[The scene fades in from black, to a CWF logo. After about 5 seconds, we fade back to black. Then, "Alive" by Korn begins to play, and highlights of the most memorable event in wrestling history...Super Card IV: Alive. More specifically, it is footage of the main event, in which Brian Adams reached up for the title, and CWF Head of Talent Relations, Steve Duarte, raised the belt up so Adams could not reach it. Adams was on the receiving end of the biggest ZDT of all time...off the ladder. Adams some how got up, and once again the belt was raised out of his reach. AJ Taylor went after Duarte, and the two brawled in the rafters, until security pulled them apart. Z-Pac nailed Adams with yet another ZDT, and climbed his way to the CWF World Heavyweight Title. But that wasn't all. Long time friend of Z-Pac, Z-Krusher, came through the crowd and savagely attacked the new champion. The final shot we see is a smile on the face of Brian Adams, who is enjoying the sight of Z-Pac being destroyed.]

[Now, we fade to the POP logo. Inside the "O", we see footage of some of the CWF's more memorable moments. "Popmuzik" by U2 plays in the background. Finally, the "O" fills up with popcorn. We fade into the Pop arena....a sold out Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. Thousands of die hard CWF fans have packed the arena to witness the fallout of the biggest event of the year, Super Card IV. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp, and shoot down the aisle. When they reach the ring, the ring shoots off fireworks at all directions. The camera pans through the crowd, as Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane welcome you to the first edition of Wednesday Night Pop!]

TT: Welcome everyone to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia! Welcome to the fallout of Super Card IV: Alive! And welcome to the first edition of Wednesday Night Pop! I'm Teddy Turnbuckle alongside "Beautiful" Bobby Crane...

BC: The freak did it....not the damn freak!

TT: If you have been living under a rock for the past week and a half, Z-Pac has won the CWF World Heavyweight Championship....and Brian Adams was screwed once again, by Steve Duarte.

BC: Not just once! Twice! In one night!

TT: Well hopefully we'll get some answers here tonight.....and it looks like we very well could right now! Here comes "Flawless" Brian Adams!

[The crowd erupts into a loud mixed reaction as "Iron Man (This Means War)" by Black Sabbath feat. Busta Rhymes plays throughout the arena, and Brian Adams walks out in blue jeans and a leather jacket. He has a seriously pissed off look on his face. He storms down the aisle and climbs into the ring. Already in the ring, is CWF reporter, Rick Henderson. Adams stands beside Henderson, who begins the interview.]

RICK HENDERSON: Mr Adams, we all saw what happened at Super Card IV....what is your reaction to what Steve Duarte did?

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: I think it's a bunch of bullshit! I had the CWF World title won twice, and he ruined my chances again, I thought lightning doesn't strike twice, and history usual doesn't repeat itself. I guess Duarte thought different, the little bitch.

RICK HENDERSON: What about Z-Pac winning the World Title? I mean, what are you gonna do to over come the odds and become World Champ?

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Well, lets say Z-pac got lucky. Last night was my night, I had everything going my way. I got up from a ZDT from the top of the ladder, can anyone in CWF history say they've ever done that? After that, got up and almost won the title again. Z-Pac, you know whats coming to you tonight, and definitely at the next pay-per-view. What can I do? Do what I do best, kick ass and take names.

RICK HENDERSON: But with Steve Duarte holding you down...how can you possibly become World Champion? The man has stroke, he could write you right out of the CWF if he tried hard enough...

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Well, Mark Xamin has more stroke than Duarte, right? I'll just have a little talk with Marky Xamin to secure my place in the CWF. I'll plant my feet like marijuana seeds.

RICK HENDERSON: How are you so sure Mark Xamin is on your side and not his own staff member?

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Because he and Duarte aren't too good of friends inside and outside of the CWF, and that's a known fact. [Pause.] Plus Duarte is a jackass.

TT: Oh! Brian Adams may have bit off more he can chew with that statement! Here comes the owner of the Classic Wrestling Federation, Mark Xamin!

[The fans erupt as "Fade To Black" by Metallica plays throughout the arena, and Mark Xamin steps out from behind the curtain sporting an armani suit. He walks down the ramp, not taking his eyes of Brian Adams the entire step of the way. He walks up the ring steps, and climbs through the ropes, pulling a mic out of his jacket.]

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Hey, whats the big idea?

MARK XAMIN: Adams, there isn't a doubt in my mind, you should be CWF champion....

[Brian Adams nods his head.]

MARK XAMIN: So what I've done, is I've gone and signed a match for next week on Pop...Brian Adams will get his shot at the World Title, but only if he can get through.....Magnus Thunder.

TT: Oh my God!!! Brian Adams has to go through the 7'5" monster to fulfill his dream!

[Brian gets wide-eyed for a second]

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: You expect me to fight a legend like that!

MARK XAMIN: Thats right, next week, right here on Pop....its Brian Adams vs Magnus Thunder in a number one contenders match. The winner goes on to face Z-Pac, or whomever the CWF World Heavyweight Champion may be, at Retribution!

[Brian Adams smiles, but then gets serious again.]

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: There you have it, and if Duarte goes anywhere near my ring, I'll personally whip your ass.

MARK XAMIN: Well now hold on just a minute...see, I'm not finished yet. You see....Steve Duarte will not only be close to the ring....he'll be...IN the ring. Steve Duarte will be the special guest referee!

[Brian seemingly gets angry. All of a sudden he grips Xamin by his collar.]

MARK XAMIN: Hold on now....just a minute.....

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Look you little punk, you ain't gonna screw me.

MARK XAMIN: Settle down, big man.

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Super Card will not repeat itself!

MARK XAMIN: I'm still not finished.

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: History will not repeat itself, and I could give a damn if you're FINISHED!

MARK XAMIN: Well perhaps you should give a damn, Mr. Adams, because on the outside of the ring, there will be a special enforcer.

[Brian Adams is breathing hard from being so angry.]

MARK XAMIN: His name is....A.J. Taylor.

[Brian Adams calms down and lets go of Xamin.]

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Hey everyone, did you like when A.J beat Duarte's ass at Super Card?!

[The crowd responds with a HUGE pop.]

MARK XAMIN: Yeah you like that don't ya? Well I will be sitting at ringside to ensure that nothing screwy goes on....

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: So Mark, whats up with all the rumors? You know, that you're going soft.

MARK XAMIN: Soft? Did I mention this match will take place inside a cell? Yes, Hell in a Cell.

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: Is the CWF trying to kill me?! Did you see what happened to me at Super Card?

MARK XAMIN: Hey, I'd hate to go "soft", Brian.

[Brian stares into Xamin's eyes, pissed off.]

"FLAWLESS" BRIAN ADAMS: I fell off the ladder through the spanish announce table, took a ZDT off the ladder, and got up. I'm just wondering if Duarte and Magnus Thunder have medical inssurance!

BC: Ahhhhhhh!! Its the freak!


[The crowd erupts as Z-Pac storms out from the back, slides into the ring and starts exchanging blows with Brian Adams.]

TT: Z-Pac and Adams going at it! The Heavyweight Champion has heard enough!

BC: Pound the freak through the mat, Brian!

TT: Wait a minute....A.J. TAYLOR!!!

[The crowd boo's as "The Original Rebel" A.J. Taylor runs out from the back and jumps Z-Pac from behind. Adams and Taylor begin to double team Z-Pac.]

