Last week on CWF Saturday Night Showdown, all hell broke loose. In an impromptu main event, Pledge Allegiance and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, two bitter rivals, were forced to work together in taking on the tandem of CWF World Heavyweight Champion Brian Adams and his partner, The Juggernaut. The implications were astronomical, as all four title match combatants for tonight’s super show were to be in the ring at one time. But what was supposed to be a special attraction tag team match turned into the brawl that reignited it all.

[Clip of Rob Osbourne nailing Juggernaut with the title. Clip of the Pledgehammer through two tables, and a close up shot of Brian Adams buried beneath the wreckage.]

History was made as the first ever CWF Lord of the Ring finalists were decided, as Magnus Thunder defeated Sickboy in a battle of attrition, and advanced to tonight’s event, where he will battle The Raving Lunatic. The winner shall be crowned the CWF’s very first Lord of the Ring!

Plus…Paul Blair will take on Sickboy in a rematch from two weeks ago when Blair was defeated by the emerging superstar. The winner will earn a CWF National Championship match next week on CWF Saturday Night Showdown.

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne will make his first CWF National title defense in a championship bout with the former champion, The Juggernaut, in a rematch from Vendetta one month ago. If The Juggernaut should win the title tonight, The Nitemare will not receive another National title match as long as Juggernaut is the champion. However, should The Nitemare win the match tonight, The Juggernaut must leave the CWF forever! It’s title versus career!

And in the main event, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line over the course of the entire evening, as the champion, “The Flawless One” Brian Adams, defends the championship against Pledge Allegiance in a rematch from the controversial cage match at Vendetta. However, tonight they will wrestle up to three matches. The first will be a standard one fall match. The second, a ladder match. And the third, if necessary, a Last Man Standing, Hell in a Cell match! The first man to win two matches will be declared the winner, and CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

Live, from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada….this is…

We fade in to a sold out MGM Grand Garden Arena, where 18,000 rabid CWF fans have packed the facility to capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp and above the ring. The Night of Champions II set features giant block letters reading “NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS” in black and gold, and surrounding the curtain are two large white pillars made to look like the Roman numeral “II”. The ring features a dark grey canvas, black ropes, and black turnbuckles with the CWF logo on them. The apron has a marble design on it and reads “LORD OF THE RING” in white lettering with red trim.

Standing in a press box high above the ringside area are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Las Vegas, Nevada! Welcome to the MGM Grand Garden Arena! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring! Hello everybody, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…and Bobby, what an absolute blockbuster of a lineup we have tonight!

BC: Two championship matches! Brian Adams versus Pledge Allegiance, one of them will have to beat the other not once but twice! And how about “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defending the title against the Juggernaut…and if the Juggernaut loses, his CWF career is over, Teddy! He’s done!

TT: So much is at stake here tonight, not to mention the finals of the Lord of the Ring tournament take place right here tonight! Magnus Thunder battles The Raving Lunatic and the winner will not only be crowned the first ever CWF Lord of the Ring…he will earn a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at Summer Smash 2009 against the champion, whomever that may be!

BC: It’s gotta be Brian Adams, Teddy! The man has been on a roll since February and there’s just no way he loses twice in one night!

TT: Well the first match is going to be absolutely critical! A straight up one on one contest, and the winner will walk into the second matchup…a ladder match, with the odds in his favor!

BC: No doubt! But let me ask you this, Teddy…has Brian Adams ever showed up to the arena without a plan?

TT: No, he hasn’t.

BC: Well this is undoubtedly the biggest title defense he’s ever had…this could be one of the biggest night’s of his career…Brian Adams has a trick up his sleeve tonight, he has to!

TT: Yeah well don’t discount Pledge Allegiance, a former two time CWF World Heavyweight Champion himself, and a man who feels cheated by what unfolded at Vendetta one month ago. Pledge has the experience advantage, and he damn sure has the motivation because he’s been within an arm’s reach of that title a number of times but has fallen short. Could tonight be his night?

BC: Not a chance in hell!

TT: Well in addition to all of that, Paul Blair will take on Sickboy, and the winner will get a CWF National Championship match next week on Saturday Night Showdown…what a huge opportunity for these guys.

BC: Sickboy has a lot to gain tonight…a run as National Champion can do wonders for your career…

TT: You’re not kidding, take a look at some of the names who have held the National title before and you can see for yourself…Jeff Jericho, Jimmy Blast, Shadow Maxx, Triple X, Andrew Coin, Chemical X, and Paul Blair himself…all of these guys are household names for CWF fans and tonight both Sickboy and Paul Blair will battle for the opportunity to have their names written in the history books with all of those names, and in Blair’s case, for a second time.

BC: Well I have to say, I’m glad we’re way up here in the press box because no way in hell do I want to be at ringside for some of these matches…the risk is just too high that my gorgeous face would be compromised.

TT: For God’s sake…ladies and gentlemen, we are about ready to get underway with the opening match of the evening, and it’s a critical one…Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance in match number one! But first…Dennis Donnelly is standing by with the challenger, Pledge Allegiance!

DD: Thanks Teddy. I'm standing here with Pledge Allegiance who in just a few minutes may very well be our next CWF World Champion. Now Pledge, you've made some claims this week in regards to Brian Adams being a terrorist. It appears that at your recent press conference you unveiled some pretty damaging evidence that links Adams to a Palestinian Terrorist Cell.

Pledge Allegiance: Oh, you mean Ibreham Ahmed as he's known in his circles? Listen Dennis, in just a little bit, Adams' reign of terror over The CWF will be ending. I fully expect the authorities to take him into custody at the conclusion of our match. Once I liberate The CWF World Championship from his evil clutches, I suspect that will be the last we see of Brian Adams.

DD: Do you really believe that Adams is a terrorist?

Pledge Allegiance: It's certainly possible. He has the most foul disposition of anyone I've ever met. He's angry at the world. It's very plausible.

DD: The time for talking's over Pledge. Tonight's the Rematch of the Century: Pledge versus Adams II. Over the course of the night, you'll find yourself in a triple threat match that will rival the brutality of any match we've seen here in The CWF. If you want to become CWF World Champion, you'll need to survive a standard match, a ladder match, and quite possibly, a Last Man Standing, Hell in a Cell match. What's your strategy for tonight?

Pledge Allegiance: My strategy is to get this match over in two falls. But like my theme song says, I am Iron Man. If, by some stretch, it goes to three falls, I'm well equipped to handle it. I will outlast Brian Adams. Every time he knocks me down, I will get right back up. Listen Dennis, he wasn't able to escape the Pledge Hammer last week at Showdown. I'll have more than enough opportunities tonight to turn his lights out again.

It's been a long road to tonight. Along the way I've poisoned Adam' family against him. Tonight, I'll take away the only thing that has any meaning in his life, The CWF World Title. Dennis, I pledge allegiance that the dark days of The CWF are over. The Pledge Allegiance Era starts tonight!

DD: And there you have it, folks! What a match this is going to be! Back to you Teddy!

TT: Alright fans, well like Dennis said, the time for talking is over…let’s head to the ring for match number one of this triple threat title match!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York, New York. Weighing in at 280 pounds….PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge Allegiance comes out, with his legendary manager Don Russo, to a huge pop from the crowd.

TT: It sure is good to see Don Russo back in the CWF Bobby!

BC: It is?

TT: You are encourageable!

Ring Announcer: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 240 pounds.he is the current and reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion. "THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!

"Represent" by (hed) p.e. is blared through the arena PA system as the CWF World Champion walks out from behind the curtain. The crowd erupts in boo's.

TT: Well, the people have said their piece Bobby.

BC: Yeah, and they seem to hate our World Champ Teddy. These people need to respect Brian Adams. They don't have to like him, but they damned well better respect his position at the top of the food chain. Look Teddy, those guys think Adams' is number one!

Several inebriated college students in the front row, bare chested with their faced painted red, white, and blue respectively begin flipping Adams off and toss their beer in his face. Adams licks his lips, pushes his beer soaked hair out of his face and continues his walk to the ring.

BC: Well, I guess they wanted to share their brewskies with the champ Teddy......Adams hands the ref the world title and the bell rings. NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS 2 IN UNDER WAY!

TT: Adams and Pledge tie up in the middle of the ring...test of strength now between Champion and Challenger.

BC: Pledge takes this all day...and Adams goes flying backwards flipping over. How can he be surprised at the power of the former CWF Champion and would be future hall of famer? This is like what, the fifth, sixth time they have been in the ring with each other in the last six months?

TT: That is why this match will be the final one, per Mark Xamin, Bobby.

BC: Adams back on his feet. He ties back up with Pledge, and again he gets tossed on his back.

TT: Adams hops right back up as Pledge jogs in place then drops and does some one-armed pushups, then hops back up and extends his upturned palm towards Adams and motions for him to bring it.

BC: Pledge has taken too many blows to the head Teddy. You just don't taunt Brian Adams. And Adams charges Pledge, who goes for a hip toss, but Adams does a flip and lands behind Pledge and kicks him in the back of the knee and Pledge goes down hard.

TT: Adams kicking the same knee over and over. He does know how to pinpoint an injury and exploit it.

BC: Pledge better guard that knee if he knows what’s good for him...Adams going for a Figure Four to further the damage, but Pledge plants the foot of his good leg squarely on Adams behind and kicks him off. Pledge rolls over and hops up.

