As the summer ends and the winds begin the cool, the leaves begin to change colors. The CWF, however, continues to get hotter and hotter, and unlike the leaves, this past summer the CWF showed the world that it will not wither and die. Tonight, how hard will the winds of change affect the wrestling world? Can “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne hold on to his CWF World Heavyweight championship? Or will Pledge Allegiance finally recapture the most prestigious award in the business? Will Magnus Thunder fully embrace the darkness? Or can “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv show him the light?

This is the CWF. This is the Fall Classic. This is…

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The blue collar town is renowned for its love of physicality, it’s rough-around-the-edges attitude, it’s never-say-die spirit. Tonight, the city embraces the CWF in what will surely be a night to remember.

Inside the Wachovia Center, the fans are jam packed to the rafters. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot up the aisle, bursting above the ring and throughout the arena. The crowd roars as “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback blasts in the background. The camera pans through the arena and then focuses on the set, which features “FALL FEVER” in large orange and red block letters making up the main stage, with the curtain between the two words. Several trees with withering leaves stand on the stage as well, and dead leaves cover the floor on the stage, with some scattered along the aisle way. The ring area features black padding on the outside, and a black, padded guardrail which has several ads for splashed on the facing, as well as the “Fall Fever” stamped in red lettering. The ring itself features a grey canvas with “FALL FEVER” stamped in the center and a single red leaf underlining it, black cable ropes, orange and red turnbuckles, and the Fall Fever logo sprawled across each apron. Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and, as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, who is holding a rake.

TT: Welcome everyone to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Welcome to the city of brotherly love! And yes indeed, welcome to the fall classic, the CWF’s Fall Fever! What a lineup we have tonight, as…[looks at Bobby] …what the hell is that?

BC: It’s a rake, genius.

TT: I know what it is…what are you doing with it?

BC: Well the CWF must have skimped on the stage hands tonight. Look at that stage, it’s a mess! Somebody needs to clean up.

TT: And you are gonna do it?

BC: Of course not, I’m just on the lookout for Michael Vick, I hear he’s looking for a part time job.

TT: Would you stop already? Tonight ladies and gentlemen, it’s for all the marbles! It’s Mark Xamin’s first show back in the hot seat since Rob Osbourne stole the company out from under him and tonight, Xamin has set up a match for the ages! “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against his former friend, his half brother, his former running mate, now CWF Hall of Famer, Pledge Allegiance!

BC: Well I can’t wait for that. I’ve gotta tell you, I like Pledge’s new attitude, Teddy! He’s not sucking up to the fans, he’s not pandering to the crowd, he’s out for himself and it’s about damn time!

TT: Are you kidding me? This is a guy who came out on the promo network last week and told us he faked his concussions, faked his dementia, threw the World title match against Brian Adams back at Night of Champions II, all in a ploy to gain the fans sympathy so he could get a spot in the Hall of Fame. It’s despicable and I’m not saying Osbourne is much better, but I hope The Nitemare takes Pledge Allegiance to school tonight!

BC: Yeah well, if wishes were fishes…

TT: Oh give it a rest. In any event, how about this one for a match up? Former CWF World Heavyweight Champion Magnus Thunder takes on “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv! Talk about a dream match!

BC: Ja, fur sure! Ha! I love this guy but I’ve gotta tell you, Magnus has been looking to the dark side lately and I hate to say it, I’m starting to like him!

TT: It is gonna be a battle for the ages tonight, no doubt! It’s being dubbed The Battle of Scandinavia and it’s gonna be interesting for a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that they have two different styles – Magnus will of course try to overpower The Radiant One, and Roland Ulv always shows up with a unique game plan…last week he only used moves that started with the letter “C”. What will he have up his sleeve here tonight?

BC: Probably pickled herring.

TT: Also tonight, the National Championship is on the line as Mariano Fernandez defends the title against Sickboy! And what a match up that should be, a potential show stealer right there!

BC: Yeah, Mr. Goody-two-shoes himself will be out here, I can’t wait…I can’t wait to see Sickboy slap the manners right out of that little punk!

TT: Come on, Bobby…Mariano is refreshing! He’s a sportsman and he’s good for wrestling. He’s actually starting to grow on me a little bit…

BC: I think there’s a cream for that.

TT: [sighs] Well it’s going to be a hell of a match, their two styles mesh well together…I’m having a tough time picking a winner.

BC: That’s because when Mariano speaks, we’re ALL losers.

TT: Stop it! For once, just shut up and do your job!

BC: How can I shut up and do my job? My job is to talk, half wit.

TT: Well for God’s sake, say something constructive!

BC: Hmm, let me think about that…

TT: Well while you think, let’s have a look at our Unified…

BC: …no.

TT: No? No what?

BC: Well I’ve thought about it…and I’ve decided I’m going to say whatever I want. So shut up.

TT: God. Our CWF Unified Championship match tonight will pit the champion, Axel Way, defending against the up and coming Terry Richards! There’s another one that could potentially steal the show, what a match that should be!

BC: Axel’s got the size and the mean streak…and Terry Richards is just a straight up tool, so don’t be surprised if Axel finishes him off real quick.

TT: You know you’re supposed to be impartial…you can’t just spout off at the mouth all the time. Are you seriously still upset with that Late Night with Bobby Crane fiasco?

BC: You bet I am, what a disrespectful little whelp. I hope Axel smashes his little head in with a steel chair.

TT: Also in action tonight…James Baker taking on the new comer, Angelus…and the winner will receive a Unified Title shot next week on Showdown!

BC: Yeah well I’m more looking forward to James Baker’s old lady, Danielle Lopez making her in ring debut tonight.

TT: It’s a CWF first, a female wrestler will be wrestling one on one with a male wrestler…and it might be the very first time the female is favored to beat the male!

BC: Well…I’m sure you’re using the word “male” rather loosely…we’re talking about Kyle Sync here.

TT: True enough. Also tonight…Paul Blair has promised “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne a huge surprise…what on earth could Blair have up his sleeve tonight?

BC: You know what, it ain’t fair to Blair to pretend like you care. I, on the other hand, genuinely can’t wait to see this because I happen to have an inside tip on what the surprise is.

TT: Care to share?

BC: No, I don’t care to share. If I cared to share, it wouldn’t be fair to Blair, and if it ain’t fair to Blair, it ain’t cool to share. Got it?

TT: I thought you hated Blair…

BC: Water under the bridge, I can’t stay mad at him.

TT: Good Lord. Does this mean every time Blair’s name comes up you’re gonna turn into Mother Goose again?

BC: Gosh, Teddy…I’m hungry. Hand me that crueler….

TT: ….

BC: And root for the Ruler.

TT: [sighs] Well nonetheless ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to kick things off! Let’s head to the ring and get the fall classic underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall with the winner receiving a match for the Unified Championship next week on Showdown. First, already in the ring, accompanied by his manager Malik Jones and his wife Danielle Lopez, hailing from Compton, California standing five feet and eleven inches and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds…..”Da Xtreme Gangsta” James Baker!

“Hail Mary” by Tupac plays as Baker flexes and poses on the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from the City of Angels standing six feet six inches tall and weighing in at three hundred and twenty-two pounds….ANGELUS!

“Angel’s Punishment” by Lacuna Coil plays as Angelus makes his way to the ring with a flat reaction from the crowd. As he approaches the ring Baker sprints and suicide dives over the top ropes and crashes into him as the opening bell rings.

TT: Nice way to start this one off by Baker.

BC: That guy has a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind. The CWF fans had written him off as some overrated jobber, but Baker is a man on a mission…and that mission is the CWF Unified Championship.

I agree, regardless of who comes out of the match later with the strap, they’d best be ready next week for James Baker.

BC: Baker on top of the much larger Angelus and he is just pounding him silly.

TT: Those two, Baker and Lopez, must be sharing a bottle of “pissed off juice” tonight.

BC: No see, they’re doing it old school like on the streets of Compton…ghetto style.

TT: Angelus is just taking the beating. The guy isn’t even fighting back. What happened to the lethal killing machine we heard about? Maybe someone forgot to tell him that James Baker wasn’t moved by anything the guy said last week in his promos…

BC: …that’s cause Angelus didn’t bother to show up to cut any promo’s last week Teddy.

TT: Oh…damn. I didn’t know that. Why not?

BC: Dunno. Production guys said he was scheduled to come by but they never heard from him or anything.

TT: Well, that’s odd. Baker now up on his feet dragging Angelus by the hair. He pulls the bigger man up and rolls him under the bottom rope.

BC: And Baker right behind him pulling him up his hair to a vertical base….setting him up for the gusto….YES!!

TT: Da Xtreme Knock Out…cover by Baker….1………2……….3!!!!!!!

TT: A huge victory for James Baker here at Fall Fever, and you know what that means, Bobby…James Baker will meet the winner of our Unified Championship match later tonight, either Axel Way or Terry Richards!

BC: Axel is gonna turn his lights out, you watch!

TT: Well fans…I’m getting word that Paul Blair has arrived at the Wachovia Center…and we’ve got a camera back there…

BC: Woohoo!

[A limo pulls up and out pops Paul Blair. The camera crew catches up with him.]

Reporter: Mr. Blair, is your visitor here tonight?

Blair: Good to see you too there CWF reporter. Yes tonight, Rob Osbourne is going to be in for a big surprise.

[Blair tries to move into the arena but the reporter interrupts him.]

Reporter: Do you care to tell us who you have in store for Rob Osbourne tonight?

Blair: Yes, I would love to ruin the surprise for everyone here tonight. Let me go ahead and tell you right now. know what, I'm not going to do that. Now if you will excuse me.

[Blair scoffs at the reporter and moves on into the arena as the camera fades back to the arena.]

BC: That reporter is an idiot.

TT: He’s just doing his JOB, Bobby…Blair should be able to relate to that.

BC: Hoho, very funny Teddy. Don’t quit your day job, you twit.

TT: Well up next fans, we are going to witness history, as for the first time in CWF history, a female will take on a male wrestler as an active competitor!

BC: Wow, a man and a woman haven’t squared off in the CWF since…well since I whipped Miss Money’s ass in 1999 at Red Alert. Ha!

TT: You’re still proud of the fact that you beat up a woman ten years ago?

BC: She had it coming to her!

TT: Well…that’s not quite the way I remember it but nonetheless, Danielle Lopez is showing a tremendous amount of courage tonight…she will break down a barrier here in the CWF if she can defeat Kyle Sync.

BC: Yeah and if she can’t, I don’t think a career in women’s wrestling is for her either.

TT: Well, let’s not discount Kyle Sync. Never before has he had such a size, strength, and weight advantage as in this one. Never has he been against an opponent so very much smaller than him, and there is no question that Danielle Lopez needs to have a few tricks up her sleeve here…

BC: Yeah, here’s her trick…she’s up against Kyle Sync. End of story.

TT: Alright, well you may be right…but before we get to that one, I understand we have a special guest about to come out here.

BC: What?

TT: I don’t know, that’s what I was just told…what’s this?

“Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to blast through the arena.

TT: Who is this?

BC: I have no idea!

Suddenly former CWF National Champion Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti marches out from behind the curtain dressed in black jeans, black boots and a black shirt with bold letters reading "UNTOUCHABLE" in bold red letters. He is followed by his younger brother Matthew Scarletti, with a Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick Jersey, his two Australian friends Tibias and Dingo Poe and the 7'5 Monster and former CWF Enforcer "The Juggernaut" Jimmy Washington and a new face a young thin woman who looks mysteriously like Sickboy's ex-wife Emma Wilkes. X marches down the entrance ramp followed by his troops and the crowd pops with a mixture of cheers and boos.


TT: I thought we got rid of these thugs? Well, love him or hate him that man is a force to be reckoned with!

X climbs in the ring with his troops around him. He grabs a mic and begins to look around at the capacity crowd.

