[The show opens outside the Pac Bell parking lot where the camera catches Pledge Allegence getting out of his red, white and blue truck..the fans inside go wild..Suddenly before Pledge can get competely out he is stricken by a car! Pledge's head hits the windshield and blood begins to explode from his forehead..Pledge lays unconscious as the culprit behind the wheel steps out of his car and walks over to Pledge and says, "What..no valet parking?" then begins to leave with a smirk when Pledge regains consciousness and tries to attack the faulty driver but Pledge really has no energy so his attack really has no affect..the camera gets a close up and it is plain to see that the driver is "Ice Man" Steve Johnson..Johnson laughs at Pledge's attempt and fires on a bloody Pledge then puts his bad leg in the truck door and slams it on Pledge's bad knee repeatedly..security finally breaks the scene up as an ambulance pulls in next to the fallen Pledge..]

TT: My god POP is live in San Francisco and that son of a bitchin' Steve Johnson has just sent Pledge to the emergency room to kick things off!!

BC: Hey why do you think they call him "The Ice Man"? He is one of the coldest, calculating men in the business..besides he is used to valet parking like he said..Pledge attacked him.

TT: What!? You must not of even been watching you sicko..Johnson obviously planned that whole attack and Pledge is suppose to wrestle in a Country Pride Match against "Mr. Canada" Max Dunlop and our Commonwealth Commissioner Wraith..

BC: New flash Teddy..I don't think Pledge will be in that match tonight...I wonder if he has car insurance anyways..I'm sure he will be hearing from Ice Man's lawyers.HAHA..

TT: Would you stop! And let us not forget that the FREAK will defend his title against Big D here tonight!

BC: Yeah and count on the "Freak Era" ending tonight and Big D walking into the pay-per-view as our new CWF World Champion and the man that will face our real World Champion Brian Adams!!

TT: Wait a minute--speaking of the FREAK here he comes!!

BC: What is he doing..He's not schedule to be out here..this is our time damn it!!

TT: Tell him that!

["Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig hits the PA system and the crowd erupts! Z-Pac and Chris Penncross appear at the entrance way in their respective wrestling attire, which for Z-Pac is torn shorts a sleeveless shirt that reads "Motorhead: The Ace of Spades" not to mention his CWF World Title which he holds in one hand to the crowd. Chris Penncross has his basic black wrestling tights and boots on with a faded "White Zombie" t-shirt tossed on real quick. The duo makes there way down to the ring and they climb in and Chris Penncross goes to one corner and Z-Pac to another and raise there arms to the crowd in a response of cheers and flash photography. Z-Pac grabs a mic and begins to speak.]

Z-Pac- Last week, we saw Bryan Adams try an end my career with a Porche and pop my head like a zit with its tires... Last week, we saw Bryan Adams knock me out cold with a crowbar... Now Bryan Adams, its time for some Retribution. Tonight Adams, before the night is over, you will swing from the rafters... What do I mean? Well, I know what I mean, but you will soon understand later... Now as for tonight, I have a tune up match against Big D, and I said that there would be Hardcore stipulations of some kind made for this match. Well Big D, I'm going to use you as an example to Bryan Adams, to help send him a message. So tonight Big D, you will face me in a Ladders and Stretchers match... How can I do this you ask? Well last week, you seen me blow Mark X to bits, and should he not adhere by my wishes, then he will see that explosion that rocked his body as nothing more than a warm breeze when I am through with him... So Big D, pick the stretcher of your choosing, because it will become your home for some time to come...

[ "Five Finger Crawl" plays again and Z-Pac leaves Chris Penncross in the ring for his match with Z-Krusher.]

TT: That World Title Match is now a Ladders and Stretchers Match!!!

BC: Z-Pac can do that!

TT: He just did and this match has to now favor our World Champion!

BC: Great..what's next? Z-Pac will probably want to bring back the Mid-Atlantic Title [CWF's version of the Hardcore Title] back! That idiot..

TT: Chris Penncross is waiting for Z-Krusher and here he comes!!!

[ Red smokes fills the ring and filters out throughout all of SF.."Highway to Hell" by AC/DC blares over the PA as the lights go off..when they come back on there is still no Z-Krusher..]

TT: Where is he? Remember last week he didn't show up to wrestle "Sell Out" Steve Dart..

BC: What are you talking about..I saw Dart pin that red retard..

