The screen swirls with the CWF logo splashing across the screen with the Showdown logo exploding up through the center. Quickly the camera fades to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane seated at the announcer’s table

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back from our hiatus, rested up from our respective vacations. Showdown is once again on the air! We are coming to you LIVE from the Verizon Wireless Center here in beautiful downtown Manchester, New Hampshire!!

BC: Vacation?!?! Rest?!?! Go to hell Turnbuckle! While you were sipping mai thai’s by the pool, I was getting physically assaulted by The Raving Lunatic, verbally berated by that snot nosed punk Terry Richards, and overall disgusted with the level of disrespect shown by the former World "Chump" Brian Adams who couldn’t be bothered to sit down with me for our interview.

TT: Well Bobby, it has come to our attention that following his loss to Magnus Thunder at Summer Smash, Brian Adams has filed for indefinite leave with Xamin’s office.

BC: So he took his ball and went home? I have to say, I am not surprised, but I am disappointed. I thought Adams had the makings of a great champion. Enough about the past Teddy. Tell me what we have lined up for the fans tonight.

TT: Glad you asked old friend. Tonight we will see the newcomer Freedom Jones take on the Captain of the CWF Job-Squad – Kyle Sync. Following that we have a triple threat match featuring a few more recent CWF signees in James Baker, Terry Richards, and Vincent Vegas. When that one wraps up we will see Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez take on "The Iceman" Tyler Thomas. Then we have our big title match of the evening when The Raving Lunatic defends his CWF Unified Title against both Sickboy and the first ever second generation CWF superstar in young Bob Osbourne. And finally, in our Main Event we will see the newly crowned World Champion Magnus Thunder and his surprise corner man from Summer Smash and newest member of Omega, but no stranger to the CWF or it’s golden hardware, T-Money tag up to face off against Shock Value’s Keith Daniels and the CWF Hall of Famer "The Ruler" Paul Blair.

BC: We’re doing ALL of that TONIGHT? Well, maybe I was wrong then.

TT: What does that mean Bobby?

BC: Well, one of the ring techs said Xamin has been hell bent all week snapping orders and ripping people’s heads off. He said he thought he had finally lost it. I bet him $100.00 that Xamin was fine. Maybe Mark Xamin has lost it. And I’ve lost a hunsky.

TT: Bobby Crane, you really do need to start attending those Gambler’s Annonymous classes again! (pushes hand to his ear piece) Folks we are getting word that Rob Osbourne and Pledge Alligence are about to make their way to ring side.

BC: Oh, this should be good…..

"Nightmare" by Crooked X plays as the CWF National Champion makes his way onto the ramp clad in a black blazer and slacks with a purple dress shirt and purple and black silk tie. His trademark Oakley frogskins are perched on the bridge of his nose as he stpes onto the. He climbs in the ring and drapes the title over his shoulder as a ring tech hands him a mic.

NRO: Listen up people. I’m going to keep this short and simple. Like Magnus Thunder’s world title reign. Last week on Mr. Crane’s show there was an "altercation" if you will between myself and our beloved turncoat of an owner, Mr. Mark Xamin…

Clip plays from The Bobby Crane Show….

Mark Xamin is seated at his desk reviewing the quarterly sales reports for CWF merchandising and looking over files on prospective new talent. Suddenly, Rob Osbourne bursts through the door. Kodiak Winters snaps to attention and takes up the foreground in front of the boss's desk. Xamin waves him off and Osbourne grabs a hold of one of the two chairs flanking the coffee table. Winters immediately tenses, but Osbourne turns the chair around and sits down facing the owner of the CWF and the newest member of Shock Value

Xamin: (sarcastically) Rob, won't you come in and have a seat?

NRO: Save the smart ass routine for someone who can pull it off. We need to talk.

Xamin: About what?

NRO: MY world title shot.

Xamin: What do you mean by YOUR world title shot?

NRO: Oh cut the bullshit Mark. You know, I know, all the boys in the back know, and moreover, the fans of the CWF know that when I came back to the ring it was for one purpose. The same as Magnus. To win that CWF World title. Its been the most elusive piece of hardware dangled in front of me throughout my career. My time has come.

Xamin: I understand where you're coming from, but Adams as the former champ should be the next in line Rob. Contractually he does get a rematch. I's only fair...

NRO: ONLY FAIR?!? Don't give me your canned corporate responses Xamin. I have ran through EVERY sad excuse for talent you have set before me. Now, in retrospect, it all makes sense. You didn't want me coming after your boy. You tried every way you could to cost me the National title to protect your precious investment. You even handed Daniels a National title shot, regardless of his squandering it, when I am quite sure some of those guys who have been here since you reopened the doors would have liked to have been considered. Fair? I don't think so Mark Xamin...the word doesn't exist in your feeble vocabulary my friend. You wanted this. Now deal with it.

Xamin: Those sound like threats big boy. Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash Osbourne.

NRO: Oh it's not a threat Xamin. It's a promise. You can either come up with a solution to this problem now. Or I can solve it. Since Pledge showed up for the big save at the Osbourne, Inc. shareholders meeting, I have my resoucres back Mark. I will sue you for gross negligence, among several other charges I can have my people dig up. You find a way to come to an agreement by next week or I move forward with my legal team and by God if I have to buy the CWF to get my title shot then so be it! The choice now lies with you Mr. Black Mask. You've got a week. Get to thinking.

Osbourne stands, turns the chair back around, moves it back into place and brushes any dust or debris off . He then politely turns to exit the office. Just as he reaches the door he quickly turns around, kicks Winters in the stomach and Badd Dreams the man through the coffee table between the two chairs. He stands and straightens his clothing. He turns in the doorway and looks at Xamin over the top of his trademark purple Oakley frogskin shades

NRO: One week.

Scene cuts back to the arena…

NRO: Well folks. The week has passed. I for one would really appreciate it if Mr. Xamin could grace us with his presence.

"Elevation" by U2 plays as Mark Xamin, accompanied by Kodiak Winters, walks out onto the ramp and makes his way to the ring. A ring tech timidly offers Xamin a mic. The boss yanks the thing from the guys hand and the man cowers
in fear as Xamin climbs through the ropes.

