Last week at Night of Champions, rivalries were forged, wars were waged, and a new champion was crowned…

Tonight, the war rages on at the final stop before Super Card V! Debuts will be made, a colossal main event will take place, and the biggest card of the year will be finalized! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to….

The HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York is jam packed to the rafters with screaming CWF fans. The usual set up – the Showdown set looms tall and proud at the top of the ramp. The ring sits squarely in the center of the arena. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp and we cut to ringside with Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to a sold out HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York! Welcome to the final stop before Super Card V! And yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen…welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! I am your host, Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane….

BC: Well we’re in Buffalo, the armpit of New York…Niagara Falls is just up the street and we’re about a three hour drive from the site of Super Card, Teddy…Toronto, Ontario. Niagara Falls is a wonder of the world, but tonight, I’m the most beautiful sight to see around here!

TT: We have quite a main event for you tonight, as Magnus Thunder, Pledge Allegiance, and Brian Adams will hook it up in a triple threat match just one week before entering the elimination chamber! And on top of that, folks…the National title will be on the line right here tonight, as the new champion, Astro, defends against a real up and comer, The M.u.H!

BC: Yeah well Astro is a marked man, Teddy…Rob Osbourne wants a piece of him, The Juggernaut wants a piece of him…in fact the entire CWF wants a piece of him! Keeping the title is much tougher than winning it, and tonight we’re gonna find out what Astro is made of!

TT: One week ago, Magnus Thunder defeated Brian Adams in one of the most thrilling matches I’ve ever witnessed…tonight they’ll be in the ring together again, but this time Pledge Allegiance will be with them…

BC: Well Pledge is the wild card, Teddy…he’s the guy that flies in under the radar. No one expects him to win tonight, everyone is looking at Magnus or Adams…just like no one expects him to win the title at Super Card, everyone is looking at Blair or Magnus or Adams again, or even Khrist or…anyone really, they’re all capable of winning. But Pledge has emerged as the dark horse and he is a clutch player, Teddy…history has shown that when the stakes are high, Pledge is a force to be reckoned with. Maybe tonight we’ll get a taste of what to expect at Super Card next Saturday!

TT: In addition to that…in fact, coming up right now…Mark Xamin will be making the final additions to the Super Card V line up…the card is going to be finalized here tonight!

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: As a matter of fact, I’m being told that Mark Xamin is ready to make the announcement. And he is now joining us live via satellite from CWF Head Office in Toronto, just up the highway across the border…Mark, can you hear us?

A live satellite feed of Mark Xamin pops onto the screen. The crowd gives him a warm welcome. Xamin sits behind a massive desk in the “war room” of the CWF building. Clad in a white dress shirt and red tie, he nods at the camera.

MARK XAMIN: I can hear you, Teddy. And first of all, let me just say hello to our amazing fans in Buffalo…

The crowd cheers as he mentions their city.

MARK XAMIN: I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person tonight…but I’m busy here in Toronto making the final preparations for the big one next week, Super Card V.

TT: Well we’re all waiting on edge for Super Card next weekend. What a main event, and what a lineup we have so far. Not to mention U2 will be playing the half time show! We’re all dying to hear it, Mr. Xamin! What news do you have for us?

MARK XAMIN: Well I’m pleased to announce that at Super Card V, the latest addition to the CWF roster and the man who we’re about to see in action, Axel Way, will go one on one with The M.u.H. In addition, Kyle Sync will meet Motion, Mickey Stone, Toxic, and X-Trimmer in a loser leaves town match…these five will fight for their very jobs at Super Card. And if they don’t show up to the event, they will forfeit their CWF contracts.

TT: Well that is very big news…a little bit of spring cleaning for the CWF!

MARK XAMIN: Indeed. Now, concerning the Sacrifice Match between Blood and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne…after a lot of thought I have decided that the winner of that match at Super Card V will receive a National Title shot against whomever the champion may be at next month’s pay-per-view, Vendetta. So there will be a lot at stake next Saturday night!

TT: Very big news indeed, and now…

MARK XAMIN: Oh I’m not quite done yet, Teddy! One more thing…at the Super Card half time show, U2 will be performing several songs off of their new album, No Line on the Horizon…also during that half time show, I will reveal a brand new signing…a prospect out of the Yukon that I have been scouting for a long time now. He is a real blue chipper and will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the CWF for years to come! And now I’m done, Teddy!

