The camera comes up from black outside the arena where the line is wrapped around the back of the building. As the fans waiting in line see the camera crew the errupt. A pair of teenagers are arguing over the last new Maniac shirt at a novelty stand as two dad's throw punches and fling beer in line at the concessions stands. The camera views swirls as people errupt into small fights all around the arena. The scene fades to a view of the announce table where Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane are seated.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming to you LIVE on PAY PER VIEW!!!

BC: We're here in the Verizon Wireless Center in our nation's capitol and we are going to see some red white and blue all right, but it'll be blood and bruises and a tarnished white ring apron!!!

TT: Tonight we will see two qualifying mathes to determine the #1 contendor to Bob Osbourne's Unified Championship!

BC: That is, should he make it out of Scars 'N Stripes with the belt Teddy!

TT: Right you are, as tonight we will see EVERY title on the line. Bob will defend against Sickboy and Motion. Then we will see a match to crown a new #1 contendor for Maniac's National Title

BC: Again I remind you Turnbuckle, Maniac's gotta make it past the former Unified Champion, The Raving Lunatic first!

TT: Yeah yeah, sure sure. And then folks, we will see a monumental match-up! CWF Hall of Famer and favorite son, most storied champion in CWF history..."The Golden One" Jeff Jericho will face off in a no holds barred bout
agianst Pledge Alligence!

BC: If Pledge can pull off the win he gets in the hall Teddy!

TT: But should he lose Bobby, his professional competitive career in the CWF is OVER!!!

BC: Then the Lunatic gets his shot at making more CWF title history as he will try his hand at winning the National Championship from Maniac, arguably one of the greatest competitor's to ever grace the squared circle.

TT: What the hell? A true compliment from Bobby Crane? Wow. I'm impressed.

BC: Don't be. Then we have our main event Teddy. Tell them about it at home.

TT: That's right folks, the NEW owner and CEO of the CWF, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne, on the heels of losing his National title last week in a very controversial match against Maniac, will face the newly crowned CWF World Heavyweight champion Magnus Thunder in the Vicious Viking's first title defense.

BC: Folks we've got some trouble brewing in the back....

The cameras go back to the locker room area. Mariano is in the locker room stretching when James Baker enters. Mariano looks upset and sticks his fists up as if he is ready to fight. Baker does the same. Both men look shocked.

Mariano: What are you doing here?!

Baker: I got a letter saying meet here....

Mariano: What?!

Baker: I don't know foo. You best be makin some sense of this.

The two men argue a bit more and the lights are shut off and the door closes not long after.

Baker: This yo doin? What the hell this is?

Mariano: This is a trick by you! TURN THE LIGHTS ON NOW!

Another voice speaks up.


Screaming and crashing is heard in the locker room. Then a lou crash is heard. The lights come back on and Drastic is gone; the door is shut. They tug at the handle but it won't budge.  Both men are down, apparently having their heads slammed together. A few minutes pass and finally Mariano begins stirring. He gets to his feet as Baker also rises. Just then man in a windbreaker and a baseball cap unlocks the door and walks in. As he does, Baker and Mariano both jump him. They realize he isn't Drastic and back off.

Man: Mr. Fernandez, Mr. Baker, they are calling you to the gorilla position...

The camera cuts to ringside.

BC: Are we ready to get this show strated yet or what Turnbuckle?

TT: Indeed we are. The next match is a three way elimination qualifying match. The winner will face the winner of our second match-up next week to win a shot at the Unified Champion.

BC: Which for now, is Bob Osbourne.

TT: Whats your take on Drastic ?

BC: I thought the medical examiner cleared him for competion. THAT GUY IS CRAZIER THAN EVER....

TT: You know this doesn't happen often but... I agree with you. If something isn't done about Drastic he might actually hurt someone else or himself very badly.

BC: Speaking of which, has anyone heard from his father?

TT: You mean, his non-father?

BC: Whatever Turnbuckle. You know what I mean. Chris Osbourne. There was a wreck, and Drastic is back but no word on Chris Osbourne.

Just then pyros explode at ringside as sirens begin blaring loudly. Enter Sandman by Metallica picks up as a lightening bolt hits the stage. As the smoke clears Chris Osbourne stands on stage with mic in hand.

TT: Well.. there we have it.

DCO: Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm sure your all wondering what in the blue hell is going on. Well tonight. I answer some questions. I must admit I haven't been exactly honest with you all. I... Am not the father of Drastic. Bryan Joseph Osbourne. Infact. I was asked by my own father to watch over Bryan the day my father, Joe "The Crippler" Osbourne died....his father is...

Just then Drastic flies from behind the curtain attacking Chris Osbourne. The two men disappear into the crowd and out into the arena concessions areas.

TT: What the....

BC: Chris isn't the father of Drastic?

TT: That doesn't matter now... What matters is Drastic is the son of SOMEONE in the CWF...but apparently not Chris Osbourne...

Ring Announcer: Our first match-up is a three way elimination match with Hardcore rules. First.... making his way to the ring standing five feet, nine inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and seventy-six pounds, from Buenos Aries, Argentina....MARIANOOOOOOOOO!!! SHADDOOOOWWW!!!!! FERNANDDDEEEZZZ!!!!

Hironobu Kageyama, Mariano Fernandez's theme music, sings out over the crowd. Little girls and boys give him a standing ovation, while screams can be heard from the female faction of the audience. Mariano steps through the
curtain being escorted by Nagase. Mariano enters the ring as Nagase turns and sits next to the announcers table.

Ring Announcer: And the next opponent  standingsix foot four inches and weighing two hundred and thirty two pounds..... "DA EXTREME GANGSTA" JAAAAMMMMEES! BAKERRRR!!!

'Hail Mary' by 2Pac sings out loud over the crowd. Some in the crowd cheer wildly while others rain down boos on Baker as he makes his way through the curtain. Baker and Mariano look at each other in pur contempt.

Ring Annoucner: And finally, standing five foot six inches...weighing in at two hundred and thirty six pounds.  THISSSSS! ISSS!!! DRRRRRRRAAAAASSSSSSTICCC!!!!!

Never Enough by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play but no Drastic to be found.

TT: Where is Drastic ?

BC: He must still be fighting Chris!

TT: Well the ref is calling for the opening bell.

BC: We are under way...but where is Drastic?!?

TT: Who knows Bobby....Baker makes the first move. He lunges in at Mariano and grabs him by the head throwing in a few quick elbows. Mariano punches him back and they start rolling around exchanging lefts and rights. Both men to their feet, off of opposite corners, and double clothesline and both men go down hard.

BC: You know this fits Drastic's MO.

TT: What do you mean by that?

BC: Well everytime he has a match with a title involved he doesnt show up, is announced dead, or is some how just not around.

TT: Well.... can you blame the man? He is mentally unstable. Baker is first to get his balance back to his feet. He grabs Mariano and whips him to the corner following up with a huge running forearm sending Mariano into the air and down to the mat. Baker begins kicking at Mariano who is down on the mat.

BC: Kick him while he's down! Thats the only way to stop a Jumping Bean!

