[ Fireworks and Lasers explode every which way to signal the start of Wednesday POP. The fans are jacked and are waving their signs all over the place with joy. Some are carrying "Silver is a God", "Horseman forever!", "GX Rulz the CWF", "Jericho is a Bum" signs. The camera pans around the crowd but soon focuses on the entrance ramp as "I have the Power" begins to play and out walks President Steven Duarte, along with "The Fucking" Show, Assassin and Silver, who has the World title around his waste. They all taunt the crowd as they enter the ring to a fairly good ovation. The Prez takes the mic and begins to speak. ]

President Duarte: X-Rated is in the House! I thank you for that wonderful welcome Toronto, and frankly I can't blame you either. Afterall we did rid the CWF of the cancer that has plegged it for years on top of years in "Golden One" Jeff Jericho! While the former CEO tried to get rid of him and failed miserably, I have managed to pull it off with a brilliant plan! A plan that could not have been completed without the help of Steve Dart, Assassin and especially Silver [ "It is my Time" by Triple H begins to play and the lights fade to black. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as fireworks, lasers, pyro's all shoot off the ramp. 20 or 30 seconds pass with no motion from the entrance ramp. X-Rated moves around the ring in shock, and fear. Slowly emerging from behind the curtain in "Golden One" Jeff Jericho who is immediately booed by the fans. Surrounding him is not the Superstarz Corporation, but Toronto RCMP officers who protect Jeff to the ring. He has a very angry look on his face and appears to be carrying something under his jacket. Jeff orders the cops to wait at the bottom of the entrance ramp while Jeff slowly creaps into the ring. President Duarte backs away into the corner as a shocked X-Rated stand in front of him. The lights come back on, the music stops, the crowd is silent as a stair down begins. ]

TT: Good God, "Golden One" Jeff Jericho has returned, he has escaped wherever X-Rated has been keeping him the last two weeks. He looks angry!

BC: Your damn right he does, he was kidnapped, tortured, held against his will by X-Rated for two weeks, so yeah, you could say he is mad. My question is how did he get away?

TT: I don't know, but in the ring Jeff Jericho is in a stair down with X-Rated. The Fucking Show charges first at Jeff, attempting a spear....NOOO!!! Jeff Jericho just clubbed him with the crow bar he was hiding undernieth his jacket, Show is out cold and bleeding from the head! Assassin and Silver both looked shocked, Jericho spears both of them to the ground. Jeff pounding away on both of them, President Duarte is running from the ring but is stopped by the RCMP on the ramp. STUNNER by Jericho on Assassin, STUNNER for Silver now, STUNNER for Assassin once again! Jericho picks up his crow bar and drills Assassin with it knocking him out.

BC: Look out Silver is up! Silver from behind with a standing drop kick sending JJ into the corner head first, he dropped his crow bar. Silver now picks it up, he is going to drill Jeff with it!

TT: OHHHHHHHH! Jericho just gave Silver a superkick, driving that crow bar right back into the face of Silver. He is out cold and now he is bleeding from the head.

BC: Jericho has going ape now on X-Rated with that crow bar, beating all threee men over and over with it. He has lost it Teddy, he has snapped!

TT: Jericho snapped about 2 months ago if you ask me but this is a brutal attack, somebody has to stop it right now. The Horseman, The Horseman are running to the ring right now!! They are surrounding the ring, Jericho is in trouble. They hit the ring and try and attack Jericho. But JJ is fending them off, TRIPLE X is running down here here and is helping Jeff Jericho fend off the Horseman, who leave running through the crowd. X-Rated is a bloody mess, Jeff Jericho is back, Triple X is helping Jeff Jericho what the hell is going on here?!? President Steven Duarte is livid outside the ring.

BC: I'm confused, Jeff has a mic and is going to speak. X-Rated is hurt badly!


