For eleven years, it was the culmination of the passion that united us all each week. Every Sunday night, wrestling fans from around the world tuned their television sets to Sunday Night Brawl. Here, battles were fought, wars were waged, rivalries were forged.

But now, the Classic Wrestling Federation proudly presents the new standard of excellence in wrestling programming. The new battleground. The new war zone. This is…

Still images of The Valentine Bash. The final image of Blair passed out, just across the finish line after the violence of Craze in the Maze II, remains on the screen and fades out slowly, until the Super Card V logo comes to dominate the screen. A countdown appears beneath it, reminding us that were are a mere four weeks away from the biggest event of the year.

And with that, we enter the arena, where a raucous, sold out crowd fills the Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. This will be tonight’s battleground. The set consists of the word “SHOWDOWN” in giant font, spelled out with enormous block letters that actually make up the set itself. Within the first “O” is the video screen. Between the “W” and the “D” is the curtain. And in the second “O” will be featured a splash image of the match about to take place.

The ring features a gray canvas with the “Showdown” logo in the center of it, black ropes with red turnbuckles, and a black and blue apron with “SHOWDOWN” stamped into each of the four sides. At ringside, as always, is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan! We are here to kick off the inaugural edition of CWF Saturday Night Showdown! I am your host, Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me as always is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

BC: Something is brewing tonight! I can feel it in the air, Teddy! You look up and down the card we have tonight and you can’t help but be excited for the main event…Paul Blair teaming with Brian Adams, taking on Magnus Thunder and Pledge Allegiance. The question in my mind is, can Adams keep up with Blair? And if he can’t, will the match indeed be fair to Blair?...

TT: You’re still on this fair to Blair nonsense? The whole nursery rhyme thing got old a long time ago, Bobby.

BC: Yeah well, think about it, Teddy! Blair can’t trust Adams! They’re both in the main event at Super Card, it’s every man for himself…and then there’s Magnus on the other side of the ring, and he should have no trouble trusting Pledge. Pledge isn’t going to Super Card for the title!

TT: Well that’s certainly one element to the match, but keep in mind Magnus Thunder wants to get his hands on Brian Adams more than anything. Adams has been taunting Magnus over a cheap victory he scored over the big man in 2001. If I recall, the deck was stacked against Magnus in that match and even CWF authorities were dead set on ensuring he lost that night. One on one, I don’t know if Adams can handle the big guy!

BC: Well maybe we’ll find out…and don’t forget, Pledge is out for revenge…it was Adams who dropped him from the top of the Maze to the arena floor at the Valentine Bash. Don’t think he’s forgotten that, Teddy…Brian Adams is a marked man!

TT: But that’s just our main event…we have a stacked line up tonight. Khrist will be in action, as will newcomer Rey Del Dragon. Astro will make his return to the ring. The Raving Lunatic and Mr. Markowitz go one on one in what should be an intriguing battle, and that’s just our card…word in the locker room is CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin, will be here tonight with a major announcement.

BC: And something is in the air, Teddy! Like I said, I have a feeling some big things are gonna go down on this broadcast here tonight!

TT: With that in mind, folks…let’s head to the ring for our opening match up!


Motion, coming off a heartbreaking loss at The Valentine Bash, came into this one hoping for a much better showing. The reception he got was luke warm, at best, but nonetheless he had a determined look about him. This, he thought, was an opponent he could handle with relative ease. This was the first ever match on Saturday Night Showdown, and he was going to go down in history, becoming the first man to have his arm raised in victory on the CWF’s newest weekly installment.

Rey Del Dragon’s first CWF appearance was no doubt a reluctant one. The Mexican “superstar” was forced through the curtain by his “translator,” El Traductor, and was screaming something in Spanish the entire way down the ramp. His translator prodded him along, nodding proudly at fans along the way. When they reached the ring, Dragon could barely step through the ropes without tripping. El Traductor graciously shoved him through the ropes, and Dragon landed face first on the mat, his cape flung over his head to hide his shame.

As the bell sounded, Dragon looked up nervously at Motion, the Irish powerhouse who was licking his lips in ecstasy, ready to make an example of the Mexican and erase the memory of his pay-per-view performance two weeks ago. Dragon pleaded with him in Spanish to stop, and as Motion had him backed into a corner, he began screaming one of the few English words he knew – “LEPRECHAUN! LEPRECHAUN!” Motion took offence to this, and heaved Dragon from the corner to the center of the ring, Dragon’s back slamming violently into the mat. Dragon winced in pain, his mask twisted on his face, impairing his vision. El Traductor stood on the outside, imploring him to get up and fight like a man. Motion grinned and pulled him up, whipping him to the corner where the buckle drove into his back, eliciting another loud wince. Beaming, Motion charged in towards him. Out of desperation, Dragon dove out of the way, and Motion ran chest first into the turnbuckle at full speed. Dazed, Motion stumbled backwards out of the corner. Dragon’s translator screamed at him to take advantage. A hesitant Dragon snuck up behind Motion and clubbed him in the back of the neck with a flying forearm.

As if in disbelief, Dragon began celebrating with an excited rant in Spanish. El Traductor stood up on the apron and pointed to the top rope. Dragon obediently climbed to the top, and marveled at the height of the drop. He looked at his translator, terrified. Traductor screamed at him to jump. Dragon wouldn’t do it, pleading with the referee to help him. The ref held out his arms in confusion, unable to understand what he was saying. Dragon’s translator shook the top rope, and Dragon lost his balance. Inadvertently, he flew off the top rope and landed on Motion with a senton – called the Respiración Del Dragón. Dragon appeared to be in more pain than Motion, but nonetheless Dragon was technically on top of him. 1.




TT: I have a feeling something is off with this relationship between Dragon and El Traductor. Regardless, Rey Del Dragon gets an improbably victory tonight, and the frustrations continue for Motion who really is not looking fit to wrestle in the CWF.

BC: No doubt, if you can’t beat a Mexican jumping bean like Rey Del Dragon who looks like something straight out of that Jack Black movie, Nacho Libre…well, I don’t know how he expects to survive in this environment. He won’t be getting many more chances to prove his worth, I’ll tell you that much.

