Last week, a fifth Horsemen was revealed as Bob Osbourne made his highly anticipated return. Mark Xamin declared martial law in the CWF until Halloween night, a response to the anarchy on display throughout the past several weeks. True to form, Showdown went off the air with another full scale brawl.

Tonight, tensions are running high as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and the returning Bob Osbourne team up to take on Mariano Fernandez and Paul Blair. Magnus Thunder battles James Baker. High Concept debuts to take on Kyle Sync and Angelus as the CWF tag team division relaunches. Chemical X battles Terry Richards in a non-title affair. And in the main event, CWF World Heavyweight Champion Pledge Allegiance goes one on one with the CWF National Champion Sickboy in a non-title match up.

This is…

We fade to in a sold out George M. Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska. 12,000 screaming fans have jam packed the modest facility to its capacity as the CWF comes to Alaska before the winter kicks in. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot down the aisle, erupting over the ring. The crowd is in a frenzy and the arena is set up as per the usual for a live Showdown broadcast.

Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to beautiful Anchorage, Alaska! Welcome to the Sullivan Arena! And yes indeed, welcome to CWF Saturday Night Showdown where martial law has been declared! Good evening fans, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…

BC: My God, did you get a wink of sleep in this god forbidden place? The bloody sun was up at 3:00 in the morning…what kind of backwards, twisted universe has the CWF sent us to this time?!

TT: That’s why your hotel room has blackout curtains, genius…

BC: I was on my way to the arena and some guy cut off my limo with his zamboni! These people have more mileage on their snow blowers than their cars, and some jackass at the hotel last night started giving me tips on which leaves make the best toilet paper. I was starting to think everyone was playing some kind of practical joke on me but 12,000 screaming Eskimos in here tonight can’t be wrong, right? I hate this place!

TT: …we’re in for a long night. In any event, in our main event of the evening, Pledge Allegiance goes one on one with Sickboy! It’s the CWF World Heavyweight Champion battling the CWF National Champion in a non-title matchup, and we are just two weeks out from The Halloween Extreme!

BC: Night of Champions 3, baby! And don’t forget, it’s anything goes tonight! No rules! No countouts, no disqualifications! You could have gone ice fishing last night, caught a bucket of salmon, and come out here and smack your opponent in the face with your frozen fish! You could make like Chemical X and ride a horse, or better yet, a BEAR into the damn arena, have it EAT your opponent alive, and no one could say boo about it…this is gonna be a night to remember!

TT: Well…I echo your sentiments but…I do so without being ridiculous. Also tonight, fans…the tag team division relaunches! Tonight we’ll see the debut of High Concept, a highly touted tag team that’s spent the past two years in Japan, and here are two guys that will have no problem with the culture here tonight…they’re both from Canada!

BC: Yeah, and isn’t Alaska the 11th Canadian province?

TT: Would you stop? How about this one…Rob Osbourne and his son Bob Osbourne go head to head with Mariano Fernandez and CWF Hall of Famer Paul Blair!

BC: And Bob is chomping at the bit to get back in the ring! But once he gets there, he’s up against The Ruler, Teddy! Paul Blair could beat them both in a handicapped match but he’ll have to pull Mariano’s weight as well tonight which clearly isn’t fair to Blair.

TT: Give me a break. Also tonight, James Baker will go up against the 7’5”, 500 pound Nordic giant, Magnus Thunder, just two weeks out from Magnus Thunder’s Hell in a Cell World title match on Halloween night! And in what will surely be a match full of violence, Chemical X battles Terry Richards of the Horsemen! AND, in addition to all of that, tonight Pledge Allegiance and Magnus Thunder will sign the dotted line in the middle of that ring for their Hell in a Cell match at Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme!

BC: I’m tellin’ you, Teddy…this is gonna be one dangerous night. All you morons out there in TV Land get to hide behind your television screens…but me? I actually have to survive this. Enjoy, you lazy sloths.

TT: (sighs) Well folks, before we get to our first match, our Dennis Donnelly has caught up with the man that has turned the CWF on its head on more than one occasion over the last few months, Rob Osbourne...Dennis...are you there?

Cut backstage.

DD: Yes Teddy I am, and thank you. Fans, I am here live with an exclusive interview with the former CWF National and World Champion, and former CEO of the CWF, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. Mr. Osbourne, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

NRO: F**k off, Donnelly. Xamin sent me a text that said I HAD to do this interview. You know, accountability, explanation of my actions and the actions of The Horsemen, etc. So let's just get it over with.

DD: Alrighty then. A recent poll on asked the fans who the most hated man in the CWF was and, no surprise to us, you topped the list. What are your thoughts on that?

NRO: I didn't know the CWF fans could read. I'm mildly impressed. As for their opinions...well, they're like assholes, everybody's got one and everybody thinks everybody else's stinks. Next question.

DD: Your son Bob returned last week to the CWF after his unfortunate accident this summer. He looked great in his return. How confident are you that his in ring abilities are up to par and that he will be ready for tonight's match?

NRO: Honestly...I shouldn't even answer that ridiculous question. But I will. Even if I had not been training with him the last few weeks myself, I would say only one thing to squelch your idiotic comments...he's an Osbourne. As long as there is breath in his lungs he's more than capable of handling The Drooler or Mariano-boy.

DD: Which leads me to my next question. Mariano has improved quite a bit since he and Bob had their feud when they debuted in the CWF last May. Are you that confident that he is up to the task?

NRO: You need a Q-tip Donnelly?

DD: Q-Tip?

NRO: To clean the sh*t out of your ears. I already told you, Bob can take out Mariano or Blair either one in his sleep. He's done it before, twice in Mariano's case. Are you going to ask me anything pertinent?

DD: Sure...why is it that The Horsemen can't keep their noses out of other people's business?

NRO: HA! Spoken like a true company man. The Horsemen have done nothing that any of these other f**kholes haven't already done before. We just do it better than they did, which breed animosity and hatred. Like I care. They did this. All of them. They pushed my buttons and dared me to jump and I did. Now they want to point the finger at The Nitemare and the Horsemen. Hypocrites, the whole lot of them. Nobody named Paul Blair the CWF's most hated superstar when he showed up at Fall Fever with that fossil Jimmy Blast now did they? Speaking of the decrepit old not-Father...where is he? He shows up one time for five minutes and I'm supposed to be impressed? Puhlease. The reason they hate us Dennis, the REAL reason they hate because we're better than them. Believe that.

DD: There you have it guys, back to you...

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Arrogance as usual from Osbourne.

BC: Yeah, but he always finds a way to back it up. I'm actually excited to see his son return to action here tonight.

TT: Indeed, the CWF's first legitimate third generation superstar made a huge impact when he arrived this past summer. Back with a new face after his father's plastic surgeons repaired the damage done by the igniting pyro rigging accident a few months back.

BC: And looking almost as good as I do! …almost.

TT: Right. Well fans, we are ready for our opening contest as the tag team division relaunches with the highly touted High Concept battling Kyle Sync and Angelus! Kyle Sync and Angelus are already in the ring awaiting their opponents…

BC: Did you hear what Kyle Sync said earlier this week?

TT: Wait a minute, hold the phone…Kyle Sync spoke?

BC: Not only did he speak, he claimed he could beat anyone on the CWF roster if he cared to.

