Tonight, the war rages on as Brian Adams and Keith Daniels of Shock Value battle “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance of the Osbourne family!

Sickboy seeks revenge on Paul Blair in a Last Man Standing match!

Magnus Thunder looks to avenge his friend Drastic as he takes on “The Daydreamer” Chris Osbourne!

The CWF Unified Championship will be decided in a five man elimination matchup, pitting the CWF’s fastest rising stars against each other!

This is…

Fade in to a sold out Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. The arena almost appears to glow as white roof with wood paneling makes for a unique setting. The crowd roars as fireworks explode at the entrance and shoot up the aisle, ending in a fantastic explosion above the ring. Standing at ringside as usual are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the Tacoma Dome! Welcome to beautiful Tacoma, Washington! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

BC: Tonight we might see World War 3, Teddy! It’s Shock Value, it’s The Osbourne Family…something has to give tonight and if last week was any indication, it’s gonna be wild!

TT: No doubt, we are fresh off the heels of perhaps the most explosive Showdown in this show’s short history. Absolute pandemonium broke out last week and tonight should not be any different! In addition to the mega main event, tonight you are guaranteed to see a new CWF Unified Champion crowned.

BC: Yeah and a lot of these guys are just rookies…I mean it’s only their second match ever and Bob Osbourne and Mariano Rivera are getting a shot at CWF gold. But they’ll have to deal with the likes of the streaking Motion, the super spermed Alex Ruettiger, and maybe the toughest obstacle of all…The Raving Lunatic! One of those guys will be leaving Tacoma as the new CWF Unified Champion and what a feather that would be in their cap.

TT: It’s going to be absolutely unbelievable and on top of that, Paul Blair will go one on one with Sickboy one final time, as Sickboy seeks revenge in a Last Man Standing match later tonight! It was Blair who threw Sickboy off the top of the stage at Night of Champions 2, injuring Sickboy’s ribs which arguably costing him the CWF National Championship last week. There’s no question Sickboy wasn’t able to perform at his normal level as a result of those injuries last week and if you’re not 100% against a guy like Rob Osbourne, you may as well forget about it. To Sickboy’s credit he put in a valiant effort but against a veteran like The Nitemare, there’s only so much you can do.

BC: I’ll tell you what, Teddy…Sickboy would have lost that match, injured ribs or not, but that kid earned my respect last week and that’s not an easy thing to do.

TT: How about this one…Magnus Thunder takes on Chris Osbourne! It was Chris Osbourne who had Drastic sent to a mental facility, effectively disqualifying Drastic from the Lord of the Ring tournament, which allowed Magnus Thunder to swoop back in and eventually win the tournament. But no question, Magnus Thunder is out to avenge his friend Drastic here tonight!

BC: Avenge Drastic? Magnus should be thanking Chris Osbourne! Without him, it would be Drastic or The Raving Lunatic headlining Summer Smash, not Magnus Thunder…Magnus ought to come out to the ring and kiss Chris Osbourne’s feet!

TT: Uh yeah, that’s not gonna happen. In any event, we are about ready to get started here but before we do, let’s get a word with some of the combatants for the CWF Unified Title…

Cut to the backstage area where Amanda Caine is seen walking while speaking on a cell phone.

Amanda: I know, I know. When I find out the baby's gender, I'll find out when the best time is to do the test.

Alex Ruettiger, clad in his wrestling gear, comes walking up behind her but Amanda doesn't notice.

Alex Ruettiger: Who you talking to?

Amanda: Gotta go! [flips the phone closed] Errr, just my mother. She's worried about me, you know how it is.

Alex: Well, she's just trying to protect her baby girl, Amanda. Pretty soon, you'll be doing something similar.

Amanda: Yeah, you're right. So, you ready to get that title tonight?

Alex: Yep. Talked to the doctor and my shoulder's still tender, but he said I'm good to go in the ring. Just remember, though, you're not coming with me to the ring tonight, ok?

Amanda: Yeah, I remember. I definitely won't be coming to the ring with you. Do you want me to leave, so you'll know I won't?

Alex: [laughs] No, Amanda, I trust you. I just worry is all. I'm going to go finish warming up. I'll see you afterwards, ok?

Amanda: [smiling] Go get'em, Tiger.

Alex walks away as Amanda watches him, before flipping open her cell phone again.

Amanda: Sorry about that. Now, like I was saying….

TT: What is going on there? Something is up with Amanda…

BC: She’s hiding something! That’s what women do!

TT: That’s ridiculous, Bobby…but anyhow…here are some pre-recorded interviews from some other Unified Title contenders tonight…

Cut to a backstage area, where Motion and Dennis Donnelly stand in front of a CWF Saturday Night Showdown backdrop.

DD: Please welcome with me at this time, Motion.

Motion walks in and stands beside the interviewer.

DD: Now Motion, first off I would like to send you my condolences at this time for your father who passed away last Monday.

Motion nods his head.

DD: Now I have to ask Motion, is your mindset for this match a little off course due to what has happened this week?

Motion: You know this last week, I didn’t even want to wrestle in this match tonight. I felt that I couldn’t do it. You see tonight, my Dad was supposed to be in the crowd and see me raise that belt high over my head. And it took some getting used to, knowing that he wouldn’t be there but now I know that when I do raise the title over me tonight, my Dad will be looking down on me. So to answer your question, my mindset is strictly on winning the Unified Title tonight.

DD: And with your match coming up shortly, do have anything to say to your opponents?

