As the scene comes up from black the CWF logo can be seen swirling as the camera zoom in and the rotation ends the logo fills the screen then shatters into a hundred pieces as the scene changes to the inside of the arena and the tens of thousands of fans.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen we are LIVE from the Blue Cross arena in beautiful Rochester, New York! We have a great show lined up for this evening. Tell the good folks at home what we have in store for them tonight Bobby Crane.

BC: Interim President of Wrestling Operations, Pledge Alligence, declared this week “Tag Team Mayhem” and that’s just what you people are going to get! First we will see the aforementioned Pledge Alligence teaming up with the impressive rookie Mariano “Shadow” Fernandez – to take on another rookie – Terry Richards and the reigning National Champion – Maniac.

TT: You can bet Pledge will be ready to exact some revenge on Maniac for what he did to his nephew Bob Osbourne at Scars ‘N Stripes. What match follows that one Bobby?

BC: We are going to see the #1 contender for the Unified Championship – Alex “Rudy” Ruettiger teaming up with the man that was the special guest referee in his contendership match, Chemical X to take on Axel Way and the Unified Champ – Sickboy.

TT: Poor Axel Way and Alex Ruettiger. Anyone that hasn’t been under a rock for the past ten years knows the pure bloodlust shared between Chemical X and Sickboy. Wilkes and Scarletti have a very storied rivalry. They always seem to bring out the best, or worst – depending on your point of view – in each other.

BC: Then we will see the Irish Sensation Motion team up with “The Notorious Pimp” James Baker to square off against the legends and the two men in the CWF that combined have held more titles than anyone in the history of this company and two men that just happen to hate each other; T-Money and Paul Blair.

TT: And then in our Main Event we will see the former World Champion Magnus Thunder take on the man that dethroned him, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne.

BC: But this one isn’t for all the marbles Turnbuckle.

TT: Right again Bobby Crane. This is a non-title match, but there is a title shot at Global Warning hanging in the midst.

BC: Whoa, whoa, whoa! See, you’re all wrong there. Win or lose, Magnus STILL gets a shot at the title at Global Warning via his re-match clause. This one is just for bragging rights and the chance to soften up the other guy for

TT: Well the time for the waiting is over…this….is….SHOWDOWN!!!!!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X begins as the CWF World Heavyweight Champion “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne steps onto the stage in a pair of black clasks, black suit jacket and purple under armor shirt beneath it. World title over the
shoulder and mic in hand, he begins to speak.

NRO: Ladies and getlemen I wanted to take a moment to update you on my son’s condition. Before I do that though, I want to thank you fans all around the world both mine and Bob’s for their outcry of support. Sometimes you take for granted the little things. Bob is doing much better. He is still in a world of pain and make no mistake about it, he has a very long road ahead of him. He’s an Osbourne – he WILL be back in a ring soon you can bet on that. I was on the verge of "passing the torch" to him as it were and hanging up the tights, but his accident and the man that caused it, have reignited a fire in me that hasn't been ther ein 12 years. Maniac, there's a whole lot of fight left in this old man, and he's going to unleash it on you very VERY soon. Do you people know why? Because LiFE......IS...PAIN!!!!

"Nightmare" by Crooked X errupts back through the PA as Osbourne exits the ring area.

TT: Well there you have it Mr. Crane, young Bob Osbourne, severly injured, is expected to make a full recovery...

BC: And we get to be graced with his pappy's presence until he comes back. Gee. Thanks Maniac. At least the rest of the Osbourne clan seem to have high tailed it out of town, save for Pledge and The Nitemare.

TT: You are correct in that Bobby, Drastic a.k.a. Bryan Joseph Osbourne and his not-father "The DayDreamer" Chris Osbourne have both chosen not to renew their respective contracts now that Rob is running the company.

BC: Good ridance.