TT: You know as well as I do that that wasn't Z-Krusher..that was a guy Dart try to pawn off as Z-Krusher..what in the hell has gotten into Dart anyways? Is he or isn't he part of the CWF? Wait a minute the lights have gone off again here in the outdoor Pac Bell Park!!

[Red smokes fills the air again and the lights turn back on..the crowd urupts as standing behind Penncross is Steve Dart! Dart spins him around a delivers a Studray Stunner..Dart stands over the fallen Penncross and pulls a red mask out of his shorts..long brown hair is attatched to the mask..Dart smirks and puts the mask next to Penncross, glares at Teddy Turnbuckle then flips him off!]

TT: STEVE DART WAS Z-KRUSHER ALL ALONG!! I don't believe it--STEVE DART has been here all along!

BC: Yeah but now you have pissed your good buddy off by calling him a sell out week after week!!

[Dart leaves through the crowd and appears to have just vanished..]


[Before the start of the next match Blood is shown the back watching intently on a tv monitor in his lockeroom as first "Big" Vance gets into the ring..then as T-Money comes down to a huge pop Blood stares a hole through the monitor..]

TT: Again Blood is scouting T-Money for the second time in two weeks..what is he up to?

BC: Who knows with that guy..

TT: The bell rings and the match is on the way!! T-Money with a Drop Kick to the knee of Big Vance but the big man is still on his feet--another Drop Kick to the knee followed by a Chop Block!!

BC: That's one way to even up the size..T-Money got Vance off his feet..smart move.

TT: Money now with a Hanging Reverse Neck Breaker followed by another!! T-Money is in total control of this match early on!!

BC: T is earning his "money" I guess some might say!!

TT: Money is going to the top rope for the Money Spender..Money jumps..Big Vance caught him and look at the strength of this monster--CHOKE SLAM!!! That nearly put Money through the mat!

BC: Now I guess you can say T is earning his "money" the hard way!

TT: Vance now lifts Money up and SIDE WALK SLAM! The brute strength of this guy is absolutely unbelievable!! He picks Money up again..RUNNING POWER SLAM!! That's it..this one is over!! The cover..1.......2....KICK OUT!! T kicked out!! Vance lifts Money up but Money with a LOW BLOW!!

BC: I don't care how "big" you are..that had to hurt.

TT: Money bounces off the ropes..SCISSORS KICK!! The big man is down once again..Money lifts him up by his hair..MONEY MAKER!!! He hit it!! The cover 1....2......THREEEEEEE!!!!! T-Money has won this one!!

BC: But Muriel Slater has hit the ring!! Where is "its" owner?

TT: I don't know..ever since Muriel's love interest with Chasey we haven't seen them in quite some time..Slater is beating the hell out of Money after his win over Big Vance!! But look at Money fight back!! Right..lefts..Money is getting himself some at the expense of "The Suicide Machine"--MONEY MAKER!! And Vance is back up and another MONEY MAKER for him!! Money goes to the top rope--

BC: But here comes Chasey!!

[The camera goes back to the lockeroom of Blood who is still eyeballing the situation..then flashes back to Money getting ready to fly..]

TT: MONEY SPENDER!! Money just spent the big man!! Wait a minute Chasey is in and LOW BLOW on Money!! That little bitch!

BC: You mean Slater's Sex Machine don't you!!

TT: Chasey just paintbushed Money!! But somebody has just entered the ring--a SPEAR and Chasey goes down!!

BC: Chasey goes down? Oh you have been talking to Rex Ryder to eh?

TT: Who in the hell is this women who just speared Chasey? Its..MISS MONEY!!! The wife of T-Money!! She is here in the CWF!! CAT FIGHT!! CAT FIGHT!! Slater gets Chasey out of there but I have never seen Chasey look as mad as she does right now--that young lady has a real mean streak.

BC: She is also the VP of this fed so I wouldn't want to piss her off..

TT: I think with a father like Steven Duarte you'd have to be pretty much born pissed off..Wow..what fireworks..

BC: I'm telling Mr. Duarte you said that!

TT: Go ahead..I'm sure he is watching--suck up.


TT: And what's this--we aren't scheduled an interview right now!