TT: Brian Adams and A.J. Taylor are beating Z-Pac within an inch of his life, someone has to stop this!

BC: Ha! Rip his hair out of his head!

TT: Adams and Taylor are pounding the CWF World Heavyweight Champion with everything they've got, and.......STEVE DUARTE!!!!!!

BC: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

[The crowd erupts into a loud mixed reaction as Steve Duarte runs out from the back wielding a steel chair.]

TT: Duarte with a chair! WHAM! Right over Brian Adams' back!

BC: Oh my God! Run, Steve, run!

TT: It didn't even phase him! Adams turns around......Duarte begging him off....but Adams doesn't buy it! He boots him in the gut.....FINAL VELOCITY!!! And Steve Duarte is out!

BC: Hahaha!

TT: Wait a minute.....Z-Pac is up!

BC: Turn around, Adams! Look out, its a freak!


[The crowd explodes!]


[Z-Krusher runs down the ramp and starts brawling with Z-Pac!]

TT: Z-KRUSHER AND Z-PAC GOING AT IT! They are brawling right up the ramp and to the backstage area! These two men want to take each other apart! Duarte is up in the ring....and he and Xamin are the only two left standing!

[Duarte grabs a mic and gets in Xamin's face.]

STEVE DUARTE: What the hell are you thinking, Xamin?!

MARK XAMIN: What the hell are YOU thinking, Duarte? Screwing Adams at Super Card....

STEVE DUARTE: Hey, I know what I'm doing...punk. I took this fed and made it the greatest promotion this industry has ever seen! Show some respect!

MARK XAMIN: Here's your respect....

[The crowd EXPLODES as Xamin hauls off and nails Duarte in the face with a right hand!]

TT: OH MY GOD! XAMIN AND DUARTE! XAMIN AND DUARTE! Xamin will not stop throwing right hands, and Duarte is trying to fight back but here comes security! We have to go to commercial....but damnit, stay with us, this is only the tip of the iceberg!!

[Fade to a commercial.]

VOICE OVER: A night for revenge....a night where champions face the ultimate challenge, where bitter rivals settle the score...a night...for Retribution!

CWF proudly presents....Retribution! Live and only on pay-per-view! April 29, 2001! Don't miss it!

[We fade back from the commercial break, and our camera's are positioned right in front of the commentary booth.]

TT: Well, its set for next week, folks..."Flawless" Brian Adams vs Magnus Thunder, Steve Duarte is the referee, A.J. Taylor is the special enforcer, all taking place inside a massive cell, to determine the number one contender for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, at Retribution!

BC: And Mark Xamin is gonna be sitting at ringside to make sure everything is fair and square!

TT: With Steve Duarte in there...there's no way its gonna be fair. Be sure to tune in next week, fans...

BC: Well Magnus Thunder is about to climb into the ring with Kyle Night as a partner....to take on the Tag Team Champions, T-Money and Muriel Slater!

TT: But I am getting word that "The Forever Knight" Kyle Night, has no showed here tonight, and Magnus Thunder has a new partner....new comer, Caleb Marlowe! His professional wrestling television debut, and he's teaming with a CWF legend in his first match for CWF gold! He's gotta be a little nervous...

BC: Not only that.....he has to face Sammy Roma and new comer Keith Daniels here tonight as well! He has a chance to prove himself here on Pop!

TT: Lets hit the ring....

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin, who is standing in the center of the ring with a mic in his hand.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers.....the team of Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe!!

["Southtown" by P.O.D. comes on, and the crowd erupts as the massive Magnus Thunder walks out, alongside Caleb Marlowe. Magnus is giving the young new comer a pep talk on their way down the aisle. Marlowe listens intently, soaking up the words of wisdom from the legend that is Magnus Thunder.]

Doc: And their opponents....the reigning CWF Tag Team Champions of the World.....the team of T-Money and "The Suicide Machine" Muriel Slater!!

[The crowd stands on their feet as "Come Over" by Nelly begins to play, and out walk the CWF Tag Team Champions, T-Money and "Suicide Machine" Muriel Slater, who is on a leash, being walked by his "owner." Money is trying to talk to Muriel, but his thoughts seem to be elsewhere.]


TT: Money and Marlowe start things off...they lock up.....Marlowe takes him down with a hip toss....Money to his feet, Marlowe nails him with a drop kick! Money falls back into the ropes....Marlowe charges at him....and clotheslines the Money Master over the top rope and to the floor! And this new comer looks promising, Bobby!

BC: Haha, yeah...and T-Money is the future World Champion. *sarcasm* Hahaha...

TT: Money is frustrated with himself here....he's just coming off two huge wins at Super Card IV: Alive.....and he's got another big match tonight with Mike Van Pro, the man he beat at Super Card for the Unified Title, thanks in part to the man in the opposite corner of him tonight, Magnus Thunder!

BC: Yeah well Money better get it together if he wants to stand a chance against Magnus Thunder of all people.....

TT: Money slides back in the ring....and he's challenging Marlowe to a test of strength here....and they lock hands....Marlowe slowly down to one knee....Money is overpowering the youngster right here....but no! Marlowe is fighting his way back up....and its T-Money who goes down to one knee now! Money frantically trying to fight back....OH A LOW BLOW! Money with a low blow and Marlowe goes down!

BC: Veteran move...rookie mistake.

TT: T-Money scampering over to his corner now, and he tags in Muriel Slater! Slater is and he starts to pound on Caleb Marlowe! Slater is like an animal! Marlowe isn't quite sure how to handle this....Slater's fighting style is so unorthodox....Marlowe scurries away and tags out to....Magnus Thunder! Thunder just steps over the top rope like its nothing...Slater isn't quite sure what he's supposed to do now, so he starts throwing wild punches! Thunder isn't even phased! Slater winds up and takes one big mighty swing....but Thunder grabs the man's fist! And he is crushing Muriel Slater's hands and he's hardly even trying! This man is a machine!

BC: Ahhhh! He's biting him! Slater is trying to eat Magnus Thunder!

TT: Oh for God's sake, he's not trying to eat him, you idiot! Slater is biting the hand of Magnus Thunder, and Thunder releases the hold....Slater rolls out of the ring and he's telling his "owner" to go to the back....what the hell?!

BC: Oh god, Muriel Slater apparantly has a plan. If that man can think up a plan, then T- Money can be World Champion. Its just not gonna happen...

TT: Oh will you stop?! Slater killing time here....he refuses to get back in the ring......T- Money is going out to talk to him. Slater isn't even listening, its obvious he has something else on his mind, but what?!

BC: Well maybe that answers your question...

TT: What the?!

[Muriel Slater's "owner" comes out on the rampway dragging an inflatable doll and a box of chocolates. He hands them to Muriel Slater, who grabs a mic.]

BC: Oh.......my........God.

"THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER: Steve Duarte....Muriel sweet and short. Last night Muriel appear at airport and me pass cute girl named Chasey. Muriel want a date with Steven's sister. Me bring gifts as barter for sister.

[Muriel grabs the inflatable doll and places it on the ground.]

"THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER: This is so you wont miss Chasey. From what boys in back tell Muriel, she gotten more rubbers than any other woman on planet....so Muriel bring you a rubber woman. Muriel want to take out Chasey and feed her chocolates...

[Muriel places chocolates on ground.]

"THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER: Muriel also know that Steve like Muriel cause Muriel has a Steve Duarte t-shirt. Muriel also want to wish Duarte a speedy get well!

