CWF 2009 Year End Awards


Let me begin this whole “show” by saying this has been perhaps the best year in the long, storied history of the CWF. That’s saying something. In years past, we’ve had so many remarkable people pass through the CWF, not the least of whom you can read about in our Hall of Fame and Event Archive. When you consider all of the great legends that have forged their legacy right here in this promotion, and then think about what a huge feat it was to top everything we’ve done in the past…well, you get a sense of exactly what we’ve done. From the returns of so many great legends that I myself worked with when I got my start 14 years ago, like Roland Ulv, Jimmy Blast, Rob Osbourne, Pledge Allegiance, Jack Mason, Tige’, and the list goes on…to returning CWF legends that have been such a huge part of the success we’ve all shared here, like Magnus Thunder who had a banner year, Paul Blair, Blood, Chemical X, Pledge, Brian Adams who finally got his due in the CWF, Sickboy who has had a record setting run with the National title, and the list goes on…and maybe the most promising accomplishment of all is the new stars we’ve all created here. Mariano Fernandez, Terry Richards, Bob Osbourne, Israel Steele, Jimmy Johnston, the list goes on and on…these are the people who will, in 10 years from now, be talking about the CWF the same way I talk about the MWWF and EWA.

I will just say, in closing…whether you win an award tonight or not, you all deserve one; you’ve all played a role in the greatest year in the history of the CWF.

Enjoy the show, and Happy Holidays.

Mark Xamin
CWF Owner & Founder

Best Off the Record Guest


You can listen to this episode of Off the Record here.

Chris Huller: I want to start off by thanking everyone who asked any questions at all. It is truly you that made this all possible. I'd also like to thank the English language for giving me the many derogatory words that allowed me to make some of you wonder why you even decided to listen in the first place.  I'd like to thank Mark Xamin for having me. I'd also like to thank Dave Crader, who feels the need to be a co-host every week instead of yours truly, who you voted to be the better guest. Just kidding, Dave. But seriously, every show? None of the rest of us can co-host? You greedy bastard.

Rookie of the Year

Mariano Fernandez began his rookie year very green but showing a lot of promise. By the end of the year, Mariano had defeated the legendary Maniac for the CWF National Championship, had a blood feud with Magnus Thunder, and headlined Battle to Survive with his first CWF World Heavyweight Championship match. Mariano also defeated Magnus Thunder in the first stop of the 2009 World Tour in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mariano makes his way with difficulty to the stage to receive the Rookie of the Year Award.

  Mariano Fernandez: First of all, please excuse my limping, but I’m still on the recovery from all that has happened recently… Anyways, “Rookie of the Year”… What can I say? I’m deeply grateful to be graced with this award… I honestly believed it was going to be awarded to Bob Osbourne. After all, he is a twice Unified Champion, only in four weeks. I only got the National Title, got handed the title shot, and I only had it for a month. Sure, I got a World Title match, but I lost. And still, I get this award… that means I can’t have done that bad.

  I must extend my deepest thanks obviously to you fans, who have supported me since day one and those who grew to like me as time went by. I must also thank Mark Xamin for taking me in such high regard and having such faith in me as to grant me a World Title shot, especially in my first CWF year. He also booked me against the top players of the CWF, and despite my losses – and some wins – he still put me in main event after main event. But most importantly, I must thank the very man who made this possible, and that is Pledge Allegiance. Without him, I would have never won the National Title, much less arrive into the main event scene. He is the one who made this possible, and I dedicate this award to him, as well as you CWF fans! Thank you very much for everything! This is all your work!

Face of the Year

With his goody two shoes reputation and his penchant for representing the good side, Mariano Fernandez was a no brainer for this award after the way he ended the year. Never giving up, never staying down, even in the face of adversity, Mariano Fernandez won the hearts of the fans, especially on the 2009 World Tour where he became arguably the top face in the company. His never say die attitude should carry him well into 2010 where he will aim to capture the CWF World Heavyweight Championship for the first time.

