[The show opens to a white limo pulling up to the arena. The limo has a huge green X on the front. The driver opens up the right door and out steps Bigfoot wearing a Rated-X t-shirt. Then out steps 'The New Main Eventer' T-Money wearing a t-shirt that says 'RX RULZ' on it. The last man to step out is 'Tasty' Tommy Wu, he is wearing a t-shirt that says 'Fuck U Lloyd' on the front and 'The Real Rated-X' on the back. They are all greeted by THE POWERS AT WILL and all go inside the arena.]

BC: I don't know if this fed is big enough for Rated X and X-Rated!!

TT: Wow what a way to kick off a show. The signing of more CWF superstars and let's go to our first match here on PoP!!

Ring announcer: First coming to the ring, he is Jimmy Little...

(Jimmy comes out to the ring to his theme music)

[All of a sudden the lights go out. They come back on and they Metallus Diablo Stomping away at Little]

TT: Diablo wasting no time to start his match up here tonight!

BC: Looks like he is smart and now has the advantage!

[ They both get in the ring And Diablo throws him to the ropes, Spine buster on Jimmy Little! Diablo trys to attempt a power bomb, oh my god, Jimmy little has just hit a hurricanranna on Diablo. Jimmy throws him to the ropes, and nails Diablo with a drop kick. Jimmy assets the top rope, he attempts a moon sault, but diablo catches him, Jimmy slips down his back and Reverse DDT!]

TT: Jimmy Little is literally Fighting for his life!

BC: But he still doesn't have the strength to come over Diablo.

TT: You turning into a critic?

[ Jimmy applys a Reverse chin lock. Referee is checking diablo, but he has plenty of strength left and is getting up. Diablow hits a Back suplex into a pin 1...kickout by Jimmy Little! Diablo Picks up little, Vertical suplex. Diablo gets on the second rope and hits a big splash. Diablo hits some quick elbows to the chest. Jimmy Little is struggling to get up. Diablo hits a dropkick to the back of the head and Little is down. Diablo picks him up, Pile driver! Diablo again picks up jimmy little and trys to hit a piledriver, but Jimmy reacts with a backdrop driver! Jimmy goes for the cover, 1...2...kick out. Jimmy goes to pick him up, small package: 1...2....kick out!! Diablo is up and hits an implant ddt. He picks up Jimmy and hits a pump handle slam. Jimmy goes for a super kick, Diablo ducks and hits the referee.]

TT: Oh god, this isn't happening!

BC: Whoo, now the fun starts!

[ Diablo goes to the outside and gets a table. Jimmy is trying to revive the referee. Diablo picks him up and put him between his legs. He hits a pile driver and goes to set the table up in the corner. He puts Jimmy in the same position. He goes for a crucifix power bomb, but little free himself, and attempts and Forearm, but Diablo ducks it. Diablo gets him in the same position and Crucifix POWER BOMB through the table!!! The referee slowly awakens. He starts to count:]

BC: 1..................2...............Foot on the ropes. Diablo Sets little on the top rope. Diablo sets him in a power bomb position, SITDOWN POWER BOMB OFF THE TOP! cover: 1...............2..........3!!!!!

Ring announcer: winner, METALLUS DIABLO!!!!!

[Diablo goes back to celebrate his win]

TT: That was a valuant effort by little and I tip my hat off to him.

BC: But Diablo delivered the goods!

Ring announcer: First coming to the ring, Smooth Decosta!!

(Decosta comes to the ring with a cocky strut) Then Powers at will are shown on the CWF-tron and mark miller begins to speak)

Mark Miller: Well, let's see, first thing I'll do as one half of the powers at will is make this a hardcore match, so boys, carry on, HAHAHAHA!

Ring announcer: and his opponent, GRAVE DIGGER!!

TT:Mark Miller has spiced this match up with some hardcore rules and Wait a minute Grave Digger just attacked Decosta from behind!M

BC: I think I am going to like this grave digger guy!

[Grave Digger hits a ddt and hit multiple legdrops to the face. Grave Digger pick him up in a fire man's carry, and hits a death Valley Driver. Digger takes his chances up top, LEGDROP OFF THE TOP!! Digger goes for the duke: 1...2..kick out by decosta. Decosta hits an inverted automic Drop and clothesline by Decosta but is reversed by Grave Digger into an Arm bar submission. Decosta gets to the ropes and Grave Digger let's go of the fallen Decosta. Grave Digger goes to the Outside and grabs a chair. He brings it back in and looks at decosta. Digger is mocking Decosta yelling at him to get up. Decosta gets up and turns around and WHAM,WHAM,WHAM! Three hard chair shots to the skull of Decosta!]

