The show opens with an incredible display of pyro technics. The fans are hyped and ready for tonight's event. Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane spend time talking about Brian Adams vs Magnus Thunder tonight, to determine the number one contender. Z-Pac vs Pledge Allegiance is mentioned, and Bobby Crane comments that these two couldn't get along since day one, and now the time for talking is done.

Paul Blair is the first wrestler to step out from the back. He walks to the ring and grabs a mic.

PAUL BLAIR: Hello to all my New Jersey Ruler Rooters. Now tonight, I came to Pop for two reasons. One to find out if the rumors are true. Is Triple X going to finally show up here in the federation that made him a household name to all my Ruler Rooters? And two, to kick Jericho's ass once again. I guess the answer to my first question is no. Triple X knew better than to show his face around New Jersey tonight. He knew that if he did that, it would be trouble for him. Triple X, I understand you are in hiding. And we will get to you later. Now Jericho, you told me that you were going to do me a favor and bring that other good for nothing Hall of Famer with you tonight. Since you didn't do that, I guess I could get out of our little match tonight. After all, you were supposed to bring me Triple X in order for you to receive that match. But I'm not letting you off that hook. So tonight, as a special treat I'm going to kick your ass for MY National Title. [All the fans cheer after this statement is made]

PAUL BLAIR: And as a speacial treat for all my Ruler Rooters, I'm going to kick your ass right now. So Jericho, I know you are in the back. So bring your good for nothing self out here to get Blair Kicked!

Jeff Jericho steps out from behind the curtain with a grin on his face. He simply stands at the top of the ramp, smirks at Blair, shakes his head in a sarcastic manner, and walks to the back. Blair holds out his arms, begging Jericho to get in the ring. The fans boo as Jericho does not come back out. Blair heads to the back in search of the Golden One.

Backstage, Z-Pac and Chris Penncross are entering the arena. As they walk in, Z-Pac rounds a corner and runs into....Mark Xamin! Xamin panics, but Z-Pac grabs him by the shirt and slams him against the wall.

MARK XAMIN: I swear if you do something to me I'll have Jericho on you so fast!

Z-PAC: Shut up you rich bastard, before I pop your head like a zit, I want to inform you of something...


Z-PAC: That my match with Pledge Alliance will now be a barb-wire landmine match! And every World Title match from this point on will be fought under some sort of Hardcore rules.

MARK XAMIN: You can't do that you damn freak!

[ Z-Pac grabs Xamin by the throat.]

Z-PAC: If I can't, then thats not my problem... its yours...

[Z-Pac drops Mark and he and Penncross walk away.]

Z-PAC: Oh yeah Mark, I want you and Jericho right there to watch!

The commentators take time to discuss how Z-Pac may have worked those rules into his match. Bobby Crane brings up the possibility of Chasey Duarte-Jericho, whom is being forced to compete in a "Corporate Cage Match," courtesy of Mark Xamin.

Backstage, we see "Mr. Canada" Max Dunlop walking into the arena's parking lot. Out of nowhere, A.J. Taylor appears with a lead pipe, and jumps Dunlop from behind. He nails him in the back with the lead pipe, and then throws him into a garage door. As security pulls him away, Taylor screams "How ya like that for a badass rebel?!"

