The scene comes up from black showing the high points of last week's Showdown matches followed by quick clips of each wrestler on the roster in matches hitting insane spots and taking risky bumps. As the clip nears the end the final clips are of each current Champion, starting with a sequence of five star frog splashes and blood letting maneuvers, followed by a clip of Maniac's assault on Rob Osbourne then on Bob Osbourne, followed finally of a clip of Rob Osbourne defeating Jimmy Washington, then Brian Adams, then Magnus Thunder to win the world title. As the clip of Osbourne hoisting the belt in the air rolls the scene explodes into a thousand shards which swirl around the screen then come back together in the form of the CWF logo. The logo spins three times in the center of the screen only to shatter itself into the image of Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane seated at the annonce table near ring side.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to Showdown. We are coming to you LIVE from the Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland Ohio...I am Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me as always is "Beautiful" Bobby Crane...nice shiner Bobby. That a souvenir from Terry Richards?

BC: It's called the "Q" Turnbuckle. And my therapist said I don't need to talk about the "Richards Incident." He says I should let it go.

TT: You're in therapy?

BC: When a man of my stature gets punked the way I did by a snot nosed little piss ant like Richards...yes. I need therapy.

TT: Good for you Bobby Crane. Good for you.

BC: Don't be a cynical smart ass Turnbuckle.

TT: That's your specialtyt Crane. Let's get the show under way.

"Ace of Spades" by Motorhead kicks in and Bobby Crane goes sheet white. Terry Richards leaps out from the back curtain tightening every muscle and screaming in mad insanity. He sprints to the ring as the announcer makes his introduction...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlmen our first match is schedued for one fall. Already in the ring, hailing from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at one hundred and eighty-six pounds and standing five feet and nine inches tall....."THE WINDY CITY MADMAN" TERRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY   RIIIIICCCHHHHHAAAARRRRRDDDSSSSSSS!!!!!

As "Ace of Spades" finishes Richards leaps up onto the top turnbuckle and rips his shirt off screaming like a lunatic.

TT: Is that little addendum Doc just made official? Is he calling himself "The Windy City Madman"?

BC: If he isn't he should cause he is. Let it be know, this day Sickboy is no longer in my mind the bottom rung of the idiot ladder. Richards just bumped him up a rung. He frightens me Teddy. No other way to put it. And it shames me to admit it. He's five foot nothin a hundred and Rudy's uncle. Why does he scare me?

TT: You need to call your therapist Bobby?

BC: No....somebody get me a shot. I need a drink's all.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six foot five and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds, from River Falls, Wisconsin, he is a multiple time former CWF Champion and current member of the CWF Hall of fame..."THE RULER" PAUUUULLLL BLAAAAAAIIIIRRRRR!!!!!

"The BlairVision Theme" errupts through the arna as some fans boo and other let out deafening "RULER ROOTER" chants giving Blair his stereo-typical mixed crowd reaction. Suddenly as Blair reaches the ring, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath begins and out steps Pledge Alligence.

Pledge Alligence: Folks we have a gross injustice going on. This...this "so called" Hall of Famer is a disgrace. You think you're gonna half ass it and get a shot at a championship old man? I don't think so. This match tonight is now for the right to face the national champion at Global Warning!!!

Pledge tosses the mic and walks backstage as the ring bell sounds

TT: WHOA! What a blockbuster...and this one is under way as the ref calls for the opening bell. Blair and Richards tie up and Blair send him flying across the ring like it was nobody's business but richards right back at him like a rabid Doberman Pinscher!

BC: Doberman Pinscher? More like Min-Pin. But I will concede the rabid comment.

TT: Shh..he might hear you again.

Crane ducks under the table then peers over the top. Teddy Turnbuckle clutches his gut in laughter. Bobby Crane gets up, cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, and gets back in his seat as Blair and Richards battle in the center of the ring.

TT:  Blair really is just man handling Richards. But Richards will not relent. Richards with a low blow and Blair finally drops to a knee. Richards seeing his moment, sprints towards the ropes, spring board, missile drop kick to the side of Blair's head. Blair goes over hard.

BC: Richards on the top rope...WHISPER IN THE WIND!