[ "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica begins to play and the fans explode to their feet with cheers. The light's go out in the arena except for blue spotlight which is shining on the centre of the entrance ramp. After about a minute of waiting, their being lifted up from a hole in the entrance ramp by an elevator is TRIPLE X. Slowly he reaches the top of the entrance ramp until he is finally level with it and able to begin his walk to the ring. He is wearing one of his classic, flamboyant, charasmatic Triple X outfits. Triple X dances all the way to the ring, he enters the ring to a loud pop from the crowd. Triple X goes to each turnbuckle and raises his hands high in the air, to solute the fans. The CWF legend then calls for a mic, XXX is unable to speak due to the fans who are still chanting his name, when they quiet down Triple X begins to speak to the CWF, to the wrestling industry for the first time in over a year. ]

TT: My god, it is Triple X Bobby! He is back! It is really him!

BC: He looks a little different, but who cares the man is back! Jeff Jericho has brought Triple X back to the CWF! Whoa!

TT: Shut up he is ready to speak!

Triple X: Well look who is back in the federation I made famous...ME...Triple X! 5 time CWF World champion, former CWF wrestler of the year, current CWF Hall of Famer and the list of my domination of the CWF goes on and on. It has been a long time since you have seen my set foot in a ring, let alone a CWF ring, over a year to be exact! And let me tell you, I was perfectly happy to live the high life and no longer wrestler. I was happy to live down in the Mexico, drink margarita's, be with hot women, surf and live my life without wrestling? Why go through all the bumps and bruises, when I could be laying in the sun each and everyday? I'm already a legend, I am already rich as hell so why wrestle indeed? Well I'll tell you why! My good friend Jeff Jericho showed me 10 video tapes about 3 weeks ago. On these video tapes were CWF promo's done by PAUL BLAIR! And I watched that poor excuse of a human being degrade me on live television, mock me, call me out and he had the nerve to say that I was afraid to face him! Now it first it didn't bother me, I mean who takes Paul Blair seriously anyway right? [ everybody in the crowd laughs] But after I watched the 9th and 10th video tape of him doing the same stuff over and over to make fun of ME! I snapped, I wanted to come back to the CWF and teach this viagra using, child melsting son of a bitch a lesson that he will never forget! So last week, I made my return...much to the surprise of Mr. Blairski! And let me tell you, I took great plessure in watching "Golden One" Jeff Jericho and Brian Adams throws that pyscho off the entrance ramp, 25 feet to the concrete. But that is only the beginning Mr. Blairski, because I'm just getting started!

Paul Blair: Hang on right there big boy!!

[ Crowd boo's as Paul Blair walks down to the ring with a microphone. Blair doesn't look happy. He enters the ring and goes nose to nose with Triple X.

Triple X: You have got some nerve Blair, interrupting my promo! I should kick your wrinkled ass for this!

Paul Blair: Shut your mouth has been!

Triple X: Has been, do you know who I am! I am...


Triple X: Excuse me?

Paul Blair: You heard me jackass! You are Jeff Jericho!

Triple X: Have you lost what is left of you mind Blair?

Paul Blair: There is only one man who refers to me as "Mr. Blairski" and that is Jeff Jericho!

Triple X: What the fuck? Well, ummmmm, I picked it up from Jeff that is all.

Paul Blair: Bull sh#t!

[ And with that Paul Blair rips Triple X's blond hair, it was a wig, and underneath we can clearly see that it is Jeff Jericho!!!! Jericho is stunned, the crowd is booing Jeff. ]

Paul Blair: I knew it was you all along, I knew you could deliver me Triple X. Jericho you stupid moron, you are just as sick as me. You have lost your mind! You have the nerve to call me a pyscho...look at you bub, you are walking around dressed as Triple X, acting like Triple X, talking like Triple X. You are the one who needs help. So let me give you the help that you need.

[ BLAIR KICK!!! BLAIR KICK, right to the forehead of Jeff Jericho. Jericho is falt on his back in the centre of the ring, Blair jumps on him and starts nailing him with left's and right's. ]

TT: It was Jeff Jericho all along, Triple X really isn't here afterall! I knew that snake Jericho couldn't bring Triple X back!

BC: Jeff had a good reason for doing this, he is no fool, he is a man with a plan.

TT: No he is just a raving pyscho!


TT: I can't see Jericho and Blair anymore, somebody get these light's back on damn it!

[ "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica begins to play, as the light's flip back on. ]


BC: He is standing right behind Paul Blair, Paul doesn't see him!

