Twenty men will enter.

Nineteen will fall.

Only one will be the Last Man Standing.

Tonight, live on pay-per-view, the CWF’s annual battle royal goes down as the most important in CWF history. The winner will move on to Super Card VI on April 3rd for a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match.

But if you thought the stakes couldn’t get higher than that…tonight, Magnus Thunder will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the most controversial man in the promotion, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne! Strife with tension, the CWF locker room and the entire wrestling universe will be watching with intent eyes and complete attention as Magnus Thunder seeks to avenge his prior losses to Rob Osbourne and in doing so, perhaps send Rob Osbourne back down the ladder and out of championship contention.

Tonight, the CWF once again shows the world why we are the standard of excellence in professional wrestling.

This is the CWF…

This is the road to Super Card VI…

This is…

Fade in to a sold out Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta. 24,000+ screaming CWF fans jam pack the facility to its capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance way, igniting the electric crowd and shooting up the aisle, bursting over the ring. “Last Man Standing” by Hammerfall blares through the arena as the music video flashes on the big screen.

#I am the one, who lost control
But in the end I’ll be the Last Man Standing!#

The set is comprised of a tall wall of video screens, made to look like a portal. It is triangular in shape and each video screen features a profile shot of each combatant on the CWF roster along with a highlight package of his greatest moments. In the middle of the portal, a huge triangle video screen dominates the set. The ring itself features purple and black ropes, each turnbuckle reading “LMS.” The apron simply says “Last Man Standing” in white font on a purple backdrop.

Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the Pengrowth, Saddledome! Welcome to Calgary, Alberta Canada! Welcome to the first stop on the road to Super Card VI! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s annual pay-per-view extravaganza, Last Man Standing! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

BC: Do you feel it, Teddy? Do you feel the electricity in the air? This is it! This is for all the marbles! The entire wrestling world is fixated on this night, this moment! The world has been talking about “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne’s title shot tonight…can he cash in? Can he make good on all the talk? Or will Magnus Thunder continue his reign of terror on the CWF?

TT: We’ve all heard the talk…Rob Osbourne claims tonight, Magnus Thunder is an afterthought on his way to a second CWF World Heavyweight Championship…he says he can’t be beat and refuses to believe otherwise until somebody proves him wrong…will tonight be the night?

BC: Well if I’m Rob Osbourne, I’d be keeping my mouth shut about Magnus Thunder…if you freely come out and admit you’re underestimating him, admit you’re not taking him seriously, you’re in for a rude awakening! But I think Osbourne can do it, Teddy! I really do, I think this in his night and Rob Osbourne could be headed to Super Card VI as the champion!

TT: Also tonight folks, the Last Man Standing battle royal…can you believe it’s finally here? One of the most exciting matches of the entire year, every single CWF wrestler will enter the ring, and only one will remain standing…and the last man standing will be the number one contender for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at Super Card VI!

BC: It doesn’t get any bigger than this! Everyone has a chance, Teddy! Anything can happen, anyone can win. You have to dump your opponent over the top rope, both feet have to hit the floor. That’s it! You don’t have to pin anyone, you just have to dump them over the top rope and I’ll tell you what, this is the biggest opportunity anyone is gonna get to bolt up the ladder from curtain jerker to main eventer!

TT: Every CWF wrestler has been training like they’ve never trained before…everyone wants to win this thing and things have been getting heated backstage as a result! You’ve got so many big names, so any odds on favorites in this thing…Brian Adams, Jack Mason, Tige’, Chemical X, Pledge Allegiance, Mariano Fernandez, Blood, Keith Daniels, Sickboy, Paul Blair, Bob Osbourne, the list goes on and on and the best part is…in a match like this, it could be ANYONE, it might not even be one of those guys that leaves here the last man standing!

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: Also tonight, the CWF National Championship is on the line as Sickboy defends against “The Dangerous One” Keith Daniels in what is sure to be his toughest title defense yet! Sickboy has made history with this incredible title reign but Keith Daniels is fixing to end it here tonight!

BC: Damn right he is, Teddy…free from the clutches of Magnus Thunder, Keith Daniels is poised to explode up the ranks in 2010 and it starts tonight at Last Man Standing! And can you imagine if he won the National title and then came out here later on and won the whole damn battle royal? What a night it could be for Daniels!

TT: The CWF Unified Championship will be on the line as Bob Osbourne defends the belt against Israel Steele!

BC: And Bob Osbourne has a BIG problem on his hands tonight, because Israel Steele is one big hombre and Bob Osbourne…well, not so much. We might see a title change in the Unified division!

TT: The CWF World Tag Team Championships on the line, Degradation defending against The O’Reilly Brothers! But earlier this week, the body of Christina Danky was found…she’s gone, Bobby. Christina Danky is dead and you have to wonder how focused Degradation can possibly be tonight, walking around with heavy hearts.

BC: They better be focused, Teddy! The O’Reilly Brothers are for real and Degradation better get their heads on straight or it’ll be lights out for the Tag Team Champions!

TT: Also tonight, Tige’ goes one on one with Jack Mason in a grudge match that is sure to be very ugly! It was Tige’ who for an entire month drove “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne crazy as The Nitemare’s Nightmare…and it was Jack Mason who came to Rob Osbourne’s aid when Tige’ was revealed. Tonight, they square off and I can’t wait to see it!

BC: Well who ever thought we’d ever see either of these two men in the ring again? To have them up against each other is a dream match for a lot of people. I can’t wait either, Teddy!

TT: But the opening match of the night folks…Terry Richards and The Richards Legion, revealed to be behind the disappearance of Enrique Lopez…tonight take on James Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty in six man tag team action!

BC: Yeah, and Terry Richards had some choice words for these idiot Canadian fans during the pre-show!

TT: Let’s take a look at what Terry Richards said when he came out here earlier tonight!


“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits as the fans throw in a mixed reaction. The combination of boos and cheers proceeds, the sirens echo all over the ring, and Terry Richards pops out of the curtain, in his usual dark tuxedo suit.

TT: Well, Bobby, this is probably the only place other than Chicago where Terry would receive any cheers at all after last week!

BC: Really, why so?

TT: Well, he lives on Centre Street! That is like a few blocks from here!

BC: Oh, the place where he kicked James Baker’s ass for the 100th time, before last week’s incident and after defending the Unified Championship against him? Wow, I remember.

TT: That proves the history between these two.

Terry climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, nonchalantly. He smirks, grabs a mic, and speaks.

Terry Richards: ALRIGHT, CANADA!!!

The crowd roars huge to the mention of their country.

Terry Richards: Well, I’ve got to say; I couldn’t find a better place to live in the entire world if I ever tried. The warm sun, the calm environment, the friendly neighbors, the feeling that you don’t have any worries at all…I love this spot. Congratulations to the people of Calgary for making this such a beautiful place to live!

The crowd goes bananas. Terry smiles and proceeds.

Terry Richards: Well, I think this city, and in fact, all of Canada, a nation always struck with vile humiliation by their American counterparts [The crowd boos huge]…Anyways, I think you deserve a little respect, a little tribute to them. It’d be good if everyone did their part, so I’m going to do mine and sing you the Canadian anthem with my glorious, angelical voice.

BC: Bah. I knew it. He’s just the crowd’s little boy. What happened to the vicious kidnapper we saw Saturday? Smurfin’ idiot!

Most people in the crowd get up, some with their hands on their chest in a sign of respect for their nation, some even with their eyes closed. Terry holds the microphone safe near his head and starts singing, surprisingly quite well, along with the official song coming out of the sound system.

Terry Richards: O Canada…

The crowd cheers, big.

Terry Richards: This place makes me frown…

The crowd “wakes up” and furiously showers Terry with boos.

Terry Richards: True...Foreign…Feelings…
I’m moving back to Chi-Town!!!

The crowd is absolutely gone berserk. Trash is being thrown into the ring, but Terry just proceeds unconcernedly:

Terry Richards: With an awful smell, I get so dizzy
The sh[BEEP]’s smell is strong and free…

A fan tries to jump the rail and attack Terry, but security wastes no time pulling him back and escorting him out of the arena.

Terry Richards: From far and wide…
O Canada, you make me want to commit suicide!
God, when I came here I sighed…

O Canada, you make me want to commit suicide!

O Canada, you make me want to commit SUUUIIICCCIIIIDDDDEEEEEEE!!!!!

The big riot is visible in the crowd. Terry drops to his knees, lifts his arms high above his head, and with a triumphant look is received with a shower of confetti mixed with trash. He gets up, smiles huge, and says some final words to the crowd.

Terry Richards: Thank you, good night… And remember, don’t do drugs, or you’ll wind up in a match against the Richards Legion, aka, a royal asswhoop Richards style! You’ve been a fabulasticsome audience!

Terry stops awhile to hear the crowd’s booing.

Terry Richards: What’s that?! You want an ENCORE?!

Hearing the crowd’s riot, Terry’s smile becomes wider.

Terry Richards: Unfortunately, you don’t deserve to hear me. Although, if you Canadian cheap asses are rich enough to afford $4.99, I strongly recommend you to buy…

Terry takes a CD out of his tuxedo’s pocket and exhibits it to the crowd.

Terry Richards: That’s right, get a close shot at it… The Richards Legion Volume 1: The Rockhards Family At It! Including hits such as “O Canada”, “Axel Ain’t No Champion After All”, and Chris and Alex’s own “Ignorant Train”! Buy now before you corrupt your ears with Jonas Brothers or whatever you tapeworms listen to these days!

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits the PA system again to a chorus of boos. Terry Richards slides under the bottom rope and walks into backstage.


Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well, he IS insane, Bobby.

BC: This guy is awesome! I misjudged him, hugely! Next thing I’m going to do is write an apology letter to him, Teddy! Be right back!

TT: Give me a break, sit down! Well Terry Richards is coming back out here in just a moment…let’s get this show underway! To ringside!

BC: Woo!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a six man tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. First, weighing in at a combined weight of 704 pounds and making their way to the ring from Cleveland, Ohio....Queens, New York....and Compton, California...they are known as "Da Extreme Dynasty".....Kevin Styles, JT Banks, and "Da Extreme Gangsta" James Baker!

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac plays throughout the arena, strobe lights blinking a vary of colors as the crowd in attendance stand to their feet. Smoke starts hitting the ramp, fulfilling throughout the bottom level attendance. Cameras hit the entrance ramp, as out from behind of the mega tron, headlights on high beams coming into view through all of the smog cruises a Black 64 Impala, switches slamming to the ground. The car is stacked, only four seats full. J.T. Banks chilling in the backseat. Kevin Styles in the passenger seat with a 40 ounce bottle of Malt Liquor in his hand, Danielle Lopez in the middle seat drinking a bottle of Pepsi and her husband "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker driving the car. Everyone in the car is all decked out in black; Dickies, Raiders Jerseys, Da Xtreme Dynasty t-shirts, Da Xtreme Dynasty hoodie', James Baker t-shirts. Whatever you can think of black, they are probably wearing it.

The crowd gives off a standing ovation. The lowrider makes its way down the ramp, J.T playing up to the audience as the audience giving off more positive feedback to Da Xtreme Dynasty, as he messages over to James with a 'up and down' motion with his hand, as the car's switches get hit once again, causing the car to bounce- everyone in the car bouncing their hands up and down as the nose of the car makes a stop right in front of the ring. The car then moves side to side, before halting in position.

James opens his door, getting out of the car reaching into the upholstery to pick out a 40 ounce bottle wrapped in a blue bandana, Danielle and J.T get out of the car, with J.T and grasping a 40 ounce of Malt Liquor in their hands followed by Kevin, whom instead is pitching himself a bottle of Grey Goose. J.T. Banks gets into the ring first, aiding in Danielle before entering through the ropes. The rest of the crew follows behind him and then stands in the middle of the ring with the crowd cheering for them while they throw up some poses for the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at a combined weight of 562 pounds...Alex....Chris...Terry...The Richards Legion!

"Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed pumps through the arena speakers as Chris, Alex, and Terry Richards all spring down the ramp and slide under the bottom rope and all six men begin slugging it out.


TT: My God Bobby, these guys aren't playing around tonight, the Richards boys mean business!

BC: Can you imagine what it's like to be the mother that brought those three into this world?!?

TT: I'm sure Mrs. Richards is proud of her boys tonight Bobby Crane, regardless of your futile attempts at insults.

BC: Proud of them? For one of them being absolutely crazy and abducting that poor Enrique Lopez, and the other two not being able to fight their way past ANYONE in the tag team division? For crying out loud Teddy!

TT: Well, we don't know if Lopez was in fact abducted by Terry Richards or not...but he did go missing around the same time that Terry Richards had been suspended from CWF competition...

BC: Who's to say Lopez didn't get tired of being held back by Baker for that matter Teddy? Baker's obviously using Styles and Banks and Lopez as nothing but stepping stones to fame while the do the grunt work. It's despicable.

TT: HA! Truer words were never spoken Bobby Crane. The ref is finally getting some order in this match and James Baker and Terry Richards will be the legal men.

BC: And there is no love lost between these two. They fought over the Unified Championship some months ago when Richards was a member of the Horsemen.

TT: And it was Baker who dethroned Richards if you will...

BC: Baker didn't dethrone anyone. Bob Osbourne did. Get your facts straight Turnbuckle.

TT: As unfortunate as it may be, I must agree with you. And here comes Baker at Richards with a kick to the stomach and Richards steps back and shakes it off. Tie up...Baker behind Richards...Richards with a snapmare and gets back in control...

BC: James Baker with a high bridge and Richards brekas his hold..tag to Styles. Richards slaps his brother Alex's hand and Alex moves in to tie up with Styles. Styles with a quick scoop slam, leg drop....NO...Richards rolled out of the way and Styles cracks his tailbone on the mat!

TT: And Alex Richards with a series of martial arts kicks on Kevin Styles...Styles falls to the mat, but extends and tags in JT Banks. Alex Richards, caught off guard, gets levelled by a huge clothesline from Banks. Banks with a big boot to Chris Richards as he heads in for the save....

BC: I'm telling you right now Teddy, it’s just a matter of time before Banks and Styles turn on Baker too. Look at this cat JT Banks cleaning house...

TT: OH MY GOD!!!!! Terry Richards scurries up the turnbuckle and then flies off, twisting in a corkscrew dive and headbutting JT Banks and then spinning around and down Banks torso, pulling him into a small package!




BC: Baker with the save and breaks up the count. The ref motioning to Baker to get back out of the ring. Banks is hurt from that headbutt by that crazy little son of a bitch, Terry Richards. And Richards busted his OWN head open...look at the blood spewing down his face! He looks about like Jennifer Adams's crotchital region after that bastard Brian Adams forced her to miscarry. What a degenerate little prick!

TT: Crane, watch your mouth....

BC: Piss off, we're on Pay Per View, I can say whatever I want!

TT: That you can. And I can say that these two groups are just beating the ever loving hell out of one another. Terry Richards sprints towards the ropes..springboard moonsault on Banks!

BC: And Baker's had enough. He shimmies up the turnbuckle and executes a diving spear on Terry Richards and Bakers on top of him pounding Terry's head in!

TT: The ref has lost all control and all three men are once again beating on another man. Chris Richards and Kevin Styles are outside the ring trading lefts and rights...on the other side of the ring we have Baker and Terry Richards rolling around pounding each other to bits and then on the ring apron is Alex Richards..JT Banks staggering up to one knee from his headbutt by Terry...Alex off the ropes....spinning heel kick and Banks gets his head taken off!

BC: Holy Chuck Norris, Batman! I think that spinning heel kick could give even Chemical X's X'd out a run for its money..Banks is out cold. Stick a fork in him ma, he's done.....

TT: And he's the legal man and Alex Richards know it. He pulls Baker off of his brother Terry and launches him into the ropes...Baker on the rebound....Alex leapfrogs...drops to his back,. Baker off the far side...MONKEYFLIP....into the arms of Terry Richards....SHOCK TURN!

BC: And Alex Richards pulls Baker by his's not gonna....

Alex Richards grabs Baker's legs and drops backwards, slingshotting Baker up and over.......James Baker flies over the top rope onto the protective mat below!!! The crowd starts "holy shit!" chant.

TT: Good Lord! Somebody get an EMT down here...James Baker is just lying there twitching...outside the ring Alex and Chris Richards are double teaming Kevin Styles....Alex up the ring post to the turnbuckle...they aren't gonna do that on the OUTSIDE OF THE RING ARE THEY BOBBY?!

BC: They are going to kill somebody...SECURITY...somebody stop this...this is senseless.....

