[The show opens to boos as we are in our Commissioner's office. Max Dunlop has an evil smile on his face..]

Max Dunlop: Yes it is I..you're Canadian Commish!! God I love kickin' off the show--it's sooo Canadian..the only thing better would be a CWF Pay-per-view in Canada..could be worse--we could be in Rome. [Fans cheer and begin to chant MVP inside the arena..] Anyways..I have a HUGE announcement--tonight, since our World Champion seems to be taking this fed into Extreme City I decided why not bring back the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title? Afterall it is the title that made that FREAK Z-Pac what he is today isn't it? But who? Who do I make our beloved "hardcore" champion? Just keep watching and find out--why? 'Cause Canada rulez!

[ A huge limo pulls up to the front of the arena, the driver gets out and opens the back door. Out of the limo steps Mark X, "Golden One" Jeff Jericho along with Jeff's family, his stunning wife Jennifer, his father/former manager Nick Jericho (Nickie J), 20 year old son Jeff Jr, 18 year old son Zachery, 19 year old daughter Stephanie and his brother Jonathan "Diggity" Jericho, a wrestling legend. All of them are all decked out in fancy clothing. The men are all wearing suits and the women are wearing expensive dresses. They all enter the arena together and head towards Jeff's dressing room. ]

TT: The entire Jeff Jericho family is here? But why?

BC: It is simple you moron, Jeff has brought them all there to witness him destroying that country hick, Steve Dart once and for all here tonight.

TT: And did I hear Max right? Tonight he is crowning a new CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion?

BC: That's "Mr. Canada" to you and yes you heard it right..Max has taken it upon himself to bring back the CWF's version of the Hardcore Title!!

TT: More importantly..is tonight the night? Is tonight the night Brian Adams finally becomes World Champion?

BC: You bet your ass!! He is Flawless you know!

TT: Well he's going to have to be to beat the man known as THE FREAK!! Wait a minute--what's this? It looks like T-Money is tryin' to get into the building..

[Scene cuts to the outside, and a silver Acura MDX slowly pulls up into the parking lot. T-Money get's out of the passenger side, and Cee-Lo get's out of the driver's side. T-Money has a silver and black doo-rag tied around his head, a diamond stud in each ear, a nice, thick diamond chain around his neck, with a diamond $ charm, a diamond bracelet around his left wrist, and a very expensive diamond Rolex on his right wrist. He's wearing a Tim Duncan basketball jersey, baggy black jeans, and a pair of wheat Timberland boots. Cee-Lo is wearing a tight, black T-shirt and black slacks. They try to enter the backstage area of the Igloo, but are stopped by two security guards.]

CEE-LO: Yo, what you doing?

T-MONEY: Yeah, you gonna let us in or what?

SECURITY GUARD #1: I'm sorry Mr. Money, but we can't let you in.

SECURITY GUARD #2: Yeah, only wrestlers that are competing here tonight are allowed backstage. Now if you would be on your jolly old way, we could forget that we even had this discussion. Capiche?

[Cee-Lo immediately attacks the first guard, and T-Money attacks the second guard. After the two guards are down and out, they enter the building.]

TT: You can't keep T-Money out of this pay-per-view!!

BC: What's that idiot doing here? He doesn't have a match..

TT: T-Money and his new partner Cee-LO can do whatever the hell they want--are you going to stop them?

BC: ROE Supreme for one! They were the best Tag Team Champions ever! Wait a minute--damn it!! Here comes that F@ckin' freak!!

( "Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig hits the PA as the crowd erupts! Z-Pac the CWF World Champion makes his way down the ramp way with the CWF World Title around his waist. He stops and raises his arms to the crowd to a large response. He continues down to the ring and comes into the ring. He unslings the CWF World Title and goes to a turnbuckle and raises it to the crowd to a response of flash photography. Z-Pac grabs a mic and begins to speak... )

Z-PAC: Tonight, the whole world will watch and witness one of the most anticipated matches in CWF history, Z-Pac, The King of Hardcore, CWF World Champion, defend against Bryan Adams. But what the whole world I'm sure wants to know is, what kind of match will it be that I use to destroy Bryan Adams? Well a match of this calliber can only call for one kind of match. A match that I'm undefeated in, a Z-Pac Death Match!