TT: And he nails it on the fallen Hall of Famer. But he isn't done yet. He pulls Blair to his feet....SHOCK TURN!!!! Oh my God Bobby. I had heard about that move and seen clips of it being used in Japan, where it is referred to as Ranhei. Wow. Cover by Richards.....1................................2......................................3!!!!

BC: He did it. He finally won a match. was against Blair.

TT: Blair beat you.

BC: .............

TT: Well, now he gets a shot at either Maniac or Mariano, depending on who wins here tonight.

BC: Did you
REALLY just say that?

TT: Yes, yes I did. Wait a minute...We have some action backstage. Let's get a camera back there and see what is going on..

The scene fades to the parking lot. Sickboy's friend and lawyer Len is pacing around talking on his cellphone. Suddenly six black Ford Expedition's with red and blue flashing lights begin pour into the parking lot from every direction. They stop surrounding Len and men in suits pour out of each of the trucks flashing badges and guns and shouting incoherently. One of the suits tackle Len to the ground.

BC: What the hell is going on Teddy

TT: I'll bet you anything this has something to do with Chemical X

Suddenly Chemical X climbs out of the back of one of the SUV's wearing a blue t shirt with the yellow bold FBI across the front and a suit Jacket.

Chemical X: Len, you have got to be the worlds dumbest lawyer, being an accessory to kidnapping! That's my game asshole!

X looks at a few of the FBI men as Len is handcuffed and read his Miranda rights.

BC: X is a genius.

TT: He's an idiot

BC: You better watch your mouth before X pops a cap in yo ass!

Chemical X: Bologna, we have to find Curtis!

Chemical X, and three FBI men begin to rush back stage. X takes point and rushes all the way back to Sickboy's dressing room.

Chemical X: Stack on the door!

The three FBI men gater around the door and X stands behind them. X smiles as one man kicks open the dressing room door and the other two pour in with guns drawn. X is the last through the door.

Chemical X: Kidnapping is a federal crime when you drive someone across a state line... didn't you know that because I did, dumb ass!

FBI Man 1: Curtis Wilkes you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Scott Robinson.

Chemical X: Yea, and I hope you have a better lawyer than Len because we got him in the car, and there are some agents picking up Emma too!

FBI Man 2: Mr. Scarletti let us do our job!

The third FBI man begins to handcuff Sickboy. Sickboy quickly pushes the FBI man back and charges at X in a fit of rage. X takes a step back as one of the FBI men steps between X and Sickboy with his gun drawn.

Chemical X: Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha have fun in the booty house BITCH!

X steps out of the room as the three FBI men begin to escort Sickboy out of the dressing room in handcuffs.

Chemical X: Na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na! Hey Hey Hey! Good Bye!

Scene cuts back to ringside where Bobby and Teedy look at each other in disbelief.

TT: That is even a new low for Scarletti.

BC: Sickboy finally gets his comeupens. Justice DOES prevail.

TT: OK! This next match came to be under unusual circumstances. It was originally supposed to be Motion taking on "Da Xtreme Gangsta." However, Motion had a commitment overseas and could not make it here to Showdown tonight. Vincent Vegas threw down the gauntlet and offered to replace Motion in tonight's contest. So tonight, it boils down to Vincent Vegas taking on James Baker. Speaking of James Baker, I owe him, Malik Jones, and all of our viewers an apology.

Not many of you know this, but I have a drinking problem. I have been on the wagon many, many years but last week before Showdown, I had a relapse. I got unbelievably tanked before the show. Apparently, I was so schnockered, that I had hallucinations during the show last week and claimed that Malik and Baker came down to the ring hand in hand and that I referred to Malik as a female. Man, was I bombed out of my mind. So, with that, I hope Baker, Malik, and all of you can accept my apology. I will do my best to make sure something like that won't ever happen again.

BC: >Hiccup<

TT: I don't find that funny at all.

BC: You're right, that wasn't funny at all. But let me tell you what WAS funny! You peeing on a fake tree in the hotel lobby after Showdown last THAT was funny! And when you tried to make out with the mannequin in the gift shop at the hotel...PRICELESS!

TT: Ugh, you make me sick. Let's get to our ring announcer for our introductions...

"Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies" begins to play...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...coming to the ring...from Parts Unknown...weighing in at 260 pounds...Vincent Vegas!!!!!

Vincent Vegas enters the stage through the curtain and is met with a mixed reaction. Before he walks down the aisle, he stops to pose for the audience.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...

"Hail Mary" booms over the PA...

Ring Announcer: Being led to the ring by Malik Jones...From Compton, California...Weighing in at 232 pounds...he is "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jones opens the curtain for Baker and they both make their way down the aisle. Tonight's reception for Baker is exceptionally positive.

BC: And there's Jones and Baker...Straight outta Compton...

TT: Oh sweet Jesus...don't go there...

BC: What? I heard they got pulled over on the way to the arena.

TT: Oh really?

BC: Yeah. From what I understand, they're not very fond of law enforcement officials. They even have a motto too.

TT: Yup. You're going there. What's there motto, Bobby?

BC: You know...F**k the police!

TT: Right, and I suppose you're going to tell me that they're N****s with Attitude?

BC: How rude! I'm appalled that you would suggest that!

TT: UGH! Well there's our bell and Baker is quick to grab Vegas...he tosses Vegas into the ropes and follows him, leveling him with a stiff right hand to the face.

BC: I don't think you should mention Vegas and stiff in the same sentence, Teddy.

TT: Vegas begs off of Baker and gestures to him to not hit him in the face.

BC: And rightfully so, he does have the face of a Greek god!

TT: Baker and Vegas lock up...Baker easily shoves Vegas to the ground.

BC: Vegas back up and charges after Baker who trips him and he lands hard on the mat, face first.

TT: Vegas gets up again and nurses his face and tells Baker to be careful.

BC: Baker picks Vegas off the mat by his hair. The two are standing face to face...

TT: WHACK! Baker just paintbrushed the side Vegas' face!

BC: That's not right. I heard that Vegas insured his face at Lloyds of London for $5,000,000.

TT: Five dollars, maybe!


TT: Wh-what is Vegas doing?

BC: He's leaving?

TT: Looks like Vegas is leaving!

BC: He warned Baker...stay away from the face!

TT: The ref is counting...Six...Seven...Eight...Nine...Ten!!!!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this bout as a result of a countout..."Da Xtreme Gangsta" JAMES BAKER!!!!!

TT: If Vegas is worried about getting his face mangled, he's in the wrong business.

BC: I think you're in the wrong business!

TT: Well Bobby, two up, two down, two to go.

BC: I think the next one is going to get nasty.

TT: That is will. Anything with Gary Scarletti is tainted and doomed before it starts.

BC: NOW who's being biassed? Sheesh. Why the hostility towards Chemical X?

TT: What, you think because you want to talk about your issues that I do to? Please.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a three way elimination match and it is for the chance to compete against Unified Champion Sickboy at Global Warning. Intorducing first, from South Bend, Indiana weighing two hundred and thirty-eight  pounds and standing six foot one inch tall....ALEX RUETTIGER!!!

"Hollywood Whore" by Papa Roach plays as Ruettiger makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos.

Ring Announcer: And his first opponent standing six feet and two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-seven pounds, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa....AXEL WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Desolation row" by My Chemical romanc eplays as Axel Way makes his way onto the ramp with his right arm firmly engrossed in full gauze. The bandages appear to extend from the meaty part of the nhand all the way up to the arm pit area. He is also sporting a nice purple bruise on his forehead. He makes his way to the ring with a moderate pop from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And the final opponent, hailing from....

"X gonna give it to ya" by DMX errupts through the arena as Chemical X makes his way to the ring. The crowd nearly raises the roof off of the Quicken Loans arena.

BC: You may hate him Teddy, but these morons in Cleveland love em some X!!

TT: No one ever said the sharpest tacks on the shelf came out of Cleveland. Scarletti and Way are doubling up on Ruettiger.

BC: Rudy's in a bad way. Chemical X and Axel Way are stomping a mud hole in him and walking it dry. Are these two actually working TOGETHER?

TT: Scarletti pulls Ruettiger to his feet...he launches Rudy into the ropes...Scarletti grabs him around the midsection as he rebounds and X hoists him high in the air....Axel Way leaps up and grabs him by his head...3D!!!

