Last week, as martial law was employed, the flood gates were opened for a chaotic night just two weeks out from Night of Champions 3.

High Concept kicked off the tag team division’s relaunch as they defeated a hapless Kyle Sync and Angelus.

Magnus Thunder’s trail of anarchy lengthened as he disposed of James Baker, but was later cheated by “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv and surprised by the supposed return of Blood.

Chemical X defeated Terry Richards, which did not impress “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne…but at Bob Osbourne’s behest, Richards has been granted a reprieve and will need to win on Halloween night against James Baker in a Ladder Match if he intends to remain a Horseman.

Magnus Thunder savagely attacked Pledge Allegiance during the contract signing for their CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme. While the match will be Hell in a Cell, Magnus Thunder gave Pledge Allegiance a preview of what was in store for him on Halloween night, busting Pledge open with a vicious chair shot and powerbombing him through the table.

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Bob Osbourne defeated Mariano Fernandez and Paul Blair in a match in which martial law truly became a factor. Bob’s chair shot was the only thing that could put Mariano Fernandez away. But it was what happened AFTER the match that has people talking. Degradation made an appearance and Donovan Torgianni whispered something in Rob Osbourne’s ear. What was it?

As both Osbourne’s headed backstage, they were brutally assaulted with baseball bats by Chemical X and his entourage. They abducted Bob Osbourne and dropped him from a helicopter into an Alaskan lake. Luckily, the Coast Guard was able to pull Bob out of the water to safety.

Meanwhile, in the main event…Pledge Allegiance refused to forfeit the match to a Horseman, Sickboy, even after the assault by Magnus Thunder left him a dangerous condition. As a result of the injuries sustained at the contract signing, Sickboy dominated the match up until Pledge Allegiance was able to hit a Badd Dream, clearing sending a message to the leader of the Horsemen, Rob Osbourne, that he would not back down. The Horsemen rushed to the ring and took out Pledge with a steel chair, enabling Sickboy to earn the victory – but the celebration was short lived as Chemical X, Paul Blair, and Mariano Fernandez raced down to ringside. When Pledge got back to his feet, they cleared the ring, and Pledge took the mic and announced a new faction to combat the Horsemen – Revelation.

Tonight…what will Revelation has in store for the Horsemen? What will the Horsemen’s reaction be? What will Magnus Thunder do to Pledge, or what will Pledge do to Magnus Thunder? The Tag Team division takes off in full flight as two three-way dances take place to determine which teams will battle on Halloween night for Tag Team gold. And in the main event, it’s six man tag team action as The Horsemen – Rob Osbourne, Bob Osbourne, and Sickboy – take on the newly formed Revelation members – Paul Blair, Chemical X, and Mariano Fernandez.

All of that and much more. Just one week away from Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme.

This is…

We fade in to a sold out Credit Union Center in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot up the aisle, erupting over the ring. Rather than the usual set up though, the Showdown set is decorated for Halloween, including lit pumpkins, ghosts and other decorations. The ringside area itself has orange and black pads around the floor, black and orange ropes, and the Showdown logo in orange with pumpkins replacing the “O”s.

Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the Credit Union Center! Welcome to Saskatoon! Welcome to the final stop before the Halloween night spectacular, Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…

BC: I thought Halloween was next weekend?

TT: …it is.

BC: Then why are all these idiots dressed up like a bunch of Canadians?

TT: We’re in Saskatchewan, Bobby.

BC: What?! I didn’t agree to come here!

TT: For God’s sake…in any event, what a night we have lined up for you tonight! We are just one week away from Halloween night and no one does network television like the Classic Wrestling Federation!

BC: And you just know the whole wrestling world has their eyes glued to their screens for this show tonight!

TT: No question, who will head into Night of Champions with the momentum? Will it be the champion, Pledge Allegiance? Or will it be the 7’5” monster challenger, Magnus Thunder?

BC: Well when you’re Magnus Thunder’s size, you always have the momentum…Pledge better have a trick up his sleeve tonight or he could be headed for an even bigger disadvantage than he already has!

TT: And tonight, Magnus Thunder goes one on one with the CWF Unified Champion Terry Richards in a non-title matchup…and not only is this a big one for Magnus Thunder as he heads towards his title match in just one week…the implications for Terry Richards could be just as huge! Last week Rob Osbourne appeared ready to give Richards the boot from the Horsemen, but Bob Osbourne convinced him to give him another chance…could a loss tonight spell the end for Terry Richards’ days as a Horseman? He will have to impress tonight, the pressure is definitely on…

BC: Oh no doubt, and we all know what a short fuse The Nitemare has…we may as well call this a must win situation for Terry Richards.

TT: How about the tag team division? It’s heating up, folks, and tonight we will have not one but TWO three-way tornado tag team matches…the winner of each will move on to Night of Champions 3 next weekend to battle for the CWF World Tag Team Championship….and I for one can’t wait!

BC: Tag Team wrestling is back thanks to the CWF, Teddy!

TT: Indeed it is and in our main event, it’s six man tag team action as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, Bob Osbourne, and Sickboy do battle with Mariano Fernandez, Paul Blair, and Chemical X…and with martial law still in affect…that one could get nasty!

BC: I can almost guarantee you it will, no rules! Sickboy and Chemical X, Nitemare and Mariano…Blair and Bob! Are you kidding? It’s gonna be a brawl!

TT: We’ve gone off the air to full scale brawls for the past several weeks and we can only hope that the scores will be settled next week at The Halloween Extreme!

BC: Well if they’re not settled next week, I don’t think they’ll ever be settled, Teddy! Every single match offers a new level of brutality and we may not have a roster left by the end of it!

TT: It’s going to be a dangerous night indeed, and while other organizations out there offer their fans tricks, you can bet CWF fans will be in for one hell of a treat next Saturday night! And kicking off the evening here tonight in Saskatoon, we have a double debut! Jimmy Johnston, the highly touted amateur wrestler will go one on one with the imposing Israel Steele and these guys got off to a rocky start in their relationship this week…

BC: Yeah, most of the roster stayed at the Marriott and Jimmy Johnston and Israel Steele happened to have a room on the same floor. Johnston destroyed Israel Steele’s hotel room and Steele was charged by the hotel…this could be nasty!

TT: Well let’s head to the ring and get this show underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…from London, England…weighing in at 257 pounds…JIMMY JOHNSTON!

The crowd shows a mixed reaction as Mozart’s “Piano Sonata” plays throughout the arena and Jimmy Johnston walks through the curtain, bowing at the top of the ramp. He oozes high class as he walks to the ring wearing a purple robe. He climbs the ring steps, wipes his feet on the apron, and steps through the ropes, removing his robe to reveal purple trunks and matching boots.

TT: No question he’s one of the privileged members of society…he’s got no shortage of cash.

BC: Yeah, and his initials may mark him destined for greatness, Teddy…we know another JJ that’s in the Hall of Fame!

TT: We’ll see about that…Israel Steele is equally as impressive…

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Kill Devil’s Hill, North Carolina…weighing in at 305 pounds…ISRAEL STEELE!

“Tom Sawyer” by Rush hits and Axel Steele walks through the curtain. The same height as Jimmy Johnston, Israel Steele has more muscle mass and that is apparent as he strides powerfully down the aisle and climbs into the ring.

TT: Wow…both of these guys would tower over most other men but tonight, neither one of them will have a size advantage and that could turn out to be a good thing for them as they’ll learn not to rely on size and weight. Still, Israel Steele is pure muscle…Jimmy Johnston is going to have to rely on his mat skills to get by here…

BC: That is a LOT of beef in the ring right now.


TT: Well here we go, no doubt the biggest moment in both of these men’s careers thus far…

Both men walk slowly to the center of the ring and stare each other down. Israel Steele sizes up Johnston and smirks, noting his superior strength. Johnston looks at him and nods, conceding Steele has a larger physique. Johnston then quickly grabs Steele and flips him over with a hip toss! Steele rolls to the mat and gets to his knees, visibly angry, and Johnston points to his own body and shrugs at him mockingly.

TT: Some mind games going on between these two!

BC: Steele is like a tank and Johnston is like a finely tuned Porsche! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Steele gets back to his feet and walks up to Johnston…and shoves him hard! Johnston stumbles backwards and falls into the corner, the back of his head hitting the second turnbuckle. Johnston grabs the back of his head and grimaces as he looks up at Steele, who flexes and snorts as seemingly every muscle in his body pops out in a terrifying pose.

TT: My God what a physique…

BC: Even his muscles have muscles!

Johnston seethes and gets to his feet…he walks right up to Steele and slugs him in the jaw with a right hand! Steele throws one back, now Johnston, now Steele…left hands and right hands, the fists are flying and Steele with a knee to the gut! Johnston hunches over and Steele DRIVES a big elbow into the back of his head. Johnston drops to one knee and Steele pulls him back up by his waist…and heaves him across the ring with a release German suplex! Johnston reeling but fighting to his feet, using the turnbuckles to pull himself up…Steele charges in…AVALANCHE! And Johnston crumples to the mat!

TT: Man alive…Israel Steele is like a raging bull! Johnston had better create some space in that ring or Steele is gonna power right through him…

BC: You think Johnston is used to being out muscled? Not a chance…Steele looks like an animal!

Johnston gasping for air on the mat and Steele with a cover!




Steele pulls him up by the hair and whips him to the ropes…Johnston ducks a clothesline and leaps up onto Steele’s back, trying to pull him down…but Steele hangs on and ROCKS him with a Samoan drop! Johnston clutching his ribs and coughing for air and Steele off the ropes now…BIG SPLASH!

TT: God! He’s pure power! And a cover!




TT: Johnston showing tremendous fight here!

BC: Israel Steele is a freakin’ superbeast!

Steele yanks him up by the hair and backs him into the corner. He DRIVES his shoulder into Johnston’s ribs! And again! And again! And Johnston staggers out to the middle of the ring and drops to the mat in pain. Steele to the second turnbuckle…elbow drop! No! Johnston gets his foot up and it connects squarely with Steele’s chin!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: And Steele just got a mouthful of leather!