TT: So that’s his problem? He just doesn’t care? He certainly seemed to care when Mark Xamin had to put an electric collar on him to get him to the ring to wrestle Danielle Lopez…he sure seemed to care when she brutalized him. He seems to care nearly every week when he tries to run away any time someone comes near him. Sounds like a bunch of hot air to me, Bobby.

BC: Yeah well when you have no dignity left like Kyle Sync, I guess you’ll try anything for the faintest glimmer of respect. He won’t be getting any here though. Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring…KYLE SYNC and ANGELUS!

The crowd doesn’t react at all.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents…at a total combined weight of 437 pounds… “The Amazing” Jacob Jett, “Mighty Fine” Darryl Devine…. HIGH CONCEPT!

“Ha Ha High Babe” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hits and “Mighty Fine” Darryl Devine steps through the curtain, his blonde hair soaking wet and reaching his shoulders, his five o’clock shadow outlining his jaw. He is stoic and focused, walking down the aisle with purpose. Behind him is “The Amazing” Jacob Jett, clad in a dark blue robe with a hood with “Amazing” handwritten across the back in sparkling silver letters. He jogs on the spot like a boxer and stops to flirt with some female fans in the front row. Darryl Devine steps through the ropes. Jacob Jett hops over the top rope. Both men pose on the turnbuckles for the crowd.

TT: This should be an interesting team to watch…Darryl Devine seems to be the more focused of the two, undoubtedly the leader of the team, whereas Jacob Jett is all about having fun…but I’ve seen footage of these two from Japan, and they are impressive to say the least. Darryl Devine is a fine technician, a fine chain wrestler…he can pick an opponent apart and leave him for the wolves. And Jacob Jett can fly…I’ve seen him sail across the ring in one fluid motion…you think you know what he’s gonna do next and then he does the opposite. This is going to be one tough team to beat.

BC: Ok, I’ve heard all the stories, I’ve watched the promos, and I have to say these guys do look promising, but all of their success has come in Japan, Teddy. This is the CWF.

TT: Well let’s see how they do tonight…


Kyle Sync starts off for his team, while Darryl Devine starts for High Concept. They circle each other…and lock up. Devine trips him up and powers him to the mat, immediately locking in an arm hammer submission. Sync tries to twist out of it but is too weak. Devine lets him up. As Sync gets to his feet, Devine hip tosses him to the mat. Sync crawls to the corner, his bottom lip quivering.

TT: Is he…crying?

BC: Wow. A new low for Kyle Sync. Angelus better get over there and change his diaper.

Darryl Devine looks at the referee and the ref tells him to continue. He grabs Sync from behind by the waist and pulls him up…release German suplex! Sync folded up like an accordion and Devine looks bored. He pulls Sync back to his feet and whips him to the ropes…twisting spinebuster! And Devine holds onto his legs after the impact and starts turning him over for a Boston crab! But he has second thoughts and instead drops Sync’s legs to the mat and tags out to Jacob Jett.

TT: You get the sense that they’re simply toying with possibly the worst wrestler to ever set foot in a wrestling ring, Kyle Sync. They’re just showcasing their own skills at this point.

BC: No kidding, and I can’t wait to see what Jacob Jett can do!

Jett runs to the ropes…springboard moonsault onto the fallen Kyle Sync! He drags Sync out to the center of the ring and gives him a few stomps for good measure. Jacob Jett runs to the corner and leaps up onto the top rope, keeping perfect balance…and dives off with a flying elbow drop! He tags out to Darryl Devine now and heads back to the top rope. Devine pulls the already unconscious Kyle Sync up and hoists him up on his shoulders…DEVINE INTERVENTION! Jacob Jett leaps off the top…JETT TAKEOFF! They nail THE BLOCKBUSTER perfectly!

TT: Wow!





Ring Announcer: Here are your winners….HIGH CONCEPT!

TT: What an impressive victory for High Concept and this tag team division is looking promising!

BC: You bet it is, and these guys could be the ones leading the charge…Darryl Devine is a well oiled machine, and Jacob Jett is so light on his feet, but so heavy on his impact…it’s just the perfect duo, I love it!

TT: Well quite a debut for High Concept and I’m sure they’ll be happy with that heading into next week…and wait a minute here, Mark Xamin is on the big screen!

The big screen flashes to life and Mark Xamin appears in front of a blue CWF backdrop, holding a black bag.

TT: To what do we owe the pleasure, Mr. Xamin?

BC: *cough*kissass*cough*

Mark Xamin: That was a very impressive debut for High Concept, wasn’t it?

The crowd cheers.

Mark Xamin: Well you haven’t seen anything yet. The tag team division is certainly heating up around here and what I’m holding in my hands right now should add a little fuel to the fire. Next week, there will be two three way dance tornado tag team matches. The first will pit the team you just saw, High Concept, up against The Double Dragons and Da Xtreme Dynasty! The second match will see Death Squad up against Degradation and The Richards Legion. Now, the winners of those two matches right here next week on Showdown, will move on to Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme, on Halloween night, to battle for THESE…

Xamin shakes open the bag and pulls out the sparkling, polished CWF World Tag Team Championship belts. The crowd roars.

TT: Oh my!

Mark Xamin: And the winners will be crowned the NEW CWF World Tag Team Champions! Enjoy the rest of the show.

The camera zooms in on Darryl Devine, his eyes narrowed in on the Tag Team gold glimmering on the big screen. He points at them and says something to Jacob Jett. Jett smiles and nods, and they exit the ring.

TT: No question, High Concept could very well be there on Halloween night to battle for Tag Team gold, but next week will be a true test as we’ll see every tag team in the CWF compete against one another in two matches!

BC: That is gonna be a sight to see, it’ll fit in perfectly with the rest of the chaos around here. I mean two tornado tag team matches, with THREE teams? Those matches are wild with just TWO teams!

TT: What a night it should be on Halloween night for Night of Champions 3! Alright folks, it’s time for our first commercial break, but when we come back, get ready…because Chemical X will take on the CWF Unified Champion Terry Richards in a non-title bout!

TT: Alright welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown folks…beware of imitators. Often imitated but never duplicated is the CWF and up next, you’re about to see why….Terry Richards battling Chemical X and my God, with the new martial law instituted in the CWF, meaning no rules at all until Halloween night…this one could get real ugly real fast.

BC: You’re not kidding, Teddy! We all know Chemical X is a bad, bad man…you flip on the station to watch CWF Saturday Night Showdown and you never know WHAT you’re gonna see when this guy comes on. He could be driving a truck to the ring or he could be riding a damn horse to the ring like he did last week…but one thing’s for sure, when Chemical X is in the house, somebody is leaving in a body bag.

TT: And to that end, I don’t think we’ve seen the full potential of Terry Richards in terms of what he’s capable of. Can he go toe to toe with a man as ruthless and violent as Chemical X? And if he can…well, we’re gonna need some kind of protective bubble around the announce booth here because this is gonna get crazy.

BC: Well if anyone can match Chemical X’s ability to get violent, it’s Terry Richards!

TT: God, you’re still on about losing that bet? You know you’re not even convincing! Everybody can see right through you!

BC: Hey hey…somebody fetch me some water, I’m thirsty. Hey, you! Yeah, you…the fat guy in the front row. Get me some water!

TT: For the love of…alright, let’s just get to the ring and get this thing underway.

Cut to the ring.

TT: You ready for this one?