Once again, Mariano gets on the stage, being again greeted by an enormous amount of cheers.

  Mariano Fernandez: … Well, what can I say? Not content with being Rookie of the Year, I now get the Face of the Year award… I feel flattered by this award. To me, this has a special meaning. It means that all the actions I have done, the words I have said, and what I have tried to do actually means that doing what is right can get you somewhere. Who knows? Maybe if I had been another heel I would have reached a lot further… I guess I could have won the World Title at Battle to Survive even, but that is not what I stand for. Maybe I’m just looking for the impossible, but I believe everyone can be a hero. And I’m determined to make myself an example of that. I must thank the people who have been inspirational to me for this. Pledge, of course, also Magnus Thunder, despite the road he has taken… but my deepest dedication must go to Rei Ayanami here. Without her giving me the strength to carry on, who knows what I would have done… but now, because of the road I have chosen, she is now in a difficult situation. And as a consequence of that, I cannot give up on it now. I must make her sacrifice, and this award, worthwhile.

  Anyways, I won’t bore you anymore with my speech. Thank you very much once again!

Match of the Year

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne vs Pledge Allegiance
It should come as no surprise that one of the most storied rivalries of all time produced the match of the year at Fall Fever. But when you consider all of the other great matches that took place this year (Brian Adams vs Magnus Thunder, Brian Adams vs Pledge Allegiance, Magnus Thunder vs Mariano Fernandez, to name a few) you get a true sense of just how remarkable this match was. With so much on the line, Pledge Allegiance pulled off the victory after Paul Blair brought Rob Osbourne a “surprise” in the form of a returning Jimmy Blast, who laid out Osbourne and which proved to be the turning point in the match, eventually leading to a Pledge Allegiance World Championship victory.

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne is about to begin his speech as static cuts off the live feed and Tige' is shown on the screen holding the Nitemare’s award and standing behind a plywood podium spray painted black with red stripes.

Tige: Testing, this thing on?  I would like to thank the CWF for this honor.  Even though Jagermeister was in this match with the Nitemare I will accept this award in their honor.  I mean it was a great match capped off with my return and I could not have done it without (Tige' begins to tear up) GOD!   Yes, without me this match never would have happened and what a great match it was.  Thank you very much!  PEACE AND CANDYBARS!

The feed cuts back the Rob Osbourne, unaware his live feed was interrupted but he has no trophy.

Rob Osbourne: give me great delight to know that the CWF faithful enjoyed me beating up on this chump as much as I enjoy doing it. It just goes to show you that when you crack somebody’s head open enough times, you finally get recognized for it. Now that Pledge is done faking his own death, you ingrates will have a chance of seeing NRO –V- Pledge: 1,987 next year.

Pledge Allegiance: I can't express how honored I am to be recognized by our peers for this accomplishment.  Should it really surprise anyone the Pledge Allegiance and "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne had The CWF Match of The Year in 2009?  We have more history between the two of us than anyone else in this business.  In the weeks and days leading up to Fall Fever Rob and I promised that we would hold a clinic to show not only the rookies of The CWF, but its established superstars how to have a match that would blow the roof off of the arena.  Our match at Fall Fever had all the ingredients to make it a classic for the ages…a rich history between the participants, a chemistry that's unmatched, drama, and most importantly, it was for the greatest prize of all, The CWF World Championship.  Rest assured that should The Nitemare and your American Icon lock up in 2010, and they probably will, we will, without a shadow of a doubt surpass what we accomplished in 2009!

Most Improved Wrestler

Debuting on June 6, 2009, Mariano Fernandez has come a long way in just six months. Beginning feuds with Bob Osbourne and James Baker in the beginning, Mariano shot through the ranks like a shooting star, ending the year as a bonafide main eventer, headlining a major pay-per-view and wrestling in Showdown main events week after week against the top names in the company. Without question, no one in the CWF grew more than Mariano Fernandez in 2009.

