Last week, Mariano Fernandez defied the odds in front of friends and family and 70,000+ fans in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, defeating Magnus Thunder via count out with some unexpected help from Blood, thus qualifying for a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at Battle to Survive.

Tonight, live from London, England, the CWF World Tour continues as Mariano Fernandez battles Blood in the main event!

This is the CWF…

This is the first European stop on the World Tour…

This is…

Fade in to a sold out 02 Arena in London, England. 25,000+ fans jam pack the facility to capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot up the aisle, exploding over the ring. The fans are electric. The usual Showdown set up, except the United Kingdom flag serves as a backdrop. Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the 02 Arena! Welcome to London, England! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…. the 2009 World Tour continues this week and tonight, what a main event…Mariano Fernandez takes on Blood in what will surely be interesting after the events that transpired last week!

BC: Well it’s great to be out of that hell hole known as Argentina…I was on the first flight out of there after the show on Saturday night, and after spending the week in Toronto, I flew over here on Thursday and let me tell you, the food is even worse here than it was last week! My God these people are bland. And don’t they have dentists here? Nice teeth, here in Britland.

TT: Hey Bobby?

BC: Yeah? What?

TT: The main event…

BC: Oh, right. Mariano, for the second week in a row, is up against a CWF stalwart. Blood may not have the size and strength of Magnus Thunder, but I’ll tell you what, he’s just as dangerous. He is a vile, twisted man and Mariano had damn well better be ready to go to war…the pay-per-view may be called Battle to Survive, but I’ll tell you something…Mariano will be in a battle to survive here tonight!

TT: Absolutely, and in our two international stops thus far on the World Tour, we’ve learned what a huge international star Mariano Fernandez has become! These fans are solidly behind the young up and comer.

BC: And now you know why England fell, Teddy. These people aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack.

TT: You’re truly an idiot, Bobby. But nonetheless, also tonight, what a show we have lined up…Bob Osbourne battles James Baker for the CWF Unified Championship in a title shot he earned last week, defeating the controversial Terry Richards…

BC: Here’s the deal with Terry Richards, Teddy. Yeah, I know I lost the bet a few weeks back, blah blah blah…this guy has a big mouth and delusions of grandeur. He’s been crashing back down to earth the past few weeks but it’s been a long way down, this kid thought he was destined for superstardom and turns out, he’s pretty damn average without the Horsemen behind him.

TT: Well we’ll find that out tonight as well as Terry Richards battles the Horsemen’s muscle, “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv!

BC: I just hope Roland Ulv didn’t eat anything here. After last week I don’t think he trusts any of this international cuisine.

TT: Give me a break. Roland will be happy to know that next week we’re broadcasting live from his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden!

BC: Ohhh I can’t wait, Teddy! It’s gonna be awesome! What a magnificent country!

TT: …yeah. And the following week we’ll be headed to Sydney, Australia for Battle to Survive…we’re just two weeks away!

BC: Yeah yeah, then we have to come all the way back…Japan, Norway, Spain…I can’t wait for this to be done with!

TT: In any event, also tonight, Chemical X and Sickboy will actually be a team tonight! That is gonna be a weird thing to see but they will take on The Richards Legion here tonight!

BC: Man, the Horsemen are burying Richards from all fronts!

TT: And in addition, the hometown boy, Jimmy Johnston, will go up against Enrique Lopez and, get this…Israel Steele…in a three way dance!

BC: Well hey, let’s be honest…as bright as Mariano Fernandez’s star is shining right now…Jimmy Johnston is undefeated!

TT: Indeed he is and he’ll look to continue that undefeated streak tonight in front of friends and family….folks, I’m getting word that something is going down backstage with Terry Richards…let’s get a camera back there!

BC: Wow, already? We’re not wasting any time tonight!

Cut backstage into the backstage area where James Baker is warming up for his match up while all of the members of Da Xtreme Dynasty look on while they do their own thing. Just as James is finishing warming up, all of the members of The Richards Legion walk into the locker room area and everybody gets into a fighting stance. Terry steps ahead of Alex and Chris, with a serious face, replacing the usual confident smirk.

James Baker: What do you want Richards?

Terry Richards: Settle down, Baker. I don’t want a rematch from that “Calgary Assault All Out Brawl.”

James Baker: Then why in the hell are you guys here then?

Chris steps forward and speaks out.

Chris Richards: We’re here for a deal.

James Baker: Should I trust you or not?

This time, Alex steps forward.

Alex Richards: Easy, big guy, we both hate The Horsemen, each man for different reasons. So we came out with this idea.

James Baker: Ok, spit the sh*t out then.

Terry Richards: Once in our lives, we would fight in the same side. Once in our lives, we’d get together for one cause…destroying the Horsemen. Here’s the thing. I’ll do my best in preventing Bob Osbourne from taking away that belt from you. I want my rematch AGAINST you, not against some incestuous pisshead. We’ll do ANYTHING to prevent the Horsemen from getting this title. I want to teach them a lesson… They had one of the best Unified Champions possible, and they wasted their shot. So, they’re going to learn, as long as I am alive, there’s absolutely no way they’ll get that title back.

James Baker: If I do go along with this deal, then what do you want in return exactly cause I know that there's a motive behind all this?

Terry Richards: See, that’s the thing. This is basically pure revenge, but we’d want our reward. Think about it… Battle to Survive. In one corner, Terry Richards, the maniac, seeking his title back. In the other corner, James Baker, the courageous champion, trying to keep his gold around his waist. Unified Championship. No Horsemen out there to fuck the match. Just you and me, one on one, to see if I’m worthy of that title or not. Whaddaya say?

James Baker: I'll accept your proposal under one condition and one condition only.

Terry Richards: Go ahead.

James Baker: If you even think about stabbin' me in the back at any point and time then not only is the deal between us off of the table, but you also will be gettin' your ass beaten and that also goes for your brothers as well. Got it?

Terry Richards: As soon as The Doubtful Alliance lives, we’ll backstab you either when pigs fly or you backstab us first. It’s up to you.

James Baker: We got a deal.

James and Terry then shake hands. James then pulls Terry closer.

James Baker: Remember if you stab me in the back out there then you will live to regret that decision for a long, long time to come and I will hurt you and your family very badly, Believe that.

Terry grabs James’ t-shirt and gets in his face.

Terry Richards: Don’t talk too much, James… I’ve decimated Malik James with barbed-wire, our family has destroyed your crew, and there’s always a Mischievous One blinking from the sky that can be called whenever needed.

James Baker: I thought he betrayed you.

Terry Richards: I’m not sure yet. There is no evidence.

James Baker: Fine then. The Doubtful Alliance has come to life.

James and his crew then walk away leaving The Richards Legion smiling in full approval.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Wow…well apparently Richards and Baker have forged an alliance to combat the Horsemen!

BC: That could turn out to be a smart move, Teddy! For once Terry Richards made a smart decision!

TT: Well hold on a minute…there’s more action backstage…we’ve got a camera on…Danielle Lopez? Oh no…

Cut backstage. Danielle Lopez is seen walking towards "The Xtreme Dynasty's" Locker room. Suddenly, Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti appears from behind her wearing a black surgical mask over his face holding a damp cloth in his right hand. Just as Danielle reaches for the door X grabs the lighter Danielle and covers her mouth with the rag and pulls her back. She begins to struggle.

Chemical X: Shhhhhhhhhh, it’s too late for you, Danielle!

X begins to drag her away from the door as she slowly begins to fade out of consciousness. X drags her around a corner as she slumps to the floor. X drops her on the ground and Matthew Scarletti rushes around to Chemical X pushing a shopping cart.

Matthew: I thought she'd put up more of a fight.

Chemical X: She's a Mex-i-cant Matthew, not Italian... if she was Italian I'd be worried.

X lays her in the shopping cart and he and his brother begin to run towards the parking lot. In the parking lot, preparing to take off is a small leased sightseeing helicopter. Matthew loads Danielle into the helicopter and then looks to his brother.

Chemical X: That chloroform should keep her down for about two hours. Don't mess this up little brother!

Matthew: You can count on me.

Matthew climbs in the helicopter and it quickly takes off, as X makes his way back into the arena.

TT: Oh God…oh God! Danielle Lopez is in extreme danger and that crazy bastard Chemical X is at it again!

BC: Ha! And James Baker has to come out here and defend the Unified Championship against Bob Osbourne later tonight!

TT: This is a horrible situation, when James Baker finds out what’s going on he’s going to flip his lid…

BC: That’s why you have to keep your woman on a leash, Teddy! When they wander off on their own it’s ALWAYS trouble, every time, guaranteed!

TT: …well now we know why you’re single.