The Golden One: Finally the paragon of greatness has returned to the Civic Centre!!! Lets get things rolling shall we, I am one pissed of SOB right now so lets get down to it. For two weeks I have been held against my own will by these bunch of degenerates called X-Rated, under the direction of CWF President Steven Duarte. You basterds tried to get rid of me once and for all, but as always you have failed, but you did suceed in doing one thing! This time you have made this a personal matter, not a business matter! CWF Mangement has tried to fire me, set up a fake stunt to kill me out of the story lines, but that was all just business! Now they kidnapp me, hold me against me own will, beat me everyday, torture me, steal my World title...things are now personal! Steve you and I have feuded for well over a year, you have done everything possible to get rid of me, and failed at everything, you want to make this personal then so be it, lets get personal shall we!!! Officers take these men away! I hope you like the State Prision boys!!

TT: The officers are handcuffing Assassin, Silver, Steve Dart and President Duarte and taking them away! My god! X-Rated is being arressted!

The Golden One: You wanted to get person X-Rated, well I can get personal, I am the master at mind games so lets play the game! You kidnapped me, that is a serious offence boys, why you could spend 10-15 years in jail for this. Think of it, 10-15 years at the worst prision in North America, Nashville Penetentury, 10-15 years of being some big black dude named Bubba's bitch! I call it poetic justice!

TT: This is serious Bobby and I mean serious. X-Rated is in deep trouble, Jericho is out doing himself here!

The Golden One: Oh officers take the rest of X-Rated away, but leave the Prez out here for a second I have a few more things to say to him. Good, Steven dear buddy I have a proposal for you. A skinny, pencil necked person like yourself wouldn't last two seconds in prision so I am going to cut you a deal. I am willing to drop the charges against you, but only if you do me a few little favors first. Number one, here tonight you and I are going to get very personal, because in this very ring you and I will fight it out in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!! Number two, you will set up a 6 pack challenge match up on the 16th of January between me and my enemies! In this match will be Silver, Shadow Warrior, Jimmy Blast, Assassin, Diggity and myself of course. Diggity and Shadow Warrior aren't my enemeies but I figure they deserves a shot at the gold, as for the rest of them, the leader of the Horseman Jimmy Blast and myself have some unfinished business to take care of, Silver wants to parade around town pretending to be the World champion well he has his chance on the 16th, and of course that moron Assassin is going to get the beating of a lifetime, trust me! Bottom line is in this match I am able to take out all my enemies with one stone, it is a thing of beauty! Number three you will, I repeat will hand me my World title before our match tonight or I will send your skinny ass to prision! And finally number 4, you will grant immunity for all my TSC brothers and myself...we can't be held responsible for our actions from now on, it is your fault for what TSC is going to have to do here tonight. So you except my terms??

TT: The President is shaking his head yes! We have a Jeff Jericho vs. Steven Duarte steel cage match tonight on POP! This crowd is going crazy, look how happy Jeff Jericho is, he is practically dancing in the ring. I don't believe this, Jeff Jericho is putting the screws to Steven Duarte! And X-Rated is headed to jail and perhaps a long term prison sentence!!

BC: Very true but didn't you notice how Steven Duarte left his X-Rated buddies out to dry? I mean he could have done something to help them right? Now we will never see them again!

TT: Well X-Rated could be history and headed for jail. But more importantly what is the realtionship between Triple X and Jeff Jericho? We all know these two men have feueded for months, Jericho broke XXX's knee caps and kicked him out of the CWF. Now he is back, healthy, and helping out Jeff Jericho??

BC: Shut up Teddy Jeff is about to speak. No No, Triple X is!

