Last week, at Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring… Brian Adams retained the CWF World Heavyweight Championship after the shocking return of Jeff Jericho, who blindsided Pledge Allegiance with a camera and cost him the title he was a mere ten seconds away from winning. The newly formed alliance of Brian Adams, Keith Daniels, and Jeff Jericho celebrated the victory with a masked man, who had assisted Adams with his ladder match victory earlier that night, and whose identity remains a mystery.

Magnus Thunder was crowned the very first CWF Lord of the Ring, defeating The Raving Lunatic with help from Drastic, whom had escaped the mental facility and returned to help his friend, Magnus Thunder, secure the victory. Magnus Thunder will now meet Brian Adams for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship on June 27th at Summer Smash 2009 in Hawaii.

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defeated The Juggernaut, retaining the National Championship and running The Juggernaut out of the CWF forever. The Nitemare’s son, Bob Osbourne, played an integral role in the victory.

Sickboy defeated Paul Blair in a classic battle. After the match, Blair threw Sickboy off the top of the ramp and through a lighting rib, breaking Sickboy’s ribs and rendering him extremely vulnerable for his National Championship match.

Keith Daniels continued his dominant streak, defeating Jay Matthews with ease and nearly putting him out of commission for good.


Keith Daniels battles The Raving Lunatic in a matchup pitting two of the CWF’s fastest rising stars against each other.

Paul Blair takes on Kyle Sync as the CWF Hall of Famer battles to regain his form after a slump that has lasted several weeks.

The first second generation superstar in CWF history, Bob Osbourne, battles fiery newcomer Mariano Fernandez as both wrestlers make their CWF debuts.

Alex Ruettiger and Motion renew their rivalry as the two battle once again.

And in the main event… “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defends the CWF National Championship against Sickboy, in a match that has lit a fire under both men and has quickly become one of the CWF’s most heated rivalries.

Plus…who is the man in the black mask? Jeff Jericho is in the building! And what will be the fallout from Night of Champions II?

This is…

Fade in to a beautiful shot of the enchanting Canadian Rockies. The sun sets over the mountain range, and the camera pans above the mountains to reveal a beautiful view of the ocean and the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Zooming in further still, we come to the General Motors Place, the sight of tonight’s CWF Saturday Night Showdown.

In the arena, the atmosphere is electric, as always…but tonight, there is an extra buzz in the air, as the return of Jeff Jericho has the fans in a buzz. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and above the ring, igniting their enthusiasm even more. The usual set up, with one notable difference – a Canadian maple leaf is stamped into each turnbuckle rather than the CWF logo. Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane stand at ringside.

TT: Welcome everyone to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia! Welcome to the fallout from Night of Champions II! And yes indeed, welcome to CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…and Bobby, what a night it was just one week ago at Night of Champions!

BC: Jeff Jericho is back, Teddy! Woo!

TT: Indeed he is, and he is the sole reason Brian Adams is still the champion!

BC: Hey, you don’t know that! Adams could have got up from that Pledge Hammer!

TT: Ohh yeah, right Bobby. Adams was a bloodied, battered, unconscious heap lying on the mat…by all means, Pledge Allegiance should be the champion, but instead…as a result of what happened at Night of Champions II, Pledge is expected to come out here tonight and announce his retirement! Can you believe that? Pledge Allegiance, one of the biggest stars the CWF has ever seen, is quitting here tonight!

BC: What a baby! We’ll be better off without him, Teddy!

TT: You’ve got to be kidding. Pledge Allegiance is one of the best in the history of this business…but nonetheless, also tonight will we hear from the legendary Jeff Jericho? He’s the man that’s caused all this. And not to mention, who in the hell was that man in the black ski mask? Will we find out tonight?

BC: Ha! You’ll find out when he’s good and ready and not a minute sooner!

TT: Well…also tonight, Rob Osbourne will defend the CWF National Championship against Sickboy…and this is particularly interesting because Sickboy has broken ribs as a result of the heinous attack by Paul Blair last week. No doubt, The Nitemare has a huge advantage tonight and that can’t be good for Sickboy because even at 100%, beating Rob Osbourne is no easy feat.

BC: Let’s face it, he has no chance! No chance!

TT: Alright, well…we’ve got a hell of a line up tonight no less…and…what the hell is this…looks like we won’t have to wait to hear from Brian Adams or the rest of his crew here…

Suck it up by (hed) p.e blasts over the PA system as the lights dim down in the arena. Blue and red fireworks begin to rapidly shoot out from the stage to make a huge explosion in front of the CWF-tron. As the smoke clears we see Keith Daniels, Jeff Jericho, and the CWF world heavyweight champion Brian Adams makes their way out from the back to receive the crowds disapproving jeers as they begin to throw trash and other forms of debris towards the ramp way. The camera pans to a sign being held up by a fan that reads "YOU SCREWED PLEDGE!" in bold lettering before flashing back to the trio who are slowly making their way towards the ring.

TT: What the hell is this now?

BC: What kind of way is that to talk about these men? They are heroes!

TT: What is the matter with you? Are you drunk?!

BC: ....Right now?

TT: Jesus...

All three roll in the ring and get up on separate turnbuckles and taunt the crowd. Brian holds his world title up to show off to the crowd and flips them off before getting down. Jericho walks over and snatches the microphone out of the time keeper's hand and shouts something at him before walking to the middle of the ring and bringing the microphone up to speak.

Jeff Jericho: Guess who’s back! The original icon, the face of the Hall of Fame! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the greatest superstar to EVER set foot in a wrestling ring, and Vancouver, B.C….YOU have the pleasure of listening to me speak.

The crowd boos loudly.

Jeff Jericho: I would expect a reaction like that from you Western Canadian morons. You’re the same idiots who voted Stephen Harper into office so I’m not surprised you would boo a God like me. In Toronto, they appreciate talent!

The crowd starts throwing garbage at Jericho.

Jeff Jericho: Oh, I see you picked up some trash off the street on your way in. I don’t see any needles or packages of heroin flying to the ring yet…boys, watch out for that, these people are a bunch of hippies. Now, onto Night of Champions II. I’ve been asked all week, “why Jeff, why?”…why would I give the viewers at home the ultimate close up of your fallen hero, Pledge Allegiance? Why would I knock him flat on his red, white, and blue ass and cost him the title? I’ll tell you why, you morons. Because Pledge Allegiance is not World Championship material! You shouldn’t be booing me, you people should be THANKING me for saving this company! Every single time Pledge Allegiance has held that title, this company has closed its doors. Pledge Allegiance is an epic failure of a wrestler. And he wants to be in the Hall of Fame? Please, what an insult to myself and the rest of the Hall of Fame inductees. Pledge, you don’t deserve the Hall of Fame just like you don’t deserve the title. And fans at home, don’t worry, you can thank me later…I won’t judge you all by these peons in Vancouver.

A loud roar from the crowd shows their instant displeasure towards Jericho as he hands his microphone off to Keith Daniels.

Keith Daniels: How about that huh? I heard you morons out there cheering me on against Kyle Sync and Jay Matthews, and for what? You got your hopes up so high thinking that you had another hero to save the day and in the end it was a disaster. A beautiful disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. What's the matter? Disappointed? Disenchanted? Do you disapprove? Oh I'm sure. Seems like the only way you idiots are able to stay loyal to someone around here is if they're waving a flag or thumping a bible. Now look what you have here in this ring. A triple threat group filled with multiple time world champions, and let's not forget the current one as well.

Brian takes a bow mocking the crowd as Keith throws off a smirk chuckling to himself at Brian.

Keith Daniels: Let's get one thing straight right here, right now. This isn't X-Rated, this isn't The Superstar Corporation, this isn't the Painkillers, and it damn sure isn't the Horsemen. This is Shock Value, live and in living f**kin' color! Look at "the ones" we have here. We got the CWF Hall of Famer and former five time CWF World Champion, "The Golden One" Jeff Jericho. We have the most infamous wrestler in CWF history and the current CWF World Heavyweight Champion, "The Flawless One" Brian Adams, and let's not forget yours truly "The Dangerous One" Keith Daniels. Tell me now, who is really going to f*ck with us?!

Brian walks over and whispers something into Keith's ear. He listens and then nods his head in acknowledgement.

Keith Daniels: Ah, that's right, unless they're doing cowardly sneak attacks and sticking their nose in business it doesn't belong. Who could it be? Who else?! "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. Now Rob, you came out here two weeks ago talking about how you weren't going to get yourself involved in the Pledge Allegiance and Brian Adams match, but you couldn't resist could you? You couldn't resist breaking your word and coming to the aid of your worthless half-brother could you?

You see that's the thing about these Osbournes. They will take something that has nothing to do with them, and somehow twist it to their advantage and make it all about them. And I thought I was the egomaniac! So tell me Osbourne, what was going through your head at that particular moment when you decided to involve yourself in Shock Value's business? My guess is your feet were moving faster than your brain, and by the time you figured out that you f*cked up, it was too late. Well that's fine with me, Osbourne. At Night of Champions, you crossed the point of no return, this is no coming back from this. You must have been crazy to have done what you did, but then again you're an Osbourne. No brains and no balls, it's a deadly combination. Tonight I'm going to expose you for the gutless coward everyone knows you to be Nitemare. Life is pain Osbourne, but so is my foot when I stick it straight up your ass!

Keith stares out into the crowd and smiles at their disapproval before giving the microphone over to Adams who is drowned out by the deafening sound of boos from the crowd before he even attempts to talk. A big grin comes over Brian's face before lifting the microphone up.

