way. Letís go watch this first match which pits our current Commissioner against our previous one. Personally I donĎt like either of them..

["Fuckin' Hostile" by Pantera blares throughout, a new theme, as Keith Daniels steps forward onto the rampway. He is looking upon the ground, before yelling, as pyros go off. He begins charging toward the ring, oblivious to the cheering fans. He slides into the ring and looks steadily upon his opponent, ready to begin.]

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, the CWF Commissioner, KEITH DANIELS!

["Play With Me" by Insane Clown Posse blares in the arena, as Max Dunlop walks to the entranceway. He walks towards the ring, and is attacked by Keith Daniels]

TT: This match is already starting, as Daniels is pounding on Dunlop! Daniels throws Dunlop in the ring!

BC: Well Teddy, if you ask me, Daniels is the only member of Omega with talent. His friend Blood is nothing but a has been! Daniels now with an irish whip, SPEAR! Daniels with a spear!

TT: Dunlop is slow to get to his feet, and Daniels is setting up for the attack again! Dunlop is up by the corner, Daniels with a head of steam, SPEAR! HE MISSED! Daniels just went head first in to the guard rail! Dunlop now has the advantage, and he DDT's Daniels to the mat!

BC: Dunlop makes the cover. 1...2...Daniels kicks out! Dunlop picks up Daniels. Daniels reverses it in to a crossface! WAIT!

TT: T-Money is running to the ring with a steel chair! He's in the ring. WHACK! He just nailed Daniels in the skull with that chair! Dunlop is still down, and the ref is calling for the bell.

BC: Money isn't done. He is hitting Daniels repeatedly with the chair as Dunlop gets to his feet! Dunlop just realized what's happening!

TT: Max, turns Money around and gives him a shove! Money looks at Dunlop sadistically, and turns around ready to leave the ring. WAIT! Money just smacked Dunlop with the chair! Money is assaulting both men with that chair now!

BC: Money throws Dunlop out of the ring, and begins choking Daniels with the chair! LOOK! It's Blood! He's coming to the ring! WHACK! Money just nailed Blood with the chair, and is assaulting Blood and Daniels now!

TT: Here comes security, but they can't get Money to stop choking Daniels with the chair! Finally he stops, and walks to the back. It looks like Money has cost Dunlop this one and that Keith Daniels will get the win in this one. But will he be able to get up after this one?

BC: Letís see a replay of what happened in the end of this match.

[We see a replay of Money racing down to the ring and nailing Daniels with the chair. T-Money then continues the beating and leaves Daniels down as he exits the ring. Now we are back to live action and we see that Daniels is finally moving and is back up..]

TT: Well this is good to see. Daniels is back up on his own power and he gets up on the turnbuckle and screams to his fans. They give him the perfect reaction and he heads back to the center of the ring.

BC: Oh no. Daniels just landed on his back. We need some help out here!
[After a few moments, the paramedics make their way down to the ring and carry Keith Daniels to the back.]

TT: We will keep you all updated on the condition of Daniels if we hear anymore on this situation. Letís go to the next match.

[The low strum of Eye of the Tiger fills the arena as a blue spot light roams over the crowd. Slowly finding its way to the entrance as the first beat on the drums explodes out over the speakers, a hugh explosion of blinding white pyrotechniques goes off and Crazz steps out into the view of audience. He goes to the ring and waits for FrostByte.]

TT: And here comes FrostByte, running to the ring. Crazz grabs the top rope, springboard cross body! Crazz grabs the ladder now, and brings it in the ring! He leans it in the corner of the ring, and goes back out to get FrostByte.

BC: He throws FrostByte in the ring. Crazz with an irish whip on FrostByte, FACE FIRST IN TO THE LADDER! Crazz grabs the ladder, and pulls it a little out of the corner, and sets it up. He makes sure that FrostByte is a decent distance from the ladder. Now remember folks the winner of this one is the one who can climb up the ladder and reach the timer bell that is hanging down.

TT: What the hell is Crazz going to try here?! Crazz steps on to the apron, springboard...OH MY GOD! Crazz just played leap frog with the ladder off of a springboard, and nailed a hellacious leg drop!