Triple X

Triple X: Oh there is just one more matter to clear up before you leave Stevie D! Thought I was gone didn't you? Thought you had run me out of the CWF huh!? Well think again brother, because the biggest mark in the business is back in the CWF as the new manager of Jeffery Jericho and new member of TSC! Now I know a lot of you freaks and geaks out there are wondering how is this possible, Triple X and Jeff Jericho together as a functioning team, how can this be!? Well believe it, Jeff Jericho and I are best god damn friends! It was only because of crazy promoters trying to break us a part that we fought and feuded for many months. Jeff Jericho and myself were forced to fight each other by CWF management because they didn't want the two greatest CWF Superstars to team up with one another and dominate, all they wanted was their petty ratings, so they made us fight each other over and over! All this shit that Jeff has said and done to me the past few months, are nothing more than a gimmick people! Same goes for me. It was all scripted and we had to follow what was on the script each week! I'm sure you don't like what your hearing Stevie D and Mark X whereever you are, you don't want your little secret blown, but life is a bitch son! Oh did you also know that Steven Duarte, when he took over as President for Mark X, decided to terminate my contract and kick me out of the CWF? Well he did, and he made Jeff attack me and make it look like I was severly injured and would have to retire forever! Jeff didn't want to do it but was forced to by Duarte! Duarte even wanted Jeff to use a real crow bar like the one he has in his hands right now, but Jeff pulled a David Flair and used a rubber crow bar, thus my knee's are just fine! But the result was still the same, I was forced out of the CWF and headed west to the IWA to wrestle.

I still kept tabs on the CWF though even while I wrestle in the IWA, I watched Jeff dominate with the new and improved TSC by his side. To my surprise, last week I saw a repeat of my situation, and the one that Jeff was in 5 months ago...management was trying to force him out of the CWF. They kidnapped him, tried to almost kill him! I couldn't stand by and watch Jeff get forced out of the CWF again, like what Mark X tried to do months ago, and like what Steven Duarte did to me...so I was able to track Jeff down, rescue him from that shack in the woods of Northern Ontario where X-Rated had left him to wither away. And here we are today! I would publically like to announce that I am back in the CWF to help out my friend Jeff Jericho as his manager. The man is back children, so suck it down!

TT: WOW, what an announcement! I can't believe Steven Duarte did this to XXX and to Jeff all these months, trying to drive a wedge in between their friendship...then terminate XXX's job and then try and do that to Jeff's. What a sick man! I can't believe that XXX is the one who saved Jeff Jericho!

BC: And I can't believe that you can dress yourself in the morning Teddy! People are booing Steven Duarte, who is still on the entrance ramp listening to this interview. All his dirty secrets, not to mention Mark X's secret are finally all coming out. The two heads of the CWF have tried to destroy JJ and XXX for months. Jeff is about to speak!

The Golden One: I would like to publically thank my friend Triple X for coming to my aid, saving me from that horrible place X-Rated put me in. Triple X, you are my best friend and I thank you! From this day fourth our union, the friendship between myself and you will not be hidden behind some gimmick that management forces on us, management will not stop is from ruling the CWF! I am glad you are back, even if your just a manager, you are still the man! Now lets you, me and the TSC go to work and raise some hell!!

BC: I think I'm going to be sick to my stomach!

TT: What a way to start POP, XXX and JJ are together, X-Rated is off to jail. We will be right back!


[ Scene cuts from commercial to show Silver, Assassin and Steve Dart being put in their jail cell. All three men have lost their cocky looks as they see their holding cell which is dirty, dark, smelly and also occupied by a Detriot Biker gang. There is about 5 of them, must all be over 400 pounds of pure muscle, leather jackets, long beards, angry looks on their faces. One of the members gets up and walks over to Silver, this man has a smile on his face and also has a bar of soap in his left hand. Silver slumps in the corner and then explodes out of the corner fighting, X-Rated and the biker gand get into a huge brawl in the jail cell. Police guards enter and break it up, one of the police guards happens to be Jimmy Luciano who attacks Silver with his nightstick. The scene fades from this brawl to the lockeroom of The Superstarz Corporation there is a huge party happening there. XXX meets Diggity, Kevin Jones, Paul Blair and Chad Dixson for the first time. Loud music starts to play in the background and JJ brings out a large cooler full of different drinks. The party begins in the TSC lockeroom! ]

TT: Well certainly two different situations happening. X-Rated is in a Nashville jail, where X-Rated is brawling with a biker gang, and Jimmy Luciano dressed as a police guard has attacked Silver. And XXX is back in the CWF, much to the dislike of President Duarte, and is partying with TSC. Lets go to our first match, finally!!