TT: Well Super Card is becoming more and more massive, and now we have a finalized card. Not to mention, apparently a new addition to our roster!

BC: I know who it is, because I’m smart like that…and let me tell you, this guy is a BEAST…he is going to be a dominant force in this company, mark my words.

TT: Well we will look forward to that on top of everything else! Right now…let’s head to the ring for our first match! Both competitors are already in the ring!


The bell sounds as Hangman and Axel circle each other, jockeying for an opening of attack. They finally lock up, with Hangman taking the immediate advantage, using his strength to force Axel back in to the corner. He grabs Axel and hip tosses him out of the corner. Axel quickly gets back to his feet, ready to try again. The two men lock up a second time. This time Hangman is met with a knee to the gut Axel quickly delivers a hard right to Hangman's skull, forcing Hangman to stumble back. Axel continues with right after right, trying to knock Hangman down.

BC: Axel with hard shots here!

TT: Considering The Hangman's size advantage, this may be a smart strategy from Axel!

Axel swings another right, but Hangman blocks it, pushing Axel down to the mat. Axel returns to his feet and rushes at Hangman, only to be clotheslined to the mat! Hangman picks Axel back up, lifting him to his shoulders for a samoan drop. Axel struggles, and he falls behind! Axel with a hard forearm to the back of Hangman's head...and another! Hangman falls to one knee as Axel floats over, gripping on for a headlock. He swings his hips, planting Hangman to the mat. Axel releases the headlock, mounting Axel to deliver repetitive rights and lefts to the head!

TT: Axel is beating the hell out of Hangman!

BC: He needs to, Teddy! Hangman is the bigger man...he needs to bring him down to size!

As Axel continues to bring rights and lefts, Hangman somehow finds a way to grip Axel by the head and deliver a vicious headbutt! Axel returns to his feet, stumbling back as Hangman gets up. Axel rushes at Hangman...spinebuster! And Axel is down as Hangman quickly makes the cover!


Axel kicks out! Hangman looks at the referee in disbelief. He brings Axel back to his feet, only to be met with a boot from Axel! DDT by Axel! Axel whips Hangman in to the corner. He follows in with a hard knee lift. Axel lays in to Hangman with a series of body and headshots! Axel snapmares Hangman out of the corner...dropkick to the back of the head! He follows with a legdrop and quickly makes the cover!


TT: Hangman rolls the shoulder at the last second!

BC: That was close, Teddy!

Axel lifts Hangman to a sitting position and applies a rear chin lock. The referee checks on Hangman as Axel delivers a clubbing blow with his free arm to the chest! Hangman struggles to stay in the match as his chest is drilled with another shot! Hangman uses his strength to slowly pull himself to his feet. Axel switches to a side headlock, applying more pressure to the hold. Hangman wraps his arms around Axel's waist, trying to lift him for a back suplex...but Axel blocks it! Hangman with a hard right to the kidney...and another! He forces Axel off in to the ropes, leaning over for a back body drop...and Axel catches him with a boot on the rebound!

TT: He telegraphed that one!

Axel grabs Hangman and whips him to the corner. He comes at Hangman for a clothesline...but he's met with a boot to the face, forcing him to stumble back! Hangman rushes out of the corner...and a dropkick from Axel, sending Hangman back in to the corner! Axel climbs to the middle turnbuckle...right hand...another right...right....right....another right! Axel continues to throw right after right! Axel draws back for one more vicious right...NO! Hangman grabs Axel and has him in position for a powerbomb! Axel is holding the top turnbuckle, trying his best to keep from being dropped!

TT: Axel is holding on for dear life!

BC: Hangman is trying with all of his power to pull Axel away from the corner, but Axel just won't let go!

Hangman yanks on Axel, but Axel refuses to let go! He yanks again...and the turnbuckle pad rips right off! The pad flies out of Axel's hand to the outside as Hangman takes a few steps before planting Axel with a devastating powerbomb! Hangman is down, exhausted as Axel rolls to the floor outside!

BC: Axel with a smart move rolling to the outside!

Hangman slowly tries to get to his feet as the referee makes his way to the outside, looking for the pad to the exposed turnbuckle.

BC: What the hell is the referee doing?! You don't leave the match in the middle of the action!