BC: That's what I call athletesism! He just risked his own body as well as FrostByte's! What's he doing now?! He's back on the outside of the ring, and has himself a fire extinguisher! He gets back in the ring, CRACK! He just clocked FrostByte in the face with the fire extinguisher!

TT: He sets FrostByte in the corner. He sets the fire extinguisher down, and sets the ladder on the ground, over top of the fire extinguisher. From the looks of it, he just made a see-saw! Crazz on the apron again. Springboard, and he stomps on the ladder's end!

BC: DAMN!!! THAT HAS TO HURT! Crazz just delivered the other end of the ladder right between FrostByte's legs! Wait! Crazz is setting up the ladder in the center of the ring! He grabs FrostByte, and is carrying him up the ladder!

TT: He has FrostByte on the top of the ladder with him! DRUNK DRIVER! DRUNK DRIVER! He just drilled FrostByte with the Drunk Driver from the top of the ladder! FrostByte is out cold!

BC: Wait! He's not done with FrostByte! He's bringing him to the outside with the ladder!

TT: I don't like the looks of this! He has the ladder set up, and again is dragging FrostByte up the ladder with him! WATCH OUT BOBBY!!!

[Bobby and Teddy move away from the announcer's table, as Crazz leaps off the ladder with his finisher, the Drunk Driver! He crashes through the announcer's table with FrostByte.]

BC: Teddy, the table is ruined! And it looks like we'll need someone to come out here, and clean up this mess! The announcer's table is covered in FrostByte's blood!

TT: Now Crazz is looking for a second ladder. Where is he going to find it?
BC: I donít know. But if he doesnít hurry, Frostbyte is going to get back up. Heís starting to move a little. Finally Crazz found a ladder and tosses it back into the ring. Heís setting it up.

TT: But here comes Frostbyte and he slams Crazzís head into the first rung of the ladder. Now both men are eying the timer bell that is hanging above them.

BC: Both Crazz and Frostbyte are now climbing the ladder... they're both up top now and exchanging punches.

[All of a suddn "Rage" by White Zombie begins to play]

BC: Wait a minute! That's Ravager's music! What's he doing. He doesn't seem to be coming through the entrance way. Wait, there he is coming through the crowd. Frostbyte just got knocked off the ladder by Crazz. Ravager is now getting a ladder. He's placing it by the ladder behind... Crazz turns around to see Ravager!

TT: Crazz doesn't look scared though. Look at Ravager, taunting him to jump at him. Crazz looks around and leaps onto Ravager, Ravager catches him though! Powerslam through a table! Good God! Is Crazz alive!? Ravager spits at Crazz and leaves. Ravager really wants his revenge.

BC: What action we have seen here in this one. This truly is anyoneís game. Now Frostbyte picks Crazz back up and kicks him right in the middle of the forehead. Heís going right after the current CWF Mid Atlantic Champ. Heís proving here why he is deserving of a title shot down the line. Now he looks into the crowd for a second and then gains focus again.

TT: But itís too late. He gave Crazz enough time to get up and heís met with a knife edge chop that sends him backwards. Then Crazz dumps him out of the ring and sets the ladder back up. He look back up at the timer bell and then begins his climb up to the top.

BC: Crazz took quite a beating in this one. But heís won it. He reaches up and gains possession of the timer bell and this one is over. The Mid Atlantic Champ has beaten Frostbyte in a very entertaining match.

[Cameras go to the back where Paul Blair is talking on the phone to someone]

PB: Itís in the bag man. Tonight I will make sure no one interferes in this one and that you get your shot at winning your first ever World Title. My son is not going to cheat. Heís got too much Blair in him.

[Cameras go back to Crane and Turnbuckle]
TT: Well it appears that the Ruler is going to help Blood win the title.

BC: I got the same thing out of that conversation. Is he going to turn on his son here. Maybe Z-Pac is talking too much for his old man. Letís go this next match. Itís the National Title Match.