Chemical X: Alright everybody... sit down, shut up… I don’t have a lot of time. Xamin could cut this mic at any moment. If you don’t know who the hell I am you don't belong in this arena... I'm Chemical X, aka Mr. Untouchable, aka I'll shoot you in the face. That being said let me take you all back to about a month ago. Roll the tape!

X points to the big screen, playing video footage from the August 15th episode of Showdown.


Sickboy is seen sliding into the ring with a kendo stick and waits.

BC: Ahhhh, it’s Sickboy! Watch out X! He’s right behind you!

As the song finally starts Sickboy runs up and cracks Chemical X right in the back of the head with the kendo stick, dropping Chemical X in a heap inside the ring. Sickboy continues to wail away with the stick, hitting Chemical X from the body to the head and even the arms and legs. After a while Sickboy drops the kendo stick and signals for a microphone. Once he has been given one, he starts speaking.

Sickboy: Gary, you wanted me here and now I’m here. Look at you, lying in a heap at my feet. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not here to injure you Gary. I’m not here to kill you either, I’m here to help you.

BC: What’s he mean by that Teddy?

TT: I don’t know, but I don’t like to think of what it could mean

Sickboy: You see Gary, you have the worst case of trigger finger I have ever seen. Shooting guns off at random, putting lives at risk. Well Gary tonight I’m going to cure you of your trigger finger or fingers. Just to show you, that I’m not bitter about you trying to ruin my life.

Sickboy drops the microphone and grabs Chemical X’s right arm proceeds to lock in an arm bar submission. As he has the arm in the hold, Sickboy starts to grab at Chemical X’s thumb, as he positions himself closer to the microphone that was dropped earlier.

Sickboy: Now let’s see, this little marine went to boot camp…

Sickboy then snaps the thumb backwards as Chemical X struggles with the pain.

Sickboy: This little marine, was a coward…

Sickboy grabs and snaps the index finger backwards, as Chemical X clenches his teeth writhing in pain.

Sickboy: This little marine was a big talker…

Sickboy grabs and then snaps back the middle finger of X’s right hand.

Sickboy: This little marine is nothing without me…

Sickboy then proceeds to snap back the ring finger and then grabs the baby finger.

Sickboy: And this little marine will never, NEVER, be able to kill me or even come close to eclipsing to what I’ve done. He will simply be known as my bitch.

Just as Sickboy snaps the baby finger. Jimmy ‘The Juggernaut’ Washington rushes down to ringside along with Matthew Scarletti. Sickboy sees them coming and hastily gets out of the ring before escaping through the crowd as Matthew Scarletti tends to Chemical X who is clutching his injured fingers on his right hand.


Cut back to a live picture and Chemical X is smiling.

Chemical X: So now that we’re all up to speed let’s get down to why I'm standing here rather than hunting down Curtis with extreme prejudice. Now everyone look back at screen.

A photo of Sickboy's ex-wife Emma Wilkes shows up on the big screen.

Chemical X: That there is Curtis Wilkes’ ride or die, former wife, Emma Wilkes. Who he was led to believe was working with me. Now I won’t go into details but he was duped... hoodwinked... bamboozled... run-a-muck. For details you are going to want to go to and purchase the DVD "THE CURE FOR THE COMMON SICKBOY" starring yours truly, and this beautiful young woman in the ring, her name is Jessica Miller, she's an actress. And a good one too, who bears a striking resemblance to Emma Wilkes. We met in a bar back in April and that’s when it occurred to me. The only thing better then turning Sickboy’s wife against him for the umpteenth time is making him THINK that she turned against him.

TT: I don’t get what he's talking about…

BC: Sickboy left his wife because he thought she was working with Chemical X.

Chemical X: CURTIS! Who has the upper hand NOW!

X raises his right hand and wiggles all of his fingers.

Chemical X: Now Curtis... I've gotta tell you…I'm sure you've been thinking, every night you step into this ring, will this be the night that Chemical X kicks my ass? And the answer to that question is NO! Tonight, I PROMISE neither me, nor anyone from my camp will lay a hand on you. [X wiggles his right hand again to show all the fingers work] As a matter of fact. Once I step out of this ring, we are going to be in the box seats all night. But Curtis, if I were you I'd start asking myself, where is my ex-wife? What have I condemned her too? And why would Chemical X reveal his hand now?

Chemical X looks around at his troops and they all start laughing evilly.

Chemical X: Curtis, I can’t promise you'll have the answers but by the end of the night you will know that I'm not just trying to ruin your life, I'm succeeding!

He drops the mic and X and his entourage head up the aisle and to the back together.

TT: You know, I really wish he’d of just retired and stayed away from wrestling forever.

BC: I guess CWF will be beefing up its security starting…now.

TT: Well in any event, is this going to distract Sickboy from his National title match tonight? We will find out a bit later but right now let’s head to the ring where Danielle Lopez will take on Kyle Sync!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, making her way to the ring from San Diego, California, being escorted by her husband “Da Xtreme Gangsta” James Baker and her manager Malik Jones, standing five feet, eleven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds….DANIELLE LOPEZ!

“Pardon Me” by Incubus plays as Danielle Lopez steps out onto the ramp flanked by Baker and Jones, garnering a huge ovation from the fans.

Ring Announcer: And her opponent…

Baker shoves the announcer out of the way and snatches the microphone from his hands.

BAKER: Yo…yo…yo…nobody up in here gives a rat’s ass about that punk bitch Kyle Stink. Listen up bitches and bitchettes…ya’ll need to give it up for my home girl right here…she bout to whoop this punk bitch’s ass!

Kyle Sync is suddenly shoved out of the backstage area by a ring tech. He reluctantly makes his way down the ramp. When he sees Danielle, James, and Malik in the ring, he turns back up the ramp. As he begins up the path, Kodiak Winters and Mark Xamin walk out and Sync runs face first into the chest of Winters, who grabs him in a full nelson headlock.

Mark Xamin: So…you are running from a girl? You sorry sack of crap! Put it on him Kodiak…

Winters snaps a collar of some type around Sync’s neck and slips a padlock on the back and then let’s his grip loosen.

Mark Xamin: Before you think about running off again like the little bitch that you are, be warned. That’s a shock collar like the ones they use in Middle Eastern torture camps. Go ahead…try and run again. I’m begging you.

Sync tugs at the collar and a look of shock and horror splashes across his face. He heads down to the ring and climbs in as the ref calls for the opening bell.

BC: What a tool.

TT: Yeah, Kyle Sync is a gutless slimeball. Kick his ass Danielle!

BC: Teddy…that’s so…unlike you.

TT: Don’t remind me. Danielle with a couple of quick martial arts kicks to Kyle, who is covering up like he was in there with Apollo Creed or Rocky Balboa.

BC: What a pansy ass. Lopez now grabbing Sync…snap mare by the Lethal Latina.

TT: And she wastes no time at all locking in a cross face chicken wing. Impressive.

BC: Come on Teddy, she is married to a former champion. Give the girl some props.

TT: Well, she is definitely impressing me thus far. She wrenches the submission move tighter and Sync screeches like a cat in a meat grinder. What a little wuss.

BC: I think she’s about to make Sync tap out. The ref checks with him but as he does Lopez breaks the hold. Kyle just lays there writhing in pain.

TT: Danielle pulls Sync to his feet…Latina Cutter!

BC: That should be about it….

TT: Negative Crane...she’s taking this fight to the air….LATINASAULT!

BC: Cover by Lopez….1……….2……….3!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner….DANIELLE LOP…..

As the announcer is raising Lopez’s hand in victory and making the official call, “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath begins and Trixie Lee steps out onto the ramp.

Trixie Lee: Well done, you little trollop. But I have to admit, old Don Russo could take Kyle Sync. You didn’t impress anyone but the horny old men at the announce table. I for one would like to show you why they call me “The First Lady of Wrestling”…..

Danielle motions to her to come on down to the ring.

Trixie Lee: ….but not tonight. Pledge and I have bigger fish to fry. I see the confusion on your stupid little face. Maybe you don’t speak English so good. Fortunately for you, mi habla español asi asi. Planeo golpear la cabeza que jode en. Significo eso, realmente yo hago. Yo le golpearé a una pulpa sangrienta. Chafaré los cerebros en y dejaré usted estando en medio del anillo, roto a pedazos. Usted me hace quiero vomitar. Puta.

TT: Well, Trixie heads to the back, and Danielle Lopez is seething with a furious anger Bobby.

BC: As well she should be Turnbuckle. I speak a little Spanish too. She was not very polite with what she just said. I think Trixie may have just pissed off D-Lo something fierce!

TT: Well nonetheless, Danielle Lopez with a victory over the CWF’s whipping boy.

BC: That was…beautiful.

TT: Kyle Sync got his ass handed to him by a woman…albeit, a very tough woman…geez, she looks like she could go toe to toe with just about anyone in this company. Defying the laws of physics is Danielle Lopez and what a dominant performance…I can’t wait to see her in action against some real competition.

BC: Yeah…wow. She’s bringing something unique to the CWF here…if she could go on to a successful run here, that’d be a first.

TT: You’re agreeing with me?

BC: I’m just polishing off your point, you clearly needed help.

TT: …I knew it was too good to be true. In any event, we have a special guest at this time...returning to the helm of the CWF is Mark Xamin, and we’ve got him standing by in his office backstage…Mark, are you there?

Mark Xamin pops up on the big screen and the crowd roars. He nods, barely able to fight the grin forming at the corners of his lips, and waits for the crowd to quiet down. His white dress shirt is perfectly pressed, as usual, and a red tie completes the ensemble.

Mark Xamin: I’m here.

TT: Well first of all…welcome back!

The crowd roars.

Mark Xamin: Thank you, thank you…it’s damn good to be back.

TT: How was the vacation?

Mark Xamin: I’ll tell you what…I’m not one for forced vacations but Maniac delivered the goods just like he promised me when he left…he didn’t do it directly, but he was working on Pledge Allegiance from the moment he arrived until the moment he left…everything he did, he did with good reason. Rob Osbourne…you thought you had it all figured it, you thought you could destroy what I built like so many others have tried before…but you failed, just like all the others did. Well tonight, in a match of my making, you are being forced to defend your precious CWF World Heavyweight title against Pledge Allegiance…and we’re gonna find out exactly what “The Nitemare” is made of.

TT: Now going with that…you sided with Brian Adams back at Summer Smash…Brian has been out of action since falling to defeat at the hands of Magnus Thunder after one of the most spectacular title reigns in CWF history…a lot of people are asking a lot of questions. Why did you sign with Brian Adams and how can CWF fans trust you again after that?

Mark Xamin: It’s this simple, Teddy. Look how it all unfolded. Look what happened once Magnus Thunder won the title he’s been pursuing since the beginning of time…it corrupted him. It took him over and he succumbed to Rob Osbourne, the epitome of evil…and what did Osbourne do? He tried to run the company into the ground. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a guy like Brian Adams with the gold around his waist at a time like this? For all his vices, at least he was a company man and knew what an honor being the champion was. He worked hard every night out, he gave us the match of the night every time he was out there and when he was the champ, let’s face it, ratings were through the roof. Do you have to like it? No you don’t, but the bottom line is, I’ll do what’s best for this company, and that’s why I am who I am and the CWF is what it is, the best in the damn world.

The crowd cheers.

TT: Well I’m sure there will be those that disagree, but be that as it may, what have you been doing with yourself since Summer Smash?

Mark Xamin: It’s been three long, hard months…

BC: [cough]That’s what she said… [cough]

Mark Xamin: Thank you for that, Bobby.

The crowd laughs.

Mark Xamin: But as I was saying, for three months I sat up in the mountains in Banff, Alberta. I did a lot of soul searching out there in the Rockies. I had my wife by my side, and we discussed a lot of things. We thought of maybe retiring, permanently this time. But then I’d flip on the TV and see Rob Osbourne parading around the CWF with that title around his waist, acting like he runs the place and it ate me up inside. So one day the phone rang and it was Maniac. Now as you all found out, Maniac is not who he was 10 years ago. He knew that, I knew that…the world knew that. Maniac was a plant to get Osbourne to steer his focus towards his arch nemesis, so he wouldn’t notice what Pledge was scheming. Maniac called me and told me the wheels were in motion, and from that point forward the only thing on my mind was how to make the CWF better than it’s ever been before. Well it starts tonight…

TT: And I understand you have an announcement to make about next month?

