The scene opens from black showing the line of fans wrapped around Madison Square Garden waiting to make their way into the arena. As the fans notice the cameraman they let loose an uproar of cheers waving signs and pointing to their respective favorite wrestler's t-shirts. The cameraman comes through the front entrance showing the tens of thousands of CWF faithful in line at concession stands and novelty tents. The cameraman steps through the main curtain into the arena proper on the mezzanine level and pans. The crowd, seeing themselves on the jumbotron, lose their minds in a frenzy of fifteen seconds of fame. The camera tightens onto the announce table where Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane are located, dressed in typical Tuxedo fashion for the pay Per View event. The Global Warning logo swirls onto the screen and then melts away as Teddy Turnbuckle takes us on the air.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Osbourne Inc. and present CWF Global Warning!!!!

BC: For now…but next week it could be back to the Mark Xamin show.

TT: It all depends on the outcome of our main event Bobby. But fans, let’s not wait one minute longer, it’s time for our first match.
Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF Unified Championship!!! First making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds and standing six feet four inches tall hailing from Compton, California and being accompanied by his manager Malik Jones..."THE EXTREME GANGSTER"  JAMES BAKER!!!!

'Hail Mary' by Tupac Shakur begins as Baker makes his way to the ring. The fans let loose with a barrage of boos and cheers, giving Baker a mixed reaction.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...standing six feet and two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-seven pounds, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa....AXEL WAY!!!!

"Desolation row" by My Chemical Romance plays as Axel Way makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd.  Absent are the gauze and black eye Axel was sporting the last two weeks.

Ring Announcer: And finally, making his way to the ring weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds and standing six feet and four inches tall…from New York, New York…he is the CWF Unified Champion…..THIS……IS……SICKBOY!!!!!!!

Sickboy sprints to the ring, as 'Angry Chair' by Alice in Chains errupts, sliding under the bottom rope and dive tackling Baker and Way.

TT: Whoa! Wilkes is in ‘go’ mode tonight Bobby!

BC: Wilkes is a moron. Get up Baker…stomp a mud hole in his ass and walk it dry!

TT: How original. Sickboy is on top of Baker dropping blow after blow to the baller from Compton. Axel Way is rolling out of the ring and watching the events unfold.

BC: Way is the smart one in the match. Let the other two idiots fight it out and garner the spoils of war! Sickboy pulling Baker to his feet, but Baker with a short arm clothesline. Sickboy drops hard!

TT: But Axel taking advantage of the situation drops Baker with a spinning heel kick. Now Way stands over both men as they attempt to regain their composure.

BC: Axel Way is climbing the ropes…leaps off, rolling knee drop across the small of the back of Sickboy!!

TT: Baker on his feet now and moving towards Axel. He grabs Way by the back of the head and drive his head into the corner turnbuckle as the crowd counts along 1…….2…..3…..4…..5….6….7….8….9….10!! The ref forces him to relinquish his grip on Axel Way’s hair and Way drops backwards like a ton of bricks and collapses on the mat.

BC: Wilkes now back to his feet behind Baker and he hooks him in a belly to back…wait…Baker flips out and lands vertically, and he returns the favor to Sickboy with a belly to back of his own sending the Unified Chump to his face hard.

TT: Will you show the man some respect? He has defended that title with prestige. Don’t besmirch his accomplishments Bobby.

BC: Or what?

TT: Or I’ll get Terry Richards down here to straighten you out…

BC: You wouldn’t?

TT: Try me. Baker with an air of confidence about him grabs Axel by the hair as he staggers to his feet and he grabs Sickboy as well…for whom the bell tolls….DING! He just cracked their heads together sending both men back to the mat.

BC: Baker is looking good here tonight Teddy. He just may walk out of here as the Unified Champion.

TT: Not if Sickboy or Axel Way have anything to say about it he won’t. Axel slowly getting to a vertical base on his hands and knees sees Sickboy pulling himself to the corner as Baker sprints towards him. Axel drops flat on his stomach and Baker overshoots him and lands in the corner on Sickboy.