("Bitch Please" by Xzbit blares over the P.A. system as fireworks rock the building from the ramp to the ring. The fans hit the roof as Jason "The Creeper" Cairo comes out from behind the curtains. He raises his hands to the crowd and gets a good reaction. Jason walks to the ring, looking the whole time at the ring, ready to make an impression with the CWF Execs. Cairo hits the ring and "Before Dishour" begins to play over the P.A. system as his opponent, "Smooth" Decosta makes his way to the ring, hoping to come out 2-for-2 on POP for the past two weeks. Decosta enters the ring and stares Cairo.)

TT: Cairo and Decosta are staring it out in the middle of the ring and Decosta goes for a fist...blocked by Cairo...Cairo grabs Decosta's arm and twists it behind his back...into a CROSS-FACE CHICKEN WING! Decosta reaches back and grabs Cairo by the back of the head...JAW BREAKER...Decosta with a kick to the mid-section...again....and again....and again....Decosta whips him the ropes...Cairo ducks a clothesline...DDT!! Cairo caught Decosta good with that. Cairo goes for a slow pin...1.....kickout!! Cairo picks up Decosta by the hair...smashes him into the turnbuckle face first...Cairo drives a big boot into the throat of Decosta...the ref breaks it up!

BC: Cairo grabs Decosta and whips him to the opposite corner....Decosta reverses! Decosta follows in with a splash! Decosta unleashing a fury of fists on Cairo in the corner...Decosta clotheslines Cairo to the outside.....Decosta grabs the ropes and....UP and OVER the top ropes onto the fallen Cairo what a move!! Cairo obviously in a lot of pain.....Decosta stomps Cairo in the back...Decosta walks over to the steps and sets them up against the guard rail......Cairo to his feet and he nails Decosta from behind into the STEPS!! Decosta's cut open on the forehead!! Cairo showing some good signs now....grabs Decosta and...rake of the eyes....Cairo sends him into the ring and Cairo to the top.....FROG SPLASH!! Pin........1..............2.......FOOT ON ROPE!! Cairo picks up Decosta and....SUPLEX...holds on and brings him back up again......SUPLEX......back up again holding on still........SUPLEX!! Three suplexes in a row!

TT: This kid is showing some great stuff here tonight. Cairo goes to Decosta's feet and picks up his right leg....FIGURE FOUR...NO!! Decosta kicks him in the ass and sends Cairo flying to the outside. Decosta follows to the outside...smacks Cairo's head onto the mat....now he grabs him again and whips him into the guard rail...Cairo is really hurting now after that. His back has got to be killing him! Decosta relentless as he goes to the top rope and....NAILS a dropkick on Cairo...Cairo in the crowd now....Decosta follows him.....Decosta grabs him and whips him back over the guard rail..REVERSAL!! Decosta back at ringside laid out.....Cairo jumps up on the guard rail...LEG DROP!! Cairo throws Decosta back in the ring.

BC: Decosta isn't looking that 'Smooth' tonight.

TT: Cairo back in the ring...locks it up with Decosta...turns him around...ATOMIC DROP!! BULLDOG!! Nice moves by Jason Cairo!! Really good combo! Jason Cairo grabs Decosta and...LOWBLOW!! Jesus! Decosta just low blowed Cairo....Decosta grabs him and...BONG HIT!! NO!!! Cairo reverses it....THE CAIRO BOMB!! Pin.......1..........................2........3 !!!!!!


TT: And G-Dawg hit the ring with a bat....he's attacking Jason Cairo with it.....Decosta to his feet....G-Dwag just took his head off with the bat !! HOLY SH-T!! What a swing by G-Dawg!!

BC: Someone's gonna feel like they have a hang-over tomorrow morning eh Teddy?

TT: Oh that's real funny Bobby! G-Dawg nearly decapitates "Smooth" Decosta's head with a bat and you make a joke of it!! Typical you Bobby 'f---ing' CRANE!!

BC: (looks around for help) *whispers to himself* All those years of ridiculing Teddy has finally caught up with poor Teddy. Time to call a Mental House. Where's my cell? *clears throat and talks normal now* Alright folks, we'll be back shortly.