"The Original Rebel" A.J. Taylor vs Big D vs "Mr. Canada" Max Dunlop

The match starts off with all three men exchanging blows. Eventually, it breaks down into Taylor vs Dunlop, with Big D thrown to the outside. Taylor takes the advantage and whips Dunlop to the ropes....Dunlop comes back with a flying forearm! Taylor gets back up Dunlop quickly takes him back down with a hip toss. Taylor goes to lock up with him, but instead boots him in the stomach and drops him with a vicious DDT. Big D gets back up. Taylor turns around and gets a boot to the face. Big D pulls Taylor up by the hair...high above his head...and drops him with a sit down powerbomb. He makes a cover, but Dunlop breaks up the count just in time. Taylor gets back up and low blows Big D. Dunlop catches Taylor from behind and delivers a text book German suplex. He makes the bridge, but only gets a two count. Taylor gets up with a pissed off look on his face, and savagely clotheslines Dunlop to the mat with every ounce of strength he could let out. Big D slowly gets to his feet, and Taylor goes to clothesline him back to the outside. Big D moves out of the way and throws Taylor over the top rope. Dunlop some how gets to his feet as Taylor and Big D exchange heated words. Dunlop goes to the outside and grabs his Canadian flag. When Big D turns around, he nails him in the face with the flags handle. He throws the flag out of the ring before the ref can see it. Taylor tries to get in the ring to stop him, but Dunlop hot shots him and Taylor falls back outside. Dunlop makes a cover, and gets the three count!

After the match, Taylor grabs Dunlops Canadian flag as he celebrates, and beats Dunlop with it. As he leaves the ring, he drapes the flag over Dunlop's body, and walks up the ramp with a smile on his face. Teddy Turnbuckle comments that Taylor doesn't care whether he wins or loses, so long as he humiliates his opponent before he leaves the ring.

Backstage, Z-Pac is seen walking down the hall, when suddenly Brian Adams jumps out at him and attacks him with a crowbar. Adams drags Z-Pac into the parking lot. Taylor joins him, fresh off his match. Chris Penncross comes and tries to make the save, but Z-Pac is out cold from the shot with the crowbar, and Adams and Taylor double team him. We leave you with that and head back to the ring.


The winner of this one receives a shot at the Unified Champion next week on Pop. Blood's new valet, Maria Banks, accompanied him to the ring, and the crowd responded to her well. Blood jumps Daniels as he steps into the ring, and immediately drops him with a lariat. Blood picks him up and drop kicks him out of the ring, and goes out after him. The two start brawling on the outside. Daniels knee's him in the gut and throws him into the ringsteps, knocking them off their base. The referee orders them back into the ring, but Daniels shoves him aside and goes after Blood. He whips Blood into the guardrail, and then throws him back in the ring. Daniels backs Blood into the corner, where Blood retaliates and sticks his thumb in Daniels eye. Daniels stumbles back, blinded....Blood stands on the second turnbuckle, and leaps off, slamming Daniels with a front face suplex! Blood makes the cover, but Daniels gets a shoulder up at two and a half. Blood heads to the top rope this time, and jumps off, but misses with the flying elbow. Daniels pulls him up and goes for his finisher, Kaotic Intentions, but Blood low blows him before he can lock it on. The match progresses for ten minutes, until both men are extremely fatigued, putting on an amazing show. Blood drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep, but both men seem to have absorbed the impact. Each has a hand on top of the other, and the ref doesn't know what to do. He makes a three count, and announces that both men got a three count, therefore both men with face the Unified Champion next week on Pop!

Next, CWF Owner/Founder/President, Mark Xamin, walked out, alongside Jeff Jericho, to address the fans and roster of the CWF...

["Play the Game" by Motorhead begins to play and fans rise to their feet and begin to boo. The lights dim until the arena is totally black except for a single gold spotlight which is directed at the entrance ramp. Fireworks and lasers begins to explode and fly all over the place as "Golden One" Jeff Jericho and CWF owner Mark Xamin walk out from behind the curtain. Both men walk slowly to the ring, so that they can absorb the reaction they are getting from the crowd. Mark Xamin is dressed the same as Jeff Jericho. Both are wearing black leather jackets, blue jeans, oakley sun glasses, black steel toed leather boots and they are both not wearing shirts under their jackets. Mark has even gone so far as to dye is hair blond, just like Jericho's. Mark has also begun to grow a slight beard, just like Jeff. This is strange indeed. Both men enter the ring and begin to taunt the crowd. Mark Xamin asks for a microphone and begins to speak to the booing crowd.]