BC: According to the bet, I can’t say anything except ring the damned bell.

TT: I’m very proud of you.

BC: Shut it, Teddy.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and is a non-title contest. First, making his way to the ring… hailing from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at two hundred and seventy-six pounds and standing six feet five inches tall….CHEMICAL X!

‘Welcome Home’ by Coheed and Cambria blasts through the PA as Chemical X makes his way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing five feet and nine inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-six pounds hailing from Chicago, Illinois he is the current and reigning CWF Unified Champion and a member of The Horsemen….”THE WINDY CITY MADMAN” TERRY RICHARDS!

“Drop the Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 plays as Terry sprints out onto the ramp. Terry hoists the CWF Unified title high above his head and then races to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope as the time keeper rings the bell, and is met by the back of Chemical X’s boot.

BC: Well Scarletti isn’t wasting any time going after Richards. X is laying the boots to the Horsemen’s least experienced member.

TT: See there you go being wrong again. Bob Osbourne would officially be the least experienced Horsemen member Bobby.

BC: Pfft. He’s an Osbourne…he’s got more experience in his blood than half the CWF roster.

TT: Chemical X is pulling Terry up by the hair now and sends the younger, smaller man flying across the ring and…big boot from X and he catches Richards right in the jaw and the kid goes down hard.

BC: Like Jennifer Adams on penny beer night, Teddy! Scarletti right there to capitalize and he drops a knee between Richards’s shoulder blades as he looks at the camera and mouths “this is what I’m gonna do to you Curtis!”

TT: Obviously a message being sent to Sickboy from Chemical X here tonight. X once again with a handful of hair and pulls Richards to his knees and X rares back ready to drop a hard left in Terry’s face….LOW BLOW by Richards!

BC: Chemical X’s eyes just bugged out of his head. That hurt more than I would have thought. Terry Richards now with a karate-like leg sweep taking Chemical X off of his feet.

TT: What is he doing Bobby? Richards is blowing a chance to put this match away by showboating!

BC: Rookie mistakes Teddy. This kid seems to keep making them. Wrestling 101: put your opponent away and get the 3 count…THEN showboat.

TT: Right you are Mr. Crane. Chemical X doesn’t seem to be regaining his composure at all. Richards must have done some real damage with that low blow.

BC: Richards climbing the ropes now…he’s gonna fly! Diving head butt by Richards…NO! X rolls quickly out of the way! Scarletti just kipped up and the fans go nucking futs!

TT: Chemical X now the one doing the climbing….no way…no friggin way….Chemical X gets big air and lands a swanton bomb across the chest of Terry Richards! My God Bobby Crane, in all the years I have been watching Chemical X, I have never seen him nail a move like that.

BC: Hey, if the guy wants to put the final nail in the coffin of Curtis Wilkes he’s got to expand his repertoire. Scarletti now back on his feet pulls Richards up one more time and props him up in the corner….X’ED OUT…X’ED OUT!

TT: Chemical X nails that roundhouse Chuck Norris style kick right into the face of Terry Richards and the young Unified Champion is in trouble…he staggers forwards…falls towards Chemical X…

BC: …and X nails the GFY! Richards is done for. Cover by Scarletti…..1…….2……3!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…CHEMICAL X!!

BC: I’m dumb founded Teddy.

TT: At Chemical X beating a rather inexperienced, although highly talented rookie? You shouldn’t be.

BC: No, no, not that. I’m surprised that The Horsemen not only didn’t come to the kids rescue, but they haven’t come out to check on him yet.

TT: Hmm…I hadn’t given it much thought.

Just then the Jumbotron cuts to the Horsemen locker room. Rob and Bob Osbourne, Roland Ulv, and Sickboy are watching the match intently. As Chemical X’s hand is being raised Sickboy starts for the door…and Roland Ulv reaches out and grabs his arm to stop him.

NRO: Curtis….stay put. It’s time Terry Richards learns that being a member of this stable doesn’t mean he can half ass it. Besides, you don’t want to give Scarletti the chance to take an early shot at you yet.

RRU: Ja…I had priipared Terrii as well as hii could haave biin prepared.

NRO: Exactly. If he can’t handle Chemical Fucking X, then maybe I was wrong…maybe he DOESN’T have what it takes to be part of the greatest stable in the history of this sport.

BOB: Come on Dad, even Curtis has lost to Scarletti a time or two, give Terry another shot.

NRO: (contemplating his son’s request) Fine. He’s got till Night of Champions to prove to me that he can cut the mustard.

The Jumbo-tron goes black and the scene cuts back to the announce table.

TT: My, my…a little dissention amongst the ranks of the Horsemen?

BC: Not at all. I didn’t pick up any traces of dissention, only disgust. Richards had better get his act together or it won’t be long before Bobby Osbourne realizes that if he’d keep his mouth shut and let his old man give Richards the boot he’d be a step closer to reclaiming his Unified Championship.

TT: Well we’ll see how that all plays out but it seems Terry Richards has something to think about here…

BC: You’re not kidding…over the years we’ve seen what happens when the Horsemen give up on somebody…suffice it to say, it’s not pretty. Richards is capable, we’ve seen it…he needs a big win over Baker on Halloween night.

TT: And that will be contested in a ladder match for the CWF Unified Championship…but speaking of James Baker…he potentially has an extremely long night ahead of him.

BC: He is up against the most dominant force in the CWF right now, Magnus Thunder…and let’s just give the peons at home a warning…this might not be for the faint of heart, because Magnus Thunder is a monster right now.

TT: He has been cutting through the competition as of late and in just two weeks from tonight, he will step inside a steel cell to take on Pledge Allegiance for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, and for Magnus Thunder, this title match means everything. If he can beat Pledge at Night of Champions, he will become a two time CWF World Heavyweight champion, and with the momentum he’s carrying right now…it could very well be a long title reign for the Nordic giant.

BC: I really don’t think anybody could stop this man, Teddy.

TT: And don’t forget, after this match, we still have the contract signing with Pledge Allegiance and Magnus Thunder…

BC: Yeah, and Pledge has to wrestle Sickboy in the main event! Anything can happen!

TT: Well, it’s time for Magnus Thunder to continue his balancing act on the tight rope.

BC: Tight rope? Balancing act?

TT: Between good and evil? Sheesh, layoff the vicodin Crane.

BC: Oh…right…

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring from Compton, California, standing five feet eleven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds…”Da Xtreme Gangsta” James Baker!

‘Hail Mary’ by Tupac Shakur plays as Baker makes his way to the ring. The jumbo tron shows his wife Danielle Lopez and manager Malik Jones watching from the back.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Jotunheim, Norway standing seven feet five inches and weighing in at over five hundred pounds…he is a former CWF Tag Team and WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…MAGNUS THUNDER!

The instrumental version of ‘Haunted’ by Type-O Negative plays as Magnus Thunder comes bolstering through the curtain clutching a much smaller man by the throat one handed and almost mockingly curling the man on his way down to the ring.

TT: What in heaven's name is this!?

BC: He's dragging out the DP by the throat!

TT: This man is growing sicker by the day! Baker doesn't know what to think about this...the director of photography Jim Rickles dragged down the ramp now kicking and clawing by this hulking shell of a man!

Magnus climbs up the steel steps and casually tosses the man over the top rope.

BC: And tossed into the ring with authority! Magnus just steps in over the ropes like nothing happened, staring two very large holes in Baker's cranium! The ref is going nuts!