BC: Ain’t no woman holding ME down!

TT: In any event folks, we have to move on and in our first matchup of the evening, we are going to see the CWF debut of the highly regarded “Heart Throb” Chris Chandler.

BC: Yeah can you believe the CWF paid for Kyle Sync’s plane ticket to fly all the way over to the UK to get his ass kicked?

TT: I heard it was a one way ticket. Nonetheless, let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring…weighing in at…well who cares, really? KYLE SYNC!


Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Los Angeles, California…weighing in at 220 pounds… “THE HEART THROB” CHRIS CHANDLER!

“Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga hits and Chris Chandler flips open the curtain and struts down the aisle, showing off his body to a few female…and male, fans along the way. He hops over the top rope and into the ring.

BC: I like this guy! Finally the CWF hires someone who’s almost as good looking as me!

TT: Uh, Bobby?

BC: Yeah?

TT: Just…be careful because you know he’s…uh…well never mind, it might be more fun for you to learn this on your own.

BC: Huh?


Kyle Sync steps into the center of the ring and looks Chris Chandler up and down. Chandler flexes and poses and stick out his hips as Sync admires his body. Sync looks impressed…TOO impressed. Chandler slowly inches his way towards him and flexes his back muscles…but Sync has eyes for something a little…lower. Chandler flexes his buttocks and Sync waves the air away in front of his face like it’s getting hot in here. He reaches out…and pinches Chandler in the ass. Chandler jumps and teasingly retreats back to his corner, wagging his finger at Sync.

Chris Chandler: Looking’s for free, but touching is gonna cost ya!

BC: Oh…he’s…

TT: Bingo.

Sync gets down on all fours and crawls towards Chandler, trying to be sexy. Chandler lures him in…Sync gets back to his feet, a loving gaze in his eyes…Chandler backs him into the corner and runs his hand down his chest. He tells Sync to close his eyes. Sync obliges. Chandler flexes for the crowd, steps in towards Sync…SNAPSHOT!

BC: Ha!

TT: Chris Chandler just took Kyle Sync’s head off with that Superkick that he calls The Snapshot and Sync is broken hearted and out like a damn light!

Chris Chandler mockingly blows a kiss at Sync and makes the cover!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE HEART THROB” CHRIS CHANDLER!

“Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga hits and Chris Chandler smiles and demands the referee raise his arm in victory. He does. Chandler struts back down the aisle.

TT: Well that was…different.

BC: Yes, different.

TT: And we learned something new about Kyle Sync tonight.

BC: I think it was more or less confirming what we already knew.

TT: Well…anyway. We have to take our first commercial break of the evening, folks…don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back with more CWF action!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, folks…and we have some unfortunate news. Ladies and gentlemen, last night, we were informed of a plane crash somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. We do know that the former three-time CWF World Champion and Hall of Famer, Pledge Allegiance was among the passengers on board. As of airtime tonight, survivors have yet to be located. Tonight, live via satellite, from the crash command center in Miami, Florida, we have comments from Pledge's longtime girlfriend, the First Lady of the CWF, the lovely Trixie Lee.

Split screen.

TT: Trixie, first, I want to tell you that you and Pledge are in the thoughts of everyone here in the CWF.

Trixie Lee: Thank you very much, Teddy.

TT: What's the latest? What, if any, new information, do you have for us? What happened, exactly?

Trixie Lee: Wednesday evening, Pledge took the 8:05 PM flight out of JFK for Nassau, Bahamas. He was going on a humanitarian mission for The Pledge Allegiance Foundation to help build a school down there. Apparently, the air traffic control tower here at Miami International Airport received a distress call from the cockpit saying that they were losing altitude, probably due to engine failure.

BC: Oooh, dirty…she said cockpit!

TT: Don't you even start!

Trixie starts to sob.

TT: If you can, Trixie, go on.

Trixie Lee: So, the best that they can surmise, Pledge's plane went down somewhere 35 miles southeast off the coast of Florida. The Navy and The Coast Guard are diligently searching the water for signs of the wreckage...even survivors. The Coast Guard says that the first 48 hours after an air to sea accident are critical. Fortunately, they landed in warm water. Survival is possible if someone managed to latch onto a piece of the wreckage. But after 48 hours, that window is closing quickly Teddy, so please, say your prayers. You see, after 48 hours, dehydration will start to set in. Not to mention, overexposure to the elements could cause hallucinations. Those two factors, plus no food, would make it unlikely to find any survivors after that window closes.

TT: This is all unbelievable.

Trixie Lee: Tell me about it Teddy. This feels like a bad dream. Every time my phone rings, I expect it to be Pledge.

TT: Trixie, on behalf of all of us here at The CWF, I would like to extend our thoughts and prayers…

BC: Speak for yourself!

TT: Ugh, on behalf of everyone here, you’re in our prayers. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Trixie Lee: Pledge…please come home! Please…come home!

Trixie begins to cry and unclips her microphone and leaves the interview area.

TT: Again, Bobby, this is so surreal. We’re going to keep tabs on this story as it develops. Let’s hope and pray for a happy ending!

BC: You know there’s sharks out there, Teddy!

TT: You are a sad little man…for God’s sake, Pledge has meant so much to this company and its fans, have some damn respect!

BC: It’s this damn English food, Teddy! I’m all grumpy because I haven’t eaten well for so long…

TT: Give me a break. Nonetheless fans, the show must go on…and how many times have we said that over the past few weeks? The show must go on, and it will…up next we have a three way dance, and I’ve been looking forward to this all week long! Three of the CWF’s newest crop of rookies will enter the ring and there is some bad blood brewing between them…

BC: Israel Steele wants at Jimmy Johnston in the worst way, and the bad news for Jimmy Johnston is after their match last week, Steele and Enrique Lopez have seemingly formed an alliance! But you know what? I have faith in Jimmy Johnston, Teddy! I like this kid, and he’s in his hometown here tonight…surely he’ll get a homecoming welcome like Mariano Fernandez did last week in Argentina!

TT: Well…somehow I doubt that, but let’s find out…let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match...and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

"Tom Sawyer" by Rush hits the arena as Israel Steele steps out to the entrance stage. He looks around at the sold out crowd and slowly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: From Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina. He weighs in at three hundred five pounds...ISRAEL STEELE!

Steele makes his way to the apron. He climbs up and steps over the top rope to enter the ring. He stands in the center of the ring and instantly focuses on the entrance as his music fades out.

TT: It looks like Steele is focused tonight, Bobby!

BC: Indeed!

"The Anthem" by Pitbull and Lil' Jon hits the arena as the crowd begins to cheer. Lopez steps out to the entrance with Danielle. He looks at his opponent in the ring and whispers to Danielle. She makes her way to the back as Lopez makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from San Jose, California! He weighs in at one hundred seventy one pounds...ENRIQUE LOPEZ!

Lopez climbs on to the apron and enters the ring. The crowd continues to cheer as his music fades out.

BC: Lopez sent Danielle to the back. You'd have to believe that he didn't want her out here because of the two opponents that easily oversize him!

TT: I'd want to keep her out of danger's way too if I were him!

Mozart's Piano Sonata plays throughout the arena as the crowd erupts in deafening cheers. Jimmy Johnston steps out to the entrance, bowing for his hometown crowd. He gives a smirk as he takes a glimpse at the crowd before continuing down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...hailing from London, England! He weighs in at two hundred fifty seven pounds..."DOUBLE J" JIMMY JOHNSTON!

Johnston reaches the ring. He makes his way to the steps, using them to get to the apron. He steps in to the ring and bows one more time for his hometown crowd as the music fades.

BC: This crowd loves Double J!

TT: Why wouldn't they? He's from right here in London, England! And he definitely looks ready for this match tonight!

The three men wait as the referee calls for the opening bell.


TT: And here we go! Steele and Johnston start us off with a lockup, as Enrique stands near the corner watching on...waiting for his opportunity. Steele uses his power to force Johnston to the corner. He releases the grapple...shoulder to the gut! And he follows with a lariat!

BC: And it looks like Steele has his sights set on Lopez now!

TT: Steele approaches Lopez...swinging with a right, but Lopez ducks it. Lopez rushes forward leaping at Johnston...and Johnston elevates him...following with a huge lariat on Steele!

BC: I think Lopez landed on the top rope!

TT: Lopez dives off...missile dropkick...and both of the big men are down!

Steele starts getting up, reaching all fours as Lopez hits the ropes behind him...and he catches Steele with a running bulldog! Johnston returns to his feet. Lopez grabs his arm and leaps over the top rope to the outside!