Chris lifts the opponent up in an electric chair position, Alex climbs to the top rope, moonsaults back and hits a Shiranui on his opponent.


BC: In the ring...Terry on the fallen and downed JT Banks....pulls the nearly unconscious Banks to his feet....SHOCK TURN TWO!

TT: And Richards nails that sickening Japanese Natare Bianco on Banks...cover by Richards!





Ring Announcer: And here are your winners...ALEX...CHRIS...TERRY...THE RICHARDS LEGION!

TT: Well a satisfying victory for Terry Richards and the Richards Legion and James Baker can’t be happy about this one…

BC: Back to the drawing board for James Baker but damn, that was a violent match…

TT: Well ladies and gentlemen I’m getting word that Mark Xamin has arrived in the building, we have Dennis Donnelly on the scene…Dennis?

Cut backstage where Mark Xamin is walking into the building in a tuxedo. Next to him is his long time girlfriend and soon to be wife, Stephanie. She wears a sparkling purple dress. Surrounding them in a heavy team of security. They walk through the double doors and down a long corridor to an elevator. As they wait for the elevator, Dennis Donnelly catches up to them.

DD: Mr. Xamin! Mr. Xamin, can I get a word?

Mark Xamin: Make it quick, Dennis.

DD: The world wants to know, who is your pick in the main event tonight? Magnus Thunder or Rob Osbourne?

Mark Xamin: I really don’t know, Dennis, and if I were a better man this isn’t a match I’d be wagering any money on, it’s too close to call. But I’ll tell you what…one thing is for sure, my phone has been ringing off the hook all week. I’ve been getting phone calls, text messages, emails, you name it…everyone wants to get an answer out of me. We’re about two hours away from finding out what happens, so sit down, shut up, and enjoy.

DD: Thank you Mr. Xamin, and congratulations in advance on your wedding next Saturday.

Mark Xamin: Thank you, Dennis. Now…

The elevator dings and the doors open.

Mark Xamin: If you’ll excuse us.

Mark Xamin, Stephanie, and the security team flood into the elevator. The door closes.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Xamin must be exhausted by now, Bobby…all the controversy surrounding this thing, on top of getting ready for a marriage next weekend? The guy is a machine.

BC: I’m still convinced he’s half robot, but anyway.

TT: Coming up next folks, the CWF Unified Championship is on the line! Bob Osbourne, the champion, defending against Israel Steele…and what an opportunity for Steele tonight!

BC: He’s big, he’s bad, and he could be the new Unified Champion!

TT: Let’s head back to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

"Dead Horse" by Guns N Roses hits the arena as Israel Steele makes his way out to the entrance. He glances to his left...then to his right. He looks serious...determined as he slowly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the UNIFIED CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, from Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina! Weighing in at three hundred twenty-five pounds...ISRAEL STEELE!

Steele steps up to the apron and over the top rope to enter the ring. He makes his way to the center of the ring. He approaches the ropes and raises one arm in the air as he taunts the crowd. He turns his attention back to the entrance as his music fades out.

TT: How impressive has Israel Steele been over the last couple of weeks?

BC: He's really improved his game, Teddy! The only question he ready to take that next step and become the new Unified Champion!

"Here To Stay" by Korn erupts in the arena as the crowd reacts with overwhelming boos. White lights strobe throughout the arena as Osbourne's video begins to play on the videotron. Bob steps out to the entrance as orange lights join with the white...strobing throughout the arena. He looks around at the sold out crowd and raises his fists in the air for them. Bob continues his walk down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds! He is the CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION...BOB OSBOURNE!

Bob slides under the bottom rope and in to the ring. He returns to his feet and makes his way over to the turnbuckle. He climbs up, smirks, and raises his fists to the crowd. They continue their boos as he unstraps his championship. He holds it high in to the air, showing it off to the crowd. He slaps it across his shoulder as he hops down from the corner. The lights return to normal as his music fades out.

TT: Bob Osbourne has been impressive as well, Teddy! He has stepped up to every challenge, and he continues to hold that Unified Championship!

BC: The kid is a great champion, Teddy!

Bob hands the championship to the referee. The referee holds the championship in to the air, displaying it for the crowd. He shows the belt to Steele before handing it to an official outside of the ring and calling for the opening bell.


TT: There's the opening bell! Steele and Osbourne circle each other, looking for a good position...and here's the! Osbourne ducks under and goes behind! Stiff kick to the back of Steele leg, and a second! Steele turns back to Osbourne...but Osbourne quickly goes behind again!

BC: This is what Osbourne will need to do to keep ahead in this match, Teddy! He's obviously the quicker of the two!

TT: Osbourne with another stiff kick! And Steele falls to a knee! Osbourne with a side headlock, but Steele quickly rises and forces Osbourne off in to the ropes. Osbourne from the rebound...and Steele takes him down with a shoulderblock!

BC: That was a train wreck!

TT: Osbourne quickly returns to his feet...and this time Steele forces the lockup! He pushes Osbourne back to the corner, and the ref is calling for the break. Steele releases...and he delivers a shoulder to the gut! Steele with a hard whip...and Osbourne crashes hard back first in to the opposite corner!

Osbourne falls to the mat in pain as Steele approaches. Steele picks Osbourne back up with a front facelock...suplex! He brings Osbourne back to his feet and quickly locks in an abdominal stretch! The ref checks on Osbourne, but Osbourne won't give up! He struggles, trying to break free from the hold, but Steele applies more pressure!

TT: Osbourne needs to fight out of this! Osbourne with a hard left hand to Steele's face...and a second! Steele releases the hold and stumbles back as Osbourne hits the ropes. Crossbody off the rebound...and Steele catches Osbourne!

BC: Not good!

TT: Steele tosses Osbourne in to the air...and Osbourne swings around...DDT!!! Impressive counter by the Unified Champion!

BC: He'll need counters like that to win this match!

TT: So Bobby...what will it take for someone like Bob Osbourne to win in the battle royle tonight?

BC: The kid is talent...that's obvious. But given his size, he's going to have to rely on his speed tonight. He'll also want to stay near the center of the ring to prevent anyone from throwing him out! Not to mention ending this match as quickly as possible so he can save his energy for later tonight!

TT: Bob lifts Steele back to his feet and goes behind. Chop block by Osbourne, and Steele is back down to one knee! Osbourne hits the ropes...dropkick to the face on the rebound, and Steele is down! Osbourne makes the quick cover!




TT: Steele literally tosses Osbourne off of him with easy!

BC: Osbourne will need to wear Steele down more if he wants to walk away with the win!

TT: Steele is getting to his feet as Osbourne rushes at him...headscissors takedown! Osbourne rolls out to the apron as Steele gets back to his feet. Osbourne with the springboard...lariat...but it's not enough to knock the big man over!

BC: Steele is very strong, Teddy! Osbourne needs to weaken him if he hopes to land moves like that!

TT: Osbourne with a boot to the gut...and he grabs Steele with a front facelock. Osbourne pulls Steele to the corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Osbourne dives off for a spinning DDT...NO!!! Steele pushes Osbourne off in mid-air! Osbourne comes back at Steele...and he's met with a big boot to the face!

BC: Wow! Check Bobby...he may have Steele's footprint tattooed on his face after that one!

TT: Indeed! Steele reaches down, palming Osbourne's skull. He pulls Osbourne back to his feet and shoves him in to the ropes...battering ram headbutt on the rebound, and Osbourne crashes to the mat once again!

Steele picks Osbourne back up and lifts him to his shoulders with a torture rack submission! The ref checks on Osbourne...but Osbourne refuses to give up! Steele applies more pressure as the ref checks again...and again Osbourne will not give up! Steele quickly drops down to one knee! He stands again, only to drop down to one knee again, breaking Osbourne's back over his shoulders! He lets Osbourne fall to the mat and leans back to make the cover!




TT: It's not over! Osbourne kicked out!

BC: Yeah...but he has to be in pain after that submission! Steele is over three hundred pounds and has incredible strength! A move like that is devastating when he applies it!

TT: Steele wastes little time as he brings Osbourne back to his feet. He lifts Osbourne overhead with a military press...and he tosses him over the top rope to the outside! The referee admonishes Steele as Osbourne holds his ribs in pain on the outside!

BC: There's that strength I was talking about, Teddy!

TT: Steele climbs out of the ring. He picks Osbourne back up, holding him in position for a powerslam. Steele rushes at the ring post...and he violently rams Osbourne's back in to it! He still holds Osbourne and rolls him back in to the ring. Steele quickly rolls in after him.

BC: Osbourne needs to find a way to get the upperhand here! Steele is picking him apart!

TT: Steele brings Osbourne back to his feet and shoots him in to the corner. Steele follows in for a running lariat...NO!!! Osbourne counters with a pendulum kick! Steele stumbles back as Osbourne steps back in to the ring. Osbourne with a front roundhouse...and Steele falls back in to the corner!

Osbourne steps out to the apron and quickly climbs to the top rope. He grabs Steele with a reverse facelock. Osbourne with the summersault for the Near Death Experience...NO!!! Steele counters with a running powerslam! And he makes the cover!




TT: Osbourne with the kickout!

BC: Great counter by Israel Steele! If Osbourne would have hit the NDE there, it more than likely would have been over!

TT: Steele brings Osbourne back to his feet...and he drops him back first across the knee! He keeps the hold as he lifts Osbourne back up...a second backbreaker! Steele places a hand on the face and one on the lower body, forcing Osbourne's back to stretch across his knee for the submission!

The ref checks on Osbourne...but Osbourne still refuses to give up. Steele applies more pressure, but still cannot force Osbourne to tap! He releases the submission and lifts Osbourne back up...sidewalk slam! And he makes the cover!




TT: Osbourne rolls the shoulder!

BC: Steele has been completely dominating in this match, Teddy!

TT: Steele pulls Osbourne's near limp body back up, and he positions him for a powerbomb. Steele lifts Osbourne in the air. He rushes at the corner...NO!!! Osbourne with a hurricanrana counter at the last second...and Steele is sent face first in to the top turnbuckle!

BC: Here's the opening that Osbourne needs!

TT: Steele stumbles back as Osbourne quickly runs up the corner...moonsault press...and he takes Steele to the mat! Osbourne with a second rope springboard...and he twists in mid-air for a legdrop!

BC: Make the cover, kid!

Osbourne looks at Steele, but instead of making the cover...he steps out to the apron. Osbourne with the springboard...450 SPLASH!




TT: So close! But Steele was able to get his foot on the bottom rope! Osbourne quickly steps back out to the apron and climbs to the top rope. He waits pirched as Steele slowly gets back to his feet...MISSILE DROPKICK!

BC: That's it, kid!

Osbourne stands in wait, stalking his giant foe. Steele slowly returns to his feet but is quickly met with a headscissors launching him chest first in to the middle rope!

TT: Oh my! Osbourne hits the far ropes...and there's the feint kick off the rebound! Looks like we might see the Black-Out!

BC: Let's go, Bobby!

Osbourne hits the springboard and flies at Steele with the shining wizard, but Steele ducks under it! Osbourne quickly regains his composure as Steele turns to him. Steele rushes...and Osbourne catches him with a facebuster across the knee! As Steele stumbles away Osbourne hits him with a dropkick from behind, again sending him chest first against the middle rope!

TT: Here we go again! Osbourne hits the far ropes...feint kick...NO!!! Steele caught his feet! He pulls Osbourne violently in to the ring and tosses him aside like a ragdoll!

BC: Damn it! I wanted to see the kid win!

TT: It's not over yet, Bobby! Osbourne is slowly returning to his feet...SPEAR!!! Steele with a devastating spear!

BC: He nearly broke Osbourne in half with that one!

Osbourne holds his ribs in pain, almost motionless. Steele hesitates as he falls back in to the ropes, trying to catch his breath. After a few moments he makes his way back to Osbourne. He grabs Osbourne with both hands by the throat, lifting him back to his feet.

TT: Steele with the choke grip! He lifts Osbourne high in to the air for the Death Drop...and Osbourne with a boot to the gut...BADD DREAM!!! Osbourne counters with the bad dream!

BC: Out of nowhere!

TT: Osbourne shoots the half and makes the cover hooking both legs!





TT: Unbelievable!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...and STILL the Unified Champion...BOB OSBOURNE!

BC: What a match, Teddy! Osbourne has been brought to hell and back here tonight...but he still walks out with the championship in hand!

The referee grabs the championship from an official on the outside and hands it to Osbourne who is catching his breath as he rests on one knee. Steele makes his way back up the aisle as Osbourne makes it back to the feet, posing with his championship for the booing crowd.

TT: What a match indeed and the Unified Championship reign continues for Bob Osbourne!

BC: And no end in sight, Teddy! This kid is awesome!

TT: Well coming up next folks, hold onto your hats…Degradation defends the CWF World Tag Team Championship against The O’Reilly Brothers!

BC: And you talk about controversy! Christina Danky is found dead a few days ago floating in a pond somewhere in Calgary…and tonight, the Torigianni brothers are forced into the ring to fight with heavy hearts…they have to do this for Christina, Teddy!

TT: Without question there are a lot of suspicions…who was responsible for Danky’s demise? The investigation continues but tonight, it’s the CWF Tag Team championships that are front and center…let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

The arena goes dark and the crowd goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks fire up and down the entryway and "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and T-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the stadium as cocky as ever. Suzanne suddenly appears behind Ray and drapes her arm over his shoulder as she waves to the fans. Cyril follows closely behind his older brother Ray and Suzanne as the pair saunter to ringside.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...accompanied by Suzanne! Hailing from Wicklow, Ireland! At a combined weight of four hundred twenty pounds...Ray and Cyril...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!

A mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. Suzanne, after blowing a kiss to Ray, makes her way to a chair set up near the ring bell. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug as their music fades out.

TT: The number one contenders look more than ready for this match tonight!

BC: It'll be interesting, Teddy! They're going against a very experienced team in Degradation!

The arena goes dark as "Du Hast" by Rammstein begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. Strobe lights flicker as the drum beat pulses and then an explosion of four large pyrotechnics shoot up from the bottom of the stage. Degradation appears at the top of the ramp in the shadows of the smoke in silhouettes. Vincent poses, raising his arms and flexing his biceps. Donovan, head down, stands popping his neck and shaking himself loose.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...from Brooklyn, New York! At a combined weight of five hundred forty-three pounds...they are the CWF WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...Vincent and Donovan Torigianni...DEGRADATION!

Amber lights illuminate the arena as Degradation makes their way to the ring. They stand near the ring and both men unstrap their championship belts, placing them on the apron. Their music stops abruptly and the house lights come up.

TT: What the…Not sure what’s going on here folks.

Donovan and Vincent look at each other and then glance up the ramp. Four armed members of the Canadian police appear at the top of the ramp and make their way toward the ring.

TT: Well it appears that the Canadian police have some business with someone here at ringside.

BC: Look at that Teddy! They’re heading straight for Donovan Torigianni!

The police approach Donovan and exchange words for a moment. Donovan’s face is void of emotion, as Vincent’s face turns ghostly white. He looks at Donovan and looks back at the police.

TT: Fans, I can assure you that Bobby and I are not sure what this is about…but we can assure you, it can’t be good!

BC: I wonder if it's a drug bust. Hopefully they don't release the hounds...hate for them to find my wee...umm...

Bobby hesitates for a second.

BC: Wei...ner...yeah. You can be arrested in certain countries if you're not gifted enough to reach a certain length!

TT: Bobby...shut up! This is serious!

One of the members of the police force motions for Donovan to turn around. He places one half of a pair of handcuffs on one of Donovan’s wrists and adjoins the other half to a second pair.

BC: Donovan Torigianni is being arrested right here at ringside!

TT: Look at Vincent, Bobby. He looks completely distraught.

Donovan is escorted from ringside up the ramp in near silence. Vincent watches as his brother is taken backstage.

TT: This is a very unexpected turn of events here in Calgary. One half of the tag team champions has just been taken into police custody!

BC: What does this mean for the championship match?

TT: I think we’re about to find out.

An official from the back races down the ramp and talks with Vincent for a moment. Vincent nods his head in agreement. The official conferences with the referee as Vincent slides in to the ring. He grabs both championships and waits in the corner. Vincent looks out of it as the referee and the official finally end their conference. The official makes his way over to Vincent, speaking a few words. He grabs the championships from Vincent and raises them high above his head in the center of the ring to put them on display for the crowd.

TT: Well...I think that means it's official! We're going to have a tag team title match here tonight!