For the third time, Mariano must get on the stage. This time he is overwhelmed by the emotion.

 Mariano Fernandez: (almost out of breath) “Wow… It’s three awards already… I never thought I was going to receive this much! Most Improved Wrestler… it has certainly been a long way since my debut on June 6th 2009, hasn’t it? If anyone had told me that day that months later I would be National Champion, and then I would battle the likes of “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, “Radiant” Roland Ulv, Blood, and Magnus Thunder, I would not have believed it. So once again, I must thank everyone I mentioned before for this award… And I have finally ran out of words, so thank you very much one last time!”

Feud of the Year

This legendary rivalry began in the EWA in 1997 and 12 years later, set the CWF on fire once again. Already producing the match of the year, this feud is one that is unlikely to ever die, and may well become feud of the year once again in 2010.

Rob Osbourne is about to begin his speech as static cuts off the live feed and Tige' is shown on the screen holding the Nitemare’s award but it is broken in half.  Tige’ is standing in the bathroom of a truck stop.

Tige’:  WOW!  Two in one night.  I am thrilled and have no words except I cannot believe that the Nitemare’s Nightmare feud was honored so much.  I mean all I heard from the CWF and the Nitemare himself was crying and bitching and moaning and meat slapping.  Just an honor and because I thanked GOD before, this time I would like to thank the guy at the local truck stop who sold me these NRO matches so I can burn them while I take a hefty crap.  TOODLES!

The feed cuts back the to Rob Osbourne, unaware his live feed was interrupted but he has no trophy.

Rob Osbourne: Pledge and NRO for feud of the year? Well no sh[BLEEP]t Sherlock. Anybody whose anybody in the world of professional wrestling knows that this is the one feud that has stood the test of time, spread across thirteen years and five different promotions. Although it should be more like 'Feud of the Decade' in my book.

Pledge Allegiance: Declaring Pledge Alligence and "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne as being the Feud of the Year might just be the biggest understatement that I have ever heard!  It might be more appropriate to call it the Feud of The Decade or dare I say Feud of The Century?  2009 not only saw Pledge and The Nitemare team up with the rest of The Osbournes to vanquish Shock Value but it also saw them do what they do best and that's take each other to the limit like they did at Fall Fever.  My co-winner here, The Nitemare, said it best when he touched on "How, after a decade do you keep things fresh?"  I think Rob and I did a pretty decent job of digging into our bags of tricks to keep everyone entertained.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, without The Nitemare, there would be no Pledge Allegiance.  I'd like to think Rob feels the same way.  In closing, I'd just like to say that much like the rest of you, I look forward to seeing where the story of Pledge and The Nitemare goes in 2010.

Stable of the Year

In 1996, the Horsemen dominated the MWWF with such members as Jimmy Blast, Money Train, Tony Mullins, Rob Osbourne, and Sandman. In 2009, the Horsemen were resurrected. The members included, throughout the course of the year, Rob Osbourne, Bob Osbourne, Terry Richards, Sickboy, Chemical X, Roland Ulv, Jimmy Blast, and Jack Mason. Together, they have dominated the CWF, taking no prisoners and winning, at some point or another, every major singles title in the CWF.

Rob Osbourne is about to begin his speech as static cuts off the live feed and Tige' is shown on the screen standing on the side of the Florida turnpike holding the Nitemare’s stable of the year award. Traffic whizzes by.

Tige':  Holy sh[BLEEP]t.  I am not even in a stable.   What an honor and what a great day.   I guess dreams do come true and geez I cannot be more thankful for the good things in my life.  When will all these great things end?   I mean match of the year, feud of the year, and now stable of the year.   All of you have made me truly blessed and Nitemare....just for this I am giving you an extra special Christmas present this year.  Give me the box!

Jagermeister hands Tige' a red box with a huge bow on it.