TT: Let's get to the announcer for our first match-up!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our first match is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. First, weighing in at a combined four hundred and fifty-six pounds, the team of Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez and PLEDGE ALLIGENCE!!!

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath kicks in as Pledge and Mariano take the ramp. Pledge jogs in place then thrusts his arms up as the pyro ignite.s Mariano transitions through a number of martial arts fighting stances and then they head to the ring.

Ring announcer: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined four hundred and sixty-one pounds Terry Richards and Maniac!!!

"Turn the page" by Metallica plays as Maniac stpe out onto the ramp. terry Richards, unimpressed by the veteran, shakes his head and walks past him on his way to the ring. Maniac follows and the two take to the ring.

TT: Looks like it'll be Richards and Fernandez will start things off. Pity. Maniac and Pledge have NEVER faced off. EVER. Even though both ran through the MWWF, EWA, and the CWF.

BC: REALLY? No shit? wow. What're the chances that they wouldn't have crossed paths? They both were constantly at odds with Osbourne.

TT: Well we may get to see them finally dance tonight Bobby. Richards and Mariano in a collar and elbow tie up. Test of strength.

BC: Now THAT was funny! Test of strength? The Mexican Jumping Bean and the Windy City Blow hard? Pfft.

TT: I think Terry Richards just heard that Bobby.

Suddenly and catching even Pledge, Maniac, and Mariano not to mention the entire crowd, off guard as Richards breaks the tie up with Mariano and sprints towards the ropes nearest the announce table and he leaps up on th ropes and launches his body off and flies head first straight into a seated Bobby Crane at the announce table collapsing the table as they impact and Bobby Crane immediately begins striking at the smaller Richards. Teddy Turnbuckle jumps back as the two impact and begin duking it out.

TT: MY GOD! Bobby Crane's mouth has finally pissed off the wrong person! But Beautiful Bobby Crane with the upper hand on the rookie from Chicago. Maniac drops off of the apron and is pulling Richards and crane apart. Maniac is saying something to my coleague Bobby crane and Crane relents. He sits back down next to me here at whats left of it...Bobby...Bobby...what did Maniac say to you?

BC: He..**GASP**...he..**GASP**...said.....that....**GASP** that I should....let...Pledge take care of my light work.

TT: What the?

BC: WHEW! I'm kidding Turnbuckle. He said to let cooler heads prevail. I did. I could whoop that kids ass if I wanted to Teddy, you know it, Maniac knows it, and now, by the looks of that shiner lifting above his right eye as he heads back to the ring glaring at me, he's going to realize it to. I'm "Beautiful" Bobby Crane. Who is he?

TT: He;s Terry Richards that's who!

BC: Right. Exactly my point. Has the guy even won a CWF match?

TT: Do you want us to bring up your career win loss record there Mr. Pot calling the kettle black?

BC: Now that you mention it.....maybe this Richards kid ain't so bad.

TT: Are you off your bi-polar meds again Crane?

BC: Back to the action Nimrod. Mariano and Richards tie up again and Mariano shoves Richards back, flipping him over , but Richards rolls quickly through the flip and hops back up on his feet. Blind tag to Maniac.

TT: And Maniac is not happy about this. Is he afraid to get in the ring with Mariano?

BC: Afraid he'll hurt him Teddy. He IS Maniac. Maniac climbs tentatively between the first and second ropes, but as he does Mariano runs towards him and as Maniac's head passes between the ropes he executes a dragon kick blind siding the Legend.


BC: Jeez. He really is a Ninja! I didn't eve see him moving til Maniac hit the mat. Mariano can't believe it. Maniac may be out cold.

The replay of the shot plays on the jumbo tron and in slow motion Mariano appears to have cracked maniac right in the temple, hitting a pressure point and immediately knocking the veteran out cold.

BC: Yeah...he's either a Ninja...or a Jedi.