BC: What the hell is that idiot talking about?!

"THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER: Boys in back say you bruised up head pretty good from being under bosses desk what ever that means. But Muriel not one to talk. Muriel want to go on date with Chasey and Muriel make short and sweet. Give Muriel date or Muriel come take date. Muriel know about all the mean things Duarte do through out history. Muriel not hesitate on doing bad things back to Duarte.

BC: Was that a threat coming from....Muriel Slater?

[The crowd boo's as Steve Duarte emerges at the entrance ramp, and walks to the ring and stands in front of Muriel Slater.]

STEVE DUARTE: [Looks Muriel up and down] And I thought Z-Krusher was the dumbest son of a bitch in the CWF but "Earl" or whatever the hell your name is you take the cake..You see...

"THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER: Cake? For Muriel? Today must be Muriel birthday..the only present Muriel wants is a date with Steven sister Chasey.

STEVE DUARTE: First of all..don't you EVER interrupt me when I'm talking! Just who in the hell do you think you are anyways? I...

"THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER: Me told you...me Muriel...you bruise head and forget already?

STEVE DUARTE: Listen you half baked retard, don't try and make the mistake of making an ass out of me...[the fans start chanting "Dick Head"] ...SHUT UP!! ALL of you shut your mouths...I am a god damn millionaire and I demand respect! [The "Dick Head" chant gets louder] Fine..this is how you want to be? Screw you..all of you..I'm Steven Duarte and you welfare receiving idiots can all kiss my ass!

[Duarte pauses then begins to speak in a calm fashion]

STEVE DUARTE: So you want a date with my daughter do ya' "Earl"? [Muriel nods his head yes] Well first wipe the damn drool from your chin...you are starting to make me sick to my stomach you retarded son of a bitch!

TT: That was uncalled for..my god Duarte has snapped and he is verbally assaulting poor Muriel Slater!

STEVE DUARTE: You want a date with my princess? I must say she has done worse...but not by far. She was married to the legendary Diggity..[the crowd cheers]..you jerks can cheer all you want...Diggity is done in professional wrestling...go ahead cheer..cheer some more! [The fans start chanting "Role Model"] My daughter Chasey did go out with mulitime World Champion Freeway...she also went out with Rex Ryder so why not Earl? Why not give you your dream date..why not give you the thrill of your life? [Muriel gets all excited] Calm down Earl...it was only a figure of speech...you want a date with Chasey...you got it!

TT: Duarte is granting Muriel his wish? What is that vindictive SOB up to?

STEVE DUARTE: But first you have to do something for me..you have to win a match next week in this very ring against..T-Money!!

TT: Duarte just put a wedge between the CWF Tag Team Champions!

[Muriel shakes his head yes. His owner smiles and reattached his leash. They walk off with Steve Duarte, leaving T-Money to fend for himself again Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe.]

TT: I don't know what the hell is going on here, but T-Money can not believe what he just saw and heard! Money has to take on Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe by himself, and this has turned into an all out handi-capped match!

BC: Lets see why he calls himself a legend...hahaha...

TT: Money relunctantly back in the ring....with Magnus Thunder, his long time friend, and at one time, team mate! Money sizing up the 7'5" monster....Money off the ropes...and he jumps at Thunder with a shoulder block! Magnus didn't even blink! Money again with a shoulder block...same result! Money with a crazed look in his eye, off the ropes.....CROSS BODY! But Magnus catches him in mid-air! And what the hell...Magnus Thunder is carrying him to the top rope! POWERSLAM OFF THE TOP!!!! Money is out! Caleb Marlowe with an excited look on his face as Magnus Thunder makes the cover! 1.....................2..............................3!!!!!!


Doc: Here are your winners......and NEW CWF Tag Team Champions......MAGNUS THUNDER AND CALEB MARLOWE!!!

TT: They did it! Caleb Marlowe has won the CWF Tag Team Championships with a CWF legend, his first night in the CWF! This is unbelievable! Magnus shakes his hand and hands him his half of the CWF Tag Team titles! But wait a minute!

BC: Hahahaha! That was sickening! Come get 'em, boys!

TT: BRIAN ADAMS AND A.J. TAYLOR! Adams cracks Magnus on the knee with a steel chair, and the big man goes down! Taylor jumps Caleb Marlowe! Come on! Adams and Taylor are tearing the new champions apart! And look....they're holding up the Tag Team Titles!

BC: You are looking at the next CWF Tag Team Champions! Ha!

TT: Give me a break! And they are leaving, but the damage has been done!

[The camera zooms in on Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe, down on the mat with the Tag Team Titles draped across the chest. We shift to the commentators booth.]

TT: That was sickening...

BC: That was great!

TT: I am speechless folks! In one match, we saw more drama than an episode of "As The World Turns"! Muriel Slater vs T-Money, next week on Pop....and whats up for grabs? If Muriel wins, he gets a date with Chasey Duarte-Jericho! Duarte obviously has something up his sleeve! Muriel leaves T-Money to fend for himself, and the team of Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe are now the CWF Tag Team Champions! If thats not enough, they are brutally assaulted by "Flawless" Brian Adams and "The Original Rebel" A.J. Taylor....

BC: And now....the freak.

TT: Apparantly Z-Pac is standing by....whats this all about?

[The scene switches to the lower reaches of the arena. It looks like we're in the boiler room of all places! The camera moves through the twisting maze of pipes and steam until we come to a corner of the room with the new World Champion standing against the wall with the CWF World Heavyweight Title around his waist. Z-Pac also has on a sleeveless Misfits shirt and his trademark shorts...quite the look for a World Champion and quite the place for a interview from a World Champion...]

Z-PAC: Tonight, they think that they have me trapped... Adams, Z-Krusher and even Pledge probably think that they all have me right where they want me, in a helpless situation where the only fate is my loss. Well they will see what the "freak" can do first hand...and if they think that they have me trapped, well, an animal is most dangerous when its cornered...

[Fade to commercial.]

Voice Over: CWF's Wednesday Night Pop is brought to you in conjunction with Elite Wrestling Illustrated. For all the coverage of the CWF you can handle, head on over to http://eliteillustrated.hypermart.net/index1.html.

[We fade back into Pop, and we are right in front of the commentary booth.]

TT: Welcome back, fans...earlier this week on CWF television, none other than "Golden One" Jeff Jericho had an announcement to make....lets take you back in time....

[Camera's cut to Jeff Jericho's promo, done early last week.]

"GOLDEN ONE" JEFF JERICHO: Everybody knows that I owned the CWF during ERA 5, and everybody knows that I shut it down just to drive Mark Xamin insane! It had nothing to do with the CWF losing money, it had nothing to do with me wanting revenge on certain wrestlers in the CWF, and it certainly had nothing to do with with me wanting to destroy the CWF...it had everything to do with my hate for Mark Xamin, he makes me want to vomit everytime I hear that monkey speak, so I screwed that son of a bitch over...I bought the CWF right out from underneath him and then shut it down to make him go completely mental. Ever since I arrived in the CWF he has tried to screw me over, he has tried to hold me back every chance he has gotten, but it was Jeff Jericho who had the last laugh. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Now I was perfectly content to let the CWF rot away and to let Mark Xamin drink himself to death...but then something happened to me during the past year when the CWF was dead. I actually missed the CWF, maybe this place means more to me than I thought. And so on that sunny Sunday afternoon in October 2000, when Mark X showed up on my door step crying, begging and pleading with me to sell the rights to the CWF back to him, I cracked and I gave him what he wanted. So all you CWF fans have me to thank for the CWF being open once again, ME...not Mark Xamin!