BC: Way with the cover on Rudy.....1................2........................3!!!! Rudy is G-O-N-E!

TT: And Chemical X immediately on Axel Way pummeling him with lefts and rights. Way rolls him over and lands a few left/right combos of his own.

BC: What the hell

Just then the Jumbo screen comes up and we can see Interim President of Wrestling Operations Pledge Alligence speaking in hushed tones with the head FBI office that apprehended Sickboy. Wilkes, still with the cuffs behind his back is bent over the hood of the Expedition. Len is seated in the back. The camera man gets in closer, able to pick up the audio feed to match the video on the screen.

Pledge Alligance: Listen here. I don't care what kind of reports you received. I want to see your identification. NOW.

FBI #1: Well...the thing is...ABORT ABORT ABORT!!! RUN BOYS!!

The nine men in black posing as FBI officers jump in the Expedition, Len still trapped inside, and speed off. Pledge escorts Sickboy back in the arena and mentions something about a janitors closet and getting the cuffs off. The scene cuts back to the ring.

TT: Interesting developments indeed.

BC: I'm heart broken. I so wanted Sickboy to go to the federal pen. Leave it to Scarletti to pay someone to impersonate a federal officer.

TT: Yeah, and who's done the kidnapping now? Axel Way finally back to his feet. Chemical X sizing him up....and Axel fakes him out and goes for the knees!

BC: But Chemical X sprawls, causing Way to eat canvas. Scarletti pulling Way back to his feet. He's bleeding Teddy. Axel Way's wearing the crimson mask. X setting him up...GFY! GFY! GFY!

TT: But that won't be enough for Scarletti. he can't just make the pinfall now and be done with it can he? Nope. OH MY GOD! What impact...Axel Way just got "X'd"

BC: Cover by Chemical X.....................1......................................2.........................................3!!!!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner....CHEMICAL X!!!!!!!!!!!!

"X gonna give it to you" by DMX Plays. Chemical X is standing in the ring still catching his breath after a hard fought match, just as he’s about to exit the ring. The opening countdown of Sonne by Rammstein hits the sound systems, much to the confusion of the fans and Chemical X himself

BC: Who is this coming out Teddy?

TT: Honestly I have no idea

As the countdown in German is about to hit the ten count. Sickboy is seen sliding into the ring with a kendo stick and waits.

BC: Ahhhh, It’s Sickboy. Chemical X watch out, he’s right behind you

As the song finally starts Sickboy runs up and cracks Chemical X right in the back of the head with the kendo stick, dropping Chemical X in a heap inside the ring. Sickboy continues to wail away with the stick, hitting Chemical X from the body to the head and even the arms and legs. After a while Sickboy drops the kendo stick and signals for a microphone. Once he has been given one, he starts speaking

Sickboy: Gary, you wanted me here and now I’m here. Look at you, lying in a heap at my feet. contrary to what you might think, I’m not here to injure you Gary. I’m not here to kill you either, I’m here to help you.

BC: What’s he mean by that Teddy?

TT: I don’t know, but I don’t like to think of what it could mean

Sickboy: You see Gary, you have the worst case of trigger finger I have ever seen. Shooting guns off at random, putting lives at risk. Well Gary tonight I’m going to cure you of your trigger finger or fingers. Just to show you, that I’m not bitter about you trying to ruin my life

Sickboy drops the microphone and grabs Chemical X’s right arm proceeds to lock in an arm bar submission. As he has the arm in the hold, Sickboy starts to grab at Chemical X’s thumb, as he positions himself closer to the microphone that was dropped earlier

Sickboy: Now let’s see, this little marine went to boot camp

Sickboy then snaps the thumb backwards as Chemical X struggles with the pain

Sickboy: This little marine, was a coward.