[ "Evil Andu" by Meatoaf blares over the PA as Evil Andu leaps over the guardrail and into the ring..the fans goes crazy as Evil climbs the turnbuckle and flashes the P-K sign..posing it until his next opponent arrives..]

TT: Here he is!! The Evilest..most sadistic son of a bitch that has ever stepped foot inside a CWF ring..folks you thought poor Muriel Slater and the "F'N Retard" Bobby Mathers were off their rockers..you haven't seen nothing yet..

BC: He a little bit smarter than those two idiots are but a hell of alot more eviler!!

[The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money along with Miss Money. He has a white and gold bandana tied around his head, and he's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, white knee pads, shiny black boots, and a black leather jacket with a big, gold $ emblem on the back. Miss Money is wearing a sparkly white dress with gold $ emblems all over it. T-Money and Miss Money walk to the ring slapping hands with the fans. They walk up the ring steps, and step through the ropes. They pose to an extremely loud pop, then T-Money hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official on the outside of the ring.]

TT: Here he is!! A true CWF ICON!! XXX can kiss my ass..his attitude as of late as been very unbecoming of a CWF Hall of Famer in my eyes..T-Money is the real McCoy as far as CWF legends go...

[Before he can finish Chasey Duarte-Jericho runs out from the back and knocks Miss Money off the apron..the two begin rolling around on the crowd and the fans go nuts..]

BC: Cat fight!! Cat fight!!

[The fans begin to chant "Show us your tits"..]

[Jake Douglas sneaks in the ring while T-Money looks at Chasey and Miss Money rolling around on the outside..Douglas blasts Money with his CWF National Title as soon as Money turns around.]

TT: My god did you hear that thud!? And T-Money has already been busted open!!

BC: ANDU with a SPEAR on Douglas!! Man did the champ get hit hard with that running SPEAR by Andu!!

TT: Andu is now throwing heavy left hands to that gash opened up on Money's head..my god this guy is sick!!

BC: Blood is flying everywhere!! But wait a second..Money is back to his feet!?

TT: Money is fighting back!! "The True CWF ICON" is fighting back and these people in the sold out Key Arena are on their feet!! Andu with a right..Money with a left!! Jake Douglas is back up and now we have a three way slug fest!!

BC: Money is unloading on both Andu and Douglas now!! A BIONIC ELBOW on Douglas and Jake goes down!!

TT: Shades of the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes!!

BC: MONEY MAKER!!! [Rock Bottom] MONEY MAKER!! This one is over!!

TT: Money with the cover..1..........2

BC: We have a new champion!!

TT: Thre--NO!! Douglas with the save!!

BC: Douglas now with a Go Behind on Money..GERMAN SUPLEX!!

TT: Douglas holds on!! Another German Suplex!! Still Douglas holds on and listen to these fans blow the roof off of Key Arena and Seattle may never be the same again after this match!!!

BC: This is unbelievable..Douglas still held on and..GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! ANOTHER!!! 5 in a row!! And now a 6th and the pin!! 1.........2.....3!!!

TT: NO a big save by Evil Andu!! and Andu with a Double Armlock DDT on Douglas!! And now one for Money!! Andu goes to the top rope--Money is getting up..so is Douglas..DOUBLE TORNANDO DDT!!! My god what a move by Evil!!

[Evil Andu goes to the outside and sets up a table..on top of that he lifts up the steel ring steps and puts it on top..Andu then grabs a chair and stacks it on the steel ring steps!!..]

TT: What in the hell is Evil doing?! He lifts up Douglas and brings him over to the apron by all that havoc he set up..LIGERBOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god what carnage!! Evil just LIGERBOMBED Douglas on that chair..onto the steel ring steps and through a damn table!! Douglas has been busted in half..

[ While Andu was Tigerbombing Douglas though the table T-Money was climbing the Top Turnbuckle..]

BC: Look at Money!!


[The crowd begins to chant "Holy Shit..Holy Shit"]

BC: Holy Shit is right!!

TT: How in the hell is T-Money getting up after that? Would somebody please answer me! The bloodied CWF ICON is some how..some way back to his feet!!

[Suddenly Evil Andu raises up like the Undertaker used to..]

