[A video role plays of the Blair Jericho Wrestling Hour of the world title match between Rob Osbourne and Z-Pac. Pieces of the match are shown, then the video roles to the Crazz/Evil Andu match. Pieces of that match are shown, ending with Crazz's powerbomb. The camera then pans around in the crowd of Salt Lake City. The fans are on their feet as Teddy Turnbuckle and Beautiful Bobby Crane are in their usual spots at the Sunday Night Brawl booth.]

TT: Welcome to the Delta Center, and Sunday Night Brawl! I'm Teddy Turnbuckle, here with "Beautiful" Bobby Crane!

BC: We have ourselves one hell of a show tonight! Tonight, we will see the world champion, Z-Pac team up with Evil Andu, to take on Pledge Alligence and Rob Osbourne!

TT: Last week we saw Rob Osbourne and Z-Pac brawl to a draw for the world title! And the week before that on the Blair Jericho hour, we saw Pledge Alligence put up one hell of a fight against Z-Pac! This tag team war should be nothing less than spectacular!

BC: Also tonight, we will see T-Money and Cee-Lo tagging up to take on Blood, and a mystery partner! Teddy, something's happening backstage!

[Camera cuts in back stage, to see Blood confronting Crazz.]

Blood: As you know, I wrestle T-Money and Cee-Lo tonight in a tag team casket match. Unfortunately, my original partner was injured on Brawl last week, and I need a partner.

Crazz: If you're asking me to be your partner, the answer is no. I have a match with FrostByte tonight, I'm not going to take two matches tonight.

[Blood shakes Crazz's hand, and walks away. The camera views back to the announcer's booth.]

TT: From the sounds of it, Blood was going to have Keith Daniels as his partner! But as we all know, Daniels is out with an injury! What is Blood going to do?

BC: Well, I hope Blood doesn't get a partner. I want to see him get his ass kicked in that ring tonight, even if it is by T-Money and Cee-Lo!

TT: Also tonight, we will see Crazz in a match where he defends his Mid-Atlantic Title against FrostByte! Last week, we saw Crazz take on FrostByte in a non-title match, but Ravager crashed the party! Crazz still was able to win the match, but not without Ravager coming out!

BC: We have Hewlin back stage now!

[Camera view changes to inside Michael Hewlin's locker room. He has someone on speaker phone.]

MH: Yes Dan, I have your contract from the NEW. You are now part of the CWF.

Dan: So, when do I get my first match?

MH: How about this. At Summer Smash 2001, you can take on Cee-Lo.

Dan: That's it! I take on Cee-Lo?!

MH: Alright Dan. Since I know that you have talent, if you beat Cee-Lo at Summer Smash, you'll get a shot at the Unified Title.

Dan: That's more like it!

[Camera view changes back to the announcer's table.]

BC: Wow! We have our first match signed for Summer Smash! It will be Cee-Lo taking on Dan, whoever the hell that is!

TT: Let's go to the ring, for our first match of the night!


["Play With Me" by Insane Clown Posse starts to play throughout the arena. Max Dunlop walks out towards the ring, as the crowd boos him. He enters the ring, and awaits Big D.]

BC: Well, it certainly doesn't look like this Salt Lake City crowd likes this Canadian!

[Big D]

TT: Look at Big D just tower over Dunlop here! Dunlop might be in trouble here tonight!

BC: They lock up, and you can tell right now that Big D has the distinct advantage! D pushes Dunlop in to the corner, and the ref calls for the break. WHACK! What a chop by Big D! WHACK! A second one!

TT: Big D now is choking Dunlop with his boot, as the referee is trying to break it! D finally lets Dunlop go, and Dunlop falls in the corner, holding his throat!

BC: Big D is a big man! I would hate to get in that ring with him! It's like Jack and the beanstock in there! D walks over towards Dunlop. Low blow by Dunlop! And D is stunned! Dunlop has a front face lock, from the second rope! Tornado DDT!

TT: I hate to say this Bobby, but that's probably the only type of offense you can build against that monster! Dunlop quickly goes for the cover. 1...2...BIG D JUST THREW DUNLOP OFF OF HIM! Big D is a little slow at getting to his feet, as Dunlop bounces off the ropes.