Motion: Well yes I do as a matter of fact. To all my opponents tonight, if you think for one second that I’m going to be a little off tonight because of what happened then you’re all wrong. Lunatic…you will probably be regarded as the favorite tonight, but I will show you that I am the best one to come out of the New Church, I will prove to you that I am better than you, and if you come in my way, well then you’re just going to see the Motion Picture be put on you. Next we have Mariano and Bob Osbourne. I suggest you two do what you did to each other last week and fight among yourselves, because you do not want to face me during that match and if you do go near me, you will wish that you were never put in tonight’s match. And finally to Alex Ruettiger, I beat you last week and I can easily do it again. You got to make sure that you have no distractions around you tonight, because if you do, then I’ll just have to take advantage of the situation and next thing you know, you’re eliminated.

Motion walks away.

DD: That was Motion everyone and you can see him in action tonight when he face The Raving Lunatic, Alex Ruettiger, Mariano Fernandez and Bob Osbourne in an Elimination Match for the CWF Unified Championship.

Fade out. Cut to a Mariano Fernandez interview.

Mariano is standing beside Dennis Donnelly, wearing his plain black t-shirt, his black leather pants and his black boots. He seems a little nervous about the match, and the look on his face shows he is taking it more than seriously.

Dennis Donnelly: Here we are again with Mariano Fernandez, and first and foremost Mariano, what was it like to compete in your very first CWF match with Bob Osbourne, just last Showdown?

Mariano Fernandez: Well Mr. Donnelly, it was a great match, even though I can't deny that falling just short with my first defeat hurts a little, but I've accepted it and moved on, because that's just how this sport goes. It's a good thing to know that I was beat fair and square. I hear even Mr. Crane gave me some good words, and for someone who is a loyal Osbournes' fan, to talk good stuff about an anonymous rookie like myself is a great compliment.

Dennis Donnelly: "Not only him, but at least the whole CWF staff has seen that it took a Mind Wipe, a Black Out, and an Osbourne Effect, that's ALL THREE Osbourne finishers to get a pinfall from you. Plus you're fighting a larger opponent and you're - If I may say it - the "tiniest" wrestler in the roster.

Mariano Fernandez: [laughs] I wouldn't consider that to be much difference. As I have just said, Bob beat me fair and square, and he did mostly because of his speed as he could dodge my Yakuza Kick, and out of his tremendous moves. It's true that size might help, but besides physical strength, speed and moves I basically rely on my physical resistance and will to fight. I lost because I got knocked out, which means I could physically fight no longer. As long as I've got something left, I'll still find a way to get up. I think the announce team saw it, the spectators witnessed it too, and most importantly, I think even Bob saw it. But my biggest concern is what the fans may have thought of that match, and although victory can never be guaranteed, I can only apologize to them for my loss.

Fans cheer "Mariano! Mariano! Mariano!" for a moment. Ringside camera shows several signs with Mariano's name in the crowd. Mariano smiles and bows down gratefully after hearing the cheers.

Dennis Donnelly: I hope that answers to your comment. But now, let's move on to your next match, which is already a championship match. You're competing in an Elimination Match with Bob Osbourne, Alex Ruettiger, Motion, and The Raving Lunatic, for the CWF Unified Championship!

Mariano Fernandez: [nods] That is correct, and it was a most surprising thing when I learned of it, because it's my very first match, I come up with a loss and I'm now in a championship match? A title shot is not awarded often, and not to everyone either, which puts me in debt with Mr. Xamin and the CWF, a debt I can only hope to repay in competing a hell of a match -and getting a good result if I can't win the championship. There's another factor, the match is not only against Bob Osbourne, but against 3 other guys, who on top of it have some more experience than Bob and myself. I understand Motion and Alex Ruettiger are both fighters not only in the ring, but in real life -by the way, I hear Alex Ruettiger is going to be a father, so I'd like to congratulate him, and The Raving Lunatic is, plainly and simply, a force that can make the bravest of men cower in fear. But with all due respect to him and his manager Dr. Picard, a brave man is not one who has no fear, but one who faces the fear they have. And that is why I will do my best. I *MUST* prove what I'm about tonight.

Dennis Donnelly: Great words right there! But you're forgetting an opponent...

Mariano Fernandez: [apology gesture] I haven't forgotten about Bob Osbourne, it would have been rude to. I was about to refer to him right now. I remember saying in my first interview, Bob Osbourne was going to be a tough competitor because his abilities would surely be equal, if not better, to his father's. And Bob has absolutely demonstrated that in our match. I've had no contact with him since, but I would have liked to give him a handshake, as I'm a man of honor and I can accept a clean defeat. However some comments about the rest of our opponents and myself did ring a bell to me last Sunday, but it's no reason to gain animosity towards him. I'd like to get a rematch some time down the line, just him and me. But now I will fight him again, and I hope the result will be different than last week.

Dennis Donnelly: Have you learned anything from your match, any strategy you'd like to say?

Mariano Fernandez: I don't usually devise a strategy, as I find it better to flow with the match and be ready for whatever comes one's way. Bobby Crane said he could smell my youth from ringside, and he is right, as I do have a lot to learn. There's a valuable thing I have learned though, and that's that as much as I may get up and continue to fight, I must develop my counters, because there's no point in relying on resistance when you can't really make a comeback. But then again it's just me.

Dennis Donnelly: Like your last interview, is there anything special you'd like to say before your match?

Mariano Fernandez: [thoughtful expression, looks away for a minute then answers) Mmm no, I haven't met The Lunatic, Motion and Alex Ruettiger yet other than seeing them at a distance, so I'd rather say nothing as I might inadvertently say something that turns out to be disrespectful. As for Bob Osbourne, I've already answered to him in, so I don't want him to get bored of my speech as he already has a win over me and I prefer to win a match before saying anything, so if I may say something, all I can really say is good luck to everyone.

