For the past month, the 2009 CWF World Tour has had the wrestling world buzzing. The CWF’s loyal fans overseas and abroad rarely have a chance to witness the CWF live, in all its glory, and the CWF has made every night count since embarking on the global tour. First, there was Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Mariano Fernandez, in his own backyard, became the number one contender. Then, there was London, England, where Mariano Fernandez again sent the fans home happy, defeating Blood in no small part thanks to Magnus Thunder. And then, last week in Stockholm, Sweden, Roland Ulv teamed with Blood, battling Magnus Thunder and Mariano Fernandez in a tag team main event that the wrestling world is still buzzing about.

Tonight, the biggest stop on the World Tour, live from Sydney, Australia, the CWF proudly presents Battle to Survive 2009!

Tonight, Magnus Thunder will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against a man he can’t seem to beat…the fastest rising star in the CWF, rookie sensation Mariano “Shadow” Fernandez!

Tonight, the Horsemen collide as Jimmy Blast takes on “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and former Horseman Terry Richards in a triple threat match!

Tonight, the CWF World Tag Team Championships are on the line as Degradation defends against Da Xtreme Dynasty!

Tonight, Roland Ulv will assume his role as the muscle of the Horsemen as he battles Blood!

Tonight, in two classic elimination matches, the team of Israel Steele, Paul Blair, Keith Daniels, and Jaxx Harrington will battle the team of Jimmy Johnston, Chris Chandler, and newcomers Lev Mikovich and Christoffer Wallace Patrickson! The team of Chemical X, Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, and Bruno of Death Squad will battle the team of James Baker, Enrique Lopez, and The Richards Legion!

Tonight, it’s not just about championships and pride…tonight, it’s a Battle to Survive!

Fade in to a jam packed, open roof ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia. 95,000+ fans jam pack the arena to its capacity, marking the largest crowd in CWF history. The roof of the stadium is flipped open, creating a large amount of extra seating. The set is remarkably impressive. The Australian flag provides the back drop to a set comprised of sparkling red block letters, spelling out “BATTLE TO SURVIVE,” surrounded by sand, some dark green underbrush, and a single palm tree – it is made to look like something of an oasis. The aisle way is covered in thick red carpeting, leading to the ringside area which is the most impressive sight of all. The ring is surrounded and covered by a giant “claw” with a beam of light shooting out from the top of it. The production crew has dubbed it “the spaceship” and it glows in the darkness with various special effects. The roof of the stadium glows blue for added effect. Fireworks shoot up the aisle and explode over the ring in the night sky as the “claw” changes colors rapidly in sync with the pyrotechnics. The crowd is electric. Standing at ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the land down under! Welcome to Sydney, Australia! Welcome to the amazing AMZ Stadium! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Battle to Survive! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…we’re so glad you could join us this evening, and what a night we have in store!

BC: I’m in awe right now, Teddy! Look at this place! The production crew has dubbed this whole set “the spaceship” and it’s not hard to see why…this whole arena feels like one big space ship right now…you look up and see the stars in the night sky, you look directly ahead and you see the stage that makes you feel like you’ve crash landed on another planet in your spaceship, which is set up over the ring…even I’M impressed!

TT: It is remarkable indeed, no doubt the biggest spectacle I’ve ever been a part of…what an unbelievable atmosphere for our pay-per-view spectacular tonight, and what a lineup! Magnus Thunder will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, right here tonight, against the first time challenger, the rookie sensation, the fastest rising star in the CWF… Mariano “Shadow” Fernandez!

BC: And I’m starting to get a little concerned, Teddy! I mean, how embarrassing would it be to see a little Latino coffee bean who weighs 176 pounds soaking wet, walking around with the CWF World Heavyweight Championship? But that could be the case tonight…I have all the faith in the world in Magnus Thunder, he’s got the size and strength advantage as he always does…but twice he’s faced Mariano Fernandez, and twice he’s failed to beat him for a three count! And just two weeks ago, with the help of Blood, Mariano Fernandez beat Magnus Thunder, 1-2-3 in the center of the ring. We could see a new champion crowned here tonight!

TT: We very well could…also tonight, the Horsemen come unglued as Jimmy Blast and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne will square off as opponents along with Terry Richards in a triple threat match that the whole world is waiting to see.

BC: There’s not room enough in the ranks of the Horsemen for two egos the size of Rob Osbourne’s and Jimmy Blast’s! Tonight, it’s all gonna come crumbling down and hey, we could see Terry Richards get his revenge right here tonight in the land of Oz!

TT: Also on the card tonight…the CWF World Tag Team Championships are on the line, Degradation defends against Da Xtreme Dynasty!

BC: Well the Dynasty got a big win over Molten Lava last week, but tonight they’re in way over their heads, Teddy! Degradation is unstoppable and they’ll prove it under the stars tonight!

TT: How about this one…Blood takes on “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv, and what a…


TT: AH! What the hell?!

A bolt of pyrotechnic lightning strikes down from the rafter and hits the video screen at the top of the aisle. The boom reverberates through the stadium, and the camera shakes.


BC: I don’t know but…

TT: Get out from under the damn desk, you idiot! Something is up here tonight!

Suddenly, the video screen begins to come to life, first displaying static, the sound crackling through the arena. Then, as the picture clears, the words on the screen appear as clear as the night sky hanging above the arena.




Then, the static overtakes the words, and the video screen has a power failure, blacking out, the high pitched, warbling sound of an old television being turned off echoes through the stadium.

TT: What the hell is going on here tonight?! We’ve barely even made it through the introductions and already there’s something brewing in the air here tonight!

BC: I think it was the fat guy sitting behind you.

TT: What?

BC: That thing brewing in the air.

TT: I mean something strange is going on, you idiot! But in any event folks…buckle up, this is gonna be a night to remember! The combatants for our first match are already in the ring! Let’s head to the ring and get the show underway!

Cut to the ring.

Israel Steele, Jaxx Harrington, Paul Blair, and Keith Daniels stand in their corner, while Jimmy Johnston, Lev Mikovich, Chris Chandler, and Christoffer Wallace Patrickson stand in theirs.


TT: Here we go! And it looks like Keith Daniels will start for his team. And it looks like Lev Mikovich is trying to tell his team that he'll start things off!

Lev's team is reluctant but step out to the apron as Daniels lets out a primal scream. Lev turns around...and he's turned inside out from a massive lariat!

BC: MY GOD!!! LEV WAS JUST FLOORED!!! He flipped head over heels from that shot, and Daniels makes the cover!!!




Ring Announcer: Lev Mikovich has been eliminated!!!

TT: And Daniels has done it!!!

BC: And look at Lev! We have officials helping him out of the ring as that clothesline hit him with such an impact that he's actually bleeding from the mouth!!!

TT: Lev's team seems a little precautious to get in the ring as Israel Steele tags himself in on the other side! And it looks like Johnston will come in as well!

BC: These two met in a triple threat match recently, as Johnston was able to steal the victory!

TT: Johnston and Steele lock up. Johnston has the advantage as he backs Steele in to the corner. Johnston with a hard shot to the head, and he quickly takes Steele to the mat with a side headlock! He applies pressure, and Steele struggles to get back to his feet.

BC: Mikovich has finally been brought backstage, and it sounds like we have EMT's checking for internal bleeding!

TT: Steele is back to his feet and he shoves Johnston in to the ropes. Johnston on the return...shoulderblock...and neither man goes down! Johnston hits the ropes again...another shoulderblock...and again, neither man goes down!

BC: These are two of the biggest men in the CWF!

Johnston and Steele lock up again, and Johnston takes the advantage as he plants a knee to the gut. He whips Steele in to the ropes, and Steele connects with a perfect clothesline on the rebound! Steele grabs Johnston by the arm and drags him to the corner. He tags in Blair. Blair enters and delivers a boot to the gut.

TT: Blair is the legal man for his team now as he grabs Johnston with a front facelock...and Johnston quickly counters with a back body drop! He picks Blair back up and slams him to the mat with a scoop slam! Johnston grabs Blair by the leg and drags him to the corner...and there's the tag!

BC: Ahh!

TT: Chandler steps in to the ring and delivers a stomp to Blair's gut as Johnston steps out to the apron. Chandler brings Blair back to his feet and applies the side headlock. Blair shoves him off in to the ropes...and he ducks under a Chandler clothesline from the rebound...neckbreaker by Blair!

BC: Woo! Go Blair!

TT: Blair picks Chandler back up and backs him to the ropes. Blair with the whip...not noticing the blind tag from CWP! And Blair catches Chandler with an atomic drop on the rebound...but CWP drills him with a clothesline from behind! Chandler makes his way out to the apron as CWP picks Blair up. He has a front facelock, lifting Blair vertical...picture perfect suplex!

BC: Come on, Blair! Get up!

TT: You need to get over this thing with Blair, Bobby!

BC: Shut up!

TT: CWP brings Blair up to his feet again. He whips Blair in to the ropes...and I believe that was another blind tag, this time by Steele! CWP with a lariat...but Blair ducks under! CWP turns to Blair...BLAIR KICK!!! CWP stumbles back, out on his feet! He turns around and Steele has him by the throat...DEATH DROP!!! And he has the cover!




Ring Announcer: Christoffer Wallace Patrickson has been eliminated!!!

BC: Ha! It's now two on four!

TT: It looks like Johnston is coming! Chandler beats him to the punch, instantly going after Steele! He knocks Steele in to the corner, and Daniels tags himself in! Chandler comes at Daniels...and Daniels nails him with a hard right...and a second! He pushes Chandler in to the ropes...VICIOUS HEADBUTT BY DANIELS ON THE REBOUND!!!

BC: Chandler appears to be busted open from that one!

Daniels picks Chandler up in a fireman's carry position. He swings Chandler around...THE FINAL VERDICT!!! And Daniels makes the cover!




Ring Announcer: Chris Chandler has been eliminated!

BC: You've got to be kidding me! It's down to a four on one Johnston is the only man left on his team!

TT: That's how it goes sometimes! Johnston enters the ring. Him and Daniels quickly lock up, and Johnston forces Daniels in to the corner. He whips Daniels to the opposite corner and quickly follows in, but Daniels gets the boot up! Daniels comes at Johnston with a lariat...but Johnston ducks it! Daniels turns to Johnston, and he's caught with a belly to belly suplex!

BC: Johnston is going to need a miracle to win this one!

TT: Johnston brings Daniels back to his feet and plants him with a short-arm clothesline. He pulls Daniels up once more, this time delivering him in to the ropes. Daniels rebounds, and he's caught with a spinebuster! And Johnston makes the cover!




TT: Daniels kicks out! Johnston brings Daniels to his feet, and Daniels is able to catches Johnston with an elbow to the gut! Daniels whips Johnston in to the corner. He follows in with a massive lariat, and Johnston falls to the mat as Harrington tags himself in!

BC: Johnston needs to eliminate some of the others in this match, Teddy! We're still early in this one, but we're looking at incredible odds to overcome!

TT: Harrington picks Johnston up...and Johnston with the inside cradle!




Ring Announcer: Jaxx Harrington has been eliminated!

TT: He got him! He caught Harrington with the inside cradle...and Harrington can't believe it! And it looks like Blair will pick up where Harrington left off! Blair locks up with Johnston, and Johnston forces him to the corner. Johnston with a knee to the gut...and a second! He brings Blair to the mat with a snapmare and plants a hard knee to the spine!


Johnston applies a rear chin lock on Blair. The referee checks on Blair, but Blair's not ready to give the match up. He struggles, slowly making it back to his feet. Johnston floats in to a side headlock, and Blair instantly tries to push him off...but to no avail! Blair delivers a back elbow...and a second, and Johnston finally releases the hold. Blair nails Johnston with a hard forearm, forcing Johnston in to the ropes. Blair whips him across the ring...and he catches Johnston with a sleeper on the rebound!

TT: Blair with the sleeper hold! The ref is checking on Johnston, and Johnston refuses to give up! Johnston backs himself in to the corner, crushing Blair! Blair stumbles out...and Johnston grabs him with The Double J!


TT: Blair is struggling...and he delivers a headbutt! Blair gets an arm free...forearm to Johnston's skull! Johnston releases the hold as he stumbles back. He comes at Blair with a clothesline, and Blair ducks under!

BC: NO!!! NO!!!!

TT: Johnston turns around...BLAIR KICK!!! NO!!! Johnston caught his foot! Johnston pulls Blair in for a short-arm lariat...but Blair ducks under! And Blair with a chop block from behind!


TT: Blair makes his way to the corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle. He's waiting for Johnston to return to his feet. Johnston slowly gets back up as Blair comes off the ropes with a double axe handle...AND HE'S CAUGHT!!! The Double J is locked in tight!!! Blair is struggling as Johnston applies pressure, rag dolling him!

BC: Come on, Blair! Don’t give up!

TT: Blair is struggling...but it appears as if he's fading out! Steele tries to get in the ring, but the ref won't allow it! The ref checks on Blair...and he's out!

BC: NO!!

Ring Announcer: Paul Blair has been eliminated!!!

TT: We're now down to a two on one situation! And it looks like Daniels will take over for Blair! Johnston is back up...and he's met with that vicious clothesline from Daniels! And Daniels makes the quick cover!




Johnston gets his shoulder up at the last second! Daniels backs Johnston in to the corner and delivers a hard shoulder to the gut! He brings Johnston out of the corner with a hard powerslam. Daniels again brings Johnston to his feet with a front facelock and drops him with a vertical suplex. Daniels hits the ropes and drops a knee on the skull!

TT: Daniels has taken over the offense here...but you have to give credit to Johnston for at least coming back to eliminate two members of the opposing team! Daniels pulls Johnston back up, and he sends him to the corner. Daniels follows in...hard lariat in the corner, and Johnston falls to the mat! And Steele tags himself back in to the match!

BC: Johnston may be screwed here!

TT: The ref gets Daniels back out to the apron as Steele picks Johnston up. He grabs Johnston with a front facelock...and he delivers with a vertical suplex! Steele quickly makes the cover!