BC: What!? Andu is back up too!!

TT: Money and Andu are fighting toe to toe once again!!

BC: Both men are now busted open as is Jake Douglas..the CWF National Champion.

TT: Money and Andu are both back in the ring..

[Jake Douglas gets back up and somehow wobbles over and grabs a ladder from underneath the ring..Douglas then sets up the ladder then climbs the top turnbuckle..balancing he grabs the ladder and jumps off the top rope smashing both Money and Andu in the face with the ladder..]

BC: What a move by Douglas!!!! Both Andu and Money are out!! Douglas is climbing the top-rope again..

TT: Jake is taking to long!! Money is back up..Money is climbing the same top rope as Jake but only facing Jake..*THUD* THA' CHA-CHING [REVERSE TORNADO DDT] on that ladder!!!!

[The force of the ladder springs up and blasts Evil Andu in the jaw sending him over the top-rope andthrough the Spanish Announcers table head first!!]

TT: Money WITH THE PIN ON DOUGLAS..1...........2........

BC: 3!!


BC: Wow..what a match..and listen to these people as Evil Andu and Douglas both go into the ring..Douglas rips the title out of the refs hands..HE hands it to T!!! What sportsmanship..Andu helps put the title around T-Money's waist and what a moment..this is why we are the CWF!!

TT: THESE three gave you everything they had..they gave us every ounce of pride..every ounce of blood..every ounce of sweat they had..the gave us more than anybody could ever give us. For anybody who ever thought the CWF was dead..for anybody who ever wanted to know what being a CWF legend is all about..there's your man..[T-Money is nearly in tears as the lockeroom empties and all the boys come out from the back and begin to clap as a bloody T-Money raises both Evil Andu's and Jake Douglas's arms in the air in unison..] Take a bow boys..you have earned it!!! Thank you boys..thanks for giving us something to remember...we'll be right back!

[We go to the local hospital where Louie Whittier is standing by.]

LW: Iím at the Seattle City Hospital where Keith Daniels was taken earlier tonight. Iíve been told that as of now, it appears to be a broken right forearm. There is internal bleeding, and a sprained knee and ankle remain in effect on Keithís right leg. However, heís in stable condition. We will keep you updated later in the week if anything changes.

[Teddy and Bobby both appear worried about Keithís problems.]

TT: Well you donít want to see anything like that happen to anyone. Itís just good that he should be ok.

BC: Yeah, you donít want to see any injuries like that. The way he fell down after getting up the first time, I was really worried for him. Iím sure Louie will help keep us informed. It is now time for our fourth match of the evening. The big tag team debut match. I think both these teams have looked impressive thus far. But itís now time to see them step in the ring.

[The lights dim as Du Haast begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. As the song kicks into the main riff, four flames of fire shoot up from the bottom of the stage as Degradation appears at the top of the ramp. Donovan stands popping his neck and shaking himself ďloose" with a look of determination on his face and a twinkle of devastation in his eye. Vincent stands next to him flexing his muscles for the crowd, absorbing the crowd's love for him, while obviously being in love with himself. The two walk down the ramp and to the ring. Vincent jumps over the ropes while Donovan climbs through them. ]

[The house lights go out as the arena sits in a moment of blackness. Red siren lights swirl through the air as a white spotlight sweeps through the arena, as N. W. O by Ministry begins to play. Over the music a computerized woman's voice chants the word "WARNING..." repeatedly. Smoke shoots from both sides of the stage . The woman's voice fades as N. W. O. by Ministry pounds from the speakers. Volatile appears at the entry way. They stand there looking disheveled and yet unpredictable, as if they've just gotten to the arena and heard about their match. They break into a run and slide into the ring. ]

TT: Both these teams appear ready for this match. I hope they can continue to look ready after this one. All four men are battling now. Donovan Torigianni and Jake Rush are on one side while Vincent Torigianni and Bryan Fuller are on the opposite side. Now Jake slings Donovan across the ring as Vincent slings Bryan at the exact same time. That knocks down both men. Vincent and Jake are now jawing at one another.

