Champions with vengeance on their minds... Champions with everything at stake... Champions with one final chance to reach the grandest stage of them all... One night... Could change everything...

Tonight, the road to SuperCard VI begins! Who will cement their legacy... Three men put their fates on the line as a merciless champion steps in to the ring with CWF's finest. A championship hangs in the does a chance to headline the CWF's biggest show of the year. Can a former champion reclaim what was once his? Can a new contender overcome the odds and make a fast rise to fame? Or will a champion stay golden? The time is counting down, and their fate depends on one man...a 'flawless' man. This is a moment for Liftoff!

This is CWF...

This is...

"Forfeit" by Chevelle blasts throughout the arena as fireworks and pyro erupt on the entrance stage. Metallic models of rockets stand erect near the entrance stage, fire blasting out from underneath them. The sold out crowd erupts in overwhelming cheers as a trail of flames starts at the bottom of each side of the aisle and makes its way up to the connecting stage. It makes its way around the edges of the stage ending near the bottom of the rockets, once again forcing flames to erupt from beneath them. The pyro and fireworks slowly die down as we turn to the commentator's table.

TT:Hello everybody and welcome to Night Of Champions V: Liftoff! I'm Teddy Turnbuckle and alongside me is the one...the only... "Beautiful" Bobby Crane!

BC: This Canadian crowd is going nuts, Teddy!

TT: They sure are! We are coming to you live from a sold out Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario...and we have one hell of a show on hand tonight! All of the championships will be on the line as we begin our road to SuperCard VI! I have to ask you, Bobby...what are your feelings on the Unified Championship match tonight?

BC: It's going to be an amazing match, Teddy! Mariano Fernandez will be defending the Unified Championship against Terry Richards! Mariano just came off of one hell of a victory last week as he defeated Bob Osbourne in a rematch for the Unified Championship! But the question is...can he get it done here again tonight? Richards has been impressive over the last few weeks...and is DYING to get the victory here tonight! Will Mariano be able to defeat Richards to retain the championship...or will the Windy City Madman capture the Unified Championship for a second time? We'll find out tonight!

TT: In addition to that, we'll have the World Tag Team Championship on the line as Da Xtreme Dynasty defends the championship against The O'Reilly Brothers in a rematch from a few weeks ago!

BC: Nobody thought that the Dynasty could win the gold...but they did! Nobody thought that the Dynasty would become such a force in the CWF...but they have! Tonight, all bets are off! The war between The O'Reilly's and the Dynasty has hit new levels after the attack on Danielle Lopez! With fire set underneath both teams...who will walk out as the champions tonight?! Only one way to find out!

TT: We're also going to see a rematch from Last Man Standing as Keith Daniels defends the National Championship against Sickboy!

BC: This, Teddy...this has become a feud for the ages! After winning the National Championship, Daniels literally set fire to Sickboy! Last week, we saw Sickboy with a brutal attack on Daniels! These two hate each other with a passion...and I expect that it will carry over to tonight's match! The question is...will Sickboy be able to change his fate from Last Man Standing and capture the National Championship once again...or will Daniels continue his amazing roll here in the CWF and once again knock off the former champion?!


The lights go dim as a red spot light circles the arena a few times before stopping at the ramp. All of a sudden red fireworks come crashing down and explode upon the stage ramp as "Raise Hell" comes over the PA system.

'If you think it's too loud...'
'Bitch get the *BEEP* out!'
'If you want to showdown...'
'Bitch get the *BEEP* out!'
'If your ass ain't with me...'
'Bitch get the *BEEP* out!'

As the smoke clears Brian comes out to the stage sporting a pair a black sun glasses and wearing a black leather vest over a buffalo blue flannel button down and a pair of light blue denim jeans. A chorus of boos echo throughout the Air Canada Centre as a man from the CWF personnel hands Brian the microphone and waits for the crowd to calm down.

Brian Adams: Well, well, well, how the hell is everybody doing tonight? Oh wait, that's right, I don't give a *BEEP*! Then again, it's Canada, so who does?

The crowd erupt with jeers towards Brian's comment about Canada. Brian smirks at his remark as he lifts the microphone back up and ignores the boos from the fans.

Brian Adams: Oh don't worry, that's not why I'm here tonight. Well, that's not the ONLY reason I'm here tonight. I'm here to prepare you all for the inevitable. I know you 'fanatics' here in the arena and even the ones watching out there in TV land are in a constant state of disappointment, what with building your hopes up just to have them come crashing down faster than the World Trade Center.

The crowd becomes silent, not really knowing how to take Brian's last comment. Brian stares out into the crowd with a confused look on his face.

Brian Adams: Nothing? Really? Heartless bastards. Anyways, I know you fans have a tendency to bet the bank on the impossible, with nothing ever coming out to your liking. The CWF as of late has been less than credible, you could even say it hasn't been exactly 'classic'. What with the World Championship being held by the biggest schmuck in the history of this company. He has brought zero credibility to that title ever since he won it, and he's held it for far too long. His matches have become mere lullabies to put you morons to sleep through the night. Could this be the night that we are all relieved of Magnus' reign that could only be described as lukewarm? You're damn right it could be, because the man you are looking at is the man that calls the shot in that ring tonight.

TT: He will definitely give an interesting aspect to tonight's main event, Bobby!

Brian Adams: But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Magnus may have to shoulder some of that guilt for CWF's lack of integrity, but he wasn't given much help was he? I mean, look at the men Xamin has put in his path... Mariano, Roland Ulv, Rob Osbourne, and Jack Mason, with Jack the only man who had a credible claim toward said title shot. Well, I guess we can't even say that, can we? I mean, I clearly threw that son of a bitch out of the ring, and he snaked his way back into the rumble and cheated his way into a championship title shot. What has happened since these men have had title shots? Mariano has dropped down to the Unified Championship division. Roland Ulv is in a perpetual traffic jam at the unemployment office. Jack Mason? Good enough to have Magnus beaten, not smart enough to clear up his problems with the United States government. *BEEP*ing fool! Rob Osbourne? HA! The man who claims to be the be all end all of wrestling, didn't even earn a championship title shot, but got one anyway. He claimed up and down main street of how it was a shoe-in win at Last Man Standing and promised me he was going to meet me at SuperCard VI in what was to be the most epic match in SuperCard, if not CWF history. I held up my end of the bargain, did he? Hell no! He lost and then went on a journey to find himself in the woods with a tent, some vaseline, and a guy named Eric! He claimed he was no longer the Nitemare and was just plain old Rob Osbourne. I didn't see the real difference, and neither did anyone else, but I'm just SURE Osbourne thought it was genius. Damn idiot.

BC: Ha! He just called Osbourne an idiot!

Brian Adams: But now once again he has a title shot tonight, another title shot he most definitely does not deserve. This is his last ditch effort to meet me at SuperCard VI, and his chances aren't any better now than they were at Last Man Standing. In fact, they're worse. Now he has to contend with Magnus and Tige', not to mention me as the guest referee. I can still smell the stink of when he *BEEP* his pants when he heard that I was to be involved with this match. I tell ya, my nose hair freaking singed! It was horrible! Anyways, I thought it was quite interesting how Tige' and Osbourne both brought up the power I wield tonight. How I hold their future in my hands tonight. On this subject they couldn't be more right. I do hold your future in my hands, and do not think that I'm not reveling in this moment for all it's worth boys. Tige' even brought it to my attention that I know Osbourne and Magnus. I've been in the ring with them multiple times, we are all very familiar with each other, and we all know what to expect from each other. Not just that, but I have something against these two bastards. Magnus was foolish enough to attack my son before he knew of the consequences, and Rob...heh, I think we know that story don't we? What with the piss, the brownies, the hand sanitizer, and the various attacks on each other during the war we've been engaged in for almost a year. Magnus or Osbourne...Osbourne or Magnus. I guess the true question I have to ask myself is who do I want to screw more? I mean, *BEEP*, I feel like I'm in a whore house!

TT: I knew he'd be up to something! That man has no respect for this company at all! No sense of fair play!

BC: Shut up Teddy! Put yourself in The Flawless One's shoes. If it was your choice of who to face at the biggest show of the year, wouldn't you take it?

TT: Well...

BC: Of course you would, now stop interrupting, I'm trying to listen damn it!

Brian Adams: Decisions, decisions, decisions, so hard to make one when there are just so many possibilities huh? So do you want me to tell you my decision?

The crowd starts chanting "Go To Hell! Go To Hell! Go To Hell!" as Brian smiles as their reaction.

Brian Adams: Go to hell? Fine! Oh wait...we're here! It's time for a change within the company known as the Classic Wrestling Federation. Keith Daniels, Ricky Chambers, and myself have implemented plans to bring it back to the prominence it once held. The same prominence it held up until Summer Smash of last year. The same prominence it held when the CWF World title was wrapped around MY waist. Your heroes are here to save you from the dreck you've had to suffer through by the hands of The Horsemen and subsequently the Fed Killers. The pain you've had to endure as you watched Magnus Thunder sit upon his throne as the king of the CWF. No longer! At SuperCard VI you will no longer be in suffering and you will no longer feel the pain that these careless and heartless people willingly put you through! You want to know my decision?! You people aren't worthy of hearing my decision now. At least not yet; I think I'll wait for the bell to ring and SHOW you my decision. Prepare to be shocked.

"Raise Hell" blasts over the PA system once again as Brian drops the microphone and raises his arms in the air posing for the crowd before making his way to the back.

TT: Sounds like Adams plans on making a statement here tonight!

BC: Like he said, Teddy...he's in charge tonight!


The lights in the arena slowly dim as the black-screened videotron begins a countdown.






The videotron goes black.


"I Came To Play" by Downstait hits the arena as the crowd erupts in overwhelming boos. Yoshiru Long steps out to the stage with his assailant. The assailant stands with his arms folded as Yoshiru takes a look around at the sold out crowd. A smirk comes to his face as he slowly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome..."CWF'S UNSUNG HERO" YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru makes his way to the steps along with the assailant. Both men enter the ring. Yoshiru once again glances around at the sold out crowd as his music fades out and the lights return to normal. He grabs a microphone from an official outside of the ring and patiently waits for the crowd to quite down.

BC: What the hell is he doing out here?! He doesn't have a match tonight!

TT: Well, to be fair...he did have a match tonight. But as we found out earlier this week, Bob Osbourne would be unable to compete tonight due to personal reasons.

BC: Exactly! Match canceled! Yoshiru should be back in Japan eating his curry and playing with his monkey!

TT: I believe it's a Lemur...but nevertheless...

Yoshiru Long: My fellow Americans!

BC: What an idiot! We're in Canada!

Yoshiru Long: As you all may have heard, I technically am not allowed in a CWF arena unless I have a match. But let me assure all of you Ruler Rooters here in River Falls...

The Ring Announcer whispers something in to Yoshiru's ear.

Yoshiru Long: Seriously? God. You people need to do something about this! It's been twice now that I have mistaken these shambles for River Falls!

BC: A little insulting there. I have to tell you, Teddy...right when you think this man could not be more of an idiot...he changes the meaning of idiot!

TT: Calm down, Bobby. Let's just hear what else he has to say.

Yoshiru Long: I was saying. My fellow Canadites! As you all know I'm sure...your hero was originally scheduled to compete against Bob Osbourne here tonight. Unfortunately, Bob was supposedly unable to make it due to his rehab...or at least that's what I've heard.

BC: Canadites?! Wow!

Yoshiru Long: Now, let me assure you. No matter what you may have's a lie! I have it on good authority that Bob Osbourne is indeed here tonight! He is sitting in the back, and like his other Fed Killer failures...he's hiding from me because he is scared!

TT: I think Yoshiru is treading on thin ice here, Bobby!

Yoshiru Long: I could stand out here and rant about how Bob's a coward. How much Bob takes after his dad. About how the Fed Killers are nothing more than a group best led by Kyle Sync. That's right...Kyle Sync! He would add so much to the group's overall intelligence! But rather than going on and on about the Fed Killers...I'd rather have Bob collect his balls back from his dad and fight me like a man!

BC: I've been meaning to ask. When the hell did this rice eater become OUR hero?!

TT: I'm not quite sure! I'm still in disbelief that Bobby is here tonight! We were under the impression that he'd be unable to make it!

"Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch erupts in the arena as all attention turns to the entrance stage.

TT: Yoshiru wasn't lying! That's Bobby's music! Looks like the match is back on!

Orange and white flash in and out when the song kicks in. A midget dressed up like Bob Osbourne steps out to the entrance stage.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Nashville, Tennessee! Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds...BOB OSBOURNE!!!