TT: Pledge grabs for Adams and grabs a handful of tights, briefly exposing Adams private area!

BC: I hope the kids are in bed Teddy, we just all got an eye full of The Flawless ass. Is he wearing pink bikini underwear?

TT: I wasn't looking old friend....something you need to share Bobby?


TT: Nevermind...Pledge finally grabs Adams and tosses him into the corner turnbuckle. Pledge with a head of steam right on Adams tail....AND HE PANCAKES THE CHAMP IN THE CORNER!

BC: Pledge just flattened Brian Adams in the corner. Look at Pledge, Teddy…he looks like he has snapped. He is stomping a mud hole in Adams and walking it dry. Adams, in a move of desperation reaches out and grabs Pledge by the ankle, wrenching the bigger man to the mat. Adams now trying to work over the knee of Pledge once more.

TT: The champion is locking in an STO....Pledge is writhing in pain Bobby, how much more can he take?

BC: And it's only the first of three matches for these two Teddy....that knee has been twisted, prodded - bent here, bent there, bent almost everywhere. It doesn't matter how much heart and desire the American Icon has, with a bad wheel, that dog just won't hunt.


BC: I SAID...That dog just won't hunt!

TT: I know what you said, what the hell does it mean?

BC: You can't be serious Turnbuckle, do you live under a flippin’ rock? It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book!

TT: What book?

BC: ...................

TT: Adams now draping Pledge’s bad leg on the ropes, Adams off running the opposite way, bounces off the ropes....and he comes crashing down on the leg!

BC: Pledge screams in agony. I think it's time Pledge admit he just doesn't have it anymore Teddy. Adams is putting on a clinic and just embarrassing the man.

TT: For once Bobby Crane, you may be right...I haven't seen anyone take Pledge to task like this since he was a rookie in the MWWF.

BC: Well, everyone has an off night, but this is ridiculous...Adams taunts the crowd, leaning over the ropes yelling obscenities at the college boys that threw the beer at him....wait a damned minute!

TT: Pledge kips up, apparently playing, he is limping, but he is up, the crowd explodes and Adams turns just in time to get a clothesline from hell by the former world champ!

BC: Pledge is on the move! I told you he had this fall in the bag Turnbuckle.

TT: You did now, did you?

BC: I called it before it began Teddy....Pledge pulls Adams up...he signals to Don Russo for the Pledge Hammer. He hoists Adams up into the torture rack, then slams the champ backwards to finish the move!

TT: Cover by Pledge.........1...............................2..................................................3!!!!

BC: Pledge wins round one Teddy, just like I said he would. But the night is far from over.

TT: Indeed, and Pledge has best get to the locker room and ice that knee if he intends to close this one! Pledge takes match number one and now Adams has got to be feeling the heat! He will have to go the distance to retain the title tonight, and he’ll have to do it in two brutal matches…a ladder match, and a last man standing Hell in a Cell match!

BC: But let’s be honest…Pledge Allegiance has no business beating Brian Adams like that!

TT: What are you talking about? Pledge pinned him fair and square but he still has to beat Adams one more time tonight to become the champion! Don’t go anywhere fans, we’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back fans, we are live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring, and we’re just getting started here!

BC: Pledge cheated!

TT: …Pledge did not cheat, he pinned the champion cleanly just before the break and had this been a regular championship match, Pledge Allegiance would be your new CWF World Heavyweight Champion tonight! But this is a best 2 out of 3 situation and later tonight they will battle in a ladder match in the second round of this title fight!

BC: Alright alright, Adams is gonna bounce back and win, you’ll see!

TT: Well that remains to be seen but we are ready for our next match up, as Keith Daniels takes on Jay Matthews…

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making his way here from Venice Beach, California. He stands six feet one inch tall and weighed in this morning at 220 pounds. He is Jay Matthews!

TT: This guy has been a complete disappointment. I'm actually surprised that he's even out here after being dropped on his head last week.

BC: That had to hurt Teddy, even so I'll say it for both of us, I want to see Daniels tear this guy a new one.

'Light It Up' by Rev Theory starts to play. There is no reaction from the crowd as Matthews walks to ringside, his head wrapped up in white bandages. Signs around the arena offer him advice like “Just Quit Now Matthews,” and “Kyle Sync > Jay Matthews.” As he reaches the ring steps he notices one of these, this one simply says “Jay Matthews Sucks!” The sign is being held in the air high above the head of a little kid that could be no more than 5 years old. Matthews grabs at the poster board sign ripping it into 3 pieces and pushing the kid to his butt. The crowd almost comes over the railing after him until "It's All Over" by Three Days Grace begins to play throughout the arena. There are fans here and there that jump to their feet and cheer.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! Measuring 6 feet 10 inches and weighing 324 pounds. From Orlando, Florida... this is KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels steps through the curtain at the top of the ramp and the fans begin to cheer. He is still wearing the long brown coat and detective hat we saw him in earlier this week. In his left hand is a magnifying glass, and in his right is a microphone. In between his lips sits a curved wooden pipe that is smoking away.

TT: What is Daniels doing? He looks like Sherlock Holmes Bobby.

BC: I just want to know what he's got in that pipe Teddy..

Daniels approaches the ring steps holding the magnifying glass to his eye, he is bent down toward the ground as though looking for dropped clues of Jay Matthews existence. Matthews has entered the ring and awaits his opponent as Daniels climbs the ring steps, and makes his way through the ropes. With the magnifying glass still to his eye he approaches Jay. When he reaches him he sweeps his field of view through the glass upward until he is staring down at a now obviously scared Jay Matthews.

Daniels pulls the mic to his lips and speaks.

Keith Daniels: I've found it! I've found the elusive Jay Matthews. It took me a week and a lot of work but finally it's in front of me. Let’s see if it has anything to say for itself...

Daniels holds the microphone out to Matthews. As Jay begins to say something Keith pulls up his right foot kicking him square in the midsection knocking the wind from Matthews. Daniels throws the mic and the magnifying glass along with the hat and long coat. The ref calls for the bell, and we have a fight on our hands.

TT: Keith Daniels wastes no time as he kicks Matthews square in the middle of his face. Blood pours from the nose on Jay's face as he falls to the mat. Jay tries to crawl away from Daniels but it does no good. Daniels stands over Matthews for a second before pulling him back to his feet and throwing him to the ropes. Matthews attempts a clothesline on the rebound but Keith ducks it. Matthews to the other side of the ring and off the ropes. Keith meets him this time with a resounding back body drop, sending Matthews flying 8 feet in the air before he comes down on his shoulder.

BC: Keith is going to make this guy wish he just took that job at Burger King Teddy.

TT: Quit it, Bobby. Keith runs to the ropes. He bounces off in the direction of Jay's prone body. Daniels jumps at the last second coming down on Jay's face with his left knee. Matthews’ body flails as Keith quickly returns to his feet. Daniels pulls Jay to his feet once more and slams him back to the mat with a vicious belly to belly suplex. Matthews is attempting to get away again. He pulls himself toward the ropes, digging his fingernails into the canvas of the mat to do so. Before he is able to reach them Keith grabs him once more.

BC: Daniels should just get this over with now Teddy. It'll give him some more time to smoke what's in that pipe over there.

TT: It's just tobacco, Bobby.

BC: Did Daniels tell you that? I'm sure he'd never lie to the likes of Teddy Turnbuckle. [Bobby laughs as Teddy ignores him and continues to call the match]

TT: Daniels has Matthews on his shoulder now and he's headed toward the turnbuckle. He's hanging Jay up in the tree of woe. Daniels jabs at Jay's face with his right boot. Jay looks unconscious now. Blood drips down the face of Matthews as Daniels walks to the far corner slowly. He looks around at the crowd that is obviously pleased with the brutality in front of them, before sprinting across the ring and landing a dropkick on Jay Matthew's chest. Blood spits from Matthew's mouth and the ref unties his legs sending him flopping to the ring face first.

BC: He's messing up our canvas Teddy. Look at it, it's half red now.

TT: Come on, Bobby… this kid is bleeding out in there. This ref needs to stop the match.

BC: Ya know... Jay Matthews should make that his catch phrase.

TT: Daniels isn't done yet. He's pulling Jay to his feet. Keith pulls him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. He tosses Jay's legs back and comes down with The Final Verdict. Daniels still isn't done. It looks like he wants to send another message. He applies his Danger Lock, but there is no response from Jay. He simply lays there motionless. The ref quickly picks up his hand to check for any type of awareness. Seeing none he speeds up the process, dropping Matthews hand to the mat twice more he signals for the bell, and the medical staff.


BC: Not much of a surprise there. This man should really quit he's going to get himself killed out there one of these days.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen your winner, Keith Daniels. The medical staff is gonna come down here and check on Jay Matthews now. While they do that…let’s talk a bit about our next match up. Paul Blair takes on Sickboy, the winner will be the number one contender for the CWF National Championship, the title match to take place next week on Saturday Night Showdown!

BC: Well this could be the sleeper of the night, Teddy…Blair just hasn’t been the same since he came back from filming the Karate Priest 2…it’s almost as if the movie is so bad it’s transcended into his wrestling…but bottom line, Blair is ripe for the picking tonight and Sickboy has a huge opportunity to cash in!

TT: It could no doubt be a turning point in Sickboy’s career…

BC: Like you said earlier, Teddy…the road to superstardom starts with the National title. Sickboy has a real chance to become something special starting tonight.