Mark Xamin: I do. On Halloween night, October 31st…get your trick or treating done early, because at 8:00 PM EST the CWF will bring to you, live from Charlotte, North Carolina…Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme!

The crowd roars.

TT: Well that is huge news!

Mark Xamin: Oh it gets better. Because you see, the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, whomever that may be on Halloween night, will defend that championship inside Hell in a Cell!

The crowd explodes!

Mark Xamin: The boss is back…and the CWF will never been the same again. Now enjoy the rest of Fall Fever.

Xamin disappears from the big screen and the crowd buzzes about the announcement just made. The camera cuts to Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane at ringside.

TT: What a huge announcement made by the boss!

BC: Yeah, you’re not kidding…Halloween night! Hell in a cell! Oh baby!

TT: But who will be entering the cell? Will it be Rob Osbourne? Will it be Pledge Allegiance? Will it be someone else entirely? And an even bigger question…who will the opponent be?

BC: I don’t know, but something’s brewing for Halloween night and I can’t wait!

TT: Well we’re a out to find out who will walk out of Philadelphia tonight with the CWF Unified Championship…Axel Way, the champion, defending against the challenger and newly minted Horsemen…Terry Richards.

BC: Yeah and you know what, I really want to be on board with this Horsemen thing again. I loved the Horsemen of the MWWF days, I aspired to one day be a part of that group but with Terry Richards in the fold, I just can’t get behind them. That punk kid needs a lesson in respect! And tonight, Axel is gonna give it to him.

TT: Indeed the Horsemen have had a cult following since the latter half of 1996, its original members producing some of the biggest stars of their time…former CWF great, Jimmy Blast, the Sandman, Tony Mullins, Money Train…and current CWF stars “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv, and our World Champion, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. Can Terry Richards live up to the hype? Can he be the next great Horsemen? Or will it be Axel Way standing in the way of the rising star? Will it be Axel Way who can head the revolt against this evil group the way Maniac did in the 90s?

BC: And is there another Horsemen? That’s what I wanna know.

TT: That’s a damn fine question…they always have a trick up their sleeves, a new member would not be out of the question…will we find out tonight? So many questions…let’s hope we can find some answers. Let’s head to the ring and get the Unified Championship bout underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF Unified Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 186 pounds…TERRY RICHARDS!

The crowd erupts into a loud mixed reaction as “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead hits and the newest member of the Horsemen, Terry Richards, steps out from behind the curtain. He flashes the sign of the Horsemen to the crowd and walks confidently down the aisle, ignoring fans reaching over the guard rail to slap hands. He hops through the ropes and takes his place in his corner.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Des Moines, Iowa…weighing in at 257 pounds…the CWF Unified Champion….AXEL WAY!

The crowd roars as “Desolation Row” by My Chemical Romance hits and Axel Way barrels through the curtain, the Unified Championship belt in one hand, a steel chair in the other. He strides down to the ring with a purpose.

As he reaches the ringside area, Terry Richards catches him, and everybody else, off guard, as he dives through the ropes with a suicide dive, crashing into Axel Way, sending the Unified title in one direction and the steel chair the other.

BC: Hey!

TT: Terry Richards wasting no time! He’s not giving Axel any time to use that steel chair, and he caught everybody in this arena off guard with that move!

Terry Richards pounds his chest and waves the sign of the Horsemen. The crowd can’t decide whether to love him or hate him, and so we get another loud mixed reaction. He pulls Axel up by the hair and rolls him into the ring.

TT: Well this match is about to get officially underway and what a start for Terry Richards…perhaps he’s taking advice from Rob Osbourne and Roland Ulv, but he’s off to the races here and he will have to stay on top of Axel Way if he hopes to have a chance in this one…Richards is giving up 71 pounds to the Unified Champion.

BC: That’s right, and when Axel gets up, Richards is gonna regret that cheap shot!

The ref checks on Axel, who shakes out the cob webs and furiously demands the ref ring the bell.


Axel immediately charges towards Richards like an angry rhino and spears him into the corner! Richards’ eyes bulge upon impact with the turnbuckle and Axel ferociously drives his fists into Richards, landing blows wherever his fist happens to hit…face, body, head, he doesn’t discriminate. Richards being riddled with furious lefts and rights and now Axel whips him to the opposite buckle! Richards hits the turnbuckle with a force and flips over the top rope and onto the apron…Axel charges at him and drives him off the apron with a shoulder block that sends Richards sailing to the outside…and he lands stomach first on the guard rail! Richards draped over the guard rail and in considerable pain! Axel raises his arms for the crowd, and the fans roar and begin chanting “Axel! Axel! Axel!”.

BC: I love it!

TT: Richards had to weather that storm but Axel Way was just too much! Axel looks like a weapon of mass destruction here and Richards is hurting big time on the outside!

BC: Go get him, Axel!

Richards slumps over the guardrail and slips over into the front row. Axel slides out of the ring and storms over to him…Richards trying to get his wind back but Axel grabs him by the hair and heaves him back over the guardrail. Richards hits the floor and you can see the air forced out of his lungs.

TT: Richards is in big trouble here, he maybe have broken a rib on that guardrail and Axel is punishing him…Richards winded badly and he better get some air into those lungs quickly because Axel could finish him off early here if he doesn’t…

BC: Ha! Richards is sucking dirty pond water!

Axel pulls him up by the hair…Richards hunched over and barely able to stand as he gasps for air and clutches his mid section. Axel throws him hard into the ring steps! Richards bounces off the steel and to the floor and he lays there on his side as Axel leans back onto the guardrail and extends his arms as the fans embrace him. Richards reeling badly and trying to sit up…Axel’s eyes widen as he sees an opportunity…he charges in hard at Richards…KNEE TO THE SKULL! Richards flops over, completely helpless, and Axel flips over the ring steps upon impact. The referee immediately jumps out of the ring to check on Richards and Axel may have blown his knee in the process but he struggles back into the ring.


TT: MY GOD! That was absolutely heinous and Richards is on dream street here! Axel Way is relentless in his attack, what an absolute machine! He is showing why he’s the Unified Champion right here tonight in Philadelphia!

BC: Richards isn’t gonna get up after that! Good Lord, first the barrage of punches, then the violent turnbuckle blow, then the shot off the apron, then the guard rail across the ribs, then he lands on the floor, then he gets chucked into the ring steps, and now a sick knee to the head…and not only did Axel’s knee hit him, the back of his head smacked into the ring steps as well and look at the dent in them! Those are heavy steps and there’s a huge dent! I’ve never seen such an explosive attack! Richards ain’t getting up any time soon!

The referee pats Richards on the face lightly, trying to wake him up. Richards’ body is trying to get up but he can’t lift his head off the floor. The referee is ready to call the match off but Richards grabs his arm and shakes his head “no”…he crawls around the ringside area, staggering and slipping as he does. Suddenly, “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv appears at the top of the ramp, and rushes down to ringside.

TT: ROLAND ULV! Roland Ulv has come to the aid of Terry Richards, his fellow Horsemen…

BC: This is not fair…fur sure!

TT: Stop it!

Ulv pats Richards on the back and talks to him, trying to get him back on track. Richards gets to his hands and knees and Ulv pours a bottle of water over his head. The referee gets into the ring and starts the count out. Axel having none of it and he climbs out of the ring and shoves Roland Ulv away, grabbing Richards by the hair and rolling him back into the ring. Axel turns and yells at Ulv to go to the back, but Ulv holds up his hands like he’s not going to cause any trouble. The ref checking on Richards in the ring and Axel turns to climb back up the apron….Ulv with a chop block to Axel’s knee from behind! The crowd boos loudly and Axel’s knee has taken damage! Ulv tosses him back into the ring and stands in Richards’ corner, playing dumb as the referee questions him.

TT: Come on! Roland Ulv with a cheap shot from behind and Axel is in trouble now!

BC: We should’ve known! Terry Richards has no talent, he can’t win by himself!

TT: Oh give it a rest! The Horsemen advantage coming into play here and now Richards is up…

Richards slowly staggers to his feet and pulls Axel up…Axel hobbling on one leg and Richards with a step up enzugiri! Axel drops to the mat and Roland Ulv yells at Richards to work his leg. Richards nods and grabs Axel’s foot…he lifts his leg high into the air and DRIVES Axel’s knee into the mat! And again! And again! Axel grinds his nose into the mat in pain and Ulv yelling at Richards and pointing to the bottom rope. Richards drags Axel over to the ropes and drapes his foot across it…and he leaps up and drives down into the ankle! Axel cries out in pain and Ulv is yelling at Richards to stay on top of him…Richards to the second rope…and he drives the elbow into Axel’s sternum…Axel in a world of hurt and Richards with a cover!




TT: You won’t be Axel that easily…

BC: Come on, Axel! Get up!

TT: Roland Ulv acting as Terry Richards’ coach on the outside and if he’s taking Richards under his wing, Richards has a damn bright future ahead of him…Axel has got to finish this thing before Richards gains any more momentum!

Richards pulls Axel to his feet and leaps up…dropkick squarely to the chops and Axel again goes down! But Richards favoring his ribs after that one and Ulv yelling at him to keep on Axel. Richards winces and struggles back to his feet…he grabs Axel by the hair and drags him over to the corner. Ulv yelling at Richards to go upstairs and Richards climbs the turnbuckle…he’s on the top rope…it’s all or nothing! Richards looks down at Roland…and down at Axel…he clutches his ribs and then shakes his head, blocking out the pain…Richards leaps! Moonsault! He connected and Axel takes the full brunt of it! But Richards can’t make the cover! Richards rolling around the ring clutching his ribs and Roland screaming at him to make the cover!

TT: Richards connected! This could be it! We could have a new Unified Champion if only he could cover him!

BC: Ahhh! Get up, Axel!

TT: Roland Ulv looks like he wants to climb in there and cover him himself but here we go, Richards inching his way over to the champion…and he drapes an arm across him! A cover!





BC: Ahhh!


The crowd explodes and Roland can’t believe it…he slams the mat in frustration. Richards winces and rolls off of Axel, crawling to the ropes. Axel crawling to the ropes at the opposite end! Both men struggling to their feet, using the ropes…and they both stagger into the center of the ring! Richards throws a punch that connects! Axel leans back from the impact and comes back with a stinging right hand of his own! Richards now returns in kind! And now Axel! Now Richards! Axel! Richards! Axel! Richards! Axel! Richards drops to one knee, Axel takes the upper hand! Axel leaning in to pull Richards back to his feet…Richards with a thumb to the eyes! The crowd boos at the cheap shot and Axel staggers backwards, blinded. Richards grabs him…SHOCK TURN!

BC: Ahhh!

No! Axel hooks his arm around the top rope and blocks it. Richards grabs his ribs as he strains and staggers back…Axel off the ropes…THE TWISTER! He nails it and Richards twists in the air upon impact and crumbles to the mat! Axel using the ropes for leverage to pull himself up…he crawls towards Richards…wait a minute!

TT: Hey!

Roland Ulv grabs the Unified title from the time keeper and as the ref’s back is turned checking on Richards, Ulv nails Axel in the head with the title through the ropes. Axel is immediately knocked unconscious and the crowd boos loudly.

TT: Axel had the match won! What a war this has been and Axel had it won with the Twister! Ulv with another cheap shot and now Axel is out cold!

BC: Richards is too though!

Roland slides halfway into the ring and pours water on Richards’ face…the ref immediately forces him out of the ring. Richards shakes his head to get the cobwebs out and slowly begins inching his way over to Axel! Axel not moving at all and Roland is jumping up and down frantically on the outside! Richards crawling, inching…closer and closer…and he drapes his arm across Axel!