BC: Here it comes. Both men are throwing lefts and rights now. I knew this one wouldnít last long before it turned into an all out brawl. These four guys just seem to dislike one another. Vincent just sent Jake backwards with a big roundhouse right. And he goes for the cover. 1.....2..but Bryan is back up and elbows Vincent in the back of the head to break up the count. Now both Jake and Bryan jump up and start beating on Vincent.

TT: Donovan is still trying to get up to his feet. Meanwhile Vincent is being handed his ass by Jake and Bryan. What is with this ref? He has yet to step in and break this one up. They have all been in there the entire match thus far.

BC: I donít think he wants to stop any of these men. They are all huge. Donovan just sends Jake flying over the top rope with a big lariat and gives Bryan a lariat as well. He goes to the outside and picks up some wire and begins choking out Jake. The ref isnít paying any attention to him and finally he releases the choke.

TT: Donovan is back on the apron and Vincent is crawling over to the corner and tags him in. Vincent quickly in and catches Bryan with a big knee to the gut. He tags back in Donovan and executes a hangmenís DDT. Vincent comes in and does a Shooting Star Press and goes for the cover. 1...2...3!!

BC: This was a big win for the Torigianni Brothers. Degradation looked very good.


[Paul Blair is in the back again talking on the phone]

PB: No problem son. Iím here to make sure nothing funny goes down. I donít trust this new President, I think tonight he has something dirty up his sleeve with Pledge being the ref. If Pledge does anything remotely not down the middle, Iím going to step in. Us Blairs have to stick together. Ok, man. Good luck champ.

TT: Ok, who is Blair pulling for here?

BC: Maybe heís going to see who wins and then be on their side, that way he has the World Champ in his back pocket.

TT: Well I guess its Main Event time here tonight.

[Suddenly a Dance Mix CD is heard over the intercoms and out comes the Presidentís Personal Assistant Sarah. Sheís wearing a mini-skirt tonight and is waving out to the crowd. She makes her way to the ring and asks for a mic]

TT: What is she doing here?

BC: Not sure. Guess we will have to see what she has to say. This could play a big part in tonightís match.

Sarah: Greetings to all you Seattle mother bitchaz.

[Crowd cheers for this greeting]

Sarah: Well tonight we are about to see whoís going to be the champ. But I am sure you have all seen the no good Paul Blair around here tonight. And Paul, you might want to listen up, because President Bruce has an order for this next match. Tonight there will be a special guest ref in one Pledge Allegience. But there is also going to be a special enforcer on the outside. That Special Enforcer is one Paul Blair. And Blair, your only job is to make sure no one interferes in this one. If you do not do this job and only this job you will be fired from the CWF.

[Suddenly BlairVisionís Theme music is heard and Paul Blair steps towards the ring]

PB: What are you doing out here naming me as the Special Enforcer?

Sarah: I am only the messenger. Tonight, the President wants you to keep order on the outside as you watch your own Blood takes on Blood. But you can not interfere on eitherís behalf or you are out of the CWF.

PB: Thatís not right! You know that oneís my son and oneís my friend.

Sarah: Lifeís not fair, Blair. And neither is the CWF. Now if you disobey anything said here, it will give me great pleasure to send you out of the CWF forever. Ring the bell, letís get started.

[Paul Blair remains at ringside in his street clothes. He doesn't appear to be very happy about his newly claimed position. Sarah goes to the broadcast booth to sit with Teddy and Bobby.]

[The first one out to the ring is Pledge Allegience. He's wearing his ref shirt and appears upset as well that Blair is outside. Apparently he doesn't want anyone else out here to help with this one.]

[The challenger is the next man to enter as his music starts up. Blood is holding his Unified Title with him to the ring. He seems to wave it in front of Pledge for a while before handing it over. Pledge throws it down to the announcers table in disgust.]

["Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig hits the PA and the crowd erupts as Z-Pac appears at the entrace way dragging a whole dumpster full of chairs, tables, ladders, a yield sign and much more! Z-Pac stops at the entrance way and raises his arms in the sign of a crucifix to the crowd and to a large response and then continues to drag the dumpster of weapons down to ring side. He takes the CWF World Championship off from around his waist and climbs on top of the dumpster and raises his arms to the crowd in a crucifix once again to a huge response again and lots of flash photography! He then begins to toss weapons into the rings, grabs a yield sign and slides into the ring as the bell sounds!]

TT: Well hello there Sarah. How are you tonight?

Sarah: Iím doing well. Itís good to be with two veteran broadcasters like you and Bobby here. Last Thursday I had to sit with two of the dumbest people in the world, Blair and Jericho.

BC: Yeah. Those boys are dumb. But tonight we have this big World title match to discuss and I canít wait. Z-Pac and Blood are now in the middle of the ring and getting in each otherís face. Pledge is telling both men the rules as Blair watches on.

TT: This one should be a classic. The bell sounds and both men are trying to measure one another. Z-Pac starts things off by slapping Blood. And again he hits him in the jaw. Blood blocks him the next time though and throws the champ off the ropes and hits a big elbow. The champ is down.

Sarah: Both men appear ready for this one. Blood is now bouncing off the ropes and delivers a big knee to the chest of the champ. Blood now goes for the quick cover. We could have a new World Champ right here. 1......2...kickout by Z-Pac.

TT: That seemed a bit slow to me. I think we could have seen a new champ if Pledge didnít take so long counting there.

BC: Yeah Blood thinks the same thing. Blood is saying something, to him. But he quickly picks up the champ and catches him with a big powerslam. He dumps Z-Pac to the outside, and Blood leaps off the top rope with a big moonsault. The champ is trying to make it back to his feet as Blood is setting up his next move.

TT: Blood comes racing over and lands a big elbow that sends Z-Pac going back 10 feet. Blood was definitely ready for this match. Pledge is not even bothering to count these two out. I wonder if thatís because he knows this is such an important match or if he wants both men to hurt one another.

BC: I donít know. But either way, itís a good decision. Blood picks up the champ and slams him right into the ring steps. Z-Pacís got to have a badly hurt back here tonight. Heís been slammed around a couple of times now.

Sarah: Yeah but he appears to be a tough champ and I think he can take all of this. Blood now tosses the champ back into the ring and comes flying back into the ring. Blood goes for another cover. 1....kick out by the champ. Heís still in this one.

BC: How did he kick out? Z-Pac has taken quite a bit of punishment here tonight thus far and heís still in it. This champ is amazing! Blood canít believe it. He swings at Z-Pac and hits him but the champ seems to be catching a second wind and is just shaking his head at Blood. Blood tosses Z-Pac off the ropes but the champ catches him and hits a Rock Bottom. Wow!! Where did that come from? Z-Pac finally has the advantage. Z-Pac now picks up the fallen challenger and piledrives him in the middle of the ring. As he goes for the coever, he appears to have regained himself from his horrible beginning. 1....2...and once again Pledge is taking his time counting.

TT: Z-Pac doesnít seem to mind though as he quickly goes for a figure four!! This is a move we do not often see from our champ. But it is evident that he does know this move. Blood is screaming in agony as Z-Pac is adding insult to injury by yelling at him just to ďquit like Magnus did in the CWFď. Blood is telling the champ that ďhe will never quitď.

BC: Now Blood is making his way to the ropes and Pledge begins his count. 1........2.....3.....but Pledge wonít continue counting. Heís letting Blood scream in agony without any help. It is now apparent that when he said they would play by his rules that he is going to let anything go in this one. He wants both men to suffer.

Sarah: Hey didnít Pledge lose to both these men? I guess he truly is a poor sport.

TT: Yes he is. But tonight heís the man in charge. Even the Ruler is not liking whatís going on. He doesnít want to see an unfair ending here, that is apparent. Heís telling Pledge to break the hold. Is he siding against his son here tonight?

BC: I donít know. Maybe he does like Blood more than his own Blood. Either way, Pledge finally does force Z-Pac to break the hold by slamming down on both of their legs. Oh my gosh! Both of them are in pain as Pledge just landed on both their legs. I canít believe that good for nothing ref.