TT: It was just two weeks ago that Sickboy defeated Paul Blair on Showdown…will history repeat itself tonight? Let’s get to the ring and find out!

Ring Announcer: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, standing six feet five inches tall, weighing in at 275 lbs.....he is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame...."The Ruler" PAUL BLAIR!

The BlairVision theme hits and the crowd immediately explodes with boos as Blair appears at the entrance way. He shakes his head at the unappreciative crowd and makes his way to the ring.

TT: The Ruler walking confidently to the ring despite his string of recent losses.

BC: See, Teddy Turnbuckle, you ARE biased. Blair hasn't beaten anyone that's been in the business over six weeks recently...

TT: Except you Bobby, except you.

BC: I'm just going to sit back and watch Sickboy do his thing then smart alec!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York, New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

TT: This one isn't just a rematch Bobby, this is for the #1 contendership for the National Title.

BC: That's right Teddy, the winner gets a crack at Rob Osbourne next week on Showdown!

TT: IF Osbourne retains against Jimmy Washington, otherwise the winner of this one takes on The Juggernaut!

BC: Like Osbourne's going to lose...come on Teddy. Give me a bus pass.

TT: Be that as it may, the fans are hyped up for Sickboy a.k.a. Curtis Wilkes - this young man really knows how to get the crowd on his side. Something Paul Blair has never had the privilege of.

BC: That's because Paul Blair is a cheater, a liar, and a thief.

TT: What happened to you just watching Sickboy do his thing?

BC: Listen here T squared, you better check your tone.

TT: I was only fooling with you Bobby, simmer down now. Blair not falling for the quick lock up with Sickboy this week. Blair circles the ring, Sickboy dances along and then shoots in for a single leg takedown, but Blair's size advantage stops the smaller man's attempt with a double axe handle to the back of Wilkes.

BC: Blair with a swift knee to the ribs as he pounds with his fists on Sickboy's back. Oh, somebody get that ref some glasses, Blair just pulled Sickboy up by his friggin' hair Teddy!

TT: Like you haven't done the same Bobby Crane? Blair sends Sickboy into the ropes, running clothesline by The Ruler, and he nearly decapitates Sickboy. Blair taunting the crowd as Sickboy rolls onto his stomach and raises up on his knees, he sprints at Blair as Blair comes full circle....

BC: ...SPEAR BY SICKBOY!!!! Sickboy right back up and on the top turnbuckle...360 splash!

TT: And Sickboy is not satisfied. He rolls out of the ring and pulls a ladder from beneath the ring.

BC: That's the ladder for the second fall of tonight's main event Teddy, what is Wilkes doing?!?

TT: He's gonna fly now Bobby. Sickboy sets the ladder up outside the ring...Blair is barely moving in the center of the ring....Sickboy off the ladder....FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!

BC: NO! Blair rolls out of the way and Wilkes faceplants on the mat!!! Sickboy just cannot nail the frog splash on Blair Teddy, he needs to quit trying!

TT: I may have to agree with you there Bobby, it nearly cost him the match two weeks ago, and quite honestly may have seriously injured the man this go round...

BC: Blair is out of the ring now, breaking the ladder down, he slides it under the ropes and climbs back in. He sets it up square in the center of the ring and pulls Sickboy's limp frame to the corner turnbuckle and props him up....what the hell is Blair doing Teddy?

TT: I have absolutely no clue Bobby. With Blair, your guess is as good as mine...

BC: Well, my first guess would be he's gonna try a Blairkick off the ladder......NO....NO F'ING WAY!

TT: Easy Crane....Blair off the ladder......he's extending the leg, he's doing just that Crane, he's trying a Blairkick off the ladder....and Sickboy slumps unbeknownst to himself into a heap on the mat and Blair's kick goes high and his leg goes just over the ropes and his groin impacts the turnbuckle with maximum velocity!

BC: Well Teddy, you can call him Paula Blair now. That was great!

TT: Sickboy sets the ladder up on the far side of the ring...he pulls Blair to the opposite side...he looks up at the ladder's pinnacle then looks back to Blair, then out at the crowd.

The crowd begins a deep thunderous “JUMP!” chant

BC: Listen to the fans it...he's climbing up....he looks down, then up, then back down and keeps climbing while clutching his ribs...he's hurt Teddy...

TT: And I think it’s about to get a whole lot worse!!! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ACROSS THE ENTIRE RING!


Wicked “HOLY SHIT” chant nearly takes the roof off of the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

TT: But can he cover Blair?!?



BC: He rolls and one arm drapes Blair's heaving chest.....the ref counts it......1..........2.............3!

TT: Sickboy wins! And he will go on to face Rob Osbourne or Jimmy Washington next week on Showdown for the National Title!

BC: If he's out of the hospital by then Teddy. We need a medic down here Xamin... EMT's rush down and tend to Sickboy as Blair regains his composure and stands up. Realizing he has lost the match he dives out of the ring at the EMTs just as they stand up the gurney with Sickboy attached. Blair pushes the gurney up the ramp and onto the stage. He stops at the top and looks to the left where the stage takes an eight foot drop. Paul Blair grins and angles the feet of Sickboy's gurney towards the drop off.

TT: No Paul Blair! Don't do it!

BC: That sore loser...he's toying with Wilkes's career here Teddy!

TT: And Blair shoves the gurney off of the stage, it catches on the edge and the wheel gets stuck, it pops up and catapults Wilkes out of it and into the spot lights....

An enormous explosion takes place and the huge spotlight goes out as Sickboy twitches. Crowd starts back the “HOLY SHIT!” chant. They segue to SICKBOY! SICKBOY! SICKBOY! As medical personnel attend the number one contender for the National Title.

TT: Oh God…oh God, Sickboy could be seriously injured…

BC: Could be?! After that it’s a damn guarantee he’s injured!

TT: Folks…we’ll be right back and…and we’ve got real trouble here.

TT: Welcome back fans and…that was quite a scene. Paul Blair with an absolutely heinous act, throwing the victorious Sickboy off the ramp and into a lighting rig, while Sickboy was attached to a gurney! Sickboy may have earned the right to face the National Champion next week, but will he even make it to Showdown? And if so, what kind of condition will he be in?

BC: Well, that’s Blair for you…good for nothing evil tricks, and you almost can’t be surprised that he’d pull a stunt like this…

TT: Nonetheless, Sickboy has been taken to a nearby medical facility…if we get an update we will inform you immediately. But now…it’s time for round number two! The ladder match! And Bobby…should Pledge win this, the third match will not even happen, and he will be the new CWF World Heavyweight Champion! Adams can’t run, he can’t hide…he has got to face this situation head on and pull a rabbit out of his hat because if he doesn’t, his title reign will be history!

BC: Yeah well…shut up then and let’s get this over with, the anticipation is killin’ me!

TT: Let’s get to the ring for match number two of this best of three main event!

A ladder is set up outside the ring as the ring announcer gets set to introduce the two combatants.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a ladder match!...

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: …and is round two of the CWF World Heavyweight Championship match! This match is led 1-0 in favor of Pledge Allegiance…therefore, should Pledge Allegiance win this match, he will be crowned the winner, and new CWF World Heavyweight Champion! However, should Brian Adams win this match, later this evening the third and final contest will take place inside Hell in a Cell in a last man standing match!

The crowd cheers.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first…from New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds…being led to the ring by his manager, Don Russo! PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and the crowd roars as Pledge Allegiance limps out from behind the curtain, followed by Don Russo, who “presents” Pledge to the crowd with a gesture of the hands. He carries a cane in his left hand. Pledge is still obviously feeling the effects of the first match from earlier in the night, as he walks with a distinct limp, likely the result of Adams’ attack on his knee. He slaps hands with a few fans on his way down the aisle, and then climbs into the ring. Russo takes his place in Pledge’s corner.

BC: See, Teddy…Pledge may have won the first battle, but he didn’t win the war! And Adams has set the stage to not only beat Pledge tonight, but seriously injure him! Pledge hobbled like a senior citizen down to the ring! Ha!

TT: Yeah well Brian Adams focused most of his attention on injuring Pledge’s knee earlier tonight and it could pay dividends here, but Pledge has overcome adversity before and don’t forget, he BEAT Brian Adams bad knee and all a little over an hour ago!

BC: But he didn’t have to climb a ladder!

TT: That may be true but again…the will and tenacity of Pledge Allegiance is a bigger factor than a damaged knee. And knowing this could be his last chance to become champion for as long as Brian Adams holds the title will be all the motivation Pledge needs to block any injury out!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! Weighing in at 240 pounds…from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…he is the reigning and defending CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

The crowd immediately erupts into boos as Brian Adams steps out from behind the curtain, an angry scowl on his face, clearly upset about dropping the first match. The CWF World Heavyweight Championship belt drags behind him on the ground as he storms to the ring at a quick pace, steps between the ropes, and immediately takes a swing at Pledge Allegiance with the title! But Pledge ducks and spins around…a clotheslines Adams over the top rope! Adams, in a blur of hair and gnashing teeth, throws a fit on the outside of the ring. He turns around…and Don Russo bops him on the head with his cane! Adams, caught by surprise, spins as the cane hits him and bangs his own head into the ring post!


TT: Don Russo making his presence felt here and that entrance did not go as planned for the champion! It’s clear that Pledge is carrying the momentum into this match and here we go, the ref is calling for the bell!


The ref takes the CWF World Heavyweight Championship and hooks it onto a latch hanging from the ceiling. It then raises high above the ring for one of the two combatants to retrieve.