Axel gets his foot on the bottom rope but Roland quickly shoves it off before the ref notices.



TT: Give me a break! Terry Richards just stole one thanks to Roland Ulv!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and NEW CWF Unified Champion….TERRY RICHARDS!

BC: What a rip off!

The crowd boos loudly as Roland Ulv jumps into the ring and parades around with the CWF Unified title, holding it up and jumping, the crowd throwing garbage at him. He helps Richards up to his feet and drapes the title across his shoulder. Richards hugs him and holds the belt up for the furious crowd.

TT: This is absolutely ludicrous! Richards and Ulv are acting like they just won the damn Super Bowl and all they did was cheat Axel Way out of the Unified title!

BC: I told you Terry Richards was a no good dirty thief!

Richards and Ulv makes their way up the aisle, and appearing from behind the curtain, clapping his hands, is “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne…the CWF World Heavyweight title across his shoulder. The crowd boos as the three Horsemen embrace on the Fall Fever set, and all three of them raise their arms in victory.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Axel Way sits up and stares them down, the rage in his eyes unmistakable. He seethes as Roland Ulv waves at him mockingly, and the Horsemen disappear behind the curtain.

TT: What an absolute travesty and there is no question a war has been waged here tonight between Axel Way and The Horsemen…namely Terry Richards and Roland Ulv. And Richards is already in hot water with Mariano Fernandez after last week’s attack on Showdown…one thing about the Horsemen, they always have their share of enemies.

BC: You’re not kidding, and don’t worry…Richards will get his! Axel got screwed but no way in hell is he done with Richards or Roland Ulv.

TT: Well this also means that next week on Showdown, Terry Richards will defend that Unified Championship against James Baker, who earlier tonight became the number one contender for that title.

BC: Yeah and let’s see what kind of shape Terry Richards shows up in next week! Busted up ribs and all, I don’t think he can beat The Extreme Gangsta!

TT: Well up next folks, it just gets better and better…Mariano Fernandez defending the CWF National Championship against Sickboy…I absolutely can’t wait for this one!

BC: Goody Two Shoes is at it again…

TT: Would you stop?

BC: Hey listen, Sickboy brought up some good points this week in his promos. Mariano is just too nice a guy…he’s too much of a sportsman, he’s not willing to bend the rules, he’s not willing to sacrifice his body to change the tide of the match. Sickboy, on the other hand? The guy stopped taking his meds and there’s no telling what on earth he’ll do tonight…coming off a loss to Terry Richards, he’s got to feel humiliated and Mariano is gonna have to kill him tonight to finish him off.

TT: Well you’re not wrong…Mariano is going to have to pull out all the stops if he hopes to retain here. Sickboy is a dangerous individual and no doubt, with the bright lights of pay-per-view and the National Championship on the line, Mariano Fernandez has his hands full here tonight…let’s get to the ring and get this thing underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF National Championship!

The crowd cheers.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger…from New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds….SICKBOY!

“Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly. He smirks at them and continues walking, and then climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes into the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner.

TT: Boy, he looks ready…sometimes you can tell a lot just by watching a wrestler walk down the aisle…Sickboy is ready to put on a show tonight, just a hunch…

BC: Yeah well Super Mario better be ready too.

TT: Stop that.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Buenos Aires, Argentina…weighing in at 176 pounds…the reigning and defending CWF National Champion…MARIANO FERNANDEZ!

The crowd roars as “The Biggest Fight” by Hironobu Kageyama hits and Mariano runs out onto the stage holding the CWF National title high above his head with one arm. He soaks up the adulation from the crowd and points at the ring…then he takes off running down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope, steps up onto the middle rope with one foot and raises the belt again. The crowd is clearly very into the fastest rising star in the CWF.

BC: These people make me sick. If they love Mariano so damn much, why don’t we just recruit Barney the Dinosaur and Snuffalupagus? That’s where Mariano clearly learned all his childish morals from, let’s just cut out the middle man. At least Barney can sing songs.

TT: Yes, that makes a lot of sense, Bobby. Let’s recruit a man in a purple dinosaur suit to wrestle in the CWF. Brilliant.

BC: I try.

TT: That’s what scares me.

The referee holds the National title up high in the air for the fans to see, and then hands it to the timekeeper outside the ring. Both men are clearly anxious to get started, jumping on the spot and trying to get loose. The bell sounds.


TT: Here we go, the National Championship is on the line and Mariano certainly looks every bit as ready as Sickboy by the looks of it…

BC: This could come down to who’s willing to go the extra mile and do what he has to do…but I stand by what I said earlier…Mariano will have to kill Sickboy to beat him tonight.

TT: Sickboy with the size advantage…Mariano will have to rely on his speed but Sickboy is no sloth, he can keep up with the best of ‘em.

Mariano and Sickboy circle each other in the center of the ring. They lock horns…Sickboy powers him into the corner…but Mariano slips away and reverses it…and he chops Sickboy across the chest! The crowd roars at the exchange. Mariano backs away. Sickboy adjusts his neck and shakes his head…and they meet in the center of the ring and lock up again…Mariano takes him down with a quick arm drag and Sickboy immediately rolls up to his knees and slams the mat in frustration. Mariano stares across the ring at him…Sickboy tells the referee Mariano pulled his hair…the crowd boos at the excuse. They lock up again…Sickboy with a knee to the gut! And he whips Mariano to the ropes…clothesline! No! Mariano ducks and comes flying back with a flying forearm shot! Sickboy drops to the mat and rubs his jaw…Mariano quickly pulls him up and whips him to the ropes once more…face slam! Sickboy’s face bounces off the mat and Mariano works the crowd as he tries to regain his senses.

TT: The speed game of Mariano Fernandez is winning out here, the champion setting the pace!

BC: Come on, Wilkes!

TT: Mariano overwhelming the challenger in the early going!

Mariano quickly over to Sickboy…but Sickboy catches him with a drop toe hold and Mariano trips and hits his head on the second turnbuckle…Sickboy sees the opportunity and springs to his feet, and races in at Mariano with a dropkick to the back of the head…but Mariano sees it coming and moves at the last second…Sickboy gets stuck in the corner, his feet caught in the ropes, hanging from the tree of woe…and Mariano charges in….drop kick to the chest! And Sickboy drops from the ropes and curses under his breath…and wisely slides under the bottom rope and to the outside to regroup.

TT: Mariano has caught Sickboy completely off guard here and look out!


Mariano leaps onto the top rope and flies off with a flying cross body to the outside, landing on Sickboy! Mariano rolls about halfway up the aisle after the impact and Sickboy flips backward after hitting the floor. The crowd roars at the dare devil antics of Mariano Fernandez. He pulls himself up and grabs Sickboy by the hair, dragging him towards the ring…but Sickboy with a thumb to the eyes! Mariano blinded…and Sickboy shoves him into the ring post! The crowd boos as Mariano flops to the floor, dazed. Sickboy takes a moment to collect himself and then points to his head as if to show the crowd how smart he is. He lifts Mariano up by the tights and rolls him back into the ring, climbing up onto the apron after him and mocking the crowd. As Mariano gets to his knees, Sickboy leaps over the top rope, back into the ring, and bulldogs Mariano back down. He keeps the headlock locked on and brutally drives his fist repeatedly into Mariano’s forehead until the ref pulls him off and warns him for using a closed fist.

BC: Yes! That’s more like it! Teach this little whelp a lesson!

TT: By hook or by crook, Sickboy has taken control of this thing and the tables have turned…

Sickboy ignores the ref’s warning and pulls Mariano back to his feet and backs him into the corner. He slaps him hard across the chest, a bright red hand print immediately appearing on the champion…Sickboy backs up two steps and then runs up Mariano…and catches him with a hurricanrana that sends Mariano sprawling out to the center of the ring! Sickboy quickly to the ropes…and a springboard moonsault connects! Sickboy with a quick cover!




TT: It’s gonna take more than that to put the champion away.

BC: He’s just getting started, Teddy!

Sickboy pulls Mariano up immediately and whips him to the ropes…and a huge shoulder block sends Mariano down hard, the smack of the two bodies colliding echoing throughout the arena. Mariano looks visibly shaken by the strength of the blow.

TT: There’s that size advantage at work…Mariano just bounced off him like a tennis ball in Wembley Stadium!

BC: 40-Love, Sickboy! Ha!

Sickboy smiles coyly at the crowd, markedly in favor of Mariano Fernandez…and he mockingly stands over Mariano and slaps him across the face! Mariano defensively rolls onto his stomach and covers up his face…Sickboy drives a knee into the small of his back! Mariano arches up in pain and Sickboy’s knee remains in the small of his back, digging in…and he grabs Mariano by the chin and rears back! Mariano screaming in pain! The ref asks him if he wants to stop the match, and Mariano repeatedly yells out “no!”…Sickboy rearing back and taunting Mariano to quit.

TT: Look at the torque on Mariano’s back! Ouch!

BC: Sickboy’s about to snap him like the twig he is!

Sickboy begins to slap Mariano on the back of the head, and then drives the inside of his forearm into the side of Mariano’s head, all the while continuing to pull up on the chin of the champion. Mariano desperately looking for a way out but there’s nowhere to go…Sickboy sits on his back and turns it into a camel clutch, his hands covering the mouth and nose of Mariano, making it difficult for him to breath. Mariano clenches his fists and tries to get the crowd behind him…the fans stomping their feet in unison, cheering for Mariano to will his way back to his feet…he gets to one knee! Sickboy desperately twisting his head every which way, pleading with the crowd to shut up…Mariano plants a foot in the mat…and powers his way to his feet! The crowd roars!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Unbelievable! Mariano carrying Sickboy on his back, a man who’s got over 70 pounds on him!

Mariano, his legs wobbling under Sickboy’s weight, stumbles backwards into the corner, driving Sickboy into the turnbuckle! The crowd roars…Mariano falls to his knees and grabs his back in pain from the hold…but wills his way back to his feet…he runs at Sickboy and leaps up for a hurricanrana! But Sickboy times it perfectly and shoves Mariano into his own momentum…Mariano sails over the turnbuckle, clears the ring post, and lands on the floor with a thud!


TT: My God! Air Mariano has just taken flight…

BC: And he’s clear for landing! I love it!

TT: What a counter by Sickboy and just as he’s mounting a comeback, Mariano with a cardinal mistake and Sickboy makes him pay for it!

Sickboy clears the cobwebs and drops to the mat, rolling under the bottom rope. He stalks over Mariano, taunting the crowd. “This is your champion?”… the crowd boos him fervently and he pulls a fallen Mariano Fernandez to his feet. Mariano barely able to stand, still dazed from the impact of the drop to the floor…Sickboy scoops him up and SLAMS him to the floor! Mariano gritting his teeth in pain and Sickboy is pulling up the mat on the floor! Sickboy has something dangerous in mind and he pulls Mariano back up…he’s setting him up for a piledriver on the exposed concrete! Mariano dazed and Sickboy has him up! Mariano kicking his legs desperately…Sickboy loses his grip! Mariano with a back body drop and he counters the piledriver! Sickboy sent sprawling on the arena floor and Mariano drops to his knees. He crawls over to Sickboy and grabs him by the hair…and slams his face into the padded floor!

TT: Here we go! Mariano is fighting back and Sickboy is in a precarious position here!

Mariano pulls him up to his feet…Sickboy with a European uppercut out of nowhere! Mariano staggers backwards into the Spanish announce table…Sickboy charges in for a clothesline…Mariano ducks…spins around…and drop kicks Sickboy onto the table! The crowd roars as Mariano looks around, wide eyed, and quickly slides back under the bottom rope and into the ring…

BC: He’ll never do it, Teddy! This is what separates Mariano from Sickboy! Sickboy wouldn’t hesitate, he’d put Mariano through that table in the blink of an eye! Mariano won’t do what he has to do to retain!

TT: Are you sure about that?