Now I know your all wondering why the hell am I here in the CWF, after all the trouble, pain and chaos I have caused in my stay here. Hell, I am the man who killed the CWF, drove Mark Xamin nuts and screwed all you peon fans over...so why would Mark Xamin allow me in the CWF after all I have done. Well, the answer is simple, he doesn't have a damn choice. Because in the contract regarding the sale of the CWF I had it worked in that I have a lifetime wrestling contract with the CWF and that I'm the lifetime President of the CWF! Ha, Ha, Ha that moron Mark Xamin has signed off on it...so you peons are stuck with me FOREVER! Mark Xamin can't touch me, my bitch sister in law Chasey Duarte-Jericho can't touch me and neither can that loser Wraith. I'm going to continue to make Mark Xamin's life a living hell here in the CWF, and I will continue to raise hell in the CWF like I always have done, starting on POP this week! Oh sure, I have dominated the CWF from top to bottom and done everything possible there is to accomplish here...but this time around, it is all about games, pain, suffering and my own personal pleasure! I'm taking out everybody on the roster, I'm making Mark Xamin snap once again! And I will be the first 6 time World champion in CWF history! Let the games begin!

[Clip ends and we focus back on the announce booth.]

TT: I can't believe that evil bastard Jeff Jericho. He has gotten the better of Mark Xamin again. The man is sick, he's not playing with a full deck. I think all this time off has made him nuts. The man wants to play mind games with Mark Xamin, he wants to injure everybody on the roster and most disturbing of all...he likes it, he likes the pain and suffering of others. The man is sick.

BC: Yeah, ain't it great Teddy? Jeff Jericho is the king, he has screwed Mark Xamin over once again and is now going to reak havoc on everybody on the roster. Jeff is twisted and he is playing with a new set of rules...his rules.

TT: Well we are about to see Jeff Jericho in a handi-capped match here against Chris Reinhardt and Mike Van Pro, two men who can't even get along....I mean, you saw Super Card, they can't stand within 10 feet of each other without having to beat the hell out of each other. Lets hit the ring...

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin in the center of the ring.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a handi-capped match....

VOICE: Excuse me, good sir, but I have an announcement....

[The crowd shows a mixed reaction as the CWF Commenwealth Commissioner, Wraith, steps out from behind the curtain and stands on the ramp with a mic in his hand.]

BC: Its the Commenwealth Commissioner!

WRAITH: Hello my good friends. I am here tonight to give you all a good piece of news. For the past week the CWF has been dealing with the comments made by Jeff Jericho regarding him announcing that he is the lifetime President of the CWF because he worked that stipulation into the sale contract of the CWF. Well I have looked at that very contract and I have found a little clause in it, and I am here to announce to you all that "Golden One" Jeff Jericho, that horrible excuse for a human being is no longer the President of the CWF. You see my friends, the clause stats that if 75% of the front office agrees to vote Jeff Jericho out of Presidency, then it is all legal and binding. So I went to that miserable Vice-President Chasey Duarte-Jericho and I went to her father the Creative Director, Steven Duarte and I got them to sign this document I hold in my hand, which states the termination of Jeff Jericho as President of the CWF! I tried to reach Mark Xamin and have hime sign this, but I didn't here back from him. But no matter, this is a legal document and Jeff Jericho is fired as President of the CWF! Good day to you all!

[Wraith walks backstage to a huge pop!]

TT: How about that?!

BC: WHAT?! That no good English moron! I have a good mind to call immigration on that punk! This isn't fair! Mark Xamin signed the damn contract fair and square, I will continue to refer to Jeff Jericho as "President" Jeff Jericho!

TT: You do that....

[The scene shifts back to Doc McMartin.]

Doc: The following contest is a handi-capped match, and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first.....the team of Mike Van Pro and Chris Reinhardt!

[Mike Van Pro and Chris Reinhardt emerge from the back....brawling. Security is holding back Mike Van Pro's lackey, Major John Midnight, as MVP and Reinhardt brawl all the way to the ring, and continue brawling in the ring...]

TT: Mike Van Pro and Chris Reinhardt are destroying each other! Hell, this should have been a triple threat match! And wait a minute! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

["Play the Game" by Motorhead begins to play and out comes a white hummer...it is Jeff Jericho! Both men in the ring stop brawing and watch in horror as the hummer crashes into the ring, moving it back 5 feet. Reinhardt runs out of the ring and pulls the blonde haired man from the hummer and beats him, MVP watches. Then through the crowd runs Jeff Jericho with a crow bar, he jumps into the ring and clubs MVP with it...then pedigree's him. JJ then sneaks up from behind Reinhardt, pulling him off the fake Jericho driver. Jericho pedigrees Reinhardt on the concrete and then throws him into the ring.]


TT: This is pure insanity already, and the match has just begun! Jericho with a pin on Reinhardt after that pedigree on the concrete! 1.............................2...................no! Two and a half! Jericho going nuts now! He is pounding Reinhardt's head through the mat! Jericho is taking out his frustrations on Chris Reinhardt, and he is sending a message to Wraith, the Commonwealth Commissioner!

BC: Are you watching this Wraith?! Thats gonna be you in the ring one day!

TT: Mike Van Pro up after that crowbar to the head! Van Pro drop kicks Jericho in the head! And now Mike Van Pro is going nuts on the "Golden One"! MVP driving fists of fury into the face of Jeff Jericho! MVP pulls him up....and whips him to the ropes.....Jericho ducks a clothesline.....and catches MVP in an inside cradle! 1..................2................kickout! Jericho throws MVP over the top rope and onto his hummer! Jericho has MVP set up for a DDT......DDT ON THE WINDSHIELD OF THE HUMMER!!!!!

BC: Hahahahahaha!

TT: Wait a minute...Reinhardt on the top rope.....JERICHO CATCHES HIM IN MID- AIR! And SLAMS him onto the hood of the hummer! Jericho throws Reinhardt back in the ring....and he's going for a cover, but wait!

BC: Ahhh! Its Mark Xamin!

TT: The CWF Owner is out here with a steel chair! And he's in the ring, Jericho distracted! Reinhardt getting to his feet....Xamin is gonna nail Jericho with that chair! Wait a minute....Reinhardt from behind......XAMIN NAILS REINHARDT!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!

BC: Ha!!!

TT: XAMIN JUST HELPED JERICHO! And he is leaving with a big smile on his face! Reinhardt is busted wide open from that shot, and what the hell is going on here?!

BC: Ahhhhh!


BC: The National Champion! That old fogey!

TT: Blair in the ring.....and what the hell? He is extending his hand to Jeff Jericho, his worst enemy! Jericho shakes his hand! WHAT? Wait a minute! BLAIR KICK!!! IT WAS A SET UP! JERICHO GOES DOWN!!

BC: Blair is a bastard! A bastard I tell ya!

TT: He's got a mic!

PAUL BLAIR: Jeff, no hard feelings. And don't take this personally. We don't have a problem, if you help me out. I know you are pals with Triple X. You give him a message for me, won't you? You tell him, I expect him here next week on Pop to accept my match at the next CWF PPV. And if you don't tell him, or he doesn't show up. Well Jeff, I know you are too smart for that. Now if you will excuse me I must go. Jeff, help me out buddy.