( Crowd erupts! )

Z-PAC: In this match, these ropes will be replaced with barb-wire, landmines will scatter the ring along with thumb tacs and broken glass. Surrounding this ring will be barb-wire rapped tables, and high above the ring will be a burning chair. To get that chair, you have go outside and grab a large twenty foot ladder, climb it and grab the burning chair... And the match can not end until that goal has been accomplished. But once that burning chair has been taken down and used, than any man can beat the other man...


( Suddenly, Bryan Adams appears at the ramp to a large mixed reaction as the two top names in the Wrestling Industry right now, lock eyes across The Igloo... )

ADAMS: Let me tell you something Z-Pac, you act all big and bad when you come out here and you decide what kind of match its going to be like you have been doing here for the past month, let me tell you something... IT ENDS TONIGHT! You want a match? I got one for you... A FLAWLESS DEATH MATCH! We keep your barb-wire ropes and your landmines and tacs and glass, but we throw the rest of the garabage you said out and replace it with a 20 ft. steel cage rapped with barb-wire at the top, so no one gets in to ruin my dream again!! Plus, I don't think your little buddy Penncross would be to keen on trying to scale a barb-wire rapped cage!

Z-PAC: I'm the one who decides the matches here... not yo...

( Z-Pac stops as Mark X appears on the monitors in the arena. We see him sitting behind a desk in his office as the crowd boos at the site of the man. He has his arms folded infront of him and looks like he has an idea...

MARK XAMIN: Well Adams, Z-Pac, we are in quite a situation it seems. Both of you want to kill each other, in your own seperate match... Well fine then, we will compromise AND PUT BOTH OF THE MATCHES TOGETHER! We will keep the barb-wire ropes, the landmines, the glass, the tacs, the burning chair, the ladder and all the other garbage in the Z-Pac Death Match, but we also give it a new spin with Adams' Flawless Death Match idea. That barb-wire steel cage will be surrounding that ring that you two just turned into nothing more than a mindfield. So that means, if you want to get that burning chair down, you have to find a way to climb OVER the steel cage and bring the ladder back into the ring! Everyone happy now? HAHAHA...

( Xamins image fades away and "Five Finger Crawl" by Danzig begins to play as Z-Pac and Adams stare each other down. Adams leaves through the back and Z-Pac leaves through the crowd... )

TT: My GOD!! Did you hear that? That could be the most Hardcore match in history of this industry! And its going to happen tonight! My God, both men could be killed here tonight!

BC: Its part Z-Pac Death Match, part Flawless Death Match!! My God, both these men are freaks!

TT: We are finally ready for our match but I'm told Jericho is in the back as here comes Triple X!!

[ Camera flips backstage into Jeff Jericho's dressing room. Balloons, banners are haning all over the room, it seems as though a party is taking place. Jeff has changed out of his suit and into his black, silver and gold wrestling gear and is holding a crow bar firmly in his hands. His family is busy helping themselves to the massive food buffet in his dressing room, music is going in the background and Jeff is trying to calmly sneak out of the room. Jon "Diggity" Jericho notices Jeff trying to leave and walks over to him, they are both whispering. ]

Diggity: Hey Jeff, where do you think your going?

The Golden One: I'm going to take care of some loose ends Jon. I'm headed to the ring.

Diggity: Your skipping out on your own party, you promised Jennifer that you'd take it easy tonight, lets this personal wars rest once and for all and enjoy your last...

The Golden One: Well Jennifer is a great girl and I love her dearly, but she just doesn't understand. I have to tie up some loose ends here tonight, I have to finish what I have started.

Diggity: I can respect that Jeff, you go do what you have to do, I'll cover for you.

The Golden One: Thanks bro, jesus, I can't believe this is the last time I'll be using my trusty crow bar. She and I have had some fun times cracking skulls over the years.