MARK XAMIN: Thank you for that warm welcome. It is nice to be here who cares anyway! On to more important business, concerning what happened last week on POP. Everybody wants to know, WHY MARK WHY?! Everywhere I go that is all I hear. You people act as if you have lost your best friend, you act as if you have lost your hero...well you have! Hahaha! You see everybody assumes that I actually gave a damn about all you people, but in reality, I couldn't give a damn about any of you. To me, you are all money...each week you sit your fat asses in these ringside seats, you buy the merchindise, you buy the food and you're making me money! That is all I care about, MONEY! And that is all you moron's are good at, making me money! So when everybody wants to know why I did what I did last week, it is very simple, I did it for the money! Because wherever Jeff Jericho goes, the money always follows. The power, the money, the ratings all lie with Jeff Jericho! Now, I have tried to deny myself this for many years. Jeff and I have tried to destroy each other but through all that, a mutual respect has developed for one another. So during the time the CWF was off the air, Jeff Jericho and I cleared the air between each other and have wiped the slate clean. This has been a plan in the works for many months. We have joined forces and together, he and I will reach our common goal. To take over the wrestling industry, to make the CWF #1 World Wide once again! We are the two most powerful men in wrestling today, and together nobody can stop us! So when you little bastards sit there and cry, begging me to know the reason why I turned my back on the fans and the CWF wrestlers...NOW YOU ALL KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH! So suck on that!

[The fans boo like crazy as Mark hands the mic over to Jeff.]

"GOLDEN ONE" JEFF JERICHO: Well put, Mark! And now on to Z-Pac! Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick you hear that Mr. Pac? That is the sound of the clock ticking down until the World title is mine once again. It is only a matter of time before I'm the 6 time World champion here in the CWF! It doesn't matter if I beat you, Brian Adams, T-Money, Magnus Thunder or your mamma...bottom line is, it doesn't matter who I have to beat, the World title will be mine very soon! Trust me! And now on to the deranged, mentally ill Paul Blair! Paul, tonight I have a surprise for you. Everybody knows that you're obsessed with facing Triple X...well here tonight, after I defeat you for the National title...I will give you what you want! Oh yeah, that's right! I have brought Triple X out of retirement and I have brought him here TONIGHT!!! Triple X is here and he will make an appearence here tonight! The question is when Mr. Blair, but I guess you will have to wait and find out now won't you! Hahahaha!

[And with that "Play the Game" by Motorhead begins to play and Mark X and Jeff Jericho leave grining ear to ear.]

Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane spend time talking about how big this announcement is, and all of Triple X's accomplishments in the CWF. It is also mentioned that no one has seen nor heard from Triple X since he last left the CWF.

Backstage, A.J. Taylor is setting Z-Pac up for something...Brian Adams is nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, we see the headlights of a Porsche, and it comes speeding towards Z-Pac. Just as its about to hit him, Steve Duarte appears and tackles Z-Pac out of the way. Stepping out of the Porsche is...Brian Adams! Adams and Taylor verbally assault Steve Duarte, asking him what the hell he's doing. Finally, security forces Adams and Taylor off the scene.