BC: Alright folks, we're back and Prodigy's in the ring awaiting Egnima.

("Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana plays throughout the arena and Egnima runs to the ring.)

BC: And here comes CEO STEVEN DUARTE down to the ring!!

CEO Steven Duarte: Hold it, hold it! Boys, one stip. Whoever loses this match also loses their job here in the CWF!!

TT: Oh My God!! One of these workers is gonna lose there job here tonight on PoP. And Prodigy attacks Egnima from behind..Prodigy grabs him and.....INVERTED ATOMIC DROP...Clothesline to the outside.....Prodigy off the ropes.....SUICIDE DIVE!! MISSES!! Egnima moved out of the way and Prodigy hit the concrete. Egnima grabs the steel steps and...DROPS them ontop of Prodigy, killing his back!! Egnima throws Prodigy in the ring and goes for the pin........1............2.KICKOUT!!

BC: These guys are goin' give it there all tonight!! Egnima picks up Prodigy and drops him on top of the top turnbuckle....Egnima to the top...SUPERPLEX!! Egnima back to his feet and to the top....MOONSAULT!! PIN!! 1................2..............FOOT ON ROPE!! Egnima slaps the mat in anger. Egnima looks to the crowd for an answer....Prodigy to his feet and swings a fist at Egnima.....he ducks it...ATOMIC DROP....PILEDRIVER!! Prodigy laid out on the mat!! Egnima stomps him in the kidney area!! Prodigy on all fours...FIELD GOAL KICK to the ribs by Egnima! Egnima picks him up by the hair...grabs him and whips him to the corner....FOLLOWS IN!! KICK to the jaw by Prodigy....Prodigy to the second rope....CLOTHESLINE takes out Egnima...Prodigy with a pin.......1........2.....KICKOUT! Prodigy whips Egnima to the ropes...BACK DROP!! Egnima back to his feet....FIREMAN's Take Down by Prodigy...Egnima back to his feet.....Prodigy takes him out with a Japenesse Leg Drag into and Arm Bar SUBMISSION!!

TT: These two guys going back and forth...and Egnima fought out of the Arm Bar Submission and now has a Wrist Lock on Prodigy...trips him to the mat....Egnima to his feet...LEG DROP!! Pin....1..........KICKOUT!! Egnima with Prodigy to the ropes....Egnima to the top....SWIRLING DDT!! Egnima lays a hand on Prodigy! 1............2............SHOULDER UP!! Last second reaction by Prodigy there!! Egnima...gets up and so does Prodigy at the same time....Prodigy with a fist....blocked by Egnima.....Egnima hits him with a fist...Prodigy goes for a punch...BLOCKED again by Egnima...Prodigy kicks him in the groin and the ref didn't see that!! And here comes X-RATED!!!!

BC: The CEO distracting the ref!! Pharaoh goes inside the ring and knocks down Prodigy....Pharaoh takes Prodigy to the top rope!! DVD!!! DVD!!!DVD!!! DVD off the top rope by Pharaoh....and he exits the ring!! X-RATED heads to the back!! There job is done here!! Egnima picks up Prodigy and Ed 2-K!! Pin..............1......................2.....3

TT: Egnima wins and Prodigy has no job!! But X-RATED helped Egnima!! Is Egnima X-RATED?!!

[The Ceo grabs a mic.]

CEO Steven Duarte: Prodigy screw you! [Points] Scrreww yooou you're firrrrrrrred!! [Drops the mic and leaves]

TT: My god the CEO is inraged at Jericho and he's taking it out on everybody here tonight..wait a minute!

(Scene cuts backstage where Paul Blair is layed out and he has three bullets on his face. Not marks, not shot, just three, not-yet-used bullets laying on his unconcious face. We enter the TSC locker room and Pyscho Youth is layed out with three bullets on his back. We look up at the wall and in red spray paint it says: "Three Bullets To The Face: The Mark Of An Assassin." Scene shifts back to a shocked Teddy Turnbuckle.)