TT: Johnston rolls the shoulder! Steele brings Johnston to a sitting position and applies a rear chinlock.

BC: At least this opening match has been interesting, Teddy!

TT: Indeed it has! Johnston is trying to get back to his feet, and he finally does as Steele is forced to switch to a side headlock. Johnston forces Steele off in to the ropes, and Steele catches him with a clothesline on the rebound! He brings Johnston back to his feet and makes his way back to the corner for the tag!

BC: We're finally seeing actual teamwork in this match!

TT: Daniels enters the ring and delivers a boot to the gut! He lifts Johnston on to his shoulders for the fireman's carry...possibly looking for The Final Verdict...but Johnston squirms and falls behind! Johnston with a german suplex!

BC: Beautiful counter by Johnston!

TT: Johnston picks Daniels back up, and he plants him back to the mat with a Russian legsweep! And Johnston continues the attack with a knee drop to Daniels' skull!

Johnston brings Daniels to a seated position and applies a modified bow and arrow. The ref checks on Daniels, but he won't give up as he uses his power to get back to his feet! He twists around...back body drop on Johnston! Daniels makes his way to the corner and Steele tags back in. Steele brings Johnston back up, lifting him to the shoulder...running powerslam!!! And he makes the cover!




TT: Johnston kicks out again! And Steele again brings Johnston back to his feet. Steele with the double choke grip...NO!!! Johnston grips around Steele, locking in The Double J!!! The ref checks on Steele, and Steele struggles to escape! Johnston applies more pressure, and it looks like Steele is fading!

BC: It could come down to a one on one match here!

TT: Steele is still struggling, and he's somehow able to break free from the submission! Steele with a boot to the gut! He applies the front facelock, but Johnston catches him with a double leg takedown...and he rolls Steele up!!!




TT: Johnston had his feet on the ropes, but the ref never saw it!

Ring Announcer: Israel Steele has been eliminated!!!

BC: It's not cheating if you don't get caught!

TT: You can tell that Johnston is exhausted as Daniels steps back in to the ring! Daniels catches Johnston with another clothesline, taking Johnston to the mat! Daniels brings Johnston back up with a front facelock. He lifts him vertical...and drops him on the top rope! Johnston hangs as Daniels hits the ropes...RUNNING BIG BOOT...NO!!!

BC: Johnston was able to dodge it as he stands on the apron! Daniels comes at Johnston...and Johnston with a shoulder to the gut!

TT: He grabs Daniels with a front facelock of his own...and he suplexes Daniels out to the floor!!

BC: What a comeback this would be if Johnston can defeat Daniels!!!

TT: Johnston quickly picks Daniels back up and rolls him in to the ring. He slides in after Daniels and quickly gets back to his feet.

Johnston picks Daniels up and delivers him in to the ropes. Daniels off the rebound...and Johnston catches him with a spinebuster! He quickly makes the cover!!




Daniels kicks out! Johnston again brings Daniels to his feet and backs him in to the corner. Hard right by Johnston...and another...and another! He pulls Daniels out of the corner and drops him with a backbreaker! He brings Daniels back up...another backbreaker!!! And again he makes the cover!




TT: Daniels gets the shoulder up! Johnston brings Daniels back to his feet...and he locks in The Double J!!! Daniels is struggling as the ref checks on him!!!

BC: This could be it Teddy! We could see the biggest miracle in CWF since Adam Mazur winning a match!

TT: That happened? Anyway...Daniels is trying his best to fight out of this hold, but it may be too late as Johnston has it locked in perfectly! Daniels is fading...and it looks like he's out!

BC: Johnston's going to do it!

TT: The ref checks on Daniels...and he's calling for the bell...NO!!! Daniels with that raging scream...and it looks like he's going to fight back! Headbutt...another...and Johnston releases the hold as he stumbles back! Daniels comes at Johnston...but Johnston catches him in The Double J again! And Daniels grips around Johnston's waist...


TT: Daniels with amazing strength as he's able to toss Johnston overhead with a belly to belly!!! And it looks like he's preparing for the finish here!!! Johnston is up...and Daniels gets him with the fireman's carry!!! Johnston with an elbow...and another! And Daniels drops Johnston! Johnston with a running clothesline...NO!!! Daniels catches him with the fireman's carry...THE FINAL VERDICT!!! And he makes the cover!





TT: Daniels has done it!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and the sole survivor..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels isn't finished as he picks Johnston back up in the fireman's carry...and Blood from out of no where hits the ring, drilling Daniels from behind! Daniels drops Johnston as he stumbles forward and Blood grabs his arm, twisting it...BLOOD LOSS!

TT: Blood has hit the ring, and it looks like he's going to make a statement here tonight!

BC: Well, he just saved Johnston's ass!

TT: Blood is out to the apron as Daniels slowly returns to his feet...dazed. Blood with the springboard...THE SUFFERING!!!

Blood stands over Daniels as the crowd erupts in boos. He poses for the crowd, showing his dominance as Daniels lays motionless!

TT: Blood has definitely made a statement here tonight, Bobby! Roland better watch out! But nonetheless, folks…Keith Daniels picks up the win for his team despite a valiant solo effort by Jimmy Johnston who continues to impress week in and week out.

BC: This kid is gonna be a star, you watch! Daniels is nuttier than these Aussies though, and that’s saying something!

TT: Well in any event…up next we have…wait a minute, what the hell is this now?!

“Hellraiser” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and the fans roar, rising to their feet. Terry Richards comes out with a smirk on his face, in his usual ring attire. Terry enters the ring and grabs a mic.

TT: What on earth is he doing out here? He’s not schedule to compete until later tonight!

BC: Haven’t you figured it out yet, Teddy! Terry Richards does whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants to do it!

Terry Richards: Unlike all of you are thinking in this moment…I’m not out here to talk about my match tonight.

Terry smiles, and continues.

Terry Richards: See, since the Horsemen backstabbed me and made me look like a whore, I changed. I give opportunities to everyone else. Remember the night…I once thought it was the best night, the night I joined the Horsemen? The night I beat Sickboy, destroyed Randy Retro, Genocide and Richie Moncrief, and joined the fabled stable in its reunion? That’s right… I’m not here because I’m giving any second opportunity to Sickboy, obviously… I’m here to address Randy Retro, Genocide, and Richie.

Perhaps you fans remember what was the stipulation of that match? Loser gets a two month suspension. Two months, that ended last Showdown. Randy Retro is back, Genocide is back, and Richie Moncrief is back to this roster. And now…I’d like to give them a chance for revenge. See, I didn’t quite get a chance of revenge given by the Horsiest of Horses, but I’d like to show the world how fair I am…I’m giving you one chance.

One chance…for what? Once chance for revenge. One chance for glory. A match for fame. That’s right, you three… You got it right. You’ve got one chance of facing me, on a three on one handicap match, so you can show these people how good you are! Come on! Face me! Give the crowd your full potential; this is your once in a lifetime chance of facing The Maniacal One, The Windy City Madman, The former Double Champion, the pillar of the CWF… I’m offering you a match against me! Come on, no DQ’s, no ring-outs, all weapons allowed, a three on one elimination massacre! Come on out!

TT: Good Lord, he’s calling out guys that were nowhere near capable of competing in the CWF, but in a three on one situation…anything can happen!

Genocide, Richie Moncrief and Randy Retro, realizing the opportunity, pop out of the curtain. Throughout the crowd’s silence, the three wrestlers get into the ring. Terry orders the timekeeper to ring the bell.


TT: And Terry Richards is giving these men an opportunity! Well thought!

BC: Genocide going right at Richards…Terry counters with an arm drag! Both men get up…Another one! And another one! Richie Moncrief and Randy Retro aren’t moving a finger!

TT: Wait…Now they are...Randy Retro and Richie Moncrief exit the ring! Cowards!

BC: And the crowd showers them with boos!

TT: But in the inside of the ring, Terry…SHINING WIZARD on Genocide’s face!

BC: And it looks like Terry is ready to jump! Here he goes!

TT: Terry bounces off the ropes, and a Tope Con H…AAAAHHH!!! MY GOD, RETRO HITS RICHARDS WITH A CHAIR OUT OF NOWHERE!

BC: And these three furious men gang up on Richards!

TT: Terrifying chair shots by Randy Retro…THESE GUYS ARE GOING WILD!

BC: Genocide rolls Richards back into the ring; he and Retro are climbing to the top rope… And a double lariat is coming…


BC: Richards going for the cover on Genocide…



BC: But Moncrief breaks up the pin! Uh-oh, I don’t think he should’ve made it…

TT: Richards is up, furious, staring at Moncrief…

BC: Moncrief looking at Richards with a despising look…


BC: There was a blackout at the River City! 1…


BC: But Moncrief manages to get his foot on the ropes!

TT: Boy, that joke was really bad, Bobby.

BC: So what? This is live television, Teddy! Terry clotheslines both Genocide and Retro, and he’s taunting…

The crowd cheers as Terry raises his fist in the air. He lifts Genocide up, grabs his waist…


BC: Genocide is out of it!





BC: Only two men can have their revenge now!

TT: Terry climbs to the top rope… 450 SPLASH, RIGHT ON RICHIE MONCRIEF! THE COVER…




TT: It’s all down to Terry Richards and Randy Retro now! This Terry kid is going wild!

BC: Terry gets up and exchanges blows with Randy…Terry with a big fist to the chin! The crowd goes nuts!

TT: But Randy fights back with a big forearm shot! Look at the crowd reacting furious…

BC: And Terry, courageously enduring Randy’s punches… Ah, hell…You know what? I can’t do it anymore.

The sound of Bobby’s headset being taken off and slammed into the ground is heard. Teddy speaks, alarmed.

TT: Where are you going, Bobby?! Richards with a SUPERKICK on Randy, who falls back…Bobby…What the hell…LOW BLOW! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? BOBBY CRANE IS ATTACKING TERRY RICHARDS! SMALL PACKAGE BY RANDY RETRO!!






Ring Announcer: The winners of this bout…The team of Genocide, Randy Retro, and RICHIE MONCRIEF!

The crowd chants “You screwed Terry”, furious. Bobby Crane, irate, grabs a mic and spills it out all on Terry’s face.

BC: I JUST CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE! It’s WEEK after WEEK, I have to pretend that I’m your fan, that you rock, that you are the future…But that’s all a bunch of BULL[BEEP]!

Terry grabs his crotch, in agonizing pain. Bobby proceeds, furious.

BC: I don’t care about that stupid bet we made! I don’t give a s[BEEP], that’s right, you’re hearing it right, I don’t give a s[BEEP] about the fu[BEEP] bet where you cheated to get a win over me! I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! IT ISN’T ME! THIS…THIS IS THE REAL ME!

Bobby delivers a swift right hand to the jaw of Terry, who falls back, semi-unconscious.


Bobby drops the mic, furious, and goes backstage. The crowd is shocked.

TT: Well… Anyway! I don’t know what’s going on here with Bobby Crane, but I understand something is going on backstage…let’s get a camera back there!

Cut backstage. We see Mariano Fernandez. He continues to lace up his boots as the lights flicker off and back on. Once they come back on, Keith Daniels can be seen behind him, a deranged look on his face.

Keith Daniels: He's coming for you...

Before he can respond, the lights flicker off and back on. Daniels is gone.

Mariano Fernandez: Hello? Is someone there?

Not receiving an answer, he shrugs and continues to lace his boots.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well…I don’t know what that was all about but Keith Daniels appears to be in some kind of trance. But nonetheless, standing by right now is none other than “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv with his thoughts on his match later tonight….

We cut to the backstage area where we find “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv standing by in front of a back drop with the CWF logo. He’s dressed in his regular blue wrestling attire with a yellow cross printed on top with matching knee and shoulder pads. His long blond hair hangs down on his shoulders and we see that the Australian sun has made his tan even better.

RRU: G’DAAAAAAAAAAAY SYDNEEEEEEEEEY! Don’t boo mii bicause I’m not in thii main event… That is not my decision. It’s not my fault yuu will have tu settle with a Fjord Monkii and a little boy instead of thii most Radiant wrestler who ever stepped intu thi squared circle. It’s not my fault that I thi Radiant One will face thi man who is sick in the brain – Blood!

He shakes his head.

RRU: Or will I Blood? Will I face yuu fur sure? Perhaps I am “thi Nitemare” Rob Osbourne? Wagga, wagga? Perhaps this fist is a foot fur sure? Have yuu taken yuur medicine Mr. Sick in thii Brain? Have yuuu siin a pig fly? Have yuu seen snow in Hell? Will yuu able tu difiit mi? Or thi Nitemare if yuu think I am thi Nitemare?

Ulv looks puzzled, the starts shaking his head.

RRU: Wagga, Wagga, Wagga…. I am thi Radiant One… This is a fist that yuu will get punched in yuur face with… Medecine or no medicine pigs don’t fly, there’s no snow in hell and yuu will never bii able tu diifiit thi Radiant One! This match is going tu bi Radiant… RADIANT… RADIANT FUR SURE!!!

Ulv looks down and then up again.


We cut back to Bobby and Teddy at ringside.

TT: Well an always…um, colorful, Roland Ulv…but as you can see, Bobby Crane has rejoined me here at ringside after unleashing his wrath on Terry Richards moments ago…

BC: That bastard.

TT: Let’s take a look at what happened backstage just moments ago as our cameras followed Terry Richards…

Cut to backstage, where Terry, with a bandage on his head, maniacally yells.


Dennis Donnelly comes in.

DD: Terry, after this brutal attack…What are your feelings on this?

Terry grabs Dennis by his neck and slams him into the wall, furious.


Cut back to ringside.

BC: That guy is nuttier than squirrel shi…

TT: Hey hey! This is a family show. The ongoing saga between Terry Richards and Bobby Crane continues, but up next folks…we’ve got another elimination match up as Chemical X, Sickboy, and Bob Osbourne of the Horsemen team up with Bruno of Deathsquad to take on James Baker, Enrique Lopez, and The Richards Legion! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is a Battle to Survive team elimination match! From the first team, representing Death Squad...BRUNO! And from the Horsemen....Chemical X...the CWF Unified Champion....Bob Osbourne...and the CWF National Champion...SICKBOY!

