[The show opens inside the lockeroom of Jake Douglas.  There's a knock at the door and he finds a delivery man.]

Delivery Guy: Mr. J. Douglas?

Douglas: Yeah?

DG: I have a package here for you if you'll sign for it.

Douglas: Yeah I guess..

[Douglas takes the box and goes back into his locker room.  He opens it to find a bottle of black wine and a bouquet of black roses.  There's a tag reading, "Here you go Jake.. drink your heart out..it'll be your last chance - W.C."  Douglas gets furious once more for WildCard mocking his drinking habit and whips the bottle and shatters it on the wall.]

[Suddenly the scene shifts to Teddy Turnbucle and Bobby Crane , "Operate Annihilate" by Powerman 5000 plays throughout the arena, and the crowd errupts in cheers.]

TT: That can only be one man! And there can only be on way to kick off a Pay-Per-View!

BC: What the hell does he want?!

[The lights go dim as Blood walks out holding a bazooka. He stands at the entranceway, and points it towards the ceiling. Red flares shoot out from the bazooka. Blood fires it again. He sets the bazooka down, and walks to the ring. He grabs a microphone from the ring announcer, and steps in the ring, walking to the center.]

Blood: Now, I know that you're a little confused in the back Duarte. You're wondering why I'm in the ring. Well Steve, I have a rather interesting contract here. You see, when I was here before, Mark X signed this contract. The contract states that I am to recieve a shot at the world title. Now, originally, I was going to use this contract at "Fear Of The Dark". But that didn't happen. This contract doesn't state what event I will get that shot at, it just states that I will recieve that shot by June 28th, 2001.

[The crowd frantically cheers as Blood holds up the contract.]

Blood: This means, you have exactly one month to give me my world title shot!

[Duarte walks to the entranceway with an irate look on his face. He decides to walk all the way to the ring. In the ring, he stands nose to nose with Blood.]

Steve Duarte: First things first, Yoshiru! I don't need to give you jack! I didn't sign that contract, Mark did. And he currently is not the CEO, therefore, your contract isn't worth a thing! Plus, why would I give you the title shot? Have you proven anything to me?

Blood: Prove to you something? I don't have to prove anything to you! I came prepared. I figured you wouldn't go for the contract, so I brought a little surprise!

[Blood mouths "Illusion Becomes Reality" to Duarte, as he points at the cwftron. Z-Pac appears on the cwftron, and Duarte's jaw is just about dropped as he looks at Z-Pac.]

Z-Pac: Hey Stevie boy. Blood told me he might have a little problem with you signing his match. Well, don't worry Duarte, I'll do it for you! Chasey is STILL using me as her power of attourney! So, what will happen is whoever wins the world title match tonight, will face Blood on June 10th! But wait, let's make it a little more interesting. Tonight, we'll have Blood referee the main event!

TT: Oh my god! Look at Duarte! He is pissed!

BC: I would be too if some FREAK decided to sign matches, and give title shots to people that don't deserve them!

Steve Duarte: Alright! But there is no way in hell Blood is refering that Main Event tonight. If you want your match Blood you stay away from that match tonight!!

Blood: You've got it!

[Blood walks towards the rope, and is about to get out of the ring.]

Steve Duarte: Yoshiru, just one more thing.

[Blood turns to look at Duarte, as Big D walks up with a chair.]

TT: Big D has a chair!

BC: Bash his skull in!

TT: Big D with a viscious shot to Blood's head. Blood has fallen out of the ring. Trojan nails Blood with the chair again! Now he's trying to choke Blood out with the chair!

BC: This is great! I love it! Look at Steve! He's down there kicking Blood!

["Southtown" by POD starts to blast in the arena, as Marlowe and Daniels run to the aid of Blood.]

TT: It's Daniels and Marlowe! They've come to help Blood! And look at Big D and Duarte run through the crowd like cowards.

BC: Of course they're going to run, it's three on two! Omega, standing for tradition? Three on two isn't tradition!

TT: Shut up Bobby! And on a side note folks..Magnus Thunder is NOT here tonight due to personal problems so Big D is automatically in the Main Event against the World Champion MVP and whoever wins the Boileroo Brawl between Z-PAC and G-PAC!! Keepin mind..G-Pac is going into that match with an injured knee!!

BC: Its looking better and better for Duarte's master plan!! Big D conviently is now in the Main Event without having to wrestle. I love it!!