TT: Johnston stumbles back after having his arm caught on that top rope. Lopez climbs back on to the apron. Steele has returned to his feet, and he drills Lopez with a hard right! Steele with a front facelock...and Johnston joins in, both having Lopez with a front facelock! They lift him up...and Lopez is dropped gut first across the top rope!

BC: This is not a place that Lopez wants to be! Two monsters ready to destroy him!

TT: OH MY! Double big boot...and Lopez crashes to the outside! And Steele with the quick advantage as he drops Johnston with a back suplex! Steele mounts Johnston and is lacing in hard with right after right!

BC: This match is about to turn in to a slugfest!

TT: Steele brings Johnston back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. Steele with a back elbow...and another. Steele with the whip, but Johnston reverses it and Steele slam hard in to the opposite corner.

Johnston catches his breath as Lopez returns to the apron. Lopez climbs to the top turnbuckle above Steele. Lopez jumps in front of Steele...monkey flip! Johnston comes at Lopez for a lariat...but Lopez ducks under. He boots Johnston in the gut and grabs him with a front facelock. Lopez leaps in the air, springboarding off the top rope...TORNADO DDT! And he makes the cover!




TT: Johnston kicks out! Steele and Lopez are both back to their feet...and Steele grabs Lopez by the throat. DEATH DROP...NO!!! Lopez breaks the grip and dropkicks Steele in the knee! Lopez with another dropkick, and Steele crashes to the mat!

BC: If Lopez can keep this amazing offense up...he might win this match!

TT: Lopez makes his way to the corner and climbs to the top. Steele and Johnston are both starting to get up. Lopez dives off...double legdrop, and both of the big men are back on the ground! Lopez again travels to the top rope. WEST COAST SPLASH ON STEELE! And he has the cover!




TT: Johnston is able to break up the cover, just before the three count! Johnston brings Lopez to his feet and quickly lifts him overhead with a military press...and he throws him over the top rope to the outside!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Johnston picks Steele up. He grabs Steele around the waist, lifting him in position for a sidewalk slam, and drops him with a backbreaker. Johnston holds Steele across his knee, stretching out his body. The ref checks on Steele, but Steele won't give up.

TT: Johnston lifts Steele back up...another backbreaker...and he makes the cover!




TT: Steele kicks out! Johnston again brings Steele back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. Johnston buries a shoulder in to the gut. A second one! Johnston brings Steele up to his shoulder...running powerslam...NO!!! Steele falls behind! Johnston turns back to Steele, and Steele lifts him, dropping him face first on the turnbuckle! Johnston stumbles and turns around...clothesline...and Johnston is down!

BC: Steele better keep his eye on Lopez!

TT: Lopez makes it to the apron. Steele notices and drills him with a hard right. He grabs Lopez with a front facelock and extends him across the top rope...DDT! Steele brings Lopez to his feet and lifts him in to a fireman's carry position. He walks to the center of the ring with him...Samoan drop!

BC: Lopez is in trouble, Teddy!

TT: Steele brings Lopez to his feet once again and lifts him vertical for a suplex. He holds Lopez in position, letting the blood rush to his head. Steele falls back, dropping Lopez with the suplex. Johnston is getting back to his feet...but he's met with a vicious running knee lift from Steele!

BC: Steele has started to dominate this match!

TT: Steele picks Johnston back up, lifting him to the shoulder...running powerslam!




Johnston kicks out just before the three count. Steele picks up Lopez and forces him in to the corner. He rocks Lopez with a hard right. Steele makes his way over to Johnston and picks him up. He forces Johnston in to the corner along with Lopez. He hits Johnston with a hard right, leaving him dazed. Steele backs off. He comes rushing in with a full head of steam...avalanche splash! But Lopez squirmed out of the way forcing Johnston to take the shot!

TT: Lopez was almost crushed there! He rolled out to the apron just in time! Steele quickly goes after Lopez, but Lopez is able to deliver a shoulder to the gut! Steele comes at Lopez again...and Lopez with the hotshot! He slides back in to the ring as Steele stumbles back...Lopez rushes at Steele and catches him with a crucifix...into a pin!




TT: Steele is able to kick out! Lopez returns to his feet...massive lariat from out of nowhere by Johnston!

BC: You never can forget about the third man in the match, Teddy!

TT: Johnston is stalking Steele, waiting for him to return to his feet as the crowd erupts in cheers! Steele makes it to his feet...THE DOUBLE J!!! Johnston has that modified bearhug locked in...and it could spell the end of this match!

BC: Don't be so sure, Teddy. Steele is a big man. And as you can see, Johnston is having troubles utilizing this move like he normally would!

TT: The ref checks on Steele...he's starting to fade! The referee keeps his eyes on Steele.

BC: Steele looks to be fading quick! He's barely moving his arm!

TT: Lopez has finally made it to his feet, and he quickly ascends the corner...missile dropkick...and the hold is broken!

BC: Lopez just saved the match! Steele was almost out on his feet!

TT: Lopez picks Johnston back up, gripping him with a facelock. He runs the ropes...CUTTER!!! Steele is slowly getting back up and Lopez instantly grabs him with a facelock. He springboards off the top rope...CUTTER...NO!!! Steele forces Lopez off! Steele with a clothesline, but Lopez ducks underneath!

Lopez leaps at Steele as Steele turns around, hitting him with a flying modified neckbreaker! Lopez quickly makes his way to the corner, climbing to the top rope. Before he can gain balance, he's rocked with a hard right from Johnston. Lopez falls to a seated position as Johnston catches his breath. Steele slowly starts to get back up as Johnston grabs Lopez. He launches Lopez at Steele, and Lopez knocks Steele back to the mat with a flying shoulderblock.

BC: Great move by Johnston!

TT: Lopez gets back to his feet...and he's met with a boot to the gut by Johnston! Johnston whips Lopez in to the ropes...big boot...NO!!! Lopez holds the ropes, saving himself from a brutal boot to the face! Johnston rushes at Lopez...low bridge...and Johnston tumbles to the outside!

Lopez hits the far ropes. He rebounds and dives over the top at Johnston who is starting to get to his feet...and Johnston catches him! Johnston rams Lopez back first in to the apron and drops him to the floor outside! Johnston rolls back in as Steele makes it to his feet. Johnston rushes at Steele...and Steele boots him in the gut...swinging neckbreaker!

TT: These men have to be exhausted, Bobby! Steele brings Johnston back to his feet...double throat grip! He lifts him in to the air...DEATH DROP!!! Johnston is able to roll to the apron, avoiding the cover! Steele tries catching his breath as Lopez uses the apron to pull himself back to his feet. Lopez gets on the apron. Lopez is on the top rope as Steele is getting to his feet. Lopez dives off...but he's caught! DEATH DROP!!!

Before the ref can start the count, Johnston uses the ropes to pull himself back up. He rushes over, grabbing Steele with an inverted facelock...inverted DDT!!! Johnston brings Steele back to his feet and tosses him over the top rope to the outside. He brings Lopez back to his feet...

TT: Johnston locks in The Double J!!! He's ragdolling Lopez as Steele tries to make it to his feet on the outside! The ref keeps his eye on Lopez...and he's calling for the bell!

BC: Lopez is out, Teddy! And this match is officially over!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."DOUBLE J" JIMMY JOHNSTON!

TT: All three men put up a hell of a fight...but in the end, it was Double J who was able to pull away with the victory!

The referee raises Johnston's arm in the air as Steele looks in to the ring, disappointed with his loss. The crowd is going crazy for Double J.

BC: Man, Jimmy Johnston is awesome! Still undefeated, baby!

TT: He is looking very impressive indeed and he continues to improve each week…but you just know Israel Steele is chomping at the bit to get him one on one again.

BC: Bring him on! No one can stop Jimmy Johnston!

TT: Well…don’t get ahead of yourself, Bobby. He’s still a young rookie, but he certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Nonetheless ladies and gentlemen, up next we’ve got a tag team contest…did you ever think you’d see this? Chemical X will team up with Sickboy! That’s right, Chemical X and Sickboy, former blood rivals and now fellow Horsemen, will do battle with The Richards Legion as the war between the Richards clan and the Horsemen rages on.

BC: And you just know Terry Richards has to be regretting the day he ever got involved with the Horsemen…he’s in way over his head!

TT: Well, let’s head back to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Chicago, Illinois weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and sixty seven pounds...Chris Richards...Alex Richards...THE RICHARDS LEGION!

"Fight" by Motorhead plays as the two young Richards brothers emerge from the curtain, Alex jogs in place at the top of the ramp and rubs his wrists smiling and chewing a stick of gum. Chris has a very determined look on his face and pops his neck as the two head to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, both hailing from New a combined weight of five hundred and forty six pounds...representing The Horsemen...Chemical X and the CWF National Champion....SICKBOY!