TT: Seriously... now you're doing it to? Baker turns and runs towards the ropes and returns landing in a quick legdrop to the throat of Mariano. Cover by "Da Gangsta"....1......2......Kickout by Mariano.

BC: Suprised Mariano was able to kick out. That was a hell of a shot he took!

TT: Baker pulls Mariano back to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Baker catches him in a sleeper hold and then drops to the mat with huge impact.

BC: I truly feel sorry for Mariano. He has gone through alot these past few weeks. Him and the cute Nagase. Nagase more than anyone. She is hit on all the time. And now she is being stalked by James Baker, and now apparent;ly Drastic has taken na interest in the young flower as well.

TT: I know! I wonder what Drastic was doing watching her....

BC: Do you really? I mean... REALLY?!

TT: Baker is stomping on the chest of Mariano. Mariano is trying to push the feet of Baker away but isn't doing a very good job. Baker backs up and goes for a full momentum kick to the back and Mariano moves out of the way and sweeps the leg of Baker. Baker falls to the mat and Mariano locks the head and arm of Mariano in an armbar headlock.


TT: Mariano is applying pressure. Baker struggling in pain tries to bridge himself but Mariano forces him back down. Baker tries once more and is able to flip over freeing himself from the hold. Both men still showing signs of pain make it to their feet in the center of the ring facing each other.


TT: Drastic runs from the crowd and climbs the turnbuckle from the outside of the ring. Mariano and Baker not noticing him. The two man are pondering their next move. Drastic leaps off spinning in a Shooting Star Press but sits it out and pulls Mariano and Baker both to the mat in a double bulldog with an extreme impact!

BC: SICKENING!!! Drastic pulls both men to their feet. He whips Baker to a corner and then whips Mariano into the same corner. The men collide into each other in the corner. Drastic backs up to the corner opposite from them and takes a running start. He does a few backflips and then nails a backwards dropkick to the sternum of Mariano. Mariano's head snaps backwards from the impact and hits Bakers. Both men slump over.

TT: Wow! This man is on fire.


TT: Drastic pulls Mariano to his feet and tosses him to another corner and then rolls Baker outside of the ring. Malik walks over to checks on him. Meanwhile Drastic approaches Mariano slowly. As he does Drastic stops mid approach in the ring. His eyes roll into the back of his head and Drastic just stops. Mariano in so much pain makes a desperation move and clotheslines Drastic sending him out of the ring.

BC: What.... the...hell?

TT: Mariano is slouched over the ropes looking over the top. Malik helps Baker up and slides him into the ring. Baker rushes at Mariano but Mariano ducks a clothesline and catches Baker in the face with his foot. Before Baker falls back Mariano catches him. He walks Baker to the middle of the ring and sets him up on his shoulders! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER TO BAKER! Mariano makes the cover....1........2.......3......

BC: Baker Is eliminated!Wow! And here I thought Mariano was going to be the first to go.

TT: With this kind of determination Mariano just might pull this one off. Baker is rolled out of the ring and Malik Jones helps him up the ramp.

BC: Meanwhile Mariano is lying in the ring. Drastic stands up from outside and slides under the rope. Mariano sees him and as quickly as possible. The two man staring at each other in the ring. Drastic has the look of evil upon his face. His nose bleeding from blanking out again. He wipes the blood from his face and tastes it. His eyes widen and he charges at Mariano. Mariano side steps and sends Drastic to the ropes. Drastic rebounds. Mariano attempts a standing Yakuza Kick but Drastic ducks it and bounces off the other rope. Drastic hits Mariano with The QQ , a 360 Spin Heel kick to the face.

TT: Mariano falls like bricks and Drastic quickly to make a cover....1.....2.....KICKOUT BY MARIANO!

BC: IT WAS OVER! DRASTIC FED MARIANO HIS FOOT! Drastic gets frustrated by the count and pulls Mariano to his feet. Mariano pulls Drastic into a small package.

TT: 1......2........KICKOUT BY DRASTIC!!! Another Nearfall!!

BC: Drastic and Mariano quickly get back to their feet. They circle the ring and Drastic charges Mariano once more. He slides under the legs of Mariano and Kicks out the knees. Mariano falls to his knees in agony. Drastic slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. He reenters the ring from the opposite side. He gets a running star and blows the top end of the Chair into the throat of Mariano. Mariano coughs up a bit of blood and falls over. Drastic then takes the same chair and opens it a little. He places it around the knee of Mariano and climbs to the top rope. He leaps off in a shooting star pressing. Mariano MOVES! HE CRACKS DRASTIC in the head with the chair! Drastic lies lifeless in the ring.

TT: Mariano is slowly crawling over to make the cover! 1......2......3..KICKOUT BY DRASTIC!!

BC: This is sick! Who thought this match would turn out like this?!


BC: Surrreee.....

TT: Both men lying in the ring. The ref pushes the chair outside. Both men begin to get up. Mariano attempts to charge at Drastic but his knee prevents him from doing so. Drastic turns to Mariano who is on his knees. Drastic backhands Mariano knocking a bit more blood out. Nagase at ringside is shaking. Drastic looks over at her and winks.

BC: Drastic takes off running to the opposite side of the ring, Bounces off returns to the other side, bounces off and Nails Mariano quickly with a Yakuza Kick. Blood from Mariano sprays all over the front row.

TT: Drastic makes a cover......1........2..........KICKOUT BY MARIANO!

BC: GOOD LORD! The fans are getting their money worth.

TT: Drastic even more frustrated pulls Mariano to his feet and walks him to the middle of the ring. BADD DREAM! INVERT DOUBLE ARM DDT!

BC: Like WHOA!

TT: Yes... YESS!! Drastic laughs and salutes the crowd. He slides out of the ring and pulls out a table. He carries it over to the spanish announcers table and sets the table up ontop of it. Drastic slides back into the ring and Pulls Mariano to his feet. He carries Mariano over to the top rope with him. Drastic holds onto Mariano and attempts a Samoan sambo drop.....he leaps off with Mariano in arm. NO! NO! NO!

BC: YES! YES! YES! The two men crash through the two tables and both men go lifeless. The ref slides out of the ring to go check in the men. Drastic has bits of the table stuck in his arm. Mariano appears near... death but breathing. Nagase cant stand it anymore and rushes over to Mariano but Drastic stops her. He barks at her and she runs off. Drastic turns over to Mariano and by the hair he drags Mariano back into the ring. Drastic climbs the ropes and salutes the crowd once more. DRASTIC MEASURE! Shooting Star press landing in a double stomp to the stomach of Mariano.

TT: The ref should stop this match. Drastic is just punishing Mariano for caling him an Osbourne.

BC: Pfft!

TT: Drastic goes for a cover.....1.........2......thre.....KICKOUT BY MARIANO!


TT: WOOWWWW! JUST.... WOOWWW! Mariano kicked out once more. Showing heart and determination. Drastic stands and stops in the ring for a moment with his eyes closed. He drags Mariano to his feet. Drastic runs to the opposit side of the ring. GG! He nailed the GG! Drastic once more goes for the cover.....1.....2....3.....

Ring Announcer: And here is your winner....DDDRRRASSSSTICC!!