TT: And this is how we kick off a PPV in the CWF!! This will be a Evil Intentions Fireball Match!!

BC: A what match?

TT: Evil Intentions Fireball match..the only way to win is by lighting your opponent on fire with a fireball!! Here comes the "Ice Man"!!

["Enter Sandman" by Metallica plays as the fans leap the their feet cheering loudly. The lights fade out to black as two lines of flames begin to leap and flicker their way up the entrance ramp, and as they reach the curtains, they explode in a shower of sparks and smoke. A red strobe light flashes off and on behind the smoke, as the words "Hardcore Specialist" and "Iceman" spin around on the video wall screen, dripping blood everywhere on screen. Suddenly, a shadow appears in front of the strobe light and a blue spot light shines on the shadow, which as the smoke clears, is seen as Steve Johnson. Steve is wearing a pair of baggy black jeans, black leather combat boots, and a pair of mirror tinted Oakley wrap around sunglasses. He begins a slow methodical walk to the ring, occasionally slapping a fans hand or two. He slides in underneath the ring ropes, and immediately leaps up to his feet. He walks to all four sides of the ring, and stands on the first and second rope, raising his arm to the crowd, ala Justin Credible from WWF/ECW. He finally settles in the middle of the ring, and he looks out at all of the fans, pointing his hand around as he spins a circle. When he finishes that, he throws both arms into the air, and blue fire explodes from each corner of the ring. He goes to a corner, and leans on the turnbuckle.]

TT: There are all kinds of fire breathing devices around the ring for these two..and wait a minute EVIL ANDU from behind on the "Oklahoma City Badass"!!

BC: This Evil Andu has really been on a role as of late!!

TT: Spinning Neck Breaker by Evil followed by a well placed elbow to the chest of the Ice Man!!

BC: Johnson back up and Andu with a Running Forearm Smash!! Shades of Lex Luger!!

TT: That Forearm nearly took Johnson's damn head off!! And Evil now with a DDT!!! What's he doing?

BC: It looks like he is coming out here and getting the steel steps!!

TT: And Andu just threw those steps in the ring and now he rolls back in..GOOD GOD!! DDT ON THOSE STEEL STEPS!! Johnson has been busted wide open!!

BC: Evil now places the steps on Johnson's face and he is climbing to the top rope!!

TT: Don't do it young man..don't you dare do it!!


TT: These people are on their feet in Texas and can you blame them? What a move!!

BC: Andu slowly gets up and now he's going outside and grabbing one of those fire breathing guns!!


BC: We almost has an "Oklahoma Burnt Ass"!! Hahaha..

TT: Would you stop..Johnson back to his feet..Andu goes to the outside and grabs a chair..*THUD*..Did you hear that!! And Andu with a Clothesline and Johnson goes flying onto the steel steps..LEG DROP by ANDU ONTO THE STEPS and ONTO STEVE JOHNSON!! ANDU picks Johnson up and--TOMBSTONE!!!!!! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Johnson is getting his ass kicked here tonight!!

BC: Andu rolled back out and he is getting another Fire Ball device!!

TT: He goes back to the ring and---He's gonna' lite Johnson on fire!!! JOHNSON ducked and the referee is on fire!!! THE REFEREE IS ON FIRE!! ANDU with DVD on ICE MAN onto those steel steps!!! DDT ON THE REF!!!

BC: Thats one way to put out a fire..Stomp it out!!

TT: We have a new referee has the other one is getting medical attention--ANDU goes out side..what's he doing?? Oh no this has gone to far..ANDU HAS A BLOW TORCH!! HE IS BACK IN AND---FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JOHNSON IS ON FIRE!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!

BC: ANDU wins but what is he doing now?

TT: DDT!!! He just planted a burning Johnson face first onto the mat!! My god what a match!!


["Rage" by White Zombie begins to play and the crowd starts to boo. Ravager comes out from the back with the Mid-Atlantic title around his waist. He rubs it, then flexes his muscles at the entrance way. He walks to the ring and slids in under the bottom rope. He takes off his belt and hands it to the ref. He goes to the right side turnbuckle nearest to the commentators, and goes to the 2nd rope. He flexes his muscles again then leaps down and waits...]