Steele drops back to the mat and Johnston struggles to his feet. He grabs Steele by the legs…slingshot into the corner! Steele misses the turnbuckle though and hits his head on the ring post! Steele staggers out of the corner and Johnston with a POWERSLAM! Steele in trouble now and Johnston with a cover!




TT: Johnston’s turn on offense now and Steele manages to kick out!

BC: Wow! Usually when two new guys come to the CWF, one of them gets their ass handed to them, but these two are actually pretty good!

Johnston pulls Steele to his feet…he locks Steele’s arms up…full nelson! SLAM! And Johnston now headed to the second turnbuckle…leg drop across the throat of Steele! Johnston now pulling out all the stops and he pulls Steele to his feet… side Russian leg sweep! Johnston signaling for the end!

TT: Johnston could be going for his finisher here, he calls it the Double J!

BC: No way! I’ve seen the scouting tapes, he can’t hold Steele up to pull it off!

Johnston pulls Steele to his feet..he juts his hip out and tries to rack Steele across it making a “J” shape but he can’t lock his arms, Steele is too thick! Steele rolls off…Johnston turns around…he boots Johnston in the gut…and lifts him up! BRAINBUSTER!


BC: Well that’s it, it’s over.

Johnston is laid out on the mat but Steele struggles to shake out the cobwebs…he slowly makes his way over and gets an arm across Johnston’s chest!





TT: Johnston’s foot was on the bottom rope! And this match continues!

BC: I thought it was all over!

Steele slams the mat with his fist and the crowd goes wild as the two new comers bring the fans out of their seats! Steele struggles to his feet and takes Johnston with him…he whips him to the ropes…Johnston ducks a big right hand…Steele turns around…SUPERKICK! Johnston nailed him and he falls on top of Steele as he hits the mat!

TT: This could be it!





TT: Jimmy Johnston did it!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…. JIMMY JOHNSTON!

BC: Wow! Man, that sure as hell won’t be the last time their paths cross, that was a damn fine match…

TT: It was indeed and what a debut for both of these guys!

Jimmy Johnston gets his hand raised in victory and the fans roar in approval.

TT: What a huge victory for that young man right there, he’s going to have quite a future in the CWF!

BC: Yeah well, I’ll tell you what…Johnston was impressive, but Steele was half a millimeter away from a victory!

TT: No question, he was awesome! But up next I…am I hearing this right? We have a new sponsor in the CWF it’s… “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv? Let’s check this out…

We see the Radiant One standing in a kitchen. He’s dressed in black jeans designed by Johan Lindeberg and a blue t-shirt with the text “Radiant Herring built this body fur sure…” printed in yellow.

RRU: Hi! I’m sure most of yuu know miii fur sure! I am thi Radiant One – Roland Ulv, professional wrestler extraordinarii fur sure! But even I have a horrible experience once!

We see the final stage of the PPV match between Ulv and Thunder. Magnus Thunder sets Ulv up for the Thunderstorm.! NO! Roland scurries under his legs… Thunder turns around… Roland kicks him square in the knee Magnus hunches over… Roland has him hooked for a Radiant Plex!


Roland goes to lift him up… But again he can’t get the big man up! Roland arching his back in pain and Magnus, the blood flowing everywhere, takes advantage… A boot to the gut… THUNDERSTORM!


TT: He nailed it and just like that… 1…

TT: This…


TT: Is!


TT: Over!

*Ding! Ding! Ding!*

We cut back to the studio and the Radiant One Roland Ulv.

RRU: This was my worst hour fur sure! Mii thii Radiant One diifiiited by a Fjord Monkii fur sure!

Roland smiles and picks up a can with the text “Radiant Herring – Extra strong garlic sauce”.

RRU: So I put together thii best Pickled herring tiim in thi world. Well in Sweden but that is thii same thing fur sure when it comes to pickled herring ja. And they came up with a new formula for a sauce.

He displays the can.

RRU: This Radiant Herring. With extra strong garlic sauce! I started to eat one can per day. It just takes fifteen minutes. And I imidiatly felt thii effect. My Radiant body became iven stronger. So strong that I felt that I never will bi diifited by a Fjord Monkey again. If you don’t beliiv mii? Watch this clip from last Showdown when thi Fjord Monkii got to fiil thii effect of thi power of Radiant Herring – Extra strong garlic sauce.

We cut to last week’s episode of Showdown where The Radiant One just has shown up after Magnus Thunders win over James Baker.

RRU: Ja… thii big Fjord Monkii is tuu scared of The Radiant One fur sure! Hii just biits up poor little Baakerman. I challenge yuu to a match right now. Best tu out of thrii falls? What du yuu say Fjord Monkii?

Magnus, winded from issuing the clinical beatdown of Baker shrugs his shoulders and extends his hands fingers together, palm up and curls them menacingly and mockingly to Ulv. Ulv sprints to the ring and slides under the ropes.

TT: All hell is breaking loose! The Radiant One Roland Ulv and Magnus Thunder are beating the holy hell out of each other!

We cut to the final segment of the match.

BC: Magnus drops to his knees. Roland ricochets off the ropes, grabs a handful of the fjord monkey’s hair and slams his head to the mat in a modified bulldog! Cover by Ulv…

TT: His feet *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* ropes….*bleeeeeeeeeeep*

BC: *bleeeeeeeep* 1…2…3…! Ulv wins the first fall!

TT: *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

BC: *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* Another cover by Roland 1…2…3…! He’s done it! Roland Ulv has beaten the Fjord Monkey in a two out of three falls match right here on Showdown.

Cut back to the Radiant One in the studio.

RRU: Ja, fur sure! So if yuu are tired of Fjord Monkiis fur sure! If yuu wan’t tu bi stronger, and eat healthiii. Buy some Radiant Herring – with extra strong garlic sauce! And remember…

The Radiant One points to himself.

RRU: Radiant Herring built this body! Fur sure!

Cut back to the arena.

TT: …..

BC: Speechless huh, Teddy? What a great commercial!

TT: Give me a break…and what’s this now?

Cut to the parking lot of the Credit Union Centre. SCREECH! A Victory Red 2010 Chevy Camaro slides to a halt just missing the camera. DEATHSQUAD member TJ jumps out of the car visually irritated. He walks around to the passenger side and begins slamming his hand on the hood of the car. The Passenger side of the car opens and Bruno hops out holding a large McDonalds French fry container.

Bruno: What! What!

Bruno points to the floor of the car violently.

Bruno: What! I'll clean it!

Bruno trys to walk away and TJ grabs his shoulder and points back at the floor of the car which is covered in French fries.

Bruno: Alright alright, I'll clean it now, go get the tools.

Bruno pulls out the floor mat and begins shaking out the french fries while TJ makes his way over to the trunk. Bruno meets TJ at the back of the car and looks in the trunk.

Bruno: What a ya thinkin Jay? Yard Tools or Golfclubs?!

TJ looks at Bruno with a serious face.

Bruno: No they aren't graphite clubs! What the hell is wrong with you?

TJ nods his head in approval.

Bruno: Golf clubs it is!

Bruno pulls out a single golf club from the trunk and TJ carefully closes the trunk lid. DEATHSUAD makes their way into the arena.

TT: Looks like things are about to get interesting…and wait a minute…I know that music!

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac hits as James Baker walks onto the stage hand in hand with his wife Danielle Lopez while Da Xtreme Dynasty walk behind them, the crowd is going insane for them. James then slaps hands with the fans and gets on the apron to hold the ropes for his wife. Everyone else then gets in afterwards. James Baker then grabs a microphone and stands back in the middle of the ring while he wraps his arm around his wife.

James Baker: Yo what it do great CWF Fans. It's your boy "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker.

The crowd gives out a bigger pop for James Baker.

James Baker: It feels great to get that type of response from all of you great fans out here tonight. Anyways gettin' down to business. Now tonight is a huge night indeed as for the first time in a little over 4 years Da Xtreme Dynasty reunites and we plan on makin' a huge impact here in the CWF cause you see with the CWF havin' a tag team division bein' resurrected from the dead, I figured what the hell let's get both Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks here in the CWF and become World Tag Team Champions and get back to bein' on top of the tag team world in professional wrestling. Now if none of y'all remember what Da Xtreme Dyansty did back in ECCW, well we were dominant. Both Styles and Banks are the longest World Tag Team Champions of any federation within the last decade and I know that both Styles and Banks are hungry as hell to once again wear championship gold around their waist again and I'm also hungry to become a champion for the first time in a little over 3 years.

“Drop the Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 hits as Terry Richards and The Richards Legion walk onto the stage with the entire arena booing them.

James Baker: Well well well, Terry. What brings you and your inbred brothers out here anyways?

Terry Richards: Shut the hell up James and all these pathetic fans need to shut the hell up as well. I don't know what type of crap that you're high off of, but it's clearly clouding your judgment.

The crowd boos Terry Richards even more.

Terry Richards: Anyways as I was saying. You can have all the idiotic illusions that you want, but I know and my brothers know that you and your second rate group of thugs will not be winning any championship gold at Night of Champions III: Halloween Extreme. To be completely honest James, I don't even see you making it to the pay per view next week. In case you haven't clearly forgotten by now, you're going one on one with my fellow Horsemen member "The Radiant One" Roland Ulv.

The crowd boos at the mentioning of Roland Ulv.

Terry Richards: Roland is a better person than all of these people ever will be. So James if I was you, I would just stop talking out of your ass and actually prepare for how you’re gonna be losing tonight and next week at Night of Champions III: Halloween Extreme.

Terry then gives the microphone to Chris Richards.

Chris Richards: Thank you, Terry. Now it's no secret that The Richards Legion will be competing tonight as we face the Geek Squad and the Degrassi crew. You see they're supposedly "dangerous tag teams" and while their resume speaks for itself, we both know that they don't have the balls to be anything great anymore.

Alex Richards: Yes, that's right Chris. You see tonight both of our opponents are nothing but stepping stones towards becoming the new CWF World Tag Team Champions and we will accomplish that goal at Night of Champions III: Halloween Extreme and we don't care if we gotta face Mariano Fernandez's band of computer geeks, the Worthless Dynasty or High Concept cause we can beat either 3 of those teams any day of the week and they'll be our bitches and we will beat either of them very convincingly to become the new CWF World Tag Team Champions.

