CWF Super Card III: Arising From the Ashes VOICE OVER: 22 men....

[[[Fade to black and white photo's of Dallas Storm, Johnny Keel, T-Money, Blood, Paul Blair, Instinct, Jericho Cane, Maniac, Jeff Jericho, Axe, and others]]]

VOICE OVER: A 30 foot high, 3 level maze....

[[[Footage of the construction of the maze, and then the finished structure. Its massive walls are intimidating. The steel linked fence exterior looks unforgiving. As we are taken through various sections of the maze, we begin to realize how dangerous this match truly is. Weapons lie scattered about. Pieces of the fence wall stick out, threatening to pierce through someone's body.]]]

VOICE OVER: A few twists...

[[[Simulated footage of someone walking through invisible lasers, setting off an alarm, and then an explosion, right where the person is standing. He immediately is engulfed in flames.]]]

[[[Simulated footage of a man walking down a narrow strip of the maze, and falling down a trap door. As we lean in and look down the trap door, we see the man lying in a puddle of blood, tangled in barbed-wire and pierced with thumb tacks.]]]

VOICE OVER: One destiny...

[[[Footage of Mike Stewart holding up the CWF World Title. Triple X with the title on his shoulder. Jeff Jericho with the belt around his waist. Steve Dart holding the title high above his head. A bloody Z-Pac lying motionless with the title draped over his shoulder. And finally, the CWF Title in a glass case, polished and ready for the winner of tonights massacre.]]]

VOICE OVER: The Classic Wrestling Federation proudly presents to you, Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes, featuring all your favorite stars....and CRAZE - IN - THE - MAZE! Live, tonight! Only on Pay-Per-View!

[[[The CWF logo fades up, followed by the Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes logo.]]]


[[[Finally, we fade into the sold out Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, Calfornia. Fireworks explode, and the fans are going crazy. Never before has an arena been so jam packed, and so filled with excitement and anxiety. As "Sic" by Slipknot plays throughout the arena, we pan through the crowd. Signs that read "Dallas Storm - The Flagbearer," "Johnny Keel - Our Bloodstained Hero", "Money Maker," "Trust Your Instinct", etc are seen. We zoom out and get a view of the entire arena. The ring has a grey canvas with the "Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes" logo on it. The apron is blue and reads "SUPER CARD 3" across it. Each turnbuckle has "CWF" written on it in red lettering. The pads surrounding the ring are blue.]]]

[[[We fade into everybody's favorite commentators. The legendary duo of Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane.]]]

TT: Weeeellllllllcccccccooooooommmmmmmeeeeeee everybody to the sold out Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California! Welcome to the biggest event of the year, and perhaps the biggest event in the history of professional wrestling! Welcome to Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes!

BC: Good evening everybody, I'm your host, "Beautiful" Bobby Crane, the most beautiful man on the planet....and this is my colleague, Tony Shia....

TT: Don't even start! Tonight we crown 5 new champions! The Tag Team Titles will be decided in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere in the state of California match! 5 referee's have been assigned to this match, and CWF legend "Hotshot" Mike Stewart is the special enforcer! The teams have been drawn at random....

BC: Lets not forget the Mid-Atlantic Title match! Two unfortunate little bastards will be drawn from a hat and sent into the boiler room. The first man to get out is the new champion!

TT: And the National Title match! A Hell in the Cell match with an added twist! Every man in the CWF will enter the cell, which will be covered in barbed-wire, weapons will be lying all over ringside, and landmines will be randomly scattered in an outside of the ring! The National Title will be hung at the very top of the cage, but how someone is gonna get it is beyond me! No one said anything about a ladder....

BC: And good Lord, for the first time ever....Craze in the Maze! Its never been done, how is anyone gonna survive that?!

TT: Every man in the CWF...the Unified Title, and most importantly the World Title will be hidden somewhere in a 3 story maze made of unforgiving steel. Whoever gets outta there alive will never be the same, and you have to believe, the winner is gonna be torn in half, but he will have the respect of every man that ever stepped foot inside the ring, and every fan watching this event!

[[[Teddy Turnbuckle is interrupted by "Divine" by Korn. The fans erupt as the lights go out, and then restore power as an explosion occurs at the entrance ramp. Maniac steps out from the back in a leather jacket, black jeans and sunglasses. He has a mic in his hand. He doesn't go to the ring. Instead, he walks about half-way down the ramp, looks to the crowd, and then walks onto a stage set up off to the side. The crowd erupts as the spotlight hits the stage and drums, a mic stand, and a massive sound system is set up. Maniac holds the mic to his lips, and speaks.]]]