Xamin: Rob Osbourne, I’ve had about enough of your mouth. Who the hell do
you think you are to barge into MY office on MY show and demand a shot at MY

NRO: Nice to see you again as well Mark. Let me answer your question with this (hoists CWF National Title up in the air) I’m the CWF National Champion and I’ve ran rough shod over every p.o.s. you’ve tossed in front of me…INCLUDING your precious Brian Adams, and on more than one occasion. Your little cop out you tried to give me last week won’t hold water now pal, cause Adams realized he had bitten off more than he could chew when he chose to wage this war with The Osbourne’s and has since high tailed it out of here going the way of The Juggernaut. So what’s it going to be Marky Mark, am I facing Magnus Thunder for the World title or not?

Xamin: No Rob, I don’t think it would be right with you as the National Champion…

NRO: That’s exactly the response I anticipated. Boys…

Osbourne motions with his hand and a group of fifteen or so men in suits make their way to the ring. The one who appears to be the head of the group walks over to ring side and hands Osbourne a file.

Xamin: What the hell is this all about?!?

NRO: Oh Mark, I hope you don’t mind, but I assumed you’d make this very poor choice. I did however, warn you ahead of time of the ramifications that would be if you didn’t see things my way. This is merely a formality at this point, as the proper paperwork was all filed three days ago. You can look this over at your leisure, but you’ll see it’s air tight. Effective Sunday July 19th at 11:59 p.m. you NO LONGER OWN the CWF.

Xamin: (livid) WHAT?!?! You are out of your flippin mind Nitemare. This is some kind of sick joke right? I mean, you can’t…

NRO: I can, and I did. The CWF and all of its entities are now the property of Osbourne, Inc. With that being said Mr. Xamin…get the hell out of my ring.

Xamin: Seems to me Mr. Osbourne we have a dilemma. I’m sure with your money and your legal team, these documents are in fact real and as you said, air tight. However, I wish you would have let me finish my answer to your question though. You may have just spent a great deal of money for nothing. Before I was so rudely interrupted I was going to tell you that I had signed an impromptu match for tonight, one with a HUGE stipulation for you within it…

NRO: I don’t think so. You don’t call the shots any more. I do.

Xamin: I think you missed something there hotshot. I thought you just said "effective at 11:59 p.m. Sunday July 19th" was my witching hour? If that IS the case and your documents are in line, then I have every right and obligation to see this show through to its completion this evening.

NRO: Okay, fire away Tommy Tough Guy.

Xamin: Well, win or lose, if you agree to compete in this match tonight, a match where your precious National Championship will be on the line, you will receive a shot at Magnus Thunder and the CWF World Title that has so elusively evaded your grasp over the past 16 years. Of course, you don’t have to take my offer. I mean, you have already bought the company. Although I can’t see how forcing your way into the world title scene will keep the morale up in the locker room, but that’s not my problem after tonight, is it?

NRO: You are right Mark. I don’t have to agree to your little match here tonight. I can simply wait until Global Warning for my shot. I won’t play your little mind games anymore.

Xamin: Awe, really? Gee….that’s to bad. Of course he told me you’d say that.

NRO: He who?

Xamin: The man I was going to have you defend your National title against tonight. He told me that you would never agree to the match. I guess he was right…you are a coward.

NRO: Coward?!?!

Xamin: Of course…if I am wrong…if he is wrong, just say the word and you ’ll have your
match tonight and then you get your title shot next week instead of next month.

NRO: Who is the opponent?

Xamin: Why should that matter? Like you said, you’ve ran rough shod over everyone I’ve lined you up against, right?

NRO: Okay, I’ll bite. I’m in. Who is it?

Xamin: Not so fast. (Xamin pulls a contract out of hi inner jacket pocket and hands Osbourne a pen) Sign here…and here. Initial here. Good. Great. Thanks a million Rob.

NRO: Fine. (Osbourne signs the contract and slaps it back against Xamin’ s chest) Now who is the next jobber you want to stick in my path to be

Xamin: (looks at watch) He should be here any minute…

"Turn the page" by Metallica erupts through the loud speakers. The crowd goes into an absolute frenzy as the only man to ever pin Rob Osbourne in the MWWF steps through the curtain to a thunderous applause.


TT: I know, I know!!! Is it really him?

NRO: No……..

Xamin: What’s wrong Robbie? Cat got your tongue?

NRO: No…….

Xamin: YES Rob…YES! Tonight, in this very ring it will be "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne defending his CWF National Championship against that man…THE MANIAC!!!!!!

Maniac heads to the ring and slides under the bottom rope on his stomach and gets nose to nose with Osbourne. He takes a step back and lifts his first in the air, pumping up the crowd just a little bit more.

Maniac: 12 years is a long time Rob. You don’t call, you don’t write. It makes me feel like you don’t care anymore.

NRO: Damn. Has it really been that long? I really hadn’t paid much attention to how much time passes between the beatings I’ve given you "old friend."

Maniac: HA! Is that what your telling yourself these days old man? Well, this isn’t the MWWF…this isn’t Staylin’ Alive…and this isn’t 1997. In fact, I think we’ll find out just how much things have changed right here tonight, won’t we?

NRO: You know what? I think I’m gonna have to pass…

Xamin: UH-UH-UH-UH! I don’t think so Mr. Osbourne. You’ve already signed the contract. You face Maniac tonight or not only do you NOT get the title shot next week – but you vacate that National Title right here, right now.

Maniac: Unless of course you’re scared of little ole me….

NRO: (disgusted) I’ll be there.

Xamin: Be where? You're here...he's here...i'm sworn in as a CWF Official...i promise, I'll call it straight down the middle, but it's not like you have a choice in the matter. Ring the bell.

TT: Holy cow. Right here, right now, 12 years since they last met, Maniac...Rob Osbourne....CWF National Title....