The referee shows the belts to the O'Reilly's before handing them to an official outside of the ring. Cyril steps out to the apron as the referee calls for the opening bell!


TT: The bell sounds as Ray instantly forces Vincent in to a lockup! Ray takes the early advantage as he forces Vincent in to the ropes. The ref calls for the break, and Ray releases.

BC: The O'Reilly's have a huge advantage here, Teddy! This essentially has become a handicap match!

TT: Ray lets Vincent out of the ropes...and here's another lockup. Ray with a side headlock. Vincent tries to shove him off, but Ray won't budge! He swings his hips and slams Vincent to the mat!

BC: Here's where it will be difficult for Vincent! The O'Reilly's will try to wear him down! And in normal situations Vincent could tag in his partner...but the corner is empty!

TT: The ref checks on Vincent as Ray applies more pressure! Vincent slowly returns to his feet. He tries to lift Ray...but Ray blocks it!

Ray quickly slams Vincent back to the mat with the side headlock. The ref checks on Vincent, but before he can say anything Ray releases the hold. He brings Vincent back to his feet and whips him to the corner. Ray walks over and tags in Cyril. Cyril enters as Ray pulls Vincent out of the corner...double suplex! Ray steps out to the apron as Cyril makes the cover!




TT: Vincent kicks out! Cyril pulls Vincent back to his feet and sends him crashing hard in to the corner!

BC: Cyril is a powerful man, Teddy!

TT: Cyril makes his way over to Vincent. He picks him up...bear hug! Cyril ragdolls Vincent...and the ref quickly checks to see if Vincent wants to give up!

Cyril keeps swinging Vincent...driving the air out of him as he does! Vincent still refuses to give up! Cyril rushes at the corner, driving Vincent back first in to the turnbuckles! He releases the bearhug and backs off. Vincent slumps in the corner as Cyril rushes in...but he's met with double boots to the face by Vincent!

TT: Vincent may be making a comeback here! Cyril stumbles back as Vincent rushes at him with a clothesline...but it's not enough to take the big man down! Vincent hits the far ropes...clothesline off of the rebound...and it's still not enough to take the big man down!

BC: Vincent better rethink strategies here!

TT: Vincent hits the far ropes once move...diving lariat on the rebound...and Cyril crashes to the mat! Cyril slowly returns to his feet. He rushes at Vincent for a clothesline...but Vincent ducks it...neckbreaker counter!

BC: Ha! Vincent has turned this match around!

TT: Vincent with a dropkick...and he knocks Ray off of the apron! Cyril slowly gets back up...and he's met with a boot to the gut...DDT!!! Vincent steps out to the apron...and it looks like he's going to the top rope!





TT: Cyril got his foot under the bottom rope!

BC: This match should have been over!

TT: Vincent can't believe it! He returns to his feet as Ray gets back to the apron! Vincent really should pull Cyril out of his corner!

Ray makes the blind tag as Cyril gets to his feet. Vincent hits Cyril with a high roundhouse sending him stumbling through the ropes and to the outside! Vincent leans out through the middle and top ropes...Ray with a hot shot! He slides in to the ring as Vincent stumbles back. He waits...waits...he springs up...DUBLIN DROP...NO!!! Vincent pushes him off at the last second! Ray turns to Vincent...

TT: DUBLIN DROP!!! Vincent hit Ray with his own finisher! But he's exhausted!

BC: Make the cover, damn it!

TT: Vincent looks like he's finally gaining his composure as he shoots the half on Ray...and here's the cover!




TT: He took too long to make the cover...and Ray was able to kick out! Vincent grabs Ray with a front face lock pulling him back to his feet...WAIT! Ray with the push off...and he catches Vincent with a Dublin Drop of his own!

BC: Like a viper he strikes!

TT: Ray quickly tags Cyril in...and they're calling for the end! Vincent is in the air...McBOMB!!! That should be it as Cyril makes the cover!





TT: Vincent did everything he could to fight back!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...and NEW CWF World Tag Team Champions! Ray and Cyril...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!

Vincent rolls out of the ring and makes his way back up the ramp, head down, disappointed with the loss. Ray and Cyril pose for the crowd, holding their new championships high in to the air!

TT: THEY’VE DONE IT! Not without controversy but Degradation has been dethroned! The O’Reilly Brothers are the new kings of the tag team division!

BC: And they could be the champs for a long time to come, Teddy! With Donovan Torigianni incarcerated and his career likely over if the arrest was for what we think it was for…Degradation is finished!

TT: Indeed it would seem so! What a run for Degradation nonetheless and what a huge victory for The O’Reilly Brothers!

BC: What’s next, Teddy?! We’re getting closer and closer to the Last Man Standing battle royal and the main event…

TT: We are indeed but coming up next folks, are you ready for this? Two enormous legends in this sport collide as Pledge Allegiance returns to the ring to take on Jimmy Blast!

BC: Another match we thought we’d never get to see again! Jimmy Blast was retired for years, Pledge Allegiance was presumed dead, and yet here we are, January 9th, 2009, and the match is going down!

TT: Absolutely and it was Jimmy Blast who screwed Pledge Allegiance out of the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme! Tonight, Pledge Allegiance will get his chance for revenge!

BC: This is a match none of us will forget any time soon, Teddy!

TT: Let’s head back to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First...hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio...he is a former CWF Tag Team Champion....former two time CWF National Champion....and former CWF World Heavyweight Champion...weighing in at 275 pounds... the legendary...the incomparable.......JIMMY BLAST!

"Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne rips through the PA as the crowd comes to their feet and the flash bulbs erupt. The Blaster appears at the top of the ramp, wrenching each wrist slowly, methodically... he locks his eyes on the ring and then heads down, slowly to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...hailing from New York, New York...a former THREE TIME CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...and a 2009 inductee into the CWF Hall of Fame...weighing in at two hundred and eighty pounds....YOUR American ICON...PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath booms throughout the arena and the crowd jumps to their feet. Pledge Allegiance appears at the top of the ramp, taking in the love from the crowd. He marches intently down the aisle, slapping the occasional hand along the way. Once he gets to the ring he jumps from the arena floor to the ring apron and steps over the top rope. He locks eyes with Jimmy Blast as thousands upon thousands of flashbulbs crack as the air becomes electric as the ref explains the rules. Pledge extends his hand and Blast just looks him up and down....then reaches out and slaps his hand and the ref signals for the bell.


BC: Can you smell that Teddy?

TT: Bobby, really, if you're going to be rude and break wind on the air, you don't have to blab on about it...

BC: I'm talking about the match moron! That's HISTORY being made right there Teddy Turnbuckle. This is going to be one for the ages!

TT: The history of these two dates back over a decade to the all too familiar breeding ground of most of the classic feuds of our generation...the MWWF. From there it spread out to the friendly confines of Supreme Action Wrestling. It's been a thousand other places in between. And tonight, it culminates right here, in the Classic Wrestling Federation.

BC: Because we're just plain better than everybody else. Lock your doors, put the children to bed, because business is about to pick up!

TT: Blast and Pledge with a classic collar and elbow tie up...hammer lock by Blast. And the veteran shows poise, wrenching back the arm of Pledge Allegiance.

BC: Captain America with the reversal and now the Blaster's locked in the hammer hold. Blast with a leg sweep, but Pledge hops and misses the sweep, and comes down into a side roll, hip tossing Blast.

TT: And the Blaster rolls right back up and grins at Pledge. Pledge returns the smirk and again they tie up...test of strength...

BC: And Pledge clearly has the advantage in this positioning...and Pledge with a kick to the stomach...Blast caught off guard...belly to belly suplex by Pledge!!! Pledge back up quickly, scoops Jimmy up....big powerslam by Pledge and Blast is slammed back to the mat.

TT: Blast though, right back to his feet and he moves in on Pledge, fakes high, drops low, fireman's carry by Jimmy Blast. Pledge rolls to his stomach and Blast is on top of him with a knee drop to the ribs.

BC: Blast moves in and toe kicks Pledge right in the same spot as the knee drop, going to work on the ribs. Smart move by Blast. Pledge may be Pledge, but he's just come back from the dead and that could take the wind out of him.

TT: Pledge rolling to his side, trying to evade Blast's repeated kicks, failing, and further injuring those ribs. Blast locks in a figure four around the body of Pledge, putting prerssure on the ribs as the American ICON cringes in pain....he gets to the ropes and grabs the bottom one with all he's got. The ref forces Blast to break the hold and Pledge finally rolls right out of the ring and rops to the mat hard, again, landing on his ribs.

BC: And Blast climbs out of the ring and goes to work, landing kick after kick on the mid section of Pledge Allegiance...the ref's count gets to five, and Blast rolls under the bottom rope, then right back out, breaking the count. Classic. Blast pulls Pledge to his he does, Pledge grabs both feet of the Blaster and drops himonto his back. Completely caught off guard, Blast hits the ground hard. Pledge rolls in and breaks the count and then gets back out himself.

TT: And Jimmy Blast is getting back to his feet. He's angry Bobby. Never a good sign for the man across from Jimmy Blast. It's said he gave CWF owner Mark Xamin nightmare's back when Mark was still a young kid.

BC: I heard he was afraid to walk down his hallway to the bathroom at night. And Pledge goes to grab Blast outside the ring, but Blast with a thumb to the eye...powerslam on the outside of the ring! Blast rolls under the ropes to again break the ref's count. Pledge rolls on the protective mat clutching his ribs. Blast pulls Pledge to his feet and rolls him back in the ring.

TT: Blast right back into the ring and pulls Pledge to his feet and grabs him in a bear hug.....this can't be good for Pledge....

BC: When Jimmy Blast wants to take you apart, even three time world champions and hall of famers get taken to school. He's got that locked in tight.

TT: He is a technician's technician Bobby. I'll give him that. Jimmy Blast hasn't held the titles he has in as many promotions as he has without having a trick or two up his sleeve.

BC: The ref asking Pledge if he wants to quit...give it up ain't happening. Captain America don't quit.....he just fakes his own death. Finally Pledge with a headbutt and Blast lets go of the bear hug...Pledge again rolls out of the ring to gain his composure...Blast follows, not relenting, and he walks up to the downed Pledge, and Pledge grabs Blast by the foot in desperation and flips him over onto his back. Pledge, clutching his mid-section crawls back into the ring at the count of 6, and the ref begins counting again. Blast back to his feet and in by a three count.

TT: Blast mocks Pledge and clutches his ribs and hobbles then points to his head and taps the side of it as he grins over at Pledge.

BC: Pledge can barely catch his breath. I'm sure he's cracks a rib or three. How is this going to impact his standing in the Last Man Standing rumble later tonight?

TT: One can only think none too well. Pledge goes to tie up and winces in pain and pulls himself away , a very pained look on his face.

BC: Jimmy Blast is moving in for the kill. Blast grabs Pledge by his hanging arm and spins him around, kick to the gut by Blast...NO...Pledge ducks, comes up under him...sidewalk slam...and BOTH men go down with the impact. Pledge clutching those ribs. Blast, shaken, recovers and moves in on the still down Pledge...WAIT...HA!!!

TT: Pledge was playing possum, the ribs are fine and he comes out of a roll into a standing clothesline, sending Blast rocking backwards off of his feet. Pledge signals to the crowd that the match is over. He grabs Blast, irish whip into the ropes...Blast coming towards Pledge...BIG SAMOAN DROP!

BC: And Blast is in it comes...PLEDGE HAMMER!






Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

BC: Hot damn! He's done it! He's conquered the legend!

TT: Pledge pulls out the win and does another fine acting job, playing possum and faking a rib injury to pull Blast in. Well done Pledge.

BC: That bastard has risen from the dead more times than Lazarus.

TT: What a win for Pledge Allegiance and wait a minute…we’ve got a camera in the back! Let’s head back there now!

Cut backstage where Tige' is seen in his locker room holding what looks like a rifle. On the other side of the room is a double dunk tank with Moomba dressed up like “The Nitemare” Rob Osbounre on one platform and Falcon dressed up as Magnus Thunder on the other platform. Next to Tige’ you see Gonzo Goblin as Tige' shoots bean bags out of the rifle at the target. He nails the target each time he shoots and either Moomba or Falcon go plunging into the water. As they get back on the platform he reloads the gun as Gonzo Goblin talks to him quietly and Tige' continues to nod in approval.

Tige and Gonzo Goblin then look at each other as Gonzo Goblin reaches his hand out to have a handshake. Tige' looks at his hand and waves him off as he plugs his nose. Gonzo Goblin walks away as Tige' continues to shoot at the dunk tank.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: What was THAT about? Tige’ and Gonzo Goblin working on a deal perhaps?

BC: I don’t know, but Tige’ is due up next against Gonzo Goblin’ man, Jack Mason! So we might find out in a minute!

TT: Let’s head to the ring and see what this is about!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Madison, Wisconsin…weighing in at 235 pounds…TIGE’!

“Discotheque” by U2 begins to play as the arena lights go out. The video screen starts quickly flashing between a wide variety of colors. As the music begins to pic up a black silhouette of man appears against the colorful screen. The main guitar riff hits as the light in the arena explode in a a colorful array of flashing lights as the spotlight shines on Tige'. Tige' makes his way to the ring mocking the crowd as the arena atmosphere is much like a dance club.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…being led to the ring by GONZO GOBLIN! From Indianapolis, Indiana… weighing in at 250 pounds…JACK MASON!

“Chinese Democracy” by Guns N’ Roses begins to play and Gonzo steps out from the back and walks down to the ring with a smirk on his face, looking from side to side. Suddenly 20 Congolese tribesmen in white face and body paint and wearing animal hides come running down, 10 on each side of the isle. They pass Gonzo and surround the ring. Gonzo then walks around the ring nodding in approval at the tribesmen who are all down on one knee looking towards the entrance. Then the lights go out right as the screaming starts in the song, and Jack Mason runs out under the spotlight wearing jeans and black leather shirt, dark sunglasses, red dreadlocks in a ponytail. He continues running to the ring and does a lap around the ring while the tribesmen shake their fists in the air and scream wildly in high-pitched voices. Gonzo is yelling “LOUDER! LOUDER!” at them while they do. One of them will then get on all fours and Jack uses their back as a springboard into the ring. He then walks around the ring while flashes go off all around the arena, some fans cheer, some boo. The tribesmen are all going wild climbing up onto the ring. Jack takes off his shirt and throws it outside. As the song fades out Jack just stands in the middle of the ring, arms raised, and turns in circles as the tribesmen continue to yell wildly, but sometimes you can make out a “MASON! AHFHKDKBLGOBBLEDOM MASON!” with arms and hands outstretched towards him. Gonzo just continues to pace around the ring, head tilted to one side, then the other, smirking, saying “Good job boys! Helluva good job, boys!” in his raspy tobacco and gin-soaked voice.

TT: Mason is one weird dude…

BC: Maybe Tige’ can beat him into a normal person!

*DING DING DING!* TT: Here we go and…what the hell is Gonzo Goblin doing?

Gonzo Goblin gets up on the apron and yells at Tige’ and Mason. Mason slides under the bottom rope and exits the ring, and Tige’ follows shortly after, grabbing a mic.

TT: What the hell is going on here?!

Tige': Does Xamin and the rest of the CWF think for one second that I and my opponent tonight, Mr. Jack Mason, are morons? Do you really think that? Jack and I have a gentlemen’s agreement that tonight we will both be counted out so we do not hurt our chances of winning Last Man Standing. So all you assholes that want to see me and Mason fight...tune in another time! Ain't it Cool?

TT: What the hell? What a cop out!

BC: Shhh shut up, Teddy! It’s brilliant!

Gonzo Goblin grabs the mic.

Gonzo Goblin: Mr. Mason, the tribesmen, and I would like to express our sincerest condolences for those wishing to see Jack go "bat s[BEEP]t crazy" in the ring today. Instead, you will need to watch for him in the Last Man Standing battle royal that he will win later on in the day. So for the tribesmen, Jack Mason, and me, your uncle Gonzo, we say fare thee well!

TT: What an absolute rip off and the referee is beginning his count here!







A fan in the front row has a glow stick, whirling it around. Jack Mason stares at it, entranced. Gonzo Goblin tries to snap him out of it but to no avail.




TT: Wait a minute…WAIT A MINUTE!


Tige’ slides into the ring at the last second!



The bell snaps Jack Mason out of his trance. He looks in the ring and, realizing what happened, fumes.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner as a result of a countout….TIGE’!

TT: My God! Tige’ just screwed Mason and look at him run!


Tige’ bolts out of the ring and through the crowd as Jack Mason and 30+ Congolese tribesmen sprint after him!