[[[The crowd roars!]]]

MANIAC: Its time once again to revolutionize the world of professional wrestling! Tonight, you don't have to listen to a nagging bitch who tells you she needs time off, and then goes out with another guy! You don't need to listen to someone piss and moan about having to watch other boring promotions! God damnit, tonight we're gonna TEAR THE ROOF OFF THE POND!

[[[The fans get even louder]]]

MANIAC: And what better way to kick off a new era in the Classic Wrestling kick off the biggest event in wrestling history, Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes...than.....KORN!

[[[The fans go absolutely insane as Maniac puts the mic on its stand, and Korn walks out from the back, headed by lead singer Jonathan Davis. They take the positions on stage, and Jonathan grabs the mic.]]]


[[[The fans are going crazy! The drums are heard to signal the begin of "Blind".]]]

Arrrrrrrreeeeeee you readddddddyyyyyyyyyy?!!!

This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide
You don't know the chances. What if I should die?
A place inside my brain, another kind of pain
You don't know the chances. I'm so blind...
Another place I find to escape the pain inside
You don't know the chances. What if I should die?
A place inside my brain, another kind of pain
You don't know the chances. I'm so blind...

Deeper and deeper and deeper as I journey to
Live a life that seems to be.....a lost reality
That can never find a way to reach.
My inner selfesteem is low.
How deep can I go in the ground that I lay?
If I don't find a way to see through the grey that clouds my mind....
This time I look to see what's between the lines

I can see, I can see, I'm going blind...
I'm blind!

[[[Fireworks explode as Jonathan Davis jumps up and down on the stage, making the crowd even more insane. We fade back to Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane]]]

TT: What a performance by KoRn! And now its time to get to the ring! 4 teams have been drawn at random. These names were pulled from a hat, so we could see friends going at it, we could see enemies paired together as a team....who knows what could happen! Lets get to the ring and Doc McMartin!

[[[The fans roar as Doc McMartin walks to the center of the ring, indicating that the first match is about to get underway]]]

Doc: Ladies and gentlemen....welcome to Super Card 3!

[[[Doc McMartin is interrupted by "Its My Time" by Triple H. Jeff Jericho walks out in his ring attire, alongside Maniac. Jericho picks Doc up like a doll and tosses him over the top rope. Maniac hands him a mic]]]

JEFF JERICHO: If you peons would shut up for just a second, I could announce the tag teams that are going to compete tonight! I personally drew the names from the bin, so you know it was done fairly!

TT: Oh God....he pulled this stunt last year, remember? Steve Dart was forced into being the first entrant in the imfamous Classic Showdown!

JEFF JERICHO: In corner one....T- Money and Paul Blair! In corner two....Jericho Cane and Reno Pike! In corner three....Dallas Storm and Johnny Keel! And last put sure as hell not least....Executive Control - Jeff Jericho and Maniac....hey wait, thats us. Haha!


TT: Well Jeff Jericho has done it again! Last year he rigged the Classic Showdown, and this year he's rigged the Tag Team match! He's got himself an almost sure victory along with Maniac! None of these teams can get along!

BC: Quit your pissing and moaning, Teddy....the man is the co-owner of the CWF, he's totally unbiased...

TT: Whatever, Bobby. We already have shear mayhem here! Dallas Storm and Johnny Keel have to co-exist as a Tag Team? I doubt thats gonna work out! Keel and Money going at it! Pike and Blair! Cane and Maniac! Jericho and Storm! They're all going at it tooth and nail! Blair whips Reno Pike to the ropes.....Pike ducks a Blairkick! And a HUGE clothesline by Pike sends Blair to the mat!

BC: Ha! Cane and Maniac just brawled right through the ropes and their battling it out all the way up the ramp!

TT: Maniac, the other co-owner of the CWF...and "Hotshot" Mike Stewart who has been given the almost impossible task of keeping control over this match, is looking on from the outside! Storm has Jericho up for a! Jericho flips over Storms shoulders....from behind.....a german suplex? No! Storm grabs the top rope......LOW BLOW!!! Storm just hoofed Jeff Jericho below the belt!

BC: Keel and Money! Jesus, they're gonna kill each other!

TT: Money and Keel still exchanging blows, and they're running out of energy fast! Money gains the upper hand, finally....and he throws Keel over the top rope. Money to the top turnbuckle.....DOUBLE AXE HANDLE OFF THE TOP AND ONTO THE FLOOR!! And Keel goes flying over the guardrail!

BC: Pike has Blair in the ring....a whip to the ropes.......SIDEWALK SLAM!!