BC: The bell rings and Maniac lungs at Osbourne and catches the Nitemare off guard and he falls onto his back as Maniac unleashes a decade of anger on Osbourne

TT: And Osbourne finally pushes Maniac off. Osbourne pulls off his suit jacket and tosses it over the ropes with his shades and Maniac locks up with him, test of strenght, and maniac catapults Osbourne onto his back, but Osbourne rolls through and come up in a crouch and lunges forward pearing manaic and pummeling him with his own barrage of lefts and rights.

BC: NO!!!!

TT: Mark Xamin picks up the National Title and just heaves everything he has into a full swing and cracks Osbourne in the side of the head, splitting him open and dropping him on the spot.

BC: And look at Maniac. He's pissed off Teddy.

TT: Of course he is Bobby crane. This hatred he and Osbourne share predates the CWF itself. He wanted to aveneg his loss to Osbourne at 1997's MWWF Stayin' alive, but he didn't want it to be like this.

BC: Xamin ordering Maniac to cover Osbourne...he does....quick count by Xamin....1......2....3!!

Xamin: Here is your winner and the NEW CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION....THE MANIAC!!!

TT: Xamin hands Maniac the title. Maniac clutches it with both hands and stares down at Osbourne. He looks up at xamin and cracks him with the title belt. xamin starts to fall over, but Maniac grabs him....HEADHUNTER!!!!

BC: MY GOD!!! Osbourne starting to come to....hes pulling himself up on his elbows...Maniac reaches down and extends his hand to Osbourne, who has blood pouring from the front of his face engulfing him in a crimson mask from Xamin's wicked shot with the title belt.

TT: Osbourne takes his hand, Maniac pulls his arch nemesis to his feet...HEADHUNTER!!!

BC:I forgot just how much I love The Maniac. Osbourne got what he wanted all right, but at what cost?


TT: So we've already seen the National title change hands. Now, lets get to the ring for Kyle Sync's introduction.

BC: Do we have to?

TT: Yes Bobby, we have to.

BC: Whatever!

Ring Announcer: From Warsaw, Poland. He weighs two hundred seventy five pounds and stands six foot three inches tall. This is Kyle SYNC!!

'Hunt You Down' by Saliva starts to play as Kyle Sync makes his way to ringside. He shakes off the chorus of boos that drown out his entrance music while he climbs the ringsteps. His music cuts off suddenly and 'Freedom Train' by Lenny Kravitz Blares replaces the Saliva song. The lights go out and blue and red strobe lights scatter throughout the stands.

Ring Announcer: His Opponent! From Dothan, Alabama. He weighs three hundred and ninety seven pounds. He stands six foot nine inches tall. This is his Classic Wrestling Federation DEBUT! Welcome, FREEDOM JONES!!!!!

The Lights click on suddenly as Freedom comes running full tilt through the crowd. He looks over his shoulder as he jumps over the barricade that holds the fans back. He slides under the bottom rope, into the ring behind the
back of Kyle Sync.

TT: Sync had better turn around, the ref sees Freedom, but Kyle has no clue he's there.

BC: Freedom from behind with a huge spear!! Sync flies across the ring into the turnbuckle where he collapses into a lump under the bottom rope.

TT: Freedom is moving quick here, he's got Sync up, and on the top turnbuckle.

BC: HOLY SHIT!! What the HELL was that Turnbuckle?!?

TT: Jones calls that the Freedom Train Bobby!

BC: Well I think it just 'FREED' Kyle Sync of his bowels!

TT: Thats sick Bobby! Jones with the cover, this ones elementary...




TT: Your winner Freedom Jones!

BC: Where's he going Teddy?

TT: I'm not quite sure Crane, but where ever he's off to he's headed there in a hurry. Jones has hopped the guard rail again and taken off through the crowd...(touches ear piece) Fans, I’m told there is a disturbance going on back stage…let’s cut to our crew who is already on the scene…

Mariano Fernandez and Nagase are shown entering the arena

MF: Might be a lot better than I brought you here. Just stay in my locker room and you'll be fine.

Nagase agrees

Nagase: (Going into shock) Oh my God! That's it! There's that car again!

As they walk through the parking lot, they notice a familiar car

MF: And we know who's inside that car... "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker.

JB: (getting out of the car, flanked by Malik Jones) You talkin' 'bout me, bitch? Now that's a nice girl you got there. I just couldn't resist... seeing her in person. (Chuckles) I say... why don't we fight for her? You and me, Scars and Stripes.

MF: (Points to James Baker, a cold expression of rage on his face) ... Leave her out of this. You want me in the ring, fine. But you're not going to lay a hand on her.

JB: Is that so? Then I guess I'll just keep watching her from behind... a lot closer than before.

Nagase: Mariano, please let me say something. (Mariano acquiesces, not saying a word. She turns to James Baker). I'm sick and tired of you stalking me, just to mess with his mind. If he accepts will you leave us alone?

JB: Fine.

MF: You heard her. Match is on, Scars and Stripes.

Baker and Malik Jones leave. Baker is chuckling, Malik Jones is silent and doubtful.

MF: (Sorrowful) Nagase... I'm sorry I got you into this.

Nagase: (Places a hand on his shoulder) You didn't. I got myself into this.

They walk to Mariano's locker room, Mariano shaking his head. The scene cuts back to ringside.

TT: Well, I guess we have our second match for S&S Bobby, as James Baker will face off with Mariano Fernandez.

BC: Doesn’t Mr. Osbourne have to sign off on that?

TT: Hmm…I guess your right Bobby. I wonder if we’ll hear from our new boss before his match with Maniac tonight.

As Teddy finishes his sentence "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath plays and Pledge Alligence, in full suit, walks onto the stage with a mic in hand.

PA: Ladies and gentlemen, I know you were all shocked about the news my brother broke earlier tonight concerning Osbourne, Inc’s hostile takeover of the CWF. While my brother does have an ego the size of Jennifer Adams’s gaping maw, he is also a very smart business man. He knows the fury that would consume the CWF locker room if he were calling the shots around here. With that being said, I am here to introduce you to the Interim President of Wrestling Operations for the CWF……..ME!!!