TT: Oh brother. Pledge shouting to mariano to cover Maniac...Richards motions towards Maniac with both arms and mouths "be my guest" and drops off the apron and gingerly walks up the ramp to the back. Cover by mariano........1.........2........3!!!!!!

BC: Hell hath done frozen over. The Mexican Jumping Bean just pinned Maniac.

TT: His name is Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez and the whole wrestling world just learned his name. You can bet he'll be googled world wide after that clip gets posted on And....AND...he's from Argentina. Not Mexico. Idiot.

BC: Shut your whole Turnbu-

Suddenly Richards sprints back down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope, sprints past the ref raising Mariano and Pledge's arms in victory, hops over Maniac, again leaps, sprinboard off of the top ropes, and cross body block into Bobby Crane. The older man goes down hard and his head bounces off of the partial announce table and monitor. He raises his head with blood spurting from his forehead. Crowd starts a "HOLY SHIT!" chant.

TT: Good Lord God Almighty, get a medic down here stat! Terry richards is a mad man! Look at him grinning as he walks back up the aisle making the motion of wiping his hands clean. What a wild night! Bobby, let the medics check you out, you're bleeding.

BC: They can come down here and mop up the blood, get me a butterfly bandaid and a shot of tequilla. I've got a show to call!

TT: That's the spirit Turnbuckle. Mariano has left the ring. The medics that WERE coming to check on you have aroused maniac with some smelling salts. He sits up and takes notice of his surroundings and his face flushes red from embarassment. He rolls out of the ring as Pledge stands in the center of the ring having not even entered the match. He motions for a mic as Maniac heads up the ramp.

Pledge: Well, what did you CWFites think of THAT? What a shot by Mariano huh? Wow! Maniac's gonna feel that one for a loooong time. Who knows, maybe now Maniac will call Mariano "The Fluke" just like Rob did to him? But that's not what I want to talk about right now. I want to talk about problems like we just had go down with our hot headed younger superstars, just like Mr. richards. We need an enforcer. Someone to lay down the law, if you will, not much differently than Kodiak Winters did in the previous administration. But, I was thinking...who could I bring in on such short notice? Who would be looking for work? Who would feel comfortable, not wrestling in matches, but just geting to beat people up on cue?

"Monsters" By Matchbook Romance blasts through the arena and Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington steps out from behind the curtain. He flexes at the top of the ramp and then sprints to the ring, then leaps up onto the apron and then over the top ropes.

Pledge: That's right folks, Rob and I were thinking, who would it be that not only can get the job done, which Rob knows first hand...AND would also piss off mark Xamin just a little bit? That's right.....IT'S THE JUGGERNAUT!!!!

Jugs: ...BITCH!

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath plays as Pledge and Jugs make their way up the ramp.

TT: Jimmy Washington is back in the CWF but as the Special Enforcer! WOW! What else can happen here tonight?

BC: I'm bloody...our post is decimated...Mariano beat Maniac...Jugs is back in town...if Steve Dart walks through that curtain, I'm out of here.

TT: Will you calm down? Hold on. What's this? Apparently Maniac and Mariano are having a confrontation in the back...we've got Dennis Donnely standing by...Dennis? What's going on?

DD: Well, as best I can tell Maniac stormed in through the gorilla position a few minutes ago and immidately began shouting at ring techs and backstage staff asking where Mariano was. Mariano is about to come down the hall way to my left and Maniac is lurking up the hall way to my right. Any second they will be face to face right where I am.

Maniac: So you think you're hot shit now huh kid? Feel good to make me look like a fool?

Mariano: Respectfully sir, I did not make you look like a fool.

Maniac: Oh yeah?

Mariano: Yes sir. You do a fine job of that on your own. What you did to Bob Osbourne, though I have not always agreed with his ways, he was my first opponent as I was his in the CWF, was reprehensible and has brought dishonor upon your name.

Maniac: Who the hell do you think you are? You get one lucky shot on a pressure point and now you have balls the size of Jennifer Adam's mingebag now?