TT: Well despite the accidentalness of it all, Dragon gets his first victory in the CWF and it’s an historic one…the first ever decision on Saturday Night Showdown goes to the Mexican new comer!

BC: Yeah well, he’s survived his first week…now let’s find out if he can survive some real competition in the weeks to come. He better keep winning or we’ll have him deported! Ha!

TT: Oh give me a break…

Teddy Turnbuckle is interrupted by the sounds of “Elevation” by U2. The crowd roars as CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin, walks through the curtain and towards the ring. Clad in a white button down dress shirt, red tie, and brown dress pants, Xamin smiles in approval at the sellout crowd. The crowd shows their appreciation for the man that created all of this. This is the house that Xamin built, and through hell and high water, he has held this company together and turned it into the standard of excellence that it has become.

He walks up the ring steps, through the ropes, and graciously accepts the microphone from the timekeeper. Standing in the center of the ring, he smiles, leans his head back, and spins around in a slow circle, arms outstretched, soaking in the adulation of the appreciative crowd.

MARK XAMIN: It’s so good to be back!

The crowd roars thunderously.

MARK XAMIN: There’s been a lot going on in the CWF already. We’re fresh off Craze in the Maze II, one of the most exciting and physically intense matches I’ve ever witnessed. We have five men who are headed to Super Card V to compete for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, and I can think of no five men who deserve it more. But as always…there’s a little twist.

The fans cheer mildly, anticipating his next words.

MARK XAMIN: I was thinking to myself…everyone in that Maze fought for their lives, they left it all in that heinous steel structure, all for the chance to move on and become the next CWF legend. And I have to tell you…I was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I was almost disappointed that every single wrestler who entered that thing couldn’t walk out with a ticket to the hottest show in town, but I digress. I’m face with a little problem. See, I’m now faced with the daunting task of booking a match that will top Craze in the Maze II. I spent days soul searching, trying to come up with something, anything that could out do our last pay-per-view. Well last weekend I took a little trip up to beautiful Montreal, Quebec. I went there for a purpose. I knew we had to do something special before March 28th, before Super Card V, and I knew Montreal was the only place in the world I wanted this event to take place. Next week…from the Bell Center in Montreal, home of the Montreal Canadiens, the greatest hockey franchise to ever set foot on the ice…we will put on a network special. Next week, 8 PM eastern time, the CWF will present to you the fans, Night of Champions: The Ides of March!

The crowd cheers, excited.

MARK XAMIN: But that was just the beginning. As I was strolling down the streets of beautiful Old Montreal, I had an epiphany. I knew what I had to do. I decided then and there that at Super Card V, the World Heavyweight Championship match will be contested inside an Elimination Chamber!

The crowd explodes!

TT: That’s huge!

MARK XAMIN: But then I was faced with yet another problem…everybody knows you need six men for an Elimination Chamber match…and unless my counting skills have gone horribly downhill, it seems we only have…[counts with his fingers] five. So I had an idea. Every single man in that Craze in the Maze deserves another chance. So those that made it past the finish line, congratulations, your main event spots are secured. But for those that didn’t…those that didn’t win a spot at Craze in the Maze…well, your second chance will come next week at Night of Champions!

Another eruption from the crowd.

BC: That’s not fair!

TT: That’s more than fair, Bobby! That’s fantastic news!

MARK XAMIN: So next week, from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec…it will be Pledge Allegiance vs Mickey Stone vs The M.u.H. in a triple threat match! The winner will go on to Super Card V in the main event!

TT: Incredible! What a match that should be!

BC: That’s a hell of an opportunity for those three men, they better seize the day!

MARK XAMIN: Oh but you didn’t think I was done, did you? It occurs to me that a man by the name of Brian Adams has been running his mouth, angry at the way he’s being treated, angry at his involvement in the main event tonight. It seems he’s also drawn the ire of a guy called Magnus Thunder. We all heard him rant for weeks about how he beat Magnus Thunder in 2001…we all watched him bust Magnus open with a pair of wire cutters in the Maze. We watched him run from Magnus for the rest of the match. Well you know what they say, Brian…beware the Ides of March, because next week, at Night of Champions, the Ides of March will be coming down on you in full force as you take on Magnus Thunder, one on one, on live television!

The crowd explodes in approval.

TT: WHOA! Now that’s a match!

BC: That’s ridiculous! Brian Adams has a match to prepare for…the biggest of his career, and you’re throwing him in the ring with that mastodon of a man?!

MARK XAMIN: And with that, my friends…I’m done. Enjoy the rest of the show!

As Xamin exits the ring, we fade to commercial.

TT: Welcome back to Showdown, ladies and gentlemen, where we are still trying to digest the three mega announcements that Mark Xamin just made. First, next week we’ll be live from Montreal, Quebec for our very first network special, Night of Champions: The Ides of March, and we have two pay-per-view quality matches coming your way…first, Magnus Thunder is going to get his hands on Brian Adams and I know there are a lot of people that will be looking forward to that one. I mean that could easily be a pay-per-view main event, but you’ll be getting it for free next Saturday night. And then perhaps the biggest announcement of all…at Night of Champions, we will see a triple threat match. Pledge Allegiance vs Mickey Stone vs The M.u.H., and the winner will earn the final spot in the Elimination Chamber main event at Super Card V for the CWF Heavyweight Championship of the World…what a show that’s going to be next week!

BC: Well that’s not all we’ll see next week, Teddy! I have sources, y’know, and word in the locker room is…this one is signed, sealed, and delivered…next week at Night of Champions, we are going to see Paul Blair, the greatest legend of all time…

TT: …well that’s more than debatable…

BC: …take on The Raving Lunatic. Now come on, if ever there was a situation that wasn’t fair to Blair at ALL, this has got to be it. The Raving Lunatic? Give me a break, there is no call for a match like that to happen.

TT: Well I’ll tell you what, I for one am really looking forward to that one. Let’s head to the ring as the very first Showdown continues!