“Four Horsemen” by Metallica plays as Bob, Sickboy, Chemical X, and Bruno make their way out onto the ramp posing together and then heading to the ring together.

TT: A very united front they have there Bobby!

BC: Make no mistake about it, this here...Team Horsemen if you will, they have to be the odds on favorites.

TT: Ah, but on any given night, you never know what to expect in the CWF!

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, the team of former CWF Unified champion James Baker, along with Enrique Lopez and The Richards Legion!

“Hail Mary” by Tupac plays as Team Baker heads to the ring. Alex and Chris run down the ramp while Lopez flanks Baker who stops to sign a few autographs.

BC: And it looks like we'll see Alex and Chris on one corner and Enrique and James on the other.

TT: Across the ring it'll be Sickboy and Bob Osbourne on one corner and Chemical X and Bruno of Death Squad.

BC: And it'll be Bob Osbourne and James Baker starting this one off.

TT: Baker and Osbourne no strangers to one another as Baker was the one Osbourne had to go through to reclaim the CWF Unified title.

BC: And the two men tie up in the center of the ring. Collar and elbow...Bob trying to jockey for position, but Baker shoots in with a fireman's carry like move ...but Bob shimmy's off and brings a knee up into Baker's stomach and the former champ goes down!

TT: Bob Osbourne with an impressive counter maneuver there and he makes the tag in to Bruno of Death Squad!

BC: Bruno now going in after Baker, Baker rolls and quick tag to Alex Richards. Alex Richards climbs in the ring and dances around in front with Bruno like a welter weight boxer. Bruno tires of the showboating and clotheslines the unsuspecting Richards and he drops backwards to the mat, but quickly gets back up and tackles Bruno to the mat Bruno though with the street fighting back ground on the tough streets of the old neighborhood locks up with him on the ground and starts kneeing the living hell out of him.

TT: And Alex Richards flips Bruno of Death Squad off of him with his legs sending Bruno of Death Squad flying across the ring!

BC: Are you gonna do that through the whole match Turnbuckle?

TT: Do what?

BC: Call him Bruno of Death Squad?

TT: Well, I personally feel there is an over emphasis on your part and the part of the fans to dub this group as "Team Horsemen" I think Death Squad deserves respect and recognition. Meanwhile Alex Richards makes the tag to his brother Chris Richards and Chris climbs the turnbuckle and does a frog splash, flying half way across the ring, and nailing Bruno of De-

BC: See what I mean?

TT: Sorry about that. Bruno is in pain now, Chemical X screaming at him to make the tag, fully extending himself, but Richards comes flying onto him from the frogslash, hooks the leg!




TT: Richards hops up and barley tags Lopez in before collapsing and Sickboy on the other side of the ring is already climbing the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Bruno of Death Squad has been eliminated!

BC: And Sickboy takes flight as soon as the ref rang the bell for the match to continue and he nails Enrique Lopez between the shoulder blades from behind with a rolling knee drop off the top ropes!!! Sickboy with a quick cradle!




Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Enrique Lopez has been eliminated!

TT: And Sickboy tags Bob Osbourne. Osbourne through the ropes as James Baker climbs back through on the other side. Baker moves in for a tie up, but Osbourne backs up and wrenches his wrists and the stretches his arms. Baker moves in quick, lunging to tie up with Bob, but Osbourne quickly fakes the tie up then swoops down and grabs Baker by the waist and leans backwards himself bringing Baker down right on his face with a modified fall away slam.

BC: Osbourne hops back up and wipes his hands on his chest and then reaches out and tags in Chemical X. Chemical X moves in slowly. Stalking James Baker. as Baker starts to rise up, Chemical X squats...then charges in at him....SPEAR...SPEAR....SPEAR!

TT: Chemical X covers Baker!




TT: Baker kicks out! I thought it was over. These Horsemen that are left in the match are brutalizing Team Baker!

BC: That was their plan coming into this match Teddy. The Horsemen are a well oiled machine, Turnbuckle. Love them or hate them, they are riding rough shod over the CWF.

TT: Yes indeed they are. Baker now struggling back to his feet as chemical X argues with the ref that it was a slow count. Baker falls into his corner tagging in Alex Richards. As Alex climbs through the ropes, chemical X charges at him, grabbing him and bodyslamming him quickly. Chemical X right back up on his feet, attacking Alex Richards, punching, kneeing, elbow dropping, a quick, relentless assault set to quickly wear down the opponent.

BC: Classic Chemical X. Military fight training, and a little of the streets of Brooklyn tossed in with a hint of La Cosanostra-esque Capo Regime style leadership. That's a man you do NOT want on your bad side. Honestly, I just think Sickboy couldn't take the beatings X kept giving him and that's why he asked Osbourne to bring X into the Horsemen. I'm not sayin’...I'm just sayin’!

TT: Don't be ridiculous!! Chemical X hops up off of Richards and then grabs the nearly KO'd Alex Richards by the ankle to the corner and props him up on his chest and shoulders, with his shoulders pointed in toward the ring post, while his arms hand over the bottom rope.Scarletti backing up....reaches out and tags Ssickboy.....Sickboy once again climbing up on the turnbuckle......this time flying from post to post to....VANDAMINATOR!

BC: Sickboy hooks the leg! Cover!




Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlmen, Alex Richards has been eliminated!

TT: And James baker quickly climbs back through for the dwindling Team Baker, down to himself and Chris Richards.

BC: And Sickboy looks at Chemical X and at Bob who are both reaching out for the chance to stand toe to toe with Baker. Scarletti looks at Osbourne and Bob nods and pulls his hand back and Sickboy makes the hard slapping tag to Chemical X who comes in the ring like a house of fire!

TT: He's all psyched up and Baker moves in and throws a pretty solid left cross, but Chemical X reaches out, all Matrix like and contorts his torso, legs spread shoulder length apart and leans back, grasping the wrist of the left arm of Baker with his right hand and bringing his left hand, in an open palmed Bruce Lee like rapid strike to the mid section, Baker screaming out as you can audibly hear the cracking of a rib or two! OUCH!!! But Baker falls into his corner and Chris Richards with the blind tag!

BC: And Baker staggers forwards, Scarletti spins around on his left boot heel. He takes a stance...Baker turning back towards him....X'D OUT!

TT: Cover by Chemical X....he didn't see the blind tag, he thinks Baker's still the legal man!

BC: Richards with an axe handle smash onto Chemical X who still has Bakers leg locked...Scarletti sees Richards coming and moves at the last second and Richards nails the axe handle smash on James Baker!

TT: Chemical X all over Chris Richards now, sends him into the ropes.....and Bob Osbourne knees Richards in the kidneys as he rebounds off of the far side! Richards tumbles forward...swinging neck breaker on Richards!

BC: Bob calls out to Scarletti for the tag. Scarletti up, but he looks at Osbourne, and points to Baker who is still down in the ring after the X'D Out and then brings his thumbs towards himself. Osbourne nods and slaps his hand. He leapfrogs over the ropes into the ring as Richards is starting to get back on all fours, and Osbourne with a swift kick right in the mid section of chrs Richards sends the kid back down on all fours.

TT: Osbourne positions himself in the corner, facing the ring posts, hands out stretched on the top rope on either side of the post. Leaps up, extends both legs outwards to bounce off the ropes…CORKSCREW MOONSAULT...HE SPINS....


TT: I don't know but the fans loved it Cover by Osbourne!




Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Richards has been eliminated!

TT: Well this is not good for James Baker, is it Bobby?

BC: Three on one? Two of the three singles champions in the company, along with a bonafide grade A United States cavalry trained killing machine against one six foot one inch kid that's maybe two hundred pounds, soaking wet? You gotta be kidding me? Baker's still half out of it and in the ring for crying out loud.

TT: And poor Baker, he hasn't even gotten back to his feet from that wicked roundhouse kick by Chemical X. Bob with the aforementioned promised tag to Chemical X bringing Scarletti in to finish the job.

BC: Right you are, Teddy… this is like when the extra point team comes out after you get the touchdown. You know the drive is successful and the job is done when you crossed the goal line, but you have to finish the game. Chemical X standing patiently waiting for James Baker to get back to his feet, Baker groggy, looking a bit dazed turns towards Scarletti.

TT: And Scarletti brings his right hand to his left side and then in an upward sweeping motion proceeds to backhand James Baker!!! Baker drops straight back. I think he knocked him out Bobby!!!

BC: That's the GFY Teddy. The GFY.


BC: Go 'F' Yourself...I think?

TT: Well he certainly sent that message to James Baker, loud and clear. Cover by Scarletti!





Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen James Baker has been eliminated. Here are your winners...the team of SICKBOY..CHEMICAL X....and BOB OSBOURNE!

“Four Horsemen” by Metallica begins to play as the Horsemen celebrate by mocking Baker. Sickboy pulls out a sharpie from his tights and draws a curly handle bar moustache and goatee on James Baker while Bob Osbourne ties his boot laces together. Chemical X just shakes his head and climbs out of the ring.

TT: Wow…well the Horsemen reign supreme tonight and they continue to dominate…I have a feeling it’s going to take a band of unlikely partners to combat this unstoppable force…

BC: It’s like we’ve opened the door to 1996 again, Teddy, because these guys are looking as dominant as they ever have, and the only person that was able to stop them last time was Maniac, a Hall of Fame caliber wrestling in his prime…and even then, he could barely do it. Someone special is gonna have to step up.

TT: Absolutely and…AHH!

A bolt of lightning strikes down from the rafters again, once again striking the video screen at the top of the aisle.

TT: What the HELL is going on here?!

BC: I don’t know but I don’t like it!

The video screen turns to static once more. It slowly begins to clear as a rumbling hum permeates throughout the arena. The word “Flawless” appears…

TT: No way! It couldn’t be!

The crowd explodes in anticipation…

BC: It couldn’t possibly be Brian Adams, could it?!

The video screen flickers and blinks, and then returns with the word “Primetime.”

BC: Huh?

TT: I don’t get it…what the hell is going on?!

The video screen once again flickers and blinks, and a “?” floats onto the screen. The video screen loses power and the hum dissipates.

TT: I have no clue what’s happening here tonight but I have a feeling we’re in for something huge!

BC: Yeah well, what did you expect?! Look at this place, this is the biggest crowd the CWF has ever drawn!

TT: Unbelievable, what a spectacle here tonight under the Australian night sky! And we’re just getting started, fans! Coming up next…it’s “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv taking on Blood!

BC: Hold on though, Teddy! Something’s up backstage again!

TT: What is it now?!

Cut backstage. Mariano Fernandez is spotted walking down the hallway, when again, the lights begin to flicker. Once they come back on, Keith Daniels is standing in front of Mariano, looking down at him with that same deranged look.

Keith Daniels: He's going to put you to sleep...

Again, before Mariano can respond, or even come to terms with what happened, the lights flicker, and Daniels is gone once more. He looks around, ready to fight, but sees no one. He scratches his head in confusion.

Mariano Fernandez: That's just strange.

He continues walking as he was before. Cut back to ringside.

TT: This is getting ridiculous…Mariano Fernandez is preparing for the biggest match of his entire career in front of a record setting crowd here tonight, and Keith Daniels is playing mind games on behalf of Magnus Thunder!

BC: Hey, this is war, Teddy! Anything goes! I say good on Magnus for taking the initiative and getting into the little whelp’s pea sized mind!

TT: Give me a break. Well in any event, as I was saying before we were interrupted…Roland Ulv and Blood are about to clash here in what has become a fairly heated rivalry. It was Blood who wanted a piece at “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, perhaps seeking retribution for his loss to Osbourne back in March at Super Card V. But Roland stepped in and attacked Blood, proclaiming his loyalty to the Nitemare. And that leads us to tonight! If Blood is able to defeat Roland Ulv, will the path be clear to Rob Osbourne?

BC: I wouldn’t bank on it, Teddy! There’s still Bob Osbourne, Chemical X, Sickboy, and well…possibly Jimmy Blast? But who knows if Rob Osbourne will even BE a Horsemen by the end of the night!

TT: Absolutely true, and a loss to Blood could only serve to increase the tension brewing within the Horsemen…but a victory for Roland Ulv tonight…well, it could give the Horsemen a morale boost. A lot more hinges on this match than meets the eye.

BC: But the one thing these two have in common, Teddy…they both want a piece of Magnus Thunder, the big fjord monkey!

TT: Also true…and you have to wonder if a victory for either man tonight might give them justification for a shot at Magnus Thunder…that is, IF he’s still the champion after tonight’s match with Mariano Fernandez!

BC: Oh, he will be!

TT: Well…let’s head to the ring and get this thing decided!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina…weighing in at 245 pounds….BLOOD!

A violin symphony hits the arena as the lights go out. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as a wall of flames erupts at the entrance. The symphony fades in to "Hero" by Skillet as red strobes hit the arena and the flames die down. Blood is knelt at the entrance, staff in hand and head lowered. As he stands, his theme song is interrupted by “Insane in the Membrane” by Cypress Hill.

TT: What’s going on?!

BC: HA! Roland must have friends in the sound booth! Brilliant!


Blood stands back up, storming down the aisle, followed by a trail of flames behind each foot as the chorus of “Insane in the Membrane” plays on a loop. Blood makes his way to the steps, using them to enter the ring. He climbs in to the ring and glares into the sea of fans. The music fades out and the lights begin to return to normal. Blood makes his way to the edge of the ring, handing his staff to an official on the outside. He removes his cape, harness, and bone mask, also handing them to the official. He stares angrily at the curtain, awaiting Roland Ulv.

BC: It’s funny because it’s true! Blood is insane! Wagga wagga, you might say!

TT: Well, that’s what Roland Ulv has been preaching all week any how…clearly Blood isn’t amused by these antics though.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Stockholm, Sweden…weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

“Marcia Carolus Rex” by Wilhelm Harteveld plays as Ulv steps through the curtain dressed in his flowing blue robe with yellow Swedish cross on the back and blue trunks with yellow accent he stops to pose, flexing his large biceps and grinning wildly at the camera. As he walks down the aisle, he reaches into his robe and pulls out…a taser! The crowd reacts loudly, buzzing. The taser clicks and clacks as he buzzes it towards the camera.