BC: Don Russo should be barred from ringside! This isn’t fair to Adams!

TT: He’s a licensed manager, Bobby!

Adams crawls around the ringside area and finally pulls himself back up using the apron as support. Pledge runs to the ropes and comes at him with a baseball slide! Adams flies back and smashed into the steel guardrail! Pledge now on the outside and he grabs Adams and throws him into the ring steps! Adams has the wind knocked out of him and Pledge pulls him up by the hair and throws him back into the ring. The crowd is on their feet as Pledge grabs the ladder and slides it under the bottom rope. Adams, partly out of instinct but mostly out of desperation, sees an opportunity and blocks out the pain, quickly getting to his feet and performing a baseball slide of his own into the steel ladder, sending it back under the bottom rope and directly into Pledge’s face! Adams stays on the mat, still reeling from the attack on the outside.

TT: Both of these guys have come to take care of business tonight and Pledge has sent a message to Adams here…he is not going to concede this match! Pledge could win the title in this match right here…he could sweep Brian Adams tonight 2-0!

BC: Except Brian Adams just sent Pledge Allegiance a message of his own…and that message was “have fun at the dentist tomorrow, moron!”…Pledge must have lost at least three or four teeth after that ladder to the chiclets!

Don Russo checks on Pledge, who slowly gets to his feet. Back in the ring, Adams has pulled himself back up as well and runs to the ropes…Pledge sees it and grabs the ladder…Adams dives through the ropes with a suicide dive! But Pledge stops him in mid air, using the ladder as a shield and Adams bounces off the ladder and hits the floor with a thud! Pledge quickly slides the ladder in the ring and follows in after it, and then quickly sets it up in the middle of the ring and begins climbing!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Pledge is gonna win the title here in two straight matches!

Adams quickly gets to his feet and slides under the bottom rope…but Don Russo grabs his foot and Adams can’t shake him off! Pledge reaching for the title! Adams trying to get Russo off of him desperately! Pledge has hold of the title and trying to unlatch it…Adams escapes Russo and kicks the ladder out from under Pledge! Pledge hanging by the title belt high above the ring! The crowd on their feet, flashes going off everywhere!


BC: Oh my God!

TT: That title could unlatch itself at any given moment and Pledge is trying to pull it loose! We could have a new champion here!

Adams jumps up, trying to grab Pledge’s foot, but Pledge lifts them up and Adams can’t reach. Adams setting up the ladder…Pledge pulling on the title belt with everything he’s got! The camera zooms in on the title and we can see that it is literally one link that is preventing the belt to fall. Adams climbing the ladder…and he lunges at Pledge….SPEAR! ADAMS SPEARS PLEDGE IN MID AIR AND THEY BOTH CRASH TO THE MAT!



The crowd is on their feet in appreciation for the bump and yet another “holy shit!” chant rains down.

TT: Pledge Allegiance and Brian Adams have got to be broken in half and my God, one of them still has to climb a ladder to grab that title!

Pledge lies on the mat in a twisted heap. Adams appears to have been hurt from the fall as well, his hip seemingly causing him problems as he tries to pull himself up but to no avail. Don Russo begins to slam his fist into the mat, attempting to rally the crowd behind Pledge. They do, stomping their feet into the bleachers and clapping their hands in sequence. Adams gets to his feet though, and the rally cry stops…but Adams immediately drops back to one knee, his hip now very obviously in bad shape. He crawls over to the ladder and slowly begins to scale it, one painstaking step at a time, using nothing but upper body strength to pull himself up.

BC: Come on, Brian!

TT: Adams in a great deal of pain here and he is scratching and clawing his way up the ladder! He knows he can’t lose this match…he has no choice but to win this or he will no longer be the champion!

As Teddy says that, Adams’ foot slips and he slides back to the bottom of the ladder. He slams his fist into the mat, perhaps realizing he can’t climb. Pledge begins to stir and groggily lifts his head up off the mat. Russo frantically points Adams out to Pledge, making him aware of his injury. Pledge slowly to his feet and he stumbles his way over to Adams…Adams backs himself up into the corner and Pledge pulls him up by the hair…Adams barely able to stand and Pledge drives a fist into his hip! Adams’ knee buckles upon impact, but Pledge forces him back to his feet…and he scoops Adams up…backbreaker! And Pledge twists Adams so that his hip takes the brunt of the impact! Adams rolling on the mat in considerable pain and Pledge stomps him ruthlessly on his injured hip.

TT: The high risk maneuver by Brian Adams may have prevented Pledge Allegiance from becoming the champion but Adams has paid the price for it, he is even more injured than Pledge at this point!

BC: Come on, Brian! If you’ve got a trick up your sleeve, now’s the time!

Pledge limps over to the ladder and slowly begins his climb. Adams tries to pull himself towards it but he can’t muster up the strength. With Pledge about half way up the ladder, Adams frantically begins gesturing towards the back.

TT: What the hell is he doing? Pledge is about to become the champion!

BC: Oh God…come on Brian! Get him!

As Pledge nears the top of the ladder, Keith Daniels runs out from the back to the disdain of the crowd.

TT: What the hell is going on?! Keith Daniels is out here!

BC: Thank God! Thank God Daniels is here, we needed a hero!

TT: Oh shut up!

Daniels slides into the ring and climbs the other side of the ladder, meeting Pledge at the top…and he and Pledge start throwing punches at the top of the ladder! Adams looking on from the mat anxiously…if Pledge knocks Daniels off he’ll surely be the new champion! Pledge and Daniels going at it and wait a minute… “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne is coming to ringside!


BC: YES! More bad news for Pledge! Ha!

Daniels knocks Pledge off the ladder, and Pledge falls to the mat but manages to break his fall somewhat, lessening the impact. Rob Osbourne in the ring though and he looks down at Pledge! Pledge gnashing his teeth in a rage but wait a minute…Osbourne turns around…BADD DREAM ON DANIELS!


TT: What on earth?! Rob Osbourne has come to the aid of Pledge Allegiance and that has to be the most unlikely scenario I could have imagined!

Pledge looks at Osbourne in disbelief. Osbourne ignores him and throws Daniels out of the ring. Brian Adams looks furious and pulls himself to his feet, hobbling towards Pledge, barely able to stand…he pulls Pledge up…Pledge barely able to put any weight on his damaged knee, apparently the harmless looking fall from the ladder courtesy of Keith Daniels did more damage than it appeared…Adams shoves him into the corner and unloads on him with fists of fury! On the outside, Don Russo is screaming at Osbourne and Daniels to get the hell out…Adams sees it and hobbles over to the other side of the ring and screams at all three of them to leave. Daniels slowly regaining consciousness and he’s up and tackles Nitemare! Daniels and Nitemare going at it on the outside and Russo trying to take a shot at them with his cane! He rears back…wait a minute…Adams reaches over the ropes and grabs the cane! Russo can’t believe it…Pledge from behind…Adams turns around and NAILS Pledge between the eyes with the cane! The cane snaps in half and Pledge drops to the mat unconscious.

TT: My God! Adams nearly took Pledge’s head off with that cane shot and there is complete chaos at ringside!

BC: Forget about it, Brian! Just climb the ladder!

Adams drops to his knees and begins crawling slowly towards the ladder but he can’t pull himself up the rungs, his hip severely injured. Daniels and Nitemare continue to brawl on the outside.

TT: Adams can’t climb the ladder…Pledge can’t climb the ladder! How are we ever gonna have a winner in this one?!

BC: Tie goes to the champ! Remember Vendetta?

TT: Don’t go there, there’s no way that will happen again!

Adams slams his fist into the mat in frustration and looks over at Pledge. Pledge is still lifeless from the cane shot. On the outside, Nitemare shoves Daniels into the ring steps. Suddenly, a man in a black ski mask hops over the guardrail. He grabs a steel chair and nails Osbourne in the back with it!

TT: What the hell…who is that?!

BC: Ha! It’s the angel of justice, Teddy!

The masked man helps Daniels to his feet and Daniels nods at him and climbs into the ring. He walks over to Brian Adams and helps him up…Adams climbs the ladder as far as he can and then Daniels hoists him onto his shoulder and walks up the ladder with Adams on his back!



They reach the top and Adams snatches the belt. The crowd explodes into boos.


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… BRIAN ADAMS!

TT: Brian Adams has stolen match number two and good God, how on earth are they gonna come back and wrestle the most brutal match of the entire series, the Last Man Standing Hell in a Cell match?! This is a damn crime and who the hell is that man in the mask?!

BC: I have no idea but whoever he is, he’s my new hero! Woo!

TT: Pledge Allegiance has been robbed of the title! But he will have another chance to put a stop to this…this “Flawless Era”…this is a damn crime!

BC: I love it!

TT: Don’t go anywhere fans…we’ll be right back with the Lord of the Ring finals!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Night of Champions II, fans…what a night it’s been so far! And things are about to get even hotter…up next we will crown our first ever CWF Lord of the Ring, in what will become the CWF’s newest annual tradition! Let’s take a look at how we got here…

Cut to video clips of the past few weeks…

First is a clip of The Raving Lunatic defeating Alex Reuttiger....

Second is a clip of The Raving Lunatic showing up with Khrist after the brutal beating Khrist took form Drastic the week before and defeating Khrist as well.

A dramatic song plays as the clips switch to Magnus Thunder.

