[Black. The only thing you see is black. It is black for so long, that you almost want to stand up and give your TV a smack to make sure its still working. Then, slowly....very slowly, a CWF logo begins to appear. You can't make it out at first, but as it gets closer, and closer, you begin to see it more clearly. It begins to pick up its speed....faster now, to the point where you think its going to crash through your TV screen when it gets close enough. Bigger, faster, until its covering your entire TV screen. Then, it stops, dead in its tracks, and a loud thud is heard, which cues "Alive" by Korn.]

[Clips of the CWF's greatest moments are played. The first ever Super Card, in which "Hotshot" Mike Stewart was victorious over Magnus Thunder, in arguably the most controversial match there ever was. "Studly" Steve Dart with his first ever World Title held high above his head at Got Blood. Triple X and Dean Warren going at it with everything they have at Summer Smash. T-Money and Sammy Salerno falling into a dumpster. Jeff Jericho winning his first ever CWF World Title at the September 20th edition of Sunday Night Brawl. Kevin Merrix executing the Nuclear Fallout on Triple X off a truck and onto the pavement. Z-Pac and Dallas Storm battling it out at Craze in the Maze, during Super Card III. This is the CWF. This is where legends are born, and champions are created. This is the originator. This is the real deal.]

[Then, as the heartfelt lyrics of Korn's "Alive" reaches the chorus, the Super Card IV: Alive logo appears on the screen. Its appearance reminds you of the magnitude of this single event. It reminds you that this event will be remembered and talked about for years to come. It truly does not get any better than this. CWF legends are born here. You are reminded of the fact that what you are about to witness will set the standard for every wrestling pay-per-view around the world.]

< p> [We fade in to a sold out Madison Square Garden's in New York, NY. A building which has been the home to some of the greatest spectacles in sports history. A building renowned for unforgettable moments. Considered to be the most prestigious building to perform in, in the entire world. But never, has it held an event as large as this.]

[The crowd is hyped enough as it is, but the unbelievable pyro show gets them even more excited. Not a single light is on in the entire building, and yet it is still lit up, thanks largely to the most amazing display of pyrotechnics the wrestling world has ever seen. At its conclusion, the buildings main lighting remains off, but spotlights and lasers shoot all over the arena, creating an almost club-like atmosphere. Red, blue, green, yellow...every color you can possibly think of is flying around the arena as either a spotlight or a laser. Finally, the ring posts shoot out even more pyro, and the lights restore power. The crowd is crazy, they are ready to go.]

[The ring looks slightly more decorated than you would see at a regular event. But this is no regular event...this is Super Card IV: Alive. The canvas is a greyish-blue, with "Super Card IV" written in large bold blue letters in the center, but not so dark that it is leaping out at you. The ropes are black. Each turnbuckle has "Super Card IV" written on it, so as to remind the wrestlers where they are as their faces are smashed into them. The apron has "Super Card IV: Alive" written across it in gold italics.]

[We shift to the commentary booth, where two legends in their own right sit before us for the first time in almost a year. Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane, the greatest commentary team of all time, sit at their booth, looking like they are almost in disbelief that what everyone thought was dead is alive. Teddy Turnbuckle is dressed for the occasion, in a white dress shirt, and a black dress jacket. Bobby Crane is in a sparkling red robe, his blonde hair tied back into a pony tail. They almost hesitate for a moment, realizing that as soon as one of them utters a single word, the broadcast is officially under way. Teddy Turnbuckle does the honors.]

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SUPER CARD IV: ALIVE!!! Welcome back to the original stomping grounds, the Classic Wrestling Federation! The place that made the legends you watch and admire today! And tonight, on the single most anticipated event in wrestling history, even more legends will be born!

BC: I can't even believe I'm sitting here, Teddy! Hell, the CWF has shut down and made a come back five times before, but everyone thought that this was it. Everyone including myself thought it was a sure thing, the CWF was dead and would never come back...but tonight, in front of the largest audience in wrestling history....the CWF is leaving its mark!

TT: Tonight, every CWF champion will be decided in matches that at first glance were unheard of! Now, we can only look forward to our main event of Super Card IV: Alive....an every man in the CWF ladder match! Another first in wrestling!

BC: You can't get any better than that....this could be better than last year's Craze in the Maze!

TT: That is going to be a tough match to follow, but a match as simple as a ladder match pitting every man in this federation could very well top it!

BC: And what about this National Title match? Four of the CWF's finest athletes competing in a four man elimination match!

TT: Rios, "The American Pimp" A.J. Taylor, Paul Blair, and Sammy Roma, are all gonna give it their all here tonight, not only in the National Title match, but in the main event as well!

BC: And if thats not enough....a four man cage match! The first one out is the Unified Champion! The only four man cage match I remember watching was when Maniac won the MWWF championship back in 1998, and that was undoubtedly the greatest MWWF match ever!

TT: T-Money, Mike Van Pro, "Night Stalker" Brent Jones, and Kefka all entering the cage, but only one of them is coming back out the champion!

BC: And T-Money has something to prove....in his own words, if he does not walk out with some form of CWF gold here tonight, he will be just another face in the crowd. He has done it all in the CWF, except win the CWF World Heavyweight Title....and that title could very well earn him a spot in the CWF Hall of Fame! The Unified Title is a title he made famous, and its time for him to start back at his roots and claw his way back up the ladder.....and what better way to do that than by winning the Unified Title for a fourth time here tonight?

TT: But Mike Van Pro, Brent Jones, and Kefka are all amazing athletes that T-Money has to defeat in order to do that....and that isn't going to be an easy feat to accomplish! On top of all that, four teams have been drawn at random to compete for the CWF Tag Team titles, and these teams are just about as much as unlikely duo's as Steve Dart and Jeff Jericho once were, Bobby....

BC: This is going to be unbelievable, Teddy! Z-Pac and Pledge Allegiance? Yeah, right! What about Luke Glass and Mike Sinclair? Sinclair can't get along with anybody, no way can they co-exist! T-Money has yet another chance at CWF gold, as he tags up with perhaps the most deranged individual the CWF has ever seen, Muriel Slater....and these two have some sort of sick friendship, and are perhaps the only team that can possibly co- exist! And then Rios and Paul Blair....something is gonna give there!

TT: And it looks like we're about ready to get underway!

["Blind" by Korn begins to play. The lights go off. At the sound of the bass, the fans erupt. When the guitar riffs kick in, they are uncontrollable. Finally, the intense lyrics of Jonathan Davis are heard. "Arrrre you readdddyyy?!!," and there is an explosion at the entrance ramp. Stepping out from behind the curtain is a man we haven't seen or heard from in over a year. The owner and founder of the Classic Wrestling Federation, Mark Xamin. He wears a black leather jacket over top a blood-red dress shirt, and blue tie. His black dress pants and loafers complete the ensemble. He walks down the aisle with an unparalleled intensity. After climbing the ring steps and stepping through the ropes, he pulls a microphone out of his jacket, and begins to speak to the electric crowd.]

MARK XAMIN: There is no greater feeling in the world than to stand in front of a sold-out crowd, in the middle of a CWF ring, and know that you created this excellence that is known as the Classic Wrestling Federation. Nothing can compare to that, not even winning the CWF World Title, and that in itself is probably the second greatest feeling in the world. And contrary to what you all probably think, I'm not here to make the big "introductory speech," as I've done some five times before. No, tonight I'm here to take care of some business. The CWF staff team is a very hard working one, but they say a team is as strong as its weakest link. And undoubtedly, Jake Pitsenbarger is not working out as Vice President of this organization. In fact, his contract has been terminated and for the first surprise of this historic night, I have hired a new Vice President. This person is renowned for getting under the skin of every wrestler in an organization. I say...thats exactly what the CWF needs. I am here to announce that the new CWF Vice President is none other than....Chasey Duarte-Jericho!

[The crowd goes abuzz, listening in disbelief and talking to the person seated next to them. Most notably, is none other than "HTK" Rob Martin, seated in the front row alongside his wife, Renea Martin. He leans over to her with a grin on his face, and says something to her. She laughs, and we shift back to Mark Xamin in the ring.]

MARK XAMIN: Chasey is here tonight, and she is hard at work as we speak, keeping this event running smoothly. I'm not going to call her out at this moment, because frankly, there is no need for her to be out here. But a word of warning to the wrestlers in the back....you don't play by the rules, you answer to her! Enjoy the show...

[With that, "Blind" by Korn picks up at the chorus and Mark Xamin exits the ring and heads to the back. We shift back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane.]

TT: Chasey Duarte-Jericho is the new VP! Oh my God! All I can say to that is, this is going to be an interesting round! Chasey is known for her stint in the RWF, and it sure as hell wasn't pretty...

BC: Her last name alone should answer any questions you have about her! But did you see Rob Martin?! Ha! The Heart Throb Kid is here!

TT: I don't know what he's doing here, but its time to get the first match started....so lets head to the ring, and none other than Doc McMartin!

[The scene shifts to the middle of the ring, where legendary CWF ring announcer, Doc McMartin stands, looking proud to be standing in a CWF ring once again. He wears a tuxedo, the jacket of which has a CWF emblem encrested onto the chest pocket. His blonde hair is neatly combed. The crowd welcomes him back with a standing ovation. He raises the microphone to his lips to announce the opening match-up.]