TT: I think he's trying to cover the turnbuckle again, Bobby.

The referee grabs the pad and climbs back in to the ring, working on putting it back on the turnbuckle. Axel is on all fours outside looking under the apron. Hangman reaches the edge of the ring and leans between the middle and top rope to grab Axel...SMACK! Axel with a vicious chair shot to the skull!

TT: What was that?! Where did he get the chair?!

BC: What a resourceful move by Axel Way!

Hangman collapses to the mat as Axel slides in to the ring. He brings Hangman up to his shoulders as the referee finishes tying the pad back on to the turnbuckle...FALL-AWAY CUTTER! Axel makes the cover, hooking the leg as the referee turns back towards the action!


BC: Axel Way has defeated the big man after an unseen chair shot! That was great!

TT: Did he really have to cheat to win?

BC: A win is a win, matter the circumstances!

WINNER: Axel Way

The referee raises Axel's arm in to the air as Hangman lays unconscious in the ring. Axel slides out of the ring, still celebrating as he makes his way back up the ramp.

TT: Quite a debut for Axel Way, though I can’t say the same for The Hangman, who we had high hopes for…

BC: Well the Hangman hung himself out to dry tonight, but he’ll have other opportunities down the road.

TT: Alright fans, we have to take our first commercial break…stay with us, the Juggernaut takes on Motion next!

TT: Welcome back fans, and let’s not waste any time…Juggernaut and Motion are both in the ring ready to start this match!


The referee calls for the opening bell. As soon as the bell sounds, Juggernaut connects with a hard shoulderblock taking Motion to the mat. He quickly picks Motion back up and violently tosses him in to the corner. Juggernaut follows with a bonecrushing splash, watching in pleasure as Motion collapses to the mat!

BC: He just crushed Motion in the corner! If he can do this at SuperCard next Sunday...we will be looking at the new National Champion!

TT: Seven foot five...five hundred fifty six pounds...this man is going to be dominant in CWF!

Juggernaut picks up Motion as Gritz barks orders from the outside. The arena is swarmed with boos as Juggernaut lifts Motion in to a bear hug. He rams Motion in to the corner, but doesn't release the bear hug. He rams him in to the corner a second time, finally releasing as Motion slumps back in to the corner. Juggernaut holds Motion's throat with his massive hand, quickly bringing down a hard slap to the chest heard throughout the arena.

BC: My god that was loud!

TT: Motion's face shows it all, Bobby! The look of pain!

Juggernaut brings his massive hand down a second time across the chest, again sounding throughout the arena. He delivers a vicious headbutt which rocks Motion! Motion stumbles out of the corner to again feel Juggernaut's hand grip around his throat! Juggernaut lifts Motion high in to the air...chokeslam to the outside!

TT: Juggernaut should just end this! He obviously has Motion beat here!

BC: Let the man have a little fun, Teddy!

The referee begins his count, trying to hold Juggernaut from exiting the ring. Juggernaut just smiles at the referee as he climbs out. He picks Motion back up and rolls him in to the ring. Juggernaut rolls back in and makes his way back to his feet. He steps on Motion's back, holding for a second as he drives the air out of Motion's body before stepping off! He quickly lifts Motion back to his feet and applies a cobra to a backbreaker...and a second...and a third!

BC: Dominance, Teddy! Dominance!

TT: The referee should be calling for the bell! Motion obviously can't defend himself here!

Juggernaut gets back to his feet, still holding the cobra clutch. He releases the hold. Motion stands groggy and disoriented as Juggernaut hits the far ropes...SPEAR! Juggernaut again smiles as he looks out at Gritz who is giving full approval. Juggernaut brings Motion back to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Juggernaut hits the opposite ropes...RUNNING BIG BOOT...AND MOTION IS TURNED INSIDE OUT!

TT: Juggernaut just kicked Motion in the face so hard...that Motion backflipped and crashed to the mat landing on his stomach!

BC: From the looks of it, Juggernaut is ready for Super Card!

Juggernaut lifts Motion and quickly grips him with both hands by the throat. He lifts Motion high in to the air, walking around with him. Motion struggles to break the grip, but can't! He knees Juggernaut in the chest...and a second time, forcing Juggernaut to release his grip!

TT: Motion looks like he might be making a comeback!