The first clip of Magnus is of him in the ring with Drastic putting up a good fight with a man in handcuffs. The New Church interferes and Drastic capitalizes and gets the win.

Second clip shows Magnus and Drastic making an alliance, Drastic joining The Omega.

Third clip is Magnus losing a title shot against Adams....

Fourth clip is of Drastic beating Sickboy....

Fifth Clip goes to Chris Osbourne coming out along with some suits having Drastic taken away. Drastic being his son. One Bryan Joseph Osbourne.

Then a clip of Mark Xamin announcing that Sickboy and Magnus both getting another chance to go to the finals of the Lord of the Ring championship finals.

The final clip of Magnus having his hand raised in victory over Sickboy....

The video is cut off as "Enter Sandman" by "Metallica" begins to play as "Daydreamer" Chris Osbourne appears at the stage with mic in hand.

TT: What the hell is this now?

Chris Osbourne: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to make this clear. This match is only happening tonight because my son. Your Sadistic hero..... Drastic.... cannot be here.

The crowd boos loudly.

Chris Osbourne: Yea yea.... Well I've been silent for a while and I need you to know he wasn't well. He was very sick and he needed help. BUT! ROB! It was not your place to open your fat head of a mouth and I hope you get ripped apart by Washington tonight, because for some reason should you win. I will ... and mark my words... make your life a living hell... I will find a way. With that said. I move on. This match is only taking place because my boy can't be here. He beat Magnus... and for some reason joined sides with him. Maybe because he felt bad for Magnus.... I don't know... He also beat Sickboy.... That isn't saying much... and... I'm pretty sure he would have beaten Lunatic too. So I feel I need to apologize for what I did. I ruined what had potential to be the best match at Night of Champions 2.... and that I will make it up to you....I promise.

Chris' phone rings loudly as it is heard through the microphone. He reaches into the pocket of his suit and pulls out a phone. A voice is heard.

Voice: Chris... Mr. Osbourne, sir. He escaped.... again…

Chris Osbourne: GOOD GOD! You guys can't do anything right.

Chris drops the mic and heads to the backstage disappearing.

BC: What ... in the blue hell... was that all about ... ?

TT: Beats me....

BC: Yea... and so much more...

TT: Excuse me?

BC: Nothing, Teddy. But...

The lights dim and the jumbo tron sparks to life with a shine. 'Calling Doctor Love' by Kiss begins to play on the loudspeaker and the Las Vegas crowd erupts. Dr James Picard pushes past the curtain and makes a b-line for the ring. He has his blue tooth in his ear and a microphone in hand. The Raving Lunatic is nowhere to be seen while the doctor climbs into the ring. He asks for quiet and the crowd responds in kind. Picard raises the microphone to his lips and speaks.

Picard: Mark Xamin, I have something to say. You have charged me with the mental and physical well being of the man known as The Raving Lunatic. With this man’s care charged to me I must make myself heard on one issue before the start of this match. I have been watching film of one of your most valued superstars here in the CWF over the last week, and after thorough evaluation of this man’s daily behavior I have come to the conclusion that Magnus Thunder.... [The crowd rains down a hailstorm of cheers at the mentioning of Thunder’s name. ] ...people please.. Magnus Thunder is a sick, sick man.

Some of the fans laugh, the others boo the doctor as he speaks.

Picard: The man is completely delusional and what's worse you are fully prepared to let him come to ringside tonight, as he has many nights in the past, carrying a weapon that seems more fit for a Viking than a wrestling ring. That hammer of his is a deadly weapon, Xamin, so classified by Nevada state law. You have given Magnus chance upon chance. For once, do something because it is the right thing to do, and not because it is what you want to do Xamin. Take that damned hammer out of his hands and even this fight out. It's only proper.

The crowd is standing on its feet booing Picard. They stomp their feet and the arena resonates with the sound of it. Ironically it sounds somewhat like thunder.

Picard: Without any further ado... Your hometown hero, He is 6'2” tall and weighed in this morning at 270 pounds. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome THE RAVING LUNATIC!

The Raving Lunatic runs from the crowd barking and biting at people as he rushes through the stands. He leaps over the barricade wall and slides into the ring. He snaps his head around looking paranoid and sits down in a corner rubbing his hand over his head where is missing a large chunk of hair.

Ring Announcer: AND HIS OPPONENT a former CWF Tag Team champion, from Jotunheim, Norway… standing seven feet five inches tall and weighing in at five hundred pounds MAGNUS THUNDER!

“Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails explodes through the arena as the lights drop and Magnus Thunder appears at the base of the ramp. He bows his head low, then hoists Stormbringer into the air as pyro ignites all around him as the crowd erupts. The music is interrupted as CWF CEO Mark Xamin and his enforcer, Kodiak Winters, walk out to the bottom of the ramp in front of Magnus.

Mark Xamin: Magnus, old friend…I’m afraid he’s right. I'm afraid tonight is too important. I can't just let you walk to the ring with that massive hammer in hand tonight. You’re going to have to hand it over.

TT: You hear that Bobby? Xamin is gonna try and make Magnus cough up Stormbringer!

BC: Do I look deaf to you?

TT: How does deaf look Bobby?

BC: your standards, like me...

Magnus reaches to Stormbringer with an angry look on his face. Winters steps infront of Mark pushing him aside. Magnus lowers his head and hands the mace over to Winters.

Mark Xamin: You've made a good choice tonight, Magnus. Good luck.

Magnus Thunder turns to the ring without Stormbringer. He walks slowly to the ring and points at The Lunatic who is still sitting in the corner. Magnus pulls himself up onto the apron and pulls one leg over the rope and then the other. Both men move to the middle of the ring and stare deeply at each other for a brief moment.




Lunatic lunges at Magnus tossing punches that seemingly are bouncing off of Magnus. Magnus reaches out to grab ahold of Lunatic but Lunatic spins away and heads to the ropes. Lunatic bounces off running back at Magnus and aims for a diving shoulder plunge. He connects with Magnus and Magnus budges a bit and stumbles backwards. Lunatic hits the mat and Magnus stands there looking at him. Lunatic looks up to see Magnus still standing and then enough to see the enormous boot of Magnus crush his face.

BC: Ouch! That has to feel like a cement block.

Magnus reaches down and pulls Lunatic to his feet. He whips Lunatic to the ropes and follows with a charge. He lands a knee lift to the chest of Lunatic.

TT: I'm thinking they should make a new kind of diesel truck named after this guy...


Magnus walks to the center of the ring as Lunatic slouches to the mat in the corner. Lunatic shaking it off as Magnus runs to the corner attempting a boot to the face. Lunatic sprawls himself out under the boot of Magnus and catches the leg; Magnus is balancing himself with a foot. Magnus falls to the mat back first. Lunatic out of nowhere kips up and jumps into the air dropping a knee to the back of Magnus sending Magnus now completely to the mat. Lunatic quickly runs to the corner and leaps to the top rope and then jumps off dropping both knees into the small of Magnus' back.

TT: Lunatic has the upper hand so quickly.

BC: The CWF stars are so unpredictable these days...

TT: I agree, and Lunatic one of the more unpredictable at that...

BC: Yeah, I mean…at any point this guy could drop his pants and take a dump on Magnus and no one would see it coming...

TT: Uh…right.

Lunatic on the back of Magnus driving both knees into his back while pulling on his chin. The ref checks Magnus to see if Magnus will give. No such luck for Lunatic. Magnus reaches for the rope and rolls over. Lunatic jumps to his feet and backs up. Lunatic waits for Magnus to attempt to stand and he rushes over to Magnus and grabs him in a tight front headlock. DDT!



TT: Lunatic is going for the cover!

The ref counts.









Magnus kicks out and pushes Lunatic off of him. Lunatic again gets back to his feet before Magnus. And once again awaits Magnus to stand. Lunatic runs off the rope and catches Magnus with a dropkick to the face. Magnus lip bursts open with that hard hit and blood sprays across the ring.

BC: Oh.. I think I'm going to vomit.

TT: All the blood you've seen over the years and that makes you want to vomit...

BC: No...that god awful smell coming from your direction is making me want to vomit...

Lunatic stands after the dropkick and struggles to drag Magnus to the center of the ring and rolls him over. He stomps a few times on the chest of Magnus then turns to the corner once more. He leaps off with a frog splash landing it on Magnus and once again goes for the cover as the ref counts.









BC: It should be over!


BC: ....It should be over...

Lunatic looks at the ref in disbelief and begins to shout and yell. He pushes the ref and the ref pushes back. Lunatic getting angry raises a fist at the ref and the ref gives Lunatic an angry look. Lunatic stops and turns to the still down Magnus and walks over to him. Lunatic turns to the rope and lands a leg drop to the throat of Magnus. Magnus unresponsive. The ref checks...he raises Magnus' arm once... twice.... MAGNUS KEEPS his arm up. Lunatic angry still stands up and turns his back to Magnus. Lunatic rubbing his head still.


TT: Lunatic doesn't even see him.

BC: How is that possible? He is

Magnus reaches out to Lunatic and grabs him from behind…INVERTED DDT! Lunatic in a world of hurt now and Magnus quickly pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! Lunatic has all the wind knocked out of him and the powerful Magnus Thunder is in complete control of the match! Lunatic trying to get himself back to his feet…Magnus helps him up and whips him to the ropes…POWERSLAM! Lunatic feeling the power of the huge Norseman and Magnus lets out a roar to the cheers of the crowd.