The midget grimly walks to the ring with his hood up. He slides in to the ring and tries to jump up on the turnbuckle. He finally makes his slow climb, throws off his hood and poses to the crowd as his music fades out.


TT: Well, it appears that Gene Gershunker just may be right about the effects of drugs on superstars! Look at Bobby! He must have lost at least one hundred pounds and about two feet in height!

BC: This is pathetic, Teddy...truly pathetic!

The assailant steps out of the ring as a referee rushes from the back. The midget holds up his finger to tell the referee to wait a second. He leans out of the ring and whispers something to one of the officials.

TT: What's this?

The official lifts the apron, pulls out a step ladder and hands it to the midget. The midget sets it up in front of Yoshiru, climbs it, and grabs the mic from Yoshiru.

Bob Osbourne: Life is paiN! And a four letter word!

The midget slaps Yoshiru in the face. He climbs down from the step ladder, grabs it, and hands it with the microphone to an official outside of the ring as Yoshiru is held back by the referee.


TT: There's the opening bell! Yoshiru and Bob circle each other. Yoshiru leans down for the! He quickly pulls back. The two circle again...and here's the!

BC: Oh, come on!

Yoshiru shakes his head and drops to his knees.

TT: Here's the lockup! And Yoshiru starts pushing Osbourne back as he stays on his knees. Yoshiru quickly applies the side headlock...and he instantly tosses Osbourne down to the mat!

BC: Is this even going to count as a match?! I mean, that's Obviously not Bob Osbourne!

TT: There's a ref in the ring, so I can't see how it wouldn't be a match! The ref is checking on Osbourne...but Osbourne with a head scissors counter! Yoshiru is struggling to make it out of the hold...and he finally does! Osbourne returns to his feet as Yoshiru stays on his knees.

Osbourne delivers a hard boot to the chest and Yoshiru instantly hunches over in pain! Osbourne hits the ropes...lariat on the return taking Yoshiru to the mat! Osbourne with a bottom rope springboard...moonsault!

TT: Here's the cover!




TT:Yoshiru kicks out! Osbourne waits as Yoshiru slowly makes it back to his knees...shining wizard! Osbourne steps out to the apron and makes his way to the top rope!

BC:You've got to be kidding me!

TT: Osbourne with the dive...frog splash! NO! Yoshiru gets the knees up! Yoshiru quickly returns to his knees, making his way over to Osbourne. He picks Osbourne up...short arm lariat! He pulls Osbourne up again...a second lariat! Yoshiru brings Osbourne to his feet one more time...chokeslam!

BC: I hope that midget was paid a good amount of money, because he's getting his ass kicked now!

TT: And it looks like Yoshiru's calling for the end, Bobby! He brings Osbourne back to his feet...arm drag and twist! Looks like we may be saying Goodnight to Osbourne! Yoshiru brings his knee up against the neck...NO! He can't hold his balance and falls over! Yoshiru quickly tries for the move again...and again he can't hold his balance!

BC: And this is supposed to be our hero, Teddy...keep that in mind!

TT: And it looks like Yoshiru is going to try a different move here. He grabs Osbourne with the choke grip...THE SUFFERING...NO!!! He can't fall back far enough to hit the move! And it looks like frustration has taken over as he clotheslines Osbourne back to the mat!

BC: Are you actually finding this entertaining, Teddy?!

TT: Yoshiru drags Osbourne's body near the corner and quickly slithers out to the apron.

Yoshiru grabs hold of the corner and begins ascending, still on his knees. He fights to hold balance as he continues climbing the corner with his knees, finally making it to the top. Osbourne gets back to his feet and climbs the corner from the inside...hard right...and Yoshiru is dazed!

TT: Osbourne with an opportunity here! He grabs Yoshiru with a front facelock...MIND WIPE!!! He hit the Mind Wipe, Bobby! And here's the cover!




TT: The assailant with an assist as he places Yoshiru's foot on the bottom rope!

BC: Seriously?! He needs his assailant to keep him from a midget?!

TT: Osbourne waits for Yoshiru to get to his feet...wait a minute! The assailant has a hold of Osbourne's ankle, and Osbourne quickly turns to him! The assailant releases as Yoshiru makes it to his knees. Osbourne turns back to Yoshiru...and Yoshiru with a double leg takedown! He flips Osbourne over...THE PARALYZER!!! And Osbourne quickly taps out!


TT: Yoshiru with an impressive victory here tonight as he once again defeats a member of the Fed Killers!

BC: He beat a damn midget...not Bob Osbourne!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."CWF'S UNSUNG HERO" YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru releases the hold. The referee raises Yoshiru's arm in the air as the assailant slides in to the ring. Yoshiru pulls his arm back down and quickly picks Osbourne back up. He brings Osbourne up in to a powerbomb position and drives him viciously to the mat. "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine suddenly erupts in the arena as Yoshiru and the assailant turn their attention to the entrance stage. A group of midgets dressed as Chemical X, Sickboy, Rob Osbourne, and Retribution rush out to the stage and down the aisle.

TT: Here come the rest of the Fed Killers!

Yoshiru quickly makes his way to the opposite side of the ring, still on his knees. He rolls out of the ring as the assailant climbs out. The two quickly make their way over the barricade and in to the crowd as the midget Fed Killers tend to Osbourne.

TT: Yoshiru quickly getting out of dodge, Bobby! What a way to start things off here tonight!

TT: All joking aside, we will see Sickboy in action tonight against Keith Daniels for the National Championship and Rob Osbourne in tonight's main event!

BC: And I can assure you, Teddy...both matches will be better than what we just saw!

TT: You sure seem to hate Yoshiru!

BC: I just don't see why we're supposed to think he's so great...

TT: Understood. Let's switch shifts here! Up's Bobby's favorite CWF superstar!

BC: Woohoo!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. First, hailing from New York....standing six feet, two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds...."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

'Just' by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the videotron. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans. He walks up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He then gets into the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds, hailing from River Falls, Wisconsin...he is a former CWF Tag Team Champion, a former CWF National Champion, a former three time CWF Unified Champion, a former TWO time CWF World Champion and he is the only ACTIVE IN RING CWF HALL OF FAMER…"THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

The BlairVision Theme starts up. Blair walks out from behind the curtain with a smug look on his face. The entire arena is showering him with boos. Hudson is walking behind him, clapping as Blair is announced. Blair looks at the crowd and laughs. As the two make their way to the ring, Blair goes over to a fan at ringside and grabs a box of popcorn from them. He eats a few pieces and then he gives Hudson the rest of it. Hudson then puts the entire box over his face - part of it goes in his mouth, while the other part falls on the ground. Blair laughs as the fan starts to yell about how unfair that was. Blair poses for the fans, who are booing him and then he climbs in the ring as the ref calls for the opening bell.


TT: Here we are on the eve of SuperCard VI and we once again find ourselves calling a Paul Blair match-up Bobby Crane, and what I find to be sad is that it's 2010 and Paul Blair is still curtain jerking.

BC: THAT was definitely not fair to Blair!!!!

TT: Et tu Bobby? Et tu?

Bobby Crane stands up and grabs his dress shirt and rips it open like he were Clark Kent turning into Superman; as the buttons pop off and the shirt comes untucked and opened, it reveals Bobby Crane clad in a "Ruler Rooters" t-shirt.

TT: You are such a two faced hypocrite. One day you tell me Blair is a waste of time and should just retire, then the next day you tell me you're a closet rooter.

BC: You ever changed your opinion Teddy?

TT: You're an imbecile. Blair and Noble lock horns in the center of the ring and Noble tries to make it a trifecta of wins over "The Ruler."

BC: It's a daunting task, and the odds are NOT in Noble's favor with Hudson at ringside. Hudson to Blair is like Booboo to Yogi...Ernie to Bert...Daniels to Adams....

TT: Yeah, yeah, we get it. (rolls eyes) Blair with a quick snapmare on Noble, who comes right back up to his feet, unscathed.

BC: Ya know Turnbuckle, you're really starting to get on my nerves with this biased way you're calling this match-up.

TT: What on earth on you talking about Crane?

BC: Well, you just said Noble was unscathed by that textbook perfect snapmare executed by our fellow Hall of Famer. You don't know what kind of unrelenting and permanent damage that maneuver may have just caused to Noble's central nervous system. He may have spinabiffia now.

TT: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

BC: And Blair irish whips Noble into the ropes...put it on him Blairski!!!!

TT: NO!!! Noble leaps up and springboards off of the ropes out of the irish whip and catches Blair with a hurricanrana sending "The Ruler" flying across the ring landing on his hind quarters.

BC: He had a hand full of tights...the ref is blind!!!!

TT: Hand full of tights?!?!? Are you on crack? Is it crystal meth? I got're hanging out with Adams and eating paint chips or huffing gas right? It was a hurricanrana Bobby!!!!

BC: That's neither here nor there...

TT: WHAT?!?!? You just said...

BC: Why do you have to bring up old shit?

TT: I give up!!!

BC: That's the words Noble wants to hear as he sinks in a reverse chin lock, but Blair's no quitter...he elbows Noble in the gut and forces him to break the hold.

TT: Noble back on Blair and elbows the veteran in the back of the head, sending Blair to the canvas hard! Blair right back to his feet, and he grabs Noble by the arm and steps in with a hip toss, slamming Noble down hard.

BC: Blair right back now on the assault...Noble on his back, Blair lifts both legs...CATAPAULT!!!!!

TT: And Blair sends Noble into the turnbuckle headfirst!

BC: Blair poses for the crowd...and the boo him?!?!? THEY BOO THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME?!?!? ARE THESE HICKS OUT OF THERE MINDS?!?!?

TT: Blair taunting the capacity crowd now...Noble from behind...schoolboy roll up!





TT: But Noble caught him off guard. Noble crouching, waiting for Blair to stand up......Blair to his feet, he turns....SPEAR BY NOBLE!!!!!!! Blair goes down hard!!! At his age Bobby, Blair may have just bruised his liver.

BC: can you be SO disrespectful to a fellow CWF Hall of Famer? You are a disgrace!

TT: I'M a disgrace? Awesome!! Noble has Blair on the outs, right where he wants him and he looks like he's ready to put the final nail in this coffin and end this little feud he's had with The Ruler.

BC: Not if Blairski has anything to say about it!!

Blair grabs Noble by the back of his head with a hand full of he pulls Noble backwards, Noble reverses it into a vertebreaker and Blair's head snaps off of the mat as they impact.

TT: OH MY GOD!!! Eddie Noble may have just broken Paul Blair's neck!!!! Blair is twitching...I guess that's a good sign for your guy, eh Bobby?

BC: Shut your mouth Turnbuckle, this isn't funny! You're talking about a man's career here, a man's life!!! Show some respect for crying out loud!!!!! Get up Blair! Get up you bum!!!

TT: Well now, THAT'S not very fair to...

BC: Don't even say it...

TT: ...BLAIR!!!! You were right Bobby, he IS a bum!!

BC: I said don't say.....what? You agreed with me?

TT: No you maroon, Blair just jabbed a thumb in the eye of Noble.....what an atrocity!! YES!!! The ref is in his face warning him.

BC: He was trying to tie up with the rookie but the dumb kid ducked and got jabbed in the eye...he's just got lousy ring presence!

TT: Whatever! I know what I saw, but nevertheless, Blair argues the point with the ref...Blair bounces his index finger off of the ref's chest.....and the ref shoves Blair hard in response!

BC: HA! The ref rolled himself over trying to move Blair. He's The Ruler...some scrawny little ref can't move a man of Blair's stature!!!

As the ref shoves Blair, he rolls backwards and bounces off the ropes, trips, and falls flat on his he does, Israel Steele comes out to get payback on Hudson. Hudson slides into the ring and Steele follows after him. Steele goes for his version of the Blairkick, but Hudson ducks and Noble turns around, right into Steele's Blairkick. Steele drops and rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp heading to the back thinking he drilled Hudson, but Hudson sits the ref up...

TT: This is mayhem! Blair waits until Noble gets up and hits him the REAL Blairkick and Noble is done, he drops straight back, out cold.







Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

TT: Blair gets the victory here tonight! But you'd have to believe that that Blairkick from Steele was meant for Blair!

BC: Doesn't matter, Teddy! A win is a win...and it sure is fair to Blair!


We cut to the backstage area where Suzanne Winters is walking down the hallway.

Suzanne Winters: Tonight is the night to sh....

As Suzanne is about to finish her sentence, Danielle Lopez runs in and attacks Suzanne with her husband's spiked out baseball bat.