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen....welcome to Super Card IV: Alive! Welcome to the greatest spectacle ever witnessed in the history of professional wrestling! And welcome back to the greatest wrestling promotion this industry has ever seen, the Classic Wrestling Federation! It is now time for our opening contest!

[The crowd stands on their feet in anticipation of the first entrance.]

Doc McMartin: The following contest is a special four corners Tag Team affair, for the CWF World Tag Team Championship! All teams were drawn at random. The rules for this match are simple, but are slightly modified than a regular four corners match-up. This is NOT an elimination match, therefore the first team to score a pinfall will be declared the CWF Tag Team Champions! Introducing first...the team of Luke Glass and Mike Sinclair!

[The lights fade, and then the sound of glass breaking hits. Then, on the screen "Prima" shows. Then suddenly, "My Generation" begins to play, and Luke Glass steps out from behind the curtain, followed by Mike Sinclair. Gold pyro goes off at the stage. The two guys then walk to the ring.]

Doc McMartin: Introducing second...the team of Z-Pac and Pledge Allegiance!

[The guitar riffs of "Ironman" by AC/DC begin to blare over the arena loud speaker and the fans in the arena jump to their feet. Pledge Alligence appears at the top of the ramp way and the waiting crowd goes nuts. Z-Pac walks behind him, fairly distant, so as not to create a feeling of partnership. Pledge makes his way down the ramp and red, white and blue fireworks explode above him. Z-Pac just continues to walk behind him until they reach the ring. Red, white, and blue flares also erupt at the top of the stage.]

Doc McMartin: Introducing third....the team of T-Money and "The Suicide Machine" Muriel Slater!

[The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money. He's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, black knee pads, shiny black boots, a black leather jacket with a gold $ emblem on the back, and has a white and gold bandana tied around his head. Muriel Slater is close behind, on a leash. His "owner" is yelling something in his ear and pointing at the ring. Slater tries to break loose, but to no avail. They walk to the ring, T- Money slapping hands with the fans. They walk up the ring steps, and step through the ropes. T-Money poses to an extremely loud pop, then hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official outside the ring.]

Doc McMartin: And finally, introducing the team of Rios and Paul Blair!

[The BlairVision theme music starts up and out come Paul Blair and his partner for the evening, Rios. Blair is leading the way as he steps out to a mixture of boos and cheers. They climb in the ring and Rios attempt to go over their strategy for the match. Blair ignores him.]


TT: We are underway with the opening contest of Super Card IV: Alive, and the fans are on their feet! Pledge Allegiance and T-Money start things off....the ref has managed to get all teams in their respective corners. They lock up...Money knee's him in the gut....and rocks him with a European Uppercut! Pledge stumbles back into the ropes, but bounces back with a huge right hand! Money throws back a right hand of his own!

BC: T-Money had damn well better send a message out during this match if he wants people to start taking him seriously....or else he may end up being just another face in the crowd as he so eloquently put it....

TT: Money and Pledge exchanging blows....Money gets the upper hand and whips him to the ropes....Pledge ducks a clothesline......Money with a dropkick! No! Pledge grabs on to the top rope and Money crashes to the mat! Pledge with vicious stomps to the face of T- Money....Money trying to get back up but Pledge just keeps stomping him in the face! Pledge pulls him up by the hair and drags him over to his corner where he slaps Z-Pac on the arm and tags him in! Z-Pac didn't like that....

BC: These too had better get on the same page if they wanna win this match...

TT: Pledge twists the arm of T-Money....Z-Pac heads to the top turnbuckle and drops a flying fist on Money's twisted arm. Money goes down, but Z-Pac just said something to Pledge, and they ref has to seperate the two!

BC: I'm not liking their chances in this one...

TT: Well it looks like Z-Pac and Pledge have wasted too much time arguing, and Money drives a fist into the mid-section of Z-Pac, who you've gotta believe is a favorite to win the CWF World Title here tonight! Money whips him to the ropes......and comes at him with a high cross body! Z-Pac ducks, and Money luckily went airborn into his own corner! Muriel Slater tags himself in.....and Z-Pac is in the ring with the most deranged individual the CWF has ever seen!

BC: What I would do is I would take the tape off of Slater's fists and tie his hands behind his back. Then I would hit him so fast and so hard I'd knock his eyes straight. All three of them.

TT: Don't start! Z-Pac looks across the ring and see's a monster! Slater comes charging at him!

BC: He's gonna try to eat him! Get in there ref!

TT: Z-Pac dodges out of the way and drives a forearm into Slater's lower back....Slater falls forward into the corner....Z-Pac begins bashing his head into the turnbuckle....the fans count along! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10! But look at this! It didn't even phase Slater...he's bashing his own head into the turnbuckle!

BC: That man is sick!

TT: Z-Pac doesn't know what to do....so he tags in Rios! And now Muriel Slater is Rios's problem! Slater grabs him by the hair and pulls him in the hard way....Slater pounding on him like he's a punching bag....Paul Blair in the ring now, and he pulls Slater off of his partner by the hair.....and SLAMS him to the mat with authority! The ref forces Blair out of the ring...Rios back up and over to Slater....he whips him to the ropes.....POWERSLAM! And the crowd responds as Muriel Slater goes down hard!

BC: Put him back in his cage where he belongs!

TT: Stop it, Bobby! Maybe if the man wasn't caged up like an animal, Muriel Slater would be a little less...hyper....

BC: I was talking about Rios....

TT: I told you, don't start! Rios hops up onto the top turnbuckle....Slater slowly to his feet....RIOS WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK FROM THE TOP! And a cover! 1....................2..................KICKOUT! Rios pulls Slater up by the hair and goes for a frankensteiner......no, Slater counters and SLAMS Rios down with a powerbomb! Slater runs over and makes the tag to Mike Sinclair! Sinclair in and he and Rios can't stand each other! Sinclair with piston like right hands....Rios is backed into the corner! And Sinclair is stomping a mudhole in him....

BC: Ha! Take THAT ya goody goody!

TT: Rios using his resourcefulness sticks a thumb in the eyes of Sinclair, and he boots him in the gut.....Rios now to the second turnbuckle....and he leaps off and drops Sinclair with a 360 degree DDT! Both men down now....Rios inching his way over to his partner, Paul Blair!

BC: He'll never make it!

TT: He made it!

BC: *cough*

TT: Blair in, and he pulls Sinclair up....reverse knife-edge chop! And another! And another! Sinclairs chest is now beat red, and Blair whips him to the ropes.....SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Blair with a cover! 1.............2.................SHOULDER UP!

BC: My mother could count faster than that, and he's 82 years old!

TT: Blair arguing with the official about a slow count....Sinclair from behind Blair....LOW BLOW! And Paul Blair goes down! I don't care if you're a rookie or a season veteran like Paul Blair, that will put anyone out of business for at least enough time for you to catch your breath! And Sinclair tags out to Luke Glass! One half of the Primoblondas....and you have to wonder how his partner, Lance Gold, would react if Glass won the Tag Team Championship with another partner!

BC: The Primablondas would figure something out...I've seen those guys in action before, and they are one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling today....

TT: Well I'll take your word for it....Glass pulls Blair up by the hair....

BC: Blair has hair?

TT: He whips Blair to the ropes, and drops him with a back body drop! Blair must have been ten feet in the air!

BC: Air Blair! Haha!

TT: Glass to the second turnbuckle.....and he drops and elbow into the chest of Paul Blair! A cover! 1..........2...............kickout! Glass pulls him back up......Blair kicks him in the knee! And slams him to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex! Blair scurries over and tags out to Pledge Allegiance now!

BC: Hey, someone almost as old as Paul Blair!

TT: Give me a break, they're seasoned veterans! Pledge Allegiance goes to work on Luke Glass.......he pulls him up.....BRAINBUSTER! And Luke Glass is seeing stars! Wait a minute......what the hell is this?!

[The crowd stands up and roars as Wraith steps out from behind the curtain and begins to walk slowly to the ring, and cup of tea in his right hand, and a kettle in his left, with even more tea in it...heaven forbid he should run out.]

BC: Its the European Icon, Teddy!

TT: Wraith has made it to Super Card IV, all the way from Europe! And he's walking towards the ring, but what the hell is he doing out here?!

BC: Hey he paid for a ticket like everybody else in this building...look around you, do you see an empty seat? No. He needs a place to sit, thats all.

TT: Well I really doubt that, Bobby. Back in the ring, Pledge whips Glass to the ropes...and delivers a thunderous clothesline! Wait a minute....Wraith is up on the apron! Come on ref!

BC: Okay, so he's sitting closer to the action than everyone else.....he must have a VIP ticket!

TT: Pledge see's him....Wraith hops off the apron and.....oh no, he's spilled his tea.

BC: Now you've done it, Pledge!

[The camera focuses on Wraith, who is quite upset that his tea has been spilled. He looks up at Pledge, who yells something at him. Wraith puts and evil grin on his face as Pledge turns around and Wraith smashes the tea kettle over his knee!]

TT: My God! Wraith just broke that damn tea kettle over Pledge Allegiance's knee! And Wraith is calling for a mic in the middle of the Tag Team Title match!

WRAITH: Oye! You American's are such bloody buffoons! You spill my tea, Pledge Allegiance? I say nuts to that! That is symbolic of what you American's are all about....you think you can just spoil everyone elses fun just because you're an American. Its bloody ridiculous! In England, people are treated with respect, with dignity! We drink tea, and eat crumpets while playing a good spirited game of cards. I am sickened by your disrespect...