TT: Pike is a monster! And look! Maniac and Jericho Cane are brawling dangerously close to the edge of the stage! My God no! Maniac with a low blow! And a POWERBOMB OFF THE STAGE!!! Sweet Jesus, Jericho Cane is broken in half! He went through three tables! And the crowd is on their feet!

BC: Hahahahaha!

TT: Money and Keel have brawled through the crowd and we understand our camera's are trying to catch up with them! Storm has the top turnbuckle! Is he gonna superplex him? No! Reno Pike from behind with a shot to the lower back! And he has Storm hoisted on his shoulders....Jericho see's it and it looks like Reno Pike and Jeff Jericho are working as a cohesive unit here....Jericho back to the top rope....BULLDOG!! He bulldogged Dallas Storm off Reno Pike's shoulders! And a cover by Jericho! 1.............................2...................Pike kicks Jericho in the face and breaks the count!

BC: Hey! Pike you ungrateful bastard!

TT: Jericho and Pike exchanging words now......Jericho shoves Pike.....Pike shoves back! Jericho slaps him! PIKE WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND!!! Jericho and Pike going at it with all they've got! And wait, look on the stage! Maniac looking to the crowd.....FLYING ELBOW OFF THE STAGE AND ONTO JERICHO CANE!!!!

BC: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

TT: The crowd is on their feet! And we understand our camera's have caught up with Johnny Keel and T-Money! They're going at it in the parking lot! Money whips him into the brick wall! Keel ducks a right hand...a boot to the mid-section.....SUPER DDT!! And a cover by Keel! 1..................................................2...................................KICKOUT!! MONEY KICKED OUT!!!!!

BC: Yyyyyeeeeaaahhhh!

TT: Back in the arena! Maniac heading back to the ring....Reno Pike doing a number on Jeff Jericho......Maniac grabs a chair and from behind Reno Pike....CRACK!!! Maniac nearly took Pike's head off with that chair shot!

BC: Maniac with a cover!

TT: 1..................................2......................STORM MAKES THE SAVE!!! Dallas Storm broke the count just in time! Remember this isn't elimination! And look! Johnny Keel is back in the arena! Storm and Maniac exchanging blows now.....Storm with a thumb to the eyes! Jericho from behind Storm.....and he clips his knee! Storm goes down! Keel in the ring and grabs Jericho by the hair! And he throws him outta the ring! Blair! Maniac is up and Blair from behind......BLAIR KICK!!!!!

BC: No no no no no!

TT: Blair with a cover! 1.........................2....................PIKE MAKES THE SAVE!! Some how, some way Reno Pike got back up to make the save! And look at this! Dallas Storm and Johnny Keel are going nose to nose! Storm looks to the crowd.....WHAM!! Storm and Keel are going at it with every last ounce of energy they have in them, and they're supposed to be tag team partners tonight!

BC: Are you surprised?

TT: Storm and Keel and gonna tear each other apart! And look! Jericho Cane is getting up! How in the hell is that man still alive?!

BC: I dunno, but there's Money!

TT: T-Money from behind Jericho Cane! He has a lead pipe! MONEY NAILS HIM IN THE BACK WITH THAT LEAD PIPE!!!! Cane is in pain! Money picks him up......MONEY MAKER!!!!! ON THE FLOOR!!!!!! And a cover!

BC: 1.............................2.........................KICKOUT!!!!!! WHAT?!!!


BC: Oh my God!

TT: Paul Blair over to help Money......these two hate each other and they're supposed to be a team as well! Money shoves Blair away! Blair shoves back....Money throws a right hand, Blair ducks.....BLAIR KICK!!!!!! Blair just Blair Kicked his tag team partner, and he's walking out on him! Money is out, Cane is out......

BC: And Blair is hitting the showers early!

TT: Dallas Storm and Johnny Keel are both busted wide open from the blows they've exchanged, and they're brawling through the tunnel! That leaves Maniac, Jericho, and Reno Pike! And this is exactly what they wanted! Jericho pulls Pike up.....Maniac lays that steel chair down on the mat.....Jericho goes the the Golden One Stunner! No! Pike throws him off but Jericho hit the ref!

BC: What a pussy that ref is!

TT: There's only one referee per pair....the other 4 are trying to keep up with the other brawls going on! Maniac nails Pike with the chair again....Pike won't go down......HEADHUNTER!!!!!!!!!!! And Jericho and Maniac both pile on top of Reno Pike for the cover! There's no ref!

BC: Wait a minute.....

