Halloween. A night where ghosts and goblins roam the streets, where children dress up and collect candy. But this year, the traditional festivities have taken a back seat to the CWF. While some organizations may play tricks on their fans, tonight the fans of the CWF are in for one HELL of a treat!

Tonight, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Pledge Allegiance defends the gold against the monstrous Magnus Thunder inside Hell in a Cell! The CWF National Championship is up for grabs as Sickboy defends against his arch nemesis Chemical X in a Falls Count Anywhere match! “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne battles the fastest rising star in the CWF, Mariano Fernandez, in a Last Man Standing match! The CWF Unified Championship will be defending in a Ladder Match as Terry Richards takes on James Baker! “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv goes one on one with “The Ruler” Paul Blair in a two out of three falls match! And the CWF World Tag Team Championships will be decided as Degradation battles High Concept!

So grab your pillow case of candy, take off your costume, and reserve a spot on the edge of your seat. This is the CWF….

This is….

Fade in to a sold out Charlotte, Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson plays as the camera pans through a raucous crowd of 22,000 screaming fans. The lights dim and orange and black fireworks explode at the entrance way, shooting up the aisle and screaming over the ring. Orange and black lasers beams through the arena as a black and white video of highlights from the past several weeks plays on the video screen.

When the lights restore power, we see the spectacular set made to look like an enormous glowing pumpkin. Smoke and fog pour out of the eyes, nose, and mouth – the mouth serves as the entrance for wrestlers. Above the pumpkin, written in black marble with orange veins are the words “Night of Champions.” Spider webs fill the spaces between each letter. To both sides of the set are two large vertical video screens outlined by orange lights. The aisle way is covered in a thick carpet made to look like an old castle floor. It, too, is outlined by orange and black lights. The ring area features black mats and a black padded guardrail with various advertisements stamped into the rail. The ring is composed of a grey canvas with a logo stamped in the center resembling the set – a huge pumpkin with “Night of Champions” written above it and “The Halloween Extreme” below. The pumpkin has “CWF” carved into it. The ring ropes are black, orange, and black. The turnbuckles are all orange.

Standing at ringside, dressed up like a vampire is Teddy Turnbuckle, and with him is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, looking positively embarrassed by Teddy’s costume.

TT: Welcome everyone to Charlotte, North Carolina! The ghosts and goblins are out and it’s Halloween night in the CWF! Welcome to Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Boo-tiful” Bobby Crane, and Bobby…

BC: What the HELL did you just say? I KNOW I didn’t just hear the word “Boo-tiful” come out of your mouth…

TT: Come on, Bobby…it’s Halloween! Get into the spirit!

BC: Well while you’re busy dressing and acting like an ingrate, I’ve been more excited than a kid on Christmas morning looking forward to this show! Tonight, the entire CWF could be turned upside down!

TT: You’re not kidding about that! Tonight, right here in this arena, Pledge Allegiance will defend his CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the unstoppable Magnus Thunder inside Hell in a Cell! Can you believe it?! It’s going to happen just a few short hours from now and whatever happens, I can guarantee you this…neither man will EVER be the same again after this matchup tonight!

BC: It’s life changing! It’s career shortening! This is it, for all the marbles! And Pledge has told the world that if he loses this match tonight, he’s finished…he will walk out of the CWF if he loses his title tonight and I for one can’t wait to see his red, white, and blue ass head for the retirement home!

TT: Would you stop it!? Pledge Allegiance and Magnus Thunder will be in the fight of their lives tonight, but from top to bottom this card is packed with matches that might make this the show of the year! How about the CWF National Championship on the line as the two blood rivals, Sickboy and Chemical X, go to war in a Falls Count Anywhere match and this could be the final battleground for these two as well! Neither man will be the same after it’s all said and done!

BC: And then the Last Man Standing match, Teddy! I’ve been dying to see this all week… Mariano Fernandez will, let’s face it, attempt to SURVIVE against “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. Now I know Mariano is a sweet, innocent little school girl but Magnus Thunder, the most powerful single force in the CWF right now, couldn’t keep this little pipsqueak down for three seconds, even after using his full arsenal of offence. How on earth is Rob Osbourne going to keep this guy down for ten seconds?! And what the hell will Mariano have to do to keep Osbourne down for that long?! I mean, it’s gonna get real violent, real fast.

TT: Absolutely…how about the Ladder Match? The Unified Championship will be on the line as Terry Richards defends against James Baker, and based on what we heard Rob Osbourne say just a few weeks ago…there could be more on the line tonight for Terry Richards than the Unified title!

BC: He needs a big win tonight or his days with the Horsemen could be over…no question. I know I lost the bet and everything but this guy has a big mouth and he’s getting a little bit big for his britches…he’ll have to show them why they made him a Horseman in the first place tonight!

TT: In a dream matchup tonight, “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv takes on “The Ruler” Paul Blair in a two out of three falls matchup and this is a match I don’t think anyone thought we’d ever see…but the CWF is the place where dreams become reality and it will happen right here tonight!

BC: And I promise you this…Roland Ulv has been eating his pickled herring all week long, and Paul Blair looked like he had a renewed spirit last week on Showdown…this is gonna be a match for the ages!

TT: And coming up right now, folks…the CWF World Tag Team Championship will be decided! Degradation takes on High Concept and new champions will be crowned in just a moment!

BC: And for the life of me, I can’t pick a winner, Teddy! I mean, Degradation is seen by many to be the premiere tag team in the world, but High Concept has been so impressive so far, and we haven’t seen what they’re fully capable of yet…I mean, there’s no telling what could happen!

TT: You’re absolutely right but we’re about to find out, folks! Let’s head to the ring for our opening match! The Tag Team Championship is on the line!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the CWF World Tag Team Championship!

"Ha Ha High Babe" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hits the arena as Devine steps through the curtain. He keeps his eyes focused on the ring, as he walks down the aisle. Jett follows behind him wearing his dark blue robe. He jogs on the spot like a boxer.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...at a combined weight of four hundred thirty seven pounds..."The Amazing" Jacob Jett and "Mighty Fine" Darryl Devine...HIGH CONCEPT!

Jett is flirting with a girl at ringside as Devine reaches the ring. He steps up to the apron and climbs through the ropes as Jett realizes he's been left behind. He makes it to the apron, leaping on to it and hopping over the top rope. Both men pose on the turnbuckles for the crowd. They hop down as the music fades out.

BC: High Concept was very impressive last week on Showdown!

TT: They certainly were. And tonight...they have a chance to become the World Tag Team Champions!

The lights dim as "Du Haast" by Rammstein begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. As the song kicks into the main riff, four flames of fire shoot up from the bottom of the stage as Degradation appears at the top of the ramp. Donovan stands popping his neck and shaking himself "loose" with a look of determination on his face and a twinkle of devastation in his eye. Vincent stands next to him flexing his muscles for the crowd, absorbing the crowd's love for him, while obviously being in love with himself. The two make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On their way to the ring...from Little Italy in Brooklyn, New York! Weighing in at five hundred forty three pounds...Vincent and Donovan Torigianni...DEGRADATION!

Vincent and Donovan both step on to the apron. Donovan climbs through the ropes as Vincent hops over the top. Their music fades out as the referee grabs the tag team belts. He first shows them to High Concept, then to Degradation. Jett takes off his robe and hands it to an official outside.

TT: Vincent and Donovan look fierce tonight!

BC: They know what it's like in the CWF ring. I guarantee that they've been training all week for this match!

TT: World Tag Team Championship on the line...the best of the best in our tag team division...could The Halloween Extreme get any better than this?!

The referee raises the tag team title belts in the air for the crowd to see. He hands them to an official outside of the ring, and calls for the opening bell.


TT: There's the opening bell, and we're ready to start this one off! Vincent and Jett are circling each other, jocking for position...and there's the collar and elbow tie up. Vincent takes the upper hand as he quickly floats in to a side headlock. He's pushes off in to the ropes by Jett...leapfrog. Vincent hits the other ropes and is on the rebound...and Jett drops to the mat!

BC: Some fancy moves from Jacob Jett here!

TT: And Jett with a back body drop sending Vincent to the mat!

BC: But Vincent is right back to his feet!

TT: They lock up again, and Jett takes the quick advantage here as he floats behind with a rear waist lock. Vincent catches Jett with a back elbow, knocking him in to the ropes. Jett rushes at Vincent...and Vincent catches him with a snap powerslam! He grabs Jett's arm and brings him back to his feet. Vincent with an arm twist, and he follows with an irish whip to the corner.

BC: They need to wear Jacob Jett down. He may be the smallest in this match, but his speed and abilities are incredible!

TT: Vincent comes in for a lariat, but Jett moves out of the way. Vincent stumbles back, and Jett quickly grabs his hand, interlocking the fingers. Jett leaps in to the air, using the ropes as a springboard...

BC: What an innovative hip toss! And Jett is quickly on his feet as Vincent makes it to all fours...dropkick to the head!

TT: Jett quickly scissors the arm of Vincent. He drags himself to the corner...and there's the tag. Jett releases the scissors as Devine grabs a hold of the arm. He brings Vincent back to a standing position, quickly applying a rear hammerlock.

Devine holds the hammerlock in place as he reaches to Vincent's front side. He lifts Vincent up and drops him with a scoop slam right on to the hammerlocked arm! Devine brings Vincent to a sitting position and applies a rear chin lock.

BC: Great positioning from Devine here, as he makes sure his body is between Vincent and Donovan!

TT: Vincent is using his power to bring himself back to his feet, and Devine switches to a side headlock. Vincent with an elbow to the gut...and another...and Devine finally releases the hold! Vincent plants a forearm in Devine's face, and backs him up in to the ropes. He whips Devine across the ring...and catches him with a diving shoulderblock on the return!

Vincent grabs Devine by the wrist, dragging him over to the corner. He tags in Donovan and quickly brings Devine back to his feet. Vincent brings Devine to the center of the ring and hits him with an atomic drop. He holds Devine as Donovan hits the ropes...BIG BOOT OFF THE REBOUND!

TT: Donovan makes the cover, and the referee is telling Vincent to get out of the ring!




TT: Devine kicks out! Donovan lifts Devine back to his feet, quickly gripping him with a rag doll bear hug! The referee checks on Devine. Donovan allows Devine's feet back to the mat, and he follows with a hard irish whip to the corner!

Donovan walks over to the corner and lifts Devine to a sitting position on the top rope. He begins to climb, but Devine drills him with a hard right...and a second! Donovan stumbles back a step, but comes right back at Devine! Devine with a boot to the face, dazing Donovan. Devine is perched...but Donovan sweeps the legs with his arm crotching Devine before he can gain balance. Donovan grabs ahold of Devine, bringing him out of the corner in position for a muscle buster! Devine struggles, and he's able to get his legs free...

TT: Devine with a counter in to a hangman's neck breaker!

BC: Great move, but he's exhausted!

TT: Devine is on all fours, and he's trying to crawl to his corner! Donovan is starting to stir now. Devine is almost there...just a hand's length away...NO! Donovan prevents the tag as he grabs a hold of Devine's leg!

BC: So close to the tag, but Donovan being the veteran here had the where-with-all to stop the tag!

TT: Devine is still trying to reach! He twists around while Donovan has a hold of his leg, now facing Donovan. Donovan forces the leg back to the mat, and he comes at Devine with a clothesline...but Devine ducks it! Dropkick...and Donovan hits the turnbuckle hard!

BC: Any time your chest is driven in to those turnbuckles, it knocks the wind out of you! I don't care how big you are!

TT: And that allows Devine to tag in Jett!

Jett climbs to the top rope as Devine hits Donovan with a russian leg sweep...TOP ROPE LEGDROP! Devine steps out to the apron as Jett covers Donovan!




TT: Donovan rolls the shoulder! Jett grabs Donovan by the leg, and he laces in a couple of well placed kicks to the back of the thigh! He quickly tags Devine back in.

BC: Smart...nice, quick tags is the way to go!

TT: Jett brings Donovan back to his feet as him and Devine both grab an arm...straightjacket neckbreaker! Jett steps out to the apron as his partner goes to work on Donovan!

Devine brings Donovan to a sitting position and places his knee in the center of the spine. He cranks back on Donovan's arms for a potential submission! The ref checks on Donovan, who refuses to give up! He uses his strength to slowly get back to his feet and face Devine. Spinebuster by Donovan...and both men are down! Donovan catches his breath before returning to his feet. He brings Devine back to his feet and lifts him to the shoulder...

TT: Donovan has Devine on his shoulder...running power slam!

BC: This is the opening Degradation needed! Vincent is hot in his corner, dying to get the tag!

TT: Donovan slowly gets back up, and he brings Devine back up as well. He drags Devine with him to the corner and tags in Vincent! Donovan and Vincent both with a front face lock on Devine here...double suplex...and Vincent quickly floats over in to the cover!




TT: Devine is able to roll the shoulder! Vincent picks Devine up and sends him in to the far ropes...flapjack off the rebound! He grabs Devine by the legs...boston crab, and he has it synched in!