The M.u.H., the San Diego, California kid, perhaps reinvigorated after the announcement by Mark Xamin, made his way down the aisle with a renewed vigor. Confident but not quite cocky, MuH hopped through the ropes and leaned against the turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent.

Toxic emerged from behind the curtain, led by his manager, Rain. His ribs still bandaged after his altercation with Magnus Thunder two weeks ago at the Valentine Bash, Toxic made his way to the ring while Rain teasingly flirted with a male fan in the front row, and then backed away as if he wasn’t worthy. She took her position in Toxic’s corner as the match began.

Toxic charged in at MuH, who ducked a clothesline and jabbed Toxic in his injured ribs as he passed by. Toxic immediately went down in pain. MuH forces him to his feet, and whips him to the ropes. On the rebound, he nails Toxic with a vicious spear, further damaging his injured ribs. He makes a cover!




Toxic manages to stay alive and kick out, but he may have hurt himself even more. MuH stomps him in the ribs and drags him back to his feet by his hair…bodyslam! Toxic is in trouble early, his ribs sustaining more punishment. MuH pulls him up again, whips him to the ropes…spinebuster! Toxic is gasping for air at this point, the ref is getting ready to stop the match entirely…but Rain gets on the apron and stops him, screaming at Toxic to get up. MuH toys with him, slapping him in the back of the head as he fights to his feet, humiliating him. After a long struggle, Toxic gets to his feet…but MuH quickly drops him with a DDT. Toxic is out cold, but MuH isn’t done. He again pulls Toxic up, who is out on his feet…MuH off the ropes…THE AUTOMATIC! Toxic’s face is planted into the mat, and MuH rolls him over for a cover, grinning at Rain as the ref makes the count…




WINNER: The M.u.H.

TT: Well another impressive showing for the M.u.H., and he is heading to Night of Champions next week riding a huge wave of momentum. This kid has really established himself as an emerging star…first he qualifies for Craze in the Maze, puts in a gutsy performance, and now he’s completely destroyed Toxic…I mean Toxic didn’t even look like he was in the kid’s league. And now M.u.H. has the opportunity of a lifetime…a win next week in that triple threat match would send him to the main event at the biggest event in CWF history!

BC: Well Toxic is in the same boat as Motion…these guys just flat out haven’t been good enough. They better start living up to CWF standards or they’ll both be handed pink slips by the time Night of Champions even gets here!

Suddenly, the lights dim.

TT: What’s this?

A voice is heard throughout the arena; it’s source, unknown.

I have been 'out of the game' for 4 years. I have been sitting back in my private meditation chambers studying the ancient arts of the Jedi...and the dark arts of the Sith. All of my friends think I have completely cracked. 'You have smoked yourself retarded' has been a common quote as of late. And while my drug use over the years may have slowed me a step or two, I was so in tune with the living Force that I was still two steps ahead of the next fastest dog in the pack.

While I am practicing my lightsaber techniques, HIS phone rings. Not my phone. Not Jedi Master Osbourne.

No, the phone ringing in question is that of my former self. It is the cell phone ring blaring the wickedly savage 'Crazy Train' by Ozzy Osbourne. That song that made thousands of people’s blood run cold every time it was preceded by purple strobes in a hot, musty, packed arena.

I answer it. I have to. HE is ME. WE are ONE. I listen to the voice on the other end telling me things I thought my ears would never again hear.

'The Fluke is bringing it back. We killed it. We killed it time and again, but the little Maple Syrup eating Ice Hockey and cheap beer loving sonofabitch is bringing it back!' the voice reverberates in my head as I think about the implications involved. Not on my watch. Not unless I have the gold. I know what I must do.

The anger and the hatred swells within me. I feel the dark side calling me and I give in to it with all that I am. The room goes dark as blood rage swells in the whites of my eyes and blue jolts of electricity flicker at my fingertips. I scream with a primal rage that brings my man servant Heinreich running to my penthouse's antechamber.

'Sir, is everything okay'? 'No' I say in response. 'Everything is definitely not ok.' as I motion towards him, propelling him with my mind into the wall behind him nothing happens. I wave my hand again. And again. And again. Nothing happens. I look down at my hands and instead of a lightsaber there is a Graphix glass water bong. In place of the dark Jedi robes is a tattered black t-shirt and a pair of wrinkled Kenneth Cole trousers with a massive resin stain across the leg. I look in the mirror...ah...I am a eyes are still blood red....'Sir...the Force is not real. You are not a Jedi.' Damn. Back to reality. Back to the CWF!

On the video screen, the following appears, the letters flowing as if in some kind of wind…

Life is paiN.

TT: What in Sam hell…it couldn’t be…could it?

BC: Life is Pain? That can mean only one man, Teddy…

TT: That has to be Ro…

BC: Shhh Teddy, don’t say his name out loud. He who shall not be named.

TT: For the love of God, it’s clearly…

BC: …you’re right, it’s clearly he who shall not be named. Now shut up and let’s go back to the ring.

TT: …you really get paid for this crap?


Fresh off a loss and a knee injury at The Valentine Bash, Kyle Sync walked down the aisle still showing signs of a slight limp, though not nearly as noticeable as two weeks ago. Like Motion, he came to Detroit to prove he belongs competing at this level, and a sore knee wasn’t going to let him stand in the way.

Astro, resuming his wrestling career after some time away from the ring, stepped through the curtain to a warm welcome from the crowd, who was excited to see him back. No doubt, his future could be bright in the CWF if he could only prove himself tonight and lay the foundation for the weeks to come. The Sydney, Australia native appeared to have an extra bounce in his step…the fire inside of him reignited with the return of the CWF.