BC: Juggernaut's just toying with him, Teddy! You'll see.

Motion with a boot to the gut. Juggernaut falls to one knee as Motion grabs him in position for the Motion Picture! NO! Juggernaut pushes Motion off in to the ropes...JAW BREAKER OFF THE REBOUND, AND MOTION IS OUT COLD! Juggernaut stays on his knee, placing his hand on Motion's chest for the cover!


BC: What a punch! He drilled Motion with that right hook, and Motion fell to the mat like a ton of bricks!

TT: That was an unbelievable punch! Instant lights out!

WINNER: The Juggernaut

Gritz quickly enters the ring as the referee tries to raise The Juggernaut's arm. Juggernaut refuses as Gritz starts to trash talk Motion. Juggernaut approaches Motion's lifeless body, brings him back to his feet, measures him...A SECOND JAW BREAKER! Juggernaut smiles as he and Gritz make their way back up the stage, watching as drool and blood fall from Motion's mouth to the mat.

TT: An absolutely dominant performance by the Juggernaut…in fairness to Motion, he did look like he was in better sape than in previous weeks but Juggernaut didn’t even give him a chance…

BC: Well next week at Super Card Motion will have a chance to redeem himself as he takes on Axel Way! Let’s see if he can pull off an upset victory…

TT: Fans, we have something going on backstage…let’s check it out!

Pledge Allegiance is doing some stretches in his dressing room, preparing for the main event where he will battle Magnus Thunder and Brian Adams in a triple threat match. Feeling thirsty, Pledge exits his dressing room. As the door swings open, we hear a loud clank. The camera rushes outside the door and finds Pledge Allegiance lying motionless on the floor.

TT: What the hell just happened?!

BC: Pledge can’t catch a break! Ha!

TT: Who did it? Who was behind the attack?

The camera slowly pans upwards, to find “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne standing above Pledge with a dented steel chair in his hand. He winks at the camera and grins before walking away. Cut back to ringside.

TT: Rob Osbourne has taken out Pledge Allegiance!

BC: Well looks like Pledge is a marked man as well, Teddy! This guy is gonna be brain dead by Super Card…in the past few weeks he’s been dropped off the top of Craze in the Maze, wrestled with a concussion and now Osbourne has cleaned his clock! This guy is a walking accident!

TT: And it looks like our main event has become a rematch from Night of Champions! Magnus Thunder vs Brian Adams! Wow!

BC: That’s gonna be awesome!

TT: Well let’s head to the ring for our next match, Khrist and The Raving Lunatic teaming up to take on two men whose jobs will be on the line at Super Card, X-Trimmer and Toxic.


Huge squash match. Khrist and Lunatic dominated from start to finish. Khrist finished the match with The Second Coming on Toxic. The Raving Lunatic hit The Scatterbrain on X-Trimmer for good measure, and The New Church continued its dominance.

WINNERS: Khrist/The Raving Lunatic

TT: Absolute dominance by The New Church…and each week there seem to be more brainwashed fans getting behind these guys…I even see some fans out there in hooded cloaks with the symbol of The New Church on their foreheads…this is getting scary!

BC: Those are two creepy men right there, but if they can work together in the Elimination Chamber on Saturday the way they worked together tonight…I don’t know, Teddy…one of them could be the next CWF World Champion.

TT: We have to take another commercial break…we’ll be right back, fans!

TT: Alright, welcome back fans…we are ready for our next match! Blood takes on Mr.Markowitz! And Blood just got some good news…if he wins at Super Card V, he will get a National title shot at Vendetta!

BC: Yeah but to do that, he has to beat Rob Osbourne…I don’t know, Teddy…I guess we’ll find out if Blood is ready for the Nitemare tonight!


The referee calls for the opening bell. Markowitz and Blood circle each other, both looking for an opening. Collar-and elbow tieup...and Blood takes the early control as he quickly floats in to a side headlock. Markowitz shoves Blood off to the ropes, and waits for his return, only to be knocked over with a shoulder block. Blood hits the ropes again as Markowitz starts to get to his feet...quick drop toe hold from Markowitz! He quickly floats over and applies a front facelock, trying to keep Blood grounded.

TT: This is a smart strategy from Mr. Markowitz. Blood is a veteran, so you want to try and keep him grounded.

BC: If Markowitz can beat Blood here tonight, he'll definitely get some recognition!