TT: That's a direct quote from the book The Mark Of The Assassin by Daniel Silva. Who was it?


BC: Ladies and gentlemen, TWS is in the ring and here comes The Van X Boys to the tune of the "Hardy Boys Theme". And they hit the ring...Little and Sean Van X. swinging it out....Chris and Mike Hunt kicking each other's @sses!! The Van X Boys take over this melay and take out tere opponents.....Sean and Chris whip their opponents into each other...they swi ng arms TWS and clothesline The Van X Boys to the mat.....Mike Hunt stays in and bodyslams Chris....Jimmy Little to the top and...LEG DROP!!! Hunt grabs Sean and throws him over the top ropes.......Mike Hunt tags in his partner Jimmy Little....Little rakes the eyes of Chris Van X......Little sets him up...SUPLEX!! Little with a pin....1...............2........SHOULDER!! Little tags Hunt back in.....DOULBE TEAM....DOUBLE TEAM SUPLEX!! Hunt picks up Chris and whips him into the opposing corner...Chris tags in Sean....Hunt tells Sean to come and get some.....Sean charges at Hunt....Hunt grabs him and GUT WRENCH SUPLEX!! Hunt ready for this bout!!

TT: Hunt tags in Little!! TWS keeping fresh tags....Little whips Sean to the ropes...Sean FROG LEAPS over Little...turns around....ROUND HOUSE KICK to the back of Little's head.....Sean crawls to the corner and tags in Chris.....Chris pounds away at Little on the mat...Chris picks up Little and whips him to the ropes.....HIPTOSS REVERSAL!! Little taking things back.....Sean comes back in without a tag!! Hunt hits the ring and we got a brawl!!! ALL FOUR MEN IN THE RING!!

BC: Hunt and Sean go to the outside and duke it out.....Little regains power and takes out Chris with a SPEAR!! Little goes for the pin......1........2.........SHOULDER UP!! Little looking furious.....Little throws Chris to the outside...Little off the ropes...SUICIDE DIVE !!! GETS CHRIS VAN X!! YEA!!

TT: Someone's excited. Little throws him back in the ring.......Hunt back in.....SPIKE POWERBOMB on Chris by TWS!! And a pin by Jimmy Little!!! 1.....................2.......................3

TT: What a match! And our next match is a Flag Match and here comes the warriors!!

['The Star Spangled Banner' plays and out comes Patriot. He goes to the ring waving an american as the fans cheer. Just as he goes to hang the flag he is attacked by Jimmy Blast!]

TT: Blast!! He nailed him with the Blaster!! The Horsemen have struck again. But wait a minute it's Wraith!!. The 'European Icon' is Regulating the scene. He and CWF National Champion Jimmy Blast are battling it out! Icon vs. Legend and these people are on their feet and can you feel this excitement. ['Kurt Angles Theme' plays] Pledge Alligence is in with a DDT on Patriot!! Another!! Three in a row!! The enforcer of The Horsemen is kickin' ass and he isn't bothering to take any names! Nemesis is out here!! He just nailed Wraith with a ball bat!! I thought he was hurt? And Nemesis is limping over to Pledge and hands him the bat! Good god! Pledge has snapped!! He just blasted the referee. Now he winds up and BANG!! He tattooed Patriot right between the eyes! Now Pledge is draping the American Flag on Patriot. Pledge has been DQ'ed but the damage was done. Wow what a night! And our next match is for the CWF Hardcore Title! Here comes Pharoah!!

[ 'Shattered Dreams' by Goldust plays and the lights dim. Out comes Pharoah to a nice ovation. He has a garbage can full of weapons. He goes to the ring and grabs a Kendo Stick and waits.]

[ 'Banned from TV' by Noreaga blares over the PA and out comes Jimmy Luciano wearing his CWF Hardcore Title. He goes to the ring and gets hit with the Kendo Stick!]

TT: My god Luciano has been busted wide open! Pharoah now with a Side Russian Leg Sweep with that Kendo Stick. Shades of the Sandman! Luciano up and did you hear that thud!? Pharoah just busted that Kendo Stick over Luciano's head and more blood! Pharoah now picks up that garbage can full of goodies and no blocked by Luciano and LOW BLOW!!