The match begins. They circle each other and lock up in the center of the ring. Sync backs him into the corner. Clean break. Again they circle one another, and lock up once more…this time Astro shoves him hard into the corner, and Sync’s back hits the buckle with some authority. Astro doesn’t move; he just stares Sync down. Sync stretches out his back in some discomfort, and then pops back out to the center of the ring. This time instead of locking up, he challenges Astro to a test of strength. Astro accepts, and they lock hands. As Astro is winning the challenge, however, Sync boots him in the gut and sends him to the ropes. Astro ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes, and flies back at Sync with a flying crossbody block. Sync hits the mat and stands back up…but he’s met with a drop kick. Sync rolls out of the ring to regroup…Astro charges towards him and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive! He connects! Sync hits the ground hard and flips backwards, his knee smashing into the steel guard rail. Looks like that injury from two weeks ago is flaring up again. Sync slams his fist into the ground in frustration as he clutches his knee.

Astro wastes no time…he pulls him up and has to sustain all of Sync’s weight, who cannot put any weight whatsoever on his reinjured knee. He rolls Sync into the ring and hops over the top rope to reenter himself. Sync, sitting up, drags himself into the corner. Astro charges in at him and Sync moves…but Astro puts on the brakes and stops himself. Sync thinks he’s outsmarted Astro and taps his head with his finger for the crowd to indicate how smart he is…but Astro from behind…he locks Sync’s arms in a hammerlock…and then kicks Sync in the back of the knee. Sync drops to his knees in pain, hammerlock still applied…Astro stands on the back of his knees and leans back with the hammerlock…ASTRONOMICAL! He has it locked and Sync has submitted! Astro wins by submission!


TT: A big win for Astro in his debut here on Showdown, a very impressive showing!

BC: Man, if Kyle Sync didn’t have bad luck he’d have no luck at all. That knee is his Achilles heel and he better find a solution…and fast! Astro took advantage of that injury and man…what a nasty submission hold that was! That would have been lights out even without the knee injury!

TT: Well Sync is no doubt in a lot of trouble if he doesn’t get that looked after, but Astro looks like a man ready to compete…and you can see why he’s considered a legend overseas and in many other wrestling circles.

BC: Yeah, well..I’m looking forward to this next match. Khrist takes on Mickey Stone. Stone was literally a hair away from being in that Super Card main event, and he’ll get a second chance at Night of Champions next week, but Khrist…man alive what a scary opponent he makes…

TT: And regardless of the outcome here tonight, Khrist is going to be in the Elimination Chamber for all the marbles on the 28th of March…but at The Valentine Bash, you had to be extremely impressed by this guy, whether you agree with his style or not. Blood spewing out of his mouth, he took Brian Adams to the limit and that match could have gone either way. Then he went on to defeat Mr. Markowitz in a thrilling ladder match to earn his main event spot at Super Card V…but Mickey Stone is a fierce competitor in his own right, with a very impressive showing at The Valentine Bash…this could be a very exciting match up. Let’s get to the ring!


Both men are coming off big efforts at The Valentine Bash. Khrist, having lost his qualifying match just narrowly to Brian Adams, went on to earn a title shot at Super Card V via the second chance ladder match, in which he and Mr. Markowitz had a memorable ladder match. Mickey Stone, on the other hand, made it to Craze in the Maze II and was literally inches away from the Super Card V main event as well, but was outdone by Paul Blair at the last second. Both men will be looking to continue their momentum this week.

Mickey Stone made his way to the ring, slapping the hands of a few fans along the way. A gritty, hard-nosed competitor, Stone looks poised to give Khrist a run for his money and show that he belonged in the Super Card V main event as well.

Khrist made a dramatic entrance, complete with flickering lights. At the top of the ramp he outstretched his arms like a cross and hung his head, his long hair dangling in front of his face, and his eyes staring through the locks at Stone in the ring. He stalked down to the ring and once inside, grinned slyly at Stone and looked towards the heavens, nodding, it seems, at God, as if he was a part of some inside joke with Him.

The bell sounds, and Stone makes his way to the center of the ring, ready to get started. Khrist stands in the corner, staring a hole through him, the sly grin still on his face. Stone, growing impatient, asks the referee to get Khrist to wrestle. The referee orders Khrist to the center of the ring. Khrist just stares at him and grins, holding out both arms in front of him and beckoning Stone to come and get him. Stone obliges an charges in…Khrist quickly moves out of the way, and Stone hits the turnbuckle. As he rebounds, Khrist grabs him by the back of the head and leaps in the air, slamming Stone face first into the mat with a modified bulldog. Stone clutches his face in pain but has the presence of mind to retreat to the ropes, and quickly pulls himself up. Khrist wears the very same grin on his face, and Stone shakes his head in frustration.

They meet in the center of the ring and lock up. Khrist knees him in the gut and drives an elbow into the back of his head. Stone drops to his knees…Khrist off the ropes, and a quick drop kick into the side of Stone’s head sends him back down to the mat. Khrist quickly pulls him up, whips him to the ropes…scoop slam! Unrelenting, Khrist pulls him back up and whips him into the turnbuckle, charging in at full speed behind him. As Stone hits the buckle, his rebound is cut short by Khrist’s shoulder, which drives into Stone’s gut with a frightening force. The wind is knocked out of Stone and he goes to flop to the mat, but Khrist holds him up and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. He lifts Stone up for a superplex…but instead of dropping him backwards, he drops him forwards, crotching Stone on the top turnbuckle and its steel support. Stone’s eyeballs bulge and Khrist smiles evily and waves mockingly. Stone looks furious but can do nothing but flip down to the mat and off the top rope…but his leg gets caught and now he’s stuck in the tree of woe! Khrist’s eyes light up and he licks his lips with glee as he sees the opportunity to inflict more pain. He charges in at Stone as fast as he can and connects with a vicious dropkick straight to Stone’s face.

The crowd grimaces as Stone drops to the mat, nearly unconscious. Khrist wastes no time, and pulls him up. He drags Stone to the center of the ring, and stretches out his arms like a cross, signifying the beginning of the end. Up goes Stone over Khrist’s shoulders…and DOWN goes Stone, a victim of the Second Coming.




WINNER: Khrist

TT: A convincing victory for the vile Khrist…this guy looks absolutely dominant and I have to tell you, Bobby…this guy has a real chance at Super Card. He is sadistic, evil, and cunning enough to survive that Elimination Chamber and I can’t even imagine what kind of damage he’ll be able to do in an environment like that.