TT: Roland Ulv has a damn taser! What the hell does he need that for?!

BC: I don’t know, Teddy! But with the big fjord monkey, Magnus Thunder out for his head, I’d say it’s a good equalizer!

TT: Come on! Knowing Roland, he won’t hesitate to use that on Blood!

BC: Hey, if Blood can bring a staff, skull mask, and a cape to the ring, I think Roland is permitted one item.

TT: Yeah, THAT’S the same thing…

He brushes his flowing blonde locks behind his ear with his hand and then proceeds to the ring, posing for the crowd after he steps through the ropes. He disrobes and places the taser in his corner.

TT: Roland Ulv playing mind games…boy he fits right in with the Horsemen, doesn’t he?

BC: He’s classic, Teddy! First he messes with Blood’s entrance, then he brings a taser to the ring!

TT: Well let’s see what effect this has on the match…here comes the bell!


TT: Here we go!

BC: Come on, Roland!

Blood and Roland Ulv circle each other in the ring. Just as they go to tie up…

TT: What now?!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits, the theme song of “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. Blood immediately turns towards the curtain and starts yelling for Osbourne to come out. The music stops. The crowd has come unglued awaiting the arrival of the Nitemare, but it never happens. And then…


BC: Ha!

Roland Ulv clubs Blood from behind on the back of the neck. Blood drops to the mat and Roland immediately begins taunting him.


BC: I love it!

TT: Roland Ulv has lost his damn mind…he called an Australian mental institution earlier this week and told them a patient had escaped. If they turned up here tonight, that plan might back fire…

BC: Shut up, Teddy!

Roland stomps Blood as he tries to pull himself back up. Blood inches towards the ropes and just as he makes it, Roland helps him up. Roland backs him into the corner and drives an elbow into the side of his head before whipping him to the opposite corner. Blood slumps against the turnbuckle and Roland Ulv does jumping jacks from the other side of the ring.


He charges in at Blood and connects with a forearm shot to the jaw! Blood stumbles out of the corner…Roland with a chop block to the knee and Blood goes down! The crowd boos Roland fiercely and Roland waves at the fans dismissively before pulling Blood back to his feet. He hooks him in…gut wrench suplex! Blood twists and falls to the mat and Roland drops a series of elbows on him.

TT: Well Roland Ulv is firmly in control of this one thanks to a rather shady tactic at the outset of this match…

BC: What you call shady, I call BRILLIANT, Teddy! And now Blood is paying the price for being so damn gullible and, well…wagga wagga!

TT: Give me a break…

Roland pulls Blood up to his feet and chops him across the chest before whipping him to the ropes. Blood ducks a clothesline, Roland turns around, and his hair snaps every which way as Blood connects with a vicious clothesline of his own! Roland quickly back to his feet and Blood with a drop kick! Roland back down, and just as quickly, back up again! Blood off the ropes….SPEAR! He spears Ulv with perfect execution and the tables have turned! Blood is in control!

TT: And now Blood on the offensive!

BC: That spear was below the belt! Disqualify him, referee!

TT: It was not! Give me a break!

Blood gets to his feet and pulls Roland back up…he whips him to the ropes…POWERSLAM! And Roland Ulv arches his back in pain! Blood to the second rope…and he DRIVES the elbow down deep into the chest of Roland! Blood with a cover!




TT: Kickout by the Radiant One and Blood immediately goes back to work!

BC: Get up, Roland! Make this crazy lunatic pay!

Blood pulls him back up to his feet and rocks him with a stiff European uppercut! Roland staggers back into the ropes…Blood comes in for him…and Roland with a thumb to the eyes! The crowd boos as Roland Ulv takes a short cut and Blood is temporarily blinded! Roland grabs him…Russian leg sweep! And Blood grabs the back of his head in pain!

TT: Another cheap shot, by Roland Ulv! Does this guy have any sportsmanship in him?

BC: Hey! HEY! Roland Ulv is ALL class!

TT: Yeah, I don’t see it.

BC: Well, you’re an idiot.

Roland takes a moment to collect himself and then rolls Blood onto his stomach, steps over his foot and rears back on his chin…STF! Roland has him locked perfectly with an STF and Blood waves his arms around frantically trying to escape! Ulv’s muscles bulge out as he rears back, ripping and tearing at Blood!

TT: Blood might be stuck here! Roland Ulv is freakishly strong, you can see his physique and do the math, and Blood is going to have to dig deep to fight out of this!

BC: He’ll never get out of it! Roland is too strong! He’s eaten pickled herring all his life, he doesn’t have an unhealthy bone in his body!

TT: Seriously, what’s your cut of those fermented pickled herring sales? 10%? 20%?

BC: Shut up!

Ulv gnashes his teeth as he pulls back on Blood.


Blood’s face turns bright red as he gasps for air, reaching desperately for the ropes, stretching his arm as far as he can, the tips of his fingers just barely flicking at the bottom rope. Blood begins to fade, and Ulv rears back even hard to be sure he passes out…but Blood, in a final effort, reaches forward and grabs the bottom rope! The crowd roars and the referee begins the count on Roland to break the hold! 1, 2, 3, 4…Roland lets go at 4. The referee abhors him for not releasing immediately.

TT: Blood was extremely lucky to escape that hold and Roland can’t believe it!

BC: Blood cheated! I saw it!

TT: What? How?

BC: I don’t know, but I saw it! He cheated! Disqualify him!

TT: I think you need to see your optometrist…

BC: There’s nothing wrong with my feet!

TT: (sighs) Never mind…

Blood struggles to get to his feet, stumbling several times while Roland argues with the referee. Roland gets in the referee’s face and screams at him to stay out of his way…the referee shoves him back! Roland backs into the corner and the referee gets in his face! Roland ducking between the ropes as the referee screams at him, Roland begging him off!

BC: HEY! That’s not in the referee’s job description!

TT: Well this record setting crowd is loving every minute of it!

BC: Yeah well these Aussies are backwards people, Teddy! Even their toilets swirl the wrong way!

The crowd goes wild for the referee, who finally backs off of Roland…as Roland starts back towards the center of the ring, Blood bursts out at him with a double leg take down! He hangs onto his legs…BLOOD LOCK! BLOOD LOCK! Has has it hooked!


TT: Blood has got him! Roland Ulv has no choice but to tap out here, it’s in the center of the ring!

BC: Don’t give up, Roland! You can do it, fur sure!

Blood grinds his teeth, struggling with all his might to keep the hold locked in, elevating Roland’s legs and digging his knee into the small of his back as hard as he can! Roland’s hand hovers over the mat, preparing to tap! The crowd on its feet! Roland fighting the pain as long as he can but it’s too much! He lifts his hand up to tap…

TT: Roland Ulv is gonna tap out! This is all over! And…hey!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits again. This time the lights dim and a strobe light flashes through the stadium, a fog rising from behind the curtain. Blood immediately lets go of Roland Ulv and beckons towards the curtain for Rob Osbourne to come out and fight him. All eyes are on the curtain…meanwhile, Roland Ulv struggles to crawl to his corner…he grabs the taser! Every eye on the stadium is on the curtain, the crowd going wild…Roland from behind Blood…HE TASERS HIM! ROLAND TASERS BLOOD AND BLOOD CONVULSES AND DROPS TO THE MAT! Roland tosses the taser out of the ring and the ref didn’t see any of it! The music stops and the lights restore power.


BC: I didn’t see anything! It was all dark, and…and…

TT: Oh shut up! This is a damn crime!

The referee turns to see Blood passed out on the mat, twitching slightly. Looking confused, he questions Roland, who whirls his finger around his ear like Blood is crazy.

RRU: He is wagga, wagga, fur sure!

TT: Don’t tell me the referee is buying this crap!

BC: I love it!

Roland agonizingly pulls Blood up off the mat…RADIANTPLEX!

TT: This is a damn disgrace!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

TT: That was pathetic! Roland Ulv should be ashamed of himself!

BC: Why?! It was brilliant!

Suddenly, the lights drop and lightning strikes the video screen again.

TT: Oh my God! Not again! What the hell is going on?!

This time, the video screen crackles to life and clearly displays the words…












The lights restore power. Standing in the ring, behind a confused Roland Ulv, is a masked man. He spins Ulv around…STUNNER!


TT: The man, the…what? The mask? Brian Blair? Whoever he was, he is taking off through the crowd!


The masked man, presumably by the name of “Brian Blair,” hops the guard rail and leaves through the crowd, leaving Roland Ulv unconscious in the ring.

TT: What the hell else is gonna go down tonight?! My God, we’ve still got three unbelievable matches coming up…

BC: I don’t know, but whoever this Brian Blair idiot is has hell to pay! No one sullies the good name of Paul Blair, AND Brian Adams, and THEN attacks Roland Ulv in the spam of thirty seconds! This is a disaster!

TT: …well, while you wrap your head around that…something is going on backstage with Mariano Fernandez again…and I bet we can all guess what it is!

Cut backstage. Mariano is in his locker room, looking at himself in the mirror, gearing up for his match a little later with Magnus Thunder. He seems determined when the lights begin to flicker.

Mariano Fernandez: Alright, this is getting ridiculous.

Keith Daniels: Ridiculous?

The lights come back on as Keith Daniels stands on the other side of the room, glaring ominously at Mariano. Mariano turns and faces him with the determination of a warrior.

Keith Daniels: Ridiculous is thinking that you are the next CWF World Champion. Ridiculous is thinking that you could actually dethrone the great Magnus Thunder.

Daniels begins to close in on Mariano.

Keith Daniels: I'm sure you've been told before. You're too small. You're too weak. You're just not good enough. Unfortunately for you, it's all true. Magnus is the CWF World Champion, and he will be for a long time to come. I know you're afraid. I can sense it. And you should be. Don't go out there tonight. Save yourself. Save... Your soul...

Daniels shrieks and charges at Mariano, but the lights go out. When they come back on, Mariano has his arms over his face, expecting to be attacked in the dark, but nothing. Keith Daniels is gone. Mariano looks around, anger filling his face.

Mariano: It's not the size of the dog in the fight. I hope you're watching tonight, Keith. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Deciding that he may just be delusional, he continues to prepare, stretching and motivating himself.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Just when you think it can’t get any crazier…

BC: Mariano Fernandez better realize what he’s in for tonight! The last two altercations between him and Magnus Thunder were epic and all…and Mariano may have held his own…but he’s NEVER been in a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match, he’s NEVER main evented a major pay-per-view, he’s NEVER competed in front of this many people before…and he’s NEVER attempted to take the CWF World Heavyweight title from the hands of the champion, Magnus Thunder! It’s a whole different beast for the wonder kid tonight.

TT: Well, you may very well be right…but Mariano Fernandez has shot up the ladder this year…he’s earned his place in the main event tonight and I dare say he has arrived…he will be main eventing pay-per-views for years to come, and tonight could be the greatest chapter in the story of his young career!

BC: Yeah whatever, Teddy…this isn’t some after school special, or some anime cartoon, or some happy ending movie…this is the real thing. He’s standing across the ring from the biggest monster in the entire CWF, and he’s hell bent on not only defeating him, but ending his career here tonight…tonight will definitely NOT be a happy ending for Mariano Fernandez!

TT: We’ll find out later tonight then, won’t we Bobby? But up next folks…the CWF Tag Team Championships are on the line as Degradation defends against Da Xtreme Dynasty!

BC: Hey, I’ll give Da Xtreme Dynasty credit where credit is due. They defeated Molten Lava last week, one of the best tag teams of all time, and they did it in extremely convincing fashion…but get it straight, Teddy…Degradation is in a league of their own, and Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks are about to find that out the hard way!

TT: Well, let’s find out how accurate your analysis is…let’s head to the ring where the Tag Team titles are on the line!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers…at a total combined weight of 472 pounds…JT Banks, Kevin Styles...DA XTREME DYNASTY!

“Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against The Machine plays as JT and Kevin walk out, each with a determined look on their faces, and make their way to the ring to a mixed chorus of cheers and boos from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents…at a total combined weight of 543 pounds…from Brooklyn, New York...the CWF World Tag Team Champions...Vincent Torigianni....Donovan Torigianni... DEGRADATION!

The lights dim as “Du Hast” by Rammstein begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. As the song kicks into the main riff, four flames of fire shoot up from the bottom of the stage as Degradation appears at the top of the ramp. Donovan stands popping his neck and shaking himself "loose" with a look of determination on his face and a twinkle of devastation in his eye. Vincent stands next to him flexing his muscles for the crowd, absorbing the crowd's love for him, while obviously being in love with himself. The two walk down the ramp and to the ring. Vincent jumps over the ropes while Donovan climbs through them.


TT: And here we go…it looks like it’ll be Donovan and JT Banks starting this one off. Odd move for Degradation, as Vincent usually ALWAYS starts their matches off.

BC: Yeah, but don’t expect this to be the ONLY strange thing to happen in this match.

TT: What do you mean?

BC: Haven’t you been on this week at all Teddy? Donovan Torigianni is the prime suspect in the disappearance of his ex-wife.

TT: Who we should make note, is the owner and CEO of PWN AND the wife of Rob Osbourne and step-mother of Bob Osbourne. And yes, Bobby, I saw the whole thing unfold right with the rest of the CWF fans.

BC: So…do you think he did it Teddy?

TT: We’ll leave the detective work to the detectives Bobby, and we can worry about calling this championship match.

BC: Right-o…party pooper.

TT: Donovan and JT tie up, and Donovan flings JT onto his back with little effort.

BC: That’s the problem most teams face when they climb in the squared circle with Degradation. Usually Vincent wears you down, then Donovan comes in for the kill. The guy’s a genetic freak and next to impossible to take down.

TT: But it’s not entirely impossible. I recall a match from the now defunct Supreme Action Wrestling where Shawn “Hellstone” Hillard defeated Donovan Torigianni AND Rob Osbourne to become SAW World Champion.