Mariano: My anatomy is perfectly as it should be, i can assure you. i am merely stating the facts as i see them sir. I once respected you. Now, no more.Oh, and by the way, that was no "lucky shot" as you called it. It was years of training in a dojo sweating. Training. Something you should do.

Maniac: What the? Listen up pal, I'm sure Pledge will have no problem inking this one. Next week Showdwon. you and me. One on one....or in this case one on a half.

Mariano: I will accept any challenge you will bring before me. Lose I may, but cower away from a challenge would be dishonorable. That's your thing. Not mine.

Maniac: You just don't know when to shut up do you punk? What the hell, I'll put my Nationa Title up for grabs to boot. That's how confident I am that you lightning won't strike twice in the same place!

Mariano: And that is where you fail....Ore no kachi da!

DD: Mariano goes for that Dragon spinning heel kick again, but maniac ducks and...Headhunter! Right on the concrete! Mariano is bleeding. He's twitching. He's shaking. Get me a medic over here...Teddy, Bobby back to you!

BC: Okay...when do Dart and triple X show up?

TT: I'm starting to think you may be right. This is organized chaos Bobby.

BC: No, this IS the CWF.

TT: Yes indeed. Next week at Showdown Maniac has offered mariano a title shot and he accepted and then was Headhuntered after he tried to catch Maniac in the temple with that heel kick agian.

BC: I know. I was right here. It just happene.d Sheesh turnbuckle. I was the one that took the shot to the head, not you.

TT: It's time for our second match.

BC: Second match?!? Good lord. That was only the first one? Really? Damn it. It's gonna be a long night. Bring me the whole bottle of Tequila.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, at a combined weight of five hundred and fourteen pounds...Alex Ruettiger and CHMICAL X!!!!

“X gone give it to ya” by DMX plays as Chemical X steps out from behind the curtain followed by his brother Matthew Scarletti and a few other members of his entourage. No sign of Ruettiger is seen.

TT: Where is Alex Ruettiger?

BC: Arby's.....Roast Beef Sale.

TT: ......

BC: How the hell should I know wher Rudy is? Maybe he got locked in the maintenance office where he sleeps at Notre dame?

TT: That was his Uncle Dan "Rudy" Ruettiger, you maroon.

BC: Maroon? Who still says maroon?

Ring Announcer: And...uh....HIS opponents...weighing in at five hundred and twenty-seven pounds...Axel Way and the Unified Champion...THIS...IS....SICKBOY!!!!!

"Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains begins pulsating through the arena's PA as the fans errupt as Sickboy and Axel make their way to the ring.

TT: They love them some Sickboy don't they Bobby?

BC: Don't get me started on Sickboy. Wilkes and Richards are cut from the same cloth. Degenerates who take uneeded risks. Fools. BUT...they do put asses in the seats Teddy.

TT: In Sickboy's case he brings them to their feet!

BC: And it looks like Chemical X is going it alone on this one. No that X needs Rudy anyway. He can more than handle himself with Wilkes. Scarletti is a mad man. A bona fide certified nutcase.

TT: Wait a comes Pledge. Let's see what he's got to say this time...

Pledge: Guys, guys, guys. I don't know what happened to ruettiger. He hasn't called in, we haven't heard from him. X, as much as I wanna see you and sickboy rip each other from limb to limb, I'm not allowing this match here tonight to happen. However, since we haven't heard hide nor hair from Ruettiger, we are giving him no choice but to either defend his right to be the number one contender for the Unified Championship. Since Sickboy IS the champion, he gets a little break. R and R if you will. NEXT WEEK we will have Ruettiger defend his title shot agianst you two! It will be Rudy against Chemical X and Axel Way.  You know I hate three ways. Someone always gets left out. So we're going to do an elimination match. If rudy doesn't show up, it's one on one. Boys, take the night off.