BC: Well right now I bet there’s about seven guys in the locker room who are thanking their lucky stars this guy wasn’t in Craze in the Maze, because man alive…he could have done some serious damage. But the Elimination Chamber is going to be every bit as violent and competitive as the Maze was…so the other five guys in that match had better be ready for this guy because he is for real.

TT: What a future for Khrist, and what an unfortunate night for Mickey Stone, fresh off the heels of an impressive showing at The Valentine Bash…he was anything but impressive here tonight.

BC: Well was he a one night wonder? Time will tell, but he looked weak tonight and he better regroup and be ready for his huge opportunity next week in Montreal at Night of Champions.

TT: We are going to take a quick commercial break…don’t go anywhere, folks…there’s still plenty more to come!

TT: Alright fans, we’re back…and we apparently have a camera following Khrist back to his locker room…this ought to be interesting…what on earth could be lurking in Khrist’s locker room?

Backstage, Khrist walks into his locker room, still grinning evilly and laughing to himself softly under his breath – another day in the office. He opens his locker. A flash of light and a shower of sparks sting his body, giving Khrist a jolt and startling the hell out of anyone within ear shot.. It's as if a lightning bolt has just gone off in his locker. The lights flicker, and a deep, haunting, voice speaks…

"Justice will reign."

Back to ringside.

BC: Whoa.

TT: Well it seems Khrist’s cult-like rants has drawn the ire of at least one CWF superstar and I have a sneaking suspicion I know who was behind that.

BC: “Justice will reign”?....please, it’s obvious who’s behind that. And now Khrist has a…shall we say, BIG, problem.

TT: No question there. And folks, I have just been handed a letter. Next week at Night of Champions, Khrist will go one on one with Kyle Sync…and you’ve got to wonder what kind of shape Kyle Sync will show up in…

BC: More importantly, what kind of shape will he leave in? Khrist is going to eat him alive.

TT: Quite a line up next week, fans…it reads more like a pay-per-view card. Already we know, there will be a triple threat match, the winner qualifies for the final spot in the main event at Super Card V. Pledge Allegiance versus The M.u.H. versus Mickey Stone.

BC: Yeah well the one I’m looking forward to…Paul Blair is going to send The Raving Lunatic back to the nut house!

TT: And Brian Adams will try his luck against the big man, Magnus Thunder! What a confrontation that will be!

BC: And that’s not all, Teddy! I have a source in the back that’s telling me one more match will be revealed for next week before the end of the night, and it’s gonna be a big one!

TT: Well as we look forward to that, we have two very intriguing match ups ahead…including this next one, Mr. Markowitz taking on The Raving Lunatic...this one has the potential to steal the show. Let’s get back to the ring…


Mr. Markowitz had a rough night at The Valentine Bash, having lost twice – once to Paul Blair in an extremely impressive showing by the newcomer, and once to Khrist in the second chance ladder match, in which Markowitz showed more guts than anyone knew he had. He would need those guts tonight though, entering the ring with The Raving Lunatic – a man who destroyed his opponent, X-Trimmer, at the Bash, and later went on to compete in Craze in the Maze and qualify for the main event at Super Card V. Not bad for his first night in the company.

Markowitz, already having made his way to the ring during commercial break, tries to keep his muscles loose in the ring, casually running on the spot and keeping the blood flowing. The apron begins to stir…someone appears to be coming out of hiding from under the ring…it’s The Raving Lunatic! Markowitz has his back turned to him, his focus on the entrance ramp. Lunatic from behind…he grabs a surprised Markowitz and tosses him shoulder first into the corner, Markowitz’s shoulder thumping sickeningly against the ring post. Markowitz slumps between the top and middle turnbuckle as the referee pushes Lunatic back into his corner. Lunatic begins to tear out his own hair and bash his own head into the turnbuckle as Markowitz declines the referee’s invitation to forfeit the match. He stands up, his arm stiff against his side. The referee calls for the bell.

Lunatic immediately loses whatever was left of his mind at the sound of the bell. He exits the ring and starts running around ringside in circles, screaming like a madman and tearing up the ringside area. Finally slides back into the ring and starts chewing on the bottom rope. Markowitz has no idea what to do next. He walks over towards Lunatic and goes to grab him, but Lunatic snaps around and starts barking at Markowitz….barking like a vicious dog. Markowitz backs off, mostly out of confusion…then Lunatic rears up and tackles him to the mat, and the roll around the ring exchanging blows. Markowitz, seemingly blocking out the pain of his apparent shoulder injury, takes control and whips him to the ropes…scoop slam! And Lunatic hits the mat hard…but Markowitz’s shoulder is hurting him big time after a power move like that. He favors his shoulder but tries to block it out, pulling Lunatic up and finding that creating offense with a bad shoulder is tougher than it looks. Using his good arm as support, he hoists Lunatic up for a suplex…but on the way down, Lunatic reverses is and lands on top of Markowitz with a cover!




Lunatic begins to bite Markowitz on the forehead. Markowitz kicks his legs wildly as the referee pulls Lunatic off of him and gives him a warning. Markowitz checks for blood but there isn’t any, so he scrambles to his feet and looks at the ref as if he must be crazy to not disqualify Lunatic. Markowitz charges in at Lunatic and forces him into the corner, and a big reverse knife hand chop to Lunatic’s chest! And another! And another! Markowitz is giving Lunatic all he’s got, with one arm…he hooks Lunatic’s arm into his and heaves him to the center of the ring with a hip toss! Lunatic sprawls to the mat, landing in an unconventional way, and ends up half sitting up. Markowitz takes a run at him from behind and flips over him with a neck breaker of sorts. Lunatic’s body bends forward and then he flings backwards to the mat. Markowitz climbs to the top rope, a house of fire…and Lunatic shoves the ref into the ropes! Markowitz falls on the top turnbuckle!

The referee yells at Lunatic, but Lunatic walks around him and meets Markowitz at the top rope, the crowd booing the cheap counter…and he hoists Markowitz up…and DOWN with a superplex from the top! Lunatic with a cover!



3! No! Kickout at the last second!