[The crowd erupts and none other than Jeff Jericho storms from the backing wielding a golden chair! He smashes Wraith in the face with the chair and escapes through the crowd!]

TT: Thank God! Jeff Jericho saves us all from the torture of listening Wraith blab about England....and back in the ring, Pledge is down and favoring his knee....Luke Glass inching his way over to a corner....and he tags out to Rios!

BC: Ahhhh! Another one! Somebody call immigration!

TT: Will you stop it already?! Pledge hops up and in one giant leap, tags out to T- Money!

BC: Pledge is gonna need some medical attention on that knee....there could be pieces of glass stuck in it....

TT: Pledge is a fighter, he's trying to stand in his corner and fight it out until the match is over....Z-Pac not even so much as acknowledging the fact that he's hurt.....

BC: Because Z-Pac knows that Pledge is at a disadvantage now during the main event, and that is one less man for Z-Pac to worry about....

TT: I wouldn't count Pledge out just yet, Bobby. Money and Rios staring each other down now! These two are friends, but they said right from the very beginning, if it comes down to the two of them, they'll give it their all, and we're about to see a classic confrontation here at Super Card IV! They lock up....Rios takes him down with a hip toss.....Money kicks up and goes for a side kick, but Rios ducks and takes him down with a drop toe hold.....Money getting frustrated now.....he gets back to his feet....and they lock up again.....Money with a knee to the gut this time....and he goes for a DDT, but Rios blocks it and drops Money with an inverted atomic drop! Wait a minute....Paul Blair is in the ring......BLAIR KICK!




TT: T-Money drapes his arm over Rios as Paul Blair smiles......1........................2......................................3!!!!!!!!!



Doc McMartin: Here are your winners, and NEW CWF Tag Team Champions.......T-Money and "The Suicide Machine" Muriel Slater!

TT: What the hell was Paul Blair thinking?!

BC: I don't know, but now we have a self-proclaimed "legend" and a damn ape representing our tag team division!

TT: Slater is excited, and his "owner" quickly grabs his half of the Tag Team Titles and rushes to the back with Slater on a leash for God's sake! Money is looking up at Blair and now down at Rios....Blair just smirks and leaves the ring! And Pledge is getting some medical help with that knee....wait a minute....Z-PAC! Z-Pac grabs him and ZDT'S HIM ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! For God's sake the man is injured!

BC: Hey, Z-Pac said if Pledge doesn't hold up his end of the bargain, he gets a ZDT. Do you see a title belt around the waist of the Hardcore Legend? I didn't think so.

[The scene shifts to the parking lot area, where Chris Reinhardt is seen entering the building. He has a gym bag hung on his shoulder, and is in a pair of jeans, a tight black t- shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of sunglasses. Each step he takes echoes throughout the underground parking garage. As he goes to open the door, none other than Mike Van Pro opens it from the other side. The door flies open and nails Reinhardt in the face. Reinhardt stumbles back a bit, his nose busted open. Mike Van Pro walks by him...]

MIKE VAN PRO: Watch where you're going....

[Reinhardt looks up at Van Pro as he walks by. Then, as MVP has his back turned, Reinhardt jumps him from behind and throws him onto a car. He jumps onto the hood and begins to throw vicious punches at Mike Van Pro, who in turn, throws back right hands of his own.]

TT: Lets get some security back there! It what looked like an accident, Mike Van Pro hit Reinhardt in the face with the door....and Reinhardt jumped him from behind after MVP added insult to injury! And now Reinhardt is going to work on Van Pro, smashing his head into that car windshield repeatedly!

BC: Get off of him, you idiot! Thats my car!

TT: Wait a minute....its Wraith! What the hell is he doing back there?

BC: He's leaving the building after he was treated so bloody poorly by Jeff Jericho!

TT: He's trying to break them apart....and he's got them settled down...

WRAITH: Stop it you bloody buffoons! Its bad enough that you yanks drive on the wrong bloody side of the road, but there is no need to treat each other in such a poor manner!

CHRIS REINHARDT: Who the hell do you think you are?...

WRAITH: Why, I am the new Commenwealth Commissioner! And I won't have any bloody riots going on during my show! You two try and get along now....in fact, just to nudge you right along in the proper direction, I have an idea. What do you fellows think about a handi-cap match? Mike Van Pro and Chris Reinhardt vs Jeff Jericho on the very first edition of Wednesday Night Pop?


WRAITH: Ah, glad to see you fancy it as much as I do. Run along now, you both have a rather important match to prepare for, no?

[Wraith smiles as Chris Reinhardt grudgingly snatches up his gym bag and kicks the door open. Mike Van Pro continues to protest with Wraith, as we shift back to Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane at ringside.]

TT: Can you believe that?! Wraith is the commissioner!

BC: No, Teddy, you've got it all wrong! He's the Commenwealth Commissioner, ha! And we're gonna see Jeff Jericho get ripped apart by Mike Van Pro and Chris Reinhardt on Pop!

TT: Thats if Van Pro and Reinhardt can co-exist, which I doubt they can....

BC: Its gonna be an all out war, thats all I can say....

TT: Well fans, its time to determine who will represent this promotion as the CWF Unified Champion! Its a four way cage match....

BC: Ohhhh man, as I said earlier in this broadcast, the only other four way cage match I've witnessed in all of my years of wrestling, was back in the MWWF. And it still sticks out in my memory as one of the greatest matches I've ever witnessed!

TT: T-Money has already won the Tag Team Championship here tonight....can he make it two titles? That would make him the first man to ever win two titles at Super Card....

BC: He could win three if he survives this next one!

TT: The cage is lowering, lets get back to the ring....

[The scene shifts to Doc McMartin, whom is standing outside the ring as the cage lowers.]

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special four way cage match, and is for the CWF Unified Championship! The winner is the first man who can escape the cage, either by climbing over the top and to the floor, or exiting through the door. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada....weighing in at 189 pounds....KEFKA!!!

["Cowboy" by Kid Rock begins to play and the crowd begins to boo. Kefka comes out from the back with this guitar slung over his shoulder. He stands at the entrance way and raises his arms. He brings them back down and walks to the ring. Kefka tosses his guitar into the ring, then slides in. Kefka picks up his guitar and goes to the middle rope in the center and raises his arms again. This time pyro's go off on the four ring posts. Kefka jumps down and sets his guitar in his corner.]

Doc McMartin: Introducing second....from parts unknown....weighing in at 320 pounds...."NIGHT STALKER" BRENT JONES!!!

["Highway To Hell" by AC/DC blares throughout the arena as a red pyro explodes from the entrance ramp. As Brent walks onto the ramp, he stops and stares at the fans for a few minutes, than contines to the ring and awaits his final two opponnents.]

Doc McMartin: Introducing third....from....

[Doc McMartin is interrupted by the explosion of the crowd, as they see "The Forever Knight" Kyle Night bolt down to the ring and slide under the ropes, just as the cage is completely lowered. He has an aluminum baseball bat in his hands and he points it at Kefka.]

TT: What the hell is Kyle Night doing out here?!

BC: The man has a baseball bat! I don't like what I'm about to see...actually....I do....

TT: Night is saying something to Kefka....they are having a heated discussion here, I don't know what Night's problem with Kefka is but...OH MY GOD! He just nailed Kefka over the head with that baseball bat!

BC: And thats not your ordinary baseball bat either! Thats aluminum, that thing is like pure steel!

TT: Night NAILS Brent Jones in the ribs with it! And he SLAMS him over the back! And security can't get to Night fast enough, because the cage is preventing them from getting in there! The ref is scrambling to find the key, but the damage is being done!

BC: He's gonna kill them! Kefka got nailed over the head, he has at LEAST a concussion, no doubt about it!

TT: This is sickening! Night taking Kefka's knee apart with that bat.....Kefka is unconcious and doesn't even know what the hell is going on! His knee must be shattered! And now he's going off on Jones! This man is crazy! Kyle Night is theoretically destroying Kefka and Brent Jones for God's sake! They'll never be the same! Jones is whailing in pain as Kyle Night repeatedly beats his knee to pieces with that aluminum baseball bat!

BC: They got the door open!

TT: Finally the ref has unlocked the cage door and security is able to get in there! And Kyle Night stomps Kefka and Jones in the face to add insult to injury.....and he's outta here, but the damage has been done! Kefka and Jones have been screwed out of the chance to compete at Super Card, all because of Kyle Night!

BC: Holy hell, look at Kefka's knee, its swollen out like a watermelon....that was going way too far...

TT: And Night wasn't even provoked from what we saw! He just bolted out here for no reason and went to work!

BC: He must be sending a message....this man means business!

TT: Thats a pretty harsh way of sending a message! Kefka and Brent Jones are being wheeled off on stretchers....that could very well be the last time we ever see them step foot in a wrestling ring again! That was sickening! Doc McMartin apparantly has an announcement...

[The scene shifts back to Doc McMartin, who has a serious look on his face. A referee is giving him the details, and after a few moments, he addresses the on-looking crowd.]

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen...as a result of that unexpected attack....this match will now be a one-on-one cage match, for the CWF Unified Championship!

[The crowd responds with a loud mixed reaction.]

TT: Whoa! And now its T-Money taking on Mike Van Pro for the Unified Title!

BC: And now these two guy's chances have just gone sky high!

Doc: Introducing first...from Boston, Massachussetts....weighing in at 225 pounds....MIKE VAN PRO!!!