Dennis Donnelly: A great pleasure speaking to you, you're a nice guy and I hope you'll fight a great match.

Mariano Fernandez: Thank you for this interview, and before I leave, I'd like to say hello to my friend Nagase, who's here in the arena. With that done, thank you once again and let's hope for the best.

Dennis Donnelly: Teddy, Bobby, back to you.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: Is that kid friggin’ serious? Is he a professional wrestler or the manners police? How many times did that rookie say “thank you?”…Jesus H., I hope for that kid’s sake that this is all a façade and secretly he’s an evil bastard who burns down villages in Brazil or something…come on, kid…toughen up!

TT: Toughen up? It took three of Bob Osbourne’s best moves to finish him off last week and he looked dangerous throughout the entire match! There’s nothing wrong with being polite, Bobby…in fact I find it refreshing.

BC: You would, you geek.

TT: [sighs] In any event folks…we are ready to crown a new CWF Unified Champion…let’s get to the ring!

Ring Announcer: The following match is an elimination match and it is for the CWF Unified Championship. First, making his way to the ring from Buenos Aries, Argentina standing five feet nine inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and seventy six point five pounds...MARIANO “SHADOW” FERNANDEZ!

“Hironobu Kageyama - The Biggest Fight” hits as Mariano makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds...from South Bend, Indiana... Alex Ruettiger!

“Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach begins playing as Ruettiger makes his way to the ring, accompanied by his business advisor Amanda.

TT: Well there’s Amanda, despite the fact Alex asked her to stay backstage…

BC: She got in his ear, I told you! Nothing good can come from this!

Ring Announcer: From Dunshaughlin, Ireland. Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds…Motion!

“Pretender” by the Foo Fighters begins to play as the curtains separate and Motion makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: From Orlando, Florida standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds…BOB OSBOURNE!

The arena goes pitch black as “Gone” by Crooked X blasts through the PA as white lights flicker in time with the drumbeat. Orange lights are in time to the guitar. As soon as the song kicks in, the lights flash white and Bob comes out and poses at the top of the ramp. Pyro explodes as he heads to the ring. Bob then gives fans high-fives along the way. Once Bob slides in to the ring, and poses, the arena slowly fills with orange and black.

Ring Announcer: And finally, from Las Vegas, Nevada…weighing in at 265 pounds…being led to the ring by his manager, Dr. Picard…THE RAVING LUNATIC!

“One of These Days” by Pink Floyd hits and the crowd explodes in a loud mixed reaction as The Raving Lunatic emerges from behind the curtain, followed closely by Dr. Picard. He walks to the ring, pulling bits of his own hair out along the way. Picard grins and holds the ropes open for him as he steps into the ring.

TT: I have been waiting for this match all week, Bobby. This should be a doozy!

BC: Indeed Turnbuckle, the Unified Title has a storied past, and at one time or another has been held by such names as T-Money, Jeff Jericho, Paul Blair….Brian Adams.

TT: Damn fine names to be in league with. The winner of this match will take their place in the CWF history books.

BC: Yeah, and unlike the year 2004, this win will count!

TT: ………

BC: Lunatic gets things started by tying up with little Bob Osbourne and sending the second generation superstar into the ropes…clothesline by Lunatic. Bob crashes to the mat and The Raving Lunatic is all over the kid with a barrage of lefts and rights.

TT: Bob doing his best to protect his head and face. Lunatic is just unloading on him!

BC: It ain’t gonna be enough Turnbuckle.

TT: Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Alex Ruettiger is getting double teamed by Motion and Mariano Fernandez. They each grab an arm and send him flying into the ropes….NO! Ruettiger leap frogs off of the ropes and catches them both with a cross body block!


TT: Really? Again? Sheesh….

BC: Don’t you mock me Turnbuckle, the kid admitted that Dan “Rudy” Ruettiger is in fact his uncle.

TT: Ruettiger now pulls Fernandez up by the back of his neck and executes a textbook pile driver.

BC: Lunatic clips Fernandez in the back of the knee just as he was about to get up from the pile driver. Bob Osbourne now getting back to his feet on the far side of the ring

TT: Motion is all over Ruettiger and Lunatic is pummeling Fernandez. Look at Osbourne…like Father like Son; Bob is crouched down in the corner taking a breather while the other four men battle it out. So he’s just as much of an opportunist as his father. Sad. He has so much potential.

BC: Sad? Opportunist? How about smart? How about seizing the moment? I would be doing the same thing if I were in his shoes.

TT: That doesn’t surprise me at all Crane. Lunatic sends Fernandez into the turnbuckle with enough force to leave his chest black and blue!

BC: And Ruettiger grabs Fernandez and lifts him up for a fall away slam…RIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE!

TT: Fernandez is out! And then there were four Bobby!! As Ruettiger turns around, happy to have eliminated Mariano, Motion catches him in the chin with a super kick.

BC: Motion grabs Rudy and leads him by the head right over the top ropes as well, sending him crashing onto the protective mat outside the ring. Ruettiger is out. Amanda is bent down tending to him….he doesn’t look good Teddy. They may need to call Father McFinngean down at Holy Cross for Last Rites.

TT: Will you stop it?

BC: No…wait a minute, look at Motion. He thinks it’s hilarious! He is standing at the edge of the ropes laughing as Amanda fears for the safety of Alex Ruettiger. And hello Mr. Opportunity….

TT: Bob Osbourne missile dropkicks Motion between his shoulder blades sending him head first over the ropes, landing on both Ruettiger and Amanda.