TT: Paul Blair is outta here, but he has laid the challenge to the five time CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Triple X, who isn't even an active member of our roster! And wait a minute.....MVP and Reinhardt are both up, and they bump into each other....AND THEY START BRAWLING!

BC: This is outta control!

TT: The ref is calling for the bell!


Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has thrown this match out, and it is a no contest!

TT: This one is history, but MVP and Reinhardt are brawling....STEVE DART!!!!!



BC: Stay the hell away from Jericho you beer drinking hick!

TT: He's....he's helping Jericho up! What the hell?!....

BC: Did I call him a beer drinking hick? I didn't mean to, really....

TT: Dart is out of here through the crowd.....he was wearing an XW t-shirt! Whats that about?

BC: Thats it! Thats the icing on the cake! Steve Dart has sold out!

TT: Not necessarily! Why would he be on a CWF show wearing an XW t-shirt? That questions has yet to be answered, but Jericho has no clue whats going on! And he's headed to the back to look for Wraith! And there is something going on in the back!!

[The scene shifts to the backstage area, where Steve Duarte and Muriel Slater, alongside his "owner", are walking down a long corridor, towards the camera. They continue to get closer and closer, and we can listen in on their conversation.]

STEVE DUARTE: Now lets go through this one more time....Earl. You beat T- Money within an inch of his life, and you not only get a date with Chasey....you just might be on the right path to a future CWF Championship...

MURIEL SLATER: Muriel want Chasey....only Chasey. Muriel not care about championship.

STEVE DUARTE: Yes, but Earl....don't you think CWF gold would impress Chasey?

MURIEL SLATER: Muriel not need gold to impress Chasey....Muriel impress Chasey with his good looks and charm.

STEVE DUARTE: Good looks and what?!

MURIEL SLATER: [rolls his eyes] Me forgot...you bruise head. Muriel sorry, he no confuse you again.

[Steve Duarte puts a confused look on his face as they walk by the camera. We shift back to the commentary booth.]

TT: Muriel Slater really has his heart set on that date with Chasey....

BC: Yeah well his stupid little heart cost him and T-Money the Tag Team Titles! Besides, no way is he ever gonna get the date anyway, Steve Duarte wouldn't let Chasey go out with that beast...

TT: Alright, we are ready for our next match....the CWF Commonwealth Commissioner, Wraith, taking on Jobber Jones....and get this, Chasey Duarte-Jericho is the guest referee!

BC: Since when has Jobber Jones got any TV time?!

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first....currently in the ring....JOBBER JONES!!

[The fans show absolutely no reaction as the camera zooms in on Jobber Jones, standing in the corner of the ring.]

Doc: And his opponent.....he is the CWF's Commonwealth Commissioner.....WRAITH!!

[The fans give a huge pop to Wraith, the man who just fired Jeff Jericho as CWF President. He walks to the ring, waving to the fans. Before he enters the ring, he wipes his boots off on the apron, and steps through the ropes.]

Doc: And introducing the special guest referee for this contest.....the CWF Vice- President.....CHASEY DUARTE-JERICHO!!

[The fans boo as Chasey Duarte-Jericho walks out in a tank top referee's shirt and short black shorts. She grabs a mic and addresses the fans and the two wrestlers in the ring.]

CHASEY DUARTE-JERICHO: I was sitting in my office, working out the final details for tonights Pop, when I realized that nobody has worked harder over these past few years, as you, Jobber Jones.

[The fans laugh as the camera zooms in on Jobber Jones: "Who? Me?"]

CHASEY DUARTE-JERICHO: So it is my privilege to declare you, Jobber Jones, the first ever Jobcore Champion!

[A CWF production crew member races out from the back and tosses Chasey an ugly looking title belt. She proudly fastens in around the waist of Jobber Jones, who is in disbelief. The crowd is loving it.]

CHASEY DUARTE-JERICHO: Now, let me explain the rules for this title...the loser of this match is the Jobcore Champion. The last man to be pinned in a Jobcore Championship title "defence", is the new Jobcore Champion. Now, let the match begin!


TT: Well we apparantly have a new title here in the CWF....the Jobcore Title!

BC: It would be an embarrassment to wear that belt!

TT: Well maybe thats the idea....Chasey must have an ace up her sleeve. They lock up...Wraith drops him with a snap-mare....and nails him with a forearm to the back of the neck...Jobber Jones back up....and he bounces off the ropes....Wraith slams him down with a powerslam!

BC: This is gonna be a squash. A complete, utter squash. I can't even watch.

TT: Wraith locks on a sleeper hold.....Jobber Jones trying to get the crowd behind him here, as he fights his way to the ropes....and he makes it! But Wraith won't release the hold! Jobber Jones elbowing his way out!

BC: You mean he's getting in some offense?! What?

TT: Oh but Wraith quickly drops him with a gutwrench suplex! And he's goes for the pin! 1..............2...............and Wraith pulls his head up....he wants to toy with Jobber Jones, and apparantly Wraith doesn't want to be the Jobcore Champion, because if he did, he would have let Jobber Jones pin him there. Remember, the loser of this match wins the belt....

BC: You mean loses the belt?

TT: No, wins....

BC: Well that kind of contradicts itself, but whatever....

TT: Wraith pulls him up.....and drops him with a piledriver! Wait a minute....thats PAUL BLAIR!!! PAUL BLAIR IS COMING OUT HERE!!!!

BC: Not the old fogey again!

TT: What is Blair doing out here? He's in the ring....BLAIR KICK ON WRAITH!!!!

BC: What the....hahahaha!

TT: Jobber Jones pulls Wraith on top of him! Chasey with a cover! 1................2...................3!!!!! AND WRAITH IS THE NEW JOBCORE CHAMPION!!!!!

BC: Haaaaaa!!!


Doc: Here is your winner....and NEW CWF Jobcore Champion.....WRAITH!!!

TT: The CWF Commonwealth Commissioner is the Jobcore Champion! What an insult! And Blair is laughing his way to the back!

BC: Hahahahahahaha!

[Chasey-Duarte Jericho drapes the Jobcore Title over a fallen Wraith, and leaves the ring laughing. Wraith wakes up and throws a fit, throwing the belt out of the ring, and then stomping on it before heading to the back.]

BC: That was GREAT! I guess being a genius runs through the Jericho family! Ha!

TT: Yeah well Chasey is the offspring of Steve Duarte, you moron. She doesn't have any Jericho genes. And fans......apparantly the new Tag Team Champions, Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe, are standing by with Rick Henderson for an interview...Rick?

[The scene shifts to Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe's locker room, where they are celebrating their new titles.]

RICKY HENDERSON: Magnus Thunder, Caleb Marlowe....congratulations on your newly won CWF Tag Team Titles....

CALEB MARLOWE: Whoo! I came to the arena tonight completely unaware that I'd get to team up with Magnus Thunder, a CWF legend, in my first ever CWF match....never mind winning the Tag Team Titles! This is unbelievable!

[Just then, Brian Adams and A.J. Taylor bust into the room with baseball bats and start attacking the champions!]

TT: Oh for God's sake! Brian Adams and A.J. Taylor are attacking the champions again! This time with baseball bats! Adams cracks the bat right over Thunder's knee! Come on!

BC: He's softening him up for next week! Haha!