"Four Horsemen" by Metallica plays as Sickboy and X step out from behind the curtain, They look at each other then give a little knuckle love and head to the ring.

BC: This is going to be interesting. I can remember the first time I saw Pledge and Osbourne and Blair and Jericho on the same sides, it was just as weird as it is to see Scarletti and Wilkes looking somewhat cohesive.

TT: Well, we're going to see how cohesive now!


BC: Alex and Sickboy are going to start this one off and they tie up in the center of the ring, and Sickboy sends Richards flying into the ropes with an Irish whip, Richards off of the ropes, leapfrogs over Wilkes, off the far side, spinning elbow drop and Sickboy takes a shot to the head and drops to a knee as Alex scrambles back to his feet.

TT: Great agility on the part of Alex Richards. He takes a step back and evades Sickboy’s tie up and jogs in place and mockingly runs his hands through his hair, and then fling the sweat at Sickboy who just looks down at his chest and grins like a Cheshire cat and lunges again, this time taking Richards down in a Lou Thesz Press.

BC: Sickboy pounding Richards with lefts and rights....Sickboy jumps off of Richards who pulls himself to his feet as Sickboy bounces off the ropes for momentum...knee lift by Sickboy and Richards clutches his ribs and goes down hard.

BC: Chris Richards leaps over the top rope and drops a knee into the small of the back of Sickboy...and here comes Chemical X into the ring...wait the ref is in Scarletti's face forcing him back out of the ring. Chemical X shouts at the ref and points to Chris and Alex putting the boots to Sickboy. Finally Scarletti just drops out fo the ring and runs around to the other side of the ring, drawing the ref's gaze, finally the ref makes Chris Richards get out of the ring as well and Chemical X pulls him off of the apron and onto the arena floor.

TT: Alex and Sickboy the legal men in the ring. Sickboy took quite a double team there Crane.

BC: Oh, I'm sure there's a couple of jokes there Teddy. Alex Richards now pulling Sickboy to his feet and Richards with a side kick...but Sickboy catches it....wait a minute...spinning dragon kick! Sickboy is rocked back to the mat.

TT: But look outside the ring Bobby, Chemical X is pounding Chris Richards head into the ring post and the ref is over there making Scarletti get back to his side of the ring. Richards back to his feet and back up on the apron and slips, as he does he reaches out as his brother bounces off the ropes to land a leg drop on Sickboy, and the ref signals a tag!

BC: What terrible luck those Richards boys have...Chris stumbles into the ring as Sickboy crawls towards Chemical X who waits with his foot on the ropes leaning out yelling at him...."MOVE YOUR A$$ CURTIS..."...and...Sickboy reaches out...Chris Richards moving in on him.....and HE MAKES THE TAG TO CHEMICAL X!

TT: Chemical X goes right after Chris Richards, but Richards takes him on full steam. The two lock horns and Chris Richards gains control and pulls Scarletti in close...belly to belly suplex by Chris Richards....but Chemical X right back to his feet.

BC: Chris Richards with a little Showboating not seeing Chemical X rolling right back up...he turns to see X running at him....clothesline!

TT: And Richards gets taken down hard.....Chemical X stands, crouched down, eyeing Richards like a tiger...waiting for him to he does he comes up a little bit, tightens up....and just rocks Chris Richards with a stiff rabbit punch to the throat, dropping Richards to both knees grasping his throat, and he's making that motion Bobby Crane...

BC: He's letting Richards know he's about to be...X'ed Out!....YES!!!!! Spinning Roundhouse kick by Chemical X and Richards slumps to a heap. Chemical X feigns a cover, drawing Alex Richards in for the save, and the ref to a distraction to keep Alex out, Scarletti pulls Chris back to his corner and tags in Sickboy who climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle.....the ref turns around...Sickboy with a five star frog splash!

TT: Cover by the National Champion!





Ring Announcer: And here are your winners...Chemical X.....and Sickboy!

"Four Horsemen" by Metallica plays as Chemical X and Sickboy make their way out of the ring as the Richards boys get their bearings back.....we'll be right back....

TT: Alright fans, we have to take a commercial break…don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back as the Unified Championship will be on the line next!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown folks, and up next is our Unified Championship match. Bob Osbourne, as a result of a win over Terry Richards last week at Showdown in Buenos Aires, has earned this title shot against James Baker.

BC: Is he Da Leader of Da Extreme Dynasty? And how many of them are there anyway? You have Paco, Emil, Hector, James, Danielle, Ashley, Jessica, Romo....

TT: Will you stop it? Wait a minute...we're going to go back stage to the Horsemen locker room where they are doing a little celebrating over the win by Sickboy and Chemical X...

Scene cuts to the Horsemen locker room where the Blast, Ulv and Osbourne Jr. and Sr. break into applause as Chemical X and Sickboy enter the room.

Jimmy Blast: Hell of a win tonight boys!

Chemical X: You know, Curtis, you weren't half bad out there tonight.

Sickboy: Are you saying you could get use to being my set-up man?

Chemical X: Set-up, closer, middle relief. I do what you need me to do. I'm the equalizer. Insert me anywhere, and I'll do my job.

Jimmy Blast: You are an elite soldier, Gary. Very impressive.

NRO: Time to keep up the trend. One down, two to go. You ready, champ?

BOB: fact...listen guys, I don't NEED any help in this match. In fact, I'd like you all to stay put and watch it on the monitors...

Jimmy Blast: You sure that's a good idea, Bobby Boy? Baker doesn't like to play by the rules from what I've seen.

NRO: Jimmy, he'll be fine...he's an Osbourne for Christ's sakes.

BOB: Yeah Uncle Jimmy, I don't need any help with Da Extreme Wanksta.

Bob heads out of the locker room. As the door shuts Blast cocks an eye brow in The Nitemare's direction.

Jimmy Blast: Do you REALLY think that's a good idea? I still don't think you were right about that Richards kid. I think he had potential. I think we could have molded him into the next legend, ya know?

NRO: I'm already doing that with my son. Terry was dead weight. He had to go.

Jimmy Blast: Well, only time will tell with little Terry. Funny you compared him to Maniac...who only got better after I booted him. Kid’s crazy Robbie, and those thugs from the hood ain't any saner. I just hope you know what you're doing sending Bobby out there with no one watching his back is all. I'd think you would know that.

NRO: What?

Jimmy Blast: After what happened to him after the accident with Maniac and Pledge I'd think you'd want to ensure his safety...

NRO: Listen Jimmy, you're like a father to me...and I appreciate your concern, but everything is fine.

Jimmy Blast: Rob I don't think you understand wh-

NRO: Oh I understand alright. Look man, you led this stable to great taught me everything I know about this business....but then you walked away. You left the reigns in my hands, and that's where they are now. I call the shots, and you'd be smart to accept reality and know your place.

Jimmy Blast: Is that right?

Blast gets pissed and storms out of the locker room.

Ulv: Robbie Niitemare...du yuu thiink that was thii best wayy to handile that?

NRO: Probably not...come on, let's go talk to know how he gets when he's pissed off...

Blast walks down the hall back stage, fuming at the confrontation with Osbourne. He stops at a catering table and gets himself a cup of coffee, as he turns and heads back towards the locker room, Terry Richards, who is leaving his own faction’s locker room after consoling his brother's on their loss to the Horsemen, knocks into him, spilling the coffee on Blasts shirt.

Jimmy Blast: where you're going slick.

Terry Richards: Piss off old man...

Jimmy Blast: Old Man?! Oh hell no...

Blast lunges at Terry and tackles him to the ground and they start trading lefts and rights. Security and back stage personnel pull them apart just as Roland Ulv and Rob Osbourne come running down the hall. Osbourne and Ulv reach out to Blast to help him up and Blast only accepts the hand of Roland Ulv. Roland shakes his head at Osbourne and he and Blast walk back towards the dressing room as Richards shouts obscenities at The Nitemare. The scene cuts back to the announcers.

TT: Well, well, well...the plot thickens, Bobby. What do you make of that?

BC: I think Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast are already having a power struggle and Terry Richards may have someone who is on his side.

TT: Who? Jimmy Blast?

BC: That's what I think anyway.

TT: For once, I may agree with you. It certainly did seem that way. In any event…it’s time for the CWF Unified Championship match! Let’s head back to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall....first, hailing from Orlando, Florida…standing six foot and one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds…ALSO a former CWF Unified Champion…and member of The Horsemen….BOB OSBOURNE!