Diggity: Yeah I know, I've had the plessure of experiencing it first hand. Jeff you better go before somebody see's you.

[ And with that Jeff slips out the door and makes his way to the ring. Diggity closes the door and goes back to the Jericho family party. ]

TT: What is this all about? What is the Jericho family all about? And what is this talk about using his crow bar for the last time?

BC: I don't know, perhaps he is switching to a new weapon after tonight, maybe to a tazer or something. As for the party, a family is allowed to have some fun you know...even the Jericho's!

[Triple X waits for Paul Blair who comes out wearing his CWF National Title..as he goes to the ring out comes Jericho with a crowbar and a chair..Jericho sets the chair up and takes a seat on the rampway and begins to taunt Blair..]

BC: And the two lock up.

TT: This should be an outstanding match!

BC: Triple X and Paul Blair tie up, Blair twists Triple X's arm with a hammerlock, Triple X reverses! Armdrag on Blair!

TT: Triple X goes for a clothesline, Blair ducks! he goes for a clothesline of his own but Triple X ducks as well!!! and here comes Triple X back with a knee to the mid section of Blair.

BC: Triple X picking up Blair. He sets him up for a suplex, but Blair blocks it! Blair goes for a cradle pin! the ref counts. 1..2..Kick! Blair would have shocked us all with an early upset there.

TT: Now Blair tosses Triple X into the corner, he's pounding away at Triple X! Look at the agressivness of Blair! He whips him into the other turnbuckle, but look Triple X hits the buckle and excelerates back with a clothesline on Blair! The crowd loves it!

BC: Triple X with the crowd behind him. And now Triple X picks up Blair, and goes for a quick left jab, but Blair blocks it! Both of them goin at it! Lefts! Rights! and Blair with a blatant eye rake!

TT: Blair in control again. He picks up Triple X, and sets him up for a suplex. He sent Triple X crashing to the mat with that one! Beautiful suplex! Wait, cover! 1..2..and Triple X with the shoulder up! That one was close.

BC: Blair picks up Triple X and whips him off the ropes, but Triple X reverses! Triple X kicks Blair and a DDT!!! Triple X back in control!! Triple X picks up Blair and throws him over the ropes to the outside!

TT: I hope they don't come our way!

BC: And Triple X slams Blair's head on the steel ring steps! Triple X now going for a whip into the guard rail but Blair reverses and Triple X right into the steel guard rail! So much on the line here tonight, and both men taking a pounding!

TT: That's right, if Blair wins, he gets a shot at the belt around Z-Pac's waste, ditto for Triple X..Remember Mark X made this a #1 Contenders Match from his home in Canada before we went on the air on a cellphone to Max Dunlop..or so Max says!!

BC: It could be around Brian Adam's waste when the night is over.

TT: Thats right and that would be a...Whoa! Blair and Triple X over here at the announce table! Blair tosses Triple X over our table! He is kicking Triple X in the mid section, and now he is picking him back up. Blair turns Triple X around and gives him a reverse suplex on the outside! It could be over!

BC: And what is Blair doing now? He is grabbing a steel chair! He tries to nail Triple X but he ducks and the chair hits the referee! The ref is out! Triple X low blows Blair and he falls to the ground in pain! Triple X throws Blair back into the ring!

TT: Triple X picks up Paul Blair, and slams him down to the canvas! And could it be time? YES! THE X-LOCK! Ruler Rooters aren't liking this! And Blair is tapping! But there's no ref! Triple X realeases the hold, and goes to the outside to see if the ref is ok! He is waisting time here! He could be working on Blair! He puts the ref who is practically out cold back into the rind. But wait! Blair is getting up, he looks a little woozy, but he is getting ready! IT COULD BE TIME! YES! BLAIR KICK ON TRIPLE X! BC: It's over now! Blair has this match! And Triple X is out cold!! But wait! Who is that coming down the ramp???

[Camera pans over to the steel ramp, as we see WildCard running towards the ring and past Jericho with a chair.]