BC: He might not have to wait long, they could clash in the rumble later tonight!

TT: Well as the ring area here clears…good God…what on earth could happen next?

BC: The National title match could!

TT: Indeed, coming up next folks…Sickboy will defend the CWF National Championship against Keith Daniels!

BC: And this is a big chance for Keith Daniels, Teddy! He hasn’t had a title shot in a long time and now he could deliver a huge, crushing blow to the Horsemen with a title victory tonight!

TT: Let’s head to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the CWF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises a fist and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty-six pounds... "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around, and begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.

TT: Daniels looks rather confident here tonight!

BC: Can you blame him?! He pinned the champion last week!

"Driver Down" by Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. Championship around his waist, he smirks as he coldly looks around at the crowd. He turns his focus to the ring as he slowly makes his way down the aisle, a look of seriousness to him. No taunting, no posing.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from New York City, New York! Weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds...he is the CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION...SICKBOY!

He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly. He smirks at them and continues walking, and then climbs the steps and enters through the ropes into the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner as his music fades out.

TT: Sickboy looks determined tonight as well!

BC: He better be! He was embarrassed on Showdown when Keith Daniels pinned him!

Sickboy removes the championship and hands it to the referee. The referee holds it up for the crowd to see. He shows Daniels the National Championship before handing it to an official on the outside. Sickboy storms at Daniels and quickly tackles him to the mat!

TT: Sickboy not even waiting for the bell here! He has Daniels on the mat and starts laying in shot after shot!

BC: Smart strategy!

TT: The ref quickly pulls Sickboy off and instructs him back to his corner. He check on Daniels who is getting back to his feet.


TT: There's the bell...and Sickboy rushes at Daniels again! And they are beating the living hell out of each other! Sickboy with a boot to the gut! Sickboy with the front facelock...

BC: Could be seeing The Infection early!

TT: Daniels with the reversal...arm drag and twist! He quickly lifts Sickboy up to his shoulders...

BC: The Final Verdict?!

TT: NO!!! Sickboy squirms and falls behind! He pushes Daniels chest first in to the ropes...and Daniels connects with a hard back elbow off the rebound!

Daniels grabs Sickboy by the arm and whips him violently across the ring, chest first in to the corner. Daniels hits the ropes near Sickboy as Sickboy stumbles back from the corner...LIVEWIRE...NO!!! Sickboy ducks it! Daniels turns back to Sickboy...and he's met with a dropkick to the knee! Daniels drops to one knee as Sickboy hits the ropes...hard knee to the side of the skull and Daniels is down!

TT: Man was that vicious!

BC: Daniels just had his brains scrambled with that shot!

TT: Sickboy grabs Daniels by the arm and rolls him to his belly. He holds the arm extended...and he brings his body down upon it! Daniels grabs hold of his arm in pain as Sickboy sadistically smiles at him!

BC: You've gotta love Sickboy! He knows how to get things done in that ring!

TT: Well, both of these men will participate later tonight in the battle royal...but the question is...who will walk out of Calgary tonight as the National Champion!

BC: Sickboy will retain...

TT: Sickboy with a stomp...and another! He continues to stomp, calculatively as he rotates around Daniels' body!

BC: I told you...Sickboy will retain! He's Horsemen...he has to retain!

TT: Sickboy picks Daniels back up and he intentionally throws him out of the ring!

The referee warns Sickboy as Daniels crashes to the floor outside. Sickboy drops to the mat and rolls out after him. He picks Daniels up and forces him back first in to the apron. The referee tries to get Sickboy to bring the action back in to the ring, but Sickboy ignores as he slams Daniels face first in to the barricade.





Sickboy attempts to slams Daniels' face in to the barricade one more time...but Daniels blocks it! He hits Sickboy with a back elbow. Daniels lifts Sickboy high overhead...and he drops him face first on the barricade! Sickboy stumbles, holding his face in pain. Daniels grabs him and throws him over the barricade and in to the crowd!





BC: Someone better get in the ring quick!

TT: Daniels rolls back in to the ring to break the count, and quickly rolls back out! Sickboy uses the barricade to pull himself back up as Daniels rushes at him...BIG BOOT!!! NO!!!

BC: HA! Sickboy moved out of the way, and Daniels has crotched himself on the barricade!

TT: Sickboy climbs on to the barricade and grabs Daniels with a reverse facelock...and he drops him down for a vicious reverse DDT!!!

BC: Did you see Daniels' skull bounce off of the barricade?! That was brutal!

TT: Daniels falls to the floor as Sickboy slowly returns to his feet. He picks Daniels up and rolls him back in to the ring. Sickboy follows him in...and here's the cover!




TT: Daniels with the kickout! Sickboy brings Daniels back to his feet and shoots him off in to the ropes. Daniels on the rebound...and he knocks Sickboy over with a shoulderblock! Sickboy quickly returns to his feet but he's met with a boot to the gut. Daniels lifts Sickboy...sidewalk slam!

BC: Daniels has taken over on the offensive here!

TT: Well, we saw Daniels lead his team to victory last week when he pinned Sickboy! Can he do it again tonight?

BC: I don't think so, Teddy! Sickboy was distracted last week...but this week, he has come prepared!

TT: Daniels grabs Sickboy by the leg...and he kicks away at the back of it! Daniels falls to the mat with an elbow to the leg. He wraps his own legs around the ankle for the potential submission!

BC: I can't see Sickboy tapping out to this...but it could be a preparation for the Danger Lock!

The ref checks on Sickboy, but Sickboy refuses to give up! Sickboy leans up and drills Daniels in the chest with a hard forearm...and another! Daniels releases the hold as he gets off of Sickboy. He returns to his feet as Sickboy slowly gets up. Sickboy rushes at Daniels...but he's caught with a drop toe hold! Daniels quickly steps over...DANGER LOCK!!!


TT: Daniels has the Danger Lock locked in...and they're in the center of the ring! Sickboy is in obvious pain! Sickboy is trying to pry Daniels' interlocked fingers apart...but Daniels isn't letting him!

BC: Sickboy could be in serious trouble here!

TT: Sickboy has his arm in the looks like he's ready to tap! He's using his arms, dragging himself toward the ropes!

Sickboy pulls himself toward the ropes...inching closer...and closer...and closer...and Daniels releases the hold! Daniels drags Sickboy back to the ring, ready to lock the hold back in...but Sickboy rolls on to his back! He kicks Daniels off and quickly returns to his feet! Daniels rushes in...and Sickboy catches him with a boot to the gut...THE INFECTION!!!


BC: It should be over!

TT: Both men are down!

BC: Sickboy needs to make the cover here!

TT: Sickboy is finally coming to...and he slowly drags himself over to Daniels body...and here's the cover!




TT: Daniels kicks out! Daniels kicks out!

BC: You'd have to believe that if Sickboy would have made the cover earlier...this match would be over!

TT: Sickboy returns to his feet. He picks Daniels up and whips him in to the ropes...sleeper hold on the return! Daniels is struggling as Sickboy locks it in tight!

BC: Teddy, this is turning in to a great match! These two are two of our biggest rising stars here! A victory for either of them tonight will bring them to the next level!

TT: Yes...but they also will be in the battle royle! The longer this match goes, the worse their chances are for winning later tonight!

Daniels falls to a knee as Sickboy tightens the hold. The ref checks on Daniels, but Daniels isn't ready to give up! He tries his hardest to keep from fading...but he's starting to go limp! The ref grabs Daniels arm and raises it...and it falls! He raises it again...and it falls! One more time...and it fa...NO!!!

TT: Daniels is still in this one! It looked like he was about to fade, but he is starting to get a second wind! Daniels slowly makes it back to his feet as Sickboy wraps his legs around him. And Daniels falls back driving Sickboy hard in to the mat!

BC: And again...both men are down!

TT: Daniels is starting to stir...slowly making it back to his feet. He grabs Sickboy and lifts him up...but Sickboy drills him with a hard right! Sickboy with an arm drag and twist...and he follows with a Russian legsweep! Sickboy returns to his feet and looks down upon Daniels with another sadistic smile!

Sickboy backs off, leaning against the corner. Daniels begins to stir as he slowly rolls to his belly. Sickboy crouches down, coldly staring at Daniels. Daniels slowly lifts himself to all fours as Sickboy rushes at him...KICK TO THE SKULL...NO!!! Daniels moves out of the way in the nick of time! Sickboy turns to Daniels as Daniels gets to his feet...CHOKESLAM!!! And he makes the cover!




TT: Sickboy gets his foot under the bottom rope...and this match will continue!!! Daniels quickly continues his offense as he brings Sickboy to his feet. Daniels with a front facelock, lifting Sickboy for a suplex...and he drops him gut first on the top rope!

BC: That has to hurt!

TT: Sickboy falls to a knee on the apron as Daniels approaches. He uses the ropes to pull himself up...and he buries a shoulder to Daniels' gut before Daniels can connect with a right! Daniels stumbles back as Sickboy tries to regain his composure. Daniels comes at Sickboy again...and Sickboy uses the ropes to sling himself through Daniels legs under the bottom rope!

BC: Nice escape!

TT: Sickboy returns to his feet as Daniels turns toward him. Boot to the gut...THE INFECTION...NO!!! Daniels held the top rope! Sickboy slow to get up as Daniels hits the far ropes...LIVEWIRE!!! He hit the Livewire!!!

BC: Sickboy was just turned inside out! And Daniels has the cover!




TT: Sickboy got his foot on the bottom rope!

BC: Daniels can't believe it!

TT: He brings Sickboy up to his shoulders...but Sickboy squirms out! Sickboy pushes Daniels off. Daniels turns to Sickboy...boot to the gut! He has Daniels with a front facelock...NO!!! Daniels reverses as he lifts Sickboy to his shoulders...THE FINAL VERDICT!!!

BC: It's over, Teddy! It's over!

TT: Daniels rolls Sickboy over and makes the cover!




TT: We have a new National Champion!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...and NEW CWF National Champion..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

The referee grabs the championship from an official on the outside and hands it to Daniels. Daniels holds it high in to the air as the referee raises his arm in victory. Sickboy rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the entrance looking back to the ring at Daniels. Daniels makes his way to the corner, again raising the championship for the live crowd to see!

BC: What an amazing match, Teddy!

TT: What a moment for Keith Daniels and what a championship reign for Sickboy! And the night is still young! We're still going to see both of these men in the battle royal tonight!

BC: And that is coming up next!

TT: It is indeed and wait a minute…we’ve got a camera on Jack Mason and Gonzo Goblin backstage!

Cut backstage. Several CWF wrestlers are getting stretched out for the battle royal…and in the corner is Jack Mason and Gonzo Goblin. Gonzo looks around to see if anyone is watching and, seeing that the coast is clear, reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out some kind of cylinder. He breaks it, a powdery substance covering his hands…and blows the powder into Mason’s face!

TT: What on earth…?

Jack Mason starts twitching and writing around in his seat. Gonzo reaches back into his pocket and pulls out a syringe, squirting the contents directly into Mason’s mouth and some in his eyes. Mason stops twitching.

Gonzo Goblin: Mr. Mason, can the JACKASS come out to play?!

Jack Mason stands there for a moment, and then raises up his head and yells…


Cut back to ringside.

TT: Uh oh…

BC: Whatever Gonzo just gave him…forgive the pun, but he is JACKED!

TT: And just in time for the battle royal! This is one half of our double main event tonight and the winner will move on to Super Card VI!

BC: Woo!

TT: Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the LAST MAN STANDING BATTLE ROYAL!

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: Now, here are the rules. Two men will begin the match, and every two minutes thereafter, another man will enter. Elimination occurs when a combatant is thrown over the top rope and BOTH feet touch the floor! The winner will be declared the Last Man Standing, and will be the new number one contender for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at Super Card VI!

The crowd cheers.

BC: I have goosebumps, Teddy! This is one of the most exciting matches of the whole year!

TT: It is indeed, this is the event where every single CWF superstar has a chance to main event the biggest show of the year, Super Card VI…this is the match that everyone is on even ground. Anything can happen, anyone can win!

Ring Announcer: And now, introducing the man who drew number ONE!

“Discotheque” by U2 hits as the arena lights go out. The video screen starts quickly flashing between a wide variety of colors. As the music begins to pick up a black silhouette of man appears against the colorful screen.

Ring Announcer: From Madison, Wisconsin…weighing in at 235 pounds…TIGE’!

The main guitar riff hits as the light in the arena explode in a colorful array of flashing lights and the spotlight shines on Tige'. Tige' makes his way to the ring mocking the crowd as the arena atmosphere is much like a dance club.

TT: Well Tige’ draws the unlucky number one!

BC: And he was one of the favorites coming into this! Just goes to show you the impact of the luck of the draw! He’s gonna have to run the gauntlet to have a hope in hell now!

Ring Announcer: And now…the man who drew number two!

The lights drop to a low hue of pulsating red lights dances with the opening acoustic riffs as “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play.

BC: Uh oh!

Ring Announcer: From Brooklyn, New York! Weighing in at 276 pounds… CHEMICAL X!

As the crescendo hits and the electric guitar kicks in Gary “Chemical X” Scarletti appears at the top of the ramp, raising from the ground on a slow rising elevator, ready for business. He stands with his head bowing down. As the lyrics kick in, and the elevator levels he raises his chin and starts a methodical walk to the ring as the lights continue to strobe in red with the music. As he enters the ring he stops on the top rope taunting his opponent.

TT: Chemical X draws number two and there’s another favorite in this thing!

BC: Oh man, we won’t be wasting any time getting to the violence…

TT: These two men are both the dark horse favorites, can they survive to the end of this thing?


TT: And here we go! The 2010 Last Man Standing battle royal is underway and what a spectacle this should be!

Tige’ and Chemical X stare each other down from across the ring and then simultaneously nod at each other and agree that it’s on…and charge to the center of the ring and start throwing wild lefts and rights! Back and forth they go in a blur of punches and kicks until Chemical X takes the upperhand and whips him to the ropes, charging right in behind him! And he CLOTHESLINES TIGE’ OVER THE TOP ROPE! Tige’ is out! Chemical X with his arms raised and he has eliminated Tige’!...

Or so he thinks. Tige’ lands on the apron and climbs back through the ropes! He’s still in it and he taps Chemical X on the shoulder…X turns around…boot to the gut…TIGE’ TIME! TIGE’ TIME! HE CAUGHT HIM!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Chemical X thought he’d eliminated Tige’ and now he pays for it! Tige’ caught him with Tige’ Time but it won’t do him any good unless he can dump him over the top rope!

Tige’ pulls X up on spaghetti legs and goes to throw him over the top but X instinctively drops to his knees and becomes dead weight. Tige’ tries to pull him back up but X wisely drops to his seat in the corner and grabs hold of the middle ropes. Tige’ sticks his foot in X’s throat and chokes him…X leans back through the ropes trying to minimize the force but Tige’s foot follows him through. Finally, he releases it and pulls X to his feet. He begins trying to lift him up over the top but X clings to the ropes as the clock ticks down…


TT: Who’s next?

The crowd boos as Kyle Sync sprints out from the back.

BC: Oh Lord…

TT: Kyle Sync! Well…can you imagine if he won this thing?

BC: …I don’t think you realize what you’re saying.

Kyle Sync slides under the bottom rope, and as he does, Tige’ turns, grabs him by the back of the head, and chucks him over the top rope. Kyle Sync lands hard on the floor.

Eliminated: Kyle Sync

TT: …I guess you were right.

BC: Thank you.

Tige’ goes back to trying to lift Chemical X over the top rope as if Kyle Sync was never even there, but X continues to cling to the ropes, eventually flopping over it but landing on the apron and sliding back under the bottom rope. Tige’ pulls him up and delivers a stiff European Uppercut. X staggers back but as Tige’ leans in to whip him to the ropes, Chemical X fires back a right hand! And another! And another! Chemical X fighting back and Tige’ doesn’t have time to react…Chemical X finally jumps at him with a flying forearm and Tige’ falls to the mat!

TT: Wow…barely three minutes into this thing and these two must already be getting tired! They are going at it tooth and nail here in the early going!

BC: I think both of them wanted an early elimination but they didn’t get it…now they better settle down and remember it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Chemical X mounts Tige’ and throws wild fists at him, connecting with each! X looking like a man possessed and he gets up off Tige’ and starts stomping him relentlessly! Tige’s rolling on the mat trying to escape the onslaught but to no avail.

TT: Looks like Chemical X is making Tige’ pay the price for messing with Rob Osbourne!