TT: MIKE STEWART!!!! MIKE STEWART IN AND HE MAKES THE COVER!! 1...................2.............................3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doc: Here are your winners......and NNNNEEEWWWWW CWF Tag Team Champions......EXECUTIVE CONTROL - MANIAC AND JEFF JERICHO!!

[The fans boo and throw garbage at the ring as "Divine" by Korn plays and Maniac and Jericho hold the Tag Team Titles high in the air.]

TT: Jericho rigged the damn match so no team could co-exist! Jericho Cane and Reno Pike were the only other team that were actually friends....and wait! Maniac and Jericho celebrating in the ring....JERICHO CANE FROM BEHIND!! He nailed Maniac in the head with the lead pipe T-Money brought out! Jericho with a low blow on Cane, and he slides under the bottom rope and he's carrying Maniac to the back! They may have won the battle, but the sure as hell didn't win the war, because Maniac has a possible concussion!

BC: Holy hell that was an amazing match, and that was just the first one!

TT: We haven't even started yet! Maniac and Jeff Jericho are your new Tag Team Champions....but Anarchy Enterprises - Jericho Cane and Reno Pike got the last laugh!

BC: I'm telling you, Jericho is a genius! No one else could have pulled this off! He is the greatest mastermind in wrestling history!

[[[Jericho Cane helps Reno Pike walk to the back, and we shift back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane]]]

TT: Well Jeff Jericho always takes the easy way out....usually it backfires, but tonight, he's one half of the new CWF Tag Team Champions! But up next, we have a boiler room brawl! Two men....who were supposed to be drawn at random, although if Jericho is in control, god knows what happened....will step into the boiler room and brawl with all they've got. The first person to get out of the boiler is the new CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion! And we understand Blood has been selected and is about to enter the boiler room, where his opponent is waiting....or hiding.....

[[[Scene shifts to the backstage area. In a corridor, just outside the boiler room. Blood is shown walking confidentally to the door, which reads "Authorized Personell Only". He enters. No one is there waiting for him, so he walks in, and cautiously peaks around corners and behind doors]]] TT: Blood is in the boiler room, but who is his opponent? And more importantly, where is his opponent?

BC: Well I hope for Blood's sake he didn't get thrown into the lions den with one of those hardcore bastards that would risk their very lives for a damn piece of tin...

TT: Blood searching everywhere....but his opponent is nowhere to be found! And wait!

BC: Oh god no.....please god don't let that be who I think it is......

TT: It is!

[[[As Blood has his back turned, out from a dark corner walks Z-Pac. He has a fire extinguisher in his hands. When Blood turns around, Z-Pac sprays him in the face, then nails him over the head with the fire extinguisher]]]

TT: Z-PAC!! The Hardcore Legend! He just nailed Blood over the head with that fire extinguisher! And he whips him into the brick wall! Blood comes back with a hard right hand, but Z-Pac ducks, and kicks Blood in the gut....BRAINBUSTER ON THE FLOOR!!

BC: God look at these together.....these guys are misfits, their freaks, god they're making the CWF look like a freak show!

TT: Just shut up, Bobby. Z-Pac has a skid....a wood skid.....and he broke it over Blood's head! My God! Z-Pac pulls Blood! Blood with a low blow and that changes the pace of this match! Remember, the first one to get out of the boiler room is the winner!

BC: Haha, I guess there won't be any little Z-Pac's running around....Blood just broke his nuts with that low blow!

TT: Blood looking for weapons.....oh my god! He found a glass pane!


TT: HOLY HELL! Blood just broke the glass pane over Z-Pac's head! Z-Pac is bleeding and there is glass everywhere! Blood picks him up....and slams him on the glass covered floor! Z-Pac is bleeding from the head, the arms, and even the neck for God's sake! That was heinous!

BC: Hey there's no rules, that was completely legal!

TT: Thats true, but that was disturbing to watch. Blood viciously stomping Z-Pac on the head now.....and sweet Jesus...Blood has an axe! Put that down, damnit! Thats going too far! He pulls Z-Pac up, and he swings with the axe!


TT: And Z-Pac ducks just in the nick of time! Blood nailed a pipe with the axe, and steam shoots off in Blood's face! Z-Pac from behind with a pair of brass knuckles! WHAM! And Blood goes down!

BC: Pick up the axe, Blood!

TT: Z-Pac pulls him up....and he's dragging him deeper into the boiler room! Z-Pac with a pump handle slam, and Blood is down! And now the Hardcore Legend picks up a box....and dumps the contents all over the floor....THOSE ARE THUMBTACKS!!! Oh my God! And Z-Pac is setting up a ladder against the wall....he slams Blood on the thumbtacks!

BC: Stop it! Thats illegal!