TT: Wow, would you listen to the response this capacity crowd is showing for the champion?

BC: I am Teddy, they're just like me, they love this guy!

TT: Wait, what?

BC: This man has overcome adversity at every turn, it's only right they show the proper appreciation for such a feat.

TT: Bobby, let me see that water bottle...


A loud chorus of "You screwed Pledge!" starts up around the arena as a confused look comes over Brian's face as if he has no idea what they're talking about.

Brian Adams: Aww, I love you too. But to let's be honest here, you all are kidding yourselves. I had absolutely NOTHING to do with screwing your 'American Icon' last Saturday at Night of Champions. As a matter of fact, if you look at the facts, the man screwed himself.

If Pledge hadn't brought his little cock jockey to ringside to show his 'support', then I wouldn't have had to bring down Daniels. It's simple mathematics ladies and gentlemen, and addition simply doesn't favor Pledge Allegiance in the overall equation. In the end it's not about getting even, it's about getting one up on your opponent, and once again, Pledge came shorthanded. Sure he had Osbourne helping him out, but this time it didn't matter. This time I had all the angles figured out. Don't think for one second that I don't know how you Osbournes work. You fight with each other, you scream at each other, and like to put on this little act as if there is some sort of dissention within your ranks, but in the end you have each others' backs. You're animals, plain and simple.

Allow me to get back on topic though. Did I screw Pledge? Well let me see here, how about we look at the rules, or the lack there of when it comes to no disqualification matches. Everything was fair game but it just didn't go the way you wanted it to. Every single time the odds are stacked in Pledge's favor, which at last count has been every god damn time we've been in the ring together, he can't seem to pull it off. There is simply no pay off with Pledge. He gets the check, he endorses it, he goes to cash it at the bank, but then it bounces. It's simple enough, there is just no cash value when it comes to Pledge becoming the CWF world heavyweight champion, now or ever.

And now what do I have in front of me? Oh that's right, The Lord of the Ring, Magnus...

The crowd explodes in cheers at the mention of Magnus Thunder. Brian drops the mic and endures the crowd's reaction.

BC: One ring to rule...

TT: Would you shut up?!

Brian Adams: Alright, alright, calm down. We all know the sad story of Magnus Thunder. He's the biggest disappointment in CWF history. Who else has headlined two separate Super Cards and come up short time and time again? Let's not forget the title shot that he magically received a few weeks ago out of thin air. A gift from God, I'm sure. What did he do with it though? Nothing, because he refuses to take advantage of the situation laid before him. Magnus, you've been twirling your fingers in anticipation of my fall from grace for some time now. I'm guessing with the exception of the second coming that nothing would make you happier than to see me fall flat on my face and lose my title. Magnus, before you say anything, and I mean anything about you beating me or you being the 'real CWF world champion,' I want you to take a long hard look at your track record when you step in the ring with me. I want you to look back to 2001 when I beat you in that hell in a cell match. I want you to look back at both Showdowns where I outsmarted you each time to pin your shoulder's to the mat. Most importantly though, I want you to look back on March 21st, 2009. I want you to look back on Super Card and remember that I didn't cheat. I didn't have Daniels and I didn't have Jericho. It was you and me in that ring and I beat you because I was the better man. I AM the better man. Losing to me is something you've become quite familiar with Magnus, and I'm happy to be the first to tell you that the all too familiar welcoming comfort of loss is waiting for you at Summer Smash. Prepare to be sho--

"Elevation" By U2 roars through the arena as Mark Xamin comes out to the stage with a microphone in hand. The crowd goes into an uproar for the CWF owner and Xamin thanks them for it. The crowd begins to die down as Adams puts the microphone back up.

Brian Adams: What is it now Xamin? Are you out here to give Pledge ANOTHER undeserving shot at my title? What now? Another impromtu tag match that I wasn't aware of? What do you want?!

Mark Xamin: I'm glad you asked Brian. You know, your ride at the top hasn't been easy, nor should it be. Not for you, or anyone who holds that title.

Brian Adams: What are you talking about? I've ran through every single man to challenge me for this gold, and I'll continue to do so no matter who you have to throw at me. I have the gold and I have Shock Value, try to top that!

Mark Xamin: It's funny you mention that, because I think I have the answer for that little comment. You're right Brian, you have run through every man I've put in your way, but not without some form of controversy surrounding it. The cage match at Vendetta, the match with Magnus on Showdown, and let's not forget the 'shocking' reformation of Shock Value at Night of Champions 2. You have gone out of your way to ensure that there is nothing that will take that title away from you, but I have one last trick up my sleeve, my ace in the hole.

Brian Adams: What the hell are you talking about? A cage? A cell? A chamber? A ladder? What more do you have to throw at me to catch and run with?

Mark Xamin: Summer Smash is our biggest event of the summer and the second biggest event of the year, second only to Super Card, and I refuse to let your antics sabotage such an event. So to ensure fair play to Magnus and yourself, I am banning every CWF wrestler from ring side! That means if anybody on the CWF roster gets within fifty feet of that ring they will be automatically fired. That includes Jericho and Daniels!

The crowd starts a "You're Screwed" chant as Brian, Jericho, and Daniels all start pointing and yelling at Xamin off the microphone. Xamin holds a hand up to quiet the crowd.

Mark Xamin: Oh wait, I'm not done yet. I caught that little cheap shot with the title you hit Magnus with a few short weeks ago on Showdown, I'm happy to let you know that that's a no go at Summer Smash. If you happen to get yourself disqualified or get yourself counted out to save your precious title, you will automatically lose your title and it will be awarded to Magnus Thunder!

BC: This isn't fair! How can he do this?!

TT: There is this thing called a boss Bobby, he's ours.

BC: You can't treat the champ like this! This is an outrage!

Brian stares Xamin down with wide eyes full of anger, not able to actually speak.

Mark Xamin: What's the matter 'Flawless One'? You 'shocked'? Get used to it.

'Elevation' by U2 plays again as Xamin makes his way towards the back as Brian just stares out into the crowd not sure what to think.

TT: Absolutely sickening, this group known as…Shock Value? But Xamin has seemingly eliminated that factor at Summer Smash for the title match!

BC: Hey, you can’t tell me you weren’t shocked at Night of Champions, Teddy! This group is going to run wild all over this company, I love it!

TT: Yeah well whoever that man in the black mask is has made a sizeable impact so far here…in fact without him, Pledge Allegiance may have swept Adams in two straight matches last week…he clearly has a grasp on what’s going on in the ring…he caught Rob Osbourne off guard at the exact right time, leading me to believe that whoever he is…he’s no rookie.

BC: Yeah, like Brian Adams would ever associate himself with a rookie, Teddy! Come on! For Brian Adams to associate himself with anybody right now, he has to bring something to the table…whoever the masked man is, he’s offering Adams something no one else can.

TT: Alright fans…we have to take a quick commercial break. We haven’t had our first match yet and already things are getting crazy…don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans and…apparently we won’t be getting to the ring for any action just yet, because something is going on in Rob Osbourne’s locker room…let’s get a camera back there…

The camera cuts to backstage in the dressing room area. The camera comes right up to the door of the dressing room of the CWF National Champion, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. As the cameraman widens the shot back out we see Bob Osbourne, the 18 year old son of the National Champion and a CWF rookie that will compete in his first big time match later this evening. The younger Osbourne knocks on the door and the older opens it.

NRO: Why did you knock?

BOB: Uhm, I really need to remind you of the last time I opened a door you were on the other side of without knocking?

NRO: Oh yeah.....when you showed up at Christina's office and I was making a few "executive decisions" on her desk huh? Good times. Good times.

BOB: .................

NRO: So are you ready for tonight kid?

BOB: I don't think I could be any more ready....

Just then the older Osbourne's iPhone rings and he glances down and answers it. He speaks rapidly and quickly ends the call.

NRO: Shit kid, they found him, come on, we gotta get to Xamin's office.

TT: Found who? What the hell is going on?

BC: I don’t know but did you see Bob Osbourne? This kid is gonna be great! He’s the first ever second generation wrestler in the CWF! Unbelievable!

TT: We will see him in action against Mariano Fernandez later tonight but…what’s this now?

Cut to Mark Xamin's room. He is sitting back relaxed with his legs propped up and Kodiak Winters guarding the door. Xamin’s phone rings and he jumps quickly to answer it. He hits the speaker phone button expecting it to be someone else.


Mark Xamin: Who is this?

Voice: Boss? How can you not know who I am?

Mark Xamin: Drastic is that you?

Voice: No. It’s Bryan Joseph Osbourne.

Mark Xamin: (rolls eyes) Riiight...where are you?

Drastic is breathing heavily into the phone.

Drastic: I'm in the arena.... I was hiding.... they're still trying to find me. I have no idea why they are chasing me. Why are they chasing me boss...WHY?!

Mark Xamin: (motions to Winters) You're here? Where? You should come see me. We can fix this.

Drastic: ....oh shit... they found me.

The sound of a voice is heard as the phone drops. "QUICK GUYS GET HIM!" can be heard shouted then the sound stops. Just then Chris Osbourne barges into Xamin's office. Winters moves in front of Osbourne. Osbourne slowly tilts his head up pushing his chest to Winters.

Mark Xamin: It’s ok. Let him by.

DCO: Have you talked to him?

Mark Xamin: Talked to who ?

DCO: You know damned well who! MY SON!

Mark Xamin: Nope. Not at all.

DCO: I trust if you do, you will let me know?