Markowitz somehow kicks out and Lunatic starts pulling his hair out in frustration. He grabs Markowitz by the legs and slingshots him into the corner! Markowitz misses the turnbuckle hits his head on the ring post…them bounces back and staggers towards Lunatic, who hooks him in and twists him with a fisherman buster! Markowitz lands on his bad shoulder…and Lunatic locks on a shoulder lock! Markowitz screaming in pain! He looks ready to tap! The ref gets ready to call for the bell…but Markowitz gets to the ropes! The match continues…

Markowitz lays slumped on the ropes…Lunatic runs to the opposite side of the ring, bounces off the ropes, and drops his leg across the back of Markowitz’s neck. The momentum from the ropes sends Markowitz flinging back to the center of the ring now clutching his throat and gasping for air. Lunatic heads to the top rope…and he’s gonna fly! But Markowitz bolts to his feet and hops up to meet Lunatic at the top…and he flings him off with a top rope belly to belly superplex! The crowd explodes as Lunatic lands with a thump and bounces from the impact, folding up into an accordion three quarters of the way across the ring.

Markowitz is still reeling too though, the sudden rush of adrenaline having subsided. His shoulder is noticeably bothering him as he reels on the mat in pain, favoring it. Lunatic is crumpled up and the ref starts a ten count as both men are down…

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… Markowitz begins to stir… 7… 8… 9….Markowitz wills himself to his feet just in time to beat the 10 count! The match continues…

Markowitz pulls Lunatic up by the hair…he drives an elbow into the back of his head and then knees him in the face with authority, Lunatic goes crashing back down to the mat as Markowitz tries to figure out how he can execute the Helicopter without the use of his left shoulder. He appears to have an idea as he drags Lunatic to the corner and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Markowitz lifts him onto his back and he has him up for the Helicopter with help from the ropes! He spins him!

Lunatic lands on his feet and Markowitz turns around…a boot to the gut by Lunatic…and he hoists Markowitz up for a suplex…but he holds him up and incredibly steps up the to the top rope while holding onto Markowitz…SCATTERBRAIN! He nailed him with it and he drapes his arm over him for a cover!




WINNER: The Raving Lunatic

TT: What a match! The Raving Lunatic wins another one but what a showing once again by Markowitz! He may not be winning but he is giving everyone a run for their money…it’s only a matter of time before he finds his timing and starts finishing people off!

BC: Well you’ve got to wonder how much more effective he would’ve been without that bum shoulder. He could have had Lunatic up for the Helicopter the easy way, without using the ropes, and who knows…maybe Lunatic wouldn’t have had time to react the way he did. But hey, Lunatic played it smart, he got the jump on Markowitz from the very beginning and that gave him the edge in the end…

TT: Indeed, you have to have eyes in the back of your head when you’re in the ring with this guy, and he continues to roll as he heads into Night of Champions next week to take on Paul Blair in what should be an extremely entertaining match up…

BC: Well give me a damn break, I still can’t figure out why anyone expects Blair to get into the ring with this half wit, but it doesn’t matter…big or small, short or tall, crazy or sane…a Blairkick is a Blairkick and a Blairkick will knock you out. Lunatic is going to be tested by the best in the business in Montreal!

TT: And ladies and gentlemen…I’m told that when we come back from commercial break, Mark Xamin has another announcement for us…and I can’t wait to hear it…don’t go anywhere!

As we return from commercials, we are greeted with the sight of CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin, standing in front of a Saturday Night Showdown backdrop.

MARK XAMIN: Hello again, CWF fans. With one final announcement concerning next week’s Night of Champions: The Ides of March event from Montreal, Quebec, I would like to reintroduce you to the CWF National Championship.

He holds up the beautiful polished and shined CWF National Championship belt. The camera zooms in on it as he continues to speak.

MARK XAMIN: This title has been worn by many great CWF legends, including the likes of Mike Stewart, The Patriot, Hall of Famer Jeff Jericho, Jimmy Blast, Shadow Maxx, Hall of Famer Triple X, Bain, Andrew “Wraith” Coin, “Sweet” Pete North, Hall of Famer Paul Blair, Chemical X, and the list goes on and on and on. It is truly a symbol of high honor to wear this championship belt, and next week in Montreal, we will crown a new CWF National Champion.

The crowd roars.

MARK XAMIN: It is no secret that these past couple of events has separated the men from the boys. By the end of next week’s event, six men will have secured themselves main event spots at Super Card V, where they will battle for the most prestigious honor of all, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. So, by process of elimination based on each wrestler’s current opportunities as well as their performances of late…I have selected three men that will battle for this coveted National title at Night of Champions. And they are…Astro. Rey Del Dragon. And finally…Mr. Markowitz. These three men will battle in a triple threat match next week, and the winner will be crowned the new undisputed CWF National Champion. May the best man win.

The crowd roars as we cut to a shot on Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane at ringside.

TT: Wow! A new National Champion set to be crowned next week in Montreal, and I don’t think there could be three men more deserving of the opportunity.

BC: Well I’ll tell you what, Teddy…winning the belt is one thing, it’s keeping it that’s the tough part. Whoever wins that title next week better fight for his life if he wants to hang onto it until Super Card V and cash in that supersized champion’s pay cheque on the 28th!

TT: And what a title to have on your resume, Bobby…so many great men have held that title, and with a good National title reign under your belt, the main event is the next step. What a match that’s going to be next week!

BC: And now it’s time!

TT: Indeed it’s main event time here on Saturday Night Showdown, and we are ready to head to the ring for a very interesting tag team match!


Brian Adams made his way to the ring first, greeted by a chorus of heated boos. Blair followed, his greeting no less heated. He had a plastic replica of the CWF World Heavyweight title on his shoulder, wearing it proudly as if it were the real thing. Brian Adams gave him a sideways glare when he saw it.