BC: What’s wrong with you Teddy? That was six years ago AND it was a singles match. Furthermore, Mr. Turnbuckle…it was SAW…not the CWF. Have you gone all WAGGA WAGGA WAGGA??

TT: Oh no…not you too?

BC: That Roland Ulv is a trend setter, Teddy. A trend setter.

TT: That may very well be the case, but in the middle of the ring, JT banks is moving in to tie up with Donovan Torigianni again…NO…JT fakes the tie up and mule kicks Torigianni right in the mommy/daddy button and Donovan drops to his knees as his eyes bulge out!

BC: I guess that’s ONE way to take Donovan off of his feet. JT wasting no time, off the ropes….missile drop kick!

TT: And Donovan falls to his back as JT makes the tag to Kevin Styles. Styles leaps up on the turnbuckle…flying cross body block…NO!

BC: Torigianni bring his knees up and Style’s lands sternum first across them! That’s gonna leave one hell of a bruise on his chest!

TT: Donovan rolls over and gets to a knee. Styles writhing in pain on the mat…Donovan reaches out and tags in Vincent. Vincent leap frogs over the ropes and lands a leg drop across the throat of Kevin Styles!

BC: Vincent right back up, and he pulls Styles to his feet. Irish whip…blind tag by JT Banks…Styles off the ropes, Vincent coming at him, Styles leapfrogs, Vincent off of the other side…Styles comes at him with a clothesline, but Vincent does a forward roll, coming up right into a clothesline from the now legal JT Banks, and gets ROCKED!

TT: JT all over Vincent now with a flurry of kicks. Vincent grabs him by his ankle and twists it violently, bringing Banks down to the mat. Vincent now in an amateur “referee’s position” with Banks. Banks sits out, turns in, sits out, turns in, sits out, turns out, but Vincent spins on Banks’s back, keeping behind him.

BC: I told you Da Extreme Dynasty weren’t the most technical of wrestlers, and whaddaya know, Vincent’s taking him to ‘rasslin school!

TT: Torigianni reaches up and grabs Banks’ arm and pulls it through his legs, bringing JT, who is on all fours, slamming down on his left shoulder, Vincent slides his leg in and locks him up in a whizzer.

BC: Banks is in a world of pain right now Teddy. I’ve had that move applied to me and it hurts like the dickens!

TT: Banks kicking, flailing about…what is he doing in there Bobby?

BC: Actually, that’s the proper way to break that hold. It’s all about balance. And Vincent is forced to unlock the hold, or risk getting it 180’d on him.

TT: Vincent back on his feet. He dances around show boating a bit, pandering to the crowd as JT Banks crawls to his corner and makes the tag to Kevin Styles.

BC: Vincent is working this crowd. He points at Styles…then he turns his head and looks at his brother and makes a universal “here ya go” motion with his hands as he tags in Donovan.

TT: Styles backing up as Donovan stalks towards him. Styles is not sure what to do Bobby.

BC: What the hell do you mean he doesn’t know what to do? Get in there and fight you idiot!

TT: And Styles moves in towards Torigianni who fakes a tie up of his own and ducks under the out stretched arms of Kevin Styles. Donovan locks his hands around Styles waist…GERMAN SUPLEX…AND ANOTHER…AND ANOTHER….and FINALLY on the fourth one, Donovan lets Styles fly!

BC: And he hits the mat with a sickening thud. Donovan bounces off the near ropes…elbow smash to JT Banks who was in his own corner! Tag to Vincent…..Vincent leaps up on the turnbuckle….here it comes Teddy…..

TT: TOTAL ANNIHALATION! Vincent Torigianni nails that shooting star press just about as textbook perfect as it could be done!

BC: These two are just purists Teddy. You can’t bring that half assed thuggish street fighting style into a match with Degradation. Vincent hooks the leg!





Ring Announcer: Here are your winners and STILL CWF World Tag Team Champions….DEGRADATION!

“Du Hast by Rammstein erupts through the arena as Donovan and Vincent pose in the center of the ring with the titles.

BC: Told ya, Teddy! No one can touch Degradation!

TT: Well it certainly appears that way, but a valiant effort by Da Xtreme Dynasty nonetheless. They’ll go back to the old drawing board and come back a better team for it.

BC: Yeah, sure. Who’s gonna stop these guys, Teddy?

TT: I don’t know that anyone can…matter of fact, there was only one team that came close to defeating them, and is probably capable of it, and that was High Concept…but they’re in the midst of a contract dispute and frankly I’m not holding out hope that we’ll see them in the CWF again…

BC: Well then you’re looking at the team that’s gonna be wearing those belts for a long, long time!

TT: Well be that as it may, I understand we have Paul Blair standing by backstage…

BC: Woo! More air time for the Ruler! More air for Blair!

TT: Oh Lord…

Cut backstage, where Dennis Donnelly is standing by with Paul Blair, holding an ice pack on his head as a result of the assault by Keith Daniels earlier tonight.

Dennis Donnelly: I am here with Paul Blair who was on the receiving end of a brutal assault at the hands of Keith Daniels earlier tonight…and Mr. Blair, what do you make of the whole situation?

Paul Blair: I’ll tell you what, Donnelly…Keith Daniels is…

The lights go off. They quickly restore power though, as if Blair was ready for it. Earl, Blair’s trusty side kick, is now in the room holding back…

TT: Is that…FREEZE?! It can’t be! The former three time CWF National Champion!

BC: No way!

Blair smirks as Earl holds Freeze back. Earl shoves Freeze towards Blair…BLAIR KICK! And Freeze drops to the floor.

The lights drop again. When they come back on, a masked man stands behind Blair. Earl’s eyes widen as Blair slowly turns around.


TT: Who the hell is this?! What is going on?!

Blair turns around and gets a stunner! The masked man walks over to Freeze and pulls off what appears to be a Freeze Halloween mask.

TT: What the…that wasn’t Freeze! That had to be this masked man, this…Brian Blair’s partner in crime! What is the meaning of all this?!

BC: I don’t know, but someone better get to the bottom of it, this is getting out of hand!

Brian Blair drags “Freeze” away with him as he walks out of view.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: That was most definitely NOT fair to Blair!

TT: Well nonetheless, someone is playing mind games with the locker room tonight…first Roland Ulv gets attacked by this man claiming to be Brian Blair, and now Paul Blair gets it!

BC: And we pay for security? They sure know how to earn their pay cheque!

TT: In any event, the show continues here…and as you’ve all heard by now, former CWF World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, Pledge Allegiance, was involved in a plane crash several weeks ago off the coast of Florida. Pledge Allegiance is presumed dead…and as difficult as this entire situation has been for Pledge’s fans and for us, his former colleagues…for Trixie Lee, it’s been downright torturous.

BC: Boohoo, Teddy. You know what, if Pledge had been a man and sucked up his loss to Magnus Thunder and continued wrestling for the CWF, he never would have been on that plane! He’d of been here tonight, probably wrestling in some marquee matchup and we wouldn’t be having this discussion! But nooo….he had to be a coward and take his ball and go home!

TT: Would you stop it?! Have some respect! The man retired…you know, people have a right to retire! He’s only been wrestling for the past 12 years!

BC: Whatever, Teddy.

TT: Well…my idiot partner here aside, I’m pleased to announce that joining us here tonight, making the trip overseas, is Trixie Lee, the wife of Pledge Allegiance!

BC: She FLEW over here after what happened to Pledge? Hey, you know what I just realized? If Pledge is really gone, that means Trixie Lee is available!

TT: You’re a despicable man…

"Drama Queen" by Family Force 5 plays over the PA system and Trixie Lee, wearing a black dress, makes her way to the stage with a microphone. She's greeted by a standing ovation by the crowd and appears to be nearing tears. Her music stops and she inhales and exhales deeply, again, choking back her tears.

Trixie Lee: First, I want to thank everyone for all their love and support over the last two weeks. Without your strength, I don't know how I would have made it. It’s your thoughts and well wishes that keeps me going. So again, thank you.

I wished more than anything that I could have made the trip here tonight with good news. However, I have none. I'm here to report that the US Coast Guard has officially called off the search for Pledge's plane. They claim to have scoured most of the Florida coast, only to come up empty handed. Despite the Coast Guard's plea for me to call off the search, I refuse to give up hope. I have chartered a small fleet of search boats in search of answers. I pledge allegiance to all of you that I will not rest until we have closure here. I refuse to accept that Pledge is gone. I fully expect that one day soon, Pledge will walk through that curtain and entertain all of you one more time.

However, I'm a realist. After two weeks at sea, the prospects of locating Pledge grow dimmer and dimmer each and every day. I take great comfort that the memory of Pledge Allegiance will live on in each and every one of us. Pledge has touched so many people over the years that as long as we keep him in our hearts, he will never truly be gone.

BC: Pledge has never touched me!


Trixie Lee: This spring, Pledge was immortalized forever inside the CWF Hall of Fame. I know for a fact that he held that accomplishment nearer and dearer to his heart than any of his other feats inside the squared circle. More than any of his World Championship reigns.

However, I think it's appropriate that based on everything that Pledge has contributed to this sport, we find a way to further memorialize him. I am in the process of working with Mark Xamin to devise a match at Season's Beatings to do so. I'm pleased to announce that at Season's Beatings we will have a match for the Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup. Mark and I have agreed that it will be an invitation only match. We are working on the specifics now. Ideally, I would like to invite individuals that have been integral to Pledge's career. It's my most sincere hope that details can be ironed out this week and with Mark's blessings, I can begin issuing invitations at next week's Showdown.

It's with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. However, it brings me great comfort and joy to know that Pledge's career and accomplishments will be celebrated.

Thanks again for all your love and support, please keep Pledge in your thoughts, and I look forward to addressing you again, at Showdown.

"Drama Queen" plays again, and Trixie waves to the crowd somberly and makes her way backstage.

BC: The Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup? Seriously? The reward is a jock strap?

TT: Not THAT kind of cup, you idiot…it’s a trophy.

BC: Oh, right.

TT: It should be interesting to find out who will be chosen to compete in that match at Season’s Beatings on December 19th, but what an honor it will be for whoever is included in that one…

BC: Yeah, sure…I’m sure whoever is included in it will be wishing they were spending their evening doing something more productive…you know, making headway for a title run, that kind of thing. Not wrestling for a dead guy.

TT: You’re absolutely sick…amazingly, I’m not even surprised. But nonetheless folks, coming up next…are you ready for this? The long awaited triple threat match! It has the whole wrestling universe buzzing! Terry Richards, the former Horsemen, goes up against the two feuding leaders of the most dominant group in wrestling, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, and the legendary Jimmy Blast!

BC: It’s like I’ve been saying for weeks, Teddy…the Horsemen just aren’t big enough to contain the egos of Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast! Both of them HAVE to be the leader, both of them have to be considered the captain or they can’t be satisfied…well tonight, Terry Richards, the little punk who lost to the three amateurs earlier tonight…

TT: …thanks to YOU, Bobby Crane…

BC: …has the chance of a lifetime! You understand that? The chance of a lifetime! He has a chance to say he beat “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and the legendary Jimmy Blast on the same night! No one else in wrestling can lay claim to that!

TT: Very true, and no doubt Richards has shown tremendous promise since his arrival in the CWF. He’s been the CWF Unified Champion, he’s representing the CWF in the Total J Cup, he impressed Rob Osbourne enough to be invited to join the Horsemen, and let’s face it, he could still be the CWF Unified Champion if not for the double cross…but ever since that fateful night that the Horsemen stabbed him in the back, he hasn’t been the same. He’s been wrestling at a higher level of competition and he’ll be better off for it, but at times it’s seemed like he’s been in over his head. Tonight, he’ll have to be on top of his game if he wants to leave the land down under with what would no doubt be the biggest victory of his young career.

BC: But I want to see what happens with Osbourne and Blast, Teddy! Hell, those two might be so busy settling their score that Richards could just sit back and watch!

TT: Well, we’ve been waiting for it all week long…and the wait is over! Let’s head to the ring!

BC: Woo!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and will be contested under triple threat rules! Introducing first…from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 186 pounds….TERRY RICHARDS!

“Hellraiser” by Ozzy Osbourne hits. The crowd roars as Terry Richards shoots out from behind the curtain and runs down to ringside, immediately running around to the announce booth and getting in Bobby Crane’s face. Security swarms the area and pushes Richards back.

BC: Get this crazy bastard out of here! You’ve got a match to worry about, nutjob!

Richards untangles himself from the swarm of security, rolls into the ring, and raises his arms for the crowd, who gives him a sizeable pop.

TT: Well despite the rough time he’s had lately, Terry Richards has no doubt earned the sympathy of this crowd at least…these fans are solidly in his corner tonight.

BC: Again, I’ll remind you that these Aussies are backwards. Remember the reverse flushing toilets?

TT: …right.

Ring Announcer: Next, from Windermere, Florida, by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

"Nightmare" by Crooked X begins. The lights drop and purple and white spot lights flood the arena and swirl in a haze of fog machine smoke. Triple explosions happen in an arc at entrance way and Rob Osbourne steps out to an enormous explosion of boos from the crowd. He smirks at them, flashes the sign of the Horsemen, and makes his way down the aisle, posing for the camera along the way. He steps through the ropes, climbs to the second turnbuckle, and raises his arms for the crowd, a serious look on his face.

BC: That man is all business tonight, Teddy! He didn’t come here to screw around, he wants to take out Richards and Blast on the same night!

TT: And a focused Rob Osbourne is a scary thing…

Ring Announcer: And finally…from Cincinatti, Ohio…weighing in at 277 pounds… JIMMY BLAST!

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and the crowd explodes with an enormous pop for the legendary Jimmy Blast. Blast steps out from behind the curtain, seemingly oblivious to the record setting crowd’s reaction, his eyes fixated on Rob Osbourne and Rob Osbourne alone. He walks down the aisle, his eyes never leaving the Nitemare, and climbs into the ring.