TT: Good lord! Danielle attacked Suzanne with that bat!

BC: Correction. It's her husband's bat.

Danielle Lopez: You really thought that was a wise choice, huh?

Suzanne doesn't say a word.

Danielle Lopez: Answer me when I’m talking to you!

Danielle picks Suzanne up and hits her with the Latina Cutter. Danielle grabs the bat and grinds Suzanne's face against the spikes before grabbing her by the hair.

Danielle Lopez: Look at me bitch. I said *BEEP*ing look at me.

Suzanne looks at Danielle with fear in her eyes and blood pouring down her face.

Danielle Lopez: Attacking me last week in the parking lot is the worst thing that you could do and if you think that this beating that I’m giving you is brutal, well it's like what my husband says, the worst has yet to come.

The O'Reilly Brothers come running in and try to check on Suzanne, but James Baker and Malik Jones come in with steel chairs in their hands as they restrain Danielle.

James Baker: If I were you two, I would back the *BEEP* away right now.

Ray O'Reilly: Only if you two assholes put down those chairs.

Malik Jones: Fair enough.

James and Malik put the chairs down.

James Baker: Come on baby, she's had enough. Let's go.

James picks up the spiked out baseball bat, leaving with Malik and Danielle as The O'Reilly Brothers check on Suzanne's condition.

TT: The hatred is sure...

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits throughout the PA system with the crowd giving off an enormous positive reception. James Baker and Danielle Lopez emerge from behind the curtain holding hands while Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks walk behind them. James and Danielle point to the crowd while Styles and Banks unstrap their CWF World Tag Team Championships from around their waist and raises them in the air. Together all four of them walk down the ramp and into the ring. James grabs a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring as the music dies down.

James Baker: A few weeks ago, I had one of the better showings as of late as I went up against Keith Daniels for the CWF National Championship and even though I came out of the match without the belt, I impressed each and every one of you great fans and I’ve also regained confidence in myself.

The crowd then lets out an enormous reception.

James Baker: Thank you all for that. Now as for why I and my Dynasty are out here. Well a few weeks ago, that prick Terry Richards said that I am the type of man who doesn't capitalize on the tasks that I say that I will accomplish. Well, I’ve had some time to reflect on that and there is somethin' that I haven't gotten the chance to reclaim and that's the CWF Unified Championship.

The crowd cheers again.

James Baker: Yeah that's right and yes it's true, I haven't even had a sniff at the title since Bob Osbourne "beat" me, but guess what everybody? That is goin' to change as I am throwin' this out there. I want to face either Mariano Fernandez or that prick Terry Richards for the Unified Title.

"Mr. Baller" by Royce da 5'9" hits as Team Baller comes down to the ring with the crowd booing them.

James Baker: Well, well, well. Baller, have you come down to be my bitch like you always have been?

Mr. Baller: Shut up! We're out here for a proposition.

James Baker: Spit it out then, bitch!

Mr. Baller: Well seeing as how Team Baller won last week and also seeing as how your boys hold the tag team titles, I was wondering, how about having Team Baller as the next set of challengers for those belts.

James Baker: For once in your life, you've actually managed to say somethin' that people remotely give a *BEEP* about. Kev, J.T, what do y'all think?

Kevin Styles: Sounds good to me.

J.T. Banks: Ditto. Once we retain against the O'Reilly's, then we look forward to beating the life out of Team Baller.

"Heresy" by Nine Inch Nails hits as The Legion of Shadows all come out onto the stage as Terry has a microphone in hand.

Terry Richards: Wow, just look at it. It's still sad that James Baker is looking to hump me, but what's even worse is that he wants to put his meatball on Mr. Baller's spaghetti.

James Baker: Don't you have tampons and your boyfriends to go play with instead of interrupting business between grown folks?

Terry Richards (sarcastic): Ha...Ha...Ha. Look, the Legion of Shadows is here for a reason, and you know it. You know that this is a complete, utter travesty... Chris and Alex want those tag team titles. Chris and Alex deserve those titles around their waists...Because, face it, Baker, your seedy team never defeated my boys.

James Baker (Dozes off into space for a bit): I'm sorry, what were you sayin'?

Terry Richards: Give my brothers what they deserve. As simple as that.

James Baker: NO! Don't you idiots get it? The Legion of Ass Lickers will not and I repeat, WILL NOT get an opportunity at the CWF World Tag Team Titles as long as Da Xtreme Dynasty are the champions. So give it a *BEEP*in' rest already and just go to the AWF or any other minor league promotion where you belong.

Terry Richards: You want me to get my hotdog in your bread roll, but you're still insulting my wrestling prowess that was able to demolish you in a giant number of occasions, aren't you? Oh, well, so sad.

James Baker: Don't get too excited Terry. You need to worry about how bad Mariano will kick your ass and you should also worry about ME, as I will be out there durin' your Unified Title match and I'll watch it... with great interest and also from a "closer" view.

Terry Richards completely snaps out, stares at Baker, and then starts shouting at him, oozing with pure fury.

Terry Richards: Hey *BEEP*head, DON'T YOU DARE STEAL MY TITLE! Because if you cost me this opportunity...Look into my eyes, not my woman silencer, Baker. If you cost me the Unified Title, we reschedule Enrique's dead to TOMMOROW. You hear me? You wouldn't dare, *BEEP* beater.

Terry then drops the microphone as he and his brothers furiously go to the backstage area.

James Baker: I'm sorry everybody. It was not my intention to have the inbred jackass and his cock bitches interrupt us like that. Now as for the title shot Baller, when my boys win tonight, then we don't have a problem givin' you and your man servant the shot.

Mr. Baller and C-Note shake hands with the entire Dynasty with cocky smirks on their faces. As they walk away, "Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits again as James and his crew all celebrate with the crowd cheering them on.


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the CWF World Tag Team Championship! Currently in the ring, at a combined weight of four hundred seventy-two pounds! They are the CWF World Tag Team Champions...KEVIN STYLES AND J.T. BANKS...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!

James Baker and Danielle Lopez step out of the ring as "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy’s hits the arena.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents...from Wicklow, Ireland! Weighing in at four hundred thirty pounds...RAY AND CYRIL...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!!!

As their music continues, The O'Reilly Brothers rush down the aisle and slide under the bottom rope. They instantly attack Da Xtreme Dynasty!

TT: My god! They're not even going to wait for the bell! Ray is beating the hell out of Styles as Banks and Cyril exchange hard shots! The ref is trying to gain control here, but these two teams aren't giving any ground!

BC: This is just crazy, Teddy!

TT: Ray with a lariat and Styles is sent outside of the ring! And it looks like the referee is finally getting order in this match as he sends Ray out to the apron!


TT: There's the bell...and this match is officially underway! Cyril and Banks are still exchanging shots in the ring...and here comes Styles again! Ray rushes back in, and we have another brawl underway!

BC: WHAT THE HELL?! Can't this referee keep these teams under control?!

TT: The ref is trying to separate the teams once again! This has become nothing more than a brawl, Bobby!


TT: What?! Is that it?!

BC: I think the referee has called for the bell!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the official for this match has ruled it a NO CONTEST! As a result...STILL your CWF World Tag Team Champions...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!

BC: You've got to be kidding me! What the hell kind of title match was that?!

TT: Well, the referee wasn't able to keep control, so he had no choice but to end the match! And here comes security to break this up!

TT: Well, that wasn't much of a championship match!

BC: I'm thinking that we're going to see another match between these two teams in the near future!


The lights go out.

TT: Oh boy...

BC: It’s the one and only.

TT: Magnus...

BC: Magnus...

Raspy Brooklyn Voice: WRONG!

A metal riff blares over the arena, and after a few chords turns out to be the “Pink Panther Theme”, only a metal version.

TT: Er...heh...I dunno Bobby, I wanna laugh but I’m afraid to find out who this is.

BC: The Pink Panther? Are you kidding me? How about a metal version of the Sesame Street theme song to boot?

A montage plays out on the videotron. A man in a gray-tan trench coat stalks through a city. He approaches a street peddler in jean shorts. A hippie-haired monty man in a back alley. An Argentinean baby-faced confidence man in a diner. All of whom look at him in fear.

He opens a locket from the street peddler.

He chooses a card from the monty man.

He removes papers from the briefcase of the con man.

In the locket is the logo...CWF. He kicks the box of peddled goods onto the street.

The monty man tries to steal away his cards and escape. The faceless man clutches his wrist and overturns all the cards. CWF on each one. He kicks over the table and leaves the unconscious body of the hippie on the ground.

The con man...a CWF watermark on each sheet. Tossed through the window with the stroke of a pen.

The trench coat man writes something on a note pad, then let’s his hand snap to his side. A close up of the camera reveals...

TT: not him, oh please!

BC: Sonuva.. guh!!!


TT: We have an uninvited guest here tonight in the form of one Gene Gershunker, and here he is striding down the ramp like a man with a mission!

BC: Looks like he raided Columbo’s wardrobe. And his hair dresser. And his stylist.

Gene pays no mind to the booing audience, who chants “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” He climbs into the ring and takes out his personal MCP News mic.

TT: That’s not gonna work here, buddy!

Gene flips a switch on the mic and overrides the signals.

Gene Gershunker: Ahhh, that’s betta. Now then, let’s get started with the important stuff. Like exposing the lie that is the CWF!

TT: Like you leaving the country!

BC: We just agreed again!

TT: Just goes to show how the worst can bring out the best!

Gene Gershunker: I heard that, you two rubberheads at the announcer booth. You don’t know nothin’ ‘bout the truth!

BC: For goodness sake he even SOUNDS like Columbo!

Gene Gershunker: I’m here today for one reason, and one reason only. To ask you a question, true believers. You see, everyone in this place loves a phony. Rock stars. Politicians. And...that’s right...WRESTLERS.

Chorus of boos.

Gene Gershunker: Yes, yes, denial. It’s the hardest of the five stages of acceptance. Bear with me folks. Now let me ask you you really think these nutcases come out here night after night, performing the same stunts against the same guys in the same unwashed tights and still not figure out that the guy is gonna move when you jump off the top freakin’ rope!?

Big chorus of boos.

Gene Gershunker: Sure, sure. Anger. Stage numba two! Moving along nicely! You see, folks, it’s a simple case of...ah what do those Hollywood types call it when you stop thinking...ah yeah, stupidity! You fell for it, I point it out, don’t get mad at me!

“Elevation" by U2 screams to a giant pop from the crowd as Mark Xamin: walks out of the back with a mic of his own and strides intensely but coldly to the ring.

TT: Somebody’s going home with a their balls busted tonight!

BC: Oh man, this is gonna rock the friggin’ boat! Gene Gershunker gets laid out like a filleted carp by the boss to end all bosses! And Gene just smiles a little smile! You don’t know who you’re dealing with buddy! He’s been banned in France!

TT: Shut up, Bobby! That’s a sensitive issue!

Gene Gershunker: Yeah, yeah. He’s big in France people, but let’s see how he does in Podunk, Schmuckanada!

Mark steps into the ring and stands nose to Jewish nose with Gene Gershunker. He brings the mic up and speaks.

Mark Xamin:: So the rat finally comes out of his hole. Tell me something, brushy. How long do you think you’ll last when I send you packing into that locker room after I kick you ever-loving *BEEP* in front of the greatest citizens on the face of the planet!?

TT: The crowd’s exploding!

BC: What!? Say again!?

TT: Exactly, Bobby!

Gene Gershunker: I think I’ll last about as long as one of your ridiculous shaving sessions, which take forever according to your French geriatricians! Tell me, Mark, how does it feel to be old so young? Are you tired? Or are people tired OF you? Special Report: I’m not going to rest until each and every one of you phony’s is exposed for’s that you are.

Mark Xamin: Special Report...YOUR ASS IS MINE!

Xamin rears back for a roundhouse right, but Gene points his fountain pen at Xamin’s face and squirts him with blue ink, sending Xamin flailing!

TT: What a travesty! He can’t even fight his own battles!

BC: Xamin’s stumbling around in there! Gene better get a move on before the locker room is out here!



Gene poses mockingly for the crowd, and then stoops into Xamin’s face.

Gene Gershunker: Now that, my friend...that was real.

He tucks the mic back into his coat and escapes through the crowd before security can stop him.

TT: Xamin looks pissed, Bobby!

BC: All I can say is...that may have been a mistake by Gene Gershunker! You do not want to get on Xamin's bad side!


"Oh Canada" by Classified hits the arena as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Ricky Chambers steps out to the stage, looking around at his fellow Canadians.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Calgary, Alberta! Weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds...RICKY CHAMBERS!!!