BC: Axel back up now, sprints, missile dropkick into the back of James Baker, who cracks heads with Sickboy. Baker falls backwards and Sickboy on top of him. Axel on the top rope…senton splash on both opponents!!!

TT: But I think Axel just hurt himself badly making impact with both of them like that. He is clutching his ribs Bobby and he isn’t moving in for the kill.

BC: Sickboy the first back to his feet. Baker is out cold. Axel is gasping for breath…call a medic down here Turnbuckle, I’d bet the farm Axel just cracked a couple to three ribs.

TT: Wilkes sees Baker motionless and Axel struggling for air. He climbs the far turnbuckle…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! That’s how he wont he belt Bobby…cover by Wilkes on Baker…..1…….2….thre…..kickout!!!!

BC: Wait a minute…is this an elimination match?

TT: I don’t believe so.

BC: Then Wilkes almost retained his title with one offensive move? Sheesh. I really should get back in ring shape. These guys would make being the champ an easy task.

TT: Stop it. They would own you Bobby. You can’t even handle little Terry Richards for peats sake.

BC: Pete who?

TT: Nevermind. Axel Way back up as Baker kicks out of the five star. Axel pulls Sickboy to his feet…FALL AWAY CUTTER!!!

BC: He ain’t done yet…Baker struggling to get to his feet….The Twister!!!!

TT: What a sickening clothesline from hell by Axel Way….cover on Baker……1………..2……………..3!!!!!!!

Ring Announcer:  Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION…..AXEL WAY!!!!

"Desolation row" by My Chemical Romance plays as Axel Way hoists the Unified Championship high above his head.

BC: There is a God in heaven.

TT: What?

BC: Sickboy isn’t the champ anymore.

TT: You are despicable, do you know that?

BC: Yes. Yes I do.

TT: It seems to me Bobby that the recurring theme tonight is that all the matches here at Global Warning are grudge matches.  Later tonight, we have the mother of all grudge matches in Pledge Alligence versus The Nitemare for control of The CWF.  However, before we get to the big one, we have Mariano defending his National Championship against Terry Richards.

BC: These two have had issues that have been simmering for weeks but they finally came to head here tonight.  What started out as a friendly rivalry between two of The CWF's brightest and best rookies took a turn for the worse when that no-good Terry Richards beat the tar out of Mariano's good friend Paul.

TT: So, tonight, Mariano not only defends his gold but he defends the honor of his fallen friend in what is sure to be fantastic bout.  Take it away Doc for our introductions...

Ring Announcer: The following match is for one fall and is for The CWF National Championship! Coming to the ring first, the challenger...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 186 pounds...Terry....Richards!!!!!

‘Ace of Spades’  by Motorhead begins and Terry Richards makes his way through the curtain.  He stands at the top of the ramp and taunts the crowd and is met by a chorus of boos.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from Buenos Aires, Argentina...weighing in at 176.4 pounds...

BC: I bet if he were to take a leak before coming out he'd get down to 176 even...

TT: Will you please!?!

Ring Announcer: He is The CWF National Champion...Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez!!!!!

‘The Biggest Fight’ by Hironobu Kageyama blasts through the sound system, and Mariano races down the aisle. But instead of sliding into the ring as he always does, he runs through the outside to meet his high school buddies, who show a large sign saying "WE'RE WITH YOU PAUL". After raising the sign in the air in front of the camera, he goes to the ring where Richards is already waiting, and bows down to him before giving him a deadly stare.

TT:  That goes to show exactly what kind of competitor Mariano is.  Richards put a king-sized whoopin' on Mariano's friend Paul yet Mariano manages to still show him a sign of respect and bows to him before the match.

BC: Meh.

TT: And there's our bell!  Mariano...immediately hits Richards with a spear...catching him off guard.  He's on top of him unleashing a flurry of rights and lefts on him.

BC: Richards is doing the best he can do to protect himself but Mariano is a man possessed!

TT:  Finally, Richards is able to push Mariano off of him and he retreats to the outside of the ring.  Looks like he's coming over here to pay you a visit.

BC: I'm warning you Richards...touch me and I'll sue!

Richards comes over and knocks Bobby's headset off and starts yelling at him.