Markowitz struggles to keep Blood grounded, but to no avail. Blood is able to get back to his feet, and almost instantaneously breaks Markowitz' grip. Blood connects with a hard clothesline, and Markowitz crashes to the mat. Blood brings Markowitz back to his feet and applies a reverse hammerlock. Markowitz throws a back elbow...and another! He grabs Blood wrist, whipping him to the! Reversed! Markowitz hits the far ropes and is lifted for a spinebuster on the return...but he counters with a DDT! Markowitz quickly makes the cover!


TT: Blood rolls the shoulder!

BC: Is it just me, or does Blood look like he has some ring rust to work off?

TT: It's still early, Bobby. It's still early.

Markowitz picks up Blood and lifts him to the shoulders for the Helicopter...but Blood connects with a hard elbow forcing Markowitz to drop him back to the mat! Blood lifts Markowitz in to the air, rushing at the corner...and he drill Markowitz back first in to the turnbuckle! Blood buries his shoulder in to Markowitz' gut! And a second! And a third! Markowitz is hunched over, trying to regain his breath as Blood backs off. Blood with a full head of steam...devastating knee lift in the corner! He grabs Markowitz and whips him to the opposite corner...NO! He pulls Markowitz back at him, and again drops him with a vicious clothesline!

TT: Blood has just regained control of this match!

BC: It's not that impressive, Teddy. He's facing a rookie! This match should be over by now!

Blood lifts Markowitz back up with a front facelock. He lifts Markowitz in to the air...sitdown front suplex! Blood shoots the half to make the cover!


TT: Markowitz still has fight left in him, Bobby!

BC: We'll see how far that gets him.

Blood brings Markowitz back to his feet, but Markowitz gains a second wind, lifting Blood to his shoulders once again! HELICOPTER! NO! Blood lands on his feet and falls back with a reverse armbreaker! Blood pulls a dazed Markowitz back up. He lifts Markowitz in to the air...spinebuster! Blood smiles as he quickly brings Markowitz back to his feet one more time. He whips Markowitz in to the corner. Blood follows in...big splash in the corner! Blood hits the far ropes...BIG BOOT OFF THE REBOUND!

TT: Trademark move by Blood!

BC: I hate to say it, but I think that spells the beginning of the end for Mr. Markowitz!

Blood grips Markowitz by the throat, pulling him back to his feet. Blood uses his left hand running his thumb across his own throat to signify the end. He lifts Markowitz high in to the air...THE SUFFERING! Blood drops on top of Markowitz for the cover!


TT: Blood has won his return match here in CWF!

BC: Not that it really was a challenge.


The referee raises Blood's arm in the air as he smiles, looking down at a motionless Markowitz. Blood slides out of the ring, and makes his way to the back as the crowd cheers him on.

TT: Well, what do you think, Bobby? Is he ready for Osbourne?

BC: That was impressive…I don’t know, Osbourne is up next…and The Nitemare is a vile, violent man…sort of the man Blood used to be!

TT: Well…let’s find out, because Osbourne is up next!


The Nitemare dominated from start to finish, and Badd Dreamed Dragon three times before covering him for the victory. Perhaps sending a message to Blood, Nitemare then pulled Dragon outside the ring and Badd Dreamed him through the Spanish announce table before heading to the back to a chorus of loud boos.

BC: So I’d say Blood pretty much has his hands full next Saturday night…

TT: No doubt it’s going to get violent in that Sacrifice Match…the winner getting a National title shot! We’ll be right back, fans…up next is the National title match!

TT: Welcome back to Saturday Night Showdown, fans…our National Championship match is up next, Astro defending his newly won title against The M.u.H…

BC: And a match with the Juggernaut is looming! If Astro wins, the title will be on the line at Super Card…if MuH wins, he will defend the title against Axel Way at Super Card…so there is a lot at stake in this one!

TT: Absolutely…let’s get to the ring!

ASTRO (c) vs THE M.U.H.

Both men are already in the ring. The bell sounds and they lock up. MuH powers him into the corner and back hand chops him….Astro reverses and chops MuH back! MuH boots him in the knee and slew-foots him with an STO! Astro hits the mat with force but springs back to his feet…MuH to the ropes…Astro ducks the clothesline…MuH on the rebound…Astro hops over him…MuH back again, and Astro drops to the mat while MuH hops over him…MuH back from the ropes again and Astro caught with his head down! MuH kicks him in the face but no! Astro baited him in and grabs his foot…and twists him to the mat with a dragonscrew! Both men back to their feet and this crowd is applauding their effort.