TT: What is WildCard doing? Wait! NO! WILDCARD JUST NAILED BLAIR WITH THE CHAIR! AGAIN! WHAT IS HE DOING? WildCard putting Triple X on top of the Ruler! He wakes up the ref, as he is very woozy he makes the count! 1...2...3! Triple X wins! Triple X is the new number one contender! But WildCard is getting back in the ring with that chair!

BC: And he NAILS TRIPLE X with that chair! And he locks on the Wild Clutch! Somebody stop this! WildCard realeases the hold and begins to taunt both Triple X and Blair. WildCard costing Blair the match! What is going to happen between these two later tonight!?


[Scene cuts to the backstage area. T-Money and Cee-Lo walk into Max Dunlop's office. Max and Steven Duarte stop their conversation. They seemed to have been discussing something important.]

Max Dunlop: How may I help you two gentlemen?

T-MONEY: How come Miss Money and I don't have our match tonight? At POP, Wraith announced that we would compete against Muriel Slater and Chasey Duarte-Jericho at Retribution. And if I'm not mistakin', isn't this Retribution?

Max Dunlop: Well...ummm...I meant to tell you earlier in the week that your match was cancelled for tonight, but it must've slipped my mind somehow.

T-MONEY: That's bullshit! You don't like me Dunlop! And you never have!

Max Dunlop: Don't you ever raise your voice at me! You're just a third string wrestler who lost two belts in one night...two! Once you learn how to wrestle, then I'll give you a PPV match, but until then, get the hell out of my office! [T-Money nails Max with a right hand, now Steven Duarte nails T-Money! T-Money and Cee-Lo nail Duarte right back! A huge brawl has erupted in the office of Max Dunlop! Seven CWF officials run into the office, and seperate Max Dunlop and Cee-Lo, and Duarte and T-Money. The office of Max Dunlop has been destroyed thanks to T-Money and Cee-Lo!]

TT: My god--what has gotten into T?

BC: Who knows..it must be a black thing..

TT: Would you stop! Let's go to our next match!

Ring Announcer: This next match is set for one fall and the winner will be the Number One Contender for the National Title. First already in the ring to my left is the first challenger. Here is Rex Ryder!!

Ring Announcer: The second man in this match is Big D!!

[Big D's music starts up but there is no sign of Big D anywhere. His music plays through the first time and stops]

Ring Announcer: Here is Big D!!

[Again the music plays through and stops but there is no Big D]

Ring Announcer: Ok. The last man in this one is Keith Daniels

[Keith Daniels comes out to the top of the ramp with a mic in his hands]

Daniels: Forget this. I prepared for Big D. If he's not showing up here tonight, I'm not going down there. Ryder, we will just do this some other time. I'm not going down there.

TT: Well Daniels is finished speaking. Ryder looks on somewhat confused in the ring. I guess he's won this one tonight.

BB: Oh no. Look at what just happened. A board just came down and nearly hit Rex in the head. Daniels heads to the back. Now look. A rope is coming down from the rafters is on the rope is a huge man. He must be over 7 feet tall. He is in the ring now. And Rex just charged after him, wow was that a mistake.

TT: I think I've heard of this guy. His name is Richard Adams and he's indeed a huge talent. He grabbed Rex by the throat, and chokeslams him hard. Rex is not moving. And I do believe the ring is shaking. Adams picks him up, and nails him with Death Ready! 1.. 2.. 3..

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match Richard Adams!!

BC: I can't believe the action we just saw. Adams made quite a debut. He just crushed Ryder in record time.

TT: Yeah not much you can say about that. But what about Big D not even showing up here tonight? And what do you make about Adams nailing Daniels in the head.

BC: Yeah, now there's a way to make your first appearance here, by knocking out one of the up and comers. Richard Adams is celebrating in the ring. But he better not celebrate too much because Jake Douglas is down there now and he just nailed Adams from behind with a piece of lumber found underneath the ring. Adams is down and Douglas is jamming that lumber in the back of Adams and he is not stopping.

TT: Jake Douglas was not even on my schedule. He's not even supposed to be here.