TT: Get Mariano some help!The emt's rush to ringside to help Mariano. Drastic exits through the crowd staring at his feet.

BC: He is crazier than a shit house rat Teddy!

TT: Once more we have some action in the back Bobby....

Camera cuts to backstage area where we see Magnus Thunder standing and talking to some of the backstage hands. Walking past him is Paul Blair along with Earl, Elmo and Robin. Blair stops and goes over to Magnus

Blair: If it isn't the champ. How's it going.

Blair moves in closer to extend his hand to Magnus Thunder who seems a little hesitant.

Blair: Don't worry champ. I come in peace tonight. Very impressive run you have had as of late. I can't believe you finally did it. Remember I was always a big fan of yours.

Magnus looks at him with a look of disbelief. Blair chuckles

Blair: Oh you don't believe me. Oh right, the Magnus Retardus comments and the aRRRRRRGGGG

As he says this, Blair raises his hand in the air like he always did to mock Magnus. Then he quickly stops.

Blair: Don't put too much into those comments, I was just having a little fun. No really always a big fan. By the way, speaking of entertainment. Will you be there to see Karate Priest in less than 5 weeks? It's going to be out and going to be the biggest thing ever. Well you know enough of the chit chat, do you know where your buddy T-Money is? I want to wish him good luck.

Magnus points in the opposite direction. Blair again extends his hand but again Magnus doesn't fall for it. Blair and his group just walk away to find T-Money. Cameras follow them and down the hall is T-Money. The crowd in the arena goes crazy as T-Money is shown on the screen. Blair extends his hand to T-Money who just stares at it.

Blair: Hey T. I just spoke with your good buddy Magnus Thunder and told him what a big fan I was of him and I came here to wish you luck. I mean think of it. The winner of our match in just a few moments is going to get a chance to go one on one with Maniac for the National Title. That's a title both of us have held in the past and definitely gets you in line for the World Title that Magnus currently holds. Just think it could be T-Money vs Maniac. What a huge match that would be...

Blair looks across the room as if he's thinking about that match up

Blair: Or even better what about Paul Blair vs Maniac? Wow!

Blair again stares off into space. T-Money seems to be getting anxious to get rid of Blair

Blair: But enough about that. Let's talk about something just as big. August 28th, 2009 - that is the opening night for Karate Priest. Can I count on you to see that in theatres everywhere?

Blair has a grin on his face and T-Money doesn't even acknowledge his question. After a few seconds, Blair just moves on to next statement

Blair: You know what buddy, I'll take your silence as a yes. In fact, I knew I could count on you. So we brought you a gift. Robin could you hand me it.

Blair sticks his hands out and Robin hands him a box. Blair gives it to T-Money but he doesn't take it so Blair opens it for him.

Blair: Look at this T. This is your very own Karate Priest t-shirt. You can wear this in the theatre and show off what a big fan you are of the acting. Look at that, it even has writing on the back.

Blair holds it up. It has a picture of him on the front and the back. The front reads "Karate Priest: August 28th, 2009" and on the back it reads "Come watch this instant classic involving a man's struggle with his love of karate and religion". Blair puts the t-shirt on T-Money's shoulder

Blair: There you go T. No cost to you, now you have the biggest selling t-shirt in the history of movies. Oh man, I can't wait. Well you know what, I'm going to let you go for now so you can get ready for your match.

Blair goes to walk away and then turns back around

Blair: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, good luck to you out there today.

Blair and his group walk towards their dressing area as we go back to the arena

TT: Strange turn of events for Mr. Blair.

BC: I want to see where the fool is going with this one Teddy.

TT: Well it'll have to wait, becuase now it's time for our second three way elimination qualifying match. The winner of this one will face off against Drastic next week on Showdown for the chance to be the #1 contendor for the Unified title.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our second  three way elimination match with Hardcore rules. First, making his way to the ring, standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds, hailing from South Bend, Indiana....ALLLLLEEEEXXXX RUUUUEEEETTTTIIIIGGGGEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!

"Hollywood Whore" by Papa Roach blares through the arena as Alex Ruettiger makes his way onto the ramp. He salutes the crowd, giving high fives on his way to the ring for his CWF return bout

Ring Announcer: And the second opponent, standing...

Out of nowhere a group of paparazzi race down the ramp and position themselves near the ring as the announcer's mic cuts out. A flamboyantly gay looking man steps out onto the ramp with a headset the lights drop and enchanting chamber music fills the areana as thousands of flashbulbs from the gathered paparazzi explode...


"Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies" by Biffy Clyr errupts over the chamber music, which fades as the spotlights hist Vegas who emerges from the curtain with his back turned to the crowd, he spins on a heel and tussles his hair. He casually walks to the ring, striking a pose as he heads down gingerly. He wipes his feet on the ring apron as The Desginer opens the ropes for him to enter.

Ring Announcer: And finally, standing six foot five inches tall and weighing in at three hundred and nintey seven pounds hailing from Dothan, Alabama....FREEDOM JONES!!

"Freedom Train" by Lenny Krevitz hits and Freedom comes sprinting out of the crowd, leaping over the guard rail. He rolls under the bottom rope, sprints towards Vegas and Ruettiger and double clotheslines both men.


BC: Yes he is does this premadonna Vincent Vegas and Rudy think they are going to take apart a beheamoth like this?!?

TT: They may not have to Bobby...look...thats at least what sisxteen, seventeen men in black suits, sunglasses and ear pieces emerge from the back just as Vegas and Ruettiger begin to move about. Freedom sees the men coming down the ramp. He looks out into the crowd and notices men dressed the same starting to moves in from every direction.

BC: What's going on teddy? Freedom just drops to his knees, places his hands behind his head as the men storm the ring. The lead man pulls out a tazer and sends the shards flying into the nearly seven foot and almost 400 pound meathouse.

TT: That's uncalled for, he wasn't resisting! Lok at Ruettiger and Vegas, they don't know what to do. As the men are cuffing the now writhing in pain Freedom Jones, the ref calls for the opening bell. Vegas immediately seizes the opportunity and shoots a classic double leg take down on alex exhibiting his amatuer skills from his Olympic days.

BC: NO!!!! The other amateur ace, from Notre dame, the fightin' Irishman, Rudy himself, nails a standing switch on the way down and gets the take down. if this were under amateur scoring, that'd be TWO TAKEDOWN, BLUE! TWO TAKEDOWN, BLUE!

TT: Right you are Mr. Crane. This one is now down to just these two newcomers.

BC: Newcomers to the pros maybe, but these two have stellar mateur backgrounds. This is going to turn into a REAL wrestling match Turnbuckle!!

TT: I think you are right. Collar and elbow tie up, Rudy tries a fireman's carry, but Vegas sprawls, but vegas rolls behind him for control!


TT: Vegas now with the upper hand, but Ruettiger sits ou, turns in, sits out, turns in, sits out, turns out, and he catches Vegas off guard.


TT: Ruettiger with a Russian pretzel...that's the mve that ended Vincent Vegas's amatuer career in the Olympics against Nicholae Vladkowski from Russia.

BC: I heard the joke about that one. You hear it?

TT: No, but why do i have the feeling you're going to enlighten me?