TT: Magnus Thunder summoning Mjollnir’s Fury and he is striking down upon The Raving Lunatic with Odin’s wrath!

BC: What?

Lunatic won’t stay down though and slowly gets back to his feet…Magnus whips him to the ropes…Lunatic ducks a clothesline and comes back at Magnus with a shining wizard! As Magnus stagger backwards and crashes to the mat, he bumps into the referee who is knocked out cold upon impact.

TT: I think.... the ref is dead..

BC: Lunatic got up!

TT: I believe Lunatic calls that... SHUT UP!

BC: And that Magnus did.

TT: Wait! You see that? Who is that?

BC: It’s ... it’s Drastic...ahh!


Drastic runs from the crowd and jumps the railing. He slides into the ring looking down at Magnus laying on the ref and Lunatic just standing there. Drastic reaches into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out a large patch of hair. He hands it to Lunatic and Lunatic looks happy. He places the patch of hair onto his head. Drastic looking over his shoulder once more turns back to Lunatic. Drastic kicks Lunatic in the gut.. BADD DREAM!! BADD DREAM!


TT: He is part of the Omega, isn't he?

BC: What... the...

Chris Osbourne along with Tim and Tom rush from the back stage along with 2 men in white coats. Drastic turns and runs throw the crowd and the men chase after him.

TT: What the hell going on here?!

Magnus is moving. The ref is moving. Magnus pulls himself up and the pulls the ref up trying to apologize. Magnus’ face is bleeding and he notices Lunatic is down. Magnus now confused looks for Stormbringer, forgetting it isn’t there. He shrugs it off and pulls Lunatic to his feet. ONE POWER BOMB!! TWO POWERBOMBS! SITOUT POWERBOMB!



The ref counts…











Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and LORD OF THE RING!... MAGNUS THUNDER!

TT: He did it! Magnus Thunder is the Lord of the Ring!

BC: No! How the hell can this happen?! Magnus is going to Summer Smash to face the champion and it’s not fair!

TT: Drastic showed up to the finals after all and helped his friend Magnus Thunder win the biggest singles accolade in his career and I don’t think Magnus has a clue what happened!

Dr. Picard gets in the ring and screams at the official. Magnus Thunder sees him and stalks over him.

TT: Oh good heavens! Magnus has cornered Picard! The Lunatic's back is turned!


TT: I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Picard has been knocked into next year! HERE COMES THE LUNATIC!

The Lunatic unleashes a savagery unlike we've ever seen! Magnus is dazed and stumbling backwards!

BC: Lunatic just toppled Thunder against the ropes! A flurry of frenzied rights and lefts! WAIT! Magnus just stands there unfazed! Boot to the stomach! THUNDERSTORM!

TT: WHAT AN IMPACT! THE RING SHOOK! MY GOODNESS!!! The crowd is absolutely berserk! Their hero is back!

Magnus celebrates in the ring and Mark Xamin emerges from the curtain, walking down the aisle with a small marble box in his hand. Kodiak Winters follows behind him carrying a purple robe and Stormbringer. They enter the ring. Xamin grabs a mic.

Mark Xamin: Magnus Thunder…old friend…it’s been a long time coming. You’ve been in the CWF since 1998 and amazingly, singles crowns have eluded you. You are without question the most dominant, powerful man this organization has ever seen…and it is my great honor to award you this robe….Kodiak?

Magnus Thunder hangs his head, as if humbled, as Kodiak Winters drapes the purple robe around him. Magnus bellows out to the crowd, who roars in approval.

Mark Xamin: But that’s not all, Magnus…this here is the ring, which you can wear proudly for the next 12 months, until the next Lord of the Ring is crowned.

Xamin pops open the marble box to reveal a gold gem encrusted ring, befitting for a king. The black jewel in the center of it sparkles in the lights. Magnus takes the ring from its box and slides it onto his finger, holding up his hand for the world to see. The crowd again roars in approval.

Mark Xamin: And Magnus….on June 27th, the CWF will be live from the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii! On that night, it will be the hottest pay-per-view of the summer…Summer Smash 2009! And on that night…you, Magnus Thunder…will headline the main event. You will take on the CWF World Heavyweight Champion for another shot at the title that has eluded you for your entire career…you’ve earned it Magnus…there are golden skies in your future, it’s up to you to seize the chance. Oh, and one other thing…missing something?

Xamin picks up Stormbringer and hands it over to Magnus. It looks remarkably heavy in Xamin’s hands and yet not quite so heavy at all in Magnus Thunder’s. Thunder raises Stormhammer high into the air, the sound of thunder rumbling through the arena as he does. He looks like royalty in his purple robe and glistening black diamond ring.

TT: What a moment for Magnus Thunder! And what an effort from the Raving Lunatic who in the end was screwed by Drastic!

BC: And Magnus has another title shot! Xamin says there’s golden skies in Magnus’ future? More like golden arches! Piss on this whole tournament!

TT: Golden arches? You’re gonna take him to McDonalds?

BC: …you’re a McIdiot, Teddy.

TT: Alright fans…we’ll be right back with the National title match! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Alright fans, welcome back…we have our National Championship match coming up next, but first…I understand Mark Xamin is standing by backstage with an announcement…Mark?

Mark Xamin appears on the big screen, standing in front of a Night of Champions II backdrop.

Mark Xamin: Thank you, Teddy. Due to the nature of the ladder match held earlier tonight between Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance, I have had to review the third and final match. Outside interference played a huge role in the ladder match and for the final match, it will not happen again. Even though the match is being held inside a cell, I am taking no chances. There will be a special enforcer standing outside the cell to ensure nobody gets in or out of that cell.

TT: Any clue as to who that enforcer will be?

Mark Xamin: Well Teddy, when there’s gold on the line, there’s really only one man for the job…there is only one man in this industry who can handle the pressure that comes with this type of assignment…and you will find out who that is later tonight.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well this could get interesting…who does Xamin have in mind to be the special enforcer?

BC: I have no idea but I don’t think my heart can handle the main event!

TT: In any event, this next match is for the CWF National Championship. The challenger is the former champion. He has put his very career on the line - if he does not win this match, he is out of the CWF!

BC: But if he somehow beats Osbourne then Osbourne does not get a rematch. Like he'll need it. Oh look Teddy, what have we here?

Just then the crowd seems distracted and turn the direction Bobby Crane pointed to see the same young man from May 2nd's Showdown and Osbourne victory celebration, clad in an orange hoody with the hood pulled up and baggy jeans with Doc Martins. He is escorted down to the front row on the far side of the ring and shows the Event Staff his ticket and plops down in the seat and props his feet up on the railing and buys a bag of popcorn from a vendor.

TT: Who is the world is that Bobby Crane?

BC: (grinning) How should I know Turnbuckle?

TT: You know something Bobby Crane, spill it.

BC: Not my place Teddy. Just keep your eyes on that kid.

TT: Well, this is going to be very interesting indeed.

BC: It's show time Teddy....I mean this is it Turnbuckle. It's put up or shut up for this kid Washington here tonight.

TT: Right you are Bobby Crane. It was Night of Champions: The Ides of March back on March 7th, 2009 when The Juggernaut debuted in the CWF as the protégé of “Chemical X” Gary Scarletti…

Cut to a clip from Night of Champions I: The Ides of March.


The scene with Paul Blair's locker room. Paul Blair walks into his locker room and sitting in a steel chair with a huge grin on his face is former CWF star Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti, wearing a contemporary black three buttoned suit.

PAUL BLAIR: What are you doing here, X?

CHEMICAL X: Oh come on Blair, is that any way to treat and old friend?

PAUL BLAIR: Old friend? You're one of the sneakiest bastards I know.

CHEMICAL X: Yes I was, remember the time I drove into your mansion with a Humvee, or there was the time I kidnapped Robin Cradle, ooh... ooh and then there was the time...

PAUL BLAIR: Thanks for the trip down memory lane X but what's the point? I have a match later tonight.

CHEMICAL X: Ahh, those were the good old days... I'm not here to do anything more than observe. I have no tricks up my sleeve for you. You wanna know why am I in your locker room? It's because I have someone for you to meet.

Smash! Almost before X could finish the word 'meet' The Juggernaut smashes through the door in his full wrestling attire.

THE JUGGERNAUT: Yeah, it’s The Juggernaut, bitch!


TT: But also that very same night the CWF saw the return of a legend of the wrestling business "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne...


REPORTER: Rob Osbourne, Rob Osbourne....can you confirm that you have indeed signed a contract with the CWF?

NRO: What's your name son?


NRO: Well, Bobby...there comes a time in every man's life when he gets up at 1:30 in the afternoon, feels the 9:35 p.m. shadow of his face that isn't covered in man fur and takes a long look in the mirror as he takes the sickest bong hit imaginable and as he exhales, coughing ever so slowly he looks into the mirror and sees this beast of a man. this shadow of his former self....and when this happens...

Osbourne is moving his hands as he speaks, as if showing this giant fictional abyss from his mind's eye as the reporter pulls the mic back to himself and begins to speak.

REPORTER: Sir, with all due respect, is that a yes?

NRO: Hmmmm.....I believe the answer is...

Osbourne swiftly kicks the kid in the stomach and grabs his head and swings into the depths of his armpit and drops the defenseless young reporter to the hard concrete floor with a sickening Badd Dream - Osbourne's trademark inverted DDT. Upon impact the man's skull cracks with a sickening thud and blood pours from his face as he struggles to maintain consciousness.