Pledge Allegiance came out to a loud ovation, and made a b-line for the ring. Blair and Adams both headed for higher ground; Blair hid behind Bobby Crane, while Adams hopped over the guardrail. Pledge grinned at them both, knowing it was only a matter of time before he got his hands on them. He’s been dying to get to Blair since the CWF returned, and Brian Adams was due some vengeance, at least in Pledge’s eyes, for dumping him off the top of the Maze at the Valentine Bash. Still concussed and wrestling against doctor’s orders, Pledge nevertheless was chomping at the bit to gain some measure of revenge tonight. And then the thunder rolled in. Walking down the aisle, the giant Magnus Thunder. Clutched in his hands was Stormbringer, his trademark war hammer. He nodded to Pledge, acknowledging Pledge’s courage for wrestling in his condition.

Meanwhile, Blair and Adams, who have reluctantly made their way back inside the ring, argue over who has to start the match. Rock, paper, scissors, match! Adams starts the match and Blair snickers to himself as he takes his place in his corner. Magnus gets ready to start the match but Pledge stops him and pleads with him to let him start instead. Magnus obliges and Pledge starts out against Adams. Adams and Pledge meet in the center of the ring and exchange words…Adams slaps him across the face! Pledge’s head stays twisted from the slap, and he slowly turns it back towards Adams, a smirk on his face. Adams begs him off with a loud “whooooaaaa” and backs away…Pledge attacks! Lefts and rights, fists flying everywhere! Adams backed into the corner, Pledge stands on the second turnbuckle and unloads! The fans count along! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9………..10!

Adams flops face first on the mat…Pledge pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…back body drop! Adams sails through the air and lands with a crash on the mat. Arching out his back in pain, Adams drags himself back into the corner and begs off Pledge…Pledge zeros in on him but Adams sticks his thumb in Pledge’s eye! Pledge is blinded and Adams quickly rocks him with a clothesline! Blair applauds his partner on the outside for the dastardly move. Adams shakes out the cobwebs and stomps Pledge a few times to a smattering of boos. He pulls Pledge up and slams him back down with a bodyslam, posing for the crowd arrogantly to show off his dominance. With Pledge sufficiently weakened, Blair asks for the tag. Adams pulls Pledge over into his corner and tags in Blair.

The crowd explodes with boos as Paul Blair enters the ring and goes to work on Pledge. He whips him to the ropes…hip toss to the mat! Pledge goes down. Blair laughs at the crowd mockingly and points to the fallen Pledge. He pulls Pledge back up and whips him to the ropes again…this time Pledge ducks a clothes and comes back with a flying shoulder block! Blair goes down hard and hastily retreats to the ropes. Pledge grabs him by the legs, Blair clutching the middle rope with both hands…Pledge lifts him up and swings him back down to the mat! Pledge pulls him up and catches him from behind….german suplex! And another! And another! Three successive german suplexes and Blair is in trouble! Pledge pulls him up by the hair and whips him to the ropes…perhaps out of instinct, Blair reverses. As Pledge hits the ropes, Brian Adams kicks him in the back from the outside and the momentum is stopped. Pledge drops to the mat.

Magnus Thunder tries to climb into the ring to protest the move, but the referee stops him. With the ref’s back turned, Blair and Adams goes to work double teaming Pledge in the corner, both men pounding him all the way down to the mat. The crowd is furious as the ref turns around without a clue as to what happened. Blair tags out to Adams dramatically so the ref can see it was a clean tag, and Adams re-enters the ring. He lifts Pledge up onto the top turnbuckle. Blair shows the ref his hands to prove he isn’t interfering. Adams lifts Pledge up…and drops him with a fallaway slam from the top! Pledge has the wind knocked out of him and Adams crawls over to make the cover!



Shoulder up!

Pledge stays alive and Adams complains about a slow count to the ref. Magnus Thunder is chomping at the bit to get in there and unleash hell. Noticing this, Adams taunts Magnus, prompting him to again attempt to enter the ring. This time as the ref turns his back, Adams pulls Pledge up and holds him back, yelling at Blair to get in and Blair Kick him. Blair winds up the kick…and delivers! But Pledge moves! The crowd erupts as Blair accidentally Blair Kicks Adams in the chin! Adams drops to the mat unconscious, and Pledge lands on him! The ref spins around!



3!!! NO!

Blair breaks up the pinfall at the last second and the crowd is livid! Pledge begins inching his way over to Magnus…he’s got a ways to go but Adams is slowly beginning to stir as well. Pledge headed for Magnus, Adams headed for Blair! Adams makes the tag! In comes Blair and he races over to Pledge….Pledge tags in Magnus! The crowd erupts!

Blair begs off Magnus for dear life, but Magnus has no time for it…he slugs Blair in the jaw and Blair spits high into the air as he drops like he’s just been knocked out by Muhammed Ali. Adams runs back into the ring to attack Magnus, but Magnus fends him off and whips him into the corner. He pulls Blair up and whips him into Adams! Blair and Adams both piled into the corner…and Magnus, 500 pounds and all, comes flying at them with a body splash! The crowd explodes and both Blair and Adams flop face first onto the mat! Adams rolls out of the ring and Blair scurries to pull himself up using the ropes…Magnus charges and clotheslines him over the top! The crowd erupts as Magnus is a house of fire!

Pledge rolls out and chases Adams around the ring, but as he turns the corner Blair blindsides him with a vicious clothesline on the concrete floor! Pledge’s eyes are glazed over and his concussion is no doubt coming into play. Blair and Adams both enter the ring from different sides, circling Magnus like a pack of hungry wolves as Pledge lays unconscious on the outside. Magnus bellows out a loud roar and the crowd roars along with him as both Adams and Blair charge him at the same time. Magnus fends them off for a while but soon the numbers catch up to him and Blair and Adams beat him down in the corner. Blair takes a run at him from the opposite corner and knees him in the head as Adams pins him down. Then it’s Adams’ turn…he runs at Magnus and dropkicks him squarely in the chin. Sufficiently convinced that the big man has been weakened, Blair exits the ring, leaving the two legal men – Magnus Thunder and Brian Adams, in the ring. Adams chokes Magnus in the corner, quite illegally. At the ref’s five count, Adams lets up and mocks the crowd. Pledge is still out like a light on the outside.