TT: Pledge dropping another bombshell on us. Chemical X and Axel Way both just returning from a hiatus are going to have a shot at each other and Ruettiger if he shows up, to get the chance to go after gold at Global Warning!!!

BC: Sickboy is not happy. It's his gold and he doesn't want to put his body through another round of Chemical X.

TT: Don't you mean with Chemical X?

BC: No, no I didn't.

TT: All I can say about this next match Bobby is that whoever booked it has a keen sense of humor.

BC: You can say that again.

TT: Our next match pits two up and comers here in The CWF, the likes of Motion and James Baker against two established CWF Legends, T-Money and "The Ruler" Paul Blair.

BC: While we don't know how Motion and Baker will react as a team, we can say with pretty good certainty that they will fare better than Blair and Money as those two hate each other's guts.

TT: Tell me about it Bobby.  Those two massive egos have never gotten along.  One of the main reasons being Blair's insistence on calling T-Money, T-FUNNY for the better part of a decade.

Ring Announcer:  Coming to the ring first, from Dunshaughlin, Ireland, weighing in at 220 pounds...MOTION!

"Pretender" plays over the PA and Motion makes his way down to the ring and waits for his partner.

Ring Announcer: And his tag-team partner, from Compton, California, weighing in at 232 pounds and let to the ring by Malik Jones...JAMES BAKER!!!!!

"Hail Mary" plays and Malik and Baker walk down the aisle hand and hand.  As Baker enters the ring, Malik watches from the ring floor and claps for her man.  Baker and Motion give each other a nod as the ring announcer continues the introductions.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents...

"Don't Waste Your Life" plays...

Ring Announcer: From Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 183 pounds...

BC: 183 pounds?  Someone order this guy a pizza...


T-Money marches down to the ring, obviously not enthused with the fact that he has to team with his long-time nemesis.

Ring Announcer: And his tag-team partner...hailing from River Falls, Wisconsin...weighing in at 275 pounds...he is "The Ruler"...PAUL BLAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Blair marches down to the ring confidently as the all too familiar Blairvision Theme plays.  He gets in the ring, offers a hand to T-Money and when T-Money goes to accept, Blair swipes his hand away, upsetting T-Money.

TT: There's the bell.  Looks like Motion will be starting for his team.  Blair will be starting for his team.  Although it looks like T-Money wants to start too.

BC: Man, if those two idiots can't decide on who's going to start, it's going to be a long night for them.

TT: Blair sticks his finger in T-Money's face and tells him he's going to start...T-Money swats his hand away!

BC: While these two clowns are arguing...Motion with a spear on T-Money!  Looks like he's deciding for them who's going to start!

TT: Motion and T-Money are scrapping on the mat while Blair laughs all the way over to his corner.

BC: Call 911 I'd like to report a mugging!  I think I just saw T-Money pickpocket Motion.

TT: Oh man.  Motion tosses T-Money into the ropes.  Huge boot to the midsection.  Motion goes over to his corner and tags in James Baker who continues to stomp on T-Money.

BC: Come on!  Can't we all just get along?  If there's one thing that upsets me it's black on black violence!

TT: That's enough!  Are you trying to get us thrown off the air?

BC: What?

TT: Baker and Money...exchanging rights and lefts.  T-Money gets a head of steam and slams Baker to the ground.  He goes over to his corner and looks for the tag but Blair is jawjacking at the crowd and not paying attention.  T-Money slaps his hand and that gets his attention!

BC: T-Money and Blair are talking some serious junk to one another and Baker comes over and brings Blair in the hard way!  Ha!

TT: I know there's no love lost between you and The Ruler but please try to remain impartial.

BC: Why start now???

TT: True, true.  Baker grabs Blair and stomps away on him.  He picks Blair up and sends him into his corner and Motion and Baker both lay rights and lefts on him.  The ref breaks it up!

BC: Blair pokes Baker in the eye to get him off of him and that's really stunned "Da Extreme" One.