James Baker: (dozes off into space and then snaps out of it when they’re done) Oh I'm sorry, were ya’ll sayin' somethin? I was completely bored out of my mind when you three inbred jackasses were ramblin' on about whatever the hell ya’ll were talkin' about.

The crowd laughs after James says that.

James Baker: Anyways back to bein' serious. Now I know I have to prepare to have eyes in the back of my head startin' tonight cause quite frankly I can't tell whether I'm gonna get screwed over tonight and I know next week at the pay per view will be one of the most important matches in my career as I have a chance towards becomin' a champion for the first time in a little over 3 years, and what will happen is that "Da Xtreme Gangsta" will beat the livin' sh*t out of the "Windy City Piece of Sh*t" and I will become your NEW CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION and I also will take a championship away from your group of homosexuals. So Terry, once you get beaten you can stay here in Canada and let your whore of a girlfriend, your inbred bastard brothers and Mr. Pickles kiss your little wounds cause I know at Night of Champions III: Halloween Extreme, I will whoop the dog sh*t out of your ass and I will get you out of my life once and for all, believe that bitch.

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac hits as James Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty flip off all three members of the Richards Legion and then gesture with their hands that they’ll be wearing belts around their waist soon.

TT: Things are heating up here on Showdown! Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…we’ve already had an eventful night and we’ve only been through one match!

BC: And every second that ticks off the clock is one second closer to Halloween night! I can’t wait!

TT: Well up next folks, get your nose plugs ready because there could be a bucket of fermented pickled herring on its way out here…Roland Ulv set to take on James Baker!

BC: Yes! Have you been eating your pickled herring, Teddy?

TT: Can’t say I have. Or ever will.

BC: Your loss…it’s quite tasty!

TT: I’ll take your word for it…now both of these guys will be in action next week on at The Halloween Extreme…Roland Ulv will battle Paul Blair in a two out of three falls match up…and James Baker will get a shot at the CWF Unified Championship against Terry Richards in a Ladder Match! Both of these guys will be looking to head into next weekend with some momentum.

BC: And both of them better hope they escape Saskatoon with a clean bill of health because the last thing you want is to get to Charlotte next week and be hurt!

TT: Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Compton, California…weighing in at 232 pounds… “DA XTREME GANGSTA” JAMES BAKER!

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac hits and James Baker walks out from the back to a huge pop. He slaps hands with fans as he makes his way down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring, raising his arms for the crowd.

TT: The fans have really gotten behind this guy…

BC: What’s not to love about a white guy who thinks he’s black?

TT: Oh will you stop it…

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Stockholm, Sweden…weighing in at 275 pounds…. “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

“Marcia Carolus Rex” by Wilhelm Harteveld hits and Roland Ulv steps out from behind the curtain carrying a basket full of cans of fermented pickled herring. As he walks down the aisle he tries to sell the cans to fans in the front row. All of them decline. Except for one. One brave, diehard fan buys a can of Roland Ulv’s fermented pickled herring with extra garlic. Roland Ulv gets excited and pops open the can for the fan. One whiff of the stuff is enough to make the fan regret his decision, but knowing he’s live on television to millions of viewers worldwide, he dips his fingers in the can and pulls out a herring…he hesitates, and Roland urges him on. Finally, the fan eats it…and immediately starts choking and spitting it out. He steals another fan’s beer and washes his mouth out with it, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Roland Ulv pulls the fan in, looks at the camera, and then smiles and holds up his thumb. Another satisfied customer. Roland climbs into the ring.

TT: That fan looked absolutely repulsed but you just know we’ll be seeing that footage in Roland Ulv’s next commercial.

BC: Repulsed? That skinny little fan looks stronger already, Teddy!

TT: Oh, really! Well if it works so well, why don’t YOU go buy a can, Bobby?

BC: I had some earlier, I don’t need any more.

TT: Give me a break. Well Roland has told James Baker that if Baker can last five minutes with him, he’ll allow Baker to execute Da Xtreme Knockout on him, no resistance. So if Baker can go five minutes with The Radiant One, which by all means he can, there’s a good chance the match could end at that point with Baker’s hand raised in victory.

BC: Haven’t you learned, Teddy? Roland Ulv eats pickled herring. That stuff is like steroids only it’s good for you. It basically turns you into a wrestling machine. The only way Baker wins this one is if he bought a can of that stuff before the match. But even THEN, there’s no way he could eat the amount Roland has eaten over the course of his life!

TT: Will you give me a damn break.


Roland and Baker meet in the center of the ring. Ulv taps his wrist to indicate Baker has to make it five minutes. Baker shoves him and throws Roland off balance…as Roland staggers back, Baker tackles him and puts him in a headlock, driving his fist into Ulv’s forehead as he spins around on the mat from the seat of his pants. Ulv shoves him off and both men to their feet…Baker drops him with a clothesline! Ulv bumps back to the mat and Baker quickly over to him…whips him to the ropes…back body drop!

TT: James Baker has caught the pickled herring eating Roland Ulv off guard and he’s setting the pace for this match! It will have to be a fast paced one if he wants to beat The Radiant One!

BC: Please, Ulv is just biding his time as usual.

Baker quickly pulls Ulv up…he hooks him in for a suplex…Ulv blocks it! Ulv spins around behind him…German suplex! All the wind is driven out of Baker as his back hits the mat. Baker slowly rolls over and pulls himself up, but Roland is waiting for him and takes him back down with a Northern Lights suplex…he rolls on top of Baker on impact and locks on a wrist hold.

BC: See?

TT: Ulv cranking up on that wrist lock and two minutes have passed by in this match according to my watch.

BC: Your Rolox?

TT: ….

BC: I told you those cheap imitations don’t keep good time….

Baker fights back to his feet but Ulv manages to pull Baker’s arm up over his head and locks on a half nelson! Ulv slides his other arm under Baker’s…and now it’s a full nelson! Ulv whips Baker around in the hold…Baker trying to fight out of it…Ulv laughs as Baker tries in futility to break the hold.

RRU: Pattiicake Bakerman, fur sure! Yuu iit tuu many cakes as fast as yuu can fur sure! Ja!

TT: Ulv mocking Baker and I don’t know if there’s a whole lot Baker can do but hold on! We have two minutes left until the five minute mark!

BC: Come on, Roland! Pop his head like a pimple!

Baker fights his way to the corner, props his feet up on the top turnbuckle and pushes back, sending Ulv back to the mat with the full nelson still applied. Baker on top of him and the ref counts!





TT: Oh Roland kicked out! Roland kicked out at the last second and it was almost Roland Ulv who didn’t last five minutes!

BC: Ahh! See kids! A normal man would have stayed down by Roland eats his pickled herring and he kicked out!

TT: Would you stop!

Roland gets up furiously and charges at Baker. Baker ducks a clothesline…and comes back with a series of jabs to the chin of Roland Ulv! Ulv’s blonde hair flies back with each snap and and now Roland is on spaghetti legs! Baker to the ropes…flying forearm!

TT: One minute to go until the five minute mark and Roland has given his word that Baker gets to do Da Xtreme Knockout!

BC: Come on, Roland!

Roland crawling to the ropes, struggling to get to his feet and Baker kicks his legs out from under him! The crowd going wild and Baker firmly in control! Baker grabs his legs…slingshot into the corner! Roland Ulv bounces out…Baker runs at him…neck breaker! Ulv reeling on the mat and Baker taps his wrist, mocking him! The crowd counts down as a clock displays on the big screen…











TT: Five minutes has passed!

BC: Nooo!

TT: Five minutes has passed and that means James Baker gets to hit Roland with Da Xtreme Knockout!

BC: That’s not legally binding!

Roland looks up at Baker from the mat and shakes his head wildly, begging him off. Baker pulls him up and hooks him in for Da Xtreme Knockout! He has him set, and…



Roland Ulv drops to his knees and low blows Baker! Baker hunches over…Ulv with a face slam! And he pulls Baker up…he has him set…RADIANT PLEX!

TT: Give me a break!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

TT: Are you kidding me?! What a tainted victory for Roland Ulv and James Baker is rightfully livid!

BC: Oh shut up, it’s martial law, Teddy! That was perfectly within the rules!

TT: Well sadly you may have a point but nonetheless, it wasn’t exactly a classy thing to do.

BC: What show do you watch every week, Teddy? Did you walk through the wrong door or something? This is CWF Saturday Night Showdown…only the strong survive!

TT: Speaking of the strong…it’s MAGNUS THUNDER!


Magnus Thunder storms out from the back and charges for the ring. Roland Ulv sees him and scurries out of the ring and jumps into the crowd, racing to the nearest exit. Ulv holds up his arms in victory once he’s a safe distance away and Magnus Thunder seethes in the ring.

TT: My God! Magnus Thunder wants at Ulv badly after Roland cheated him last week!

BC: Oh shut up, Magnus is mad because he wants royalties for Roland’s brilliant commercial!

TT: Well as the ring clears here you have to wonder, how long will it be before Magnus Thunder and Roland Ulv collide again?

BC: I don’t know but I’ll tell you what, both of those guys have other things to worry about. Roland Ulv has Paul Blair next week in a two out of three falls match, and Magnus Thunder has a title shot inside a steel cell!

TT: Not to mention a match against Terry Richards later tonight!

BC: Exactly!

TT:Well ladies and gentlemen, a few weeks ago Mark Xamin, upon retaking control of the CWF announced a Tag Team Initiative. The response was off the charts!

BC: That's right, Teddy. Xamin's booking genius was able to lockdown six of the hottest tag teams available. And in our next match we're going to see the first of two matches to determine the new CWF Tag Team Champs!

TT: That's right! We'll see The Richards Legion, brothers of Horsemen member and CWF Unified Champion, Terry Richards...

BC: Yeah, but Richards' boys will have their hands full in this tornado tag team elimination match here tonight Teddy, or as The Radiant One would say, for sure!