Mark Xamin: Sure. I'll let you know, Chris. Now since you’re here, we need to talk. If you’re going to be running around and what not taking up my air time, getting involved in my matches, then pal, you need to sign a CWF contract. If not, get the hell out of my building and stay out my companies affairs.


Mark Xamin: Fine, So be it. Next week, you will compete.

DCO: You do whatever you need to do. Get your little contract drawn up and I will beat down whatever sorry excuse for a wrestler you stick in the ring with me. I'll show the CWF who the dominant Osbourne really is. You know what, in fact make all my matches hardcore rules, I don’t care. Put me against anyone you want. All I will see is my cocky, arrogant brother's shit eating grin, and that will be all the motivation I need.

Mark Xamin: Is that a fact? Well, let's see how that idea works when the man on the other side of the ring is....MAGNUS THUNDER!


Mark Xamin: Now if you will please excuse me, I have a company to run and a show to put for your son, like you said, YOU need to find him.

Chris exits the room, irately slamming the door behind him.

Mark Xamin: Find Rob Osbourne. Tell him I need to talk to him.

Just then, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and his son, Bob Osbourne barge into Xamin’s office, narrowly missing a confrontation with Chris Osbourne.

NRO: Mark, i really don't have time for this, I have to find....

Mark Xamin: Yeah, yeah, I know. You have to find your nephew. I thought you may like to know that your brother is in the arena.

NRO: Yeah I know, but he said he was quitting, so if Pledge wants to take his ball and go home, who am I to stop him?

Mark Xamin: Not him.

NRO: Eric is here?

Mark Xamin: Nope.

BOB: Dad....I think he might mean Uncle Chris....sheesh...

NRO: WHAT?! He can't be HERE. Not TONIGHT....unless....

BOB: Dad, for the love of God, Uncle Chris is not the Black Mask...give it up already Sherlock, you ain't cracking this case.

Mark Xamin: Oh, by the way, he will be here next week as well. And the week after that...and the week after that....

NRO: didn't? You couldn't have? You wouldn't have?

Mark Xamin: Yes sir I can, would, and did. Next week "The Daydreamer" Chris Osbourne takes on Magnus Thunder!

NRO: HA! I love it. Keep doing what you're doing X, don't change a thing. Look, I think we know where my nephew is, we have to go find him. Thanks for the heads up about Chris by the way.

Mark Xamin: My pleasure.

Rob Osbourne and his son head out of the office and Kodiak Winters just stares at Xamin.

Mark Xamin: What?

Kodiak Winters: Like I needed to have to worry about ANOTHER Osbourne running around.

Mark Xamin: Oh, this is going to get good. You think Rob and Pledge hate each other? You ain't seen nothin’ yet. These two take "brotherly love" to a whole other level. If I didn't know better, I'd think they were from Philly as much as they hate each other.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: Is there an Osbourne farm somewhere?

TT: Seems like it…no doubt that family is wrestling royalty but they are as dysfunctional as they are talented.

BC: I mean really, what’s next? “Super” Dave Osbourne? Ozzy Osbourne? Jack Osbourne?

TT: …let’s just get to the ring, finally!

BC: As much as I hate to say it you should probably just chalk up another win for 'The Drooler'.. this Sync guy is a complete dud.

TT: You might be correct Bobby, but that's why we actually have the fights isn't it? Let's take it over to the ring announcer for the entrance of the disappointing Kyle Sync.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here in the General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia are you ready for Showdown?

The crowd responds by almost tearing the roof off the joint with a ruckus round of applause.

Ring Announcer: This first bout is set for one fall... introducing first, from Warsaw, Poland weighing in at 275 pounds, and standing 6'2” tall. He is Kyle Sync!

Kyle Sync steps through the curtain. There is close to no reaction from the crowd. He begins walk down the ramp when he notices that there is no music playing. He turns 360 degrees screaming at the top of his lungs. He begins to throw a fit when out of nowhere 'Hunt You Down' by Saliva blares out loud over the loudspeakers. Kyle jumps, startled by the music, and then the pyro hits. The edges of the entrance ramp explode in pyro engulfing Sync, and sending him into a panic. The fans are now filling the GM Palace with the sounds of laughter. Kyle Sync runs toward the ring as the ring announcer continues his introductions.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…

BlairVision Theme Music hits the loudspeakers, and a long red carpet rolls out over the stage. The fans begin to rain down a rafter rattling chorus of boos, and the announcer continues his introduction.

Ring Announcer: ...from River Falls, Wisconsin…weighing in at 275 pounds…CWF Hall of Famer, and former two time CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE RULER” PAUL BLAIR!

Blair appears at the top of the entrance ramp. He basks in the hate of the crowd, spreading his arms wide and soaking it all in. trash flies onto the red carpet and at Blair as he makes his way toward the ring. As he reaches the stage a lady of around 50 leans forward to hit his back with her shoe. She is screaming curses as she does so. Blair hears her coming and grabs the shoe. He jaws back and forth with the old lady for a bit before holding the shoe out to her.

TT: That's very much not Blair like Bobby. Maybe his movie career is giving him a little more respect for the fans...

At this very second Blair whips around, tossing the shoe to the far side of the arena, he can be heard telling the old lady that if she wants it that bad she can get up and get it.

TT: There's the old Blair that we all know and despise.

Blair laughs to himself at what he's done as he climbs the steps to enter the ring.

TT: Kyle Sync is in a hurry to get this match started. He takes off for the ropes where Blair is entering the ring, but no. Blair pulls the top rope down and Sync goes flying over it to the outside. The crowd goes wild as Kyle Sync's head makes a sickening cracking sound on the guard rail.

BC: Blair takes his time making his way to Sync. He puts the boots to Sync's ribs on the floor outside the ring before pulling him up by his hair. Paul Blair with an Irish whip on Sync. Sync's ribs hit hard against the guard rail before Blair rushes at him with a hard knee lift that doubles Sync over. Blair doesn't quit though, as he tucks Kyle Sync's head between his legs. He lifts up on Sync's legs and jumps up, coming down with a wicked piledriver.

TT: That padding isn't even a quarter inch thick bobby, Sync has got to be hurt right now. Paul Blair plays up to the fans after the devastating move. Blair rolls Sync to the side of the ring before pulling him back to his feet and putting his shoulder into the ring post. Sync is staggering as The Ruler lays into him with forearm after forearm. Blair finally takes the fight inside the ring and the ref rings the bell.

BC: Sync trying to put up a fight throws rights and lefts in Blair's direction. Blair shakes off the feeble attempts at an offensive flurry and kicks Sync hard in the gut. Sync doubles over again holding his arms across his midsection. He stays there as Blair bounces off the ropes and returns with a swinging neck breaker.

TT: Blair should go for the cover here, Sync doesn't look like he's got anything left in him. Blair instead walks to the far corner to yell at the fine Canadian fans. While he's letting them know how great he is Sync is returning to his feet slowly. Kyle pulls himself first to his knees then all the way up using the ropes. Just as he makes it to a standing position Blair turns...

BC: BLAIR KICK!!! He almost tore his head off with that. Blair places his left boot on Sync's chest. The ref begins the count...




TT: NO! Damn Blair.. he's stepped off of Sync, and he's pulling him back to his feet. The Ruler sets Kyle Sync up against the turnbuckles. He chops at Sync's bare chest hard, the sound echoes throughout the arena as Blair makes his way across the ring once more..

BC: Another Blairkick! Sync isn't moving. Blair with another non-nonchalant pin. The ref with the count...




TT: Your Winner 'The Ruler' Paul Blair. Sync looks as though he's been trampled by an elephant.

BC: I just can't get over the fact that this guy keeps coming back for more Teddy... he must be some type of masochist.

TT: Well nonetheless, Blair finally breaks out of his slump!

BC: Really? Does beating Kyle Sync really prove anything other than the fact that you can beat up a little girl? I’m pretty sure everyone in this arena could have done that.

TT: Well be that as it may, it must feel good for Blair to get that monkey off his back, maybe now he can mount a come back here. In any event, up next we have Bob Osbourne taking on Mariano Fernandez. Both men are making their CWF debuts, and as you mentioned earlier Bobby…Bob Osbourne is the very first second generation star in the CWF, so everyone has high hopes for this youngster…just 18 years of age! In fact, I believe that would make him the youngest wrestler to compete in the CWF as well, so a bit of history being made tonight.

BC: He’s gonna be great, Teddy! But from what I hear, this Mariano Fernandez kid is a bad man in the ring…I hear he wrestles rabid jackals and coyotes with his bare hands, just for fun. I heard he went to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil and made it tap out. This kid is bad news!

TT: …give me a break. You’re telling me he made a Jesus statue tap out? Come on. This kid has shown to be nothing but a class act all week on the promo network…in fact, just before the show, Dennis Donnelly caught up with him to get his thoughts on his debut tonight…let’s have a look.

Backstage, 40 minutes before Mariano Fernandez's match, and Dennis Donnelly is standing next to Mariano in front of a wall with a CWF logo. Mariano is already dressed in his match attire: A plain black t-shirt, black leather pants and pull-on black boots. He looks as serious as ever, and a concentrated expression can be seen on his face.

Dennis Donnelly: (looking towards camera) Here we are with Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez, a rookie newcomer to the CWF, just minutes before his upcoming match and Mariano (turns towards him), first of all welcome to CWF, and how's it feel like to face the son of a wrestling legend, who's also a rookie: Bob Osbourne?

Mariano Fernandez: (turns to Donnelly) Thank you for welcoming me into the CWF, and regarding your question, I'm more than just excited. I'm thrilled to have such an opponent, and of course it's an honor to face a wrestler of such renown as an Osbourne. (Turns to camera) Yet of course, I can't let myself be intimidated by that factor, because it's my debut match and I have to show the audience what I'm all about, give everything I've got and put up a good match.