TT: Blair in control now with a flurry of chops to Baker who is now trapped in the opposite corner. Blair picks up Baker and gives him a huge atomic drop.

BC: Stupid sends Baker right into his corner so he can make the tag with Motion and Motion has come out running a hundred miles an hour towards Blair.

TT: Blair sidesteps Motion and sends him headfirst into T-Money and the force knocks Money off of the apron.

BC: Blair with the roll-up on Motion...

TT: One...Two...Motion kicks out!

BC: Motion up now and he sends Blair into the ropes and T-Money slaps him on the back, tagging himself in.  Motion and Money scrapping again!

TT: Blair did not like having T-Money tag himself in, he felt he had things well in hand and he looks irate!

BC: Blair going for the Blairkick on Motion!

TT: Motion pulled T-Money in front of him!  GOOD NIGHT IRENE!

BC: T-Money has dropped like a sack of bricks!

TT: Motion with the cover...ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BC: Motion and Baker win!  Blair has had enough of T-Money and he's out of here!

TT: What a great win for Motion and Baker, both of whom have huge things in store for them here in The CWF!

TT: And now it's time for our main event, folks.  Two weeks ago, "The Nitemare" made history at Scars 'N Stripes by defeating Magnus Thunder for The CWF World Championship.

BC: Then last week, Magnus crapped out a four leaf clover and won a gigantic battle royal to get back into the title hunt.  The stipulation was that the winner of the battle royal would get a non-title shot.  Should that person win, they would get a title shot against "The Nitemare" at our next pay-per-view, Global Warning.

TT: Should the winner of the battle royal not defeat "The Nitemare", then Magnus' rematch clause would kick in and he would go on to Global Warming for an opportunity to take back the gold.

BC: Then by dumb luck, Magnus won the battle royal, thus securing his shot at Global Warning.  Confused?  I am!  Who books this crap anyway?

TT: Please!  So, tonight, Magnus has an opportunity for a little revenge against The Nitemare.

BC: If he's smart, he'll soften him up for when they face at Global Warning.  But no one ever said Magnus was smart.  So I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

TT: I guess so...let's get to our introductions.

"Just Like You Imagined" booms throughout the arena and the fans jump to their feet in anticipation of Magnus' arrival. 

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, coming to the ring, weighing in at five hundred pounds, from Jotunheim, Norway...Magnus Thunder!!!!!!!!!!

Magnus walks down the aisle with purpose barely acknowledging the fans at ringside.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from Windermere, Florida...weighing in at 245 pounds...he is The CWF World Heavyweight Champion..."The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne!!!!!!!!!!

The arena goes dark and purple beams of light shoot up from the stage and line the aisle.  "Nightmare" by Crooked X begins to play and the crowd goes wild.  The Nitemare hams it up on stage then marches confidently down to the ring and taunts Magnus with the CWF title belt on his way down.

BC: Gotta love The Nitemare...he can be such a prick sometimes!  Taunting Magnus...I love it.

TT: Well we all knew that getting The CWF World Championship would go straight to his head.  The Nitemare...never one to disappoint!

BC: There's our bell, Teddy and these two are going right at it.

TT: That's right Bobby.  They are no strangers to one another; mind you they faced off just two weeks ago.

BC: And they'll be facing each other again in a couple more weeks at Global Warning.

TT: Magnus grabs the champ and hurls him into the ropes...HUGE clothesline!  The Nitemare does a 360 in the air.  What strength on the part of the big Norwegian!

BC: But Osbourne's right up!  He runs the ropes in hopes of getting a head of steam so he can chop the big man down to size...

TT: But he's met with another huge clothesline from Magnus!

BC: I think Magnus clotheslined him out of his boots.  Now I think that The Nitemare knows what it's like to drive into a brick wall at 70 miles per hour.

TT: Isn't that the truth.  Magnus is appears to be more mythodical in his approach this time.  Both of these competitors bring so much to the table.