BC: Oh sure, they boo Rob Osbourne, but they CHEER Jimmy Blast…give me a break!

TT: Yeah well…we never thought we’d see Jimmy Blast in the ring again up until a few weeks ago, and this guy is as much a CWF legend as he is an MWWF or EWA legend…they respect the hell out him!

BC: And rightfully so, I’m just saying…Rob Osbourne deserves a little respect from these kangaroo eating freaks, too.


TT: And here we go!

BC: You could cut the tension between Blast and Osbourne with a knife!

Blast an Osbourne immediately charge at each other and start throwing furious rights and lefts! Back and forth they go in a blur of flying fists, going at it tooth and nail and Terry Richards sits back and watches as they tear each other apart! Blast with a knee to the mid section and whips Osbourne to the ropes…clothesline by the Blaster! Osbourne quickly to his feet…Blast throws another clothesline at him but Osbourne ducks this time…Osbourne with a boot to the gut…snapmare takedown! Blast sits up…Nitemare with a stiff kick to the back and the echo rumbles through Jimmy Blast’s insides and reverberates throughout the stadium!

TT: Ouch!

BC: That had to hurt!

TT: And Terry Richards is loving every minute of this!

Nitemare pulls Blast to his feet…and chops him into the corner…Osbourne jumps up, digs his feet in Blast’s hips, and flips back…monkey flip! Blast lands on his feet though…RICHARDS WITH A SPEAR! Richards nailed Jimmy Blast with a brutal spear and Blast didn’t see it coming! Nitemare looks furious and runs at Richards….Lou Thesz press! And Nitemare unloads on him with a flurry of right hands!

TT: Wow…for as much as Osbourne wants at Blast, he didn’t like Terry Richards’ help!

BC: Well there’s no love lost between Osbourne and Richards, to say the least!

Jimmy Blast struggles up to his feet and grabs Osbourne by the hair, pulling him off of Richards. He tucks Osbourne’s head under his arm…reverse DDT! The back of Osbourne’s head hits the mat and Blast with a quick cover!




TT: Blast caught him by surprise with that one but Osbourne kicks out!

BC: Never turn your back on Jimmy Blast!

Terry Richards comes over to Blast and taps him on the shoulder…Blast whirls around and cocks his fist, ready to throw down…but Richards motions to him to team up on Nitemare! Blast nods his head and smiles, and pulls Osbourne to his feet! Blast holds back Osbourne and Richards with a resounded open palmed chop to the chest of the Nitemare! Osbourne’s chest lights up and Richards repeatedly chops at Osbourne’s chest, until the blood vessels pop and it begins to bleed.

TT: My God! Richards and Blast are working as a unit! You have to wonder, if Jimmy Blast wins out tonight…if Jimmy Blast is able to “officially” become the undisputed leader of the Horsemen, what will become of Rob Osbourne, and will Terry Richards be reinstated into the most dominant group in the business?

BC: I don’t know, but they’re functioning real well as a team right now!

They switch off, and now Richards holds Nitemare back, and Blast delivers a succession of right hands squarely into the jaw of Rob Osbourne! Osbourne slumps down to the mat and Richards and Blast high five each other! Blast directs Richards to the top rope and he holds Osbourne’s legs wide open…Richards leaps up to the top…and SAILS off with a diving headbutt to the mid section of the Nitemare! Richards and Blast working as a cohesive unit and Richards with the cover!




TT: Blast rolls Richards off of Osbourne and wags his finger at him…he wants to do more damage first!

BC: This isn’t about winning or losing to Jimmy Blast…he wants to send a message to Rob Osbourne…he wants to put him in his place!

Blast pulls Nitemare to his feet and whips him to the corner…he lifts him up and sits him on the top turnbuckle! Blast heads up top to meet him…he has him up for a superplex! No Osbourne blocks it…and lifts Blast up…and PLANTS him face first into the mat! Richards charges at Osbourne, but Osbourne leaps off the top rope…double axehandle smash to Richards! Nitemare a house of fire and he pulls Blast to his feet…swinging neck breaker! Osbourne has to make the cover quickly before Richards get to his feet and he does!




TT: Richards breaks the count and Rob Osbourne is in survival mode here!

BC: He better do some big time damage while this adrenaline lasts!

Richards pulls him up off of Blast but Nitemare elbows him in the gut and whips him to the ropes…back body drop! And Richards sails six feet in the air and drops to the mat! Blast to his feet and Nitemare immediately catches him with a powerslam! Richards runs at him…Osbourne drops down and pulls the top rope down! Richards flips over the top rope and lands on the apron…Osbourne runs at him with a wild clothesline! Richards sucks…Osbourne spins around…BLAST WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE! And Osbourne flips 360 degrees in the air, twisting to the mat!

TT: My God! Blast damn near decapitated him!

BC: I don’t like the Nitemare’s chances here, Teddy!

Richards dusts himself off and climbs back into the ring, and he and Blast confer in the middle of the ring. Blast directing traffic and it looks like they’re going to try a double team maneuver! Blast positions himself as Richards pulls Osbourne up and whips him to the ropes…Richard leapfrogs over him and Osbourne bounces off the far ropes…Blast standing there ready to take his head off…NO! Osbourne ducks the clothesline! Osbourne leaps, swings around and grabs Richards by the head…BADD DREAM! BADD DREAM!

TT: OSBOURNE HIT THE BADD DREAM ON RICHARDS! MY GOD! Osbourne with a cover and Blast will have to break this one up!



Blast feigns charging to break up the pin fall, but then puts on the brakes and smiles instead.

TT: What the hell…



Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: What the hell was that?! Blast could have broken up the pin easily!

BC: I don’t know, but something seems off here…

Nitemare darts to his feet and he and Blast go nose to nose, screaming at each other! The referee gets between them and raises Osbourne’s arm in victory…and Blast gets back in Osbourne’s face! Both men look ready to tear each other’s heads off, and then…

TT: What the hell?!


Osbourne and Blast embrace! The crowd boos wildly as they realize the whole thing was a set up! Blast and Osbourne hug in the center of the ring and raise each other’s arms as if it was a huge victory for the Horsemen!

BC: I knew they were gonna do that!

TT: Yeah, right…I bet. Terry Richards got screwed by the Horsemen here tonight once again and you’ve got to believe this war between Richards and the Horsemen is just beginning! Wait a minute…Osbourne has a mic!

Rob Osbourne grabs the mic from the ring announcer.

NRO: Fans...if I may. I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you standing by Jimmy and I both. There was an outpouring of support for both of us this past week on the internet chat boards.

TT: Oh give me a damn break.

Jimmy Blast: As a result of our "plan" several of you were forced to choose a side. Me or The Nitemare. We're sorry we had to do that to you all, but you can rest assured that you don't have to choose sides...we're all in this together. This is the best line-up of Horsemen assembled since the turn of the century.

BC: (sniffs) This is…well, beautiful!

TT: This is sickening! These fans are booing these guys out of the building and they’re acting like they’re heroes!

NRO: We did accomplish some very important things this past week. First and foremost is putting this punk (points at Richards) in his place. The second is that we showed the entire CWF that you just can't mess with The Horsemen. It's gonna take a whole hell of a lot more than a hodge podge mix of mid-carders to make a stand against us. You wanna know why? Because diamonds are forever...

Jimmy Blast: ...and so are The Horsemen.

Just as Jimmy Blast finishes his sentence, the crowd rises to its feet as a hulking man of about 6’5”, at what has to be at least 450 pounds hops over the guardrail and sneaks up behind “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne! Osbourne thinks the crowd is showing their respect for the Horsemen…he smiles and nods…but as he spins around, the man smashes a glass bottle over his head! Osbourne drops to the mat, unconscious and bleeding from the head. Terry Richards lifts his head and sees what’s going on. Jimmy Blast jumps on the anonymous assailants back but the hulking man flips him over his head…and Richards slowly gets to his feet and runs at Blast…SHOCK TURN! Richards has taken out Blast and he leaves the ring, leaving Nitemare in the ring alone with the assailant!

TT: Who the hell is that?!

BC: I don’t know, but he looks awfully familiar…I mean, he’s almost the size of…no, it couldn’t be…

TT: What? Who?

BC: Well he’s got that black and white t-shirt on…he’s almost the size of…Darklight Warrior?

TT: Oh my God! You might be right!

The mysterious assailant pulls Osbourne to his feet…tucks his head between his legs, and has him up…and runs towards the ropes with Osbourne above his head….



Osbourne smashes through the Spanish announce table, splintering wood and lying in a tangled heap of television monitors and wires.

BC: Where the hell are the Horsemen?!

TT: I’m getting work that the Horsemen locker room has been locked shut from the outside! They’re trying to bust the door down but my God…this was obviously a premeditated attack! Could this be the Darklight Warrior?! The EWA legend…no one has seen or heard from him in eleven years but you’re right, Bobby…this guy bears quite a resemblance!

The man hops back over the guardrail, and the cameras follow him as he makes his way through the crowd and to the exit. As he gets backstage, Dennis Donnelly runs up beside him.

Dennis Donnelly: Sir! Sir! Can I get a few quick words? Who are you?! What have you done?! Why have you done it?! The world wants to know!

The man stops, looks at Dennis, and sticks his palm in Donnelly’s face, shoving him backwards and refusing to speak. The camera follows him to a waiting black SUV. He enters the vehicle and as he does, Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, Chemical X, and Roland Ulv come sprinting towards the vehicle with baseball bats and golf clubs. They smash out the back window as the SUV speeds away out of the parking lot.

TT: My God, what the hell has happened here?! Osbourne is bleeding profusely here at ringside, and here come the EMTs! The Horsemen just narrowly missed catching up to that guy but he got away! He got away and I don’t know what the hell could possibly happen next, but we still have our main event left!

BC: I don’t know who the hell that was or what he wanted, but…whoever it was obviously had been planning that attack, Teddy. The way he came through the crowd, the way he exited right where a black SUV was waiting for him…you know what I wanna know? Who was driving the SUV?

TT: That’s a damn fine question…and that’s something we’ll have to try to figure out and hopefully we’ll have some answers next week, but in the mean time, as Osbourne is helped to the back by EMTs and the ring area clears here…we have a main event to get to! Magnus Thunder defends the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against Mariano Fernandez, and I can’t wait to see this!

BC: It’s David versus Goliath, Teddy! But this time…David doesn’t stand a damn chance!

TT: Well that’s your opinion, but Mariano Fernandez has gone toe to toe with Magnus Thunder twice before and come out looking like a contender each time…and he has to make Magnus Thunder just a little bit nervous! We are almost set for this huge main event! Who will walk out of Sydney tonight an into Japan next week at Showdown as the CWF World Heavyweight Champion?!

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: Well we’re pleased to bring out a guest commentator for this one…this place is going to come unglued for…

BC: What?! Guest commentator?! I didn’t agree to this!

"Turn The Page" by Metallica blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. Smoke rises around the stage and down the aisle as Maniac steps out to the entrance in jeans and a black leather jacket. He smirks as he acknowledges the crowd and begins to make his way down the aisle, tagging the hands of some of the fans in the front row.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome the former National, former Unified, and former two time World Tag Team Champion...CWF's very own...MANIAC!!!

Maniac makes his way to the ringside area. The fans continue their frantic cheers as he makes his way over to the announcer's table, sitting next to Bobby Crane as his music fades out.

TT: What an honor to have Maniac join us for guest commentary here tonight!

Maniac: Well, it's an honor to be sitting next to the greatest commentary team in wrestling today!

BC: So Maniac, what do you expect in this match tonight?

Maniac: You know, myself and Magnus...we go way back. I've always seen him as an icon here in the CWF and find myself rather disappointed in his actions as of late.

TT: He certainly has taken a turn here in the CWF!

Maniac: He definately has. But he's going to have his hands full tonight!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

"Haunted (Instrumental)" by Type O Negative hits the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. Fireworks blast off at the entrance, when suddenly Mariano Fernandez pops up from underneath the stage. Rei makes her way to the stage as Mariano goes to the left side of the stage, taunting the crowd. The crowd is deafening as he makes his way to the other side, taunting the other side of the arena. He runs back to the center of the stage as another series of fireworks blast off. Him and Rei make their way down the aisle, as Mariano tags the fans hands.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...accompanied by Rei! From Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at one hundred seventy one pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!!!

Mariano and Rei make their way to ringside. Mariano slides under the bottom rope as Rei makes her way over near the announcer's table. Maniac sets up a chair for her. Mariano climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the sold out crowd. Rei sits as Mariano hops down and poses one last time in the center of the ring. His music fades out.

TT: The challenger looks ready to go here tonight!

Maniac: This is the man that beat me for the National Championship. And I could tell during and after that match...this man here...he is the future of the CWF!

BC: Future?! Look at him! I've dropped loads in the toilet bigger than him!

The lights in the arena suddenly go out. Thunder crashes in the background as lightning begins to strike at the stage. The instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative blasts throughout the arena as the live crowd erupts in boos. The videotron is a black screen, and Magnus Thunder is no where to be seen. The lightning continues to strike on the stage as the thunder continues to roar throughout the arena.

TT: Where's Magnus?

The videotron suddenly begins playing, showing a dark purple sky with rolling grey clouds. In front of the videotron is a platform with a throne on top of it...Magnus sitting upon it. A set of steps extends from the throne down to the aisle. The monster stands and makes his way down the steps slowly. He reaches the bottom and the lightning stops. Blue smoke rises as lightning starts once again, showing that the throne and steps are gone. Magnus begins his walk down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Jotunheim, Norway! He stands seven foot five inches and weighs in at five hundred pounds...he is your WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus reaches the ring as the blue smoke is now filling throughout the arena. He steps up to the apron and over the top rope. Magnus makes his way to the center of the ring and removes his championship. He looks out in to the crowd, and raises the championship high above his head as lightning strikes all four corners. He turns his attention immediately over to Mariano as the lights slowly return to normal, the blue smoke begins to clear, and his music fades out.

TT: What an entrance!!! The champion looks determined tonight!