Chambers makes his way down the aisle. He steps on to the apron and climbs in to the ring. Chambers taunts the crowd as his music fades out.

TT: Well, this match was originally supposed to be Ricky Chambers and Chemical X...but we have found out that Scarletti has missed his flight and therefore will be replaced in this match!

BC: I wonder who the opponent will be? Maybe Mike Laszlo...Maybe Leon Lonewolf...

"Hunt You Down" by Saliva erupts in the arena as all attention turns away from the stage.

BC: Really?! This is the best we have to offer?!

Kyle Sync makes his way out to the stage with no cheers, no boos, no attention paid to him.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Warsaw, Poland! Weighing in at two hundred seventy-five pounds...KYLE SYNC!!!

Sync rushes down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope. He poses for the crowd as his music fades out.


TT: This match is underway...and Chambers doesn't even hesitate as he takes Sync down with a vicious clothesline! He quickly pulls Sync back up to his feet...another lariat...and Sync is down!

BC: Chambers does not look happy about this, Teddy!

TT: Well, it looks like he's on his way over near us!

Chambers steps out of the ring and grabs a microphone from the timekeeper's table. He slides back in to the ring as Sync makes it to a knee.

TT: Chambers with a running big boot!

Ricky Chambers: what I have to contend with?! *BEEP*ing Fed Killer cowards!

BC: Well, it looks like Chambers is joining us on commentary!

TT: Chambers brings Sync back to his feet...vertical suplex! He pulls him up...a second!

Ricky Chambers: On the other hand...this is about the same skill level as the members of the Fed Killers!

TT: Chambers brings Sync back to his feet...arm drag and twist! And he plants Sync with a russian legsweep! Chambers brings Sync back to his feet and launches him in to the corner.

Chambers tosses the microphone out of the ring and rushes in at Sync with a body splash in the corner! Sync stumbles out and is taken over with a snap powerslam for the cover!




TT: Chambers stops the count as he lifts Sync's body off the mat!

BC: Come on! Just end this thing! Kyle Sync hasn't had one offensive move in this match!

TT: Chambers brings Sync back to his feet...DDT! Chambers quickly climbs to the top rope...CHAMBERSAULT! That should be it!




TT: Chambers once again pulls Sync up before the three count!

Chambers brings Sync back to his feet and whips him in to the ropes...back body drop! He grabs Sync by the legs and flips him over...CANADIAN CLOVERLEAF! Sync is trying to hold on...ready to tap...and Chambers quickly releases the hold!

TT: It could have been over there...but it looks like Chambers isn't quite done yet!

BC: This is just pathetic, Teddy! I'm damn near falling asleep at the table here!

TT: Chambers brings Sync back to his feet. He positions him...CANADIAN CHAOS!!!

BC: FINALLY! Chambers with the cover!




TT: Again Chambers pulls Sync up before the three count! He brings Sync back to his feet again...positioning him again...CANADIAN CHAOS!!! And Chambers puts a hand on Sync for the cover!




TT: And that's it! It's over!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...RICKY CHAMBERS!!!

TT: Chambers with an easy victory here tonight!

BC: Would have been different if he would have faced Chemical X!

TT: Nevertheless, Chambers walks out tonight with another win!

TT: Are you ready, Bobby? Up's the Unified Championship on the line!

BC: This is one of the few matches I've been anticipating tonight!

TT: Mariano Fernandez one on one against Terry...


Teddy Turnbuckle is cut off as The lights get dimmer and dimmer until they completely fade out as the crowd's excitement rises. "Whiplash" by Metallica loudly plays in the PA system as small spotlights circle the blackened arena...

'Late at night all systems go'
'You have come to see the show'
'We do our best'
'You're the rest'
'You make it real you know'
'There is a feeling deep inside'
'That drives you *BEEP*in' mad'
'A feeling of a hammerhead'
'You need it oh so bad...'
'Adrenaline starts to flow...'
'You're thrashing all around...'
'Acting like a maniac...'

As this word is said, the crowd enters a chorus of boos as Terry, Chris and Alex Richards and Israel Steele all walk down the aisle, all in dark tuxedos, Terry in the lead with his Psychosis Championship on his shoulder. They stop in the middle of the ramp, Terry grabs his championship with both hands, lifts it high above his head, and pyro rains out on the sides of the ramp as Terry keeps walking down the ramp with it, treating the belt as some sort of Holy Grail.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Unified Championship! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighting in at 186 pounds...He is the current holder of the unsanctioned Psychosis Championship..."The Windy City Madman"...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

Chris and Alex head to ringside, pull a chair and sit next to the announce table. Israel grabs a baseball bat and starts circling the arena in protection. Terry Richards grabs his belt on the center of the ring, lifts it, and taunts as pyro explodes out of turnbuckles in a random sequence. Terry delivers his belt to the referee and awaits his opponent...

TT: Well before I was interrupted Crane, I was saying that to not be so sure of--

BC: There he is Teddy! The next Unified Champion in CWF!

TT: I give up.

"Hero" by Skillet hits the arena as the crowd erupts in deafening cheers. All eyes focus on the entrance as Mariano Fernandez steps out to the stage with Rei by his side. He looks around at the cheering crowd as he runs to one side of the stage, firing them up. He rushes over to the other side of the stage, firing that side of the crowd up.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at one hundred seventy-six pounds! He is the CWF Unified Champion...MARIANO FERNANDEZ!!!

Mariano returns to the center of the stage, smile on his face. He rushes down the aisle and slides in to the ring. Mariano rolls across the mat, springs back to his feet, and strike a martial arts pose. The crowd continues to go nuts as he removes the Unified Championship from his waist. Rei makes her way over to the corner as Mariano's music fades out. He hands the championship to the referee.


TT: Here we go Bobby Crane! CWF title match between possibly two of the greatest rookies to come out of 2009!

BC: WOO HOO! Go Terry!

TT: Oh, I wonder who you're rooting for in this one.

BC: What are you trying to say?

TT: You know what I'm trying to say! Here they go! Mariano and Terry lock up! Terry bring Mariano in to a side head lock. Mariano pushes Terry up against the ropes and shoves him away...Terry bounces off the ropes and returns to Mariano...Elbow to the face!

BC: Come on Terry!

Terry stumbles back holding his nose as Mariano goes on the offensive with a kick to the gut. Richards doubles over as Mariano bring him in...DDT! Mariano back to his feet and leaps into the air....knee drop! Richards convulses on the mat holding his forehead in pain.

TT: Mariano means business here tonight Crane, going on the offense very quickly.

BC: Friggin' gnat! Get up Terry! Crush him!

Mariano returns to his feet, dragging Terry up with him. Mariano scoops Richards up for a slam but he wiggles free! Richards with a forearm to the small of the back! Mariano arches his back in pain as Richards brings him in and hooks him up...back suplex! Terry feeling it now as he gets up and measures Mariano up...leg drop across the throat followed by a cover!

TT: Could this be it?!




TT: Mariano with a kick out!

BC: That was a slow count!

TT: Are you kidding me?!

Richards quickly to his feet and starts to stomp Mariano's mid-section , attempting to shatter his ribs with every forceful kick coming down! Richards stops to pose for the crowd who return with jeers for the challenger. Richards smiles at the crowd sarcastically as he flips them off! Richards turns his attention back to Mariano and pulls him into a sitting position...reverse chin lock!

TT: Terry showing his technical side here with a reverse chin lock, which while the move is very basic, it works well to wear down your opponent. Terry very smart in keeping the lightning fast Mariano grounded.

BC: Very methodical might I add. This man can do it all!

TT: Tell me Bobby, is that a tent in your pants or are you just...


Mariano starts to struggle and move around, trying to maneuver his way out but Richards has the chin lock locked on tight! Mariano starts to his feet! Richards trying to hold him down but Mariano is up to his feet and delivers an elbow to the stomach! And another! Richards releases the hold! Mariano takes off towards the ropes and bounces back...Richard with a back body drop over the top rope and Mariano spills out onto the floor!

TT: Oh my God! Richards sent Mariano flying over the top rope and this could spell trouble for our young Unified Champion!

BC: You're damn right it can, and it has! Look at the little gnat! He isn't even moving!

TT: What the hell is going on here!

BC: What? I don't see anything!

Richards distracts the referee pointing to his eye as Chris and Alex grabs a hold of Mariano! Chris holds Mariano as Alex starts laying into him with shots to the head! Chris turns Mariano around and sends him running with an Irish whip...Mariano crashes into the steel steps!

TT: Oh come on ref! Pay attention and do your damn job!

BC: Terry much have something in his eye!

TT: I'm sure...

Richards rolls out of the ring and grabs Mariano...Irish whip into the barricade! Mariano slowly sinks to the floor, the wind being driven out of his body upon impact! Richards rolls him back into the ring and jumps on to the apron. Mariano lays helpless on the mat as Richards eyes him up, taking his time. Richards pulls back on the ropes and leaps shot moonsault!


TT: Richards with the cover and this could do it!



Mariano gets his foot on the ropes!

BC: Cheap! That was cheap!

TT: That, my friend, are the rules.

BC: It's a cheap rule and you know it!

Richards becomes frustrated and stands up looking down at Mariano in an almost psychotic-like state. Richards presses his boot over Mariano's throat and uses the ropes as leverage. The ref starts yelling at Richards and warns him about being disqualified! Richards ignores him and reinforces himself, applying more pressure as the referee starts the count!




TT: Richards better step off soon, he's risking disqualification and his chance to with the title!

BC: What are you doing Terry! Get off!


Richards steps off of Mariano before the referee reaches five and drags Mariano to the middle of the ring. Richards grabs Mariano's legs and attempts to lock in a Boston crab! No! Mariano reverses into a small package!



THR...NO!!! Richards kicks out!

BC: OH MY GOD! That freaking gnat!

TT: Mariano almost stole the win with that inside cradle!

BC: You hear what you just said? 'Stole', which means even you think the only way Mariano is walking out of Canada with the Unified Championship is by some cheap trick or cheating!

TT: I said nothing of the sort! Quit twisting my words! You sound like a woman!

BC: I...DO...NOT!

Mariano and Richards to their feet at the same time...Richards swings with a wild right but Mariano ducks it and delivers a right of his own and connects! Mariano nails Richards with a forearm to the face and has Richards reeling! Richard leaning against the ropes and Mariano charges him full speed...Richards with another back body drop over the top rope! NO! Mariano catches himself and lands on his feet on the apron! Richards turns around and swings for the fences but Mariano ducks and slide under bottom rope between Richards legs...Richards turns around receives a clothesline over the top rope!

TT: Mariano showing the world once again why he was named the 2009 Rookie of the Year!

BC: By pure freaking luck!?

TT: That was not luck Bobby, that is talent and you know it!

Richards starts to get up and Mariano is laying in wait for Richards to turn around. Richards turns towards the ring...Mariano launches himself over the top rope and nails a plancha! Richards and Mariano are both down on the arena floor!

TT: That was amazing! Mariano showing off his lucha libre style to the max!

BC: Stupid Mexicans...

TT: He's from Argentina!

BC: what's the difference!?

TT: How about a couple thousand miles?!

BC: So you're going to get technical with me now?

TT: Screw you.

Neither man is moving as the referee checks the both before starting to count them both out!





Richards slowly starts to stir as Mariano slowly starts to his feet!


BC: Come on Terry! Get up and get Mariano and yourself back in there! You can't win the title by a count out!


TT: Very true Bobby. The champion can retain by count out or disqualification, but a title cannot change hands because of it!


Mariano is up and starts to drag Richards back to his feet!


BC: Oh my God, COME ON!


Mariano rolls Terry back in and rolls himself back in before ten!

BC: Thank you God! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Richards slowly returns to his feet and Mariano delivers a knife edge chop! A loud smack comes roaring out of Terry's chest that can be heard throughout the arena! Mariano pushes Terry off the ropes and sending him running. Terry off the ropes but Mariano greets him with a spinning heel kick!

TT: What a shot! I think Terry just spit out a couple teeth!

BC:...Stop exaggerating! Terry is fine! Chris! Alex! Do your damn jobs!

Mariano to his feet and takes off again. Mariano comes back and leaps in the air once again...senton bomb! NO! Terry gets his knees up and Mariano is down! Terry gets up and shakes off the cob webs. Richards with a boot to Mariano's back! Mariano lets out a yelp of pain. Terry drags him out to the middle of the ring and sits on Mariano's back...Richards with a camel clutch! He has it locked in tight! Mariano's face cringes in pain!