TT: Magnus with the mic now, what curse does the former man of justice have for us today?

Magnus stares intently at James Baker for a moment, then points at the poor man cowering on the mat.

Magnus Thunder: JUDGE!

TT: Magnus throws the mic down before him. Baker not wanting any of it, staring defiantly back at the big man as close to in his face as he can!

BC: BAKER SLAPS MAGNUS ACROSS THE FACE!!! The ref is calling for assistance!

The crowd pops in amazement. Security rushes to the ring!

TT: The mistake of the century for this young man, who may see the end of his career tonight! Magnus once again picking the DP off the mat and shoving the ref aside, threatening the man with harm if they intervene!

Magnus Thunder: JUDGE HIM!

BC: Baker picks up the microphone, apparently the slap ineffective in taunting the sasquatchian Norse giant to attack!

James Baker: Yo, yo! You stallin' 'cause you afraid!

Crowd cheers.

James Baker: But I play your little game, holmes. You want innocent or guilty!? Compared to you, EVA'BODY'S INNOCENT!

Magnus Thunder: WRONG!


BC: He’s on Baker like stink on shi…

TT: Bobby, really, Mark Xamin has asked me to try and reign you in so the FCC stops fining him. Between you, Scarletti, and Rob Osbourne the guy’s losing money hand over fist.

BC: Fine…Magnus all over him like white on rice…better?

TT: Not really.

BC: Why?

TT: That’ll have the NAACP all over us.

BC: Whatever. Magnus stomping a mud hole in Baker’s ass and walking it dry. I have never seen the Norwegien Numb-skull this amped up.

TT: I have. And it didn’t bode well for Brian Adams at all. In fact, we haven’t seen Brian Adams back in a CWF ring since that night.

BC: Thunder pulls Baker to his feet and just wallops him with one of those small trees he calls a hand. Look at the welts raising up on Baker’s chest with those chops Magnus is landing.

TT: Baker finally takes a chop that sends him down to the mat and he smartly rolls out of the ring to gain his composure.

BC: But the former world champion ain’t having it. Magnus giving chase and Baker can’t believe it.

TT: Baker rolls under the ropes and gets to his feet, Magnus right on his heels. Baker off the ropes…spring board plancha on the champ!

BC: Nope. Magnus catches him in the air and…FALL AWAY SLAM!

TT: May God have mercy on Pledge Allegiance’s soul two weeks from now.

BC: And Baker’s right now. Magnus scrapes Baker up off of the mat and shoves his head between his legs…it’s time for a storm…YES!

TT: And Baker gets Thunderstormed straight to hell! Cover by Magnus…1…2…3!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…MAGNUS THUNDER!

‘Marcia Carolus Rex’ by Wilhelm Harteveld erupts through the PA as Roland Ulv steps onto the stage in his blue trunks and his blue robe with yellow piping, knee pads up in the ready position and boots laced tightly. Mic in hand he begins to speak.

RRU: Ja…thii biig fjord monkii is tuu scared of The Radiant One for sure! Hii just biits up poor little Baakerman. I challenge yuu to a match right now. Best tu out of thrii falls? What du yu say fjord monkii?

Magnus, winded from issuing the clinical beatdown of Baker shrugs his shoulders and extends his hand fingers together, palm up and curls them menacingly and mockingly to Ulv. Ulv sprints to the ring and slides under the ropes.

TT: All hell is breaking loose! Radiant Roland Ulv and Magnus Thunder are beating the holy hell out of each other!

BC: Left, right, left, right, left, right…Pledge’s work may not be so tough after all. The way these two are going, there’s gonna be nothing left of them by Night of Champions!

TT: Magnus ducks the right by Ulv, gets behind him…Belly to Back suplex…NO! Roland lands on his feet and mule kicks Magnus right between the legs!

BC: Magnus drops to his knees. Roland ricochets off the ropes, grabs a handful of the fjord monkey’s hair and slams his head to the mat in a modified bulldog! Cover by Ulv…

TT: His feet are on the ropes for leverage Bobby, this fall shouldn’t count!

BC: Preposterous! 1…2…3! Ulv wins the first fall!

TT: This is total blasphemy…his friggin legs were on the ropes…roll it back and watch it!

BC: Teddy, it’s not that I don’t believe you…it’s that I don’t care! Another cover by Roland…1…2…3! He’s done it! Roland Ulv has beaten the fjord monkey in a two of three falls match right here on Showdown. Embarrassing that a man beaten so easily, and in record time no less, will get a shot at the world champion in just two short weeks!

TT: You are just plain retarded.

BC: That’s an insult I won’t stand for. You apologize right now Turnbuckle!

TT: You’re right…to the retarded people of the world…I apologize! Roland Ulv rolls out under the bottom rope and retreats up the aisle, raising his hands in victory as Magnus Thunder steams in fury in the ring. As Roland mocks Magnus from the aisle, Magnus has seen enough and hops out of the ring, running half way up the aisle until Roland retreats behind the curtain. Magnus Thunder puts his hands on his hips and starts walking to the back.

TT: Well Magnus Thunder is obviously disappointed, but let’s face it, Roland blatantly cheated and there will be hell to pay for that…and he cheated after Magnus has just had a match with James Baker, no less! And wait a minute, what the hell is this?!

The lights fade. A glowing blue haze rolls over the top of the Showdown set, silhouetting a man standing on top of the “O”. Magnus Thunder, looking confused, starts yelling at whoever the man is.

TT: Who the hell is that?!

BC: I don’t know, but I think Magnus wants to know more than you do!

The lights restore power. Standing on top of the set is…


BC: Ahhh!

TT: BLOOD IS BACK! My God! And Magnus Thunder doesn’t know what to think! The last time we saw Blood, he was drinking Magnus Thunder’s justice Kool-Aid…now that Magnus has lost his damn mind, where on earth does Blood stand?!

Magnus stares up at Blood, he stares back at him. Magnus mouths something to him, and then walks backstage, leaving Blood standing on top of the set.

TT: What in hell else could happen tonight?! We’ll be right back folks, don’t go anywhere!


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TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown fans, brought to you by and Spider Site Builder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. Up next folks, well…it could get a little bit heated.

BC: Understatement of the year.

TT: Magnus Thunder and Pledge Allegiance will sign the dotted line for a Hell in a Cell match for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme on Halloween night. And we’re about ready to begin this…Mark Xamin is standing in the ring waiting to get started…take it away, Mr. Xamin.

Cut to the ring, where a red carpet covers the mat, a table sits in the middle with a chair on either side, and a podium sits overlooking the table. Xamin stands behind the podium in a navy blue suit, complete with white dress shirt and red tie.

Mark Xamin: Alright, thank you, Teddy. As you’ve all heard by now, at Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme…things are going to be a little different. See, normally I’m something of a traditionalist. There’s something to be said for two guys who can get in the ring and settle their differences in a one on one or two on two matchup, but lately the CWF has become a war zone. The Horsemen are running rampant, matches are being interfered with on a regular basis, and people are getting hurt. So on Halloween night, the entire roster can get it out of their systems…every match will have special stipulations. You all know about the ladder match for the Unified title, you know about the falls count anywhere match for the National title, the two out of three falls match between Paul Blair and Roland Ulv, the last man standing match between “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Mariano Fernandez…but the one garnering the most attention is the Hell in a Cell match for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship between the champion, Pledge Allegiance, and the challenger, Magnus Thunder. Well right here, right now…we’re gonna have both men come out here and sign the dotted line on this contract, agreeing to the match and absolving the CWF of any physical duress they experience as a result of Hell in a Cell. So introducing first, the man who just beat James Baker a moment ago…the challenger, from Jotunheim, Norway, MAGNUS THUNDER!