BC: This is not good for High Concept!

TT: Devine is struggling as he is positioned in the center of the ring!

Devine screams in pain as the referee checks on him. He won't give up as he slowly claws his way, trying to make it to the bottom rope. He edges closer as Vincent tries to apply more pressure. Devine is inches away...hand in the air...ready to tap! The referee is keeping a close eye...AND HE GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!

BC: The ref is calling for the break as Devine luckily reached the bottom rope!

TT: It had to have taken a lot out of him though, Bobby! Vincent releases the hold. Devine slowly pulls himself back up using the ropes as Vincent delivers a vicious forearm shot! Vincent shoots Devine off in to the ropes again and ducks down for a back body drop...but Devine sees it coming and nails Vincent with a spinning neck breaker!

BC: He telegraphed that one!

TT: Devine grabs Vincent's leg...twists it...figure four leg lock, right in the center of the ring!

BC: Another submission here!

TT: Vincent is fighting with everything he has...he's trying to reach the ropes, but Devine isn't allowing him to budge!

Vincent hits Devine with a right, but Devine keeps the hold, applying more pressure! WHAM! Donovan rushes in with a boot to the skull, and it forces Devine to release the submission!

BC: He may have just saved his team from loss there, Teddy!

The referee tries getting Donovan out of the ring as both Vincent and Devine return to their feet. Vincent with a wild right, and Devine ducks it...RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!

TT: What impact! Devine is quick to follow up as he makes it back to his corner for the tag! Jett climbs to the top as Devine helps him balance...big splash as Devine tosses Jett on to Vincent!




TT: Vincent with the shoulder up just before the three count!

BC: I thought it was over!

TT: Jett brings Vincent back to his feet, and quickly snapmares him in to a sitting position on the mat! Jett hits the far ropes...dropkick to the face! And again Jett goes for the cover!




TT: Vincent once again kicks out in the nick of time!

BC: This has been a great match so far, Teddy.

TT: Jett picks up Vincent and sends him in to the ropes. Hurricanrana off the rebound...NO! Vincent doesn't allow it, as he lifts Jett back in to the powerbomb position! He runs to the ropes...and Jett with a counter, hurricanrana over the top rope, and both men are down on the outside!

BC: That had to hurt!

TT: Jett is beginning to stir as Vincent still lays on the ground. Jett makes his way to the barracade, using it to lift himself up. He climbs on to the barracade as Vincent slowly makes it to his feet. Jett with a run along the barracade...summersault plancha...and he takes Vincent down!





Jett gets back to his feet. He picks up Vincent and rolls him in to the ring. Jet climbs up to the apron. He slingshots...legdrop! Jett grabs Vincent and leans him sitting in the corner. Jett with a full rush...headstand on the top rope...and he comes back for a dropkick, but Vincent moves out of the way! Vincent slowly gets back to his feet as Jett starts to get back up. Jett turns to Vincent...hot shot on the top rope! Jett stumbles away from the ropes, turning to Vincent...spinebuster...NO!!! Jett counters with a spike DDT!!!

TT: Both men are down once again, Bobby!

BC: What incredible action! Did you think this match would really be this good, Teddy?!

TT: We knew that it would be competitive! We're talking about the World Tag Team Championship! It looks like both men are starting to regain composure...and Donovan is able to reach in and tag Vincent!

BC: Not good for High Concept as Jett is nowhere near his corner!

TT: Devine has his hand extended, ready for the tag...but Donovan with a hard stomp to the skull, and Jett is back to the mat! He picks Jett up and quickly drops him back down with a side slam!

BC: Donovan is going to break Jacob Jett, Teddy!

TT: Donovan with a legdrop to follow up, and he makes the cover!




TT: Too close to the ropes! Jett barely escaped there as he got his foot on the bottom rope! Donovan brings Jett back to his feet, and he has him on his shoulders for a torture rack! He drops to one knee, crushing Jett's back against his shoulders! And a second time! And one more, finally letting Jett tumble to the mat!

BC: Donovan isn't messing around in there! He wants to win those tag titles!

TT: He grips Jett by the throat, elevating him high in to the air for a chokeslam...NO!!! Jett counters with a head scissors, dropping Donovan chest first across the middle rope! Jett hits the far ropes to build up speed...full rush...SUMMERSAULT PLANCHA OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!

BC: Wow! He flips over the top with that summersault plancha, and pretty much hot shots Donovan on the top rope in the process!

Donovan stumbles back as Jett climbs back to the apron. Jett with a springboard...spinwheel kick, and Donovan crashes to the mat! Jett rushes at the ropes. He springboards off the middle ropes as Donovan returns to his feet...moonsault press...NO!!! Donovan catches him! Donovan with a running powerslam, and Jett counters with another head scissors placing Donovan chest first on the middle rope!

TT: Amazing! Jett rushes at Donovan. He grabs the top rope using it like a vault, and he slingshots at Donovan from the outside with a dropkick...but Donovan catches his legs! Donovan yanks him back in to the ring, holding him in position for a powerbomb, but Jett squirms and falls behind! Jett with a springboard off the far ropes, rotating in mid-air for a flying forearm...but Donovan catches him and drops him with a bonecrushing front powerslam in the center of the ring!

BC: That just looked painful!

TT: Both men are down in the center of the ring, as this crowd has really gotten in to the match! We're hearing chants for both teams as the partners are both awaiting the tag!

BC: This crowd is sure getting a match here tonight!

Jett begins to make his way to all fours, as does Donovan. Donovan reaches Vincent and makes the tag. Vincent comes rushing in after Jett who is almost at the corner! He leaps and makes the tag to Devine who quickly enters the ring! Devine ducks under a right from Vincent! Vincent turns to Devine...overhead belly to belly by Devine! Donovan has made his way to his feet, rushing at Devine. And Jett from out of nowhere with the flying forearm! Donovan stays on his feet as he shoves off Jett...right in to the referee!

TT: Donovan accidently pushed Jett in to the referee, and he appears to be out!

BC: A push from Donovan can create a lot of impact, Teddy!

TT: Donovan posts Jett against the ropes...clothesline, and Jett tumbles to the outside! Donovan climbs out of the ring after him as Devine has Vincent back to his feet. Devine with a beautiful snap suplex!

BC: And Donovan just rammed Jett back first in to the ring apron on the outside!

TT: Devine leans in to pick Vincent up, and Vincent with a hard shot to the gut! He applies a front face lock on Devine...DDT!

Donovan whips Jett hard in to the steel steps outside as Vincent picks Devine back up. He drills Devine with a fisherman's buster and quickly makes his way to the corner. Vincent steps out to the apron and begins to climb to the top as Donovan uses his boot to choke Jett who is leaned against the steps. Vincent tries to hold his balance, but Devine returns to his feet and falls in to the ropes, crotching Vincent! Devine makes his way to the corner and positions Vincent on his shoulders. He steps out from the corner as Donovan rolls Jett back in to the ring...

TT: Devine has Vincent in a fireman's carry position...Devine Intervention! And he falls to make the cover!

BC: The ref is still out, Teddy!

TT: Total Devastation over on the other side of the ring! Another ref is rushing out...and Donovan has a cover as well!




BC: I think the ref just counted Vincent out! I don't think he noticed that Donovan also had a cover!

TT: I don't know if you noticed it, Bobby...but our original referee actually made the count for Donovan as well!

Both referees call for the bell. One referee raises Donovan's arm, as the other referee raises Devine's arm. Devine and Donovan check on their partners as the referees both make their way to the ropes. They both grab the tag belts, finally noticing each other.

BC: Look at that, Teddy. The referees are fighting over the belts!

TT: Well, now they're now arguing with each other.

The referees explain their points. Both teams look on, confused of the outcome. One of the referees makes his way to the ropes to talk to the ring announcer.

TT: Looks like we'll have our answer here in a moment.

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners, and the NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...HIGH CONCEPT!

TT: And there you have it!

BC: We have new World Tag Team Champions, Teddy!

Before the referee can hand the belts to High Concept, the other referee takes the belts away and makes his way over to talk to the ring announcer.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the original official for this match has reversed the decision! Your winners, and the NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...DEGRADATION!

TT: I guess Degradation are the new Tag Team Champions!

BC: Congratulations to the new World Tag Team Champions, Degradation!

Before the referee can hand the belts to Degradation, he is stopped by the other referee. They once again argue.

TT: Apparently we haven't reached a final decision yet, Bobby.

They finally quit, both making their way over to talk to the ring announcer.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. Our referees for this match are declaring that the end result was a double pin. As a result, this match will be restarted!

Degradation and High Concept both look on in disbelief as the refs hand the belts back to an official on the outside. The bell is rung once again as both referees turn their attention back to the teams. Vincent and Jett step out to the apron.

TT: I guess we're continuing this match with two officials now!

BC: Well, as long as there isn't another double pinfall, we should get a final outcome this time!

TT: Donovan and Devine lock up! Donovan takes the quick advantage as he forces Devine in to the corner. The referee calls for the break, but Donovan won't have it as he drills Devine with a back elbow!

BC: Win by any means necessary!

TT: Donovan buries his shoulder in to Devine's gut...and again...and a third! He hip tosses Devine out of the corner.

BC: Both of these teams just went through a hell of a match, and now they have to start all over again!

TT: Devine is making it back to his feet...massive lariat from Donovan! Donovan picks Devine back up. He applies the front facelock and lifts Devine in to the air...and he's letting the blood flow to Devine's head!

BC: You have to love the strategy from the veteran here, Teddy.

TT: Donovan finally falls back with the suplex...and he makes the cover!




TT: Devine rolls the shoulder! Donovan lifts Devine back to his feet.

Donovan lifts Devine and violently forces him back first in to the corner. Donovan delivers a knee to the get...and a second...a third...a forth! He lifts Devine up to his shoulder and drives him to the mat with a front slam!

TT: Donovan showing off his power here as he brings Devine back to his feet, and lifting him overhead for a military press!

BC: How are these teams still going?!

TT: Donovan steps forward and drops Devine behind him! He grabs Devine by the arm and drags him to the corner as he tags in Vincent!

Vincent quickly applies a short arm scissors, and the referee checks on Devine. Devine refuses to give up, and Vincent releases the hold. He brings Devine back to his feet and whip him in to the ropes. Devine rebounds...scrapbuster slam by Vincent...and he has the cover!




TT: Devine gets the shoulder up! Vincent picks Devine back up and applies a front face lock...and Devine quickly snaps off a Northern Lights Suplex!




BC: Vincent almost got caught with that one!

TT: Vincent returns to his feet and takes a swing at Devine, but Devine blocks it...swinging neckbreaker! And it looks like Devine is getting a second wind!

Devine grabs Vincent's leg and drags him to the corner. He tags in Jett. Devine grabs Vincent's other leg...he slingshots Vincent in to a slingshot shoulderblock from Jett! Jett quickly makes his way up the turnbuckles. Donovan distracts Jett as Vincent gets up. Jett with a boot to Vincent's face as he approaches...missile dropkick, and he crawls over for the cover!




TT: A split second from becoming the champions! Jett picks Vincent up and whips him in to the corner. He tags in Devine before tripping Vincent to the mat...and Devine connects with a leg drop!

Devine picks Vincent back up and sends him in to the ropes. Donovan makes the blind tag as Devine catches Vincent with a back body drop off the rebound! Devine focuses on Vincent as Donovan comes in...back suplex from Donovan! Vincent rolls out of the way and slowly makes his way to the corner as Donovan picks Devine back up. He whips Devine in to the corner and follows in with a devastating splash! Donovan backs off, admiring his work as Vincent gets back on to the apron.

TT: Here comes Donovan with the big boot...but Devine moves! Donovan is caught on the top rope as Devine gets back to his feet! He grabs Donovan with a front facelock, stretching him horizontally...DDT!

BC: That's such a nasty move!

TT: Devine makes his way to Jett...and there's the tag! Jett runs down the apron, positioning himself near Donovan. He springboards...legdrop! And he quickly makes the cover!




TT: Vincent breaks up the pin! And Devine flies at Vincent with a forearm!

BC: All hell has broken loose!

TT: Jett picks Donovan back up, and Donovan quickly rebounds with a dehabilitating spinebuster!

BC: Look at Devine! He has Vincent by the legs...BOSTON CRAB!

TT: NO!!! Donovan with a big boot, and Devine falls lifeless to the mat!

BC: What else are we going to see in this match?!

Jett uses the corner to pull himself back to his feet...and he's met with a vicious lariat from Donovan!

TT: Donovan lifts Jett, sitting him on the top rope! Looks like he's telling Vincent that it's time for The Bloodletting!

BC: The referees have lost control of this match as Vincent makes his way to the corner!

Vincent makes his climb to the top as Donovan stands in position to catch Jett for the powerbomb. WHACK! Devine with a hard forearm to Donovan's skull...and he sends him out of the ring through the middle and top ropes! Hurricanrana by Vincent...and Devine catches Jett! Vincent turns around and Devine uses all of his force to sling Jett...and Jett with a creative head scissors rollup!