If Muriel Slater wins this match, Steve Duarte has promised him a date with Chasey Duarte-Jericho. Muriel Slater came out alone. His "owner" was nowhere to be found. We later find out that his "owner" was offensive, and animal rights stepped in and picketed outside CWF head office. A clip was shown of animal rights chanting "Free Muriel!" outside CWF headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. T-Money came out with a confused look on his face, as if he was reluctant to fight his "friend", whom left him out to dry last week. They lock up...Slater starts headbutting T-Money in the face. Money stumbles back into the ropes. Slater whips him into the turnbuckles, and powerslams him on the rebound. Money immediately gets up, now he looks pissed. Money starts throwing wild punches at Muriel Slater, and connects with each one. Slater doesn't know what to do...Money takes him down with a scoop slam, sits on top of him and starts pounding him in the face. The crowd erupts as none other than Daniel Hudson walks out from the back, stands on the apron and distracts the ref. From the crowd walks a huge man, whom Bobby Crane identifies as "Big" Billy Vance. Vance slides into the ring, and rocks Money with a vicious spear, followed by a tiger driver. He pulls Slater on top of Money, and then ref turns around and makes a three count! Blood is seen backstage watch on a monitor, very interested. Steve Duarte storms by him in disbelief, and heads to the ring. He slides under the ropes and starts yelling at T-Money. Chasey Duarte-Jericho is seen backstage with her face buried in her hands, knowing she has to go on a date with Muriel Slater. Slater is in the ring jumping up and down like he just won the most important match of his life. He smiles at Steve Duarte, who looks disgusted. "Big" Billy Vance and Daniel Hudson carry Muriel out on their shoulders, as Muriel gets a huge ovation from the crowd. Back in the ring, Duarte continues to yell at T-Money, who finally gets up and grabs Duarte by the shirt. Duarte begs him to stop, but Money grabs his shirt even tighter. From the back runs the Commonwealth Commissioner, Wraith! He nails T-Money from behind with a chair, and he and Duarte flee up the ramp. T-Money gets up and yells at them from the ring.

[Camera's flip backstage to show Jeff Jericho getting out of a limo in the parking lot, he is talking with somebody inside about some form of plan.]

"GOLDEN ONE" JEFF JERICHO: Hahaha! Okay man, are you all set about what is supposed to happen here tonight?

VOICE: You bet Jeffery, everything is good to go. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Blair won't know what hit him.

"GOLDEN ONE" JEFF JERICHO: You're damn right he won't know what hit him. We are going to have so much fun with that nut job, we are going to make him snap.

VOICE: Hahaha, oh hell yeah! I'm all for that! All right buddy, I'll see you later tonight then I guess.

"GOLDEN ONE" JEFF JERICHO: You bet! You just wait here and chill out, you know the signal.

VOICE: Sure do Jeffery, see you later!

[Jeff Jericho closes the limo door, and the door quickly locks behind him.]

Teddy Turnbuckle suggests that Triple X is in the limo. Bobby Crane disagrees and said they were talking about the post match party, which Bobby Crane himself with be attending. Teddy of course, calls him an idiot.


All three are reluctant to fight each other, but Mark Xamin comes out and says if they don't fight, they're all fired! Duarte and Wraith lock up...Chasey jumps on Wraith's back. Wraith flips her over top of him and slams her down on the mat. Duarte gets pissed when he see's this, and tackles Wraith. The two start exhanging blows. Wraith being the more experienced of the two, gets the upper hand. Chasey gets up but Wraith whips her to the ropes and gives her a spinebuster! The crowd is going crazy as Chasey is getting destroyed! Then, Muriel Slater comes out from the back and runs down! He climbs the cage and piledrives Wraith! Duarte watches on in horror as Muriel Slater picks Chasey Duarte-Jericho up and walks out the door with her. Chasey wins the match! But Slater keeps walking, and it appears as though he's taking her to his locker room! Duarte's jaw hits the floor and he runs back to catch up with them.


Steve Dart enters the ring first, wearing an XW t-shirt. Z-Krushers theme plays, but he doesn't come out. Then it stops and Steve Dart looks confused. It comes back on, and someone dressed up like Z-Krusher comes out. Its obvious it isn't the real Z-Krusher because this guy isn't as built and isn't quite as tall. He gets in the ring, and Dart Studray Stunners him right off the bat and gets a three count! Dart smirks and leaves through the crowd. Has Steve Dart truly sold out? He wears an XW t-shirt every week....and where was the real Z-Krusher?

Backstage, Magnus Thunder is seen walking into his locker room with his gym bag on his shoulder. We hear the sound of steel hitting skull. Out from the locker room walks Brian Adams. "See ya tonight, big man." Adams storms down the hall. We zoom in on Magnus Thunder, who is sitting up with an angry look on his face.