["Paper Cut" by Linkin Park blares throughout the arena as flames shoot up around the CWF set. Mike Van Pro enters the ring area from behind the curtain as a fireball comes up from the ground in front of him. The crowd explodes as he makes his way to the ring.]

Doc: And his opponent...from Orlando, Florida....weighing in at 230 pounds....T- MONEY!!!

[The fans go insane as "Come Over" by Nelly comes on, and out walks wrestling legend and CWF superstar, T-Money. He's wearing white tights with gold $ emblems all over them, white elbow pads, black knee pads, shiny black boots, a black leather jacket with a gold $ emblem on the back, and has a white and gold bandana tied around his head. He walks to the ring slapping hands with the fans, walks up the ring steps, and steps through the ropes. He poses to an extremely loud pop, then hands his leather jacket and bandana over to an official outside the ring.]


TT: And here we go! T-Money has a shot at his second title here tonight!

BC: Mike Van Pro sure as hell isn't gonna be easy! And look at this!

TT: KYLE NIGHT! Whats he doing back out here?!

[Kyle Night walks out from behind the back, surrounded by security guard whom are trying to stop him. He fights them all off, and makes his way to ringside. Once he reaches the time keepers seat, he grabs the time keeper by the collar and launches him over the ring steps. Finally, he takes a seat and watches the match.]

TT: I don't know what the hell Kyle Night's business is out here, but in less than ten minutes, he has ended two CWF career's, assaultedat least fifteen security guards, and now he's beat up on a defenseless time keeper! Somebody needs to stop this man!

BC: Amen!

TT: Why don't you stop him, Bobby? You used to wrestle...

BC: Uhhh....I'm needed here....in case you didn't notice.

TT: Right. Money and Van Pro sizing each other up....and they lock horns...Van Pro obviously the fresher of the two...T-Money has already competed in the Tag Team titles match just minutes ago.

BC: But MVP was assaulted backstage by Chris Reinhardt!

TT: None-the-less, Mike Van Pro rakes the eyes of T-Money and gains the upper hand! He grabs Money by the hair and RAMS him into the cage head first! Mike Van Pro wants to see some blood here tonight, and he's scraping T-Money's face against that cage!

BC: I'm not feeling very safe with Kyle Night sitting so close....

TT: Mike Van Pro now, whips T-Money to the ropes.....Money ducks a clothesline, and connects with a flying forearm! MVP goes down! T-Money pulls him up...and he's setting him up for a piledriver here! No! MVP counters with a back drop and Money goes crashing down to the mat!

BC: What is Money thinking? You don't go for a high power move like that right off the bat....you've gotta wear him down first...

TT: Well I think T-Money is trying to get this thing over with so he has a chance to catch his breath before the main event! MVP now with calculated stomps to the head of the "Money Master"....he pulls him up....MVP with an over head belly-to-belly superplex, and T-Money goes down yet again! MVP is in great shape, and is perhaps one of the finest pure atheletes in the CWF....T-Money as well.

BC: Well T-Money has never gotten his big break, and he is busting his ass day in and day out trying to get Mark Xamin to notice him....I mean on a personal level, I can't stand T- Money. In fact he downright sickens me with his "I'm a happily married man" attitude....but the man has put on some of the most memorable matches in CWF history, and I think he deserves a shot at the big time!

TT: MVP trying to make a quick exit here....he's headed for the door! But T-Money is up and races over top stop him! Money pulls MVP back in and executes a text book release German suplex! MVP lands on his head and now its T-Money's turn to try and make an exit! But MVP is up and drags him back in...

BC: Do you know what its like to be in a cage match? As soon as you go down, you've got to use every last ounce of energy you have to get back up and stop your opponent from getting out....this match is what seperates the men from the boys...

TT: MVP whips Money to the ropes....and connects with a powerslam! MVP to the top turnbuckle.....and he's going for a high risk maneuver here! He goes for a frog splash....MONEY GETS HIS KNEE'S UP! And MVP is doubled over favoring his ribs! T-Money back to his feet....and he pulls MVP up....T-Money now, the seasoned veteran, looking to win his second title here tonight at Super Card four! Money off the ropes....AXE KICK! And MVP's face hit the mat first!

BC: Kyle Night looks like he's enjoying watching these two rip each other apart...I have to say....so am I. Haha!

TT: T-Money pulls him up now, and he's going for that piledriver again.....and this time he nails it! Mike Van Pro is down, and now is T-Money's chance to get out.....and he's climbing the cage! MVP had better get up or T-Money is gonna win this thing right here!

BC: Money wants this thing! Look at the fire in his eyes!

TT: MVP is up....and he's climbing up the cage to meet Money at the top! The two men exchanging blows at the top of the cage, at least 15 feet high! Money stradling the cage, Van Pro trying to pull him off....wait a minute....oh my God.....MVP is going for a superplex off the top of the cage! This could break T-Money in half!

BC: Ahhhh!

[The crowd roars at the sound of both mens bodies crashing 15 feet below to the ring.]

TT: HE NAILED IT! T-Money is down, he could be out!


TT: But MVP absorbed some of that impact and he can't capitalize! Did you see that?!

BC: These guys might not make it to the main event!

TT: MVP slowly starting to stir....the crowd getting behind these two warriors....MVP to his feet, but he loses his balance and stumbles into the ropes....using the ropes as leverage to hold himself up...and he's trying to climb the cage!

BC: This could be it! Its all over for T-Money! Everything down the pipe...

TT: MVP can hardly climb, the impact of that superplex was almost unbearable! T-Money slowly beginning to stir, the crowd getting behind the Money Master! MVP is half way there....he could be the new CWF Unified Champion! T-Money crawling over to the side of the cage.....and he can hardly stand! He's shaking the cage because he can't even climb it! MVP can barely hold on!

BC: He's gonna fall!

TT: Mike Van Pro hanging on by the hair on his chinny chin chin, and T-Money is giving it all he's got! MVP hanging on for dear life.....HE FALLS! And this sold out crowd is on their feet for T-Money! Money drops back to the mat, MVP is down! Which man wants it more? This match is about more than the Unified Title, this is about pride....both men want to be recognized! Both men are determined to win this thing!

BC: The hardest working men in this business, undoubtedly! I don't like either of them, but I'll give credit where credit is due...

TT: T-Money digging deep from within, he is fighting with every last ounce of energy he's got...MVP is getting up as well, T-Money takes a swing at him....MVP ducks, and attempts a superkick, but Money dodges it and tries for a gutwrench suplex....no! MVP holds on and Money can't get him up...MVP now with a gutwrench suplex of his own! But Money lands on his feet! MVP takes a wild swing at him, but Money ducks and.....THE CHA-CHING! MONEY NAILED HIM! The crowd is on their feet!

BC: Wait a minute....KYLE NIGHT! Ahhh!

TT: What the hell?! Don't ruin this thing! Night climbing the cage and....OH MY GOD ITS....it can't be!


[The crowd gets on their feet and roars as CWF legend and future Hall of Famer, Magnus Thunder storms out from the back! The huge, 7'5", 520 pounders stomps his way to the cage and hovers above Kyle Night.]

TT: Kyle Night must be pissing his pants! Look at the size of Magnus Thunder! And he boots Night in the face! Night goes down and he's scurrying around the ring trying to escape the clutches of this behemoth of a man in Magnus Thunder! T-Money is asking for the door to be opened...he's gonna win this match! He's almost out! NO! KYLE NIGHT RAN BY AND SLAMMED THE DOOR ON T-MONEY'S SKULL! Damnit!

BC: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Magnus has him cornered!

TT: And Kyle Night has nowhere to go but inside the cage!

BC: Oh my God.....Magnus is gonna rip that man into shreds with his bare hands!

TT: Mike Van Pro still feeling the effects of the Cha Ching....T-Money knocked unconcious courtesy of "The Forever Knight" Kyle Night! Magnus Thunder picks Kyle Night up and HIGH above his head! And he SLAMS him with authority to the mat! Kyle Night looks like a damn beanie baby next to Magnus Thunder! Mike Van Pro getting to his feet.....and he stumbles into Magnus Thunder! Not good!

BC: Oh God....

TT: Magnus Thunder with a THUNDERSTORM ON MIKE VAN PRO! My God I can't remember the last time I saw him perform that move! Mike Van Pro is down, and he is NOT getting up any time soon! And what does Magnus Thunder have planned for T- Money, his old friend?

BC: I don't know, but it doesn't look like Muriel Slater is gonna wait around and find out!

TT: Its T-Money's tag team partner, one half of the Tag Team Champions, "THE SUICIDE MACHINE" MURIEL SLATER!!!

[Muriel Slater storms out from the back...chasing him is his "owner," who is holding in his hands a broken leash.]

BC: It looks like Slater chewed through that leash! Slater in the ring now.....and he's going crazy on Magnus Thunder! But nothing seems to phase the big man!

TT: Magnus Thunder has had enough! He grabs Slater and picks him up by the throat! T- Money getting to his feet and he see's Magnus Thunder with his Tag Team partner by the throat! Magnus throws Slater into T-Money! I don't think he meant to hit Money! Wait a minute.....

BC: T-Money and Muriel Slater went crashing through the side of the cage!

TT: And that means...


Doc McMartin: Here is your winner....and NEW CWF Unified Champion....T-MONEY!!!!!


BC: He's one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal!