BC: Dropkick to the knee by Dunlop! Dunlop is trying to narrow Big D's offense here, and so far has only been a little bit successful! D is getting up as Dunlop bounces off the ropes. D HAS HIS THROAT!

TT: It looks like we're going to see a chokeslam! Wait! Dunlop buries his boot between D's legs! D let's go. Dunlop just dropkicked the family jewels now! The ref is warning Dunlop, who grabs D's head, DDT! He covers D. 1...2...kickout by Big D!

BC: Dunlop is now laying the boots to D, as D is laying on the mat. Oh no! D just caught Dunlop's foot! He stands up, holding Dunlop's foot! D trips Dunlop, and what's this?! Oh my god! He is putting Dunlop in a sharpshooter! Dunlop is in pain here!

TT: Look at Dunlop! He's dragging himself to the ropes! He has about a half an inch left! And D pulls him back out towards the center of the ring! Dunlop is screaming in pain, but he won't tap! He drags himself to the ropes again! He almost has them! D again drags Dunlop to the center!

BC: Dunlop has to tap soon! He can't take much more of this! He's dragging his body to the ropes again! He's got it! He grabbed the rope! The ref is calling for the break! D lets go, but Dunlop looks lifeless in that ring! D picks up Dunlop, side slam in the center of the ring! He makes the cover. 1...2...Dunlop got the shoulder up! He got the shoulder up!

TT: D grabs Dunlop, and whips him towards the corner. Dunlop falls! He didn't even make it to the corner! D lifts Dunlop above his head! Full head of steam! Dunlop weazels his way out of D's grips! D just ran chest first in to the turnbuckle! Dunlop with a roll up! 1...2...D kicks out! Dunlop slowly gets to his feet. He bounces off the ropes, big boot by D! Dunlop is out! D drags Dunlop to the corner. He has Dunlop on the top rope!

BC: DEVASTATION! DEVASTATION! D just hit his finisher! He makes the cover. 1...2...3!!! Big D pulls away with the victory here!

TT: You can't take any credit away from Dunlop though! He put up one hell of a fight!


BC: The world champion just arrived to the arena!

[Camera views back stage to Z-Pac entering the arena, holding his world title across his shoulder.]

LW: Z-Pac, can I get some words from you? How do you feel about Rob Osbourne, and your match with him on Thursday?

Z-Pac: I've already told you how I feel about Osbourne!

LW: Alright, well, what about your match tonight, with Pledge and Osbourne?

Z-Pac: Tonight, they both will see what pain is! Now get out of my face!

[Camera views back at the announcer's table.]

BC: Blair's son is going to get his ass kicked tonight!

TT: I'd like to hear you say that to Blair.

BC: If Blair was here, I'd tell him how much his son, and him suck at wrestling!

TT: Hey Paul! Great of you to join us!

[Bobby looks over next to Teddy to see Paul Blair taking a seat at the announcer's table.]

BC: You do know I was joking right? I mean, the Blair family created wrestling!

PB: You're damn right we did!

BC: You missed it Paul, Teddy was just saying how much you and Z-Pac suck at wrestling!

TT: Shut up Bobby.

PB: So, what match is next on the line up?

TT: Chris Reinhardt against Wreckz.

PB: Well, Reinhardt showed a lot last week on my show. He really impressed me with his in ring skills.

BC: Paul, you know Money lost the match thanks to Miss Money!

PB: Well, maybe Money should leave the misses at home, where she belongs. Cooking and doing the laundry.

TT: Alright guys! We have to get to our next match. Both men are already in the ring.


BC: There's the collar and elbow tie up. Wreckz takes the quick advantage with a hammerlock. Reinhardt hits a pair of back elbows, and now hits the ropes. Reinhardt with a jawbreaker, and Wreckz is down! Reinhardt picks Wreckz up, and whips him in to the ropes.

PB: This man has some interesting moves. He knows how to get the job in the ring too. He catches Wreckz off the ropes, powerslam! He makes the cover. 1...2...and Wreckz kicks out at the last second. Reinhardt picks Wreckz up. Wreckz with a poke to the eyes. Wreckz now on the offense.

TT: Wreckz bounces off the ropes, clothesline! Wreckz is laying the boots to Reinhardt now. Wreckz off the ropes again, leg drop! 1...2...kickout! Wreckz picks up Reinhardt, DDT! He's stomping away at Reinhardt now!