TT: Vincent has a hold of the bottom rope!

BC: I have never seen a move like that before, Teddy! Jett's only partner thrusted him down like a powerbomb, allowing extra momentum as he grabbed Vincent in mid-air for that head scissors rollup!

TT: Win or lose here tonight...High Concept deserve all of the credit in the world for putting up this much of a fight! Jett brings Vincent back to his feet...and again with the double team straightjacket neck breaker!

Donovan picks Jett back up, lifting him in to a fireman's carry position. He plants Vincent on the mat with the Devine Intervention! Jett starts to climb the turnbuckles as Donovan grabs Devine's legs, pulling him out of the ring! Jett flies at Donovan with the Jett Takeoff!!! NO!!! Donovan catches him! He holds Jett in the powerbomb position...


BC: That was brutal!

TT: And Devine grabs Donovan from behind, sending him shoulder first in to the steel steps! Devine rolls back in to the ring as Vincent has finally made it to his feet! He lifts Vincent up...possibly looking for another Devine Intervention here...NO!!! Vincent squirms and falls behind! Devine turns toward Vincent...and Vincent with a hot shot! Donovan is slowly rolling in to the ring as Vincent plants Devine with a flapjack!

BC: Back and forth!

TT: Vincent picks up Devine, bringing him to the corner. He helps Donovan up...and Donovan comes flying in with a big splash! He sits Devine on the top turnbuckle and backs off as Vincent climbs up! HURRICANRANA...THE BLOODLETTING!

BC: What a devastating finisher!

TT: Donovan makes the cover!




TT: And that's it! Degradation has done it here tonight!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...and the NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...DEGRADATION!

BC: What a victory!

TT: Both teams did tremendous here tonight! This crowd is erupting after witnessing that five star match!

BC: Degradation may have won here tonight, but High Concept has definitely proven that they have what it takes to be here in the CWF!

The referees hand the belts to Donovan and Vincent as Jett finally is able to slide back in to the ring. He checks on Devine as Degradation celebrates their hard fought victory.

TT: What a way to kick things off here on Halloween night at Night of Champions III!

BC: Unbelievable!

TT: And don’t go anywhere, fans! It only gets better from here! Coming up next, Roland Ulv and Paul Blair will collide in a two out of three falls match! We’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back fans and the festivities continue at CWF Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme! Coming up next it’s a dream match…it’s Roland Ulv, it’s Paul Blair, it’s two out of three falls…

BC: I’ve been looking forward to this one since Roland Ulv returned to the ring and I know both of these guys want at each other badly…we’ve seen them try to one up each other for the past several weeks and now it’s time to find out who the better man is!

TT: And we are just about to get started here…wait a minute, what the hell is this?

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac hits as James Baker walks onto the stage hand in hand with his wife Danielle Lopez while Da Xtreme Dynasty and Enrique Lopez walk behind them carrying a mysterious box. The crowd goes insane for them. James and Danielle then slap hands with the fans and Da Xtreme Dynasty also slap hands with the fans as well while Enrique Lopez is carrying the mysterious box to the ring. James then gets on the apron to hold the ropes for his wife. Everyone else then gets in afterwards. James Baker then grabs a microphone and stands back in the middle of the ring while he wraps his arm around his wife while everyone else stands behind James and Danielle.

James Baker: Yo what it do Charlotte, North Carolina it's your boy "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker.

The crowd goes insane for James Baker.

James Baker: Now allow all of you to get to know the rest of my crew. Baby since you are the best, you can be the first to introduce yourself since ladies do go first after all.

Danielle Lopez: Thank you baby. Now I'm sure all of you great fans remember me, but I am Danielle Lopez. I am not only the wife of "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker, but I also am the full time manager of my big brother Enrique Lopez and Da Xtreme Dynasty.

Danielle then passes the microphone to Kevin Styles.

Kevin Styles: And I am Kevin Styles. I am one of the greatest tag team wrestlers within the last decade. I am a 10 time World Tag Team Champion for 4 different wrestling promotions. I'm a part of 2 of the greatest tag teams in the last decade. I am a former World Heavyweight Champion and I am here in the CWF to make an impact.

Kevin Styles then gives the microphone to J.T. Banks.

J.T. Banks: And I am J.T. Banks. I am the powerhouse of Da Xtreme Dyansty.

J.T. Banks then gives the microphone to Enrique Lopez.

Enrique Lopez: And I am the newest edition to the CWF roster Enrique Lopez. Yes I am the older brother of Danielle Lopez and I am also the 4th member of the Baker/Lopez family tree to become a professional wrestler. I guess everyone can compare my life to James Baker seeing as how both of us ran with the bad crowd during our youth, but now that I have served my time in prison. Now like I have stated a while back, I have a malicious & vicious mean streak which means that my temper will explode at any given moment and time. I know that within time, I will make a statement in the CWF and that statement and the statement that I plan on making will be a brutal and convincing statement.

Enrique Lopez then gives the microphone back to James.

James Baker: Thank you Enrique and a big thank you to my crew for introducin' yourselves to the CWF audience. Now let's get right down to business. Tonight "Da Xtreme Gangsta" goes one on one with "The Windy City Cockboy" Terry Richards.

The crowd lets out a huge chuckle and then start chanting "Cockboy" repeatedly.

James Baker: Hey it's not my fault that he's named that. He brought all of that upon himself. Anyways as I was sayin'. Tonight I am facin' Terry Richards in a ladder match with the CWF Unified Championship at stake. Now I hear a lot of rumblin's that this very well could be my last opportunity to take down Richards and claim what is rightfully mine and that is my CWF Unified Championship and Terry, there's nobody that's gonna be savin' you from the ass whoopin' that you will receive.

Enrique Lopez: Hey James can we reveal what the hell is in this box yet?

James Baker: Oh yeah I almost forgot about the box. Open the damn box Enrique.

Enrique Lopez opens the box to reveal the new James Baker t-shirt & the new Da Xtreme Dynasty t-shirt. The James Baker t-shirt has some graffiti on the front of the shirt while the back says "believe that". Da Xtreme Dynasty shirt has a picture of all the members on the front and the words "A Dynasty Returns" on the back.

James Baker: Yes you see folks, these two shirts are the first two shirts that is a part of the James Baker merchandise chain. Now why do I have thousands of shirts with me in a box? Well it's simple. I am a crowd favorite after all and I figured since it is Halloween, I figured instead of chuckin' candy at y'all, how bout we instead chuck all these shirts to y'all and guess what? All of these shirts are free of charge. Yo guys let's throw these shirts into the audience.

James, Danielle and their crew then proceed to throw t-shirt's into the crowd. Suddenly...

"Nitemare" by Crooked X hits and "Nitemare" Rob Osbourne, Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, "Radiant" Roland Ulv and Terry Richards come through the curtain with the entire crowd booing them and throwing debris at them.

NRO: Yeah that's real cute. All these pathetic morons throwing trash at a prestigious and powerful group like The Horsemen.

The crowd boos louder.

NRO: Anyway, we couldn't help but come out here after your disgusting display of pandering to all of these fat North Carolinians in the audience. You see nothing in life is free and damn it these people don't deserve any free passes in life and that include free merchandise.

The crowd starts up a "faggot ass Horsemen" chant.

NRO: Are you people really that ignorant? Well James you, your slutty wife and your group of delinquent thugs can pander to these pathetic people all you want, but after tonight all of us will rid you from our lives for good. We'll also rid that Dragon Ball Z freak Mariano Fernandez, we'll get rid of Chemical X, we'll get rid of that washed up old has been Paul Blair and we'll even get rid of good ol' Pledgie Wedgie if we have to. It's only a matter of time until I become the CWF World Heavyweight Champion again and it's also only a matter of time until The Horsemen get back to the top of the wrestling world and that time will come sooner than you think and you wanna know why it's gonna be sooner than you think? It's because Life....Is......

James Baker: A BITCH. In the name of everything that is holy and great in this world. Rob Osbourne would you please SHUT THE HELL UP?

The crowd then erupts and starts chanting "Shut the Hell Up" at Rob Osbourne.

James Baker: Every damn week you ramble on and on and on about a bunch of pointless sh*t like "Life is Pain" and blah blah blah. I think I speak for everybody in the back, everybody here in attendance and for everybody watchin' at home that I am sick and tired of havin' to hear you run your mouth every damn week. I would rather stick needles in my eyeballs than hear you go on another one of your pointless tirades ramblin' on about how it's an injustice that you’re not the World Champ. Have you ever thought that the reason that you’re not the World Champ anymore is cause well maybe you just don't have it anymore? Yeah I said it you do not have it anymore.

NRO: James. Terry was right about you. You really are full of sh*t. I mean what have you done in your career that I haven't? I've been a multiple time world champion, I've held the National Title, I've had great success in IOA, MWWF, EWA, and every other promotion that I’ve ever been a part of. That means that I am better than you, James. I will always be better than you.

James Baker: Yeah and I'll believe that fact once pigs start flyin' in the sky. No, here's what's gonna happen tonight at Night of Champions III: Halloween Extreme. You see, I will whoop the dog sh*t out of Terry Richards and take my CWF Unified Championship away from him, Sickboy will lose the CWF National Championship to Chemical X, Mr. "Dayquil" Rob Osbourne will get his ass smoked by Mariano Fernandez and Mr. Pickles will lose and lose badly to "The Ruler" Paul Blair. You see there "Dayquil," tonight is the start of the demise of The Horsemen and your group will go down in smoke faster than the time that it takes for Jennifer Adams to finish suckin' the sh*t out of your cock. So be prepared "Dayquil" cause the end is near and sooner than later, The Horsemen will be over. Hahahahaha believe that.

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac hits as James Baker, Danielle Lopez, Enrique Lopez and Da Xtreme Dynasty all stare angrily at The Horsemen.

BC: James Baker must be a complete idiot. Calling out the Horsemen the night of his Unified title match…really James, do you think you’re on their level yet? I don’t think ANYONE believes you are.

TT: I hope for his sake he has a plan, because if he doesn’t he may have just bit off a whole lot more than he can chew.

BC: He’s got a big mouth, Teddy…plenty of room for his foot.

TT: Well nonetheless folks, as the ringside area clears here we’re about ready for our next matchup, and as we were saying before we were interrupted…it’s a match we’ve all dreamt about from the moment Roland Ulv retired and Paul Blair arrived on the scene…this should be a match to remember!

BC: Roland has been a huge addition to the rank of the CWF roster, and more importantly to the rank of the Horsemen…but this is Paul freakin’ Blair we’re talking about, Teddy. I mean, it wouldn’t be fair to Blair to put Roland’s name way up there…Blair has earned himself a spot in the Hall of Fame, wrestled giants, mad men, millionaires, won world titles, set the wrestling world on fire…all while Roland Ulv sat in a lawn chair in Sweden eating fish.

TT: Well based on his physique I’d say Roland was doing a lot more than that….nonetheless, we are ready to get started here folks, let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a two out of three falls match! The first man to win two falls will be declared the winner! Introducing first…from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RULER” PAUL BLAIR!

The crowd roars as The BlairVision theme hits and Paul Blair emerges from behind the curtain. He nods at the crowd and makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands with a few fans in the front row along the way. He climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes.

TT: It’s still weird to see the fans responding so positively to Blair…

BC: It’s about time, Teddy! I knew these fans were slow but my god, it only took them what, 10 years to realize Blair is awesome?

TT: Uh huh. Sure.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Stockholm, Sweden…weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

“Marcia Carolus Rex” by Wilhelm Harteveld plays as Ulv makes his way onto the ramp. Dressed in his flowing blue robe with yellow Swedish cross on the back and blue trunks with yellow accent he stops to pose, flexing his large biceps and grinning wildly at the camera. He brushes his flowing blonde locks behind his ear with his hand and then proceeds to the ring.


BC: Here we go Teddy!

TT: Roland Ulv and Paul Blair with a classic collar and elbow tie up, Roland with a strength advantage..

BC: Duh, do you see that guys body? Good Lord Teddy, I think I've got a man crush. Did you know, Radiant Herring built that body. Six Please!

TT: Unbelievable. Roland meanwhile, gets a firm grip on Blair and gets him in a half chicken wing. Blair slaps at the shoulder being restrained by the reversed elbow lock Ulv has applies, Blair switches in one way Ulv steps out, Blair reverses, Ulv's leg gets caught in his quick under hook!

BC: The ring savvy of Paul Blair just paid off there Teddy, he knew already he couldn't overpower Ulv right off the bat, so he used balance, knowledge...you gotta admire the resourcefulness of the Hall of Famer. Oh and now he showboats, tapping his head like he's smarter...

TT: Yes but Ulv right back up , nearly unscathed by the entire maneuver, using his large frame and acrobatic prowess to roll through it and come upright. Amazing! and he bounces off the ropes with his back nearest them to gain momentum and lands a Lout Thez press, and starts skapping the sides of the head of Paul Blair.

BC: And Blair with nothing to lose, headbutts Ulv in the stomach, briefly knocking the wind out of the big Swedish Icon.