BC: This is it Teddy! Mariano is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. Smack dab in the middle of a world of hurt!

TT: I can't disagree with you there Crane. The champ is in no man's land, right where the challenger wants him!

The referee checks on Mariano to see if he wants to quit. Mariano shakes his head no as Richards tightens the hold even harder, wrenching back on Mariano's neck! Mariano starts to struggle and is now on his hands and knees. Richards releases the hold and jumps in the air landing on Mariano's back with devastating force! Mariano back down to the mat as Richards re-applies the hold!

BC: Very smart! He's going to quit!

TT: He may have to! A move like this held on long enough can end careers. He might have to choose between his title and his career right here Bobby!

BC: I love it!

Mariano tries to reach for the ropes but is too far away! Richards lets out a psychotic triumphant roar to the crowd, believing victory is well in hand. The referee checks on Mariano once again but still refuses to quit!

TT: There is no quit in this kid's heart!

BC: That's because there is no brain in that kid's skull!

TT: Would you shut up!?

Mariano begins to struggle his way up once again and Richards releases the hold once more. Mariano, predicting what Richards is about to do, rolls out of the way as Richards jumps into the air but hits nothing but canvas! Richards let out a scream as he holds the lower part of his back near his tail bone! Mariano crawls towards the ropes and pulls himself up! Mariano charges Richards but Richards with a tilt-a-whirl! No! Mariano reverses with a head scissors and launches Richards across the ring! Richards back up and they both charge each other in the middle of the ring...double clothesline! Both men are down and not moving!

TT: Wow! What an impact and what a match!

BC: This is intense! NO! The referee has started a count again! How come he count learn to count when Richards has Mariano pinned?!






Mariano rolls over and lays an arm over Richards for the cover!




KICKOUT!!! Richards gets his shoulder up!

BC: Yes! Take that you gnat! You can't beat The Windy City Madman that easily!

Mariano gets up and signals to the crowd that he's about to use the Yakuza Kick! This could be it! Richards slowly starts to stir as Mariano places his hands on his knees just waiting for Richards to stand up and turn around.

BC: Watch out Richards!

TT: Here it comes Bobby! Mariano is about to kick Richards head off his shoulders and retain!

BC: Don't you dare say that!

Richards to his feet! Richards spins around and Mariano nails him with the Yakuza Kick! NO! Richards catches his foot and brings him in...Shock turn! Richards nailed the Shock turn!

BC: WOO! YES! SHOCK TURN! It's over!

TT: I'm afraid you're right! All he has to do is cover him! What the hell is he doing?!

Richards grabs Mariano by the hair and pulls him back to his feet! Mariano is out on his feet!

TT: Why doesn't he just pin him and get this over with?! He has the match and the title won!

BC: He's setting an example my friend!

Richards brings Mariano in once again and delivers another Shock turn! Mariano's body snaps as he connects with the canvas. Richards stands over him with a sadistic smile over his face. Richards drops down and covers Mariano, still smiling that damn smile.

TT: That wasn't necessary! A move like that can paralyze a man! There was no need to do it again! He already had Mariano beaten!






TT: He doesn't deserve it! He deserves to go to jail! Or even a mental hospital!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match...AND NEEEEW! CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION....TERRY RICHARDS!

"Whiplash" by Metallica loudly plays in the PA system as the referee hands the Unified title over to Terry. Terry rips it from the referee's hands and raises it high into the air. Chris and Alex join him in the ring as they all begin to celebrate. Rei rushes in to the ring to check on Mariano.


Out of nowhere, a masked man appears from behind as Mariano slowly gets back to his feet. Mariano turns around...chokeslam!. Rei screams in shock and fear as she shakes Mariano to wake up. The man stares at Rei, who then realizes what's happening.

BC: What is he doing? First he chokeslams he's turning to Rei? Is he insane?!

TT: No. Don't do it. It's not worth it. No, no - CHOKESLAM! That bastard chokeslammed Rei on top of Mariano!

BC: This is insane! Somebody call security! Stop this madness! Good! The masked man turns to exit the ring - wait. He turns around - MODIFIED GOGOPLATA! Rei is screaming in pain! This is madness!

The Legion of Shadows watches on in confusion as the masked man applies more pressure.

TT: This is -

BC: This is serious! Stop this freak! Rei's out of it and coughing blood!

The man squeezes Rei until several referees pull him off. Rei is gasping for air as the masked man turns and exits the arena. EMTs enter the ring and escort Mariano and Rei out of the ring.

BC: Wow...just wow. I can't believe this just happened!

TT: Took the words right out of my mouth. Who could do such a thing?!

The BlairVision Theme starts up. Paul Blair appears from behind the curtain, with Hudson behind him. The two are not as upbeat as they were earlier in the night. No posing, no taunting. Just the two of them going down to the ring. Blair and Hudson climb in to the ring. Israel Steele stands in their way. Steele tells all the other members of Legions of Shadows to back away. Terry Richards is still behind him. Blair takes a swing at Steele but he misses and hits Terry Richards instead!

TT: Blair just decked Richards! I don't think he meant to do that.

BC: I hate to say it, but I think Blair messed up! I'm pretty certain he meant to hit Israel Steele...but he hit Richards instead!

Blair and Hudson look over at Steele who doesn't even flinch. Blair brings out a bat.

BC: Oh my! Paul Blair is going to show off his hitting skills! The rest of the Legion of Shadows stand back!

Suddenly Israel gets in Blair's face and Blair backs off. A smile appears on Israel's face and then he says something to Blair. Israel grabs the bat from Blair's hands. Blair and Hudson back away.

TT: Looks like they decided to fight another day. Israel Steele has just saved Terry Richards from a beat down at the hands of Blair and Hudson!

BC: He knows his role with the Legion.

Israel Steele helps Terry up. He turns around and looks at Blair! THWACK!!! He cracks Terry in the knee with the baseball bat! Blair and Hudson step in and help Steele out as the three triple team Terry Richards!

BC: This is finally fair to Blair! I knew Israel knew his role was not with the Legion!!

TT: That's not what you just said.

BC: Shut up, Teddy! The Ruler is teaching some people a lesson!

TT: Well he better be ready, the troops are joining in!

As the three continue beating down Terry, the remaining members of the Legion join the fight. Chris, Alex, and Trent start beating on Blair, Hudson, and Steele. Chris punches Blair in the back but after a second, Blair bounces him off the ropes and drills him with a Blairkick that sends him on his back. Hudson nails Trent with the Hudson Driver and Steele nails Alex with a Blairkick of his own. The three take turns using the baseball bat on all three of them. Blair finally turns his attention to the fallen Terry Richards.

BC: The Ruler is going to speak, Teddy! Finally someone is going to be fair to Blair!

Blair grabs the mic as all the members of the Legion of Shadows are laid out on their backs.

Paul Blair: So Terry...did you really think that Paul Blair would ever forget you and your claims of beating me?! Did you really think that Paul Blair would ever let that go?!

Blair is sitting in the ring next to Terry Richards.

Paul Blair: Really?? Did you really think that? Allow me to introduce you to someone you thought you knew.

Blair motions for Israel Steele to come over near him.

Paul Blair: Israel, I think it's time we let everyone in on something.

Blair stands up and goes next to Hudson and Israel Steele. The three stand over top of Terry Richards.

Paul Blair: Israel, would you like to tell everyone what your last name is?

Israel grabs the mic.

Israel Steele: I sure would, Paul. Hey Richards, my name is Israel Blair!

The three men proudly stare into the crowd as everyone is speechless.

Paul Blair: That's right, everyone. Allow me to introduce you all to my younger brother. Everyone met my twin brother Saul a few years back, but this is our younger brother, Israel. CWF, things will never be the same again.

Israel grabs the mic from Paul and looks down at Terry.

Israel Steele: Terry, in case you haven't figured this out yet - I QUIT the Legion.

Israel kicks Terry in the back of the head.

Israel Steele: Did you really think that I would hang out with someone like you? I'm a BLAIR. Do you really think it would be fair to my name to hang with the Richards? You all make me sick. I can't believe you would think I would be a member of your group. Tell them Paul.

Israel hands the mic to Paul who speaks to the entire crowd.

Paul Blair: Terry, don't take this personal. It was never about you. You were just a pawn in the game of Blair. It is now OUR time. The Apocalypse has come. From now on when you mention the Blairs or Hudson - you will think of the Apocalypse. Legions of Shadows, your days are numbered and so is everyone else's in the CWF. The Apocalypse has come!

As he says this, Blair tosses the mic down on Terry Richards. The three men stand over top of the fallen Legion of Shadows with their hands raised.

TT: Damn. There are now 2 Blairs in the CWF! That can't be good. And along with Hudson they are the Apocalypse!

BC: This is great. Be Fair to Blair! Be Fair to Blair! The Apocalypse is Fair to Blair and Teddy you better be too!

TT: Terry Richards cannot be happy with what just happened!

BC: Ha! Doesn't matter! This...this is fair to Blair!

TT:'re going to love this! I understand that our tag team championship match will be restarted....and it will be next! Let's go to the ring!


The arena goes dark and the crowd goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks fire up and down the entryway. "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and T-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the arena as cocky as ever.

Ring Announcer : Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four hundred twenty pounds...RAY AND CYRIL...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!!!

A mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides in to the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air, he praises some fans and insults others. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug as their music fades out.

“Sorry N' Sh*t” by Tech N9ne plays as J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles come out with slow, evil expressions on their faces with the crowd giving the team a huge positive reception. They make their way down the aisle, championships draped across their shoulder.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...weighing in at four hundred seventy-two pounds! They are the CWF World Tag Team Champions...KEVIN STYLES AND J.T. BANKS...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!

Styles slides in to the ring as Banks climbs up to the apron and steps in to the ring. They hold their championship up in front of the O'Reilly's before handing the belts to the referee as their music fades out. The referee raises the belts for the crowd before handing them to an official on the outside. He calls for the opening bell.


TT: There's the bell...and again a brawl has broken out! Ray and Styles are beating the living hell out of each other as Cyril and Banks brawl! Ray with a hard right and Styles with a right of his own! Cyril and Banks continue with shot after shot on each other...and Cyril clotheslines Banks out of the ring!

BC: Our official is trying to restore order here...but I don't know that it'll be possible, Teddy!

TT: The ref is trying to get between Ray and Styles...and Ray drills the ref with a right! The two continue to fight...and it spills to the outside! Cyril has gotten the upperhand on Banks here as he knocks him down with another lariat! And it looks like Cyril is checking for something underneath the ring!

BC: Is this even a match anymore?!

TT: I don't think so, Bobby! Cyril has a trash can lid...and he just smacked Banks in the face with it!

BC: Look at Ray and Styles! They're fighting over the ring bell! And it looks like Styles won the battle! He drills Ray in the skull with the bell!

Styles tosses the bell to the side as he mounts Ray, lacing in to him with right after right. Cyril is using the barricade on the other side of the ring to choke out Banks! Banks with a back elbow...and a second! Cyril stumbles back as he releases Banks. Banks grabs him by the head and rushes him skull first in to the ring post!

TT: Cyril's skull just cracked off that ring post!

BC: Ray with a kick between the legs, and he forces Styles on to his back, laying in with lefts and rights!

TT: And look at comes security to break it up!

Security members rush down to break up the action, but find themselves on the losing end as both teams relentlessly attack them. As the security members are dropped, the two teams continue to brawl with each other.

TT: Jesus! The Dynasty and the O'Reilly's have taken out our security, and they are continuing their brawl!

BC: HA! Who the hell is going to stop them now?!

TT: I'm not sure, Bobby! But something tells me that this isn't over! Let's remember...this is actually the second time we've had this match tonight!

BC: True...but I don't think either match in itself has gone longer than a minute!

TT: Ray has Styles leaned against our table here...and he is pounding the holy hell out of him! Wait! No! You can't do that, Ray! Somebody stop him!

Ray pulls one of the monitors off of the commentator's table and lifts it overhead, ready to smash it in to Styles' face. Styles quickly counters with a kick between the legs, forcing Ray to drop the monitor. Styles grabs Ray and smashes him face first in to the table...and again! Cyril on the other side of the ring has grabbed a chair from the crowd and is using it to choke the life out of Banks!

TT: It looks like our referee is finally coming to...and look, Bobby! He's calling for the bell!


Ring Announcer: This contest has been ruled a no contest! Therefore, still your CWF World Tag Team Champions...KEVIN STYLES AND J.T. BANKS...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!

TT: These two teams could care less! Styles with a hard whip...and Ray crashes back first in to the apron! He rolls Ray in to the ring and follows him in. Styles picks Ray up and drops him back to the mat with a DDT!