BC: Luciano doesn't need to be getting busted open a few weeks away from his National Title shot at whoever the champion is at the time.

TT: Luciano now with a Pump Handle slam and 'The Italian Stallion' is control now. Luciano with a Suplex onto that garbage can and that had to hurt the challenger. Luciano now picks up a pie tin and that had to hurt! Luciano now with a DDT but Reversed by Pharoah into a High and Dry Suplex the cover 1.......2..KICK OUT!! And 'Al Pacino's' favorite cousin is in trouble. More blood is gushing from Luciano's head. And now Pharoah with a chair and CHAIR SHOT!! But Luciano is still standing! Luciano is a bloody mess but still he fights! Luciano with a Drop Kick to the chair and Pharoah is now in trouble. Luciano with a TV!! My god he just busted Pharoah's head thru the damn screen. But Pharoah is still standing! What on earth is keeping these two up? Pharoah now with Barbwire!

BC: Holy shit! He's wrapping Luciano up in it!

TT: Luciano is bleeding head to toe as he is wrapped in barbwire but still he fights! Clothesline by Luciano and you can't even see his face there is so much blood. Luciano now with a Pool Stick--swing and missed--Pharoah with THE SPHINX!!! The cover 1..........2......KICK OUT by Luciano! What is keeping him going? But wait a minute the ref says ring the bell!!? What the hell?

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the referee has decided to stop this match due to the cut on Luciano's head. Here is your winner--Pharoah!!

TT: But Luciano didn't get pinned or quit.

BC: The ref used his best judgement..HAHA

TT: Best judgement--horse shit. Luciano just got screwed in my opinion. But he was too good for that Hardcore Title anyways. And Pharoah is your new CWF Hardcore Champion! And the winner of this next match will be the last man in Last Man Standing the Battle Royal that will change the face of the CWF with the winner moving on to a title shot at Super Card 3! And here comes Kevin Jones!!

['The Walls of Kevin Jones' plays and out comes Kevin Jones. As Pharoah goes to the back he suddenly attacks Jones laying him out with the SPHINX!! Out of know know where comes Dallas Storm. He runs over to Jones and rolls him into the ring. Storm goes for the cover when all hell breaks loose!]

TT: Shadow Warrior is in!! He stops the count and DDT's Storm! He brings Storm to the top tunbuckle and THE BLOOD OMEN!!! My god he just nailed that top rope DVD. Warrior gets his shot at the CWF World Title at Last Man Standing and he has made his statement. Kevin Jones with the cover 1.......2...SCOTT KEARNS is in!! Superkick and Jones goes down! Kearns now brings Jones to the top rope and ACID DROP!!! Kearns puts Storm on Jones and leaves..the ref is position.1..........2...THE DIGGITY is in!! THE KILLA'!!! Diggity lifts Storm up REVERSE DDT!! He puts Jones on Storm..the cover 1..........2...KICK OUT!! After all that Storm kicked out! Jones is up ShowStoppa' now REVERSED and the pin by Storm 1........2..........3!! Storm wins and is the last man in Last Man Standing!

BC: I love Storm!

TT: You like all the assholes..And i've been told our first MAIN EVENT has already started out in the parking lot!! Vegas has Rage on the top of a car! TOMBSTONE!! I've been told that Tyker Douglas is not here due to illness. Jack Vegas now with a DDT on hood and that nearly caved the whole hood in! But look at Rage fight back! He isn't the CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion for nothing. Rage now with a huge uppercut that sent JV flying!! Rage with a Powerbomb off of one car to another!! Good god what carnage..Rage now with a SPEAR and my god they both went crashing though the windsheild!! I have never in my life seen anything like that. Both men are hurt and rightfully so. Any normal human being would be out but both Rage and Vegas are on their feet standing toe to toe neither one budging an inch! My god this looks like a Texas bar on a Saturday night. Rage with a GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP OF THE CAR!! I think that broke Vegas's back! Finally the cover 1.........2....VEGAS KICKED OUT!! VEGAS KICKED THE HELL OUT!! Rage can't believe it!