"Cowboys from hell" by Pantera plays as Bob Osbourne makes his way to the ring wearing baggy black trunks and a black and orange hoodie. He pulls the hoodie off when he gets to the ring and makes a few poses on the turnbuckles.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Compton, California ...standing five feet and eleven inches, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-two pounds…the CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION..... "DA XTREME GANGSTA" JAMES BAKER!

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits and James Baker steps out from behind the curtain to a huge pop.

TT: The ref is about to call for the opening bell.... Baker and Osbourne about to lock it up for the comes Kodiak Winters...

'God of Thunder' by Iced Earth plays as Kodiak Winters steps out from the gorilla position with a mic in hand.

Kodiak Winters: Alright, since Mr. Xamin is unable to be here tonight as a result of the injuries he sustained at the hands of Magnus Thunder last week, he’s left me in charge. Listen closely. I know the Horsemen are itching at the chance to come out here and get a hold of James Baker. I also know Da Extreme Dynasty would like to do the same to Bob Osbourne. That's why again tonight, just like last week in Buenos Aires, I want a clean match. No interference is going to be tolerated. Gentlemen, may the best man win.

TT: Monumental clause placed on this match.

BC: Well let's see what....

Suddenly Chemical X appears on the big screen with a huge smile on his face.

Chemical X: James Baker! Hey! I know that we've been banned from ringside but I just wanted to give you an update on your familia, holmes! And I'm not talking about Danielle. That’s too easy... I'm talking about your seed. Your kid.

The scene opens to a red 2010 Chevy Camaro parked somewhere. The doors open and TJ and Bruno of DEATHSQUAD climb out of the car. They make their way to the trunk of the car and each pull out a baseball bat. TJ's is wooden, Bruno's is Aluminum.

Chemical X: But where could they be? It’s day time where they are... the suspense is killing me The camera pans back and shows TJ and Bruno are parked outside of James Baker's mansion like home in San Diego, California. The scene cuts back to Chemical X.

Chemical X: It really makes you think...are your children worth this war James? Well are they? I'm done warning you... by the way, I wonder what Danielle is UP to this particular moment...

The scene cuts to black and cuts back into the ring.

TT: Scarletti is a sick, sick man.

BC: He may be, but he's also a genius. He seems to find everyone's weakness. It's what soldiers do Teddy.

TT: Listen to you, like you were one...for crying out loud...back to this match...

BC: You mean where Bob gets back what was stolen from him thanks to the presumably late Pledge Allegiance and Maniac.

TT: Well to use the old phrase lightly, to be the man you have to beat the man, and James Baker is the man right now.


BC: Here we go...Bob Osbourne goes right into a collar and elbow tie up. Baker with the advantage and he pulls Osbourne's arm around in a chicken wing arm bar...Osbourne trying to get free, but Baker wrenches it a little tighter.

TT: Osbourne finally with a standing switch to reverse the hold, locking baker's arm behind his back....Baker ducks under and snap mare's Osbourne over his shoulder.

BC: Great technical skills on display by both of these young men. Baker scooping Osbourne up as he gets back to his feet, power slam by Baker.

TT: And Baker pulls Osbourne right back up wanting to waste no time. But Osbourne has other plans and plants a closed fist in the stomach of James Baker, Baker still with a hand full of Osbourne's hair, staggers backwards, and Osbourne punches him again, this time Baker releases the hair, and Osbourne comes under him in a fireman's carry!

BC: Osbourne back on top of Baker now, locking in a deep amateur half nelson, I bet he picked that up at Rufus Jefferson...ya think?

TT: I haven't a clue. It is a throwback for sure. He pulls it in deep and starts walking it over, twisting baker onto his shoulders with his legs in the air!



Kickout by Baker!

BC: And Baker, once free of Osbourne's hold hops right back to his feet. Osbourne also on his feet, but Baker sizes Osbourne up before moving in. The Champion looks like he's taking the challenger a little more serious now.

TT: I doubt he was underestimating him Bobby, he is a former Unified champion.

BC: Osbourne reaches out with a left hand to shake Baker's hand...Baker looks down at Osbourne's extended hand and just laughs and backs up. Osbourne shrugs his shoulders and super kicks Baker, but Baker ducks it and spins Osbourne around in an ankle lock.

TT: Baker is on his game tonight. He's taking everything that Osbourne throws him and turning it in his favor.

BC: Osbourne reaches out and grabs the bottom ropes and Baker is forced to let go. Osbourne rolls under the bottom rope and falls onto all fours on the mat outside the ring and takes a few deep breaths.

TT: But it may be all for naught, because here comes Baker...James Baker sprinting, dives through the second and third rope in a suicide dive at Osbourne...but Osbourne ducks and Baker hits the protective barriers at ringside.

BC: Good Lord! did you hear that impact? Good thing Bob Osbourne got out of the way or the match would be over right there. Baker is in trouble. Osbourne pulls him up and rolls him back under the bottom ropes and then climbs the turnbuckle and perches.

TT: Baker stirring, onto his hands and knees, up on a knee...and to his feet...


TT: NO! Baker ducks out of the way and Osbourne lands on his duff.

BC: Baker on the ropes...ALL EYES ON ME!

TT: Shooting Star Press by Baker! And a cover!




NO! Kickout!

BC: Baker can't believe it...he pulls Osbourne up to his feet....he's signaling for Da Extreme Knockout! NO!

TT: Osbourne drops to his knees and low blows Baker. Baker doubles over grabbing himself as his eyes bulge out...Osbourne off of the ropes...dropkick on Baker, and Baker goes down!

BC: Osbourne now pulling Baker to his feet and dragging him to the corner, heaves Bakers onto the top turnbuckle and starts climbing up in front of him......uh-oh Teddy, it's time for Baker to be re-programmed...

TT: Re-programmed?!

BC: Well, I think he's about to have a Mind Wipe....YES! Osbourne nails the inverted Badd Dream DDT of his father’s off of the top rope...cover by Osbourne!





TT: Bob Osbourne has done it! He's become a two time CWF Unified champion!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and NEW CWF Unified Champion…. BOB OSBOURNE!

The ref raises Bob Osbourne’s hand in victory as the crowd boos wildly. Baker rolls out of the ring and dejectedly heads up the aisle…

Suddenly "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria begins to blast through the arena. The crowd erupts into boos as Chemical X steps out onto the stage clapping his hands and James takes off sprinting towards Chemical X.

Chemical X: (Joker-like) Come on, I want you to do it, I want you to do it, come on, hit me... HIT ME!

Just as James is about to swing he is suddenly stopped by a sound. Chemical X raises an eyebrow.

Danielle's Voice: James... James, help!

Matthew Scarletti's Voice: Say it louder so he can hear you!

Danielle's Voice: James… please help me!

Suddenly the scene opens and Danielle is dangling by her feet on something.

Chemical X: Your lovely bride is currently hanging 518 feet from the ground. There she dangles from the Eiffel tower inspired tower known as the Blackpool Tower in Blackpool, Lancashire! She is being held there by a piece of 550 cord which has a strength of 550 pounds per square inch. The only problem is the knots were tied by my little brother Matthew, and he's not exactly a boy scout when it comes to tying knots.

Matthew's face comes on the screen.

Matthew: Sorry.

Chemical X steps almost nose to nose with "Da Xtreme Gansta" James Baker.

Chemical X: I told you not to mess with us, bitch!

James lowers his fist and storms past a grinning Chemical X out of the arena.

TT: What is going on?!

BC: I don't think I know...wait a damned minute...look at that...

Just as the opening licks of "Cowboys from Hell" begin, Terry Richards comes sprinting with a full head of steam down the aisle, sliding into the ring, spinning Osbourne around and delivering the Shock Turn!


BC: Ahhh!

Richards sprints back up the aisle with a maniacal look of achievement on his face.

TT: And Richards makes good on his word to Baker earlier tonight, he’s blindsided Bob Osbourne!

BC: Yeah but Baker doesn’t give a damn right now, he’s more concerned about Danielle!

TT: And who could blame him for that?! But yet again we say, the show must go on! And coming up next, Terry Richards will go one on one with his Horsemen mentor, the man who trained him and took him under his wing, “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv…

BC: And you know what…when you look back at 2009, this could be one of those matches that sticks out for Terry Richards…love him or hate him, look how far he’s come since he joined the ranks of the CWF and tonight, it’s a big opportunity for him…Roland Ulv is the muscle of the Horseman and if Richards can win or at least hold his own against him, well…it might drive that wedge in even further between Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast.