[ Blair stops hitting Jericho and turns around, he nearly falls over seeing the real Triple X standing behind him. He takes three steps back, Triple X just has a smile on his face. Jeff Jericho struggles to his feet. ]

TT: Jericho is up and he just pushed Blair into Triple X. SUPER KICK! Jericho pushed Blair right into the super kick, and Blair is out!

BC: YES! YES! YES! Look at this Jeff and Triple X are shaking hands! Yes, this was a set up all along! Jeff has brought Triple X back to the CWF!

TT: I don't believe it, Triple X would stoop so low as to align himself with Jeff Jericho, AGAIN after all that Jericho has done to him in the past!

BC: You never thought you'd see Mark X and Jeff Jericho together, but now they are! You never thought you see Triple X and Jeff Jericho together again, but now look at this! THEY ARE! HAHAHAHA Jeff is a smart man!

TT: Damn it, and now he has a mic! Does this guy every shut up!

The Golden One: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Blair you fool, you walked right into our trap! You didn't think I could deliver Triple X, well boy, I have done just that! I have brought Triple X back to wrestling and together Triple X, myself and Mark X will rule the CWF and make it #1 again! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Tell'em Triple....

[ SUPER KICK TO JEFF JERICHO!!! Triple X just nailed Jeff Jericho with the super kick and he falls right next to a knocked out Paul Blair. ]

TT: Oh my god! Triple X just hit Jeff Jericho! I don't think this was in Jericho's plan at all.

BC: That basterd Triple X!

TT: He didn't sell out at all, Triple X is his own man! He just picked up the microphone of the canvus, he is going to speak!

Triple X:   Cali ... How the hell are ya? [Big pop from the California crowd, Triple-X is from San Diego, so he gets a nice response]

Triple-X: So it's been a while since my face has graced a CWF screen.. Well I for one say it's been too damn long!

[Crowd lets X know how they feel about him with a thunderous cheer]

Triple-X: People settle settle, I know you all feel that way but I'm sure a few people around here don't feel that way. One is probably Jeff Jericho.

[Boos from the crowd at the mention of the name Jericho]

Triple-X: Yeah, yeah he's an egotistical, overbaring, self-righteous jackass ... but you come to see him...

[crowd kind of lost]

Triple-X: ..... get his ass kicked by yours truly!

[crowd back on their feet and roaring]

Triple-X: But no no I'm not back for the simple pleasure of kicking Jeff's wrinkled ass for the fourteenth thousandth time. Oh no, that would be far too easy. Hell with a little ring rust on me I still could take that gereatric. Oh no .. someone other than Jericho has brought me out of retirement. And I'm sure you all know exactly who I'm talkin' about. It's the guy sitting in the back with his hands down his pants ... tryin to find the only thing he's ever ruled in his life ... and I'm talkin about Paul Blair!

[Crowd waits with anticipation]

Triple-X: Now some may call the CWF the house that X built ... some may call it the place that I made famous. Well right now I don't even want to be mentioned as a past CWF'er. I don't want to even be mentioned as a past CWF World Champion ... hell this place had about as much talent as Shaq does acting. Notice I said "had" because look who just walked through the doors ... you can open those pearly white gates and heaven can sing again because none other than the biggest mark in the biz ... ME, Triple-X is back in the CWF ... and Paul Blair ... you wanted me?

Triple-X: You ever heard the timeless expression ... "be careful what you ask for, you may just get it?"

[Crowd silent, waits .. hanging on by every word]

Triple-X: Well I think you'll be asking yourself that over and over and over for the next few weeks ....

[ "Don't Tread On Me" by Metallica plays as Triple X leaves the carnage in the ring. The crowd is going nuts for him as he walks to the backstage area. Jeff Jericho is now to his feet and is yelling at Triple X! XXX doesn't care and only laugh's at Jeff Jericho as he leaves the ringside area. Jericho is hot, he is pacing around the ring, his plans have back fired in his face. Jeff is to busy yelling at the fans to realize Paul Blair is also on his feet. ]

TT: Blair is up!

BC: Jeff look out!

TT: BlairKick to Jeff Jericho!!!!!!

BC: God no!

TT: Blair is leaving to go find Triple X! Jericho staggers to his feet once again!

BC: Teddy, who the hell is that entering the ring?


BC: Run Jeff run!!!

TT: Dart spins Jericho around and STUDRAY STUNNER!!!!! And now Dart flee's through the crowd, and he is still wearing that XW T-Shirt!