TT: Right again, Bobby! Because across the ring will be two groups. One group, Deathsquad, are former Tag Team Champions in another promotion and then you have former CWF Tag Team Champions Degradation.

BC: They had titles other than here too Teddy, besides, anyone who hates Rob Osbourne that much is good in my book!

TT: Really? You usually rave on and on about Osbourne...

BC: Shut up Teddy...have you SEEN Donovan Torigianni? He's a monster. But then again, so are the goomba's we know as Deathsquad!

TT: TJ and Bruno do seem to have the mannerisms of the modern day foot soldiers in La Cosa Nostra don't they?

BC: Hey, you think maybe TJ, Bruno, Donovan, and Vincent might all be old paizans from the neighborhood?

TT: Hardly. There are two point five million people in Brooklyn.

BC: Yeah, but only like 7 1/2 % are Italian.

TT: (rolls eyes) Well nevertheless, it's time to get this one under way!

Ring Announcer: First, hailing from Chicago, Illinois weighining in at a combined weight of three hundred and sixty seven pounds...Chris Richards...Alex Richards...THE RICHARDS LEGION!

“Fight” by Motorhead plays as the two young Richards brothers emerge from the curtain, Alex jogs in place at the top of the ramp and rubs his wrists smiling and chewing a stick of gum. Chris has a very determined look on his face and pops his neck as the two head to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And their first set of opponents weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and fourty three pounds hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and being accompanied to the ring by their "Manager" - former CWF National Champion Jimmy “The Juggernaut" Washington........TJ.......BRUNO....DEATHSQUAD!

“Take this Life” by In Flames plays as TJ and Bruno step onto the ramp. TJ is clad in baggy jeans and a wife beater. Bruno is sporting a Yankees jersey and jogging pants. The two men follow former National Chamoion The Juggernaut, as the huge former National Champion mocks the crowd, raising his hand to motion a fake backhand a little old lady and laughs when she nearly faints.

Ring Announcer: And finally, also weighing a combined five hundred and fourty three pounds and also hailing from Brooklyn, New York...former CWF Tag Team champsions...Vincent Torigianni....Donovan Torigianni...DEGRADATION!

The lights dim as Du Haast begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. As the song kicks into the main riff, four flames of fire shoot up from the bottom of the stage as Degradation appears at the top of the ramp. Donovan stands popping his neck and shaking himself "loose" with a look of determination on his face and a twinkle of devastation in his eye. Vincent stands next to him flexing his muscles for the crowd, absorbing the crowd's love for him, while obviously being in love with himself. The two walk down the ramp and to the ring. Vincent jumps over the ropes while Donovan climbs through them.

TT: That takes me back a few years seeing these two again. Remember the last time we called a Degradation match Bobby?

BC: Indeed I do, but that period of time has been stricken from the CWF record books. The boys in the back are calling all it the "Asterisk Period."

TT: As you fans know, in a tornado tag match, all members are legal at all times, and with Xamin's Martial Law 's in effect that means anything goes.

BC: Which means those other four need to keep a close watch on Jimmy Washington. There's the bell and this one is under way.

TT: Chris Richards charges at Vincent torigianni and ties up with him as Alex Richards makes his way toward Bruno. TJ and Donovan glance at each other and size one another up. As they begin to come towards each other, Alex whips Bruno in the direction of Donovan as Vincent sends Chris flying at TJ. TJ instead ducks and comes up out of a crouch into a swinging snapmare on Alex as Donovan and Vincent double up on Chris. As Bruno bounces off of the ropes he nails Alex as he begins to stand back up.

BC: Well Teddy, that's what happens when tag teams know each other so well. Degradation on Chris Richards while Deathsquad focuses on Alex. That's the experience that comes from working with the same man most of your career, or in the case of the Torigianni's, their whole lives!

TT: Well, what about Alex and Chris…they've been together since birth?

BC: But they give up a HUGE size advantage to both of the other teams. TJ Irish whips Alex into the ropes as Bruno bounces off of the opposite side...TJ grabs Alex and lifts him into a high press...and slams him down face first hard to the mat, as he hits the ground, Bruno drops a leg across the back of his neck causing him to twitch in pain!

TT: Meanwhile, Donovan hoists Chris high in the air and holds him for a solid five count, then brings him down into a Jackhammer as Vincent takes flight and nails a standing shooting star press on Richards! Uh oh! Here comes your favorite Richards family member Bobby...the National Champion, Terry Richards...

BC: AND DOWN HE GOES! Jimmy Washington nails him with a clothesline that sends Terry's body spinning in the air and snapping his head back!

TT: Back in the ring Vincent covers Chris at the exact same time as Bruno hooks the shoulder of Alex...the ref looks down at both covers and drops to the mat between and them and does a simultaneous count.....1............2.........3!

BC: And both members of The Richards Legion are eliminated at the same time!

TT: Vincent immediately grabs Bruno and they start trading shots, circling around the ring, Vincent dancing like a boxer. Bruno shakes his head and launches himself at Vincent, who looks shocked as Bruno connects with a cross body block!

BC: Once again the two big pepperoni's are measuring each other up. Donovan fakes a lunge to his left and breaks back to his right as TJ bites on the fake, and Donovan is all over him!

BC: There's more Italian meat hook's flying around that ring right now than at the Bensonhurst Meat Packing Plant!

TT: Donovan and TJ pummeling each other with lefts and rights, rolling around the ring in a good old fashioned brawl! Bruno locking in an STF on Vincent as Donovan locks his legs around TJ's waist in a death grip and forces the big man to his back and Donovan leans forward dropping forearm smash after forearm smash on TJ....

BC: But Vincent taps out to the STF!

TT: It's a two on one match now with TJ and Bruno against Donovan!

BC: Bruno tries to pry Donovan off of TJ and Donovan tosses Bruno half way across the ring onto his backside and he keeps blasting TJ. Bruno screams at Jimmy Washington to do something. Wahsington leaps up onto the apron. The ref tries to stop him and Washington asks him if he really wants him to try and stop him and the ref pulls back and allows him to enter. Donovan sees him coming and leaps off of TJ!

TT: Washington charges at Torigianni with everything he has, but Donovan drops to his side and catches Washington in a ride russian leg sweep sending the seven foot five inch and over five hundred pound monster flying into the turnbuckle and right into Bruno!

BC: Donovan rolls his shoulders, and reaches down and peels TJ off of the mat and shoves his head between his legs and hoists him high in the air.....lethal powerbomb by Donovan!

TT: But here comes Jimmy Washington and this match has basically become a three on one now Bobby Crane. Despicable tactics by Deathsquad and Jimmy Washington. Jimmy grabs Torigianni and whips him into the corner towards Bruno, who is waiting on the turnbuckle. Bruno leaps off to land a missile drop kick...Donovan ducks and Bruno nails The Juggernaut! Donovan grabs Bruno and nails a sitout powerbomb on him, pinning Bruno's arms to the mat with his legs, cover.....1.......2.......3!!!! And Bruno is out!

BC: TJ getting back to his feet though as Donovan starts to get of the ropes....OHHHH.... and he catches Donovan right between his shoulder blades with a high knee lift.

TT: TJ quickly hooks the leg of Torigianni and goes for the win to advance to the finals of the Tag Team Initiative next week at Night of Champions! 1.......................2......................Thre....NOOOOOO!!

BC: How did Donovan Torigianni just kick out of that? My God, he has to be spent.

TT: But he kips up and TJ can't believe it. Donovan ties up with TJ and quickly gains the advantage and ducks under the slightly taller man's shoulder and launches the seven footer with a belly to back suplex! He grabs TJ and pulls him to his feet...he bends TJ over and grabs them in a belly to back waist lock before then lifting him until he is vertical...and drives TJ down on his neck and shoulder, dropping down to his knees.

BC: THAT'S The Total Devestation, Teddy!!

TT: Cover by Donovan......1.......................2.............................3!!


Ring Announcer: Here are your winners…DEGRADATION!

TT: And Degradation moves on to Night of Champions! And what a match we just saw!

BC: They came in the favorites and they didn’t disappoint! But who are their opponents gonna be next week?!

TT: We are gonna find out in just a few short minutes! What a victory for Degradation and what a fantastic way for the tag team division to really get rolling!

BC: And there’s another three way tornado tag team match coming up!

TT: Alright fans, don’t go anywhere…we’ll be right back after this commercial break!


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TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown fans, brought to you by and Spider Site Builder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. And coming up next, it’s the second three way Tornado Tag Team match and if it’s anything like what we saw on the other side of the break, we’re in for another hell of a match!

BC: You’re not kidding, that was crazy!

TT: Well we’re just about set to get started and…hey! What’s this now?

“Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to blast over the PA and Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti marches out and onto the ring.

TT: Here comes Chemical X and what on earth is he doing out here?!

BC: Chemical X is all alone and the Horsemen want him dead…I don’t know if this is smart…

TT: Have you ever known Chemical X to care?

X climbs into the ring and signals for a mic.

Chemical X: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are seven days away from Halloween Extreme. And it is shaping up to be one of the wildest Halloween nights EVER.

The crowd cheers as Chemical X begins to pace around, looking a little nervous.

Chemical X: But before Halloween Extreme I think it’s time that I get something off my chest that has been bothering me. Last week Sickboy said that Rob Osbourne thought I was Horseman material, and that he didn’t lay down the red carpet for me. And that has been bothering me because it is a lie… I have been living a lie!

Chemical X begins to fake cry for a moment and then turns serious and looks up the entrance ramp.

Chemical X: Curtis “Sickboy” Wilkes, I want you to know something right here and right now! And that is that long before you were even considered to be a Horseman I was not only considered but asked to be a Horseman.

BC: What?

Chemical X: But I turned it down Curtis. I turned it down because I was more concerned about hunting you down like a lion. So Curtis, the reason I bring that out here and now is to ask you this…are you sure that you’re a Horseman?

Chemical X begins to pace around confidently.