TT: Blair using the break in concentration by The Radiant One to toss Ulv off and get back to his vertical base.

BC: Look at Blair. He's, a little shocked at the progress he's making thus far in the match and he rolls out of the ring.

TT: Blair looking at the ref and asking to make sure it is two out of three for sure...the ref nods confirmation...Blair reaches under the ring and gets out a metal folding chair and tosses it in the ring.

BC: Ulv grabs the chair before Blair can get a hold of it. Ha, speed and agility paid off that time for the Roland Ulv. It must be the herring...for sure!

TT: Oh brother...As Ulv swings the chair mockingly, begging Blair to get in the ring the ref warns him he will take a loss if he uses the chair against Blair...

BC: You gotta be fair to Blair. speaking of which, he rolls into the ring with a youthful quickness of his own and nails a standing drop kick into Roland Ulv and the steel chair, planting it in The Radiant One's Radiant Grill!

TT: And the ref calls for the bell.

Ring Announcer: The winner of the first fall, as a result of a disqualification....Paul Blair!

TT: What?! Is the ref on the take?

BC: Roland was holding the weapon. But it did look like Paul Blair in the ring with the chair...ooooohh...Clue anyone? Anyone? Gee...tough crowd...tough crowd.

TT: Nevertheless, The Ruler wins round one. But Ulv is fit to be tied and he lurches at Blair, brute strength and raw anger pouring out!

BC: and he gets those big meathooks into the armpits of Paul Blair and he hiosts him up , giving a toss, and then catches Blair on his right shoulder and at the same time, power sidewalk slams him down to the mat! Perfect form. No...RADIANT!!!

TT: You are such a mark.

BC: And you're a jobber with a drinking problem and a failed marriage...what's the point?

TT: Dually noted. Back to the action.

BC: Roland with a cover on Blair......1.............2..........3!!!

Ring Announcer: And the winner of the second fall....The Radiant One...Roland Ulv!

TT: Blair isn't getting up Bobby. Is Roland gonna make this an easy third fall off of the impact of the ...whatever that was?

BC: He may be. Ulv now giving the fans a little of the Radiant's form posing. Look at that physique...

TT: You're scaring me, Bobby. Blair finally stirring as Blair comes to and hurries in for a chop block from behind, nailing Ulv's hamstring with the brunt of his left shoulder.

BC: Roland drops down first to kone knee, then onto all fours...Blair off of the ropes...mule kick to the solarplexes of Roland Ulv. But he tightens up those abs and the two continue to battle.

TT: Blair aghast at the ill effects of his offensive efforts thus far, starts screaming at Ulv. Blair rolls out of the ring and Ulv follows in hot pursuit. The ref starts counting...1........ Blair deliberately slows a pace each lap around the ring .........2............................

BC: But Ulv's arrogance may hurt him here .............3.............he isn't thinking Blair to be smart enough to slow on purpose ............4............

TT: Right...he'll think it;s the damned herring ..........5.........and Blair spins on his heel and tackles Ulv, but doesn't take him down, instead, Ulv drops to his knee, bringing his elbow down onto Blair's back! Oh my .........6….

BC: And Blair crumples. Ulv pushes him off his knee...........7.........and flexes and shows off that perfectly pearly white Swedish smile of sunshine and Flexes in a different pose........

TT: Why doesn't he just roll him back in?! ...........8......... what the hell is he thinking....Blair starts to get up onto all fours, staggering a bit, then collapsing back on the ground as Ulv drops a knee across the flank of his back..............9...........


The lights flicker off and a great peal of thunder rocks the coliseum! Flashes of lightning illuminate the ramp like daylight as a shower of sparks herald the arrival the Nordic giant, Magnus Thunder. He's dressed entirely in black with Hellbringer slung across his shoulder. A devious grin across his face.

TT: ..............10..............The ref calls for the bell....it;s a DOUBLE COUNT OUT! Roland is squirming in the ring like a stepped-on worm!

Ring Announcer: As a result of a double count out this match ends....as a DRAW!

And Magnus asks a technician for a mic as Ulv glares at him from the ring.

TT: Uh-oh Bobby, this doesn't look good for the Radiant One, and what is Magnus thinking? I thought better of him. Like he would have focus on the main event and his opportunity to reclaim the CWF World Hevayweight championship...not the ...this petty rivalry with Roland Ulv.

BC:Yes! That fish slapper is getting his just desserts tonight! With extra strong garlic sauce!

TT: You are so two faced...you were just rooting for him a minute ago...

BC: Yeah, well, lesser of two evils...he was better than Blair...and Magnus is btter than him, so now, I'm pulling for the Thunder..

The technician hands Magnus a microphone....

Magnus: Pungent One, you knew that on the day you crossed me, struck out like a coward from the shadows, that you would one day have to pay the penalty for your wickedness!

TT: Roland has his hands up and is pleading for mercy! Telling him not to do it!

Magnus: Oh yes, Roland. This is your last chance to redeem yourself! Face me now, and I will forgive your transgression against humanity!

BC: Cut the crap Magnus! GET HIM! Get that mic away from Roland! He's got a match to fight!

RRU: Stupiid fiij--I miin, Miister Thuunder, you obviously duu not know tuu take thiings in thii proper contiixt! Iit wuus all a miisunderstanding!

Magnus: I understand full well the intentions of the serpent. Creeping filth, you have wasted your final moment!!! PREPARE TO BE JUDGED!!


RRU: No! No! I giive yuu lifetiime supplii of Radiant Herring! Extra Extra Garlic!

Magnus tears into the ring and Roland whips the mic away and dashes out of the ring and through the crowd! The people quickly part to let the giant through as he continues his chase out of the Coliseum.

TT: Roland high tailing it out of here with Magnus Thunder is hot pursuit! What a match up though! Hard fought by both men and it ends in a draw, thanks in no small part to Magnus Thunder.

BC: And I think it’s safe to say, as we said last week…Blair is rounding back into form! That’s a dangerous thing for the CWF…remember what Blair is capable of, Teddy! 2005 was proof of what he can do, and his World title record still stands today…he’s had the longest World title reign in CWF history and that, my furry little friend, is fair to Blair!

TT: No question he’s a very capable athlete and if he’s rounded back into form then that’s great for competition in the CWF…

BC: Yeah yeah, snore. You’re so boring, Teddy. Blair is awesome! And I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see Blair and Roland go at it.

TT: I hope not! Nonetheless, folks…right now Dennis Donnelly is standing by in a luxury suite here in the Charlotte Coliseum with the impressive newcomer, Jimmy Johnston! Take it away, Dennis!

Cut to a press box on the third level of the arena. Jimmy Johnston wears a sharp looking beige suit.

DD: Thanks, Teddy…I’m standing by with newcomer Jimmy Johnston, who just last week scored an impressive victory over fellow newcomer Israel Steele. How are you finding your current tenure in the CWF?

Jimmy Johnston: Good, really good. As all you CWF fans saw, I had my first win against Israel Steele last week and I'm disappointed not to be competing tonight...after all I deserve to be on every show and competing at every pay-per-view. In three words; I'm greatness defined.

DD: How do you prepare to make an impact in the CWF?

Jimmy Johnston: Dennis, did you just ask that? Are you mentally challenged or just downright retarded? I made my impact already last week by knocking that big piece of crap Israel Steele out. These boots ain't made just for walking you know. I bet those group of guys sitting in that locker room back there are terrified of me right now...the only guy I respect out of them doughnuts is Rob Osbourne, he is brilliant.

DD: And finally, Israel Steele has been challenging you to a rematch all week long on the promo network. What’s your response?

Jimmy Johnston: Erm...like I said, I'm greatness defined, I'm smart, attractive and unlike Steele don't take unnecessary risks. So, my only words to Steele are: No, I really don't want to have to embarrass you again.

DD: Alright, well you heard what I heard, Teddy…back to you!

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Are you kidding me? His second week in the CWF and he’s already turning down challenges?

BC: Hey, hey…he already beat Israel Steele! There’s no reason for him to have to do it again!

TT: Well I’m sure Steele will have something to say about that but nonetheless folks, stay with us…coming up next is the Ladder Match for the CWF Unified Championship! We’ll be right back!


Personal Trainer

Real Estate Agent

TT: Welcome back to CWF Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme fans, brought to you by Mywrestlingforum.com and Spider Site Builder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. Alright folks, it’s about time for the Ladder Match! So much is on the line in this one, not just the CWF Unified Championship but as we discussed earlier, Terry Richards has a lot to prove tonight because he seems to be walking on thin ice with the Horsemen.

BC: Well I think being a part of the Horsemen has gotten to his head a little bit. He may be bred from greatness but that doesn’t mean you can relax and let it happen naturally…he’s got to get back to what brought him to the dance, he’s got to MAKE things happen and he’ll have his chance right here.

TT: Indeed and from this point forward folks, the matches become extreme in nature…a Ladder Match, followed by a Falls Count Anywhere match between two blood rivals, followed by a Last Man Standing match, followed by a Hell in a Cell match. This will not be for the faint at heart, so be forewarned.

BC: The network made you say that, huh?

TT: Of course.

BC: This is prime time, baby! Anything can happen!

TT: And in the CWF, it usually does! Let’s head to the ring and get this Ladder Match underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a Ladder Match, and is for the CWF Unified Championship! Introducing first, the challenger…from Compton, California…weighing in at 232 pounds… “DA XTREME GANGSTA” JAMES BAKER!

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac hits and James Baker steps out from behind the curtain to a huge pop. He walks up the aisle, slapping hands with fans along the way, and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring.

TT: Baker is in the best shape of his life, folks…he is pumped for this match up, no question…Richards screwed him out of the title last month at Fall Fever but tonight, Baker is out for his revenge.

BC: But Richards has the Horsemen advantage, Teddy! He’s got access to their experience and that’s priceless!

TT: You may be right…and here comes the champion…

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 186 pounds… he is the CWF Unified Champion… “THE WINDY CITY MADMAN” TERRY RICHARDS!

“Drop the Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 starts playing as Terry Richards jogs through the curtain and poses at the top of the ramp with the Unified title over his shoulder. The crowd pops as he makes his way to the ring. The ref takes the belt from him and attaches it to the tether that will hold it suspended above the ring.

TT: Well it’s time for the second title match of the night folks. I for one can’t wait to see what happens in this ladder match. There is no love lost between these two and you can bet things are going to get ugly really fast. I for one have to wonder how The Horsemen will end up impacting this match….

BC: See, there you go assuming again Turnbuckle. Is that what Xamin pays you for? NO…it’s not. He pays you to call the match right down the middle. Momma always said “don’t assume Robert, it makes an ASS out of U and ME.” Plus, after what Rob Osbourne has said the last few weeks, I don’t think The Horsemen will be a factor in this match at all.

TT: You may indeed have a point Mr. Crane.

Just as Turnbuckle stops speaking and the two men are nose to nose in the center of the ring, “Four Horsemen” by Metallica blasts through the arena and the crowd becomes electric, rising to their feet as Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv, and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne step out onto the ramp, all in jeans and black Horsemen t-shirts.

TT: You were saying….

BC: They’re just observing Teddy. They haven’t even left the stage yet. Look at Baker…he’s spooked!

TT: Wouldn’t you be?

BC: Me? ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Crane? Spooked at the sight of Osbourne, his mini-me, Sickboy and Ulv? Not on your life Turnbuckle.

TT: Well the bell has rung and Richards capitalizes on Baker’s distraction, and shoots in, grabbing Baker in a fireman’s carry, dropping Da Extreme Gangsta on his head.

BC: Richards quickly back up on his feet and he looks up at The Nitemare, smiling, seeking approval. Osbourne nods back and Richards moves back in on Baker, who is getting back up to his feet. Richards ties up with him, and Baker gains the advantage.

TT: Baker whips Richards to the ropes, Richards on the rebound…Baker with an arm drag take down, sending Richards flying across the mat, but Richards, embarrassed, quickly comes back up to his feet and Baker now, mocking Richards, looks at Osbourne and smiles then flips The Horsemen leader the bird….that may have been a mistake by James Baker.

BC: He wasn’t flipping him off Teddy, he was telling The Nitemare he is number one!

TT: Baker now flies in at Richards and snatches Terry up by the hair…snap mare by Baker and Richards screams out as Bakers hand comes away with a lock of Terry’s hair in hand.

BC: Uh-oh, here come the troops…I think they’ve seen enough Teddy.

The Horsemen head down the ramp towards the ring. Bob, Rob, Roland and Sickboy all jump up on each of the four sides of the ring. Rob Osbourne on the left side of the ring, Bob Osbourne on the right side both with their backs facing the crowd. Roland Ulv is on the side nearest the entrance ramp, while Sickboy’s back is to the announcer’s table.

TT: Bobby…NOW if you’re James Baker…is it time to worry?

BC: Something’s not right here Teddy. I can’t put my finger on it, but it may not be Baker that needs to worry.

TT: Well Baker and Richards are going to keep going, Horsemen or not. Baker dives at Richards, who uses Baker’s own momentum to his advantage and drops him in a modified DDT.