BC: That damn sell out, look what he has done to Jeffery! Jeff has been Blair Kicked twice, Super Kicked and now Studray stunnered in a matter of 6 minutes!

TT: Yeah, and it looks good on him.

BC: Oh shut up! All of Jeff's plan are ruined and he still has a match tonight!

[ Jeff Jericho rolls out of the ring to the floor, and crawls to the back. ]

TT: You gotta' love it!

[The scene switches to the "Commonwealth Commissioner" Wraith's office. Suddenly T-Money barges in. Money lifts Wraith up by the collar and Miss Money follows behind him]

Miss Money: I want that bitch Chasey in a match right here tonight!

Wraith: Calm down young vixen..just calm down and have your husband kindly release his filthy paws from around by neck..[She gives Money a look and he releases Wraith] Oh good..now then you will get your match..just not tonight. How about we make a match at the Pay-per-view? You and your husband versus the lovely duo of Muriel Slater and Chasey Duarte-Jericho? [T-Money grins and nods his head yes] Good now if you two would kindly vacate my office..I have work to do..

TT: Wow! Did you hear that? Miss Money and T-Money get Slater and Chasey at the pay-per-view!

BC: What in the hell is that idiot Wraith doing! Chasey is not going to like that..She has to wrestle at the pay-per-view?

TT: And speaking of Chasey here she comes!

["Everlasting Gaze" blares over the PA and out comes Chasey Duarte-Jericho with a mic in one hand and a leash in the other. Behind the leash is of course Muriel Slater..Chasey shakes her ass as she walks to the ring and begins to speak.]

Chasey Duarte-Jericho: San Francisco..the gay capitol of the world!!

[The fans boo and begin to chant "You're a whore"] Oh am I? Wouldn't all you men out there like to know? And you women are all just jealous so pipe down..the most Powerful Woman in the World is about to speak. "Commonwealth Commissioner" Wraith..you want to make matches do you boyo'? Fine by me..you just forgot one little teeny tiny thing..and no I'm not talking about your "English Banger" either..I am Vice President here so I can make matches and stipulations as well..so..since Pledge had that little unfortunate "car accident" earlier which means your match is now one on one with "Mr. Canada" Max Dunlop..but just to make things more interesting and in the spirit of "good will" as you would call it let's make the match for your JOB!! That's right Wraith if you lose tonight "Mr. Canada" becomes the new Commissioner of the CWF! As you would say.."Good day".

[Chasey sets down the mic and leaves as Muriel wonders where she is going--Muriel grabs her arm when suddenly he is attacked Rex Ryder!]

TT: Chasey looks at her ex boyfriend and she just slapped the taste out of his mouth!

BC: Which ex boyfriend? Oh you mean Rex Ryder. Chasey has had so many different boyfriends you need a scorecard to keep up.

TT: Rex don't do it Rex..She maybe the biggest bitch in the world but she is still a lady..Rex is whinding up..he blast Slater instead!! Chasey bails and she is running for her life down the rampway and MISS MONEY is out here!! SPEAR!!! CAT FIGHT!! CAT FIGHT!!

BC: Security has to separate the two again!!

TT: And in the ring Rex with a Pile Driver on poor Muriel Slater!! And another!! And he's looking for something under the ring.

BC: What's he got?

TT: It looks like a straight jacket..Rex is putting Slater in a straight jacket!! And here comes "The Ice Man"!

["Enter Sandman" by Metallica blares over the PA and out runs Steve Johnson..he runs to the ring and clotheslines Rex over the top rope and onto the floor]

TT: And Johnson is now pounding on poor Muriel Slater!! And Rex has gone to the back while THE ICE MAN still pounds on the defenseless Slater..heavy right hands by Johnson and Slater is like a sitting duck in there stuck in that straight jacket--Johnson comes to the outside and grabs a chair and rolls back into the ring..and ICE MAN swings for the fences and--*THUD*--my god!! Did you hear that?

BC: Even a deaf man heard that--and Slater has been busted open!! ICE MAN with "THE END of the LINE" [Stunner]!!! Johnson with the cover..1.........2..........3!!! Johnson has won this one thanks to Rex Ryder!!

["Enter Sandman" by Metallica plays and "Ice Man" Steve Johnson leaves with his arms in the air..he jaws at the fans before exiting..Suddenly a white van speeds toward the ring..it stops and three guys dressed in blue outfits get out and go to the ring and grab Slater and put him in the van..The van drives off and we get see that it is Rex Ryder driving it..]