TT: You said yourself, there are no rules! Z-Pac climbs the ladder....AND HE JUMPS OFF!!! BLOOD MOVES!!!! Z-Pac went for an elbow drop off the ladder, but Blood moved and Z-Pac fell from about 10 feet onto thumbtacks and pure concrete!

BC: Haaa!

TT: Blood pulls him up....and PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE THUMBTACKS!! Come on!

BC: Hahahaha! Reality bites doesn't it Z-Pac?

TT: Shut your mouth! Blood pulls him up again, and drags him even deeper into the boiler room.....and he whips Z-Pac into the steel garage door! They're getting close to the exit! How Z-Pac is still even concious is beyond me! Blood picks him up.....he's gonna slingshot him into the brick wall! No! Z-Pac blocks it and counters with a legwhip....and he pulls Blood up....ZDT!

BC: Noooo!!!

TT: But can Z-Pac make it out the door on his own two feet?! He's crawling with every last ounce of energy in his body, leaving puddles of blood along the way...he's at the door but he can't get up to open it! Z-Pac banging on the door....and he pulls himself up....Blood is out cold! Z-PAC IS OUT THE DOOR!!!


Doc: Here is your winner.....and NEW CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion....Z-PAC!!

TT: He did it! Once again he proves he is the Hardcore Legend!

[[[The referee raises a bloody Z-Pac's arm, and hands Z-Pac the Mid-Atlantic Title. Z-Pac collapses, and officials help him up. But from the boiler room storms Blood, angry and looking for someone to vent his frustrations on]]]

TT: Blood is back! Blood savagely attacking Z-Pac! Blood lost the match and he doesn't like it one bit! Officials try to hold him back but Blood shoves them aside, and he's going crazy on Z-Pac! What the hell! He's walking off with the Mid-Atlantic Title! Z-Pac is the champion, but Blood has stolen the title! Give me a break, you can bet your ass, Z-Pac is gonna be looking for revenge!

BC: Hahahahaha! Way to go, Blood!

TT: This is sickening! Blood takes off with the Mid-Atlantic Title, and Z-Pac is refusing medical attention, and is actually limping to his dressing room on his own two feet! What a competitor!

[[[Scene shifts back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane]]]

TT: Z-Pac is gonna be looking for Blood, and both Z-Pac and Blood have to come back out here for two more extremely dangerous matches!

BC: Yeah well Blood is the rightful champ, he destroyed Z-Pac in that boiler room!

TT: Oh give me a break, it was back and forth the entire way through! Z-Pac won fair and square and Blood took off with the title!

BC: Ahhhhhh! What the hell is that?!

[[[The camera looks up to see a Hell in the Cell covered in barbed-wire lowering]]]

TT: Thats the specialized Hell in the Cell! Every single CWF wrestler is gonna be thrown inside and the winner is the one that manages to pull down the National Title! But one problem - the National Title is hanging from the top of the barbed-wire covered cell, but there's no ladder!

[[[The fans roar as all the wrestlers begin to walk out from the back all at once. They all stare at the cage, realizing what they're walking into. Once everyone has entered the cage, the door is slammed shut. It is locked with a pad lock and several chains. There is no way of escaping.]]]


TT: And we are under way with one half of two very unique matches! Z-Pac is trying to get to Blood....but Jericho Cane cuts Z-Pac off with a massive clothesline! Blair Dante and Wraith brawling outside the ring....Wraith whips him into the barbed-wire cage! On the rebound, Wraith with a POWERSLAM!


BC: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

TT: They landed on a landmine! Those are hidden through the ringside area! And Dante is bloody and hurt badly after that landmine, but Wraith got a piece of that explosion too and he's down!

BC: This match is already brutal!

TT: Jack Leves and Surge! They're going at it tooth and nail, and there isn't even much room for much else, other than brawling! Don't look for any scientific moves! Z-Pac and Jericho Cane going at it tooth and nail! Z-Pac boots him in the gut....ZDT!



BC: Jesus Christ! Thats sick!

TT: And look! Axe, that monster of a man just chokeslammed Fox Fednel off the top rope and onto the concrete floor! This match is insane!

BC: Wait a minute....where's Instinct? He's in this match isn't he?

TT: Good question....he's supposed to be in there!

BC: He probably pussied out...I can't say I blame him.

TT: Dallas Storm all over Johnny Keel! Those two were supposed to be a tag team earlier tonight but ended up brawling to the back! Keel whips him to the ropes....Storm ducks a the ropes....FLYING FOREARM!! And Keel goes down! Jesus look over there! Z-Pac is climbing the god damned cage! Its covered in barbed-wire and he's gushing blood from his arms!