Chemical X: You see Curtis, who’s to say that this whole thing about you being in the Horsemen isn’t just an elaborate scheme thought up by me and Rob? I mean you, being so desperate, would have joined any team that would be able to put some men between you and me. Any team that would be willing to give you some breathing room would be fine. And everyone knows that, so who’s to say that I didn’t tell Rob to recruit you into his team giving him the power position until I won the National Title from you?

Chemical X: I mean Rob Osbourne isn’t the most trustworthy man in the CWF, and it’s not like I didn’t have nearly a month to plan this whole thing out. What if it’s all a set up Curtis, everything down to me tossing Bob Jr. into the water? What if it all is an elaborate plan to butter you up before I take that title from you?

TT: Do you think he’s being serious?

BC: I have no idea…

Chemical X: Curtis, you are so trusting and accepting, you’d put your trust in the hands of the devil if it meant keeping me away from you. Everyone in your camp, all the way down to Richards has one thing in common, they can’t be trusted. So let me ask you something Sickboy, where do their loyalties really lie? Do they lay with you, the cookie cutter poster boy who just recently turned to the dark side, or do they lay with me, the only man in this company willing to do all that is necessary. I can’t be trusted as far as you can throw me, however the one thing you can always trust is that I will always come after you with extreme prejudice, and do anything that’s necessary to make your life hell.

He grins.

Chemical X: I guarantee you if you go back and you ask Rob, and Bob and Terry and Roland if they’re on your side and they’ll say “yes… absolutely, we’re on your side.” But ask yourself, can you really trust any one of them? Are they more like you, or more like me? Are they really on YOUR team or are they just saying they are? Is it beyond me to come up with a plan this elaborate?

BC: I think X is trying to get into Sickboy’s head; he could never be a Horseman!

Chemical X: Curtis, later tonight, you are going to team up with two Osbournes against me, Mariano and Blair. Ask yourself champ, can you trust anybody in that ring? Do those guys really have your back? Look them in the eye Curtis? And remember, long before you were asked to be a Horseman, I was!

He pulls the camera in close to his face.

Chemical X: It’s about to be Halloween, Curtis…but I think it’s most appropriate to say this… Don’t be scared… Be PREPARED!

“Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play and Chemical X tosses the mic and begins to march up the ramp.

TT: Chemical X just dropped a bombshell, and you have to believe that the message got back to Sickboy!

BC: No, Sickboy’s a Horseman, he can handle this!

TT: Are you sure Sickboy’s a Horseman Bobby? X does bring up a good point.

BC: I don’t know what to think any more! Everyone is screwing with everyone, I don’t know what’s a true threat and what’s a scam but I’ll tell you what, we’ll find out next Saturday on Halloween night and my heart is already racing! I never thought I’d utter these words in my life, but I can’t wait to go to North Carolina!

TT: What a night it’s going to be! And coming up right now, we’re gonna find out who will meet Degradation in the CWF World Tag Team title match! Let’s head to the ring!

BC: Woo!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a tornado tag team elimination match. First, hailing from Miramar, Florida, at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy-seven pounds, "Dragon Blue" Jeffrey Bogard and "Dragon Blue" Johnny Lee....DOUBLE DRAGONS!

“Runnin’ Wild” by Airbourne plays as the Dragons make their way onto the stage from behind the curtain. Lee is dressed in an all blue karate uniform with the sleeves cut off and matching bandana while Bogard wears the same attire, but in red. They both go through a series of movements at the top of the ramp then race to the ring, shooting up opposite turnbuckles and posing for the crowd as flash bulbs pop.

Ring Announcer: And their first opponents, being led to the ring by their manager Danielle Lopez...weighing in at four hundred and seventy-two pounds, JT Banks, Kevin Styles...DA XTREME DYNASTY!

“Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against The Machine plays as JT and Kevin walk out, each with arm looped through an arm of Danielle as she leads the two to the ring. The fans give a round of applause for the new tag team.

Ring Announcer: And their final opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and thirty-seven pounds...."The Amazing" Jacob Jett and "Mighty Fine" Daryl Devine....HIGH CONCEPT!

“Ha Ha High Babe” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club plays as the two Canadian's make their way onto the entrance ramp. Jett plays to the crowd as Devine looks calm and collected and the crowd gives them a warm welcome as they make their way down the ramp.

*DING DING DING!* TT: Well Bobby, looks like Lee and Devine are gonna mix things up while Bogard ties up with JT.

BC: And Jett immediately goes after Styles. Styles and Jett tie up and Styles gains the advantage, back body drop on Jett while across the ring as his partner JT Banks gets caught on the wrong end of a Jeffrey Bogard clothesline!

TT: Daryl Devine meanwhile, shoots in at the legs of Johnny Lee, but Lee leaps straight up in the air as he yells "AH-RYU-KEN!"

BC: Devine, flushed with anger, nails him with an elbow smash and Lee right back up to his feet and ready for more as Devine bounces off the ropes, Lee again readies himself to leap in the air, as Devine anticipates, and catches him in the air under his shoulders and converts it into a Samoan drop! ABSOLUTE CARNAGE in that ring right now Teddy Turnbuckle!

TT: Indeed, Bobby! Styles now on Jacob Jett dropping the boots to him...but Devine comes to his aid, spearing Styles out of the way.

BC: Bogard now pulling Banks to his feet, but Banks reaches up and grabs the top of Bogard's head and drops back down using gravity to crack the Dragon's teeth together in a modified fall away jaw breaker!

TT: Johnny Lee getting back on his vertical base now as Banks attacks him while his partner Jeffrey Bogard is incapacitated. Devine and Jett with the double team now on Styles.

BC: Bogard's down, and Lee and Banks tussle in the corner trading blows! There's not gonna be anything left of these two teams left to face Degradation! The action is happening so fact in that ring I can't make heads or tails of whose who...I LOVE IT! TT: This has been an impressive display of tactics thus far, but I think the gap is narrowing, Jett now leaping onto the turnbuckle as Devine sets Styles up for the Devine Intervention...his Death Valley Driver!

BC: And as he brings the man down, his partner Jacob Jett takes off and nails a swanton on Styles. Cover by Devine.....1.........2.........3! Kevin Styles is outta here!

TT: JT Banks, the other member of Da Xtreme Dynasty alone with the Dragons as Jeffrey Bogard rises to his feet....what's this? Danielle Lopez tosses a chair into the ring and JT Banks whacks Bogard on his way up as Jacob Jett and Daryl Devine of High Concept grab Johnny Lee and send him flying into the ropes...

BC: Meanwhile, JT Banks gets a cover on Bogard.......1............2...........3! Dragon Blue is done for!

TT: Johnny Lee off the far ropes, Devine and Jett with a double clothesline attempt...NO....Lee rolls beneath them, rebounds, and then flies with arms outstretched nailing both members of High Concept!

BC: But just as Lee rolls through and turns around he gets caught up in the Guerilla Clutch! He has that tazzmission locked in tight and he tosses Lee around like a rag doll, cinching it in tighter and tighter....then tosses Lee towards the ropes...who bounces right back into Banks' waiting arms....I think he's gonna put him in a New York State of Mind Teddy....

TT: Brainbuster DDT by Banks...cover......1........2.........3! The Dragons are gone!

BC: It's down to Devine and Jett of High Concept and JT Banks from Da Xtreme Dynasty. Another numbers game.

TT: I wonder if Banks can hang on like Donovan Torigianni did earlier tonight Bobby?

BC: Well we're gonna find out! Devine locks up with Banks and they struggle, jockeying for position and then break the tie up. They reach in to tie up again, but Devine drops to a knee and uppercuts Banks right in the crotch as Jett leaps off of the top ropes grabbing Banks's head with his legs in a whirlwind hurricanrana! I love these guys Teddy!

TT: Well I don't think Banks will have the same fate as Donovan did earlier.

BC: And Banks is not waiting for an invite, as he sprints towards High Concept....Devine side steps him and Jett gets caught off guard and Banks nails him with a Lou Thez press!

TT: But Devine wastes no time coming to his partner's aide....rolling thunder by Devine....NO....Banks rolls out of the way and Devine nails Jett, Banks with a small package roll up.....1....2.....3! Jett is out!

BC: But Devine has plenty of time to take the upper hand on Banks, driving a knee into the back of Banks' head as the ref slaps the mat for the third time. Pure brutality and ring savvy on the part of Darryl Devine. He knew the momentum was in Banks favor and he needed to change the tide. That quick blow may have bought him precious moments to regain his composure.

TT: He may have waited too long, because Banks is starting to get to his feet as Danielle Lopez screams for him to get up, Devine picks up the steel chair Lopez had tossed in the ring earlier in the match and sets it up in the center of the ring. He puts him up on his shoulders...DEVINE INTERVENTION ON THE STEEL CHAIR! JT Banks just crumples to a heap!

BC: Devine hooking the leg of Banks......1....................2...........................3!!


Ring Announcer: Here are your winners, the team of "Mighty Fine" Daryl Devine and "The Amazing" Jacob Jett....HIGH CONCEPT!!

“Ha Ha High Babe” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club blares through the PA as Jett rolls back into the ring and embraces Devine as they raise their arms in victory and pose for the crowd.

TT: What a victory for High Concept and the stage is now set for Night of Champions on Halloween night! It will be Degradation versus High Concept for the CWF World Tag Team Championship!

BC: Oh man, that is gonna be insane! No doubt they’re the two best teams, that’s gonna be a war!

TT: And from top to bottom what a show it’s gonna be! There isn’t one dull match on the card…every match could be a match of the year contender!

BC: This is why the CWF is the greatest, Teddy! What an awesome time to be a part of this company, you just couldn’t find this anywhere else, not this level of competition, not this level of…well, awesomeness! The CWF is just straight up where it’s at. Plus, you couldn’t find ME anywhere else and frankly, that says it all.