The crowd boos as Magnus Thunder once again towers through the curtain and makes his way to the ring. He steps over the top rope and stares blankly at Mark Xamin. Xamin offers him a seat. Magnus reluctantly obliges, taking the chair facing the curtain.

Mark Xamin: And his opponent on Halloween night, the CWF World Heavyweight champion, PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

The crowd explodes as Pledge Allegiance appears at the entrance way and raises the CWF World Heavyweight title high above his head. Red, white, and blue fireworks explode as he does. Magnus Thunder smirks coyly to himself in the ring as he watches the hoopla surrounding Pledge’s entrance. Pledge steps through the ropes and takes a seat at the table.

Mark Xamin: Alright gentlemen…the contract is very simple. By signing the dotted line, the match will become official and the CWF will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained in the match. Now, all you need to…

Magnus Thunder stands up, towering over both Mark Xamin and Pledge Allegiance. He grabs the mic away from Xamin, interrupting him mid sentence.

Magnus Thunder: Pledge. Don’t do it. For your own safety. I will destroy you, and no one will be able to stop it. Take your title and go home.

Pledge Allegiance looks up at Magnus Thunder. He looks down at his title. And then he looks at the contract in front of him. He smirks, picks up the pen, and signs it, staring down Magnus Thunder as he does. He takes the mic sitting on the table.

Pledge Allegiance: Do your worst, big man. Do your worst. I’ve fought big men, smell men, short men, tall men…it makes no difference to me. This title signifies that I’m the best in the business, and that means I’m better than…


TT: Oh my God!

Magnus Thunder grabs his chair and wraps it around the head of Pledge Allegiance! Pledge immediately starts bleeding from the side of his head.

TT: Magnus Thunder just blindsided Pledge with that chair and Pledge’s head is busted open like a smashed pumpkin!

BC: Ha!

TT: This is heinous!

Magnus pulls Pledge Allegiance up…and tucks his head between his legs. The crowd boos Magnus Thunder wildly. Magnus looks out at the crowd in disgust, and then looks down at the helpless Pledge, knees buckling. Magnus has him up…and down! POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!

TT: Good Lord!

BC: I love it! Pledge Allegiance is laid out and it’s too late to turn back now, Teddy! He’s signed the dotted line!

TT: And look what Magnus Thunder is doing! This is sickening!

Magnus Thunder swipes some blood off Pledge’s head with the tip of his finger, and holds up the contract.

TT: He wouldn’t!

Magnus Thunder signs his name on the contract…in Pledge Allegiance’s blood!

TT: Good God! He’s signed the contract in Pledge’s own blood and here come the EMTs now!

EMTs and security swarm the ring. Magnus Thunder stands in the midst of them all holding up the now bloodstained contract and laughing maniacally to himself.

TT: We had better take a commercial break…this is heinous and Pledge has a match scheduled later tonight against Sickboy!

BC: I don’t think he’s gonna make it!

TT: Stay with us, folks! CWF Saturday Night Showdown will be right back after this!

TT: Welcome back fans and we will have an update on Pledge Allegiance soon…hopefully we still have a main event to take place tonight.

BC: In fairness, Magnus warned him!

TT: That was just vile! Pledge never saw it coming…a chair shot, a powerbomb through the damn table, and then Magnus signs the contract in Pledge’s own blood! I mean, how symbolic is that? It’s disgusting!

BC: Well Pledge made the mistake of thinking hell started in the cell on Halloween night. Uh uh, he was wrong…it started TONIGHT and Magnus Thunder made him pay!

TT: Well up next folks, a match that has been talked about all week long. “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Bob Osbourne, the newest addition to the Horsemen, will team up to take on the duo of Mariano Fernandez and Paul Blair, and Bobby, this one isn’t gonna be about a win or a loss…this is gonna be about sending a message. The Nitemare and Mariano will clash at Night of Champions 3 in a last man standing match and you’ve got to believe the Horsemen have something up their sleeve.

BC: Mariano better have eyes in the back of his head, Teddy. Especially with Pledge getting manhandled by Magnus Thunder a few minutes ago…that’s one guy less to run out and save him if the going gets tough.

TT: Well let’s head to the ring and get this thing started!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring, at a total combined weight of 451 pounds…the team of PAUL BLAIR and MARIANO FERNANDEZ!

Mariano Fernandez and Paul Blair raise their hands for the crowd to a huge pop.

TT: Mariano has had a rough couple of weeks, first feeling the wrath of Magnus Thunder two weeks ago, and then falling to defeat at the hands of Roland Ulv just last week, but the heart and character this guy has shown throughout truly speaks volumes about where he’s heading, and in my eyes, that’s straight to the top.

BC: Yeah well he better be careful, Teddy…we’ve thought that about guys before…remember Larry Tact? Angus? Jason Collins? Kris Lewis? We thought they all had a lot of promise but somewhere along the line they lost their edge. This is a critical point in Mariano’s career, he’s gotta prove he can play with the big boys. Sure, he survived against Magnus Thunder, and that’s no small feat with the way Magnus has been rolling lately…and hey, let’s give the little whelp the benefit of the doubt, maybe last week against Roland Ulv he was still feeling the effects of the Magnus Thunder beating he took the week before…but on Halloween night, none of those excuses matter. He has to beat “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in that last man standing match. If he can do THAT, if he can do the impossible, then maybe I’ll start buying into this little punkass as the next big thing.

TT: Wow…you feel free to take a moment to catch your breath while the introductions are made.

BC: Shut up, Teddy.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents…at a total combined weight of 458 pounds…the team of BOB OSBOURNE and “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits and Bob Osbourne steps out, followed by “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. The crowd boos wildly. Nitemare waves dismissively at fans as they walk down the aisle, discussing their strategy. They climb into the ring.

TT: Well the time for talking is done, and it looks like Bob is going to start out with Blair here.


TT: Here we go, Bob Osbourne head to head here to start things off with the man he defeated back at Summer Smash this past June, Paul Blair…

BC: And as well all know, that wasn’t fair to Blair.

Bob feigns charging in at Blair. As Blair prepares to react, Bob stops and slicks his hair back with his fingers, mocking him. He points at Blair’s receding hairline and laughs.

TT: Bob Osbourne showing disrespect towards the CWF Hall of Famer, mocking his thinning hair…

BC: That’s not fair to Blair, he’s just taller than his hair.

Blair charges in and knees Bob in the gut, and then whips him to the ropes…Bob ducks a clothes and comes back with a flying forearm! He nips up and Blair gets to his feet as well…Bob with a drop kick immediately and Blair goes back down. Bob Osbourne using his speed to his advantage and runs to the ropes once more…Blair to his feet, Bob slides under his legs…Blair spins around and Bob with a step up enzugiri! Bob pulls Blair up…and he has him up for a bodyslam! No! Blair slips out and slides down Bob’s back…Bob turns around…HARD CLOTHESLINE! And the CWF’s first second generation star goes down!