BC: That man is sick in the head!

TT: And look! Reno Pike! Reno Pike is climbing the cage as well; he's going after Z-Pac! Both men have cut themselves, and they're bleeding profusely! Now they're hanging on with one hand and slugging each other with their free hand! Pike jumps onto him and they fall to the concrete floor!


TT: OH MY GOD!!! They landed on a landmine! No one in this match will ever come out the same!

BC: T-Money has Exodus!

TT: Money slingshots him into the barbed-wire cage! And he pulls a table from under the ring! My god this is dangerous....there's close to 30 men in that cage! Money takes him to the top rope.....he's gonna nail him with the Money Maker off the top and through the table! No! Blood from behind with a chair!



BC: WHAT?!!!

TT: That man has been destroyed in a boiler room brawl, had his title stolen, fallen off a barbed-wire covered cage and landed on a land mine, and he's still coming back! And he wants his hands on Blood!

BC: Run Blood! Run like you've never run before! There's a sick man after you!

TT: Z-Pac spins Blood around....Blood drops the chair....ZDT ONTO THE CHAIR!! My God thats three ZDT's this match, and four on the night! And Blood has been on the receiving end of two! Z-Pac is whailing away on Blood like an animal! Jericho Cane grabs Z-Pac by the hair....INVERTED DDT!! And Cane grabs the chair and goes to the top rope....ELBOW DROP WITH THE CHAIR!!!

BC: Ha!

TT: But look! Z-Pac is trying to get back up!

BC: Sick sick sick sick sick!

TT: Jericho Cane can't believe it! WHAM! Chair shot to Z-Pac's skull! Z-Pac still standing! I think both of these men are sick! Z-Pac fighting back! My God this man is hardcore! T-Money back up.....and he grabs Paul Blair from behind, and they begin brawling! Left and rights, I can't keep track! Money is busted wide open! And remember Blair has vowed that if he doesn't win the World Title later tonight, he'll retire!

BC: Injure him, Money! He can't win the title if he can't stand! Haha!

TT: Paul Blair is a wrestling legend, show some respect! Z-Pac and Jericho Cane have fallen outside the ring! Z-Pac whips him into the door and....oh my God! The strength of that irish whip just snapped the chair keeping the door locked and the door flies open! Wrestlers are flooding out the door! Money and Blair have brawled right through the door! Reno Pike grabs hold of Surge and they're brawling outside the cage now!

BC: Okay now I'm afraid for my own safety....

TT: Z-Pac and Jericho Cane are both climbing up the cage! For God's sake Z-Pac has lost too much blood! Jericho Cane has cut himself on the barbed-wire as well, but they are on top of the cage! They are going at it tooth and nail on top of the cage, blood is flying everywhere! Look! Reno Pike piledrives Surge on the concrete floor!


BC: Ahhhh!

TT: Another landmine! And what the hell! Reno Pike is setting up tables and looking up at Z-Pac and Jericho Cane! This does not look good! Pike has stacked three tables on top of each other! And he's covering them in barbed-wire!

BC: This is crazy!

TT: Pike grabs one....two....three landmines! And he puts one on each table! This is sick! Jericho Cane and Z-Pac getting dangerously close to the edge of that cage! Jericho Cane! No! No damnit no! SUPER DDT OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE AND THROUGH THREE TABLES!!!!!




TT: I have never seen anything like it! Jericho Cane super DDT'ed Z-Pac off the top of the cage and through three tables covered in barbed-wire and exploded three land mines! Those men are out! Count them out of this match!

BC: That was disturbing to watch! That's going too far!

TT: T-Money has a baseball bat! CRACK! Right over Reno Pikes knee! Money turns around....Blair with a BLAIR KICK!!!!! And Blair is going to the back! What the hell is he doing?!

BC: I dunno but Dallas Storm and Johnny Keel are destroying each other!

TT: Dallas Storm and Keel are still in the cage! They're on the top rope.....STORM WITH A NECKBREAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Oh my God! What else could we possibly see in this match?!

BC: T-Money is getting back in the cage! Stay out you moron!

TT: T-Money and Dallas Storm exchanging blows now! And BLAIR WITH A LADDER!! Paul Blair is re-entering the cage with a ladder! And he closes the door and he's brought a new padlock with him!! Blair is thinking tonight! The door is locked and the only men inside are Paul Blair, T-Money, Johnny Keel and Dallas Storm! Blair has basically eliminated everyone else single handedly!