TT: Right. Well in any event…as they clear the ring let’s run down what you’ll be seeing next week live from Charlotte, North Carolina! You’ve heard us talk about it for weeks…well the wait is almost over, it’s CWF Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme, and it’s coming to you live at 8:00 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central time…and I stress this folks, this is not a pay-per-view event…you can watch this for free on cable. We expect this to be the highest rated television broadcast for the CWF all year and here’s why! As we just found out, High Concept takes on Degradation for the CWF World Tag Team Championship! How about this one… “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv battles “The Ruler” Paul Blair in a two out of three falls matchup! Terry Richards will defend the CWF Unified Championship against James Baker in a Ladder Match! “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne will take on the fastest rising star in the CWF, Mariano Fernandez, in a Last Man Standing match! Sickboy will defend the CWF National Championship against his blood nemesis Chemical X in a Falls Count Anywhere match! And in the main event…get ready for this one folks…Pledge Allegiance defends the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against Magnus Thunder…and it will be Hell in a Cell!

BC: No true wrestling fan on the planet would miss this one…you’d have to be an idiot!

TT: Get your trick or treating done early, folks…you won’t want to miss one second!

BC: Are you coming in a costume, Teddy?

TT: As a matter of fact I am…

BC: I was afraid of that. Well, wear a mask at least…it’d be an upgrade.

TT: …in any event folks…up next we have Magnus Thunder going one on one with the CWF Unified Champion Terry Richards in a non-title match up! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

"Drop The Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 hits the arena as Terry Richards makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He raises the Unified Championship high above his head, displaying it for the sold out crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at one hundred eighty-six pounds. He is the CWF Unified Champion..."THE WINDY CITY MADMAN" TERRY RICHARDS!

Richards slaps the championship across his shoulder and races to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and quickly returns to his feet. Richards makes his way to the ropes, standing on the second one to once again display the Unified Championship. He hands the belt to an official on the outside as his music fades.

TT: We should take this chance to remind everyone that this is not for the Unified Championship! Regardless of tonight's outcome, Pledge Allegiance will still defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Magnus Thunder and Terry Richards will still defend the Unified Championship against James Baker!

BC: This match is so important for both men! Terry Richards is obviously the underdog here, as he is outweighed by three hundred fourteen pounds! But if he is able to get this win tonight...think of the momentum it will give him going in to the Halloween Extreme! But on the other hand...a win for Magnus over the Unified Champion here tonight would send a pretty strong statement to Pledge!

The instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type-O Negative erupts in the arena as the lights go out. The mammoth steps out to the stage, Hellbringer in hand. He raises Hellbringer in to the air. Lightning flashes, cracking against the head of Hellbringer. In the flash, a figure can be seen atop of the set.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Jotunheim, Norway! He stands seven foot five inches tall and weighs in at five hundred pounds...MAGNUS THUNDER!

TT: I don't know if you noticed, Bobby...but during that lightning flash on top of Hellbringer, if you look to the top of the set...Blood is standing up there, watching!

Magnus slowly walks to the ring, Hellbringer in hand. Magnus sets Hellbringer up against the steel steps before stepping up to the apron and over the top rope. The music fades as the lights return to normal.


TT: There's the opening bell, and this match is underway! Magnus quick to come at Richards, but Richards avoids him, quickly getting behind Magnus. Richards with a kick to Magnus' thigh...and another! Magnus turns around, and Richards connects with a hard right! Richards with another, but Magnus catches his fist!

BC: I don't think that brawling with the giant is the best method, Teddy.

TT: Magnus holds Richards by the back of the head...headbutt, and Richards falls to the mat! Richards quickly gets back up and ducks under a Magnus clothesline. Chop block by Richards!

BC: He has gotten the big man down to one knee, Teddy. But he needs to capitalize here!

Richards grabs Magnus' left arm and presses his knee against it. He falls forward, driving Magnus face first in to the mat! Richards quickly follows up as he scissor's Magnus' arm. He reaches over, underhooking Magnus' other arm for a submission!

BC: This is a submission here, Teddy! It's pretty early in the match, but I think Richards has the right idea here...end the match as quick as possible!

TT: Well Magnus is in a bad spot here. He can't use either arm for leverage! The ref checks to see if Magnus is ready to give up, but it looks like Magnus is refusing!

BC: He's trying to make it back to his knees...and he does! Magnus slowly rises back to his feet, but Richards is keeping the submission locked in! Magnus falls back, and crushes Richards beneath him!

TT: Magnus with an excellent counter to that submission! He gets back to his feet and looks down at Richards with an evil glare.

Magnus grips Richards by the skull, lifting him back to his feet. He lifts Richards in the air by the skull, but Richards gets his feet on the top rope for leverage. Richards with a right...a second right! Magnus loosens his grip as he stumbles back. Richard dives off the ropes...

TT: Richards with a flying! Magnus caught him...chokeslam! Magnus drops to a knee, placing his hand on Richards' chest for the pin!




TT: Richards gets his shoulder up! Magnus pulls Richards back up and violently thrusts him back forth in to the corner! Magnus rushes at Richards for a splash...and Richards uses his quickness to hop over the ropes to the apron!

BC: Come on, Magnus...he's a fly compared to you!

TT: Interesting analogy, Bobby. Richards grabs Magnus by the back of the head from the apron, and he drives him skull first in to the turnbuckle! Magnus stumbles back as Richards climbs to the top...missile dropkick! And Richards quickly makes the cover!




TT: Magnus kicked out! Richards sits Magnus up and quickly applies a rear chinlock!

BC: This move here, it's typically not used as a submission move as much as it's used to wear an opponent down.

TT: It's a very sound strategy from the Unified Champion, as he is obviously outweighed and outpowered in this match. The ref is checking to make sure it's not a choke as Magnus slowly tries to get back to his feet. He finally does as Richards switches to a side headlock. Magnus shoves Richards off in to the ropes, and he drops Richards with a hard shoulderblock!

BC: I wouldn't really call that a shoulderblock, Teddy. Magnus' shoulder didn't hit Richards' hit him right in the face thanks to their height difference!

TT: Either way...Magnus picks Richards back up, again forcing him in to the ropes...battering ram headbutt to Richards' chest! And Magnus again with the hand on the chest for the pin!




TT: Richards again kicks out. Magnus picks Richards back up. He brings Richards up to his shoulders in an Argentine backbreaker position...and he drops to his knees!

BC: Richards may be broken in half after that, Teddy!

Magnus lifts Richards back to his feet, pushing him back in to the corner. Magnus looks up toward Blood as he delivers a vicious back elbow to Richards. Magnus follows by burying his shoulder in to Richards' gut...and another back elbow! He pulls Richards out of the corner, lifting him to his shoulder.

TT: Magnus with a running powerslam...but Richards slips out of his grip, falling behind Magnus. Richards hits the ropes as Magnus turns around...dropkick to the knee!

BC: Magnus has dropped to a knee, and Richards nails him with a hard knee to the face...and a DDT!

TT: Magnus is lying face down on the mat, and look at this...Richards applies a hammerlock!

Richards holds the hammerlock as he comes at Magnus' arm with a knee. He springs his back legs up, still holding the hammerlock and places another knee to the arm. Richards floats over in to an armbar submission!

TT: The referee is checking on Magnus, who uses his power to get back to his feet. He grabs a hold of Richards with his free arm...side slam! And he has the cover!




TT: Richards barely gets his shoulder up! And Magnus is quick to continue the attack as he brings Richards back to his feet. Magnus with a body slam, and Richards is back on the mat. Magnus hits the far ropes...and he drops a knee to the skull on the return! He brings Richards back to his feet again, back suplex!

BC: Magnus has just taken full command in this match!

TT: If this is any sign of what we will see at Night of Champions, we're in for a huge show!

BC: Pledge and Richards are completely different people, Teddy. Pledge may be the underdog next week, but he at least sizes up to Magnus better!

TT: Richards is starting to get back up...SPEAR!!! Magnus drills him with the spear and makes the cover!




TT: Richards was too close to the ropes!

BC: Barely got his foot on the rope to stop that count!

TT: Magnus grips Richards by the throat, lifting him high in to the air for a chokeslam...but Richards kicks him in the chest! Richards plants a foot on Magnus' shoulder, allowing him to kick off...and he catches Magnus with a dropkick to the face from it! Magnus stumbles back, falling in to the ropes. Richards rushes at Magnus, and he slides under his legs, out of the ring!

BC: Ha! Magnus just got duped!

TT: Richards pulls Magnus' legs, bringing the big redwood to the mat! Richards climbs on to the apron as Magnus starts to get to all fours. Richards slingshots...legdrop on the back of the neck! And he rolls Magnus over for the cover!




TT: Magnus gets the shoulder up! Richards gets back to his feet as Magnus makes it to one knee. Richards with a spinwheel kick, and Magnus is back down! Richards pulls Magnus to the ropes, draping his back across the ropes,

Richards steps out to the apron. He takes a running start...knee drop to Magnus' skull! Richards gets back on to the apron, and climbs to the top rope as Magnus rolls his body in to the ring. Richards off the top...legdrop...NO! Magnus rolled out of the way!

TT: Richards had a good string of offense there, but he made that one high risk manuever that didn't pay off! And Magnus is slowly getting back to his feet. Magnus brings Richards up to his shoulder, again looking for the running powerslam...and he nails it!

Magnus glances up at Blood for a second. He reaches down, picking Richards back up. Magnus drags Richards to the corner. He lifts him in to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. He repositions Richards legs before climbing to the top, lifting Richards to a standing position.

TT: Magnus has Richards set up on the top rope, and I think he's getting ready for the Downburst!

BC: Man, a devastating overhead belly to belly suplex from the top...if he hits that, Richards is done!

TT: Magnus has the waist lock...NO! Richards with a great counter, as he has swept Magnus' legs, crotching him on the top rope!

BC: Well, he's got the big man's he going to follow up?!

TT: You've got to be kidding me, Bobby! It looks like Richards is going to attempt the Shock Turn from the top rope! He has Magnus set up...and HE NAILS IT! SHOCKTURN FROM THE TOP! He has Magnus pinned!




TT: It wasn't enough!

BC: Yeah, but Magnus didn't really kick out! His body is so big, that Richards couldn't hold the leg down like he normally does without Magnus' shoulders coming off the mat!

TT: Very true. Magnus barely slipped out of that one!