Adams pulls Magnus to his feet, though it takes all of his might to do so. He runs to the ropes and attempts to clothesline Magnus back down, but Magnus doesn’t flinch and Adams’ arm simply bounces off the massive chest of the Nordic warrior. Adams makes a second attempt…same result. Magnus stares him down like a raging bull, an anger so intense you can almost see steam blowing out of his nostrils. Adams desperately tries a third time but this time Magnus grabs him by the throat. Adams’ eyeballs pop out of his head and Magnus lifts him up…and DOWN with a chokeslam! The crowd explodes! Adams is reeling on the mat and Magnus pulls him back up…but from behind…Blair clips his knees! Magnus falls to his knees in pain…the ref had better control Blair and Adams or this one is going to get out of hand. Blair drags Adams to his corner and makes the tag, the referee waving his arms all over the place trying to get some control.

Blair jumps on Magnus’ back and locks in a sleeper hold! Magnus is in trouble and begins to fade. He looks to Pledge for a tag but Pledge is still out on the arena floor. Magnus begins to drift off and the ref lifts up his arm…1!...and a second time… 2!....and a third time…. 3! No! Magnus holds his arm up on the third check and battles his way back to his feet…he sends Blair to the ropes and DRILLS him with a vicious spear that sends Blair violently twisting into the ropes. Magnus drops to the mat and begins crawling towards his corner. Pledge on the outside is fighting to get back to his feet…Magnus almost to the corner…and there’s Pledge! The crowd roars! Pledge has willed his way back to his corner and he is there for his partner with the tag! Pledge over to Blair…and he pounds on him through distant eyes, clearly not entirely conscious….he grabs Blair by the hair and heaves him to the center of the ring!

Adams jumps in and Blair decks him with a right hand! Magnus back in the ring now and it’s all out war as all four men battle! Pledge and Blair, Magnus and Adams, all four men exchanging blows and the ref has lost complete control! Pledge whips Blair to the ropes and catches him…PLEDGEHAMMER! PLEDGEHAMMER! Pledge caught him but the impact of the fall has thrown off his balance! Magnus drops Adams and goes to make the cover!




Blair got a shoulder up! He barely did it but he got a shoulder up! And Magnus can’t believe it! Magnus pulls him up and DROPS him with a powerbomb…and he holds on for a SECOND powerbomb and this time he sits down on it for the THUNDERSTORM! The cover!




Brian Adams wraps a steel chair around Magnus Thunder’s head and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNERS: By disqualification – Magnus Thunder & Pledge Allegiance

Adams continues to assault Thunder with the chair viciously as fans begin to throw garbage into the ring. Pledge gets up and tries to defend Magnus but Adams scrambles his brain with a vile chair shot that sends the already concussed Pledge Allegiance back to the mat. Even in a semi-conscious state, Pledge has the wherewithal to drape himself over Magnus Thunder’s body, shielding him from the blows of the chair, truly going above and beyond the call of duty to protect his partner.

TT: Come on! The match is already over! There's no need for this!

Adams pulls Pledge to his feet and tosses him over the top rope as Blair comes around and continues to hit Magnus Thunder with chair shot after chair shot!

BC: Magnus has no one to help him, Teddy! I believe this is what you would call...making a statement!

TT: This isn't right, Bobby! The match is over! There's no reason to beat the hell out of your opponent with a steel chair!

Blood drips down Magnus' skull as he is trying to will himself back to his feet, but is down to one knee. Blair drops the chair as he and Adams bring a semi conscious Magnus to his feet. They rest him standing in the corner and Blair picks the chair back up. He winds back, ready to lay one more shot to the skull when the lights go out and a wall of flames suddenly erupts at the entrance. "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin hits the arena as the flames slowly die down.

BC: What the hell was that?!

TT: Whatever it was, it got Blair's and Adams' attention!

A man stands at the entrance wearing black pants and a black harness attached to a cape with spiked pauldrons. He is wearing a mask made of bone and slowly makes his way down the aisle.

BC: You've got to be kidding me!

TT: Is that Blood?! This isn't good for Magnus! It's already a two on one situation...Blood added in makes this a three on one!

Blood reaches the ringside as both Adams and Blair smile in satisfaction. Blood makes his way around the ring and over to the timekeeper's area...where he finds Stormbringer!

TT: We need security! They can't let him use that thing on Magnus!

BC: This is great!

Blood slides in to the ring with Stormbringer as the lights slowly return to normal. Adams and Blair both grab ahold of Magnus, pulling him out of the corner. They hold him up as Blood measures, ready to take the shot. Magnus is slowly coming to, but not coherent enough to stop the attack!

TT: Where the hell is security?!

Blood readies himself...BIG BOOT TO BLAIR! Blair falls through the ropes and to the outside! Adams stands in disbelief for a second before coming at Blood to attack! STORMBRINGER TO THE GUT! Blood drops the hammer and quickly tosses Adams over the top rope!

BC: What the hell just happened?! Did Blood just protect Magnus?!

Blair and Adams try to regroup on the outside, staring back in the ring at Blood as they make their way towards the aisle. Blood picks Stormbringer back up and hands it to Magnus, who himself is in disbelief. Blood pulls off the bone mask and drops it to the mat before grabbing a microphone from an official on the outside.

BLOOD: Blair...Adams...Blood is back!

TT: He definitely is!

The crowd erupts in cheers for the returning CWF original.


BC: This is unbelievable, Teddy! What the hell was that?!

TT: I'm in as much shock as you are! I thought for sure that Magnus was going to leave here on a stretcher tonight! But Magnus Thunder...Blood...working together?! What does this mean for the rest of CWF?! I guess we'll find out next week!

Blood drops the microphone to the mat as Blair and Adams, still looking to the ring make it to the entrance stage. Pledge finally makes his way back in to the ring, checking on Magnus as Blood taunts Adams and Blair to return to the ring.

TT: What a night! What a way to kick off the new CWF battleground! We’re all out of time, folks…see you next week from Montreal, Quebec for Night of Champions! Good night everybody!

BC: Ahh!

Fade to black.