Tige’: I am going to leave this here on the side of the road for you Robbie boy and it has something so valuable to you in it.   I hope you get it and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

As Tige' says “Merry Christmas” he throws his arms in the air and the Nitemare’s trophy goes flying into traffic and is smashed by a tractor trailer.

Uhhhhhh.....whoops.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Ain't it Cool?

Feed cuts back to Rob Osbourne, unaware his live feed was interrupted but he has no trophy.

Rob Osbourne: Come on…of course everyone in the CWF locker room, and all of the CWF fans, knew which group would come away with this prize. Aside from X-Rated, there has never been a more dominant stable in the CWF…and I’d say we’re pretty neck and neck with Triple X’s boys for the best stable in CWF history.

Sickboy: Well, who do I thank? Personally I don't think any of you fans deserve any thanks from us at all nor from me. So I'll thank first of all the fearless leader Rob Osbourne for having the faith in me to become one of the elite members of the new formation of the Horsemen. I would also like to thank my girlfriend Justine and my legal rep Len and lastly I would like to thank the boys in the back who have been gracious enough to let us run riot and beat them down over and over without resistance. The Horsemen look forward to doing it all over again in 2010. Thank you.

Gonzo Goblin: Hello, my name is Gonzo Goblin, and I speak on behalf of Mr. Jack Mason for the acceptance of an award for which he is most deserving: stable of the year. Without Jack Mason, the cornerstone of the Horsemen, sir Osbourne, may very well be without arms or legs. And while Jack has repeatedly informed me that he is not opposed to the manufacturing of amputees, he could not let his oldest friend succumb to an act of such cowardice, an act of such ... such ... such peek-a-boo, vaudevillian tom foolery! AHHH! Our tribesmen would like to thank the soil of the earth for being fertile. Sir Mason would like to bury people alive in the soil of the earth. HAHA! I'm kidding! No I'm not. Jack Mason is the man with the scrap iron jaw, tougher than nails and meaner than jails; his enemies will fail, for he is the salt and they are the snails. Good day.

  P.S. Does this award come with a cash bonus, too? Is there any way we could get an advance on that? Have you ever tried to feed 20 warriors from the Congo? They've just discovered Little Debbie. Send help. 

Bob Osbourne: Hello all! As my first year in the CWF comes to an end, I would like to celebrate with you all! Party at my Dad’s house! (Rob glares at Bob. Bob turns to look at his dad.) Uhm….. MY house! Ladies and Gentlemen, I am STILL a little tee-ed off about me not winning any other awards, (mumbling) which I SHOULD have, but I digress. I am officially clearing the slate... Okay, okay, I couldn’t even PONDER about that. I just find so much fun in saying “I beat you! I beat you! And you just suck!!” But anyway, I hope some competition comes to the CWF VEEEERY SOON! I am aware that a few newbies joined. One is the baby of T-Money and James Baker, The Dealer for you slow folks. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy-is-back!! (fans cheer wildly and Bob makes fun of them) WROOT WROOT WROOT WROOT WROOT! But really, if Alex Ruettiger coming back makes you people cheer, then me pissing could make you cheer. And for ALL the new people, your going to hear this A LOT.

Pain is a four letter word.

Angle of the Year

The reformation of the Horsemen came as a welcome surprise to the old school crowd. But the initial nostalgia wore off quickly, and the Horsemen began to terrorize the CWF, seeking and destroying anyone who stood in their way. Headed up by “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, the ranks included Terry Richards, Bob Osbourne, and the returning Roland Ulv and Jimmy Blast. But with the additions of blood rivals Sickboy and Chemical X, the Horsemen became all the more dangerous. Now, with Jack Mason also added to their ranks, the Horsemen appear to be unstoppable.

Rob Osbourne is about to begin his speech as static cuts off the live feed and Tige' is shown ordering food at a local waffle house.  The Nitemare’s award is sitting on the grill behind the counter.