TT: Huge implications for this one, folks…let’s head to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Stockholm, Sweden…weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

“Marcia Carolus Rex” by Wilhelm Harteveld plays as Ulv makes his way onto the ramp. Dressed in his flowing blue robe with yellow Swedish cross on the back and blue trunks with yellow accent he stops to pose, flexing his large biceps and grinning wildly at the camera. He brushes his flowing blonde locks behind his ear with his hand and then proceeds to the ring.

TT: There’s the teacher…and here comes the student…

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 186 pounds… “THE WINDY CITY MAD MAN” TERRY RICHARDS!

“Hell Raiser” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and Terry Richards darts out from behind the curtain, wide eyed and looking crazy. He points his fingers at the camera in the shape of a gun and mockingly pulls the imaginary trigger. He mouths “bang” and puts a wide, fake grin on his face as the camera zooms in on him. He walks down the aisle and climbs through the ropes, into the ring. Roland disrobes and stares him down.

TT: Man oh man, Richards is full to the brim with arrogance and I’m not sure he even realizes it…

BC: And Roland Ulv is back in good health after last week thanks to a few cans of fermented pickled herring! Pickled herring is to Roland as spinach was to Popeye, and it can be for you too for the low, low price of $7.99 a can.

TT: …what are you, his salesman now?


Richards charges at Roland immediately and unleashes with a flurry of right hands to the Radiant One’s jaw…Roland caught by surprise and Richards whips him to the opposite corner…Roland bounces back out and Richards catches him with a high drop kick to the chops…Roland hits the mat and gets right back to his feet…but is met with another high drop kick! Roland getting back to his feet and Richards off the ropes…spinning neck breaker! No! Roland doesn’t go down and Richards hits the mat hard! Roland pulls him back to his feet and shoves him into the corner…and DRIVES a shoulder into the gut! And again! And again! And Richards drops to his knees in pain.

TT: Richards took it to him early, and wisely tried to dictate the pace, but the veteran savvy of Roland Ulv put a stop to that and now it’s Richards who’s in trouble.

BC: Richards better remember, Roland taught him everything he knows! He better throw something at him that Roland doesn’t expect!

Roland pulls him back to his feet and hooks his arms in a full nelson…and drops forward with a flap jack! Richards grabs his face in pain…Roland stands over him and does jumping jacks.

BC: Ha!

TT: Roland Ulv mocking Richards now!

The crowd boos as Roland mocks Richards. He leans in to pull Richards up…but Richards with a surprise roll up!

TT: Richards out of nowhere with a cover!




TT: And Roland Ulv kicks out!

BC: That little bugger!

Both men get up at the same time and Roland swings at him with a clothesline! Richards ducks…Roland spins around…and a boot to the gut by Richards! Richards to the ropes…and a huge knee lift! Roland drops to the mat.

TT: God, Terry Richards is a wild card…when he’s on the offensive there’s an uneasy feeling like anything can happen and it probably will.

BC: He’s a wild card alright….

Richards to the second turnbuckle…leg drop across the throat! Richards now driving his fist furiously into Roland’s forehead until the referee pulls him off. Roland gets to all fours, clasping his throat and gasping for air…as he gets to his feet, Richards charges at him…but Roland catches him….release belly-to-belly suplex! Richards twists to the mat and lands awkwardly, and Roland recollects himself before pulling him back to his feet. Roland with a whip to the ropes…spinebuster!

TT: Oof! Roland caught him there and Richards is reeling now!

BC: Finish him, Roland! Finish him!

Roland grabs his leg and turns him over…half Boston crab…and he twists around and grabs Terry Richards under the chin…he has him locked in an STF! Richards reaching desperately for the ropes as the stronger and more powerful Ulv wrenches back on his chin, pressuring the joints in his neck and back.

TT: Roland is twisting him into a pretzel here and Richards may not make it to the ropes! Roland Ulv has ninety pounds on him and Richards is stuck square in the center of the ring!

BC: There’s no way he’s getting out of this!

Roland grits his teeth as he wrenches back and yells at Richards as he does.


Richards refuses to tap and Roland continues to apply the pressure! Richards beginning to fade and the match might need to be stopped! The referee raises his hand once…and it drops. Twice…and it drops. A third time! And it drops! It’s all over!

NO! Just as Richards’ hand is about to hit the mat, he hangs on, and in a surge of energy and desperation, he manages to twist himself over! Roland hangs onto the hold though, and keeps it applied from his back, Richards on top of him in a surfboard-like hold. Richard’s back torques up into the air and he screams out in pain…and gets his leg loose! The small of Richards’ back is pressed into the elevated knees of Roland Ulv, his hands still locked under Richards’ chin…Richards flips backwards and breaks the hold, landing on his feet! Roland stands up in disbelief and Richards runs at him…SHOCK TURN! SHOCK TURN! SHOCKTURN!


BC: Ahhh!

Richards drops to the mat holding his back and can’t follow up with a cover though…Richard slams the mat in frustration and begins crawling towards Ulv, who is unconscious on the mat. Richards inches his way over, crawling with every ounce of energy he has…and drapes an arm over him!






TT: Roland gets his shoulder up! Roland gets out of it at the last second and what a bad break for Terry Richards!

BC: Oh man, that STF did some damage to Richards and he paid for it there!

Richards can’t believe it, and looks up at the referee incredulously, complaining about a slow count. The referee shows him only two fingers and Richards pulls himself back to his feet, arching his back out in pain. He pulls Roland up…Roland on spaghetti legs and Richards whips him to the ropes…Richards gets caught with his head down…Roland spins around to his back with a waist lock….RADIANT PLEX! The bridge! And the cover!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

TT: A huge victory for Roland Ulv here and Richards came within inches of beating him!

BC: And that’s some big momentum for Roland Ulv heading into Stockholm next week!

The fans rise to their feet as Jimmy Blast runs down the aisle!

TT: JIMMY BLAST! What is Jimmy Blast doing out here?! The match is over!

BC: He’s gonna finish what Roland Ulv started!

Blast hops into the ring and pats Roland Ulv on the chest, raising his arm in victory. Then, he pulls Richards up and sets him on the top rope…THE BLASTER! He nails it!

TT: BLASTER! Jimmy Blast caught Richards with it and my God, this is just adding insult to injury! Blast has a mic…

Jimmy Blast pulls the mic out of the ring announcers hand and speaks.

Jimmy Blast: Hey Terry Richards, they told me you couldn't cut the mustard. They said you weren't Horsemen material, but our fearless leader handpicked you. Far be it from me to question the great Rob Osbourne's judgment...but he DID realize his wrong and give your sorry ass the boot. And apparently he was right, cause the only thing I've seen you do since I came back to the CWF is count the lights on arena ceilings. What do you say you and me....we get it on next week...of course, me being and "old man"...we might as well make it a tag team match...that is...if you think you can hang with an "old man."

TT: Jimmy Blast has laid down the challenge and wait a minute!

“God of Thunder” by Iced Earth hits and Kodiak Winters towers through the curtain with a mic.

Kodiak Winters: Whoa Horsey....slow down. I've heard your ranting and raving and I'll book this match. Next week in that very ring, LIVE on's going to be Terry Richards and James Baker going up against Jimmy Blast....and....."The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne! Have fun boys!

TT: Oh my God! Jimmy Blast returns to the ring next week but can he work with Rob Osbourne?! The tension is mounting within the ranks of the Horsemen and this could be explosive next week!

BC: And Baker and Richards both want to destroy the Horsemen! This is gonna be interesting to watch!

Rob Osbourne appears at the curtain and walks past Kodiak Winters, who stops to smirk at him on his way backstage. Roland Ulv has made his way down the aisle and Rob Osbourne greets him and congratulates him on his win. He heads backstage with Roland, looking back at Jimmy Blast in the ring, who looks on.

TT: It looks like Jimmy Blast is the odd man out here…there’s definitely something brewing by the two lead Horsemen.

BC: Blast doesn’t look happy about it either…

Roland Ulv and Rob Osbourne come through the curtain heading back towards their locker room. As they make their way into the hall way leading to the locker room area, Blood approaches, heading out to his main event match-up against Mariano "Shadow" Fernandez. Osbourne nods in Blood's general direction and steps in front of him....

NRO: What's up Yoshiru..I heard the dragon had reared its disfigured head again...I thought I put you away for good last time.

Blood shoves Osbourne out of his way and walks past. Osbourne, pissed at the action tackles him and the two start a melee. Roland Ulv reaches in and pulls Osbourne and Blood apart.

Roland Ulv: Niitemare...please...liive this tu mii...

Roland clocks Blood with a right cross who has a trickle of his name come to the corner of his mouth. He reaches up to touch it and then half smiles and walks away.

TT: My God! Rob Osbourne and Roland Ulv just attacked Blood and our main event is coming up next! What will Blood’s condition be?! And wait a damn minute…we’ve got something else going on backstage! We’ve got a camera on Sickboy?