NRO: Yes you silly little sonofabitch!


BC: So now the story has been told; the stage is set...let's get it on!

Ring Announcer: First, the challenger, from Washington D.C.. weighing in at 556 pounds...he is the former CWF National Champion…JIMMY "THE JUGGERNAUT" WASHINGTON!

"Monsters" By Matchbook Romance blasts through the arena and Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington steps out from behind the curtain. He flexes at the top of the ramp and then sprints to the ring, then leaps up onto the apron and then over the top ropes.

TT: He is a monster!

BC: Hence the theme music Teddy.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds….the CWF National Champion… "THE NITEMARE" ROB OSBOURNE!

"Nightmare" by Crooked X hits. The lights drop and purple and white spot lights flood the arena and swirl in a haze of fog machine smoke. Pyro explodes at the entrance ramp and The Nitemare flips the curtain open and walks through to an enormous pop. He poses at the entrance ramp, which triggers more pyro, and then struts his way down the aisle, hopping over the top rope and into the ring posing with the CWF National Title, then hands it to the ref who hoists it in the air.

TT: And Osbourne gazes at Jimmy Washington and sizes the big man up and makes a motion like 'what the heck' and runs full speed at the bigger man.

BC: And Washington wasn't expecting that and Osbourne catches him square in the solar plexes with a high knee and the big man staggers. Osbourne comes right at him, but Washington explodes upwards into a shoulder block slamming Osbourne to his back.

TT: Washington picks Osbourne up around the waist like a rag doll and does a belly to back suplex....and a second belly to back.....and a third, finally releasing Osbourne, who crashes into the mat hard.

BC: Osbourne is not in good shape right now. Washington walks over to Osbourne and is about to kick him...Osbourne trips him up....

TT: But he doesn't go down, Bobby! Osbourne is up, and off of the other rope leaping with a flying elbow but Washington grabs him in mid air. He clutches him like a child holding a teddy bear and then flips him back over his head with everything his seven foot five hundred pound strength has and Osbourne goes airborne, flying out of the ring and landing face first on the mat in front of the kid Bobby.

BC: What's the kid doing Teddy?

TT: He's leaning over the rail yelling something at Osbourne as Washington climbs out of the ring. Just as Juggernaut is about to grab Osbourne the kid yells 'now' and Osbourne kicks back bending his knee as fast as he can catching Washington squarely in the groin.

BC: Thatta boy Robbie! Cheat to win...

TT: Do you hear yourself half the time?

BC: Indeed.

TT: Oh brother...Juggernaut is red in the face and bent over in pain after that nut shot from Osbourne. Osbourne is up on the apron, he runs down the side of it and flies off catching Washington in the back of the head with a flying elbow.

BC: A headache and a sore crotch. Ouch! Osbourne boasting to the crowd a bit as Washington stirs on the arena floor.

TT: Ham it up Osbourne, don't seize the chance to close the deal. No, that would be too easy for Rob Osbourne wouldn't it? I really don't see how you can support a man like that Bobby.

BC: Why wouldn't you support Osbourne is the question Teddy? He wins. I always bet on a winner. It's how the rich get richer and all that.

TT: Oh brother...

BC: Is that all you can come up with man?

TT: You are just on a roll tonight Crane, can we please get back to the match?

BC: Certainly sir. Osbourne approaches Washington and is about to kick him in the head as he struggles to get on his hands and knees in a base but Washington lunges forward and bites down into Osbourne's calf...what the hell? He's mad Turnbuckle...and I don't mean angry, i mean MAD as in WHACK-O!

TT: He may have lost it Bobby. He may have let go and harnessed a primal rage from fear of losing his CWF contract.

BC: Whatever it is, it's naaaaasty.

TT: The referee finally gets Washington to pull away and he spits out a chunk of Osbourne flesh and grins, his mouth covered in blood.

BC: He looks like a friggin’ cannibal Teddy! Why is ref allowing this match to continue.

TT: The ref is busy checking on Osbourne’s calf....wait a minute Bobby...the kid is making a move...

The young man in the front row very quietly rolls over the guard rail and slides under the bottom ropes on the far side of the ring from where Osbourne is bleeding from the leg and the ref is checking on him. Washington is in the middle of the ring posing with the National Championship, raising it above his head, as if he had already won. The kid grabs the title belt from him and as Washington turns around the kid leaps up with everything he has and cracks Washington squarely in the forehead with the front of the belt, leaving an indentation of the CWF logo in his skin. The kid rolls out of the ring quickly, title belt in tow and the ref turns and sees Washington knocked out. As he does Osbourne sees the kid coming towards them then rolls over on his knees then hops up on one leg until the strength comes back in his other leg then rolls under the bottom rope. He looks at Washington then looks at the turnbuckle then hops over to the corner and climbs up.



TT: Bad knee and all, he's certifiable Bobby......Osbournesault...he nails it!

BC: Cover by Osbourne......1............2.........................3! I TOLD YOU TEDDY TURNBUCKLE! NEVER BET AGAINST ROB OSBOURNE...

As the ref raises Osbournes hand and the kid rolls under the ropes and raises Osbourne's other hand, Paul Blair sprints out from the back. As they see him from the ring, the kid takes off the opposite way, bounces off the ropes, sprints full on, leaps up on the top rope and does a Whisper in the Wind to Blair as he nears the ring. As the crowd explodes The Nitemare grabs a microphone.

NRO: Security! Security! Get Blair out of here...

Security guards pull the kid off of Blair and drag Blair to the back. The kid stands back up and jogs back to the ring and slides under the bottom rope on his stomach.

NRO: Ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls...children of all is with great pride, great honor, and great joy I introduce to you this young man who just took out a CWF Hall of famer and a seven foot giant that was a former CWF National champ...CWF fans...I give you my son....BOB OSBOURNE!

"Gone" by Crooked X blasts through the arena as the kid rips off the hoodie to show a near spitting image, younger, a bit smaller, but uncanny resemblance to his father.....and Bob Osbourne leaps up on the turnbuckle and poses for the fans.

TT: May the Lord have mercy on our this really happening Bobby? Does Rob Osbourne really have a kid old enough to be in the CWF?

BC: Teddy, it was very difficult not for me to say anything because I have known Robert Joseph Osbourne Junior for a very long time. I have watched him come up through the indy circuits under different names all so no one could ever claim he used his family's name to make it to the big dance. To the CWF. That kid got here on raw talent and raw talent alone. Although, he is an Osbourne, and they are a wrestling family.

TT: Well, what a way to make a huge debut here tonight. Bob Osbourne huh? Wow, this kid can fly. If he's anything like his dad, we're in for a long summer Bobby Crane.

BC: You’re not kidding, this is gonna be an awesome summer!

TT: Don’t go anywhere fans, we’ll be right back with the main event, where we will find out not only who the CWF World Heavyweight champion will be, but who on earth is this special enforcer?

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: Welcome back fans! It’s time for the final round of this main event title match! This is it, the rubber match…each man has won a match tonight and now it’s down to this…the winner will be the undisputed CWF World Heavyweight champion and the cell has been lowered!

BC: This match will either define Brian Adams’ title reign, or it will be the beginning of a new title reign…either way, something big has to go down in this one!

TT: Without question, and we still don’t know who the special enforcer is!

BC: We’re not gonna find out until Xamin’s good and ready…that’s the golden rule!

TT: You know…people have been throwing the word “golden” around quite a bit…this enforcer couldn’t be who I think it could be, could it?

BC: I think it might be!

TT: Well let’s wait no longer to find out…we’re set for our main event!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Last Man Standing, Hell in a Cell match!

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: The winner will be the man who renders his opponent unable to answer a ten count. The man who is victorious in this match will be the CWF World Heavyweight Champion! Introducing first, the challenger…from New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds….being led to the ring by his manager, Don Russo….PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge Allegiance limps out from the back, Don Russo following closely behind. Pledge looks to be in considerable pain. Russo walks around and stands on the far end of the cell, where the announcer’s booth would normally be, and Pledge steps into the ominous cell.

TT: Pledge is battered and bruised and you’ve gotta believe Adams is too…in fact his hip looked like it was in terrible shape earlier tonight.

BC: Not to mention they’ve been sitting backstage for the past hour and a half or so, so their muscles have gone stiff and their energy has depleted somewhat…this is a gauntlet for sure. Shouldn’t take long for us to find a winner here.

TT: You could be right.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the reigning and defending CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

The crowd boos as “Represent” by (hed) pe hits and Brian Adams hobbles out from the back, CWF World Heavyweight championship belt hanging sloppily off his shoulder. He seems barely able to walk. Suddenly, Keith Daniels appears behind him and the crowd boos louder, pelting them both with garbage.

TT: What the hell is Keith Daniels doing out here?!

BC: What? Pledge can bring Don Russo out here but Brian Adams can’t bring Keith Daniels?

TT: We didn’t even know these two were in cahoots until the ladder match where Keith Daniels practically won the damn thing for Adams!

BC: Great isn’t it? Ha!

Daniels helps Adams walk down the aisle and enters the cell with him. The referee orders Daniels to get out but he refuses, stubbornly crossing his arms. And then…

Mark Xamin: Whoa, whoa whoa…Keith Daniels, you can either leave that cell on your own free will or I can have you forcibly removed by THIS man…the special enforcer…



BC: What?!