They lock up again…this time MuH knees him in the gut and flips over him…neckbreaker! Astro down now and hurt…MuH to the second rope…elbow drop across the chest! He has Astro in trouble here and he pulls him up…he heaves Astro up onto his shoulders…running powerslam! MuH now to the top rope! Flying elbow drop! But Astro moves at the last second and MuH hits the mat hard! MuH reeling in pain and Astro crawls over to him for a cover!


TT: Astro had to know he couldn’t beat him like that, but he forced MuH to make a kick out!

BC: And it bought Astro a little time to recover…

Astro pulls MuH up and whips him to the ropes…twisting spinebuster and MuH is in pain! Astro to the ropes…and a big leg drop across the throat of MuH! Astro pulls him back up catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex! MuH in trouble now and Astro now heading to the top rope….Astro diving off for a big splash! MuH gets his knees up and Astro gets the wind blown out of him…

TT: Boy, you could hear the wind coming out of him there…

BC: Yeah…from both ends.

TT: Would you stop…

MuH pulling himself up with the ropes…Astro fighting to feet as well…MuH with a superkick! No! Astro ducks and he’s caught MuH from behind…ASTRONOMICAL! He’s got it! He’s got it locked in right in the center of the ring and MuH is screaming in pain! Astros tightens the hold, stepping on the backs of MuH’s knees and rearing back, a sickening torque on MuH’s knees and back.

TT: My God what a submission hold!

MuH refuses to quit. The referee implores him to give up and live to fight another day…MuH refuses. He screams in pain and begins to fade…but he will…not…quit. Astro bobbing up and down adding extra pressure to the hold…MuH has gone limp and the referee raises his arm up….

Once….twice…three times…but no! MuH keeps his arm up and tries to fight out of it! But the hold is on too tight and MuH has passed out from the pain! The ref stops the match but MuH has not quite!

Winner: By referee stoppage…and still CWF National Champion, Astro.

TT: What a gutsy effort by The M.u.H….he wouldn’t quit but the ref had no choice but to stop the match!

BC: That Astronomical hold is absolutely sick!

TT: And wait a minute, what’s this?!

The Juggernaut down the ramp with a chair…and he nails Astro from behind! Juggernaut doing a number on Astro with the steel chair and Astro is in trouble! EMTs and security running to the scene but they can’t stop The Juggernaut! Finally Johnny Gritz runs out and restrains him, but the damage has been done and Astro is laid out in the middle of the ring. Juggernaut grabs the National title and holds it high above his head as a symbol of things to come at Super Card V. He drops the title and heads to the back.

TT: An absolutely brutal assault but The Juggernaut with just one week to go before Super Card V…indeed, Astro vs The Juggernaut will be for the National Championship! And perhaps Juggernaut was feeling a little bit braver than he would have been had Mark Xamin been in the building tonight…

BC: I don’t think Xamin would stand a chance at trying to stop this guy but Xamin let it be known last week that Juggernaut was on thin ice…

TT: Nonetheless, Astro has got to be looking forward to getting his hands on this man next week!

BC: That’s gonna be an epic match!

TT: We are inside one week from Super Card V and the entire wrestling world is a buzz! Preparations are already being made in Toronto as the entire city is anticipating the biggest event in CWF history…

TT: Well fans, we are ready for our main event of the evening, and…

Teddy Turnbuckle is cut off by Mark Xamin, who has appeared on the video screen live via satellite once again.

MARK XAMIN: I hate to interrupt you, Teddy…

TT: Not at all…welcome back Mark Xamin to the broadcast..

MARK XAMIN: I just thought everyone would be interested in hearing our two Hall of Fame inductees. Both of these men will be inducted during the half time show at Super Card V next weekend…

TT: Well this is huge! Of course we’re interested, who will it be?