BC: Right.  Magnus can club someone to death with his strength and The Nitemare can beat anyone with his speed.

TT: Magnus drops a crushing elbow on the champ.

BC: That knocked the air right out of Osbourne.  He's sucking wind now.

TT:  Magnus rakes his boot on the forehead of The Nitemare for good measure!

BC: The Nitemare's trying to get up but Magnus is standing on his hair!  That's not fair.  Ref, disqualify him!

TT: Big Magnus hoists The Nitemare on his shoulder...looks like he's going to try for a running powerslam!  Magnus now, with The Champ on his shoulder, runs to the opposite corner...

BC: Osbourne wiggled his way to freedom and shoves Magnus into the turnbuckle chest first!  The roll up...This could be over fast...

TT: One...Two...Th...Magnus kicks out!

BC: Osbourne's unfortunately gonna need more than that if he's gonna take Magnus out.

TT: Magnus sits up and Osbourne jockeys for position behind him and is trying to cinch in a sleeperhold.

BC: Osbourne's best chance is to wear down the big man.

TT: The Nitemare has it locked in and he's trying to send Magnus to La-La Land!

BC: Magnus is flailing around and Osbourne's holding on for dear life.

TT: The ref might want to check to make sure that's a legal hold.  Looks almost like a forearm choke to me.

BC: We must be watching two different matches Teddy!

TT: Magnus is fading...

BC: The ref grabs his drops once...

TT: He goes for it drops a second time...

BC: One more time...NO!  Magnus is powering through it!  Magnus up on one knee...Magnus is standing up!

TT: He's got The Nitemare on his back and carrying him around like a baby.

BC: Magnus just hurled himself backwards on the mat with The Nitemare on his back!  He just crushed the life out of him!  That's 500 pounds of man mountain falling hard on The Nitemare.  Hope someone brought a spatula!

TT: Magnus with the Nitemare barely gets a shoulder up!

BC:  These two guys are really going at it.  However, Magnus, if I could offer some advice, save yourself for when it counts you big dummy!

TT: Magnus is too much of a competitor to not give it his all.  He's got a lot to prove.  He wants to avenge the title loss to The Nitemare from two weeks ago.

BC:  I heard that if Magnus loses at Global Warning he is leaving The CWF to become a captain for Norwegian Cruise Lines!

TT: You know, if you weren't so stupid, you'd be funny.

BC: Thanks...I think.

TT: Magnus grabs The Nitemare and hurls him into the ropes and lays a forearm right to the breadbasket of The Nitemare.  The Nitemare responds by stomping on Magnus' foot then rattling him with a massive uppercut forearm.  These two are rattled now.

BC: The Nitemare grabs the dazed Magnus and throws him into the ropes and levels him with a spear!

All of a sudden, the lights in the arena go out.

TT: What the?

BC: Did someone forget to pay the electric bill in this cesspool of an arena?

TT: Bare with us folks while we work through these technical difficulties.

The CWF Jumbotron illuminates and an audio distorted voice begins to speak...

Voice: Hey Rob...Check this out...

The CWF Jumbotron shows a clip of Bob Osbourne's tragic pyrotechnic accident from last month.

TT: What the?  Who's playing games with The Nitemare?  Someone's trying to get into the head of the guy who invented the game!  But who?

BC: The Nitemare is livid and I think a little stunned!

TT: Magnus from behind...SMALL PACKAGE!  The cover...ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!!

BC: That was a fast count!

TT: Magnus wins!  Magnus wins!

BC: The Nitemare just hauled off up the aisle a hundred miles an hour...he's majorly p'od!

TT: So Magnus returns the favor to The Nitemare from the loss at Scars and Stripes and now we move on the the mother of all rubber matches at Global Warning!

BC: I want answers!  Who did that to The Nitemare?

TT: We're all out of time folks, see you next week!

Fade to black.