BC: You mess with one Horsemen, you mess with all of them, Teddy!

X pulls him up and whips him to the turnbuckle…charges in with a head of steam…body splash! And Tige’ staggers out of the corner and drops face first on the mat! X a house of fire and he pulls Tige’ up to his feet…and launches him over the top rope! But Tige’ lands on the apron again…he runs across towards the corner but X nails him with a clothesline! Tige’ again lands on the apron and is careful not to fall to the floor, but X see’s the opening and runs to the ropes…BASEBALL SLIDE! But Tige’ arches his back and Chemical X slides under him and to the floor! The crowd goes wild and Tige’ rolls back into the ring, breathing a huge sigh of relief, but Chemical X is still in this as he didn’t go over the top rope!

BC: Tige’ cheated death about three times in that sequence!

TT: He’s so entertaining and so talented, and Chemical X nearly had him eliminated but Tige’ finds a way out each time! He screwed Jack Mason earlier tonight and now can he defy the odds and win this battle royal as well?

BC: I don’t know but look at the clock!

5… 4…. 3… 2…. 1!

Simon Jacobs bursts out from behind the curtain and charges into the ring.

TT: Simon Jacobs is entrant number four!

BC: Guess those child molestation charges have been dropped!

Simon Jacobs enters the ring and immediately pounces on Tige’, smothering him with a flurry of offence…he whips him to the ropes…clothesline! He pulls Tige’ up again and whips him to the ropes once more…flying headscissors and Tige’ is thrown off balance and lands draped over the second rope! Chemical X on the outside with a stiff shot to the jaw and Tige’ falls back to the mat!

BC: Poor Tige’!

TT: It seems everyone is out to get him!

Chemical X climbs back into the ring and he and Simon Jacobs nod at each other and agree to work together to eliminate Tige’. Jacobs pulls Tige’ up to his feet and they lift him up and try to toss him over the top, but Tige’ hangs onto the top rope and desperately searches for a way out of the predicament…Jacobs and X trying with all they have to dump him over but…Tige’ with a thumb to the eye on Jacobs! Jacobs backs away, temporarily blinded. X looks back at him, sees an opportunity, and lets go of Tige’. Tige’ drops back into the ring and backs away…X grabs the blinded Simon Jacobs and launches him over the top rope and to the floor!

Eliminated: Simon Jacobs

TT: Well never one to pass up an opportunity, Chemical X double crosses Simon Jacobs and Jacobs is eliminated!

BC: I think Chemical X wants to take care of Tige’ himself!

X stalks over Tige’, who backs into a corner on the seat of his pants. X leans in to get him but Tige’ grabs him by the belt and pulls him into the turnbuckle! X stumbles backwards and Tige’ hops to his feet and roars out of the corner with a wicked clothesline that sends X twisting through the air and crashing to the mat! Tige’ wipes sweat off his brow and flings it at X, and then pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…powerslam! And X is down and Tige’ has some time to collect himself.

TT: Tige’ wisely taking the chance to catch his breath, he’s gonna have to hope the next guy to come out here is on his side!

BC: This isn’t like a normal match either, I don’t think people get it. It’s not like you have to pin anyone for a three count…you only have to be tossed over the top rope to be eliminated…in a normal match, that can happen a whole bunch of times, it’s tough to avoid it.

Tige’ pulls Chemical X up and chops him to the ropes…X reeling and Tige’ backs up and charges in at him with a clothesline! He looks to knock him over the top but X ducks and as Tige’ spins around, X throws a stiff left jab that sends Tige’ back to the ropes. Tige’ reeling now and X throwing aggressive jabs! Tige’ threatening to topple over the top but he wisely drops to his knees to avoid it…LOW BLOW! He nailed X with a low blow and X drops to the mat! Tige’ crawls back to the center of the ring and X is crumpled up on the mat!

TT: These two aren’t making it easy on each other, that’s for sure…and you just know Tige’ is a marked man. You know the Horsemen have a list of guys they’re targeting tonight and tops on the list has got to be Tige’…

BC: Tige’ is…what was that EWA birthplace show called, Teddy?

TT: …Stayin’ Alive.

BC: Exactly.

Tige’ walks back over to X and grabs his legs…he’s gonna slingshot him over the ropes! Chemical X fighting it, trying to twist out of it but Tige’ has his legs locked!

TT: This could do it! This could eliminate Chemical X!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

Sickboy sprints down the aisle to a loud chorus of boos!


BC: This is big trouble for Tige’! Two Horsemen!

Tige’ slingshots Chemical X! X is flung over the top rope but as he is, Sickboy jumps up onto the apron and Chemical X collides with him, stopping his momentum! X lands abdomen first on the top rope but fortunately bounces backwards rather than forwards and lands in the ring. Sickboy though flies off the apron and lands chest first across the steel guardrail and is in some degree on pain on the floor.

TT: Sickboy saves Chemical X’s bacon but at what cost? He is down and out on the arena floor but not eliminated as he never entered the ring nor was he thrown over the top rope…

BC: He may have cracked his sternum!

TT: And after losing the National Championship to Keith Daniels earlier tonight, that is a bad break for Sickboy who was no doubt looking to end the night on a bright note but…wait a minute…he’s getting up!

BC: What?!

TT: He’s getting to his feet, what heart by Sickboy!

Sickboy fights to get to his feet, hunched over and his face bright red, trying to suck in some oxygen. Meanwhile in the ring, Tige’ and Chemical X are going at it tooth and nail, exchanging blows in the center of the ring. Tige’ again takes the upper hand and knees X in the gut…he backs him into the corner and mounts the second rope, driving right hands into his forehead as the crowd counts along!

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7..

Suddenly, Sickboy slides into the ring and runs towards Tige…he leaps up to his level from behind…BACK CRACKER! Back cracker from the second turnbuckle and Tige’ is in big time pain! Sickboy down as well rolling around holding his chest, and Chemical X looks down at Sickboy in gratitude and helps him up. X takes over and grabs Tige’, whipping him to the ropes…Tige’ laboring and Chemical X with a big spinebuster!

TT: Oh man…Tige’ just took two high impact moves in succession and he is in bad shape now with two Horsemen in the ring…

BC: Sickboy is looking better and better by the second here, looks like the injury isn’t as serious as we first thought but look out, here comes the next entrant!

5…4… 3…2…1!

Jimmy Blast sprints out from the back!


BC: There’s some help for Tige’!

As TIge’ reels on the mat, Jimmy Blast hits the ring and is immediately a house of fire! He unloads on X, and then Sickboy, separating them into opposite corners…and whips Sickboy into Chemical X! They collide and Sickboy drops back to the mat and Chemical X stands above him, out on his feet and swaying. Jimmy Blast sits up on the top rope behind him and pokes him on the back with his index finger, and Chemical X falls forward, inadvertently headbutting Sickboy in the crotch! Sickboy sits up, wide eyed and rolls X off him, his head planted in the mat as he grimaces in pain.

BC: Oof!

TT: Jimmy Blast is taking the new school Horsemen back to the old school and it couldn’t have been better timing for Tige’!

Blast pulls X up to his feet and whips him to the ropes…and charges in right behind him! As X turns around, Blast gets a knee up into his hip and X flips down to the mat. Blast now pulls Sickboy up by his hair and chucks him over the top rope! Sickboy sails over the top and lands on the apron…Blast charges at him, he’s gonna knock him off!

NO! Chemical X with a surge of energy gets to his feet and intercepts him with a clothesline that sends the legend to the mat! Sickboy climbs back into the ring and Tige’ is to his feet…Tige’ jumps on Sickboy with a Lou Thesz press and with Sickboy down, he hops up and clubs Chemical X in the back of the neck with a forearm shot, sending him to the mat as well. Jimmy Blast struggles back to his feet and he and Tige’ nod, a common goal bringing them together.

TT: The Horsemen’s number advantage is gone and Blast and Tige’ seem to have a pact here!

BC: This is what it’s all about! I love it!

Blast pulls Sickboy up and shoves him into the corner…Tige’ pulls Chemical X up and shoves him into a corner…Blast mounts the second rope, as does Tige’, and both men drive fists into each respective Horsemen simultaneously! The crowd roars and after ten clean shots, both men hop down and watch X and Sickboy wobble on spaghetti legs…Blast whips Sickboy and Tige’ whips X into the center of the ring…and they collide! Both men topple over and Blast and Tige’ work the crowd! Blast pulls up Sickboy and motions for Tige’ to help him, and they team up to lift Sickboy up and begin working him over the top rope. Sickboy hanging on for dear life and Tige’ and Blast trying everything they can to drop him to the floor but Sickboy won’t let go! Chemical X from behind! And a chop block to the knee of Jimmy Blast! Blast goes down in a heap and X blindsides Tige’ with a dropkick that sends him down to the mat! Sickboy falls back into the ring and the fans begin the count down!

5…4… 3…2…1!


Eddie Noble charges down the aisle and hits the ring, immediately going after Chemical X. He boots X in the gut and whips him to the ropes…X puts on the brakes as Noble goes for a drop kick and Noble gets nothing but air! X pulls Noble up and dares him to clothesline him over the top. X taunting him, begging him to put him out…Noble grunts and pounds his chest, looking to the crowd for support. He gets it. He readies himself and prepares to charge…but Sickboy dropkicks him from behind and Chemical X side steps out of the way as the momentum carries Noble over the top rope and to the outside!

Eliminated: Eddie Noble

BC: Hit the showers, Eddie!

TT: Eddie Noble eliminated by Sickboy and this Last Man Standing battle royal continues!

Tige’ gets to his feet and Chemical X walks up to him…and the two immediately begin to exchange heated blows! The crowd gets to their feet, wrapped up in the emotion of the fight. Sickboy and Blast battle in the corner but all eyes are on Tige’ and Chemical X who haven’t let up…they go at it tooth and nail, and Tige’ is busted open! Tige’ is busted wide open and X gets the upper hand! X with a European uppercut and Tige’s knees buckle and he falls back into the corner. Blast meanwhile has the upper hand on Sickboy and X charges in behind him with a forearm to the small of the back. Blast goes down and X has a head of steam…he charges in at Tige’…knee to the jaw! And Tige’s head whiplashes back through the turnbuckles!

TT: Oh!

BC: That had to hurt! Tige’ and Chemical X are really going at it here!

TT: And Tige’ better be careful, he’s in big time trouble and there are two pissed off Horsemen in the ring with him!

X pulls Tige’ up to his feet but Tige’ drops to his knees, unable to stand. Meanwhile, Sickboy has Blast upon the top rope for a superplex! He has him up…and down! And Blast now in a world of pain as he arches his back after the impact. The Horsemen firmly in control now and X calls for Sickboy’s help with TIge’. They pull him up and drag him over to the ropes…X calling for Sickboy to dropkick him like he did Noble. Sickboy planting his feet…he leaps, and…Tige’ moves! Tige’ moves and Sickboy’s legs get tangled in the ropes and stuck! Sickboy hanging upside down in the ropes and Tige’ desperately fighting off Chemical X! X throwing furious punches at him and landing each one and Tige’ can’t withstand the barrage…he drops to a knee…X leans in to pull him back up…thumb to the eyes! Tige’ got him with a thumb to the eyes and now he charges at X…SPEAR! X is down and Tige’ sees Sickboy…he runs to the ropes…dropkick the face and the clap echoes throughout the Saddledome!

TT: What a shot! What a shot! Sickboy is hanging upside down damn near lifeless!

BC: But man, Tige’ is bleeding like a faucet and he drew number one...time is gonna do him in if Chemical X and the Horsemen don’t!

Jimmy Blast struggles to his feet and watches as Tige’s surge of energy ends. Tige’ drops back down to the mat and Blast surveys the three fallen combatants lying in the ring. He limps out to Chemical X and pulls him up…and after a forearm to the jaw, begins trying to lift him over the top rope and eliminate him…but X hangs on and the struggle continues as the fans count down.

5… 4… 3…. 2… 1!

TT: Who’s it gonna be?

The fans explode into boos as Brian Adams slowly steps through the curtain, taking his time getting to the ring.


BC: YES! C’MON BRIAN! Show ‘em how it’s done!

TT: He can’t be happy with the number he drew…Adams coming in as the eighth entrant but he is sure taking his time getting to the ring!

BC: Brilliant as always! Don’t waste your energy!

Adams slowly walks down the aisle, stopping to taunt some fans along the way. Meanwhile, Jimmy Blast has X straddling the top rope. X manages to drive an elbow into Blast’s chest, sending the legend backwards and buying X enough time to get back into the ring. X grabs Blast and whips him to the ropes…but as he does, Brian Adams hops up onto the apron using the top rope to pull himself up…as Blast hits the ropes, the top rope comes down and he flips over it and to the floor!

TT: Oh no!

Eliminated: Jimmy Blast

BC: Ha!

TT: Well…they’re giving Brian Adams credit for that elimination! And he hasn’t even officially entered the ring yet!

BC: I love it!

Adams climbs into the ring and Chemical X greets him with a right hand, but Adams ducks and boots him in the gut! He whips X to the ropes…powerslam! Sickboy drops from his rope shackles and Adams grabs him by the hair and tosses him into the turnbuckle! He smashes Sickboy’s head into the top buckle! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…10! And Sickboy jumps into the air and sails backwards on the last smash, landing on his back. Tige’ to his feet now, bleeding from the forehead, his face a crimson mask…and Adams with a forearm shot to the head, blood staining his white wrist tape.

TT: Brian Adams, in his return to the ring, is wasting no time getting his hands dirty here! He is a house of fire and he enters this one the odds on favorite to win this thing…but I think the bookies out there failed to consider ring rust!

BC: Brian Adams doesn’t have ring rust, Teddy…the ring has Brian Adams rust!

TT: Would you stop?

Adams whips Tige’ to the ropes…LAST CHAPTER! LAST CHAPTER! He nailed him and Tige’ immediately is incapacitated and is falling back towards the ropes! But he falls through the ropes and to the outside, so he is not eliminated! Tige’ out cold on the arena floor and Adams in alone against two Horsemen! Chemical X to his feet and Adams with a boot to the gut and a knee lift that sends him back down to the mat. Sickboy getting to his feet now and Adams sees him too. X slowly getting back up and now Adams standing between the two Horsemen as they circle him like sharks!

BC: Uh oh!

TT: Brian Adams in trouble now, the numbers may catch up to him here!

Adams quickly turns and connects with a right hand on Sickboy…and turns and catches Chemical X! And Sickboy! And X! Sickboy! X! And Brian Adams is doing it, Brian Adams is fighting off two Horsemen on his own but…look out! Sickboy ducks a shot and drives a fist into the mid section of Adams! Chemical X and Sickboy immediately pounce like two hungry vultures and beat Adams down relentlessly to the mat! Adams down now and they continue to stomp him until they’re satisfied he’s not getting up!

BC: Man, Chemical X and Sickboy are a force in there!

TT: And we knew they would be if any number of them were ever in the ring together and look out…here comes the next entrant!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

The crowd comes unglued as Mariano Fernandez sprints down the aisle!


BC: Ahhh!

Mariano slides into the ring and immediately goes after Chemical X! Mariano pounding on Chemical X and Sickboy goes to jump him from behind but Brian Adams! Brian Adams springs to his feet and holds Sickboy back by the tights! Sickboy pumping his legs but Adams not letting him go anywhere and meanwhile Mariano Fernandez is a house of fire all over Chemical X! He whips him to the ropes…frankensteiner! Mariano leaps onto the second rope…springboard moonsault! Chemical X frazzled and Mariano not letting up, he is tearing X apart and meanwhile Adams has Sickboy…release German suplex! Sickboy folded up like an accordion and on the outside, Tige’ slowly coming back to consciousness!

TT: All out chaos in the ring and this match is living up to the billing!

BC: Tige’ and Chemical X drew numbers one and two and they’re both still in there but can barely get up…whoever wins this will truly be the last man standing!

Chemical X down, Sickboy down, and as Mariano pumps up the crowd he backs into Brian Adams! Adams and Mariano both spin around, fists cocked, ready to defend themselves…but once they see each other, they put their fists down and unite against the Horsemen! Adams directs Mariano towards Chemical X and turns to go back after Sickboy…but as Mariano turns around, Adams drops to one knee…LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW ON MARIANO!


TT: Come on! Brian Adams hasn’t changed a damn bit! What a cheap shot!

BC: It’s every man for himself, Teddy!