BC: Story goes, Vegas knew he couldn't get out of the pretzel. He had drilled and drilled, but the way the Russians locked it in couldn't even be simulated. No one had gotten out of it when stuck, especially Vegas. Well, there he is, third period, tied up with Big Nicholae. And then it comes. .

TT: The Pretzel?

BC: You guessed it! So old Vegas is looking over and he sees the cheerleaders chanting his name, he looks over at the side corner and sees his coach turning red and popping a blood vessel yelling at him to do something, anything!

TT: Then what happened?!?

BC: Well, next thing Vegas knows his coach thinks his goose is cooked, his tema mates are getting up, getting ready to leave the mat area.

TT: Yeah?

BC: Well, Vegas looks up and he sees a pair of balls. So, he does the only things he can think of, he bites down.

TT: NO?????

BC: Yes. The ref is holding his hand up, but hes hurting, the crowd goes apeshit, the coach and teamates turn around and Vegas has won the semi-final match up.

TT: So why didn't he win the Gold?

BC: Well, the coach heads over and saus "That was great son, what happned?" and Vegas says "well coach, I knew you had given up on me, so had the fans, and the team...I looked up and saw a pair of balls. I bit into them" The Coach can't believe it. Vegas shakes his head and says "Coach, you'd be suprised the amount of strength you get when you bite your own balls!" He had kicked out so hardhe knocked the Russian out and won. But, he passed out right as he said the last word to the coach, bleeding from the scrotum. he was unable to compete in the finals.

TT: Well, he isn't fairing much better and Ruettiger's not letting Vegas's balls get into his face....count by the ref......1........2..............3!!!!!!


TT: That he does in a very well contested good old fashioned wrestling match.

BC: He was up on points anyway! How bout that? Rudy and Drastic for a hot at the Unified title...

TT: Which will be decided next!

Ring Announcer: And our following match-up is a three man elimination match with Hardcore rules and it is for the CWF UNIFIED CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! First, making his way to the ring hailing from Dunshaughlin, Ireland. Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds…Motion!

“Pretender” by the Foo Fighters begins to play as the curtains separate and Motion makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Next, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York, New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And finally, the champion...from Orlando, Florida standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds…BOB OSBOURNE!

The arena goes pitch black as "Gone" by Crooked X blasts through the PA as white lights flicker in time with the drum beat. Orange lights are in time to the guitar. As soon as the song kicks in, the lights flash white and Bob comes out and poses at the top of the ramp. The pyro begins from the far corners of the stage and begins spraying up in a slow wave. just as the second or third one before the end ignites, Maniac flies out from behind the curtain and cracks Bob in the back of the head with the National title, Bob sprawls forward but to the right a bit from the force and his head is bleeding from the impacthe falls forward directly over the pyro rig as it ignites and his face, and torso are instantly aflame. Maniac, horrified at what has happened quickly grabs the eighteen year old and smothers his upper body with his leather jacket putting out the fire, Bob's hair is almost all singed off, his face is charred and very dark. EMT's rush out as does his father "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. He dive tackles Maniac and begins pummeling him.

TT: Oh my god foks. Oh my god. Can we get an ...what in god's name just happened Bobby?

BC: Oh no Teddy,. this...this is not good. He looked bad. He looked very bad. I am sure they are going to get him life flighted out of here and to a medical facility. On the bright side, daddy dearest is loaded and can get him the best care.

TT: My god, Maniac has to be beside himself right now. Pledge Alligence and a few of the guys from the back have come out and are prying Osbourne and Maniac apart. This is aweful Bobby. Are we gonna cut or do we keep rolling? Keep rolling. You got it. Folks, I am being told Mr. Osbourne is being taken to a medical facility via his fathers jet. Our Interim President of wrestling Operations is heading our way with The Nitemare Bobby...

Pledge and Osbourne head to the announce table and Pledge pics up a mic.

PA: Ladies and gentelmen, we know that Bob is going to be fine. He's going to have a tough road ahead of him but Rob wil get him the best medical care money can buy. This match and this event are all about no rules, we knew that when we booked the show. We know Bob would keep going if he would have bene able and finish the match, and Rob knows he can't do his son any justice by walking out of here tonight and going to sit in waiting room and do nothing. So you two....Sickboy, Motion, you two are going to continue and decide who our new unified champ is. Because Bob is in no shape to defend the title nor will he be for quite awhile.

NRO: And son of a bitch, you are going to pay and pay dearly. For starters, I'm making a change to the card right here right now. Your match with that insane freak The Raving Lunatic is not only going to be Hardcore rules just like this match was, but the loser will leave the CWF!! Good luck asshole! Sleep with one eye open.

Osbourne and Pledge walk back up the ramp as the ref signals for the match to start.

BC: WOW! JUST WOW TEDDY! This show is living up to its name for sure!!!

TT: Indeed Mr. Crane. Sickboy immediately dropkicks Motion who hadn't even heard the bell ring, and Sickboy off the ropes, missile dropkick to Motion, and Motio n rolls at the last second and Sickboy lands on his hindquarters.

BC: Motion back up and he nails Sickboy with a Yakuza kick and Sickboy lands on the mat face down. Motion hops up on the ropes and moonsaults, and nails Sickboy in the kidneys with his knees. Sickboy floundering like a fish out of water.

TT: Wilkes is in pain Bobby.

BC: He's an idiot, he probably just got his kidneys ruptured or something, he takes too many sick bumps. He's gonna die young Tunrbuckle.

TT: After what just happened that's not in the least bit funny. 

BC: Oh, shit, I didn't even...hey listen, I'm sorry...

TT: Whatever. What the hell?!?!

The jumbotron comes on and we can see the locker room of Sickboy's where Emma is waiting and wtaching the match herself on the teleprompter. When she sees herself on it, the turns and the locker room door is kicked open and standing behind in its place are The Juggernaut and Chemical X, a.k.a. Gary Scarletti, the arch nemsis of Sickboy. Emma screams as the tron goes to static. Sickboy stares in disbelief as Motion dropkicks him between the shoulder blades and sends him chest first into the ropes.

TT: What the hell is going on here tonight?

BC: And why is Jimmy Juggs in a CWF Building? Osbourne handed him his walking papers before he ever bought the place, why would he be back?

TT: Osbourne's a business man Bobby, maybe he knew he needed a power house like Juggernaut back, maybe he isn't back, maybe it's Chemical X?

BC: Chemical X? Back in the CWF? Not likely. Xamin said there was no way in....oh.....oh.....OH!!!!

TT: Since when would Osbourne do anythng that Xamin would want?

BC: You have a point. Sickboy off of the ropes, and Motion with a small package.....1........2......thre....kickout at the last possible second by Sickboy.

TT: Sickboy back on his feet and he ties up with Motion, duck under, belly to belly to back....two...another one...and he let's Motion fly, and the Irishman lands in a snake eyes, cracking his forehead on the turnbuckle, Sickboy kips up, grabs Motion off of the rebound from the turnbuckle...The Infection!!!! Cover by Sickboy.......1.............2...........3!!!!!