BC: Wreckz picks up Reinhardt, german suplex! 1...2...kickout at the last second! Wreckz gets up, and throws Reinhardt out of the ring. He follows Reinhardt out.

PB: This looks like it could be painful, as we see Wreckz on the apron with Reinhardt! Wreckz has Reinhardt up in a powerbomb position! He's running along the apron, and WHAM! He just put Reinhardt through the spanish annouce table!

TT: Look up the aisle! It's Evil Andu! Andu is in the ring, and he plows over the ref from behind!

PB: I think that was unintentional, as we see Andu climbing the ropes! He jumps off! Leg drop on the spanish announce table! What's Andu doing now! He has a chair! WHACK! WHACK! He's beating up the spanish announce table with a chair!

BC: Wreckz doesn't look happy with this. Andu rips the top of the table off! Wait, Wreckz taps Andu on the shoulder. Andu turns around. Oh my god! He accidentally clocked Wreckz in the head with that table top!

PB: What is he doing now! He's biting the damn table! He finally quits biting it, and goes on to the apron. DIVING HEAD BUTT! Am I seeing this right? Is Andu pinning that table!

TT: That's what it looks like to me. He looks upset that the ref isn't making the count! Wait. Wreckz is back on the offense with Reinhardt, and he just threw Reinhardt on our table here! Wreckz is on the top rope. He dives off as Reinhardt is getting up!

BC: OH MY GOD! Our table is broken! Reinhardt just chokeslammed Wreckz through our table, without Wreckz feet even touching the ground! Wreckz is out! Wait! Wreckz is moving, he's stirring to get up!

PB: And Reinhardt is looking under the ring for something. What is that?! It looks like a stun gun! Wreckz approaches, ZAP! He was just stunned with a stun gun! Reinhardt throws Wreckz in the ring, as he throws the stun gun!

BC: Oh christ. Andu has the stun gun! He doesn't seem to comprehend what exactly it is yet! ANDU JUST USED THE STUN GUN ON THE SPANISH TABLE! He has a smile on his face, and he keeps using that stun gun on the damn table!

PB: The ref is finally getting up in the ring, as Reinhardt puts his finisher on Wreckz! The Chain is on Wreckz! Wreckz is out cold though. The referee raises Wreckz hand, and it falls! He's calling for the bell!


TT: Andu looks upset! He runs in to the ring, and tells the referee to get outside and make the count! Andu climbs to the top rope, FROG SPLASH! The referee makes the count! 1...2...3!


PB: Andu just grabbed that table top, and he's walking to the back with Reinhardt! That was another excellent match by Reinhardt. And for some reason, I think that table will want revenge with Andu! What the hell was he doing?!

BC: Well, Reinhardt has walked to the back, but it looks like Andu is still bad mouthing that announce table! Wait! Crazz from behind! Crazz rips the announce table piece out of Andu's hands, and runs to the back again!

TT: Look at Andu give chase!

BC: Let's go back stage.

[Camera views back stage, where Blood is wandering the hallway, still in search of a partner.]

Blood: Hey Andu. You know anyone who would be my partner tonight?

[Andu doesn't even give notice, he just keeps running after Crazz, and knocks Blood down in the process. Blood gets back up.]

Blood: Wonder what's wrong with him?

[Suddenly, T-Money and Cee-Lo attack Blood from behind with chairs. They beat Blood down pretty good, when Brian Adams sees what is happening, and chases them off. Brian stands above Blood, and carries Blood back to Blood's dressing room. The camera views back at the announce table.]

PB: Well, Blood was lucky that Adams was there to help him.

TT: We have to go to commercial break, we'll be back with our first tag team match of the night!


BC: We have just gotten word from the back that our tag team match tonight, has been changed. It will now be a four corners world title match!


["Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig hits the PA and the crowd erupts as Z-Pac appears at the entrace way dragging a whole dumpster full of chairs, tables, ladders, a yield sign and much more! Z-Pac stops at the entrance way and raises his arms in the sign of a crucifix to the crowd and to a large response and then continues to drag the dumpster of weapons down to ring side. He takes the CWF World Championship off from around his waist and climbs on top of the dumpster and raises his arms to the crowd in a crucifix once again to a huge response again and lots of flash photography! He then begins to toss weapons into the rings, grabs a yield sign and slides into the ring.]