BC: He better watch out, Bobby! Cyril just slid in to the ring with that steel chair!

TT: Styles turns around...and Cyril wraps the steel chair around his skull! Cyril drops the chair to the mat and quickly picks Styles up. He lifts Styles vertical...NO!!! Banks with a kendo stick to the back of the legs!

BC: Cyril never saw it coming! Banks picks Cyril up and forces him to the corner...kendo to the gut...and again!

TT: Banks with another swing...and Cyril catches it! We need someone to stop this!

The security members finally start to get back up as more rush out from the back. All of the security members get in to the ring, trying to separate the four men. They finally are able to, but both teams continue to struggle.

TT: It looks like we've finally restored order here!

BC: Don't be so sure, Teddy!

Cyril breaks through the security holding him back and quickly tries to attack Banks again. Security struggles, but they are able to get a hold of Cyril again.

TT: This is just nuts! Security is working on getting the two teams out of the ring after this chaotic, brutal brawl!


We cut backstage to Dennis Donnelly standing near one of the locker room doors.

DD: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with one of the three men who will do battle tonight for the CWF's World Heavyweight Championship...Rob Osbourne.

Osbourne walks up to Dennis Donnelly, not with the serious look of determination he has had since the day after Last Man Standing. Instead, he has a smug grin on his face. A cocky assuredness that can mean only one thing. He is dressed in an all black suit with a dark purple dress shirt with no tie. His hair is pulled back tight in a pony tail and the trademark Oakley frogskins rest on the bridge of his nose. He leans in close and slides the mic to his face.

RO: Dennis Donnelly....shut your mouth and get off of my set. One of the men doing battle for the world title? No, you insolent son of a bitch, I am the man that is allowing this sham of a match to take place. But make no mistake about it. There is no "battle' to be waged. The winner is already prophesied about. And from the mouths of babes they will chant......NITE-MARE.....NITE-MARE...NITE-MARE....

DD: Are you saying that....that...HE'S back?

Osbourne kicks Donnelly in the stomach then shoves his head beneath his arm and drops him down hard on his head with a Badd Dream. He stands, straightens his suit jacket and picks up the mic.

NRO: Does THAT answer your question?

Osbourne tosses the mic down and walks away. We return to the commentator's table.

TT: So the Nitemare is back! It's going to make one hell of a main event tonight!

BC: I'm calling it now, champion tonight!

TT:Before we get to that match, let's go to the ring for Sickboy and Keith Daniels...National Championship on the line!

BC: These two tore the roof down at Last Man Standing! Can they do it again tonight?!


"Driver Down" By Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the National Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from New York City, weighting in at two hundred seventy pounds... SICKBOY!

He smirks at them and continues walking, and then climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes into the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner.

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises a fist and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, on his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty-six pounds, he is the CWF National Champion... "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around, and begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.


TT: And here we go, the National Championship bout is underway!

BC: I’m expecting a very SICK ending...

TT: Look at Keith, already inciting the crowd, bringing the fans alive!

BC: Sickboy... LEG CHOP!

TT: He’s got Keith Daniels already grounded! Look at him stomping the leg furiously!

Sickboy keeps stomping Keith Daniels’ leg as he twists and twirls in pain on the ground.

TT: Sickboy, now, grabs Daniels’ other leg, and a quick Boston Crab is applied!

BC: Wow, could this be over so soon?

TT: No, Daniels manages to shove Sickboy away!

With the impact, Sickboy bounces off the ropes, but goes straight running at Daniels again...

TT: Keith Daniels with a huge shoulder block, and Sickboy goes flying all over the ring!

BC: Oh, no...

TT: Sickboy getting to his feet now, Keith Daniels firmly locking him, and a belly-to-belly suplex, as the champion takes the upper hand!

BC: I want to see the National Title switching hands tonight!

TT: I want to see a good wrestling match, and I’ve got a feeling tonight my wish comes true!

BC: You know, Teddy, I was going to slap you, but it turns out you weren’t mentioning Black Eyed Peas. You’re not that bad sometimes.

TT: I got a compliment by Bobby Crane? Wow.

BC: Only at Night of Champions...

TT: Anyhow, Keith Daniels has Sickboy grounded, pummeling him with closed hand fists to the face... He might make Sickboy bleed!

Daniels releases Sickboy, raises the volume of the crowd...

TT: And a huge boot to the face! Sickboy can’t hold in his knees with the impact!

BC: Keith shouldn’t have won...Keith shouldn’t win tonight! Sickboy has got the momentum, and another title would make the Fed Killers even more glorious!

TT: Keith Daniels lifting Sickboy up...Sickboy counters! JAWBREAKER! Keith Daniels retracting, Sickboy advancing, and he nails The Dangerous One! Huge SPEAR!

BC: That was painful for Daniels, but beautiful to see!

TT: Sickboy is full of electricity! Keith Daniels barely standing... SNAP SUPLEX! Sickboy jumps to his feet... KNEE DROP! Sickboy isn’t stopping his offence, rudely dragging Keith’s head into the turnbuckle! Look at him, slamming Daniels’ head into the middle pad of the turnbuckle! Sick!

BC: Forced headbanging! Haha!

TT: Sickboy let go of the battered Daniels...

Sickboy turns his back on Daniels, starts mocking the crowd to a chorus of boos, turns around, sprints directly into Daniels’ face...

TT: LOW DROPKICK! Keith Daniels’ head was absolutely compressed!

BC: He’s already ugly.

TT: Oh, come on Bobby...

BC: What? He is. Shut your mouth.

TT: I thought you meant it when you praised me...

BC: Nope. That was just for the ratings...

TT: Thanks a lot for crushing my dreams. Speaking of crushing, look at Sickboy’s attack to the champion’s groin!

BC: I like that! Keith Daniels is struggling to get up, struggling to defend himself, struggling to keep on his knees, but Sickboy just keeps kicking his groin with all the strength he’s got! I love the sickness involved!

TT: Keith Daniels is reduced to begging... Sickboy going for another kick...DANIELS CAUGHT HIM! REVERSE STO!

BC: That dirty bastard!

TT: Daniels going for a quick cover, trying to end the pain for both!




TT: Not even close! This match will continue!

BC: I have faith in Sickboy!

TT: Keith Daniels getting to his feet, liftoff for Sickboy...OH NO! FINAL VERDICT COMING!

BC: No, damn!!!

TT: Sickboy squirming to exit the hold, I think this is going to be all over! Sickboy slides to behind Daniels’ back...NO! A huge hit to the knee! Keith succumbs in pain, and Sickboy rolls him up...Here we go!




TT: But it isn’t enough! Keith’s still the champion!

BC: I reckon it won’t be for much more time!

TT: Sickboy gets up, tightly holds Daniels’ leg... Locks in a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! Keith Daniels squirming in pain, trying to exit the hold and preserve his already damaged leg, but Sickboy is holding him tight! If Keith can’t handle the pressure, he’s got to quit!

BC: And then we’d have a new National Champion, right here, Night of Champions V, the final mega-event in our way to SuperCard! You’ve got to love it!

TT: Keith is in untolerable pain, but he’s doing the unthinkable, he’s dragging both himself AND Sickboy towards the ropes...

BC: Fail...Fail...

TT: DANIELS REACHES THE ROPES!!! Sickboy will be forced to release the hold!!!



TT: Watch out for the disqualification!



TT: And Sickboy releases the hold at the last second! He was almost getting disqualified!

Sickboy, furious, releases the hold, grabs a handful of Keith’s short hair, violently pulls him to his feet, and irish whips him...

TT: What a rude awakening for Keith Daniels, who now bounces off the ropes, ducks Sickboy’s clothesline...Dodges Sickboy’s dropkick...

As Sickboy gets up from the mat after the failed attempt at a dropkick, he turns around to face Daniels...


BC: He hit the referee! He took away the last piece of sanity that was stored inside the brain of another handicap referee! Face it, these guys suck at their job, that’s why Brian Adams is refereeing the main event!

Keith Daniels looks upon the referee with a tip of fear running on his veins... Sickboy, behind him, on the other hand, looks very pleased.


BC: Sickboy’s going to win...Oh wait, there’s no referee!

TT: Sickboy isn’t that happy now!

Sickboy lies on top of Keith Daniels, but there’s no referee to count the pinfall. Angry, Sickboy rolls to the outside and goes near the announce table.

TT: Sickboy has exited the ring, remember, with the referee down, no countouts can be applied...What’s he doing?!

BC: He’s got a steel chair! There are no disqualifications either! Ha, I completely love it!

TT: Sickboy is just absolutely sick! He’s going back to the ring... Oh no! Daniels is running... SUICIDE DI...OH MY GOD!!! SICKBOY HIT DANIELS MID-FLIGHT!

BC: What a way to stop a suicide dive! Keith is absolutely out of it, look at him compressing his head, writhing in pain, scrambled on the ground!

TT: Wait, I think...Yes, Keith Daniels is busted wide open! Look at the blood flowing and making Keith dizzier!

BC: With that smack to the face, what were you expecting exactly?

TT: Sickboy is now back to the assault with the steel chair, grabbing Keith Daniels’ foot... Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!

BC: There he is, he’s targeting the leg once more! Sickboy getting away from the chair, which is stuck on Daniels’ knee... Here he goes!

TT: Knee dr...OOH!!! KICK TO THE CROTCH BY THE DANGEROUS ONE!!! Sickboy was about to jump into a knee drop, but Keith elevated the foot, which was stuck on the steel, and hit Sickboy harshly in the middle of his legs!

BC: Payback from earlier on this match-up! And now both men are down, and there’s still no countout!

TT: As you can see now, the referee is still knocked out at one side of the ring, after the vicious Livewire he took from Keith Daniels...Although, don’t forget, that wasn’t intentional!

BC: Yes, but it happened, didn’t it?

Both men are down, fully exhausted. The crowd incites them to rise to their feet...Sickboy has a little advantage, due to using the announce table as a support...

TT: And Sickboy’s up first! He’s dazed, stunned, and without energy, but he’s standing on his own two feet!

BC: Keith is still barely handling to stabilize on his knees... Sickboy violently takes a camera out of the hands of a simple cameraman... Don’t argue with him, you little gnat!


BC: See? You can’t mess with a member of the Fed Killers!

TT: He’s now got a hold of the camera, Keith barely getting to his feet...CAMERA SHOT...NO, Sickboy taking a ride... DANIELS WITH THE BACK BODY DROP! SICKBOY GOES RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS!

BC: Come on, Sickboy, you can still do it!

TT: Be on the lookout, Keith Daniels...The referee is getting up! What if he rules the match a disqualification!?

BC: He better not, otherwise Keith Daniels loses, but retains, and I’m going to go there and punch your face into a bloody pulp, you incompetent jerk!

TT: Settle down, Bobby.

BC: Don’t you tell me to settle down! This is time for a change! This is Sickboy’s time to become the one and only National Champion of the Classic Wrestling Federation and tear down this bunch of incompetent staff members once and for all!

TT: Oh, so you’ve aligned against CWF?

BC: Shut your trap, Teddy!

TT: Whatever. The referee is all up now...And he hasn’t ruled any disqualification...He’s now counting them out!


TT: Keith Daniels is barely standing, leant towards the apron...



TT: Keith Daniels rolls into the ring! Sickboy isn’t moving, he’s just lying on the ground!


BC: Come on, Sickboy, you can do this, we need a new champion...


TT: It appears to me that Sickboy is fully unconscious!


BC: Turns out you were wrong! Sickboy is moving, can’t you see?!

TT: I think he isn’t going to make it back into the ring in time!


BC: You’re wrong! Wrong, I tell you! Sickboy is grabbing the apron with one hand! Come on, Sick, you can pull yourself up! Just one small effort!


TT: Sickboy is grabbing the apron with both hands, he PULLS HIMSELF UP!

BC: He’s draping a leg over the apron!


BC: Almost there...

TT: AND SICKBOY ROLLS IN! At the very last possible second! And the match will continue!

BC: Do you really think these two are going to handle much more pressure?!

TT: That’s what we’re about to see! Keith Daniels pulls Sickboy up... He’s going for the FINAL VERDICT! This match can be over right here!

BC: No, Keith Daniels can’t do it, because of all the damage his knee has suffered! What a good strategy by Sickboy!

TT: Keith Daniels can’t do it! Sickboy is taking advantage, spins over Keith Daniels’ shoulders...THE INFECTION!

BC: No...Keith Daniels stopped it, inches away from the floor! Damn it!