Mariano looks to the crowd…the cheer wildly…he runs to the ropes, leaps onto the top rope and the cameras flash as he sails across the air and lands on top of Sickboy with a swanton, crashing through the table! The crowd jumps to their feet and Sickboy and Mariano lie in a tangled heap of splintered wood, monitors, and television cables.


BC: Ahhh!

TT: This crowd has been electrified and that could have been the turning point of the match right there!

Mariano slowly gets back to his feet and pulls Sickboy up by his hair and rolls him back into the ring. Mariano showing tremendous heart, but the whole journey back into the ring looks arduous. Mariano crawls over to Sickboy and makes the cover!

TT: This is it! It could be all over here!

BC: No! Nooo!





TT: Sickboy gets a shoulder up!

BC: I told you! Mariano will have to kill him!

Mariano’s face turns to shock as Sickboy gets his shoulder up. He sits up and stares into the palms of his hands in disbelief. Sickboy slowly stirring and groggily rolling over to pull himself up…Mariano hovering over him to pull him back to his feet…LOW BLOW! Sickboy caught him with a blatant low blow and the referee screaming at Sickboy!


BC: Ha! It’s not like Mariano’s got anything down there anyway, Teddy!

TT: Give me a break!

Sickboy plays dumb and acts like he doesn’t know where he is…remarkably, the referee lets it slide. Sickboy pulls himself up with the ropes and pulls Mariano to his feet…he’s going for it…THE INFECTION!


Mariano slips out of it…Sickboy spins around…Mariano steps up…YAKUZA KICK!


Sickboy ducks...Mariano misses the kick…Sickboy grabs him from behind…GERMAN SUPLEX! And he bridges! A cover!





TT: My God it was almost over!

BC: Come on, referee! Count faster! 1-2-3!

Both men get to their feet at the same time…Sickboy swings at Mariano…Mariano ducks…Sickboy spins around…Mariano with a YAKUZA KICK! NO! Sickboy ducked again! And he shoves Mariano into the corner chest first! Mariano slumped over the turnbuckle…Sickboy jumps onto his back…SLEEPER HOLD! It could be lights out for Mariano here! Mariano waving his arms wildly, trying to get out…Sickboy squeezing with all his might! Mariano, in desperation, jumps up and digs his feet into the top turnbuckle…and pushes off! Sickboy falls back, his shoulders pinned to the mat, the sleeper hold still applied…Mariano has a cover!




TT: WHAT A MATCH! Sickboy with a shoulder up at the last second and my God this might never end!

BC: My heart…my heart!

Both men to their feet again and Mariano runs to the ropes…Sickboy goes for a clothesline but Mariano ducks…Mariano off the ropes…HIGH CROSS BODY! And a cover!




The momentum carries them over into a flip and Sickboy winds up on top of Mariano. He grabs a handful of tights and the ref makes the count!





TT: Oh come on! He had a handful of tights!

BC: HA! I love it! He did what he had to do!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and NEW CWF National Champion…

The crowd boos wildly.

Ring Announcer: SICKBOY!

“Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains hits and as the referee hands Sickboy the National title, he clutches it and hugs it tightly into his chest. Mariano explaining to the referee what happened, but the ref didn’t see it and can’t do anything about it. Sickboy grinning and embracing the title, tapping his finger onto his head to show Mariano that he outsmarted him. Mariano walks around the ring with his hands on his hips, and drapes himself across the top rope dramatically, disappointedly.

TT: Mariano Fernandez just got screwed by Sickboy!

BC: I love it, Teddy! Finally a National Champion we can all be proud of!

TT: Give me a break!

Sickboy rolls out of the ring and limps up the aisle, title still clutched into his chest tightly. Before disappearing behind the curtain, he raises the belt high above his head. Mariano looks on from the ring and smacks the ropes with his hands in frustration. Cut back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane at ringside.

TT: What an absolute crime!

BC: That was almost as beautiful as I am! Ha!

TT: You can bet your bottom dollar, Mariano Fernandez will have his rematch and Sickboy had better be ready for it because that was intense! That one could have gone either way…matter of fact, that one could have gone on another 30 minutes if Sickboy didn’t take the cheap way out!

BC: Oh give it a rest, you drama queen. It’ll put hair on Mariano’s chest.

TT: Would you stop it? That young man has defied the odds during his entire stint in the CWF and he gets screwed like that? It’s pathetic! Sickboy ought to be ashamed of himself.

BC: Yeah, maybe he’ll get around to feeling ashamed after he’s finished partying and celebrating the biggest win of his career! Ha!

TT: God…well the show must go on folks, and up next we have an absolute dream match… Magnus Thunder taking on “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv…and this is a match we thought we might never see!

BC: The Scandinavian Skirmish! I can’t wait!

TT: Roland Ulv, an original Horseman, one of the biggest names of the mid-90s and one of the best this business has ever seen…taking on the CWF original, the former World Heavyweight Champion, the conscience of this company, Magnus Thunder. You couldn’t ask for a bigger marquee match and we’re getting to see it tonight.

BC: Roland is gonna teach this fjord monkey a lesson!

TT: Well you have to wonder about strategy in a match like this. Magnus will surely rely on his size and strength, as he always does…but Roland is going to have to straight up outwit him, and that’s right up The Radiant One’s alley.

BC: Well Roland’s also got the Horsemen behind him, Teddy…and Magnus, as always, walks alone…that could be his undoing.

TT: Good point but we’ve seen Magnus Thunder overcome the odds before, most notably when he won the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at Summer Smash earlier this year against Brian Adams.

BC: But this ain’t Shock Value, Teddy…these are The Horsemen. Big difference.

TT: True…but Magnus is a new man, lately…he’s not stopping himself from doing things he might not have done in the past, like dumping Swedish meatballs all over Roland Ulv last week on Showdown. This is a new Magnus Thunder, a vengeful Magnus Thunder, and The Radiant One will be facing the storm head on in just a minute.

BC: Well The Radiant One is gonna show Magnus the light, fur sure!

TT: Let’s head to the ring and get this one going!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds…MAGNUS THUNDER!

The thunder rolls in and “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails hits. The heaving mass of Nordic humanity known as Magnus Thunder towers through the curtain, an awe inspiring sight. He bellows out as he raises Stormhammer high into the air and lightning strikes behind him in a dazzling display of pyrotechnics. He strides to the ring and steps over the top rope.

TT: There he is, the former CWF World Heavyweight Champion…he debuted in the CWF on an episode of Friday Night Assault on December 12, 1997, and I was just a wrestling fan watching on TV at the time…that night he defeated Sleepwalker in a match I’ll never forget, and immediately after it they formed Omega…look how far he’s come since that day. He instantly commands respect, he’s the most dominant man we’ve ever had in this great organization…the giant of the CWF and tonight he’s up against a legend…we are moments away!

BC: Yeah well, I debuted in the CWF the week after and despite his size, my return completely dwarfed him.

TT: Please.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Stockholm, Sweden…weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

“Marcia Carolus Rex” by Wilhelm Harteveld pipes in through the arena and Roland Ulv steps through the curtain, holding a bucket of fermented pickled herring. Clad in his blue singlet with a yellow cross, representing the Swedish flag, Roland walks down the aisle, winking at a female fan along the way. When he acts disgusted, looking down at the bucket, Roland teases to dump it on her. “I shuud make yuu iit this fur sure! Is guud for yuu, miss prettii gurl! Fur sure!” She gags and he continues on his way, disgusted at her unhealthiness. He leaves the bucket on the arena floor and climbs into the ring, flexing his bulging biceps for the crowd.

BC: Radiant, Radiant, RADIANT FUR SURE! I love this guy!

TT: No question he’s in peak physical condition and as big as Magnus is, Roland is no slouch either at 6’4”, 275 pounds…he’s used to being the bigger man in most battles, can he adjust here tonight?

BC: Stop asking so many bloody questions and just watch the damn match.


TT: Here we go…two legends colliding!

Roland feigns fear and mocks Magnus. “Ohh, thii big fjord monkii is sooo scarii, fur sure! Roland iis shaking iin hes boots….ohh scariiiii Magnoos…soo scared fur sure!” He laughs to himself and dismissively shoos Magnus away as he flexes his muscles once more for the crowd. Magnus from behind…he spins him around…and SWATS him across the face with a hand damn near the size of Roland’s head. Roland staggers down to his feet, clutching his jaw in pain with a look of fear in his eyes. Magnus stares at him, his eyes locked on the Swedish superstar. Roland slowly gets to his feet and complains about a closed fist. Magnus shows the referee his open palm and Roland charges at him as he does…but Magnus sticks his fist out and Roland runs right into it, bumping back to the mat and flipping backwards. He stares up at Magnus, wide eyed.

Roland Ulv: Yuu iis a big cheater, fur sure!

TT: Magnus isn’t having any of these antics from The Radiant One and I think Roland may have underestimated the seriousness of this match. He may be a big name but his name isn’t gonna beat Magnus Thunder…he’s gonna have to do that himself.

BC: Oh shut your pie hole, Turnbuckle…we’ve barely even begun!

Roland gets to his feet and charges in at Magnus…but then puts on the brakes, throwing off Magnus Thunder’s timing. Magnus goes to throw up a big boot but Roland ducks under it and chops his knee out from under him! Magnus goes down and the crowd immediately begins to boo as Roland hops onto the second turnbuckle and poses for the crowd. He turns around…and Magnus is right in his face, unfazed! Roland throws himself back and begs Magnus off…Magnus having none of it and grabs him by the shoulders…and he lifts him high over his head! Roland kicking his legs trying to escape…and Magnus loses his grip! Roland lands on his feet and smacks the big man across the chest…the echo reverberates throughout the arena…big Magnus doesn’t flinch!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Magnus is taking everything Roland can throw at him! Roland is starting to realize he’s in trouble here!

Roland Ulv: Let’s bii friends, fur sure!

Magnus shakes his head “no.” Roland backs away and retreats under the bottom rope. The crowd boos loudly as Roland waves his hands at the ring, grabs his bucket of fermented pickled herring, and starts walking up the aisle to leave. Magnus leaves the ring and charges up the aisle! Roland sees him in the video screen…Magnus from behind…NO! Roland turns around and NAILS him with the bucket! Magnus gets covered in fermented pickled herring and a dent forms on the bucket where it met Magnus’ head. Roland laughs at him.

Roland Ulv: Ha ha! Stuupiid fjord monkii! Yuu thought thii Radiant One wanted to bii friends with yuu!

Roland kicks him hard in the ribs and Magnus drops to his side in pain. Roland relentlessly laying the boots to him and Magnus half blinded and half sick as a result of the fishy treat courtesy of The Radiant One. Roland grabs him by the hair and drags him back down the aisle. He slaps Magnus across the face and screams at him.


Roland slams Magnus head first into the ring post. Magnus thuds to the crowd clutching his forehead. Roland pulls him up and rolls him back into the ring. Magnus appears to be busted open from the post shot and Roland climbs back into the ring to capitalize. He sits on top of Thunder and pounds into the cut relentlessly, opening it up to a sizeable gash. Magnus now wearing the crimson mask, blood trickling down his forehead and covering his entire face.

TT: My God! Roland Ulv showing his veteran savvy, he catches Magnus with a cheap shot with the bucket, busts him open on the post and now he’s going to town…

BC: Ha! See, Teddy…never bet against The Radiant One! Even if it seems like he’s in over his head, he has a plan! Always!

Magnus shoves him off and shakes his head, trying to keep the blood out of his eyes. Blood stains the mat where he lay. Magnus to his knees and Roland jumps on his back…Magnus flips him over and to the mat! Magnus now seeing red, literally…and Roland backs into the corner…Magnus leans in and grabs him…and heaves him through the air and back to the middle of the ring! Roland crashes to the mat and slides to the opposite corner…and gets crotched by the ring post! Roland’s eyes bulge out of his face and Magnus charges at him like a bloody, raging bull and puts 500 pounds of force into a low dropkick that catches Roland squarely in the chin. Roland’s lights are turned out and Magnus pulls up his dead weight by the hair. Roland on spaghetti legs and Magnus tucks his head between his legs…THUNDERSTORM! No! Roland wisely drops to the mat and clings to Magnus Thunder’s leg. Magnus driving fists of fury into the side of Roland’s head and Roland is forced to release his grip.