[ "Evil Andu" by Meatoaf blares over the PA as Evil Andu leaps over the guardrail and into the ring. The fans goes crazy as Evil climbs the turnbuckle and flashes the P-K sign, posing it until his next opponent arrives.]

["Ironman" from AC/DC blares over the loud speaker and Pledge Alligence is showered with a resounding chorus of boos from the crowd. As he makes his way down the aisle red white and blue flares emerge from the top of the stage and he stops to slap hands with a little girl and just as he is about to make contact he fakes her out and she begins to cry. He makes his way to the ringside, and waits on the outside.]

["My Way" by Limp Bizkit begins to play and the crowd boo's as Rob Osbourne and the entire Russo Family come out. The Russo Family waits at the top of the entrance ramp. Osbourne walks to the ring, and waits outside with Pledge.]

BC: Pledge and Osbourne are circling the ring here, and Z-Pac has a stop sign in his hand. Osbourne climbs to the apron, but is quickly chased off the apron by Z-Pac. Pledge now is trying to enter, and Evil Andu chases him off the apron.

TT: Osbourne finally enters the ring, and is leveled by the stop sign! Pledge slides in the ring, and he starts to throw punches at Andu! Andu is giving him the same punches back, as Osbourne is getting up, and Z-Pac drops the stop sign.

PB: Z-Pac with a front face lock on Osbourne, suplex! Pledge finally has the upper hand on Evil Andu, and whips him in to the corner. Pledge follows, but Andu gets the boot up! Andu climbs to the middle turnbuckle, flipping neckbreaker! He makes the cover! 1...Pledge kicks out!

BC: Z-Pac is in complete control of Osbourne, and he clotheslines Osbourne to the outside! Z=Pac goes over, and helps Andu stomp on Pledge! And here comes Osbourne again! He has a chair, and WHAM! Z-Pac was just cracked in the head with a chair!

TT: Osbourne smacks Andu with the chair now! Andu is down! Osbourne is putting that chair around Z-Pac's ankle, as Pledge climbs the ropes. PLEDGE LANDS ON THE CHAIR!

PB: Those son's of bitches just broke my son's ankle! How sick are they?! Andu is back up, and he rolls up Osbourne! 1...2...Osbourne kicks out! Pledge starts stomping away at Z-Pac's ankle, as Osbourne takes care of Andu.

TT: Andu is fighting back now! Andu and Osbourne go toppling over the top rope, and Pledge is still stomping away at Z-Pac! Andu knocks down Osbourne, and now he's looking over at that spanish announce table! He just gave the announce table a double bird!

BC: Oh my god! This man's going nuts! He grabs Osbourne now, and walks over to the spanish announce table! WHAM! He's pounding Osbourne's head in to the table!

Andu: Take that you damn table! Take that!

BC: Andu is trying to hurt the table, with Osbourne's head!!! Wait! Look in the ring! Z-Pac is up! Pledge gets a boot to the gut, ZDT! Z-Pac just hit the ZDT! He doesn't have the strength to make the cover though!

PB: Come on son! Roll over! Roll over!

TT: There it is! Z-Pac has the arm over Pledge! 1...2...NO!!! Pledge kicked out! Z-Pac is hurt, but he's trying to get back to his feet! Pledge is getting to his feet, kick to the gut! Possibly another ZDT!! NO!!! Pledge blocks it! Pledge lifts Z-Pac up, and crashes him to the mat, on that bad ankle!

BC: Pledge grabs Z-Pac, PLEDGE HAMMER!!!! Pledge flips Z-Pac over, ANKLE LOCK! He has the ankle lock on that bad ankle! Z-Pac won't tap though!!! Z-Pac is dragging himself to the ropes! He's almost got it! NO!!! Z-Pac has passed out from the pain! The ref is calling for the bell, as Andu is still smashing Osbourne's head in to that table!

TT: We have a new world champion here tonight! And Z-Pac is out cold!

PB: Pledge has grabbed his title, and now he's attacking Andu! Andu turns around, WHACK! Andu was just nailed in the face with that world title! Pledge and Osbourne walk to the back together, as Andu lays here on the ground!


BC: We have to go to a commercial!


[Camera views back stage to see Blood lacing his boots up.]

Blood: Alright, I'm ready. Time to go out there, and kick some ass!