TT: This has undoubtedly been T-Money's night, and he is now both one half of the Tag Team Champions, and also the Unified Champion! Magnus Thunder doesn't know what the hell to think, but he steps over the top rope and walks up the ramp and through the curtain expressionless! Kyle Night and Mike Van Pro are both laid out in the center of the ring! T-Money and Muriel Slater piled up on the outside on top of the broken side of the cage! And Muriel Slater's owner is dragging him outta here!

BC: That was unbelievable! It doesn't get any better than Super Card!

TT: Well as we get this mess sorted out....I think its time we address a rumor concerning none other than Steve Dart....

[The scene shifts to Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane at the announce booth, both are sweating and look very impressed by what we have just witnessed.]

TT: Steve Dart has not yet arrived at Madison Square Gardens....he is schedule to be here tonight, to compete in the main event, and no one has seen him all day!

BC: Well the rumor is, Steve Dart was seen at an XW house show...

TT: Has Steve Dart sold out? I hope to God its just a rumor, because if Steve Dart sold out to XW....it would be a dark day in the wrestling world. The CWF made Steve Dart....Mark Xamin himself molded him into the legend he is today....way back at Got Blood in August of 1998! Ever since that night, "Studly" Steve Dart has been an unstoppable force in the world of professional wrestling.

BC: Oh man, we were there that night, Teddy....as Mark Xamin essentially handed Steve Dart the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. But never second guess the owner and founder of the greatest wrestling promotion in the world....because it was the right move, and Steve Dart elevated the CWF to a new level.

TT: But the question still remains, has Steve Dart sold out? Only time will tell....

BC: You hear that?

TT: Yes I did, apparantly our new VP Chasey Duarte-Jericho has something to say! Lets head back to her office....

[The scene shifts to a backstage office. It is carpeted with a thick green rug. Its walls covered in a grey wall paper. There is a plant in one corner of the room, while the other corners remain vacant. Up against the wall is a desk. It looks heavy, as if it were pure oak. It is a dark cherry color, with papers scattered all over it. Sitting at the desk, is our new Vice President, Chasey Duarte-Jericho. She wears a red blouse. Her blonde hair dangles just above her shoulders. She stares into the camera, her arms folded neatly on her desk, a serious look on her face, and speaks.]

CHASEY DUARTE-JERICHO: Good evening CWF fans and wrestlers alike. It appears as though future CWF hall of famer, Magnus Thunder, enjoys interfering in matches. Since he enjoys getting involved so much, why not give him a match on the first edition of Wednesday Night Pop? In fact, why don't we give him a shot at the Tag Team Championship? Yes, I have an idea...lets have our new champions, T-Money and "The Suicide Machine" Muriel Slater, defend their newly won gold against Magnus Thunder and....hmmm....I know, "The Forever Knight" Kyle Night. Enjoy the rest of the show.

[With that, we shift back to the commentators booth, and Teddy Turnbuckle alongside "Beautiful" Bobby Crane.]

TT: How about that?! Magnus Thunder forced to team up with Kyle Night!

BC: All because he stuck his nose in other people's business, Teddy...

TT: Give it a rest, he was watching an amazing match-up between T-Money and Mike Van Pro, and Kyle Night was about to ruin it! Magnus wanted to see a clean ending, I mean you saw what Kyle Night did to Kefka and Brent Jones!

BC: Excuses, excuses....

TT: In any event, we are ready to begin the National title match! And in my humble opinion, all four competitors in this match have what it takes to win, and its gonna be a close finish....

BC: Sammy Roma has it won, I know it!

[The scene shifts to Doc McMartin, whom is standing in the center of the ring.]

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a special fatal fourway elimination match, and is for the CWF National Championship! Introducing first...from Jacksonville, Florida....weighing in at 227 pounds...."THE AMERICAN PIMP" A.J. TAYLOR!!!

[Gold, red, white, and blue strobe lights start flashing and a CWF modified version of "American Bad Ass" by Kid Rock plays throughout the arena. A.J. Talor comes out with a denim vest on and his usual clothes he sports. He has about 5-6 gold necklaces around his neck and four girls at his side. A.J rolls in the ring and gets ready for what has to be done.]

Doc: Introducing second....from Bloomington, Indiana.....weighing in at 275 pounds.....PAUL BLAIR!!!

[The Blair Vision theme music starts up and out come the three members of Blair Vision. Blair is leading the way as he steps out to a mixture of boo's and cheers. Blair is followed by Earl and Elmo, his two head associates. Blair climbs in the ring and prepares for his match as Earl and Elmo stand outside the ring.]

Doc: Introducing third....from Long Beach, California......weighing in at 223 pounds....RIOS!!!

[The words "Be Careful What You Wish For..." are heard over the Public Announce System in the arena. "Body Rott" by Bones Thugs-N-Harmony blares throughout the arena, and Rios steps out from behind the curtain in baggy black pants and shiny black boots. His hair is wet (or greasy). He walks to the ring with a determined look in his eyes, and hops over the top rope. He does nothing but stare down his two opponents as he awaits the arrival of the final entrant.]

Doc McMartin: And introducing fourth.....from Boston, Massachussetts....weighing in at 253 pounds....SAMMY ROMA!!!

[The lights dim as "Rock Superstar" by Cypress Hill begins over the speakers. The curtain splits as Sammy Roma comes through, looks like he had just stood up through the curtain. With a little strut he walks to the left side of the stage. He gives a little pose. Roma walks to the opposing side of the stage and does the same pose. He continues down the aisle with a little strut and smirk. He walks around the ring, giving a few bad words to fans. He climbs the three steps, with each one a bigger smile looking back and forth in the crowd. Roma steps over the second rope and takes his time getting ready.]


TT: Here we go! Blair and Rios going at it full force right off the bat! They are going at it tooth and nail! Taylor and Roma exchanging blows! Roma whips him to the ropes.....Taylor hits him with a shoulder block, but Roma won't go down! He dares Taylor to try it again....and he does.....and Roma still won't go down! Third time a charm? No! Roma flattens Taylor with a huge clothesline!

BC: He nearly took his damn head off!

TT: Blair gets the upper hand on Rios....he knee's him in the gut.....and DROPS him with a DDT! Rios has his head planted into the mat! Roma nails Blair from behind! And Blair falls to the mat....

BC: Sammy Roma is a tank!

TT: Taylor back to his feet....and he clips the knee of Sammy Roma! Roma goes down, and Taylor goes to work on Sammy Roma's knee! Taylor stomping on Roma's knee with every bit of strength he has in him! Blair to his feet, Rios to his feet....Blair and Rios continue their brawl, and remember, Blair and Rios were paired up a little over an hour ago as a tag team, and Blair cost both himself and Rios the CWF Tag Team Championship!

BC: Well Rios could get his revenge here, and I sure as hell don't wanna see that...

TT: Rios gets the upper hand....he whips Blair to the ropes......no, Blair reverses....Rios leaps onto the top rope! Incredible balance! And he dives off with a moonsault, and he lands on Paul Blair! Rios now pounding Blair's head, and he is systematically destroying the CEO of Blair Vision!

BC: Damnit! He's a business man! Leave him alone!

TT: Taylor still going to work on Roma's knee......and he locks on a figure four! Roma is gonna have to quit, he's in the middle of the ring! He's holding on! Rios see's it, and he goes over there to pound on Roma as he's in the figure four! Wait a minute.....Rios leaps onto the second rope....MOONSAULT ONTO ROMA! And Roma is still in that figure four!

BC: Get Taylor the hell off of Roma, he's gonna snap his leg in half!

TT: Rios continues to assault Sammy Roma as he remains locked in that figure four....and Blair has gone to the outside for a chair! Paul Blair now yielding a steel chair, and he's telling Rios to back off so he can go to work on Roma!

BC: Damnit no! Leave the poor man alone!

TT: No! BLAIR NAILS RIOS WITH THE CHAIR! And Rios is sent through the ropes and to the outside! Blair now with the chair....and he's driving it into Sammy Roma's knee as he's in the figure four! Roma will not quit! He is fighting with everything he's got!

BC: Come on, Roma!

TT: Blair now stomping Roma in the face, and Roma still will not tap out! Rios crawling back into the ring.....Blair goes to nail Roma in the head with the chair....he's hauling back for one huge shot.....but no! Rios grabs the chair! He boots Blair in the gut.....DDT ON THE CHAIR! And a cover! 1.....................2..................KICKOUT! BLAIR KICKED OUT!

BC: The old man's still got it!

TT: Rios to the top turnbuckle...what the hell is he gonna do now?! SWANTON BOMB......no! BLAIR MOVES! Rios fell on the chair! Blair with a cover! 1...............2.........................KICKOUT!


TT: Blair can't believe it......and wait a minute, Taylor releases the figure four! Sammy Roma can't even stand up! Taylor continues to destroy Roma's knee! And Roma with a LOW BLOW! Taylor drops to the mat! Roma now pounding on Taylor, getting his licks in while he can, because with that damaged knee, he may not last very long! Blair pulls Rios up......and a northern lights suplex, perfectly executed! A cover! 1..........................2..........................SHOULDER UP! Rios will not stay out!

BC: What is he, too stupid to know he's hurt?

TT: Blair is getting frustrated here.....he's going back to the outside.....and he's searching under the ring for something, but what the hell is he looking for?!

BC: Teddy?

TT: What?


TT: Paul Blair has a table! He slides it into the ring, and I bet you anything he's gonna try to put Rios through it!

