TT: Welcome to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California!

BC: And what a main event tonight, the return of Roland Ulv, in the Champion's corner!

TT: Right now, we have a big opening match, with Genocide battling Randy Retro battling Richie Moncrief.

BC: Look at these guys. They're pathetic!

TT: As all three men stand in the ring awaiting the bell, no one notices Terry Richards coming from the crowd.

BC: With a steel chair in hand, he slides into the ring and hits a homerun on Randy Retro's skull!

TT: Not to waste any time, he then turns and delivers a thunderous blow to Richie Moncrief, who collapses through the ring ropes. Genocide, watching all of this happen in front of him, has a look in his eye of complete and total fear.

BC: He gets on his knees and shakes his head, begging Richards for mercy. Richards, however, has a ravenous look in his eye as he approaches ever closer. Suddenly, Genocide begins to cry, begging him not to do it.

TT: In mercy Richards nods and helps him to his feet.

BC: Aww, isn't that cute? He then raises Genocide's hand as Genocide smiles and throws his other arm up triumphantly.

TT: Richards drops the chair behind Genocide ad Genocide shines in the spotlight. Suddenly, Richards hooks Genocide's arm, and delivers a vicious Shock Turn onto the steel chair!

BC: Yes! Hah!

TT: Richards stands up and runs to the corner, taunting the capacity crowd. He then rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, and big smile on his face. We've got to go to commercial, we'll be right back!


TT: We're back, with Kyle Sync and Jay Matthews already in the ring, awaiting Danielle Lopez.

BC: And here she comes!

Suddenly, "Pardon Me" by Incubus hits the PA system as Danielle steps out onto the ramp. She looks around at the crowd for a moment, before sprinting down to the ring.

Ring Announcer: On her way to the ring, she hails from San Diego, California. Weighing in at a beautiful 117 lbs, she is Danielle Lopez!!

Danielle crawls for a moment before hopping to her feet, glaring at the two men in the corner as her theme music begins to die down.

TT: Danielle Lopez waits for the two CWF veterans to determine who will start the match.

BC: Veterans? Well, if you say so.

TT: Jay Matthews lifts his hand, looking at Danielle with a smirk as Sync nods and steps out. Matthews approaches Danielle and says something to her.

BC: Immediately, he gets slapped in the face and quickly DDTed to the canvas! Danielle Lopez begins laying the boots to Matthews relentlessly.

TT: Jay Matthews covers up, but continues to get kicked while Kyle Sync looks on. Sync gulps looking on, as Jay Matthews soon begins to stop moving.

BC: Danielle picks Jay Matthews up, with help from the recovering Jay Matthews, and quickly hits her patented Latina Cutter, putting the exclamation point on Matthews!

TT: She then stands up and begs Kyle Sync to enter the ring, but he just shakes his head, wanting no part of the aggression his partner received.

BC: What a bitch.

TT: She then goes to cover Matthews.




Here is your winner, Danielle Lopez!!

TT: Lopez leaps up and begins to celebrate, as Kyle Sync hops off the apron.

BC: Wait, Sync enters into the ring to attack Danielle from behind, but as quick as a cat, Danielle leaps into the air, wraps her legs around his head, and sends him flying through the ropes with a hurricanrana!

TT: Sync stands up and begins to bad mouth Danielle as he backs up the ramp.

BC: Clearly, it seems that Danielle Lopez has the edge over Kyle Sync going into Fall Fever.


The camera pans around the backstage area, stopping on the locker room of the CWF World Heavyweight Champion "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne, and his tag team partner "Radiant" Roland Ulv. A reporter knocks on the door and Ulv opens it and ushers the man in.

Reporter: Mr. Osbourne, Mr. Ulv, we were hoping to get your thoughts on tonight's main event...

NRO: What the hell is that supposed to mean, really? My thoughts on the match? Did you watch my promos this week? Did you watch The Radiant One's promos? I think our thoughts were pretty clear there fucknut.

RRU: Ya, fer sure. Wii are goiing to be biiting those guys asses fur sure!

NRO: That sum it up for you sparky?

Reporter: Actually, I had one other question. I did in fact catch your promo's and wanted to expound on what the clerk at the video store asked you, what every wrestling fan is asking us on and what inquiring minds are dying to know. Are you in fact reforming the legendary stable known as The Horsemen?

NRO: You know, I'll take a SHOT in the dark here and say....wait and see.

Reporter: So you can neither confirm nor deny the reports?

NRO: Oh, I can confirm or deny them...I'm just not going to. I think your answer will come very soon.

Reporter: I'll take that as a yes then.

NRO: Whoa whoa whoa! You don't report anything other than what I said, capesche?