Our cameras cut to the back where Enrique is walking to his car which is parked outside. As he walks we catch a glimpse of Sickboy standing several feet behind him smiling.

Sickboy: Ello Ello there Enrique.

Enrique turns to see Sickboy standing with his hands behind his back.

Sickboy: I've been hearing that your mate Baker wants to spill a bit of Horseman claret over the street. Well I'm not afraid to spill a little claret and I'm not afraid of you personally. So if you want a bit of glory take a shot me right now you tosser.

Enrique drops his bags and rushes to the waiting Sickboy to attack, at the last minute Sickboy reveals in his right hand that he is holding a Cricket bat before clutching it with both hands and driving the side of the bat into Enrique's ribs. Sickboy then grabs the coughing Enrique and pulls him up by the hair to get him to look up into his face.

Sickboy: Any last words?

Enrique says nothing and spits in the face of Sickboy. Who just let's him fall to the ground. He then starts tapping the ground softly with the cricket bat.

Sickboy: Welcome back to the Lords cricket ground where Sickboy is facing the last ball of the over for the Horsemen XI. Here's comes the ball…

Sickboy then takes two quick steps before driving the wooden cricket bat into the exposed ribs of Enrique.

Sickboy: What a wonderful six down the bowlers end and the Horsemen are once again the winners in this marvelous game.

Sickboy drops the cricket bat before walking away. leaving Enrique gasping and coughing as we cut back to Teddy and Bobby at the announce position.

TT: Good God almighty…this is getting out of hand! Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ll be right back with the main event!


Personal Trainer

Real Estate Agent

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown fans, brought to you by and Spider Site Builder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. And ladies and gentlemen…it’s time for the main event!

BC: I can’t wait for this! Blood taking on Mariano “Goody Two-Shoes” Fernandez! Mariano has no idea what to expect from Blood…he’s every bit as dangerous as Magnus Thunder and Mariano might not make it to Battle to Survive after this!

TT: Well…let’s hope that isn’t the case. Let’s head to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

"The Biggest Fight" by Hironobu Kageyama hits the arena as the fans throughout the arena bellow with cheers. Mariano steps out to the entrance, and poses for the sold out crowd.

Ring Announcer: Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina and weighing in at one hundred seventy six pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!

Mariano rushes to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He rises to his feet, again striking a martial arts pose for the crowd. His music fades as he turns his attention to the entrance stage.

TT: A big task at hand for Mariano as he comes off of a huge win over the World Heavyweight Champion!

BC: First of all, it was a count out victory, Teddy. And second, he's facing a man who we have recently learned is just as dangerous outside of the ring as he is inside of the ring!

TT: Either way, Mariano looks more than prepared for this match tonight!

A violin symphony begins to play throughout the arena as the lights go out. A cross slowly fades in on the videotron as flames suddenly erupt at the entrance. The crowd erupts in boos as the wall of flames slowly die down. The symphony fades in to "Hero" by Skillet as a dark red glow fills the arena. Behind the wall of flames is Blood kneeling...head bowed, and Hellbringer in his left hand. He slowly returns to his feet, face covered with his bone mask. He slowly makes his way down the aisle, being trailed by two streams of flames following his footsteps.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring! From Charlotte, North Carolina and weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds...BLOOD!

Blood reaches the apron and makes his way to the steps. He uses the steps to enter the ring, making his way to the center. He looks around at the sold out crowd as his music begins to fade and the lights slowly return to normal. Blood hands Hellbringer to an official on the outside. He removes his mask and cape, handing them to an official on the outside as well.

TT: Is it just me, Bobby...or does Blood look like he's in the best condition of his career?

BC: He better be! Even if he was the reason why Mariano pulled away with the victory last week...the bottom line is, Mariano held his own in that ring against a man who was nearly triple his weight!

The official calls for the opening bell.


TT: Here we go! Blood and Mariano circling each other, both looking for position...and here's the lockup! Blood with the quick advantage applying the side headlock. He tosses Mariano to the mat, holding the headlock submission. Mariano with an excellent counter as he scissors Blood's head. Blood escapes, and both men are back to their feet! So Bobby, what's the game plan these men should be going for in this match?

BC: Well, Mariano is the quicker of the two, and will definitely need to rely on his speed and high-flying abilities. Blood is the more powerful of the two, as well as being more technically sound. Both men are well versed in martial arts. If I'm Blood, I'm looking to slow Mariano down, using basic technique and submission moves to wear Mariano down. If I'm Mariano, I'm going to focus on a specific body part. Try to weaken it, and take the upper hand by making the part unusable!

TT: Sounds like good strategies to me! They've locked up again, and Blood forces Mariano back in to the corner. The referee is calling for the clean break...but Blood delivers a knee to the gut instead! Blood snapmares Mariano out of the corner, and he quickly applies a rear chin lock.

BC: This is one thing that Mariano has to be careful about, Teddy. If he allows Blood to use this chain wrestling, it may be hard to recover!

TT: The ref checks to make sure the hold is legal...and Mariano struggles to get up. He slowly makes his way back to his feet as Blood quickly switches over to a side headlock!

Mariano tries forcing Blood off, but Blood holds the headlock tightly. He forces Mariano over, dropping him back first to the mat. Blood follows with a knee drop to Mariano's skull! He brings Mariano back to his feet...lifts him vertical...suplex, and Blood floats over in to the cover!




TT: Mariano with the kickout!

BC: Mariano still has a lot of energy. But Blood knows that he needs to wear him down. He probably used that pinfall attempt to see how much more he'll need to wear him down!

TT: Blood has Mariano back up...once again lifting him vertical. And he's holding him high in the air, hesitating on the suplex...letting the blood rush to Mariano's head!

Mariano drops his knee, drilling Blood on the top of the skull. As Blood releases Mariano, he twists in air, grabbing Blood for a flying snapmare. Blood crashes to the mat, and Mariano instantly drops the leg across the throat! Mariano leaps to the top rope...CORKSCREW SENTON! Mariano hits the far ropes. Rolling senton off the rebound...and he makes the cover, hooking the leg!




TT: Blood kicks out! Mariano quickly makes his way to the top rope...but Blood is up and cuts him off at the pass! Blood climbs up after!!! Mariano with a vicious double knee lift, and Blood falls back to the mat! Blood is slowly to get up as Mariano waits for him...headscissors...and Blood is dropped throat first across the top rope!

BC: I told you, Teddy! As long as Mariano can utilize his speed, he can easily walk away with a win here tonight!

TT: Mariano hits the far ropes as Blood stumbles back dazed! Blood turns around...YAKUZA...NO!!! Blood ducked the Yakuza! Mariano turns to Blood...BIG BOOT...and Mariano falls through the middle rope to the outside!

BC: Great ring awareness by Blood! He knew the Yakuza Kick was coming, and made sure to avoid it!

TT: Blood quickly climbs out of the ring after Mariano as the ref begins his count!



Blood picks Mariano up and whips him hard in to the steel steps. Blood crashes back first, before collapsing to a sitting position against the steps. Mariano climbs on to the apron. He takes a running start...MISSILE DROPKICK...and Blood is slammed hard against the steps again!





TT: What a move by Mariano! He rolls back in to the ring, and quickly rolls back out, breaking the ref's count! Mariano brings Blood back to his feet and rolls him back in to the ring. Mariano climbs on to the apron...slingshot summersault! Blood rolls out to the apron just before Mariano can hit him!

BC: Smart move by Blood!

TT: Mariano is starting to get to his feet as Blood stands on the apron. Mariano comes at Blood...but Blood buries a shoulder to the gut, and Mariano stumbles back. Blood with the springboard...ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! Mariano caught him with a devastating high roundhouse! And he quickly makes the cover!




TT: Blood gets his shoulder up at the last second!

BC: I thought it was over, Teddy! What a roundhouse by Mariano...right on the mark!

TT: Mariano quickly makes his way to the corner...climbing to the top rope.

BC: Man...this crowd is going nuts, Teddy! They have erupted in cheers for Mariano Fernandez!

TT: Blood is slowly getting to his feet...and he's met with a spinwheel kick from the top rope! Blood is back down and Mariano quickly springboards off the middle rope...moonsault! Blood quickly rolls out to the apron!

Blood slowly returns to his feet on the apron. Mariano grabs Blood to slam him face first in to the corner, but Blood blocks it! Blood with a wild swing, and Mariano ducks...HIGH ROUNDHOUSE!

BC: I think Blood is out on his feet!