Dennis Donnelly: Alright, I can see you're extremely focused. Have you had any contact with Bob Osbourne, or have heard of what he's done in the recent days?

Mariano: (nods) I've checked and there I've seen some stuff he's said about me, like I'm a nerdy, Nintendo-obsessed freak. I have no ill feeling towards him because of these comments, I couldn't help to have a little laugh at myself as he might not be far from the truth. But beyond that, that shows he's considering me as an opponent instead of overlooking me, which is a good thing.

Dennis Donnelly: Can you make a guess about your odds in this match?

Mariano: I'm not the exact person to be asked about odds, much less when both Bob Osbourne and myself are rookies and will have our very first CWF match, but I can't deny I'm kind of an underdog due to the fact that his abilities will be exactly like his father's, if not better. However, I do have something to give as well, and I hope I will be able to give him a run for his money, and most importantly a great show to the CWF fans.

Dennis Donnelly: O.K.! It was a pleasure talking to you, and I'll leave you with this question: Anything you'd like to say to Bob Osbourne before your match?

Mariano: If I may say something to you, Bob Osbourne... (pauses staring at the camera for a moment) I wish you good luck in our match, as I remarked at the beginning of this interview it is an honor to have you as an opponent in my CWF debut, and I can no longer wait to meet you in the ring.

Dennis Donnelly: Very well, that's the end of this interview. Mariano, thank you very much for your time and the best of luck in your debut.

Mariano: (bows) Mr. Donnelly, the pleasure is all mine, and it is I who should be grateful for this interview and this opportunity to express myself.

He walks off camera.

Dennis Donnelly: That was Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez. Teddy and Bobby, back to you.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: You see, Bobby? The guy sounds like a class act through and through…I can’t wait to see his debut here!

BC: A class act? That kid is as innocent as a new born baby. God…I want to go touch the top of his head and see if he still has a soft spot. You can almost smell the youth from here.

TT: Let’s just get to the ring…I’m sure both of these rookies are eager to get this underway…

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring from Buenos Aries, Argentina standing five feet nine inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and seventy six point five pounds….making his CWF in ring debut….MARIO “SHADOW” FERNANDEZ!

“Hironobu Kageyama - The Biggest Fight” hits as Mariano makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, also making his CWF in ring debut, from Orlando, Florida standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds…BOB OSBOURNE!

The arena goes pitch black as “Gone” by Crooked X blasts through the PA as white lights flicker in time with the drum beat. Orange lights are in time to the guitar. As soon as the song kicks in, the lights flash white and Bob comes out and poses at the top of the ramp. Pyro explodes as he heads to the ring. Bob then gives fans high-fives along the way. Once Bob slides in to the ring, and poses, the arena slowly fills with orange and black.

BC: The only way that entrance could have been any more elaborate is if it was his old man heading down to the ring.

TT: For a rookie about to wrestle his first big professional bout, he sure does look confident and relaxed.

BC: Let’s see if that’s the case after the bell rings.

TT: He looked okay to me last week when he took out The Juggernaut and Paul Blair both.

BC: Do you hear yourself? I mean, it WAS Paul Blair and The Juggernaut after all!

TT: One was a seven foot five, five hundred pound former National Champion and the other is a multiple time CWF champion and member of the Hall of Fame, so yeah, to me, that’s not bad for an 18 year old kid.

BC: Hmph.

TT: The bell has rung and these two are officially CWF superstars. Osbourne ties up with Fernandez who drops the second generation superstar with a belly to belly suplex.

BC: Osbourne back up on his feet quickly. Bob ties up with Mariano now, and this time Osbourne delivers a belly to belly suplex to Fernandez.

TT: Fernandez back up just as quickly and these two are fairly evenly matched Bobby.

BC: Sure, but what will Fernandez do the first time his 5’7” 176.5 pound frame gets pitted against someone like Magnus Thunder who is literally, two of Fernandez?

TT: He’s going to need more than a belly to belly with someone like Magnus or Pledge, that’s for sure.

BC: Osbourne grabs Fernandez and whips into the ropes, Fernandez comes off fast, he leaps over Osbourne and bounces off of the far ropes and nails Osbourne with a spinning elbow.

TT: Osbourne not phased much by it, back on his feet and this time Fernandez grabs him and sends him into the ropes, Osbourne jumps before he hits the ropes however and plants both feet on the top rope, spins in air and kicks Fernandez in the mouth.

BC: Mariano isn’t as quick to get up this time, and Osbourne capitalizes by nailing a missile drop kick. Fernandez is dazed. Bob Osbourne climbs the ropes and attempts a 360 splash, but Fernandez rolls out of the way and Osbourne eats canvas. Fernandez now up the turnbuckle and he gets air!

TT: Mariano Fernandez just leapt across two thirds of the ring and lands a knee in the abdomen of Bob Osbourne, who is flailing in pain.

BC: Fernandez grabs Osbourne by the hair and drags him to the center of the ring. Mariano walks gingerly to the corner and places a hand on each side of the turnbuckle and watches Osbourne begin to stir.

TT: Osbourne on his knees now. He gets on knee up. He staggers to a standing position and Fernandez takes his cue….YAKUZA KICK!

BC: NO! Osbourne ducks under his leg and executes a front leg sweep, and Fernandez crashes to the mat. Osbourne up now delivering kick after kick to Fernandez who seems to have lost the momentum he had.

TT: Osbourne pulls the smaller man up and whips him into the corner. Bob runs with a full head of steam…high cross body….and Fernandez gets crushed in the corner.

BC: Osbourne pulls Fernandez up beneath his armpits and heaves the smaller man into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Bob climbs up the bottom two ropes and hooks his arm around Fernandez’s head…uh oh Teddy…

TT: Badd Dream DDT off of the tope ropes…he calls that the Mind Wipe, Bobby… and we had best get used to seeing that move.

BC: Well, he may have underestimated Fernandez, which took him a little longer to get the job done. We all know how potent the Badd Dream is, but I never would have imagined it being done from the top ropes. Ouch!

TT: Mariano “Shadow” Fernandez had a good showing but I just don’t think it was enough Crane. Cover by Osbourne……………………1……………………………….2…………………….3….NO! KICK OUT!

BC: My God! How did Fernandez kick out of that?

TT: I haven’t a clue bobby Crane, but I like it! Bob Osbourne can’t believe it.

BC: Regular chip off of the old block Teddy, look at him. He’s arguing with the ref that he counted too slowly.

TT: Fernandez, meanwhile, is back on his feet. He charges at Osbourne, dive tackling him to the ground and starts pummeling him with a fury of lefts and rights.

BC: Osbourne fighting back, and these two are trying to knock each other out in their CWF debuts!

TT: Osbourne with an eye gouge that temporarily blinds Mariano, who grabs the corner turnbuckle for support. Osbourne sees it and he’s off to the races!


Bob sprints to the opposite side of the ring, bounces off the ropes and sprints back towards Fernandez. He grabs the top rope with his left hand and the middle rope with his right hand and flings his legs full force, shooting back over the top rope ending the move in a Shining Wizard.

TT: And NOW Fernandez appears to be out….wait….no! He’s back on his feet! AMAZING!

BC: Osbourne can’t believe his eyes Teddy. Bob grabs him by the back of the neck and rams Mariano’s head into the ring post as the crowd counts along…..1……2…..3……4……5…..6……7……8…..9….10!

TT: Fernandez begins to drop in a heap, but Osbourne pushes him towards the turnbuckle. Fernandez’s chest and face are on the top turnbuckle as Osbourne drops to a knee and positions his head between Fernandez’s legs and stands up with the smaller Fernandez on his shoulders…..

BC: Well Teddy if the Mind Wipe and the Black Out didn’t do the trick, then the only answer left to the problem is an Osbourne Effect!


BC: The kid did it Teddy. Very impressive debut by both of these young men here tonight. Fernandez has nothing to be ashamed of here tonight. It took all three of Osbourne’s finishing maneuvers to keep him down.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…..BOB OSBOURNE!

“Gone” by Crooked X plays as Osbourne celebrates.

TT: What a debut for both men! Bob Osbourne picks up the victory and he looked very impressive, but Mariano Fernandez looked dangerous in there! These two have very bright futures…

BC: Mariano Fernandez…isn’t he the closer for the Yankees?

TT: …Rivera.

BC: Huh?

TT: That’s Mariano Rivera, you idiot. Folks…we’ll be right back…Pledge Allegiance will address us next! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans! Pledge Allegiance is scheduled to come out here next and address the fans, where it is expected he will announce his retirement after a devastating loss to Brian Adams at Night of Champions II last week in Las Vegas. Could this be the last time we see Pledge Allegiance in a CWF ring?

BC: Let’s hope so, Teddy! The sour puss can’t even accept a loss to the best in the business today!

TT: Well the “best in the business” sure needed a lot of help to beat Pledge, Bobby. Keith Daniels, the man in the black mask, and Jeff Jericho all played a big hand in that title defense, otherwise Pledge Allegiance would be coming out here right now to celebrate his championship victory! But nonetheless, before Pledge comes out here we have something going on in the back…apparently Alex Ruettiger’s locker room is where we’re headed…let’s get a camera back there!

Cut to the backstage area where Alex Ruettiger, clad in his usual wrestling attire of black/gold trunks, gold knee pads and black boots, is finishing warming up. The door to his room opens and in comes his business advisor, Amanda Caine, looking harried in a wrinkled business suit and her rolling suitcase carried behind her.