[Camera views announcer's table.]

PB: Well, Blood sounds like he's ready. But the question is if he found a partner yet.

TT: Wait! Hewlin's on the CWFtron!

MH: Well, I've thought about Blood's request, and I have come to a decision. Tonight, in the tag team casket match, the Unified Title, and the National Title WILL be on the line!

PB: Well boys, it looks like we have two titles on the line in this blockbuster match!


[The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money and Cee-Lo along Miss Money. T-Money has a white and gold bandana tied around his head, and he's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, white knee pads, shiny black boots, and a black leather jacket with a big, gold $ emblem on the back. He also has the National Title draped over his shoulder. Cee-Lo is wearing blue tights, black elbow pads, black knee pads, and shiny black boots. Miss Money is wearing a shiny pink dress and pink high heels. They all walk to the ring slapping hands with the fans. They walk up the ring steps, and step through the ropes. They pose to an extremely loud pop, then T-Money hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official on the outside of the ring.]

TT: T-Money and Cee-Lo are in the ring, and are awaiting their opponents, or opponent.

["Lollipop Porn" by Crazy Town starts to blare throughout the arena, as the crowd excitingly cheers. The lights go dim, as Blood walks out, title draped over his shoulder, and bazooka in hand. He aims the bazooka high in to the arena, and blasts it twice, one on each side of the arena. He sets the bazooka down, and signals to cut his music. He has a microphone which he pulls out of his tights.]

Blood: Well Money, it's come down to this. I was in the back stage area, and I asked many people to team with me tonight. Well, I couldn't find myself a partner...until five minutes ago. So, let's get ready to rumble Money!

["Never Enough" by Papa Roach begins to play, and the crowd doesn't know whether to cheer or boo. Suddenly, out from behind the curtains step an old man, wearing a black leather mask, black leather pants, and a black tank top. He pulls the mask off, and the whole arena falls in laughter, as they see that it's Blood's friend, McGee. Blood and McGee run to the ring, and are met by T-Money and Cee-Lo.]

BC: Are you both seeing what I'm seeing?! We have a ninety three year old man in that ring, trying to brawl with Cee-Lo!

PB: For ninety three, he's sure laying those punches in good! Blood and T-Money are brawling on the outside, neither man giving the other ground! Wait! Look in the ring! McGee's going for a powerbomb on Cee-Lo!

BC: What the hell is that man thinking! He's going to get a hernia trying to lift Cee-Lo!

PB: Oh my god! He has Cee-Lo up! LAST RIDE! That's a Last Ride powerbomb! He just drilled Cee-Lo with that one! Money finally gets the advantage against Blood, and drills his head in to the casket's lid!

TT: Money is in the ring now, and he just grabbed McGee from behind, german suplex! McGee is hurt. He isn't moving at all!

PB: This is a tragic sight, and finally EMT's come out to help McGee. They are checking his neck, he may have broken it. Meanwhile, Cee-Lo is back up, and him and T-Money are really beating down Blood now.

BC: Yeah! T-Money just grabs a chair and...CRACK! He just drilled Blood in the head with the chair! Blood is bleeding! Now Cee-Lo grabs a chair! Look at this! They are beating the hell out of Blood with the chairs!

PB: Yeah, but look at Blood! He's actually trying to get up!

TT: Wait! Look at the CWFtron! That's Hewlin with...Suicide? What's he talking to Suicide about?

Suicide: Come on Mike. He's getting his ass kicked out there! Make it official.

MH: Alright, alright! You go out there, and you'll be Blood's partner in this match! But if your team wins, you are to give T-Money a rematch for the National Title on the Blair Jericho show!

Suicide: You've got yourself a deal!

TT: Did you just hear that?! Blood has a new partner, old time friend, Suicide!

PB: And here he comes! Suicide is out here, and he's taking it to Cee-Lo now. Cee-Lo and Suicide are exchanging lefts and rights! T-Money is still beating the hell out of Blood! Wait, Money finally sees what's occuring between Suicide and Cee-Lo. Money runs after them with the chair and...WHACK!

BC: Oh my god! He just drilled Miss Money with the chair! She was next to Cee-Lo and Suicide! Miss Money is down! T-Money is checking on Miss Money, and Blood is finally getting up!