Richards looks at the ref in disbelief. He rolls out of the ring and begins looking under the apron as Magnus slowly gets back up. Magnus makes his way to the ropes, reaching over to grab Richards...THWACK! Richards drives a steel chair right in to Magnus' throat! Magnus stumbles back, slightly dazed as Richards rolls in to the ring with the chair...THWACK! Another shot, this time across the skull, and Magnus is down to one knee!

TT: I think Richards has found the great equalizer, Bobby! I don't believe this match was no disqualifications, but this is martial law!

BC: That's a good thing for Richards. He needs something to help him put away this mammoth!

TT: Richards drops the chair...SUPERKICK!!! NO!!! Magnus caught his foot! Magnus returns to his feet and grips Richards' throat with his free hand! He lifts Richards high in to the air...Richards is struggling! Richards with a knee to the jaw...and a second...head scissors by Richards, and he drops Magnus chest first across the top rope!

BC: It seems like every time that Magnus is about to hit a power move, Richards finds a way to counter it!

Richards runs at the far ropes, building up momentum. He runs full speed at Magnus, leapfrogging...and lands right on the back of Magnus before landing on the floor outside! Magnus stumbles back in pain as Richards climbs back on to the apron. Richards makes his way to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He dives off...DDT!!! Richards quickly makes the cover, hooking the leg the best he can!




BC: NO! Magnus again kicks out!

TT: You can see the frustration on Richards' face. He has pulled out everything in his arsenal, and yet, Magnus still finds a way to keep this match going!

BC: You have to give credit to Richards whether he wins or loses today. He has put on an unbelievable show, Teddy!

TT: Richards again looks like he's going to the top rope!

Richards begins to climb the corner, trying his best to hold his balance. Exhaustion has kicked in. Magnus is back to his feet as Richards makes it to the top...and Magnus sweeps the legs, dropping Richards to a seated position on the top turnbuckle! Magnus begins to climb the turnbuckles. He pulls Richards up, putting him in position for a powerbomb!

TT: This is not good, Bobby! Magnus lifts Richards up for the powerbomb, but Richards is fighting it, laying in hard rights to Magnus' skull! Richards lifts his body, allowing him to fall behind Magnus in the ring! WAIT! Richards is positioning himself below Magnus, possibly looking for a powerbomb of his own!

BC: This is what I'm talking about, Teddy! Magnus gets ready to hit a big move, and Richards finds a way out of it!

TT: Richards with all of his strength...POWERBOMB!!! And he holds the position for the cover!!!




TT: The referee stopped the count, as Richards had his legs on the ropes for leverage!

BC: That might have cost him there! I don't think he needed the extra leverage for the pin, but because the referee saw the feet on the ropes, he decided to stop the count!

TT: Richards is arguing with the referee as Magnus slowly gets back to his feet. Richards boots Magnus is the gut...and it looks like he's going for the Shock Turn again!

BC: Does he really think he can hit Magnus with this from the ground?!

TT: He has Magnus ready for it...but Magnus won't budge! Magnus forces Richards off of him as he shoves Richards in to the ropes...DECAPITATING LARIAT!!!

BC: He just turned Richards inside out with that one!

TT: Magnus looks irate as he picks Richards up. He lifts Richards in the air and tosses him hard in to the corner! Magnus follows in for the splash, but Richards moves out of the way in the nick of time! Richards rushes at Magnus as Magnus turns around...BIG BOOT...and Richards is down!

BC: He has awoken the giant, Teddy!

TT: Magnus brings Richards back to his feet and drags him to the center of the ring. He lifts Richards up for a powerbomb...possibly looking for the Thunderstorm! Richards again tries defending himself as he delivers a hard right to the skull! Richards squirms away, falling behind Magnus!

BC: Counter after counter from the Unified Champion!

TT: Richards leaps to the top rope, quickly diving from the rope, spinning around in mid-air as Magnus turns...NO! Magnus caught him in air with a double throat grip...POWERBOMB!!! He grabs Richards' wrists to pull him back up...POWERBOMB...he pulls him up again...THUNDERSTORM!!! And the referee is in position for the count!!!




TT: Magnus rolled off of the pin!

BC: What is he thinking?! He had the match won!

Magnus grabs Richards' right leg, draping across the back of his neck. He positions Richards to use his weight on Richards' back!

TT: This submission hold, commonly called a Stretch Muffler is a devastating move! BC: Richards isn't moving, and the referee raises his arm...and it drops! The ref is calling for the bell! IT’S OVER!

TT: Magnus is rolling in to Night Of Champions after an impressive match here tonight!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus finally releases the hold. He quickly gets back to his feet, pulling Richards up. He delivers another vicious lariat, knocking Richards back to the mat. The referee tries getting Magnus to stop, but Magnus shoves him, knocking him straight out of the ring! Magnus pulls Richards up one more time, driving him back to the mat with a chokeslam!

TT: Okay, Magnus…you got the win! We get it! We get it! Somebody needs to stop this! Magnus is sending a message to Pledge Allegiance! He's telling him this is what you can expect at Night of Champions!

Magnus makes his way to the corner, grabbing Hellbringer from near the steel steps. Magnus returns to Richards, crouching down near him. He looks angered as he picks Richards back up, bringing him to the ropes. Magnus ties Richards up in the ropes as he readies Hellbringer.

BC: Poor Terry Richards! He's in the wrong place…at the wrong time!

TT: What? What's this?

Pledge Allegiance hops the ring barrier with a barbed wire baseball bat and slides under the bottom rope. He comes up behind Magnus, get's his attention and crushes him in the ribs with the bat! Magnus hunches over in pain as Pledge gets behind him. Pledge hits Magnus in the back of the legs, forcing the big man to his knees. He grates the barbed wire on Magnus' forehead, busting him wide open.

BC: Pledge just swung for the fences and brought the big man down! He's made Magnus bleed like a mere mortal! He's wearing a goofy viking hat? Who does he think he is? Thor?

TT: That's definitely payback for what he did to Pledge last week! Turnabout is fair play in this business!

Magnus wipes the crimson mask from his face and his anger builds up. Pledge sees this and takes off. He goes to the Timekeeper's table and grabs a microphone.

Pledge Allegiance: Hey Magnus, let me introduce you to my little friend…Asswhoopbringer! See you next week!

Magnus Thunder seethes in the ring as Pledge makes his way up the aisle. Blood pouring down Magnus Thunder’s face. TT: My God this is getting out of control! Don’t go anywhere fans…we’ll be right back with the main event!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…and coming up next…this is it, our main event of the evening…

BC: And once again, put the kids to bed, because this is gonna be violent!

TT: Absolutely…and before we get started, let me just remind our fans around the globe that starting the week after Night of Champions 3: The Halloween Extreme, the CWF will begin its 2009 World Tour! Our next Showdown broadcast on November 7 will come to you live from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

BC: Yeah, wonderful. South America. Hope everyone’s ready for a rectal search at the airport.

TT: Would you stop…it’s going to be an amazing experience and we are expecting in excess of 70,000 fans in Argentina! It will be the first time in history the CWF hosts an event in Argentina! These are going to be huge shows! And the week after that…we’re headed for the 02 Arena in London, England!

BC: Land of crooked teeth and bland food…deeeelish.

TT: The World Tour will make stops in Sweden, Norway, Australia – which will host November’s Battle to Survive pay-per-view – and I’m pleased to announce that rather than fly back across the Atlantic…we’ll be coming back the other way and making more stops on the other side of the world! We’ll be in Japan, Russia, and the tour will conclude in Spain before we head home to prepare for the holidays!

BC: This is gonna suck.

TT: It’s going to be the experience of a lifetime as the CWF comes to eight different countries beginning the week after The Halloween Extreme!

BC: Well I’ll tell you one thing…those trips can take a lot out of a man. Being away from your family for that long, being in foreign countries…it can start to screw with your mind, so this trip could definitely separate the men from the boys!

TT: Indeed, and it’s time for the main event…let’s head to ringside!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following six man tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…at a total combined weight of 727 pounds…the team of CHEMICAL X, PAUL BLAIR, and MARIANO FERNANDEZ!

The crowd roars as Chemical X, Paul Blair, and Mariano Fernandez come out together in a symbol of unity. X and Blair walk down the aisle while Mariano stands at the entrance way looking out at the sea of fans. He runs down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope as X and Blair climb into the ring. The three of them raise their arms together to another pop from the crowd.

TT: They are united and this could be a tough night for the Horsemen!

BC: Don’t bet on it, Teddy.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents….at a total combined weight of 728 pounds…the team of BOB OSBOURNE, the CWF National Champion SICKBOY, and “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits and Rob Osbourne, Sickboy, and Bob Osbourne come through the curtain to a chorus of loud boos. Walking behind them are the two other Horsemen members, CWF Unified Champion Terry Richards, and “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv.

TT: Wait a minute…what are THEY doing out here?!

BC: They’ve just come for a closer look!

TT: Give me a break!

Every member of the Horsemen walks down the aisle. Rob Osbourne, Sickboy, and Bob Osbourne climb into the ring while Roland Ulv and Terry Richards stand in their corner outside the ring.

Suddenly, the crowd comes unglued as Pledge Allegiance emerges from behind the curtain!

TT: And here comes Pledge Allegiance!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Pledge Allegiance taking a spot in Revelation’s corner and they may still be outnumbered by the odds are even with the CWF World Heavyweight Champion out here!

Pledge works the crowd as the Horsemen seethe in their corner.

The Horsemen send Bob Osbourne in to start things off against Paul Blair.


TT: Here we go and it’s Bob Osbourne and Paul Blair kicking this thing off…

BC: These two don’t like each other…

TT: Absolutely not, Bob Osbourne defeated Blair at Summer Smash and Blair hasn’t been the same since…but Revelation seems to have given him a kick in the pants and maybe we’ll see the Paul Blair here tonight that earned him a spot in the CWF Hall of Fame!