Caleb Marlowe comes out with his half of the Tag Team Championship on his shoulder. Mike Van Pro comes out next, accompanied by Major Midnight. They lock up. Marlowe takes the early advantage with a drop toe hold, and attempts to lock on an STF but MVP rolls away. Major Midnight yells something at MVP, who nods and then goes to lock up with Marlowe....but instead he throws salt in Marlowe's eyes and then nails him with a face slam! The ref is all over MVP for using the salt, but MVP shoves him out of the way and procedes to stomp on Marlowe with a vengeance. Marlowe grabs his foot and drops him with a dragon screw! MVP goes down and Marlowe locks on an ankle lock. Major Midnight stands on the apron and distracts the ref and MVP taps out! But the ref doesn't see it! Marlowe gets up and spins the ref around. Major Midnight grabs Marlowe and hot shots him across the top rope. MVP gets up and locks a figure four on Marlowe! Marlowe fights to reverse it, the crowd gets behind him. And he reverses it, but MVP grabs the bottom rope and the hold is broken after a four count by the ref. Marlowe gets up and whips MVP to the ropes....MVP slides between his legs...Marlowe turns around, ducks a clothesline, and drops MVP with an inverted DDT! A cover! MVP kicks out at two and a half! Marlowe pulls him up....MVP catches him with a small package! Kickout at two! Major Midnight grabs a chair on the outside....back in the ring, MVP drops Marlowe with a shoulder breaker, and heads to the top! But Marlowe gets up and pushes MVP off the top rope and through the spanish announce table! Marlowe rolls him back in the ring and goes for a cover! 1..............2.......Major Midnight nails Marlowe with a chair! The ref calls for the bell, and Marlowe wins by DQ! But Major Midnight continues to beat on Caleb Marlowe! Magnus Thunder runs down and the crowd erupts! He grabs the chair from Midnight and nearly takes his head off with it! MVP scurries out of the ring and pulls Midnight out. Magnus carries Caleb Marlowe to the back on his shoulders.

Wraith is seen sitting at his desk. He announces that at Retribution, its gonna be Mike Van Pro vs Caleb Marlowe. If Mike Van Pro is still the Unified Champion, then the belt is on the line. Mike Van Pro walks into his locker room and catches the announcement. He storms into Wraith's office and DDT's him through his own desk!

Camera's flip backstage to show Paul Blair creaping up to the limo, the limo that could be containing Triple X. Blair sneaks up to the door and tries open it but it is locked. Suddenly from behind comes Jeff Jericho with a chair to Blair's back. It sends him down to the concrete in a heap. The limo then quickly speeds away into the night. Jericho then leaves Blair lying on the ground.

The lights begin to flciker on and off. Everyone in the arena notices and see's a shower of black rosepedals fall on to them. The rose pedals cover the ring, the announce table, and even the fans seated in the front few rows. Then the lights flash off and only a red haze keeps the arena from going pitch black. "Come As You Are" by Nirvana plays over the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet and goes wild in great anticipaation of who they think is about to return. After a few suspenseful moments, a long haired man, dressed only in a long black trench coat and silver & black facepaint strolls down the runway with a mic in hand.. MAN: (in a deep, almost emotionless voice) Mark Xamin.. you want your ticketseller? I got your ticketseller. Jeff Jericho.. you want your legends? I got your legend. Z-pac.. you want your hardcore? Well you're looking at hardcore personified. It's been a long time CWF...too long. The last time I was around here I was in the UWL with my WoD buds teaching rookie punks like Jeff Jericho a lesson. That was then.. it's a new age now. But it's my age once again...... WILDCARD: CWF...get ready to...(fans join in the legendary phrase)...'Take a Walk On the Wildside....'

Screen fades out after the camera takes one more shot of "WoD" acronim that is now lighting up the ring.

A commercial for Blood's new t-shirt is aired.