Sickboy grabs and snaps the index finger backwards, as Chemical X clenches his teeth writhing in pain

Sickboy: This little marine was a big talker

Sickboy grabs and then snaps back the middle finger of X’s right hand

Sickboy: This little marine is nothing without me

Sickboy then proceeds to snap back the ring finger and then grabs the baby finger

Sickboy: And this little marine will never, NEVER, be able to kill me or even come close to eclipsing to what I’ve done. He will simply be known as my bitch

Just as Sickboy snaps the baby finger. Jimmy ‘The Juggernaut’ Washington rushes down to ringside along with Matthew Scarletti. Sickboy sees them coming and hastily gets out of the ring before escaping through the crowd as Matthew Scarletti tends to Chemical X who is clutching his injured fingers on his right hand

BC: Oh boy, Sickboy has really done it now

TT: I agree with you Bobby, Sickboy may have just signed his own death certificate

BC: Might have? I think he’s done it in a huge way

TT: Ok, folks...Main Event time! Tonight, Maniac puts his National Championship on the line against Mariano Fernandez. Can Fernandez break through the glass ceiling, dethrone Maniac, and join the upper echelon of CWF Superstars...

BC: Or will he fall flat on his duff and blow this golden opportunity?

TT: And what role with tonight's special referee have in the match?

BC: If I know that red, white, and blue retard, he'll do his best to screw Maniac and help out his little buddy Mariano.

TT: I don't know about that Bobby, Pledge Alligence has proved himself to be an unbiased official when called upon, even when it would have been convenient to turn the tides. I think he'll call it right down the middle.

BC: I doubt it, but we'll just have to see about that. Let's get up to the ring for our introductions...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...the following match is for one fall and is for The CWF National Championship!!!!!

"Iron Man" plays...

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first...he is tonight's special referee...CWF Hall of Famer and Interim President of Wrestling Operations...he is "The American Icon" Pledge Alligence!!!!!

Red, white, and blue pyro explode throughout the arena and Pledge makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands along the way. Once he gets to the ring, he poses at the four turnbuckles and waves to the audience. He then hops off the last turnbuckle, stands in the middle of the ring and waits for the match's participants.

"Hironobu Kageyama" booms over the PA system..

Ring Announcer: And the challenger...from Buenos Aires, Argentina...weighing in at 176 pounds...Mariano..."Shadow"...Fernandez!!!!!

Mariano appears at the top of the stage, soaks in the cheers of the audience and races down the aisle, slides in the ring underneath the bottom rope, bows to Pledge Alligence who then pats him on the back.

BC: 176 pounds? I took a bigger dump than that this morning when I woke up! And look at that love fest in the ring. It makes me sick.

TT: That's what you call respect Bobby. Mariano's all about it. Maybe you should learn some!

BC: Nah. No thanks. I'm good.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...weighing in at 275 pounds...he is The CWF National Champion...MANIAC!!!!!

"Turn The Page" plays and Maniac appears at the top of the ramp and raises the National Championship belt over his head. Pyro explodes at the top of the stage and then as he walks down the aisle, the sides of the aisle light up with a pyro effect. As he walks down the aisle, he also taunts Mariano with the belt. Once Maniac gets in the ring he immediate shoves his finger in Mariano's face and Pledge breaks it up. Maniac and Pledge get nose to nose and jawjack to one another. Maniac shoves Pledge away and Pledge, trying to use restaint, just walks over to Mariano to give him his instructions.

TT: No love lost there between Pledge and The Champ. Pledge challenged Maniac almost a month ago for a shot at The National Championship and Maniac never responded.

BC: Meh, what do you expect? It's Maniac.

The CWF Jumbotron lights up...

NRO: Hello, hello, hello! Ok fellas, I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Not a minute goes by that I don't think about what you did to my kid, Maniac. He's got a long road to recovery ahead of him and life for him right now pain. That being said, Maniac, old buddy, old pal... A couple of weeks ago, you managed to dodge a bullet when I declared your match with The Raving Lunatic a loser leaves town match.'re gonna have to do it again. I like to the powers vested in me...this is now a career ending match. Sorry to put you in this position Mariano but fair's fair. Maniac, if you want to stay in The CWF, you're gonna have to fight for your very life here tonight. Everything you hold dear is on the line, your title...your career... So with that, here's the bell Fluke...ding, ding!

The CWF Jumbotron fades out.

TT: Oh man! The boss has just declared this a career ending match! Unbelieveable! Does he ever have it out for Maniac!?!

BC: The Nitemare won't rest, Teddy until he makes Maniac pay for what he did to his son Bob. Maniac better just pack it in now, the deck's stacked against him.