TT: Look at Keith’s power...He’s lifting him back up!!! He releases him in a strong toss against the ropes, Sickboy bounces back... LIVEWIRE! LIVEWIRE!!! HERE WE GO!!!



TT: Wait a second...


TT: KEITH DANIELS RETAINS!! But, look at that... Sickboy’s foot was touching the bottom rope!


BC: Damn it! This is goddamn blasphemy!

TT: Well, the damage is done now... Sickboy was screwed, and Keith Daniels retains the coveted gold! I bet the Fed Killers won’t be too satisfied about this...

BC: This is absolute blasphemy! Someone murder all CWF referees at once! Where’s Terry Richards when you need him?!

Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner...And STILL CWF National Champion...”THE DANGEROUS ONE”...KEITH DANIELS!!!

The referee hands Daniels the championship and raises his arm in the air. Daniels struggles to stay standing, obviously worn from the match.

TT: I have a feeling that we're going to see these two again very soon! What a great match!

BC: Did you expect anything less?! But still...Sickboy was screwed! He had his foot on the rope!

"Kingdom" by U2 begins to play.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen...April 3rd is the day! We will be coming to you live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California for SuperCard VI! It promises to be a huge show!

BC: You can say that again, Teddy! Who could forget SuperCard V last year?! Seeing Astro and Juggernaut for the National Championship! Rob Osbourne and Blood in a Sacrifice match! And the main event...where it all began!

TT: That's right, Bobby! One year ago, Brian Adams was able to overcome all of the odds and WIN the elimination chamber match to become the World Heavyweight Champion! He now has a chance to recapture the gold at SuperCard as he will challenge the winner of tonight's main event! Will he be taking on Tige'? Will it be Rob Osbourne? Or will Magnus Thunder walk out tonight as champion and in to SuperCard to defend his title?! We'll find out later tonight!

BC: Speaking of SuperCard VI...isn't it about time for our main event tonight?

TT: I believe it is, Bobby! I believe it is! Let's head to the ring!


The lights go dim as a red spot light circles the arena a few times before stopping at the ramp. All of a sudden, red fireworks come crashing down and explode upon the stage ramp as "Raise Hell" comes over the PA system.

'If you think it's too loud...'
'Bitch get the *BEEP* out!'
'If you want to showdown...'
'Bitch get the *BEEP* out!'
'If your ass ain't with me...'
'Bitch get the *BEEP* out!'

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...weighing in at two hundred forty pounds...the special guest referee for the next contest..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

The lights go up in the arena as Brian brushes the curtains aside. He makes his way out on to the ramp, looking out toward the crowd. A chorus of boos starts throughout the arena as Brian calmly starts walking down towards the ring, referee shirt on. Brian slides in to the ring and jumps on to the second turnbuckle, raising his hands in the air and yelling at the crowd. His music fades out as he turns his attention to the entrance.

The arena falls completely dark as thunder cracks throughout the arena and lightning strikes the entrance stage. Thunder continues to rumble as lightning strikes repetitively on the stage. The instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative hits the arena as all eyes turn to the entrance. The rockets suddenly fire on the bottoms as the crowd gives a mixed reaction, mainly cheers.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first...

The rocket on the right side of the stage suddenly blasts apart revealing Magnus Thunder inside. He steps out, championship draped across his shoulder and looks around at the sold out crowd. He slowly makes his way down the aisle as lightning continues to strike on both sides of him.

Ring Announcer: From Jotunheim, Norway! Weighing in at five hundred pounds! He is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus reaches the apron, stepping up to it. He once again looks around at the crowd before stepping over the top rope and in to the ring. His music fades out as the lights slowly return to normal, and he focuses his eyes on the entrance.

"Discotheque" by U2 plays as the lights in the arena go down and hundreds of different colored lights flash quickly through the arena. A giant array of different colored fireworks launch form the stage as a silhouette of a man appears in front of a large video wall flashing bright colors.

Ring Announcer: The first challenger...from Madison, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds...TIGE'!!!

As the music kicks in, Tige’ comes walking out from the silhouette and begins to walk to the ring. He is donned in his normal black boots and pants but this time wearing a red and black designed shirt along with his signature sunglasses. Tige’ enters the ring in his flamboyant style and immediately turns his attention back to the entrance.

Ring Announcer: And the next opponent...

The ring announcer taps his mic but no sound is heard. Just then, Kerry Collins a.k.a. "Retribution", steps out onto the stage through the curtain with a microphone in his hand.

KC: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! I'll take it from here jack. Light guy....drop em.

The arena lights go completely black.

KC: Ladies and gentlemen....introducing now, the second challenger for the CWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD.....hailing from New York City, New York, by way of Nashville, Tennessee...standing six feet four inches tall....weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds...a former CWF National Champion and former CWF World Champion.....

"Pain" by Three Days Grace begins as a single spotlight cracks through the darkness from the center of the arena ceiling to the entrance way. As the curtains open, Osbourne stands with his back to the crowd dressed in his typical black and purple zebra striped tights with high black leather boots. An F*K shirt with the sides cut out is draped over his torso, his hair pulled back and tightly braided. he jogs in place as Collins clears his throat...


Osbourne spins on his heel and eyes the ring with determined focus. He sprints down the ramp, sliding under the bottom rope. He comes up onto a knee and reaches out with both arms to the sky as rhythmic pyro explosions shoot out of the turnbuckles. Osbourne stands and flexes as the music fades out. Osbourne grabs the championship from Magnus and displays it for the crowd. He hands the championship to an official outside of the ring and calls for the opening bell.


TT: There's the bell! And look at this! Tige' and Osbourne are both eyeing Magnus! Magnus is hesitant as he keeps his eyes on both...and Osbourne with the first attack...hard right to Magnus! And Tige' joins in! Osbourne and Tige' with the double team on Magnus! Osbourne with a boot to Magnus' gut!

BC: This could be a bad situation for the champion! But a smart plan by Tige' and Osbourne...take out the bigger man!

TT: Osbourne backs Magnus in to the ropes...and here's the irish whip. Magnus on the rebound...double shoulderblock! Tige' and Osbourne both crash to the mat! Osbourne quickly gets back up and ducks under a right by Magnus as Tige' slides out of the ring. Osbourne with a clip from behind, and Magnus falls to a knee!

BC: This is what it's all about for the Nitemare! All or nothing here tonight!

TT: Osbourne grabs Magnus by the arm and drives a hard elbow against it...and another! Osbourne with an arm drag and twist as the champion gets back to his feet. Magnus uses his strength to lift Osbourne in to the air...and he violently rams Osbourne in to the corner! Osbourne releases the arm...and Magnus with a hard back elbow to the jaw!

BC: Osbourne is in trouble here, Teddy...and Tige' is playing the smart game as he watches the action from the outside!

TT: Magnus grabs Osbourne...giant hip toss out of the corner! Magnus stands, waiting for Osbourne to return to his feet...and look at this! Tige' is sneaking back in to the ring! Tige' leaps up...and he locks a sleeper hold on to Magnus! Adams is quick to check if Magnus wants to give up...but Magnus refuses!

Magnus drops down to a knee, struggling to escape the sleeper hold! Tige' locks the hold in tighter as Osbourne makes it back to his feet. Magnus fights...and he's able to return to his feet! He rushes back and smashes Tige' in to the corner! And Osbourne follows in with a hard boot to Magnus' chest! Magnus stumbles out of the corner...drop toe hold by Osbourne! Osbourne quickly follows up by applying a reverse armbar! And Tige' follows in suit applying a reverse armbar to the other arm!

TT: Not good for Magnus here! Double submission applied!

BC: HA! This is great, Teddy! But who would Adams rule as the winner if Magnus gives up to this hold?!

TT: Magnus is obviously in pain as Adams checks on him...but he won't give up! Tige' finally releases his armbar...and he stomps on Magnus' arm! Osbourne releases his armbar as well...knee drop to the back of the head! Osbourne and Tige' working together here as they both bring Magnus back to his feet. Double facelock...maybe a double suplex here!

BC: They're trying to get Magnus over...but Magnus is shifting his weight to keep from being taken over! Magnus with a double suplex of his own as a counter! How impressive is that!

TT: Tige' and Osbourne both roll out of the ring as Magnus tries to catch his breath.

BC: It seems pretty apparent to me that Osbourne and Tige' both want to eliminate the world champion from the equation! If Magnus has any hopes of retaining here tonight...he'll have to take one of his two adversaries out!

TT: And it looks like the giant won't be waiting for his opponents to get in to the ring! Magnus steps out of the ring as Osbourne and Tige' both make their way around the ring. Magnus gives chase...and Tige' slides in to the ring. Magnus slides in after him...but Tige' catches him with a stomp!

BC: Oldest trick in the book!

TT: Osbourne quickly slides back in now as Tige' forces Magnus in to the ropes. Magnus on the return...double back body drop by Osbourne and Tige'! God was that impressive! Five hundred pounds flipped over with ease! Osbourne pulls Magnus back to his feet and forces him to the corner...and look at this! Tige' once again steps out of the ring!

BC: Ha!

TT: Osbourne with a hard right...and a second! Osbourne pulls Magnus out of the corner with an arm drag...hammerlocking the arm behind the back...and he forces Magnus hard between the turnbuckles shoulder first in to the steel post! Magnus stumbles out in pain! He turns to Osbourne and is met with a boot to the gut...arm breaker!

BC: Osbourne is trying to exploit a weakness here! What a strategy!

TT: Osbourne again hammerlocks Magnus' arm behind his back...and he drives a hard knee in to Magnus' spine while Magnus lays on the ground! And he delivers a second knee! Osbourne quickly shoots the half...and here's the first pin attempt of the match!




TT: Magnus with the kickout! Not that it would have been too hard...that was definitely a slow count!

BC: Well, it does seem that it's a little early to think that Magnus is worn down enough to pin...but you can't blame Osbourne for trying! And if it wasn't for Adams' slow count...he may have had the champion there!

TT: Osbourne brings Magnus to a seated position...and he drives a knee to the spine once again! He's really been working on that back and the left arm of Magnus...and here's the rear chinlock! Osbourne stares at Adams as he shouts for him to ask Magnus if he wants to continue!

BC: Tige's the one playing it smart here, Teddy! He's barely been in the fight...but it's keeping him fresh!

Osbourne tightens the hold as Magnus struggles to try to get to his feet. He slowly starts to get up when the crowd suddenly erupts in an uproar.

TT: What the hell is this?!

BC: HA! It looks like The American Icon doesn't appreciate Adams' officiating!

The American Icon rushes down the aisle, referee shirt on and slides in to the ring. He instantly gets in Adams face, arguing about the slow count. Magnus finally makes it to his feet...and he grabs Osbourne...dropping him with a sidewalk slam! Tige' slides back in to the ring...dropkick to Magnus' face...and he makes the cover!




TT: Magnus with a kickout as but Adams and The American Icon were making the count!

BC: And it looks like the two referees are starting to argue here!

TT: Well technically, The American Icon isn't an official referee for this match!

BC: Don't tell him that...he won't believe you!

TT: Tige' brings Magnus back to his feet and forces him back to the corner. He picks up Osbourne...hard irish whip crashing Osbourne right in to Magnus! Osbourne stumbles out as Tige' rushes past him...double knees to the champion's chest! Magnus crashes to the mat as Tige' quickly continues the attack with a side headlock!

Adams and The American Icon both check on Magnus...but Magnus refuses to give up. Adams irately shoves The American Icon, knocking him through the ropes and out of the ring. He checks on Magnus again, but Magnus refuses to give up! The American Icon quickly slides back in and pushes Adams out of his way so he can check on Magnus.

TT: Another argument here between Adams and The American Icon! Magnus is starting to get back to his feet...back suplex on Tige'! He returns to his feet...and Osbourne connects with a boot to the gut! Osbourne with a front facelock...but Magnus shoves him off! Osbourne comes at Magnus...NO! Magnus with a choke grip!

BC: HA! Adams just shoved The American Icon out of the ring again!

TT: Magnus with a vicious chokeslam on Osbourne...and he makes the cover!




TT: Adams with a slightly fast count there...but it doesn't matter as The American Icon pulled him out of the ring before he could make the three count!

BC: And now they're arguing outside of the ring!

TT: Magnus starts to get to his feet as Tige' climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Tige' dives off...legdrop to the back of Magnus' neck...and he drives Magnus face first in to the mat! Tige' quickly rolls Magnus over for the cover...and both referees quickly slide in to the ring!



TT: And here they go again arguing! Neither man actually finished the count!