MARK XAMIN: These two men have been integral to the CWF’s success. They are the voices of the CWF, the familiar faces that every CWF fan recognizes. When you hear these men you know you are watching CWF programming. Ladies and gentlemen…next week, from the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario…the CWF is proud to announce that the two men who will be inducted into the CWF Hall of Fame will be… Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

The crowd erupts! First chanting “Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!” until Teddy stands up, with a tear in his eye, and acknowledges the crowd. Then they switch to “Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!” until Bobby Crane stands up and nods as if it’s about time he got his due.

MARK XAMIN: On behalf of the entire CWF and all of its fans…thank you both for your many years of service.

TT: I…I don’t know what to say. I did not see this coming ladies and gentlemen. This is such an honor…

BC: I’m absolutely blown away! Maybe they’ll put my plaque next to Paul Blair’s, or Jeff Jericho’s! But please, not the Freak’s!

TT: They can put mine anywhere they want…what an absolute honor. Thank you all so much, there really is nothing like having the approval of your peers. Thank you…that’s all I can say…just…thank you.

BC: Alright pull yourself together, Teddy! We have a main event to call!

TT: You’re right….the show will go on here tonight and our main event has become a rematch of last week’s classic, Magnus Thunder taking on Brian Adams and it’s all thanks to “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne for taking out Pledge Allegiance in the back earlier tonight!

BC: These two beat the hell out of each other last week and now they’re gonna do it again! I can’t wait to see this!

TT: We have to take one final commercial break! Don’t go anywhere, fans…we will be back with our main event!

TT: Ok ladies and gentlemen…our main event is about to get underway, both combatants are in the ring…let’s get this started!

BC: I can’t wait for this!


The bell sounds. Adams, out to avenge last week’s loss, immediately charges at Magnus and assaults him with a flurry of lefts and rights, staggering the big man into the corner. Magnus grabs him and reverses, thrusting massive fists into Adams’ gut. Adams flops to the mat and frantically crawls back to his corner. Magnus, in hot pursuit, is caught with a boot to the groin by a desperate Brian Adams. The referee warns Adams emphatically, but Adams shrugs it off and goes to work on the big man. He attacks Thunder’s shoulders, dropping knee after knee after knee on them, rapidly, one after another.

BC: Brilliant! Adams is taking away the Thunderstorm!

Adams pulls Magnus up and whips him to the ropes…and he tries for a scoop slam, but Magnus is too heavy for him. Adams crumbles to the mat clutching his back. Magnus falls on top of him!




Magnus grabs Adams and pulls him up…he whips him to the ropes…SPEAR! Adams is nearly turned inside out and Magnus stays on top of him, yanking him back to his feet and dropping him with an atomic drop! Adams, clutching his groin, hops around the ring in pain as the crowd roars its approval. Magnus ROCKS him with a clothesline that sends Adams flipping backwards and landing chest first on the mat. As soon as he lands, Magnus drops a leg across the back of his head. Adams flops around the ring like a fish out of water. Magnus grabs Adams by the legs…and slingshots him into the turnbuckle! Adams bounces back on the rebound…Magnus with a powerslam! And Adams has been devastated with the powerful arsenal of moves in Magnus Thunder’s repertoire! Magnus with a cover!



3!! No, shoulder up!

Adams barely got his shoulder up and Magnus pulls him up to his feet…Adams desperately punches Magnus in the shoulder and Magnus staggers backwards…Adams with a dropkick! And Magnus stumbles backwards into the corner! Adams charges in at him…enzugiri! He caught him flush in the side of the head and Magnus drops. Adams drops to his knees as his sudden surge of energy ends. Finally, he pulls himself back up and climbs to the second turnbuckle…he leaps off looking for a leg drop but Magnus moves and Adams crashes down to the mat!

Magnus slowly to his feet…and he pulls Adams up…and whips him to the corner! Adams hits the turnbuckle chest first and slumps over the top rope…Magnus from behind…he locks in a full nelson! Adams trying desperately to escape…Adams hops his feet up onto the top turnbuckle and pushes off….Magnus, caught by surprise, stumbles backwards…Adams lands on top of him…wait a inute, Adams has him covered!




Magnus tries to get a shoulder up but Adams had damaged it too much! Adams wins!

WINNER: Brian Adams

TT: Adams wins! He caught Magnus by surprise and what a huge victory!

BC: Wow! This gives Adams some serious momentum heading into Super Card!

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time but we will see you live from Toronto next Saturday Night for the biggest event of the year, Super Card V! Good night everybody!

Fade to black.