PB: Blood is going to have to see a doctor after this one! His whole face is covered in Blood right now, and he can barely stand! He finally starts walking towards T-Money. He grabs the chair next to Money and...WHACK! He just smacked Money with that chair!

BC: Wait! What's he doing with Miss Money?! He has her, and he carries her in to the ring, bleeding all over her dress! He sets her down in the ring, and now grabs that chair again! Over on the other side of the ring, Cee-Lo is getting the best of Suicide now, as he starts beating Suicide with the chair!

PB: Blood looks over at Cee-Lo, and sets up the chair in the ring. He grabs Miss Money, and sits her in the chair. Now Blood looks to be going towards Cee-Lo and Suicide! T-Money starts stirring around again, and finally gets to his feet, as Blood tries to stop Cee-Lo!

TT: Cee-Lo is cracking Blood in the head with that chair now! Suicide gets up, and slides in to the ring. He sees Miss Money set up in the chair. Suicide just pushed Miss Money off the chair, and folded it up again! Suicide sees a bloody T-Money looking over at Cee-Lo and Blood! Suicide bounces off the ropes, BASEBALL SLIDE!

PB: T-Money is down again, and Cee-Lo is still bashing the hell out of Blood! Suicide sets the chair up in the ring again, and puts Miss Money back on the chair! Wait, Suicide is going over towards the ropes, as Cee-Lo is on the apron with the chair now!

BC: Cee-Lo starts running with the chair in his hand, as Suicide climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Suicide grabs the chair from Cee-Lo as Cee-Lo was going to dive off the apron! Cee-Lo is looking at Suicide confusingly, and Suicide throws the chair back to Cee-Lo as Blood is getting up near the casket! Suicide dives off the top, MISSILE DROPKICK IN TO THE CHAIR!

TT: And Cee-Lo stumbles backwards in to Blood! GERMAN SUPLEX IN TO THE CASKET! The lid shut on Blood and Cee-Lo, as half of each body dangles out of the casket! Suicide tries to help Blood, but T-Money hits him from behind! Money throws Suicide on top of the casket now!

PB: Money is heading back in to the ring, and what the hell is he going to do here?! Money's on the top rope, MONEY SPENDER! He just nailed Suicide with the Money Spender, on to the top of the casket! This is complete carnage here! Money is in the crowd, trying to get up! Suicide slid off the casket, and is on the ground with T-Money! And Cee-Lo and Blood are both halfway in the almost closed casket!

BC: Wait! Suicide is finally up, and he opens the casket. Blood and Cee-Lo both fall to the ground, damn near lifeless! Suicide is catching his breath, as T-Money is getting up! Dropkick from behind! Suicide's head just richocheted off that casket lid, and the casket closes again!

PB: This match is putting all four men through hell! T-Money grabs Suicide, and throws him back over the guardrail! I don't know if Suicide knew what he was getting in to in this one! And now T-Money is smacking Suicide's head in to the casket!

BC: Personally, if I were Money, I'd get rid of Suicide quick, and throw Blood in that casket. All Blood is doing is laying there, along with Cee-Lo! T-Money now throws Suicide over the guard rail again, and he finally grabs Blood! He throws Blood in the casket, but Blood's foot is sticking out of it!

TT: I just got word from the back, that the main event has been signed for the next Blair Jericho show! Get this, the world champion, Pledge Alligence, will defend the world title in a STEEL CAGE match on your show Paul! It will be Pledge Alligence against Jake Douglas!

BC: That will be one hell of a match!

PB: Money leans in the casket, and stuffs Blood's foot in the casket. WHACK! Suicide just dropkicked the casket shut on T-Money! It's damn near choking Money! Suicide climbs on top of the casket now, and he grabs T-Money's legs. BLOOD LOCK! Suicide has T-Money in the Blood Lock!

TT: Suicide doesn't have the strength to hold T-Money's legs anymore! He lets go, and falls forward. Wait! Blood is opening the casket! Blood rolls out of the casket. Blood gets up now, and he's trying to put Money in the casket! Money with a mule kick!

BC: Blood is on the ground again! Money is still draped partially in the casket, and now Cee-Lo is finally starting to move. Suicide is finally back up, and he grabs Money trying to throw him in the casket! Suicide sees Cee-Lo approaching, and turns his attacks to him, as Blood is getting up!