Blair comes out last, and the camera's follow him from the parking lot to the ring. As we pan the crowd, we see Blood sitting in the seventh row, watching the match. Jericho jumps Blair as he steps through the ropes. He whips Blair to the ropes...Jericho is caught with his head down and Blair rocks him with a swinging neck breaker. Blair stays on top of him and locks on a rear chin lock. Jericho is having a hard time breathing, and fights to his feet. He elbows his way out and runs to the ropes. He charges back with a vicious spear that could have cut Blair in half! Jericho starts to pound on him, but the ref pulls him off. Blair rolls to the outside and appears to be winded from the spear. He looks under the ring, perhaps searching for Triple X. Jericho grabs Blair by the hair and pulls him up on the apron. He goes to suplex Blair back in, but Blair hooks his leg on the bottom rope, and then suplexes Jericho to the outside! The camera's shift back to the parking lot...

The long black limo seen earlier in the show pulls up to the arena. The back door opens, and a pair of black dress pants are the only thing we can see, leave the limo. The camera won't or cannot pan up so we can see the identity of this person. The camera follows this man through the backstage area...HE IS HEADED FOR THE RING! Camera then cuts out suddenly.

The crowd is going nuts. Blair is distracted and want to leave for the backstage area. He starts to head up the ramp, but as he is leaving...Mark Xamin appears our of nowhere and bashes Blair over the head with a crow bar! Blair stumbles to his feet, and Xamin starts to unload on him with the crowbar over and over again until he is knocked out! The ref has counted both men out, and this match is a no contest! Blood runs through the crowd and into the ring! He jumps on Jericho's back, but Xamin nails him with the crowbar and Jericho dumps him over the top rope! Xamin and Jericho celebrate in the ring, but Blair comes to and attacks both men in a fit of rage! Jericho and Blair fight to the top of the ramp, and the lights go out in the arena! After about 30 seconds, they will come back on...and Jericho will be gone, but standing behind Blair is TRIPLE X! The crowd is shocked, Blair is shocked! Blair steps back....then suddenly Triple X starts being lowered by an elevator to the bottom of the entrance ramp, slowly we loose the ability to see him...Blair runs over and tries to grab him and pull him up. Then from the back Brian Adams jumps Blair from behind, followed by Jeff Jericho a few seconds later. Both men beat on Blair and then throw him off the ramp....25 feet to the cement floor! The lights go out, and when they come back on both men are gone...and over the "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica....Triple X's music, is playing!

The commentators spend time talking about how Jericho and Adams were working together there.

Suddenly, there is an explosion at the entrance ramp, and the light go out. After about thirty seconds, the lights restore power. No one knows what just happened.


Brian Adams and Steve Duarte exchange words before the match. A.J. Taylor makes his presence known by shoving Duarte to the mat. Magnus Thunder throws Taylor out of the ring, and Taylor goes flying into the steel fencing. Adams clips Thunder's knee, and the bell rings to signify the beginning of the match! Adams stomps on Thunder's knee with all his strength, trying to take away his vertical advantage. But Steve Duarte grabs Adams by the hair and slams him into the mat! Magnus Thunder gets up and grabs Adams by the throat, pulling him back to his feet. He chokeslams Adams and makes a cover early! Duarte makes a fast count, but A.J. Taylor quickly pulls him out of the ring before he can get to three. Magnus Thunder goes to the outside and grabs Taylor. He scrapes his face against the cage, cutting Taylor wide open! Duarte smirks when he see's Taylor's blood. But the smile is wiped off his face when Magnus Thunder shoves him down and tells him to call the match fairly. Duarte scurries around the ring and escapes the big man. But Adams sneaks up from behind Thunder and pushes him into the ring post! Thunder's head bounces off the post, and the 7'5" monster stumbles to the ground. Adams rolls him back in the ring and goes for a cover, but Duarte won't make the count! A.J. Taylor gets up and picks up the ring steps....he throws them at Duarte and it hits him square in the head! Duarte goes down, making A.J. Taylor the man in charge! Magnus Thunder gets up and drives his enormous fist into Adams' face. Adams goes down and looks like he's out cold from the massive right hand! Magnus goes for a cover! Taylor makes a slow two count, but then acts as if there's something in his eye and stops counting! Magnus gets up and grabs Taylor by the collar. Taylor threatens to disqualify him. Adams gets up and grabs a steel chair. He sneaks up from behind Magnus and wraps the chair over his head. Suddenly, Blood comes from under the ring, explaining why the lights went out earlier - so Blood could get underneath the ring! He attacks Brian Adams in an attempt to help his long time friend, Magnus Thunder! He nails him with the Blood Lust! A.J. Taylor blindsides Blood with the steel chair! Magnus Thunder gets up and corners A.J. Taylor! But Mark Xamin and Jeff Jericho run out and beat up the referee with the key to the cell! They open the door and immediately attack....Magnus Thunder! Xamin, Jericho, and Taylor beat Thunder down, and drape Brian Adams on top of him! Xamin grabs Duarte's hand, to add insult to injury, and makes him count to three! Brian Adams is the number one contender!