Amanda: We've got to talk, Alex.

Alex: Too late to talk now, Amanda, my match with Motion is up next. I am glad to see that you made it here, though.

Amanda: Really, I need to tell you...

Alex walks past Amanda to the door, stopping to turn around briefly.

Alex: Look, I had a lot of time on the flight up here and I've calmed down. I appreciate that you made it up here and I hope you'll come to the ring with me, as usual. The other stuff, well, we can figure it out later.

Alex turns and walks out the door heading to his match with Motion, but Amanda just stays there, saying what she's been holding off for the past few weeks, in a very small voice that's almost inaudible.

Amanda: I'm pregnant.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Wow!


TT: Will you stop!

BC: I never knew he had it in him! Atta boy, Rudy!

TT: Well Amanda picked a hell of a time to break the news…moments before his match with Motion!

BC: That’s what women do, Teddy! They distract you and before you know it, they’re dominating you’re whole world and everything else you cared about takes a back seat. That’s why I won’t commit to one woman…

TT: Yeah, that’s why… [rolls his eyes]

BC: Women are like elephants, Teddy.

TT: I’m afraid of where you’re going with this.

BC: They’re fun to look at, but you never want to own one.

TT: For the love of God…he said it folks, not me.

BC: Whatever, you run home to Mrs. Turnbuckle like a good little boy…

TT: Okay Bobby, we’ve been waiting all week for comments from Pledge Allegiance in regards to what went down last week at Night of Champions. All that we know is that The American Icon tendered his resignation this week to our CEO Mark Xamin. In a memo released to the public this week, Pledge promised that he would be here tonight to give what he told Xamin would be his farewell address. The boys in the back are telling me that Pledge is on his way out here now!

BC: Boo friggin hoo, Teddy, boo friggin hoo! Leave it to Pledge to take his ball and go home! He is an Osbourne after all and Lord knows, they’re prone to bitchfits of monumental proportions!

TT: Will you please!

BC: I’m not saying, I’m just saying!

“Iron Man” booms throughout the arena and the audience jumps to their feet in anticipation of Pledge Allegiance’s arrival. He makes his way to the stage and walks down the aisle with purpose, ignoring the fans at ringside. Instead of his traditional ring entrance, he gingerly walks up the ring steps, still showing some after effects of the brutal encounter with Brian Adams at Night of Champions. He calls for the timekeeper to toss him a microphone. As he grabs the mic, his music dies down and he begins to address the crowd.

Pledge Allegiance: I’m going to make this short and sweet. I just want to thank all of you for your loyal support over the years. You’ve all been amazing since the CWF re-opened this past winter. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

However, due to what transpired at Night of Champions, it’s painfully clear that there is no place for Pledge Allegiance in the CWF. I cannot work for an owner that allows such lawlessness to overrun this organization.

I had Brian Adams beat. I pinned him cleanly in the first fall of our match. I was well on my way to victory in the second fall when Keith Daniels was allowed to interfere. And the third fall? Jericho in the cage as the cameraman? You’ve got to be kidding me! Who checks these things and who makes sure that everyone at ringside is supposed to be there? You have Jeff Jericho impersonating a cameraman… The responsibility to make things at ringside run smoothly falls on the owner of this organization, Mark Xamin. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Mark Xamin has failed me as the head of this organization for the very last time. I’m out of here!

So, Mark, if you’re content having a World Champion that needs an army of men to beat their challengers for him, by all means. I wasn’t defeated by Brian Adams last week, I was defeated by Mark Xamin. And that assclown Kodiak Winters, your special enforcer? He’s a bigger joke than you are!

Anyone with half a brain will now realize that I am the uncrowned champion of The CWF. I pinned Brian Adams, something he can’t say he’s ever done to me, and then everything went to hell when Mark Xamin allowed the entire CWF roster interfere in my business.

Fear not friends, this won’t be the last that you see of your American Icon. As soon as I leave here, I’m on the red-eye back to New York City. Tomorrow morning, at 11am, I will be holding a press conference at the Empire State Building to announce that effective immediately, SAW is back in business.

That’s right. The arena contracts have been signed. We’re in the process of hiring talent now. Starting tomorrow, a new era in the world of professional wrestling begins with the rebirth of Supreme Action Wrestling. So, anyone in the back, if you’re interested in joining a world class organization where you don’t have a CEO that could mess up a wet dream…give me a call.

SAW is back folks and I pledge allegiance that it will be better than ever. I will not rest until SAW is the world’s premier wrestling organization. I will also not rest until we put The CWF out of business and Mark Xamin into the poorhouse!

Just then “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne makes his way onto the stage dressed in his street clothes and with microphone in hand The audience goes wild.

NRO: Whoa, bro. You can’t be serious. I know you’ve taken all kinds of shots to the head over the last few months and a lot of what you have to say should be taken with a grain of salt, but this is ridiculous! The guy I see standing in the ring right now is not the Pledge Allegiance that I know. That’s not the guy who’s gone tit for tat with me over the course of the last decade. It’s not even the guy who just last week took that sumbitch Brian Adams to the brink.

You and I Pledge, were cut from a different cloth than the likes of Adams, Jericho, and Daniels. And I think you know why. We’re the type of guys that when you have an issue with someone, you take it up with them. We don’t enlist others to do our dirty work. We’re not afraid to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. Why do you think Adams enlisted those guys to help him out? He knew that at the end of the day, you’re better than him and that without their help, his precious title would be lost.

Adams tasted defeat at my hands just last month and in order to protect his title from you, he got those two scumbags to back him up. Adams knows that on any given day, we’re better than him, and he’s scared shitless.

So what I’m trying to say is, we have him just where we want him. With you and me on his tail, it’s a matter of “if the right one doesn’t get you, the left one will.” There’s a lot of work to be done here Broseph. You gotta stick around if not for the reason that if you should snag the title from Adams, I’d want the opportunity to take it from you! The world’s clamoring for another classic Rob Osbourne-Pledge Allegiance encounter. You wouldn’t want to deprive them of that, would you Captain America?

Pledge: You know what Rob, you bring up a lot of valid points. Next to wanting the opportunity to embarrass you in front of a worldwide pay-per-view audience, I want nothing more than to take the CWF World Championship from Brian Adams.

However, it’s just not worth it. I don’t want that aggravation anymore. Between the incompetent owner and having defeat snagged from the jaws of victory, if I stay here Rob, people are going to be hurt and I won’t be held accountable for my actions. If I were to stay, I would have a lot of people’s blood on my hands and that’s just not who I am.

NRO: Ok, if you wanna tuck tail and be a coward, suit yourself. There goes that CWF Hall of Fame spot you’ve been lusting over.

Pledge: No. If you want to stay here and mire yourself in mediocrity for an owner who will use and abuse you AND your kid, suit YOUR SELF. I’m off to bigger and better things. If the world wants to see Pledge-NRO Part 95, it will have to be under the lights in a SAW arena.

NRO: Well it sounds like your mind’s made up. Best of luck to you, bro.

NRO drops his mic and salutes Pledge and Pledge returns the salute back in a surprising display of mutual respect. NRO turns around and heads backstage. “Iron Man” blasts throughout the arena again and Pledge goes to all four corners of the ring, climbs the turnbuckles salutes the fans then heads back up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, he turns around to give one more final salute to the fans and goes backstage.

TT: I’ll be damned, looks like it’s true. We really have seen the last of The American Icon!

BC: Good riddance! For a minute there, I thought he was going to break out his blanky and suck his thumb in the middle of the ring. What a crybaby! Adams has had Pledge’s number since February! Boo hoo!

TT: Enough, Bobby, enough. This is a dark day in The CWF.

BC: It’s a dark day for Pledge Allegiance if he thinks SAW can compete with the CWF. Give me a break, that organization has played second and third fiddle to a better promotion since it was established! Bring it on, Pledge! You won’t stand a chance!

TT: Well, regardless…let’s get back to the ring where Alex Ruettiger will try to put the news of Amanda’s apparent pregnancy on the backburner while he go ones on one with Motion, as these two renew hostilities!

Ring Announcer: Standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds...from South Bend, Indiana.....Alex Ruettiger!

“Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach begins playing as Ruettiger makes his way to the ring, accompanied by his business advisor Amanda.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Dunshaughlin, Ireland. Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds…Motion!

“Pretender” by the Foo Fighters begins to play as the curtains separate and Motion makes his way to the ring.

TT: Bobby, is it just me or has Motion been struggling to find his place since The New Church dissolved?

BC: Hell Teddy, I thought he had trouble finding his place when The New Church was still around!

TT: Oh stop it! Motion and Ruettiger tie up in the center of the ring. Motion with the advantage…duck under, belly to back suplex by Motion.

BC: Motion right back up and on point. He pulls Rudy to his feet and whips into the far ropes, clothesline by Motion and Rudy goes down again.

TT: Would you please stop calling him Rudy? Seriously. We’re going to end up getting sued by Tri-Star Home Entertainment over that if you don’t cut it out.

BC: Meh….whatever. Ruettiger back on his feet after the clothesline and he keeps looking over at Amanda. You better focus on the match Rudy or your gonna get your head taken off.

TT: Now THAT, I agree with! Ruettiger ties up with Motion once more and Motion goes for a snap suplex but Ruettiger flips his way out of it and lands on his hands and knees.

BC: Motion spots him and delivers a devastating double axe handle smash right to Rudy’s back. Motion now with a plancha dive off of the ropes onto Rudy…THAT’S GONNA LEAVE A MARK!