PB: Blood grabs T-Money, kick to the gut, BLOOD LUST! Suicide knocks down Cee-Lo, and stumbles back to the casket! Suicide looks at the carnage on the ground, and all of the blood. Suicide is still stumbling.

TT: Suicide picks up Money, and starts to stomp him, as he holds him up! Blood is finally getting up, and he's walking to the other side of the ring, where another casket rests. Blood finally gets over there, and Cee-Lo runs in to the ring.

BC: What is Blood doing?! he standing in the casket! Cee-Lo dives through the ropes, SPEAR! Blood is down in the casket! And on the other side, Suicide has put Money in the casket! BOTH LIDS SHUT AT THE SAME TIME!!!! We have two new champs!!!

PB: All four men showed the world how hardcore they can be, as you can see by all of the blood outside of the ring here! Suicide stumbles over to the casket Blood is in, and opens it, letting Blood out. Blood is woozy, but he slides in to the ring.

TT: It looks to me like Blood is checking to see if Miss Money is okay. Miss Money just slapped Blood! Blood drops his title, and grabs Miss Money by the hair, causing her to lean backwards! Blood is finally getting out of the other casket, and Cee-Lo is out on the ground! T-Money drags himself to the ring apron!

PB: Don't do it Blood! Don't hit her! He's looking out at T-Money, who is lifting himself up with the help of the ring apron! Blood looks back at Miss Money!

BC: Oh my god! He's laying a big, bloody wet one right on to Miss Money's lips! T-Money can't believe it! Blood lets go, and runs through the crowd. Look at Miss Money's face, it's covered in blood!

TT: Well, Miss Money sure had one hell of a match here! And we have just seen two new champions crowned in one match! Cee-Lo won the Unified Title, and Suicide is the new National Champion! And we have one more match left to go!

TT: I understand that we have Keith Daniels on the phone right now. Keith, can you hear me?

KD: I hear ya. Now, the reason why I'm calling, is to tell the whole world that I WILL be back on Thursday!

[The crowd goes insane.]

TT: Do you have release from your doctor?

KD: You bet your ass I do! Not only that, but if I remember right, I get myself a National Title shot!

TT: Well, yeah, you do.

KD: So it looks like Suicide and T-Money will have one more obsticle on Thursday! T-Money, you should have known this injury wouldn't keep me out! And now, it's payback time! If life was a game T-Money, than DEATH...would be your only option!

TT: Well, thanks for the update Keith. We'll see you on Thursday!

PB: Our next match is Crazz defending his Mid-Atlantic Title against FrostByte!

BC: We have some action in the back!

[Camera views in back, where Shinto is beating the hell out of Reinhardt. He is pounding Reinhardt down with a chair.]

BC: Oh my god! Reinhardt is being beat down! He's already busted wide open thanks to Shinto!

TT: We need security back there, and some EMT's. Reinhardt is hurt. Shinto finally drops the chair, and walks away as the EMT's come.

[Camera views back to the announcer's table.]

PB: That was uncalled for action by Shinto. He doesn't need to be injuring good talent around here.

TT: In any case, we have one match left for the night, and it has already started in the back!


[Camera views in back, where Crazz and FrostByte are exchanging punches.]

TT: Crazz and FrostByte are having one hell of a brawl here! They finally are making their way to the ring for this one!

PB: Listen to that crowd roar, as they see FrostByte and Crazz brawling their way down that ramp! They're right next to the ring now, and Crazz finally hits FrostByte with a punch that knocks the man down! Crazz picks him up, and WHAM! Right in to the steps, face first!

BC: Crazz grabs FrostByte again, and he's going to slam Byte's face in to the steps again! Byte blocks it and, WHAM! Crazz was just introduced to the steps! Byte looks under the ring, but doesn't find anything good!

TT: Byte nails Crazz with a drop toe hold now! Byte's up on the apron, diving lariat! But Crazz catches him with a big boot instead! Byte is down, and now Crazz is looking under the ring! He has a table! Crazz is setting up the table, as Byte slowly gets up. Crazz notices Byte getting up, and nails Byte with a clothesline!

PB: What does Crazz have planned now?! He rolls Byte in to the ring, and follows him in! He picks Byte up for a powerbomb, runs towards the rope, SUMMERSAULT POWERBOMB!!! And both men crash through that table!