BC: And Richards stands up and smiles broadly at Osbourne, who mocks a golf clap at the use of his finisher…I don’t know if that cocky grin on Osborune’s face is amusement or contempt.

TT: Well Bobby, Terry Richards is going to try and get the ladder set-up and end this one quickly. He sets it up and starts climbing as Baker stirs on the mat, trying to get back to his feet.

BC: Well don’t look now, but business is about to pick up in the ring…

Rob Osbourne climbs in from one side and Bob from the other. Rob tells Richards to get down. Richards looks at him like he has lost his mind. Bob grabs a mic from a technician at ring side and tosses it to his father.

NRO: Richards….Baker needs to pay for running his mouth. Get down here and finish him.

TT: Well, Terry Richards reluctantly drops of the ladder as Bob Osbourne grabs James Baker by the back of the head and delivers a couple of forearm smashes to Baker’s back, then shoves him towards Richards…

BC: And Richards nails the Shock Turn on Baker!

TT: Terry stands back up and makes his way to the ladder and starts climbing…what the hell?!

Sickboy and Roland enter the ring as Terry begins his ascent. Roland comes in from the backside as Sickboy enters from the front. Just as Terry reaches the top of the ladder and is reaching for the title, Roland positions himself under Terry and drops him with a sickening elevated powerbomb!


BC: I told you something wasn’t right, Teddy! Don’t doubt me Teddy Turnbuckle…EVER…I think it’s safe to say Terry’s day as a member of The Horsemen are over…

TT: As is his reign as Unified Champion I have to believe…

Bob Osbourne climbs the ladder and unhooks the Unified title he never lost and drops down off of the ladder. Bob helps Baker up to his feet.

BOB: Calm down Terry...calm down. Don't worry, I'm just going to have Baker hold the belt for a minute.

Bob hands James the Unified title ; Baker looks at him in shock.

BC: Da Extreme Gangsta is experiencing some Extreme confusion Teddy!

TT: He’s not the only one Bobby. Fine, Terry’s out of the group, that I get…but why would they hand the title to Baker?

BC: You got me. Look….Roland and Sickboy pull Richards to his feet. Richards is seething, trying, pointlessly, to pull away. He glares at Rob Osbourne….

Terry Richards: Rob...what the hell man? What are you doing?!

NRO: Something we should have done a month ago. Something we’re doing…NOW!

As Rob yells ‘NOW!’Bob spins and punches Richards, catching him right across the bridge of his nose, cracking it. Bob, Ulv, and Sickboy instantly start dropping the boots on him. The Nitemare takes a step back, microphone in hand and starts to speak…

NRO: Terry, I told you more times than I felt like telling you to check your tone, to tow the line. I warned you…shape up, or ship out. Consider this though. At least you can tell your children’s children that just like Maniac....."I was a Horseman."

The Horsemen all back off of Terry who is grimacing in pain, curled nearly into a ball on the mat. Bob takes the mic looks at Baker.

BOB: Go ahead, take it. Like I said. I'm just letting you hold it. THAT Title...belongs to me.

The Nitemare pulls his son’s hand that is holding the mic towards him…

NRO: Oh, and James, one more thing…your welcome…you faggot ass mother f**ker…

TT: What the…?!


Nitemare kicks Baker in the stomach, as he does Baker loses his one handed grip on the Unified title and it hits the mat and in one fluid motion, Osbourne Badd Dreams him onto the belt. The Horsemen exit the ring leaving Richards and Baker both lying in the ring, blood pooling up around their respective heads, Richards’ from his broken nose at the hands of Bob Osbourne and Baker from his forehead courtesy of the Badd Dream from Nitemare.

Ring Announcer: Umm…here is your winner…and NEW CWF Unified Champion….I think…”Da Extreme Baker” James Baker!

As “Hail Mary” by Tupc Shakur plays, Da Extreme Dynasty heads out to the ring to check on James as the Richards brothers Alex and Chris, head down to check on Terry. In the ring a melee ensues and the two tag teams start pummeling each other.

Security and CWF staff immediately swarm the ring to pull them apart.

BC: Hot damn, we’re gonna get an extra unscheduled match right here, right now!

TT: God almighty! What the hell could possibly happen next?! Terry Richards has been double crossed by the Horsemen and we have a new Unified Champion!

BC: And that’s just like the Horsemen would’ve done back in ’97, Teddy! Terry Richards just got served by the most elite group of wrestlers in the business and James Baker is the new Unified Champion!

TT: And it looks like James Baker may have got himself into some hot water with the Horsemen!

BC: He must be some kind of idiot, Teddy! Did you see what just happened to Terry Richards?

TT: You have to admire his courage though…he’s standing up to these guys which a lot of people wouldn’t have the guts to do.

BC: He has more guts than brains.

TT: Maybe so but now he has Unified gold as well! In any event folks, as the ring area clears here…I hope you’re ready for this one. Sickboy defends the CWF National Championship against his arch enemy, Chemical X…in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

BC: This one is gonna be ugly…this is to settle a decade long rivalry and these two and two of the most violent men in the CWF right now…I guarantee you whatever Halloween movie they’re showing on TV tonight won’t have as much violence as this one!

TT: My God, ladies and gentlemen, it all comes down to tonight. Seven years ago, in the land the Boston Pops build...the now defunct International Organization of Anarchy, an oxymoron unto itself, there started a feud unlike any we would see since the legendary stuff of Rob Osbourne and Pledge Alligence, Jeff Jericho and Steve Dart, Maniac and Jimmy Blast between two young rookie's both trying to make the names Sickboy and Chemical X be names that every family sitting around the world were talking about.

BC: That's right Teddy. As much as I think Sickboy puts it out on the line just a little too much, when him and Scarletti get in that ring, it is magical. And disturbingly violent, beyond all stretches of the imagination. These two H to the A to the T to the E HATE each other and they have vowed that the war has to stop if their respective careers are to keep going. It ends, Teddy Turnbuckle, right here, at Night of Champions 3: Halloween Extreme...BOO!

Video slow motion highlights of the sickening bumps and crazy situations, and matches throughout the years between Sickboy and Chemical X plays set to 'It Ends Tonight' by the All American Rejects. As the song fades the scene fades back to Teddy and Bobby.

TT: And now folks...It Ends Tonight.

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a Falls Count Anywhere match where the only rule is to land a three count....and it is for the CWF National Championship!

The crowd pops.

Ring Announcer:Introducing first the challenger…from Brooklyn, New York...weighing at 275 poundsl...Gary Scarletti....CHEMICAL X!

The lights drop to a low hue of pulsating red lights dances with the opening acoustic riffs as “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play. As the crescendo hits and the electric guitar kicks in Gary “Chemical X” Scarletti appears at the top of the ramp, ready for business. He stands with his head bowing down. As the lyrics kick in he raises his chin and starts a slow methodical walk to the ring as the lights continue to strobe in red with the music as he enters the ring and stands on the second rope and extends both arms out like he is flying, and then slides his hand across his throat in a mocking slice as the song fades out and the lights return to normal

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds...from New York City, New York...he is a member of the Horsemen and former CWF Unified Champion and current CWF National Champion....THIS.....IS....SICKBOY!

“Driver Down” by Trent Reznor erupts through the sound system throughout the arena. Flash bulbs pop in the thousands as Sickboy walks onto the stage and hoists the title belt high into the air, then glancing back down at it and then slinging it over his shoulder and stares twenty feet in front of him right into the waiting eyes of Gary Scarletti and taps it and shakes his head and mouths 'this is MINE' and continues towards the ring to an eruptive reception by the fans. Sickboy enters the ring and hands the ref the belt as he and X meet face to face in the center of the ring as the referee informs them that he is simply there to provide a three count win there is cover, other than that, there are no rules. Cut back to Bobby and Teddy.

BC: Just ring the damn bell all ready and get this match under way.


TT: The bell rings and they immediately charge each other and are dropping lefts and rights on each other with a furious rage...like two brothers whose hate and rage builds up over a lifetime and they finally have the brawl to end it all.

BC: I once beat my kid brother up so badly he had to get his arm in a cast, his nose was broken and I was missing a tooth. Fights to end all fights.

TT: And that's just what Chemical X and Sickboy are, whether they know it, whether they like it or not, they are brothers in arms in the ring. They know what the other is going to do at all times and they can...I don't know Bobby...

BC: Just keep raising the bar?

TT: Speaking of which take a look at that..They finally relent off each other in the trade of lefts and rights, Scarletti getting the advantage and the Wilkes wriggling free, sliding out of the ring quickly and checking his mouth for any blood, reaches under the ring and pulls out a Louisville Slugger he suspects was there, with a Yankees logo embroidered on it. X slides his thumb across his nose and brushes his cheek and lets loose a lopsided grin and pulls a nightstick from out of the back of his trunks.

BC: HA! Scarletti just thumbed his nose at Wilkes, and X has a jimmy stick. They're gonna beat each other to death. I love it!

TT: No he didn't, he was wiping the sweat and clearing his nasal passages. Chemical X does a martial arts style display of dexterity with the nightstick and Sickboy mocks being at the plate, licks his thumb and checks the wind with his left hand as he rests the bat on his right shoulder. He points at Scarletti's head and swings. Scarletti fumes in the ring in anger as Sickboy waves him on and then starts back up the ramp. They're taking it...

BC: (singing...poorly) Taking it to the streets! Oh my brothers and my sisters...We're Taking it to the Streets!

The camera cuts back stage to a mobile cameraman following Sickboy as Chemical X races towards him. Sickboy stops as he rounds a corner by an alcove leading out to a no re-entry door at the bottom of a stairwell. Sickboy spins and drops to his knees and leans his back to the wall and listens for Scarletti. As Gary gets closer to the corner at a steady clip, Sickboy raises one leg to balance and cocks back, and Chemical X comes around the corner and Sickboy cracks Chemical X in the ribs with the baseball bat ant an odd angle and knocking the wind out of Scarletti!

BC: Good Lord he had to at least cracked a rib. I don't know if Wilkes is any A-Rod but Scarletti is dazed. Wilkes tosses the bat and grabs X in a tie up and gets behind the winded Scarletti and back body drops him into a rolling wardrobe cage. This is insanity!

TT: Wilkes showboating a bit and smacking Scarletti about the head. Without delay Scarletti's eyes open maddeningly wide and he grabs Sickboy by the back of the head with both hands and brings his knee right up into Sickboy's chin at a lightning quick speed, cracking Sickboy's mouth closed!


TT: Blood quickly pours from the mouth of Sickboy as he drops to the ground in excruciating pain. Chemical X's military training and instinct to get back unless gravely wounded, he winces as he comes up a little too quickly, clutching his side as he does, he looks at Wilkes and then takes off sprinting, grimacing madly as he races out the door into the parking garage. He skids to a halt next to a jet-black 1967 Cadillac El Dorado and fumbles with the keys and unlocks the door and hops in. As he looks down and puts the key in the ignition and then looks up, Sickboy bursts through the door, a steady flow of crimson dripping from his chin.

BC: Scarletti is demented. Look at that grin as he starts the engine of the Caddy. He revs the engine as Sickboy calls his bluff and starts running towards the front of the car screaming mad, bat back in hand. As Chemical X drops the car into drive, Sickboy is already at the hood. He hops on it and swings down like one of those state fair bell-ringing sledgehammer games and shatters the windshield of that Caddy! How revolting!

TT: This violence IS what the kids like these days Bobby.

BC: Oh, I'm okay with the violence Teddy; it’s shattering the window of the Caddy that was uncalled for.

TT: Scarletti, enraged, puts the car back in drive and kicks the door open as Sickboy comes racing at the side of the car after hopping off the hood and Chemical X whacks him with the opening door, Wilkes' torso goes flying through the window as his legs slam into the bottom portion of the car door! Good God! He cracks right down on his head and his body jerks, but he rolls through and comes flying back up. X, out the other door of the car, takes off running down the alley.

BC: Oh man, we really ARE taking it to the streets, huh?

Chemical X rounds the corner of alley way and heads out into the back parking lot of the Charlotte Coliseum and there by a tree is his black horse. He hops on it and takes off on it towards the stables of the Agriculture Department facilities, leaping the wooden fence at the edge of the clearing into the Horse field at the Agriculture complex in at the back of the complex. Sickboy hops in the still running idle Cadillac with the busted windshield, baseball bat in tow, and leans his head out the window baying at the moon as he takes off flying into the grass and crashes the car through the fence...startling the entire stable of horses on the property and they all take off out the opening in the fences into the parking lot, rushing out into traffic.

TT: Bobby, they've both lost it. They are going to kill each other.

BC: Well, they did say it ended tonight. I can't see a blood feud like this continue much longer and either man be worth a damn to show for it. What the beejeezus is Sickboy doing?

TT: He's gaining ground on Scarletti and criss crossing behind the steed as X leans in tighter and kicks the reins, whipping the side of the nightstick into the horse in place of a whip!

BC: Somebody call Pita and the NAACP....