Maniac: Well Magnus has to be in a strange spot here tonight! It's not often that another superstar can stand their ground against Magnus as well as Mariano has! Bringing Magnus to a time limit draw...defeating him one on one, although it was by countout. And last week, knocking the mammoth out cold!

BC: He got lucky last week! Besides, Magnus didn't lose their match last week! Mariano was the one who was pinned!

Magnus hands his championship to the referee. The referee shows the belt to Mariano, then raises it in the air for the sold out crowd to see. He brings the championship to the side of the ring, handing it to an official on the outside. He checks to make sure both competitors are ready, and calls for the opening bell!


TT: There's the bell! Mariano and Magnus are staring each other unusual approach from Magnus as of late.

BC: I remember my epic match with Magnus Thunder...he thought he was gonna win...but I beat him in the end!

TT: What the hell are you talking about?! You never wrestled against Magnus!

BC: Sure I did! And I beat him!

Maniac: The only way that you beat Magnus was if you beat him in the CWF video game.

BC: Hey, what can I say...a win's a game or not.

TT: Of course it was the game... Anyway, back to the match.

Magnus reaches his hands up, looking for a test of strength.

BC: You've got to be kidding me! There's no way in hell that Mar...

Mariano reaches up, interlocking his fingers with Magnus'.

BC: What the hell is he thinking?!

TT: Magnus takes the quick advantage as he brings his arms down, now lifting Mariano in to the air! Mariano with a knee to the jaw...and a second! He wraps his legs around Magnus' head and lays in with hard forearm shots! The big man stumbles, falling back in to the ropes...headscissors by Mariano..and both men go to the outside!

Maniac: Mariano landed on the apron though as Magnus tumbles to the floor!

TT: Mariano with a springboard as Magnus gets back to his feet...moonsault...and the big man is down! And Mariano quickly slides back in to the ring as the crowd erupts in cheers!

Maniac: Mariano's speed game is going to be what keeps him in this match guys. Magnus cannot keep up with his speed, but at the same time, Mariano cannot keep up with Magnus' power!

Magnus returns to his feet and quickly slides back in to the ring. He rushes at Mariano, but Mariano ducks an oncoming lariat! Mariano grabs ahold of Magnus' arm from behind, jumping up. He gets his knees behind Magnus' arm as he falls back!

TT: Mariano is taking the advantage here in the beginning! Very unusual for him!

BC: The gnat will have to do alot more than that to keep the big man down!

Maniac: But half of the game is wearing down the opponent, which Mariano is trying to do here!

TT: Mariano applies the side armbar! Now Maniac, you mentioned before that you were disappointed in this turn from Magnus. But do you think that this new viciousness behind him has really help him out in the ring?

Maniac: There's no doubt about that, Teddy. Magnus Thunder was always a tough competitor. But since he kind of turned his back on everyone, he has become so much more violent in the ring. And through that, I think he has also built a stronger technical base, as he is more focused on breaking down his opponent!

BC: Did anyone see that beer vendor? I need a beer.

TT: Is there any way to have the guys in the back shut off Bobby's headset? He's paying no contribution to this match whatsoever!

Maniac: Here's that power game that I was talking about! Mariano had the side armbar on Magnus, and now Magnus is using his strength to lift Mariano's weight with that one arm...and he drops Mariano with the sidewalk slam!

TT: Excellent move by Magnus! And he continues the offense as he lifts Mariano back up from that side position...backbreaker...and a second! Magnus holds Mariano down, back being bent across Magnus' knee!

Maniac: This is a bad position for Mariano! For most superstars, they would use this move to wear down their opponent...but considering the size difference here and Magnus' power...this could easily be used as a submission move!

BC: I don't get it, Teddy. Why do we need Maniac out here? I'm obviously beautiful enough for this crowd. And he's just wasting his time talking!

TT & Maniac: Shut up, Bobby!

BC: If I wasn't getting paid for this gig...I would be out of here!

TT: Seriously...guys in the back...if there's any way to cut his mic...

Maniac: Mariano needs to find a way out of this move!

Mariano struggles in pain, but refuses to give up. Magnus finally releases the hold, pushing Mariano to the mat. He steps on Mariano's just, applies his weight, and steps over him. Mariano grabs his chest in pain, gasping for air. Magnus brings Mariano back to his feet and whips him hard in to the corner. Magnus rushes in, and Mariano moves out of the way just in time! Magnus stumbles back as Mariano hits the springboard. He switches positions in mid-air...shoulderblock...and Magnus stumbles back near the center of the ring...still standing!

TT: Mariano has the big man dazed I think! Mariano hits the far ropes. He comes back at Magnus and slides between the legs! Mariano with a leg trip during the slide, and Magnus crashes to the mat! Mariano quickly plants both knees in to Magnus' spine and grabs the arms...modified bow-and-arrow!

Maniac: Excellent submission move from Mariano! He's working on the arms and back, which could help him in the long run if he can eliminate the Thunderstorm and The Brutal Rest!

BC: Mariano's like the fly that you can never quite hit with the fly swatter...that's why you need fly paper! That'll catch the little son of a...

TT: Hey now, Bobby! Calm down...the big boys were talking.

BC: Whatever...

TT: Mariano yanks back on the arms...applying more pressure, but Magnus is using his power...and he breaks his left arm free from the hold! And now his right! Mariano leaps in to the air...knee drop to the kidney area! Mariano makes his way to the ropes, glancing back at Magnus...waiting for him to stand. Magnus returns to his feet and Mariano with the springboard...MOONSAULT PRESS!!!

Maniac: No! Magnus caught him...running powerslam! And it looks like we're about to see that brutal side of Magnus as he mounts Mariano! Right hand...another...another!

TT: Magnus is unleashing his fury...and the referee finally pulls Magnus off of Mariano! Magnus picks Mariano back up. He lifts and tosses Mariano hard in to the corner! Magnus follows...and he unleashes a series of back elbows to the face!

BC: Ha! Mariano's becoming his punching bag!

Maniac: Am I throwing you off your game, Bobby? You haven't had a good thing to say since I came out here.

TT: Magnus now with a shoulder to the gut...a second...a third! Mariano is just getting destroyed now! Magnus lifts Mariano to the top turnbuckle with ease! He grabs Mariano, pulling him near the center of the ring...muscle buster! And Magnus makes the cover!




Maniac: Mariano's still in this one as he gets his shoulder up! See guys, this...this is what impressed me about Mariano. The kid is a third of the size of Magnus Thunder...but he has too be the most resilient superstar in CWF today!

BC: And yet...he was the one pinned last week!

TT: Bobby...he was in one hell of a match. And in the end, he not only took the Blood Loss but also the Radiant Plex! I think even Maniac would agree, most men wouldn't get up from that!

Maniac: Totally right, Teddy! The Blood Loss is a devastating move...and the strength Roland uses to create that impact on the Radiant Plex...ask Magnus...he's felt it before!

TT: Magnus has Mariano back to his feet now and he drills him with a right forearm! Magnus backs Mariano against the ropes...and there's the irish whip. Mariano on the return and Magnus elevates him...but Mariano counters with a dropkick sending Magnus back in to the ropes! Mariano rushes at Magnus...and he leaps over the top beside Magnus, grabbing his head for an innovative inverted hotshot!

Maniac: Mariano always seems to impress me! He had the big man on the ropes, and he gets him to the mat with a move that...let's face it, hasn't really been seen!

Mariano slides back in to the ring and instantly starts working on Magnus' arm again as he drops a knee in to the shoulder! Mariano grabs Magnus' arm and twists it before locking in a modified armbar!

TT: Mariano again working on that left arm of Magnus!

Maniac: This is a sound strategy from the challenger! So many times you see a wrestler just use attack after attack, never really focusing on a certain body part...and alot of the time, that'll lead to their downfall!

BC: Magnus should have already beaten this kid! This's a joke. It never should have happened!

Maniac: Look at what the kid accomplished over the past month, Bobby. He came close to knocking off Rob Osbourne. He defeated the champion himself, Magnus Thunder. He defeated Blood the next week. And he came close on several occasions to defeating Blood and Roland in that tag team match.

BC: But ended with Mariano getting pinned!

TT: Just don't listen to him, Maniac. His jealousy of you is making his head swell.

Maniac: Magnus is starting to pull himself back up, finally making it to his feet. He shoves Mariano off in to the far ropes. Mariano off the rebound...flying crossbody...but Magnus catches him! Magnus with a fallaway slam...and Mariano lands hard near the ropes, rolling to the outside!

Magnus steps out of the ring and picks Mariano back up. He slams Mariano face first in to the ring post, then in to the barracade! The crowd erupts in boos as Magnus pulls Mariano in to a short-arm clothesline!






Magnus picks Mariano back up and rams him spine first in to the ring apron! He rolls Mariano in to the ring and quickly follows.

TT: Magnus brings Mariano to his feet with a front facelock. He lifts Mariano vertical...and drops him chest first on the top rope! Mariano is hanging partially inside the ring and Magnus hits the ropes...BIG BOOT...NO!!! Mariano is able to avoid it as he drops to the apron! Magnus hits the opposite ropes. Magnus on the rebound...DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!!!

Maniac: MY GOD! He just sent Mariano head over heels, crashing chest first on the apron! And Magnus quickly continues the attack as he reaches over the top rope to grab Mariano! He brings Mariano back to his feet and grips him with both hands by the throat...overhead belly to belly toss...and Mariano is brought back in in a violent way! Magnus makes the cover!




Maniac: Mariano with the kickout! And Magnus appears to be slightly frustrated!

TT: Magnus brings Mariano back to his feet. He lifts Mariano in a torture rack position...and he drops down to his knees for the backbreaker! Magnus picks Mariano up again, and he's positioning him for the powerbomb!

Maniac: This could spell trouble for the challenger! We may be about to see a Thunderstorm!

TT: He picks Mariano up...powerbomb...and he holds the wrists! Magnus lifts Mariano up again...and Mariano is struggling to break free as he delivers a right to Magnus' skull...

Maniac: Hurricanrana...NO!!! Magnus is able to counter it in to The Brutal Rest!!! Mariano is in deep trouble here! If Magnus can get positioned...there won't be an escape!

BC: Ha! The little guy is going to have to tap out boys!

TT: Mariano is struggling to keep Magnus from applying full pressure...and he kicks Magnus in the head with his free leg...and again! And Magnus stumbles back as he releases the hold! Mariano gets back to his feet as Magnus rushes in...inside cradle!!!





BC: You've got to be kidding me!!! With an inside cradle?!

Maniac: I don't think so boys...looks like the ref is saying it was only a two count!

TT: It was THAT close! What an upset that would have been!

Maniac: Both men are back to their feet, and Magnus takes the quick advantage as he damn near decapitated the challenger with another lariat!

Magnus picks Mariano up. He lifts Mariano overhead with a military press, and tosses him over the top rope! Mariano crashes in front of the announcer's table as Rei watches on in concern. Magnus steps over the top rope and hops down to the floor. He looks over at Rei, almost as if he's debating to go after her instead. He looks back at the announce table and quickly rips off the top cover. He begins to remove the monitors as the referee starts to count!





TT: Come on, Magnus! You don't have to do this!

Magnus tosses the monitors to the side and brings Mariano back to his feet. Magnus grips his throat and lifts him high in to the air. He holds him near the announce table...CHOKESLAM...NO!!! MARIANO COUNTERS WITH A DDT ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!

TT: Mariano with a very timely counter! Magnus' head just bounced off our table, and he's stumbling back! Mariano is standing on our table...he dives off...dropkick!!! And Magnus is sent back first in to the edge of the apron!





Maniac: The kid better hurry in to the ring to break the count!

TT: And he does! Mariano slides in and slides back out, breaking the count! Mariano with a kick to the knee...and a second. Magnus pushes Mariano off and quickly comes after him...drop toe hold by Mariano...and Magnus' skull just crashed in to the steel steps!

Maniac: Did anyone actually expect this kid to do this well in his first World Championship match?!

BC: Man Maniac, you must have a crush on this kid or something...always talking about him.

Maniac: This is coming from the man who has been watching my ass in the ring for over a decade.

TT: Haha...great one!

Maniac: Can we get back to the match?

TT: Mariano grabs Magnus and rolls him back in to the ring. He climbs on to the apron and springboards...legdrop...perfectly placed!

BC: Right here! He should be going for the cover, but instead he backs off, giving Magnus a chance to get up!

Mariano waits as Magnus slowly gets to all fours. Magnus is to one knee and Mariano rushes at him...YAKUZA KICK!!! And Mariano makes the cover!!!




TT: Magnus rolls the shoulder!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Maniac: What is this kid going to have to do to keep Magnus down?!

TT: Mariano can't believe it! He thought he had the match won!!!

BC: Stupid kid! It'll take more than that to keep Magnus down!

TT: Mariano grabs Magnus with a front facelock, bringing him to his knees...DOUBLE ARM DDT!!!

Maniac: And again Mariano is backing off!


TT: Magnus is slowly getting back up, and Mariano rushes at him again...YAKUZ...NO!!! Magnus caught the foot! And he lifts Mariano up high in to the air...POWERBOMB!!! Up again...a second powerbomb...THUNDERSTORM!!! And Magnus quickly falls in to the cover!




TT: I think that's it!

Maniac: I don't think so, Teddy! Looked like Mariano rolled the shoulder!

BC: There's no way!

TT: He must have!!! The ref is saying it was only a two count!

BC: How in the hell?!

Maniac: How many people have we seen kick out of the Thunderstorm?! That's just amazing!!!

Magnus can't believe it! He argues with the referee as Mariano uses the ropes to pull himself back up. Magnus rushes at him and drills him with a hard clothesline knocking him over the top rope! Magnus exits the other side of the ring, making his way over to the timekeeper. He pushes the timekeeper off of his chair and takes it.

TT: Oh no! Looks like Magnus has had enough!

BC: Kill him, Magnus!!!

Magnus starts to walk over toward Mariano on the other side of the ring as Maniac takes off his headset and rushes over. Magnus draws back with the chair...and Maniac quickly gets in front of him. Maniac tries reasoning with Magnus, and Magnus reluctantly drops the chair. He picks Mariano back up and rolls him in to the ring.