TT: Security!  Get this nutjob out of here!  He's in the middle of a match and he's gotta harass a commentator?  This man has issues!

Mariano climbs the turnbuckle behind Richards...

TT: Mariano drops a double axe handle and hits Richards square between the shoulders.  Richards is in some serious pain!

BC: It's about time!

TT: The champ and Richards are back at it throwing rights and lefts here at ringside.  Mariano grabs Richards but he reverses and sends the champ shoulder first into the ring post!

BC: Richards is now taking advantage of Mariano's mistake and wringing his arm around the post.  Mariano is in a world of hurt right now!

TT: The ref is starting his count...

BC: Richards ducks in to break the count and continues on the outside to work on the shoulder of Mariano.

TT: Terry Richards is relentless.  He's pulling on that injured shoulder and giving it an occasional stomp.  I have never seen Mariano in so much pain.

BC: I guess tonight we're going to find out just how resilient the little bugger is if he wants to keep his title.  However, someone needs to tell stupid Terry Richards that you can't win the belt on the outside of the ring.

TT: Sounds like Richards just heard you because he just tossed Mariano in the ring.  Terry's going to town on Mariano's arm.  He's got him in an armbar, just wrenching the bejesus out of it.

BC: Oh man, your arm's not supposed to bend like that!

TT:  Mariano does a flip, reverses and clotheslines Terry to the mat!

BC: Now he's off the ropes and drops both legs on him!  Mariano with the cover...

TT: One...Two..Th...

BC: Richards gets a shoulder up!

TT: Mariano is trying to block out the pain of that badly damaged shoulder.  Terry's up too and these two are running the ropes and criss-crossing in the ring.  DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

BC: These two are out of it!  Richards with the presence of mind throws an arm over Mariano...ONE...TWO...THR...    Mariano with the shoulder up this time.

TT: These two are giving each other everything they've got!

BC: These two guys are at the beginning of a rivalry that has the makings of one of the most classic feuds of tomorrow.  We could be witnessing Pledge versus The Nitemare 2.0 right now.

TT:  What a phenomenal match!  Terry grabs Mariano and drops him with a huge powerslam.  He goes to the top rope for a cross-body...

BC: Mariano rolls out of the way!  These two are rolling around on the mat in some serious pain.

TT: Mariano's up.  Richards too!  Richards grabs Mariano by his injured arm and tosses Mariano into the ropes...Mariano comes back with a clothesline...

BC: Richards ducks!

TT: Mariano scales the middle of the rope, jumps up and over Richards!  This kid can fly!

BC: Richards turns around to see where Mariano is...

TT:  Yakuza Kick!  Right square in the jaw!

BC: Richards drops like a sack of potatoes!

TT: Mariano with the cover...ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this bout and still CWF National Champion...Mariano Fernandez!!!!!

Mariano leaves the ring, goes under the ring for a second and pulls out what appears to be a sword.  He gets back in the unsheathes his sword in front of Terry Richards, who's still semi-unconscious.

TT: OH MY GOD! What the HELL is that!?

BC: That's a Samurai sword! That little nuthouse is going to cut Terry Richards in half!

Mariano moves, sword in hand, approaching Terry Richards, cornered in a turnbuckle, who is too scared to move

MF: (Deadly intent in his eyes) Well Richards, here we are. It looks like this is the end of the road. It's a darn shame. Here you are... totally at my mercy. Oh, mercy! That is a nice word. How many people screamed for mercy before you killed them? Did you listen to their pleads? No. You didn't. When I first met you, you were like a naughty little child who didn't know any better. But the battle between good and evil that was taking place inside you took place on the outside, and the darkness overpowered the light. From then on you changed. You are now ruthless. You are a living nightmare and you enjoyed every minute of it. And that's why it has to be this way. You've got to learn what it feels like to have your life taken away against your will. So I'm going to teach you now, what that feels like. It's wrong. Maybe you'll come back one day as a better person, I hope. We'll have ourselves a little one-on-one. I'd like that. You'll pay for your sins in the afterlife. Sayonara!

TT: He's going to strike! NO, NO, NO!!!