Reporter: Mr. Osbourne, I work for the CWF, not PWN, you don't order me around, not anymore at least. It will be up to Mr. Xamin wha-

Osbourne kicks the man in the stomach and then catches his head under his left arm and delivers his trademark inverted DDT, the Badd Dream. The reporter twitches with pain and blood trickles from his forehead. As he starts to come to, he looks up and sees Osbourne and Ulv hovering over him laughing. As he opens his eyes fully and starts to speak, Ulv turns over a rusty old metal bucket and he smells the fermented pickled herring seconds before it impacts his face and leaves him covered in the small fishy treats of Sweden. Scene cuts back to the announcers at ring side.


TT: We're back, and James Baker is already in the ring, stretching for his match with the up and coming Angelus.

BC: He's not that special. It was only one week, and look what happened to Genocide earlier.

TT: James Baker waits on Angelus to start the match.

BC: What the hell is going on? Where's Angelus?

Suddenly, "It's All Over" by Three Days Grace hits the PA system, and Baker looks up the ramp, curiously awaiting his opponent. Keith Daniels steps out onto the entrance way, his classic smirk across his face. He is wearing one of his expensive suits, and carrying a microphone. He lifts it to his lips.

Keith Daniels: Hello there, James. Good to have you here tonight. I just wanted to come out here and personally inform you that Angelus missed his flight, and won't be able to make it here tonight. So referee, if you would please, begin the count.

Daniels then turns back around and ducks through the curtain as the referee looks on confused. As requested, he begins his count.











Ring Announcer: Here is your winner via countout, James Baker!!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen our next match is scheduled for one fall. First, hailing from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at one hundred and eighty-six pounds and standing five feet and nine inches tall....."THE WINDY CITY MADMAN" TERRY RICHARDS!!!!!

'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead pulsates through the arena as the fans rise to their feet for the Terry Richards. Richards sprints to the ring, slides under the bottom rope on his stomach and gives a primal scream to the crowd as he leaps onto the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent making his way to the ring weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds and standing six feet and four inches tall…from New York, New York…THIS…IS……SICKBOY!!!!!!!

"Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains begins pulsating through the arena's PA as the fans explode as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

TT: Well Bobby, this should be one hell of a match.

BC: Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaat. Sickboy and Richards in the same ring. I have died and gone to hell, haven’t I Turnbuckle? The only thing worse than me having to sit through THIS would be sitting through a Z-Pac and MVP match. Now THAT would be torture.

TT: For once Bobby Crane, I think we agree on something. There’s the opening bell and Sickboy and Richards tie up. Sickboy gains the advantage and wrenches an arm bar lock in and Terry is struggling to get loose.

BC: He finally does and ducks under Sickboy’s outstretched hands and executes a near perfect Russian leg sweep sending Wilkes to a familiar place…his back.

TT: Come on now Bobby, let’s try and impartial.

BC: I am. You don’t want to know what I WANTED to say.

TT: Sickboy kips up as Richards bounces off the far ropes. High spinning elbow by Richards, and Sickboy bats him away and lands a missile drop kick right into Richards’s sternum as Terry came up on one knee after the missed spinning elbow.

BC: I tell you what Turnbuckle, I’m gonna hit the head and grab a drink. Page me when this stinkfest is over, would ya?

Just as Bobby Crane stands up and takes his headset off, Sickboy sprints across the ring, leaps up onto the top ropes and nails a suicide dive right into Bobby Crane, slamming the veteran broadcaster and CWF Hall of Fame member into the guard rail. Terry Richards, rising to his feet as the impact occurs, follows suit, sprinting, jumping, and twisting in the air, coming down across both Sickboy and Bobby Crane. Crowd starts “Holy Shit!” chant.

TT: My God…complete carnage here at ring side. Terry Richards and Sickboy both nailing plancha dives on Bobby Crane. One day my co-host is going to learn that those guys can in fact hear what he is saying when calling a match. Richards is the first to his feet. He grabs Sickboy by the hair and drags him to the ring, shoving him under the bottom ropes. Bobby Crane pulls himself up into his chair and puts his head set back on….nice of you to join us again old bean.

BC: Let me use your cell Teddy.

TT: For what?

BC: I’m calling my attorneys. Mark Xamin and Keith Daniels need to get their roster members in check.

TT: Maybe you should just watch your mouth?

BC: Oh yeah?

TT: You want me to get Richards attention again for you?

BC: Good point. Richards climbing the ropes and Sickboy still looks dazed by his impact with me and the barricade.

TT: Richards with a 450 splash…..and he nails it!!!