BC: Black on black crime. It has to stop!

TT: Oh brother...

BC: Ha! They'll be on you next! Sickboy is wedging the baseball bat into the gas pedal...what's he doing Teddy?

TT: I think he's gonna ...oh no...

Sickboy, with the bat firmly keeping the gas pedal pushed down enough to catch up to the back of Scarletti's horse, holds the wheel with his right hand as he gets his body up and in a crouching position, he looks forward one last time to steady himself then leaps out of the window of the car onto the back part of Chemical X's horse behind the saddle. The car, with no driver but a firmly depressed gas pedal continues on, veering left and right with no hands on the wheel, and then explodes as it slams into a nearby tree. Chemical X approaches the back stable doors of the Ag Center and they begin to open. The camera angle glances up and we see, up in the rooftop bellow control silo, Matthew Scarletti, pushing the button to open the doors.

BC: A-HA! Scarletti planned the whole trip to the stable...he's gotta have something big planned, but he's still going to be pissed that Sickboy blew up his classic caddy!

TT: Ya think? Gee, is that why HIS horse was waiting conveniently in the back of the parking area? Thank you Captain Obvious!

BC: Scarletti pulls up on the reigns bringing the steed to a stop and as the beat of burden slows, Sickboy's own momentum send him flying off of the back of the horse and into a wheel burrow filled with manure!

TT: How disgusting! Scarletti reaches in and pulls Wilkes up out of the burrow, but Sickboy pulls at his head, getting a hold of him, and DDT's him back down into the horse manure filled metal one wheeled farm tool! Amazing the things these two manage to do to each other!

BC: Sickboy back up on his feet now, and he takes off running up through the middle of the stables and out the other end of the building heading back towards the Coliseum. He's bringing it back to the ring Teddy!

TT: And Scarletti up now, hobbling after Wilkes; both men filthy from Horse dung - making their way back into the building Bobby!

BC: Scarletti heads through the open door, as he does, coming out of the shadows from the side alcove they came through before Sickboy delivers a superkick, NO!

TT: Chemical X ducks it and hooks his arm around Sickboy's torso and swings his other arm under his upraised leg, grasping him and letting him fly into the double doors leading back towards the gorilla position in a modified suplex.

BC: Right through the doors actually, and Chemical X is having trouble getting back up quickly this time. And rightly so, these two have beaten the hell out of each other here tonight.

TT: At some point, this one has to end. Neither can press on for much longer, Bobby. Sickboy pulls Scarletti to his feet by the back of his neck and drags him, both men moving slowly, panting hard, back through the curtain towards the ring as the fans go out of control crazy loud for these two Crane!

BC: This is what it's all about right here Teddy, You can feel it in the air...the match has to end soon...Sickboy rolls Chemical X under the ropes into the ring and then rolls back in and starts to pull X back up.

TT: Scarletti playing a little possum and executes a quick schoolboy catching Sickboy by surprise...1......2......thre....NO! Wilkes kicks out!

BC: Unbelievable! How did Sickboy get out of that?!

TT: I haven’t a clue Crane…Sickboy now back to his feet as Chemical X backs up a step and angles in to tie back up with Wilkes.

BC: The two lock up and Sickboy sends Chemical X into the ropes…X on the rebound, Sickboy leap frogs over him!

TT: X off of the other side, and Sickboy drops on his back near the ropes and monkey flips Chemical…

BC: There you again with the racial slurs Teddy..you’re such a bigot!

TT: Shut up already, Bobby! As I was saying fans, Sickboy just sent Chemical X flying over the ropes with that monkey flip and Scarletti hits the protective mat at ring side with a sickening thud.

BC: Uh-oh! Wilkes is gonna fly Teddy!

Sickboy sprints in the direction he just sent Chemical X flying and leaps up onto the middle of the ropes and executes a beautiful Swanton Bomb, gaining big air and coming down hard on Scarletti.

TT: I can’t keep watching this Bobby…

BC: Oh you can look away from the monitor but it ain’t gonna do you any good Teddy!

Sickboy pulls Chemical X up and rolls him onto the announcer’s table right in front of Bobby and Teddy and then climbs back in the ring and scurries up the turnbuckle.

BC: He’s taking off again! Finish him! JUST DO IT!

TT: Careful Bobby, or Nike will sure you for gimmick infringement! Sickboy sailing through the air looking for the big leg drop….NO!

BC: Scarletti rolls off the table just in time and Sickboy crashes through the table bottom first and shatters our announce position to splinters! Chemcial X now up on his feet, albeit at a snail’s pace.

TT: Look at this carnage people. There is blood, Horse manure, broken glass, broken wood, good Lord…this is just inhumane. There is no other way to describe it!

BC: Chemical X now the one pulling Wilkes’s nearly lifeless form from the wreckage of our table…but Sickboy starts fighting back delivering a quick three jab combo to the abdomen of Scarletti.

TT: That has to hurt those already badly damaged ribs of Chemical X. Wait a minute…he’s signaling for it…get your shots…it’s Infection time!

BC: And Sickboy nails Scarletti with the snap DDT….cover on the concrete floor by the champion…..1…………………..2…………………………3!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and STILL CWF National Champion…SICKBOY!

TT: He’s done it! Sickboy has won the final battle in this seven year war! My God Bobby, I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this. What a match!

“Driver Down” by Trent Reznor plays as the ref hands Sickboy the belt and raises his arm in the center of the ring. Chemical X slowly comes to and rolls into the ring himself.

TT: I thought they said after tonight it was over?!? Just like Scarletti to go back on his word.

BC: Yeah, well, call it temporary amnesia. Getting DDT’d on the concrete will do that to a man….but look Teddy….

Scarletti wrenches the title from Sickboy and looks down at it longingly. He then hands it back to him and raises Sickboy’s other arm in a showing of good sportsmanship.

BC: Holy Hell Teddy…it looks like Scarletti is keeping his word. You owe the man an apology!

TT: I am absolutely speechless! What a match up! And Sickboy retains the CWF National Championship in one of the most brutal wars we’ve ever seen in the CWF!

BC: If you don’t think that match was worth the price of admission alone, you’re crazy! And there’s still two enormous matches ahead that will probably be even more violent!

TT: My God it was everything we thought it would be and as much as those two hate each other to the core, you’ve got to believe after a battle like that there’s a mutual respect between them.

BC: Has to be.

TT: Alright folks, we are going to take a commercial break but don’t go anywhere…it just keeps on getting better, because up next we have a Last Man Standing match! It’s “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne taking on Mariano Fernandez…and it’s next!

TT: Alright welcome back fans, and strap in…this one is gonna be a classic…Rob Osbourne and Mariano Fernandez…one of the best of all time taking on the fastest rising star in the business…and it’s Last Man Standing.

BC: And it’s like I’ve said for weeks…how do you keep the kid down? I mean, Magnus Thunder, the most awesome and destructive force in the CWF, couldn’t keep Mariano Fernandez down for a three count…tonight, The Nitemare has to find a way to put him down for a TEN count!

TT: And on the flip side, does Mariano have the offence and the power to put Rob Osbourne down for that long? Who knows but we’re about to find out! Let’s head to the ring!

BC: Woo!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a Last Man Standing match! The winner will be the man who renders his opponent unable to answer a ten count!

The crowd cheers.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Buenos Aires, Argentina….weighing in at 176 pounds… MARIANO FERNANDEZ!

“The Biggest Fight” by Hironobu Kageyama hits and Mariano Fernandez appears at the entrance to a huge pop. He has a serious look on his face and walks briskly down the aisle, climbing into the ring.

TT: The youngster looks ready. He’s accomplished so much this year, becoming the smallest man to ever win a title in the CWF…he won the National Championship off of the legendary Maniac, he’s shot up the ranks so quickly, and here he is at Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme, ready to take on perhaps the biggest name in the business, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in a Last Man Standing match…

BC: He’s gotta be shaking in his little anime booties, Teddy! This is the biggest night of his career!

TT: A win here tonight would almost certainly catapult him into contention for the CWF World Heavyweight title.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Windermere, Florida…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits and out steps “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. Wearing a smirk on his face, he glides down the aisle and slicks his hair back for the camera. He hops up onto the apron, leaps over the top rope, and chewing his gum with his mouth open arrogantly, steps up to Mariano and looks down at him.

TT: The arrogant, cocky attitude of Rob Osbourne has led so many people to hate him over the years…Maniac, Pledge Allegiance, Magnus Thunder, Darklight Warrior, Moisture…and now Mariano Fernandez.

BC: And after what happened earlier tonight, you can add Terry Richards to that ever growing list!

TT: Absolutely, but one thing you can’t take away from him…he can back it up.


TT: And here we go! The time for talking is over!

Osbourne immediately slaps Mariano across the mouth. Mariano leans back after the impact and rubs his chin. Osbourne holds his arms out and baits Mariano to slap him back. Mariano shoots back up and gets in Osbourne’s face. Nitemare with another slap! And Mariano again turns his cheek and backs up.

BC: Stop being so damn polite and slap him back, kid! Mariano is in the wrong business if he’s gonna take that!

TT: He just wants to beat Osbourne the honorable way!

Osbourne walks over to him and slaps him in the back of the head. Mariano has finally had enough and elbows him in the gut…runs to the ropes…dropkick to the chest and Nitemare stumbles backwards into the ropes…Mariano charges at him…Nitemare with a back body drop over the top and to the outside! No! Marianon lands on the apron…Nitemare turns around…hotshot across the ropes and Osbourne grabs his throat gasping for air.

TT: Nice move by Mariano!

BC: He better have more where that came from! If he’s not willing to get his hands dirty tonight he may as well have stayed home!

Mariano hops back up onto the apron and climbs to the top rope…Osbourne slowly getting to his feet…MISSILE DROPKICK! And he connects! Osbourne hits the mat and flips backwards, crumpled up like an accordion. Mariano off the ropes…springboard moonsault! Mariano pulls Osbourne up…LOW BLOW! Osbourne nailed him with a low blow and the crowd boos wildly!

BC: That’ll slow the little punk down!

TT: A cheap shot by Rob Osbourne but it’s anything goes!

Osbourne shakes out the cobwebs and pulls Mariano back to his feet…and WHIPS him HARD into the turnbuckle! Mariano hits chest first and drops to the mat clutching his sternum. Nitemare stomps him a few times for good measure and pulls him back to his feet…reverse knife edge chop and Mariano’s chest lights up! Osbourne now with a whip to the opposite corner…Mariano hits with tremendous force and the impact takes him sailing over the top rope! Mariano staggers across the apron and Osbourne catches him with a SUPERKICK! Mariano drops to the floor and the ref starts counting him down!

TT: Nitemare was right on target with that super kick and Mariano may be done already here!







Mariano’s head appears from under the apron as he climbs back to his feet. Nitemare runs to the ropes…baseball slide and he nails Mariano! Mariano flies back and crashes into the guardrail! He slumps on the floor and Nitemare goes out after him…he pulls him up…and whips him into the ring steps! No! Mariano reverses and it’s Osbourne who hits the heavy steel steps shoulder first! Mariano showing some fight and he pulls Osbourne back up…and bounces his head off the steel ring post! Osbourne staggers out and Mariano climbs up onto the apron…he runs at Osbourne on the floor…FRANKENSTEINER on the floor! The crowd roars and Mariano pounds his chest as the ref counts Osbourne down!

TT: What a move by the youngster and Osbourne could be in trouble here!

BC: Mariano can do some damage if he can keep having bursts of energy like that!







Osbourne pulls himself up and Mariano runs at him immediately…Osbourne turns around…and catches Mariano with a POWERSLAM on the floor! Mariano arches his back in pain and Nitemare, clearly pissed at the kid’s sudden offence, rips him back up to his feet and drags him out to the aisle. He short-arm clotheslines him to the floor and pulls up the padding.

TT: Uh oh! This isn’t looking good for Mariano!

BC: Osbourne’s fixing to drive him into the floor like a railroad spike! Ha!

Osbourne pulls Mariano in and sets him up…PILEDRIVER ON THE EXPOSED CONCRETE!

TT: My God! Osbourne just damn near drilled him through the concrete floor!

BC: That’s it, it’s all over…already!









Mariano gets to his feet!

BC: Ahh!

TT: You can’t keep this kid down and I can’t believe he’s even conscious after that!

BC: The only thing inside that little head of his is a rerun of Pokemon!

Nitemare helps him back to his feet and then chops him. Mariano stumbles down the aisle with Nitemare in pursuit. At the top of the aisle, Mariano spins around and boots Osbourne in the gut out of nowhere! Nitemare hunches over…Mariano rears back and nails Osbourne with a knee lift! Osbourne hits the floor but Mariano drops to his knees holding his head, the arena spinning through his eyes…

TT: Mariano Fernandez may well be concussed here but he’s damn sure a fighter…his equilibrium seems to be gone though after that piledriver on the concrete floor.