BC: Ya think?

TT: Sammy Roma is going all out on A.J. Taylor here! He is throwing wild right hands and connecting, but the man can't stand up! Taylor is gonna have to stay on his feet if he wants to eliminate Roma here....but he's gonna have to get away from Roma first! Roma attempting to stand, but his knee gives way! Taylor slowly getting up.......Blair leaning the table against the turnbuckles....

BC: I don't like the looks of this....

TT: Roma fighting to get to his feet......using the ropes as leverage.....and wait a minute......CHRIS REINHARDT!!!

BC: Ahhhhhh!

TT: What the hell is he doing out here?! Roma almost to his feet......his knee is barely holding up.....and he made it! But Taylor quickly over to him.....and he nails him with PIMP STATUS!!!! Roma is out like a light! 1...............................2................................3!!!

Doc McMartin: Sammy Roma has been eliminated!


TT: Taylor has eliminated Sammy Roma....Roma gave it everything he had but that damaged knee put him at a major disadvantage.....smart strategy by A.J. Taylor! But what the hell is Chris Reinhardt doing out here?!

BC: He just wants a closer look at the action....no big deal.

TT: Right, just like Wraith did, right?

BC: Exactly....I mean, uh....no, he really is looking for a better seat, really....

TT: Blair setting up Rios to put him through the table! He whips him into it! No! Rios reverses......but Taylor ROCKS Blair with a vicious clothesline! And Blair can consider himself lucky, if you can believe that, because he never went through the table! Rios charging at Taylor......Taylor scoops him up and drops him with a powerslam! And wait a minute.....Taylor see's Reinhardt!

BC: Oh God this can't have a happy ending...

TT: Taylor daring Reinhardt to get in the ring! Reinhardt doesn't back down, and slides into the ring! AND HE SPEARS TAYLOR THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

BC: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Damnit we need some freakin' security out here!

TT: Reinhardt drapes Blair's arm over A.J. Taylor ......1...........................2..........................3!!!!!! Come on!

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, "The American Pimp" A.J. Taylor has been eliminated!

TT: Come on! A.J. Taylor has been screwed here! He had this match under control!

BC: Damn right!

TT: I don't agree with a damn word that comes out of A.J. Taylor's mouth, but he was screwed out of the National Title! And now its down to Paul Blair and Rios! Both men to their feet....Reinhardt has escaped through the crowd! Blair goes for the BLAIR KICK! But Rios ducks! And Rios connects with a Blair Kick of his own! He nailed Paul Blair with his own finishing move! And a cover! 1.........................2......................thr, NO! BLAIR KICKED THE HELL OUT!


TT: I don't know but that would have been a degrading loss for Paul Blair! Rios cannot believe it! Blair is laid out in the center of the ring, and how he kicked out, I will never know! Rios heading to the top rope, he's getting desperate here......and he's gonna go for it here......FROG SPLASH!!!! HE NAILED IT! 1......................2...............................SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!

BC: WHAT?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TT: Blair is not gonna let Rios win this thing! Rios is gonna have to reach deep into his bag of tricks to pull this one off! He pulls Blair up.....both men extremely fatigued! And he's setting him up.....he could nail it....THE VERTEBREAKER!!!! This has to be it! 1.........................2....................................SHOULDER UP!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES HE HAVE TO DO?!

BC: Come on, Blair! Damnit! We can't have a greasy haired punk like Rios prancing around with the National Title! Come on!

TT: Rios is in utter disbelief! What the hell is he gonna have to do to put Paul Blair away?! Rios pulls Blair up once again.......wait a minute.......Blair dodges around Rios.....Rios turns around......BLAIR KICK! BLAIR KICK! BLAIR KICK! ITS OVER! 1............................2....................................KICKOUT!!!!


TT: This is unbelievable! Both men down, which one wants it more?! Both men determined to win this thing, to be able to say he was victorious at Super Card, the biggest event of them all! It does not get any better than this!

BC: Come on Blair! Do whatever you have to do, finish this punk off!

TT: Blair now, fighting to stand....using his last ounce of energy to get to his feet......and he walks over to Rios and goes to pull him up...wait a minute....SMALL PACKAGE! RIOS HAS HIM IN A SMALL PACKAGE! 1................2...........................no Blair reverses!!......1..................2.....................3!!!!!!!!!!!

BC: HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doc McMartin: Here is your winner.....and NEW CWF National Champion.............PAUL BLAIR!!!

[The crowd roars in approval of the brilliant display of athleticism these men have just put on. The ref drapes the title across the chest of a passed out Paul Blair.]

TT: Rios did it! We have ourselves a new National Champion, and his name is Paul Blair!

BC: Whoo hoo!

TT: It took everything Blair had to beat Rios! It took every move in the man's arsenal, Rios would not be beat, but in the end, Paul Blair got the three count! Undoubtedly, it could have gone either way, and you can bet, it is far from over between these two men!

BC: But damnit, A.J. Taylor should be wearing that belt!

TT: A.J. Taylor was screwed thanks to Chris Reinhardt! And you can also bet that Taylor is gonna be looking for Reinhardt in the main event, and he's also gonna be gunning for Paul Blair, the new National Champion!

[Blair finally wakes up, and hears his music playing. When he see's the National Title on his chest, he sits up and looks around the arena, and see's the fans on their feet, giving these men a standing ovation. Blair slowly gets to his feet, and raises the title proudly over his head. The crowd only gets louder. Rios is laid out, and the ref is trying to revive him. Blair slides under the bottom rope and heads to the back. We shift the the commentators booth, and Teddy Turnbuckle alongside "Beautiful" Bobby Crane.]

TT: That was unbelievable. And now there is only one match left to go, and this is the one that is gonna be talked about for as long as the CWF's memory lives on! Who is gonna walk out of this match the CWF World Heavyweight Champion? An every man in the CWF ladder match......I mean, who is gonna be able to climb the ladder with every man in this promotion trying to knock him down?

BC: My pick is Brian Adams. The man was screwed out of the World Title by Steve Duarte back when Duarte ran this fed, and he deserves it more than anybody....the man has busted his ass training for this match ever since it was announced that he would be in it....and he's flawless!

TT: Brian Adams is certainly a favorite to win....but then there's Z-Pac. And Pledge Allegiance, who is at a severe disadvantage with his injured knee, thanks to Wraith. And there's Sammy Roma, who was also injured in the National Title match at the hands of A.J. Taylor, who is another favorite to win. And T-Money. T-Money has everything to in the world to prove here tonight. He's already won two titles at Super Card, can he do the impossible and win three titles in one night? He would be making CWF history!

BC: And then there's Chris Reinhardt, Mike Van Pro, Kyle Night, Mike Sinclair, Muriel Slater, Rios who damn sure wouldn't go down to Paul Blair very easily....the point is anyone can take this match! Its all a matter of who can get up the ladder fast enough to grab the belt without someone knocking them down? This is gonna be pure insanity!

TT: And folks, Steve Dart is supposed to compete in this match, scheduled to begin any moment now, and he is STILL not in the arena! Has he truly sold out?

BC: He must have if he'd pass up an opportunity like this! He better get his bald, drunken ass here, and FAST!

TT: And wait a minute....Mark Xamin is standing by backstage, he apparantly wants to address the CWF roster before this match begins!

[We shift to a backstage area, where CWF Owner, Founder, and President is standing by. Behind him is a large Super Card IV: Alive logo. Still dressed in the same attire as earlier in the evening - a black leather jacket over top a blood-red dress shirt, a blue tie, black dress pants and loafers. He speaks in a serious tone.]

MARK XAMIN: I hope you have all been enjoying the show thus far. However, before this next match begins, I would just like to issue a warning. A warning to all CWF wrestlers who are about to compete in this match for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, the most coveted prize in this industry, in an every man in the CWF ladder match. The warning is, quite simply: Enter at your own risk. You see, winning the CWF World Championship at Super Card, carves your name in stone as an instant CWF legend. I am fully aware of what wrestlers will do at this event. They slam a little harder. The punch a little harder. They try a little harder. But most importantly, they put their bodies on the line. The take any risk in the world to win this match, and therefore, the Classic Wrestling Federation will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur in this match. You are entering this match at your own risk, you can back out now....but if you choose to enter that ring....your fate is out of my hands. Thank you.

[We shift back to Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane at the announce position.]

TT: How about that? Mark Xamin is not taking any chances here tonight, he know's what's on the line...he know's what these men are about to do to each other...enter at your own risk, was his warning!

BC: Well some of these guys would be wise to heed that warning....namely guys like Pledge Allegiance, Sammy Roma, Paul Blair, Rios, hell, even T-Money and Mike Van Pro....these guys have already sacrificed their bodies to put on the show of their lives here tonight, and I don't think they can take much more punishment.....

TT: But look at whats on the line....a chance to win the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at the biggest event of the year....no, the biggest event in wrestling history! And they would be crazy to give up that opportunity!

BC: Who the hell is that way up there?!

[The scene shifts to a balcony high above the ring. We see Z-Pac, the King of Hardcore standing against the side of the safety railing looking down at the ring below. No one in the crowd notices Z-Pac up in the rafters and he continues to look down at the crowd and begins to speak.]