BC: Get security here RIGHT NOW!!!

Mariano slashes, but strangely the sword knocks Richards out. Mariano starts laughing

TT: What... what the hell has just happened?

MF: Hahaha. You thought for a second I'd kill him, right? Before you start panicking, this sword isn't a Samurai sword. Look at the blade for a minute.

TT: The blade... it has no edge! It can't cut anything!

MF: There you go. Teddy Turnbuckle figured it out. I just wanted to teach this punk a lesson... he won't forget.
(Looks towards Richards) So you see now Richards. It's done. You're not even a challenge to me anymore. It wouldn't be fair for me to keep fighting you. I'm satisfied now. Your pride has been torn to shreds. You've challenged and lost to a fighter who is superior to you and you've seen death in the eyes. How does it feel?

It would be meaningless to fight you now, you're too scared and ashamed. I wanted to save you Richards, but you wouldn't let me and now you'll have to live with the shock. Keep it bottled up inside you. May you live the rest of your life in peace, Richards. Dishonor is far worse than death. I'm tired of fighting, I'm going home. Sayonara!

He turns away and leaves the ring to a huge crowd ovation.

TT: Well, so far we’ve seen a new Unified Champion crowned and we’ve seen Mariano Fernandez defend his National Championship. But the next one Bobby, is literally for all the marbles.

BC: Anybody who is anybody in the wrestling world doesn’t need a set-up for our next match Teddy. Rob Osbourne and Pledge Alligence have been beating each other into oblivion for years.

TT: What about the recent developments with the blood types Bobby? I mean, first Pledge gets dropped by Shawn ‘Hellstone’ Hillard and that opened the door to unravel a huge conspiracy within the Osbourne family.

BC: That’s right, because we learned that Osbourne and Pledge have different blood types, but supposedly being half brothers, that would have been impossible. In the week that ensued we found out that Jammin’ Jimmy Blast –  a name that any person considering themselves a wrestling fan knows all to well – revealed to Rob Osbourne that he was his paternal father, making Pledge the Osbourne and Nitemare really the son of Jimmy Blast.

TT: Right you are, but then Pledge found out later in the week that he and Osbourne did in fact have the same blood type and they are in fact brothers.

BC: Wow Turnbuckle, what a whore Pledge’s mother must be. Pledge grew up thinking his father was a fine upstanding Italian business man, only to find out mom was a ring groupie that slept with Joe Osbourne. He has spent the last five years trying to reconcile that fact and come to terms with it, when all along, momma mia had been banging Jimmy Blast too? Jeez, that old broad really got around.

TT: You are a terrible man.

BC: I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…

TT: Puhlease.

BC: It’s time for these two to dance once again.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the controlling rights to the CWF. First, hailing from New York, New York, standing six feet and ten inches, weighing in at two hundred and eighty pounds….he is a former multiple time CWF Champion and current member of the CWF Hall of Fame…Pledge Alligence!!!!!

'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath plays as Pledge, sporting a gotee, walks onto the ramp with the straps of his singlet pulled down. The fans boo Pledge for the sfirst time in his career as he makes his way to the ring, shrugging off the fans, even mocking them along the way.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee, standing six foot four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds….he is the current CWF World Heavyweight Champion and CEO….”The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne!!!

‘Nightmare’ by Crooked X blasts through the arena as the lights go black. Suddenly the music comes to a screeching halt, as if a needle is being dragged across a record. There is silence and complete blackness throughout the arena when purple spotlights appear in the center of the ring as the old familiar “All Abord…HAHAHAHA!!!!” start of Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne plays as Osbourne steps out from behind the curtain, world title draped over his shoulder.

TT: Well, it seems our world champion is reverting to Crazy Train for his entrance once again.

BC: Oh who gives a shit? The guy’s about to be nothing more than another CWF Roster member after tonight!

TT: Pledge may beat him tonight, and he may have to relinquish control of the CWF back to Mark Xamin, but rest assured Bobby Crane, that Rob Osbourne will never be “just another CWF roster member” he has a storied history and not only is he a former National Champion with the second longest National Title reign in the CWF’s history, but he happens to be the CWF World Champion.