BC: And just like that we are down to the final two men in this match Teddy Turnbuckle. The Raving Lunatic and Bob Osbourne.

TT: One of these two men WILL be the CWF Unified Champion. They are both taking their time sizing each other up. Lunatic lunges at Osbourne, but the smaller, faster Bob slides between Lunatics legs and comes up behind him, leaping on his back and applying a sleeper hold.

BC: Look at Lunatic; he’s swinging for the fences as Osbourne increases the pressure. Lunatic’s forehead is turning reddish purple as the swings of his pumping fists get slower and slower. He staggers….he falls to one knee, Bob still on his back squeezing his throat and forehead and hanging on for dear life!

TT: Lunatic staggers about, trying to maintain his balance….OH MY GOD! He just slams himself backwards with all of his weight and all of the momentum he can muster, nearly crushing Osbourne between his own body and the mat.

BC: And now the tide seems to be shifting. I thought Osbourne was going to win his first pro title in only his second match with the sleeper he had locked in on Lunatic, but the big man crushed little Bobby’s hopes and dreams.

TT: But Osbourne is not out of this match yet. He rolls to his stomach as Lunatic is still on his back dazed and confused from the loss of blood flow to the brain.

BC: Lunatic is always dazed and confused Turnbuckle….wait a minute….Lunatic has a brain? I think Dr. Picard would disagree with you on that one!

TT: Bobby Crane, you are something else.

BC: That’s what she said.

TT: That’s what who said?

BC: Jennifer Adams.

TT: You are a terrible, terrible little man, do you know that?

BC: Oh come on Turnbuckle, it’s not like half of the CWF locker room hasn’t hit that…come on.

TT: Slander is an offense that can bring about litigation Crane, you had better watch what you say.

BC: Oh snap, you may be right Teddy. That money hungry bitch will do anything for cash.

TT: Osbourne back up on his feet but he’s limping. Lunatic sits up and starts yanking hair out of his head by the hands full. Bob looks mortified by that.

BC: And Lunatic hands the hair to Osbourne who just looks at him like he’s an idiot. Osbourne mule kicks the man with everything he has right in the mommy-daddy button. OUCH!

TT: I don’t believe it, Lunatic seems to not be bothered by it Crane.

BC: HA! That’s because there’s nothing down there Teddy. Of course, anyone that saw how he was Khrist’s bitch when he was with The New Church, is not surprised by that. This explains the whole Lunatic/Picard thing then doesn’t it?

TT: Oh…my…God. Bob can’t believe it and does it again. And again, the Lunatic just stands there. His head is shaking….look at the vein in the forehead, its popping out and the Raving Lunatic is hulking up….HUGE clothesline on Osbourne. Bob back up, and another clothesline. And this time Osbourne stays down.

BC: It’s all but over Teddy, Lunatic is locking in that stump puller submission hold he calls “Madness” he is not letting up at all and that is the leg Bob was favoring not five minutes ago.

TT: Good call Bobby Crane, and Bob Osbourne has to tap out! LUNATIC WINS!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and the NEW CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION…..THE RAVING LUNATIC!

“One of These Days” by Pink Floyd plays as Dr. Picard rolls into the ring to celebrate with his patient.

TT: The Raving Lunatic has done it! He has won the CWF Unified Championship! His first ever taste of CWF gold and what an accomplishment just four months into his professional wrestling career!

BC: Oh God! Who the hell is gonna beat him? The guy is damn near indestructible! Have you SEEN what it takes to beat this guy?

TT: I for one am glad to see it! He has been working hard and finally it’s paid off! The Raving Lunatic goes down in history as the CWF Unified Champion!

Lunatic clutches the Unified title in his arms and sits on the mat swaying back and forth. Picard praises him and applauds.

TT: What a victory for The Raving Lunatic and what a heartbreaker for Bob Osbourne who came so close!

BC: Well there will be plenty of gold in his future anyway…hell of a performance by the first ever second generation superstar in the CWF and in only his second week as a professional wrestler.

TT: No doubt the CWF has a lot of bright young stars, and everyone in that match up has a very exciting future ahead of them…ladies and gentlemen, we have to take our first commercial break but when we come back, Paul Blair and Sickboy will go at it in a Last Man Standing match! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans and we had an altercation backstage during the break…let’s take you back…Bob Osbourne walking through the curtain and look who he ran into…

During the break…

Bob Osbourne steps through the curtain and down the gorilla position with his head hung, sullen and disappointed in losing the Unified title match. Paul Blair stands there warming up for his match. As Bob Osbourne walks past him, Blair speaks up.

Paul Blair: Hey kid…kid!

Osbourne stops and looks back over his shoulder.

Paul Blair: Chin up, you did good. You have your whole career ahead of you.

Osbourne doesn’t respond. Instead, he turns and starts walking away.

Paul Blair: Hey! Hey! You little whelp…I’m talking to you. Show some respect you little punk!

Bob Osbourne stops and turns towards Blair.

Bob Osbourne: Listen, Blair…if I ever want to become an underachieving jobber who chokes when it matters most, I’ll start taking advice from you. Get it? Got it? Good. Now leave me alone “sir”…

Paul Blair: Why you little…

Blair tackles Osbourne but CWF staff immediately swarm the area and break it up. Blair and Osbourne try to get at each other furiously but to no avail. Cut back to ringside.

TT: So an interesting development there…the son of Rob Osbourne getting into an altercation with Paul Blair, a guy who has been around as long as Rob Osbourne has and has actually feuded with The Nitemare in the past…could we see the offspring of The Nitemare do battle with Blair in the future?

