[Paul Blair, Steve Dart, and Jeff Jericho are sitting ringside ready to do the play by play for tonight's Sunday Night Brawl. Camera pans to the table as Blair begins to talk]

PB: Welcome to Sunday Night Brawl. I am Paul Blair and alongside me tonight the two biggest closest Ruler Rooters around today.

SD: Shut the hell up Blair. It's the Steve Dart Show tonight. Let's face it, the CWF knew that their ratings were up because of the "Show", the Whole Show and nothing but the "Show" Steve Dart!

JJ: You both are fools. Jeff Jericho is the reason last week and every week I've ever been on Brawl has been a success. But regardless I think these peons want to know how all three of us managed to get into these seats again. This time, Crane and Turnbuckle thought they had it all figured out. But once again, they were made fools.

PB: Yeah they were! Roll the footage from a few moments ago.

[Cameras go back to the back room. This all happened around 10-15 minutes ago. Teddy Turnbuckle and Beautiful Bobby Crane are talking to VP Bruce]

TT: Ok, so we want to make sure that nothing like last weeks happens this week. That was possibly the worst commentating crew since before Teddy Turnbuckle came to the CWF.

BC: Yeah. So are you going to assure us VP that everything is under control?

VP Bruce: Guys I have everything taken care of..oh no. Hello tonight Mr. Blair.

[Suddenly from behind comes Paul Blair who is eager to say something]

PB: Hey VP. Now Teddy, and Bobby. I want to assure you that we will not barge onto your set this week. And to show you that I mean it. I wanted you both to get the scoop of the night. Because I have had it on good word that something big is going on in that backroom. And you two can get the scoop first. It is something that will change the face of tonight's show for sure.

BC: Yeah, I bet you are here to help us out.

TT: But what if he's right and we can get the scoop of the night. How great would that be. Thanks Paul. We will go check it out.

[Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane walk away and Blair snickers to himself. A few seconds later we hear both of them screaming at someone and then see Earl the Taco Selling Guy and Elmo the Janitor come running onto the set.]

PB: I told you something big was going to happen. Did you both do what I told you?

Earl: yes sir we did it. Just how you said. I can't believe it worked.

PB: Great. It looks like tonight's broadcast positions are open since both Teddy and Bobby seem to be locked in a back room. Guess it's time for BlairVision to pick up the pieces and save this week's show. Let's go guys.

[Camera then switches back to the arena where Blair, Earl and Elmo are sitting ringside]

PB: Tonight we are going to have a great show. I can't wait to see--

[Suddenly "Back in Black" by AC/DC blasts in the arena and out walks Steve Dart with cooler in hand. He knocks Earl out of his seat and takes the end chair and begins mouthing off to Blair]

SD: You know what Blair, tonight you did only one thing right. You got rid of those other idiots. But tonight this show is being taken over by "The Show" Steve Dart. And while I still have to put up with you, at least there's no Jericho.

[However as soon as he utters these words, he is interrupted by Jericho's music.."My Time". Jericho walks out to the set and tosses Elmo out of the center seat]

JJ: Tonight this show is starting off with a bang. Speaking of bangs, how's your little girlfriend Blair?

PB: You good for nothing little idiot. I have a good mind to Blairkick you right now.

JJ: Don't you mean a half mind, maybe less at this point in the evening. Tonight's Brawl now has the Ratings Maker here. Gone are Teddy "Tuna" Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane.

(Cameras then go to the lobby where someone is walking into the arena. It's Hudson and Myst, who are met by a barage of boos throughout the arena. They are carrying their own bags)

Hudson: I can't wait to see their faces. Tonight, Ryder and Douglas are going to help us reform X-Rated.

Myst: Yes sir. Tonight is a great night. And if they don't help reform the group, their mothers are in for a bad night. So where is Slater and Vance?

Hudson: They arrived a few moments ago. Let's go get them.

(As they leave, Douglas and Ryder show up with big smiles on their faces. They go off in the same direction as Hudson and Myst.)

PB: I guess they are set to reform that stable right here tonight and they want to tell them before their match.

SD: Yeah, I bet you wish that Hudson gets his wish tonight don't you? Now I'm told that something else is going on back near the World Champ's dressing room.

(Cameras go back to the dressing room marked "Z-Pac's Dressing Room". There is some noise heard in the background and some shouting but it's not loud enough for us to hear what the words are. Then a battered and confused looking World Champ walks out of the dressing room with a whole group of police officers walking him out. It's seen a second later that Z-Pac is handcuffed. The group heads out of the arena)

PB: What! They can't do that! That is the CWF World Champ. That's my son. Oh no.

JJ: Finally a Blair is being sent away. My prayers have finally been answered.

SD: 1 down and 1 to go.

(Dart looks straight at Blair as he says this and then throws a pencil at him)

PB: They did not even say why he was being arrested. This isn't right. I can't stand sitting here and not knowing why he's been sent away.

("Papercut" begins to play as Mike walks out to boo's by the fans as people are beginning to hate the "MVP". He has an envelope and microphone in hand as he enters from the back and stands at the top of the stage.......)

MVP: You all see that? Did you all see Z-Pac get taken out of the arena in a squad car? Hmmm I wonder why that happened? Maybe it was because I had him arrested! That son of a bitch did something so dispickable I had to turn him in. You see back in the childhood days of young Z-Pac he lived in an orphanage in Boston, Massachusetts, by the way Yankees suck...

(Fans start to boo Mike)

MVP: Anyways little Z hated the place so much that when he was older he came back and lit that bastard on fire! I have the evidence right here in my hand!!

(Raises the envelope)

MVP: To this day no one has been able to solve this crime. Then I went back home, and looky looky Z-Pac's in jail. Does anyone know why I did this? Here's a history lesson for you I HATE that @#$%$, I HATE the way he looks I HATE the way he is.......