The crowd exhibits a mixed chorus of boos and cheers

PA: We have a little event called Scars ‘N Stripes next week live on Pay Per View. I am out here right now to share with the CWF fans what the future holds for our little band of misfits. First and foremost you all need to take notice that the outgoing regime did things a little bit differently than the incoming administration will. With that being said, I won't send an imbecile like Kodiak Winters to do my dirty work. Step out of line, and I'll put you back in your place myself! But rest assured, your American ICON will not falter. I will weather this storm and captain the CWF to greater shores. I would like to welcome back a few returning superstars who will find themselves plunging back into action next week at Scars N Stripes.

But before I announce those returning superstars, I want to also tell you how things are going to go down next week to set us afire heading into Global Warning. The theme for the non title matches at Global Warning will be three man elimination matches. No count out. No submission. No disqualification. Anything goes. You want Scars? You want Stripes? EVERY TITLE WILL BE ON THE LINE!!! That's right Maniac, get your gear ready, you'll be defending that title next week, just like Magnus. And whoever comes out of the three way Unified match tonight will also defend that title as well.

TT: Listen to this crowd Bobby, they are signaling their approval they only way they know how at the mention of all out mayhem next week!

BC: Bunch of blood thirsty animals Teddy! I love em!!!!

PA: So to get things started up for next week, I figured why not mix things up a little for tonights show? I mean, look at your ticket stubs people, it does say "Card Subject to Change" right? With that being said, tonight's two three way encounters will be NO COUNTOUT NO SUBMISSION NO DQ ELIMINATION MATCHES!!!

The crowd rips the roof off of the building with the deafening roar of appluase and cheers at Pledge's announcement.

PA: BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!!!! These matches tonight aren't merely as Briand Adams and Rob Osbourne both have dubbed "meaningless Shodown matches" no no. These matches tonight determine who lands in which matches. I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but following tonight's broadcast log onto and check out the line up for next week's show. We already know we will see Magnus defend the world title he has worked his entire career to get against my brother and now former CWF National champion "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. You can be sure the rest of the show will be just as exciting!

"Play the game" by Motorhead blares as "The Golden One" Jeff Jericho steps out from behind the curtain with a mic in hand. The crowd, as if possible, gets louder with the actual presence of the real deal, the man that built the CWF....Jeff Jericho.

JJ: Are you serious? President Pledge? You have to be kidding me? So you, still able to book yourself in a match Captain America?

PA: What did you have in mind Mr. Jericho?

JJ: I dunno...I was thinking 21 foot enclosed cell....lots of weapons. Lots of blood. Lots of scars. Plenty of stripes. Whadayathink?

The crowd, at capacity on its feet goes into an all out frenzy, secutiry panics and starts calling in the riot squads. A solid three to five minutes of pandemonium ensues as the security detail attempts to restore order.

PA: So...let me get this straight. You want me to sign you in a hell in a cell match against me?

JJ: That's right.

PA: What's in it for me?

JJ: Well....seems to me you have a rather sickening obsession with the CWF Hall of Fame. Whatsay should you somehow in the name of all that is holy, manage to actually beat get your place at the table. Your spot in the CWF Hall of Fame. But if you lose...oh dear oh dear oh dear Pledge. If you lose, you get used to wearing that suit, because your FINISHED!

PA: My in ring career for a shot at being chronicled in the annals of History, basking in immortality? You're on!!!


BC: No. He still didn’t tell us who the returning superstars were..

TT: No, not that you idiot, I meant Jericho and Pledge.

BC: Well, this has to be a put on. If this is real..this God Teddy. This card, almost unknown and honestly believed to be in jeopardy has now become MONUMENTAL!!!

TT: And we only know two matches. Pledge elduded that EVERY title would be on the line. And with the Unified title match and the impromptu Maniac and Nitemare National Title match already going down and Maniac winning the belt, the entire face of the CWF title scene appears to be changing quickly

BC: Yes it is Teddy. This is exactly the shot in the arm the CWF needed. What's that? (presses ear piece) We have a non descript random interviewer apparently backstage with James Baker, who we are about to see in action in an elimination match with the rulebook tossed out the window against Terry Richards and Vincent Vegas......

Scene cuts backstage where a man stands holding a wand mic in front of Malik Jones and James Baker

Interviewer: James Baker. Now tonight you will compete in a triple threat matchup against Vincent Vegas & Terry RIchards. First I gotta ask you what are your thoughts on your match from last week?

JB: Where the hell do I begin? Well it's a travesty on how I barely managed to lose last week. Hell i'm a bit suprised at myself on how that little computer nerd beatin me by kickin me in the head durin our match. I almost overcame the odds last week, but I just still can't figure out why last week went wrong for me. The great news is that all these sicko fans can go to sleep at night knowin that i'm in good condition & that I will once again carry the matchup to great hights as I am one of the best this company has to offer.

Interviewer: Umm James. Aren't you going a bit overboard with that statement?

JB: Don't you need to just do your damn job & interview me? Besides if you or any of these sicko fans have followed my career then you would automatically know why I am one of the top wrestlers around the world today. I will give praise to CWF for havin some of the best competitors in the world in Shock Value, The Osbournes, T-Money & many many more great opponents, but you see about half of those stars that I mentioned all pander to the liars, hypocrites & sickos that fill these damn arenas night after night after night.
Interivewer: You are such a prick.

JB: Thank you. Now get on with the next question already. I don't have alot of time left.
Interviewer: Ok your highness. Now what are your thoughts on facing Vincent Vegas & Terry Richards in a triple threat match tonight?

JB: Well while I don't have a problem facing two scrubs who are below me on the food chain, I do have a problem bein in yet another triple threat matchup. You see the way I see this match goin is that while it is every man for themselves, I believe in my heart of hearts that this is practically a handicap match as I know Richards has it out for me & with Vegas bein as wealthy of a playa as he is, he could just as easily pay Richards to take me out & then tell Richards to lie down for him like a little bitch. You see guys wealth doesn't win you championships nor does actin like a straight up busta win you championships either. As I have documented before, I am a 7 time World Heavyweight Champion so I have a bit of experience in the game & I am a top dog in the world of professional wrestling. The difference between me & the two scrubs that i'm competin against is experience. Now what that means is that if either of you suckas make a mistake, I capitalize on that mistake just like that. You see come our match tonight, you will find out why everybody calls me Da Xtreme Gangsta & by the end of the night, I will stomp both of yo asses to the ground & the ref will raise my hand in victory as the ring announcer announces me as the winner of our match, believe that.