The crowd boos, obviously disappointed. Kodiak walks down the aisle, stalking towards the cell. Keith Daniels holds up his hands mockingly, as if Kodiak is a policeman, and exits the cell. Kodiak warns him and locks the cell door shut.

TT: Well not exactly who this capacity crowd was expecting…hell, not who I was expecting either but I guess maybe what we were hearing were just rumors…more often than not they aren’t true.

BC: Well that’s disappointing!

TT: This is going to be a war…we’re about ready to get started here!


TT: And the crowd is on their feet! Months of build up and it all comes down to this match, here and now!

Adams and Pledge both hobble to the center of the ring, bruises showing on both of their bodies…Adams has a noticeably large, dark bruise on his left hip. Pledge has several smaller bruises on his arms and back. Pledge starts things off and takes a swing at him! He connects and Adams staggers backwards…Pledge with another right hand, and another, and now Adams is backed into the ropes and Pledge whips him to the opposite end…but Adams collapses half way as his hip gives out!

TT: Ohh boy, Adams is in really bad shape…certainly in no condition to be defending the title but part of being a champion is over coming these types of situations…

BC: Oh shut up, Teddy…what do you know about being a champion? This is ridiculous…three matches in one night? I know he’s flawless, but he’s not a machine!

Pledge limps over to Adams and pulls him back up…and he grabs a handful of hair…and throws him over the top rope! Adams lands on his bad hip and wails in pain! Pledge quickly out after him and he grinds his face into the steel cell! Pledge does it right in front of Keith Daniels who is forced to watch from the outside of the cell! Daniels is furious and Pledge grins as he dismissively shoves Adams back down to the floor. Adams is busted open and crawls around the ring frantically trying to escape Pledge, leaving droplets of blood in his path. Pledge stalks after him, limping with each step.

BC: C’mon Brian! Get out of there!

TT: I don’t know where he’s gonna run, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in a cell match!

As Pledge catches up to Adams, Adams heads underneath the ring! Pledge grabs him by the tights and pulls him back out, but Adams has a hold of a chair…Pledge pulls him out and Adams spins onto his back, and SMACKS Pledge in the head with the chair! Pledge staggers back…Adams struggles to get to his feet and takes another swing at Pledge! Pledge ducks and the chair hits the ring post! The vibration causes Adams to drop the chair and shake his hands in pain…Pledge has the presence of mind to grab the chair and he SLAMS it into Adams’ hip! Adams immediately drops to the ground and Pledge smacks him repeatedly in the hip with the chair! Again and again and again! Adams is squirming in pain, trying desperately the cover up but to no avail. Pledge holds the chair up for the crowd, who roars in response.

BC: Come on ref, get in there!

TT: The referee is in there to make a ten count and nothing else! There are no disqualifications in this match, you know that!

Pledge pulls Adams up, who can now barely hold up his own weight, and slams him to the concrete floor with a body slam! And he tells the ref to make the count!

TT: Here we go! If Adams can’t get back onto his feet by the count of ten this match is over and Pledge Allegiance is the new champion! Adams has no power left in that hip, this could be it!

BC: Oh God…get up Brian, get up!







Adams sticks his fingers into the mesh of the cell and tries to pull himself up, his left leg clearly dragging on the ground. He plants his right foot and forces himself up, breaking the count.


TT: Well Adams is a fighter, no doubt. And Pledge goes back to work here…

Pledge grabs Adams by the back of the neck and throws him into the ring steps. Adams’ face is now a crimson mask, the blood trickling down his face and to his chest. Adams reaching for something under the ring again and Pledge goes to pull him up…Adams throws powder in his eyes! Pledge is blinded as a puff of powder clouds the cell, and Adams forces himself to his feet, and walks gingerly towards Pledge…he grabs the chair…and NAILS Pledge in the knee with it! Pledge’s injured knee has come back into play and Brian Adams drives the butt end into Pledge’s knee repeatedly.

TT: Good Lord, pretty soon neither one of these guys will be answering a ten count! Both of them are having trouble standing on their own two feet…

BC: Get him Brian! Break his leg!

TT: You know what I’m still wondering? Who in the hell was that masked man that attacked Rob Osbourne in the ladder match?

BC: I have no idea but he’s my hero!

Pledge clutching his knee in obvious pain and Adams has to stop his attack to shake out the cob webs. Now he pulls Pledge up and throws him into the side of the cell! Pledge bounces back and Adams rocks him with a clothesline on the rebound! Pledge bounces off the concrete floor and Daniels taunts him from the outside.

TT: Look at Daniels! Get that jackal out of here!

BC: He’s not doing anything wrong!

Adams rolls back into the ring and props himself up into the corner, resting his head on the middle turnbuckle. Meanwhile, the referee begins the count on Pledge…







BC: Faster, ref! Faster!




BC: Nooo!

Pledge barely gets to his feet and clearly can’t put any weight on his right leg. He rolls into the ring and both he and Adams crawl to the middle of the ring to face each other. Pledge throws a ring hand, and Adams’ head snaps back on impact, his hair flying with the blow and blood spattering across the ring. Adams throws a right hand back and Pledge spits high into the hair as he does. Pledge with a right hand…now Adams…now Pledge….Adams…Pledge…Adams…back and forth they go and the crowd is on their feet in appreciation! Pledge takes the upper hand and mounts Adams, furiously driving his fists into Adams’ head! The blood is absolutely flowing from Adams.

TT: If Pledge doesn’t beat Adams soon, the blood loss will! Adams is not only up against Pledge, he’s up against the clock because when you’re bleeding out like he is, it’s only a matter of time before you pass out!

BC: Ohh come on! Come on Brian! Beat him! Do something!

Pledge, barely able to pull himself to his feet, pulls Adams up as well…Keith Daniels, perhaps sensing the desperation of the situation, gets Pledge’s attention…and points at Don Russo! Russo backs away and…Daniels is chasing him around the cell! Pledge can only watch on and wait a minute! Kodiak Winters! Kodiak holds tackles Daniels and holds him down…Russo gets away and Pledge turns around…Adams blocks out the pain…STARSTRUCK! NO! Pledge ducks! Pledge ducks and now Adams spins around….PLEDGE HAMMER! HE NAILED IT!


TT: That’s it! It’s all over! No way is Adams getting up from this! We’re gonna have a new champion and the ref starts his count!







The camera zooms in on Pledge Allegiance…closer, closer…suddenly…



The camera man hits Pledge Allegiance square in the head with his camera! Pledge is knocked unconscious, completely blindsided by the blow. Don Russo screams from the outside and the referee yelling at the camera man, who smirks…

TT: Wait a damn minute! That’s no camera man! That’s….that’s….no way!


The crowd explodes as the camera man removes his hat and wig to reveal CWF Hall of Famer “The Golden One” Jeff Jericho! Jericho can’t help but grin at the enormous pop from the crowd and he orders the referee to make the count on Pledge! Jericho pulls Adams up to his feet and holds him up…Pledge is out cold and the ref with the count!






TT: Come on! Not this way! Not this way!







Ring Announcer: Here is your winner….and STILL CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

TT: The rumors were true! Jeff Jericho has returned to the CWF and this building is electric! But Pledge got screwed! My God, Pledge got screwed and Adams is still the damn champion!

BC: I LOVE IT! Hahaha!

TT: Adams has apparently been in cahoots with Keith Daniels and Jeff Jericho, and Adams pulled that rabbit out of his hat….Kodiak Winters looking on from outside the cell and he can’t believe it!

Jeff Jericho grabs the CWF World Heavyweight title and drapes it across Brian Adams’ bloody chest. Adams clutches it for dear life and Jericho helps him out of the cell. Daniels meets them at the door and Adams puts one arm around Jericho and the other around Daniels as they help him walk up the aisle. The crowd is chanting “JERI-CHO! JERI-CHO! JERI-CHO!”…

TT: That masked man had to be Jericho! It had to be and God…you have to feel so sorry for Pledge Allegiance, who clearly had Adams beat with that Pledge Hammer…he should be celebrating in the ring with the title right now but Jericho has screwed him!

BC: You think Jericho was the masked man? Well explain THAT!

The man in the black ski mask appears at the curtain and nods at the trio of Adams, Daniels, and Jericho. He walks over to Adams and they embrace. He holds up Adams arms in victory as Kodiak Winters looks on in disgust, entering the cell to help Pledge Allegiance. Pledge lifts his head up off the mat and manages to grind his teeth and shot a furious glare at the trio at the top of the ramp. Adams holds the title up but falls back into Jericho and Daniels as his knees buckle.

TT: Good God what a night…

BC: So much has happened, it’s unbelievable! Juggernaut is out of the CWF, Sickboy gets a National title shot, Magnus Thunder wins the Lord of the Ring tournament and now he’s up against Brian Adams who is still the CWF World Heavyweight Champion! What a friggin’ wild ride this has been!

TT: Not to mention there’s another Osbourne in town, and Drastic made an appearance tonight! Unreal!

BC: I can’t even imagine what Showdown will be like next week!

TT: We are out of time folks…we will see you next week for Saturday Night Showdown! Thanks for joining us!

Brian Adams, Keith Daniels, the masked man, and yes…Jeff Jericho, celebrate at the top of the aisle, Adams’ blood stained face and chest a reminder of the war he was just in.

The camera zooms in on Pledge Allegiance, battered and barely conscious, but aware enough to angrily glare down Jericho, who is too busy celebrating to notice.

Fade to black.

Until next time…