TT: Maniac would never do that, he's a true champion in every sense of the word. And he comes out swinging!

BC: Look at the huge size difference between Maniac and Mariano. Can someone bring out a step ladder for Mariano, he's gonna need it tonight!

TT: Will you please!?! Maniac's not that much taller than Mariano but he does have a distinct size advantage.

BC: Maniac grabs Mariano and immediately goes for the power moves as he presses him over his head.

TT: What strength on the part of the champ! Owwww, he just dropped Mariano down to the canvas. Maniac off the ropes...

BC: And he drops an elbow right into the heart of Mariano! Mariano is writhing in pain.

TT: Now he's stomping the life out of Mariano!

BC: Looks like Maniac is doing a Mexican Hat Dance on the little bugger!

TT: For the last time, he's not from Mexico!

BC: I know! Maniac's not from Mexico, he's from Canada! Jeez!

TT: You're impossible.

BC: Oh and look at Pledge getting in the face of Maniac, giving Mariano a little breather.

TT: Maniac just shoved Pledge! Not smart to put your hands on an official!

BC: And Pledge just shoved Maniac right back! Maniac trips over a waiting Mariano...

TT: Mariano with a roll kicks out!

BC: Mariano off the ropes...drops an elbow of his own on Maniac!

TT: the other side of the ropes...ROLLING THUNDER!

BC: This kid's hitting the champ from all sides.

TT: There he goes again! Mariano, off the ropes, jumps over Maniac, leaps to the second rope...moonsault on the fallen champ!

BC: The cover! One...Two...Th...Maniac powers out! Wow. What athleticism! You know Teddy, this reminds me of The Spanish American War...

TT: Really? How so? Considering neither participant is Spanish or American for that matter.

BC: Oh never mind!

TT: Tell me Bobby, what color is the sky in your world???

BC: Anyway...

TT: Maniac runs the ropes...Pledge leans on the ropes and Maniac flys out backwards on to the concrete floor!

BC: What the???

TT: Looks like it was an honest mistake to me!

BC: Honest mistake my eye! He's out to help Mariano!

TT: Mariano takes to the air! Plancha over the top rope and on to Maniac outside the ring!

BC: Somebody call 911! Not because shorty's fire's burning on the dancefloor but because we had a 2 car collision out here!

TT: Pledge with the count!

BC: One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six...Seven...

TT: Mariano's up!

BC: Nine...Mariano rolls in to break the count. But he's out there again to work on Maniac. Maniac just ate a kick to the face from Mariano!

TT: Pledge wants these two back in the ring.

BC: Someone better translate the rules into English for Mariano because you can't win the title on a countout, dummy!

TT: Maniac tosses Mariano into the ring steps!

BC: I think he just broke Mariano in half!

TT: Maniac grabs Mariano and tosses him back in the ring. Maniac has Mariano in an abdominal stretch! He's taunting Pledge Alligence at the same time!

BC: Ha! When Maniac gets done with Mariano, he'll be over six feet tall...finally! Looks like Maniac's pulling taffy out there.

TT: There's no quit in Mariano...he's able to finagle his way out by flipping over Maniac's shoulder! He grabs Maniac...TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE!!!!!

BC: He really is a Mexican Jumping Bean!

TT: Maniac's out cold!

BC: Why hasn't Mariano gone for the cover???

TT: the ropes... He runs at Pledge...climbs his back...up on his shoulders??? SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF OF PLEDGE'S SHOULDERS!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!

BC: No......that's not fair!!!!!


BC: No fair, no fair! Fast count!

TT: Pledge could have counted to a hundred and Maniac wouldn't have gotten up!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this bout and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION...MARIANO..."SHADOW"...FERNANDEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TT: We have a new National Champion! Maniac is gone! The legend has been vanquished! Mariano has done it!

BC: Nooooooooooooooooo!

Mariano climbs all the turnbuckles with his newly won belt, Pledge claps for him in the ring as the crowd goes nuts for the new champ. The camera zooms on Maniac who gives Pledge a look of death. Showdown fades to black as Mariano celebrates in the ring!

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we will see you next week on the eve of Global Warning.

BC: Teddy, what will happen next in the CWF?

TT: I don't think ANY of us know the answer to that one! See you next week folks!!!