Ring Announcer: here is your winner and NEW CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION....SIIIIICCKKKKKBBBOOOOYYYY!!!!!!

"Angry Chair" plays asthe ref raises sickboy's hand and gives him the belt. As he does, the music screeches to a halt like a needle being dragged across a record player and “X gone give it to ya” by DMX begins to play and suddenly Chemical X’s black A-Team van smashes through the curtain area and speeds down in reverse towards the ring.

BC: Oh my god

The van stops about four feet from the ring. The Back doors swing open and staring at sickboy, duct taped, gagged, and bound inside of the van is Emma Wilkes, behind held by The Juggernaut. Sickboy springs to his feet to rescue her. He leaps out of the ring and the van begins to roll forward. The Cameras struggle to keep up as Sickboy chases after the speeding van to the parking lot. Sickboy is sprinting after the van that toying with him, just staying inches ahead of him. The van suddenly speeds several feet ahead and then stops in an empty part of the parking lot. Matthew Scarletti and The Juggernaut sprint out of the van and jump into a waiting black ford sedan and they speed off. Sickboy runs to Emma who is panicking and shaking her head no.

Sickboy: Hold still!

He rips off the tape

Emma: Curtis, this whole thing is wired to blow you have to get me out of here.

Sickboy continues to work through the web of tape and ropes trying to free Emma. Suddenly “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole begins to play over the radio of the van.

Emma: Shit! Shit! Get me out of here!!!!

Voice: Cuurrrrrrrrrrtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

Suddenly Chemical X spear tackles Sickboy away from the van and begins pummeling him in the face. Emma begins to struggle with her restraints as Chemical X wraps his hands around the struggling Sickboy’s neck.

Sickboy: I thought you weren’t gonna kill me

Chemical X: I’m not gonna kill you… I’m gonna kill her and there aint shit you can do about it because…

Sickboy hits X with a low blow and X rolls away. Sickboy immediately rushes back to Emma

Chemical X: Alright Curtis… die with her then!

Chemical X takes out a remote and presses a button.


Suddenly there is a loud pop and a huge amount of Confetti blasts the both of them from the front of the van covering them. A huge flag shoots out from the ceiling reading KABOOM! And Chemical X begins laughing hysterically]

Chemical X: Your pathetic Curtis

Chemical X’s gray Aston Martin DBS rolls up. Chemical X climbs in the passenger seat and the car speeds away leaving Sickboy and Emma looking tarred and feathered. The scene cuts back to the arena.

BC: What the hell was that??

TT: Scarletti and Wilkes have this...this thing. Trust me, this is just getting started.

BC: Well which match is up next Turnbuckle?

TT: That would be the match to decide who will face either Maniac or The Raving Lunatic for a shot at the national title at Global Warning.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a three man elimination Hardcore rules match and it is for the right to be the #1 contendor for the CWF National Title! First, standing six feet two inches and weighing in at one hundred and eighty three pounds, a multiple time former CWF Chamipion, from Orlando, Florida...T-MONEY!!!

"Don't Waste Your Life" by Lecrae plays as T-Money makes his way to the ring. He Waves to the fans and gives a few high fives along the way.

Ring Announcer: Next,  weighing at one-hundred and eighty six pounds,  standing five feet nine inches tall, hailing from Chicago, Illinois.  This is Terry RICHARDS!!!

'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead roars and Terry Richards steps through the curtain onto the stage.  Pyro fills the air around him as the chorus hits, he runs toward the ring sliding under the ropes and into the middle of it. 

Ring Announcer: And finally, standing six feet five inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds.....he is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame...."The Ruler" PAUL BLAIR!

The BlairVision theme hits and the crowd immediately explodes with boos as Blair appears at the entrance way. He shakes his head at the unappreciative crowd and makes his way to the ring.

TT: I don't know why these people don't believe Blair has sincerely turned over a new leaf?

BC: For five days Teddy? Come on. The CWFers out there are smarter than that.

TT: Well Richards and T-Mone both charge at Blair, who drops and rolls out uner the bottom ropes.

BC: See, he's already running. I told ya he couldn't do it.

TT: No he isn't, he's just catching his breath...

BC: The match JUST started Turnbuckle! BLair back in, but after Richards lunges at T-Money and T-Money has his hands full of Terry Richards.

TT: Maybe Blair has changed after all, normally he would help pound the man ho was looking to be out of actin then jump the other huy, but he's jus standing back and letting Richardsgo to town on Money.

BC: But T-Money is a veteran and he knows how to handle a punk like Richards, that disrespectful little knob really ticked me off on my show!

TT: Relax Crane.

BC: Nope, he's a cheater, handful of tights and both feet ont he ropes...count on T-Money...1.....2.........3!!! And T-Money is elimnated by the up and coming Terry Richards!!!!

TT: And Blair shakes his hand?!?! What the??

BC: And now he and Blair tie up and blair sends him flying. Blair grabs him and pulls him up, PILEDRIVER by Paul Blair!!1

TT: And Blair wastes no time hopping to his feet. He looks good here tonight Bobby, love him or hate him, give the devil his due

BC: Yeah, whatever. Blair's teachng that punk a lesson, that's all I need to know. And Blair picks the smalle rman up and...POWERSLAM!!!! He tossed him like a ragdoll Teddy!

TT: Sure he would, Blair is a great deal larger than Richards. And the Ruler now stomping a mudhole in Richards and walking it dry... He lines him up for it....YES!!! Blairkick!!!1 Cover by Blair....1............2...........3!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...."THE RULER" PAULLLL BLAIRRRRR!!!!

TT: So The Ruler faces either The Raving Lunatic or Maniac at Global Warning! And the old man of the locker room is one step closer to getting back in the gold mine.

BC: Speaking of getting back int he game, and taking the next steps to secure their legacy, we are up for a doozy next eh Turnbuckle?

TT: Yes we are Bobby…It’s time for what’s been billed as “The Legend” versus “The Icon.”  Up next we have a match with huge implications on the future of The CWF.  If “The Golden One” Jeff Jericho defeats Pledge Alligence, Pledge is out of The CWF.  If Pledge beats Jericho, then that long dangling carrot of immortality, enshrinement into The CWF Hall of Fame, will finally be his.  It’s as simple as Pledge wins, he’s in.  If he loses, he’s out.

BC: I don’t really see that as a huge loss to The CWF!  Good riddance to bad rubbish I say!

TT:  Will you please!?!

BC: Please what?

TT:  Oh, just shut up!  Anyway, this all started at Night of Champions II when Pledge was competing against Brian Adams for The CWF World Championship in a Triple Threat Match.  The match was tied at one fall apiece between Pledge and Adams and Jericho revealed himself after being disguised as a camera man.  It was Jericho’s presence that led to Adams getting the win in the final fall.  This is a grudge that’s been brewing for over two months and it’s all coming to a head here tonight.

BC: I can’t wait to see Jericho wipe the mat with Pledge.  Don’t discount “The Golden One” Teddy, he’s more seasoned, more experienced than Pledge and he has far more World Titles than Pledge.  I’m looking forward to the wrestling clinic that Jericho will put on here tonight.  It will be a true embarrassment to our so-called “American Icon.”