BC: Cover by Terry Richards…….1………2……….thre…..NO!!! Kickout by Wilkes!!!

TT: Sickboy really having to go to the well to find a way to get out of that one. Richards is not happy. Uh oh….SHOCK TURN!!!!!

BC: And Wilkes goes limp…..cover by Richards. 1……2……3!!!

Ring Announcer: And here is your winner…..”The Windy City Madman” Terry Richards!!!!


[ As the crowd gets ready for the evening's Main Event tag match, the CWF-tron begins to change and suddenly we see Paul Blair. He gets a mixed reaction. Camera pans in on Blair who has a smile on his face. He appears to be at a bar with Showdown on the TV in the background. ]

Blair: Hello to all my Ruler Rooters. I'm sure you are all wondering where I am tonight. Truth is I was injured last week during my match with James Baker and Chemical X.

[ Blair puts his left hand in the air which is in a cast. ]

Blair: But don't worry, I'll be back soon. The doctors did not tell me how long I will be out - but I don't think it will be very long. I personally cannot wait to see this next match. I mean a few weeks ago who would have thought we would see Roland Ulv and Rob Osbourne against Mariano Fernandez and Pledge Alligence? I know I would not have thought that.

[ Bartender brings over Blair another drink ]

Blair: Thanks.

[ Blair takes a sip and continues ]

Blair: Anyways the reason I wanted this time tonight is to let the world know that at Fall Fever, I will be there live. But I'm not coming alone. You see Rob Osbourne, I will NOT let you take away my record breaking title reign from 2005. I will always hold that record. I see you are almost half way there so I feel it's time that I pay a little closer attention. So I went out this week while recovering and got someone to agree to pay you a visit at Fall Fever with me.

[ A smile appears on Blair's face ]

Blair: If I can not be the one to beat you then maybe this guy will. Who is it? Oh that's only something I know. But I'll give you a hint there Mr. Osbourne...while some call me the King of the Job, the guy who's coming...well let's just call him "Mark". Are you ready Osbourne? You better be. I promise you this, the CWF landscape will never be the same again after we hit Fall Fever in just one week. Good night CWF, I'll be watching you.

[ Camera pans back to the arena ]


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…from Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds… he is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion…. “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits. The crowd explodes into a deafening mixed reaction as Rob Osbourne steps through the curtain, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship belt draped over his shoulder. He raises one arm in the air as he walks down the aisle, arrogantly chewing gum with his mouth open and wagging his head slightly with each step. He climbs through the ropes and poses with the title in the center of the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his tag team partner...weighing in at 275 lbs... Fighting out of Stockholm, Sweden... He is "THE RADIANT ONE" ROLAND ULV!!

"Marcia Carolus Rex" by Wilhelm Harteveld plays over the PA system as Roland Ulv steps out onto the ramp. He holds his arms out with a smile across his face. Slowly but surely, he walks down the ramp and approaches the ring. He rolls into the ring and stands, again taunting the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from Buenos Aires, Argentina...weighing in at 176.4 pounds... He is The CWF National Champion...Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez!!!!!

‘The Biggest Fight’ by Hironobu Kageyama blasts through the sound system and Mariano races down the aisle. He goes to the ring where Osbourne and Ulv are already waiting, and bows down to them before giving them a deadly stare. Ulv and Osbourne begin to approach Mariano to corner him before his partner can make it to the ring, but Pledge slides in behind them, and they don't see him!

TT: Whoa! Pledge giving a double bulldog before the match has even started!

BC: The referee orders both teams to their corners, and forces them to decide the first combatant in this match.

TT: Looks like Osbourne will start this one out with Mariano.

BC: Mariano can't match up with the CWF World Champion, Teddy. There's no way.

TT: He has the heart of a lion in there, as well as the first advantage of the match!

BC: A drop toe hold on the aggressing Osbourne sends him face first into the mat.

TT: Mariano crouches behind him, waiting for Osbourne to stand, and he does. Mariano leaps into the air to deliver a hurricanrana to Osbourne!

BC: Yes! He reversed it into that high impact power bomb! Mariano is out! The cover!



Thr... Kickout!

TT: Wow! How did he get out of that one? I knew he was tough, but there's no way.

BC: Osbourne to his feet, and he pulls Mariano up and throws him into the corner.

TT: He's throwing lefts and rights, beating Mariano down into the corner. Wisely, the referee steps in.

BC: No, let him hit him!

TT: Mariano climbs to his feet as Osbourne approaches, but Osbourne takes a shot to the ribs. Mariano tucks Osbourne's head and quickly leaps... Oh my god!

BC: Was that the Canadian Destroyer? Oh my god!

TT: The cover!



Th... Kickout!