BC: Jimmy Luciano and Fox Fednel have brawled through the crowd and our camera's have lost them! Z-Pac and Jericho Cane are out cold from that sick bump from the top of the cell! Its shear carnage outside the cage! Dallas Storm and T-Money are going insane on each other! Keel fighting to get to his feet....he spins Storm around.....STUNNER!!! My God he just knocked Dallas Storm out cold! Come on, Storm, you have to win!

TT: Paul Blair climbing the ladder! Blair almost has the title! No! Money pushes the ladder over and OH MY GOD!!! Blair flew over the top rope and to the floor!


TT: BLAIR LANDED ON A LAND MINE!! He's out cold! Money and Keel are the only two left standing, but Dallas Storm is coming around! Wait a minute! FROM THE RAFTERS!!! ITS INSTINCT!!!


TT: Instinct has a pair of wire cutters in his hands.....and he's cutting through the roof of the cage! Money and Keel brawling with all they've got inside the ring! Storm is fighting with all his might to get to his feet! Instinct is in....AND HE GRABS THE TITLE!! Instinct has the match won and wait! All he has to do is put it around his waist and he's the National champ! No! He's nails Storm in the face with the wire cutters! And now he nails Keel! And Money! They're all out cold! But Instinct is putting the title around the waist of the unconcious T-Money! What the hell?!

BC: Why him of all people?!

TT: The National Title is around the waist of T-Money, and that means.....


Doc: Here is your winner.....and NEW CWF National Champion....T- MONEY!!


BC: No! No! No! God no!

[[[The fans go crazy as Instinct is raised back up to the rafters.]]]

TT: Instinct just handed T-Money the National Title, but why?!

BC: Because he's an idiot, thats why!

TT: Well none-the-less, T-Money has won the National Title, and thats the highest ranked title he's ever held in the CWF! This guy has really improved since we last saw him, and I think he's going places!

BC: He's going to hell, thats the place he's going....

TT: Whatever...

[[[T-Money regains conciousness, and see's the National Title around his waist. He looks to the crowd, and they cheer him on. He raises his hands and celebrates in the ring. Johnny Keel also regains conciousness....]]]

TT: T-Money celebrating in the ring, the cage is being raised.....and Johnny Keel from behind with that ladder!


TT: And T-Money's head just bounced off that steel ladder, courtesy of Johnny Keel! Money is the National Champion, but Johnny Keel has left his mark! Wait a minute, Dallas Storm is up! And he jumps on Keel! He's beating the man's head in, and these two really want at each other! Blair is up! The match is over but these four won't stop fighting! The chaos outside the cage is still going on, someone put an end to this! Here come the officials! Blair from behind Keel...BLAIRKICK!!! Storm turns around...BLAIRKICK FOR HIM TOO!! And Paul Blair is outta here!

BC: Come on get in the maze!

TT: Craze in the Maze is next!

[[[Scene fades to an advertisement]]]

CWF proudly presents Retribution, the fallout from Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes! Live, from the Continental Airlines Arena in Rutherford, New Jersey, April 30, 2000!

[[[Scene fades back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane]]]

TT: Well it looks like we are finally ready for Craze in the Maze! The maze, as you can see, is set up beside the stage. It has three levels, and somewhere in there is the CWF World Title, as well as the Unified Title. Weapons will be lying around, there are explosives and trap name it, its probably in that maze!

BC: How about naked women?

TT: Okay, almost anything, alright? Lets get to the maze!

[[[The scene shifts to the outside of the massize structure known as Craze in the Maze. The wrestlers begin to limp back out. Some wrestlers eagerly enter the maze, while others are reluctant. Finally, every wrestler has entered the maze. The camera crew hurries in, and the door is locked. No one will exit the maze until we have a new Unified and World Champion.]]]


TT: Here we go! Wraith and Blair going at it! Z-Pac is stumbling around the maze looking for the title already! Jack Leves jumps on his back....Z-Pac flips him over his head....INVERTED DDT! And Dallas Storm is running around the maze looking for a way to the second level of the maze!

BC: Something bad is gonna happen in this maze, I can feel it....

TT: Keel and Storm! Again! These two want to tear each other apart, and they've finally gotten the chance to go at it! Storm whips him down the aisle of the maze......


TT: GOD!!! Johnny Keel just tripped off the alarm and fire shot at him from the ground! Keel is hurt! That just shows you how dangerous this match is! Any time, anywhere, anything can happen!

BC: Someone's gonna die...

TT: Z-Pac and Wraith! These two have quite a history, both men screwing each other out of the World Title in the historical year of 1999! Z-Pac whips him into the chain-linked wall, and Wraith is bleeding from his back....obviously a piece of the fence was sticking out and pierced him! Z-Pac with a BRAINBUSTER! And look! Dallas Storm is back on the search, looking for a way to the second level!