TT: Roland Ulv dodged a huge bullet there but he has one hell of a storm to weather here!

BC: Come on, Roland!

Magnus forces him back to his feet and whips him to the ropes…Roland slides under his legs…Magnus turns around…drop kick by Roland! And Magnus staggers backwards and gets tied up in the ropes! Magnus in a precarious position and Roland manages to regain his bearings…the referee frantically trying to free Magnus from the ropes but to no avail. Roland quickly over to him and he ROCKS Magnus with a series of European uppercuts that all land perfectly. Magnus slumping, unable to block the blows. Roland continually laying into him and Magnus drops! The weight of Magnus frees his arms from the ropes and he drops to the mat!

TT: Roland’s got him in trouble!

BC: Yes! Yes!

Roland laboriously drags Magnus to the center of the ring and lays across him for a cover!





Magnus kicks out so fiercely that Roland is sent five feet in the air and into the ropes. Shocked, he gets to his feet at the same time Magnus does. Magnus looks like a bull seeing red and Roland enters survival mode…he ducks a big clothesline from Magnus…and he locks in for a belly to belly! But he can’t get the big man up and he’s hurt his back in the process! Magnus shoves him back hard into the corner…Roland comes back on the rebound…POWERSLAM! And Roland is hurting in a big way! Magnus off the ropes…big leg drop! No! Roland desperately rolls away! Magnus to his feet slowly, Roland to his feet even slower…Magnus boots him hard in the gut! He sets him up for the Thunderstorm! No! Roland scurries under his legs…Thunder turns around…Roland kicks him square in the knee and Magnus hunches over…Roland has him hooked for a Radiant Plex!


Roland goes to lift him up…but again can’t get the big man up! Roland arching his back in pain and Magnus, the blood flowing everywhere, takes advantage…a boot to the gut….THUNDERSTORM!


TT: He nailed it and just like that…


TT: This!


TT: Is!


TT: Over!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…MAGNUS THUNDER!

BC: What?!

TT: The power of Magnus Thunder has never been more evident ever before! What a dominant display! Just pure brute force and he shut Roland down in almost the blink of an eye!

BC: Roland had him…Roland was in control, he had Magnus bloodied and dead to rites…then all of a sudden it all comes crashing down…man…

Magnus roars and flings back his blood soaked hair, bellowing out to the crowd. The fans roar back. Roland lies on the mat, laid out like a starfish and Magnus heading to his corner…he grabs Stormhammer!


TT: Come on, Magnus! Don’t do it! You beat him, the match is over!

Magnus looks at Stormhammer and feels the cold steel of the head against his cheek. He looks down at Roland, and then at Stormhammer…considering.

Quickly, Rob Osbourne and Terry Richards race down to ringside and pull Roland Ulv out of the ring. Magnus looks down at them and grins slightly, knowing he could have done it had he wanted to. Osbourne and Richards each sling one of Roland’s arms around their neck and help him walk down the aisle. As they pass by the camera, we can over hear their conversation.

Roland Ulv: I had him, fur sure…I diid, I had him…

Rob Osbourne: We know you did, big man…you busted him up good.

Roland Ulv: It is not over! Not over fur sure!

Magnus steps over the top rope and slowly walks back up the aisle. The Horsemen disappear behind the curtain. Magnus turns around at the curtain and raises Stormhammer once more, letting out a war cry that is once again returned in kind by the fans.

TT: That dream match turned into a nightmare for Roland Ulv…what a victory for Magnus Thunder who has found a new edge, and I have to tell you…he looks flat out dangerous.

BC: No more of this gentle giant crap I guess then, huh? It’s about time, Magnus. If this guy has finally abandoned this moral high ground he’s been standing on for all these years, he could leave a path of destruction in his wake that no one on this earth could stop him from…he’s that big, that powerful, but he’s never had a streak of nastiness in him…if he’s got that…well, whoever comes out of this building at the end of the night as champion had better buckle that title belt up real tight, because Magnus is coming!

TT: Alright…we have a camera following the new CWF National Champion, Sickboy…and I worry about what we’re about to see here with Chemical X in the building…

BC: Put the wife and kids to bed…this could be nasty.

Cut backstage. Sickboy is seen walking back towards his dressing room, the CWF National title still clutched tightly to his chest.

TT: Well there he is, the new champion…still with a death grip on that title…

BC: What a champion, I love it!

Sickboy opens the door to his dressing room and his jaw drops.

Sickboy: Oh my GOD!

Sickboy rushes into his dressing room and the camera follows him in. The room is destroyed and literally looks like a freight train went through it, but the scene gets more gruesome. Hanging by her feet from the ceiling is Sickboy's ex-wife Emma Wilkes. Her clothes are torn and she is covered in what seems to be her own blood. In the corner, with a dented steel chair and duct tape taped to his head is Sickboy's Lawyer Len, also covered in his own blood. Sickboy looks around the room in disbelief.

Sickboy: Somebody call an AMBULANCE!

Sickboy begins to work on releasing the unconscious Emma when he notices on the wall written in blood the word “UNTOUCHABLE.”

TT: Good Lord…you have to believe Chemical X was behind this…this is sickening.

BC: But…it couldn’t have been Chemical X, Teddy…he’s been sitting up in those box seats all night…look!

The scene cuts to the seats where Chemical X and company are all standing in the window with UNTOUCHABLE shirts on shrugging their shoulders with big smiles on their face. The scene cuts back to Sickboy's dressing room where EMTs are rushing into the dressing room and Sickboy is livid.

We cut to Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane at ringside.

TT: You can’t possibly believe that Chemical X is innocent in all this. He shows up tonight and suddenly people are hanging upside down in dressing rooms covered in their own blood? Something as ridiculous and stupid as that could ONLY be the work of Chemical X.

BC: I really do believe he’s innocent, Teddy…he’s been up there all night long, how could it possibly have been him?

TT: You have got to be kidding me... look, look! He's taking off!

The camera pans and shows Chemical X and company leaving their box seats and exiting the arena.

BC: That’s because people like you automatically assume he’s guilty!

TT: Yeah well his track record speaks for itself. Let’s hope everything is ok back there…nonetheless fans, it’s time for the big one!

BC: Ohh baby!

TT: One of the most storied rivalries in this entire business, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance…fans, trust me when I tell you, don’t blink because you might miss something spectacular. This should without question be a match of the year candidate and it would be that without gold on the line…but you throw in the absolute most prestigious prize that you can possibly hold in this business…we’re talking the pinnacle here…we are looking at a match for the ages.

BC: The CWF World Heavyweight Championship on the line! Nitemare has been the bane of Pledge since the beginning of time and Pledge hasn’t had a true shot at the gold since the great Brian Adams was running rampant during the second longest World title reign in CWF history…Pledge has to win tonight or it could be his last shot at the title until…well, who knows when.

TT: You’re probably right, Bobby…he may be out of chances after tonight and if he wanted another shot he’d have to do it the hard way, likely having to wait until January for Last Man Standing where he’d have to win a shot at Super Card VI…that’s a long road to be looking down and Pledge has to feel the desperation, has to understand the gravity of the situation here tonight…

BC: Yeah and we still don’t know what Paul Blair’s surprise is! He’s promised us something big here tonight…

TT: Indeed, plus Rob Osbourne has promised we will see a new Horseman revealed here tonight…we could list the names running through the rumor mill but we’d be here all night. The fact is, nobody knows who it is and it could be anybody! And all of this drama is on top of what will surely be a five star encounter!

BC: Look around, Teddy…these peons know what’s up next, there’s not one ass in a seat, everyone is standing, you could cut the tension in here with a knife!

TT: There are CWF superstars watching from the crowd…everyone in the wrestling world has their eyes peeled on this event, this moment, this match!

The camera pans through the crowd and spots several CWF wrestlers watching from private boxes…T-Money watches, dressed to the nines. Rob Osbourne’s son, Bob Osbourne, sits in the fourth row, eyes locked intently on the ring. Maniac, the wrestling legend, sits in a private box next to his wife and Mark Xamin, the owner and founder of the CWF. Patriot, holder of the longest championship reign in CWF history, sits in the crowd looking on intently. Former CWF World Champion Sammy Salerno watches on beside him. Jim Saccaro, the former Vice President of the CWF sits next to them. CWF stars that have competed earlier tonight have showered and put on their finest clothes, watching on from private boxes throughout the arena, including Mariano Fernandez, Axel Way, James Baker, Danielle Lopez, Magnus Thunder, and yes, even Kyle Sync.

The camera zooms in on Sylvester Stallone, sitting in the crowd in an aisle seat. He gets an ovation, the city of Philadelphia being the setting of the Rocky movies. Next to him is Oscar De la Hoya, former World Champion boxer.

In another section of the arena sits Michael Vick, the controversial Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. He gets a mixed reaction as his face pops up on the big screen. Next to him is DeSean Jackson, Wide Receiver, and Donovan McNabb, the starting Quarterback.

TT: The stars are out tonight for this one!

BC: What are those three doing here? Don’t they have a big game tomorrow afternoon? No wonder the Eagles suck so much.

TT: Wow…just give you an inch and you’ll run with it, huh?

BC: Hell yeah, I’ll run 100 yards for a touchdown…on the Eagles defense! Ha!

TT: Well Mark Xamin is sitting up there in his private box and we understand he has an announcement to make…let’s head up there now.

The camera cuts to Mark Xamin’s private box, where Mark Xamin sits with his wife and Maniac. Xamin is dressed in a white dress shirt and red tie, while Maniac makes a rare appearance in a navy blue suit. The crowd roars as he appears on camera. He nods and grins, but the camera pans over to Xamin.

Mark Xamin: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the intense rivalry between “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance, I want to make it clear…after tonight, win, lose, or draw…there will be NO REMATCH. I repeat…there will be NO REMATCH regardless of the outcome of this match. Both of these men are big CWF stars and it is my duty to protect them, regardless of my hatred for Rob Osbourne. Gentlemen…good luck.

Cut back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane.

TT: What a huge announcement…this is truly it, if Pledge Allegiance doesn’t win the title tonight, he will not get another opportunity for as long as Rob Osbourne is the champion, and judging by the way he’s been rolling for the past couple of months…Pledge may have to wait a long, long time to get this chance again.

BC: Well it’s do or die for Pledge now, but it’s also high stakes for The Nitemare. If he loses the belt tonight, he won’t get a rematch! That means Pledge won’t have to worry about him taking the belt from him…man, if it was gonna be intense before, Xamin just dialed up the heat by about five notches. They are going to leave everything in that ring tonight and every eye in the wrestling world is watching!

TT: Are we ready to go? We are…we are ready to start this thing and we are headed to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall…and it is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd explodes.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger! From New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds…PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

The crowd explodes into a frenzy of mixed reactions as “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits. Red, white, and blue fireworks explode at the entranceway, dead leaves blowing everywhere in their wake. Walking through the smoke and dead leaves is Pledge Allegiance, sporting a beard, and wearing a scowl on his face. He walks to the ring purposefully, one stride after another, his eyes never leaving the ring, the crowd completely tuned out. He steps through the ropes and hops to the center of the ring, outstretching his arms and circling, and then drops to his knees and looks to the heavens as more red, white and blue fireworks explode above the ring.