BC: That could be just what Bob Osbourne needs! The experience of being in the ring with a veteran like Blair…and I’d love to see Blair get his ass handed to him again! Ha!

TT: Well, up next fans we will see Paul Blair try one more time to take out Sickboy and make him feel some pain.

BC: Yeah, well, I’m sure Bob Osbourne is feeling the pain after crossing Blair backstage.

TT: Bob Osbourne was no doubt more than a little disrespectful to Blair, but Blair has a history of being disrespectful including jumping you, Bobby Crane, during your Hall of Fame induction. Leave it to Paul Blair to jump a rookie whois only eighteen years old.

BC: Typical Blair. Not only could he not get the job done against Sickboy the past few weeks, but Bob’s dad, “The Nitemare” roughed him up and embarrassed the Hall of Famer as well. He’s a sore loser and a bitter old man.

TT: Well, it is finally time for Blair and Sickboy to go at it one more time!

BC: Well Teddy, maybe this time Blair can finally manage to get the job done against Wilkes…but I doubt it. Sickboy has him pegged.

TT: You may be right Bobby, and we’re going to find out right here, right now!

Ring Announcer: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, standing six feet five inches tall, weighing in at 275 lbs.....he is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame...."The Ruler" PAUL BLAIR!

The BlairVision theme hits and the crowd immediately explodes with boos as Blair appears at the entrance way. He shakes his head at the unappreciative crowd and makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York, New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

BC: Look at Blair. I’d love to knock that smirk off his stupid face Teddy.

TT: You had your chance Crane, and you blew it. Now shut up and call the match!

BC: Yeah, yeah.

TT: Sickboy taunts The Ruler, and Blair locks up with him. Sickboy knees him in the stomach from the tie up position.

BC: I didn’t know Wilkes was in to the whole muay thai thing!

TT: Sickboy is well traveled and has trained all over the world Crane. I doubt we have seen even half of his repertoire…like that….

BC: Blair takes a wicked shot as Wilkes does the splits and rabbit punches him in the mid-section.

TT: Sickboy bounces off of the ropes and delivers a knee lift to the face of Blair who was doubled over in pain from the low blow.

BC: Blair on his hands and knees. Sickboy pulls him up by the hair…but Blair pokes him in the eye with a thumb. Sickboy is momentarily blinded and The Ruler delivers a crushing forearm to the back of Wilkes’s head and Sickboy does a face plant.

TT: Blair might actually have turned the tide with that shot Bobby.

BC: I doubt it. Blair always manages to find a way to lose.

TT: Except when he was in the ring with you.

BC: You know what Teddy, I am about sick of you bringing that loss up. So Blair beat me? Big f’ing deal. I’ve been out of the business as a competitor for years and his only other recent win is against Kyle Sync.

TT: Well put. Blair kicks Sickboy in the still bandaged ribs for good measure. He grabs a handful of Sickboy’s hair and pulls him back to his feet…DDT by Paul Blair and Wilkes hits the mat hard!

BC: Blair climbs the ropes…leg drop by The Ruler….

TT: And it connects right across the throat of Sickboy!! Blair back on his feet again and he looks good thus far Bobby!

BC: Yeah, well, Sickboy did get the ever loving hell beaten out of him by Blair after he beat him two weeks ago, then last week in that National Title match he took another painful beating.

TT: Had it not been for the actions of Chris Osbourne, Sickboy may have won the National Title last week, but that match ended in a draw.

BC: Blair is showboating while Wilkes writhes in pain on the mat. He is clutching those ribs tightly Teddy. That’s not a good sign. The ref is over checking on him. This one may be over Teddy.


BC: Bob Osbourne sprints down the ramp, leaps up on the ring apron and scurries up the ropes to the turnbuckle faster than Blair can even turn around….WHISPER IN THE WIND!

TT: And Blair goes down hard.

BC: Doesn’t he always? The great thing is, the ref didn’t even see it!

TT: Osbourne rolls out of the ring and is backing up the ramp as Sickboy notices Blair lying motionless in the center of the ring.

BC: The ref is looking at Osbourne on the ramp and Blair on the mat! He starts the count.....






TT: Sickboy is on his knees, trying to pull himself up with the help of the ropes and Paul Blair is flat knocked out right now fans!





BC: Sickboy's on his feet....


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..........SICKBOY!

TT: He did it! Sickboy has defeated Paul Blair once again but this time with a little help from Bob Osbourne! And I guess that answers the question…inevitably we are going to see Paul Blair versus Bob Osbourne sometime in the near future and Blair is not going to take kindly to this attack!

BC: Ha! I love this Osbourne kid! Played perfectly, just like his old man!

TT: What a great victory for Sickboy and I wonder what’s next for him…he has been stellar since his CWF return.

BC: I don’t know but he’s going places, that guy…I may not like him, but like I said earlier, he’s earned my respect…he’s gone balls to the wall since he came back and he deserves whatever’s coming to him…

TT: Alright folks well up next, we have a huge grudge match…Magnus Thunder taking on the returning “Day Dreamer” Chris Osbourne…what a matchup this should be! Quite a history between these two as we talked about earlier.

BC: Yeah well I’m interested to see if Magnus is even angry at the guy…because of Chris Osbourne, Magnus Thunder is the Lord of the Ring!

TT: Well…not entirely because of Chris Osbourne, Bobby…but he certainly played a hand. Let’s get to the ring and see what happens here…

The arena goes dark, a strobe begins to flash as “Enter Sandman” by Metallica starts to blast over the arena. Stepping from the back is Chris Osbourne. He walks to the edge of the stage and looks out at the crowd. He walks over to the other side and looks there. He turns and walks to the ring. Halfway down the aisle the song picks up and Chris runs to the ring and slides under the ropes. He stands and tosses his signature black and red leather vest to the crowd then walks to the corner and stands on the turnbuckle doing a raven Stretch facing the crowd. He turns and sits on the turnbuckle.

