When the show opens, Keith Daniels comes out to the ring to announce that Xamin has temporarily put him in charge of Saturday Night Showdown. He ensures that the show will be ran the right way, and plans to enforce his duty to the fans of the sport, as well as to the rest of the roster. He also announces to everyone that the Randy Retro and Richie Moncrief match to start the night has been cancelled as both men missed their flights to the arena. With that, he leaves the ring.

In the first match of the night, Angelus faces Genocide. With a significant size advantage, Angelus asserts himself as a force to be reckoned with as he pounds Genocide down from the beginning. Genocide tried to run a few times, but to no avail, as inevitably, Angelus hits a devastating Angel's Punishment for the win. He then pointed to the back, indicating that the roster has been put on notice.

Cut to the back, with Dennis Donnely and Rob Osbourne:

Dennis Donnely: Folks, I am here with the former CEO of the CWF and its current World Heavyweight Champion, "The Nitemare" Rob Obsourne. Mr. Osbourne, do you have any last thoughts going in to your big title defense against the former champion, Magnus Thunder?

NRO: Well Dennis, as you well know, so many things have happened over the last few months here in the CWF that any other man would lose his mind if subjected to the things I have been. But I am not any normal man. I can handle losing the National title in a screw job to Maniac. I can handle my son getting injured thanks to Pledge. I can handle the fact that I am not the son of Joe Osbourne, but really the love child of Jimmy Blast. I can even handle losing the CWF back to Xamin at Pledge and Magnus's hands. But one thing I can't handle is getting screwed again and losing the World title.

Dennis Donnely: How do you intend to prevent that from happening?

NRO: Well, let's just say my dad and I made a few calls from his dust covered black book and I have a certain insurance policy in effect here tonight to make sure that doesn't happen.

Dennis Donnely: Interesting. Any hints?

NRO: Not a one. Like the rest of the fans, you'll just have to watch and see!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a triple threat match that is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds and standing six feet four inches tall hailing from Compton, California..."THE EXTREME GANGSTER" JAMES BAKER

'Hail Mary' by Tupac Shakur begins and the crowd sparks up as Baker trots to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his first opponent, a former multiple time CWF Champion and a member of the CWF Hall of Fame...standing six foot five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds hailing from River Falls, Wisconsin..."THE RULER" PAULLLLL BLAAAAIIIRRR!!!!!

'The BlairVision Theme' plays as the fans begin booing The Ruler. Blair appears at the top of the ramp in street clothes, with a mic in hand, and looks at Baker as he begins to speak.

Ring Announcer: And finally, making his way to the ring from Brooklyn, New York standing six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-six pounds…CHEMICAL X!!!!

‘X Gonna give it to ya’ begins playing but with no sign of Chemical X. Baker and Blair stand tall in the ring awaiting Scarletti’s entrance. When it becomes apparent that the man does not intend to show up the ref calls for the bell to begin the now one on one match.

BC: Typical Chemical X, no respect. He doesn’t even have the nerve to show his face in the building.

TT: Now, now Bobby Crane, I heard from a very reliable source that when Sickboy broke his fingers three weeks ago that the damage done to the nerves was pretty extensive. The man may not be fit to compete.

BC: Oh, well, my bad. As long as his mommy sends in a doctor’s note I guess we should overlook the fans. Nicely done. You can tell Xamin is back in control.

TT: Hey, don’t cross the boss Bobby.

BC: Well, at least for Baker’s sake Blair isn’t walking out on him again.

TT: Blair and Baker lock up in the center of the ring, Irish whip by Blair, Baker with off the far ropes….clothesline by Blair.

BC: And he damned near took Baker’s gang banging head off with that clothesline.

TT: Paul Blair doesn’t like being made out to look like a fool…

BC: Then he shouldn’t look in a mirror.

TT: Stop it. Blair is a consummate professional and one of the pillars the CWF was built upon. Show the man some respect.


TT: Baker on all fours trying to get back to his feet and Blair delivers a mule kick…WOW! Did you hear that Bobby? I think The Ruler may have cracked one of Baker’s ribs with that one.

BC: If the Tennessee Titans had Paul Blair kicking instead of Rob Bironas they may well have beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL kickoff game Thursday.

TT: I’m not worried about the NFL Bobby Crane, I’m worried about the CWF.

BC: Why would you be worried about the CWF? The boss is back and things are going to get back to normal. Right after Magnus Thunder hands Rob Osbourne Blast his proverbial head on a platter tonight in our main event.

TT: My grandmother always said Bobby, to never assume. It makes an ASS out of U and ME. Rob Osbourne will not go quietly into that dark night….just as James Baker is not going to lay down for Paul Blair. He stands clutching his ribs and Blair takes a swing at him but Baker ducks and cracks Blair in the mouth with a right elbow smash.

BC: NOW he wants to show up….

Chemical X sprints from the back and slides under the bottom rope with his hand heavily bandaged. He catches Blair from behind with a bulldog headlock and drops the veteran on his head hard, then slides back out as quickly as he came in and jumps the guard rail and races out through the crowd.

TT: What the hell was that all about?!?

BC: I don’t mind it all and neither does James Baker. Baker with the gift of a fallen Paul Blair, takes to the top rope.

TT: High leg drop on Blair by Baker and the hall of famer is in trouble. Baker pulls him up…here it comes…DA XTREME KNOCKOUT!!!

BC: The who what?

TT: It’s his finisher Bobby, a snap DDT he calls Da Xtreme Knockout. Cover by Baker……1………2……….3!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…”Da Xtreme Gangsta” JAMES BAKER!!!!