BC: That could have been the turning point of the match, that piledriver…

Mariano gets to his feet and groggily walks over to Nitemare…he pulls him up and throws him into the video screen on the set! Osbourne bounces back out and Mariano rocks him with a hard clothesline! Nitemare on dream street and Mariano pulls him back to his feet…YAKUZA KICK! No! Osbourne ducks…and SPEARS Mariano into the video screen! The screen cracks where Mariano hit and Mariano and Osbourne both drop to the floor!

TT: My God! The CWF reinforced the video screens after the Chemical X and Sickboy incident on Showdown a few weeks ago, and these two are hurting already!

BC: Mariano’s ass cracked the screen! That’s an ass crack!

TT: I can’t even imagine how many years you’ve been waiting to use that one…

The ref counts both men down.







Nitemare struggles to his feet.





The crowd roars and Nitemare staggers around the stage looking for something…he disappears behind the curtain. Mariano goes in after him on spaghetti legs…as he sticks his head through…he gets NAILED over the head with a steel chair! Mariano drops back to the floor unconscious, and Nitemare emerges from behind the curtain with the dented chair.

TT: Good God! He just scrambled Mariano’s brains and the youngster is out like a like! This has to be it! Here’s the count!












TT: Mariano is on his feet and this crowd is going bananas!

Nitemare looks at him in disbelief and Mariano beckons him to bring some more. Nitemare furiously picks him up and lawn darts him into the eye of the makeshift pumpkin making up the set! Mariano disappears into the fog and the referee can’t count him down because he can’t see him!

TT: Oh my God! Mariano is inside the damn pumpkin and there’s nothing the referee can do!

Nitemare looks as confused as the referee as to what to do…suddenly…on TOP of the pumpkin emerges a bloodied Mariano Fernandez! Blood streams down his face from the chair shot and the crowd is on their feet…Mariano JUMPS OFF THE PUMPKIN WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS! HE NAILS OSBOURNE AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!



Mariano is laid out just as badly as Osbourne after the crash landing and the ref counts them both down!








Mariano pulls himself to his feet using the guard rail and the fans are on their feet as Osbourne desperately tries to crawl to the guard rail to get himself back up!





BC: No he didn’t!

As the word “ten” starts to come out of the referee’s mouth, Osbourne gets to his feet, but immediately drops back to the floor. Mariano staggers slowly over to the side of the set and finds a table…the crowd roars as he dumps the monitors and electronics off of it and drags it out to the mouth of the pumpkin, which is serving as the entrance way. He pulls Osbourne to his feet and drags him over to the table, laying him across it. The crowd roars as Mariano begins to scale the pumpkin!

TT: Mariano has something in mind here and I have a feeling that whatever it is, it’s gonna be crash or burn! This could end it right here either way!

BC: Look! Osbourne is up!

Nitemare rolls off the table and sees Mariano slowly climbing the pumpkin. Nitemare crawls over and begins climbing it as well! Nitemare behind Mariano and both men climbing to the top of the pumpkin! The cameras start flashing.

TT This arena is lighting up like the milky way and what goes up must come down! Somebody is gonna drop off that thing!

BC: This is gonna be bad!

Mariano climbs into the triangle shaped eye of the pumpkin, glowing yellow lights and fog turn him into a silhouette. He turns and sees Nitemare right behind him and pulls him up into the eye with him! The crowd roars as Mariano lifts Nitemare up for a Tombstone Piledriver!



Mariano has him up! But Nitemare desperately kicks his legs and breaks free…Mariano lets go and Osbourne drops to his knee…LOW BLOW! And Mariano’s eyes bulge out of his head! Nitemare looks down at the table looming below…he grabs Mariano’s head and….BADD DREAM! BADD DREAM OUT OF THE EYE AND THROUGH THE TABLE! THE CROWD EXPLODES!


BC: Holy shi…

TT: Mariano just got planted with a Badd Dream off the top of the set and through the table on the concrete floor below! But Nitemare went through the table too and now they’re both out!

BC: That was the mother of all Badd Dreams!

The ref counts both men down.










Nitemare forces himself up long enough to break his count and then drops back to the floor.



Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: My God almighty! I’ve never seen a damn thing like it! A Badd Dream from that high up…Mariano is covered in blood and that may be a product of the chair shot, OR the Badd Dream…or BOTH. But regardless, EMTs are scrambling onto the scene here and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne has won this Last Man Standing match!

BC: But he may have hurt himself in the process, Teddy! You can’t fall from that height, go through a table, land on concrete, and break the fall with your back and not go unscathed! Rob Osbourne is gonna need some help as well, but damn…that may be the defining moment of the whole freakin’ night right there!

EMTs rush to Mariano’s aid. Roland Ulv rushes out from the back with a doctor to check on Rob Osbourne.

TT: It looks like a damn tornado just hit the arena with all this wreckage! Folks, we have to take one final commercial break! Don’t go anywhere, the main event is next! It’s Hell in a Cell for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Night of Champions III: The Halloween Extreme! What a Halloween night it’s been so far and the best is yet to come! After all the carnage we’ve witnessed tonight…the most violent match in wrestling is coming up, and the CWF World Heavyweight Championship is on the line…

BC: And this is truly for all the marbles, Teddy! Pledge has been contemplating retirement if he loses this one tonight, and let’s face it…the odds are stacked against him! He’s gonna be locked inside a steel cell with the most ruthless, violent, and awesome man in the entire business…Magnus Thunder! It’s like going up against a monster and there’s no escape! Pledge is gonna feel like a rat in a cage!

TT: Be that as it may, Pledge has defied the odds before in his career…he has beaten Magnus Thunder before and he could very well do it again!

The crowd roars as the lights dim and the ambient “Kingdom” by U2 plays softly in the background as the cell lowers, creating an almost eerie atmosphere. The lyrics echo through the arena.

#Sing yourself on down the street
Sing yourself right off your feet
Sing yourself away from victory and from defeat

Sing yourself with fife and drum
Sing yourself to overcome
The thought that someone’s lost and someone else has won#

TT: For all the marbles folks…I wish you could be here to experience the atmosphere…I’ve got chills.

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship! This match will be decided inside HELL IN A CELL!

The fans roar.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger! From Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds… MAGNUS THUNDER!

The thunder rolls in and the fans boo wildly as the instrumental version of “Haunted” by Type O Negative hits. The lights drop and a single bolt of lightning shoots down from the rafters and strikes at the entrance way, exploding in a dazzling array of pyrotechnics. Magnus Thunder towers out from the mouth of the pumpkin and raises Hellbringer high above his head, letting out a war cry. The crowd showers him with boos as he strides down the aisle and tests the strength of the cage. He ducks through the door and climbs into the ring, standing there stoically as he awaits Pledge.

BC: To say Pledge has a big problem would be the understatement of the century, Teddy…Magnus looks like an animal about to be let off his leash.

TT: This one is absolutely going to be nasty, and I know there are some Pledge fans out there that must be a little nervous right now…but if anyone can overcome the odds, it’s the CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent!

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: From New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds…he is the reigning and defending CWF World Heavyweight Champion…PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

The crowd explodes as “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge steps out from the pumpkin’s mouth with the CWF World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. The soaks in the adulation of the crowd and stares down the aisle at the most violent structure in wrestling, Hell in the Cell. He closes his eyes and gives himself a pep talk, and then charges down the aisle. He storms through the door, leaving the title outside for the referee. The door slams shut behind him and is padlocked. He climbs into the ring and prepares for war.

TT: You could cut the tension in here with a knife! Both of these guys look to be in the best shape of their life and Pledge looks ready, Bobby…Pledge looks ready to take it to Magnus Thunder and I can’t wait to see this!

BC: Yeah well, guess what? We’ve got company!

The crowd boos as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne runs down the aisle, limping noticeably.

TT: What on earth is he doing here and how is that man still standing after that Last Man Standing match?!

BC: I don’t know but something is up because Pledge is locked in the Cell! Nitemare can’t get him from in there!

As Osbourne reaches ringside, Donovan Torigianni emerges from the crowd and ROCKS him with a clothesline!


BC: Ahhh!


Rob Osbourne scurries up the aisle with Donovan and Vincent Torigianni in hot pursuit!

TT: Osbourne’s wife’s ex husband and brother in hot pursuit and I guess Degradation has sided with Revelation!

BC: Wow!

Pledge Allegiance mockingly waves goodbye to Rob Osbourne from behind the caged wall. He turns around and sees Magnus Thunder. Magnus remains still, statuesque.


TT: And here we go! This is the one we’ve waited for!

Pledge walks out to the center of the ring, jumping on the spot, ready to go. Magnus doesn’t flinch. Pledge beckons him. Magnus remains still. Pledge steps in to go at him but stops dead in his tracks as Magnus storms out of his corner and with a fiery rage burning in his eyes, stares down Pledge.

TT: God, Magnus is just flat out scary…I know we say it a lot but there’s something different about this man. Look into his eyes, they’re pure evil.

Pledge rears back and throws a right hand! It connects! Magnus doesn’t flinch. Another! No effect. Another! Magnus grabs his fist and crushes it in the palm of his hand, bringing Pledge down to one knee. Magnus glaring down at Pledge as Pledge grimaces in pain…and twists his arm, driving his shoulder to the mat on the follow through! Pledge down and Magnus holds onto his arm and drops a leg across his elbow! Pledge pulls his arm in and protects it underneath his chest.

TT: That’s 500 pounds crashing down on Pledge’s arm and he may have been trying to hyper extend that elbow!

BC: And he may have succeeded! Brilliant move by Magnus…think about it Teddy! What’s Pledge’s only hope to win this thing? A Pledge Hammer! He can’t do it with a bad arm!

Magnus pulls him to his feet and whips him to the ropes…Pledge slides under his legs…Magnus spins around…drop kick by Pledge! Magnus fazed! Pledge to the ropes…clothesline! Magnus starting to wobble…Pledge to the ropes…another clothes! Magnus teetering and tottering…Pledge to the ropes again…flying forearm! And Magnus Thunder goes down with a crash! The crowd roars!

TT: He dropped him! Magnus Thunder is down!

BC: Pledge had damn well better capitalize!

Pledge to the second rope…he DRIVES and elbow into Magnus Thunder’s throat! Magnus rolls over gasping for air! Pledge grabs his leg and drags him to the ropes…he drapes Magnus Thunder’s foot across the bottom rope, leaps up, and comes down on it hard! Magnus grabs his ankle in pain and Pledge grabs his legs again! Pledge drags him out to the center of the ring and hooks his own shin around Magnus’ ankle…and drives himself back to the mat with an Indian death lock! And again! And again!

TT: Pledge doing what most of Magnus’ opponents try to do…work his legs and take away his size!

BC: Pledge better hope he has better fortune than the rest of Magnus Thunder’s opponents!

Pledge pulls Magnus up by his hair. Magnus limps along as Pledge shoves him into the corner and mounts the second turnbuckle! Pledge unloading with right hands as the crowd counts along with each blow! 1…2…3 …4…5…6…7…8…9… before the tenth shot, Magnus powers out of the corner with Pledge in the air…TIGER BOMB! Magnus rocks him and stands up, shaking out his leg as Pledge grimaces on the mat. Magnus pulls Pledge to his feet and chucks him over the top rope and to the outside!

TT: Magnus Thunder overpowering Pledge here and this is where the cell could come into play!

BC: It’s the Devil’s playground and Magnus Thunder is the Devil himself!

Magnus steps over the top rope after him and Pledge crawls around on his hands and knees around the ring. Magnus leans in to pull him up and Pledge has a hold of something from under the ring…Magnus pulls him up and Pledge NAILS him with a steel chair! Magnus staggers back and Pledge swings at him! Magnus ducks and the chair rattles against the cage! Pledge backing Magnus up and he swings at him again! Magnus gets a boot up and the chair bounces back into Pledge’s face! Pledge stumbles backwards and falls on his rear, slumped against the cage wall. Magnus charges at him and goes for a boot in the face, but Pledge moves and Magnus jams his foot against the cage wall!

TT: Pledge has to be so careful here! A street fight will not favor him, he has to keep this in the ring!

Pledge grabs the steel chair and smacks it into Magnus Thunder’s back! Magnus drops to one knee and Pledge nails him with it again! Magnus reeling in pain and Pledge unloads on him with the chair! He clanks it off Magnus’ back again and again and again! And Pledge throws the chair away and pumps his fist for the crowd…the fans roar!

TT: Pledge with the great equalizer and he did some damage there!

BC: He destroyed that chair!

Pledge pulls Magnus half way up and then shoves him into the ring steps using Magnus Thunder’s own momentum against him! Magnus thuds into the steps and Pledge pulls the stop portion of the steps off…he lifts the heavy steel steps over his head, and SLAMS them down! But Magnus rolls out of the way just in the nick of time and the steps bounce on the concrete floor harmlessly. Magnus trying to put some space between he and Pledge but Pledge jumps on him and throws wild right hands! Pledge’s fists become a blur until finally Magnus is able to roll him over. He DRIVES a big right fist into Pledge’s gut and Pledge lets out a loud grunt as he connects.