TT: Here we go, Chris Osbourne's return debut to the CWF!

BC: No, it’s his return to the RING!

TT: Look, here comes Magnus!

“Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails explodes through the arena as the lights drop and Magnus Thunder appears at the base of the ramp. He bows his head low, then hoists Stormbringer into the air as pyro ignites all around him as the crowd erupts.

TT: You can see the honor of this man come to life in his fans!

BC: Gimme a break, Turnbuckle. He still owes this place a massive debt of...oh you know...WINNING!

TT: Try telling that to the fans of CWF's first ever Lord of the Ring! OH! LOOK AT THIS!

Magnus flips Stormbringer upside down crashes it to the stage, pyro and lightning striking up and down the aisle.


TT: What a pop! Magnus makes his way to the ring, purple cape and circlet crown seemingly a perfect compliment his mythical frame!

BC: Come on Chris, show this freak what’s up!

Magnus stands center of the ring and Chris sitting on the turnbuckle still looking intently at Magnus. Chris stands and walks into the center of the ring and bumps chests with Magnus.

TT: This is going to get crazy.

BC: What do you know? NOTHING! Chris is going to tear this guy a new one!

The fans get riled as loud chanting and screams are heard throughout the arena.

TT: Look! It's the Osbourne Crew! I knew it! They are here to save Chris!

BC: Yeah... what he said.

Rob slides into the ring standing behind Chris while Bob and Drastic stand outside the ring next to each other. Chris, not noticing Rob behind him reaches back and backhands Magnus. Magnus sucks it up and pushes Chris backwards. Chris bumps into Rob and Rob spins him around. The look on Chris' face is simply disbelief. BADD DREAM! Chris goes down.


BC: See ! I told you Rob wasn't here to help Chris!

TT: Rob must still think Chris is the black mask!

BC: How can you not still think that? I mean it clearly was Chris.

TT: No way.

Rob now stomping on Chris who is out like a light in the ring. Magnus just standing in the ring trying to decide to play hero or not. As Rob turns his back from the crowd more loud noises are heard.

TT: Oh my! What’s this now?

The Raving Lunatic comes flying over the guard railing through the air and crashes down on Bob and Drastic. The three men fall to the ground. Lunatic throws punches left and right on Drastic and uses his foot to keep Bob away. Magnus motions to Rob that something is going on outside the ring. Magnus and Rob both slide out of the ring and chase Lunatic off. Magnus helps up Drastic and Rob helps up his son Bob. The four men leave the ring together.


BC: This night could not have gotten any better.

TT: Does this mean Magnus is siding with the Osbournes?

BC: No way! They would never let him join them. He is too much of a goody goody. He was just saving the ass of the man who gave him a shot at the World title. His dynamic duo.... Drastic.

TT: Conflicting sides... As we all know Drastic is a sick man. On one side he hates The Osbourne family ESPECIALLY Rob Osbourne. Then on the other side his split personality I guess, he is an actual Osbourne. He is Bryan Joseph Osbourne.

BC: So what you’re telling me is that he can manage to be in 2 groups at once?

TT: Yeah... I suppose I am... well next up, just moments away is our main event! Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance taking on Shock Value's Brian Adams and Keith Daniels.

BC: I'm at a loss of words... wait... where the hell was Pledge through all of this?


TT: Alright fans, welcome back…what a main event this is going to be! Brian Adams and Keith Daniels taking on Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance…Pledge must be chomping at the bit to get his hands on Brian Adams one more time.

BC: Yeah well just like every other time they’ve met in the ring, I’m betting it ain’t gonna go the way Pledge hopes it will.

TT: Let’s get to the ring and find out!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a totally combined weight of 525 pounds…. the team of PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE and the CWF National Champion… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits and Rob Osbourne, National title draped over his shoulder, steps out from behind the curtain with Pledge Allegiance. Osbourne shows off his title to fans in the front row on the way down the aisle, and the two immediately begin discussing strategy as they step through the ropes.

TT: That could be one seriously dangerous team if they can co-operate.

BC: You’re not kidding! Two veterans like that, they know all the tricks of the trade.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents! At a total combined weight of 564 pounds…the team “THE DANGEROUS ONE” KEITH DANIELS and the CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS…SHOCK VALUE!

“Represent” by (hed) pe hits and Keith Daniels towers through the curtain. The crowd rains down on him with boos. He points at the curtain and Brian Adams emerges, prompting the crowd to erupt with boos and pelt him with garbage. The CWF World Heavyweight Championship belt hangs from his shoulder, and he mocks the fans with it as they head up the aisle. They step through the ropes and are immediately jumped by Pledge and Osbourne.


TT: Here we go! We are underway and don’t expect any technical match up here, this is gonna be a brawl! These guys want to maim each other!

BC: C’mon Brian! Get Pledge! Get him!

Osbourne jumps on Daniels, Pledge on Adams…and they immediately begin chucking knuckles around. Osbourne gets the better of Daniels, Pledge gets the better of Adams and The Osbourne Family reigning supreme here! Nitemare tosses Daniels over the top rope! Pledge clotheslines Adams out and Pledge and Nitemare have cleared the ring! Adams and Daniels stagger around the ring and meet up. Adams grabs his title and the two start heading back up the ramp! They are leaving the area and the crowd boos them furiously!