BC: What are we going to see next in this match?! Wait! Crazz is up, and he throws Byte in to the ring! Crazz has Byte over by the corner, it might be the Drunk Driver!

TT: Our lights just went out! What's happening?! Look at the CWFtron! It's...it's a stick of dynomite!

[A stick of dynamite is shown on the CWFtron and the fuse is lit and it's going down. Every single one of the fans are lookin at the CWFtron wondering what is going on. As the fuse goes down the dynomite stick explodes, and the words "The Time Is Now!" flashes on the screen as "Sick Of Life" by Godsmack plays over the speakers.]

BC: What the hell is this?!

[A huge pyro goes off by the entrance and fireworks go off everywhere. The two letters, DD, flash on the screen spinning around. Then it changes to "TNT... 1...2... 3... BOOO YEAH!!". The entrance ramp lights up with pyros going towards the ring and lights come back on as the smoke dies down and a figure appears in the smoke with his arms raised in the air, a hockey stick in one hand.]

TT: Wow! Crazz is looking right at that man! But who the hell is he, and what the hell is he doing here?!

PB: Crazz drops FrostByte with the Drunk Driver from the middle rope! The ref is going to make the count here! And look, that man is approaching the ring! 1...2...3!!! Crazz retains his title, but the story is this man walking to the ring!


BC: Must be a fan of the Stanley Cup champions, he's wearing a Colorado Avalanche Jersey! And look, it says DD on it! Crazz is now staring this man down, as he enters the ring! He asking for a microphone, and our ring announcer gives him one.

PB: And look at this! He's point at Crazz with that hockey stick!

Man: Now, a few of you people are wondering, just who the hell is this guy standing in the ring? And what is he doing out here in the main event? Well I do believe that Crazz can answer those questions for you, can't you Crazz.

[The man throws the microphone to Crazz.]

Crazz: Go to hell!

[Crazz throws the microphone to the ground, but the man reaches down and picks it back up. Crazz turns to leave the ring.]

Man: What's the matter Crazz? Don't you wanna tell these fans just who I am? Are you too scared to do that? Are you too chicken?

[Crazz, halfway out of the ring, turns his attention back to the man in the ring, grimmly staring him down. Crazz steps back in to the ring, and asks for a microphone. The ring announcer gives him one.]

Crazz: Alright, these fans of mine wanna know who you are?

Man: Yeah, they sure in deed do.

Crazz: You're gonna be the guy that I kick the ass of!

Man: That's not the way I see it. Hit the video feed!

[The CWFtron flashes, and Crazz looks up on it, as a DD production flashes on the screen. It shows the man in the ring fighting Crazz. But Crazz looks a bit different. The man nails Crazz with an amazing move, and gets the pin. The video cuts to the man holding up the world title. As the man turns around, you can read his shirt. It says Dynamite Dan. You can see Crazz in the background unconsious.]

Crazz: Were the hell do you get off here putting footage like that on the CWFtron?

Man: I'm just giving the fans what they want. I mean, which main event would not be complete without the dynamite one!

Crazz: A good one, that's what! Listen, DD, what happened all those years will never happen again. You can try and talk all the trash and tell all these fans. But, you want to get it done right now, than bring it!

DD: Not here, not now. I will come for you. But right now, you aren't ready.

Crazz: I'm not ready? Who the hell do you think you are? I'm a champion around here, and all you are is a chump like you always were!

[Dynamite starts to step out of the ring, and Crazz gets a smirk on his face. He walks over to DD with the microphone.]

Crazz: Are you sure that I'm the chicken!

[Dan drills Crazz in the gut with the hockey sticks butt end. DD bounces off the ropes and nails Crazz with his finisher, TNT. DD picks up his ice hockey stick and exits the ring as "Sick Of Life" by Godsmack plays over the speaker. He slaps hands with the fans on the way to the back.]

TT: What a show! We have seen an appearence by the newest man in the CWF, as well as three new champions crowned tonight!

BC: We're out of time! We'll see you on The Paul Blair Jeff Jericho Wrestling Hour!

[Scene fades out as Crazz slowly starts to get up in the ring. Before the scene fades to black, Ravager comes through the crowd, kicks Crazz in the gut, and hits him with the Ravager Slam. He smiles sedistically in the ring as the scene fades.]