TT: Blair is once again yelling at Pledge. Pledge just laughs at Blair and the fans as well who are booing his actions. Both men are trying to make it to their feet. Z-Pac is the first man to his feet and he goes for his ZDT. He hits it!! This one is over. Blood canít get up after that one. He did a great job but thereís no getting up after a ZDT. 1.....2.....and no! Pledge is not refusing to count again.

BC: Heís saying that he has a hurt back. What has this man done to hurt his back. Z-Pac has had enough and swings at the ref but heís blocked and Pledge hits the Pledge hammer. The champ is down now. The challenger is making it back to his feet. He slaps on the Blood Lock. I think this will do it.....Z-Pac is thus far refusing to give up.
TT: Yeah, but it might just be a matter of time. With Pledge in the ring as the ref and Blood apparently ready for this one. I think we are set to see a new champ tonight. Blood has that locked in now and Pledge is getting in the face of the champ and asking ďWell champ, you going to quit? You ready to call it a night or you going to be a brave trooper and let your leg be broken? Your call champ, or should I say ex-champĒ. Oh he thinks heís funny but Z-Pac is refusing to quit. In fact heís trying to get himself to the ropes.

BC: The champ is crawling to the ropes. Blood is doing his best to stop him from making it there. But the champ made it!! Heís made it to the ropes and Blood will have 5 seconds to break the hold.

TT: No! Pledge just went over and kicked Z-Pacís leg hand off the ropes and now Blood has moved closer to the center. Z-Pac is screaming in pain this time. But now Pledge wonít ask him but instead just says ďHey champ, I think you should suffer some more.Ē Z-Pac once again moves over to the ropes and makes it. This time Blood doesnít wait for the ref to make him break it. The champ has taken the Blood Lock and survived. But how much more can he do? Heís hurt badly.

BC: Blood is yelling at Pledge to ref this one right or else. Pledge just snickers at him and tells him to pay attention to the match. Z-Pac is still trying to move, and Blood dumps him outside. I guess he wants to beat on him some more. He goes to throw him into the railing but Z-Pac catches him and reverses it sending Blood into the railing himself. Now Z-Pac is stumbling up to the top rope and he leaps into the air...oh my gosh!! That was a 450 splash off the top rope onto the fallen Blood. how can either of these men take anymore tonight. And the winner, if you can call them that...gets ďNightmareĒ Rob Osbourne in four days. I donít see how either man can take that.

TT: Yeah but first they have to survive tonight. Z-Pac now sends Blood flying head first into the ring steps. His momentum sends him flying over them and hitting the ring post as well. Oh damn!! Thatís going to leave a mark. I think that would knock out anyone. Z-Pac tosses him back into the ring again. BC: Z-Pac picks up the Yield Sign from his cart and tosses it into the ring. he picks up Blood and hits a Lifeline ZDT. Now he goes for the cover.....but Pledge refuses to count yet again. Z-Pac gets up in his face and says something to him then he kicks Pledge in the gut and ZDTís him.

TT: But Blood has made it back to his feet. How can he be up!! Heís taken alot of punishment. Actually both men have taken a lot of punishment tonight. Blood swings at Z-Pac and sends him back. Then he whips Z-Pac to the ropes but the champ reverses the momentum and just turned it into a Lifeline ZDT onto the Yield Sign.

Sarah: Thatís an unbelievable move. No way heís getting up now. But we have no ref either. Z-Pac drags Pledge over to where Blood is. He covers Blood and makes the count with Pledgeís hand. 1....2...3!!!

TT: What a finish. This one was great. Here comes Blair. He did his job. He watched the match, and made sure no one interfered. Now he grabs both the World Title and the Unified Title.

BC: He just handed Z-Pac his World Title and smiled at him. The two men shake hands but Z-Pac just grabbed the Unified Title out of Blairís hands. He looks over Blood and drops the title on top of him. Then he heads to the back. What a night. We have a New National Champ...and a classic World Title Match. We are out of time. Join us this Thursday for the Blair-Jericho Show.


[Camera fades with Blair helping Blood up and watching as Z-Pac makes it to the back]