TT: Adams and Daniels want no part of Pledge and Nitemare and they are high tailing it out of here!

BC: Brilliant! You don’t need this!

Pledge and Nitemare exchange glances and then immediately hop out of the ring and chase Adams and Daniels up the aisle…and they nail them both from behind! Pledge grabs Adams and he drags him back up the aisle! Nitemare and Daniels brawling at the stage and Pledge has Adams back in the ring! Adams and Pledge apparently the legal men and Pledge whips him to the ropes…back body drop! And Adams sails seven feet in the air and drops hard on his back! He grabs his back in pain and Pledge pulls him up…he whips him to the ropes….flying shoulder block! Adams hits the mat and flips backwards with a force. Meanwhile, Nitemare whips Daniels into the guardrail and then grabs him back the back of the neck and throws him into the ring steps! Daniels hurting on the outside and Nitemare gets up on the apron and takes his place in his corner.

TT: The Osbourne’s are cleaning house here and Adams and Daniels don’t have an answer for it so far!

BC: Come on, guys! Get in the game!

Pledge whips Adams to a neutral corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle…and unloads on him with fists of fury! The crowd counts along! 1…2….3 …4…5…6…7…8…9…10! Adams wobbles out to the center of the ring and flops to the mat as Pledge works the crowd. Nitemare asks for the tag and he gets it! Adams gets to his feet just in time to be rocked by a Rob Osbourne clothesline…Adams bounces back up, and again gets hit! Adams bumping all over the ring and Osbourne whips him to the ropes…and gets caught with his head down! Adams catches him with a swinging neck breaker and quickly makes the tag to Keith Daniels!

BC: Wooo! Good job, Brian!

Daniels steps over the top rope and towers over Osbourne. He pulls him up by the hair and whips him to the ropes…big boot! And Nitemare spits high into the air as the leather smacks him in the chin. Daniels pandering to the crowd as Osbourne reels. He picks up the National Champion and heaves him over his head for a fallaway slam! Nitemare’s body twists upon impact and he arches his back in pain. Daniels pulls him back to his feet…and he hooks him in for a DDT! No! Osbourne blocks it and Daniels drops himself to the mat!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: And that has to hurt! Normally with a DDT your opponent’s head breaks the fall but it’s a risky move, if it gets blocked you’re putting yourself in harm’s way and a veteran move by Rob Osbourne there to block that attempt!

Osbourne crawls over to Pledge and makes the tag! Daniels backs up into a neutral corner and begs off Pledge…Pledge looks at Adams as if to say “this is for you” and begins stomping a mud hole in Daniels! Daniels frantically looking for a way out but Pledge is a house of fire! He pulls the 6’10” Daniels to his feet and whips him to the ropes…powerslam! What a feat of strength! Pledge picked up the hulking Keith Daniels and slammed him and the crowd roars! Adams has the fear of God in his eyes and Pledge grabs Adams by the hair and heaves him over the top rope and into the ring! Adams barely has time to react and Pledge pounces on him and begins throwing wild right hands!

TT: Pledge all over Brian Adams! My God! This has got to be satisfying for Pledge who was screwed out of the title on three separate occasions by Brian Adams and Adams is taking his medicine here!

BC: Damnit! Get Pledge off him, ref!

Daniels gets to his feet, prompting Nitemare to step through the ropes but the ref holds him back. Daniels from behind Pledge…LOW BLOW! He got him with a low blow and the ref had his back turned! And Daniels leaves the ring…there was no legal tag! The ref turns around and Adams insists a tag was made. The crowd boos loudly. Adams now mounts Pledge and delivers stiff right hands into Pledge’s forehead. Pledge in trouble here and Adams gets up off him and pulls him up by the hair…and swings him in a circle by the hair!

BC: Wooo weee! What a ride for Pledge! No charge, this one’s on the house!

TT: There is nothing fun about that, Adams taking Pledge for a merry go round ride by the hair!

Adams lets go and Pledge sails across the ring and lands face first on the mat. Adams mockingly wipes the sweat off his brow and flings it onto Pledge as the crowd boos.

Suddenly, the big screen lights up, and Paul Blair appears walking through the halls backstage.

Paul Blair: Oh BOBBBB! BOBBBBB! Where are you, Bob? I just want to give you some more advice. Come out, come out wherever you are!

Blair has Rob Osbourne’s attention. The Nitemare jumps off the apron and stands watching the big screen helplessly. Blair comes to Bob Osbourne’s dressing room. He knocks.

Paul Blair: [in his best attempt at a female voice] Rooooom service!

The door swings open as Bob Osbourne answers. As he pokes his head out, Blair wraps a steel chair over his head. His head goes straight through the back of the chair and it remains wrapped around his neck as he drops to the floor.



Rob Osbourne immediately sprints up the aisle and behind the curtain. Blair holds his foot over the chair, threatening to stomp on it and break Bob Osbourne’s neck. Blair hears Rob Osbourne coming though and disappears. As Osbourne tends to Bob Osbourne backstage, back in the ring, Brian Adams tags out to Keith Daniels.

TT: This isn’t looking good! This has become a two on one handicapped match and I don’t know if Pledge can survive this!

Daniels mockingly tosses Pledge into his own corner, and then holds Pledge’s hand out as if to tag out to Rob Osbourne. Pledge fights back and throws a right hand! And a left! And a right! And a left! And Daniels is staggered…the crowd getting behind Pledge…Pledge off the ropes…clothesline! Daniels won’t go down! Pledge off the ropes again…another clothesline! Daniels teetering now! Pledge off the ropes again…wait a minute, Adams in the ring…SPEAR! He blindsided Pledge and speared him and the ref screaming at Adams to get out of the ring!