Tige’: I KNEW IT!   I just knew that this award was mine.   I mean if I brought back the Elites it might have won over the Nitemare’s Nightmare but anyway, this is such an honor.  We beat out such great things and Magnus Thunder turning heel....ugh.   The Horsemen reforming....AGAIN. And little molly buttercake losing her cherry...compelling.  What an honor once again and I wish I could be there in person to accept this award. I just want to thank the Nitemare and also his coronary for such a compelling angle.   I do want to thank the CWF roster as well for....well, they did nothing.  Screw em.  MUCH LOVE!

The feed cuts back the Nitemare unaware his live feed was interrupted but he has no trophy.

Rob Osbourne: When they told me the reformation of The Horsemen had beaten out Magnus Thunder joining the ranks of bad guys by one mere vote I was astonished. Wait? Did you think I was astonished because we had won the award? No....I was astonished because we only won by one vote. What are you people, on crack? The Horsemen have historically been the most dominant force in professional wrestling off and on for almost twenty years. Of course this was the biggest thing to happen in the CWF all year.

Tag Team of the Year

There was little doubt who was walking away with this award. The most dominant force in the CWF’s Tag Team division, Degradation quickly snapped up the Tag Team titles en route to an undefeated run that has yet to end.

Donovan: My brother and I are honored to receive this award for Tag Team of the Year. I’d like to thank Mark Xamin, for the invitation to come back to the CWF. Thank you to all the fans out there that have supported us over the years through the highs and lows. We do this for your enjoyment. I’d also like to thank my brother. Vince, you have been the best partner I could ever ask for. It is an honor and a privilege to work with you.

Vincent: Likewise, D. Thanks for always being there. This is incredible. (faking tears)  I’d like to thank the Academy, my Aunt Mabel for baking me cookies in the fourth grade… No seriously, it’s awesome to be recognized for all the hard work we’ve put in over the last few months. Being back in the CWF has been like being back home. I can honestly say there’s no other place like it. Thank you to everyone to has supported our endeavors. And to those of you who haven’t, suck on this award!

Heel of the Year

Loathed by fans and wrestlers alike, Rob Osbourne has been a hated man from the moment he laced up his boots for the first time in the CWF. Debuting at Night of Champions: The Ides of March, The Nitemare went on to an incredibly successful year, including a run as the CWF National Championship, marking the first CWF title he ever held, and later a run with the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Magnus Thunder. He also reformed the Stable of the Year, The Horsemen. But his brash, arrogant, cocky, condescending attitude made him easily the heel of the year. Not a Rob Osbourne match goes by where everyone isn’t rooting against him.

Rob Osbourne: When Xamin called me and told me I was going to be winning this award I was elated. Everybody in the locker room hates me. We all know that. Hell, even some of my own men hate me. To know that the fans hate me too…well, that just means so much more. I know I’m doing my job when you voted me your favorite Heel in such a landslide. Next year will be no different. Let “The Phallus One” come back…and I’ll run his bitch ass off again. If he thinks The Osbourne Family was tough, wait till that sumbitch looks across the ring and sees the greatest stable of all time standing there looking back. I think it will be Brian Adams who finally realizes what Shock Value really means. Hey…Thunder…yeah, I’m talking to you big man. Enjoy having that strap. Cause it comes back to where it belongs in about 14 days you big girl’s blouse.

Greatest Moment of the Year

Debuting in the CWF in 1997, Magnus Thunder has been the most fearsome singles wrestler in the history of the company. Loyal and a surefire Hall of Famer, somehow the CWF World Heavyweight Champion had alluded him until Summer Smash this year, when he defeated the streaking Brian Adams who to that point had looked unbeatable.

Magnus Thunder: And so we finally come face to face with the truth that I have indeed transcended the lot of you. After all the betrayals, the mockery, the vile trickery...this is the punishment you get! I see the Horsemen now, with their long faces of disappointment, staring at me from the darkness they've been left in. The taste of defeat is sour, is it not Osbourne!? To those who faithfully set this show up and tear it down each night without so much as a complaint, know that you are not beyond my judgment either!