TT: You’re exactly right Bobby.  But there’s a lot to be said about heart and desire and Pledge has got plenty of both.  He wants that spot in The Hall of Fame so bad he can taste it.  Jericho’s the final roadblock on a journey that culminates here tonight at Scars And Stripes.  Take it away Doc, for our introductions…

Ring announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is for one fall and it is “The Legend” versus “The Icon” Match.  The stipulations are as follows…  Should “The Golden One” Jeff Jericho defeat Pledge Alligence, Pledge must leave The CWF as an active competitor.  Should Pledge Alligence win, he will earn his spot in the prestigious CWF Hall of Fame!

“Iron Man” erupts over the public address system and the crowd jumps to their feet.  Pledge makes his way through the curtain, stands at the top of the ramp, soaks in the applause and marches down to the ring with purpose as red, white, and blue flames erupt from the stage.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring first, from New York, New York, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is The American Icon, he is Pledge Alligence!

As Pledge’s music ends there’s silence in the arena and then an awkward silence.  Finally…”Play The Game” by Motorhead booms throughout the arena.  The fans in attendance immediately give a very loud but mixed reaction.  Jericho struts through the curtain, pauses at the top of the ramp and continues to strut down to the ring full of confidence.  Fans in attendance give the legend of The CWF their respect by giving him a standing ovation.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada…weighing in at 275 pounds, he is the five time former CWF World Heavyweight Champion and CWF Hall of Famer and living legend…”The Golden One” Jeff Jericho!!!!!

Once in the ring, Jericho’s music stops and he takes his robe off.  He tosses it over the rope and meets up in the middle of the ring with Pledge and the referee who is giving both competitors their instructions.

TT: Jericho and Pledge immediately lock up…

BC: Oh come on Jeff, you’re not going to beat Pledge in a test of strength, take him to the mat!

TT: Pledge just shoved Jericho down to the mat!  You're right Bobby, Pledge will definitely out power Jericho any day of the week.  Jericho will have to rely on his technical experience and years of being a ring general if he wants to run Pledge out of The CWF for good.

BC:  Jericho is on the mat stunned and he's begging off Pledge who's on the offensive.  He's extending his hand out in friendship to Pledge.  Oh, Pledge accepted and got clipped in the knee.  What an idiot!  Jericho's the dirtiest player in the game.  He knows every trick in the book and we might just see them all here tonight.

TT: Pledge is writhing in pain on the mat, holding his knee, trying to prevent the onslaught of Jericho stomping on it.  He's stomping away mercilessly with a grin full of evil intentions.

BC: I love it!  Jericho didn't get to be the legend he is today by being a patsy.  He creates opportunities and takes advantage of them.  Gotta love it.  Owwwwwwwwww, he just dropped a knee on Pledge's already vulnerable knee.

TT: The ref is showing concern for Pledge, it looks like he wants to stop this match and Pledge is begging him not to.

BC: Now, Jericho's dragging him over to the corner of the ring.  He just jumped over the turnbuckle to the floor and...oh my God!  He just wrapped Pledge's knee around the ringpost.  Jericho smells blood and he's going in for the kill!

TT: Jericho's back in the ring next to Pledge and taunting him, yelling in his face.  Get a camera over there, what's he saying?

JJ: You think you have what it takes to get into the Hall of Fame?  Do you?  Do you?  Answer me!

BC: Oh man!  Pledge just slapped the taste right out of Jericho's mouth!

TT: That might shut him up.

BC: Pledge is trying to drag himself over to the ropes but Jericho just cut him off.  Jericho's going for the figure four...

TT: But Pledge kicked him away with his good leg.  Jericho's trying again...

BC: Pledge caught him with the small package!  1...2...THANK GOD, Jericho kicked out!

TT: Pledge is at the ropes, trying to pull himself out.  Look at him gimicing in pain!  Pledge is up and Jericho's in his face again.

BC: Jericho grabs Pledge and throws him into the ropes...Pledge bounces back and cracks Jericho right in the jaw with a vicious right and Jericho has dropped to the canvas like a sack of potatoes.

TT: This is giving Pledge time to shake off the knee injury.  It looks like he's finally able to put some weight on it.  He hobbles over to Jericho and rakes his forehead with his boot.

BC: Oh that's great sportsmanship Pledge, real nice.  Role model my eye!

TT: Turnabout's fair play I guess.  Pledge just dropped a knee on Jericho's solar plexus.  That knocked the wind right out of him.  Pledge has Jericho up by his hair...uppercut forearm.  He busted Jericho's mouth wide open.

BC: Help!  We got a bleeder!

TT: Jericho wipes his mouth with his forearm and sees the blood and he's mad as Hell!  He and Pledge exchange a flurry of rights and lefts.  I don't think he's going to out-slug The American Icon...

BC: Jericho can do anything!

TT: They're knocking the Hell out of one another.  There's so much at stake for both of these superstars.  Pledge so desperately craves immortality and Jericho wants to be the one to deprive him of it and drive him out of The CWF.

BC: ...And I for one can't wait to see it!

TT: Pledge grabs Jericho, picks him up over his head...gorilla press!  What strength!  Pledge is off the ropes and drops an elbow on Jericho...the cover...1...2...Jericho's up.

BC: Oh thank goodness!

TT:  Jericho's up and he's waving Pledge off!  He's leaving!  Looks like he's had enough...

BC: There's nothing wrong with that.  He'll live to fight another day.

TT: Pledge is after him now.  He grabs Jericho and spins him around...Jericho with a thumb to Pledge's eye!

BC: Pledge is stunned...

TT: Golden Ending!  Golden Ending!

BC: See, never count out The Golden One!

TT: Here's the cover...One...Two...Th...Pledge kicks out with authority!

BC: Impossible!  No one ever kicks out of The Golden Ending!  I demand someone issue Pledge Alligence a Wellness Test...immediately!

TT: Pledge is back up and now he's really mad!  He's got Jericho, throws him into the ropes...spinebuster!

BC: Nooooooooooo!  That just took all the life out of Jericho!  Get up, get up!

TT: Pledge is going to the turnbuckle...he's climbing...he's climbing...every once in a while, Pledge likes to cash in some frequent flier miles...MOONSAULT!  Pledge flies!  Pledge flies!!!

BC: This can't be happening!  But that took a lot out of Pledge too!  Way to showboat...chump!

TT: Pledge drapes an arm over Jericho...One...Two...Shoulder up!

BC: It's gonna take a lot more than that to put away Jericho.

TT: More than a crushing top rope moonsault?

BC: Exactly!

TT: This has started to really break down now.  Pledge and Jericho are rolling around on the ring just unloading on each other now.  Jericho tries to hightail it again...but there goes Pledge right after him!  Jericho's holding on to the top ropes with both hands...Pledge has him by his feet hanging there!  He's gives Jericho a vicious shake and Jericho lets go of the ropes and crashes down to the mat.

BC: That million dollar face just got busted open even more!  There's blood everywhere.

TT: There two are giving each other all they have...Pledge with a left...Jericho with a right...Jericho can barely stand.  Pledge whips Jericho into the ropes...he just picked him up on his shoulders like a baby!