BC: Ha! Way to go, Ruler!

TT: Blair finds an opening and takes advantage, and now he’s in control…the veteran savvy of Paul is just something that can’t be taught, it comes with experience.

Blair pulls him up and backs him into the corner. Shoulder thrust to the gut! No! Bob leaps in the air, does the splits in mid air and Blair thrusts his shoulder into the turnbuckle instead! Bob comes down on top of him with a roll up!




BC: Ahh!

TT: Blair caught by surprise by the youngster and Bob Osbourne is reminding us why he was so highly touted this past summer!

Blair and Bob both get to their feet at the same time and Blair runs at him…STO! And Bob’s head bounces off the mat on impact! Blair tags in Mariano Fernandez and the crowd pops as he enters the ring.

BC: Well, well…if it isn’t the boy wonder.

Bob groggily gets to his feet and is met with a faceslam by Mariano! Bob writhing in pain on the mat and Mariano quickly pulls him up…he whips Bob to the turnbuckle and charges in…monkey flip! Bob sent flipping out to the center of the ring but he lands on his feet! Mariano turns around…SUPERKICK! Bob nailed him and Mariano goes down! Bob with a tag to Nitemare! And the crowd roars!

TT: Here we go! This is the matchup we’ve wanted to see! These two will collide on Halloween night in a last man standing match and we’re getting a preview right here!

Nitemare yanks Mariano up by the hair and shoves him into the corner. He chops him hard in the chest and Mariano’s chest turns bright red…he whips him to the opposite buckle and Mariano bounces back out…Osbourne with a clothesline that sends Mariano whipping backward to the mat! Nitemare taking advantage of Bob Osbourne’s superkick and Mariano reeling now. Osbourne pulls him up…and pulls him in for a BADD DREAM! No! Mariano slips out of it and crawls over to Blair for a tag!

BC: Lucky escape!

Nitemare shows Mariano with his fingers that he was THAT close to turning his lights out. Blair steps through the ropes now and walks right up to Nitemare…and slaps him across the face!

Paul Blair: MARK!

BC: Ha!

Blair with a boot to the gut and whips Osbourne to the ropes…and a POWERSLAM by Blair! Nitemare down and Blair posing for the crowd…behind him, Osbourne nips up…Blair turns around…Nitemare with a boot to the gut! And a gutwrench suplex! Blair twists to the mat and Osbourne yells at him on the mat.


BC: Hey!

TT: These two don’t like each other and wait a damn minute! Mariano leaps onto the top rope…Nitemare spins around…MISSILE DROPKICK!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: And it’s martial law! No disqualifications and Mariano may have just changed the tide of the match!

Mariano stomps back into his corner, fired up, and starts pounding the turnbuckle, rallying the crowd.

TT: Had I not seen this match with my own two eyes I would have never believed you if you had told me how it went.

BC: Why wouldn't you believe me?

TT: I think you are missing the point there. These two teams have really gone back and forth in what has been much more of a fight than anyone thought it would be.

BC: Yeah, I guess everyone expected Blair to kind of walk in and single handedly win the match.

TT: Not quite. Blair and Nitemare the legal men…and now Bob Osbourne pulls Mariano off the apron! He’s not letting him get away with that missile dropkick on his dad! Mariano and Bob fighting outside the ring as the ref struggles to maintain control. And right on cue here come the Horsemen...

BC: Great...can't these guys finish a match on their own?

TT: Richards and Sickboy come racing down the aisle!

BC: But they ain't getting in the ring Teddy, not if HE has anything to say about it!

From out of the back races Magnus Thunder, landing a brutal double clothesline on Sickboy and Richards. Satisfied with the result of his handy work, Magnus turns on his heel and heads back up the ramp. As he does, Roland Ulv cracks him in the head with an empty pickled herring bucket. The bucket nearly collapses in on itself like a smashed soda can and Magnus looks more irritated than injured and turns to Ulv, nostrils flaring. Roland swallows and his Adams apple bobs and he sprints in the opposite direction.

BC: Well Magnus just keeps putting a damper on the Horsemen's plans.

TT: Ring Bobby....RING!

The announcers turn their attention back to the ring. In the mayhem Blair seems to have been laid out cold by The Nitemare as Bob and Mariano continue trading blows outside the ring. The Nitemare sprints the opposite direction and then flies over the top rope in a suicide dive taking out Mariano. Crowd starts a "Holy Shit" chant.

BC: Even at his age the Nitemare hasn't missed a beat. He quickly gets back to his feet and rolls under the bottom ropes, then stands and tags in his son Bob.

TT: Bob in the ring now and he's climbing the ropes. Nitemare over to Blair where he lies sprawled across the ring. Osbourne drops a knee in his chest and slaps him in the face mockingly then grabs him by both ankles and hold his legs up high and apart, resembling a V.

BC: And Bob takes flight, rolling knee drop right into the crotch of Paul Blair who flails around like a fish out of water.

TT: Nitemare pulls him to his feet and father and son grab a Blair arm a piece and send the Hall of Famer across the ring with a furious Irish whip. Blair on the rebound off of the ropes.....double flapjack by the Osbournes and Blair is done for!


As Crane says the words, Mariano flies off of the top rope, missile drop kicking The Nitemare, sending the former champion flying across the ring with great velocity.

TT: Good Lord God!


As Crane cries out, Bob Osbourne grabs a chair from under the ring and swings for the fences, cracking Mariano Fernandez across the back making such a loud impact that the entire crowd cringes in horror. Bob drops the chair, kicks Mariano in the stomach and Badd Dreams him.

TT: Cover by Bob!





Ring Announcer: Here are your winners…BOB OSBOURNE and “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: My God almighty what a chair shot and Badd Dream, and Bob Osbourne takes advantage of the martial law rules!

BC: Good God! That was brutal and Bob Osbourne just rocked Mariano’s world and maybe did some damage!

The Nitemare and Bob Osbourne have their arms raised in victory by the referee, and head to the turnbuckles facing away from the stage.

TT: Nitemare and Bob Osbourne celebrating the win over Paul Blair and Mariano by giving the crowd what they want, Bobby.

BC: Yeah it's like the time that I got something that I wanted only to find she had given me something I didn't want.

Flashbulbs pop furiously, as the two pose atop the ropes celebrating the win. The crowd begins to scream in surprise as "Du Hast" by Rammstein begins to play.

TT: Good God Bobby...

BC: Well that can only mean one thing...

Frozen in his pose for a moment, The Nitemare's eyes widen in shock as he slowly glances across at Bob who has the same reaction. Rob and Bob hop down off the ropes to the mat. Rob motions for Bob to move away from him and ready himself.

BC: I do believe that expression is becoming on the Nitemare, Teddy.

TT: It's certainly not one we see very often on Mr. Osbourne's face.

As the music kicks in Rob and Bob stand in the ring waiting for the familiar faces of Degradation to appear. The music stops abruptly and murmurs run through the crowd. Rob and Bob stand in ring confused.

TT: Well folks, it appeared that the members of Degradation were about to come out and say hello to their old friend, The Nitemare, but..

BC: And by say hello, Teddy means beat his face to a pulp...

TT: Now we don't know that Bobby.

Rob and Bob decide to vacate the ring and begin the walk up the ramp. As they reach the top and give one last pose, they turn around each heading to one side of the curtain to go backstage.