The next match was filled with controversy as Mariano Fernandez and Terry Richards fought against Sickboy and Axel Way. When I say fought, I mean that this was an all out war. It seemed more like a battle royal than a tag match, as neither team could truly coexist. In the beginning, both teams looked like cohesive units. However, when Fernandez got close to his corner at one point, Richards slapped him in the back, tagging himself in. He then stepped between the ropes and went at it with Axel Way. As the match went on, Axel Way and Sickboy then began to argue over who was going to pin the fallen Terry Richards. However, while they were arguing, Richards came to and clotheslined the pair over the top rope to the outside. They then stood up and got into a shoving match, with Sickboy gouging the eyes of Axel Way. Sickboy then grabbed a chair and delivered a devastating chair shot to Axel Way, busting him open. The referee, confused, did not call for the bell as it was teammate on teammate. Meanwhile, Fernandez took this opportunity to confront Richards about the earlier slap, and the two of them began to fight. Richards got the best of the skirmish and threw Fernandez out of the ring. After doing so, however, Sickboy used the distraction to his advantage, rolling Terry Richards up for the pin and the victory. After the pinfall, Sickboy then quickly rolled out of the ring to where Mariano was, and Mariano, unhappy that Sickboy pulled out the victory the way he did, began to shout at him. Sickboy, not stepping down, began to brawl with Fernandez all the way to the back. Richards, upset at losing, noticed Axel Way recovering outside the ring, and leaped out of the ring on top of him. After doing so, he picked up the chair and began to slam it into the body of Axel Way until he stopped moving. Satisfied at the carnage he created, Richards dropped the chair and backed up the aisle, a large smile on his face.

The final match of the night took place as Rob Osbourne and Magnus Thunder fought for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. Magnus started the match strong, delivering severl high impact maneuvers, and causing Osbourne to flee to the outside of the ring. Magnus gave chase, sending Osbourne back inside with Magnus following. As he reentered, Osbourne took full control, stomping away on Magnus and delivering blow after blow to Magnus's head. Magnus, however, countered Rob Osbourne's attempt at a Badd Dream with a press slam, leaving Osbourne prone on the mat. As he did so, Pledge ran down to the ring and began to yell at the two men in the ring. The referee then ran over to Pledge, telling him to leave the ringside area, as this was not his match to involve himself in. While this was going on, Osbourne delivered a low blow to Magnus, spun him around, and gave him a Badd Dream onto the canvas. Pledge put his hands to his head as Osbourne covered and the referee turned around. The referee counted the pinfall and awarded the match, and the CWF World Heavyweight Title to Rob Osbourne. However, Keith Daniels then stepped out onto the ramp and declared that the match would restart, stating that there would be no cheating to win the main event of the evening. Outraged, Rob Osbourne delivered a Badd Dream to the referee as he demanded the title back. Seeing this as his cue, Pledge Alligence alerted the time keeper that he would be taking over referee duties for the match. The match then restarted with Pledge as the referee. Rob Osbourne then began to kick the fallen Magnus a few times, before pointing at Pledge and taunting him. As Osbourne turned his back, however, Pledge creeped up behind him and hit him with a quick and effective Pledge Hammer! Magnus came to and saw Osbourne out cold on the mat. Seeing his opportunity, he quickly scooped Osbourne up and hit his three power-bomb combination that he calls the Thunderstorm. After covering and recording the three count, his music hit, as he was announced the NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion! He held the title high in the air as the fans cheered, but this was still not to be. Keith Daniels stepped out again and played the footage of what happened to Osbourne, and deemed that the match would once again restart. Pledge looked toward Keith incredulously, not understanding what he was doing exactly. Magnus, furious at his lost opportunity, set the belt aside, and picked up the limp body of Rob Osbourne. He delivered another Thunderstorm, but on the third power bomb, Osbourne slipped out and turned it into a high impact Badd Dream! He threw an arm over Magnus, recording the pinfall and retained the CWF World Heavyweight Title.

Pledge lifts the arm of Rob Osbourne high into the air, as Osbourne holds the CWF World Heavyweight Title high above his head with the other hand, completely exhausted from his hellacious match. Suddenly, Pledge hooks Osbourne's arm and delivers another perfect Pledge Hammer to Osbourne, and hops up, taunting him. Pledge then demands the microphone and declares that he will be next to challenge Osbourne for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, and that he better be damn prepared. However, Pledge's moment was short lived...

TT: My God. Pledge just keeps sinking further and further. First he teams with Xamin to steal the CWF back from Osbourne, now he actually HELPS Osbourne retain the title against Magnus Thunder. And just when you thought everything would be alright, he then attacks Osbourne, undercutting Magnus and declaring himself the new number one contender!

BC: That's gonna be one pissed off Viking when he comes to and realizes what just happened Teddy.

Suddenly the lights dim in and out as if a power surge somewhere else is draining the building. When the lights come back on fully a figure in a bright blue hooded robe with yellow trim leaps drops from a guid wire in the rafters with a metal bucket in each hand. As he hits the ring he tosses one bucket over the ropes towards Pledge Alligence and the other he dumps the contents of onto Magnus Thunder then drops the hood of his robe.

BC: Good Lord God Almighty...I ...I...I don't believe it.

TT: Oh my God is right...what IS that smell?

BC: Fermented pickled Herring.

TT: WHAT?!?!?! Wait a minute. Wait a damned minute....does that mean? Is that...?

BC: Pinch me and tell me if I'm dreaming Teddy Turnbuckle, or is 'Radint' Roland Ulv REALLY standing in the middle of the CWF ring tossing fermented pickled Herring on Pledge and Magnus?

TT: Well Bobby, to quote the man in the ring...FOR SURE!!!

BC: Osbourne being helped to his feet now by Ulv. This is monumental. The CWF locker room has no idea what is in store for them now.

Fade to black.