TT: You think the Powers at Will knew Grave Digger would try to eliminate Decosta?

BC: who cares, they're smart, and they give these fans what they want!! HAHA!!! Decosta is slowly being brought up by grave digger. Grave Digger sets him up, POWER BOMB!!! Decosta, out of desperation, hits a Low blow that makes Grave digger shutter to his knees. Decosta than hits a drop kick to the face.Decosta to the top, BIG SPLASH! Cover: 1...2..kick out by The Grave Digger. Grave digger with a knee to the mid section and Rocker dropper! Grave Digger throws Decosta into the corner turn buckle, Grave Digger goes for a Stinger splash but his head hits the metal post, he turns around, Decosta with a small package: 1.....2.....3!

Ring Announcer: winner.....SMOOOOOOTH DECOSSSSSTA!!!

TT: Decosta is your winner here folks.

BC: Yeah what a lucky win, Grave Digger had him the whole match!

[X-Rated and GwO enter the ring and the match begins]

TT: Pharoah now with a tumb to the eye of Rectal Rooter. Pharoah with a MODIFED DDT!! Pharoah with a SIDE WALK SLAM and what a move by Pharoah!! Pharoah now is going to the top rope and he's walking the ropes!! Rooter up--CLOTHESLINE!!! Rooter is in serious trouble. Pharoah with a Grave Yard Pile Driver!! The cover 1........2.....And Rekshun with the save! Pharoah is over makes the tag and in comes Assassin! Assassin with an IRISH WHIP and SPEAR!! Assassin back up Standing Springboard Moonsault! What a great move by the 'Candian Icon' who at Last Man Standing could become the CWF World Champion!

BC: Yeah but he'll have to beat 5 other guys to win it so I think his chances are slim to none.

TT: The way Assassin is looking right now I'd put my money on slim.

BC: Assassin goes to the top rope and Frog Splash!! But Rekshun puts his knees up!! You'd be broke if you were a betting man.

TT: This one isn't over yet and--oh my what a LOW BLOW by Reksun..Followed by a Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity into an inside cradle! The pin 1........2......KICK OUT by who could possiblity be the next CWF World Champion but out comes CWF World Champion Jeff Jericho! Jericho now taunting Assassin who just got nailed with a HUGE Fairy Left Hand!! Assassin now back up and he's going to the ropes and Jericho with a trip up!! Rekshun off the ropes with a Hector the Erector Knee Drop!! The Cover 1.........2......Jericho holds Assassin's leg down 3!!! GWO has won this one and Assassin is pissed as he and Jericho battle to the back.

TT: And here comes Pledge for our next match.

['Kurt Angle's Theme' plays and out comes Pledge Alligence. Don Russo comes out then a referee users him to the back]

['The Walls of Kevin Jones' plays and out comes Kevin Jones. He goes to the ring and the match begins]

TT: And remember folks this match is to see who takes the fired Silver's spot in the 6 Pack Challenge Match for the CWF World Title at Sunday's Last Man Standing!

BC: Screw that none of these guys could ever replace The True Icon.

TT: He doesn't work here anymore so why kiss his ass? At any rate Kevin Jones and Pledge lock up and Pledge with a Alligence Arm Bar into a Half Chicken Wing and look at the pain on Jones' faces! Jones to the rope and Pledge with a clean break.

BC: BIG left my Pledge! So much for the 'clean' break. Pledge now with a 'I Pledge Alligence Powerslam'! See Teddy my boy you aren't the only one who can make up lame names for moves.

TT: At least my face isn't buried in someone elses ass! Pledge lifts Jones up by his hair but Jones with a LOW BLOW and now a Sling Shot Suplex!! Shades of Tully Blanchard and it doesn't get any better than this. Jones now mocking The Horsemen by strutting around the ring and wooing to the fans.

BC: Wooing?

TT: That's what I said wooing. Pledge is back up but Jones with a SPINE BUSTER!!

BC: Haha..That fossal Double A couldn't have done it any better than that!

TT: Jones now with One Armed Anderson Behind The Back Slam!! And Pledge is in trouble. Jones now with a Rolling DDT and now he is slapping on the figure four!! And he's wooing again and these people are wooing right back!

BC: God you don't know how lame you sound.