BC: They're just not co-existing in there, Teddy!

TT: I see this...but what I don't understand is...Adams is the referee! He can eject The American Icon from ringside!

BC: It is a little strange that he hasn't done so yet...

TT: Tige' quickly brings Magnus back to his feet. Osbourne returns to his feet as well...and the two double team again as they lift Magnus on to their shoulders...DOUBLE RUNNING POWERSLAM!

BC: This is amazing teamwork we've seen so far, Teddy...and it's in a triple threat match!

TT: Tige' grabs Magnus by the legs as Osbourne waits, watching on. Tige' with the slingshot...right in to a running spear from Osbourne! Jesus that was some impact!

BC: I have a feeling that we will be crowning a new champion here tonight, Teddy!

TT: I'm not sure if I agree! I think before we have a new champion crowned...we'll need some cooperation from our two officials who are in the match...even if one isn't officially a referee here!

BC: Very true!

TT: Magnus crawls toward the ropes as Osbourne and Tige' both stalk him. He pulls himself up using the ropes...and Tige' rushes in...NO! Tige' is dumped over the top and to the outside by Magnus!

BC: The champion needed this! It brings it down to a one on one match!

TT: Magnus approaches Osbourne, obviously worn down...and Osbourne with a boot to the gut...BADD DREAM!!! That could be it! Osbourne shoots the half...and The American Icon quickly shoves Adams out of the ring!




TT: Adams pulls The American Icon out of the ring before the three count...and he decks him with a vicious right! Adams slides in to the ring, and Osbourne quickly returns to his feet, complaining to Adams about the count!

BC: Ha! It's warfare, Teddy! We have two refs fighting with each other in what has become a handicap match!

TT: Osbourne brings Magnus back to his feet with another front facelock...and Magnus counters with an inverted atomic drop! He lifts Osbourne in to the air...spinebuster! And both men are down!

BC: This is the perfect opportunity for Tige' to capitalize!

TT: Ask and you shall receive! Tige' slides back in to the ring! He waits as Magnus slowly gets back to his feet...kick to the back of the legs! Tige' with a reverse facelock...possibly looking for Tige' Time! NO! Magnus spins around...and he boots Tige' in the gut! He positions Tige'...powerbomb...a second...

Before Magnus can plant Tige' with a third powerbomb, Osbourne clips him from behind! Tige' falls on top of Magnus. Osbourne uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet as Tige' also gets up. They bring Magnus back to his feet...double arm drag and twist...double STO! The American Icon slides back in to the ring, once again arguing with Adams. Tige' and Osbourne whip Magnus across the ring...


TT: Seven foot five inches mowing down both opponents with a spinwheel kick! That had to hurt! And all three men are down in the center of the ring!

Adams and The American Icon continue arguing. The American Icon drills Adams with a hard right, and the two begin to brawl!

TT: Here we go! Our three competitors are our two referees have started a match of their own! Adams and The American Icon exchanging shots here...and Adams is starting to get the upperhand! He has The American Icon backed up to the ropes...and here comes security!

BC: It's about damn time!

TT: Security is separating the two as Magnus is finally starting to get back up. Tige' and Osbourne are both getting to their feet as well...and Magnus grabs both of them with a choke grip! Magnus lifts both men in the air...double boot to the gut! Osbourne and Tige' with a double front facelock...suplex...and the big man is down again!

BC: Security has finally broken up the brawl between Adams and The American Icon! They're forcing The American Icon to the back...and this match will continue!

TT: looks like Tige's going to take another breather as he exits the ring, leaving Magnus and Osbourne to battle! Osbourne brings Magnus back to his feet...and he drops him throat first against the top rope! Osbourne with the blatant choke...and Adams finally forces Osbourne to release the hold!

BC: Osbourne and Adams face to face here...obviously not happy with each other’s involvement in this match thus far!

Osbourne turns back to Magnus and is met with a boot to the gut. Magnus grabs Osbourne by the back of the head and drags him to the corner, smashing him face first in to the top turnbuckle. He forces Osbourne back first in to the corner and delivers a jawbreaking back elbow...and a second! Magnus lifts Osbourne overhead with a military press...and he tosses him over the top rope to the outside!

TT: Magnus finally seems to be getting an offense going here! And it looks like he's going after Tige' now! Magnus climbs out of the ring, and he's giving chase to Tige'! Tige' slides in to the does Magnus! Tige' rushes in, and Magnus catches him with a big boot!

BC: Could you imagine having that mammoth's foot hit you in the mouth, Teddy?!

TT: I would prefer not to. As I'm sure that Tige' would have preferred not kissing it a moment ago! Magnus brings Tige' back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. He lifts Tige' to the top rope and quickly follows him up...DOWNBURST!!!

BC: That is such a devastating move! It's bad enough being thrown overhead with a belly to belly suplex, but when it's from a seven foot five inch monster off the top's an event ender!

TT: We'll find that out in a second! Magnus is making his way over toward Tige'...and here's the cover!




TT: Osbourne was able to make it back in to the ring in the nick of time to break up the three count!

BC: And we still have yet to see Tige' and Osbourne actually attack each other!

TT: Magnus rolls to the outside...and it looks like we may see the showdown now, Bobby!

BC: Come on...let's see it!

TT: Here's the lockup! Osbourne takes the quick advantage as he floats in to a side headlock, but Tige' instantly forces him off in to the ropes. Osbourne on the return...and Tige' takes him over with a hip toss! Osbourne quickly returns to his feet...another lockup! Osbourne with a rear hammerlock this time!

BC: Now THIS is what I've been waiting for! The Nitemare and The Nitemare's Nightmare!

TT: Osbourne with a german suplex attempt...but Tige' blocks it! Tige' with a go behind. He attempts a german of his own, but Osbourne blocks it! Tige' rushes Osbourne forward in to the ropes and he pulls Osbourne down to the mat from the rebound for a rollup!




TT: Osbourne with the kickout! Osbourne returns to his feet as Tige' rushes at him...northern lights suplex! And Osbourne has the pin!



TT: Adams again with the slow count! Magnus is back in the ring! Osbourne rushes at him...headbutt by Magnus and Osbourne stumbles back! Magnus follows up with a devastating lariat! Tige' returns to his feet as Magnus turns to him...and Tige' with a low dropkick!

Magnus drops to a knee as Tige' grabs him with a front facelock...DDT! Tige' forces his knee down upon the back of Magnus' arm...and pulls up on it for a submission! Adams quickly checks on Magnus...but Magnus isn't willing to give up. Tige' lifts his knee and drops it hard in to the back of Magnus' arm...again yanking on it for the submission!

BC: If Magnus taps out here, Osbourne's hopes of winning the championship will go down the drain!

TT: Tige' releases the submission as Osbourne returns to his feet...and it looks like they're going to team up once again in this match! Tige' picks Magnus up and Osbourne quickly spins Magnus around...boot to the gut...BADD DREAM!!!

BC: Look at the look on Tige's face! He looks pissed at Osbourne's actions!

TT: WAIT! Here comes Jagermeister to the ring with that dented briefcase Tige’ always has around.

Jagermeister slides the briefcase and a mic into the ring. Osbourne grabs the microphone as Tige' grabs the briefcase.

NRO: Tige', it's time to open your case.

Tige': Yeah, yeah, I already tried my date of birth, it doesn't work.

TT: Wait! What the hell is happening here?!

NRO: Put in the date the EWA launched, Tige'....

Tige' puts in the date and the case pops open. He pulls out an F*K shirt and dons it as he and Osbourne embrace in a hug.

TT: You've got to be kidding me! Tige' is the fifth member?! As if it wasn't looking good for the champion earlier!

BC: Ha! Now it truly has become a handicap match!

TT: Osbourne brings Magnus back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. He holds Magnus...and Tige' drills the champion with the case! Tige' drops the case as both he and Osbourne work together to lift Magnus over the top rope and on to the apron.

Tige' holds Magnus by the midsection as Osbourne grabs him with a front facelock, extending his body out from the top rope. Magnus struggles as he throws a back elbow at Osbourne. Osbourne stumbles away as Magnus slides back on to the apron! Tige' with a right, but Magnus blocks it and counters with a right of his own! Osbourne rushes at Magnus, but he too is met with a hard right! The champion climbs back in to the ring and takes Osbourne down with a vicious lariat! Tige' with another swing, but Magnus blocks it and lifts Tige' in to the air...spinebuster!

TT: It has literally been made a two on one match...and the champion is fighting for his life here! Magnus grabs Tige' with a choke grip...and he tosses him to the outside with a brutal chokebomb!

BC: That was nasty!

TT: Osbourne is starting to get back to his feet...and he's met with a boot to the gut from the champion. Magnus positions him...powerbomb! Magnus pulls him back up...a second powerbomb!

BC: You've got to be kidding me! Why the hell is Magnus not dead yet?! And he drives Osbourne down with the third powerbomb!

TT: THE BRUTAL REST!!! Magnus has the move locked in! Osbourne screams in pain...and Tige' is down outside of the ring! This could be the end!

Adams drops to the mat to check on Osbourne. Osbourne desperately reaches for the bottom rope, but Adams leans against it to prevent Osbourne from grabbing it! Osbourne's face turns red as more pressure is applied! He clinches his fingers, trying everything in his power to keep from tapping!

TT: Here it is, Bobby! Osbourne is about to tap! Magnus is going to retain! His hand is in the air...just about to come down...WAIT!!! Yoshiru Long out of nowhere with a big boot...and it sends Magnus out of the ring!

BC: Where the hell did he come from?!

TT: I think he hopped the barricade! But he may have just screwed Magnus out of retaining the championship! It looked like Osbourne was just about to tap!

Yoshiru slides out of the ring and continues his attack on Magnus, drilling him with shot after shot. He clotheslines Magnus, sending him over the barricade in to the crowd as Osbourne uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. Tige' slides back in to the ring, joining Magnus as they watch Yoshiru attack him.

BC: What are they going to do now?!

Tige' and Osbourne discuss what to do, and Tige' quickly signifies that he'll lay down, and Osbourne can get the three count.

TT: You've got to be kidding me! It can't end like this!

BC: Tige' lays down in the middle of the ring! Ha! New champion, Teddy!

TT: Osbourne makes the cover here...and this is surely over!



Adams hesitates as he looks at Osbourne covering Tige'. He quickly stands up, refusing to finish the three count.

TT: Adams won't finish the count! Osbourne quickly returns to his feet...and he's getting right in Adams' face about it!

BC: Damn right! Adams is the referee...and he should be unbiased in this match!

TT: Unbiased?! Then why doesn't he stop Yoshiru's attack on Magnus! Look in the crowd, Bobby! He has the champion busted wide open and is beating the living hell out of him!

BC: Shut up, Teddy!

Adams grabs at his referee's shirt, explaining to Osbourne that he is the ref, and what he says goes.

TT: Osbourne is irate with Adams here! He turns back to Tige'...WHAT THE HELL?! Tige' with a hard shot to Osbourne's head with the briefcase...and Osbourne is out!

BC: What the hell just happened?!

TT: Tige' smiles as he falls down for the cover!





TT: MY GOD!!! Tige' just double crossed Rob Osbourne...and as a result has become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

BC: That is *BEEP*!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...and the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...TIGE'!!!

Tige' quickly returns to his feet. He pulls off the F*K shirt and lays it across Osbourne as Adams hands him the World Championship. Tige' quickly steps out of the ring as "Discotheque" by U2 hits the arena. He makes his way, backing up the stage and looking back at Osbourne as Mr. Xamin steps out to the stage.

TT: I can't believe what we just saw, Bobby!

BC; Neither can anyone else here in Toronto!

Osbourne slowly starts to come to. He crawls toward the ropes, leaning out over the middle rope to see Tige' holding the World Championship high above his head and Xamin shaking his head in disappointment. Xamin turns away to head backstage as Osbourne is nearly seething at the mouth.

TT: I think Osbourne is realizing just what happened now...and he doesn't look pleased! Osbourne makes it back to his feet. He turns...THE LAST CHAPTER!!! Adams with insult to injury here!

BC: Osbourne was just screwed, Teddy!

Adams stands on the middle rope looking out to Tige' holding the championship in the air. Adams points high in to the arena's rafters as the SuperCard VI sign hanging, signifying their soon to come meaning. Yoshiru continues to bloody Magnus in the crowd as Osbourne lays unconscious in the center of the ring.

TT: What a main event, Bobby! But we're out of time, folks! We'll see you next week for Showdown!

Adams continues to point at the sign with a smile on his face as Tige' continues to proudly hold the championship high in the air.

Fade to black.