TT: Taylor going to work on Marlowe.....wait a minute, thats....thats BLOOD!! BLOOD IS IN THERE!!! AND HE JUMPS ADAMS!!! He's fighting off Adams and Taylor at the same time, and here comes security! But the big story here is, Blood has returned to the CWF to save his friend Magnus Thunder from what could have been a career ending injury!

BC: I never liked that guy....

TT: And whats this?!

[Camera's flip backstage to show Jeff Jericho standing over the fallen body of CWF Commonwealth Commissioner, Wraith. Jericho has laid him out with his crow bar.]

BC: Hahahahahaha! Don't mess with Jeff Jericho!

TT: Come on! This is going to far! Jeff Jericho has assaulted Wraith with his damn crowbar!

BC: Obviously that was pay back for Wraith stripping Jericho of his presidency!

TT: We have to go to a commercial, fans....stay with us! This is sickening....

[Fade to commercial.]

Voice Over: Now available from Jakk's Toys, its the CWF action figures! All of your favorite CWF superstars are available! Z-Pac, Steve Dart, Jeff Jericho, Brian Adams, A.J. Taylor, Paul Blair, and many more! Head over to your local toy department and collect them all!

[Fade back to Pop, in front of the commentary booth.]

TT: Welcome back, fans....a lot has happened here tonight, and something tells me the best has yet to come...

BC: Yeah and the action sure as hell didn't stop during the break....

TT: Check this out....

[A clip is shown, with the text "During The Break" in the bottom of your screen. Chris Reinhardt is leaving the building through the parking lot, when Mike Van Pro and Major Midnight jump him from behind. MVP slams him on the concrete floor, and then throws him on top of a car and DDT's him through the windshield. He then rubs Reinhardt's face in the broken glass, and takes off. The camera zooms in on Reinhardts bloody face, and we shift back to the commentary booth.]

TT: Things are getting out of hand here tonight......

BC: You're damn right they are....that was my car again! Damnit, I just had the windshield replaced after Super Card IV! Thats coming out of Chris Reinhardt's pocket! He broke the thing with his stupid little head...

TT: We are about ready for our next match here....two new comers will be showcased here...young Caleb Marlowe, who has already won the CWF Tag Team Championship along with CWF legend, Magnus Thunder here tonight...and Keith Daniels, who apparantly has some sort of history with "Flawless" Brian Adams. Sammy Roma, who was supposed to be involved in this one, has no showed! So now its down to a one on one battle here, and I can't wait to see it...

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first....making his CWF debut....KEITH DANIELS!!

["Awake" by Godsmack blares throughout the arena, as the dark figure of Keith Daniels appears in the entryway. He begins walking toward the ring, acknowledging the cheering fans. He rolls into the ring and tests the ropes, ready to get started.] Doc: And his opponent......one half of the CWF Tag Team Champions.....CALEB MARLOWE!!

[The lights dim slowly to the point where nothing is visible in the blackness. "Fly High" by Soulfly blares throughout the arena, and pyro begins to start and surrounds the entrance ramp. Caleb Marlowe makes his way out and stares at the crowd. After the brief pause, he starts to run to the ring and as he runs, the pyro stays right with him until he slides into the ring. When Caleb enters the ring, each of the four turnbuckles shoot out a fireball and the pyro ends.]


TT: Here we go, these two new comers are ready to do battle! They lock up....Marlowe takes him down with a hip toss....Daniels to his feet, and he rocks Marlowe with a clothesline! And you have to wonder what kind of condition Marlowe is in, since he has already competed earlier tonight, and was brutally attacked by Brian Adams and A.J. Taylor earlier on!

BC: Making excuses for him already, I see...

TT: I'm stating facts, Bobby....so shut the hell up. Keith Daniels pulls Marlowe up....and whips him to the ropes...Marlowe slides between his legs and pushes Daniels into the ropes....and we have a criss cross going on here.....Daniels with a leap frog....Marlowe off the ropes...monkey flip! And Marlowe goes down!

BC: Keith Daniels has a history with Brian Adams?

TT: Apparantly he does....the two exchanged words earlier this week, and they seem to be on the same page. Both men to their feet....Marlowe with spinning head scissors! Daniels back to his feet....and they lock up again....Marlowe with a knee to the gut.....and a gutwrench suplex.....no, Daniels lands on his feet....SUPER KICK! No! Marlowe ducks and from behind....inverted DDT!! And the fans are giving these men an ovation for their incredible display of agility! Both these men have bright futures here in the CWF judging from what we've seen so far....

BC: Someone had damn well better stop them then, because the last thing we need are two more heroes to ruin Jeff Jericho's day...

TT: I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing at all! Marlowe now, sinking his fists into Daniels face! And he pulls him up by the hair....Marlowe setting him up for a piledriver....no, Daniels reverses with a back body drop! Off the ropes....Daniels drops an elbow and connects! Marlowe down.....Daniels is headed to the top.....Marlowe up....and he's got Daniels trapped on the top! POWERSLAM! And you could feel the impact from a mile away! Marlowe with a cover! 1..............2..............kickout! And, oh god, here we go again....look who it is.

BC: Hahaha!

TT: BRIAN ADAMS! A.J. TAYLOR! Or "Pain 'N Pleasure" as they like to call themselves! Taylor distracting the ref....Adams in the ring....FINAL VELOCITY ON MARLOWE!!! Adams is playing mind games with Magnus Thunder! Adams pulls Daniels on top of Marlowe, the ref turns around! 1.....................2..................3!!!!!!


TT: Damnit! They ruined a great match!

Doc: Here is your winner.....KEITH DANIELS!!

TT: Adams and Taylor going to work on Marlowe now! Marlowe is helpless against these two men! Wait.....MAGNUS THUNDER!!!! Magnus Thunder in the ring, and he and Adams go at it! Taylor flee's the scene and Adams wants to soften Thunder up for next week! But Magnus is getting the better of him and Adams slides out of the ring and up the ramp!

[The crowd cheers as Magnus Thunder's theme, "South Town" by P.O.D. comes on, and Magnus Thunder helps Caleb Marlowe to his feet, and they head to the back. We shift back to Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane.]

TT: Brian Adams is sending a message to Magnus Thunder, and it may not be a very good idea to get personal with the 7'5" mountain man!

BC: Well you have to ask the question, was Adams out there to mess around with Magnus Thunder and Caleb Marlowe, or was it to help his friend, Keith Daniels?

TT: Thats a good point, and maybe we'll get some answers next week when Brian Adams squares off against Magnus Thunder, with Steve Duarte as the referee, A.J. Taylor as the special enforcer, inside a hell in the cell! And Mark Xamin will be sitting here with us, calling the action and making sure everything is fair and square!

BC: Adams has something up his sleeve, I can feel it.

TT: Well we have got to move on with the next match up, and this one should be interesting.....T-Money defends his Unified Title against Mike Van Pro. And if Super Card was any indication of what we're about to see....then we're in for a treat.

BC: If T-Money loses this, thats two titles he lost in one night. It would certainly make up for his two wins at Super Card IV: Alive!

TT: Lets head over to Doc...

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin in the ring.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF Unified Championship! Introducing first, the challenger....MIKE VAN PRO!!

["Papercut" by Linkin Park comes on, and the fans show a mixed reaction as Mike Van Pro walks out, alongside Major John Midnight. He walks to the ring and steps through the ropes.]

Doc: And his opponent.....the CWF Unified Champion.......T-MONEY!!