[The low strum of Eye of the Tiger fills the arena as a blue spot light roams over the crowd. Slowly finding its way to the entrance as the first beat on the drums explodes out over the speakers, a hugh explosion of blinding white pyrotechniques goes off and CRAZZ Steps out into the view of audience. He goes to the ring and waits for Suicide..]

["Getchya Grove On" by Limp Bizkit blasts throughout the arena, as a countdown appears on the screen. Once the countdown hits zero, Suicide appears at the entrance, back facing the ring, and fireworks blasting off. He turns around, and walks to the ring somewhat cocky.}

BC: Alright, all three men are in the ring now. Expect this to be a bloody mess. And Ravager, right away is on the attack! Look at him. Right punch, left punch on Crazz. There's Suicide, he's jumped up onto Ravager's back and applies a sleeper!

TT: It'll take more then THAT to take the big man down

BC: Crazz shakes off the punches and dropkicks Ravager in the knees, Ravager gets down on one knee, and Suicide breaks the hold.

TT: Aw, good strategy. Take out the wheels, and you're stuck.

BC: Well, yes that's the point. Now Crazz and Suicide are kicking Ravager while he's down. Crazz grabs Ravager by the hair and applies a full-nelson. Suicide now is getting his free shots.

TT: I wonder if this alliance will last the whole match? They'll waste their energy taking Ravager out! Then they gotta go after each other.

BC: Speak of the devil! Ravager just broke that hold and Suicide just superkicked Crazz in the face. Suicide looks horrified as the enraged Ravager looks over at him. Suicide runs to Ravager, but Ravager catches him and lifts him up. Ravager is walking over towards us while in the ring.. and good god he just threw Suicide out of the ring. Just like he did last Sunday on Brawl to Crazz. Ravager climbing over that top-rope and getting down on the ground with Suicide. Ravager picked up suicde, uh oh, hey Ravager, come on, stop it. Ravager is clearing. of.f.f

*BC's headset falls off*

TT: Are you there? Can you hear me? Uh oh looks like Bobby's been cut off. Well, Ravager has placed Suicide on our announce table and is now on the ring apron. Crazz just got up! Ravager is going to the top-rope now! Crazz just left the ring... he's over by Suicide now. Ravager has his back turned. Looks like he's going to do a moonsault. Ravager's up.. wait! Crazz pulled Suicide outta the way! *crash* Ra..ger.. ju.t.. sma...ed the.. ble. Good God! Crazz with Suicide now, and DDT onto the ground. He makes the cover! 1...2... KICK OUT! Suicide just kicked out of that DDT.

*Bobby back on now*

BC: Am I on?

TT: Yes.. *underbreath* dammit!

BC: Good God, our announce table has been ruined by Ravager! Well, this is a good oppurtunity for Crazz now who can beat down Suicde a bit and HOPE Ravager stays down. Crazz and Suicide are now exaching blows. Oh, Suicide rakes Crazz's eyes. Suicide hooks Crazz up... and delivers the suplex. Suicide floats over for the cover 1..2 Kick out! Suicide kicks Crazz to make sure he stays down and gets a table from our time keeper. Suicide sets up... Crazz is up.. *Smack* right in the head! Crazz is still on his feet, but really dazed... Suicide again! *Smack* And now Crazz falls. He appears to be bleeding now. Suicide goes back in the ring.

TT: What the hell!? This is where you're supposed to pin the guy and win! Ravager might get back in the game ya know!

BC: Well, Suicide off the ropes, goes to the opposite side, and flips over the ropes right onto Crazz! What a flight by Suicide! Will he make the cover?

TT: Doesn't look like it, it looks like he hurt himself more then he hurt Crazz. Wait a minute, RAVAGER IS SHOWING FAINT SIGNS OF LIFE!

BC: Good God! You're right, Ravager's arm is twitching, wait, he's getting up to his knees. Meanwhile, Crazz and Suicide are down. Ravager is back on his feet, he looks very dazed, he stumbles over to Crazz and falls... headbutting him right in the nuts! OW!

TT: Crazz might have blue balls, and if he loses, he's gonna be singing the blues.