Daniels shakes out the cob webs and makes a cover!



3! No! Kickout!

TT: And there’s the heart of a warrior, Pledge trying to stay alive here…

BC: Good! Punish him some more! Ha!

Daniels pulls him up and Pledge, on spaghetti legs, gets lifted high into the air with a gorilla press slam! No! Pledge lands on his feet…Daniels turns around…PLEDGE HAMMER! Pledge nailed it and the crowd erupts! A cover!



Adams breaks the count!

TT: Come on! Against all odds Pledge looked to have the match won there and Adams breaks it up!

The ref backs Adams out of the ring…Pledge to his feet and trying to get at Adams…Daniels slowly coming back to consciousness…he gets to his knees and groggily sneaks up behind Pledge…LOW BLOW! Pledge’s eyes pop out of his head and the ref turns to see what happened…he yells at Daniels who acts innocent…wait a minute…Pledge hunched over…Adams with STARSTRUCK! He nailed it and Pledge is out like a light! Adams out of the ring and Daniels with a cover!





Ring Announcer: Here are your winners…BRIAN ADAMS AND KEITH DANIELS!

The crowd explodes into boos at the underhanded win.

TT: Give me a damn break! Pledge Allegiance gets left alone to fend for himself and Daniels and Adams double team him for the victory…and wait a minute, here comes Rob Osbourne back down the aisle!

The crowd roars as The Nitemare charges down the aisle. Adams and Daniels scatter and clear the ring as Osbourne checks on Pledge. With Osbourne’s back turned, Keith Daniels slithers back into the ring and nails him from behind!

TT: Come on! The damn match is over! Someone get in there and stop this!

BC: Brilliant! With Pledge dead to rites, Shock Value is gonna pick apart Osbourne!

Keith Daniels grabs a couple of chairs, sliding one into the ring past a recovering Osbourne to Brian Adams.

TT: It looks like Brian Adams and Keith Daniels have something planned for their opponents here!

BC: Yes, and it looks beautiful!

Daniels slides in after the chair and gets to his feet sizing Osbourne up with the chair. Brian Adams positions himself in front of Pledge Allegence who is pulling himself up.

BC: They're going to finally do away with Pledge Allegiance and Rob Osbourne. It's a great day to be watching the CWF!

TT: Wait a second! Here comes Bob Osbourne and Bryan Osbourne through the crowd! Bob Osbourne is busted open from that altercation with Blair backstage and Daniels and Adams spot them and wait as long as they can for Pledge and Rob to rise up!

BC: No! Get out of there!

TT: Of course they'll run. Like cowards.

Adams and Daniels slide out of the ring before any extra damage could be done. They begin to back up the ramp.

TT: Not so tough against the rest of the Osbourne family, are you, Shock Value?

BC: That's not it at all. They just realized it wasn't worth their time.

TT: Are you watching what I'm watching here?

Daniels and Adams back up the aisle with smirks on their faces. Jeff Jericho steps out from the back with a smile on his face, and meets up with Daniels and Adams. Once they arrive at the end of the aisle, Brian Adams motions to his left for something. A stage attendant returns with a microphone.

TT: Yeah, Brian. Why are you guys so afraid?

BC: Shh! Let the man speak!

Adams puts the microphone to his lips.

Brian Adams: It's a shame you had to spoil our fun so early. We were just getting started. But it's alright, because this is exactly what we expected would happen. All the king's horses and all the king's men trying to put Humpty together again.

The group of men begin to motion for Daniels and Adams to come up the ramp and talk to them.

TT: I think the Osbourne family wants to have this conversation in the ring.

BC: But Shock Value's so comfortable at the end of the ramp. Someone should bring them chairs. And martinis.

TT: Stop encouraging them!

>Brian Adams hands the microphone off to Keith Daniels. Daniels smiles.

Keith Daniels: Ivan Pavlov created an experiment to show that a dog, if provided the stimulus with a reward enough, would salivate at the sound of a dinner bell. It was expected for the group of you to run down there tonight to save Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, so we have a consolation prize for all of you.

Osbourne and Pledge are helped to their feet and begin to scream up the ramp at Adams and Daniels. They laugh in response.

Keith Daniels: Oh, this makes you angry, does it? But "urine" a pretty good position still. Look at it this way, it's better to be pissed off than pissed on. But the question I pose to you is... how would it feel to be... both?

The Osbournes look confused, but then Rob's eyes widen.

TT: Oh my god! Is that what I think it is?!

Suddenly, a yellow, putrid fluid begins to rain down onto the ring and the Osbourne family from the rafters.

BC: Yes! A golden shower for the Osbourne family! Wait... what is that?

TT: Not so much a fan of Shock Value now, are you?

BC: Oh no, I still love these guys. I just wish they'd have warned me.

TT: That's apple juice for God's sake...God, I thought for a second it was...y'know...

BC: Piss.

TT: Well...yeah.

Pledge and Rob get to the ropes, screaming in anger. Shock Value begins to laugh as the exit up the ramp and through the curtain.

TT: Adams, Daniels, and Jericho have hit an all time low here! Shock Value really trumped the Osbourne Family here tonight, but I don't expect these actions will go unpunished…

BC: They better! You don't know what Shock Value will do to the Osbournes next!

TT: The Osbourne Family is covered in a yellow liquid that smells like apple juice and I can only imagine where Shock Value even got it…

BC: Puuuhhh…let’s get out of here…

TT: We are out of time folks…see you next week for Saturday Night Showdown!

The Osbourne Family furiously storm out of the ring and up the aisle in pursuit of Shock Value.

Fade to black.