BC: Damn it! What the hell, Maniac?!

TT: It looks like Maniac prevented the disqualification as he makes his way back over here!

BC: Magnus should have blasted Mariano!!!

Maniac sits back down at the announce table as Magnus slides back in to the ring. He picks Mariano up, bringing him to his shoulder. Magnus with a running start...powerslam!!! He looks over at Maniac quick before bringing Mariano back to his feet. Magnus brings Mariano over to the corner. Magnus ascends the corner, gripping Mariano's throat.

TT: This can't be good!!!

Maniac: Magnus is on the top, and it looks like he might be going for a top rope chokebomb or something! NO!!! Mariano sweeps the legs, crotching Magnus on the top rope! Mariano delivers a hard forearm!

BC: NO!!!

TT:What is Mariano doing here?! He is standing below Magnus...and it looks like he's trying to pull Magnus down across his shoulder!!! He can't hold up Magnus' weight!!!

Maniac: It looks like he's using that top rope to support Magnus' weight...TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! He used the top rope to hold Magnus' weight, and brought the five hundred pounder down with a Tombstone!!! And he has the cover!!!




TT: I can't believe it!!! Magnus kicked out!!! And look at Mariano! He can't believe it either!

BC: I'll give the kid credit for that one! What a Tombstone!

Maniac: Magnus is starting to get back up...YAKUZA KICK!!! Mariano with a second Yakuza kick!!!

TT: And he has another cover!!!




TT: Magnus grabs the bottom rope to stop the count!!!

Maniac: What a main event!

TT: Magnus has kicked out of two Yakuzas and the Tombstone! Mariano has escaped The Brutal Rest and kicked out of the Thunderstorm!

Maniac: And it looks like Mariano is going to the top rope! He's waiting, pirched on the top as Magnus slowly makes it back to his feet. Mariano dives off...MAGNUS WITH THE BIG BOOT!!!

BC: He damn near took Mariano's head off with that one!!!

TT: Magnus quickly picks Mariano up...POWERBOMB...POWERBOMB...THUNDERSTORM!!! He hit the Thunderstorm again! And he makes the cover!!!





Maniac: This is definately a battle to survive tonight!

TT: Magnus is irate! And it looks like he is once again going for The Brutal Rest!!!

Maniac: Mariano was able to escape this before...can he again?!

Magnus gets The Brutal Rest locked in, and the ref instantly checks on Mariano! Mariano screams in pain, arm in the air...but not tapping yet! He tries to drag himself to the ropes...he's almost there...inches...centimeters...almost touching...and Magnus pulls him back to the center of the ring!

TT: He was so close!!!

Mariano struggles, still trying to pull himself to the rope. His face is turning red and his body is slowly starting to go limp. The ref checks to see if he wants to give it up, but Mariano is in too much pain to answer! He tries one last time for the ropes! He pulls himself...inches...centimeters...almost there...AND HE'S GOT IT!!!

Maniac: The kid reached the ropes!!! And the ref is calling for the break!!!

TT: How amazing has this kid been tonight?!

BC: I'll give him credit where credit is due...he's actually impressing me tonight!

Maniac: Magnus finally releases the hold! That's what I'm talking about right there, Teddy! The Magnus that I knew...if the ref told him to break the hold, he would release it right away! There...he waited until the absolute last second to release the hold!

TT: Magnus picks Mariano back up and whips him hard in to the corner. Magnus approaches, and he buries a shoulder in to the gut...and another! He grabs Mariano's wrist and whips him across the ring to the other corner! Magnus follows in...massive lariat...and Mariano falls to a seated position in the corner!

Maniac: Mariano has to be just about dead in this match!

BC: He should be!

Maniac: Magnus with a running start...boot to the face of Mariano!!!

TT: Mariano looks to be out after that shot!

BC: Magnus should go for the cover here!

Maniac: Magnus grabs Mariano...gripping around his face! He pulls Mariano up, lifting him to the top rope! Magnus follows him up in the corner...DOWNBURST!!!

TT: That's such a devastating overhead belly to belly suplex!


TT: Magnus again is bringing Mariano back to his feet! He positions Mariano...POWERBOMB...POWERBOMB...and Mariano is struggling as he connects with a right...and Magnus drops him as he falls to a knee! Mariano off the far ropes...YAKUZA...NO!!! Magnus catches him and quickly lifts him to complete the Thunderstorm!!!

BC: It has to be over here!

TT: Magnus makes the cover!




Maniac: How in the world?!?! Mariano has somehow...maybe out of instinct rolled the shoulder!!!

TT: Well, the title is on the line! It seems to make a difference when something this important is at stake!

BC: This is bullsh...I mean crap!

TT: Magnus grabs the ref by the collar and forces him in to the corner!

Maniac: Magnus again letting his frustration get to him, risking disqualification!

TT: Mariano has the ropes, and he's pulling himself back up as Magnus continues to hound the ref! He finally releases the ref...low dropkick from Mariano!!! Mariano hits the far ropes as Magnus in on a knee...and he nails the Yakuza Kick this time, quickly falling in to the cover!!!




TT: Magnus gets his foot on the bottom rope!!!

Maniac: We almost had a new champion crowned again!!!

BC: How in the hell is this match still going?! Magnus needs to take this kid down!

TT: Magnus is starting to get back to his feet. Mariano rushes at him, headscissors takedown! Mariano quickly makes his way to the corner and climbs to the top...SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!

BC: But again, he doesn't go for the cover! This is a perfect moment to go for the pin!

Maniac: Mariano hits the far ropes...he rolls...flipping senton on to Magnus! And he quickly makes his way to the ropes again...springboard moonsault!!!

TT: And he has the cover!!!




TT: Magnus is able to roll the shoulder again!!!

Maniac: I'm telling you guys...this kid is the future of the CWF!

BC: Well, the future has to find a way to beat the mammoth here tonight!

TT: It looks like Mariano is once again waiting for Magnus to return to his feet.

Maniac: How many others in the CWF right now do you think could stand toe to toe with this form of Magnus Thunder...and put on this great of a showing?!

TT: Not many.

Maniac: Magnus is up and Mariano comes at him...this time going for the hurricanrana...but Magnus blocks it! And it looks like Magnus is again trying to lock in The Brutal Rest!!! He almost has him...he's trying to position it as he brings Mariano to the center of the ring!!! And...HE'S GOT IT!!!

TT: It's locked in!!! Magnus has The Brutal Rest on Mariano...positioned perfectly in the center of the ring!

BC: You can tell that he's studied Mariano, as he is actually on a knee to hold this move in place rather than trying to shift his body weight to compensate for Mariano's size!

Maniac: Mariano has definately been a trooper here tonight, but Magnus has proven to just be too much!

TT: Mariano has to be in pain here...tapping out is inevitable!

BC: The little Argentine has overcome alot in this match! Surviving through one hell of a beating!

The referee checks on Mariano. His body has gone limp and the referee calls for the bell!

TT: It's over!!! Magnus Thunder retai...

Before the referee can grab Magnus' championship, Magnus grabs him by the collar and backs him in to the corner!

Magnus Thunder: It does not end like this! He will submit for this match to end!!!

TT: Wow! Magnus is insisting that this match continues...not willing to take the win from Mariano passing out!

Maniac: He has changed so much over the past couple of months, guys! This new side of's sadistic!

The referee, intimidated by the mammoth allows the match to continue. Magnus smirks as Mariano is slowly coming to. Magnus grabs Mariano's leg, hooking him with The Brutal Rest again...NO!!! Mariano rolls through...and he has the pin!!!





BC: It looks like Mariano has done it!!! He has slayed the beast!!!

Maniac: How impressive was Mariano in this match! And unbelievably...he has survived!!!

Mariano stands quickly and falls to his knees in emotion! Magnus looks on, unable to believe the outcome. The referee approaches Mariano, trying to explain that part of his body was touching the ropes before the three count was finished.

TT: It looks like the ref is saying that Mariano's body was in the ropes, and as a result, the match will continue!

Maniac: What a tough break for Mariano!

BC: You've got to be kidding!!! Mariano had it!!!

Mariano returns to his feet in disappointment. As he turns around, Magnus levels him with a vicious clothesline! He picks Mariano back up and quickly rushes him back first in to the corner. Mariano leans in the corner dazed as Magnus backs off. He flies back in...big splash! Magnus hits the far ropes as Mariano stumbles out...BIG BOOT ON THE REBOUND!!!

TT: This is not good for Mariano!!!

BC: I think Magnus is ready to end this!

Maniac: Mariano has to find a way out of this, or it will be over!

TT: Magnus picks Mariano up...and he has him in a powerbomb position! He lifts Mariano up, and Mariano is struggling, hitting Magnus with a right! Magnus runs...turnbuckle powerbomb!!! He holds the clutch, bringing Mariano back up...POWERBOMB...THUNDERSTORM!!!

BC: It should be over here!

Magnus picks Mariano back up...and he hits him with a second Thunderstorm!!! Magnus mounts Mariano and starts laying in punch after punch. The referee tries to get Magnus to seperate, but he refuses!

Maniac: Magnus better watch out here! He's risking disqualification!

BC: He's brutalizing Mariano!

TT: Magnus finally gets off of Mariano! He brings him back to his feet...a third Thunderstorm!!! He quickly pulls Mariano's limp body back up, and again has him up in the powerbomb position!!!

The referee quickly calls for the bell as Magnus drops Mariano with a fourth Thunderstorm!!!

Ring Announcer: The referee has called a stop to this match as Mariano Fernandez is unable to defend himself! Therefore...your winner and STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

TT: Magnus picks up the victory here tonight...but again, Mariano did not quit!!!

Maniac: Well, the referee called for the bell, and it looks like Magnus is picking Mariano back up...A FIFTH THUNDERSTORM!!! This is uncalled for guys!

Magnus prepares to pick Mariano up again, but the referee holds him back. Magnus decks the ref, knocking him to the mat!

TT: Magnus just knocked out the ref!

Magnus reaches down to pick Mariano up, and Rei quickly gets on to the apron. She tries pleading with Magnus to stop as he brings Mariano back to his feet. He releases Mariano, allowing him to lean against the ropes. Rei checks on Mariano...NO!!! Magnus with a devastating clothesline!!! Mariano tumbles to the outside as Rei falls off the apron!

TT: Somebody has to stop this!

Magnus climbs out of the ring and picks Mariano back up. He slams him face first in to the steps, busting him wide open! Magnus goes for Mariano again as Crane stands from the announcer's table and grabs a steel chair. He comes at Magnus...THWACK!!! Steel chair to the back of Magnus...and Magnus appears to be uneffected by it!

TT: Bobby is trying to stop the monster here!

Maniac: Well...somebody has to!

TT: Magnus turns to Bobby as Bobby swings the chair again...but Magnus catches it! He tears the chair out of Bobby's hands and slams it to the ground! BIG BOOT BY MAGNUS!!! Bobby is down and out!

Maniac: Magnus Thunder has snapped!

Rei makes it to her feet as Magnus reaches for Mariano. She grabs Magnus by the arm, and he releases a vicious backhand, knocking her out! Maniac rushes over to check on her as Magnus stares as Teddy. Magnus grabs Teddy by the throat and lifts him high in to the air, pulling him out from behind the announcer's table...CHOKESLAM...and Teddy is out! Magnus turns his attention back to Mariano as security and EMT's rush down to the ring. The EMT's check on Bobby, Teddy, and Rei as security tries to stop Magnus from attacking Mariano. Maniac returns to the announcer's table.

Maniac: It looks like this brutal show is finished as security is restraining Magnus! But not without casualties! Bobby Crane, Teddy Turnbuckle, and Rei are all being tended to by our EMT's!

Magnus pushes a security guard off of him...and another! He starts swinging hard rights at the guards...taking them out one by one!

Maniac: Magnus has fought off the security guards...and he is again going after Mariano!

Magnus grabs a near unconscious Mariano and hoists him over his shoulder. The crowd is releasing deafening boos as Magnus brings Mariano to the entrance stage. He slams Mariano hard on the stage!

Maniac: Can anyone stop this monster?!

Magnus picks Mariano back up, once again positioning him for the powerbomb. Blood suddenly comes out to the stage from the back, drilling Magnus with a forearm from behind!

Maniac: Of all people...Blood is coming to Mariano's aid here!

Blood delivers a hard knee lift to Magnus, knocking him down. Blood makes his way to Mariano to check on him. Magnus returns to his feet and drill Blood with a kick to the back of the head!!! He grabs Blood, lifting him in to a crucifix powerbomb position...

Maniac: NO!!! NO!!! He can't do this!!!

Magnus takes a running start and tosses Blood effortlessly off the stage, forcing him to crash to the cement floor below! Magnus takes a second to admire his work as Blood lays motionless. He turns back to covered in his own blood. He picks Mariano up and slams him hard in to the stage wall! Mariano breaks through the wall from the impact!


Maniac pulls his headset off and rushes to the top of the stage as Magnus picks up Mariano's limp body. He places Mariano in position to lift him for the powerbomb. Maniac grabs Magnus by the arm, forcing him to drop Mariano and turn toward Magnus. Maniac tries reasoning with Magnus. Magnus turns to head to the back as Maniac begins to walk back down the aisle...NO!!! Lariat from behind! Magnus brings Maniac overhead for a military press...and he tosses Maniac in to the crowd!!! He returns to Mariano picking him back up. Magnus lifts Mariano in to the air...POWERBOMB ON THE STAGE!!! He holds the wrists lifting him back up...SECOND POWERBOMB!!! He pulls him up one last time...THUNDERSTORM OFF THE STAGE!!! Magnus smirks as he looks down at the carnage that is Mariano...blood covered, laying motionless on the cement. Blood lays near him motionless and the EMT's are finally getting Turnbuckle, Crane, and Rei out of the arena! Magnus hops down to the cement floor. He stands overtop Blood and Mariano...raising his arm in victory as the crowd's boos sound throughout the arena.

Fade to black.