TT: Osbourne got out of that one, but he won't soon forget it.

BC: I hate this Fernandez kid, but even I was impressed by that!

TT: How can you not be? Mariano to his feet, and pulling Osbourne up, but Osbourne with a rake to the eyes.

BC: He makes a quick tag to "The Radiant One"!!

TT: Roland Ulv steps through the ropes, and we're about to see him in action for the first time in a long, long time. Mariano turns to face him... He gets "C"lotheslined to the canvas. He's back up, and gets "C"lotheslined again!

BC: Ulv jumps on top of him and applies a reverse sleeper hold.

TT: Who are you kidding, Bobby? He's got a "C"hoke blatantly applied! The referee jumps in to break it up, luckily enough for Mariano.

BC: As Mariano is climbing to his feet, Ulv begins to taunt him with "C"rotch chops!

TT: Mariano finally stands and receives a "C"hop to the chest! Another "C"hop! Another! Mariano is back in the corner, but shoves Ulv out of the corner. Ulv runs to hit Mariano with a clothesline but he ducks, and hits a spinning heel kick, taking "The Radiant One" off of his feet!

BC: No! Get up! Don't let that little jumping bean make a fool of you! Get him!

TT: Roland Ulv is slow to his feet as Mariano tags in Pledge Alligence! Pledge immediately attacks Ulv, kicking his legs out from under him and beginning to stomp.

BC: Osbourne's shouting at Pledge, and Pledge steps over to him.

TT: Wait, Ulv is back to his feet! He sneaks up behind Pledge... "C"obra "C"lutch! He’s got it locked in. Pledge elbows Ulv off of him, and runs to the ropes, but Ulv runs right behind him. As Pledge turns around, Roland Ulv delivers a massive "C"harging headbutt!

BC: Both men took a shot there, and they’re both on the ground.

TT: Roland Ulv climbs to his feet first and grabs Pledge's legs. He then leans back and "C"atapults him into his own corner, where Mariano quickly tags himself in. Mariano charges at Ulv, but he "C"atches Mariano in a "C"law hold. He then quickly grabs Mariano's arm and face, locking in a "C"rossface Chicken Wing!

BC: Tap out, Mariano! It's over!

TT: No! He escapes! He delivers a vicious savate kick to the jaw of Ulv, who collapses. Seeing this as a crucial moment, Osbourne rushes into the ring and jumps Fernandez from behind!

BC: Get him, Rob! Take him out for good!

TT: Wait, Pledge is in the melee now too, fighting with Osbourne. Wait... Who is that coming down to the ring? Dear god, it's Terry Richards! And he's got a steel chair!

BC: Quick! The ref's distracted! Hit Mariano one good time!

TT: He slides the chair into the ring, but stops and doesn't get in, as Mariano reaches for him.

BC: Yes! Ulv picked up that chair and delivered a thunderous "C"hair shot! He quickly delivers a "C"rotch shot to Mariano for good measure and makes the cover.

Osbourne throws Pledge out of the ring and climbs out behind him. The referee turns and sees the pin! He makes the count!




Ring Announcer: Here are your winners, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne and "The Radiant One" Roland Ulv!

Terry Richards slides into the ring to join them and they all raise their arms in celebration...

TT: Oh my god, does this mean...

BC: Yes! They're giving the sign of the Horsemen! The Horsemen are back, Teddy!

TT: Terry Richards, Roland Ulv, and of course, Rob Osbourne! What a night! What a...

BC: What the hell?

TT: The lights just went out. What's going on?

BC: And why do I hear the familiar sound of thunder?

TT: Wow! What a flash of light! IT was like a lightning bolt just struck down into the ring.

BC: Where's Terry Richards?

TT: I don't know, but Magnus Thunder is in the ring with Osbourne and Ulv!

BC: Osbourne's on the mat, gripping his head. What, does Magnus take cheap shots now?

TT: Magnus Thunder is standing next to Roland Ulv! He grips him by the throat, chokeslam!

BC: The ring shook!

TT: The impact of that move was ridiculous!

BC: I've never seen Magnus like this! What's that bucket doing in the corner!? Magnus grabbing a conspicuous white bucket of...HE JUST DUMPED SWEDISH MEATBALLS ALL OVER ROLAND and threw the bucket at Osbourne!

TT: This isn't like Magnus at all...Roland dripping with gravy and angry at that! This isn't right...first Magnus ruins Osborne's chance to retain the CWF! Now this! What in the world is going on with this man!?

BC: He's yelling something about justice being served! And with gravy! The end is near!

TT: Folks, we're out of time. Thanks for joining us, and please join us next week for Fall Fever! Goodnight!