TT: Where in the hell is Rex taking Slater?

BC: Back to the nut farm where he belongs!

TT: Would you stop..let's take a quick time out..we do have sponsers to satisify you know!


[Commerical of Z-Pac's "Reality bites" t-shirt is shown..you can get yours for only $19.95 at your local store or go to cwf.com to order yours..]

TT: We are back and what a night it has been thus far here on POP!!

BC: The return of Triple X!! That has to be the biggest news in wrestling right now..put that in your pipe and smoke it GEO you panzy ass punk!

TT: Calm down Bobby..We don't have to stoop to the level of GEO and his EWI antics..we have more class than that..even if GEO is a punk bitch..

BC: You mean Daman Washington's bitch don't you?

TT: I've been told that the Corporate Street Fight has already begun in the back!

[Camera shifts to the back area where you see Steven Duarte and Mark Xamin battling it out in street clothes..They are both going at great lengths to get the upperhand..Xamin even messes Duarte's hair up!! Suddely CWF National Champion Paul Blair and "Golden One" Jeff Jericho enter the picture!]

TT: And this is nothing but a damn streetfight! Jericho has a garbage can and he just blasted Blair!! And now he blasts Duarte!! Duarte has already been busted open..and look at Mark X..he's egging Jericho on..that sick sob!!

BC: Jericho just threw Duarte threw a sheet of class!! You can't do that to Mr. Duarte!

TT: You can in this match..anything is legal..

BC: That bad news for Mr. Duarte and Blair..

TT: Blair just picked up a watercooler and hit Mark Xamin over the head with it!! Blair with a Blair Kick on Jericho..Jericho ducks--Blair hit Duarte!! Jericho with a lowblow on Blair and now a DDT!! Jericho with a DDT on Duarte now!! Jeff Jericho is kickin' some serious ass right now!! Jericho sets up a table and he just Pile Drove Duarte head first through the table!!

BC: Mr. Duarte is out of it!! Blair is back up and he picks up a microwave and *THUD*..Oh my god..he just blasted the Owner of this damn company with that microwave!! But Jericho with a CHOP BLOCK on Blair!! He just threw Blair into a garbage can!!

TT: But what in the hell? It's BLOOD!!! It's BLOOD with a sledgehammer!! Who is he here to help? He smacked Jericho!! Jericho goes down now BLOOD blasts Mark X and puts Duarte on X..the ref with the cover..1.......2..BRIAN ADAMS!!! BRIAN ADAMS breaks the count and Blood leaves but the damage to Mark X has already been done!!

BC: Jericho is trying to get to his feet..Adams picks up and cinder block--

TT: Oh my god!! Adams just broke that cinderblock over Duarte's head!! He puts Mark X on Duarte..the ref with the count..1......2........3!!! Jericho and X have won this one damn it!! And now Triple X is back there with a chair..OH MY GOD..HE JUST BRAINED Paul Blair!! Paul Blair is busted wide open--Adams, Triple X and Jericho have all left but what a mess!! And wait a minute..that's Earl..what's he doing..He's has that "Jobcore Title" of Blair's..he put's Blair on him and tells the ref to count..1......2......3!! I don't believe it..Earl has turned on Paul Blair and now he is our new CWF Jobcore Champion!!

BC: Earl finally has had enough of Blair I guess..but what about Elmo? Who's side is he on?


TT: We are back to the ring and Max Dunlop, "Mr. Canada" himself is waiting for his opponent..the "Commonwealth Commissioner" of CWF Wraith..and here comes Wraith and remember Chasey made the stip earlier..this match will be for the"Commissonership" of this great company.

BC: Chasey made the stip to get even with Wraith after he signed her to a match at the next Pay-Per-View with Miss Money.

["The British National Anthem" plays and out steps Wraith. He goes to the ring with a mic in his hand and begins to speak as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction]

Wraith: I'm glad I could come out this fine evening and discuss a few issues with you poor misinformed people tonight--I would like to give a lecture on how to properly tie a british tie--

TT: Max Dunlop with a SCHOOL BOY!! 1......2......3!!!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! WE HAVE A NEW CWF COMMISSIONER!!!

BC: What? We now have a "Canadian Commish"!?

TT: "Mr. Canada" has a mic!