BC: Til our next Showdown when Magnus takes care of that little problem.

TT: You are insufferable Bobby Crane. Osbourne and Pledge are nose to nose in the middle of the ring as the ref explains the rules. There’s the opening bell and we are under way.

BC: And Pledge wastes no time, nailing Osbourne with a cheap shot to the mid-section as Rob extends a hand. No pleasantries to be dispensed by Captain America as he wallops Osbourne again with a right cross and The Nitemare’s head snaps back and he reaches up to feel the trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth.

TT: Osbourne tackles Pledge with a Lou Thez press and starts pummeling The American ICON.

BC: Pledge rolls him over and now he’s the one pummeling Osbourne…the ref breaks them apart and Osbourne dives at Pledge again. These two just want to straight up murder one another Teddy, and we have front row seats.

TT: It was Pledge who set-up Christina Danky-Osbourne’s car crash…it was Pledge who set-up Osbourne and his son and nephew to be doused in “fermented apple juice”…it was Pledge whoorchestrated Maniac’s accidental impact with young Bob Osbourne, sending him into a pyro explosion that severly burned him…Rob Osbourne has every right to want Pledge’s blood.

BC: HA! Pledge’s blood has been a point of contrition this week, hasn’t it? It’s opened up cans of worms we thought long expired.

TT: Now Pledge is pulling Osbourne up by his hair and whips him into the ropes…Samoan drop by Pledge and Osbourne goes flying half way across the ring like a rag doll.

BC: But he hops right back up and dives in for more, shooting a modified double-leg take down on Pledge Alligence, taking the Hall of Famer to his back, Osbourne with a body scissors on Pledge, who grabs Osbourne’s foot with his left hand and drives his forearm into the shin bone forcing Osbourne to either let go or receive a broken leg for his efforts, and Osbourne breaks the hold.

TT: Pledge gets back up as Osbourne comes up on all fours, and Pledge mule kicks him in the ribs…OUCH!

BC: Pledge is letting loose 15 years of hostility right here Teddy, we haven’t seen anything yet!

TT: And Osbourne stands, clutching his ribs as Pledge circles the ring the two men begin  a boxer like dance around the canvass. Pledge ties up with The Nitemare, who pops up the bigger man’s elbow and ducks under, slinking in behind him and delivering a German suplex….wait, he isn’t letting go…another German suplex…..and another!!!! Finally Osbourne lets go and Pledge flies through the air.

BC: Osbourne very slow to get back up after that one. It’s not easy to throw a man that is six ten and nearly three hundred pounds around like a shot put Teddy. Osbourne looks spent.

TT: Pledge quickly to his base, wiping a trickle of blood from his forehead as Osbourne gets back to his feet across the ring. Pledge pulling Osbourne all the way to by the hair once more. You know Bobby, that’s something I never thought I would see. Pledge breaking the rules.

BC: Pfft. It was long over due Teddy. You can only be shit on for so long until you finally snap. I think that happened as a result of Brian Adams and Mark Xamin more than Rob Osborune, but nonetheless, he’s a machine now, hell bent on the destruction of Rob Osbourne, which does not bode well for the world champion.

TT: Osbourne drops to his knees and gives Pledge a low blow right to the Mommy-Daddy button. Pledge drops to his knees, once again face to face with Osbourne, and Osbourne pokes him in the eyes with a piar of fingers showing who the true heel is. Osbourne up to a knee as Pledge rubs at his eyes, Osbourne up on two feet…off the ropes….flying elbow directed at Pledge…

BC: NO!!! Pledge grabs Rob’s arm in mid-air and wrenches him to the ground in an arm bar and Osbourne is screaming in pain as his arm is flexed in the wrong direction. The ref is telling Pledge to break the illegal hold, but Pledge is deaf to his cries.

TT: And the ref in Pledge’s face telling him if he doesn’t break the hold, he will lose the match and he finally relents. Osbourne rolls out of the ring and collapses on the arena floor. Pledge climbing the nearest turnbuckle to Rob’s position….leaping off the turnbuckle…rolling knee drop by Pledge…but Osbourne rolls and Pledge cracks his knees on the arena floor.