Bob and Blair lock up in the center of the ring. Bob grabs Blair in a headlock…Blair fights over to the ropes and shoves Bob off, whipping him to the opposite side…Bob on the rebound…Blair with a back body drop! Blair pulls Bob up to his feet…European uppercut sends the CWF’s first second generation star staggering back into the corner. Blair with a knife edged chop! And another! And another! Blair grabs him and whips him to the opposite corner…and Bob hits the turnbuckle with authority and bounces back out to the center of the ring…Blair with a flying forearm and Bob goes down!

BC: Woo woo! Paul Blair is back, baby! This is fair to Blair if ever there was such a thing as fair!

TT: Bob Osbourne perhaps underestimating the ability of Blair after showing him up on the several occasions they’ve met in the ring and Blair is firmly in control!

Blair pulls him up…backbreaker! And Bob Osbourne in big trouble! Nitemare reaching for the tag but Bob is nowhere near him and Blair mockingly holds out Bob’s hand for Nitemare…prompting both Nitemare and Sickboy to enter the ring. The referee cuts them off and as his back is turned, Blair chokes out Bob and fish hooks him.

TT: There’s vintage Paul Blair, good for nothing evil tricks and the Ruler has come to fight tonight!

As the ref turns around, Blair pulls Bob back to his feet and whips him to the ropes…leapfrog over Bob…Bob comes back again…he ducks a clothesline…Blair now running to the opposite end…criss cross…. Blair up and goes for a back body drop, but Bob catches him with his head down and boots him in the chops…Blair staggers back…Bob runs at him…flying head scissors! Blair rolls to the mat and gets back to his feet…he charges at Bob…Bob drops back with a hip toss! Blair up again and Bob with a Mexican arm drag! Again Blair to his feet and Bob with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker…no, Blair lands on his feet on the whirl and Bob turns around…BLAIRKICK! He nailed him! But Bob drops in his corner and Sickboy makes the tag!

TT: Bob Osbourne caught a lucky break there landing in his own corner and now it’s Sickboy as the legal man!

BC: And look! Blair is asking the crowd if they want Chemical X!

The crowd roars as Blair tags in Chemical X!


BC: Woooo!

X dives onto Sickboy and unloads with a flurry of right hands! Sickboy spins him over and delivers a series of blows of his own! Both men pummeling each other, fists flying everywhere and it’s Chemical X with the upperhand!

TT: My God, I haven’t seen a hatred between two men like this since Maniac and Jimmy Blast…

BC: And on Halloween night, it’s Falls Count Anywhere, Teddy! They could end up back here in Saskatoon if they wanted to!

TT: Well one thing is damn clear, the ring sure as hell can’t contain them so Falls Count Anywhere is probably the perfect stipulation!

X shoves him into the corner and unloads with a barrage of punches to the body! Sickboy riddled with fists of fury and X whips him to the opposite corner. Sickboy slumps against the turnbuckle and Chemical X charges in…avalanche! Sickboy on dream street, out on his feet on spaghetti legs and Chemical X to the second turnbuckle…and he dives off and grabs Sickboy’s hair, slamming him face first to the mat! Chemical X a house of fire and he pounds his chest for the raucous crowd!

X pulls Sickboy up…Sickboy elbows him in the gut as he does…X hunched over and Sickboy off the ropes…dropkick squarely to the chin and you can hear the clap echo through the arena on the direct hit! X goes down…Sickboy leaps onto the second rope…springboard moonsault onto X and a cover!



Broken up by Mariano!

Sickboy attacks Mariano now and shoves him back into his own corner…the ref forces Mariano out and Sickboy turns around…X blind sides him with a clothesline! Sickboy didn’t see him coming and X ran over him like a freight train, and now X drags Sickboy into his corner and tags out to Mariano Fernandez!

BC: Oh, yay. Here comes the wonder boy.

TT: I absolutely can’t wait to see Chemical X and Sickboy settle the score next week but here comes Mariano Fernandez in to take over!

BC: And it was Sickboy who beat Mariano for the CWF National title at Fall Fever about a month ago!

TT: Indeed and this is the first time they’ve been in the ring together since!

X and Mariano each grab one of Sickboy’s legs and rip them in opposite directions!

TT: Ouch! Make a wish and I bet Sickboy is wishing that never happened!

Mariano pulls him up and takes him right back down with a dragonwhip! Sickboy’s leg hurting now and Mariano drags him back to his feet and whips him to the ropes…drop toe hold! Sickboy on his hands and knees trying to get back to his feet…Mariano runs to the corner and scales the turnbuckle…and leaps off onto Sickboy with a high cross body! But the momentum takes Sickboy over on top of Mariano and he makes a cover!

TT: Sickboy has the cover!




TT: Nitemare is chomping at the bit over in his corner to get his hands on Mariano but Mariano is quickly back in control of Sickboy here…

BC: Come on, Sickboy! I wanna see this!

Mariano with an irish whip to the ropes…Sickboy slides under his legs…Mariano turns around…Sickboy lifts him up…flapjack! And Mariano goes down! Sickboy to his feet and shakes out the cobwebs…and BLINDSIDES CHEMICAL X ON THE APRON! Sickboy superkicks Chemical X out of nowhere and X goes down! Sickboy tags out to Rob Osbourne! And Chemical X slumped over the Spanish announce table…Sickboy runs to the ropes…leaps onto the top rope…and FLIES OFF, BULLDOG ON CHEMICAL X THROUGH THE TABLE!



As referees swarm the ringside area trying to pull Sickboy and Chemical X out of the wreckage, Nitemare tackles Mariano in the ring and unloads with fists of fury into Mariano’s skull…Mariano fights him off and kicks him in the gut…gourdbuster! Nitemare clutching his ribs and Mariano to the top rope…FIREBIRD SPLASH! No! Nitemare gets his knees up and Mariano lands on them ribs first!

TT: Mariano went to the well a little too early there and Nitemare makes him pay!

BC: Did you see the velocity Mariano was coming down at?

TT: Indeed, and what a move that would have been if he’d connected but nonetheless, Nitemare in control now!

Nitemare pulls him up and has him up high in the air…stalling brainbuster! Mariano sits up on impact, his eyes glazed over, and then drops back to the mat. Nitemare immediately makes the cover.




TT: And Mariano reminding us all of his warrior spirit! Osbourne will be hard pressed to keep him down for a ten count on Halloween night next Saturday at Night of Champions!

Osbourne pulls him up and shoves him into the corner…and he drives a knee into the gut! And again! And again! Nitemare sits him on the top rope…and he goes up top to meet him…FRANKENSTEINER! He nails it and Mariano hits the mat with authority! Nitemare with another cover!




Nitemare wastes no time and pulls him right back up…he pulls him in…BADD DREAM! NO! Mariano grabs the ropes and blocks it! Nitemare sends himself back to the mat and knocks the wind out of himself…Mariano with a burst of energy…Osbourne getting to his feet… flying shoulder block! Nitemare down! Mariano down! And on the outside, Chemical X and Sickboy are pulled apart by officials! Chemical X busted open and Pledge helping him up onto the apron! Mariano slowly crawling over to his corner, Blair holding out his hand…AND MAKES THE TAG! Blair in! Osbourne to his feet and Blair a house of fire!

BC: Woo! Go Blair!

TT: Blair is definitely back and Roland Ulv on the outside looking a little nervous!

As Blair explodes with a flurry of offense on Nitemare in the ring, Roland Ulv gulps noticeably on the outside and yells at the referee that he’s pulling Nitemare’s hair. The referee ignores him and Roland starts screaming at him in Swedish.

RRU: Han ryckt hans hår! HAN RYCKT HANS HÅR DU Dåre!

Blair whips Nitemare to the ropes…back body drop! Roland Ulv is on the apron screaming at Blair!

RRU: Din mangla tillfällighet på Lördagen! Jag vill förstöra du!

TT: What is he going on about?!

BC: I don’t know but Blair’s heard enough!

Blair rocks Ulv with a forearm to the jaw! Roland drops from the apron! Sickboy in now and Blair ducks his clothesline…Chemical X in the ring now and drops Sickboy from behind with a clubbing forearm to the neck! Blair leaps over the top rope.....and lands on Roland Ulv! Blair and Ulv going at it on the outside and Terry Richards! Terry Richards nails Blair from behind with the Unified title…and here comes JAMES BAKER!

TT: My God! It’s chaos out here and this building has come unglued!

BC: Ahhh!

Baker and Richards brawl around ringside and Pledge Allegiance races around to join them! Pledge jumps on Richards and gives Baker the upper hand, and then nails Ulv from behind with the CWF World title! MAGNUS THUNDER! Here comes Magnus Thunder!

TT: And here we go! Magnus Thunder no doubt coming out for revenge on Pledge for the post match attack earlier tonight!

Magnus hasn’t bothered to bandage his wounds from Pledge’s attack, and instead the dried, crusted blood remains exposed on his forehead. Pledge and Ulv both see him…Ulv desperately crawls under the ring while Pledge meets him head on! Pledge and Magnus brawling! Blair climbs back into the ring…and wait a minute, Richards tosses Sickboy the Unified title! But Chemical X intercepts it! Sickboy and Chemical X fighting over the Unified title in a tug of war and Chemical X wins! OH! But the momentum carries the belt back and NAILS Blair in the face! Chemical X nails Blair with the title inadvertently and Sickboy dropkicks X out of the ring! Bob Osbourne on the top rope, look out! OSBOURNE SAULT! Nitemare beaming proudly as Bob makes a cover!





TT: Bob Osbourne has pinned Paul Blair again! But this time it was in no small part due to an accident!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners…SICKBOY, “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE, and BOB OSBOURNE!

BC: Nitemare is so proud of his boy! But that wasn’t fair to Blair!

TT: And here comes MARIANO!


Mariano dives on Nitemare and starts throwing wild punches…Bob breaks him off but Mariano tosses him over the top rope! Mariano and Nitemare going at it in the ring! Chemical X and Sickboy brawling through the crowd! Pledge and Magnus brawling up the aisle! James Baker and Terry Richards brawling around ringside and security and officials swarm the arena in vein as they attempt to control it!


BC: Let’s get outta here! Ahhh!

As security and officials flood in from the back, the brawls continue.

Fade to black.

Until next time….