BC:... whatever. Well, Ravager is up again, and so is Suicide. Suicide runs over to Ravager and tries to spear him. Ravager doesn't budge. Ravager pushes Suicide down to the ground. Ravager might be lookin for a spear of his own now. Suicide's up now, back turned to Ravager... he turns around, Ravager charges.. SPEAR! He could've taken his upper body off. Ravager makes the cover! 1..2... KICK OUT! Good God Suicide kicked out. Ravager stomps his feet and throws Suicide into the ring. He's doing the same to Crazz as well. Ravager gets the chair that crazz was once using and slides it into the ring. Ravager now looking beneath the ring... he's getting a table out! Suicide is up now! Ravager sliding that table in the ring, not noticing Suicide. Suicide has that chair. Ravager slides into the ring... SUICIDE TOSSES THE CHAIR TO RAVAGER! RAVAGER CATCHES IT! SUICIDE HIT'S THE SUICIDAL IMPULSE! It could be over right now!!

TT: I doubt it, Crazz looks like he's about to get up. And Suicide with the cover... 1...2.. CRAZZ PULLED SUICIDE OFF OF RAVAGER! So close. Crazz picks up Suicide.. DRUNK DRIVER! IS IT OVER NOW?! Wait! Ravager's getting up as well! CRAZZ COVERS SUICIDE 1....2.... RAVAGER KICKED OFF CRAZZ! Both Crazz and Suicide are down on the ground as Ravager stands over them. He goes back to the table he brought in, and now he's setting it up near the center of the ring, yet diagnoal to the corner. This can't be good. He picks up Suicide and places him on it. Now he's getting Crazz and puts him standing up on the top-rope. Crazz now coming back to, he looks around, and sees Ravager standing in the other corner as if he's out cold, and sees Suicide on the table. Crazz Spreads his arms out and leaps into the air going for a splash, Ravager rushes in.... Crazz leaps right into Ravager's arm and Ravager powerslams Crazz onto Suicide and through the table!

BC: Good God! It looks like a car wreck. Ravager's laughing, he's not done yet. He's getting another Table! He sets it up closer to the corner this time and places both Suicide and Crazz on it. Ravager to the top-rope. Good god, what's he going to do? Ravager looks down, and leaps... SENTON BOMB! THE TABLE SMASHES! It's a car wreck dammit! Ravager looks hurt too, but his over both Crazz and Suicide! the ref counts! 1...2.....Suicide breaks it up! It was almost over. Suicide is barely standing, and Ravager staggers up, and low blows Suicide! He sets up a steel chair, and another, what is he doing? He suplexes Suicied onto the steel chairs!!!!

TT: He could be broken in half. Crazz back up, and a low blow from behind to Ravager. He picks up one of the bent chairs and smashes Ravager over the head with it! What impact! is taking Ravager out into the parking lot, what is going to do out here? WAIT! There is that 1972 New York cab, and the trunk is open. He tosses Ravager inside!

BC: No telling what Crazz is thinking. He gets inside, wait...no...NO! HE IS BACKING THAT CAR INTO A WALL! Ravager could be crushed! Crazz getting out...he drags Ravager out. He is beating him with those hub caps! He puts his foot on Ravager's chest! 1...2...3! New champ! Crazz is the new Mid-Atlantic champ!


[We're back at Jake Douglas's locker room.  There's a knock at the door and he answers again to find the same delivery guy.] Douglas: Now what do you want?

Delivery Guy: I have another delivery for you sir.

Douglas: More of that crap from WildCard?

DG: I wouldn't know, sir.

[Douglas reluctantly signs for the package and takes it back into his locker room.  He opens it and finds a simple box with a piece of paper, colored black.  In small text, it says, " Jake Douglas I wish you well, for you will tonight faces three forms of hell."}

Douglas: What the hell is that supposed to mean? That crazy son of bitch is going down tonight!!

TT: Wow more minds game by WildCard!! Let's go to our next match!!

  [The lights dim slowly to the point where nothing is visible in the blackness. "Fly High" by Soulfly hits the P.A. system and pyro begins to start and surrounds the entrance ramp. Caleb Marlowe makes his way out and stares at the crowd. After the brief pause, he starts to run to the ring and as he runs, the pyro stays right with him until he slides into the ring. When Caleb enters the ring, each of the four turnbuckles shoot out a fireball and the pyro ends.]

BC: Oh boy. Here comes T-Money. I'm so happy. Yeah, yeah. God this guy sucks worse than Blood!

[The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money. He has a white and gold bandana tied around his head, and he's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, white knee pads, shiny black boots, and a black leather jacket with a big, gold $ emblem on the back. T-Money walks to the ring slapping hands with the fans. He walks up the ring steps, and steps through the ropes. T-Money poses to an extremely loud pop, then hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official on the outside of the ring.]