BC: Yeah, well why don't you tell him that. He's in the ring beating the crap out of Richard Adams. I think he has every right to be here.

TT: Well finally the security has come out and stopped him. And Douglas heads back to the locker room with a very happy expression on his face. They are helping Adams to the back.

BC: Yeah and Ryder is finally starting to move. Chasey has been helping him while we were watching Douglas's beating on Adams. He is up and what th-? Did they forget to pay the electric bill this month? What kinda' rinky dink arena are we at anyways?

[The Lights begin to flicker as Air Raid Siren begin to Blare through the Arena. Smoke begins to slowly pour of the ring post and then from under the mat. After about 30 seconds The ring begins to to clear of the smoke and We can see that Rex Ryder has been knocked cold again and is sitting in a recliner with his arms and legs restrained.. Chasey Duarte is missing, Rex begins begins to come to when up on the CWFTRON an image of Muriel Slater appears. Big Billy Vance and Hudson retain Chasey so that she cannot escape. Slater looks into the camera where blood trickles down his face and into his lip. Slater looks into the camera with a the hatred of a Killer and begins to speak]

Slater: Rex Ryder, you came to the CWF with only one intention and that was to hurt Muriel Slater. Muriel wanted but one thing in life and that was acceptance. Now, a couple of weeks ago I told Steve Duarte that his Sister was a ho. A couple of weeks ago, I told Steve Duarte that I knew of all of the pain that the Duarte Family had caused a lot of people in the wrestling world. So Tonight since you seem to have found a regained love with the woman of your past, I have decided that what better way is there to find out if love is true than to do the old proverbial saying of "If you set something free and it is gone forever, then it was never really meant to be. But if it comes back then it is true love". The fact is, Mr. Ryder is that we have given you a front row seat as Vance, Hudson and Myself attempt a little scientific experiment in love. What I am going to do tonight is this...we are live here on the second floor parking garage of this fine stadium. Vance has an idea, that since Chasey is as graceful as a dove, that she should fly like one. So tonight we are going to do the unthinkable. Tonight, I along with my friend are going to give Chasey a fighting chance to fly as we toss her from the second story balcony of this parking garage. There are 2 possible options.....1. She flys and comes back parking garage. There are 2 possible options.....1. She flys and comes back to you. 2. She dies....and it was never meant to be. So now I ask you Mr. Ryder, to ask yourself when you wake up in the morning. Where Romeo and Juliet Right? Is it better to die than to be alone. We would like to have your answer in the Morning. But before we teach this bird to fly, I ask this....Chasey....do you have any thing to say!!


[Slater Grabs Chasey and tosses her over the edge. We hear a scream and thud. The camera zooms in on Rex Ryder who begins to become frantic. Slater Looks in the camera]

Slater: Damn, Kinda wish I would have taken that Bet. Now Rex the clock is ticking....Tick Tock...Can you find the love of your life? Or Can you just sit there in that chair and watch her die.

[The sounds of Ambulances begin to fill our TV Set. Slater Looks at the screen and We hear the Music..."I believe I can fly" play as Slater looks on enjoying the sheer brutness of the act]

Slater: Isn't it you who laughs like this..MWHAHAHAHA. Well, laugh now Jack Ass! Muriel Slater is Back and he aint Taken any loose Baggage with him!


BB: Wow! There are no words to express what we just witnessed. I wonder if Chasey survived?

TT: What do you think? One thing is for sure, Slater and Vance just made big enemies with both Rex Ryder and Steven Duarte. And I would not want to be in their shoes for anything. It's time for our next match!!


BC: My favorite..MAX!!

TT: And here we go folks..this one is for the right to claim victory over not only your opponent but his country!

BC: These Flag Matches are wild..here comes that fan suck up Pledge!

["The American National Anthem" blares over the PA as the fans begin to chant "USA".. Out comes Pledge waving the American Flag..He has a mic in his hand..He goes to the ring and hands the flag to the ref who puts it on a pole..