TT: Pledge has his game face on tonight…

BC: He better have his game face on, this is the biggest match of his long career, I promise you that.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds…he is the reigning and defending CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

The crowd explodes into boos as “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and the fog rolls in at the entrance way. The arena lights turn purple and the fog creates a haze effect. Stepping out from behind the curtain slowly, is “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. He stops for a moment, standing on the set, dead leaves beneath his feet, and looks around the arena. The fans are screaming at him, throwing garbage and obscenities. Nitemare shakes his head, flings his hair back and his eyes widen as he strides to the ring, his eyes never leaving Pledge. He climbs up the ring steps, holding up the title belt on the apron for the crowd. They boo him wildly. He steps through the ropes and into the ring, and he and Pledge immediately meet in the center of the ring and go nose to nose.

TT: Here we go! This is gonna spill over already!

BC: And these peons in the crowd are ready to blow the roof off this place!

Both men wide eyed, they bang their heads together, noses crunched, teeth snarling. Nitemare holds the belt up to Pledge and grinds it into his face, shoving him back. Pledge immediately steps back up to him and they go nose to nose once more, until the referee forces them apart and into their respective corners. He takes the belt from Nitemare and holds it up for the crowd. They roar at the most prestigious title in the business. He hands the belt off to the time keeper and the fans are on their feet, screaming and cheering as the bell sounds.


TT: We are finally underway with the most anticipated main event in recent memory! “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship…it just doesn’t get any better than this!

BC: This is one you’ll tell your grandchildren about!

The crowd roars at the sound of the bell and the two immediately charge at each other and clash in the center of the ring! Both men throwing wild punches and each man landing them…Nitemare takes control and whips Pledge to the ropes…back body drop! And Pledge hits the mat hard but gets to his feet immediately and charges at Osbourne! Osbourne with a high rise hip toss and Pledge bounces back up…another hip toss…and another! Pledge becoming winded and Osbourne shoves him into the corner and chops him hard across the chest! Pledge falls to one knee after the stinging blow and Osbourne pulls him back up and heaves him into the center of the ring by his hair! The referee admonishing Osbourne for the hair pull but Osbourne shoves him out of the wayP and mounts Pledge…and he drives his fist repeatedly into the skull of Pledge Allegiance!

TT: Osbourne is firmly in control here and this is not at all what this crowd expected…they are in shock here…

BC: Pledge is in way over his head, Teddy…he can’t be Rob Osbourne, plain and simple! The Nitemare knows what Pledge is gonna do before Pledge does!

Pledge looks completely helpless…Osbourne pulls him up…reverse atomic drop! Pledge’s knees wobble and Osbourne rocks him with a clothesline! Pledge reeling on the mat and Nitemare to the second turnbuckle…elbow drop to the sternum! Pledge rolling around the ring in pain and Nitemare kicks his feet up on the top rope and lays across the corner as if he’s relaxing, mocking the crowd. The boo wildly as Pledge stumbles to get to his feet…Osbourne hops down off the ropes and runs up behind Pledge…bulldog! And Pledge’s face drives in the mat! Osbourne pulls him up by the hair…and grabs his head…BADD DREAM!

TT: BADD DREAM! My God this could be over already!

BC: What?!

Nitemare wipes pretend sweat off his brow and flings it at the fallen Pledge Allegiance. He lays across him and counts with his finger for the fans to see as the ref makes the count.



Osbourne lifts Pledge’s head up and stops the count.

TT: God…fans I have to apologize for this…this is a total bust. Here this is supposed to be one of the biggest matches in CWF history and Pledge has obviously shown up in no shape to compete here. He looks completely helpless.

BC: Osbourne is just that dominant, Teddy! Pledge is a loser!

Osbourne scrapes Pledge up off the mat and BADD DREAMS him again! And now he makes the cover!




Fireworks explode at the stage and “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits.

TT: What the hell?

Nitemare sits up in the ring and looks wide eyed at the entrance way…standing there is…Pledge Allegiance?

TT: What the hell is going on here?! How can Pledge be in two places at once? That’s him in the ring, and that’s him on the stage….what the hell is the meaning of all this?!

BC: I don’t think a person in this building understands what is going on here…

Pledge wears a torn shirt and jeans, broken ropes around his wrists and a bandana that was seemingly used as a gag around his neck. He has a mic in hand.

Pledge Allegiance: Stop this match! STOP IT! That’s not Pledge Allegiance in the ring! It’s an imposter! I’m the real Pledge!


The crowd is stunned. Osbourne gulps visibly in the ring and implores the referee to finish his count. The ref refuses and Pledge continues.

Pledge Allegiance: What’s the matter, Rob? Surprised to see me? Let me explain something to the fans here and everyone watching at home in pay-per-view land…the week before the match for control of the CWF, I was abducted by a group of thugs working for THAT man, your World Champion, Rob Osbourne!


Pledge Allegiance: I was taken into seclusion and I was going to be held until after tonight, where THAT imposter in the ring was going to lay down for Nitemare and it would appear as though he’d easily disposed of me. So let me paint a little picture for you…the Pledge you’ve been watching on TV for the past few weeks…the “new attitude” Pledge…the guy claiming he laid down for Adams at Night of Champions II to earn your sympathy and a Hall of Fame spot…it was all THAT man in the ring, under the influence of Rob Osbourne. And now you’ve reformed The Horsemen, Rob? You sure need an awful lot of protection, it seems. But you never expected to see ME on this stage, did you? I’ve always known the Osbourne Family runs a lot like the Manson Family…they’ll just do whatever the hell you tell them to, won’t they Rob? And now you’re gonna do the same to the Horsemen…well tonight, your jig is up…the cards are all out on the table, and I am gonna stomp you out like the snake that you are!

Pledge pulls off his shirt and jeans and reveals his full wrestling attire. The crowd roars and Pledge charges to the ring! Osbourne scurries under the bottom rope leaving Pledge in the ring with the fake Pledge. He pulls the imposter up…PLEDGE HAMMER OVER THE TOP ROPE! Osbourne on the outside is a blur of hair, storming around the ring flipping out about the whole situation.

TT: This crowd is electric! The real Pledge Allegiance has stood up and now this match can truly get underway!

BC: Yeah but this leaves so many unanswered questions…like if Pledge has been in seclusion for so long…has he had a chance to shower?! Poor Rob Osbourne.

TT: Oh shut up.

Security storms to the ringside area and hauls off the imposter Pledge. The real Pledge in the ring yelling at the referee to start the match…and the ref calls for the bell and gets it started!


TT: Here we go and this match is truly underway, finally!

Pledge hops through the ropes and sneaks up behind Osbourne on the outside…and shoves him hard into the guardrail! Osbourne falls to the floor and Pledge pulls him up and drags him around the ring by the hair…and throws him into the steel ring post! Osbourne bounces off of it and falls back to the arena floor…Pledge right on him and rolls him back into the ring. Pledge follows him in and mounts him…and he unleashes on Osbourne with a flurry of punches! Osbourne desperately trying to escape but Pledge is a house of fire! Pledge gets pulled off by the referee but he immediately jumps back on Osbourne and starts throwing wild punches again! And again the ref pulls him off….and AGAIN Pledge jumps on him and unloads!

TT: This crowd is eating this up! Pledge is on fire and Osbourne is completely overwhelmed! He wasn’t expecting this at all!

Pledge pulls him up and forces him to the corner, biting Osbourne’s nose along the way and opening a small cut on the bridge of his nose.

BC: God, Pledge is like a man possessed!

TT: Pledge looks like a little ball of hate and Osbourne had better answer the bell here!

Pledge climbs to the second rope with Osbourne beneath him and drives his fists into his head as the crowd counts along! 1…2…3…4 ….5…6….7….8….9…10! On the tenth blow, Pledge hops down and Osbourne staggers out of the corner and lands flat on his face. Pledge to the second rope as Osbourne struggles to his feet…BULLDOG! And Pledge is now the one firmly in control! The crowd in a frenzy and wait just a minute…

TT: What the hell is this now?!

BC: Ha! It’s your Ruler, Teddy!

The Blairvision theme starts up and out comes Paul Blair. The crowd is going crazy as Blair enters the arena. He takes in the huge ovation for him and waves to the crowd. He goes over ringside and takes a seat where he watches the match.

TT: I know he promised a surprise, but I don’t see a damn surprise! What the hell is he doing out here?!

BC: Well isn’t it obvious? This place is sold out, Blair needed a seat! And look, he’s got the best seat in the house! Ha! That’s definitely fair to Blair!

TT: Something stinks about that…

BC: Oh that’s just Pledge, he probably hasn’t showered in weeks.

TT: [sighs] Well Pledge is screaming at Blair here…something just isn’t right about this and he doesn’t want Blair screwing with his title shot, and I don’t blame him.

Pledge screams at Blair from inside the ring. Blair just waves at him, acting as if Pledge is happy to see him. Nitemare sneaks up from behind Pledge…roll up! And he has a handful of tights! A cover!


2…. Kickout!

Pledge kicks out despite having his tights pulled, but as he gets up, Osbourne rocks him with a clothesline! Pledge drops back to the mat hard and Osbourne takes a moment to collect himself. He looks at Blair, confused, and then shakes his head and pulls Pledge up…he whips him to the ropes…spinebuster! And Pledge has the wind knocked out of him. Osbourne with a quick snap leg drop across the throat and Pledge rolls over trying to get some air in his lungs. Osbourne slaps him on the back of the head.

NRO: Come on, Pledge! Come on American Icon! Come on Hall of Famer! Is that all you’ve got?! HUH?!

Osbourne stomps Pledge in the small of the back viciously. Pledge inches his way towards the corner after each stomp under he’s finally able to prop himself up into a sitting position in the corner…Osbourne chokes him with his boot though, and Pledge leans out between the bottom and middle rope trying to minimize the effects, but Osbourne’s foot follows him until the referee pulls him off and breaks up the choke.

TT: God, these two just flat out hate each other and you can see the venom in their eyes, you can feel the hatred with each blow…

BC: Yeah someone could get seriously injured by the time this is over, and I’m taking bets on who it’ll be. If you want to put some money down go see my bookie, Francisco, in section 215…

TT: Would you stop?

The ref forces Osbourne back to the center of the ring. Osbourne holds his hands up to show the ref he’s playing by the rules, giving Pledge an opportunity to get back to his feet. Just as he does, Nitemare charges in at him with a body splash in the corner! No! Pledge moves and Osbourne spins around on the rebound…Pledge connects with a huge right hand and Nitemare spits high into the air after the blow and drops to the mat flat on his back! Pledge staggers around the ring and regroups as Osbourne pulls himself to his feet…Pledge comes after him but Osbourne dives a fist into his gut and Pledge gets caught off guard…Osbourne with a DDT! Executed perfectly out of nowhere and he makes a cover!




TT: It’ll take more than that to beat Pledge tonight…but had that been the Badd Dream, it could have been lights out.

BC: Still, no one does a DDT like Rob Osbourne!

Osbourne yells at the ref to count faster, but the ref shows him just two fingers and Osbourne scoops Pledge up to his feet. He whips him to the ropes and drops his head for a back body drop…Pledge counters with a boot! Osbourne staggering back and Pledge charges at him and leaps onto his shoulders…he’s going for a surprise roll up but Nitemare counters with a perfectly timed Samoan drop! Pledge grabs his ribs and hunches over to his side on impact. Osbourne furiously pulls him up, pissed at himself for getting caught off guard. He whips Pledge HARD to the turnbuckles and Pledge hits chest first!

TT: My God, it looked like the ring moved about two feet with that impact!

BC: I told you Blair had the best seats in the house! The ring moved to HIM!

TT: Oh please.

Pledge staggers backwards out of the corner and Osbourne catches him with a release German suplex! Pledge folds up onto the mat, landing on the back of his neck and flopping backwards. Osbourne with a cover!




TT: I’m amazed Pledge didn’t break his neck there, let alone kick out!

BC: Yeah but that move is gonna take its toll…

Osbourne again admonishes the referee for a slow count but the ref is having none of it. Nitemare pulls Pledge up and staggers him with a European uppercut. Pledge stumbles back to the corner and Nitemare lifts him up onto the top rope. Osbourne setting Pledge up for a superplex! He has him up! No! Pledge blocks it! And he plants Nitemare face first into the mat from the top rope! The crowd roars!