"Mr. Canada" Max Dunlop: That's right bow down to YOUR new Canadian Commissioner!! For my first duty how about I sign a match for RETRIBUTION? Let's make it "Mr. Canada" against your American HERO Pledge Alligence..its time for somebody to put his old red, white and blue ass [The fans boo and begin to chant "USA"] out of this business for good! Canada RULES!!


TT: I don't know what's worse..a Commonwealth Commish or a Canadian Commish..Holy smokes..we will be right back folks!

[Brian Adams Commerical is shown..it shows Adams getting screwed by Duarte out of the World Title at Supercard..then the word RETRIBUTION flashes on the screen]

[ "Play the Game" by Motorhead begins to play and out walks Jeff Jericho is his wrestling gear. He walks to the ring with an angry looks on his face. Mark X looks angry that Jeff is out here, Dart just grins ear to ear. Jeff enters the ring and tries to go after Dart but Mark holds him back. ]

Mark X: What the hell are you doing out here, I told you to stay in the back, I told you I would handle this.

The Golden One: I don't give a damn, I'm sick of this country hick, this has gone on to long! This time I'm going to finish things between us Dart!

Mark X: Not here you won't, but at Retribution you will! Because you two will face each other at the PPV in a no holds barred match up! Have you got the balls to show up Dart?

Steve Dart: Hell son I have got bigger balls then both of you combined, I'll be there because if there is one thing I love more, it is making an ass out of this jackass right here!

[ Jericho tries to go after Dart but Mark X holds him back and orders him to the backstage, Jericho finally goes back but stares at Dart the entire way back there. ]

Steve Dart: Well Mark X..I really only have one thing to say!

[Dart kicks Mark X in the stomach then gives him a Studray Stunner..the crowd goes crazy as Dart mocks Mark X while he walks back to the backstage area.]

[ Camera's flip backstage to show Jeff Jericho talking with Brian Adams and Carnage. ]

BC: Looks like a plan is brewing!

TT: Yeah well what is the relationship between Jericho/Adams and Carnage? They all helped each other out last week?

BC: Can you smell insurance policy?

TT: That must be it, they are using each other to get what they all want!

BC: And Dart vs. Jericho at the Pay-Per-view!! What a card RETRIBUTION is going to be. Is it the night Brian Adams finally becomes World Champion? I hope so.

TT: And speaking of Brian Adams and Carnage..Here they come to challenge for Tag Team gold!

["Iron Man" by Back Sabbath and Busta' Rymes blares over the PA and out comes Brian Adams and Carnage..they go to the ring and wait for the champions]

["Fly High" by Soulfry plays over the PA and out comes CWF World Tag Team Champions Caleb Marlowe and Magnus Thunder wearing their title..they both storm the ring and the fight begins..]

TT: Thunder is in with a big clothesline and Brian Adams goes over the top rope and onto the floor..Marlowe with a Drop Kick to the face of Carnage followed by a Running Powerbomb and pin..1......2..KICK OUT!! And Magnus now goes to his corner as Adams tries to pull himself up in his corner..Marlowe back on the offensive with a Death Valley Driver!!

BC: Nice move by Marlowe..Carnage looks to be in trouble..

TT: Tag and in comes Magnus Thunder!! Thunder with a big boot to the face of Carnage followed by a big Knee Drop!! Magnus with a Powerbomb!! This one is over..1......2......thr--

BC: Adams makes the save!! Magnus back up now and Back Breaker!! Carnage is in deep trouble--he needs to make the tag--Carnage rolls--again..Carnage makes the tag!!

TT: In comes Brian Adams fist of fury!! Left..rights..DDT!! Adams with a Bulldog just as Magnus tries to get up!!

BC: Perfectly timed move by Adams!!

TT: Adams goes to the top rope--FROG SPLASH!! What a move..the cover 1.........2...thre--

BC: Caleb Marlowe now in with the save!!

TT: And that brings Carnage in..all four men are now in at the same time!! Marlowe with a Belly to Belly on Carnage!! Thunder with a DVD on Adams..they both cover their men..1........2..thr--

BC: Jericho in!!! Jericho in with a chair and the ref has DQed Adams and Carnage and good god Jericho just nearly took Thunder's head off!! Carnage just Chop Blocked Marlowe!! Adams lifts Caleb up and holds him for Jericho--Jericho is measuring Caleb with that chair..

TT: BLOOD!! BLOOD is in to save Caleb!! BLOOD with that sledge hammer and he clears the ring as Jericho and company leave to a chorus of boos..