BC: Nitemare is up and he has the ring bell….DING DONG!! He clocks Pledge with it and Pledge falls backwards in nearly slow motion as blood spurts from his forehead. Osbourne grabs for Pledge’s singlet straps, still down off of his shoulder’s, and uses them to pull the big man onto the barricade . Osbourne leaps back up on the ring apron…running start…leaps….leg drop across the throat of Pledge and he flails in pain

TT: Osbourne isn’t done yet…he pulls Pledge back to the ring side of the barricade and pulls him to his feet, Pledge belts him in the bread basket for good measure. Osbourne has the wind knocked out of him from the unexpected retaliation by Pledge, and Pledge seizes the moment cracking Osbourne in the mouth with an elbow smash.

BC: Pledge grabs a handful of Osbourne’s hair and drags him to his feet again…..and slams his head into the turnbcukle…then grabs him around the waist…German suplex by pledge…and nother…and another…and one more!!! Four total by Pledge and Osbourne is barely twitching.

TT: Pledge shoves the ring announcer out of his chair and picks the seat up. He wields it like a baseball bat as Osbourne struggles to get back to his feet.

BC: Batter up!!! Pledge swings for the fences and nearly takes off Rob’s head and Osbourne is pouring blood now as well.

TT: My God Bobby, these two literally, are set on destroying one another here tonight.

BC: You can see first hand why the fans come out to watch these two get it on. Time and again for the better part of 15 years these two have made each others lives a living hell.

TT: I am convinced that one of these two will not be able to walk out of this building tonight.

BC: One of them? I'd say neither of them will be able to walk out of here tonight. This is far from over.

Just as Bobby Crane utters the words, from out of the crowd Magnus Thunder leaps the guard rail with Stormbringer over his shoulder.

TT: What is Magnus Thunder doing here? I thought he was in Hawaii on Xamin's dime?

BC: I thought he quit. Took his ball and went home...or in his case, mythical war hammer...

TT: Osbourne and Pledge both to their feet, a left from The Nitemare....a right from Pledge....left by Osbourne...right by Alligence...

BC: Wait...shouldn't you be calling Osbourne Blast and Pledge Osbourne?

TT: Maybe I should, but nevertheless, these two are pummeling each other in the center of the ring. Both men are covered in their own blood and that of the other. The ring is a crimson mess and the punches just keep coming.

BC: Pledge staggers from that last left from Osbourne....Osbourne off ot the far ropes...NO!!!!!

TT: Magnus just pulled the top rope down and Osbourne flipped right over the back of it and he hits the mat hard. Pledge distracting the ref. Thunder grabs Osbourne by the hair.

BC: Look at this Teddy, Magnus had lost it. Look at the hatred in his eyes as he sneers and shoves Osbourne's head between his legs....THUNDERSTORM through the Spanish announce table!!!!!!

TT: And Magnus just obliteraterated Rob Osbourne. Pledge can't keep the ref's attention any longer, but the damage is done, and Magnus is making his way up the ramp. Pledge sprints....leaps...suicide dive off of the top rope right onto the already downed Osbourne who is lying in a mound of splintered wood that was the Spanish announce table.

Crowd begins a 'Holy Shit!' chant as Pledge lies on top of Osbourne, both men bleeding terribly and twitching with pain.

BC: The ref's starting the ten count Teddy.

TT: That he is, and neither man seems to be alert enough to make the move to the ring....1....2....3....Pledge is on his knees, crawling towards the ring....4....5....6....and Osbourne rolls onto his stomach and tries to crawl forwards but nothing doing. He is spent Bobby....7.....8....9....Pledge under the bottom rope....10!

BC: He's done it...Pledge Alligence has won the match...the Osbourne Era of the CWF is OVER!

TT: But the Nitemare is still the World Champion...

BC: For now. By the looks of tonight, Magnus Thunder will do ANYTHING to get even with Osbourne and reclaim that title.

TT: I still can't believe Magnus has turned to the dark side. Two of the top baby face's in the company both make a heel turn in one night? Unbelievable...we'll see you at Showdown fans!