Z-PAC: Tonight the whole world has tuned in to watch the rebirth of the CWF. Probably around the world, we could safely say that at least five million people are watching this interview right now. 4,999,990 people have tuned in to see someone like Pledge Alliance, Jeff Jericho or even AJ Taylor walk away with the CWF World Title in their possession. About 9 people in that group of five million, have tuned in to see me win the World Heavyweight Title for the third time, and take my place that I so rightly deserve. And those 9 people, will finally have a Champion that can represent them, because they to know what its like to be called a freak and be looked down upon, and those 9 people will find their success through my success...but I'm not doing it for them... I'm going to become the CWF World Champion for myself, and if those 9 people enjoy it, then good for them...and as for that one other person, well, that viewer tuned in to see Mike Van Pro walk away as CWF World Heavyweight Champion...

"...You Have Your Fears...They Could Become Reality...One of Them is Z-Pac...Which is Reality..."

[Shift back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane.]

TT: Z-Pac with some strong words!

BC: That man is a FREAK. An absolute FREAK.

TT: He's also a favorite to win here tonight, Bobby. We are ready to begin! Lets head to the ring for the main event of Super Card IV: Alive!

[The scene shifts to Doc McMartin, who is walking up the ring steps for the final time this evening. He slowly climbs through the ropes, as if savoring the moment. He walks out to the center of the ring, and the crowd roars in anticipation of the biggest match in wrestling history. It is time for the main event.]

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Super Card IV: Alive, main event! It is a special every man in the CWF ladder match for the Classic Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship! The winner must climb the ladder and grab the World Heavyweight Title which hangs high above the ring...

[The camera zooms in on the World Title, which shines as the arena lights bounce off its golden exterior.]

Doc McMartin: The CWF roster will now make their way to the ring. They have been warned that should there be any physical altercation on the way to the ring, they will be thrown out of this match up!

["Alive" by Korn comes on, and every member of the CWF roster walks out through the curtain, single file. They all walk down the ramp, and enter the ring. Chris Reinhardt, Mike Van Pro, Pledge Allegiance, Luke Glass, Lance Gold, A.J. Taylor, Brian Adams, Z- Pac, Paul Blair, Jason Austin, Kyle Night, Muriel Slater, Rios, T-Money, Mike Sinclair, and Sammy Roma are all in the ring and ready to begin the biggest match in the history of professional wrestling.]

TT: We are about ready to begin here, fans....Steve Dart has still not arrived in the building, and his chance is gone! He can no longer compete in this match!

BC: How many referee's have been assigned to this match?

TT: Every single CWF referee is out there! Paramedics are standing by backstage in the event of a serious injury.....security is ready to take action should it be necessary....Mark Xamin is well prepared for this match, and......

["Blind" by Korn begins to play, and on the entrance ramp appears none other than the CWF Owner, Founder, and President, Mark Xamin. He walks down the ramp, a serious look on his face, as though this match could make or break the CWF as we know it. He walks over to the commentary booth, and takes a seat next to "Beautiful" Bobby Crane.]

MX: Evening, gentlemen....

TT: Mark Xamin has joined us here, and I assume you're here to watch this all go down up close and personal?

MX: Damn right.....lets ring the bell on this one.


TT: Here we go! The most anticipated match in CWF history! Z-Pac and Reinhardt are going at it like two savage dogs! T-Money and Mike Van Pro picking up where they left off earlier tonight! Rios and Blair! Pledge Allegiance and Sammy Roma! This is an all out war, and and the owner of this company is in for the most nerve racking experience of his life!

MX: Hey a lot is riding on this match...

BC: Give the man a break, Teddy!

TT: Z-Pac and Reinhardt's battle spills out onto the arena floor! Z-Pac driving fists of fury into the face of Chris Reinhardt, who we have seen one too many times already here tonight! And Reinhardt turns it around and now it is he who is throwing the punches! These two men are giving it everything they've got in the early going!

BC: Look at Rios and Blair!

TT: Blair has the upper hand.....he whips Rios to the ropes....Jason Austin spears Rios and he goes down! Blair and Austin teaming up on Rios, and both Blair and Rios can still hardly stand....hell, just 10 minutes ago these guys were in the match of their life!

MX: I watched that match backstage, and I gotta tell you guys....I have a whole new respect for Paul Blair.

BC: Too bad that greasy haired faggot had to be involved....otherwise it might have been considered a classic!

TT: Sammy Roma and Brian Adams are locking horns....Adams takes him down with a hip toss, and A.J. Taylor is joining in and helping out his buddy, Brian Adams.....Taylor and Adams stomping a mud hole in Roma and walking it dry! Taylor to the top rope....Adams holds up the legs of Sammy Roma......and Taylor with a DIVING HEADBUTT into the groin of Sammy Roma!

MX: Check out T-Money and Mike Van Pro!

TT: Their match was interrupted by Kyle Night and Magnus Thunder earlier in this broadcast, but these two men are picking up right where they left off! MVP has the upper hand, and whips Money to the ropes.....back heel kick!

MX: Mike Van Pro is gonna be CWF World Heavyweight Champion one day...I know it. And it could be tonight....

BC: Yes! The man is going to take over the World, starting with the CWF title!

TT: MVP has a sleeper hold locked on the Unified Champion, and one half of the Tag Team Champions, T-Money! And this move will put Money out for the rest of the match with the amount of endurance he has left! But Muriel Slater, the other half of the Tag Team Champions, has broken up the hold! Slater all over MVP like an animal! Van Pro doesn't know what to do, so he rolls out of the ring, and now Muriel Slater is chasing him around the ring!

BC: If only Muriel Slater could walk upright....

TT: Van Pro trying to get away from the Suicide Machine frantically, but Slater is hot on his tail! OH! Slater gets flattened by "The Forever Knight" Kyle Night, who rocked him with a devestating clothesline from around the corner! MVP and Kyle Night going to work on Slater! Z-Pac and Reinhardt are still going at it tooth and nail! Z-Pac whips him into the ringsteps! And the Hardcore Legend is gonna try and take Reinhardt apart! Wait a minute.....Luke Glass from the top rope.....and he DIVES onto Z-Pac with a cross body off the top! Z-Pac goes down!

MX: Once again, I would like to reinforce the fact that the CWF will not be held responsible for any injuries that occur during this match....

TT: Reinhardt up and he and Luke Glass are mugging Z-Pac! And Lance Gold, the other half of the Primablondas, has joined in, and its three on one here! Jason Austin has a steel chair and he's going to work on Rios! Paul Blair getting in a few shots.....Rios can hardly stand as it is! After this assault, no way could he climb the ladder!

BC: Speaking of the ladder!

TT: Brian Adams has the ladder set up in the ring! And he's making a run at the title! But wait a minute! A.J. Taylor is climbing up the other side! And these two men meet at the top but they won't let each other grab the belt! Adams and Taylor exchanging words at the top of the ladder......T-MONEY KNOCKS IT OVER!!! TAYLOR AND ADAMS GO CRASHING OVER THE ROPES AND THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!

MX: We will NOT be held responsible!

BC: They have to be dead! The corners of those TV sets driving into their backs....splinters! Cuts! And they land on the concrete floor!

TT: Adams appears to be busted open! T-Money now trying to climb the ladder! But MVP is in! And he pulls Money down! MVP and T-Money going at it yet again! They are exchanging blows like two rabid animals! Left hands, right hands, I can't even keep track! MVP is bleeding!

BC: Ahhhh!!!!!

TT: Z-Pac is up! Z-Pac fighting off Reinhardt, Glass and Gold! He whips Luke Glass into the ring post! He launches Lance Gold over the guardrail and into the crowd! And he ZDT'S REINHARDT!!!!!!

[The crowd explodes as Reinhardt's head is driven into the concrete with Z-Pac's signature move.]

BC: Don't let that freak win!

TT: Paul Blair and Sammy Roma are dishing it out now! Blair, the National Champion, is fatigued and its starting to catch up to him! Roma with a vicious SPINEBUSTER and Blair was almost put right through the mat! AJ Taylor is up from the carnage over at the spanish announce table! Brian Adams is a bloody mess but AJ Taylor is helping him up to his feet!

BC: Roma is going crazy on Blair!

MX: I tell ya, whoever wins this match DESERVES to be the champ!

TT: Rios is back on his feet.....but he's smacked back down again by Kyle Night! Kyle Night who ended the careers of Kefka and Brent Jones here in the CWF, possibly permanently!

BC: They had it coming to them!

TT: Wait a minute! Brian Adams and Z-Pac! Adams and Z-Pac are going at it! Z-Pac ducks a clothesline, and boots him in the gut! He's gonna hit the ZDT! No! AJ Taylor from behind with a chair! And Z-Pac goes down! Muriel Slater back up and he's going right after Mike Van Pro! MVP doesn't see him......from behind! Slater pulls him down hard to the mat by his hair! And Slater is pounding on MVP!

BC: He's trying to rip bits of flesh out of him, Teddy! Call it like it is!

MX: God, Muriel Slater is a one man wrecking machine!

TT: He certainly is! And T-Money is brawling with Pledge Allegiance on the other side of the ring! Pledge Allegiance's knee is destroyed thanks to Wraith, our new "Commenwealth Commissioner," but the man is still out here and that is commendable! And Pledge is getting the better of the fatigued T-Money! Pledge setting him up on the top rope.....FRANKENSTEINER!!!!! Pledge nailed him with a frankensteiner off the top!

BC: Hahahaha! Take THAT Money Master!