[The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money. He's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, black knee pads, shiny black boots, a black leather jacket with a gold $ emblem on the back, and has a white and gold bandana tied around his head. He walks to the ring slapping hands with the fans, walks up the ring steps, and steps through the ropes. He poses to an extremely loud pop, then hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official outside the ring.]


TT: Here we go with the re-match from Super Card IV! They lock up....MVP nails him with a European Uppercut....and whips Money to the ropes.....MVP with a twisting spinebuster! And Money goes down! MVP pulls him up....and drops him with a fallaway slam!

BC: Not such a legend now, is he?!

TT: MVP pulls him up.....MONEY WITH A LOW BLOW! And MVP goes down....Money driving fists into MVP's head now...and the ref pulls him off.....MVP back up and they lock horns....MVP drops him with a hip toss, followed by a vicious elbow drop....

BC: Money isn't doing so hot here tonight...

TT: MVP to the top rope.....MOONSAULT! And a cover! 1.............2..........kickout! MVP pulls him back up, and whips him to the ropes...frankensteiner! A cover! 1..........2.................kickout! And wait a minute...its Z-KRUSHER!!!

BC: What the hell does he want?!

TT: Z-Krusher in the ring....and he stares at Mike Van Pro, who just stares back! Money to his feet....Z-Krusher turns around....FINAL FATALITY! MY GOD! Z-Krusher nailed Money with the Final Fatality, and MVP was distracting the ref! Z-Krusher out of the ring, MVP with a cover! 1..................2.................3!!! New champion!


Doc: Here is your winner, and NEW CWF Unified Champion.....MIKE VAN PRO!!

TT: That was one of the fastest matches I've ever seen! T-Money got smoked!

BC: He truly is just another face in the crowd now! He blew it!

TT: Mike Van Pro is the new Unified Champion...and you better believe this is gonna get to his head....the man wants to take over the world, and he wants to do that through the CWF? Beats the hell outta me...

BC: He has a plan, you idiot! Just watch!

TT: Well apparantly we have camera's back in CWF Owner, Mark Xamin's office....and there is a heated discussion going on back there! Lets check it out....

[Scene shifts to the office of Mark Xamin, who is sitting behind a black desk. Across from him stand Steven Duarte, Chasey Duarte-Jericho and a bloody Wraith. Mark Xamin looks mad and begins to speak.]

MARK XAMIN: Just what the hell have you thre idiots done? You ruined all my plans! How dare you all gang up to fire Jeff Jericho as President! What gives you the right!?

WRAITH: But sir, we thought this is what you wanted? The entire world knows you hate Jeff Jericho and he hates you, we wanted to help you out.

MARK XAMIN: No you idiots, it isn't what I wanted! I had plans for Jericho and now they are ruined!

[Just then Jeff Jericho walks into the office. Mark Xamin gets to his feet and he and Jericho are in a stare down. Jericho walks over to Xamin until he is face to face with the owner. After a few moments of silence, Mark Xamin and Jeff Jericho break out into laughter and shake hands with each other. Duarte-Jericho, Duarte and Wraith are left stunned.]

MARK XAMIN: You see you moron's it was all a plan from the very beginning, a year in the making in fact. A lot can change in a year, and Jeff and I have become pretty tight over the last few months. This was all a plan of ours to start a front office power play with me the owner and CEO and Jeff as president, then we slap the World title on Jeff and there you have it...complete control, complete domination! But you three idiots ruined it! You're all going to pay dearly, but the question is...how?

[Jeff leans over and whispers something in Mark Xamin's ear, which brings a smile to the owners face. Mark speaks.]

MARK XAMIN: Yeah, that is a GREAT idea. Next week we are going to have ourselves a triple threat match. It will be Wraith against Steven Duarte against Chasey Duarte-Jericho! It will be in a steel cage and somebody must leave as a winner. Now get the hell out of my office, Jeff and I have new plans to form!

[Scene fades back to the announce booth.]

TT: I can't believe this! Mark Xamin and Jeff Jericho together?!

BC: WOW! What a plan! Jericho and Mark are so smart, I didn't see this coming....

TT: I can't believe this! Why would Mark Xamin do this? Why?

BC: This is his best decision yet!

TT: Jericho is dangerous, sick and evil...he and Mark Xamin have tried to destroy each other over the years. Jericho bought the CWF and closed it just to drive Mark mad for god sakes. Now they are buddies, what the hell?!

BC: I love it! Now shut up and lets get to the next match!

TT: As stunned as I am, its time to move on, so lets get back to the ring!

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF National Championship! Introducing first, the challenger.....weighing in at 227 pounds...."THE ORIGINAL REBEL" A.J. TAYLOR!!

[Gold, red, white, and blue strobe lights start flashing and a CWF modified version of "American Badass" by Kid Rock plays over the PA system. A.J. Taylor comes out with a denim vest on and his usual clothes he sports. He has about 5-6 gold necklaces around his neck and four girls at his side. A.J rolls in the ring and gets ready for what has to be done.]

Doc: And his opponent....he is the reigning CWF National Champion.......PAUL BLAIR!!

[BlairVision theme music starts up and out comes the three members of BlairVision. Blair is leading the way as he steps out to a mixture of boos and cheers. Blair is followed by Earl and Elmo, his two head associates. Blair climbs in the ring and prepares for his match as Earl and Elmo stand outside the ring.]


TT: The National Title on the line here! They lock up....Taylor with a knee to the gut, and he whips Blair to the ropes......Blair holds on to the top rope and Taylor is caught with his head down! Swinging neckbreaker by the veteran!

BC: That old fogey had better not win, Teddy! This is a disgrace!

TT: Blair, the seasoned veteran, pulls Taylor up.....short clothesline! No! Taylor ducks and locks on a cross face chicken wing! It could be over early right here! Blair struggling to the ropes....Taylor has it locked on perfectly! Blair won't tap out! Inching his way to the ropes....and he made it! But Taylor won't release the hold!

BC: Blair better be careful, he might break a hip...

TT: Will you stop?! Taylor finally releases the hold....and now he is stomping a mudhole in Paul Blair, the National Champion! Blair slides under the bottom rope and out of the ring.....and he pulls Taylor out! And Taylor is whipped into the ring post!

BC: Disqualify him, ref!

TT: Taylor bounces off the post, and Blair powerslams him on the concrete floor! Taylor looks like he may have suffered some damage to his lower back there....Blair will not let up here! He whips him into the guardrail! And now into the apron! And the guardrail again! And the apron again!

BC: Come on, ref!!

TT: Blair rolls him back in now, and goes for a cover! 1.............2..............no! Two and a half! BC: Ha!

TT: Blair arguing with the ref over a slow count! Taylor from behind.....inside cradle! 1......................2................thr, shoulder up! And Blair was not expecting that! We almost had a new National Champion! Blair to his feet first....and he pulls Taylor up by his hair....vertical suplex! No! Taylor flips over him and lands on his feet! Blair turns around....a boot to the mid-section....DDT! And wait a minute!

BC: Its the Commonwealth Commissioner again! Where the hell is security when you need it?!

TT: Wraith in the ring.....and he nails Taylor with the European Slam! The ref calls for the bell!


Doc: The winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification.....A.J. TAYLOR!!


TT: No he's not, you idiot. The title can only change hands on a pinfall or submission! Wraith has gotten pay back on Paul Blair from earlier tonight! And wait a minute....Wraith pulls Blair on top of him....and he's ordering the ref to count! 1.................2................3!


Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the NEW CWF Jobcore Champion....PAUL BLAIR!!

BC: Haaaa!

TT: Wraith leaves with a grin on his face! Taylor is pissed and he's going out after Wraith! Wraith may have gotten pay back on Blair, but he also cost Taylor the National Title! Blair is up and he see's the Jobcore Title! And he's jumping up and down like he just won a gold medal at the Olympics!

BC: Do you know what this means?! Paul Blair is the first to have held every CWF Title there is! Haha!

TT: Well if you would consider that an actual title.....

BC: Of course it is! Chasey Duarte-Jericho came up with it herself!

TT: Yeah, exactly. Thats why I question its credibility. We have to go to a commercial! We'll be right back for the main event!

[Scene fades to a commercial.]

Voice Over: You have your fears....they could become reality. One of them is Z-Pac, which is reality! Now you can be like Z-Pac too, with this exclusive Z-Pac t-shirt! Z-Pac's mug on the front, and his trademark quote on the back! Don't delay! Order it today!

[Scene shifts back to Pop, in front of the commentary booth.]

TT: Well fans, we are ready for what is sure to be an explosive main event!

BC: Z-Pac and Pledge Allegiance, once again on the same team....didn't the CWF learn after Super Card? This isn't gonna be pretty...all three men that are in there with Z-Pac wanna rip his head off.

[Scene shifts to Doc McMartin.]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the main event of the evening is a special tag team attraction, and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first.....the team of "FLAWLESS BRIAN ADAMS, AND Z-KRUSHER!!

[The lights dim, and fire shoots off at the entrance ramp. Brian Adams and Z-Krusher walk out...together! Adams is telling Z-Krusher something, and they appear to be on the same page as the enter the ring.]

Doc: And their opponents.....first, weighing in at 275 pounds....PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!!

[The fans cheer as "Ironman" by AC/DC comes on. But Pledge Allegiance doesn't walk out. The music continues to play for about two minutes, but he doesn't appear. Finally, the music stops.]

TT: Where the hell is Pledge Allegiance?!

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just received word that due to the injuries sustained at Super Card IV: Alive, Pledge Allegiance is unable to compete here tonight!

[The fans boo.]

TT: What?! This is a flat out handi-capped match then!

Doc: Their opponent....he is the reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion.....Z- PAC!!

["Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig hits and the crowd erupts as the CWF World Champion appears at the entrance way. Z-Pac stops at the top and raises the CWF World Title to the crowd to a response of cheers and flash photos. Z-Pac slowly makes his way down the ring and pauses before he gets in looking at the two men that hate him and want to kill him. Slowly Z-Pac climbs into the ring... ]


TT: Adams and Z-Krusher waste no time in double teaming the champion! Both men beating him ruthlessly into the mat! Z-Pac throwing back punches! Adams goes down! Z- Krusher goes down! Z-Pac is a house of fire here! Adams back up, but he goes back down courtesy of Z-Pac's right hand! Z-Krusher back up...and Z-Pac throws him into the corner and is throwing furious punches at him! Adams from behind! And he nails Z-Pac in the back of the head!

BC: Take that, freak!

TT: Z-Krusher and Adams now each grab one of Z-Pac's legs! And....good god! They almost split him in half!

BC: Make a wish! Haha!

TT: Wait a minute...

["Ironman" by AC/DC hits, and the fans erupt as Pledge Allegiance hobbles out from the back wearing a knee brace!]

TT: PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE IS HERE AFTER ALL! And he throws Adams out of the ring! And he clotheslines Z-Krusher out! And he has saved Z-Pac from a mugging! Pledge helping Z-Pac up...wait a minute...PLEDGE HAMMER! HE NAILED Z-PAC WITH THE PLEDGE HAMMER!!

BC: Hahahahaha!

TT: Pledge ripping off his knee brace! And he throws it onto Z-Pac! Pledge is leaving the arena and leaving Z-Pac to fend for himself!

BC: Haaaa! The freak is all alone again!

TT: Adams back in the ring......and a cover on Z-Pac! 1...............2.............KICKOUT! Z- Pac will not give this thing up!

BC: Count faster, ref!

TT: Z-Pac is gonna give it his all here tonight! The World Champion wants to show the entire world that he deserves that title! Z-Krusher finally gets in his corner, and Adams and Z-Pac are the legal men! This could very well be the main event at Retribution, Adams vs Z-Pac for the World Title, should Adams get by Magnus Thunder next week, and Z- Pac manage to hang on to the belt!

BC: Come on, Adams! Show the freak who's boss!

TT: Adams pulls him up....and's setting Z-Pac up for the Final Velocity! He hits this and its over! No! Z-Pac pulls him down by his legs...SLINGSHOT!!! And Adams' head hit the damn ring post! Adams bounces back...ZDT!!!! HE NAILED IT! A COVER!! 1..............2...............Z-Krusher breaks the count! My God he would have had him!

BC: Come on, Brian!

TT: Z-Pac mixing it up with Z-Krusher now.....oh Z-Krusher just threw salt in his eyes! Salt in the eyes of the CWF World Champion! CHOKESLAM!!! Z-KRUSHER NAILS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!

BC: Hahahaha!

TT: Z-Krusher drags Adams over to his corner and tags him out! And Z-Krusher is now the legal man in! He pulls Z-Pac up.....and whips him to the corner......no! Z-Pac reverses, and Z-Krusher bumped into the referee! The ref is out!

BC: Get up you wimp!

TT: A tired Z-Pac slugging it out with Z-Krusher! Z-Krusher gets the upper hand and goes for a big boot! Z-Pac ducks and the ref is cracked in the jaw with the huge foot of that monster! Adams sees his chance and here he comes now!

BC: This is it! The freak is gonna die!!

TT: Adams back in the ring! Adams and Z-Krusher are unloading on Z-Pac now!! My god Z-Pac can barely stand! My God who can stop this?! Wait a second!


TT: Z-Krusher is setting Z-Pac up for the ZDT! Good God Penncross hits the ring and cracks Z-Krusher with a steel chair across the back!! Z-Krusher lets go of Z-Pac but he doesn't go down!! Penncross hits him again and this time takes him right out over the top rope!! Adams rushes at Penncross but Z-Pac intercepts him with a spear!! Penncross pulls up Adams... PENNED TO THE CROSS!! Z-Pac works quickly like a surgeon and pulls up Adams, kick to the gut... ZDT!!!

TT: Penncross takes the knocked out refs hand... Good god, Penncross is gonna make the count with the refs hand!! 1............................2.....................................3!!!

BC: The damn freak did like he would and he said he was gonna survive tonight!! TT: WAIT A MINUTE! ITS XAMIN AND JERICHO!!!!!!

BC: Hahahahahaha!!!

TT: Xamin nails Z-Pac with a chair! Jericho with the GOLDEN ONE STUNNER ON PENNCROSS!!!! BC: Hahahahaha! This is great!

TT: I don't believe this! Jeff Jericho must have brain washed Mark Xamin! Jericho is in the ring barking instructions to Mark Xamin to beat Z-Pac harder with the chair! Mark is doing as Jeff says! Dear god stop this Mark! What is wrong with you! Damn it!

BC: Mark Xamin has been brain washed by The Golden One! What an alliance, what a team, what a dark day for the CWF! I love it!

TT: We are out of time! We will try and sort this out next week! Stop it, damnit! This is out of hand!!

[The scene fades out. Until next time...]