Adams leans over Mariano and slaps him in the back of the head, adding insult to injury…and then pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…no, Mariano reverses…wait a minute, Tige’ on the apron! As Adams hits the ropes, Tige’ knees him in the back! Adams doesn’t see it coming and drops to the mat. Tige’ furiously climbs through the ropes and mounts Adams, laying into him with angry right hands. Meanwhile, Mariano pulls Chemical X up to his feet…but from behind, Sickboy! Sickboy nails Mariano and he and X beat him down into the corner. Tige’ hammering Brian Adams and he springs up off him. As Adams reels on the mat, Tige’ heads to the second rope and drops an elbow on him! Meanwhile, Mariano is fighting himself out of the corner and Sickboy and Chemical X are caught off guard! Mariano throws a fist at X and he staggers back…he throws a fist at Sickboy, he staggers back! X! Sickboy! X! Sickboy! Mariano fending them both off and here comes the next entrant!

TT: Here we go, who’s coming out here next?

The crowd explodes as Pledge Allegiance charges out from the back!


BC: Ahh! Dead man walking! Dead man walking!

Pledge Allegiance slides into the ring and shoves Tige’ away from Adams! Pledge wants Brian Adams! Pledge and Adams! Pledge and Adams! Pledge furiously attacking him and Tige’ shrugs and goes after Sickboy instead. Pledge has Adams up…whips him to the ropes…hip toss! Pledge pulls him back up, whips him to the ropes again…back body drop! And Adams hits the mat hard and immediately gets up to his knees and begs off Pledge!

TT: My God! Pledge Allegiance has not forgotten their war last year! He must have been chomping at the bit to get at him since he heard he was returning and Adams is begging for his life!

BC: Run, Brian! Ahh! You can’t kill a dead man!

TT: Would you stop?!

Pledge pumps his fist and rains down on Adams with hammer-like right hands in rapid succession! Adams’ head snaps back with each blow and his hair flies every which way. Meanwhile, Mariano has Chemical X in a surfboard submission and Tige’ has Sickboy in a torture rack. The crowd comes unglued and Adams slides under the bottom rope to escape the onslaught! Pledge goes out after him and Adams running for dear life…Adams turning the corner and Pledge trying to keep up…Adams rounds another corner and meanwhile in the ring, Tige’ drops Sickboy on the mat…Adams desperately trying to escape Pledge who is closing in on him. Tige’ runs to the ropes…SUICIDE DIVE! HE DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES AND LANDS ON ADAMS AND PLEDGE!

TT: MY GOD! MY GOD! Tige’s just took them both out!

BC: Ain’t it cool, Teddy?! That was crazy!

Back in the ring, Mariano is alone with Sickboy and Chemical X. Sickboy breaks the surfboard submission and pounds on Mariano furiously. Meanwhile, outside the ring, Tige’ stands up, pounding his chest with both hands, bragging about the high impact offense he just accomplished. Dry blood crusts down the sides of his face and in the corners of his mouth, but the bleeding, for the most part, has stopped, or at least slowed. He climbs back into the ring and pulls Sickboy off Mariano…he has him in a full nelson…slam!

TT: Tige’ is a man on a mission tonight, he drew number one and he’s still in there and looking strong!

BC: And Chemical X drew number two, and he’s still hanging in there as well! What a match so far!

TT: And we’ve hit the half way mark as far as entrants are concerned, and here comes another one!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

Blood runs down the aisle to a loud mixed reaction.


BC: Oh man, here he comes! This could be a turning point in the match, Teddy…Blood is in the best shape of his life and he’s one of the most under rated wrestlers in the CWF…this is his chance to shine!

Blood menacingly walks down the aisle and climbs through the ropes. He grabs Tige’ and drives a big knee into his gut. Tige’ hunches over, the air driven out of him. Blood drives an elbow into the back of his head and Tige’ drops to the mat and sprawls out, inching his way towards the corner with his elbows. Blood turns to Mariano and chops him into the corner. Mariano’s chest lights up as Blood smacks his hand against it, the echo reverberating through the arena and eliciting a few “woos” from the crowd. He whips him to the opposite corner…Mariano flips over the top turnbuckle and falls to the apron, but he’s losing his balance! He hangs onto the top rope for dear life…and he manages to hang on. Blood though steps over to him and drives his shoulder through the ropes and into Mariano’s mid section. Mariano hanging on just barely again! Blood drives another shoulder into his midsection and Mariano dangles over the apron, hanging on by the hair of his chinny chin chin! Blood drives his shoulder through a third time…this time Mariano leaps over him and hooks his legs around his arms…he dives over the top rope and grabs Blood’s legs…TARANTULA IN THE ROPES!


TT: What a counter by the 2009 rookie of the year!

BC: He’s some kind of spidermonkey or something!

Pledge and Brian Adams are up and brawling on the outside and Chemical X to his feet and pulls Tige’ up. X smelling blood and like a shark tries to throw the hurting Tige’ over the top rope but to no avail. Meanwhile, Pledge throws Adams back in the ring and goes in after him…Adams begging him off and Pledge leans in to grab him, but Adams with a thumb to the eye and Pledge staggers backwards into the ropes, blinded. Adams charges at him…PLEDGE WITH A BACK BODY DROP! ADAMS IS OUT! ADAMS IS OUT!


No he’s not! Adams hanging onto the top rope, his feet dangling and kicking just above the arena floor…one foot touches but not the second! Adams using all his upper body strength and he pulls himself back into the ring, back flipping over the top rope! Pledge thinks he’s eliminated him…he turns around…LAST CHAPTER!


Pledge drops to the mat unconscious and Brian Adams falls back to the seat of his pants, breathing a heavy sigh of relief. On the other side of the ring, Tige’ boots Mariano in the gut. Mariano, completely defenseless while locking Blood in the tarantula hold, immediately releases the hold and drops to the mat gasping for air. Blood falls off the apron to the floor but never went over the top rope. Tige’ lays the boots to Mariano and the crowd counts down to the next combatant!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!



Keith Daniels races down the aisle looking for Brian Adams, but he’s quickly retreated and hid under the ring, giving Sickboy enough time to pounce on him, furious at his National title loss from earlier on. Sickboy and Daniels going at it furiously and Sickboy has the upper hand! Sickboy with piston like right hands and Daniels snapping back with each blow! Sickboy unloading on him and Daniels trying to retreat around the ring. Sickboy chasing him on the outside and he catches him…and bounces his head off the post! Daniels flops to the arena floor and Sickboy pulls him up and throws him into the steel guard rail! Sickboy firing on all cylinders and he pulls Daniels up…and whips him into the timekeepers bench!

TT: Sickboy is clearly fuming mad about his National title loss earlier tonight! Calm down, Curtis! It was a hell of a run! Better than most could dream of having!

BC: Get the hell out of here Keith! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

As Daniels slumps in the timekeepers chair, Sickboy charges at him with a step up enzugiri! Daniels slumps over and falls to the floor. Sickboy pulls him up and throws him into the ring. Daniels busted wide open, perhaps from the post shot, perhaps from the enzugiri…he backs up desperately trying to put some space between himself and Sickboy but as he backs up he bumps into Chemical X! Chemical X taps him on the shoulder and Daniels turns around…right hand by X! Daniels spins from the impact…right hand by Sickboy! X! Sickboy! And Daniels is a human pinball as X and Sickboy unload on him!

BC: Daniels never expected this! I guarantee you he came out here with one thing on his mind, Brian Adams!

TT: Maybe so and now he’s in a world of hurt!

Daniels drops to the mat like dead weight and Tige’ from behind Chemical X…BULLDOG! Chemical X is planted into the mat and Tige’ now jumps Sickboy and they go at it! Sickboy and Tige’ exchanging blows and on the other end of the ring, Pledge Allegiance is back up after the Last Chapter he suffered earlier. Looking around for Adams, he can’t find him and instead goes after Blood. Mariano Fernandez to his feet as well now and he and Pledge double team Blood! Mariano whips Blood to the ropes…and Pledge with a hard shoulderblock sending Blood to the mat! Mariano heading to the top rope…Pledge is gonna launch him onto Blood!

BC: Mariano, you idiot!

TT: Mariano Fernandez showing an awful lot of trust in Pledge Allegiance here…Pledge could easily shove him off the top rope and eliminate him but no! Pledge launches him!

Pledge Allegiance throws Mariano down on Blood and Mariano nails it perfectly! As Mariano pulls Blood up and he and Pledge agree to work together to eliminate him, the crowd counts down to the next entrant!

5… 4… 3…. 2… 1!


BC: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

TT: Stop that!

Alex Ruettiger races down the aisle and slides into the ring and jumps on Pledge, breaking the elimination attempt on Blood. Ruettiger gets the jump on his as the attack was from behind and Pledge is caught off guard. Ruettiger with a belly to back suplex and he holds onto it…pulls Pledge back up…German suplex! And he still holds on and pulls Pledge back up…another German suplex! And he STILL holds on and pulls Pledge back up…dragon suplex! The crowd roaring its approval for Alex Ruettiger’s offense and Pledge reeling now. Mariano makes the save though and blindsides Ruettiger with a dropkick! Ruettiger stumbles to his side and Mariano helps Pledge to his feet. Ruettiger recovers and runs at them both…double clothesline! Pledge and Mariano both hit the mat!

BC: He’s small, but he can do big things!

TT: Stop it! What an impressive array of offence from Alex Ruettiger! He just took on a multiple time CWF World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, and the 2009 rookie of the year and came out looking good!

Meanwhile, Sickboy and Tige’ continue to go at it, Sickboy getting the advantage. Tige’ is showing signs of fatigue as he labors and he walks. Sickboy tosses him into the corner…runs at him and walks up his chest, flipping backwards and…SPEARS him in the corner! Tige’ drops to the mat and Sickboy is hellbent on redeeming himself from the National title loss!

Chemical X gets to his feet and he and Sickboy work over Tige’ in the corner, stomping him relentlessly once more. Meanwhile, Ruettiger pulls Pledge to his feet…whips him to the ropes…Pledge catches him with his head down! Pledge with a boot to the face and Ruettiger staggers back…Pledge lifts him up on his shoulders and walks to the ropes…PLEDGE HAMMER OVER THE TOP AND TO THE OUTSIDE!

Eliminated: Alex Ruettiger

TT: Thirteen men have entered and only five have been eliminated, and Ruettiger is the latest casualty!

BC: Bye bye, Rudy!

Pledge admires his work and Mariano pats him on the back and points at Sickboy and Chemical X. Pledge nods and they jump them from behind. Tige’ uses the ropes to drag himself out of that corner. Pledge and Chemical X going at it…Sickboy and Mariano! Daniels up and nails Sickboy from behind! Mariano and Daniels teaming up on Sickboy now and Mariano whips him to the ropes. Daniels shoves Mariano away and catches Sickboy with a sidewalk slam! Mariano walks up to Daniels and shoves him back, and Daniels slaps him across the face!

BC: Here we go!

Mariano fires a shot at Daniels! Daniels throws one back! And back and forth they go! Chemical X from behind Daniels…LOW BLOW! And Daniels falls to the mat! X pulls Sickboy up and dusts him off. Sickboy reeling but recollects himself as X whips Mariano to the ropes…fist to the gut of Mariano! Mariano runs through the blow but clutches his stomach and Sickboy in his path now…Mariano slides under him…Sickboy spins around and Mariano to his feet…SICKBOY CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP! Mariano flips over the top but manages to hang onto the top rope and pull himself back onto the apron! Sickboy thinks he’s eliminated by Chemical X points behind him…X charges at Mariano on the apron and at the same time Sickboy throws and elbow back… X and Sickboy hit Mariano at the same time and Mariano sails back and crashes through the Spanish announce table!


Eliminated: Mariano Fernandez

TT: What a huge elimination! Mariano Fernandez may have been the sleeper pick of the night but he’s gone! What an effort though from the rookie of the year…the two Horsemen, Chemical X and Sickboy, were just too much though and you knew eventually they were gonna get a big elimination…

BC: See ya later, spider monkey!

TT: Yeah but here comes the next entrant!



James Baker hauls ass from behind the curtain and charges into the ring, attacking Sickboy and Chemical X immediately. Baker throwing hard shots at both of them and Tige’ to his feet now, and Baker knocks him back down. Blood from behind him and Baker throws a wild right hand at him but Blood ducks and assaults him with a barrage of machine-like lefts and rights. Blood grabs him by the head and heaves him down to the mat. Blood off the ropes and drops a leg on Baker! No! Baker moves and Blood gets nothing but mat! Blood scrunches his face in pain and Baker off the ropes…dropkick to the chin! Blood drops back and Tige’, fatigued and barely able to bring himself to stand, nails Baker from behind, stopping his momentum. Baker drops and Tige’ does the same.

TT: My God, Tige’ and Chemical were in there and numbers one and two and they’re STILL scratching and clawing to keep themselves in this thing! Tige’ can barely stand and Chemical X is looking like he’s slowing down substantially.

BC: But they’re still the favorites! Gotta give them credit, Teddy!

TT: Absolutely, it’s gonna take a gargantuan effort to get either of them out.

The camera zooms in on the apron, where Brian Adams is poking his head out.

TT: For God’s sake, someone get him out of there!

BC: Hey shut up, Teddy…he’s a celebrity, any chance he can get to get some damn peace and quiet, he’ll take it…even if it means hanging out under the ring for a while.

TT: Give me a break.

Keith Daniels up and he grabs Baker and pulls him up…European uppercut and Baker is stunned and swaying his head…Daniels has him up for the Final Verdict! No! Baker shakes loose and Daniels spins around…Baker with a boot to the gut…DA XTREME KNOCKOUT! And Daniels is down and out! Baker a house of fire and wait a minute!

TT: That’s Trent Walker! What the hell is Trent Walker doing out here?!

The crowd boos wildly as Terry Richards’ bodyguard, Trent Walker, casually walks down the aisle to ringside. James Baker sees him and yells at him from the ring. Walker yelling back at him and climbs up onto the apron! Baker and Walker tussling now and Tige’ sneaks up from behind…and lifts Baker over the top rope with help from Trent Walker!

TT: Come on!

Eliminated: James Baker

TT: What an absolute sham! Baker gets screwed over by the Richards Legion and he and Walker and brawling up the aisle!

BC: I love it! See ya, gangsta!

James Baker and Trent Walker brawl furiously up the aisle, Baker getting the clear upper hand and whipping him from one guard rail to the next until security breaks it up.

Back in the ring, Tige’ is smiling widely, admiring his elimination…but as he turns around, Pledge Allegiance roars towards him and CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP! Tige’ falls but manages to cling to the bottom rope and twist himself back up as his feet hover centimeters above the floor! The referee is in position and says Tige’ is still in and he pulls himself back up on the apron! Pledge throws a punch but Tige’ blocks it and drives his shoulders through the ropes and into Pledge’s mid section! Pledge hunches over and Tige’ leaps over the top rope back into the ring with a sunset flip! Pledge waving his arms around wildly trying to maintain his balance but Tige’ continues to pull him down! NO! Pledge drops to his knees and now sits on top of Tige’, driving fists of fury into his forehead! Tige’s cut is reopened and Pledge pulls him to his feet! He whips him to the ropes…SICKBOY PULLS THE ROPES DOWN!

NO! Tige’ manages to put on the breaks and as Sickboy stands back up wondering what happened…TIGE’ CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP! SICKBOY IS OUT!

Eliminated: Sickboy

TT: My God, he got Sickboy! He just eliminated Sickboy and what a huge elimination!

BC: Damn!

TT: What a showing for the now former National Champion…he came in at number five…to last as long as he did is extremely impressive, especially after having a grueling match with Keith Daniels earlier tonight!

Keith Daniels looks up at Tige’ and smiles, clearly relieved. Meanwhile, Blood and Chemical X go at it on the opposite side of the ring, Blood with the upper hand…and he whips Chemical X to the opposite corner, sandwiching Pledge between X and Tige’! All three men bowl over and drop as the crowd counts down.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!



The crowd explodes as Mason parts the curtain and steps out into the aisle. He surveys the scene in the ring and pounds his chest, and then wildly runs to the ring. Immediately, he targets Tige’ who screwed him over earlier in the night. Mason going wild on him! Tige’ overwhelmed but can’t escape! Mason pulls him in…belly-to-belly suplex! Tige’ down…Mason off the ropes…elbow smash into the bleeding forehead of Tige’! Tige’ scrambling around the ring trying to get away but Mason grabs him by the tights and pulls him back…forearm to the small of the back! Tige’ drops to his knees and Mason off the ropes again…he flips over Tige’ and grabs his head with a modified cutter! Tige’s head bounces off the mat and Mason is taking him to task!