Pledge: Before this match begins I want to challenge Max Dunlop to put up his Commissionership right here..right now! I--

[Pledge is interupted by the "Canadian National Anthem"..out comes "Mr. Canada" waving the Canadian Flag and a mic in his hand..]

Max Dunlop: Shut up already you babbling "American" idiot--[the fans boo]--boo all you want..I don't give a damn! I am the "Canadian Commish"..I earned that right by punking out that Euro piece of trash Wraith so all you little Dunlop wannabees can kiss my Canadian ass!!

[The boos get louder as Max walks to the ring still talking..]

Max Dunlop: What you seem to fail to comphrend here Sledge or whatever your name is..is that I make matches, I make stips around here not you! So my first order of business is I am going to make it tougher on my competition and easier on myself..afterall I deserve it don't I? I am Canadian..[He smiles and the fans boo] Come on admitt it..you'd be Canadian too if you could wouldn't you? You have Kobe Bryant [big cheers]..but we have Vince Carter!! Anyways--my first order of business will be to grant WildCard his request..the CWF National Title match between Paul Blair and WildCard is now a best out of 5 falls match!! [The fans actually cheer] I figured you'd like that..but why you ask? Simple..To soften up the winner..you see on the BRAWL next Sunday it will be Richard Adams vs. whoever the champ may be..but I have also taken it upon myself to add another opponent in that match--and that will be--THE WINNER of THIS MATCH!! Me or Sledge over there..Oh and one more thing Sledge..your wish is my COMMAND!! This is for my Canadian Commissionership!

TT: Max in the ring and he just hit Pledge with that microphone!!

BC: Mic check..testing..testing..one--two--three..

  TT: Max now with a Sling Shot Suplex!! Followed by a well placed elbow!! Max now with a Surfboard!!

BC: I never knew that they can surf in Canada!

TT: Back Breaker by the Commissioner of the CWF!! And Pledge is in serious trouble!!


TT: But Pledge is fighting back!! ATOMIC DROP!! DDT!! Pledge has brought these people to their feet!!

BC: No fair. He can't do that..Max is the Commissioner.

TT: Pledge with a BIONIC ELBOW DROP!! And another!! We won't have to call Dunlop our Commissioner anymore if Pledge beats him..come on Pledge..get that flag!!

BC: Come on Teddy..quit showing how much of a Pledge "mark" you really are.

TT: I think everybody in this building is a Pledge "mark" righ now!

BC: Disgraceful..come on Max!!

TT: Pledge is climbing the turnbuckle..he's going for the American Flag!!

BC: But Max is back up..DROP KICK!!!

TT: MY GOD!! PLEDGE landed head first onto the concrete floor!! I think the "Pride of America" has been busted open!!

BC: Max now rolls out of the ring..why doesn't he just grab his flag and win the match?

TT: 'Cause that sick son of a bitch wants more blood! Look at him..he's over here laying heavy right hands to that already busted open fourhead of Pledge..Max picks up a chair--and don't do it!! *THUD* Did you hear that? Pledge is out of it!!

BC: Now Max is going for the flag!

TT: Max is climbing--Pledge some how is back up and look at him climb the other turnuckle--Max reaches up for the Flag--SPEAR!!! My god that has to be the SPEAR of THE YEAR by one of the biggest men in this industry!!

BC: He flew all the way across the ring! I don't believe it!

TT: PLEDGE jumps off the top rope with a huge elbow!! Shades of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage! This one is over!! Pledge climbs the turnbuckle--he reaches up--WAIT A MINUTE--who is that? My god--its RAVAGER!!! He just pushed Pledge off the turnbuckle and through the French Announcers table!!

BC: RAVAGER just gave Max his Flag! Max wins!!

[Max grabs a mic..]

Max Dunlop: That's right you American pukes..Winner and still the CWF Canadian Commish..me..MAX DUNLOP!! Oh..I bet you can guess who the new CWF MID-ATLANTIC CHAMPION is can't you..ladies and gentlemen..I give you my fellow Canadian comrade..RAVAGER!!

[Max hands RAVAGER his new title]

Max Dunlop: Sledge..better luck next time..NOT!!