TT: What's that Bobby? Looks like there's trouble!

BC: Trouble? Looks like they were playing hide and seek!

Donovan Torigianni emerges from the curtain as Rob was just beginning to enter. On the other side, Vincent Torigianni emerges right in front of Bob. Rob and Bob begin backing up as Degradation stands on the stage. Rob gets a sheepish grin on his face and shrugs his shoulders, extending a hand toward Donovan.

TT: It appears that The Nitemare wants to extend the hand of friendship once again to Mr. Torgianni, Bobby.

BC: Ha! That's not a hand Teddy. That's The Nitemare's head he's extending... on a platter!

Donovan slowly turns his head towards Vincent on the other side of the stage. Vincent cocks his head towards Rob and then looks back at Donovan.

BC: Ooooh, the tension is electric! (Rubbing his hands together) I can't wait to see The Nitemare bite that steel stage!

Donovan extends his hand towards Rob staring him down. Rob slowly edges closer to Donovan and takes his hand in a firm grasp.

TT: It looks like Donovan is burying the hatchet with Mr. Osbourne.

BC: NO! NO! He's supposed to bury it in his head, not his hand!

Vincent swings his arm around to place it on Bob's shoulder and as he does, Bob flinches. Vincent reassures him with a smile and a light gut check. Bob smiles tentatively back but wraps his arm around Vincent's shoulder. Donovan and Rob, hands still clasped in a handshake, draw each other near for a hug.

BC: Isn't this sweet? Total Devastation? What the hell happened to that? Donovan Torgianni has gone soft! What is this? Brokeback Mountain? Who can't quit who here?

As Rob and Donovan embrace, Rob pats Donovan's back in a friendly gesture. Donovan begins to speak in Rob's ear. Rob begins to pat Donovan's back slower and slower until he stops altogether. Donovan breaks the embrace, motions to Vincent with a head nod, and the two walk backstage.

BC: Well I don't know what Donovan Torigianni just said to The Nitemare, but it I'm betting it wasn't "Glad to see you old friend."

TT: The Nitemare's demeanor sure has changed very quickly, Bobby.

Bob comes to Rob's side and begins speaking to his dad. Rob, bearing a contorted expression, shakes his head negatively at Bob, as they walk and exit the stage.

TT: Well quite a strange turn of events here as The Nitemare and Bob Osbourne head backstage.

BC: Man, what the hell did Donovan Torigianni say to Rob Osbourne? Inquiring minds want to know!

TT: I don’t know but I’m getting work that there’s something going down backstage involving The Nitemare and Bob Osbourne once again! Man, these guys just can’t make it back to their locker room…

"The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne and Bob Osbourne are walking through the back stage after their match. Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti steps out from around a corner and stands about ten feet ahead of them. The Nitemare smiles and Bob cracks his knuckles.

NRO: I'm going to enjoy this.

Chemical X: No... you won’t.

Suddenly TJ and Bruno, of X's newest tag team DEATHSQUAD come from behind, each wielding a wooden baseball bat, they crack the Osbournes in the back of the head. Rob and Bob go down hard. TJ and Bruno begin to beat The Nitemare over and over again and X drags Bob Osbourne to his feet. Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington rushes up to the situation as The Nitemare struggles with DEATHSQUAD.

Chemical X: My name is Chemical X, you're not going to like me.

X tosses Bob Osbourne to The Juggernaut. The Juggernaut hoists Bob Osbourne into a fireman's carry and begins to run towards the parking lot.

Chemical X: Let’s go boys!

TJ and Bruno drop their bats and begin to run after The Juggernaut. Chemical X looks at the beaten Rob Osbourne.

Chemical X: Tonight the son will bear the sins of the father.

Chemical X runs away quickly as The Nitemare struggles to his feet. The Nitemare grabs a bat and begins to chase Chemical X. Chemical X runs through the backstage and into the parking lot. The Juggernaut and DEATHSQUAD are struggling with Bob Osbourne inside the cabin of a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. Chemical X leaps into the helicopter as Rob Osbourne rushes out the doors to the outdoor parking lot. X raises his middle finger as The Helicopter takes off.

TT: Oh God…what the hell else could possibly happen here? Chemical X has a damn helicopter and he’s taken Bob Osbourne away! What on earth is he gonna do next?! Don’t go anywhere…we’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back fans and we have a camera following Chemical X…good God I’m afraid to watch…

We cut to the inside the Blackhawk Camera. TJ and Bruno have Bob Osbourne pinned to the floor, The Juggernaut is holding the camera. Chemical X looks into the camera with a smile on his face. Chemical X: Rob Osbourne. You kidnapped by brother, tossed him on a boat and left him for dead. Well, no good deed goes unpunished.

Chemical X opens the sliding door to the black hawk.

Chemical X: We are currently hovering fifteen feet above Knik Arm just outside of Anchorage. It is five miles from the nearest shore (X looks at Bob) Bob, thank your father.

The Juggernaut points the camera at TJ and Bruno. They drag Bob Osbourne to the open door and toss him out of the helicopter.


Bruno: X, didn't they put your brother in a boat?

Chemical X: You’re absolutely right Bruno... do we have a boat?

Bruno: No, just this thing…

Bruno grabs a white inner tube life raft with the words "UNTOUCHABLE" written in red.

Chemical X: Close enough.

X walks over to the door and tosses the tube out of the helicopter and then closes the door and looks at the camera.

Chemical X: You nearly sent my brother to the hospital, I'm sending a Horseman to the morgue. I'm Untouchable! OUT!

The camera feed cuts to black.


BC: It’s freezing out there!

TT: Bob could have hypothermia! Somebody send the damn Coast Guard out there!

Cut back to the arena.

TT: God…it’s like you said earlier, when Chemical X is on the show, you never know what the hell could possibly happen…he should be behind bars!

BC: Well he’s not, and you just know The Nitemare is freaking out right now!

TT: Well…let’s hope Bob Osbourne is alright, I’m sure the Coast Guard is out there coming after him as we speak but in any event, the show must go on here and it’s time for our main event…Pledge Allegiance taking on Sickboy…it’s the CWF World Heavyweight Champion versus the CWF National Champion in a non-title match up, but you have to wonder what kind of condition Pledge Allegiance is in after that assault by Magnus Thunder earlier tonight.

BC: Pledge is gonna have to be wheeled out here on a stretcher!

TT: I guess we’re about to find out…let’s head to the ring for our main event!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a non-title match up! Introducing first, from New York, New York…weighing in at 270 pounds…he is the CWF National Champion….SICKBOY!

“Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains hits and Sickboy walks out from behind the curtain, the CWF National Championship draped over his shoulder. He flashes the sign of the Horsemen and steps into the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds…the CWF World Heavyweight Champion….PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

The crowd roars as “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge Allegiance walks out from the back, his head bandaged heavily as a result of the attack by Magnus Thunder during the contract signing earlier tonight. He limps down the aisle, favoring his back – the likely result of the powerbomb through the table – steps into the ring, and hands the timekeeper his title.

TT: Man, Pledge looks badly banged up and the ref is asking him if he’s sure he wants to have this matchup…

BC: He’s not gonna forfeit this thing, Sickboy is a Horseman and Pledge would never concede defeat to a Horseman…the idiot referee is wasting his time.

TT: It certainly appears as though that’s the case, Pledge wants to do this and here’s the bell!