Meanwhile, Chemical X has taken off where Sickboy left off with Keith Daniels and whips him to the ropes…FLAPJACK! Chemical X pulls him back to his feet, Daniels bleeding profusely as well and Chemical X has him set…X’ED OUT!

NO! Daniels ducks the roundhouse kick and stands up, catching X’s leg and hoisting him onto his shoulders…FINAL VERDICT! No! X spins out of it and LOW BLOW ON DANIELS! X and Daniels both drop to the mat and X slinks over to a corner to catch his wind.

On the other side of the ring, Pledge blindsides Jack Mason and Tige’ gets a temporary reprieve. Pledge whips Mason to the ropes…powerslam! And Mason is slowed down thanks to the Hall of Famer! Pledge now pulls Mason up and tries to dump him over the top rope, but Mason locks his foot around the bottom rope and blocks it, driving an elbow into Pledge’s mid section. He grabs Pledge by the head and drives it into the turnbuckle! Mason grabs him and heaves him back out to the center of the ring with a hip toss, but as quickly as Pledge hits the mat, Tige’ gets up and jumps on Mason, and they roll around the ring throwing furious right hands!

TT: MASON AND TIGE’! MY GOD! Mason wants to tear him apart after the stunt Tige’ pulled earlier tonight but Tige’ seems content to fight this war!

BC: Ahh!

TIge’ gets him to his feet, Mason soaked with Tige’s blood and Tige’ backs him into the corner and starts bouncing forearms off his chest. Mason fights back and it degenerates into more wild punches being thrown!

Meanwhile, Blood has Chemical X in his sights and hovers over him. X barely has the energy to acknowledge him and Blood grabs him by the foot and drags him to the center of the ring. Blood has him set for a slingshot…and slingshots him to the turnbuckle! X misses the buckle and nails the post instead, bouncing back out…Blood grabs him and hooks him in…THE SUFFERING! He nailed it!

TT: Ouch! Chemical X may just be dead weight at this point!

BC: Look out! Ahh!

Keith Daniels blindsides Blood and kicks him in the hip! Blood winces and his knees buckle as Daniels may have hit a nerve…Daniels grabs him by the tights…and throws him out over the top!

TT: Daniels caught him by surprise and Blood is gone!

Eliminated: Blood

BC: That’s a big name out of there!

TT: Huge elimination for Keith Daniels and…hey! Hey wait a minute!

The crowd springs to their feet and boos as Brian Adams slithers out from under the ring and quickly slides under the bottom rope…Daniels with his back turns…ADAMS DUMPS HIM OUT! BRIAN ADAMS ELIMINATES KEITH DANIELS!


Eliminated: Keith Daniels

TT: The new National Champion is gone and to add insult to injury, Brian Adams is the one to throw him out!

BC: I love it!

TT: Adams has been hiding under the ring this whole time! He drew number eight but he has to be as fresh as a daisy!

Adams mockingly waves goodbye to Keith Daniels, who tries to jump back in the ring after him but is held back by officials. Meanwhile, the crowd counts down to the next entrant.

5…4… 3… 2… 1!


BC: And here comes help for Jack Mason!

Bob Osbourne darts down the ring and immediately jumps on Tige’. Mason and Bob double team him until Pledge gets on Mason. Pledge and Mason going at it, Bob and Tige’! Bob being the fresher of the two gets the upper hand and whips Tige’ to the ropes…as Tige’ hits the ropes, Bob leaps up onto the top rope smoothly and as Tige’ rebounds, he leaps off with a MISSILE DROPKICK! Tige’ hits the mat and does a back flip on impact, and his legs crumple up into the ropes. Bob Osbourne back to the top rope…and he SAILS ACROSS THE RING! Osbourne leaps all the way across the ring with a LEG DROP ON TIGE’!



TT: And Tige’ is a mangled wreck in the corner!

The crowd roars for Bob Osbourne but it’s short lived as Brian Adams grabs him and drops him with a reverse DDT! Bob Osbourne’s head bounces off the mat! Adams flashes the sign of the Horsemen and then mockingly wipes his ass with it. This prompts Chemical X to spring to his feet and tackle the former World Champion! Chemical X pounds on Adams, Adams whipping his hair back with each blow and bumping all over the ring! Pledge and Mason stop what they’re doing and watch as Chemical X chases Adams around the ring. Suddenly, Adams spins and catches Chemical X with the LAST CHAPTER!


TT: Brian Adams caught him out of nowhere and Mason quickly over to him and Mason and Adams now!

Mason bolts over to Adams and they immediately explode into a brawl that has the crowd on its feet! MASON AND ADAMS GOING AT IT TOOTH AND NAIL! Mason gets the upper hand and knees him in the gut…Adams keels over and Mason grabs his head…REVERSE NECK BREAKER! And Adams is hurting!

Pledge pulls up Bob Osbourne and lifts him up onto his shoulders…and sits him on the top rope. Pledge backs up and runs up the ropes, grabs Osbourne and launches him off the top rope with a belly to belly superplex!


Tige’ slowly gets to his feet and chop blocks Pledge! Pledge grabbing his knee in pain and Tige’ may have put a big dent in Pledge’s plans to win this thing! Pledge rolling around the ring in pain and Tige’ barely able to stand to do anything else. Mason pulls Adams to his feet and dumps him over the top! But Adams hangs on and lands on the apron, sliding back under the bottom rope and the crowd starts the countdown once more!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

BC: There’s only four guys left to come out, who’s it gonna be?!


Leon Lonewolf bursts down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope with a head of steam. He pounces on Bob Obsourne and rains down on him with stinging right hands. Leon pulls Bob to his feet, whips him to the turnbuckle…Bob on the rebound…PELE! And Leon catches him! Bob Osbourne down to the mat and Leon leaps onto the second rope…but instead of leaping back at Osbourne, he leaps to his right and blindsides Pledge Allegiance! Pledge trying to get back to his feet gingerly, gets caught in the side of the head with a springboard dropkick by Leon Lonewolf!

Meanwhile Mason and Adams continue to struggle against one another and this time Adams gets the upper hand! Adams with a kick below the belt and a famouser! Mason’s face is planted into the mat!

TT: My God, Brian Adams and Jack Mason are absolutely world class wrestlers, love ‘em or hate ‘em!

BC: Damn straight! Either one of these guys can win this thing!

Leon Lonewolf, meanwhile, pulls Tige’ up to his feet, Tige’ barely even able to stand on his own power…Leon runs to the ropes…leaps onto the second and looks to connect with a dropkick like he did on Pledge, but Pledge springs to his feet and catches him in mid air…and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor!

Eliminated: Leon Lonewolf

TT: Well there goes the rookie Leon Lonewolf! He wasn’t in long but he turned some heads while he was in there!

BC: I think he pissed Pledge off with that dropkick…that could have been his mistake!

TT: Maybe so and we’re down to six men in the ring…Pledge, Adams, Mason, Bob Osbourne, and amazingly Tige’ and Chemical X who drew numbers one and two respectively.

BC: And all you idiots at hope counted them out! Morons!

TT: Well six men remaining in the ring and only three more to enter!

Pledge and Tige’ exchange grins as they look at Leon Lonewolf on the outside, eliminated. Suddenly, Pledge bursts at Tige’ with a clothesline! Tige’ OVER THE TOP ROPE!

But not to the floor! Tige’ on the apron once more and he desperately races across to the opposite corner! Pledge throws another clothesline at him but Tige’ ducks it and scurries up to the top rope…he jumps off with a double axe handle! But Pledge drives a fist into his gut! Pledge hellbent on getting rid of Tige’ now!

Chemical X, meanwhile, is finally coming around…he looks at the world through hazy eyes but wisely stays down. Adams has Mason in a sleeper hold! Adams with the sleeper hold and Mason fading! Pledge trying to throw Tige’ out but Tige’ clinging to the ropes for dear life! Mason fading, Chemical X down, Bob Osbourne slowly getting to his feet and here comes the next entrant!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!


Terry Richards emerges from behind the curtain to a huge chorus of boos. He walks briskly down to the ring and climbs through the ropes, immediately jumping on Bob Osbourne. Osbourne and Richards tangle and Richards slaps him across the ear! Osbourne backs up and Richards follows him into the corner. Richards now with stiff kicks to the thighs of the Unified champion and Osbourne being assaulted! Meanwhile, Mason has passed out thanks to the sleeper hold and Tige’ has escaped the clutches of Pledge! Tige’ thumbed him in the eye and now he has Pledge down on the mat, and Tige’, still bleeding from his forehead, rains down on Pledge with desperate right hands!

TT: God, who is gonna win this thing?! Every man in the ring wants it so bad and they’re all so close!

BC: There’s only two men left to walk out that curtain, Teddy! Israel Steele and Paul Blair!

Richards whips Osbourne to the opposite corner…Osbourne reverses it…Richards hits the buckle and bounces out, Osbourne with a step up enzugiri and Richards drops to his knees! Osbourne grabs his head and drops him with a modified BADD DREAM! Richards out on the mat and Osbourne up…Osbourne helping Chemical X to his feet and X props himself up in the corner. Tige’ still pounding on Pledge…Osbourne from behind…REAR NAKED CHOKE!

BC: Ahh!

TT: Tige’ is gonna fade real fast! Osbourne squeezing even more blood out of that wound and Tige’ can’t have anything left in the tank! It’s impossible!

Osbourne squeezing with everything he’s got and Chemical X nodding in approval, exhausted. Pledge rolls over to his stomach and puts his head down, trying to recuperate, Mason unconscious on the mat and Adams hurries over to Chemical X. X instinctively drops back to the mat, and Adams unloads on him! Chemical X looking defenseless and Osbourne lets go of Tige’. Tige’ passed out now, bleeding profusely and staining the mat. Osbourne jumps on Adams’ back and has HIM in a sleeper hold now! Adams waving his arms around wildly and Osbourne clinging on…Adams desperately searching for an escape! He runs to the corner and ducks his head… Osbourne’s head is smashed into the turnbuckle! And the hold is released! Adams grabs Osbourne by the tights…and throws him over the top! Osbourne hits the floor!

Eliminated: Bob Osbourne


BC: HA! Keep it going, Brian!

Terry Richards looks on from the mat and sits up, shaking out the cobwebs. Pledge gets to his feet and clubs Brian Adams from behind with a forearm shot! Adams goes down and Pledge over to Chemical X now. X fires a right hand at him out of instinct and it connects…Pledge staggers backwards and bumps into Terry Richards! Richards shoves him back towards Chemical X…X with another right hand! Richards with a SPEAR! And Pledge is down! Terry Richards the only man standing and here comes the next entrant!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!


BC: Hell of a number he drew there!

TT: Number nineteen! And with only one entrant left, we can say Paul Blair got lucky number twenty!

BC: Kiss the hand!

Israel Steele towers out from the back and storms down the aisle, clearly not in such a good mood after losing the Unified Championship match earlier in the night. He steps over the top rope and Richards greets him with a flurry of rapid kicks and punches. None of them seem to faze Steele who grabs Richards by the throat! Richards hopping on both feet and kicking in the air as Steele lifts him up…CHOKESLAM! Richards down and Steele pulls Tige’ up off the mat! Tige’ out on his feet, still passed out from the triangle choke courtesy of Bob Osbourne and the blood loss…Steele heaves him up and Tige’ lands on the top rope! Tige’ straddling the rope and Steele shakes it! Tige’ wide eyed now and Steele trying to shake him off the rope and to the floor! But Richards from behind…LOW BLOW!

BC: So much for that idea, Steele!

Tige’ flops back into the ring and now Adams gets to his feet. Adams pulls Pledge up and whips him to the ropes…back body drop! Pledge in big time pain now as the fatigue begins to set in. Adams pulls him back up and whips him hard into the corner! Pledge hits the buckle chest first and drops to the mat! Meanwhile, Richards attacks his former Horsemen running mate, Chemical X! Richards unloading on his with a barrage of punches and X fighting back! X with a surge of energy fighting back and Richards is caught off guard! X looked dead to rights but now he’s firing on all cylinders! Richards trying to battle with him but X gets the upper hand! X whips him to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! And X drops to one knee, fatigued…Richards down and Adams now with a dropkick to the back of the head on Chemical X!

TT: God, Chemical X was number two, for God’s sake! He’s been in the ring for over forty minutes and just like Tige’, he has nothing left in the tank! And Adams may have just delivered a crippling blow!

BC: Now dump him out!

Adams instead pulls Richards up and knees him in the gut. Richards reeling after the spinebuster and Adams bodyslams him, killing time. The fans begin the countdown for the final entrant!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1!

TT: Here comes BLAIR!

BC: Woo woo! Kiss the hand, Teddy! Kiss…the…hand! Only royalty gets the coveted number twenty draw!

TT: Give me a damn break!

Blair runs to the ring and attacks Adams! Israel Steele gets to his feet and he and Blair double team him! Adams now caught off guard and Steele and Blair work him over! Blair whips him to the ropes…Steele with a big boot! Adams spits high into the air and drops! Tige’ up now and throws a lazy right hand at a fresh Paul Blair…Blair dodges it and jabs back at him! Tige’ throws a lazy left now, and Blair ducks it…and a forearm shot to the chin! Tige’ down! Steele pulls up Chemical X…Blair’s eyes widen and he relishes the fatigued number two draw. Steele holds him back and Blair winds up and fires with a big right hand! X ducks! X ducks! Blair nails Steele! X springs to his feet and clotheslines Blair! And he turns and CLOTHESLINES STEELE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TOO THE FLOOR!

Eliminated: Israel Steele

TT: There goes Israel Steele and Chemical X is on fire!

Jack Mason drags himself over to Tige’, the closest man to him, and pulls him up…Mason whips him to the ropes, Tige’ clearly struggling….and Mason BURSTS out at him with a SPEAR! Tige’ in big time trouble and Mason grabs Terry Richards now! Richards shaking his head frantically, begging him to let go! Mason kicks him in the gut and has him up…BRAINWASHER!

TT: Good God! Mason with that brainbuster finishing move he calls the Brainwasher and Terry Richards is out like a damn light!

Mason pulls him right back up, grinning ear to ear, and chucks him over the top rope and to the floor!

Eliminated: Terry Richards

BC: There goes Richards! Ahh!

Mason has clearly been playing possum for some time now and is a house of fire! Blair now dives at Mason, trying for a Lou Thesz press but Mason catches him in mid air and hotshots him across the top rope! Blair slingshots back and Mason grabs him by the waist…GERMAN SUPLEX! Blair folded up and Pledge to his feet! Pledge and Mason going at it! Pledge and Mason fighting tooth and nail and Tige’ up! Chemical X up! Tige’ and Chemical X, the two men who started this match going at it again! The crowd on its feet and Mason has Blair back up…Mason ready to throw him out but Adams decks Mason from behind and grabs Blair! Adams tosses him out! BLAIR HITS THE FLOOR!

Eliminated: Paul Blair


TT: There he goes, Bobby! No one is kissing the hand tonight, but Blair is kissing concrete!

BC: Shut up! Shut UP you geek!

Mason and Adams now brawling! Tige’ and Chemical X! X whips Tige’ to the ropes…Tige’ on the rebound…he ducks a clothesline and clings to the ropes to stop himself…Chemical X charges at him…Tige’ ducks…and BACK BODY DROPS HIM OUT!

Eliminated: Chemical X


BC: We’re down to the final four!

TT: Tige’, Mason, Pledge, Adams…one of these men is going to Super Card VI for a shot at the coveted CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

Pledge comes in at Tige’ and drives a knee into the gut…he has him up…PLEDGE HAMMER! NO! Tige’ shakes out of it and shoves Pledge from behind into the corner! Pledge on the rebound…Tige’ grabs him back the head and throws him out over the top! No! Pledge lands on the apron…Tige’ charges at him, Pledge ducks and grabs him…Pledge is going to suplex him out of the ring! He has him up….no, Tige’ blocks it! Tige’ has Pledge up now…no! Pledge blocks it! Pledge now with one final surge of energy has Tige’ up! TIGE’ GOES OVER! BUT HE TAKES PLEDGE WITH HIM!

Eliminated: Pledge Allegiance

Eliminated: Tige’



BC: No way!

TT: Tige’ was in there from number one and Pledge from number ten, what a damn showing by both but we are down to Brian Adams and Jack Mason!

Tige’ furiously pounds on Pledge on the outside! He tries to climb back into the ring, refusing to accept his elimination but the referees swarm him! Pledge up and he goes after Tige’! Every official on the floor trying to break it up!