TT: Ruettiger tries to get to his feet again but he seems very pre-occupied with Amanda’s well being.

BC: It’s not every day you find out your gonna be a daddy Turnbuckle. Cut the kid some slack.

TT: Well you can guarantee Motion isn’t going to cut him any slack at all. Motion pulls Ruettiger back up to his feet and whips into the ropes again, this time following on his heels, as Ruettiger bounces off the ropes, Motion delivers a high knee lift and Ruettiger flips from the impact.

BC: Motion’s not having it Teddy.

TT: He climbs out of the ring and walks right up to Amanda, who back pedals away from him. Ruettiger in the ring, notices Motion stalking towards Amanda.

BC: Rudy’s pissed off now. You just don’t mess with a man’s baby mamma. Rudy with a head of steam, sprints towards the ropes on the side of the ring Motion is on and flies over the top rope slamming shoulder first into Motion as he reaches for Amanda.

TT: Amanda had enough sense to back away before Alex made impact. Bobby, I think Ruettiger may have taken the brunt of the blow….

BC: I think you’re right Teddy. Both men are down and the ref is counting them out….







. 7…………


TT: Motion is on his hands and knees struggling to pull himself up with the help of the ring apron.



BC: And Motion rolls under the bottom ropes just as the ref reaches 10 and Alex Ruettiger has been counted out Teddy!

TT: He may have lost this match, but I am sure, more importantly to him, he protected Amanda.

BC: If he wants to protect Amanda, perhaps he should leave her in the back. I can’t say that one time in my career was I ever HAPPY to have lost Turnbuckle. You’re an idiot!

TT: I didn’t mean he would be happy he lost, I meant he would be happy he….oh, never mind.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by countout….MOTION!

“Pretender” by the Foo Fighters plays as Motion raises both fists in the air in victory.

TT: A big victory for Motion and no doubt Amanda’s announcement had a huge impact on this match…

BC: And Rudy still has yet to win a match in the CWF! But soon Baby Rudy will be here and he’ll grow up to play for Notre Dame…but everyone will tell him he’s too small and he’ll have to overcome the odds, and…

TT: Would you stop? What are you even talking about?

BC: It’s tough to say.

TT: Alright then, glad that’s settled…folks, we have a disturbance backstage…let’s get a camera back there…

"The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne is seen walking through the back with a coffee in hand. He is whistling as he walks, when suddenly, he bumps into something.

Voice: Hey! Watch it, pal!

Osbourne looks around, then looks down. Standing in front of him is a midget.

BC: Aww, look at the little guy!

TT: That guy looks familiar. I've got a bad feeling about this.

Rob stares at him for a second, making sure he's not mistaken in what he sees. Osbourne sets his coffee down on a nearby table.

NRO: Now how cute is this? What's wrong little fella?

Midget: You call me a little fella one more time, and it'll be the last thing you do!

Osbourne laughs heartily.

NRO: I'm sure it will be, little guy. So where are your parents? Or are you lost?

Midget: You son of a...

The midget then proceeds to stomp on Osbourne's foot, causing him to back up and hop up and down on one foot.

BC: Ha! He's got a little fight in him!

TT: That he does, but I think he's pissed off the wrong person.

Osbourne looks back down at him. He points at the midget in anger.

NRO: That's it! I'm going to rip you apart you little motherf...

Suddenly, Osbourne is blasted in the back with a steel chair. As he crumples to the ground, Keith Daniels steps forward, looking down at him in disgust.

TT: I knew I had a bad feeling about this!

BC: "The Nitemare" got suckered into that one!

Daniels addresses Osbourne with a smirk on his face.

Keith Daniels: You thought it was cool to just come down and attack me in that ladder match, did you?

Daniels kicks him in the ribs, causing Osbourne to start coughing.

Keith Daniels: Thought you'd attack me when I wasn't looking? Well...

Daniels pulls Osbourne to his feet and puts him onto his shoulders. He then delivers a vicious Final Verdict through the table. Osbourne's hot coffee flies onto his back, drenching him in hot liquid.

TT: Oh my dear god! Osbourne just got taken out!

BC: And he still has to defend his National Title later tonight!

Daniels turns over and gets beside Osbourne's ear.

Keith Daniels: Now we're even. Consider this your warning.

Daniels pops up to his feet, and turns his back on the wreckage he created.

TT: How can he contend with Sickboy later tonight in this kind of shape?

BC: He'll find a way, I'm sure. And if not? Then we'll have a new CWF National Champion!

TT: You are such a caring guy, Bobby.

BC: I try.

TT: Let’s not forget Sickboy is in rough shape himself and the last I heard, he may not even wrestle here tonight as a result of Paul Blair’s vicious attack at Night of Champions!

BC: He’ll be here!

TT: Well we’re gonna find out shortly, but up next we have a match I’ve been looking forward to all week…The Raving Lunatic takes on Keith Daniels in what could easily fit in on a pay-per-view event, but we’re gonna do it for free here tonight on Showdown!

BC: Lunatic made it to the finals of the Lord of the Ring tournament but couldn’t quite overcome Magnus Thunder last week…tonight he’s got a chance to rebound but this could be the toughest match of his young career…Keith Daniels is a ring master!

TT: Indeed he is but with The Raving Lunatic’s unconventional style, it’s tough to dissect how they match up…it’s anybody’s ball game tonight.

BC: Let’s just see if Lunatic can bounce back from his loss last week, because it was a big one.

TT: Let's go backstage now where our cameras have caught up with The Raving Lunatic and Dr. Picard.

The scene clicks over to the doctor and the Lunatic. They are walking down a long, tall hallway. Behind them are two men dressed in the uniform of police officers. Their badges read “Orlando Metro Police Department,” and they shine bright. Behind them are two men in the red uniforms of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They have just arrived to the arena. The group of men walk with purpose as the man behind the camera asks why the doctor has brought law enforcement with him.

Picard: These men are here to ensure that Keith Daniels, sick in the head as he is, makes it to where he should be later tonight.

The man behind the camera asks the doctor where that is.

Picard: An insane asylum my boy! The man makes this guy look perfectly normal, [Picard says, pointing at The Raving Lunatic] psychologically speaking that is.

The man asks Picard what the Lunatic's thoughts on what happened last week at Night of Champions are...

Picard: No comment!

The voice then points out the collar on Picard's neck. He asks him if he has been cleared to appear at Showdown so soon after having his neck broken.

Picard: Have I been cleared to appear here? What type of ignorant question is that? I am the doctor. I cleared myself. Do you have any more waste of time questions for me?

The voice asks how the doctor thinks The Raving Lunatic will fare against Keith Daniels in their match tonight..

Picard: Match? Keith Daniels... if you're dumb enough to show up tonight, let it be known that you will be leaving in a strait jacket. You can't escape Daniels!

The men walk past the camera and through a doorway. The scene clicks back over to Teddy Turnbuckle and Beautiful Bobby Crane.

TT: Strong words from Dr. Picard…now let’s see if Lunatic can get in there and back them up…let’s get to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada…weighing in at 265 pounds…being led to the ring by his manager, Dr. Picard…THE RAVING LUNATIC!

“One of These Days” by Pink Floyd hits and the crowd explodes in a loud mixed reaction as The Raving Lunatic emerges from behind the curtain, followed closely by Dr. Picard. He walks to the ring, pulling bits of his own hair out along the way. Picard grins and holds the ropes open for him as he steps into the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Orlando, Florida…weighing in at 324 pounds… “THE DANGEROUS ONE” KEITH DANIELS!

“It’s All Over” by Three Days Grace hits and Keith Daniels steps out from behind the curtain. He is immediately showered with boos. He grins to himself and shakes his head disapprovingly at the crowd, and towers his way down to the ring, stepping through the ropes and leaning against the turnbuckle as the referee gives his instructions.

BC: Here’s a guy who has World Championship potential!

TT: Here’s a guy who may as well have a target painted on his back. First he costs Pledge Allegiance the title last week…then he brutally assaults “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne backstage tonight…this guy must be out of his mind!

BC: He can back it up though, Teddy!

TT: No doubt he’s an imposing figure but take a look across the ring…Daniels has his hands full tonight…

BC: Lunatic has his hands full too though…mostly with his own hair, but still.


Daniels casually walks to the center of the ring to meet Lunatic. In Lunatic’s corner, Dr. Picard gives Lunatic a pep talk. Suddenly Lunatic explodes out of his corner and tackles an unsuspecting Keith Daniels. Lunatic pounces on him and throws wild punches, each one connecting…Daniels rolls away, gets up and tries to escape his grasp but Lunatic grabs him by the trunks and drives a forearm into the small of his back. Daniels arches his back in pain drops to his knees…Lunatic off the ropes…dropkick to the back and Daniels drops to the mat chest first!

TT: There’s that unconventional style, Bobby! Lunatic can always use the element of surprise in every match and that’s what makes him so unique…

BC: Oh, now we’re calling him “unique”? A week ago he was just crazy.

Lunatic grabs Daniels by the head with both hands and rubs his face into the mat. The referee pulls Lunatic back to Daniels to pull himself up to his hands and knees and throws a wild elbow behind him. Luckily, he connects and Lunatic staggers back. Daniels bursts up and rocks him with a powerful clothesline! Lunatic stumbles backwards to the ropes but won’t go down…Daniels knees him in the gut and pulls up the middle rope…and he purposely ties Lunatic up in the ropes!

TT: Come on ref! That’s illegal!

BC: No, that’s brilliant!