Adams, Taylor, Jericho, and Xamin are all celebrating in the ring, when all of a sudden, a huge man with the word "Carnage" across his tights enters the cage and spears...A.J. TAYLOR! All of them are beating on A.J. Taylor! Carnage and Adams embrace! What the hell?!


Thanks to Z-Pac, the stipulation is now a barb-wire land-mine match, as announced earlier in the show. How Z-Pac got this stipulation worked in is unknown.

"Its Time to Play the Game" by Motorhead comes on and out walks "Golden One" Jeff Jericho and Mark Xamin! The crowd is booing the corporate monsters but they could care less. As they walk down the ramp, suddenly Chris Penncross comes running from the back with a chair! He beats the hell out of Jericho with the chair, just like he did to him last week! The EMT's run out and help Jericho. Xamin is running away from Penncross, up the ramp....then "Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig comes on, and Z-Pac steps out! Xamin is trapped! Z-Pac grabs Xamin and drags him to the ring. Penncross takes the steel chair and sits Xamin in it, ring in Z-Pac's corner, making sure he doesn't move!

Pledge and Z-Pac lock up....Pledge drops him with a hip toss.....Z-Pac to his feet....he ducks a clothesline and goes for the ZDT! But Pledge pushes him away....Z-Pac off the ropes....Pledge with a powerslam! Z-Pac down, but Pledge pulls him to his feet....Z-Pac drops him with a jaw breaker! Z-Pac with an early cover, but he only gets a two count! Both men to their feet....and they just start to exchange blows! Z-Pac gets the upper hand and whips him to the ropes.....but Pledge comes back with a flying forearm! A cover! But only a two count! Pledge pulls him up and an piledrives him! Another cover! But Z-Pac kicks out!

On the outside, Chris Penncross is intimidating Mark Xamin.

Pledge pulls Z-Pac up and whips him to the barb-wire ropes.....Z-Pac comes back with a high cross body! A cover! Two count! Z-Pac pounding on Pledge. Pledge is busted open! The ref pulls Z-Pac off of him and then checks on Pledge. The match continues. Pledge low blows Z-Pac! And power bombs him! BOOM! A landmine explodes! A cover! Two and a half!

The match continues for fifteen minutes.

Z-Pac and Pledge going at it tooth and nail, on their last ounce of energy. Pledge whips Z- Pac to the ropes....Z-Pac reverses....Penncross grabs Pledge's leg and trips him! Pledge gets up and starts yelling at Penncross....he turns around....ZDT! Z-Pac with a cover! Three count! And Z-Pac retains the CWF World Heavyweight Title! His back is bloodied from the barb-wire ropes, and he's busted open thanks to the land mine.

Z-Pac is motioning for Penncross to bring Xamin in the ring! Penncross throws Xamin in the ring....and Z-Pac extends his hand to Xamin? Xamin shakes his hand in a desperation attempt to escape! ZDT! BOOM! On a landmine! Xamin is destroyed! Z-Pac raises the CWF World Title and puts his foot on Xamin's chest! Z-Pac has gotten his revenge!

We're out of time, see you next week!