James & Malik both walk off and the scene cuts back to the ring side area.

Ring Announcer:  Ladies and gentlemen your next match is going to be a THREE WAY WAR!   This contest will be decided by pinfall only!  There will be no disqualifications, no count outs, no submissions.   Introducing first, hailing from unknown territories.  Weighing in at two-hundred sixty pounds, he stands six foot two inches tall.  This is the debut match of Vincent

Vincent Vegas walks through the curtain.  "Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies" by Biffy Clyro hits the loudspeakers as he makes his way to the ring to a mild reaction from the fans.

Ring Announcer:  Introducing next... He weighed in this morning at one-hundred and eighty six pounds.  He stands five feet nine inches tall and hails from Chicago, Illinois.  This is Terry RICHARDS!!!

'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead roars and Terry Richards steps through the curtain onto the stage.  He stares at the ring and the newcomer Vincent Vegas with deadly intent.  He turns his head to each side to take in the fans around him as they applaud.  Pyro fills the air around him as the chorus hits, he runs toward the ring sliding under the ropes and into the middle of it.  Vegas trips as he makes his way out of the ring, to keep his distance from the obviously ready Terry Richards.

Ring Announcer:  Finally, from Compton, California.  Weighing two-hundred thirty-two pounds, standing six foot four inches tall.  THE EXTREME GANGSTER James BAKER!!!!!

'Hail Mary' by 2Pac sings out loud over the crowd.  Some in the crowd begin to sing along others rain down boos on Baker as he makes his way through the curtain.  He dances along with his entrance music as he makes his way to ringside.  A young child in the front row along the entrance ramp holds out a large sign that reads "The Shadow Rules, James Baker Drools."  Baker scowls at the young boy before tearing the sign from his hands.  He reads it over before holding it back out to the kid.  He rips it in half and drops it to the ground, just out of the reach of the boy.

TT:  Baker reaches ringside and climbs the ringsteps.  He makes his way around the ring on the apron, his eyes never leave Richards, who is still in the middle of the ring, awaiting the bell.  The ref pushes Richards back to give Baker and Vegas room to enter the ring.  Baker makes his way through the ropes...

BC:  Vegas from the outside, he just pulled Baker's feet out from under him, smacking The Gangster's face off of the mat.  He pulls him to the outside where he throws two.. three.. four right hands in a row.  Vegas moving away from Baker now toward the baricade...

TT:  He turns, and runs at Baker, but he telegraphed it, and payed.  Baker with a high back body drop, and Vincent hit his back on the ring steps hard... I think he's bleeding Crane!!

BC:  The Gangster turns and begins to put his right boot to Vegas' chest over and over when out of nowhere Richards flies into him.  Can we get some instant replay on that one Teddy?

TT:  Richards took the opportunity to climb to the top turnbuckle while Baker and Vegas occupied each other Bobby.  What a beautifull cross-body block from the young Terry Richards.  It appeared as though Vincent Vegas smacked his HEAD off of the ring steps this time, and YES he is most defenitely bleeding, and profusely from the back and now from the forehead
as well.

BC:  Vinnie doesn't seem to be fairing to well in the early goings of this match Teddy.

TT:  Richards is back to his feet.  He rolls Baker in under the bottom rope and follows behind him.  Baker is still a little rocked from the cross body block when he is hit from behind with a huge flying forearm.  His head smacks off the mat and he turns over.  Richards with the cover...



BC:  No Teddy!  He got that shoulder up just in time to stop the count and he's still in it.  Richards pulls him to his feet, he grab's the gangster's arm and contorts it into a hammer lock.

TT:  The gangster with a reversal! He pulls Richards up and brings him down with a hammerlock slam.

BC:  Vegas is beginning to stir out here Bobby.  I think he's just noticed that he's bleeding because it looks like he's freaking out.

TT:  I certainly would Crane.. that is a lot of blood after all!

BC:  Sure is Turnbuckle!  Inside the ring Baker hits the far rope, and a big splash on the prone body of Terry Richards.  Baker is back up quick and to the turnbuckle.  He's to the top quickly, facing toward the crowd, he taunts them before leaping in the air with a huge moonsault...

TT:  He connects!  You can count Terry Richards eliminated right there Bobby... OH MY GOD!  Baker pulls the leg up for the cover and the ref is there to count...


BC:  NO!!!  Vinnie may have just messed up... I'm not sure he understands how this match works.  If he had just let the ref get the third count in it would be one on one right now.

TT:  Well Bobby, he did stop the count and now he's got and Extreme Gangster to deal with...

BC:  The two men tie up over the body of Terry Richards.  Vegas gets the better of Baker putting him into a headlock.  Baker pushes him to the ropes and breaks the hold.  Baker whips Vegas across the ring, following behind him.  As Vegas bounces off the ropes he meets the dropkick of James Baker.

TT:  That dropkick almost sent him out of the ring Bobby!  He's gonna feel it in the morning, I promise you that.  Baker turns his attention back to Terry Richards who is getting back up now.  He throws heavy fists at his face backing him into the corner.  A quick kick to the head and Richards is slumped into the corner now hanging off of the top rope on both sides"

BC:  He leaves Richards in favor of Vinnie Vegas who has made it to one knee in the corner.  Another quick kick, this time to the gut of Vegas.  Baker pulls him to his feet and throws his shoulder into his gut, repeatedly, sending him slumping into the corner as well.

TT:  Both Richards and Vegas are almost out of it on the turnbuckles.  Baker looks back and forth between them before taking off toward Richards.  He leaps into the air and comes down onto his chest with a huge splash.  He turns and takes off in the opposite direction... ANOTHER SPLASH  Baker with another splash on Richards, and we've got a game of red rover going on.
Send James Baker right over!  Baker back toward Vegas...