BC: Pledge is making his way over to the ropes with Jericho on his shoulders.  This can't be good.

TT: Pledge is exhausted...Jericho's trying to fight out of it...Pledge is climbing the ropes with Jericho on his back!  This could be it Bobby...

BC: I can't watch, I can't watch!


BC: I think they're both dead!  Call the hearse.  These two are done.

TT: Pledge is showing signs of life!  He's crawling over to Jericho.  He drapes an arm over him...ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BC: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

TT: Pledge has done it!  Pledge is the next inductee into The CWF Hall of Fame!  He's in good company, might I add!  What a fantastic victory for The American Icon.  He and Jericho took each other to the brink!  Jericho showed tonight why he's a true legend.

BC: So let me get this straight...Pledge Alligence is in The CWF Hall of Fame?  With the likes of yours truly?  I demand a recount!

TT: Here comes Trixie to celebrate with Pledge!  He hoists her up on his shoulder and is showing the crowd some love and appreciation.

BC: I think I'm gonna be sick!

TT: So there you have it folks, The Legend versus The Icon lived up to the hype and then some!  What a match!

BC: What a travesty!

TT: Well be that is it may  Bobby, up next the CWF National Championship is on the line as the brand new champion, Maniac, defends against The Raving Lunatic who hopes to get back into championship form after losing the Unified Championship to Bob Osbourne last week on Showdown.

BC: So let me get this straight, Maniac is defending against The Lunatic?

TT: You got it, Bobby. 

BC: We're running a wrestling company here, Teddy, not an insane asylum.  So help me, I'll quit if we get new applications from The Nutcase, The Psycho, and The Fruitcake!

TT: Oh come on!  Anyway, Maniac took The CWF by storm last week with his stunning upset over The Nitemare.  We're lucky to have a true legend of the sport back home under The CWF banner.

BC: Right, if I was any happier, I'd be twins.

TT: Let's get down to business...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen.  The following match is for one fall and is for The CWF National Championship! Abd the Loser must LEAVE THE CWF!!!! Coming to the ring, accompanied by his manager, Dr. Picard, from Las Vegas Nevada, weighing in at 265 pounds..."The Raving Lunatic!!!!!"

"One of These Days" comes on over the PA and they make their way down to ringside, as they walk down the ringside, Picard shouts directions at The Lunatic.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 275...he is the CWF National Champion...MANIAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd jumps to their feet and cheer wildly for Maniac as "Turn The Page" plays.  Maniac races down the aisle, slides under the bottom rope, climbs all four ring posts and flashes the National Championship Belt to the audience.  Maniac hands the belt to the ref who presents it to the crowd.  As the referee gives his instructions, the jumbotron lights up...

TT: Well how 'bout them apples!  The boss has declared this a loser leaves town match.  One of these two will be packing their bags tonight!

BC: Please, please, please let it be Maniac!

TT: And there's the bell!  Maniac is not letting any moss grow under him!  He attacks The Lunatic with a flurry of rights and lefts.  Picard is on the apron protesting to the ref about The Nitemare's proclamation here tonight.

BC: Maniac goes over and brings Picard in the hard way!  Ouch!  Great.  Someone call The ASPCA.  I want to report elder abuse!

TT: Maniac picks up Picard and tosses him at Lunatic!  He's not messing around here tonight, folks!

BC: Now that's how you treat your elders, Lunatic puts Picard down nicely.

TT: Out of nowhere...DOUBLE HEADHUNTER on Picard and Lunatic!

BC: Nooooooooo!

TT: Maniac with the cover...1.......2......3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Turn the lights out, Lunatic and Picard are out of here!  This place has erupted!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match and still CWF National Champion...Maniac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TT: What a total destruction of The Raving Lunatic!

BC: Meh, I never liked him anyway!

As Maniac climbs the ring post with The National Championship to celebrate "Iron Man" plays and Pledge Alligence hobbles through the curtain with a microphone in hand.

Pledge Alligence: Maniac, Maniac, Maniac...  Allow me, as your biggest fan, an opportunity to formally welcome you back to The CWF.  Congratulations on your convincing victory here tonight.  That being said, I can't help but notice that you've had it easy so far.  First, you blindside my brother and steal his title.  Tonight, you rolled right through a guy who is clearly not in your league, and he's definitely not in mine...  Far be it for me to put you on the spot about putting your belt on the line against some real competition?  Let's say, maybe a Hall of Famer, perhaps?  How about giving yours truly, Pledge Alligence, The American Icon, a shot at The CWF National Championship in two weeks?  Now I don't want your answer now...I want you to bask in your convincing victory here tonight.  I'll expect an answer next week at Showdown.

Pledge drops the microphone and walks backstage as Maniac continues his celebration in the ring.

TT: How about that!  Pledge just called out Maniac.  There's been an underlying history between those two for years and years.  I imagine that if those two locked up, they would tear the roof off the building, I, for one, can't wait to see it.

BC: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Oh sorry, did I doze off?  Oh yeah...sorry.  Hmmm, Pledge is in The Hall of Fame and all of a sudden it goes to his head.  Imagine that!  Pledge versus Maniac would be a battle between sucky and suckier.  I'll let you folks at home decide which is which...

TT: And now it's time for the big one.  This is what it's all about, our main event, for The CWF World Championship.  Tonight, new CWF World Champion, Magnus Thunder will put his title on the line against "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne.  Magnus shocked the world last month when he pryed The CWF World Championship out of the hands of Brian Adams in an epic encounter.  Magnus succeeded where others have failed and he struck the first blow in the destriction of Shock Value.

BC: And it's no secret that The Nitemare wants to be CWF World Champion more than anything in this world.

TT: It should be noted that The Nitemare has not been seen backstage since his son Bob's horrific accident.  One has to wonder if he made the trip to the hospital with his son or even what his frame of mind might be if he choses to compete here tonight.

BC: Mark my words Teddy, Rob Osbourne is a self-loving, egotistical, title-thursty blowhard who will not let an opportunity like this pass through his fingers.  He'll be here.

TT: That may be, but if he's anything he's a guy who cares about a family and I am sure this terrible, terrible accident has shaken Osbourne to the very core.

BC: Family, shmamly Teddy!  The Nitemare would step on the back of the neck of any one of those inbred Osbournes, Bob, and Pledge included, if it meant getting The CWF World Championship.  Which, coincidentally is one of the few major championships in this sport that has managed to elude Osbourne throughout his illustrious career.

TT: As for Magnus, he's been clutch in this era of The CWF.  His drive and character are unparalleled here.  He's a mountain of a man and Osbourne's got his work cut out for him here tonight.  Let's get to ringside for our introductions...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...the following match is for one fall and is for The CWF World Heavyweight Championship!!!!!  First, the challenger...from Windermere, Florida, weighing in at 245 pounds..."The Nitemare"...Rob Osbourne!!!!!

"Nightmare" by Crooked X plays and a purple glow fills the arena.  The crowd gets to their feet for The Nitemare but he is not coming out.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen..."The Nitemare"...Rob Osbourne.......

"Nightmare" continues to play but still no Osbourne.