TT: AJ Taylor and Brian Adams are still taking Z-Pac apart! Rios over and pulls Adams away! Rios with a reverse knife edge chop on Adams! And another! And another! Adams chest is beat red, but it doesn't even phase him! He's asking for more! Rios nails him with another chop! And another! No! Adams grabs his arm, and pulls him in for a short clothesline! Adams slamming Rios' head into the concrete floor repeatedly! Paul Blair and Sammy Roma still duking it out! This looks like World War 3!

MX: What I wanna know is, where the hell is Steve Dart?! I haven't heard from the man since this rumor started, and I demand to know where the hell he is!

TT: The question remains....has Steve Dart sold out to our competition? Pledge Allegiance looks like he may have done even more extensive damage to his knee after that frankensteiner!

BC: He's an idiot for trying that move anyway....

TT: Z-Pac and AJ Taylor going at it now.....Sammy Roma in to split them up, and now its a three way brawl between Z-Pac, Taylor, and Roma! Roma with a double axe-handle into the lower back of Z-Pac! AJ Taylor with a SUPERKICK! He nails Roma, and Roma's head nearly flew off! Brian Adams is in the ring now....and he's climbing the ladder! Adams is all alone, and he's reaching for the belt! And......wait a minute....what the hell?!

[The crowd looks on in surprise is the belt raises higher in the air as Brian Adams reaches for it. Adams is standing on the highest rung of the ladder, but he can't reach. We zoom in on the rafters, to see Steve Duarte! Steve Duarte is raising the belt!]


TT: THATS STEVE DUARTE! What the hell?! He's screwing Adams out of the title....AGAIN! Z-Pac is up, and he's climbing the other side of the ladder....wait a minute......ZDT OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!!!

[The crowd roars!]

MX: Oh my God he's gotta be dead!

BC: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO! Please God let Brian Adams be okay! Damnit! I bet all my money on him!

TT: Adams was nailed with one of the most deadly moves in wrestling, off the top of a ladder!


TT: Give it a rest, the only reason you care is because Adams is your meal ticket!

BC: I resent that.

TT: Brian Adams is out like a light! But Z-Pac has to be hurt from that fall too! Paul Blair is climbing the ladder! The CWF legend has already won the National Title, can he grab the World? No! Muriel Slater pushes him over, and Paul Blair lands on the top rope! Blair stradling the top rope now, and Slater is shaking it! Luke Glass on the top turnbuckle....and a MISSILE DROPKICK on Slater! Blair falls to the apron, and then to the floor!

BC: Who could possibly win this? I mean, its impossible to climb a ladder with every one in the fed trying to knock you down! Who's the IDIOT that came up with this idea?!

MX: I am.....

BC: *cough* You're a genius, Mr. Xamin. What an amazing match....

MX: Save it, Crane....you just lost your Super Card bonus.


TT: T-Money up now! Mike Van Pro sends him back down with a BULLDOG from behind! MVP now climbing the ladder! Chris Reinhardt pulls him down! And Reinhardt is attacking MVP like a wild animal! My God these two hate each other! Reinhardt gets the upper hand, perhaps as a results of Mike Van Pro's fatigue, because of his incredible cage match with T-Money earlier on! Reinhardt driving MVP's face into the turnbuckle repeatedly! MVP with a mule kick to the groin of Reinhardt! And he DROPS him with a reverse neck breaker! But MVP stays down! Z-Pac back up! AJ Taylor SPEARS him! And Z-Pac goes right back down!

BC: Ha! Freak!

TT: AJ Taylor is trying to wake up a fallen Brian Adams! Adams and Z-Pac are the two favorites to win this thing! And this might have been over already had Steve Duarte not screwed Brian Adams!

BC: Why the hell did Duarte have to do that?!

TT: Brian Adams is starting to stir....Pledge Allegiance limping his way over....and AJ Taylor kicks him in the knee! Pledge goes back down, and Taylor locks on a FIGURE FOUR!!!!! Pledge is whailing in pain and he's tapping out, but there is no submission! Pledge's knee is gonna be finished off! But off the top! T-MONEY! T-Money nails Taylor with a leg drop off the top! And Money is letting loose on The American Pimp! Brian Adams is actually crawling to the ladder! I don't know how the hell he could get up after the biggest ZDT in history! Adams slowly climbing up the ladder! Rios and Sammy Roma are the only two men left standing in all this chaos and they are brawling through the damn crowd! Adams has the match won!


TT: Oh for God's sake! Duarte is raising the belt again! Adams slumps over the ladder in disbelief! He should be CWF World Heavyweight Champion! Adams looking down at T- Money now.....and he JUMPS OFF THE LADDER! FLYING ELBOW ONTO T- MONEY!!!! And he's telling AJ Taylor to go take care of Steve Duarte! AJ Taylor is heading backstage and I think he's going up to the rafters!

MX: Hey, security! Thats my damn head of talent relations up there!

TT: Z-Pac is up! Adams is up! And these two men are going at it tooth and nail! Adams pouring blood, Z-Pac battered and bruised! Adams boots him in the gut....FINAL VELOCITY!!!! NO! Z-Pac with a low blow! AND ANOTHER ZDT FOR BRIAN ADAMS!!!!!

BC: No no no no no! Everything down the pipe!

TT: Z-Pac using every last ounce of energy left in his body to try and climb that ladder! Each step becomes longer and longer for the hardcore legend! Muriel Slater is up....wait a minute, so is Kyle Night! Slater grabs one side of the ladder, Night grabs the other....and they are literally carrying Z-Pac on the ladder......AND THE TOSS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE! MY GOD!

BC: Wait a minute, look up there!

MX: SECURITY!!!!!!!!!

TT: AJ TAYLOR HAS MADE IT TO THE RAFTERS! And Steve Duarte is getting his ass kicked! But security pulls Taylor off of Duarte, and they take Duarte away as well! Taylor may be out of this match, but Brian Adams can grab the belt now!

BC: Oh my God if Adams wins this, I won't NEED your Super Card bonus, Xamin! Ha!

MX: Keep it up and you don't get paid this month. Period.

BC: Shutting up, sir.

TT: Slater and Night are fighting with all they've got! Night whips him to the ropes...and he put his head down too early! Slater with a POWERBOMB!!!!!! And wait a minute.....Blair from behind......BLAIR KICK! Blair nailed Slater with the Blair kick, but the ladder is on the outside, and Blair just passed out from the fatigue! And damnit, every man in the CWF is lying on their back!

BC: This is the most amazing match I've ever seen!

TT: Brian Adams rolling to the outside, and he's sliding that ladder back in the ring! Adams setting it up now......Z-Pac starting to stir on the outside....Adams slowly climbing the ladder......Z-Pac slowly getting to his feet......and he see's Adams! Adams is at the top rung! Z-Pac driving forearms into the lower back of Adams! Z-PAC THROWS HIM OFF!!!! And Z-Pac has a clear path to the title! Z-Pac is reaching! Wait a minute....MIKE VAN PRO PUSHES THE LADDER OVER!!! BUT Z-PAC IS HANGING ON BY THE TITLE!!!!!

BC: OH MY GOD!!!!!

MX: HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!

TT: Z-PAC IS HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!!!! Z-Pac dangling in mid-air! AND HE'S GOT THE TITLE!!!!!!!!


Doc: Ladies and gentlemen....the winner of this match, and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion.......Z-PAC!!!

[The crowd is on their feet as Z-Pac drops to the canvas in a HUGE drop. The title lands on top of him. Brian Adams sits up and looks on in disbelief.]



MX: That was an amazing match!

TT: But Brian Adams was screwed! Steve Duarte has screwed Brian Adams again! What does Adams have to do?!



[The crowd hushes as a man wearing a mask hops over the guard rail and starts doing a number on the new CWF Heavyweight Champion, Z-Pac!]

TT: What the hell! Thats....thats Z-KRUSHER!!!! And he is going to work on Z-Pac! Z- Krusher pulls him up....AND HE NAILS HIM WITH THE ZDT ONTO THE TITLE! Z- Krusher just nailed Z-Pac with his own move, onto his newly won World Heavyweight Title! And look at Brian Adams! Adams is smiling!

BC: Just who the hell is Z-Krusher anyway?

TT: Fans were are out of time! This was without a doubt, the single most historic night in CWF history! Thanks for joining us, we'll see you on Pop!

[We fade into highlights of Super Card IV: Alive. Blair nailing Rios with the Blair Kick, costing them the Tag Team Championship. T-Money and Muriel Slater with the titles. Mike Van Pro suplexing T-Money off the top of the cage. Kyle Night being manhandled by Magnus Thunder. T-Money and Muriel Slater flying through the side of the cage, courtesy of Magnus Thunder. T-Money holding the Unified Title. Blair and Rios in action. Blair reversing the small package to win the National Title. Brian Adams and AJ Taylor falling from the ladder inside the ring, to the outside and through the spanish announce table. Adams bloody face. Brian Adams reaching for the title, but Steve Duarte raises the belt out of his reach. Z-Pac ZDT'ing Adams off the top of the ladder. AJ Taylor taking out Steve Duarte. Z-Pac hanging from the title in mid-air, and dropping to the mat, title in hand, winning the CWF World Heavyweight Title, finally. And Z-Krusher ZDT'ing Z-Pac onto the title. A close up of Brian Adams smiling at the sight of Z-Pac being hit with his own move. It was a historic night. Thank you for tuning in. Until next time...]

[Fade to the Super Card IV: Alive logo. Then the CWF logo. Then to black.]