BC:  NO!!! Vegas got his right boot up at the last second, and Bakers jaw smacked into it.  Vegas is quickly on top of Richards... what is he doing Turnbuckle!?!?

TT:  That looks like Vincent's submission maneuver.  He calls it the Vegas Lock.

BC:  Baker's tapping Turnbuckle!

TT:  It doesn't matter Crane!  There are no submissions here, PINFALL ONLY!

BC:  Well this isn't right!  Vegas obviously doesn't know the rules here, get in there and inform him before... OH NO!!

TT:  Richards has cleared the cobwebs.  Vegas doesn't even realize he's there until it's too late.  Richards drops an elbow to the back of Vegas' head.  He pulls him to his feet and out of nowhere he hits him with the Shock Turn.  Richards with the cover...




Ring announcer:  Ladies and gentlemen... Vincent Vegas has been eliminated by Terry Richards.  He must now leave the ring and ringside area.

BC:  What are they doing Turnbuckle?  What's happening here?

TT:  Vegas lost Crane!  He has to leave the ring and ringside right now weren't you listening?!

BC:  They Can't even give him enough time to regain consiousness?  He's not even moving dammit!

TT:  Well inside the ring there are two guys duking it out right now.  Baker and Richards look more like Ali and Frasier inside the ring right now.  The ref is trying to warn them about the closed fists but there are no disqualifications in this match.

BC:  I hope they knock each other out Turnbuckle!!! It would serve them

TT:  Don't be a spoil sport Crane.  Richards gets the upper hand with an uppercut ironically and sends Baker flying over the top rope, he comes crashing to the floor at ringside, right behind him is Richards who doesn't hesitate to slingshot himself over the top rope on top of baker.

BC:  These morons!  Why don't they just run into a brick wall?


BC:  Don't you tell me what makes sense and what doesn't when they just hauled the man that should have won this thing out of here before they could even ask him if he might have a neck injury or something!

TT:  Both men are slow getting up but Richards is to his feet first.  He steps to the top ring step and turns to The Gangster.  He waits while Baker turns around, then he jumps, pulling his arms above him into a double axe handle.  Baker counters with a hard knee lift to the gut.  Richards back smashes against the ring apron before he crashes to the ground.

BC:  Who Cares Turnbuckle?  Let's just go to commercial!!!

TT:  Baker rolls Richards into the ring and climbs to the apron.  He makes his way to the top turnbuckle and turns to face the audience.. Do you think he may be going to the well one too many times here Bobby?

BC:  You Think?  DUH!!!!

TT:  Baker flies through the air, but he connects with nothing but canvas as Richards rolled out of the way.  Richards is to his feet.  He pulls Baker back up and sets him up for The Shock Turn...  Baker stops him though.  He pushes his arm above his head and brings his elbow back in between Richards' shoulder blades.  He does it again and again until Richards doubles over.

BC:  Is it over yet Teddy?

TT:  Baker in position and... Yes!!!  He calls that The Extreme Knockout! Richards is motionless..  Baker with the cover....




TT:  Your Winner 'The Extreme Gangster' James Baker!!!  Baker rolls to his back, the ref pulls his hand into the air and checks for injuries.

BC:  Look up there Teddy!!  Who is that?!

TT:  I don't know Bobby.  It looks like he's wearing some sort of mask!!  In case you can't see it there is a figure lowering down from above us here folks!

BC:  What is that strapped to his back?!?  It looks like a samurai sword!!

TT:  Well that's obviously a ninja outfit so I doubt that's a samurai sword

BC:  How would you know smart ass?!

TT:  Watch your language Crane!  In the ring Baker is getting back to his feet.  The figure in ninja's clothes has almost made it down to the ring.

BC:  Are you in on this Turnbuckle?  What a mockary!

TT:  I have no clue what's happening here Crane!  Baker is still trying to shake off the cobwebs in the ring.  The ninja, for lack of a better term, unsheathes, is that a kendo stick Bobby?

BC:  I don't care what it is,  where is the commercial already!?!?!?

TT:  It is a kendo stick and he just destroyed it, by cracking it against the skull of The Extreme Gangster!!   The Ninja stands above The Gangster holding his shreaded kendo stick high above his head he pulls up on the front of the mask...

BC:  Mariano Fernandez!!! What the HELL Turnbuckle!?!?!

A figure dressed in black gi with a ninja mask comes down from the rafters from behind James Baker, a Kendo stick crossed on his back

BC:  What the hell is going on!

TT:  "Well Crane, Baker has been stalking Mariano's girlfriend for weeks and Mariano got some payback today! And folks, these two will lock horns again at Scars and Stripes, next Sunday on Pay-Per-View!"

BC:  Great, knight-in-shining armor fighting for little damsel-in-distress' honor! I hope he gets his ass kicked at Scars and Stripes Turnbuckle!

BC: What an embarassing showing by the highly touted Vincent Vegas.

TT: Maybe he had a bad week Bobby, cut the new guy some slack.

BC: Oh, for Khrist's sakes.

TT: Touche' Bobby Crane.


BC: So we ready for our next one Turnbuckle?

TT: Indeed we are! Lets get to the announcer Bobby! Tyler Thomas is already in the ring waiting for his opponent.

Hironobu Kageyama, Mariano Fernandez's theme music, sings out over the crowd. Little girls and boys give him a standing ovation, while screams can be heard from the female faction of the audience. Mariano steps through the
curtain with a smile plastered on his face. He points to the crowd before turning in place. Pyro shoots up from the sides of the entrance stage as he looks at the ring toward Tyler. The pyro ends and Mariano heads to the ring

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, weighing two hundred forty five pounds and standing six feet three inches tall, he is "The Iceman" Tyler THOMAS!!!!!

The crowd has a mild reaction for the debuting Tyler Thomas.

TT: We have high hopes for this kid don't we Bobby?

BC: We do?