BC: This is so unlike Osbourne.

TT: He must have joined Bob at the hospital.

BC: I can't imagine Osbourne passing up an opportunity like this.

TT: I agreee.  This is strange.

"Just Like You Imagined" takes the place of "Nightmare" on the PA and the confused fans begin to cheer wildly for the arrival of their CWF World Champion.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring, weighing in at 500 pounds, from Jotunheim, Norway, he is The CWF World Heavyweight Champion of the world...Magnus Thunder!!!!!!!!!!

Magnus comes down to the ring with purpose.  He walks up the ring steps and steps over the top rope and makes his way over to Doc McMartin and they try to figure out what's going on.

Ring Announcer: I have just been informed in my earpiece by a representative of The CWF Board of Directors that if "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne does not answer a ten count, he will forfit the match and Magnus Thunder will be declared the winner.  Please start the count.

The Crowd:










"Nightmare" begins to play again and The Nitemare appears on the stage and starts to walk down the aisle.

TT: That was a close one.  I don't think The Nitemare stands a chance tonight, he's definitely going to be off his game.

BC: Leave it to a gloryhound like Osbourne to make a dramatic entrance!

TT: We'll flash fry one of your kids and see how well you handle it.  The smell of burnt flesh is still wafting through the arena.

BC: Ahhh, I love the smell of napalm in the morning!  And I don't have any kids.

TT: Oh yeah, that's right.  You don't swing that way.

BC: How rude!

TT: The Nitemare's in the ring now but he's sure not the over-excited, energetic NRO we've become accustomed to.  He's definitely more sullen and reserved.

BC: Over-excited?  Don't you mean over-annoying?

TT: The ref is giving the instructions and advising them to keep it clean.

BC: With Osbourne?  HA!

TT: And there's the bell.  Magnus goes right in for the attack and lays some serious chops on the chest of The Nitemare, and pushing him into the corner.

BC: Yeah, there's fewer heavyweights than Magnus.  Man, getting chopped by Magnus must be like getting smacked across the chest with an oak tree.

TT: Magnus has Osbourne in the corner and is really laying into Osbourne.  He's definitely not putting up much of a fight, just trying to protect himself.  Magnus picks Osbourne up with a choke and has Osbourne hanging what looks like four feet off the ground.

BC: Osbourne managed to get a foot up and give Magnus a boot to the face, that sure stunned him.

TT: The Nitemare off the rope and gives a flying knee to the small of the back of the champ, now he's wobbly.

BC: If Osbourne wants to win, he's got to bring Magnus down to his level.  A vertical Magnus has proven to be unstoppable.

TT: You're right.

BC: Of course I'm right.  I'm always right.

TT: Ugh.  I've had about enough of you tonight!  Osbourne off the ropes with a bulldog but Magnus just swatted him away,  No good!

BC: Osbourne to the ropes he scales them with ease to try a cross body block on Magnus.  Magnus catches him and plants him with a powerslam.

TT: I think he may have broken The Nitemare in half.  The cover...1...2...Osbourne with a shoulder up.  Magnus is up now and he takes a step back and then steps on the chest of The Nitemare then steps off him.

BC: Ref!  Are you blind?

TT: The powerslam sure knocked the wind out of his sails and I'm sure having 500 pounds on his chest didn't help much either.  Osbourne's writhing in pain on the mat.  Magnus may have crushed his ribs.

BC: Too bad, so sad.

TT: Magnus picks up Osbourne by the hair and hoists him up over his shoulder.  Running powerslam...

BC: Osbourne slithered out and sent Magnus crashing into the turnbuckle.  Rob just scaled the ropes again and begins to pound on Magnus with a flurry of rights and lefts.

TT: Looks like Osbourne may have been playing possum to give to psyche the champ out.  Osbourne with a DDT off the top of the rope.

BC: Finally he got Magnus off his feet!  Osbourne off the ropes yet again...drops an elbow into the small of the back of Magnus Thunder!

TT: If Osbourne wants to win he's gotta rely on his quickness and he seems to be doing just that.  Looks like he's trying to focus on the champ's back.  Boston crab!

BC: Osbourne has it cinched in but good!  Magnus is in pain and in some serious trouble!  He's pounding on the mat, trying to block out the pain.

TT: But Magnus is tough!  He's trying to power his way to the ropes.  If he makes it then Osbourne has to break the hold.

BC: He's trying, he's trying...

TT: The ref is asking if he wants to call the match, Magnus says no and continues to try to power towards the ropes.

BC: I don't know how much more Magnus can take of this...

TT: Great Odin!  Magnus just powered out with his legs and sent The Nitemare flying into the turnbuckle shoulder first.

BC: That's gonna leave a mark.  We have Magnus nursing his back, trying to get up and The Nitemare seems to be favoring that shoulder.  Looks like he may have dislocated it.  Gross.

TT: These two are really taking to one another.  Magnus has proved tonight why he deserves to wear the belt and Osbourne has too.

BC: Like Connor McLeod said, there can be only one and someone's coming out of here a loser.  Well they're both losers, you know what I mean.

TT: Magnus with another right.

BC: That must be like getting hit with a ham.  God his hands are huge.  You know what they say about the size of a man's hands?

TT: You're disgusting.

BC: He wears big gloves.  Get your mind out of the gutter you sick freak!

TT: Osbourne is trying to punch back but his arm has been rendered nearly useless due to the shoulder injury.

BC: I guess there'll be no flogging the dolphin tonight for good ol' Robbie tonight!

TT: I think I just vomited in my mouth.  Magnus grabs Osbourne again and plants him with a side slam.  Magnus with the cover...1...2...Osbourne barely kicks out.

BC: Great, Osbourne's championship aspirations are fading and that means that we're left with Magnus as our champ.  That's like asking someone whether they'd rather be deaf or blind.  Neither are good options in my book.  Where did you say Brian Adams was again?

TT: While Magnus walks around to work the kinks out of his back, Osbourne nips up and hits the ropes again with a head of steam...Thunder sees him, he runs off of the other side...DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!

BC: Both men hit the mat with a sickening thud. This one has to be near the end Teddy, and much to my shagrin, these two have not disappointed at all.

TT: I agree Bobby, and I don't see how either of these two men can keep up this pace for much longer either. Osbourne has hit Magnus with everything he has and the champ just keeps coming back for more.

BC: He's a glutton for punishment Teddy. Magnus is a mountain of a man and Osbourne's a hell of a mountain climber, but this one may be to steep for him to handle.

TT: Both men stirring now. Magnus back on his feet first. Osbourne is barely moving though and the bigger man grabs a handful of hair and pulls Osbourne upright. Uh-oh Bobby, I think this one is all but over. Magnus is signaling for the Thunderstom. He shoves Osbournes head between his legs and hoists the man up for the ride....NO!!!!  OSBOURNE REVERSES IT INTO A BADD DREAM!!!!!!

BC: Magnus Thunder is out cold. Stick a fork in him ma, he's done!!!

TT: Cover by Osbourne........1.........................2................................. ...............3!!!!!  He's done it! Rob Osbourne has become the CWF World Heavyweight Champion!!

BC: May God have mercy on us all.