Fed Head of the Year

In 1997, in the midst of the MWWF/EWA split, and craving a fresh start after the closure of the MWCW earlier that year, Mark Xamin founded the Classic Wrestling Federation. Originally intended as a neutral ground for both MWWF and EWA members to compete against one another, the CWF quickly took on a life of its own. Soon, the CWF grew larger than both the MWWF and EWA, and in 1998 it exploded into arguably the best promotion running. Today, in 2009, there is no question at all – the CWF is the pinnacle of the wrestling universe. With Mark Xamin at the helm, the CWF experienced its finest year.

Mark Xamin: Well if ever there was any doubt who the king is…

I kid. I’m actually a little surprised that Tommy Bishop didn’t win this. No I’m not. Yes I am. But no, I’m really not. In all seriousness though, the CWF is my baby, but without every single person on the roster and working with me behind the scenes, the CWF wouldn’t be nearly the success it is today. Every one of you brings something unique to the table and together, this year, we made history. In 2010, let’s do it again.

Show of the Year

Taking place in Sydney, Australia, in front of the largest crowd in CWF history (95,000+), Battle to Survive was the biggest stop on the 2009 World Tour. Featuring a main event of Magnus Thunder defending the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the Rookie of the Year, Mariano Fernandez, Battle to Survive was jam packed with five star matches and plenty of drama.

Mark Xamin: I think everyone was a little bit surprised when this beat out Super Card V, but when you consider that this was the first pay-per-view we ever held in Australia, it was in front of a record setting crowd, and the atmosphere was so special. All of those things made the show special enough, but when you throw in the runner up for match of the year, add the drama and intrigue that went on that night…it made for a magical show and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

Champion of the Year

After some 10 years of toiling away in the CWF, Brian Adams returned in 2009 and set the world on fire. A three month long championship reign that saw Adams wrestle through two classic feuds with Magnus Thunder and Pledge Allegiance, Brian Adams had the most memorable championship reign in modern history. Always controversial and never predictable, Adams led the charge until Summer Smash, where he lost the title to Magnus Thunder and went on an extended hiatus for unknown reasons. With his impending return, Adams will look to repeat in 2010.

Brian grabs his CWF award and shows it to the crowd that are booing him to show that there is no love lost between them.

Brian Adams: Was there really any doubt? 2009 was the year I silenced all critics. One by one you sent your heroes to destroy me and yet here I am. No one after me has met the standard I set. Not Osbourne, Pledge, or Magnus, just one flop after another. You might have thought I'd be happy with winning this award, but I’m not. I can’t help but feel a little bitter about the injustices thrown upon me with the awards show. No matter, because if you honestly think you've seen the best that Brian Adams has to offer, believe me when I say that you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Wrestler of the Year

Several match of the year contenders (vs Brian Adams, vs Pledge Allegiance, vs Mariano Fernandez), several feud of the year contenders (vs Brian Adams, vs Pledge Allegiance, vs Mariano Fernandez), a heel turn that enchanted the CWF at large, and two World Championship reigns made Magnus Thunder the obvious choice for Wrestler of the Year. Without question, 2009 was the year of Thunder and those who have worked with him since his arrival in 1997 could not be any prouder. Congratulations, Magnus.

Magnus Thunder: Do you see now how little your opinions matter? Your jeers and your taunts did NOTHING to keep me from attaining the honor due me! Good or evil, slave or free, I've stood above you all from beginning to end. Osborne and his Stableboys, Shock Value and the rest of you weeds can choke on that!

I'd also like to thank Mr. Xamin for betraying me, for without his inglorious white-washing of events I wouldn't have any reason to crush you all. To another year of CONQUEST!

Thank you for an unforgettable 2009. Here’s to an even better 2010!