Back in the ring, Adams and Mason brawling it out…Mason whips him to the ropes…Adams clings to the top rope and stops his momentum…Mason charges at him…ADAMS WITH A BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP!




No referee sees the elimination as they are all breaking up Pledge and Tige’! Mason slithers back into the ring and charges at Adams! Adams turns and sees him at the last second…

But it’s too late! Mason clotheslines him over! Adams takes him with him…BOTH MEN FALL TO THE FLOOR! Officials swarming the scene and the bell sounds!



BC: Adams won, right?! He threw Mason out, everyone saw it! You saw it right?

TT: Of course I saw it, we all saw it, but the referees didn’t damn well see it and what’s the ruling here?!

The referees race over to determine what happened and huddle around. Brian Adams screams at them, kicking up a storm around ringside. Jack Mason lies on the floor, recluse, smiling almost maniacally.

After several minutes, one of the referees walks over to the ring announcer and whispers something in his ear. Looking confused, the ring announcer nods and takes the mic.

Ring Announcer: The referees have requested that an instant replay of the final elimination be shown on the video screen…

The crowd boos loudly.

TT: Well ok, this should clear things up…Adams clearly threw Mason out and…oh Lord, that’s not the replay I was thinking of. They’re showing Mason and Adams going out together. If Mason wins this thing Adams is going to explode.

BC: What are you idiots in the truck watching?!

The video replay in super slow motion shows Adams and Mason toppling over the top rope. One angle appears to show Mason hitting the floor first. Another appears to show Adams hitting the floor first. A more conclusive angle shows them hitting the floor at the exact same time.

The referees all watch and then huddle up again. Finally, one referee emerges from the pack and races over to the ring announcer, whispering something else in his ear. The ring announcer’s eyes bulge and he mouths “are you sure?”. The referee nods and the ring announcer takes the mic again.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…upon reviewing the replay, the referees have declared the winner of the 2010 Last Man Standing battle royal…



The crowd boos loudly and Brian Adams loses it, grabbing several referees and whipping them into the ring steps, throwing them into the post, and dropping them with straight right hands. Security swarms the area and holds Adams back. The camera zooms in on Jack Mason, laughing maniacally and raising his arms for the booing crowd. He waves good bye to Brian Adams and runs around the ring with his arms raised like he just won gold at the Olympics.

TT: Give me a damn break! Jack Mason thinks he’s achieved something here…all he’s done is get a tainted co-victory! Brian Adams…well, for once I don’t blame him for his reaction, though he might want to direct his anger at whoever showed that incorrect replay in the first place!

BC: Well it doesn’t matter now, Teddy! Mason and Adams are apparently BOTH going to Super Card VI!

TT: What a travesty! But nonetheless folks, what a matchup that was, and believe it or not…the big one is still to follow! The CWF World Heavyweight Championship is on the line next here…Magnus Thunder defending the title against the incomparable, the controversial “Nitemare” Rob Osbourne!

BC: You all know the story, the backstage animosity, the egos, the tempers flaring…it all boils down to this match!

TT: Indeed it does, and folks…there’s not much more that can be said than that. These two despise one another and right now, it will all be settled in the ring! Let’s get to it!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger…from Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

"All Nightmare long" by Metallica begins playing as the lights in the arena go black. A crack of thunder is heard as a pyrotechnically produced bolt of lightning stikes the stage as the opening guitar riff ends and the drums kick in. As the lyrics of the song begin purple spotlights swirl around the arena followed by a double arc of pyro that shoots out of the floor as "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne steps out onto the stage as the fans errupt and tear the roof off of the building with a mix of cheers and heartfelt boos. Osbourne poses at the top of the ramp as the opening verse ends and the chorus kicks in. He slides beneath the bottom rope and then leaps up onto the farthest turnbuckle and poses as the music fades out.

TT: Rob Osbourne is ready…this is the fight of his life!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds…he is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion….MAGNUS THUNDER!

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder. He strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell. He raises the CWF World Heavyweight high above his head, the volume of the crowd increasing, garbage being flung towards the ring.

TT: This is it, folks! This is for all the marbles! Two of the biggest names in our industry colliding head to head here and now!

BC: I have goose bumps, Teddy!


TT: And here we go!

The crowd gets to their feet with a thunderous roar, cameras flashing and Magnus and Nitemare waste no time! They charge at each other like two raging bulls and clash! Magnus and Osbourne tearing the roof off the Saddledome with a frenzied brawl in the center of the ring! Magnus overpowers him and drives a knee up into his ribs! Osbourne hunches over and Magnus whips him to the ropes…Osbourne ducks a big boot…on the rebound…FLYING FOREARM! And Magnus staggers back but doesn’t fall! Osbourne charges at him again…clothesline! Magnus teetering and tottering but he will not fall! Osbourne once more with a head off steam…


TT: Magnus nearly took his damn head off with a big boot! Can you believe the electricity in this building?!

BC: Of course I can, this I the CWF baby!

Magnus pounds his chest and lets out a loud war cry, which is met with louder boos from the capacity crowd! Magnus pulls Osbourne to his feet and heaves him into the corner! He unloads on the Nitemare with machinegun-like punches…and now he whips him to the opposite corner and charges at him…BODY SPLASH!

NO! Osbourne moves and Magnus gets nothing but turnbuckle! Nitemare to the turnbuckle…and DRIVES a double axehandle down on Magnus! Magnus falls over and hits the mat! Nitemare looking to take advantage now and drops his knee into Magnus’ throat! Magnus gasping for air and Osbourne now lifts up his legs, separates them, and drives his foot down into the lower abdomen! Magnus keels to his side in pain and Osbourne stomps around the ring, his face turning bright red as he taunts the crowd!

TT: The Nitemare has got to do his damage while Magnus Thunder is on the mat! If he can hit a few high impact moves here he can really break this thing wide open!

BC: Easier said than done, Teddy!

Nitemare grabs Magnus’ leg and twists him over to his stomach…Nitemare twists his foot around Thunder’s and drops back with an Indian death lock! And again! And again! Magnus Thunder’s leg contorting awkwardly and Nitemare taking the big man’s size away!

Nitemare now pulls him to his feet…Russian leg sweep! No! Magnus blocks it and Nitemare drops to the mat hard! Magnus limps around the ring trying to walk it off but Nitemare quickly to his feet…chop block! No! Magnus saw it coming and lifts his leg…Nitemare charges through and Magnus grabs him by the hair and lifts him up from behind…and SWINGS him back to the center of the ring!

TT: My God what a monster! Magnus Thunder is a straight up monster and if Nitemare allows him to get any sort of momentum here he’s in big time trouble!

Magnus rips him up to his feet and whips him to the ropes…Osbourne on the rebound…HUGE SPINEBUSTER! Nitemare bounces two feet off the mat on impact and quivers in pain as Magnus slams him down with brute strength! Nitemare in big time pain and Magnus with a cover!




TT: Rob Osbourne will not go down like that but my God, what a spine shattering spinebuster!

BC: Magnus rattled his bones but he’s gonna have to kill him to finish him tonight!

Magnus pulls him back up and whips him hard to the turnbuckle…Nitemare hits chest first and bounces backwards, barely able to keep his balance and gasping for breath. Magnus grabs him from behind…release German suplex and Nitemare sails half way across the ring! Magnus Thunder making him pay the price in the early going and now he pulls Osbourne up and throws him through the ropes and out of the ring!

TT: God, what crass by Magnus Thunder… throwing him out as if to say “this is my ring” and Osbourne tumbles to the floor!

BC: He’s going out after him, Teddy! Ahh!

Magnus Thunder steps over the top rope and hops to the floor, pulling Osbourne to his feet…he whips him into the ring steps! Osbourne bounces off the heavy steel steps and they fall off their base, toppling over! Magnus grabs the relocated steps and heaves them over his head…AND COMES DOWN ON OSBOURNE!

No! Osbourne moves and the steps bounce harmlessly away from him, but Magnus Thunder is close in tow and Osbourne desperately grabs him by the tights and pulls him into the ring post! Magnus’ head bounces off the post and he staggers backwards, dazed…Osbourne with a few stiff shots to the jaw and he has Magnus reeling! He clotheslines him and Magnus topples over onto the announce table! Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane jump out of their seats and get out of the way!

TT: Look out!

BC: AHH! They’re gonna destroy our table!

Osbourne pounds on Magnus Thunder’s head and then looks up at the top rope. He nods, knowing what he has to do and climbs up onto the apron, hoping onto the top rope and twisting in mid-air to face Magnus on the table below! The cameras flash as Osbourne leaps off the turnbuckle and NAILS MAGNUS WITH A FLYING ELBOW THROUGH THE TABLE!



BC: Osbourne and Magnus just turned it into saw dust!

As the table explodes beneath them, Osbourne and Magnus crash to the concrete floor below and both men remain down for a time! The referee being lenient and not counting them out and Osbourne fights back to his feet! Osbourne pulling Magnus out of the wreckage and rolls him back into the ring! Osbourne back to the top rope…he looks down at a helpless Magnus Thunder below…OSBOURNE SAULT! OSBOURNE SAULT AND HE CONNECTS!







BC: Holy crap! If all of that didn’t keep him down, nothing will!

TT: Rob Osbourne can’t believe it and what the hell is this now?!

“"I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Redanka's Kick The Darkness Remix)" by U2 fades into the arena and Tige' comes walking onto the stage with a large 1980's style boom box on his shoulder. He has a huge smile on his face, his forehead bandaged up from the battle royal, and starts to look around with an odd and concerned look on his face.

TT: My God has he gone crazy?!

BC: Well the song says he WILL go crazy if he doesn’t go crazy tonight…

TT: The man was just in a grueling battle royal, drew number one, was busted open for the entire thing and he just bandaged himself up and comes back out ready for a party?

BC: I know, right? He’d fit right in at Auburn University, I hear you can party all night and wake up the next morning like nothing happened!

TT: Well wait a minute…what now?!

Nitemare sits up and looks at Tige’ furiously. Tige’ smiles and waves at him, motioning with his arm for someone to come out. He claps his hands as if he is using a clapper and the lights begin to flash and women begin to pour out onto the stage. Each girl is fit, hot and dressed in glittering boy shorts and matching bra with either the Nitemare’s logos and likeness on them or Magnus Thunder’s. As the music really begins to bump Tige' starts to skip down the aisle to the music with each girl following behind him in a single file line. As the reach the ring they start to circle the ring all dancing and skipping in a circle around the ring continuously.

TT: Are you kidding me? This is a World Championship match, not a disco hall!

BC: Look out!

Magnus Thunder pulls himself to his feet as Nitemare yells at Tige’ over the ropes. Tige’ just waves at him and Magnus decks him from behind! Osbourne slumps into the corner and the lights stop flashing but the music continues! Magnus, struggling and in pain, sits Osbourne on the top rope. Magnus meeting him up top and has him up…BACK DROP OFF THE TOP ROPE! Osbourne lands on the back of his neck and flips backwards.

TT: GOOD LORD! Osbourne feel from the top plus 7’5” to the ring, landing on the back of his neck and that has to be it! That has GOT to be it!

Magnus with a cover!






BC: How the hell did he kick out of THAT?!

TT: Rob Osbourne has the spirit of a champion but Magnus can’t believe it!

Magnus pulls Osbourne to his feet slowly by his hair and whips him to the ropes…Tige’ grabs Osbourne’s leg and trips him up! Osbourne furiously turns to yell at him and Magnus jumps him from behind! No! Osbourne moves and Magnus spins…STEP UP ENZUGIRI! Magnus topples over to the mat and Osbourne points Tige’ out to the referee. Tige’ holds up his arms like he’s done nothing wrong and starts dancing again.

Osbourne turns and pulls Magnus to his feet…and whips him to the corner. Magnus hits the buckle and Osbourne charges in with a spear to the abdomen! Magnus drops to his knees and Osbourne grabs his arms and puts his foot on the back of Magnus’ head…CURB STOMB!


BC: That’ll ring your bell!

Osbourne slapping Magnus in the back of the head now and pulls him back up…Magnus with a wild swing at him…Osbourne ducks…LOW BLOW! Osbourne nails him with a low blow and Tige’ yelling at the referee to ring the bell! The ref tells him to shut up and then admonishes Osbourne. Osbourne holds up his arms and backs off, but quickly pulls Magnus to his feet….BADD DREAM! HE NAILED HIM WITH THE BADD DREAM! A COVER!




TT: HEY! COME ON! COME ON! I’m no Rob Osbourne fan but he may have had the damn match won!

The referee screams at Tige’ on the outside and orders him to the back! Tige’ arguing with him and refusing to go, and the referee backs him up the aisle! Tige’ has the referee’s full attention and Osbourne waving at him to go away…wait a minute…



The crowd erupts as disgruntled former Horsemen, Roland Ulv, hops the guardrail and sneaks up behind Osbourne…he taps him on the shoulder…Osbourne turns around…ROLAND ULV TASERS HIM!


TT: My God! Roland Ulv just tasered Rob Osbourne and Osbourne contorting on the mat!

Roland Ulv sprints out of the ring and through the crowd, leaving Osbourne laying. The camera zooms in on Mark Xamin in a press box, screaming, furious. Stephanie tries to calm him down by Xamin tears his jacket of and slams it down on the floor!

TT: The boss is pissed!

BC: This is crazy! Did Roland Ulv just help the fjord monkey?!

TT: For God’s sake, Roland Ulv is supposed to be banned from the CWF! He shouldn’t even been allowed in the damn building!

BC: Thanks to Rob Osbourne, Teddy! And now Ulv has his revenge!

Both men lie unconscious in the ring as the referee returns, unaware of what happened. He begins to count both men out…








Magnus Thunder sits up and breaks the count, his head swaying. He sees the unconscious Rob Osbourne and wills his way back to his feet. He pulls Osbourne up…and tucks his head between his legs…one powerbomb…two powerbombs…and a sit out powerbomb…THUNDERSTORM!

TT: That’s it! That has got to be it! No man can withstand all of that!

BC: Here we go, Teddy!

TT: Magnus with the cover!






BC: Uh oh…this is not gonna sit well!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and STILL CWF World Heavyweight Champion…MAGNUS THUNDER!

The crowd boos wildly as Magnus Thunder lies on his back clutching the CWF World Heavyweight title, breathing heavily. Suddenly, Roland Ulv’s voice booms through the arena and the camera spots him in section 203, standing at the top of the stairs!

Roland Ulv: What goes around comes around fur sure Nitemare! Yuu were tuu jealous tu let mi yuur old friend bii champ... Well heer is thii payback fur sure! As I sii it there are no Horsemen fur sure animore... Yuu destroyed thii Horsemen thii minute yuu started accusing mii and sending X, Sickboy and Mason after miii...

Suddenly, security swarms him and Mark Xamin stands amongst them. Xamin grabs Roland Ulv’s mic and berates him.

Mark Xamin: Hey YOU! Fur sure! Last month at Night of Champions IV: Season’s Beatings, you LOST to Magnus Thunder in the center of the ring! The stipulation was, you are in forced retirement as a result! That means tonight, you breached your contract, and THAT means you are hereby BANNED from all CWF events and I am levying a fine of $100,000! And if you dare show your face at a CWF event again…you will be placed under arrest! This here, Radiant One…is a restraining order! You come within 100 feet of a CWF building or arena, and you will be spending the night in jail! Now get the HELL out of here!

Roland Ulv is hauled off by security as Xamin seethes, looking down in the ring at what just transpired.

TT: Xamin has laid down the law but I have to wonder…where the hell were the Horsemen for all over that?!

BC: There’s your answer!

The camera cuts backstage just outside the Horsemen locker room. The door bends and slams, someone clearly kicking it from the inside. The camera zooms in on the hinge, where a padlock has been screwed in…a padlock designed to look like the Swedish flag!

TT: My God! Roland Ulv really thought of everything!

BC: There is gonna be hell to pay!

< Cut back to a shot of Tige’, who stands at the top of the ramp laughing and clapping, enjoying every minute of it.

Back in the ring, Rob Osbourne lifts his head up just barely and flips Tige’ the bird. Magnus Thunder rolls out of the ring and staggers up the aisle clutching the World title.

TT: My God what a night! Rob Osbourne is going to be furious when he finds out what the hell just happened!

BC: Xamin is gonna NEED that security team around him after this!

TT: We are all out of time, folks! Thanks for joining us! What a night! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle for “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…so long everyone!

The camera zooms in on a furious, barely conscious Rob Osbourne.

Fade to black.

Until next time…