Ring Announcer: And in the opposite corner weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds he is five foot nine inches tall.. ladies and gentleman, Mariano "THE SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!!!!

Mariano thrusts his fist high into the air, jumping off his feet slightly as he does. The Announcer leaves and the ref calls for the bell.

TT: Tyler Thomas will be looking to take advantage of his mixed martial arts background here against the ever full of life Fernandez.

BC: Thomas wastes no time shooting in for a take down, but it's of no use as Mariano comes flying up with a hard knee lift to the jaw.

TT: Mariano runs to the far rope, he bounces off and hits Tyler in the back of his head with a beautiful drop kick. He might be to fast for the newcomer Crane.

BC: You might be right about that Teddy, Fernandez is running circles around him right now. Thomas rolls over onto his back as Mariano hits the ropes again, this time flying into the air and coming down hard with a senton bomb. Mariano with the cover...



TT: No! Thomas just gets the shoulder up before the three count!!!

BC: Maybe he should have left it down Turnbuckle!

TT: Mariano pulls Thomas to his feet only to bring him back to the mat with a flying armbar! The ref is right there to check for the submission, but Thomas doesn't look like he's going to quit.

BC: He's only a couple inches from the ropes, if he had been in a ring and not in a cage he might have the awareness to just reach out and grab one of them.

TT: I'm sure he's trying to Bobby, you out of all people should know that it's not the easiest thing to do...

BC: What's that supposed to mean Turnbuckle!?

TT: The Iceman reaches the bottom rope, and Mariano immediately releases the hold. Tyler pulls himself under the bottom rope and out to the outside. The ref begins his standard count.

BC: Don't change the subject Teddy! What did you mean by that!?!?

TT: Can't you just focus on the matter at hand Teddy? Fernandez backs up to give Tyler room to slide in under the ropes. They square off quickly before locking up. Mariano gets the better of Tyler and twists his arm
behind his back. Fernandez pulls Thomas to the ropes, where he climbs to the second rope.

BC: Look at that... he's walking on the rope Turnbuckle!!

TT: Fernandez leaves the rope with a flipping jump and lands with a leg drop to the contorted shoulder of Tyler Thomas. Thomas goes to the ground clutching his shoulder and screaming in pain as Mariano signals for the end
of the match.. he waits as Thomas pulls himself to one knee.

BC: Yakuza Kick! He hit him square in the temple Turnbuckle! Mary with the cover...




Ring Announcer: Here is your winner....Mariano "The Shadow" Fernandez!
TT: This young man continues to impress me Bobby Crane. As does one of our next competitors.

BC: Is it time for the Unified Title match Teddy?

TT: Yes it is Bobby....

Suddenly the scene cuts to the backstage area. A backstage tech is seen walking away from the dressing room of The raving Lunatic and dr. James Picard. The man tucks a fifty dollar bill in his pants pocket and rounds the corner. He walks smack into Sickboy.

Tech: Mr. Wilkes, I'm glad i ran into you, Mr. Xamin needs to see you right away in room 103.

Sickboy: What? The gorilla position just bizzed my room. they're claling me to the curtain, are you certain Xamin sent for me NOW?

Tech: Not a moment ago...he said room 103...

Sickboy: Okay kid. Thanks.

Sickboy heads off toward room 103, as he opens the door and looks in, his face fills with anger at the sight of an empty janitorial closet. Out of no where he is nailed from behind and shoved into the closet. The door slams behind him, and on the outside, leaning with all of his weight is The Raving Lunatic. As he fights to hold the door shut, Picard grabs a chair and wedges it under the handle and he and Lunatic head to the entrance ramp

TT: What in the world?!?

BC: Who knows anymore? He's THE RAVING LUNATIC after all. And the Doctor is crazy like a fox.

TT: Let's get to the ring..

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF Unified Championship! This match will be an elimination match, by order of the executive offices, and it will be no countout, no submission, no disqualifications. You must be pinned to be eliminated. The first challenger...standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York, New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena. The jumbo tron shows the door where the chair is wedged. Sickboy is shouting and pounding on the door. It cuts back to the ring.

TT: Well I guess Sickboy won'd be making it out to the ring first....

Ring Announcer: And the second challenger...from Orlando, Florida standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds…BOB OSBOURNE!

The arena goes pitch black as "Gone" by Crooked X blasts through the PA as white lights flicker in time with the drum beat. Orange lights are in time to the guitar. As soon as the song kicks in, the lights flash white and Bob comes out and poses at the top of the ramp. Pyro explodes as he heads to the ring. Bob then gives fans high-fives along the way. Once Bob slides in to the ring, and poses, the arena slowly fills with orange and black.

Ring Announcer: And the Champion...from Las Vegas, Nevada…weighing in at 265 pounds…being led to the ring by his manager, Dr. Picard…THE RAVING LUNATIC!

"One of These Days" by Pink Floyd hits and the crowd explodes in a loud mixed reaction as The Raving Lunatic emerges from behind the curtain, followed closely by Dr. Picard. He walks to the ring, pulling bits of his own hair out along the way. Picard grins and holds the ropes open for him as he steps into the ring.

TT: I guess this match is going to start off as a one on one match up...

Just then the Jumbo tron shows Pledge Alligence walking down the hall. He hears the banging and opens the door and is almost ran over by Sickboy who sprints to the ring. Pledge looks after him and utters somethng under his beah, brushes off hsi suit and walks away

BC: And here comes Sickie just as Lunatic and Bob were about to start things off.

TT: Sickboy under the bottom ropes, and he dive tackles The Lunatic!!

BC: He's pounding Lunatic with lefts and rights, Lunatic trying to cover up, but cackles with horrid laughter as the welts on his head and face begin to rise.

TT: Sickboy is out for blood!!!

BC: Look at Osbourne. Mr. Opportunity strikes again! He's crouched down just letting these two kill each other. They roll around, swapping the advantage, and finally Lunatic gets Sickboy flipped over and held down and he delivers a sickening thud of a head butt and Sickboy goes limp.

TT: Bob, seizing the moment sprints off to the far side, off the ropes, dropkick to the Lnatic who was on his knees, and he goes down with a thud as well.