TT: Pledge is a house of fire but that’s the power of Magnus Thunder right there…perfect example, one blow is all it takes and the tables are turned just like that!

BC: That’s like being punched in the gut by an anvil!

Magnus shakes out the cobwebs and walks around the ring slowly. Pledge is able to recover and gets to his feet, walking quickly in pursuit of Magnus. He catches up and grabs Magnus from behind, but Magnus was waiting for him and breaks Pledge’s arm away…grabs him by the back of the head…and tosses him into the cage wall face first! Magnus hangs onto him on impact and grates his face across the mesh!

BC: Ouch! Magnus Thunder is turning Pledge’s flesh into bloody coleslaw!

TT: You can almost hear the flesh tearing away and Pledge is busted open! Pledge is busted wide open and now he’s in big trouble! When you bleed like that you’re a ticking time bomb, you get fatigued and your strength depletes rapidly!

Magnus lets go of Pledge and he drops to the floor, leaving drops of blood underneath him. Pledge’s head swaying as he sits up and rests himself against the cage wall. Magnus with his back turned sees Pledge getting up on the big screen. Pledge half way to his feet and Magnus charges at him…and SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE CAGE!



TT: Magnus speared him with such force, the damn cage wall just came right off its hinges! Pledge is hurt and Magnus is a friggin’ animal!

The fans are on their feet as Magnus jumps up and rips his arms back with a war cry. The fans boo him loudly and Pledge grimaces on the ground clutching his ribs. Magnus picks him up…and torpedoes him into the outside of the cage! But Pledge hangs on! Pledge hands onto the cage and he’s climbing!

TT: Oh God!

BC: This can’t end well!

TT: Pledge climbing to the top of the cage and all he’s doing is trying to buy himself some time and space, but Magnus is going up after him!

BC: Ahhh!

With Magnus in hot pursuit, Pledge kicks his feet back at him trying to knock him loose…but Magnus hangs on and Pledge swings his hips up and makes it to the top of the cage, crawling to the middle. Magnus is right behind him and the crowd roars as both men stand on top of the cage!

TT: My God! That thing could collapse at any given moment! That’s 780 pounds standing on top of that thing!

The ceiling of the cage creaks and screeches with each step Magnus takes as he stalks towards Pledge. Pledge is wide eyed and has no choice but to face him head on…he charges at him and the crowd roars as they begin to exchange blows on top of the cell! Magnus’ white-taped fists turn red Pledge’s blood as he lands the hammer like blows and Magnus takes the upper hand…but as Pledge staggers back, Magnus comes in for him and Pledge low blows him with a boot to the crotch!

TT: Desperation move by Pledge but it did the job!

BC: This is getting scary, Teddy!

Pledge grabs Magnus by the tights with one hand and the hair with the other…and THROWS MAGNUS OFF THE CELL!



Pledge drops to his knees, relieved…but doesn’t realize Magnus hung on…Magnus clings to the top of the cage by one hand, dangling…hovering over the concrete floor some twenty five feet below! Pledge with his back to Magnus and Magnus emerges back up to the top of the cell! Pledge turns around…Magnus grabs him by the throat! Pledge waving his arms around desperately trying to escape his grasp as Magnus squeezes his massive fist around Pledge’s throat. Pledge turns a bright shade of red and Magnus has him up…and DOWN with a CHOKESLAM! The cell’s ceiling bends in the shape of Pledge and Pledge lays on the mangled mesh nearly motionless!

TT: GOOD GOD! Pledge didn’t see him coming and now Magnus has him in huge trouble here! He has to get him in the ring to make a pinfall though!

BC: What the hell is he gonna do now?!

Magnus rips Pledge back to his feet and heaves him up onto his shoulders. He walks out to the center of the cage and lets out a roar as he spins Pledge and drops him with an F-5! The roof of the cell breaks through and Pledge FALLS THROUGH AND DOWN INTO THE RING! He bounces off the mat and the crowd goes crazy as he lies motionless in the ring below! Magnus roars on top of the cage and climbs through the hole and down into the ring!



Magnus Thunder stares down at the bloodied Pledge and smiles evilly. He puts a foot on his chest and makes the cover!

TT: We’re gonna have a new champion!







The crowd explodes as Pledge gets a shoulder up. Magnus’ eyes widen with shock and he implores the referee to count faster. Pledge miraculously tries to fight to his feet. Magnus grabs his arms and CURBSTOMPS him! And makes another cover!




TT: Pledge has the heart of a damn champion! Any other man would have been finished by now!

BC: Pledge is a bloody mess though! He can’t do this for much longer! He better get up and get some offence in!

Magnus Thunder angrily rips Pledge to his feet and heaves him into the corner. He backs up to the opposite corner…and charges in at Pledge with an AVALANCHE! No! Pledge ducks out of the way! Magnus sails over the turnbuckle and hits the ring post! As he staggers back, Pledge with a ROLL UP AND A COVER!




TT: Pledge tried to surprise him!

BC: He’s just making Magnus angrier!

Magnus furiously gets to his feet and Pledge painfully crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up…Magnus charges at him again! Pledge ducks…and Magnus gets crotched on the top rope! The crowd goes wild and Pledge pulls himself up and shakes the rope as Magnus rides it! And with one big final shake, Magnus flies off the top and back into the ring! Pledge drops to the mat and wipes the blood from him forehead.

TT: These two have absolutely hit each other with everything that they've got! They have taken each other to Hell and back!

BC: It kills me to say it but I have to agree with you, I can't remember ever witnessing anything like this.

TT: Looks like Pledge is stirring a bit! He's crawling to the turnbuckle…he looks exhausted. He truly does have the heart of a champion!

BC: Where's he going?

Pledge rolls out of the ring and starts searching for something under the apron.

BC: It looks like he's going under the ring. Looks like he's looking for something…

TT: NO! Oh my God Bobby. Look!

BC: It's…


The crowd explodes as Pledge pulls out his own war hammer, Asswhoopbringer! He holds it above his head, grimacing through the pain!

BC: No…that's not fair!

TT: Remember Bobby…anything goes!

BC: Some heart of a champion! He's a cheater!

TT: Pledge is barely up to his feet…he's raising Asswhoopbringer! This crowd is going bananas!

BC: Sounds like the inmates are running the asylum here…

Pledge slides back into the ring, and he hovers over Magnus Thunder with Asswhoopbringer!

BC: He makes me sick!

TT: Pledge looks like he's struggling with the decision of whether or not to use Asswhoopbringer. He's raising it…and Magnus is begging him off. Magnus felt the effects of Asswhoopbringer last week and I imagine he hasn't forgotten how it feels to have your flesh ripped off.

Pledge comes down with Asswhoopbringer!

TT: No! Pledge stopped! He didn't hit him with it!

BC: Whoa! Magnus has a look of relief all over his face. Kiss your title goodbye, Pledge! You have to take advantage of these opportunities!

TT: Hold on what second! Looks like Pledge has had a change of heart!

Pledge DRIVES Asswhoopbringer down into Magnus Thunder’s gut! The crowd explodes!

TT: Talk about possessed, Pledge looks possessed now! Pledge is down, behind Magnus, with a knee in his back and he's trying to choke him out with Asswhoopbringer!

BC: Good God, Teddy, there's blood everywhere!

TT: This goes to show that Pledge will do whatever he has to do to keep his belt!

Pledge rears back with Asswhoop bringer and Magnus kicking his legs in pain! The ref asking him to submit, blood trickling from his neck as the barbed wire digs into his flesh! Magnus refuses to tap and Pledge pulling back now with all his strength! He sits on Magnus Thunder’s back and Magnus in big trouble! The fans on their feet anticipating a tap out!

TT: Magnus has no choice but to tap! He has to!

BC: No way, Teddy! Is Pledge actually gonna pull this off?!

Magnus, in on last desperate attempt, manages to roll over. He sits up but Pledge hangs on with Asswhoopbringer! Magnus throws and elbow back and connects! And another! And another! And Pledge is forced to let go to avoid any more blows! Magnus choking and gasping for air! Pledge to his feet and he rears back with Asswhoopbringer! He comes down! No! Magnus with a big boot and Pledge drops Asswhoopbringer and drops to the mat! Magnus having trouble breathing, blood flowing down his chest and he wobbles over to Pledge and wearily leans over and pulls him up…Magnus setting him up for a Thunderstorm! No! Pledge powers up and in an incredible feat of strength has Magnus up on his shoulders! PLEDGE HAMMER!

NO! The weight of Magnus Thunder causes Pledge’s knees to buckle and Magnus acts quickly…he has him up…and DOWN! THUNDERSTORM!

TT: This is it! This has to be it! A cover!







The crowd goes wild and Magnus Thunder’s face turns pale as Pledge breaks the count! Magnus slams the mat with his fist and screams at the referee to count to three! The referee yelling back at him and Magnus Thunder stalks over to him, intimidating the helpless referee!

TT: Give me a break, Magnus Thunder is picking on a defenseless referee! He’s just doing his job, Magnus!



Pledge sneaks up from behind Magnus….PLEDGE HAMMER!







BC: Holy hell! What do these guys have to do to put the other away?!

TT: I don’t know but Pledge can’t believe it! Both these men are covered in blood and Pledge is in utter disbelief!

Pledge looks up to the heavens, his face with desperation etched all over it. He slowly gets back to his feet, his body racked with pain! He agonizingly leans over and pulls Magnus up to his feet. Magnus powers Pledge’s arms away and surprises him with a Samoan chop to the throat, followed by a spinning backfist, followed by a boot to the gut, followed by a…THUNDERSTORM!

BC: Ahhh!


Magnus flops on top of Pledge with a cover!





TT: He did it! Magnus Thunder is the new champion and my God what a war! What a bloody war!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion…MAGNUS THUNDER!

The crowd boos wildly as the referee drapes the title across Magnus Thunder’s blood soaked chest. “Haunted” by Type O Negative hits and the camera zooms in on the victorious Magnus Thunder. He has a grin on his face, and he breathes heavily as he sits up and stares down at the title in his hands.

TT: Good Lord, Magnus Thunder is the new champion and who on earth is gonna stop this man?! His second reign with the title could be the most awesome reign of terror the CWF has ever seen! And what the hell on earth is this now?!

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, still hobbling after the attack by Degradation and feeling the effects of his Last Man Standing match earlier, walks down the aisle with Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, and “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv in tow. The crowd boos as they walk through the busted down cage wall and start laying the boots to Pledge! Magnus Thunder rolls out of the ring and limps up the aisle with his newly won championship belt and The Horsemen kicking Pledge while he’s down!

TT: COME ON! The match is over! The damn match is over and The Horsemen are beating the crap out of a helpless Pledge Allegiance who’s just been through the damndest match I’ve ever seen!

Chemical X comes sprinting down the aisle!


Chemical X and Sickboy go nose to nose…they’re gonna go at it one more time!


Instead of fighting each other, Chemical X and Sickboy both look down at Pledge…and start stomping the hell out of him!



Chemical X and Sickboy shake hands, and the Horsemen all embrace. Rob Osbourne, Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, Roland Ulv, and now Chemical X!

TT: The Horsemen have done it again! They have fooled the world again and recruited Chemical X!

BC: They’re damn well unstoppable now!

Suddenly, the crowd thunders to its feet, nearly blowing the roof off the Charlotte Coliseum! The camera shakes and the camera man loses control for a moment…but when it straightens out, we see the reason for the disturbance. Running down the aisle is…



Jimmy Blast busts into the cell and the Horsemen clear the ring! Blast stands over the fallen Pledge Allegiance, screaming at the Horsemen to get back into the ring! Rob Osbourne nods his head angrily and climbs up onto the apron! Roland Ulv and Bob Osbourne hold him back but Nitemare shoves them away and climbs into the ring!



Pledge Allegiance slowly sits up and looks around. When he sees what’s going on, his eyes widen and he yells at Jimmy Blast to help him up! Blast extends his hand and helps Pledge up to his feet.

TT: Pledge is up and now Osbourne is in trouble!

Nitemare gulps noticeable, and then smiles at Blast. Jimmy Blast smiles back. Pledge looks at Blast, eyes wide, and shakes his head “no”…Blast nods at him…and having not let go of Pledge’s hand, pulls him in…BLASTER!


Jimmy Blast and Rob Osbourne embrace in the ring and the Horsemen slide back in. They have a crowd hug and the fans boo and begin pelting the cell with garbage as Rob Osbourne, Sickboy, Roland Ulv, Bob Osbourne, Chemical X, and Jimmy Blast raise their hands in unison! The crowd showers them with boos!


BC: I can’t friggin’ believe this!

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time! We are out of time and the Horsemen have provided the tricks and the treats on Halloween night in the CWF!

BC: There’s no telling what could happen now!

TT: Thanks for joining us! Happy Halloween from the CWF! We’ll see you next Saturday from Buenos Aires, Argentina! My God what a night! What a show! Good night everyone!

The camera zooms in on the bloodied Pledge Allegiance, and then switches over to Jimmy Blast, a huge smile on his face.

Fade to black.

Until next time…