TT: Pledge showing tremendous heart here but Sickboy is licking his lips. Pledge is still losing blood, that bandage on his head is soaking through with red, and of Pledge wants to have a chance here he’ll have to end it quickly…

Sickboy immediately charges at Pledge and starts unloading on him, pounding the side of his head where the blood is coming from. Pledge staggers back and falls to the mat, and Sickboy mounts him and starts tearing off the bandages, Pledge’s blood soaking his hands and staining the mat.

TT: My God this is violent…Sickboy keeping Pledge’s wound fresh and I can’t imagine this is going to last very long now…

BC: He’s bleeding out all over the ring…this would be sickening if it were anyone else but Pledge…

TT: Oh stop it.

Sickboy holds up the bandages like a trophy and wipes Pledge’s blood across his face and chest like war paint. The crowd boos wildly.

TT: Absolutely disgusting.

Sickboy pulls Pledge up and whips him to the ropes…Pledge on the rebound and Sickboy with a POWERSLAM! Pledge’s head throbbing, blood dripping from the side of his head and leaving a puddle. Sickboy with a cover.




TT: Pledge won’t say die here and Sickboy is doing a big number on our World Heavyweight champion! The Horsemen hate this man with such a passion, he must be enjoying every minute of this!

Sickboy goes back to pounding on Pledge’s open wound and now he pulls him back up and whips him to the corner. Pledge hits the buckle chest first and slumps over the top rope! Sickboy lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle and meets him up there…BACK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP! Pledge folded up and defenseless…and Sickboy with another cover!





TT: Pledge got his shoulder up at the last second and he is sending the Horsemen a clear message here! He will not lay down and take their abuse! The heart of a champion on display right here!

BC: Really? To me it just looks like he’s getting his red, white and blue ass handed to him.

Sickboy pulls him up and rocks him with a European uppercut! Blood spatters in every direction on impact, and Pledge staggers back to the ropes. Sickboy leans in to grab him…Pledge with a right hand! The crowd roars and gets behind him! Sickboy with knee to the gut though and stops Pledge’s surge of energy. Sickboy whips him to the ropes…Pledge ducks a clothesline…spins around…big right hand by Pledge! And another! And another! Pledge showing some fight and he whips Sickboy to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! Sickboy scrambling around the ring and Pledge has him by the tights…forearm to the small of the back! The crowd solidly behind Pledge here and Pledge pulls Sickboy back to his feet…whips him to the ropes…PLEDGE HAMMER!

NO! Sickboy squirms out of it and Pledge turns around…STO! And Pledge hits the mat hard!

TT: Oh! Pledge with a burst of energy and no doubt he knew he had to end it quickly, but Sickboy telegraphed that perfectly and gets out of the Pledgehammer!

BC: And it’s martial law, Teddy! Here comes Terry Richards!

TT: Oh come on!

Terry Richards sprints down the aisle with a steel chair. He climbs into the ring and tosses it to Sickboy. Richards pulls Pledge up and holds him back…Sickboy winds up…and PLEDGE DUCKS! Sickboy hits Richards!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: That backfired and that could spell trouble for Sickboy!

Sickboy holding the chair in his hands and looking down at Richards in shock…Pledge spins him around…a boot to the gut and Sickboy drops the chair…BADD DREAM by Pledge!


TT: Pledge sending a message to Rob Osbourne but he can’t follow up!

Pledge passes out after the Badd Dream and lies unconscious on the mat from the blood loss.

TT: Pledge is out like a light and wait a minute, something is going on backstage…

Cut to Mark Xamin’s office, where is on the phone yelling at someone frantically. “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne busts down the door.

Mark Xamin: I don’t CARE what you have to do, you bring him back here!

Rob Osbourne grabs the phone and slams it down, grabbing Xamin by the collar.

NRO: There’s crossing the line, and then there’s having a death wish. Chemical X clearly falls under the latter. You bring my son back to me, Xamin. This happened on your watch…you BRING HIM BACK, NOW.

He says it calmly, cooly, but with an obvious rage boiling underneath the demeanor.

Mark Xamin: Relax, that was the Alaskan State Police I was just on the phone with. The coast guard tracked him down, he’s fine. He on a boat headed back for Anchorage right now. He’s wet and cold, but they found him quickly and he’s gonna be fine. Relax.

Nitemare lets go of Xamin and relief washes over his face. He storms out of the room.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well good news for Bob Osbourne and the Horsemen but Pledge is still out like a light here and the ref may be forced to stop this thing!

Sickboy slowly coming around…Richards already to his feet and he grabs the steel chair. As Sickboy gets to his feet, Richards berates him for hitting him with the chair. Sickboy yelling back that it was an accident. Pledge blinks his eyes and the crowd roars as he starts showing some life…Pledge slowly getting to his feet and here comes ROB OSBOURNE AND ROLAND ULV!


BC: Ha!

Pledge gets to one knee and Nitemare gets between Richards and Sickboy. Roland Ulv grabs the steel chair from Richards…and NAILS Pledge with it! Pledge out cold and Sickboy scurries over for a cover!





TT: Come on! I know it’s martial law but give me a damn break! Pledge was in no condition to compete in the first place and the entire Horsemen brigade minus Bob Osbourne is out here…

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…SICKBOY!

BC: Sickboy pinned the World Champion!

TT: Oh give me a break! Roland Ulv nearly took Pledge’s head off! But what is with the dissension between Richards and Sickboy here?! Terry Richards is a loose cannon and Roland Ulv and Nitemare are going to have to control him…

Nitemare, Ulv, Sickboy, and Richards start stomping on Pledge relentlessly! HERE COMES MARIANO FERNANDEZ! AND PAUL BLAIR! …AND CHEMICAL X!



Mariano jumps on Nitemare and the two brawl around the ring…Blair jumps on Ulv, Chemical X jumps on Sickboy! Richards playing the role of the wildcard and the Horsemen have the numbers advantage! Richards attacking Mariano and Nitemare now doing a number on his Night of Champions opponent! Sickboy in charge of Chemical X...Ulv on top of Blair…PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE IS UP! The crowd goes wild as Pledge grits his teeth and blocks out the pain…AND THE HORSEMEN CLEAR THE RING!

TT: My God it’s chaos here! Pledge, Chemical X, Mariano Fernandez, Paul Blair…they’ve cleared the ring and the Horsemen are backing up down the aisle!

BC: Ahhh!

Pledge Allegiance grabs a mic.

Pledge Allegiance: What we've witnessed here tonight is the REVELATION that this entire CWF roster despises The Horsemen and there's no place for them here in the CWF. We've also seen the REVELATION that even the unlikeliest of characters, even past foes, can band together to accomplish a single goal. Tonight, on the 17th of October, 2009, you've witnessed the birth of REVELATION. Chemical X, Blair, Mariano and myself, while we may not have seen eye to eye in the past, have banded together with the sole purpose of ridding The CWF of The Horsemen once and for all!

The crowd roars as Pledge drops the mic. All four men yell at the Horsemen from the ring and beg them to come back. The Horsemen charge the ring!


BC: I can’t keep up with this, Teddy!

TT: The Horsemen and Revelation! Security swarming the ring! My God this is out of control! And we are out of time! Thanks for joining us, see you next week fans!

BC: Look out!

As the Horsemen and Revelation brawl spills out of the ring, we run out of time.

Fade to black.

Until next time…