BC: Hey I bet you he's gotten to the "second level" a lot more than you have, Teddy...

TT: Jericho Cane and Z-Pac going at it now! These two took what very well may be the biggest bump in CWF history earlier tonight! They're going at it like wild animals! Z-Pac with a boot to the gut......ZDT!


TT: ZDT THROUGH A TRAP FLOOR!!! MY GOD!!! They just fell through the trap floor and into a pit of barbed-wire, thumbtacks and a landmine! These two are a little too hardcore for their own good!

BC: They're sick! How many times do I have to say it? Sick sick sick sick sick!

TT: Reno Pike and Paul Blair going at it! Pike whips him into a wall....and what the.....the wall just swung open....and there's a staircase leading to the second level of this maze! Pike with a POWERSLAM ON THE STEPS!!!! OH GOD!! And he's walking to the second level! Look behind him! Its Dallas Storm with a baseball bat! WHAM! Right in the back of the head, and thats a guaranteed concussion right there! Storm runs off and Blood is right behind him! He's managed to stay clear of Z-Pac thus far!

BC: I'm telling you man, I have a really bad feeling about this....

TT: Alright I get the point already! Here comes Axe up the stairs! And look back on the first level, Z-Pac is climbing out of the trap floor! And so is Jericho Cane! These two are deranged! They keep getting closer and closer to ending their own careers, and they keep coming back for more!

BC: Sick!

TT: Z-Pac and Jericho Cane have almost developed a mutual respect for each other and they're both going to level two! And now everyone is flooding to the second level! Paul Blair is crawling up! Z-Pac and Dallas Storm! Storm with a POWER BOMB DOWN THE STAIRS!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!

BC: Thats it, Z-Pac is the one thats gonna die, I know it.

TT: Johnny Keel is trying to kick down a wall, what the hell is he doing? The wall swings open and...KEEL FOUND THE UNIFIED TITLE!!!!! JOHNNY KEEL HAS WON THE UNIFIED TITLE!! But he's still in this one and he can still win the World Title! T- Money from behind Keel.....MONEY MAKER!!!! T-Money just laid Keel out with the Money maker!

BC: Haha!

TT: Wait a minute....Axe has Dallas Storm by the throat.....CHOKESLAM!!! But wait! Storm hit the top of the cage! Axe is so damn big, and he lifted Storm so high, it knocked open the roof of the second level, and now people are climbing to level three! The same level the World Title is on!

BC: And Dallas Storm is out from that chokeslam!

TT: Jericho Cane and Blood both brawling on the third level of this maze! Cane with a PUMPHANDLE SLAM! OH MY GOD!!!!! Blood just feel through the third level.....through the second.....on the first floor AND THROUGH A TRAP FLOOR!!!!



BC: And look!

TT: Jericho Cane has kicked open a wall, and there's the World Title! He's about to grab it and....OH MY GOD!!!

[[[Just as Jericho Cane reaches out to grab the World Title, he is Super Kicked by someone hiding in a dark corner of the maze. Cane is laid out, and emerging from the corner is "IMF" Eric Covenant...and more surprisingly....Triple X!]]]

BC: Thats...

TT: THATS TRIPLE X!!! And he just cost Jericho Cane the World Title! Wait a minute.....Dallas Storm is crawling on his hands and knee's to the title......COME ON!!!! DALLAS STORM WINS!!!!!


Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion......"MR AGGRESSIVE" DALLAS STORM!!

TT: Dallas Storm wins it, courtesy of Triple X! And look! XXX and Eric Covenant seem to have zeroed in on Wraith! They are destroying the already exhausted European Icon!

BC: Yeah! Kick his boyo bubble butt! Hahahaha!

TT: Eric Covenant with a shovel! No! Come on!


TT: HE NAILED WRAITH OVER THE HEAD WITH THE SHOVEL!!! Dallas Storm up......and he pulls up Jericho Cane.....and throws him down the stairs! Storm dumps him into the same trap floor as Blood, and Jericho Cane is once again tangled in barbed-wire and pierced with thumbtacks!

BC: This is great!

TT: This is sickening! And we are out of time! From the Pond in Anaheim, California, I'm Teddy Turnbuckle signing off! Thanks for joining us!

BC: You mean I can go home now?

[[[The copyright screen comes up, followed by highlights of Super Card III: Arising From The Ashes. And finally, a still picture of Dallas Storm with the title. And then, fade to black.]]]