TT: Would you give me a break I'm trying to call this match. Jones is up and he's going to the top rope. Pledge is getting up and Jones with a Showstoppa'!!! No Pledge ducks and Pledge with a POWERBOMB!!! The pin 1.......2....KICK OUT by Jones! Patriot has come down to ringside!

BC: What does that idiot have in his hand?

TT: Looks like a crowbar and now Patriot is on the ring apron and he swings at Pledge!!


TT: But Pledge ducked and Partiot hit Jones!! Pledge with the Alligence Cover 1........2......3!! Pledge gets his shot at the World Title on Sunday!!

BC: What does the 'Alligence Cover' consist of? A handful of tights?

TT: He pinned him cleanly--well with a little help from Partriot--who'd a thunked it? But Jones is not getting up!

BC: The EMT's are putting Jones on a strecher and they are putting a neck brace on 'Mr. Illusive'.

TT: We can only hope for the best. Now let's get ready for our next match.

TT: And now it's time for Jack Vegas vs. Smoke!

[Both men are in the ring the fight starts then ends!]

TT: Vegas in quickly with a VEGAS DEATH DROP!! The pin 1......2.......3 and Jack Vegas has beaten Smoke in record time! And Vegas just destroyed not only Smoke but the CWF record for quickest victory! And wait a minute here comes THE POWERS AT WILL!!

[Out from the curtain comes VP Mark Miller and Senior VP Jon G both with mics in their hand.]

Mark Miller: Nice job Vegas! And boy do the POWER AT WILL have a surpise for you! Ya' see since we are the 'real' head honchos around here Jon and I have come up with a little match right here, right now!

Jon: As of Tuesday night Rage has retired and vacated the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title. Tonight we will crown a new champion! The match will be between you Jack Vegas and 'The Ruler' Paul Blair!! [The crowd goes crazy. Paul Blair goes to the ring a slides in ala BA Billt Gunn and then spears Vegas]

TT: My god we have a Mid-Atlantic Title Match afterall!! 'The Ruler' now with a BEAR HUG into a Belly to Belly Blair Plex!! Blair with a Blair Kick but Vegas blocked it!! Vegas with a kick to the stomach and DDT!

BC: This Vegas really impresses me.

TT: Two dogs in heat impresses you--and Vegas now with a Flying Mare!!! Vegas has Blair right were he wants him! Vegas goes to the top rope and 450 SPLASH!!!! Shades of Paul Blair's baby boy Z-Pac!! Vegas with the cover 1.......2..'THE RULER' KICKED OUT!! What grit! Vegas now pulls Blair up by his hair, VEGAS with a Jack Hammer but Blair with a block and a Jaw Jacker!! Blair now a man on a mission--lefts, rights, and more lefts! School is in session and 'The Ruler' is your teacher!! Blair with an Atomic Drop into a Face First Side Russian Leg Sweep!!

BC: Come on Jack!

TT: Oh my I've seen it all now. Vegas has his own fan club--Bobby Crane. Vegas mus of heard you 'cause he just nailed Blair with a Side Vegas Leg Sweep into a quick pin 1.........2......KICK OUT by 'The Ruler of the CWF'!! Vegas with a VEGAS DEATH DROP!!

BC: Jack Pot!!!

TT: The cover 1.......2.........3 and we have a new CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion!! And the toughest son of a bitch to ever set face in a CWF ring has won some gold!! What a first Main Event!!

TT: And it's Main Event number 2!!!

[ Justin Jackson and Jeff Jericho battle to the ring while 'It's my time!' blares over the pa]

TT: Jericho now with a collar and elbow lock into a Modified German Suplex! Great move by the champion! And Shadow Warrior is doing his job so far as ref not getting in Jericho's way. Jericho now with a Golden One Stunner but Shadow Warrior steps in front of Justin Jackson and he is out!! Jackson with a DDT but blocked by Jericho and Golden One Stunner!! Jackson is out but there is no ref..Jericho with the cover.......Warrior getting his wind and 1..........2.....3!! Jericho wins!! Let's get the offical announcement..

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the match by DQ--Justin Jackson!!

TT: Warrior has out smarted Jericho! He just DQ'ed him for knocking the referee down.

BC: What? He is the referee this is bullshit!

TT: And Warrior and Jericho are nose to nose, but Assassin has hit the ring. He's got Jackson in a Stretcher!! Warrior and Jericho are now exchanging blows and Jimmy Luciano is out here!! So is Pledge Alligence!! The Diggity is in!! All six of the 6 Pack Challenge Match brawling it out and we are out of time! See you at Last Man Standing!