BC: Neither can I.

TT: Vegas won't quit! He has too much heart, he has too much will. Rage now with a Tornando DDT off the car--NO REVERSED by VEGAS and both men flew off the car!! Both men are out. The ref is counting and neither man can answer. The ref is at 9 and Vegas is up no so is RAGE!! Wait a minute somebody just ran back into Rage with a car! Now Vegas!! Both men have been hit by a car the ref counts 10!! We have a DRAW folks!

BC: But who was driving that car?

TT: You mean who ruin this great match? The hell if I know.

TT: What a match, and now it is time for the second half of our double main event.

***Main Event***

BC: Wait a minute we have some backstage footage.

[ Scene shows President Steven in his wrestling gear handing the World title to Jeff Jericho and then he walks away heading for the ring. Jericho puts the strap around his waste and he and Triple X mock Steven Duarte as he walks away. They then head down the hall where Paul Blair, Kevin Jones and The Diggity are standing outside a dressing room door marked "Horseman", where they have blocked the door with a forklift. Screaming and yelling, banging on the locked door can be heard from inside. Triple X speaks. ]

Triple X: Did you boys take care of that thing we asked about?

Kevin Jones: Yeah no problem XXX, we lured GX down into the Horseman dressing room, all three of us stables go into a fight, we escaped and locked both of them in there. All is set for the you know what!

The Golden One: Where is Chad Dixson? He didn't flake out did he?

Paul Blair: No he was there, he helped us but he is sort of trapped inside the lockeroom with GX and The Horseman! What should we do?

Triple X: Oh well, gas him too!

Paul Blair: Oh All right then, Diggity get those tanks pumping!

[ Camera shows Diggity over by two large pumps, which are hooked into the lockeroom wall. Diggity has a gas mask on and asks TSC to move back. He hits the switch and the machines start pumping. On the tank labels we can see the word "Toxic"! There is a camera inside the room and we can see it starting to fill with these toxic fumes...Chad Dixson is pounding on there door to get out. The entire GX and Horseman stables are coughing and hacking trying to find ways out of the room. Soon they all pass out cold and the machine stops. Diggity, Jones, Blair, Jericho and XXX all enter the room and start to laugh at this horrible scene. XXX and JJ leave because they have to go for the match, but the rest stay and watch as the Civic Centre paramedics run into the room and give GX, The Horseman and Chad Dixson medical attention. Our camera follows Jeff Jericho just before he is about to head down to the ring, he has one thing to say. ]

The Golden One: So the CWF and Steven Duarte want to get personal with Jeff Jericho, and my Corporate buddies...well we can play personal can't we!! It is a new set of rules now Triple X, the master of mind games is in control...so Horseman, X-Rated, Jimmy Luciano, G-X, Justin Jackson lets play the game, MY GAME!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!

[ Camera cuts back to the announcers desk. ]

TT: And CEO Steven Duarte is in the cage and so is Jericho and this match between the 'boss' and the champ has begun! Duarte with a boot to the mid-section and Golden One Stunner!! But no affect on Jericho! Jericho mocks Duarte and the CEO is in trouble. Jericho rams Duarte's head into the cage!! Again--Again--Again--my god the CEO of this company is getting his ass kicked!! He's busted wide open. Duarte is trying to get out of the cage by climbing and Jericho climbs with him!! Both men are battling on top and GOOOOOD GOD!!!! JERICHO JUST STUNNERED DUARTE OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!! THE CEO HAS Been broken in half!! Jericho with the cover 1...........2..........3 and JERICHO wins!! Jericho is still blasting the CEO with lethal lefts. What the hell? Somebody has just came through the ring!! It's SHADOW WARRIOR!! He and Jericho are eye to eye and now they are brawling!! No give us more time--we've got to go, see you on Brawl!

[ Duarte lays motionless as the scene fades to Jericho and Shadow Warrior battling away in the cage]