Daniels smirks at Lunatic, who kicks at him wildly but misses. Daniels leans in and gets in his face, gnashing his teeth and talking smack. Lunatic tries to pry himself free…but Daniels slaps him across the face! Lunatic’s face turns a deep shade of red as his anger grows! Daniels runs to the ropes…Lunatic breaks free! Daniels on the rebound…LUNATIC WITH A SPEAR! Lunatic spears him and Daniels hits the mat! Lunatic, infuriated by the slap in the face, unleashes a savage attack, repeatedly dropping elbows into Daniels’ jaw, one after the other in a blur of hair and rage. He drives his fist into Daniels’ head and he bites the bridge of Daniels’ nose! Lunatic has Daniels’ nose in his mouth and the referee pulls him off! Daniels rolls out of the ring desperately and manages to put some distance between him and Lunatic.

BC: See! Crazy! Not unique! CRAZY!

TT: Lunatic has snapped and Daniels has only himself to blame! That slap across the face was completely uncalled for and Lunatic has lost his mind!

BC: He lost his mind a long time ago, Teddy…you hadn’t noticed?

As Daniels attempts to shake out the cobwebs, Lunatic runs to the ropes and DIVES out at Daniels with a suicide dive! Daniels bounces backwards and hits the guardrail! Lunatic quickly to his feet and he pulls Daniels up…and throws him back into the guardrail! Daniels reeling and Lunatic pulls up the padding on the floor exposing the concrete! He pulls Daniels back up and he has him set for a piledriver on the exposed concrete…NO! Daniels counters with a back body drop and Lunatic’s back hits the concrete! Daniels pulls him up by the hair and throws him into the ring steps! Daniels quickly pulls him back and up and tosses him back into the ring. Lunatic slowly begins crawling back towards his corner and Daniels back in the ring and stalking behind him…

TT: This is turning into an all out brawl and Daniels now in control…

BC: I think Lunatic is enjoying the pain!

Daniels pulls him back up to his feet and slams Lunatic’s head into the turnbuckle! Lunatic snaps his head towards Daniels, unaffected! Daniels slams his head into the turnbuckle again! No effect! Again! No effect! And now Lunatic slams his own head into the turnbuckle repeatedly and welcomes Daniels to do it again! Daniels’ eyes widen and Lunatic grabs him and bashes Daniels’ head into the buckle now! And again! And again! And again! And Daniels staggers out to the center of the ring and drops to the mat!

TT: If you’ve got Lunatic as an opponent it’s never an easy night but Daniels has to be wondering how he got into this tonight!

BC: Lunatic is insane! Those turnbuckle shots didn’t even affect him at all!

Lunatic pulls Daniels up and he has him set…PILEDRIVER! Lunatic nailed him and the crowd roars! Lunatic now heading to the top rope! He leaps off…FLYING ELBOW DROP! No! Daniels gets out of the way and Lunatic hits the mat! Daniels slowly gets to his feet and pulls Lunatic him…he hoists him up on his shoulders…FINAL VERDICT! No! Lunatic lands on his feet and Daniels can’t follow with the cutter…Daniels spins around…Lunatic with a boot to the gut…Lunatic runs to the ropes…scissor kick…no! Daniels gets out of the way and Lunatic gets nothing but air…spins around…FINAL VERDICT! DANIELS NAILED IT!


TT: Daniels hits the Final Verdict, my God what a move and he drapes his arm across Lunatic’s chest! A cover!




TT: Oh he got him!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels rolls off of Lunatic, breathing heavily, relieved to make it out of the match the victor.

TT: Daniels looks like he’s happy to put that match behind him…Lunatic gave him a run for his money and like always, makes it a long night in the office for his opponent!

BC: Man alive…Lunatic is a machine in that ring!

TT: So Daniels wins another one on his road back to the top of The CWF. Look at him taunting the crowd! That's disgusting!

BC: I don't think it'll be long Teddy before Daniels has some CWF gold around his waist!

TT: Look! Behind Daniels! It's Pledge! He came in through the crowd!

BC: What the hell is he doing out here?

Pledge Allegiance stands behind Daniels and taps Keith on the shoulder. Daniels turns around and he takes a swing at Pledge. Pledge ducks and lands a shot on Daniels and they trade punches in the middle of the ring. The crowd goes nuts!

TT: Looks like Pledge is out for one last bit of blood on his way out of here!

BC: He should be ashamed of himself!

Pledge and Daniels continue to trade shots. Though different sides of the crowd, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne, Bob Osbourne, and Bryan Joseph Osbourne descend on the ring. Bob and Bryan stand guard at the end of the aisle at ringside while Pledge and The Nitemare hammer Daniels.

TT: This looks like payback from Daniels sticking his nose in Pledge's business at Night of Champions!

Pledge and Rob continue to pound on Daniels who tries to fight them both off.

BC: Badd Dream on Daniels! Badd Dream on Daniels!

NRO picks a dazed Keith Daniels up by the hair and pushes him towards Pledge.


Brian Adams, Jeff Jericho and the man in the black mask come out to the top of the ramp, outraged. They are trying to get Kodiak Winters to come out and restore order but Bob and Bryan remain in between the two factions. Pledge orders the timekeeper to throw him a microphone.

Pledge: Sorry to say boys, I'm not going anywhere! They say blood is thicker than water and by God, I am an Osbourne! My brother and my nephews will not rest until we destroy each and every one of you! Jericho, I'm going to make you so sorry that you decided to come back! It will prove to be an even worse decision than sticking your nose in my business last week!

TT: The Osbournes have united! Oh my god! Pledge, The Nitemare, Bob and Bryan! UNBELIEVEABLE!

BC: Who let Bryan Joseph Osbourne out of the nuthouse?!

TT: Who cares? The Osbournes versus Shock Value? God help us all, this is going to be a war!

We cut to a commercial and fade out with Nitemare, Pledge, Bryan, and Bob raising their arms united in the ring.

TT: Welcome back fans…we are moments away from our main event and what a main event it should be…Rob Osbourne defending the CWF National Championship against Sickboy…and both of these guys are worse for ware, Sickboy as a result of Paul Blair’s dastardly attack at Night of Champions, and Rob Osbourne courtesy of Keith Daniels earlier tonight…it should make for a very intriguing matchup, we’ll see who has the will to win…

BC: It’s gonna be a hell of a match, that’s for damn sure.

TT: But first, we understand Mark Xamin is standing by backstage with an announcement…Mark?

Mark Xamin appears on the big screen, his hair ruffled, apparently from all the running back and forth going on tonight in an attempt to control the chaos. Kodiak Winters stands beside him as usual. Xamin has a black bag in his hand.

Mark Xamin: Thank you, Teddy. Throughout the storied history of the Classic Wrestling Federation, there have been numerous championship belts that hundreds of would-be legends have battled for. There has been the Assault Title, the Mid-Atlantic Championship, the Unified Championship…way back in the day, even before the CWF was founded, I ran another promotion called MWCW. There, many men battled and honed their skills, preparing themselves for battle on a larger scale. Fast forward to the founding of the CWF. Originally, the Assault Championship was defended exclusively on Friday Night Assault. Eventually, as the CWF grew, we unified the MWCW World Heavyweight Championship and the Assault Championship, and dubbed it the CWF Unified Championship. Many great men held that title belt…including many men who went on to become the CWF World Heavyweight Champion. Steve Dart, Jeff Jericho, Paul Blair, Maniac, Dean Warren, T-Money, and many others once proudly called themselves the CWF Unified Champion. Well…

Xamin reaches into the black bag and pulls out a polished and shined CWF Unified Championship belt. The camera zooms in on it as he speaks.

Mark Xamin: Soon, a new generation will vie for this title. Soon, there will be a new CWF Unified Champion crowned. Next week, we will host an elimination match, right here on Showdown. Elimination will occur by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or countout. The winner will be declared the new CWF Unified Champion! The contestants will be, in no particular order… Bob Osbourne! Mariano Fernandez! Motion! Alex Ruettiger! And The Raving Lunatic! Gentlemen…good luck!

The crowd roars and Xamin disappears from the screen.

TT: That is huge! The Unified title will be reinstated and a new champion will be crowned next week here on Showdown!

BC: Wow! That title is no doubt the first step in the path to stardom…that’s a huge opportunity for those guys!

TT: No question! Well…with no further ado…let’s head to the ring for our main event!

Cut to the ring.


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time, for the main event! This contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CWF National Championship! Introducing first, the challenger! From New York, New York! Weighing in at 275 pounds….SICKBOY!

“Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains erupts through the arena, however after a full minute, Sickboy does not appear. Confused, the ring announcer begins to introduce the champion.

TT: This isn’t looking good, Bobby…Osbourne could win by default here. Sickboy did not have medical clearance for this match and it appears as though he hasn’t been able to attain it.

BC: What a wimp! Suck it up and get out here, princess!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds….he is the reigning and defending CWF National Champion… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits and the crowd explodes into a mixed reaction as Rob Osbourne steps through the curtains. If Keith Daniels’ attack on him earlier had any effect, he does a good job of hiding it as he struts down the aisles, perhaps sensing an easy victory due to a no show. He climbs into the ring and poses with the title.

TT: This could be an automatic victory for Rob Osbourne here and I think he knows it…

BC: Bah, may as well skip the formality of it anyway…we all know Nitemare was gonna win, Sickboy can barely stay conscious with the amount of pain killers he must be on…

TT: Well the ring announcer is going to give Sickboy one more introduction and if he doesn’t show up…well, this one is over before it even starts.

Ring Announcer: And now, introducing the challenger…SICKBOY!

“Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains plays again. Once again Sickboy doesn't show up. Meanwhile the ring announcer has been handed a piece of paper. Rob Osbourne clamors to have the match awarded to him.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. I have received a note from Mr. Xamin saying that Sickboy has until the count of ten to come to the ring or he will forfeit the match and Rob Osbourne will be declared the winner!

The crowd boos loudly at the announcement. As the referee starts the count.






Halfway through and Sickboy still hasn't come out.



While the count nears its end, a figure slides into the ring wearing a Rob Osbourne Life is PaiN hoodie. His face is covered by the hood, as he stands behind Rob Osbourne.


The figure pulls the hood back, revealing that it is Sickboy who is standing behind Rob. The crowd is going absolutely nuts at his appearance.



TT: He’s here and Osbourne has no idea!

Sickboy taps Osbourne on the shoulder. Osbourne’s eyes widen as he slowly turns around, the crowd on its feet…and Sickboy rocks him with a clothesline! The ref calls for the bell!


TT: Here we go and Sickboy is going to have to rely on resourcefulness just like that if he wants to win the title!

BC: Osbourne is caught off guard here!

Sickboy rocks Osbourne with another clothesline…and another! And Osbourne is bumping all over the ring! Sickboy whips him to the ropes…dropkick! And you can hear the smack as boot meets flesh…Osbourne completely out of sorts and Sickboy keeping up the pace! He whips Osbourne to the turnbuckle…Osbourne on the rebound…back body drop! Osbourne back to his feet and Sickboy with a hurricanrana!

BC: How is he doing this with busted ribs?!

TT: The adrenaline is flowing and Nitemare had better get a grasp on this match or Sickboy could end it early!

Sickboy pulls him back up, whips him to the ropes…leapfrog over Osbourne…Sickboy drops to his back…Osbourne on the rebound…monkey flip! But Osbourne lands on his feet…he swings at Sickboy with a clothesline…Sickboy ducks…victory roll!




No! Osbourne kicks out at the last second!

BC: Oh my God! I thought he had him!

TT: Sickboy came within a fraction of an inch to being the National Champion and Osbourne can’t believe it! The Nitemare counting his lucky stars that he got out of that and Sickboy is clearly favoring his ribs now…

Sickboy gets to his feet, wincing as he does, and tries to keep up the pace…he boots Osbourne in the gut…swinging neckbreaker! But as Sickboy hits the mat on the follow through, his rib injury rears its ugly head and he grimaces on the mat. He tries to get up but it’s clear that it’s a struggle…he pulls Osbourne up and whips him to the ropes once more…powerslam! No! His ribs give out and he drops to one knee…and Osbourne takes advantage…belly to belly suplex! Sickboy hits the mat hard and his face turns beat red with pain as his ribs break the fall. Osbourne takes a moment to collect himself and then like a shark smelling blood, immediately pulls Sickboy up and boots him in the ribs. Sickboy now breathing through his mouth and Osbourne shoves him into the corner…and DRIVES his shoulder into Sickboy’s ribs! And again! And again! And Sickboy crumples and falls to his knees, clutching his mid section.

BC: This could be a lost cause for Sickboy, Teddy…

TT: It very well could be and it’s a damn shame…it’s a damn shame Paul Blair was such a sore loser last week at Night of Champions…Sickboy got in as much offense as he could before the rib injury played a role in this thing and he came damn close to defeating The Nitemare but now I don’t know how he can do this…he’s in survival mode here…

Osbourne grins and pulls Sickboy back to his feet…and whips him to the ropes…Osbourne drops to the mat, Sickboy leaps over him…criss cross action here…now Osbourne with a leap frog and Sickboy rebounds off the ropes once more…SPINEBUSTER BY THE NITEMARE!

TT: Oof! And look at the masterful, systematic attack by the champion!

BC: Sickboy is having trouble breathing so Osbourne makes him run and then knocks the wind out of him! Sickboy is in dire trouble now.

Osbourne with a cover.



Foot on the ropes!

TT: Sickboy instinctively gets his foot on the ropes and stops the pinfall but he may have been wise just to stay down and take the loss, live to fight another day…

BC: Yeah, you’re not kidding…Nitemare could put him on the shelf for a long time here.

Osbourne pulls him back up and Sickboy out of nowhere with a small package!




BC: Whoa!

TT: Sickboy with a surprise small package and He nearly caught Osbourne off guard again!

Osbourne furiously gets up and stomps Sickboy in the head. Sickboy gets to the ropes and the ref pulls Osbourne off of him. Sickboy uses the ropes for leverage and gets to his feet. Osbourne charges at him and Sickboy pulls down the top rope…Osbourne flips over the rope and to the outside!

BC: Ahh!

TT: There’s the resourcefulness of Sickboy and perhaps this isn’t over yet!

Sickboy looks out at Osbourne and looks to the crowd…the crowd roars and Sickboy leaps over the top rope and lands on Osbourne! But Osbourne catches him! And he carries him over to the guardrail…and drops him chest first across the guardrail! Sickboy’s ribs hit the steel and he remains draped over the rail…Osbourne stands on the apron and leaps off, nailing Sickboy in the back with a double axe handle! Sickboy drops to the floor and gasps, trying to get oxygen into his body. EMTs rush out to check on him as Osbourne smirks in the ring.

TT: Come on, the ref needs to stop this thing or we’re gonna have a serious injury on our hands…

BC: Well..Osbourne is doing a good job of hiding it but I can tell he’s hurting too…Keith Daniels did a big number on him backstage earlier tonight…you can see the burn marks from that hot coffee and his back is bothering him…

Sickboy shoves away the EMTs and struggles to slide back in under the bottom rope. Before he can get up, Nitemare is on him and drops and elbow into the small of his back. He pulls Sickboy up and has him up in a suplex position…no, instead he crotches him across the top turnbuckle! Sickboy hunches over in pain. Osbourne meets up on the top and he has him up for a superplex! This will surely end the match! Down they come but Sickboy twists in mid air and lands on top of Osbourne! He has a cover!




NO! TT: Shoulder up! Osbourne gets a shoulder up!

BC: Holy crap! I thought we had a new champion!

Sickboy fights back to his feet, Osbourne close behind him and Sickboy with a step up enzugiri! Osbourne drops to the mat but Sickboy can’t pull himself back up! Both men down!

TT: Bobby, I can't see how Sickboy can pull this off. Osbourne has taken him to hell and back.

BC: And it isn't like he should have even competed tonight Teddy. It looks like Osbourne is going to retain his title here tonight.....what the…?!

Suddenly the crowd explodes as a man dressed in all black with a black mask sprints to the ring and clotheslines Osbourne. He grabs Sickboy and tosses him over the top rope. The ref calls for the bell as Sickboy flies like a rag doll hitting the ground below. The man grabs Rob Osbourne and pulls him up by his hair....


TT: Double disqualification, this match ends in a draw and what the hell…


TT: And it looks like he is about to get even with The Family for what they did to Keith Daniels earlier this evening.....

The Black Mask slaps Osbourne across the face and The Nitemare starts to come he does the man delivers a sickening double arm DDT!

BC: And to add insult to injury he just nailed Osbourne with a Badd Dream of his own....wait a minute...wait a damned minute!

Just then the members of Shock Value appear at the top of the ramp. Jeff Jericho, Keith Daniels, Brian Adams...and the Black Mask.

TT: If the real Black Mask is with them then who the hell is in the ring?!

The man in the ring sits down on The Nitemare's back and locks in a reverse dragon sleeper/Boston crab combination.


Thunder is heard.

TT: More trouble for Osborne now!

BC: Nuh uh! Osborne's gonna hand that Viking his bacon on a platter!

Magnus appears on the stage. In the ring, the man in the black mask pulls off the mask to reveal Chris Osbourne. He holds up Nitemare’s head as if to make him pay attention to Magnus.

Magnus Thunder: You've flatlined your own kin. Not even in the savagery of my people would we have ever done so vile and wicked a thing! Even now electricity courses into the mind of your nephew. So you have done to him, you will have done to you.

BC: Go face him like a man, Magnus!

TT: Osborne might just be reaping what he sows tonight, Bobby!

The lights flicker out to the sound of thunder. Rob Osbourne looks around frantically. A bolt of lightning strikes the ring post closest to Rob Osbourne, emitting a huge shower of sparks.


BC: The...guh...AHHHHHH!

The lights flicker back on. Osborne lays in a heap on the mat, barely stirring.

TT: Looks like we need some medics out here!

BC: WE NEED THE S.W.A.T. TEAM! Get that Swedish Meatball behind bars!


As Bob and Bryan Osbourne along with Pledge Allegiance come through the crowd and into the ring, pulling Chris Osbourne off of his brother. But here comes Brian Adams, Keith Daniels, Jeff Jericho, and the man in the black mask down the ramp…


BC: Oh my God, call the Mounties!


BC: AHHH! Run, Brian!


CWF officials swarm the ring but they can’t contain the brawl. Nitemare and Daniels brawl, Pledge and Jericho! Chris Osbourne dives onto Magnus Thunder on the outside and they brawl now!

TT: Magnus and Chris Osbourne! And these two will face off next week! Good God almighty it’s a damn warzone out here, and we are out of time! We are out of time folks, thanks for joining us, see you next week!

BC: We need more security!

As the Shock Value and Osbourne Family brawl spills outside of the ring, Magnus and Chris Osbourne brawl up the aisle until security separates them. Pledge Allegiance and Jeff Jericho roll around the ring unloading on each other until officials dive on them to stop it. Rob Osbourne and Keith Daniels brawl through the crowd.

Fade to black.

Until next time…