TT: Here he is, T-Money is in the ring!

BC: I never have liked this guy!

TT: We are going to have ourselves one helluva match next! T-Money will take on Caleb Marlowe in a grudge match!

BC: It's the up and coming superstar against the former Unified and Tag Team champion!

["T-Money's Theme" blasts in the arena, and the crowd delivers mixed reactions for the superstar. Money walks to the ring, and awaits Marlowe.]

TT: T-Money looks in excellent shape tonight! This could be a challenge for Caleb!

["Marlowe's Theme" plays as Caleb walks to the entranceway. The crowd cheers wildly for the Omega member. Marlowe walks to the ring, and stands adjacent to Money.]

TT: And there's the lock up! Look at their strength!

BC: Neither man can take the other one down! And Money finally twists Marlowe's arm in to a hammerlock.

TT: Marlowe is trying to reverse out of it, and he finally does. Marlowe now has a hammerlock on Money! Money with a pair of back elbows. Money hits the ropes and goes for a lariat, but it's ducked by Marlowe!

BC: Money hits the other ropes, and Marlowe brings up the boot! Wait! Money grabs Marlowe's foot, BAMM!

TT: Money planted Marlowe with a huge lariat! Money makes the cover. 1...2...kickout! Money gets up, and pulls Marlowe up as well. Money attempting a suplex, blocked by Marlowe!

BC: Marlowe is showing his strength, as he pulls Money up in to a suplex! Look at Marlowe walk around with Money's body vertical in the air! Marlowe drops Money hard to the mat, and instantly rolls over for the pin! 1...2...Money kicks out!

TT: That was pretty close. Money has to be careful. Marlowe picks Money up. Irish whip in to the corner. Marlowe follows with a lariat, but Money ducks out of the way! Marlowe hit the turnbuckle hard!

BC: Money grabs Marlowe from behind, Back Body Drop! Money makes the cover. 1...2...Marlowe gets his shoulder up! Money picks him up again. Money hits the far ropes, bulldog on Marlowe! Money again goes for the win! 1...2...Marlowe has his foot on the bottom rope!

TT: Money can't believe it! He picks Marlowe up, and hits the ropes again. He passes Marlowe with a full head of steam! Off the ropes, Marlowe gets the boot up! Money just had his face smeared in to Marlowe's boot with that hit! Marlowe falls for the cover, still a little daised it looks like. 1...2...Money puts his left shoulder up!

BC: Marlowe still looks daised, as he slowly gets up. He's going to pick Money up. Low blow! Money just gave Marlowe a shot to the family jewels! Marlowe falls to the mat holding his injured jewels. Money gets to his feet. He's calling for the Money Maker!

TT: Money is wasting precious time signalling for the Money Maker. Marlowe is on one knee. Money turns around, Marlowe with a jaw breaker! Marlowe quickly makes the cover, hooking the leg! 1...2...and...NO...Money kicked out at the last second!

BC: Marlowe is laying the boots to the money master now. He picks Money up, and whips him in to the ropes, sleeper! Marlowe has a sleeper! Money is struggling to get out of it! Money's on one knee!

TT: Money's arm is slowly falling, and the referee lifts the left arm. It drops for a one count! He grabs the left arm again, and it drops for a second count! He lifts the arm for a third time, it's dropping! Wait! Money's arm just sprung up!

BC: Money is laying in some elbows to Marlowe! Marlowe with a sleeper drop! Marlowe hits the ropes, leg drop. He makes the cover. 1...2...Money kicks out! Money is slowly getting up, and Marlowe is waiting for him! SPEAR!!! He covers him again. 1...2...Money is out again!

TT: Marlowe looks a little upset. Marlowe with a reverse chin lock! The referee is checking to make sure it's not a choke hold. Money's fading out! It could be over after this move! Marlowe drops Money to the ground. Marlowe is headed to the top, LEG DROP!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...Money with the right shoulder up!

BC: Marlowe picks Money back up. He has Money set up for a Northern Lights Suplex! Money blocks it! Money blocks it! DDT by Money! Money quickly signifies for the Money Maker. We might see it! He picks Marlowe up! It looks like we're going to see it! THE MONEY MAKER!!! Money nailed the Money Maker!!! There's the cover! 1...2...it's over!