BC: Sickboy stirring, grabbing his head with both hands. Osbourne grabs him by the hair and yanks him up to his feet and then drops him back down as quickly with a gut wrenching suplex.

TT: But Sickboy scurries back up, only to be caught in the fac with a boot by Lunatic, who has also gotten back to his feet.

BC: Osbourne seeing the opportunity again. Spinning heel kick by Bob to the Lunatic, and he lands head first right in the crotch of Sickboy.

TT: Bob on the ropes...whisper in the wind...NO!!! Sickboy brings the knees up and Bob crashes into his shins and recoils in pain! What ring presence by Sickboy after the beating he has taken so far.

BC: He's an idiot who risks his career for crap like that. One second too late and it's over, another title shot wasted.

TT: Sickboy kips up as the Lunatic staggers to his feet, Sickboy sprints off the far side, off the ropes...NO...Picard pulls the ropes down and Sickboy flips backwards onto the arena floor, and its all legal Bobby!

BC: Absurd. Lunatic climbs out of the ring and scoops Sickboy up, he heaves him onto his shoulder....running head of steam...SNAKE EYES ONTO THE RING POST!!!!!!!! And Sickboy's head struck the iron and donging like a bell!

TT: WOW! What an impact. Wilkes slumps over, nearly lifeless. Lunatic grabs him by his hair and drags him around the ring and rolls him back in. He lcimbs in himself as Bob is regaining his composure. Lunatic about to stand up as he brings his right leg through the ropes, Osbourne rushes at the corner, bunny hops onto the top turnbuckle, quickly switch foots it, then leaps off the turnbuckle, cracking Lunatic in the back of the head with a dragon kick, and Lunatic falls face first onto Sickboy. The ref counts it.....1..........................2...........................3!!!! Sickboy is out. Wilkes rolls out of the ring with the ref's assistance and the match continues.

BC: Bob pulls Lunatic up by his head and tugs him over to the corner. He lifts with all his might and eventually manages to position Lunatic on his bottom on the top turnbuckle. Bob climbs up and signals for the Mind Wipe...but Lunatic punches him in the gut. Again. And again. And again. Bob falls backwards and Lunatic jumps with a double axe handle following him and catching him in the mid section. Bob flops on the mat with the wind knocked out of him. What the hell? I thought he was dead?!?!

TT: Apparently not. Drastic, a.k.a. Brian Joseph Osbourne, the schizophrenic son of Chris Osbourne and the cousin of Bob Osbourne who was last seen boarding a plane bound for Hawaii for summer Smash but he and his father were presumed dead. Drastic climbs over the guard rail, hops up on the ring post and flies through the air, flipping all the way through and catching Lunatic in a neck breaker.


TT: No DQ's, remember Bobby? Bob sees his cousin exiting the ring and notices Lunatic down for the count. Drastic disappearing through the crowd the way he came in, Bob back on his feet. He covers Lunatic.......1...........2............3!!!!!!!!!!


BC: I don't believe it.

TT: Why not bobby? Why not?

BC: I just don't believe it. Well, I guess it poses a whole new question altogether.

TT: And that is?

BC: Maybe he is better than his dad.

TT: How do you figure that?

BC: took his dad 15 years to win a CWF title. He's done it in a few months.

TT: I for one told you this kid impressed me in his debut against Mariano, and what strides both of them have made. We've had two titles change hands here tonight folks, and up next is our main event, which features our newly crowned World Champion Magnus Thunder and former champ T-Money taking on the hall of famer Paul Blair and "The Dangerous One", Keith Daniels. But first, a commercial break.


TT: We're back folks, and Daniels and Adams are already in the ring. Here comes Omega.
T-Money and Magnus head to the ring as "Just like you imagined" by Nine Inch Nails plays throughout the arena. Chiron accompanies them and Magnus hands him Stormbringer and the world title as they climb in the ring.


TT: As the ref calls for the bell Daniels pounces on Magnus, Blair does the same with all out melee ensues. the bell did ring right, this match is started?

BC: I guess so. Magnus is pounding back on Daniels now, and gets the upper hand, grabs him by his arm and whips him hard towards T-Money who has just sent Blair flying out of the ring over the top rope, T-Money catches Daniels right in the mouth with a superkick!

TT: Daniels is spun around by the kick but not taken off his feet, but Magnus grabs him as he comes off the kick...Samoan drop by the 7 foot 5 beheamoth!!!

BC: Blair however, slides back in the ring and racks T-money in the crotch with a European uppercut, T-Money falls over in dire pain!

TT: Cover by Blair...1......2.....thr....kickout by T-Money!!

BC: Magnus on Blair and he and T-Money whips Blair into the ropes, but the Ruler drops and rolls under the bottom rope to safety and points to his head and shakes it no.

TT: He's saying he's smarter than that Bobby.

BC: No, no he's not. He may think that, but he's not. Magnus gazes out at him and extends his hand and motions for Blair to come get some more. He's a coward, he'll never go back in that ring.

TT: I don't think he's a coward, but I think you may be right. I don't think Blair's going back down there. He's back pedalling up the ramp....

BC: Magnus climbs the turnbuckle...and is standing on the second rung. What the hell are these two doing?!?

TT: T-Money climbs up the ropes behind Magnus, and shimmies up and stands on Magnus shoulder and stands. magnus extends his hands upright and T-money grabs his hand, Magnus, as if wielding Sotrmhammer, flings T-Money with all the strength of Val Hall and T-Money spins a 630 and lands on Daniels....cover by Money.....1.........2......3!!!!


BC: Well, they're right you know, these guys do thump their Bibles...that was some Holy Shit right there Teddy Turnbuckle!!!

TT: Folks what a night, Bob Osbourne wins the Unified Title, Maniac wins the national title from Bob's dad The Nitemare, and next week at Scars N Stripes all hell's going to break loose! Pledge says log onto to see what's in store for our PPV event next week. Until then, I'm Teddy Turnbuckle, for Bobby Crane, and we’ll see you there!!!