TT: Blood is leaned across the top rope. Mariano with the springboard...legdrop to the back of the neck, and he sends Blood crashing back in to the ring! Mariano quickly to the top! He's waiting as Blood slowly gets back up. Mariano with a double knee takedown...but Blood catches him! Mariano struggles...and there's the sunset flip!

BC: Great reversal by Mariano!

TT: NO!!! Blood rolls back, and he drills Mariano with a vicious running knee to the jaw!

Blood falls on to the top rope, using it for support as he catches his breath. Blood picks Mariano back up, applying the front facelock. He lifts Mariano in to the air...fisherman's buster! Blood quickly hits the far ropes...legdrop on the rebound! Blood brings Mariano back to his feet and forces against the ropes. He delivers a knee to the gut...and a second!

TT: Blood has just taken back control of this match, Bobby! He whips Mariano across the ring...clothesline...but Mariano ducks it! Mariano springboards off the middle rope...back elbow...NO!!! Blood catches him and sends him overhead with a devastating german suplex!

BC: Blood with a great display of his power!

TT: He really needs to capitalize on this moment! Blood grabs Mariano by the legs...and it looks like He's trying to flip him over for the Blood Lock! Mariano is struggling, trying to keep from being put in this painful hold!

BC: If Blood locks this in, Mariano won't have the same advantage that he had last week when he was put in Magnus' submission! Blood is closer to Mariano's size, and I can almost guarantee that he'll be able to lock in this move without any problems!

TT: Blood is still trying to turn Mariano!

Mariano blocks the Blood Lock at every turn. Blood finally drops to the mat, slingshotting Mariano at the ropes! Mariano lands on the second rope. Blood returns to his feet as Mariano springboards with a shining wizard...but Blood ducks it! Blood applies a full nelson on to a facebuster! Blood shoots the half and makes the cover!




TT: Mariano gets his foot on the bottom rope...and this match will continue!

BC: Blood was so close! He almost had this return match of his won!

TT: Blood quickly brings Mariano back to his feet. He forces Mariano in to the corner...vicious lariat! Blood backs off as Mariano rests dazed in the corner. Blood rushes in...crossbody splash! Blood hits the far ropes as Mariano stumbles out...big boot on the rebound...NO!!! Mariano rolls under! Blood rushes at Mariano again..and he's brought to the mat with a drop toe hold!

Mariano brings Blood to his feet and steps out to the apron. He sets Blood up in position for a sunset flip...but Blood breaks free! Blood rushes at Mariano...and he's met with a knee to the gut! Blood hunches over in pain as Mariano leaps to the top...

TT: OH MY GOD!!! Blood just swept Mariano's legs as he leaped to the top!

BC: That was a nasty spill, Teddy! Mariano's right leg slammed in to the apron during that fall to the outside!

TT: Blood quickly rolls out of the ring and brings Mariano back to his feet. Hip toss in to the barricade by Blood!

BC: This is not good for Mariano! If that leg is seriously injured, than the majority of his arsenal is gone!





Blood rolls back in to the ring and quickly rolls back out to break the ref's count. He picks Mariano back up, lifting him in position for a shin breaker. Rather than dropping him across the knee, Blood rams him leg first in to the ring post! Blood rolls Mariano in to the ring, still holding on to his legs. He pulls Mariano in position...FIGURE FOUR AROUND THE POST!




TT: The referee is up to seven, and Blood finally breaks the hold! He rolls back in to the ring and quickly stomps on the knee of the right leg of Mariano!

BC: Can Mariano even come back from this, Teddy?!

TT: I'm not sure! But he did keep Magnus Thunder from being able to defeat anything can happen! Blood grabs Mariano by the legs...and it's locked in!

BC: The Blood Lock is on...can Mariano survive?!

Mariano struggles as Blood applies more pressure. Mariano has his arm in the air...ready to tap! He's struggling to hold in! The arm's coming down for the tapout…

TT: NO!!! It looked like Mariano was going to tap...but he was able to grip the bottom rope instead! The ref is calling for the break...but Blood is refusing!





TT: And Blood finally releases the hold! The ref is admonishing Blood as Mariano holds his right knee in pain! Blood quickly grabs Mariano, dragging him to the center of the ring. He brings Mariano back to his feet. Blood gets his foot against Mariano's neck...but Mariano pushes his leg away...jumping spin kick by Mariano! And both men are down!

BC: This crowd has been on their feet, deafening us with their cheers for Mariano all night!

TT: Mariano is slow to get to his feet...and he stumbles back to the corner. Mariano ascends the corner, making it to the top rope!

BC: He's standing on the top rope with one leg!

TT: Mariano leaps off...SHOOTING STAR PRESS...NO!!! Blood rolled out of the way...but Mariano landed on his feet!

BC: Mariano is obviously hurt, as he instantly brings that injured leg off the mat!

TT: Blood grabs Mariano in position for a russian leg sweep...but Mariano rolls forward...handspring...and he takes Blood over with a head scissors! Mariano is back to his feet, as is Blood. Dropkick to the knee by Mariano, and Blood drops to one knee! Mariano still seems to be favoring that leg!

BC: He needs something big here!

TT: Mariano rushes at Blood...YAKUZA KICK...NO!!! Blood ducks it again! Mariano turns around...boot to the gut! Blood gets his foot against Mariano's neck...BLOOD LOSS!!! I think Mariano used his last strength to go for that running Yakuza!

BC: Why the hell is Blood wasting time here?! He should be going for the cover!

TT: Blood picks Mariano up and quickly grips his throat! Blood lifts Mariano high in to the air...possibly looking for The Suffering! NO!!! Mariano counters with a head scissors takedown! Blood is quickly back to his feet as Mariano rushes at him...lariat...and Mariano is down!

Blood makes his way to the corner as the ref checks on Mariano. Blood starts unlacing the turnbuckle pad. Before he can completely remove it, the ref stops him. The ref forces him back and tries putting the turnbuckle pad back on.

BC: Ha! That would have been perfect for Blood!

TT: Blood grabs Mariano, lifting him in to a front facelock. He lifts Mariano vertical, but Mariano falls behind! NO!!! Blood swings his leg back, hitting Mariano with a low blow, undetected by the ref who is still trying to put the pad back on the turnbuckle! Blood grips Mariano by the throat and lifts him high in to the air again!

BC: If Blood hits this will be over!

TT: Mariano with a knee to the jaw...and a second! Blood drops Mariano! Mariano hits the far ropes. He returns to slide between the legs...NO!!! Blood catches Mariano by the throat during the slide! Headbutt by Blood...and a second! He lifts Mariano in the air once again...

Thunder suddenly roars throughout the arena as Blood looks towards the entrance. Magnus steps out to the entrance stage, championship draped across his massive shoulder.

BC: The beast is here!

TT: Magnus is at the entrance! Maybe he's looking for payback from last week!

Blood tosses Mariano aside. He steps on to the second rope, leaning over the outside of the ring. He waves for Magnus to come down. Magnus smirks, looking at Blood. He turns back around and heads to the back.

BC: Mind games, Teddy! Mind games!

TT: Well, Blood needs to start paying attention to his opponent! Mariano has returned to his feet! Blood hops down from the ropes and turns around...YAKUZA KICK!!!

BC: He drilled Blood perfectly with that!

TT: Mariano quickly makes the cover, hooking the leg!




TT: Mariano has done it! Last week...Magnus Thunder! This week...Blood!

BC: Very true. But you have to wonder if things would have been different without the distraction from Magnus!

TT: I honestly don't think that Mariano realized Magnus had made his way out to the entrance stage!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!

Mariano celebrates as Blood leans against the bottom rope, looking toward the entrance. He pulls himself up using the ropes.

TT: What an impressive victory by Mariano Fernandez tonight!

BC: It definitely was! And Blood looks pissed! He can't be happy with this outcome!

Blood turns his attention to Mariano. He rushes at Mariano...chop block from behind!

TT: What the hell! Somebody needs to get Blood out of the ring! The match is over!

BC: I told you his was pissed!

Blood grabs Mariano by the legs...BLOOD LOCK!!! Blood applies more pressure, looking past the announce table to the booing crowd.

TT: Look at this! Here comes the champion!

Magnus rushes to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and drills Blood with a devastating running big boot, forcing Blood to release the hold! Blood slowly returns to his feet, dazed from the kick. Magnus grabs him by the throat with both hands, lifting him high in to the air...and he tosses him over the top rope, sending Blood crashing right in front of the announce table!

TT: Blood appears to be out in front of us!

Mariano uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. He stares at Magnus who changes his focus to Mariano. The two stare each other down.

TT: My God what a night! We’re out of time folks, see you next week in Sweden!

BC: Woo!

Fade to black.

Until next time…