TT: Pledge on the comeback trail here!

Pledge keeps his balance and stands on the top turnbuckle…and he leaps off onto Osbourne down below! Flying elbow! He connects! Pledge with a cover!




TT: Kickout by the champion!

BC: Pledge hit a high risk move though…that’s gonna change the tone for sure.

Pledge grabs his neck, still hurting from the release German suplex. He pulls Nitemare up to his feet and whips him to the ropes….Osbourne ducks a clothesline…Osbourne on the rebound with a flying forearm! No! Pledge ducks and Osbourne sails through the ropes and lands hard on the floor! Nitemare wincing in pain and grabbing his arm after landing on it awkwardly…he slowly gets to his feet….Pledge off the ropes…SUICIDE DIVE! And he connects! Nitemare flies backwards, hits the floor, and flips back onto his stomach, his legs crashing into the guardrail on impact. Pledge slowly gets to his feet and immediately grabs the back of his neck again, in obvious pain.

TT: What a gutsy move by Pledge!

BC: Yeah but look, he’s really favoring that neck of his…looks like the big bad American Icon may have hurt himself. Poor baby.

TT: Give it a rest…Pledge is going pound for pound with the CWF World Heavyweight champion! And oh by the way, Nitemare looks like he’s hurt his left arm…isn’t that his Badd Dream arm, Bobby?

BC: Shut up!

Pledge, laboring, pulls Osbourne up. He whips Nitemare towards the ring steps…Osbourne leaps up onto the edge to stop himself, and then twists and leaps back at Pledge, connecting with a surprise flying fist to the face! Pledge is caught off guard and takes the full brunt of it. Osbourne grabs Pledge up and slams his face into the apron! Pledge crouches down in pain but Osbourne pulls him back up…and whips him into the timekeepers table!

BC: Ha!

Pledge crashes hard and knocks over the timekeeper’s table, the ring bell and the CWF World title dropping to the floor! Pledge winds up landing in the timekeepers lap…Osbourne with a SUPERKICK to Pledge! No! Pledge moves! And Osbourne superkicks the timekeeper!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Pledge moved just in the nick of time and we may need a medic out here for poor Eddie Beauchamp, our long time timekeeper…

Osbourne stalks over Pledge, who is on his hands and knees…Osbourne goes to pull him up but Pledge elbows him in the mid section…and tosses Osbourne shoulder first into the steel ring post! Osbourne drops in a heap to the floor, and Pledge pulls him back up and rolls him into the ring. Osbourne favoring his left shoulder badly, and Pledge sees the opening. He pins Osbourne’s shoulder to the mat and then leaps off the mat with both legs high in the air…and DRIVES his knee down into Osbourne’s injured shoulder! And again! And again! And Osbourne in a great deal of pain! Pledge picks him up and hoists him upside down….shoulder breaker! Osbourne in trouble and he knows it! He grits his teeth and forces himself to back into the corner…Pledge stalking over him…Osbourne grabs him by the tights and pulls him into the turnbuckle!

TT: There’s the resourcefulness of the champion! But the Badd Dream can’t be effective with that shoulder injured!

BC: Yeah but Pledge can’t hit the Pledge Hammer with that bad neck!

TT: Good point, both finishers could be out of the equation here!

Osbourne groggily gets to his feet, unable to move his left arm, and pulls Pledge up by the hair…he chops Pledge hard and the crowd “woos”…and again…and again! Pledge’s chest is lit up and Nitemare whips him to the opposite corner….Pledge reverses…no, Osbourne reverses…and Pledge runs into the referee!

TT: Uh oh!

BC: Ha! Stupid referee! Get someone out here who can count!

Osbourne, seeing the referee out, reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles!

TT: Hey! Wait a minute! Wait a damn minute!

BC: Knock this punk out, Nitemare!

Osbourne swings at Pledge…Pledge ducks! The crowd roars! Pledge boots Osbourne in the gut and rocks him with a knee lift to the chops! Osbourne drops the brass knuckles and Pledge picks them up! Osbourne to his feet, Pledge fitting the knuckles onto his fist…he winds up! And he nails him! The crowd roars and Osbourne is knocked out cold! A cover!

TT: Come on, get a referee down here! 1, 2, 3!

BC: Oh shut up, if there was a referee down here Pledge would be disqualified for using a foreign object!

TT: Osbourne brought the foreign object into the ring!

Pledge makes the count for himself and the crowd counts along, but he knows it doesn’t count and he slams his fist into the mat in frustration. He pulls Osbourne up…Osbourne on spaghetti legs…PLEDGE HAMMER! No! Pledge had to stop half way due to the neck injury! Osbourne on the way down, out of instinct, catches Pledge in the BADD DREAM! He nailed it! Both men out but Osbourne inching his way over to Pledge…

TT: I can’t believe it! Osbourne with the Badd Dream! But there’s still no referee!

Osbourne gets an arm across Pledge, who is busted open after the Badd Dream. Realizing there’s no referee, Osbourne manages to sit up and scream for a referee. When no one comes, Osbourne grudgingly pulls Pledge back to his feet…he sets him up for another Badd Dream! Just as he has him hooked, another referee comes flying out from the back! But Osbourne’s shoulder is too damaged! Pledge in deperation…PLEDGE HAMMER! The crowd explodes!









Pledge can’t believe it. He very slowly wills himself back up, blood pouring down his forehead. He pulls Osbourne up by his hair and scoops him up for a bodyslam…but his neck gives out again and he stumbles backwards…and they run into the referee! Another referee has been knocked out and Pledge lets go of Osbourne and drops to one knee, holding his neck…Osbourne, dazed and confused, sees Pledge slowly pulling himself back to his feet…and in a sudden burst of energy, he SLUGS Pledge in the back of the neck with a forearm shot! Pledge goes down and Osbourne drops to the mat, staring at the someone to get out there…the curtain moves and Osbourne’s eyes light up...

TT: Wait a damn minute…what is HE doing out here?!

BC: Uh ohhhh.

Emerging from the curtain is….Chemical X! The crowd boos wildly and throws garbage at him, but he grins and slowly walks down the aisle, stopping just as he gets to ringside and admiring the match.

TT: Is Chemical X the fourth Horsemen? He couldn’t be…could he?

BC: Stop accusing Chemical X of everything, you witch hunter! Obviously word has gotten around that there are good seats available at ringside…Blair broke the ice, now Chemical X is taking advantage…nothing wrong with that!

TT: Give me a break! He has no reason to be out here, something is going on!

Osbourne grins at Chemical X and pulls himself up to his feet gingerly. Suddenly, Sickboy hops over the guardrail and the crowd explodes as he assaults Chemical X! Sickboy and X battling in the aisle, and back in the ring Pledge is up to his feet! Pledge and Nitemare going at it tooth and nail, exchanging blows! The whole thing has degenerated into a flat out brawl and Chemical X has found reprieve from Sickboy, running and sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring! Sickboy in hot pursuit! Sickboy’s foot gets stuck in the rope and Chemical X has an opportunity to escape! Sickboy gets to his feet just as Chemical X is sliding under the bottom rope…Sickboy racing towards Chemical X but…wait a minute!



Sickboy ROCKS Pledge Allegiance instead with a clothesline from hell! Pledge is out like a light and Osbourne lays on top of him! And now Roland Ulv and Terry Richards appear at the entrance way and flash Sickboy the sign of the Horsemen! Sickboy returns the sign and here comes yet another referee! Osbourne drapes himself across Pledge and he has a cover!










Nitemare looks up in disbelief and Sickboy grabs the referee and slugs him across the chin with a vicious right hand. Immediately, security swarms the ringside area and forces Sickboy out of the ring. They push him back to the top of the stage with Roland Ulv and Terry Richards, and then force all three of them to leave, forcing them back behind the curtain.

TT: Thank God! The Horsemen are out of here and we may finally have a clear cut winner here!

Osbourne remains draped across Pledge, both men exhausted. As Nitemare begins to stir, he looks around the arena. The crowd is going crazy as the camera turns to Blair who is applauding the match. Suddenly, the lights go out. We can hear Blair screaming into a mic at Osbourne.

Paul Blair: Osbourne, I told you that the CWF main event landscape would NEVER be the same again! I bet you were wondering who I was talking about last week. Maybe now’s the time that I should tell you that my clue of "mark" wasn't really the person's name at all. No instead it was you. For you are the biggest "mark" of my guest ever. Turn on the lights!

The lights come on, and the crowd blows the roof off the Wachovia Center at the sight of the man standing above Rob Osbourne. Osbourne’s eyes widen as he looks up at a man no one thought they’d see inside a wrestling ring again…


BC: It can’t be!

TT: It is!

BC: It’s….it’s…

TT: It’s freakin….





Nitemare’s face turns from shock to pure elation. Jimmy Blast grins at him, and helps him to his feet. The camera zooms right in on their embrace, Osbourne hugging his mentor.

TT: He must be the fourth member of the Horsemen Osbourne promised!

Jimmy Blast: You didn’t think the Horsemen could ride again without the Blaster, did you, brother?

NRO: Great to see you, old man...I was expecting an enemy.

Jimmy Blast: No, seriously…you didn’t think you could reunite the Horsemen without me…did you?

NRO: What? No, I’ve been trying to bring you back for years…

Jimmy Blast: Well, brother…I’m back!

Jimmy Blast out of nowhere nails THE BLASTER! The crowd explodes as Nitemare is completely laid out.



Blast yells something at Osbourne and emphatically wags his finger at him as the crowd goes wild. Blast drops through the ropes and storms backstage, leaving Osbourne out cold in the ring. Pledge still unconscious from the Badd Dream and Paul Blair stands outside the ring rubbing his hands together and licking his lips like the puppet master. Here comes another referee! Pledge slowly coming around and he slowly, agonizingly manages to roll over and get an arm across the chest of Nitemare! A cover!







Pledge looking at the referee in complete disbelief and he has to figure out a way to finish Osbourne off! Pledge pulls him up…he whips Osbourne to the ropes…Osbourne on the rebound with a wild clothesline out of desperation! No! Pledge ducks…he turns around slowly but Osbourne is a step ahead, and boot to the gut…BADD DREAM!

No! Pledge gets out of it! Osbourne running low on fuel and Pledge drops to his knees to avoid the Badd Dream…Osbourne leans over to pull him up…PLEDGE WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!







The crowd explodes!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd pops huge.


“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and the referee hands Pledge the CWF World Heavyweight championship belt. Rob Osbourne sits up and buries his face in his hands, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. Pledge gets to his knees and in disbelief, wears a huge grin on his face. He lays the belt down on the mat and leans over to kiss it, and as he does, red, white and blue fireworks explode above the ring.


BC: What a crime! Jimmy Blast screwed Rob Osbourne!

TT: Well it’s about time Osbourne got a taste of his own medicine because Sickboy tried to screw Pledge!

Osbourne rolls out of the ring, dejected…

BC: I don’t know if it was the Blaster, the small package, or the betrayal that defeated that man…but I’ll tell you what, he did not see that coming.

TT: Osbourne will no doubt be cooking up some new schemes to have his revenge, but what a title run…give the devil his due, he is a champion’s champion and love him or hate him, he is the best in the business.

Trixie Lee runs through the crowd and hops the guardrail. She climbs into the ring where Pledge is celebrating, holding the title up with tears in his eyes. He turns around and sees Trixie…they stare at each other for a moment, and then smile and embrace, cueing more fireworks and confetti to fall from the rafters.

TT: What a night!

BC: Three title changes, are you kidding me? Can you imagine what Showdown is gonna be like next week?!

TT: It is going to be a night to remember, just as tonight was! Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time! Thank you for joining us at the fall classic! This has been Fall Fever! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle for “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…good night everyone!

The camera zooms in on Pledge and Trixie, hugging tightly. Pledge leans in to kiss her, and then sees the camera. He smiles, winks, and then uses the title to block the camera from the kiss.

Fade to black.

Until next time…