TT: NO IT'S NOT!!! Marlowe got his foot on the bottom rope! Money can't believe it! He's in the referee's face on this one! Marlowe's up! Marlowe's up! Money turns around. OH MY GOD! Marlowe has Money set up for the Money Maker! That's T-Money's finisher!

BC: Marlowe lifts him, Money blocks it! Money blocks his own move! Wait! Money reverses it in to a Money Maker of his own! Money just drilled Marlowe with that one! Money picks Marlowe up, CHA-CHING!!! He just hit the Cha-Ching!!! Money hooks the leg! 1...2...3!!!


TT: Money did it! He has beaten Caleb Marlowe!

BC: Our camera crew is backstage with T-Money.

[Baby D and Big Kap knock on T-Money's locker room door.]

T-MONEY: Come in...

[They walk in looking angry.]

BABY D: So T, ya ditched us?

T-MONEY: No, why do you ask that?

BIG KAP: Oh don't play stupid wit' us T. Ya know what da deal is. Why you turned soft alluva sudden?

CEE-LO: I think ya'll need to leave, because T just had a match and he's tired...

BABY D: Watch out big man, before ya catch a ass whoopin'.

T-MONEY: Hold up, there ain't go be no fighting up in here. Baby...Big...ya'll need to leave right now.

BIG KAP: Oh we'll leave, but jus' remember...to watch yo back nigga...

[Baby D and Big Kap exit the locker room.]

[ Scene cuts back to Teddy]

 TT: Dunlop is in the ring, awaiting Daniels.

["Fuckin' Hostile" by Pantera blares throughout, a new theme, as Keith Daniels steps forward onto the rampway. He is looking upon the ground, before yelling, as pyros go off. He begins charging toward the ring, oblivious to the cheering fans. He slides into the ring and looks steadily upon his opponent, ready to begin.]

TT: Memorial Day Massacre 2001 is really turning in to an excellent Pay-Per-View! And remember, later tonight, we will see Z-Pac against G-Pac in a Boiler Room Brawl!

BC: Don't forget about the main event man, the world champion, MVP defending that title against the winner of that match you already mentioned!

TT: Daniels is in the ring, and this match is going to start! Dunlop right away on the attack, as he delivers a vicious clothesline! Daniels is quick to his feet though. Dunlop rounding in for another lariat, but Daniels catches him with a drop toe hold!

BC: Both, the canadian commissioner and Keith Daniels are quick on their feet! This should be excellent to watch. Dunlop is back up, and Daniels locks up with him. You know, Daniels is about the only member of Omega with more intelligence than a rock!

TT: Shut up Bobby.

BC: I'm only telling the truth!

TT: Dunlop spins around with a hammerlock. He hooks a waistlock on Daniels now. German suplex! 1...Daniels kicks out. Dunlop picks him up, but Daniels pulls off a quick jab. Daniels with a swinging neckbreaker! He makes the cover, 1...2...Dunlop kicks out!

BC: Daniels brings Dunlop up, piledriver! Daniels pulls him up again. Irish whip, Daniels with a sleeper! Dunlop is struggling to get out, and Daniels drives him to the mat!

TT: Daniels sure wants to become our new commissioner! Dunlop is slowly getting up, as Daniels waits in the corner. Dunlop is up, and Daniels takes him head over heels with a huge lariat! Daniels picks up Dunlop.

BC: Dunlop tries to kick Daniels, but Daniels catches his foot! Dunlop with an inziguri! Daniels is down, and it serves that punk right!

TT: Shut up Bobby! Dunlop bounces off the rope, elbow drop! Dunlop makes the cover! 1...2...kickout! Dunlop helps Daniels up, clothesline! And Daniels is back down! Dunlop with the cover again! 1...2...Daniels kicks out!

BC: Dunlop is now mocking the crowd. Wait! Daniels rolls him up! 1...2...Dunlop escapes! Dunlop is laying the boots to Daniels head now! Dunlop picks Daniels up, and drills him with a double armed DDT! Dunlop again is mocking the crowd!

TT: Daniels is slowly getting to his feet. Dunlop hits the ropes. Daniels drills him with a big boot to the face! Dunlop is down! Daniels picks him up, powerbomb! Daniels makes the cover, and his feet are on the middle rope! 1...2...3!!!

BC: Dunlop was just screwed out of the commissionership!